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The Age Technodelic:

"We're Going into Conformity - The "Hive Mind",
Where All Will Be Tolerant, Happy, The BORG Kind,
All-Accepting, The Twenty-first Century Look,
If You don't Agree, You're Branded a Kook,
Men Will Be Women and Women Will Be Men,
Aided by Science, You can Turn Back Again,
No Mental Illness, It'll Be Caught at School,
Drugged Toddlers Salivating, Trendy and Cool,
Voluntary Sterilization, Greens Start the Trends?
Ending Happily Together with Old, Old Friends,
Post-Consumer, Transhuman, Beyond Psychedelic,
Mind-Bombed and Managed in the Age Technodelic"
© Alan Watt June 11, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 11, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 11, 2012. Newcomers, I always suggest at the beginning of the program that you should try and look into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com because thereís well over 1000 audios for free download there. All the sites listed on the .com site, thereís quite a few of them, have audios for download and they all carry transcripts in English for print up as well.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick from the selection offered. Remember too, that I depend then you the people to keep this particular program going, because I donít bring on advertisers as guests, I donít sell any products - I have got no life extension or anything like that to sell to people. I just give you the plain bad news, in a sense, but the only thing that comes out of it is that youíre always prepared for the future; nothing is a shock, you understand. Itís only a shock to people who suspend their disbelief - thatís the whole problem with them - and everything always comes as a shock to them regardless of how many times youíve told them this is coming down, thatís coming down, and youíve given them the proof. It doesnít matter for most folk. They always get stunned when things are actually happening to them. And thatís just too bad. Thatís the way life really is. So as I say, you can get a lot from this particular broadcast.


You can also learn an awful lot of the beginnings of the scientific priesthood, basically, or dictatorship, as Huxley tended to call it. And the big banking boys of course, are in league with the scientists as they bring in this whole new world order. Theyíve worked on it for an awful, awful long time and theyíve covered every basic part of society.  Every type of human is categorized into your own pigeon box along with a whole bunch of others, in your particular group, and itís ongoing. Itís much better today with the Internet of course. So weíre all managed very, very well indeed, right down to the things we enjoy in fact. And all the distractions are also tossed in with whatís now called basically the conspiracy business. The boys at the top who give you reality coined it themselves, and people quite happily go into itÖ Oh yeah, Iím into conspiracy; itís all to do with, you know, them, them out there you know. And of course, the whole thing is a mush now; itís hard to get anything through because folk are mixing it up with aliens and goodness knows what else because theyíre listening to all kinds of weird stuff. This is intentional. This is psychological warfare so you should expect it.


So as I say, you can buy the books and discs that I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  That keeps me going, just about, although Iím behind now. You can donate as well.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are awfully, seriously welcome at this time.


As I say, I tend to go through the news, which people think is pretty bland, but I also put it back to the things that were talked about 20, 30 years ago, even longer, 100 years ago, to do with this present age. This is the Ďcentury of changeí - I keep saying this - because academia was using it for an awful long time in the 20th century, because everything was coming together. They call it the Great Transformation, when society is actually attaining, supposedly, what the communists believed would come along, where they could train people to be so obedient and so sociable towards each other, where thereís no discrimination of any kind whatsoever, even past that stage where you all accept it and you tolerate anything at all, then youíd all be well behaved and youíd work for the good of all, Ďthe greater good of societyí basically. This is what weíre getting pushed through today, and of course itís all run by the white-coated priests at the top and the boys above them, the bankers, who rub their grubby little fat hands together because itís working so well. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about how grouping, basically weíre all grouped into pigeon holes, with lots of other people of course who believe the same things as we do. Everyoneís grouped of course. The trick was to make everyone think, initially, that they were all individualistic. A big push was put out in the 1970s and 80s to try and make people think they were being individualistic but in reality it was to further enslave them. Because the boys who came up with all of this stuff, the top marketers, the guys that understand neuroscience and psychology and psychiatry, etc., those in marketing all worked together, basically to do with politics at first and then with society in general. They went over all the big questions of the past including all those posed by the various communist societies, including the ones inside the United States that got a high prominence in universities. And they came together and thought, well we can really train a society with all the sciences we have today to be obedient and to accept everything, as Iíve mentioned before, tolerate anything at all, and at the same time still make them think, in different groups, that theyíre making a difference. And of course, everyoneís been suckered, down the road, if theyíve been in any of these groups long enough; Iím talking about environmental groups and things like that.  And you find out that the big boys that youíre protesting against are actually funding you, or at least your leaders, to get the various things through that you think you want.


So everyone gets used and thatís the trick of this new type of warfare - thatís what it is really, is warfare you see, and psychological warfare, something very, very old. When you go into the history books and read them, from the communist perspectives for instance, because they were really ahead of everybody else, they talked about this great society to come and how to train the people, generation to generation, to accept MAJOR, MAJOR changes. And remember too, the dissolution of the family unit was premium up there, and also how the State would eventually give the new values and norms to the children. Theyíd grow up together thinking they were all natural, because they would also introduce groupthink, where if youíre an individual in the group youíll be ostracized and youíll have to come to terms and go along with the rest of them. And of course, peer pressure makes a big, big difference.  So, you got to get them young, as every tyrant in the past has always said, youíve got to get them very, very young and you can make with them what you want to make of them. Itís quite easy. Itís an old system, that part of it.


Also too, they talked about the time when austerity would come in.  They didnít call it austerity in that sense - although the word austere is used here and there in all the communist writings - but when theyíd bring in a society that wouldnít be greedy.  And in this great utopia of theirs everyone would be so behaved, well behaved eventually, theyíd simply go to a big Wal-Mart type place and only take what they needed and it would be billed to them. But they wouldnít grab other things as well, just what they needed in other words.  No two of this and two of that, just one of everything, and even then when you really did need it. Thatís their wonderful trained utopia.


Now, if you really are an individual you wonít be trained into that method, obviously, and so you become a problem.  They knew this too because every aspect of society was like a chess game really. You understand, at the top the boys work this like a war strategy. What they do is say, weíre going to do all of these things to the general public, without them knowing, and when they start catching on various people in different segments of society will stand up and complain, so they might get groups on the go.  how do we avoid that?  Well they donít avoid it. They supply you with leaders first, you see, so that when the time comes up pops your leader and you say, my goodness this guy is verbalizing exactly what Iíve been thinking.  And away you go, round in circles and youíre quite ineffective. 


So weíre run so perfectly well today.  And this is not defeatism, by the way; itís just that Iíve read all their books. And Iíve gone into their big foundations, their records, etc. and they talk openly about ALL of the stuff that Iím talking about here. And itís only by understanding this can you make sense of anything thatís happening today.


Hereís a simple, simple, very, very simple and shallow presentation. Itís called ďThe Roar of the CrowdĒ.  Now, The Crowd was one of the first books put out on propaganda, before Bernays came along. Because they already understood how emotions are affected by those who control the crowds, etc. Theyíre calling it crowdsourcing now...


The roar of the crowd:

Crowdsourcing is transforming the science of psychology

economist.com / May 26th 2012


ACCORDING to Joseph Henrich and his colleagues at the University of British Columbia, most undergraduates are WEIRD. (Alan:  ...right.  So they give you a little comical thing and people will forget it.)  Those who teach them might well agree. But Dr Henrich did not intend the term as an insult when he popularised it in a paper published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences in 2010. Instead, he was proposing an acronym: Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic.


One reason these things matter is that undergraduates are also psychology's laboratory rats. (A:  Weíre always getting experiments done on us, all segments of society, and not just in universities; a lot of it happens in the streets and you donít even know itís been done to you.) Incentivised by rewards, in the form of money or course credits, they will do the human equivalents of running mazes and pressing the levers in Skinner boxes until the cows come home.


Which is both a blessing and a problem. It is a blessing because it provides psychologists with an endless supply of willing subjects. And it is a problem because those subjects are WEIRD, and thus not representative of humanity as a whole. Indeed, as Dr Henrich found from his analysis of leading psychology journals, a random American undergraduate is about 4,000 times more likely than an average human being to be the subject of such a study. Drawing general conclusions about the behaviour of Homo sapiens from the results of these studies is risky. 


(A:  What theyíre going into now is to get a better idea of how it all works.)  Crowdsourcing is a way to get jobs like deciphering images, ranking websites and answering surveys done for money by online workers. (A:  And they call it the hive mind, by the way.) Several firms offer the service, including oDesk, CrowdFlower and Elance. But by far the most popular for scientific purposes is Mechanical Turk, which is run by Amazon and is named after an 18th-century chess-playing machine in which a human secretly moved the pieces.


Mechanical Turk has more than 500,000 people, known as Turkers, in its workforce. For the hard-pressed, cash-strapped psychologist, this is a godsend. Turkers, despite the fact that half of them have at least one degree, are willing to work for peanuts. (Their median wage is about $1.40 an hour.) Most, indeed, seem to regard the tasks they are set as more like a paying hobby than an actual job. And, crucially, they are growing more cosmopolitan with each passing year. Though 40% are still from America, a third are Indian and the rest come from about 100 other countries. That diversity means the ďWĒ of WEIRD, at least, can be dropped, and the ďIĒ, ďRĒ and ďDĒ may often be dispensed with as well. Of course, another biasóthat of signing up for crowdsourcingóis introduced. But using Turkers instead of undergrads does offer some genuine diversity.  (A:  And they go into why this is a better way of sampling the general public.)


And what theyíre really doing... They actually do this also in primary schools, basic schools, even kindergarten now in some countries; Iíll mention that tonight.  Because a child even at five is a good indication of how the PC subjects, put into even cartoons, has affected them and theyíre tested on this to see if it works.  See, you can get a uniform society growing up that you can easily bend to the next step.  And thatís how itís done. Very simple stuff really. But what Iím saying is, we are constantly studiedÖ constantly studied. And as I say, it doesnít matter who you are, youíre very, very important to the boys who really run governments across the world. Awfully important... every single one of you out there. Thatís why they take so much of your cash to fund all the studies that are done on YOU, because you put everything up on Facebook and everywhere else, and you twit and you tweet and all the rest of it.  They have virtual youís; Iíve mentioned this before.  The Pentagon article I read before, years ago, mentioned that there is a virtual YOU at the Pentagon and they add daily all the stuff to it that you put out there, including on your phones, etc. Then they run tests on them to see how you would behave in a particular incident and to see if itís pretty accurate.  And they say itís dead on. They know you better than you know yourselves.


So psychology, remember, was a big, big hope for the communists, and itís turning out to be true of course, because they MADE it so. They made it so.  Remember, even after World War I, then World War II, the big organizations were funded by your own governments to ensure this wouldnít happen again.  And of course, they wanted to weed out those who had any traits of what they called fascism.  Fascism, from a left-wing point of view, means anybody who wants to be independent.  Really, thatís what it really means.


So we are really well down the road to being totally controlled and manipulated.  Most folk are manipulated every single day and they donít even know it.  They really havenít a clue. And sometimes some people will break through... and they crash.  They crash when they realize theyíve been used, fervently too.  They are fervent supporters of various programs and then they realize theyíve been conned all along by the rich boys at the top.


Now thatís bad enough but when you go into this article here, and itís from Australia.  Now, youíve got to start connecting articles because what happens in one country is happening across the world at the same time, because everything comes through the United Nations - all laws, everything to do with health and everything else is through the UN.  This saysÖ


Preschoolers (A:  So, kindergartenÖ) to get mental health checks (A:  ...right.)

abc.net.au / Jun 10, 2012


Australian preschoolers are set to be screened for early signs of mental illness as part of a voluntary (A:  It starts off voluntary, you see.) Government-funded program.  (A:  Most of the parents probably wonít even know itís happening, that theyíve been tested at school.)


The Australian Medical Association (AMA) supports a Federal Government initiative to look for early signs of mental illness in three-year-old children. 


Now, getting back to what I said earlier, remember, the definition of mental illness, and from the communist point of view, these are the guys - the Frankfurt school, all these guys who were brought in, the Macy group etc., and many others, and Bernays was working with them too.  Mental illness was anybody who would buck the system, the system they were pushing on them, you see. In fact, in the Soviet system, that was enough to get you put in a mental hospital.  If you thought there was something wrong with the Soviet system, that was classified, obviously, as a mental illness.  Right.  So here they go, theyíre trying to pick them up at school, for those who can think, and get them on drugs, before theyíre even five years old.  Iíll continue in this vein when I come back from this break.


Hi, I am Alan watt and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the encroaching system, worldwide, to do with total control of our minds and bodies from birth to death. I mean, theyíre already monitoring children in some countries from birth to death; they started one in Scotland of course a couple of years ago.  And every country is on board with this of course because thereís only one agenda you see, and to get this big agenda through of the compliant society youíve got to make sure that anyone who could cause a problem down the road, like think for themselves and maybe be able to articulate it to others, is obviously a problem. Now, they saw this coming a long, long time ago, many, many years ago. 


Bertrand Russell of course was on board with these groups.  He worked with the groups brought in to give the Americans, especially, and the British, a new culture of acceptance for everything, tolerance.  He said that those children who wonít join us Ė meaning the bright ones, and take their scholarships and go off to the Ivy League schools and become part of the establishment, on behalf of the establishment, working for them Ė theyíd have to be eliminated, he says;† because it would be so dangerous to have one person out there who could think; he might be another Hitler.  Hitler, you see Hitler is used for everything.  Never Stalin or Lenin, it was always Adolf Hitler Ė theyíre all in the same boat as far as Iím concerned.  Anyway, you canít knock the ones who came out with all of this experimentation, which were the Soviets and thatís why they donít mention the Soviet system.  Anyway it saysÖ


The Healthy Kids Check (A:  ...itís called now.) will be predominately conducted by GPs (A: Ögeneral practitionersÖ) who will refer children with troubling behaviour to psychologists and paediatricians.  (A:  Now most of them are referred today by school teachers.  They want all boys to be just like girls you see, sit quiet and donít fiddle and all that kind of stuff, just like the girls do.  And itís caused a lot of problems already for those, Iím sure, who have children.  Thereís lots of complaints that boys arenít meant to sit so long just fiddling away and listening to the teachers.  So they get them on drugs, as you all know.  Most folk arenít bothered about that except for the parents who deal with the mayhem down the road, of the drugs.)


The program will cost $11 million over five years and is expected to identify about 27,000 children who would benefit from extra support.  (A:  Now, what does that mean? Itís wide open, right?)


AMA federal president Steve Hambleton supports the initiative and says children who may have mental health problems usually start exhibiting symptoms when they turn three.


"Three year olds... will be doing things at the end of their third year that are very different," he said.


"We want to make sure that we select our children that have got real broad based problems not just individual things like fear of the dark or the fear of monsters and that sort of thing, which is normal for three year olds."


But Dr Hambleton says it is important the process does not medicalise normal behaviour.  (A:  Well it already has, folks, and he knows this too.  Heís well aware that itís medicalized normal behavior.  They used to talk about the terrible twos.  Children at 2 are all over the place, you know, but mums now are generally out to work and the nannies have the problem, and the nannies have lots of children to look after.  Thatís what youíve got, you see. Youíve got to dumb them all down, slow them down, so they all behave the same, like, you know, tortoises or something.)


"Things that they are looking for are autism spectrum disorder which is a broad base multi area problem (A:  It is today with all the injections.), behavioural sensory and communication issues, depression and anxiety," he said.


"[At the age of about] three-and-a-half, some of these problem will show up that you can intervene with."


Pam Cahir from Early Childhood Australia agrees.  (A:  So they all agree. This is a PR blurb for them.  Theyíre all agreeing that itís all for the good of society, etc., etc., you know, the greater good thing again.)


So theyíre really getting into what they planned to do and talked about during World War II and after World War II, and the communist side actually before World War II.  And Scotland, Scottish toddlers as well are to be tested to see if they will grow up to be drug addicts or criminals.  So again, itís another way of saying the same thing.  Itís a mental health act, you see.


Scottish toddlers to be tested

to see if they will grow up to be drug addicts or criminals

dailyrecord.co.uk / Stephen White / 14 Mar 2011


TODDLERS are to be tested to see if they are likely to grow up to be thugs or drug addicts.


Children aged between 24 and 30 months (A:  Öď24 and 30 monthsĒ folks ...) will be examined to determine their capacity for violent crime (A: ...thatís like stealing the milk bottle or something...), drug abuse and mental illness when they are older.


Health officials will look for emotional and behavioural problems under the scheme, which will be launched in Glasgow this year.


The move comes amid growing concern that those most at risk of developing violent tendencies or chronic addictions are not being identified early enough.


Experts hope the Healthy Child programme (A:  So itís positive sounding, Healthy Child; you all want healthy children, and itís actually to do with eradicating, REALLY ERADICATING individual tendencies in any child at all.) will help tackle levels of violence and drug abuse in Glasgow, which are among the worst in the world.  (A:  Thatís because thereís no work left, you see.)


Dr Phil Wilson, a GP who is part of a working group behind the project, said: "One of the really worrying things is that on the overall measures of child well-being that Unicef (A:  See, the United Nations againÖ) publishes, Scotland is bottom of the league of developed countries."  (A:  Well thatís because itís never been a country, for hundreds of years; itís been a colony, and plundered of its goods.)


Under the scheme, health workers will complete a questionnaire with parents to establish if their children are aggressive, bullying, spiteful and if they lie or cheat.  (A:  Because of course, the parents donít do that.)


Toddlers will also be checked for poor grasp of language, which can indicate problems such as attention deficit disorder.  (A:  As long as they make all the sounds that come out of cartoons theyíre okay, you know, all the disgusting stuff.)


The parents of those who fall into the "at risk" group will be offered support.  (A:  The same thing as Australia, you see.)


So this is the thing thatís going on.  And no oneís really bothered because most folk today listening probably either donít have a child or itís grown up or whatever.  And no one really bothers until itís all over the place and theyíre living in a real fascist system.  Fascists are at the top and of course the whole system below that is communistically run with massive government.  The old story... itís the old story.  Now, so here you have psychological tampering and trying to grab the children incredibly young and alter them, alter all behavior, to suit who?  Those who will be, and are, totalitarian in the near future.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt. Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about psychology, neuroscience, bioethics, all of the stuff thatís pretty, pretty new really, to do with total control of society and every individual. Thatís what itís about now, screening everybody. Youíve got to be screened very early to make sure that they get the big bits of grit out, you see, the ones that cause problems (to the system, that is), and let all the finer stuff, all the uniform stuff go through the sieve. 


And remember, after World War II, during World War II in fact, eugenics was a big, big thing; had been before it too.  The elite had mentioned in many articles, and many books put out about it too, that they could eventually breed the proper society by sterilizing and killing off all the junk genes basically.  After World War II they got a bad rap, you see, because of Germany copying the USís standards, really, to do with sterilizing the unfit and that kind of thing which the US had been doing for years at Cold Harbor and other places.  And they had to change their names.  They went kind of quiet and they changed their names from eugenicists to bioethicists, you see. And so theyíre now ethical, theyíre ethical, you see, which is a form of morality.  So it sounds good, theyíre ethical.  And bio is you; you are the bio-mass you see.


And Iíve mentioned about every country has always got their top leaders in everything which are always on television because itís part of the agenda, and thatís how youíre controlled, thatís how youíre given your opinions.  Whole teams of specialists work behind the scenes on television, just like Oprah when these supposed specialists come on and they can warp your brain 180 degrees in one hour, and you think itís all done spontaneously.  You have no idea how much work goes into make everything work that way.  But this saysÖ


Controversial bioethicist tops Queen's honours

abc.net.au / Gemma Breen / Jun 11, 2012


 (A:  Now, Iíve mentioned this guy before from Australia because he gets lots and lots of press coverage and they make him almost like a pop star.  And for those who donít understand how pop stars are made, they did the same thing with scientists years ago.  If you go into the Unabomber youíll find out that he talks about that too.   Iíve even put up some articles before, a few years ago, to do with why he was doing what he did.  And the particular people that he targeted were all part of a group MEANT, again, to alter the psyche of all peoples, especially Americans.  That was the reason why folks.  So these guys believe that through technology and science they can conquer the world and make us all good little subjects, you see. And this character here in Australia is called Peter Singer.  Heís put out like a pop star on all the little talk shows, and they have their little laughey-poos, they laugh at each other and joke with each other, and they try to make him human, you see. Itís all staged of course.)


Melbourne-based academic once likened to Hitler's deputy (A:  ...because he believes in sterilization and euthanasia and all that.) and described as "the most dangerous man on earth" is one of eight Australians to be awarded the top Queen's Birthday accolade.


As a philosopher and bioethicist (A:  Heís not much of a philosopher actually.), Professor Peter Singer, 66, is no stranger to controversy.


Today, he has been recognised for his varied contributions with a Companion in the Order of Australia (AC) for his communication of ideas regarding animal welfare, global poverty and the human condition(A:  Now thatís a big thing, the human condition, because you better figure out what that means folks.)


In 1975, Professor Singer made headlines around the world with his book Animal Liberation (A:  So they start them off often in animal things so you think, people who love animals canít be all that bad.  Weíve got our own ones in Canada; they give you a special one in every country.  You have Attenborough in Britain for instance and Suzuki in Canada.  But they all believe in genetics you see, and eugenics; and then they go into politics and politicking for governments to go all the way with eugenics.), focusing on the animal rights movement. He has also spoken about abortion, euthanasia and the human condition - becoming the subject of heated debates and even death threats.


Disability activist Diane Coleman once described him as a "public advocate of genocide" and "the most dangerous man on earth today".


In 1989, while on a trip to Germany for a conference, he was compared to a member of the Third Reich for his views on disabled children and infanticide.  (A:  These are the ones theyíre giving honors to today folks, and you better take this awfully seriously. Itís not just in one country; this is all over the place.)


So Iíll put these links up tonight; remember, all these topics Iíll put up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, for those who are interested.  Some people say, well you say it so blandly, Alan. I say, well what do you want? ...to tear the hair out of your head and just scream and shout? Is that better? It would do better for ratings maybe, for folk who are used to entertainment.   But the fact is, this is serious stuff. Itís DEADLY serious stuff. Deadly serious and you better understand that. Because this is all being pushed IN to various laws as we speak, all this stuff.


Now itís bad enough when youíve got all that on the go, and hereís a nasty topic.  Itís nasty because you have to look at the nasty things to understand whatís happening.  You know, all the new agers who are bombarded with aliens, and they can always escape into astral bodies and things, when a nasty thing comes along...  I donít go that way.  I just go straight into the heated, nitty-gritty stuff, which is pretty nasty because thatís the reality of it, you see. You can PROVE the nasty stuff, you see.  So this article saysÖ


101 USES FOR A DEAD (or live) BABY

associate.com /  Olga Fairfax, Ph.D / Jun 11, 2012


When I saw the first ad on TV advertising collagen-enriched cosmetics I was speechless. We'll be apologizing to Hitler, I thought; at least he didn't kill for money!


Collagen is the gelatinous substance found in connective tissue, bone and cartilage. Nick Thimmesch's syndicated column, "Our Grisly Human Fetal Industry" documents that amniotic fluid and collagen can come from fetal material, since the Food and Drug Administration does not require pretesting or the identification of cosmetic ingredients.  A glance through a local drug store revealed that the leading 12 shampoos and five hand creams all contained collagen. Check your beauty products and you may be shocked! Unless your beauty product specifies animal collagen or bovine collagen, the product probably contains human collagen. The drug company should be challenged at once. Even collagen taken from a human placenta raises questions about respect of life and ownership of the placenta.  (A:  That takes me right back again, as I say too, to Julian Huxley (Aldousís brother) at UNESCO, the United Nations again, who said, weíve got to knock humanity off their pedestal as the supreme being on the planet and bring them down to the level of animal in order to get them to go along with the big agenda.  You see. The devaluation of human life had to be drummed into people and Iím afraid itís worked awfully well.)


A letter from Mary Kay Cosmetics emphasizes that their collagen all comes from animals. A similar letter from Hask has also been received. Since there are 1.5 million abortions every year, there is an abundant source of fetuses for commercial use.


There's triple profit to be had. The first is from the abortion (estimated at a half billion dollars a year by Fortune magazine). The second profit comes from the sale of aborted babies' bodies. The third profit is from unsuspecting customers buying cosmetics. Babies' bodies are sold by the bag (A:  And thatís true folks. I know folk whoíve worked in the hospital industry, in that particular area, and they do collect them in garbage bags - Iím not kidding you - from the abortion wards.), $25 a batch or up to $5500 a pound. (A:  I donít know how they work that out.) The sale of later-term elective abortions at D.C. General Hospital brought $68,000 between 1966 and 1976. (A:  This is as far back as 1966 and 1976.  $68,000, itís a lot more money now.) The money was used to buy a TV set and cookies and soft drinks for visiting professors.


Call your local abortuary and hospital and ask them some pointed questions about the disposal and possible sale of fetuses. (A:  Itís big business, as we well know. Big business today.)


And you think youíre going towards a more humane society? Do you really, REALLY keep believing and prattling on about that? Because thereís some deception in your head somewhere and you better shake it clear as to whatís happening. Massive, massive profits as weíre dehumanized by your masters, you understand, and itís your masters who are pushing all of this.


Now, Iím also putting up, it was last month, again, Iíll put it up again, the Club of Rome who put out...




... all the same plans again, too many people, got to depopulate, got to bring in austerity, yada yada ya, save the climate, and all that, save, save, save, etc. When they really mean they want to do away with most of you as you presently are and bring in a new society.  And always prattling on about global population even though theyíre the advisor for the United Nations.  The United Nations itself speaks with a forked tongue because it comes out and gives you its official statistics every year to do with the real population count in every country, and they say theyíve been falling in the West for years and years and years and they need massive immigration to fill in the gaps, basically, to pay off the national debts - because thatís all we are, economic units, you understand. Last week I read an article about Canada, the same kind of thing; itís so dependent now on immigrants.  Because the folk whoíve lived here long enough and have been brought up with sex, sex, sex and music television, want lots of sex but donít want any children.  So marriage is gone down the tubes and so is having children.  So youíve got to bring them in from the countries that are having children.


So youíre mind bombed, you understand. Youíre totally mind bombed - Iím being polite; thereís another word for it, which is more appropriate actually.  And itís all deliberate. Every day you read this stuff and itís ALL INCREDIBLY, incredibly deliberate.  Two articles that Iím putting up tonight too are to do with the porn and videogame industry.  It says...


Porn And Video Games

Are Ruining The Next Generation Of American Men

(A:  Well thatís been on the go for a while.  You can see the changes in humanity, in the last 20 years alone, just that, and even before but definitely just in 20 years.)

businessinsider.com / Ashley Lutz / Jun. 1, 2012


Psychologist Philip Zimbardo claims that today's young men are destined for failure because of porn and video games.


(A:  Heís got his book out.)† In his controversial book The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling And What We Can Do About It, Zimbardo and co-author Nikita Duncan outline why he thinks men are failing in education and personal relationships.  (A:  Well, everybody is dysfunctional now when it comes to relationships, because theyíve been totally screwed with, with their minds, that people canít even get on with each other.  They expect some kind of Walt Disney fantasy where youíre Peter Pan forever, you just get married and everything is just wonderful, in this lovely cartoon world forever and ever, and no one grows old, no one gets sick, and problems donít crop up; thereís always music playing in the background and so on.)


He suggests parents limit (A:  Well, this is nonsense because itís pointless ...) or cut off access to computers and video games to get their sons on the right track.  (A:  Well itís pointless because that was the first thing they made sure the public knew about the Internet, to get it all sold and get it up and running, was thereís lots of porn on it.)


Some highlights from the book:


-Females currently outperform males at every level, from grade school to graduate school. Boys are 30 percent more likely than girls to drop out of high school and college, according to the National Center of Education Statistics.


-In 2011, young men's SAT scores were the worst they had been in 40 years.  (A:  So the agendaís working folks.)


-Even Hollywood has caught on: films like Failure to Launch, Knocked Up and Jackass mock the ineptitude of this generation.


-Boys account for 70 percent of D's and F's given at school.


-Research shows guys aren't interested in being husbands, fathers or the head of the household.


-Boys are four to five times more likely than girls to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A:  Well the reason is, because theyíre diagnosed with it because they canít sit still; theyíve got to have lots of sports and activity etc.).


-The average boy spends 13 hours a week playing video games. The average girl spends 5. The average young American will spend 10,000 hours playing video games by age 21. That's twice the time it takes to earn a bachelor's degree.


-The average high school boy spends two hours watching porn every week. Men can't escape porn: 13,500 full-length commercial porn films were released in 2011, compared with 600 Hollywood films.  (A:  By the way, there are other articles out that women are really getting into the porn too and becoming addicted to it.  Itís great work for psychiatrists and psychologists and stuff; they always give you something to fall back on.  You know, oh God I canít stop doing, um, strange things, and away you go, and they take your money quite happily.)


-Researchers claim that internet pornography is hurting young boys' ability to form meaningful romantic relationships because they objectify their partner.  (A:  And itís sad to say too, that many guys complain that so many women today are masculine.  Again, theyíve all had their... Everyone, male and female, have had their hormones tampered with, exactly what Charles Galton Darwin said that they would do.  He was talking about this in the 1950s, theyíd have to alter and tinker with their hormones by adding stuff to the water, their food, and through inoculations as well, to alter, especially men being men. Because men have always been a problem to tyrants down through the ages, until now.)


-It's predicted that 60 percent of bachelor's degrees will go to women by 2016.


-63 percent of men surveyed said they had a lack of motivation because of mixed messages from the media and society on their role. (A:  And also too, youíve got generations that have grown up without dads.  And the ones that have dads know that dad lives somewhere else, in a little place, and heís got to pay for two homes and all the rest of it.  Thatís not an incentive to get married. That really isnít, going to court every month and you know, coughing up the cash.)


-70 percent of young men surveyed said their generation wouldn't be as smart or innovative as their peers in other First World countries.  (A:  And thereís more to it so Iíll put that up as well for you to peruse, for those who want to.)


As Iíve mentioned before, weíre really into tyranny of course, and it was well designed to come down now, at this time.  The same with, you know, the Project for the New American Century that came out in the 90s, which they published twice - they updated it - but they had the same list of countries they wanted to take out.  Itís bad news being a buccaneer today.  A buccaneer is someone whoís a tyrant over their country, you know, and today youíve got to join the big group of pirates, you know, the big gang of pirates that run the world.  Because a privateer, a lone privateer, itís bad news for you if you happen to be the top guys in one of the old countries, especially if you donít have a central bank and do usury and stuff like that.  So theyíre really going at it.  And now itís time to just turn everything, all the technology on the public.  The whole Cold War, industries that were... Itís incredible, the money that was getting spent per month by Britain and France and West Germany and of course the Soviet countries, to make gadgets and gizmos that they can now use on you.  Thatís what it was all for.  Because no one said at the time, why are you robbing us of so much tax money for this new weapon and that new weapon?  Well it wasnít for that stuff at all.  It was to go into massive research to do with how do you control a world society, person-to-person.  This saysÖ


Beware the spy in the sky: After those Street View snoopers, Google and Apple use planes that can film you sunbathing in your back garden

dailymail.co.uk / Vanessa Allen / 10 June 2012


(A:  So theyíre really going into that with their spy planes and so on. And theyíll say, well they can do it because thereís no law so far that says they canít.  You see, this is how they always play their games with the general public.)


The U.S. technology giants are racing to produce aerial maps so detailed they can show up objects just four inches wide.


But campaigners say the technology is a sinister development that brings the surveillance society a step closer.  (A:  Well, how close do you want it?)


Hyper-real: 3D mapping services used by C3 Technologies (as purchased by Apple) will form the main part of the software giant's new mapping service. 


Youíre as well as just putting your cameras... A lot of folk have in fact put cameras up in their own houses, because they all want to be a star, you know.  See how well you can train people.  Itís so easy to train them isnít it? Especially if theyíre young, you know, and impressionable.  Everyone can be their own little star, and Oh thereís me doing this, and thereís me doing that, and yada yada ya.  And a lot of adults too, and the ones that are growing up will be adults, sort of, one day.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight too, Iíll put up an article here, itís to do with...


Abnormal Returns From the Common Stock Investments of Members of the U.S. House of Representatives - insidertrading.procon.org


That was for up to the year 2001, published in 2011.  Itís quite interesting.  Another article too, is that many of the representatives amongst the Congress are amongst the 1%, you know, the 1% they keep talking about now; itís awfully popular.  Also, this article here to do with the Royal Society, now they keep prattling on about how theyíre pure science, PURE science, thatís all...  They are completely political.  You see, we follow the leaders and they give us the leaders, especially scientists; this is the age of the scientists. Before it was different priests and so on, today itís science, you see.  So it saysÖ


Royal Society Funding

notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com / June 2, 2012 / Paul Homewood


(A:  It goes through the incredible funding, thatís coming from the government.  They ARE part of the establishment of course.  Theyíre anything but impartial observers and scientists. The whole green agenda, theyíre all on board with all of that, and carbon taxes, you name it.)


    Immense damage has been done to the reputation of the Society by its last three presidents. While the fellowsí rebellion has improved matters considerably, the continuing desire of the Societyís leadership to engage in political controversies represents a serious ongoing risk to the Societyís reputation and an abandonment of its principles.  (A:  Interesting society.  I mean, when they started it up, you know if you had a wife you had to put her away, literally, just give her cash and never see her again - that was in the days of Francis Bacon, you know - and stuff like that.  They were a Masonic society you understand; they still are. It saysÖ)


    In the 50 years since Lord Adrian warned of the dangers that a flood of government money represented to the Royal Society, all of his worst fears have come true. Despite repeated claims that the Society is independent of government, the reality is rather different. Although the fellows still have to pay subscriptions to the Society, the total raised in this way is dwarfed by sums routed through the Society by government Ė recently of the order of £40Ė50m per annum. Although much of this sum passes through the Society to grant recipients, £2.4m per year remains within the Society itself, supporting the salaries of administrative staff. This figure represents over 40% of the unrestricted funds of the Society.  (A:  Iíll put up a chart tonight to see some of the payments that they have; itís quite amazing what they get paid, those who work in that, you know, this great society for science and truth and so on. And itís completely all political and the public are funding it all; but whatís new?)


You understand, everything out there is meant to bend your mind along a certain path and to get you to follow, because you must follow the experts, you see. After all, where would you be without experts? You couldnít bring in this age of transitions without it, you see. And youíve got lots of transitions to go before you end up where they actually want you.  Then of course there will be made-to-order children to supply the slave population, a much smaller slave population, for those down the road.  And thatís how they see it up at the top of science, you see.  And because you are so degenerate now, because weíve all been brought down, since, as Iíve said before, UNESCO came out with Julian Huxley, to dehumanize us until life is nothing at all, that weíre degenerate enough to accept the next step and the next step, and no one really cares.  Once you have something, you understand, thatís called being a HUMAN BEING, when you have it in its totality you canít allow any of it to go, ANY of it to go, because hell awaits you, a real physical hell on earth.  But not for those who rule over you.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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