June 12, 2012 (#1107)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 12, 2012:

Kinect’s Watchin’ You (sing to The Police/Sting’s I’ll Be Watching You):

"Every Smirk You Make, Excited Breath You Take,
Face that Makes You Shake, Oh For Goodness Sake,
Kinect’s Watchin’ You,
Things that Make You Sigh, Things that Make You Buy,
Food Greasy and Fried, Know to Whom You Lied,
Kinect’s Watchin’ You,
Though You Feel Free, You Belong to Me,
With Prompts and Trends Tell Me All About Your Friends,
If Stubborn and Won’t Budge, I’ll Give You a Nudge,
When You’re in Love, I’ll Pass Details to the Gov.,
Kinect’s Watchin’ You"
© Alan Watt June 12, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 12, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on June the 12th 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest at the start that you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can download lots and lots of audios for free; where I go through the history of the big system you’re born into, your parents were born into, your grandparents were born into it.  I go into the foundations of the big groups that got together, the financial boys, who already owned a good chunk of the planet, under empires and how they decided to consolidate the whole planet under their auspices and how they do it.  And not only that, they bring in academia, specialists and think tanks and run the world in the proper way, not the way of any kind of individual freedom but the proper way to serve their industries and their corporations.


So, that’s really what it’s all about today, it’s quite blatant in fact, it’s in your face.  Most folk adapt to it quite easily and don’t seem to notice or mind too much as long as they have enough pennies in their pockets.  I go through the histories, as I say, so help yourself to the audios and so on.  Remember too, the sites listed on the com site all carry audios and transcripts in English for print up, as well.  If you want to go into other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick from the choices offered and help yourself and print them up.  Pass them around to your friends too. 


Remember as well, that I basically don’t have any sponsors and I don’t get backing by anybody for this particular broadcast so I depend upon the listener, of course, to support me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and donating as well.  If you want the books, etc. from the US to Canada you can still use personal checks, remember, and you can still use international postal money orders from the post office and you can send cash and you can use Pay Pal.  Across the world, you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.  Remember straight donations are really, really welcome.


Now as I say, what I do is try and get the events of today and tie them into, basically, the announcements that came out many, many years ago very often, to do with what was to be the future, which is now, of course, and the time to come, because we’re living through the vast plan, the big, big plan, the Great Work, as they call it; where they will transform everything on the planet, including man himself eventually, or types of humanity to serve them better at the top.  They don’t need so many people, that’s in your face, because they’ve actually, in their own terms, institutionalized the terms of overpopulation, global warming, overconsumption, all of this kind of stuff.  You have to understand that’s why you hear so much of it.  It’s just simple marketing, where they hire the corporations to write up pages for newspapers, inserts they call them, and regardless if it’s written or if it’s on mainstream news, you’ll hear the same terms used repetitively, over and over again. That’s the technique of institutionalizing something into society and then the public pick up on it and start using it themselves as though it’s all quite normal. 


We’re run by psychologists, behaviorists, neuroscientists and so on, and marketers of course that are way ahead of everybody because they’re the original ones who’ve studied mankind for thousands of years, really for merchants who have to be able to flog their stuff onto the public, even if they want it or not, they got to make them want it and it’s the art of getting desires.  Of course, we find that later on in the 20th century the Bernays types came out; they picked up on all of this and the people who went before them.  Like The Crowd, the book The Crowd is good to get on propaganda, from Bernays himself.  They took Freud’s ideas, which weren’t his at all actually; they’d been in a certain small circulation for a long time, that’s of people that is.  They realized that mankind acted, basically, on unconscious impulses, not really rational in a sense and that way they could control behavior; make you purchase or make you be austere.  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about this big system we’re born into.  Most of us take it for granted because we’re born into it and everyone in your peer group will grow up with you, all believing in most things which are given to you by the establishment.  Most folk don’t even realize there is even an establishment.  They think everything must be normal, simply because it exists.  Everything’s normal because it exists that way.  Yet the big planners, especially the high-level bureaucrats who attended world meetings on all kinds of things, including every facet of society, right down to gender control, all these things, they love to put their memoirs out once they’ve retired and they tell you what the future is going to be, quite adamant about it too, there’s no guesses about it.  They know what they can do with humanity, and unfortunately it’s true.  There’s pretty well nothing you cannot do with basic humanity, to do with morality for instance.  Morality is whatever system they give you at the time and you accept it and go along with it, even if it’s to an excess of what you would call immorality.  It turns back and forward and if you go one way or the other, out of the group, the group will turn on you, regardless of what side you’re on, basically; it depends what’s in the mode at that time. 


So, we’re perfectly well understood by those who control the system and all governments, in all ages, have been in the business of controlling people’s minds, to make them more compliant, to get them to go and fight for wars so as that the leaders could get more resources and plunder, etc.  So, nothing has really changed, even today there’s always a great justification for every war and that’s the first thing they must do in war; and the first casualty of war too, of course, is the truth.  You must always give the people a very simplistic explanation for why you’re going to war and they use the same old stuff, killing babies and all that kind of thing.  They even used that in World War II and in the Kuwaiti War, of course, for the Gulf War One lead-up and it works every time.  It works every time for most people because they can’t believe that the people, the patricians that are in charge of your country, with their big expensive suits and so on, could possibly lie to you.  Why would they lie to you?  Aren’t we the children?  Isn’t that the whole idea of it?  You’re the children and they’re the fathers, we’re all into this father stuff, but it’s a basic instinct that is in people because we’re tribal and tribes tend to have leaders, you see.


You can’t get a truly democratic system unless you go back to a very, what we’d call today, a primitive system.  American Indians, for instance, often had a form of democracy where everybody had to speak their minds at any meeting before any changes could occur.  Every single person in the tribe got to voice their opinions before a collective decision was made on any big changes.  They’ll never give that to the general public, of course, and today they’ve made sure that it will not work because the government itself has created so many incredible factions and differentiations within society, funded groups that didn’t exist before into existence. 


Now the Club of Rome comes out and says, well, democracy can’t work because there’s too many competing factions.  You create the problem, then you point to it and you say, well, we can’t give you real democracy so we’re now post-democratic.  Then the Club of Rome also said that the system they’d bring in, this was 30 years ago, would be authoritarian; and guess what?  You’re in it now, for those who haven’t quite caught onto it, or clued in, where the big boys at the top, under the guise of terrorism, terrorism everywhere, can keep this going for another 50 years if they want. 


You’re never going to see the end of terrorism in your life and you just have to get used to it, in fact.  Because the big boys decided this a long time ago, that the only way they’d keep control, as they go through the massive final stages for world government, and consolidation of all the banking systems under one global authority, would be to bring in an authoritarian society and micromanage society by thousands of government agencies.


So, we’re really living through a planned script, I keep saying this.  Every day, of course, you can prattle off about the different things that are happening but these are incidental.  They are symptoms of the big plan and they really don’t mean too much, in the long run.  You could get countless symptoms, same kinds of symptoms every single day and the mainstream media makes sure that we get the stuff we’re supposed to talk about, of course.  And isn’t that a fact? 


It’s like every year, for instance, the transhumanists come out and there’s a big hullabaloo, "Oh my God, they’re out, listen to what they’re saying, they want to transform us all", yada, yada, ya, but this is just their big PR stunt for the year.  Every year they do this, but every time it comes out it’s prattled on about as though they never heard about it before.  It’s like the first time they’ve ever heard about it. 


So, the same with Bilderbergers, it’s like oh, world government, they’ve never heard about it before; nonsense, nonsense.  We have to get past all of this and realize these are just annual events, they’re big publicity stunts, just like the next one is Rio 2012 and of course Rio 2012 is the real big kicker.  All the bills that will come out of it, the governments have probably signed already, in fact, will be signed at the meeting. They just go there for their big party and big publicity stunt, all the global leaders, etc. and all the NGO leaders.  The ones that work and are funded by the big private bankers that really run the world; that’s what runs the world, is the big private consortium of international bankers.  These are the guys who lend to nations and collect from nations forever and ever. 


We’re living through the script as I say, and you wait and see this month, when Maurice Strong and all the globalists get together, you’re going to find massive changes to do with carbon payments for individuals across the world, not just from companies or nations but individuals because it’s the big stick to get you to comply, right down to the fertility problem.  Where most people now are really going infertile because that’s the war on you, basically.  It’s a war; of course it’s a war.  If it wasn’t a war and everyone’s going infertile, they’d be screaming at the top, “What’s going on?” but they’re not, so they know what’s going on.  That’s why no questions are asked; they just give you statistics every year.


Eventually out of this will come who should breed, who should not breed, etc.  The whole eugenics program will be brought out front.  Lots of experts will come on all television shows across the planet, suddenly they’ll all appear.  Bioethicists will come on, that’s what they call eugenicists today, and they’ll say, "Yeah, we shouldn’t have so many people, maybe we should sterilize the ones who we know will have children who can’t get jobs".  Their IQ is going to be a bit too low or something like that.  So, they’ll have financial barriers, all kinds of barriers, social barriers, class barriers, etc.  That’s all going to come out of the Rio+20, 2012 meeting.


As I say, micromanagement on everybody’s consumption.  That means right down to the energy that you use, even with your computer or whatever.  You’re going to pay massive taxes and you’ll have to account to the authority, you will account to the authority why you’re using so much.  And I’m not kidding about that too. 


You have to go back into the Fabian Society, I’ve mentioned this so many times, and you can hear some of the founders of the Fabian Society, in very, very old film.  It’s now on video in The Soviet Story, for instance. The Soviet Story is an excellent video to see.  You hear George Bernard Shaw saying that the people will have to come to us to justify why we should allow them to live.  That’s true socialism for you, true socialism, not the one that most folk think of out there at the bottom.  True socialism is supposed to be a science and it’s an elitist science.  They have no problem saying, "Oh, we have intelligentsia, we need the intelligentsia to run the people at the bottom".  It was the same in communism too.  Even Albert Pike said that we always use liberty, equality and égalité, etc., and he says but we don’t believe in it; he says, that would be chaos.  They’ve got to always have this intelligentsia.


Well, today, of course, your intelligentsia are raised and trained for their roles in society, all of them.  I’m not talking about prime ministers and presidents; they’re cheap to buy.  I’m talking about the real ones behind the scenes.  In fact, the advisors are far more important because advisors know the big global agenda.  The presidents and prime ministers don’t have to know; they’re just, as I say, little actors who are well rewarded for their performances.  Not that they can blunder very much because everything is written for them, every word out of their mouth is written for them and rehearsed, but written for them by their own teams of advisors, etc., speechwriters.


We live in a world of doublespeak.  Everything really is doublespeak but again it’s massive marketing, and getting back to marketing, they deal with the unconscious desires, emotions and so on, which we all have, and they can manipulate those desires.  You see, all these emotions come into the big question, it’s "What is it that I want?"  And if you don’t know yourself what you want, then they come out and they’ll tell you what you want, even if it’s similar but it’s not quite the same thing, as long as it’s similar or has something in connection with it, you’ll go for that or you’ll buy it or whatever.  It could be an idea or a material thing.  That’s how it all works. 


Tonight too I’ll put up a link to do with a program, of course, that they’re bringing into Windows, etc.  I’m sure they have them already, but it’s to do with observing you, just the same old way that they used to observe you in the supermarkets with cameras and the dilation of the pupils when you saw certain products.  They had all these little fish-eye cameras all over the place.  They still do, by the way; they test folk all the time.  They’ve got them in the computers and they can actually sense the emotions by your facial expressions.  It studies you, in other words, to find out what expressions mean what with you in particular and the dilation and constriction of your pupils.  This is the big thing that’s coming out now and then they’ll tailor-make supposedly everything for you in a more perfect way. 


Also, don’t forget that governments will be using this as well.  Governments have already said eventually they’re going to talk to you personally, personally, right down to you; just like Orwell’s 1984, with the screen in the house, in the room.  And the woman on the screen starts to shout to Winston, "Yeah, you, number so-and-so-and-so, yes you.  I’m talking to you"; well, that’s what you’re going to get because that’s the plan.  That is the plan.  Eventually you won’t be dealing at all with paper in any shape or form.  It’ll all be done on the computer.  They’ve even talked about, in Canada, of giving everyone a special little flash drive they can insert in a computer when they want to talk to government and vice-versa.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re talking about, basically how we’re all manipulated and we always have been manipulated.  It’s so interesting, as I say, that people who have studied this for many, many years like Jacques Ellul, he mentioned in one of his books on propaganda that subsequent propaganda from the state, and that’s what really most of the things are, from the state, regardless of the agency it comes through.  He said that it depends on the early indoctrination that they get at school. So there’s techniques at school used on children, of course, which makes them more gullible, in other words, when they become older and leave school.  Without that initial indoctrination the later gullibility doesn’t really take effect the same way. 


They’ve done so many studies and I’ve mentioned them too on this broadcast before, in the past years, and they’ve found that those with the most education are the most gullible, actually.  They’re the last ones to ever question authority or governments, or whatever government’s up to.  They’re the last ones to imagine it; “it can’t be happening, that’s impossible,” sort of thing. 


We’ve always been tinkered with, as I say, and it’s an art today.  It’s an actual art, very, very simple.  If you want an image made for you, for instance, you can hire companies that will create the image.  The same companies that make stars, movie stars, music stars, whatever, if you’ve got the cash and they can certainly do it.  It doesn’t matter who you are; it doesn’t matter at all.  People do it all the time.  In fact, one of the Rothschilds who was married, a woman who was married to a guy, they’re just breaking up, and she runs a big music company, record company, is hiring one of them to give her a new image.  Right now, in fact, as I speak.


Here’s an article here to do with you and your emotions.  As I say it’s a very old technique that’s used but you understand with all the data they’re collecting on you, they understand you better than you really understand yourself.  I’m not really kidding about that, they really do understand you better.  They have virtual you’s in the Pentagon and they play games on the virtual you, with all your data; to see how you’ll react in circumstances, in certain circumstances and they’ve tested it in real life and the subjects will actually work the same way and do the same things, make the same decisions; very important for control, total control.  Anyway, it says:


"Kinect to watch your emotions and serve up ads"

“Online adverts are already tailored to your search and browsing history, but now Microsoft has plans to add emotions to the mix. In a recently revealed patent application...”


Alan:  And the link is on here for that.


“...the company suggests that using its Kinect sensor to analyse your face and body language for emotions could help companies better target their ads.”


Alan:  Now that’s not just for advertising.  That’s for any documentary that you watch, anything at all.  They’ll know if you’re not reacting the way they want you to react and they’ll find ways to get things to you to start tailoring you so that you will start to react the way they want you to react; understand that. 


“Emotional analysis of emails, search terms and even your online gaming performance could also influence the ads you see.”


“Just as advertisers currently bid on certain search terms, the patent suggests a company could choose which emotions would match to its adverts. For example, happy people are unlikely to click weight-loss ads, but they might be in the market for a new gadget. Meanwhile, sad people don't want to hear about club nights and confused people may be looking for a technical support firm to help them out.”


Alan:  Etc., etc.  So they always give you a partially plausible reason what they’re doing it for, but don’t forget that everything has to be passed by government first because all this stuff, all these techniques are used first by government and the military.  Always remember that; everything else is a spin-off of the military.  Your own military, as I say, it’s the Pentagon that has the virtual you.  They have every one of us in storage, basically, and they play games on us and they update us.  We help them update ourselves daily with all the data you put up there.  It says:


“Microsoft has previously hinted at using Kinect to bring player's emotions into games, but perhaps rather than new emotional game mechanics, we'll soon see ad-supported games that adjust to your mood? The patent suggests that in addition to watching players with Kinect, games could assign emotional states depending on whether you are winning or losing.”


Alan:  So, we’re not guinea pigs, you understand; this stuff works.  You use guinea pigs for something to see if it does work.  They know this stuff works already.  So, this is for real and it’s being introduced now, along with many, many other things as well.  So, always think, you know the old, old saying “know thyself” is very, very true.  Because who are you, who made you what you are?  Did you make yourself who you are? 


You’ll find that you’ve been influenced in so many ways that you don’t even understand or remember or know, to bring you to conclusions, opinions, etc., etc., etc.  It’s just the same way with the global warming, institutionalization of the term.  They keep showing you ice floes with the same polar bear and all the rest of it but they never tell you that a polar bear can swim about three or four hundred miles and they’ve always done this. 


So the emotion itself gets imprinted and embedded, in a sense, in your mind and whenever the terms come up, these trigger terms, you immediately imagine that poor polar bear and bad people are destroying the planet.  So much of that goes on all the time.  Even when I was in school, I can remember they’d show you documentaries on wildlife, etc. and you’d always get horrific scenes and there was always a woman talking with this kind of hypnotic voice and there’d always be music in the background.  Now why do you need music when you’re giving a documentary on something?  It’s to create certain types of emotions to fit the meme that you’re putting out across to the children.  That’s why they do it that way.  It’s either very sad or cruel or it’s designed to get your adrenaline going, but it embeds in your mind, the imprint of the emotion with the visual, and that’s it forever, basically, with most people. 


So be careful.  Who is in charge of your mind?  Who is in charge of your mind?  Remember that article I’ve mentioned so many times, The Mind has No Firewall.  I might put that back up again tonight, that link, and you should read it, from the military, by the way.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the system in which we live because it’s complete control, almost complete control, unless you’re in charge of your own mind.  Even then you’ve got to keep your antennas up to make sure that you are in charge of your own minds.  Years ago, when they started about the mid 90s, there was kind of a unification of all the mainstream media.  They’d always been in on the same old scams, controlling the public, but they got together and when you had cable television, I used to have it at one time, years ago, you could go from station to station at the news time and it was the same stories, in the same format, same wording, everything, on every single station; which tells you all it is really is a technique of ensuring conformity of information or opinion to the public.  And to ensure that we all believe the same things, that’s what it really is. 


I’ve gone through the history too of the big boys that got together in the 30s to take over the newspapers of America.  Of course, Rockefeller and Carnegie and all these boys were involved in it.  They wanted to know how many newspapers they’d have to buy in the US to form the basic opinion of the general public.  They came to the conclusion 30 would be enough, 30 big ones would be enough to do it and also lots of magazines; which they did, like Harpers and all that.  They give the general public their information but they also have them categorized into lower class, middle class and again the bureaucratic type of class so that they’re all on board, in their own particular class with their own right opinions, you see. 


So we really are micromanaged and most folk, really, don’t really believe that.  They don’t believe it at all, especially the young ones.  When we’re young we’ve got it all and we believe in the doctrine that we can just go out there and just make it and chase the carrot and get it one day.  Of course, the carrot just gets further and further away; then by the time of your retirement, of course, it’s 10 miles ahead of you because they cut back on what they’re going to give you.  In other words, they always lie and plunder your money.  And they bring in inflation so the cash that you’ve saved is worth nothing by the time you’re going to use it down the road. 


It’s a con game, a giant con game, and they’ve known this all along, the ones who control it all; it’s just the general public have got this strange thing called belief.  They want to believe in governments and they want to believe what they’re told.  They want to believe.  You see, you must be complicit in being conned.  Any con works on the same principle that the person, the victim, must be complicit in the con, that plunders them, basically.  And we are complicit; most folk are complicit in what eventually gets done to them. 


That’s why voting, by the way, is mandatory in so many countries.  They’re trying to do it in Canada and Britain as well.  They do it in Australia; they fine you if you don’t vote.  The idea being that if you don’t vote then you’re not giving your legal right to this corporation to rule over you and do things to you.  And they don’t like that, they’d rather we be like the Soviet system where you had to vote too, but the thing is, it was Politburo number one, two, or three, take your pick.  Well, it’s no different here because there’s no difference in the parties.  There’s only one agenda, only one agenda.  There’s not two, there’s not three or four bunches trying to grab the power.  There’s only one agenda and one group at the top of this whole system.  The rest of it is show for the general public and it works very well.  Then they get into factions and fight each other. 


Now it says here:


"Websites to be forced to identify trolls under new measures."


Alan:  This is the term, a troll is a person who goes online and abuses people, basically, under anonymity.  So, this new measure is coming in, and it says:


“New government proposals say victims have a right to know who is behind malicious messages without the need for costly legal battles.”


“The powers will be balanced by measures to prevent false claims in order to get material removed.  But privacy advocates are worried websites might end up divulging user details in a wider range of cases.”


“Last week, a British woman won a court order forcing Facebook to identify users who had harassed her.  Nicola Brookes had been falsely branded a paedophile and drug dealer by users - known as trolls - on Facebook.”


Alan:  Mind you too the government will also use that.  Their agencies will also do that to defame people.


“Facebook, which did not contest the order, will now reveal the IP addresses of people who had abused her so she can prosecute them.”


“The new powers, to be added to the Defamation Bill, would make this process far less time-consuming and costly, the government said.”


“Complying with requests would afford the website greater protection from being sued in the event of a defamation claim.”


“The new rules would apply to all websites - regardless of where they are hosted - but the claimant would need to be able to show that the UK was the right place to bring the action.”


Alan:  That’s for the UK residents; but it’s to be worldwide.  And there are lots of people too, obviously, who just love to scream at everybody else and there’s also, as I say, a lot of sockpuppets out there as well.  There’s a lot of programs that can do this kind of stuff.  They even sell them to private corporations, for sockpuppets, that have a basic form of intelligence; it can gather more data as it goes along.  They can put a profile into it and it’ll copy the profile and build on that profile and they can attack certain people as well.   So, you’ve got all of this going on, like a war, but you have a lot of people too who are paid by agencies, governments as well, all governments, to basically put in harassing stuff at people who are maybe hitting a particular nation or whatever; this happens all the time.


So, we live in a system of constant conflict.  Constant Conflict.  That’s another term from the military, another article they wrote as well.  Perpetual war, constant conflict, so that’s what we’re in today.  Most folk haven’t a clue, they just go on the internet and play and play and play, and get lost forever and they answer all their mails too, their emails from names they’ve never heard before.  It’s all to do with either Pentagon or Mossad or MI6 or CSIS, a whole milieu of special agencies all engaged in war and you don’t even know the war is going on.  Quite something, isn’t it?  Quite something.


Now, here’s an article here, it’s quite interesting, how the doublespeak works in government.  Canada has done this before, actually, to do with access to information.  It says here:


"Proposed legislative changes will allow the provincial government..."


Alan:  This is for Newfoundland and Labrador, on the east coast.  It says here:


"...will allow the provincial government to keep ministerial briefings secret..."


Alan:  So, as they put a new law in to make things more transparent, etc., to the public, it’s actually making it more secret.  This has happened before.  Trudeau was the first one to bring in this system, where you thought you could now get access to information but they had all these forms you had to fill in first before you could get the information and if they decided that you particularly shouldn’t get it or you didn’t need it, you wouldn’t get it.  It was actually a doublespeak thing.  So this one here is going to:


“…keep ministerial briefings secret, ignore requests for information that cabinet ministers deem to be "frivolous," and bar the auditor general from a wider array of records.”


“Bill 29 imposes a sweeping range of restrictions on people’s right to know what is happening with the provincial government — and their tax dollars.”


Alan:  So, you can’t find out now.  See, it’s an authoritarian age now we’re in.  We’re in it. 


““The cornerstone of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act is openness, transparency and accountability, and our government is committed to this important piece of legislation,” Justice Minister Felix Collins said.”


“The proposed amendments to the law broaden the definition of cabinet secrecy,…”


Alan:  So they just reword what secrecy means, you see.


“…barring the release of even “factual information” to the public.”


Alan:  So, the public is barred from everything under this new law.  Sounds wonderful but it actually means the opposite.  As I say, Trudeau was the first one to bring in the first part of that.  In fact Trudeau, because he was a Communist you see.  He was a card-carrying Communist and every newspaperman in the country in Canada knew that.  During WWII – and the Communists always get a red face at that, because red is their favorite color except for green which is their holy color, by the way – Trudeau at the beginning of WWII was all on the side for the Germans because the Germans had a pact with Stalin and so Trudeau put on a German helmet and he drove a motorbike up and down the docks as the soldiers were embarking to go over to fight the Germans.  And he in 1952 was head of the Comintern for Canada, Young Communists, and he led a group over to the Soviet Union and he came back to Canada still heavily involved in Communism, and they put him in as a Liberal, of course. 


That’s what of course Khrushchev said, he said, "We don’t call them communists in America, we call them liberals".  And Trudeau himself when he left office, by the way, he reclassified a particular document for another 50 years it can’t be told to the public and that was by the first spy that defected from the Soviet Union, at the end of WWII.  He gave a massive list, the first list ever of Soviet operatives, card-carrying Communists, who were members of the bureaucracies of both the US and Canada.  And so it was supposed to come up for review, allowed to the public, about the 1980s or 70s and Trudeau reclassified it for another 50.  In fact, it was his last thing he did in the last day in office, he reclassified that because they were pretty well all Communists.  Isn’t that something?


Anyway, getting back to this thing here, you won’t get access to information and it’s actually going to be worse than ever before; even to do with where your money goes.  That’s not bad, it’s called democracy these days, you know, this is democracy.  And I’m sure everyone’s heard about the Navy, of course, in the States, who lost another spy drone, "a 44-foot behemoth", it says here.  It says:


"An unarmed RQ-4A Global Hawk went down during a training exercise near the Naval aviation base at Patuxent River, Maryland on Monday..."


Alan:  They’ve got the:


"...footage of the wreckage.  No one was hurt except the Navys pride."


Alan:  I’d say the taxpayer as well; these things cost a fortune but who’s keeping count, eh?


This article here too is to do with a bill that was passed in Canada.  It just passed I think last week, and it says here they’ve already got a thousand amendments to add onto it, a thousand amendments.  You see, you find most things, the amendments are what matter; the bill itself is a bit of a red herring.  Once you get it passed by law you can add the real things on that you wanted in it in the first place, that no one would go for, you see.  It says:


"Opposition politicians throwing hundreds of amendments at the Conservatives’ omnibus budget bill are set to find out which ones are going to stick.  What could be a marathon week in the House of Commons..."


Alan:  How can you do all that in a week? A thousand?


"...begins Monday with the Speaker expected to decide how over 1,000 changes proposed to Bill C-38, the government’s budget implementation bill, will be dealt with in the House."


Alan:  They already said they get an average of 6 seconds each to speak.  “Hello folks,” and then you sit down.


"The 400-plus pages of legislation amends some 70 laws, including the process for environmental assessment and the rules around Old Age Security and Employment Insurance."


Alan:  It’s a lot more than that.


"The government argues all legislation contained within the bill is to the economic benefit of the country, but critics say jamming so many major changes into a single bill means they aren’t getting the scrutiny they require."


Alan:  So, it’s just the usual haggling between parties, as they must do.  It wouldn’t matter which party was supreme, the other one would always oppose them; that’s their job and then they all kiss and make up at the end in the bar around the corner from the parliament.  That’s the way it really works.


In Canada too, it’s like the States now, every country is the same.


"The Department of National Defence can't fully explain spending increase."


"The Department of National Defence can't explain exactly why defence expenditures jumped an estimated 14 per cent during the past fiscal year to $22.5 billion..."


Alan:  They can’t explain it.  It says:


"...including nearly $4 billion in the month of March alone..."


Alan:  So, they just lost four billion dollars.


"...as the government tries to rein in the deficit.  While the department has struggled to identify where the money is going,..."


Alan:  Now come on.  You understand, if they were you and you were running a small business, for instance, you’d be on the street.  And you keep voting governments in.  You keep voting them in, and then they tell you they just don’t know where millions of dollars go, they just don’t know, they just lost it somewhere.  It’s not lost; of course it’s not lost. 


"...Defence Minister Peter MacKay on Friday tried to summarize the spending hike, highlighting investments in military equipment, bases and treatment for the sick and injured.  Estimated defence program expenditures for the 2011-12 budget year, which ended in March, increased $2.8 billion compared to the previous year (to $22.5 billion from $19.7 billion), according to the Finance Department's fiscal monitor, released two weeks ago."


Alan:  What they’re not telling you here is Canada is involved in wars all over the planet, fighting alongside the US and so on.  We’ve got Special Forces in Canada too that are always out there killing somebody, across the planet.  That’s what special forces are for, they’re always at war and they all have to be supplied and things like that.  It says:


"A whopping $3.8 billion was spent on defence programs in March alone — a 55 per cent spike compared to the same month a year earlier — just as Treasury Board president Tony Clement was urging bureaucrats to avoid "March madness"..."


Alan:  So, it’s going to all these little wars, it’s going to the color revolutions because arms are getting pushed into all these different places, to so-called rebels that want to bring democracy in, you know these mercenaries that are all hired by Western powers and they have to arm them all, etc.  Canada is doing the same thing and so on and so on. 




"Channel 4 journalist Alex Thomson says Syria rebels led me into death trap."


Alan:  Now this is a common trick.  It says:


"A senior British journalist has claimed Syrian rebels tried to lead him and his team into a death trap so they would be killed by gunfire from government forces in a bid to discredit the Assad regime."


Alan:  This is standard dirty tricks, you see.


“Alex Thomson, chief correspondent for Channel 4 News said the incident happened on Monday in the Syrian town of Qusair, about half an hour's drive from the battered city of Homs.”


“Thomson said he, his driver, a translator, and two other journalists were trying to return to government lines when their rebel escort led them down what he described as a dead-end in the middle of a "free-fire zone".”


“"Suddenly four men in a black car beckon us to follow. We move out behind," he recalls.  "We are led another route. Led in fact, straight into a free-fire zone...”


Alan:  Free-fire is a kill zone.  That’s where you’re told you kill anything that moves.


“Told by the Free Syrian Army to follow a road that was blocked off in the middle of no-man’s-land.  At that point there was the crack of a bullet and one of the slower three-point turns I've experienced. We screamed off into the nearest side-street for cover."”


Alan:  So, it goes on to say basically that the idea was for them all to be killed so as the rebels could blame that the government did it, you see. 


Now, who’s in control of these rebels?  We know who’s in control of them.  They’ve been financed by all Western powers.  They’re mercenaries, they brought them from all over the world, actually.  The West has already been caught putting in arms, even when they have a cease-fire for a while or it dies down, they’re shipping more and more arms in.  Some of the guys at the United Nations, I think even Haass mentioned something like that, it gives them a chance to re-arm.  And who’s re-arming them all? 


Because you see, this is part, Syria was on the list of the Project for the New American Century in the 90s and Obama is just carrying on the same list, you see.  So, nothing changes, just dirty tricks; and of course, if they had been killed, Hillary Clinton would be screaming, look what they’ve done to those reporters, that’s terrible, we’ve got to get rid of Assad, etc., etc. 


"Climate skeptic instructor fired from Oregon State University"


Alan:  Quite a good article, actually, you should read this one.  I’ll put all these links up remember at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  It says:


"In theory at least Oregon State University (OSU) seems to be a bastion of academic freedom,..."


Alan:  Anyway, they just fired one guy who talked about weather, etc. because he wouldn’t go along with global warming.  It’s taboo, verboten.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  Talking about the global warming scams, etc. and how, again, you must institutionalize this like a belief system into society, which they’ve done very well through massive indoctrination and repetition. 


"We learned over the weekend that chemist Nickolas Drapela, PhD has been summarily fired from his position as a “Senior Instructor” in the Department of Chemistry. The department chairman Richard Carter told him that he was fired but would not provide any reason. Subsequent attempts to extract a reason from the OSU administration have been stonewalled."


Alan:  And it seems that he came out and he said he didn’t believe in global warming basically and that’s why.  You have to be on board, and they even liken it to the Soviet era because it’s the same system, same tricks when Joseph Stalin really got caught up with Lysenko.  Lysenko was a biologist, who said that you could train, you could train spuds and various grains to grow up in frozen tundra regions; just train it by putting it in cold water and it would have a biological necessity to evolve, you see.  This ran through Stalin’s whole reign, he would not, even though they never managed to do it, they kept trying it and anybody, any other biologists that said, “it’s not going to work, you can look at the evidence, it’s not working,” was simply shot.  And they thinned out the ranks of all the nonbelievers, you see.  Now they just fire you and say nothing else about it.  So, there’s another guy who is PhD, who’s been fired because he doesn’t believe in global warming, etc.  It’s not a bad article at all.  It’s a good analogy with Lysenko.


Again, to kick it off at the end here or finish it off I should say.  Again, institutionalizing something new into society.


"If Aliens Invade, Welcome them with open Arms and Give Them All a Gold Medal! They’ve got to be Better than Asylum Earth’s Ruling Lunatics!"


Alan:  It’s to do, of course, with this new system they’ve got at the United Nations where they’ve got all these experts—UFO experts.  You know, these guys who know all about UFOs.  It’s like having someone who’s an expert in ghosts, eh.  Actually, you’ve got more information on ghosts, but he’s a UFO expert and they’re all getting big salaries now.  All they do is sit around tapping pencils waiting for the aliens to land.  And I’m not kidding.  They have their own speakers, their own people who are going to greet them and all that, because they’re experts, you see. 


How can you be an expert on something that has never been tried before?  How can you be an expert at all?  When you don’t even know what you’re dealing with?  But that’s what they call them, "experts".  This guy works for the Department of Defence in Britain.  No kidding.  What was he before?  Well, not very much actually.  He’s trying to say, of course, that aliens might invade during the Olympic games, in London.  No kidding.  Huh? 


Do you realize how dumbed down we are when they can blatantly give us this kind of spiel?  Huh? We’re really down at the bottom.  They know we are too.  People are so mind-bombed with movies, the internet and everything else that goes with it, that they probably, a lot of them, will believe this or they’ll want to believe it.  I understand the whole necessity to believe in aliens because there’s no intelligent life down here.  It says here that this guy, Nick Pope is his name:


"...whom the Daily Mail call a ‘UFO expert’, tries to tell us that invading aliens are likely to land anytime soon to come watch the Olympic Games, one really has to wonder at the sanity of so-called ‘experts’ and whether they should be allowed anywhere near a Ministry of Defence building, nevermind actually being employed by the British death factory masquerading under the same misnomer, but this guy apparently does. I doubt very much if we should fear ‘aliens’ insomuch as we should fear lunatics like Pope or the moronic pseudo journalist Eddie Wrenn who get to peddle such boyhood fantasy garbage under the guise of reality."


Alan:  So, I’ll put some links up to that.  I’ve got 2 or 3 links for that article.  To show you that they can make you believe anything, anything at all.  If one thing doesn’t work they’ll use something else or they’ll use them all at the same time—hunger, famine, plague, all the rest of it, global warming, alien invasions; whatever fits the bill they’ll use.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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