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Blast from the Past with Echoes of Marx:

"Consumer Society is Dead says Moon,
The Control Freak U.N. Humourless Goon,
This Robotic Bureaucrat, No Intellect or Charm,
Wants Us All to Slave On the Enviro-Farm,
Same Old System Used by Soviet Regime,
Must Keep Peasants Busy On Farcical Scheme,
Why Persist with Democracy and Voting
When Unelected Groups Our Lives are Choking,
No Member of Public Voted in the U.N.,
The Fascistic/Soviet Crème de la Crème,
A Front for Supremacists Controlling the System,
Time for Us All to De-Throne and De-List Them"
© Alan Watt June 14, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 14, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 14, 2012. For newcomers, make sure that you use the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you’ll find hundreds, there’s over 1000 audios for free download. I go through the system that you’re living in and how it really began, at least for the 20th century and a little bit before too.  I go through the big players that formed a system, a club if you like, to bring in this new world order, the order for the 21st century, the century where they, the elite themselves, the ones who are more evolved than everyone else, and who owned most of the planet of course, and still do, they decided to take over the world and run it the way that it should be run. So help yourself to those audios; there’s lots of information there.  And I mention the various books put out by the big players themselves, because they do love to boast when it comes to retirement time, of the big part they played in shaping the direction of the planet.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Now, I don’t bring on sponsors who scare you with things, nasty stories, and then give you solutions to things and sell you stuff. I depend upon you, the listeners, to just buy the books and discs and donate at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are terribly welcome in these austere times of hyperinflation, or ‘quantitative easing’ as they like to call it now.


As I say, the interesting thing about this whole system is that eventually you’ll wake up to realize that all the big sensational stories put out by the media, apart from distracting you and keeping you back into politics again, which is a dead-end game.  If politics worked, believe you me, they’d make it illegal, and therefore it doesn’t work at all.  It’s a con job. It saves them having revolutions every few years, because people pin their hopes on some new champion, you know, a knight in shining armor coming along and doing all the nasty stuff for them. That’s how it really, really is. Very simplistic really.  So I go through it, as I say, and you can pin it together. It’s not guesswork.  The big boys do have their organizations; these are the same groups that formed the United Nations. 


They created the United Nations to really be a kind of new global system of legalities, never mind its army as well, NATO.   It has a system of legalities because all laws that get put across the world at the same time and implemented into action come from the United Nations.  That’s from your house building, your plumbing codes, electrical codes, land codes, water use rights... EVERYTHING comes via the United Nations.  And guess what? None of us elected any of these characters in.  And it’s time, if the people really wanted to, to get rid of it all together because it’s the biggest threat the world has ever seen. It’s not democratic, never pretended to be, and yet their leaders always use the term ‘democracy,’ ‘spreading democracy,’ when they want to go over and plunder some other person’s country.  And they do it all the time.  And such a hypocritical thing to do when you have no democracy within the United Nations.  It’s a hierarchical system.  It’s in bed, completely, and takes a lot of money not just from all the countries, but from BIG international corporations as well.  And they do not have your best interests at heart.  They are the guys who push all the environmental laws that want depopulation.  They even have departments of depopulation, by the way.  They call it population, they used to call it Population Control; they just call it Department of Population now; it sounds better.  But it’s DEpopulation.  They don’t sit and make wish lists folks.  They introduce things into the world society, because you see, the elite must go on into the future while you all die off. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  We’re talking about the big system we’re born into and how it’s really pushing now for the Century of Change.  This is it; you’re in it now.  This is the Century of Change, when the aspirations of very, very wealthy people, a long time ago, are coming true.  They wanted to run the planet in a proper way, you know, where you didn’t leave people at the bottom to make their own decisions on anything. You would decide if they would live, die, if they could mate, marry and all the rest of it.  And it’s been awfully successful.  They’re almost at that stage now, and I think folk, the few that want to get married, will probably walk up and ask permission if they can, etc., and go through genetic testing to see if they have the right kind of children.  And will probably apologize when they’re turned down, they’ll say, oh we’re terribly sorry we’re not good enough. 


THAT’S the population we have today because for 50, 60 years you’ve had a war on your minds played on you and the culture. TOTAL WAR, complete total war on the entire culture of the planet, designed and written about by big players, world players, and we are the end product of it.  We are dysfunctional.  Most of the men in the West have gone sterile, I’m talking about young men too, and this is all by design.  You can’t get volunteers to be sterilized so you simply go ahead and do it by nefarious means. That’s how the world is truly run.


Remember too, when they set up the United Nations they said that the war would be on mankind because mankind was the problem of all wars, etc. That was reiterated with the Club of Rome, the big think tank for the United Nations, who came out with... In fact, they dreamed up the idea to unite the planet through an idea of global warming or drought, famine, plagues, all the rest of it, and man, again, would be the enemy for that. So we are the enemy.  I read an article yesterday where the US State Department said that mankind is the enemy, again. So we are all the enemies, you see, all the people who are at the bottom heap, the ones who comprise the vast amount of population on the planet, the ones who haven’t been psychopathic enough to claw their way up over the bodies of everybody else to the top.  So we’re the useless eaters now. 


And of course, the elite do have a plan to go on into the future using technology, living in Smart Cities, built for themselves, city-states in fact, as they wither away the nations.  First they must consolidate the planet, plant their flag and say, yeah we won, and then take the flag away and then bring down the nations until they fade away, just like Lenin said that they would. He was in on it too of course.


Now, we find, as I say, the United Nations really is the big player in a lot of this, because everything goes through them.  And Ban Ki Moon, what a joke this guy is, but anyway, they’re all jokes, but they’re jokes with amazing power when your own politicians, who are part of this scam... I mean, you can’t get into politics and certainly never rise in politics unless you’re brought on board with the scam, of the con game of what’s really going on and what their goals are for the general public.  The public are sheep, you understand, and they are the good shepherds.  You never slaughter one sheep in front of the rest; they’d all panic and run away. You must talk nice to the sheep and give them the occasional little pat, you know, and they don’t run away.  So therefore, they never tell the public the truth. In fact, most of the job of government is hiding the truth from the people.  That’s why they hire these vast, massive marketing companies to come in and find ways to use wording, special wording to put things over to the public, which could be utterly lies, partial truths, or complete, you know, whatever. So, that’s how it’s run with the general public.


Remember too, the big players like Carroll Quigley, historians for the Council on Foreign Relations, and they’ve got branches across the whole planet now by the way, they even have them in Mexico.  They’re having a meeting in Mexico with the Mexican branch of the CFR with the American branch this month; everything coincides this month, by the way, at a G20 meeting, which they didn’t advertise because they don’t want riots at the same time that they’re having their other big meeting, the Rio+20 in Brazil. 


So here’s Ban Ki Moon, this guy that no one has elected into office; we have elected NOBODY within the United Nations.  It says…


Ban Ki Moon Declares “Model Of Consumption Dead”, (Alan:  Remember what the Club of Rome said, post-consumerism.  That was 40 years ago.  So it’s reiterated again.  And he...)  Envisions World Of Forced Environmental Labor  (A:  ...right along the communistic model that they had in the Soviet Union when those who ruled the Soviet Union and who don’t believe in manual labor for themselves because they’re special, forced it on everybody else, you know, for the world and the environment.) 

notrickszone.com /  P Gosselin / 14. June 2012


UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has written a guest piece for Der Spiegel. In it he declares that “consumption is dead” (A:  ...post-consumer ...) and that a new economic model is needed for the planet.  (A:  Well, that is also where you will be spending all the money that you used to have to spend on consuming, on fees, taxes and energy taxes, carbon taxes... and just to stay alive basically.)


However, like everyone one else, he cannot tell us what that model is supposed to look like. And when he tries, he only delivers a lot of confusion. Moon writes:


    “For too long we have been trying to secure the path to prosperity with increased consumption. This model is dead. In Rio we have to develop a new model for an economic system of the 21st century, one that refutes the myth that there has to be a zero-sum balance between growth and environment. Using intelligent measures, governments can create growth, fight poverty, create jobs and accelerate social progress while at the same time conserve the natural and limited resources of the planet.”


What Moon is calling for is growth through shrinkage.  (A:  That’s the modern doublespeak, you see.)


To tell us how all this is supposed to work, 25,000 people are flying in on jet-fuel guzzling jumbo jets, staying in air-conditioned hotels, and indulging in a days-long bash of food and drink consumption - all on the taxpayer’s dime. No shrinkage here.  (A:  Now you’ve got to understand, like the G20 and the environmentalists, these characters are your new elite you understand, and all the academia that they plucked up there too, to confuse the general public with their doublespeak.  They’re having a great old bash, basically, all meeting each other and exchanging their cards and all that kind of stuff, and you know, 20-course lunches, that kind of stuff, and all the prostitutes that they want.  Because, by the way, they ALWAYS lay on prostitutes - they’ve had it in the paper so many times - for these characters, of all ages, because they’re exempt from pedophilia charges and things like that. So you understand, here are your new overlords meeting again, one group of them, while the G20 is meeting in Mexico, while the Rio is going on, etc., etc..  It’s just amazing. And people still go and vote for what they think are their politicians, that don’t do anything about it, because they’re subservient to these guys that I’m talking about here.  We haven’t had democracy.  We’ve never seen democracy.  It’s been a big joke folks.)


Moon adds that lots of countries are now adopting clean, green methods for generating power and recycling waste. He cites: Barbados, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, Armenia, Aserbaidschan, Egypt, Kenya, China, Brazil and India. Readers by now will notice that many of these countries are developing right along are now able to produce more efficiently only because they’ve reached a degree of prosperity using the model that Moon likes to declare dead.  (A:  In other words, all these countries he mentions are using coal fires and everything else, and they’re allowed to under the special treaties they have for them.  WE are not supposed to use them, you see.)


Moon also fails to tell us that all the countries he mentions above will indeed have huge growth in CO2 emissions in the years and decades ahead. (A:  They’re allowed to by law.) To deny these countries increases in CO2 would be to deny them the prosperity they need to clean up their acts.


In fact it is the Green movement that has pushed so many things in the wrong direction lately. Think energy poverty from high energy prices, food shortages and deforestation from palm oil plantations and bio-fuels crops. Moon may not know it, but it is his model that is dead.  (A:  It’s not dead. They know exactly what they’re doing, you see.  The first world countries have to be brought down to barbaric status, and I mean dog-eat-dog, literally, at the bottom. That is the agenda whether you know it or not. Look around you, everything’s dysfunctional.)


Environmental labor camp


In truth, the UN’s idea of new prosperity, dubbed sustainable living, would be so regulated and fraught with restrictions that it would de facto transform human society into a global concentration camp of forced environmental labor. The focus of our work and energy would be to pay for green energy and to fulfil emissions targets.  (A:  And regardless of the cost to you, of human life or anything else, that means freezing to death in the winter, they want to fulfill these targets.)


Moon’s vision? He writes:


    “Moreover, we want to double energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy. In Rio representatives of governments, companies and civil society are going to introduce a variety of measures to reach these targets.”


Wonderful, they want to force types of energy that we neither want nor can afford. Again this is being proposed by people who crisscross the globe in private jets, are ferried around in limousines and stay at luxury hotels on the taxpayer’s dime. For the rest of us it’s pedal a bike, eat insects, and live in a hut.


Moon adds:


    “‘Renewable energy for everyone’ is the partnership of the future. The principle is simple, yet powerful: The UN brings all players to the table so that they can work together on this goal. [...]  But ‘Rio+20′ is about much more. The conference is the expression of a dynamic worldwide movement for the change. It’s a huge step to a future that we want.”  (A:  ...says Moon. Well, he’s only a half Moon really, he’s not that bright.  He’s maybe even less than that, you know. He’s not a new moon either; he’s had parents before him.  Anyway, nobody voted for this character.  And literally it’s about time everyone told these scumbags of politicians that we want rid of all this.  We don’t need another group and tier of masters over us.  We don’t need it at all.)


And it’s amazing how they make themselves ‘official.’  And you’re born into it, you hear of the United Nations, oh it must be official.   What do you mean? What does official mean? That means everyone must consent to it.  And really, technically you do, each time you listen to the tripe that they pour out there, and then you parrot it off yourself, and then you go and pay special taxes to some strange group that you’ve never met, you’ve never voted for, who lord over you. It’s time this was finished, finished completely. If not, we’re kaput, we’re finished... everybody’s finished. This is a long-term plan remember, and they want to massively reduce the population. They’ve already talked about going into RAPID depopulation now.  Not just abortions across the world, rapid depopulation, as everybody’s dying off of cancers, even young folk, all around you. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about the crazy world that’s not so crazy after all.  It’s crazy like a fox because the guys at the top know what they’re doing.  They simply keep chaos and confusion at the bottom.  When people are really occupied and worried about just getting by and how they’re going to survive next week, a lot of people, that’s how life really is for those at the bottom, which is the majority of the public of course. We’re the useless eaters and we’re going to get punished severely for just not making the grade, you know, in the eugenics lineup.


And while they’re doing all this and we go into austerity it’s just astonishing.  You see this system of corruption called money and monetary systems and usury and all the rest of it, it’s always depended on big building projects, always, down through history, big building projects, you know, the big Masonic thing. Because you see, to get folk to use money even long, long ago they had to be conquered and the guys who conquered them were generally in the employ of the same old banking peoples down through the ages. It’s always been that way. And they had to force cash on people and then it was taxed back off them for big building projects, you see, either big temples or cathedrals or statues, or roads like the Romans did.  And after a generation has passed everyone thinks that cash is normal. So that’s how they get you under their thumb basically. And they always find ways, even in the middle of supposedly bank crashes and austerity and bailing out banks all over the planet, to find more money to build, again, big building projects.  They love big, big things; I think it’s a kind of penis envy or something with those guys at the top. Here’s an example here...


We can see for miles and miles and miles:

World's biggest telescope E-ELT is given go-ahead

'The telescope is very likely to make new discoveries that we can't even imagine now' 

(A:  So there’s your PR build-up to wasting all your cash.)

uk.news.yahoo.com / Jun 12, 2012


Scientists have been given the go-ahead to build the world's largest telescope which they hope will reveal if life exists outside the Solar System.  (A:  If there’s any life out there it would keep FAR away from this place, believe you me.)


It is hoped the incredible structure, which will take ten years to build and cost £880million, (A:  This is to give a few clique scientists, you know from very wealthy families, well known, jobs; they can sit on their, you know, rear ends all day and have the occasional glance upwards and write one paper a year, and get massive funding for it.) could answer the age-old question of whether we are alone in the universe.  (A:  They’ve already had the SETI program up for donkey’s years and the only time they saw aliens was in the movies; everything else has been just a waste of time and money.)


The E-ELT’s main mirror is made up of 800 hexagonal segments and will be able to gather 15-times more light than the largest telescopes currently being used. (A:  And it’s going to be half the size of a big football field or something like that, you know, as they talk about, “oh, how big is yours? I’ve got a bigger one here.”  And I think they’re building it somewhere maybe in Chile or somewhere, so they can get a better view of the sky; since they’ve sprayed everybody else so much, we can’t see very much; we’ve got global dimming now you see.  So I’ll put this link up tonight for those who would like to see how your cash is wasted for a few clique elitists to play themselves, play at being scientists and writing the occasional paper on it.)


Another article too is...


Vaccination Madness:

 Anti-Stress Vaccine Would Create Compliant Populace

gaia-health.com / June 10, 2012


(A:  A compliant population...  And it’s quite an interesting article. It says…)


Stress is a problem for many (A:  They really understand how we live at the bottom.), likely most people in modern society. We’re constantly told that it’s a killer. Does that mean we should have a vaccine to stop it? That’s the goal of one scientist, and when the implications of such a vaccine are considered, it’s hard to believe that any tyrannical government would be able to resist it.  (A:  Well that’s what Russell said too, years ago, they wanted to work on something like that.)


Just imagine—a society of happy slaves. It’s every dictator’s dream come true!


It’s not just science fiction. It’s a coming reality.


Robert Sapolsky is a neuroscientist (A:  Suddenly you’ve got neuroscientists.  They are the guys that chop up brains all the time and keep staring at them and say, ooh look at that, hmm, and experimentation.  You must always create a lot of new vocabulary when you want to create a science, to confuse the general public who would catch on that you’re just talking nonsense.) at Stanford University in California. He started his career in the study of baboons (A:  You know, just like us of course; that’s how they see us.), whose lives are controlled by a hideously restrictive hierarchy. (A:  Just like us, we’ve got a hideous restrictive hierarchy too.) While in Africa, he noted that the baboons at the bottom of the social order suffered great stress and lived shorter, less healthy lives.  (A:  ...because probably they couldn’t eat and get into the food because of all the greedy psychopaths above them, you see.)


Eventually, his research arena in Africa became polluted with too many people and all that entailed, including garbage dumps and pollution, which literally polluted his research. So, he took it up at Stanford, where he redirected his efforts into finding a way to ease stress in the belief that he’d be improving people’s health.  (A:  So from baboons to people, you see, from this zoologist.)


In a Wired article, Sapolsky states:

    You can give a guy a drug-coated stent, but if you don’t fix the stress problem, it won’t really matter. For so many conditions, stress is the major long-term risk factor. Everything else is a short-term fix.  (A:  That’s why they give you stress all the time.)


So, rather than trying to find ways to alleviate stress, he and his team of researchers (A:  ...just by themselves like, you know, with no authority, you know.  Well, who funded them, eh? at Stanford.) set out to find a way to stop the physical effects of stress. Glucosteroids are the hormones that create the stress response, so he focused on finding ways to circumvent them. Sapolsky and his team used genetic engineering to create a herpes virus that carries “neuroprotective” genes, but has the genes that are harmful to humans engineered out.  (A:  I really believe that…)


These so-called “neuroprotective” genes are designed to produce growth factors, antioxidants, and estrogen mimickers.  (A:  So we’ll all have breasts and everything else, and I guess we’ll all be happy sitting knitting.)


In other words, they’re planning to remake a major portion of the endocrine system and produce artificial antioxidants that have not been mediated through the digestive system,  (A:  ...and so on and so on…) And add growth factors that can stimulate cellular growth and proliferation, which sounds suspiciously like cancer.  (A:  This is what they want to use on you next.  But you’ll line up for it, with your flu shots.  Back with more after this.)



Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just going through this crazy, crazy like a fox world that we live in because it truly is crazy like a fox.  Everything is planned this way.  They constantly take polls on the public, from your daily media and from your tweets and from your information you voluntarily give out.  They keep the pulse on the public of course and they know exactly how we’re all feeling at the bottom level.  And when it gets too bad they give us some distraction which carries us off and away into the never-never regions.  The fact is, we can’t do anything about anything anyway but they’re good at giving us lots of distractions.  That’s what most media is full of, nothing but distractions actually; there’s certainly very seldom any kind of truth.


Now, one of the articles that I’ll put up tonight too, is a link to a professor who is teaching a class, it’s supposed to be in history, and he teaches his class how to make up fake history and put it out on the Internet and then study all the idiots that follow it and watch how it takes off, like a meme basically. That’s actually getting taught in courses in university now.  So I’ll put that up. And it was a live interview, I think it’s CBC, and a couple of written articles on it too.


Lying About the Past - (History 389-009/ver. 2.4) Professor T. Mills Kelly - historyarthistory.gmu.edu


And also another one too, is a little cartoon to do with global warming and a greenie guy and it’s called...


Wind Turbine Flunky - wattsupwiththat.com / June 8, 2012 / Anthony Watts


I’ll put that up tonight as well and you can have a wee chuckle at that.  You see, it sounds mad when we go through all the things that they’re pushing because it’s meant to sound mad.  The guys at the top know this. It sounds exactly like the Soviet Union.  In the Soviet Union when the policies were set you had to be so politically correct on anything; literally it could cost you more than just your job.  And it would cost you certainly your job but it could cost you your life as well, even in poetry.  Everything had to be pro-Marx, you know, and how Marx would’ve thought of this, and the proper Marxian doctrine.  Every single topic under the sun had to be related back to Marx, you see, or you could really suffer terribly.


This is how the system is today with the whole greening fanatical system they’re bringing in. You must be FANATICAL along with them or else, you know, you’re suspicious.  You might be a thinker, and you can’t have thinkers, you see.  They’ve already said that to go against global warming and the theories, etc. was HERESY.  The same with the European Union, they said anyone who spoke out against the obvious benefits and sense of the European Union was a heretic; that’s what they said from the top.  This is the Soviet system.  They always use the Soviet system because the bankers invented it you see, and the bankers are running the show here, now, quite openly actually, for those who can’t really see it.  And it sounds mad at the bottom but it’s not mad at all, it’s just the way that they put it across to you.


In the UK of course, every year they keep bringing out new stuff to do more snooping. I don’t know how much more snooping you can do on the public, and that’s what they tell you about. There’s a lot of stuff that they don’t tell you about.  Most, in fact MOST of the stuff they don’t tell you about.  But they want to keep giving you an idea that you’re still under some kind of legal system where they legally have to do things.  That’s nonsense actually. That truly is nonsense. But here’s one ridiculous article...


Theresa May sets out plans to monitor internet use in the UK

bbc.co.uk / 14 June 2012


Details of internet use in the UK will have to be stored for a year to allow police and intelligence services to access it, under government plans.  (A:  Well they tell us the same thing every year; they’ve already been doing it.)


Records will include people's activity on social network sites, webmail, internet phone calls and online gaming.


Home Secretary Theresa May (A:  ... I don’t know whether she May do this or she May do that…),  said the change was needed to keep up with how criminals were using new technology.  (A:  See, everybody’s a criminal now.  Remember that.)


But senior Tory David Davis said it was "incredibly intrusive" and would only "catch the innocent and incompetent".  (A:  This is a rubbish article. It’s just rubbish.)


The Communications Data Bill has been published in draft form (A:  I’ll put the link up tonight too, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.) - but the government faces a battle to get it through Parliament intact (A:  ... I don’t see why.) . . .


Restrictions are likely to be placed on the types of phone and internet data local councils can access in an effort to win over critics, but the proposals have still been branded a "snooper's charter" by civil liberties campaigners.  (A:  They don’t need any special permission to go in and snoop on anybody at all.)


"Just like the internet, any private home can be a crime scene, but should we install hidden cameras and microphones in every bedroom in the land?"  (A:  I should add to that, “just in case”... I mean, that’s really what it’s like, isn’t it, under the guise of stopping terrorists. These are the same guys, and through Hollywood and so on, that always talk about the McCarthy era, and laugh as though McCarthy was a nut case... Oh, reds under the bed.   But these are the same boys, these far lefties, you know, who are awfully stinking rich by the way, who are doing all this.  And you can’t laugh at them when they talk about terrorists are just everywhere, they might be in your home, you might turn into one.  Ah, dear, dear, dear, eh.)


And again, I’ll put this up again...




And this is from the Club of Rome. Everything ties together, as I say, with the Rio conference coming up and the G20, hosted by the Mexican branch of the Council on Foreign Relations.  I’ll put a little interview about that one up as well. So they’re on a roll, everything is just rampaging ahead. 


Now in Britain, as I’ve said, now that we’re completely dysfunctional and they’ve promoted certain aspects of strange behavior as a sort of holy cause or something...


Ninety-nine arrested in paedophile abuse raids

(A:  99 people arrested in Britain. That’s the latest one.)

bbc.co.uk / 14 June 2012


(A:  And they’ve got all these different people...) A retired teacher, members of the armed forces and a scout leader are among 99 people arrested in raids targeting online paedophiles.


About 140 search warrants were issued by some 40 forces during the UK-wide raids, led by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.


Most warrants related to downloading and sharing indecent images.  (A:  They’ve got government employees and everything, and I tell you, that’s where they really start to try and whitewash it, when they’ve got so many government employees involved in it as well.  They’ll sweep that under the rug and keep quiet.)


Those arrested include a pathologist, a firefighter, an activities instructor, government employees, and a referee.


Known offenders who had breached the conditions of the sex offenders register were also held.


Forty-two forces from around the UK made the following arrests....


And it tells you all the different ones and how many they nabbed each. So it’s quite the big operation.  And again, it doesn’t catch the upper crust of them because they have their own special systems a little bit above that, you see. So it’s just rampaging on as society is broken now, you see.  It’s broken.  Destruction of the family unit, the destruction of normal values, and then in comes everything else and the sky’s the limit and then they turn round and say, my God look what’s happening, like they didn’t know. This is all part of it. It’s all part.


One death-a-day: Military suicides reach terrifying rate

rt.com / 8 June, 2012


(A:  ...in the US.  One death a day it’s now down to.  And it says…)


According to findings released on Thursday by the US Department of Defense, the suicide rate for active duty soldiers so far in 2012 is around one per day. In just the first 155 days of the year, 154 soldiers have committed suicide, a statistic only made more ghastly by comparing it to the number of American troops killed by insurgency this year — the website iCasualties.org reports that only 139 US soldiers died in battle this year.   (A:  155 died of suicide.)


"We are very concerned at this point that we are seeing a high number of suicides at a point in time where we were expecting to see a lower number of suicide,” Jackie Garrick, head of the Pentagon’s newly established Defense Suicide Prevention Office, tells the Associated Press.  (A:  So it’s just going up and up and up.  And of course they’re on so many different drugs and everything else. I think, really, they’re inducing psychotic states with the drugs.  We know that too.  The Canadian troops were on a specific anti-malarial drug in fact.  They had an exposé a few years ago, when they were going crazy when they were coming back home and they said themselves it was like living in an LSD trip, with psychedelic colors and everything.  One of them admitted pulling his pistol out on children just for the hell of it and putting it to their heads; he didn’t know what he was doing. It was all unreal.  SURREALISTIC.  But that’s what they want at the top.)




Cops cheer NYPD Officer Richard Haste, charged in death of teen Ramarley Graham - nydailynews.com / June 13, 2012


This cop followed Graham into his home and shot him dead.  And when he either got off with it in the courtroom or he was given bail, lots of cops came in to watch it and they CHEERED for the cop. It’s amazing what they’re turning…  You can’t put uniforms on people, you understand.  They become tribal immediately, it doesn’t matter what uniform it is.  Even postal workers, they become tribal.  You put, you know, five bells on the cows and they form their own little herd separate from the rest of them; it’s just one of these things in nature.


Australia is being carved up now into these Marine parks, because they’re really goody-two-shoes now, now that they’re under the communist system and Fabian system.  They’re leading the world in CO2 and all of the rest of the nonsense that they’ve dreamed up out of their imaginations.  And lots of fishermen are losing their jobs because now they can’t fish along the Great Barrier Reef and stuff like that.  It says…


World's largest marine reserve network unveiled

abc.net.au / By environment reporter Conor Duffy / Jun 14, 2012


Australia will create the world's largest network of marine parks as the world "turns a corner" on ocean protection, Environment Minister Tony Burke has announced.


The network, announced this morning, is made up of five main zones in offshore waters surrounding every state and territory.


But the Government will have to pay up to $100 million in compensation to commercial fishers who will be locked out of some of the new marine parks.  (A:  So now they’re making parks in the sea.  Well they’ve already done it in the air; it’s not our air anymore.  You know that. The only part of the air that’s yours is the CO2 that you have to pay for.  [Alan laughing.])


You know, the homeless are accumulating and everyone is getting used to them.  I remember watching Meet The Tribe when they brought some people from a tribe off the coast of New Zealand over, who had never really seen cities before or anything like that.  They lived in a really nice village where they helped each other.  They were kept - again, their part, they don’t know it themselves - they’re kept apart by the authorities, the Australian authorities, so that they can keep them forever and study them, like they had in Brave New World, the “savages.”  But they’re very happy people.  And they brought them over to England and these guys were shocked to see folk homeless.  They couldn’t understand why folk should be homeless anywhereHow can you let your people be homeless? So in England some of the councils have come up with an idea how to deal with the homeless.  And one of them is this one…


Manly Council to buy wheelie bins (A:  That’s garbage bins on wheels...)

 for homeless to store possessions in

dailytelegraph.com.au / LUCAS TOWNSEND / June 10, 2012


(A:  So that’s what you give to the homeless, you give them garbage bins, folks.)


In an unusual plan to protect the possessions of the street dwellers, the council passed a motion to buy six for Manly Community Centre and Fairlight Centre to lend to "rough sleepers".  (A:  They’re called “rough sleepers.”)


The bins cost $71 (A:  ...dollars, $71... It must be in the States.  But how can you pay $71 for that piece of recycled plastic?) each and are like any 120 litre bin of the kind normally used to collect rubbish.


But Manly Council safety officer Leanne Martin said they would be brightly coloured and branded.  (A:  That’s like branding someone because you’re poor.  [Alan chuckles.]  You’re a walking psychedelic turtle, eh?)


"We are going to buy the bins in bright purple or a lime colour so they don't get mistaken for waste," Ms Martin said.  (A:  I mean, the guy might go in there to sleep and in comes the garbage truck and dumps him in there.)


The manager of Manly Community Centre, Jacqueline Smith, said the centre currently provided cupboards but not enough to cater for the demand. She said opening hours limited the centre's services.


"If you've got swags and blankets, it gets very cold and damp - so we thought it was such a good idea," Ms Smith said. 


These people are nuts!  You see, the more education they get and the more fictitious their system is - because they live in fiction, most folk live in fiction from television.  And once you get jobs you see, they bring in the motivational councilors and before you know it you’re living in surrealism and you’re into a different fantasy world altogether and they come up with these ridiculous, crazy notions like this.  It’s like brainstorming sessions that they use in offices, you know; whatever comes into your mind you just put it forward, and that’s what they DO.  They live in fantasy.  And then we have to live in fantasy because they’re telling us we’ve got to.  What a joke this is, eh.


And people too, there are so many unemployed people that they’re going along with these jokes, really, which are not jokes anymore. 


Employers ask job seekers for Facebook passwords

sfgate.com / Associated Press / March 21, 2012


(A:  Now, they were doing that a few years ago and they came down hard on them, but now they’re getting away with it.)


When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook user name and password. 


So that’s what they’re doing now for you if you’re in the lower end.  See, the more powerless you are, the less status in society, the more powerless you are and the less you count.  There’s nothing out there for you really.  That’s how the system really is.  See, we’re in a real EUGENICAL society.  They’re really open about it now. They’re very, very open about it now. One of the richest men in the world actually came out and said this; I’ll a put a link up to this too.  He said that people should be made to work till they’re 70, at least, now, because of the economy. He is labeled as the most richest guy on the planet.  This is what we’re living in today.


Carlos Slim, World's Wealthiest Man,  Says Retirement Age For Regular People Should Be Bumped To 70 - huffingtonpost.com / 06/13/2012


You understand, this is pre-Dickensian we’re in. We’re pre-Dickensian; that’s where we are right now.  And you all think it’s normal.  Because unlike Dickens’ era you’ve got all these cheap gadgets for having fun.  You’ve got lots of fun, cheap entertainment, all perverted entertainment.  Everything that makes you laugh and giggle and all the rest of it, and contaminate your brain, and that’s why people aren’t retaliating at all.  It’s warfare and they don’t even know it. They don’t know it.


I’ll also put up tonight too, the leaked document which reveals the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Goals.  It just got released there and what they’re after with it.  Because, as I say, these big meetings are really a propaganda meeting for the general public to hear them being announced every year; it makes it more official sounding when they get together.  They’re bringing out their Sustainable Development Goals and lots of things which are all going to cost you lots and lots and lots of money of course, as they take away your disposable income. After all, if you’re postconsumer you don’t need that disposable income.  It will have to go to basic necessities, you understand, and fees, etc, and all that stuff. So they’re really going to go ahead with it. 


I’ll also put up tonight, it’s another document, a leaked document, which came out to do with another big...  It’s the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal they signed that’s not supposed to be made known to the public.  That’s explaining why all these different groups now are getting more cash; more countries are getting more cash from you of course. Because you see, you’re richer than they are supposedly, even though they’re bringing in more cash than you’ll ever see. You’re going to be paying a lot of cash to all these countries that are coming in. It’s a total Free Trade agenda, the one they discussed back in the early 1900s by the way, the complete removal of all barriers for corporations, international corporations to move trade, goods AND labor across the planet. That’s what it is, the complete thing. It’s all here now. They’ve been working at this for a hundred years and it’s all here.


Public Interest Analysis of Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Investment Text - June 13, 2012 / citizen.org


The G20 Mexico Summit - youtube.com


As I say too, I’ll also put up the one to do with the G20 Mexico Summit. It’s from the Council on Foreign Relations and they interviewed the head of the Mexican department of Council on Foreign Relations who’s hosting this other meeting. So all coinciding in the same month, and we’re going to get hammered with all the news that comes out of all this.  You do understand it’s not meant that you can keep all of the news in your head. There’s so many real things happening like G20s, Rio and so on, you can’t even keep up with that. It’s not meant to. It’s meant to overwhelm you.  And most folk won’t really know about it or care. They accept that they’re servants, basically, that they’re just low-level servants, peasants. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to Daniel from the UK who’s been hangin’ on there.  Are you still there Daniel?


Daniel:  Yes. Hello Alan.


Alan:  How you doing?


Daniel:  Yeah, I’m all right, thanks. I haven’t been on for a while but it’s good to hear that you’re still in the game, as they say.  So I’m enjoying your books and I’ll say to people that you really should consider getting these Cutting Through The Matrix books, because they really go back into the mists of time.  And they certainly answered a lot of questions for me, because it’s always very difficult to try and understand something if you can’t see where it started, like you said Alan.


Alan:  It’s true. You’ll never understand the present if you can’t understand the tricks of the past, MASSIVE TRICKS that run countries and empires for thousands of years.


Daniel:  Well it’s fascinating. So I would recommend them to anyone.  But I wanted to ask you about this great work, this androgynous agenda. Is that just for us, or do the people at the top intend to become androgynous as well?


Alan:  It’s for the people.  It’s mainly for the people.


Daniel:  Why is that though?


Alan:  Plato talked about it too; they all talked about it. You’ll find even traces of it in major religions, the ancient religions too.  Where Plato talked about the gods, the god-type people that used to exist - this is how they phrase it; and what they’re really doing is projecting into the future a story that never really happened in the past.  But he says, when these people passed you they were women from the back and men from the front.  He was trying to hint at you to do with the androgynous agenda.  In the Old Testament you have a deity that creates male and female and in Talmudic Judaism you’ll find it’s taught that the God was therefore male and female, hermaphroditic.  And so the perfect type of society would be hermaphroditic, in other words; this is how they couch it too.  But the scientific groups of today have talked about it as well, that if they created the perfect types, they could use an inoculation, just a vaccine or whatever, to stimulate you, if you were a hermaphrodite, to turn on the ovaries or turn on the masculine qualities, if they want to breed for instance.  They’ve had articles out in mainstream science about this, of what they want to bring in down the road.  NASA put out a two-hour documentary 10 to 12 years ago on it, with David Suzuki prattling on in the background, about the need to go into space and they’d have to breed the people on the way, on route to their destination, maybe started by computer, and then they could start to grow them in a sort of lab type situation run by computers to grow human beings, and it would be better if they were hermaphroditic rather than male and female; there would be no friction on the ship in other words.  And also too, they could perhaps stimulate one to produce a female or a male offspring if you activated the female side of that hermaphrodite through chemical means and hormonal means. So this is big, big stuff for them.  Understand, the ‘old’ man, as we are today, and woman, has to go.  But the ones at the top say they won’t change themselves.


Daniel:  The elite as well, do they intend to do that to themselves?


Alan:  Only if they fancy it, I think; if they’re so jaded they might want to try the thrill of it maybe.  But to be honest with you, people like Charles Galton Darwin says we the elite mustn’t change ourselves - he was referring mainly to their mindset and their intellect and so on - but I don’t think they want to change themselves at the top.  He says, we must remain wild.  Where we domesticate the public, he says, we at the top must remain wild and not use these techniques on ourselves in order to rule and direct the course of the planet.  He says, we are the captains of the ship; we at the bottom won’t need that.  We’ll just be an emotional mess, sobbing in our handkerchiefs probably, you know, kicking footballs around.  Thanks for calling, Daniel.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada it’s good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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