June 19, 2012 (#1112)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 19, 2012:

Who Cooks the Books?:

"The G-20 Summit with Pantomime Spats,
Gillard and Barroso Act Like Spoiled Brats,
With Scripted-for-News, All One-Liners,
The New Actors Worse than the Old-Timers,
Current Technique is "We're All Going to Die"
Unify All the Banks, then Breathe a Sigh,
Then Tax the Peasants Under the Guise
Of Saving the Planet, What a Surprise,
Jetting Then to the RIO Plus Twenty,
Bemoaning the People, "There's Too Many"
What a Dilemma They Want More Capital
From the Herd to Be Thinned, Paradox, Radical,
On a Quiet Earth Aliens Land, Read an Epitaph,
"Taxed to Death--Balanced Books--See the Graph" "
© Alan Watt June 19, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 19, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 19th of June 2012.  As always I start off by advising listeners, the new listeners, to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find a whole bunch of sites listed there, they all carry audios of lots of talks, over a thousand talks Iíve given in the past, for free download.  They carry transcripts in English for print up of a lot of the talks Iíve given and if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu youíll find transcripts in other languages for print up as well. 


I always tell the people too that I donít bring on guests, who are advertisers, to scare you to death and then sell the savior products that they have.  I just depend on the public who get an awful lot out of the long talks over the many, many years Iíve given to support me.  And to bring them into a reality, really, thatís what I try to do.  A true reality, not the indoctrinated one youíve had from school and by the media and entertainment as well.  To break their conditioning so they can think independently, maybe for the first time in their lives, and itís working with a lot of people.


I give them shortcuts to the understanding by going through the history of this system, and it is a complete system youíre born into and youíre raised with.  Youíre trained very, very well and you donít even know it, you think youíre doing your own thing.  Even when youíre taught to rebel at university and you donít realize that, no, thatís all part of it too, thatís designed by those who already rule the planet.


So, help yourself to the audios, understand whatís happening and go to the books I refer to, as well, by players who helped design this system and the big organizations, the foundations, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations.  Guys who spent their whole life working for these foundations, that literally are a parallel government as itís been called many times, even by Margaret Thatcher who joined them, who rule the world.  They plan every change and they make us go like a big herd, right through the planned changes. 


Remember too, you can buy the books and discs that I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and from the US to Canada you can actually use a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office.  You can send cash and you can also use PayPal.  Across the world youíve got Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.  Straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome because as I say I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I donít have any shares or companies that sell products and I just try to stick to the basic happenings of the world and explain why theyíre happening and to show you the farce of it all because itís a big stage play weíre living through, of constant crisis and crisis creation. 


Of course the whole point of the crisis, which is generally fake, is to get you to accept further slavery, more uniformity across the whole planet, so that weíre better managed by those who think theyíre supposed to manage us because theyíve got better genes than we have.  Theyíre all up there in the big, big families that lend to nations, international moneylenders.  They lend to nations, to the governments, thereís not many of them, and all the massive think tanks underneath them, that work for them on every aspect of society that has been, that exists today and is to come, every facet in every culture is catered to, believe you me.  Thereís nothing comes from the grassroots because they donít allow that to happen and they donít have to; they start at the top.  It doesnít matter what it is, it sounds radical but thatís how itís pushed from the top down, every single thing of political correctness, often under the guise of fairness and various other things, which is hard to argue against.† But itís to destroy society until youíre dysfunctional.  The same tactic is being used across the Middle East, even to do with Syria, because the US have had big players in that area, over to Washington, along with Israel.  The plan is to completely disrupt Syria until thereís a whole bunch of factions fighting forever, ever; then theyíre dysfunctional.  Theyíre of no problem at all, same as Iraq; Iraq is out of the picture, it will never recover.† Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how the system that works on people in your own country to fragment society by division, thatís man, woman, child, parent, different factions of society, gender differences, all these things which are hyped up, fit right into the system of what they call governance today; when everyone is dysfunctional.  You have so many different groups fighting each other for the piece of the pie, itís generally the cash theyíre after, and superior recognition over all the rest. 


The same technique, of course, is used across in warfare too in the Middle East; where Kissinger said a while back, and Brzezinski too, that the long-term plans should be to disrupt it so much, destroy its whole infrastructure and then get all the different factions of Sunnis etc. fighting each other and then theyíre dysfunctional for the rest of time.  The same thing is to be done in Syria, of course.  Theyíve had meetings in Washington about it, Israel is to play a hand along with Washington in creating that scenario.  Once theyíre divided into 3 or 4 factions theyíre then out of the picture too, forevermore. 


So, the same technique that works in a country abroad for warfare works on you internally, as well.  Of course, the Club of Rome said that many years ago, that democracy would never work.  This is the big club that works for the United Nations, which is a front really for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, who designed this whole global system of free trade and the money boys at the top. 


They use all the same tactics, which work very well, as I say, either internally in your country or externally abroad to take down societies and make them dysfunctional.  They said there were too many competing factions, even in democracy, for it ever to work.  And of course they made sure of that because they funded them through the United Nations.  They created all these different factions and gave them special high-sounding names to sound official and then they institutionalize the names by repetition into the vocabulary through media, movies and everything else.  Thatís how it was done so simply, so simply. 


Even the term "global warming" was to be institutionalized.  If you go into the United Nations website they said theyíd have to institutionalize it until everybody parroted it, just by hearing it through repetition.  Then ďsustainability, sustainabilityĒ; itís just like ďweapons of mass destructionĒ.  You keep remembering too, for those who have studied, the words of Lenin who said, we shall win by the use of slogans.  Thatís all you hear today, is buzz terms and slogans about things.  It works awfully well with the general population; by osmosis, it sinks into them, without much thought whatsoever. 


Now, back to the pantomime in Latin America right now, because itís all staged, as I say.  The G-20 is a group that was formed by themselves, supposedly.  Really it was formed, again, by the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, same bunch, to do with this very old, old plan; a hundred year old plan, to do with free trade.  But itís not just free trade, itís to do with a unification of the world through fiscal policies, which then determine all your internal policies.  Those who will not join free trade are simply off-limits; they donít get any trade at all, so itís a kind of blackmail technique. Very old plan, actually.  John Dee talked about it in Queen Elizabeth the Firstís court and they did create that empire of Britain, which was really the model all of this is based upon.  Then the US was to take it over and fund it as well, which it has done. 


But we go through the farce, by the mainstream again, because theyíre all members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  They must put out the same spiel, you see.  Itís like looking at a script from a play.  It says:


"World leaders meeting at a G20 summit in Mexico have urged Europe to take all necessary measures to overcome the eurozone debt crisis."


Alan:  Now, you never go to politicians to get answers, to fix things.  Itís all done by experts, guys in the fields of their particular expertise and these leaders of countries donít have any expertise; theyíre just lawyers.


"They voiced unease over what one top official described as "the single biggest risk for the world economy"."


Alan:  Well, thatís government, you see.


"But European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso..."


Alan:  A guy whoís a Maoist, Communist, even as a student.  Iíve got links up there where you actually hear him prattling on about the great little red book and all the rest of it of Communist China.


"...said, "the challenges are not only European, they are global."


Alan:  See, the whole idea is like a rehearsed play and Iím sure it is actually.  Theyíre given their little lines to say to each other and the media reports them and we think itís all for real because after all, you see, who voted this G20?  Where did this come from?  Where is it in anybodyís constitution that your leaders can go off and form their own private club?  A global club.  I thought they were supposed to be taking care of you and answerable to you, you see.  Nobody questions these things, "Oh itís a G8, oh itís a G20", etc., etc.  That was all part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs agenda, was to create these groups of so-and-sos, so many numbers, and gradually bring in the world government through it, you see.  Sign treaties and then they would supersede all previous existing Bill of Rights, charters and all the rest of it that countries would have.  Then it says:


"Sunday's victory of a pro-bailout party in the Greek election did not give stock markets the expected boost."


Alan:  Thatís nonsense, anyway.  It says:


"Frankly, we are not coming here to receive lessons in terms of democracy"


Alan:  That was the quote of Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission president.  Well you see, the European Commission doesnít have a democracy so heís telling the truth, for once.  It wasnít designed to be democratic.  The Club of Rome was the big think tank, the ones that said democracy wouldnít work and they said that theyíd bring in an authoritarian society.  Well the G20 is part of this authoritarian society that doesnít ask the people what they want, you see. 


So, Iíll put this up anyway and youíll see how they go through this, like a play, you know. 


"But German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to dismiss the idea."


Alan:  And then she says so-and-so and so-and-so and then itís answered by so-and-so who says this.  One-liners, itís just like a stage play.  And thatís all it is because they go there for the big, big--understand that these meetings are planned years in advance, all of them.† The Sherpas, they call them Sherpas, high-level bureaucrats go across to these countries and they go between all countries and they draft up all the different ideas that the big think tanks, the private think tanks that work for the international bankers, have come up with and the Sherpas draft up the legislation.  And these guys go there just for the show for the world, thinking theyíre doing it.  Theyíre not doing it, theyíre there to sign it and have a big slap-up meal and go out with prostitutes and things; thatís what itís about folks. 


Itís time to snap out of the nonsense of this media, that these guys are in charge of something, it really truly is.  Theyíve even had documentaries on the Sherpas, by the Sherpas, how they work for years going from country to country through all the bureaucratic departments and getting these treaties all designed and so on, and pre-signed in fact.  This is just the announcement to the world of the stage play itself so that we think itís all real.  So youíll vote for these prunes again, thatís what itís for.


Also too, from the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations:


"Free Trade and Regulation:  Making Both Better"


Alan:  Iíll put this link up tonight as well and you can see the agenda because the Council on Foreign Relations will always give you the politically correct agenda on any topic, and they tell you how itís going to be.  Because, you see, every member of every newspaper who is a registered journalist is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  If theyíre not theyíre left to the local events and fairs and charities and things.  The real ones all have to be members of the CFR, on board with the whole agenda.  So, when the CFR write, whatever they write, in their own websites and articles, then everyone else must copy it.  That is the agenda.  So, Iíll put that up. 


Also tonight too Iím putting up:


"Junk Science Week: Money corrupts peer-review process"


Alan:  To do with the panel on climate change, the IPCC, run by Pachauri, you know the ex-railway engineer thatís now in charge of the planetís atmosphere, whoís making a killing off all of this stuff because heís got shares in lots of companies in India where they can burn coal and that, you know.  And theyíre getting all this money from the West thrown at them because, you see, weíre redistributing the wealth so as that India can come up and guys like Pachauri can probably buy lots of railway lines across the whole planet.  It says, anyway:


"The head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has referred to its work as the gold standard, based on its oft-made claim that it only surveys work published in peer-reviewed professional research papers."


Alan:  Then they go into the history of peer-researched reviewed papers and so on.  What itís supposed to do is that people in the field, scientists, all have to have their say before it goes to being a good theory, you see.  They all agree, ďOh, this is going to be a good theory, weíre on board with itĒ, or if they can criticize it or they canít find the same evidence for the results, the empirical evidence, then they deny it and say itís no use.  So they go through the IPCCís claims that they only use ďthe gold standardĒ of peer-reviewed professional research papers and it shows you theyíre using students and interested parties who are all political parties to do with greening, etc., etc. 


So, theyíre a bunch of liars.  Letís say what it is, eh.  Theyíve been caught lying so many times, itís just astonishing, but thatís the agenda folks, to bring in austerity and control over, you know, the masses, thatís what itís for.  Itís all for that.  So, Iíll put that one up as well.


An earthquake hit Victoria in Australia, it says:


"...5.3-magnitude tremor rocks Australia"


Alan:  Thereís a bit of quake damage and so on, most folk were just thrown from their chairs and things like that, but who knows if itís signs of things to come.  I think really that big deity up there is angry with Gillard, you know, because sheís really going full-blast in the Fabian style and sheís nagging.  It actually said in the papers sheís nagging all the leaders at the G20 Summit down in Latin America.  Sheís caused quite a stink to get attention to herself, a real fanatic though because sheíll get rewarded awfully well if she manages to push anything through in her lifetime.† They always want to get schools and that named after them, you know what Iím saying, and a whole bunch of impoverished children in austerity and sheíd say, "Yep, I did that", and theyíre really proud of themselves.


And as we go into this system too, thereís a state of dysfunction because you see, you must destroy things that work in a society, all culture, to bring in the new.  Thatís why weíre seeing all the bizarre stuff coming on.  Weíll talk about Sweden and how guys canít pee standing up anymore.† Back after these messages.


Hi folks.  Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the divisions in society, which are necessary to conquer peoples across the world, until theyíre dysfunctional.  Once youíre dysfunctional, youíve got all these government agencies stepping in to get order, you see, order out of chaos, thatís how you rule over peoples.  They decided a long time ago at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they brought other big groups too, in from Europe, to destroy the old culture completely, I mean utterly into the ground.  Stomp it into the ground; that was marriage, everything, and actually they wanted the state to bring up children and theyíre doing a good job with, you know, basically stealing children from parents, all over the world now, big, big business from the United Nations.  They believe that parents are all crazy, you see, and mad.  Theyíre taught that and I could go on about it in some detail but I wonít.  Anyway, hereís an example how it goes mad, you see, mad when they get feminists against the guys and all the rest of it.  It says:


"Take a stand -- and sit down for what you believe in.  Male representatives on the Sormland County Council in Sweden should sit rather than stand while urinating in office restrooms, according to a motion..."


Alan:  I like that word "motion".


"...advanced by the local Left Party."


Alan:  Iíve seen similar stuff in Canadian union magazines that come out too from different organizations.  Itís amazing the laughs you get.


"Known as a socialist and feminist organization, the party claims that seated urination is more hygienic for men -- the practice decreases the likelihood of puddles and other unwanted residue forming in the stall -- in addition to being better for a man's health by more effectively emptying one's bladder, The Local reported.† But not everyone agrees.† "Men scatter urine not so much during the actual urination as during the 'shaking off' that follows," John Gamel, a professor at the University of Louisville,"


Alan:  Well, how would he know what other guys do?  Et tu Brutus?  Is he watching them or something?  It says:


"... wrote while addressing the issue in 2009. "As a result, forcing men to sit while emptying their bladders will serve little purpose, since no man wants to shake himself off while remaining seated on the toilet.""


Alan:  Because heíd get kind of bruised, you know.  It says:


"A representative from the party said he hopes to move toward sitting only bathrooms."


Alan:  I mean, you understand, the emasculation of the male is just incessant with the particular types they put at the top of the feminist movement who have no sympathy in anything whatsoever, unless itís the same as themselves.  Thatís what the Liberals mean by that, you know, you can have any point of view, as long as itís ours; thatís truly liberalism.  If you have any other point of view, outside theirs, itís illegal and then theyíll put you in prison for it. 


This article too is interesting because, itís from the BBC, and it says "viewpoint".  Theyíre getting everybody ready for austerity from all Trilateralist and Council on Foreign Relations members.  This guy obviously is one, since Niall Ferguson wrote the authorized books for the Rothschild family.  He also is writing a biography for Kissinger right now, so heís up there with all the big boys, you see.  It says:


"Governments should be more honest about the size of their debts and young voters would be wise to get politicians to pay them off as soon as possible, says economic historian Niall Ferguson in the first of his BBC Reith Lectures."


Alan:  Now, he himself kind of got booted up there in his particular line by writing sort of almost fictional histories.  This is the guy who writes fictional histories, if things had turned out that way in World War I, itíd be a different world, and he goes into the kind of world it would have been.  So, heís a guy who lives in fantasy telling us all how to live, but he wants the young to pay off debts, you see, get into austerity.† He says:


"The critics of Western democracy are right to discern that something is amiss with our political institutions. The most obvious symptom of the malaise is the huge debts we have managed to accumulate in recent decades,..."


Alan:  Well, whoís managed to accumulate them?  Itís these governments at the G20 and so on.  Itís got nothing to do with that.


"...which - unlike in the past - cannot largely be blamed on wars."


Alan:  Well, canít it?  They just finished paying off WWI in the 1990s in Britain.  Theyíre still paying off WWII and the Korean and, of course, Gulf War I and all the ops weíve had since. 


"According to the International Monetary Fund,"


Alan:  The guy that heís awfully pally with, you know, the International Monetary Fund.


"... the gross government debt of Greece this year will reach 153% of GDP. For Italy the figure is 123%, for Ireland 113%, for Portugal 112% and for the United States 107%."


"Britain's debt is approaching 88%. Japan is the world leader, with a mountain of government debt approaching 236% of GDP -"


Alan:  Thatís because theyíre going through of course the meltdowns and so on, and it threw all their economy off.  So he says:


"...more than triple what it was 20 years ago."


Alan:  Then he quotes a quote from Edmund Burke, it says:


"ďSociety is indeed a contract."


Alan:  You must remember this.  Itís awfully important.


"...The state is a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born.Ē"


Alan:  Now, you can agree with that or not because if youíre not asked to be part of the contract then youíre under a form of slavery.  Now, Jefferson said it too.  He said if youíre born into a generation that has to pay off a previous generationís debt then you are a de facto slave, and that should be scrubbed at the end of each generation.  After so many years, just scrub the whole lot, because itís a con game anyway.  Money is a con game with the guys at the top.  So, he says:


"Now, often these debts get discussed as if they themselves are the problem, and the result is a rather sterile argument between proponents of "austerity" and "stimulus".  I want to suggest that they are a consequence of a more profound malfunction."


Alan:  So, he wants to train the youngsters to be pushed to pay off the debt of the government.


Letís be honest, how can you pay off the debt of a government when your government through all of its free trade deals and all the rest of it are throwing a good chunk of your tax money, not towards your debt, theyíre borrowing money, put you on the tab to pay it off and theyíre giving it out abroad to other big corporations in third world countries? You canít pay it off when theyíre doing that.† Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just getting some sanity back into the rubbish weíre given as news and of course, itís meant to bring out experts that con you into going along with agendas, on a mass scale that is.  Itís all rubbish, as I say, money is rubbish, itís a con game.  The banks plunder us twice a century and yet theyíre supposed to end up being given more control to plunder us all the more.  They work with your governments, they help put your prime ministers, presidents into power and they scam. Everything in the money system is a complete scam.  Itís a racket, they call it, a racket. 


Anyway, getting on with the rest of the stories, Iíll put them all up tonight too at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Itís how people are treated, not only in their country as citizens but also the myth again to do with vets in the US.  The US really is the only country who really goes on about vets of war.  It doesnít matter if the wars were right or not right or just or whatever.  It doesnít matter but they really play on it because they always want a fresh group to join every year and go off and fight wars which they donít understand anymore, so they need to really push it up.  They really donít give a darn about the people once theyíre out of the military and thatís been well documented, not just in movies but in lots of documentaries and books and so on.  It says here:


ďWarren C. Bodeker is an 89 year old World War II Army Airborne combat veteran and war hero, living in Montana, who is being thrown off of his own land and thrown out of his own house, by Montana Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, Christy Brandon, with the approval of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Montana.† And to make matters worse, Warrenís wife Lorna just died of cancer this past year, and is buried there on their land, right next to the house.Ē


Alan:  Thatís the traditional way you do things.


ďWarren had planned to live there till he died and then be buried right next to his wife, there on their property at 11 Freedom Lane, in the town of Plains, Montana, but now, not only is he being forced off his land, he is being forced to exhume his wifeís body and take her with him.Ē


Alan:  I mean this is beyond callous and so on.  Itís symptomatic of the bar-stewards that control your countries.  Theyíre all the same.  Until you throw them all off youíll never have any kind of sanity or decent society or any kind of freedom.  It says:


"This is the most disgusting, callous, brutal, and unjust treatment of a WWII veteran by the ďjusticeĒ system we have ever heard of. Here is a man who stepped up and went to war at the age of 19 to fight against the Japanese in the Pacific."


Alan:  He served in:


"...Co. B, 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 11th Airborne Division.  Warren earned two bronze stars..."


Alan:  They give them little bits of tin when you go off to fight for what you think is your country, because itís never yours, itís long-term planning.  You have no idea what itís really all about or long term goals.


"One of those combat jumps was the daring rescue of prisoners of war at the Los Banos Internment Camp on the Island of Luzon..."


Alan:  It goes into that, how they jumped in there to rescue people, 2000 prisoners of war, and so on.  Anyway, heís getting booted out of his home.  It goes through his life history too.  Itís quite a story here and all the rest of it.  Iíll put the whole thing up tonight.


Thatís what theyíre doing to the people they pretend they really respect when you put on that uniform and go off to fight for these fat leeches that wear very expensive suits and travel across the planet, at the G20s and goodness knows what else and the world meetings and all the rest of the stuff, with their 20-course lunches, all paid by you because really you are nothing to them. 


Letís be honest about this.  If youíre a soldier you are nothing to these guys.  Youíre just a mercenary and youíre only going because of propaganda, massive propaganda.  The Japanese wouldnít have gone to war in WWII, and this is well known by historians, if FDR and the boys, and the guys before him, hadnít been stopping all supplies getting into Japan.  It was all perfectly well known.  And FDR and Winston Churchill were colluding together in ways to get them into the war, because it was a war to change the world remember. 


The Royal Institute of International Affairs said they needed wars, world wars, to bring people to their knees so they could say we canít go on like this anymore, can we, tut-tut-tut, hereís the solution.  But this is how they really, really treat you, and in Britain they didnít get pensions or anything for going off to war.  They were just called up and away they went.  And how are they treating them in Britain today?† Well, it says:


"They have raised suspicions that the Army, which has just axed 3,000 personnel, targeted a number who were within touching distance of generous lifelong pay outs."


Alan:  Their pensions, right?  So, they axed them just days before they would have qualified to get the pensions.  This is standard in Britain, "Oh, thank you very much, hereís the boot", thatís how they do it.


"One 40-year-old sergeant serving in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was only three days away from serving 22 years and qualifying for an immediate pension pot worth £108,000. He will now have to wait until he is 65 to receive the pension."


Alan:  Which of course, at that time, with inflation, you could probably buy a couple of cups of coffee with.  It says:


"Parents of officers have also contacted The Daily Telegraph saying that their sons have been sacked just short of serving 16 years, at which point they would get an immediate annual stipend of around £12,000. They too will have to wait until they are 65."


Alan:  Well, theyíre upping the ages that you can retire at anyway now, itíll be 67 or 69 by then.


"Diana and Barry Payne said their son, Richard, a major, had been sacked just 86 days short of 16 yearsí service that included ďlife-threateningĒ operational tours of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Northern Ireland."


Alan:  So, thatís how they really treat you folks.  Youíre just a herd of cattle.  What was it that Kissinger said?  He said the soldier is just a dumb brute beast, he says.  He was talking about Americans or all soldiers but specifically Americans, he says, dumb brute beasts who are used for foreign policy, which of course, they donít understand.  They think they do because of the propaganda but they donít understand the long-term geopolitical goals, you see.  Dumb stupid animals, thatís what they think of you and they keep showing you what they think of you and people keep voting for people in governments and all the rest of it.  Itís just something else, eh, just something else. 


Now, in Europe and Britain and elsewhere, it says:


ďMillions will see pensions slashed by up to 20% as new EU rules are set to send annuities plummetingĒ

ďOAP (old age pension) with £100,000 pension pot could see retirement income plunge by £1,167 per yearĒ


Alan:  And of course, everything is going up with inflation, especially energy and all the rest of it.  Youíve got them dying in their homes now, in the winter time because they canít afford the fuel because, you see, you know, a certain amount must perish to save the many; thatís out of the Talmud in a sense.  Thatís what they use in governments today, itís how many can we kill off and save the rest, "Oh, weíre going into austerity you know and we canít use all that fuel up, to keep you alive".  Now, look at the money they spend for themselves, jetting across the world for all their world meetings, one after another; and the billions it costs taxpayers, just for security alone, never mind the slap-up meals and the prostitutes. 


Letís be honest about the world.  Letís stop being nicey-nicey. Letís say what it is.  Itís time we all said what it was.  It really is time.


"Jesse Ventura said:  ĎOur military has turned into contract killersí."

"...Jesse Ventura appeared with CNNís Piers Morgan to promote a new book on Saturday, he was as outspoken as ever."


Alan:  He was on about:


"...the effects of paying private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan more than our own soldiers. ďThey leave our military in droves,Ē he stated, ďand go to like Blackwater ó"


 Alan:  And I think itís changed its name again. 


"I donít know what they call themselves now, they change their names around ó and they go over there and theyíre nothing but cowboys."


Alan:  Thatís true when you see documentaries on the cowboy troopers, basically, that are simply for hire.  He says:


"They donít follow any of the rules of war, theyíre mercenaries, and thatís what weíre turning into today. Our military has turned into contract killers now, contract for hire.Ē"


Alan:  That was discussed years ago at the Council on Foreign Relations who had to work, one of their think tanks had to work on finding ways to ensure in a world government society, where youíve done away with nations, how could you get the people, young guys, to still go into the military, because itís kind of hard to give allegiance to this vague, amorphous entity they call just ďthe worldĒ.  You canít relate to it like a nation or a tribe.  Itís all based on tribalism anyway, so they thought theyíd eventually go into public-private and start creating lots of specialists, special forces and then train them in such a way that they would willingly go to be mercenaries afterwards.  Well, that was decided years ago, so thatís why itís happening, Jesse, if you didnít know that.


This really is disgusting here how they treat Canadians, the Native Indian people and it says:


"HIV scare at first nations school after botched diabetes tests"


Alan:  Now this is...I canít believe itís real.  Itís hard to believe this, in this day and age.


"Dozens of students and staff at a first nations high school are being tested for HIV and hepatitis after undergoing a faulty diabetes screening.  A University of Manitoba professor talked to students at Southeast Collegiate on May 4 about diabetes and used a pen-like device called a glucometer to test blood-sugar levels on about 80 people."

"A university spokesman said the professor changed the deviceís needle for each person, but failed to realize that the device itself is not supposed to be used on more than one person."


Alan:  When you inject, even though you donít see it, a fine mist spray comes out, actually.  A fine, fine mist and itíll go on the bottom of the actual instrument itself.  I mean, who trained this idiot?  Who trained this idiot?  Who gave him authority to go and do this?  Itís an invasive thing.  A professor who?  For what?


"ďThe lancet, the needle-like poker which punctures the skin, was in fact changed after every use, and the skin was cleaned with alcohol,Ē"


Alan:  Well, he didnít clean the device, you see.


"...John Danakas said Thursday.  ďItís the device which holds the lancet that was reused, and youíre not supposed to reuse that. Although the device never comes into contact with the personís skin ... thereís still a very, very small, I think itís one in several million,..."


Alan:  Do you think?  Is that good enough for that?  I donít think so.


"...possibility that there could be an infection.Ē"


Alan:  As I say, when you lance anything thereís a fine mist that comes out.  Youíll see it under even microscopic photography.  Itís composed really of fluid and blood and itís a very, very fine spray and, of course, along with it go infections.


"Mr. Danakas would not identify the professor, but said he was not authorized to perform the diabetes test and has been disciplined."


Alan:  Meaning, weíll cover your ass for you and keep your name out of the media.  Thatís all it means.


"Staff and students are now undergoing tests to see if they have contracted HIV or hepatitis B or C, and must undergo a second round of tests in six months."


Alan:  And by the way, if any of them have it theyíll say ďwell that wasnít caused by thisĒ.  Thatís how they have justice.  ďIt was probably caused by something else theyíve been doingĒ.† So:


"The case has angered some aboriginal leaders. ďWhile the risk of a student contracting an infection is described by the University of Manitoba as exceptionally unlikely ... the risk is not zero,Ē Chief Michael Yellowback of the Manto Sipi Cree Nation, said in a written statement. Eight children from the reserve who attend the Winnipeg school were part of the diabetes test."


Alan:  So, I donít know how this could ever have been authorized in the first place and I guess you have to be a kook as a professor at university to even dream it up and to be so dumb as to do what you did with, obviously, a very limited amount of knowledge on what the heck youíre doing.


This article is awfully important too.  Iíll put it up tonight and itís simply a repeat study, whatís been done before, on humans before.  This is animals, this time though.  It says:


"GM-feed may harm the reproductive system of animals.  Russian scientists have proven the existence of very serious health risks for animals given genetically modified (GM) feed."


"This statement was made recently during a press conference of the National Association for Genetic Security (NAGS). According to the authors; a number of pathological changes were discovered in the experimental animals that consumed the GM feed."


Alan:  Now, they did the same thing a long time ago with soya and so on, thatís GM and so on, on animals too. 


"A delay in development and growth was detected, plus a distortion of the sex ratio in breeds with an increase in the proportion of females, reducing the number of pups per litter, up to their complete lack in the second and third generation, has been stated at the conference."


Alan:  Thatís what they found too, with previous ones, on humans, as well.  Itís the second and third generation youíll see the effects when they become sterile and they start producing more females because theyíve got more estrogen, and you end up eventually eliminating males altogether.


"According to the President of NAGS Alexander Baranov, the main negative impact of GM feed, which was discovered during the investigation, is a "ban on reproduction," making it almost impossible to obtain third-generation animals."


Alan:  For those who wonder why youíre all going sterile.  This is another attack youíve been under.  Another of the many attacks youíve been under because your big bosses, those who own you, you see, and pretend youíve got a democracy, your bosses decided a long time ago and they had world meetings about it, of ways to bring down the population and sterility, of course, is an obvious way to go.  Itís just that you canít tell the cattle, thatís their people; you canít tell the cattle that youíre sterilizing them, obviously.


This is real folks.  This doesnít happen by accident.  It doesnít happen by accident.  They know exactly what theyíre doing at the top because itís the agenda.  Austerity, youíre hearing about sustainability and all the cries, "Oh, thereís too many of you, too many of you", thatís what they should be saying, "you", they always say the people.  Itís you theyíre talking about.  Itís not that there are too many of you because weíre all declining, by the way, and very few in the West are having children anymore.  Especially the last generation, they donít want children at all. 


So, they know itís going to plummet.  They want it to plummet but itís not plummeting fast enough.  So anyway, it says here:


ď"The results of our study confirmed the findings of European scientists who pointed out the negative impact on the health of animals from the GM ingredients in feed of animals,Ē Baranov, said. ďWe used soybean meal, which is widely used in Russia for fattening livestock. Soya of the line 40-3-2, contained in extracted meal, which is allowed in Russia. It is also for use in human food." he added.Ē


ďThe statement by the NAGS has re-fueled the hot disputes in Russian society on the use of genetically modified feed in livestock and if they should be allowed. Currently the Russian Parliament is considering the new law ďOn VeterinaryĒ and many experts advise in inclusion of a total ban on the cultivation and use of GM-feed in animal farming.Ē


Alan:  So, itís already been done on the humans and of course itís doing it on the rest of the food chain as well; which humans end up eating anyway. 


Iíll put up another couple of links tonight to do on food safety, the sites that deal with food safety to show the conflicts of interest of the people who are on the panels of them and so on.


To get back to Julia Gillard, this Fabian Socialist, who is so proud of herself because sheís brought on the carbon taxes and her country is now plummeting into austerity and poverty.  It says:


"A speech urging world leaders to follow the "Australian way"..."


Alan:  I mean theyíre going kaput in Australia.


"...in managing their struggling economies put Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the centre of a global diplomatic spat at the G20 summit in Mexico yesterday.† But Ms Gillard denied she was the intended subject of a retaliatory spray from European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso."


Alan:  Again, another little drama for the public, eh.  So, after they had a good talking to her and after she said the rest of the world could learn lessons from Australia Ė in other words, be a dictator, you see, they should just become dictatorial like her Ė then she kissed and made up with the rest of them, of course, after a good meal, Iím sure, and a bit of brandy. So, itís all pantomime isnít it?


Now, for the US, wondering about Free Trade Zones within the US Iíve mentioned before.  Iím putting up a link tonight to the US government with all the free trade zones within the United States listed and youíll probably see if youíre part of it too.† Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix and weíll go to the callers.  Thereís Carlton from New York on the phones.  Are you there Carlton?


Carlton:  How you doing Mr. Watt?


Alan:  Iím doing not bad.


Carlton:  All right.  Itís funny I just read that same article you was talking about, men having to sit down to pee.  It was funny.  Did you say that was a womanís group that was pushing that?


Alan:  Yeah, a feminist group, an authorized, one of the top ones.


Carlton:  Right.  Well I bet these women at my job probably love that because theyíve been yelling about that forever, right now. Honestly, it is funny because I actually just saw, Iím pretty sure you heard about, The Avengers, the old movie that came out, but youíve probably heard about The Avengers before.


Alan:  I did.


Carlton:   Right, and you know about how Thor and Odin and the super serum project with Captain America, all that stuff was pretty much either documented in military history or was at least some way a religion, like Odin, Odinism and all that good stuff, but it was funny in the movie Thorís brother Loki, the part where he makes everybody bow down to him, right.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Carlton:  And heís just basically going and talking about how you people are peons, you need to be ruled, youíre so stupid, youíre so stupid you need to be ruled.  And itís funny how you always say that because they donít want old people being around too much more in this new agenda, but an old man stands up out of the crowd and goes, no, weíre going to fight back at you and he gets ready to try to kill him.  But it was funny how they kind of sort of did that.† But if people would just use common sense, man, half this mess couldnít go down.


Alan:  The trouble with everybody, theyíve all been segregated into groups, until they wait for someone in the group to lead them and say something, rather than stand up individually when itís your turn and say, "No, Iím not going along with this, forget that".  And thatís what people have to reclaim, is their individual right to say, "No, this is ludicrous and I wonít go along with it".  Thatís what we should do.


Carlton:  Exactly.  Going back to like I was talking about The Avengers, the whole superhero thing and Iím glad you said what you said in the beginning of that show on last Monday, talking about the whole Ron Paul situation because people need to stop worshipping these superheroes, basically.


Alan:  They do. 


Carlton:  Thatís all Iíve got to say Mr. Watt but take it easy.  Iím going to give somebody else a chance to get a call in.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Thatís a good point though; I mean people have got to stand up for themselves, individually.  You know, when the government demands, by law, with again its usual punishments for failing to go along with the so-called, they like to call it, liberal agenda, which is really a form of brainwashing and turning you into a psychotic because if you have to see some guy with a beard dressed up as a woman and pretend that thereís nothing abnormal about that, then theyíre demanding that you deny your own sensibilities, and not just humor the person but treat them as though theyíre some kind of natural person.  Itís like someone, a lunatic saying, "Iím Napoleon, call me Napoleon and bow down to me".  Theyíre demanding you go along with someone elseís problem; itís not your problem.  You understand what Iím saying?  And people have to stand up and say, "This is utterly ludicrous" and for your own sanityís sake and for the right to hold onto your sanity, "I will not comply with this nonsense", simple as that, but oh they might come back and threaten you.  Well, freedom takes a chance, you know.  All the time.  Freedom is a chance, thatís all you have.  You either take it or bow down.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.


Transcribed by Mary Lou



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