June 22, 2012 (#1115)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 22, 2012:

The End Justifies the Means:

Scientific Socialism Never Relaxes,
Must Rule Over You, Collecting All Taxes:

"A Time of Plunder, Wide-Scale Corruption,
Are Best Laid Schemes Prone to Dysfunction?
The RIO Technocracy's Cryin' in its Champagne
As it Tries to Regroup to Save the Campaign,
NGOs had Vision of Raking in Millions,
With Carbon Taxes 'twould Be Multi-Trillions,
Unelected NGOs Could have Private Jets,
Have Weekly Extravagances, But Not Those Yet,
Their Mountain of Lies Collapsed All-Asunder,
Marketing Departments Fired for the Blunder,
Some say They should have Stayed with Cooling,
"The Coming Ice Age" was Everyone Fooling,
But They Changed in Panic to "We're Going to Die",
"If We don't Tax the People the World will Fry",
Then the Frantic Shift to Blame Me and You
For Climate Change, Breathing Out CO2"
© Alan Watt June 22, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 22, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 22, 2012. For newcomers, I always suggest at the beginning of each broadcast you make use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website; and that gets it out of the way rather than pester you all the way through.   On the site you’ll find a whole bunch of sites listed in fact; these are the official sites I have.  You can download well over a thousand audios for free and start to understand the big system you’re living in, the system that the press would have you think is just evolving day by day, with big meetings with politicians and things like that, the amalgamations of whole countries under block governments like the EU, things like that. But what I show you is the history of it and how it’s planned that way and how we’re living through, really, a big script, a prewritten script and everything else is show. For every large international meeting they have spent years, years with what they call the Sherpas.  They’re the high-level bureaucrats who often actually have worked for the central banking systems, who go across the world and get everybody on board with consensus, so as that when the guys meet all they do is have a good booze-up, great meal, and they go out with prostitutes, and sign the treaties. That’s how it’s always been done. Because you’re living through an agenda, a world agenda for a world society, but a very much different world society than the one you’d like to have, if you want that at all. It’s to do with austerity, eugenics and making the world the way it’s supposed to be, according to those at the top, those who already pretty well rule it financially. And they use academia to get their agendas through and to convince us we’re all rather stupid and we should just let them do it.


So help yourself to the audios. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. I don’t sell any other products apart from the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.   I have no shares in any products whatsoever or companies and I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. So I try to be as straight up with you as I possibly can.  So you can keep me going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can also donate… You can really donate; that would be awfully helpful if you did, especially at this time.  [Order and donation options listed above.] Straight donations, remember, are really, really, really rather urgently required right now.


So, we’re going through a big, big planned system. Your parents went through it, your grandparents. And like any mammal, if they don’t warn the offspring what to beware of, then you’re gullible to be led down the garden path and just accept the system as all quite normal. Your subsequent propaganda from schooling depends on schooling.  Ellul went into that, Jacques Ellul the philosopher, that it’s very difficult to use propaganda after you’ve been through school unless you’ve been through school in the first place. It sets you up to be very, very gullible, you’re taught to believe in experts, etc., you’re given an authorized version of history, if you get any history at all these days, and of course you’re given the spiel that special people that come out of special wombs just happened to make it up there, even though you’ll never do it. They tell you, oh yeah, one day you can be president, my son, and it’s all nonsense.


Multimillionaires end up going in for it, the wannabes that’ll do anything, they’ll sell their souls out, and yours as well, to get near the top. But basically, there’s one institution that has supplied presidents and prime ministers for a hundred years, across the planet, and that’s the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also called the Council on Foreign Relations, I think it’s CIGI in Canada - it’s all the same organization, to try and confuse the public.  They don’t like you to know that every major newspaper reporter, every editor, every owner of the newspapers is a member of this organization, so that you get standardized, uniform news. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big world that really, really is, without the spin that’s put on it. There are so many spins to camouflage real events, etc.  What we always get too, from the media, we’re left with our opinion.  The media at one time, a long time ago mind you, was supposed to be impartial and just give you the basic facts and left you to make your mind up. But we don’t get that anymore. We haven’t had that for many years.  Including television too; you’ll notice on television they always give you two experts in a field and they debate it in front of you and you take whichever side takes your fancy. That’s really how it’s set up for you, this or that, take this or that. And of course, if you start off with a limited premise, basically, with only certain facts, you aren’t getting the whole story on anything. But you don’t know that and you’re convinced that you do. That’s why people really, really will turn on you if you start giving them information they’ve never heard before, even though you can find it from other official sources that haven’t been actually published, maybe from universities or somewhere like that.


So you understand, we’re living in a form of a matrix of course, and that’s how you do it. Because all governments have to do, all through history, is to control the minds of the people. It’s the MIND you have to control before everything else. It all depends on the mind. That’s why they’re going to such great lengths now to make sure that you cannot use your mind; they do it for you. And we’re being taught, with many different techniques all working in unison.  We have, for instance, the straight Pavlovian type of conditioned response where they use massive political correctness and massive fines on people who open their mouth and say what is now considered to be the wrong thing, even though they’re only expressing a point of view, or asking a question for that matter.  That’s forbidden. And of course, there are many, many different areas we cannot go into because it’s now forbidden.


Because the new world order says we’ve got to be all-embracing of everything; I mean everything.  I mean everything? Well that’s what they say. And whether you like it or not. It doesn’t matter you see. You’re not allowed to be offended anymore, except if you’re in one of the categories that are pushing the PC stuff down your throat. And that’s what’s happened to free speech. You cannot have free speech in this world today. It is literally legally forbidden in many different areas. And it’s going to get a lot worse too, by the way.


Now, here’s an article here about the security services.  We have all the different things, Echelon and a whole bunch of other programs, which they’ve actually published some of in the newspapers, to do with the words that you can’t say. Because it triggers you, it flags you on computers.  You can’t say ‘pork’.  That’s why I say pork all the time. Pork for some reason is...  What about pork barreling, for politics? But anyway, you can’t say pork, so everybody should just keep saying pork, pork, and all these little flags go up and maybe it can fry their computers or something. But that’s how ridiculous it’s all getting down to.


Because you see, in a tyrannical system, for total control of the world, or even one nation, you must be absolutely sure that everyone in it is predictable. That’s what all this collecting of your data is all about, predictability. And it’s not just the security services that get it all immediately, as soon as you’re feeding information into your profile, or they’re grabbing it straight off the ethernet or whatever, they’re adding it to a profile they already have of you. It’s instantaneous, in real time. They have one in the Pentagon; they’ve admitted they’ve got a virtual you, for everyone in North America, and they feed it into that. Then they play games on the virtual you to see how you’ll respond, the virtual you will respond, with your personality, to certain situations, so you are very predictable.


It’s all done to make sure, you see, that you cannot have a person who thinks for themselves. If you think for yourself you’re a dangerous person. You truly are. Then you become unpredictable.  Or you can become predictable in your unpredictability; that’s even worse, you see. It scares them. And who knows what they’ll say next for goodness sake.  It’s like Mao Tse-tung said, he wasn’t scared of armies and all the rest of it.  He said he was really scared or terrified of someone with a big idea, a real idea that would take off like wildfire. Ideas are dangerous you know.  That’s why they try to make sure in school it’s all group-think and you don’t have any ideas except the ones the teachers give you. But then you get a little gold star and all that too at the end of it.


The Canadian security service is also into all of this too, as is every other agency across the planet. Actually, they’re all combined; you understand that?  There is no separate Mossad, separate MI6 and CSIS and CIA.  They’re all one today. They have been for an awful long time. So it says…


CSIS rewrites lexicon to better differentiate

and ‘terrorists’ from ‘sympathizers’

canada.com / Douglas Quan / June 22, 2012


Canadian engineer Maher Arar, seen in this undated file photo, was detained in New York, then deported and tortured in his native Syria, after the RCMP mislabelled (Alan:  ...a mislabeling accident, right. That’s all it was, a mislabeling accident.)  him as an "islamic extremist."  (A:  You see.  So I don’t know how many millions or billions of dollars have gone to this particular exercise of trying to give us a new lexicon to describe different shades of people who are not quite happy with things.)


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has created a set of standard definitions for commonly used terms to guide staff through the super-delicate task of labelling the individuals they’re watching.  (A:  Which is all of us really.)


According to a confidential memo obtained under access-to-information laws, the spy agency says it was compelled to create a “standard lexicon of CSIS (A:  ...we call them Big Sis up here.) terminology” following two inquiries into the detention and torture of Arab-Canadian men overseas in the aftermath of 9/11. Both inquiries concluded that Canadian officials had failed to accurately describe the men in intelligence reports.  (A:  These are guys that work in intelligence that can’t describe it properly. That’s scary, eh?)


“The objective of the lexicon is to increase clarity of communications internally, as well as with foreign and domestic partners,” says the October 2011 memo. . .


And it gives you some of the different things to do with what is an extremist, what is a supporter, a sympathizer, etc, all the different breakdowns. And of course if they don’t like your face they’ll give you the nastiest one so as they can whip you off and torture you somewhere.  So I’ll put this link up tonight for those who want to work their way through it and see what… It’s just a mess isn’t it? An absolute mess, this new world order, isn’t it, this new freedom? It’s just an absolute mess.


But it’s not meant to be what they say it’s for. This is to ram laws through to change society forever. I hope you understand that.  You’re going to have this anti-terrorism for the rest of your lives; everyone is going to, even the young ones. Because it’s when governments can rush ahead, in ALL levels of governments, academia, all the social behaviorists, all this kind of stuff, can run ahead and literally try and create the society that they want, by all means possible. And you can get more done in five years of war - and technically this is supposed to be a war on terrorism, right - than you can in 50 years of peace.  And the guy who was the top philosopher for the Council on Foreign Relations said that, Carroll Quigley.


Now, I’m putting up a link tonight too, to do with Barack Obama...


Top Customer: Under Obama,

Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Have Jumped 452%

cnsnews.com /  Terence P. Jeffrey / June 7, 2012


(CNSNews.com) -  Since President Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, the Federal Reserve’s holdings of U.S. government debt have quintupled, according to the Fed’s official monthly balance sheet.


On Jan. 28, 2009, a week after Obama’s nomination, the Fed owned $302 billion in U.S. Treasury securities. On April 25, 2012, the latest date reported, the Fed owned five and a half time that much in U.S. Treasury securities--$1.668 trillion.


That is an increase from January 2009 of $1.366 trillion—or 452 percent.


Under Obama, the Federal Reserve has become the single largest owner of U.S. government debt.


(A:  That’s the same as Europe. In Europe - I’ll put up a link tonight with Farage talking at the European Union, and he said that the European Union with every country borrowing money from the few moneylenders that there are – there’s only about 13 families, that lend to nations – then the guy that you think is running your country, your Prime Minister or President, they sign you all down as guarantors to pay it, you see. So they borrow money from these guys, who own the banks by the way, the big banks, and then we are put down to pay it off. And who ends up owning the debt? Who buys the bonds? The same banks they’re giving it to. It’s a Ponzi scheme and that’s what Farage says.


Nigel Farage: "Listen! The Whole Thing's a Giant Ponzi Scheme!" - youtube.com


I’ll put that up tonight, but back to this one.  It says…)


Under Obama, the Federal Reserve has become the single largest owner of U.S. government debt.


When Obama entered office, entities in the People’s Republic of China were the largest holders, followed by entities in Japan. At the end of January 2009, China owned $739.6 billion in U.S. government debt and Japan owned $634.8 billion.


By the end of March 2012, China’s holdings of U.S. debt had grown to $1.1699 trillion and Japan’s holdings had grown to $1.083 trillion. 


So it’s just the bankers owning the whole kit-and-caboodle of everything.  But that’s the way it’s supposed to go. Remember Carroll Quigley said this in The Anglo-American Establishment, that this group of bankers, who planned the IMF, set it up, The World Bank and all the other big agencies that work with the United Nations, would bring this state about down the road. And here we are, called down the road, through crisis creation of course. And they amalgamate them all and the banks end up running the world. After all, you see the Royal Institute of International Affairs was set up by bankers and their sons, who were also the top security service guys, the secret security intelligence guys for Britain. And...


The Beast: Tracking You and Your Family Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Mac Slavo / June 21st, 2012 / SHTFplan.com


(A:  Everyone’s heard of the Verichip, and now it’s to be used. It says…)        


Verichip  – It’s been hailed as the ultimate in personal identification and human tracking technology, and now it’s going mainstream. The VeriMed system, formerly known as the Verichip, is a passive RFID microchip measuring about the size of a grain of rice and is implantable under your skin, making it possible for health care providers and other parties to instantly access your medical history and other personally identifying information.  (A:  But it allows all other government agencies to do the same.  I’ll put this up tonight for those who are interested.  Maybe some out there want it; you’ve got everything else. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I am back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now, an interesting study was done in 2002.  It was the University of Western Ontario.  It was to do with the striking similarity to the symptoms of hypothyroidism and also fluoride. Very, very similar, the symptoms are pretty well the same; slight differences in the numbers of the effects and so on.   I’ll put this up tonight. It’s a chart to show you the symptoms of fluoride poisoning.  I mean, fluoride is in everything, and it’s actually labeled as a poison





“Though apparently vague and non-specific, most of the symptoms of fluoride toxicity point towards some kind of profound metabolic dysfunction, and are strikingly similar to the symptoms of Hypothyroidism.”




...which is great too if you want to dumb folk down. Because you see, in thyroid deficiency too, you are slowed right down; your mental processes are slowed down, you’re not as bright as you are.  You don’t have the energy, etc. and you have a lot of different nasty symptoms.  They have a side-by-side comparison of fluoride poisoning, right down… Even with fluoride you can get hair loss you know; that’s there too.  Anemia, ADHD of course, acne, abnormal sweats, at night generally.  Calcification of the aorta, weakness/asthenia,  atherosclerosis - that’s great, they’re giving you atherosclerosis in your water.  It’s got arthritis, ataxia - that’s difficulty walking and so on. Behavioral problems, blind spots in your eyes, body temperature disturbances, breast cancer.  And wasting disease/cachexia - it’s a wasting disease. Cataracts, blood pressure problems, chest pains, gallstones.  Collagen breakdown.  Cold shivers, difficulty in concentration.  It has constipation as well. It’s just a whole massive, long, long... I’m only at the start of it; this goes all down the whole page here, with fatigue and all the rest of it. Lots and lots of symptoms to do with, the similarity to do with hypothyroidism and this poison they’re putting in your water, fluoride of course.


They’ve always known it of course too, because remember the first thing that a government must do is make sure they control the public. The best way to do it is to dope them.  You can either do straight lobotomies of course, they tried that in the past, dope them, drug them in some way, spray the air perhaps and add things to it too. You’ve also got that in conjunction with the techniques that Brzezinski talked about, where they’d literally use ELF frequencies and so on across the whole continent to control and dumb or pacify people; very, very effective method to do it. So that’s what governments are all about. And we find big players like Bertrand Russell said that certain techniques would be used on the public because it’s just too tempting not to use them by governments.  And that included dumbing them down, making them compliant, by the use of the needle, by putting things in their food and water supply.  Now he worked on the biggest world boards on these subjects that you can imagine; he was authorized from the top.


Starving Greeks queue for food in their thousands as debt-wracked country finally forms a coalition government... but how long will it last?

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 19 June 2012


Starving Greeks queued around the block for free food handouts yesterday as the country's politicians managed to end a crippling stalemate to form a coalition government.  (A:  You understand, the problem with the world is government, for those who don’t know yet.)


Young children as well as the elderly waited in line in Athens to collect the parcels of fruit and vegetables donated by farmers from Crete to help ease the devastating austerity faced by many Greeks. (A:  Now they want to do this across the world, the same austerity plan and have you all queue up too.  And use a wartime scenario.  The Green leader in Britain said this; I read this a while back, remember, on the air, where she said, we’ve got to get a wartime scenario, like Britain was in World War II, when everyone pulled together and ate less and obeyed the authorities, because it was all for a good cause; so if we can just get that spirit up again we can get into austerity. So this is an example of austerity, which is poverty, folks. And believe you me, the bankers are PLUNDERING, plundering these nations and getting away with it. Why not, because you see the bankers have their own guys in the law systems and they write the laws for those countries as well. Everybody knows this. Of course they do. There are whole islands getting sold off right now for peanuts, to those in the know. Disgusting!)


Maurice Strong, the guy who was appointed by Rockefeller, picked up by him and appointed to be one of the first big eco-warriors, or managers really, you know the technocratic type that would rule the world, because we’re just too dumb and stupid to do it ourselves. He was the guy who started up the Rio+20. Maurice comes from a long lineage of revolutionaries. I think it was his father or grandfather that was from China actually, and one of his aunts is buried next to Mao Tse Tung, in China, because she was the main advisor to him.  And his branch of the family in Canada had been picked up, of course, to really alter the system in Canada and elsewhere.  They move him around; wherever they want something done quickly they move Maurice there. He’s the guy they brought in from the United Nations to privatize Ontario Power – that was our electric supplies; Hydro they called it then. And he sold it off for peanuts, prearranged of course, to his pals. Then we’d have to go down the road into austerity he says; he said that 10 years ago, because they were not going to build us any better facilities, they were going to cut back in fact, he said.  So we don’t vote these guys in, you understand, but they’ve got more power than the politicians have. Because you see, we’re run privately by big foundations. We’re all run privately, always have been. Back with more after this.


Hi folks. We’re back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was talking about Maurice Strong, a bit of his history, etc. and how he was set up to be a real technocrat, as they like to call them.  The UN sends them all over the planet to do dirty jobs and change societies into austerity, and to do away with the idea of democracy.  They don’t believe in democracy at the United Nations.  Their main think tank, the Club of Rome said that in their own writings back in the 70s, that democracy would never work and therefore from now on we’re pushing an authoritarian society – just tell the little people what to do and they’ll bow and do it.


Anyway, this article’s a bit misleading but it says…


The Rio future we avoided

financialpost.com / Peter Foster / Jun. 21, 2012


The “failure” of Rio+20 is a cause for celebration, even if you can’t afford the champagne and foie gras that ecocrats served themselves as their hopes for “Sustainia” retreated into the policy fog.


(A:  Now, that’s not quite true, because with these meetings they have stacks, stacks and stacks of stuff already written up and all governments are on board, they just sign it quietly into policy and that’s all how it’s done. So this is a bit misleading, probably intentionally too. In fact there’s lots and lots of newspaper reporters there but not one would tell you what the agenda was. They all had the same outlines but they wouldn’t publish it for the people. Remember too, I’ll put up tonight a link, you’ll see lots of these NGOs, nongovernmental organizations which are the big well-paid armies, full-time, well-paid armies, with pension plans and all that, that work for the big foundations that are owned by the big banking boys. That’s the parallel government, for those who don’t know it. And they’re even sitting there swishing the champagne in this little video and watching fashion shows and all that getting put on for them. That’s only the early of the night.  Wait till you see what they see at the END of the night.  You know, the fashions there without, you know, their little bits of tattered feathers and things. 


Champagne flows as enviros demand lower living standards - youtube.com


Anyway, getting back to this article here, it says…)


A mostly “B” list of government leaders (No Barack Obama. No David Cameron. No Stephen Harper. No Angela Merkel) was set to adopt a pablum-filled 283-point “vision” on Friday that was finalized before they arrived.


“[N]othing less than a disaster for the planet,” declared Nnimmo Bassey, Nigerian poet and chair of Friends of the Earth International. (A:  Friends of the Earth International, really, it sounds wonderful, but they don’t like people.  They want to, you know, cull us off rather quickly.)  “[A]n epic failure,” claimed Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International executive director. (A:  They get fantastic salaries you know.)  ‘[A] colossal waste of time,” chimed in Jim Leape, international director-general of World Wildlife Fund.


An umbrella group of NGOs (A:  There was actually a few thousand of them down there; 2000 NGO groups I think.) bemoaned the official text’s lack of mention of “planetary boundaries, tipping points or planetary carrying capacity,” (A:  You know, too many of you lot, you know the ones that can’t afford the champagne.) the very shibboleth’s of radical environmentalism’s zero-sum thinking.


Significantly, the mother and father of sustainable development, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Maurice (A:  ...I like the name...) “Chairman Mo” Strong, carped — or should that be gro-aned and mo-aned  (A:  Yeah, groaned and moaned…)  — from the Rio sidelines. Ms. Brundtland was the figurehead of the 1987 Brundtland report, which spilled sustainable development all over the policy map, while Mr. Strong orchestrated the 1992 Rio conference, which the current 50,000-strong flop is intended to commemorate.  (A:  50,000 people, that’s all the taxpayers’ money that paid for all that, for these bums to go down there, you know.)


According to Ms. Brundtland, Rio+20’s failure is due to the eurozone crisis and the power of Tea Party climate deniers.  (A:  Oh, like a Holocaust denier. Oh.  That’s why they use these terms, you know.  It’s like guilty by association, of DENIER.  That was all dreamed up, you know, by the Frankfurt Institute. That’s how they worked out this terminology, of neuroscience and psycholinguistics and all the rest of it.)


Mr. Strong was flown in from China at UN (that is, taxpayers’) expense to be regaled by a group of corporations on Monday as a “very special guest of honour.” (A:  See, the corporations love him because they want carbon taxes, which all come from you.)  Mr. Strong is less than happy at the cratering of his Stewie Griffin-style master plan to rule the world, which has always clashed rather alarmingly with his problems in steering small companies, not to mention his implication in the UN/Iraqi oil-for-food scandal.  (A:  They were all on the take. Remember that? It was Kofi Annan that was in at the time too, and his son was on the take... Oh we’ll feed some of them... Now that they were starving the Iraqis, and they were dying by the millions, let’s take some of their oil and give them a few, you know, bits of junk food back. Well Maurice Strong was in that scandal too, and it was awfully lucrative for them.)


One wonders if these aged eco-doomsters were embarrassed by support from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who called for rich countries to eschew “materialist” desires and pursue “spiritual” development. Mr. Ahmadinejad also suggested that: “The collapse of the current atheistic order is reaching its time.”  (A:  He’s probably quite right on that.)


Perhaps so — the social democratic replacement for God (A:  …which is communism and expert rule by technocracy.) is certainly proving to have feet of clay in Europe — but it looks more than doubtful that Gaia’s green caliphate will be taking over, even if the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, which looks down on Rio, was illuminated with green light for the conference.  (A:  That’s what they did, they actually put green light up over that big statue in Rio there, eh.)


The high priests of the new green world order crave cash, but calls for humanity to fork over for Gaia’s “services” are falling on deaf ears, and not just because of the global economy. One problem is that Gaia has no bank account. (A:  Oh, YES THEY DO... It has a bank account. It goes to money heaven.  You know, all the banks when they crashed, it goes to money heaven.  And there’s a few guys who’ve got the keys to that one all right.) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, while ritually bemoaning the weakness of Rio+20’s outcome, declared this week that “Nature does not negotiate with human beings.” But then neither does she speak through a green self-elect. Gaia’s service fees would wind up in the coffers of the guys and gals who brought you not just oil-for-food, but a human rights system ruled by the world’s worst rights abusers, utterly corrupted climate science (A:  ...and scientists, I would add…) and peace in Syria.


The failure of Rio does not mean disregard for “The Environment.” Environmental protection is a branch of human protection. The environment has no value except for what it means to humans. The outrage that this observation will promote serves to prove the point. The environment can no more value itself than it can express outrage. (A:  And it goes on and on and on.)


Anyway, they’re not too happy, not too chuffed.  Maybe they cut back a little bit on all their strip shows, you know, and all the prostitutes, and you know, the high shows that they put on, like natives dancing naked and that... I’ve seen some of these things. Just incredible, the massive displays they put on for these bums.  So that’s that.


Now another article too, is Overcoming Rio+20’s Summit Fatigue, it’s called.  That’s from the Council on Foreign Relations, you know, the guys who give us all of our news. And it says…


Overcoming Rio+20's 'Summit Fatigue'

June 22, 2012 / cfr.org


The Rio+20 conference on sustainable development is unlikely to deliver the sweeping international environmental mandates that followed the original high-level environmental summit of 1992 in Rio, which set the international agenda for the next two decades. (A:  So he goes through a lot of twaddle with that, and so on and so on. They’re not just too happy about it at all. They were hoping to get brand-new uniforms with kind of peaked caps and stuff, and they’d have a fourth Reich, you know; that’s what they were hoping for.)




Report: CIA Helping Arm Syrian Opposition

nationaljournal.com / Matt Vasilogambros / June 21, 2012


Well we all know that because there have been so many reports that have come out over the months, that the CIA is helping arm the Syrian opposition, or the mercenaries which they sent over there in the first place. I’ll put that up tonight too.  Another one is about curfews.  We’ve seen how society has been destroyed. You understand, the family was destroyed and they said a long time ago too, that they would destroy, in fact they’d sever the bond between parent and child, something that’s been done even in ancient times; you’ll even find that in the Old Testament, where the people could actually do that. They knew how to do it. And of course, the children, they had years of Dr. Spock, when scientists replaced your natural common sense.  And he said, don’t spank children, don’t do this, don’t do that, and now there’s whole areas in the States and in Britain where you can’t walk at night for gangs of youth that want to beat you up and do nasty things to you, because they know they can. And if you say anything to them they’ll say, we’ve got rights, then they quote The Rights of the Child to you, you know.  Anyway, it says…


North Korea or Bangor? City centre curfew on all under-16s

telegraph.co.uk / John Bingham / 16 Jun 2012


All children under 16 have been banned from a city centre at night after claims that adults have been feeling intimidated.  (A:  All children under 16 have been banned from this particular one, in Bangor, in Wales, it says.)


The Children’s Commissioner for Wales (A:  You’ve got children’s commissioners now, eh.  I guess that takes over from the parents.) dismissed the move, in Bangor, as heavy handed and drastic and warned it would “criminalise” all children and young people. But the authorities insisted the measure was necessary to combat anti-social behaviour and public drinking in the area, which has a large student population. 


Anyway, they’ve got problems there, they’ve got problems in the States, they’ve got problems pretty well everywhere.  Because it’s designed to bring in chaos you understand. When you break the old norms in every way you have chaos coming in to replace it. That’s an old, old thing that’s always been understood. ALWAYS been understood.  And of course, this is where they want to get the world, to bring in a new world order, where you’ll obey by guys with machine guns pointing at you, wearing official, authorized uniforms.  Because that’s what you’re going to obey, is nothing but authority. That’s it, really, authority. 


And Monsanto, I mentioned before...


Monsanto Faced with Paying 7.5 Billion Back to Farmers

naturalsociety.com / Anthony Gucciardi / June 20, 2012


Back in April, a Brazilian court ruled that Monsanto absolutely was responsible for paying back the exorbitant amounts of cash back to the farmers, ordering the company to issue back all of the taxes collected since 2004 — a minimum of 2 billion dollars. Afterwards, Monsanto appealed the decision and the case is now suspended until a further hearing is initiated by the Justice Tribune of the local court stationed in Rio Grande do Sul.


Hi folks. I think I’m back on now. Something happened there, because I get interference from CSIS and all the other -IS’s, and CIA’s and stuff like that, all over the place. Because somebody came into my call, apparently, broke in and it was ringing.  So this is fairly common at night, by the way, after it too. But I get this all the time.  This is called harassment, basic harassment, if you’ve been a bit of a nuisance. So I’ll put this link up tonight.  I was talking about Monsanto paying back 7.5 billion to farmers because they were taxing them on their seed.  Once they own your darn seed – you’ve got to buy it from them – then there’s a tax that they collect on top of it as well, and charging the farmers with the taxes and so on. They’ve got it all made. You understand, you never give away your water, you never give away your food, because once it’s in someone else’s hands, they’re tyrants you understand and you’re subservient to them.  That’s obvious.


Monsanto has been found guilty of chemical poisoning in France (A:  ...and other places too, because they’re giving neurological problems to people with the toxic effects of their weed killers.) after their weedkiller product led to neurological problems, and the company has even dished out 93 million to victims of toxic dioxin. (A:  So I’ll put this link up tonight to see how it’s going. And people should really keep up pressure on them. There’s so many things you could attack, isn’t there? But you can’t; you’ve got to keep pressure up, if you can. But there’s just too many. There’s just too many, because we’re under tyranny from all over. That’s the bottom line.)


And also…

Lord Monckton Reports From Rio



(A:  Not a bad article actually.  He goes through it too, talks about, again, the green Jesus they’ve got up there, all that green light they’ve got shining on him. And he says...)


The intended triumph of the new religion over the old was symbolized by a light-emitting diode system costing hundreds of thousands of dollars (A:  That’s from tax money.) that has turned the normal floodlighting of the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer an unpleasant, lurid green, so that He looks like a giant jelly-bean. Fortunately, Divine intervention (or perhaps the Gore effect) has smothered the volcanic pinnacle on which the statue stands in unseasonably dense cloud and pouring rain, rendering this crude but costly sacrilege altogether invisible. Chalk up ten points to the old religion. God is not mocked.


(A:  And they’ve got…) Soldiers with sub-machine-guns (A:  ...there to protect all these non-governmental organizations, you know these wasters that have never worked a day in their life and they’re paid lots of money to brainwash us.) and – for some reason – elephant guns are guarding this extravagantly expensive and contemptibly childish propaganda gesture to make sure no one symbolically reasserts the triumph of the Resurrection by cutting off the unnatural green glow and replacing it with the traditional, glorious white.


The rubbish that litters the streets and even the once-pristine beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema is surely a symbol for the garbage that will soon emerge from the negotiations. One can be confident that it will be garbage, because this year, for the first time, the UN has gone to unprecedented lengths to make sure that no one gets daily-updated versions of the central negotiating text. (A:  That’s what I was telling you earlier, all the mainstream, they won’t give you what’s in the actual negotiating text.) If somebody hides something, it is because somebody has something to hide.


In a maneuver symbolic of the intended global dictatorship that is the ever-more-openly declared ambition of the world-government wannabes of the UN and of a governing class that has grown impatient of democracy and contemptuous of the mere people, the supposedly “transparent” pointy-heads’ conference has been ruthlessly divided into three entirely separate pointy-heads’ conferences.


First, symbolic of the grim Communism that will be the ideological mainspring of the exciting, shiny, new dictatorship for which the UN longs (A:  Because that’s what it wants to bring in on you, folks.), and for which its senior strategists planned at a meeting this time last year at which Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called for suggestions to put an end to national sovereignty (A:  ... And he DID.  Ban Ki-Moon called for suggestions to put an end to national sovereignty, folks.  Now, if you still think you have a country you should all be demanding that everyone gets out of this stinking, corrupt, communistic, but again, corporate-run United Nations.  Let’s start there.) (and hence to democracy), the exhibition area which in earlier UN conferences was adjacent to the main hall where the plenary negotiating sessions took place was set up several miles away in a tent city revealingly called the “People’s Congress”.


Secondly, as a symbol of the permanent imprisonment of just about everybody that Ban Ki-Moon’s corrupt, totalitarian world government will bring about, the non-government organizations accredited to the UN were corralled in the filthy, soulless, crumbling Rio Centro conference center, where hundreds of armed, sharp-suited UN goons kept them determinedly away from the vast concrete bunker where the actual negotiations were taking place.


Thirdly, to symbolize the total separation of the governing class from the governed that will become the norm as the UN takes power, the governmental delegates, traveling in a thousand-strong fleet of gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting limousines escorted by secret police on Harley-clone motorcycles, have been kept in near-total isolation from the non-government organizations and from the mere people.


“Secondary passes” allowing limited access to the plenary sessions are handed out only to those whom the UN can absolutely rely upon not to raise any questions at all about what is going on. (A:  So here it is, people who have no right to run our lives in any way, shape or form, since we’ve never given them any authority to do it, are having secret meetings, inside an armed camp basically, and all the stinking mainstream media, who are all there, will not tell you what’s going on. Because all the media belong to the CFR and all their masters do too, you see. They want this new world order. Anyway, he goes on and on about it and it’s a good article to read but too long to read on this particular radio broadcast tonight. I’ll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I take a caller, just to mention that Jerry Sandusky’s son, during his case down there, the Sandusky case, his son’s come forward and is claiming that his father also abused him as well, as they try to normalize basically this pedophilic-homosexual diddling of young children and kind of normalize it. That’s what they’re trying to do in the court case, trying to make it all sound like a big joke, etc.


Jerry Sandusky's Son -  My Father Abused Me - tmz.com


But I’ll go to Daniel in the UK if he’s still hangin’ on. Are you there Daniel?


Daniel:  Yeah, I’m here Alan. Hello?


Alan:  Hello.


Daniel:  I know you say sometimes that they put in films little tidbits of truth; you know they put the obelisk in the background, and the eye of Horus or Ra or whatever in the background.  They put little bits in there, don’t they, and sometimes in the dialogue as well. I was watching a film, Wall Street, the original one, the other day, and it’s all sort of rubbish.  But there was a good dialogue at the end with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen.


Alan:  That’s right, I remember that.


Daniel:  Well I transcribed it. I wondered if you might let me read it out; it’s only a couple of paragraphs.


Alan:  Yeah, go ahead.


Daniel:  It’s about the illusion of money and it goes…


Charlie Sheen says:  Tell me, Gordon, how much is enough?


Michael Douglas says:  It’s not a question of enough. It’s a zero-sum game. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself it isn’t lost or made; it’s just transferred from one perception to another like magic. This painting here, I bought it 10 years ago for $60,000; I could sell it today for $600,000 – the illusion has become real. And the more real it becomes the more desperately they want it. It’s capitalism at its finest.


And then Charlie Sheen says: But how much is enough Gordon?


And Douglas says: The richest 1% of this country owns half of our country’s wealth, $5 trillion.  One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons, and what I do, stock and real estate speculation.  It’s all BS.  You’ve got 90% of the American public out there with little or no net worth.  I create nothing but I own. We create the rules.  We use war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price of a paperclip – we pick that rabbit out of a hat while everybody sits there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naďve enough to think we’re living in a democracy are you? This is the free market and you’re part of it.


And that’s the end of the quote.  Now what do you think of that, Alan, because I think there’s quite a lot of truth in that.


Alan:  Oh, definitely a lot of truth in it. As he says, technically they own nothing, these guys that just take over company after company. They own them to an extent but they make nothing. They produce nothing except profits for themselves as they flip corporations, they flip your food supply, they flip everything they can get their hands on and just plunder you and plunder you. But it was set up that way to do that, you understand. People think it’s all quite natural even having a stock market, this big giant casino. They think it’s natural. It’s been rigged from the very beginning. It was designed to be rigged.


Daniel:  Well yeah, I know. I mean, that’s right.  What you said before goes beyond that.  These references to it being magic and just perception, because that’s all it is.  I mean, a bank note, really, or money, is just really symbolic of your acceptance of this system, isn’t it?


Alan:  Yes, because it’s backed by nothing. That’s why on the US dollar they have, “in God we trust”. Nobody asks, what God is this? Well it’s the God, you see, that the head of the Federal Reserve when he was in the inquiry, when he was asked, where did the money go, he says, money heaven.  And when they came back at him, he says, well I was just doing God’s work. You better understand what God they’re talking about here. You better.  People hear this and don’t know what I mean. They don’t know what I mean. This is a system of a very few people, you know. They’ve been doing this for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, plundering the public with their magic tricks. But thanks for calling.


And from Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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