June 26, 2012 (#1117)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 26, 2012:


"In U.S., People Lose Homes to "Save" Frogs,
In China, the Best Restaurants Serve Up Dogs,
Plus They Rip Out Babies, Late-Term, from Womb,
1 Child Policy for Lower Class, All to "Make Room",
"It's the Model State for World" says Maurice Strong,
This U.N. Hotshot's Never, Ever Wrong,
An Obedient Population with Experts to Rule Them,
Using "The State is the People" Jargon to Fool Them,
The Best Camouflage Fascists ever Devised,
Appearing as Communists, Cleverly Disguised,
A Servile Scared Mass Working as Slaves,
"Caretakers of State" in Big Biz. - Saves"
© Alan Watt June 26, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 26, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 26, 2012. At the start of the broadcast I always get off on telling you to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com. There’s over a thousand audios for free download and you’ll start to understand this incredible system you were born into, and how your generation and the generations before you, going way back, have been manipulated and their minds basically controlled, their reality given to them by professionals in this actual science – very old science – and how, again, the big players of this eternal system that comes down through the ages decided to take over the whole world, with all of its resources, and the people too because you are human resources, and run it the way it was supposed to be run, the way that they decided it should be run and science should take over from nature and lead the way. That’s where eugenics came in of course, and the big money boys were all part of the big plan – I mean the international money lenders that have been going down through the many, many centuries collecting cash and running money for other countries, and even empire-building. That’s how you get very rich, it’s managing money, not making anything. Just manage money, don’t produce any actual artifacts or things that you can sell. So that’s how we’re really run and of course, they have the whole system pretty well sewn up, where we are given our culture via media – they own all of the media and entertainment industries. So we think through our lives and we are prompted to think along certain trends that are put out for us to go along, and that gives you your reality for your time. And also, there’s always another one on the go for a younger generation, who are given their trends which prepare them for all that which will happen in their time, as they grow up thinking it’s all quite natural. Predictive programming they call it.


So help yourself to the audios. Remember too, on that site, they all carry audios, all the sites listed there, they carry transcripts in English for print up of the talks. And you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you can buy the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and that helps me just tick along, just about, almost, sometimes I should say, and you can donate as well. So go into the website, see what’s there for reading because it’s important you understand the cons that are used down through the ages, going way back, to the present time, that have managed whole societies and continents even for a long, long time – all tricks of the trade to do with mental conditioning and mental programming, no different than today.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


What I try to do is to go through the histories of the past to show you how it all ties in with today and how big boys did plan the future, they’re always planning the future. You are living through 20-odd years of war, over 20 years of war, to do with the Middle East, that was planned long, long before they started with Gulf War 1 and you can find the evidence of it in big clubs like the Project for the New American Century and so on, where they came out with all the countries they wanted to take out in the future, and all the ones after they’re finished with the Middle East as well, because they’ve got other ones to take out across the world, so that they can get their perfect world system, where the big corporations, which they also own, will have all of the resources of the planet, right down to your food and water, and then of course you’ll be forced to comply with the changes that are going to be forced down your throats. And you can see this happening already in Australia where you’re fined a million dollars if you complain about carbon taxes, for instance. And I cannot understand for the life of me how they can be so darned weak.  What’s happened to them? They stand by and let this Fabian socialist run all over them, with their eugenics program of depopulation and spreading the wealth across the world to her corporate friends. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  We are the best informed slaves that have ever existed; we truly are.  Basically even patriot radio is like a branch of the mainstream media, and with the same problems of financing and keeping going and all that kind of stuff. And most of the articles come from the mainstream media as well. But it’s not really where it comes from; it’s the whys, what articles they give you.  And I try to add in little bits here and there to show you why things are happening.  Because we’re living through a planned agenda, a script in other words, that runs in 5, 10, 15, 20 year, 50 year, 100 year plans just like the United Nations does. It’s ongoing and today it’s more perfect than ever because they have neuroscientists, they have behaviorists on board – all paid by your tax money and your governments.  They have massive office space and they’re always ongoing with experimentation on the human psyche to find ways of creating a passive, happy population that can work in the mud all day and get paid practically nothing, except enough to feed themselves. And then the problems will be over for those who are obviously genetically superior to the rest. And that’s really how they talk about it at the top.


This is the Century of Change remember, and they mean COMPLETE change. All of the Communist Manifesto was to be finished, anything that was left unfinished was to be finished in this particular era. And people think well that’s just the communists. No, because the big bankers, you see, international bankers, created the communists and they funded them too. You must get the dialectic going in order to get a result coming out of the conflict. Without conflict there’s no change. So you always create another side, they have conflict and then they have resolution that comes out of it, which they call synthesis. So this is the technique that’s always, always used.  And of course the same ones who run both sides profit massively off of both sides at the same time. That’s what they did during the whole Cold War. It was to save you, to save you, we’ve got to tax the blazes out of you to create all these new missiles. And every month there was a brand new missile. And both sides were doing the same con game, the Soviet Union and Britain, the US, and using lies galore to justify their demands for new missiles and more trillions of bucks.  Today of course, it’s going into austerity, more money is needed at the top, all these kind of things. 


During that whole era most of the family structure was utterly destroyed. Everyone’s been made dysfunctional. There’s no common people with a common ideology to stand against the ones who now rule over you. Because that’s how you destroy a nation and take it over.  You must destroy everything that works, bonds everything together, makes them stand up together with a common culture, a common belief system, culture, whatever, and then they’ll stand up against you and you can’t take them over. When you bring them down and break them up into so-called individuals – they’re not individuals at all but they think they are – then there’s no one that’ll stand up for them when the government comes for them. And they won’t stand up for each other either because they’re egosyntonic and egocentric.


That’s the plan that Julian Huxley talked about at UNESCO a long, long time ago and his brother mentioned too, when he was talking about creating a subservient race, he said, the people will come to love their servitude. And you’re seeing it today. They don’t really care what’s happening around them as long as they’ve got money to play and buy new video games and have lots of fun. And while they’re having lots of fun the big boys are making incredible strides to unify the planet financially and politically and in every other way.  And every government now has massive agencies, even private ones, that now step in to take care of all the dysfunction caused by the fact that your cultures have been absolutely obliterated. So we’re easy prey now.  Easy prey.


Now along with all of this too, you have this standard article here…


Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks

news.sky.com / Pete Norman / 27 June 2012


Sixty million euro has been stolen from bank accounts in a massive cyber bank raid after fraudsters raided dozens of financial institutions around the world.


According to a joint report by software security firm McAfee and Guardian Analytics, more than 60 firms have suffered from what it has called an "insider level of understanding".


"The fraudsters' objective in these attacks is to siphon large amounts from high balance accounts, hence the name chosen for this research - Operation High Roller," the report said.


"If all of the attempted fraud campaigns were as successful as the Netherlands example we describe in this report, the total attempted fraud could be as high as 2bn euro (£1.6bn)."


The automated malicious software programme was discovered to use servers to process thousands of attempted thefts from both commercial firms and private individuals.


The stolen money was then sent to so-called mule accounts in caches of a few hundreds and 100,000 euro (£80,000) at a time.  (Alan:  So they put deposits of 100,000 euro at a time.)


Credit unions, large multinational banks and regional banks have all been attacked.


Sky News defence and security editor Sam Kiley said: "It does include British financial institutions and has jumped over to North America and South America.


"What they have done differently from routine attacks is that they have got into the bank servers and constructed software that is automated.


"It can get around some of the mechanisms that alert the banking system to abnormal activity."


The details of the global fraud come just a day after the MI5 boss warned of the new cyber security threat to UK business. 


Now, you’ll find most of these big hackers, at that level, who’ve got insider knowledge and so on, have worked for government. They either work for government now or they have in the past, and they’re generally spy agencies themselves and that’s what they do, is they hack other countries.  Now they’re hacking everybody, even their own of course. So this will go on forever, this kind of nonsense.


In Australia a warning is issued, another warning…


Warning issued over anti-carbon tax posters

abc.net.au / Simon Cullen / Jun 27, 2012


Labor is warning small businesses against displaying the Coalition's anti-carbon tax posters, saying they risk million-dollar fines if the information is found to be misleading.  (A:  What does that mean? They’re all going under because of the extra taxes and costs and increases and all the rest of it.)


The Coalition has sent the fliers to bakeries, butchers, dry cleaners and fruit shops just days before the carbon tax is due to take effect.


The tactic is a further sign that both sides of politics are preparing to ramp up their campaigning efforts surrounding the tax.


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott told a meeting of Coalition MPs that he and other senior party figures would be campaigning "across the country", warning people the tax would push up the cost of living and threaten jobs.  (A:  Well they’re in a mess now because you see, Australia’s just only recently been hit with the full brunt of globalization. They didn’t know that every MP they’ve ever voted into office at the top was a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs; and they’ve got a branch in Australia called the Australian Institute of International Affairs.  They also had another two organizations, all from the Royal Institute of International Affairs mind you, the Council for Pacific Relations was one of them, specializing in unification including China. They’ve been working on that for over 60 years; the people didn’t know that.)


Labor is also preparing a coordinated campaign this weekend to reassure the community about the effects of the tax.


They’ve got a Fabian socialist in who’s all for this globalism thing and exportation of jobs, importation of foreign workers. Because under free trade remember – the same with Canada, Australia and every other country that’s signed these deals – you must allow in the free flow of goods across borders, AND labor. That means they can come in and pay them wages equivalent to those they’d get maybe in India or China for instance. And if you say, oh you can’t do that here, they fine you through the World Trade Organization – because it’s a star chamber – they fine you millions of dollars, and the taxpayer has to pay the fine. That was worked out back in the early 90s. And the public don’t know. They haven’t got a clue what’s going on.


Now, National Health Service patients in Britain… You understand, when the IMF comes in – and that’s the whole point of the International Monetary Fund – they slash and burn and of course the first thing they do it to, starting with the elderly, is the health care of people. Wherever they’ve been for instance, you always get a massive increase in tuberculosis because they literally cut the treatments, the streptomycin treatments for tuberculosis, as an example. And it’s going to get a lot worse as the IMF is getting put in charge with the central banks through all the different countries of Europe. But what’s happening, it says…


National Health Service patients put at risk by drug shortages

netdoctor.co.uk / 25 June 2012


Patients' lives are being endangered by shortages of potentially life-saving medicines, a survey has found.


Four-fifths of NHS trusts that responded to Freedom of Information requests submitted by MP Huw Irranca-Davies said there were 'unacceptable' delays for many drugs, including some for cancer and organ failure.


The survey of 60 health authorities in England and Wales revealed that the problem is due to medicines intended for NHS use being exported to other EU countries instead. 


Now, you understand, you’re living in a eugenical society, and it’s Marxist, and it’s also capitalist at the same time, for those who can’t quite get that. You have the fascists at the top running it on a Marxian system down below with all these government agencies. And what happens in that kind of economy – this updated Marxism by the way; we’re beyond the Soviet Union now in our techniques – is that those who have no function to society, who are consumers only and not producers, over a certain age, have to be basically cut out of the whole picture. I’m not kidding about that. That’s how they value your life. It comes to your value to your community, to your society, community, etc.  That’s how they label you, and I have many articles on that by the way.


So this is what’s happening in this wonderful EU conglomerate they’re calling the new EU, or Soviet EU – because that’s really what it’s based on. Now they just take stuff from the less producers and give them to someone who is producing. That’s what they’ll do with the drugs, and too bad for you back home. And of course, the more you shut up about it the more this is going to happen. It’s time you got on the streets. That’s all you can say to people now, it’s time to get on the streets. What else can you say? Otherwise you’re just grumbling about it.  But again too, getting back to the fact that communities, societies, nations, cultures have been utterly destroyed, you can’t get the people to stand up together, for pretty well anything.


Now, you all hear about this nonsense about the Rio Summit being an utter failure. Don’t kid yourself at all. Don’t forget that the Millennium Goals, Agenda 21 are still on the books with more parts to go through yet. And there’s much, much more to come. And now they’re going into the redistribution of more wealth, of your wealth, across the world, to help the poor, you understand. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big agenda, the world agenda and the big players who live their whole life, it doesn’t matter how old they get they never retire and they still work as fervently as ever. And you can only do that with a true religion, you understand. That’s why they go into their 80s and 90s trotting around the world as though they were still 18, with the same fervor for their actual cause.


People like Maurice Strong, who everybody has heard of, of course, is one of those particular type of characters. Long history, very interesting history, lots of it is omitted from the regular media, his actual personal history, his family history.  He was on a PBS station in Canada some years back, when he was based in China, that’s where he lives most of the time now, and he laid a wreath at a woman called Anna Louise Strong, and he said that was his aunt or something. But she was a professional revolutionary. She was born in the States but the Strong family were scattered all over, and his part of the family was also in Canada as well. But he did put a wreath there.


Of course the United Nations based him in China to help learn all the techniques that the Chinese communists were using for, really, an obedient population so that it can be used elsewhere in the world.  This article here is about this Anna Louise Strong.  It says…


Anna Louise Strong earned a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Chicago. But it was in the Pacific Northwest, where she witnessed the 1916 Everett massacre (A:  That would be his great aunt I guess.) and chronicled the 1919 Seattle General Strike, that her political vision took shape. In Moscow (A:  She went over to Moscow.) she helped found the first English language newspaper (A:  ...in Communist Russia.), in Spain her many visits resulted in her book, Spain in Arms; and in China she interviewed Mao (A:  ... That’s Mao Tse-Tung...) in a Yenan cave in 1946. She is buried in Beijing in a special cemetery for martyrs of the revolution.  (A:  She became an advisor to Mao Tse-Tung.  So she was all over the place.  Down at the bottom of this article it says…)


"Witness to Revolution is an impressive achievement...much to Ostrander's credit (A:  That’s the person who wrote it.), the Seattle filmmaker does not try to glorify her subject as a model of political virtue. Rather, her work explores what caused a woman of comfortable middle-class origins to end up hobnobbing with Wobblies in Everett, teaching English to Trotsky in Russia, tromping around civil war battlefields in Spain, and - at the age of 61 - living in caves with Mao's communists in China...a showpiece of the documentary is Anna Louise Strong's 80th birthday party in Shanghai, where we see her feted by a smiling Mao Tse-Tung and toasted by Chou En-Lai."


So that’s one of his relatives, you see.  And you’ll find too, if you go into Maurice Strong and do a bit of digging there’s another character in there that came from China, before that, and he helped set up the Communist Parties elsewhere across the world. But this article says, “Maurice Strong Lauds Chinese Model...”  Now remember, he works at the United Nations, Maurice Strong. He started off getting picked up by the Rockefeller Foundation, shoved into the oil business to learn how you work all the little people below you and how the money is really made.  Then they put him into the United Nations.  It says:


Maurice Strong Lauds Chinese Model At 2012 Earth Summit:

 “People’s Movement Guided By The People’s Government”

(A:  ...that’s the con game of China.  But that is true, that the United Nations does say that China is the model state that we’ve all to emulate, you see; it’s the perfect communist system, which is really fascist at the top.)

ExplosiveReports.Com / June 26, 2012 / Jurriaan Maessen


At a side-event to the recent Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Certified man-hater, prominent 20th century eugenicist and devoted collectivist Maurice Strong told an audience of environmentalists that China is the model-state for the rest of the world to emulate in regards to environmental matters.


Besides Strong, the forum was attended by Mohan Monasinghe, former Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme and Secretary General at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. The moderator to this facade was Hans d’Orville, ex-Vice Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as well as Under Secretary of UNESCO. The meeting took place under the umbrella name “Importance of Informal Mechanism Beyond Rio—A Commitment From China’s Civil Society” and focused in on the importance of China in regards to the world’s future environmental governance.


“What China does matters to the world”, Strong said, “and what China is doing is actually a tremendous source of encouragement.”


No doubt Strong referred to China’s one child policy and the way it has reportedly contributed to the nation’s progress, despite the terrible sacrifices that have been- and are being- demanded of the Chinese people. Strong went on to say that “sustainable development” has become a “people’s movement guided by the people’s government.”


Strong, himself a Chinese national (A: I guess you could say that because he’s international, he’s Canadian, he’s US, he’s Chinese...) is a long-time advocate of the sort of draconian population policies (A:  …that’s population reduction…) that China has forced upon its people. As far back as the early 1970s, Strong hesitatingly admitted to the BBC that such a thing as a license to have a child is the kind of system he would see implemented globally. (A:  These are the characters who get all your tax money to change, well, guess who? YOU.)


What is important to note, is Strong’s position that such a policy should not be the affair of nation-states but rather a top-down global endeavor. In a 2009 interview, Strong talks about the Copenhagen conference. In the interview Strong stated- among other things- that “What is necessary is a global system of governance through which the nations of the world cooperate to address issues which none can deal with alone.”  (A:  Then he gives you doublespeak and all the rest of it. But I mean, he thinks China is the way that we should all go, you see, and copy. I’ll also put up another one too; it’s an exclusive on Maurice Strong popping out of the Rio+20.  He was there weeks before it preparing it and telling them all what to say and what to do. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, going through some of the history of Maurice Strong, this self-appointed… Well, he’s not actually self-appointed; there’s much bigger powers above him that just pluck them up and pop them into top positions, you see. But they have the right stuff. They belong to intergenerational revolutionaries; that’s their history you see. And they’re very well rewarded for it too, and given a lot of comfort and servants and things like that. It’s good being a communist at that level. Anyway it says here…


Godfather of Global Green Thinking Steps Out of Shadows at Rio+20

foxnews.com / George Russell / June 20, 2012


Maurice Strong, the godfather of global environmentalism and organizer of the United Nations' 1992 Rio environmental Earth Summit, is making a quiet comeback to the limelight on the eve (A:  This is before, of course; they just had the meeting of the Rio Summit.) of that meeting’s successor, the Rio + 20 summit on "sustainable development," which starts June 20 in Brazil.


Strong, 82, has been taking part in a variety of conference side-events prior to the three-day meeting of some 130 top-level international leaders, part of a growing wave of hoopla and promotion that will climax at the summit leadership sessions. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leading the U.S. delegation there.  (A:  Hillary Clinton was there of course and all the other usual ones. Believe you me, it’s not dead at all because they’ve already got all these laws on the books before the event happened and a lot of them have already been signed into law. You’ll hear about them as the year drags on.)


His appearance at Rio + 20  is also the latest stage in a Long March through controversy that has kept Strong, a native Canadian (A:  I love how they can just put down whatever country they want.) who is widely deemed to be one of the key instigators of the global environmental movement, living a low-profile life in China for the past half-decade.  (A:  Well it was longer than half a decade, believe you me. He’s been there for many years, back and forth, and living there for long periods of time.)


Now Strong is back on one of the stages where he feels most comfortable--a global U.N. conference on the environment--though the role he may play in the leaders' sessions is not known. (A:  Anyway, he’s been involved, as you well know, in various scandals – because they all are at the top; I mean they have no qualms at all about taking payoffs and backhanders under the tables and all the rest of it. But he was involved in the oil-for-food scandal with Iraq and Kofi Annan.  And where Kofi Annan says, oh I didn’t know anything about it, it was my son that was doing this swap for oil for cash and all that, and food. And Maurice Strong himself was caught cashing a check from that very deal for a lot, a lot of cash. And he just fobbed it off and he said, it will go away, you know, the stigma will just go away.  Anyway…)


Documents examined by Fox News show that the Beijing office of the United Nations Development Program has paid Strong's way, with a $13,000 round-trip air ticket from Beijing to New York to Rio and back. His hotels and living expenses are also being picked up, in what amounts to a three-week Rio + 20 junket.


But on his way over, before he did that, he went to see the Prime Minister of Canada and he lambasted him for not doing enough about the environment, etc..  What they really mean is, the redistribution of your wealth – if you haven’t figured that out yet – across the world. Because they want to OWN the world, you understand, but they must make you, the peasants, pay for it all first, so that you’re all owned in unison by the same people. It’s that simple. It truly is that simple. And the big banks are all in on it too. Don’t forget, Rockefeller, as I say, was the guy who picked up Mr. Maurice Strong and put him right into the oil business, to give him a handle on how things REALLY work, you see. But yeah, it’s to be… Maurice Strong and the rest of them say at the United Nations, that China is the model state for the world.  Well…


Chinese couple forced into late-term abortion...

bbc.co.uk / 26 June 2012


(A:  I mentioned that article last week. It was a late-term, she was seven months gone and they dragged her in, because she had a child already, and you saw the picture in the papers with the unborn child right next to her; they just ripped it out and gave you the photograph and tried to hush it all up. Because they are the model state, you understand, that we’re all to emulate. And I’m not kidding; you’re going to see all that stuff here.)


The husband of a Chinese woman forced to have a late-term abortion has gone into hiding and her family are being harassed, a relative has said.  (A:  See, they’ve trained the public to turn on people who break the taboo, at the bottom. It’s very easy to use the mass man, especially Chinese. Individuality is not a Chinese thing, you got to understand. They’ve never had freedom as individuals in their whole history.)


Feng Jianmei was made to terminate her pregnancy at seven months as she could not pay the fine for violating China's one-child policy.  (A:  Now, if you’re middle class or up there with the Politburo in China governing over the rest of the peons down below you, you’re allowed to have more children.  You just pay a little fine, like a ticket and that’s it, you can have extra. Because that’s eugenics in action. Meaning, the wealthier folk are obviously more intelligent – because they’re wealthy, right – and they can have extra children. But at the bottom, the majority, no, they just come and rip it out of you.)


Photos showing her with the foetus caused widespread condemnation when they were leaked on the web.


Officials apologised, but the couple are now apparently being hounded.


A relative of theirs told reporters that the family had been harassed since leaving hospital, possibly with the tacit encouragement of local government officials who have been embarrassed by the scandal.  (A:  They like to really hush things up in China, and we have to emulate them, remember. Don’t ever forget that.  So they went into hiding…)


She said Ms Feng's husband Deng Jiyuan had gone into hiding on Sunday.


Pictures circulating on the internet appear to show a large red banner saying "beat the traitors, drive them from the town" strung up in the family's town in Shaanxi province.


"On Sunday evening, we decided to go home [from hospital] and a lot of people had gathered outside," the relative, who wished to remain anonymous, said.


"They hung banners on a bridge and many people came and shouted that we were traitors. Now wherever we go, people follow us." 


It’s all to save face for the communist system, you see, this fascist/communist system. It’s very lucrative in China, if you’re born into the right families, in this classless society.  [Alan chuckles.] So I’ll put this up tonight too. And another thing about this country we’ve got to emulate, and it might go in with austerity, who knows. Who knows, eh?  Because I can remember quite a few years back there was a terrible plague of mice and rats in the crops and it was made law that they had to serve that up in restaurants. No kidding. Rats and mice, that was the way to get rid of them. But dogs now...


Dogs destined for the table:

(A:  That’s a delicacy there, amongst the wealthy Politburo.)

Horrific images show animals being killed, cooked and served up

as a meal in Chinese tradition

dailymail.co.uk / Rob Cooper / 25 June 2012


These disturbing images show dogs being cooked and served up as a meal in a grim Chinese tradition.


The animals are chopped up and cooked in front of diners (A:  Because they like to see it live before they eat it. In fact, they like it jumping on the plate.) - despite a growing anti-cruelty campaign.


A group of Chinese activists in Yulin City, Guangxi province, descended on the dog meat market campaigning against eating the animals.  (A:  So at least there’s folk there, as the wealth comes up to some people they start getting pets and they start having some strange, you know, feelings for them; that’s a kind of foreign thing in China.)


Pet lovers' associations have sprung up in Chinese cities over recent years.


While many Chinese enjoy rich dog meat, especially during cold winters, some object to the practice in some regions of beating dogs to death (A:  This is what they do in their traditions over there...) to release the blood into the meat.  (A:  ...as it’s dying. Yeah, that’s very, very nice. We have to emulate China… Well good luck folks.  I ain’t going to do it. Good luck.)


And with all of the integration of Europe and the austerity measures coming in, and the massive promiscuity – you’ve had this since the 1960s, just stepping up per generation. That’s all the children see on TV through music television and all the rest of it, they’re taught it in schools, just do it, just do it, you know, haven’t you tried this? maybe you’re inhibited. I mean, this is from their own therapists at school, you know. So…


The 'baby box' returns to Europe

bbc.co.uk / 26 June 2012  / Stephen Evans BBC News, Berlin


Boxes where parents can leave an unwanted baby, common in medieval Europe, have been making a comeback over the last 10 years. Supporters say a heated box, monitored by nurses, is better for babies than abandonment on the street - but the UN says it violates the rights of the child.  (A:  Well, who are these hypocrites at the United Nations? See, they shouldn’t be born according to the United Nations.)


It is an unlikely scene for the most painful of dramas. On the edge of a road in a leafy suburb of Berlin, there is a sign pointing through the trees down a path. It says "Babywiege" - Baby Cradle.


At the end of that path, there is a stainless steel hatch with a handle. Pull that hatch open and there are neatly folded blankets for a baby. The warmth is safe and reassuring. There is a letter, too, telling you whom to call if you change your mind.


About twice a year, someone - presumably a woman - treads that path at the secluded rear of Waldfriede Hospital and leaves the baby, perhaps born in secret only a few hours earlier.  (A:  Well they had to put these boxes up because people were literally dumping them in garbage bins. That’s the reason, folks.  It doesn’t mention it on this one but it does in other articles.)


Society has come down to the pits, and you actually have FURTHER to go, believe you me, when you’ve read the articles of the guys who manipulate all of your minds and give you your entertainment – which everyone emulates, especially the young.  That’s the society, which they call at the top, PROGRESS. Progress to them, you understand, is making you so debased that a few, who have done this before down through the ages, can rule over you. That’s what it means. You ever wonder what it meant, progress? Who decides what progress is? How can you define it? They have their definition, complete absence of all opposition.  A society that is uniform with its cultural beliefs and so on and its modes of caring for each other, and empathy, cannot be defeated. It can’t be defeated. You’ve got to put them down to utter degradation and then you’ve got them. And that’s what we have, for those who haven’t quite figured it out yet.


And this article too, because corruption is rampant everywhere…


Lawmakers reworked financial portfolios

after talks with Fed, Treasury officials

washingtonpost.com/ Kimberly Kindy, Scott Higham, David S. Fallis and Dan Keating /  June 24, 2012


In January 2008, President George W. Bush was scrambling to bolster the American economy. The subprime mortgage industry was collapsing, and the Dow Jones industrial average had lost more than 2,000 points in less than three months.


House Minority Leader John A. Boehner became the Bush administration’s point person on Capitol Hill to negotiate a $150 billion stimulus package.


In the days that followed, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. made frequent phone calls and visits to Boehner. Neither Paulson nor Boehner would publicly discuss the progress of their negotiations to shore up the nation’s financial portfolio.


On Jan. 23, Boehner (R-Ohio) met Paulson for breakfast. Boehner would later report the rearrangement of a portion of his own financial portfolio made on that same day. (A:  In other words, they were changing everything for their country, and they were saving their own asses before the country. So they got all their assets out, of the ones that they were going to bring down, to make sure that they were in winners, you see, not losers, before they told the rest of the population.) He sold between $50,000 and $100,000 from a more aggressive mutual fund and moved money into a safer investment.  (A:  Well, that’s what they do at the top.  Nothing will come out of it anyway so why bother even mentioning this piece of trash?  [Alan chuckles.]  You ever wondered about that too?)


Now remember too, I’ve got the podcast up on cuttingthroughthematrix.com with Katerina Jeleva to do with her coming court case on Thursday, where she’s trying to get her child back.  A child that was whisked away by the child protection services and through all the subsequent trials and through the experts that they all had, professionals, on behalf of those who took the child away, there’s no evidence whatsoever of any kind of abuse. One judge ordered the child to be basically given back by saying, put this family back together and it’s been dismissed by the children’s services. And this Guardian ad litem – who has some personal problem I think the way she goes at this, like a prosecutor.  I put the podcast up. Remember to give her support. You’ve got all the phone numbers you can phone too to show support, and ask that for once perhaps the justice system will do the right thing, as they’ve been advised to do, and give the child back to the mother who’s been looking after him since he was born.


Now, the Army now has… This is old stuff actually but they always present it as new.


Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon

livescience.com / InnovationNewsDaily Staff / 22 June 2012


(A:  It’s a plasma weapon of course.)


Today's military lasers can blind spy satellites or burn enemy vehicles, but tomorrow's could guide lightning bolts to strike and destroy battlefield targets.  (A:  Oh, wow.  This is your cash.  And of course it ultimately will be used against all of you.)


A U.S. Army lab is testing how lasers can create an energized plasma channel in the air — an invisible pathway for electricity to follow. The laser-guided lightning weapon could precisely hit targets such as enemy tanks or unexploded roadside bombs, because such targets represent better conductors for electricity than the ground. 


You have to go into that yourselves and do a check up on HAARP as well and to do with the chemtrail spraying, because that ties in together. That’s as old as the hills. It was Teller that came out – he was the inventor of the H-bomb – who said, if we spray all these chemicals with metallic particles in the air it will be more conducive and conductive and we can then use the extremely low-frequency, or ANY frequency, of electricity through it as a weapon and weaponize the air and atmosphere itself.  ...which has effects, mental effects on the populations down below. Never mind the stuff you’re breathing in too, which is aluminum oxide and barium and everything else.


And also...


Arizona Immigration Law Ruling May Mean Boon For Private Prison Business

huffingtonpost.com /06/25/2012


Prison business is big, big business today. In fact, ALL law is big business, isn’t it? Incredible money in the law business.  So we’re going the same way as China. Do you understand? this is like China. China just puts them in prison, and they’re the guys that make all your little toys and stuff that you’re buying from China. In the States they’re doing the same thing, they just call you a criminal and you work away for NOTHING, for private corporations. I mean, private corporations don’t want to let go of good workers, you understand, so when your parole is coming up, you know, and you’re pretty good at what you do, making widgets for nothing, then they want to keep you. Think about all the different implications involved in all of this. We’re being turned into an ancient, you know, Roman type society… by those who’ve done it all before. And it worked then… It will work now...  It will work again forever I suppose.


Children could soon be given annual flu vaccinations at school to prevent spread of illness across all age groups

(A:  See, they can’t dumb us down fast enough, or make us sick fast enough.  You see.)

dailymail.co.uk / Sophie Borland / 29 May 2012


(A:  And once again, it’s just that word ‘EXPERTS’, experts, ooh, experts.  It’s like saying ‘priest’, priest, in the Middle Ages, priest, priest says.  ‘Experts’... that does it all. You don’t have to read any more of it, you know, because that’s it.  Remember what Bertrand Russell said? Lord Bertrand Russell? The guy who gave you the culture, helped work on the culture you’re living through right now, ALL OF IT by the way. He said that, we’ll train the society to believe in nothing, not even themselves, they’ll believe only in experts. So that’s all you have to say now is experts and that does the job.)


Experts advising Government say the vaccine should be given to everyone from five to 17 on the NHS [National Health Service].


Now, you can’t get vital medications to help people in there because they’re giving it all to other European countries, and the elderly get pretty well nothing at all except a euthanasia pill because you’re just a consumer. And the United Nations that Maurice Strong lauds and approves of you see, they want it to be run like a factory – society’s a big factory and you’re just part of the factory. And elderly people are just consumers. The perfect citizen, according to the United Nations, the global citizen is a consumer AND a producer, meaning before the age of retirement; that’s what they mean. So they’re rampaging ahead on their goal.


Also, government’s about to seize private property for a frog that isn’t there.  I’ll put this article up; it’s actually a little video too, on Brasscheck TV. People should check out Brasscheck TV, they have a lot of good stuff in there that you don’t find elsewhere. But it shows you how this frog that isn’t even on the property is being grabbed by the Fish and Wildlife services and they’re going to take thousands of acres over, by the way – put people out of their houses – in Louisiana. And that’s how they do it. They used to go in and claim that there was an owl there, a certain specific owl, the spotted owl.  There were even YouTube’s up there with the leaders of the Green parties and Greenpeace and green everything, all these guys covered in fungus you know, and spouted fungus, telling folk to use this excuse anywhere they go – the spotted owl,  ooh – to steal your land. Back with more after this.


Feds to set critical habitat for endangered frog

brasschecktv.com / Associated Press VIA: The Daily Reveille


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’ll go to the callers now. There’s Darren in Ireland first. Are you there Darren?


Darren:  Hello Alan. How are you this fine day?


Alan:  I’m hangin on here with my fingernails.  [Alan chuckles.]


Darren:  A quick question, Alan.  I was reading the biography of Malcolm X. What is your opinion on him? Do you think he was legitimate enough?


Alan:  It’s hard to say. It’s really hard to say. You understand, in this whole world of deception and fronts, and fronts that really will pull a lot of people to follow them, you never know who’s really, really behind it, even if it’s the apparent enemy that’s behind it, like the CIA or whatever.  I don’t know. But I do know that he got a lot, they really got off with a lot at the time. And the intention too was to get a civil war going inside the States; I’m sure of that as well. So we’ll never know the whole story, believe you me, never… Never, it will be classified until, you know, the year 5000 or something.


Darren:  Now, it’s just I was reading a bit of it here and he really, like he really didn’t like, I guess, the other civil rights leaders. Because he even said himself they were handpicked and financed by the supposed people they were fighting, the white people at the time, I guess you’d say, that they were fighting against.  He went on as saying, supposedly fighting the white man, but obscurely behind the scenes was a white boss, a president, a board chairman, or some kind of other title, pulling the real strings.  It’s just interesting then he was part, I guess, of the Nation of Islam, near the end, before he died. You know, he realized even that was a front.  And I guess they ended up killing him.  But you know, I always hear people, there’s not many people, really, out there who are independent enough to follow without some catch, you know.  The reason why I was reading about him, he seemed… you know…  because it’s pretty interesting. He even goes into, where he learned all this stuff was in prison. He even goes into, he read, and write and read, and he went into the ancient histories and he went into, you know, he copied the whole dictionary from back to front. And I think that is, you know in general you have to really, you have to understand everything about the system to want to change for a better, you know.  I think people have to really realize that, and I think it myself. I don’t know how people can go on and think about, you know, getting a good job and this and that when you know, this is really it, it’s the last stretch now before...


Alan:  It is.


Darren:  ...all hell is coming down upon us now, I guess you could say. But it really is the last stretch...


Alan:  It is.


Darren:  ...before one of us can really stand out ever again, until it’s just a reckless mob.


Alan:  Absolutely.  Or an authorized mob, one of the two, and we never really know. But you’re quite right.  You have to study all the ancient history.  And I tell you, don’t go to university because they will spin your conclusion, in your mind; you know the one you’re supposed to come away from university with. But the information… It’s like reading the Bible, who needs anybody to read it for you?  You can read it for yourself and make up your own mind. Same thing with ancient history. If a professor gets in and tells you, in his format, how to think about it, he’s giving you your opinion before you walk out the university. You must do it for yourself. And it’s quite blatant the techniques of controlling MASS amounts of people, and even using different groups against each other has been done all down through thousands of years by those who understand these arts. And they are sciences. They are arts that have never been lost, believe you me. We live in the epitome of utter deception, on many levels.


Darren:  And one quick question, Alan. Did you hear about the Greece Parliament is called now the Golden Dawn?  I don’t know if that’s true or not.


Alan:  Well, it’s probably a label that’s been put on them.  It won’t be the real Golden Dawn, believe you me.


Darren:  I just thought it was a funny…


Alan:  It’s probably someone using a slur against them, really.  Greece is just the forefront of other things. Spain too, I think it was Moody’s just downgraded them, 50 banks in Spain. It’s all to get the crisis going and say we’ve got to unify and get this final goal of total integration done. That’s what all this is for. All of it. And poor Greece was the prototype for it.  Thanks for calling.  And maybe Janet from London can call tomorrow.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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