June 27, 2012 (#1118)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 27, 2012:

New World Order, Not Refurbished, Just Re-Published:

"This Script is Tiring, What a Bore,
Like a Movie You've Seen Ten Times Before,
No Conspiracy Theories, 'cept for Hobbyists,
Media Publishes Meetings with Global Lobbyists,
"The Open Conspiracy" by H.G. Wells
Says the Guiding Light Always Tells
The People if They Care to Know
Where Our Masters Want Us to Go,
In Truth Whole Nations have Been Taken
On a Ride, Updated in Each Generation,
Deception's Detected, Use Sense of Smell,
Masters with Science Pave Way to Hell"
© Alan Watt June 27, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė June 27, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on June the 27th, 2012.

For newcomers make sure you use the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com because thereís so much on it, there is lots of audios for free download where hopefully youíll start to understand the big system youíre born into.  They call it scientific socialism.  Itís run by behaviorists at the top and neuroscientists now too and all kinds of psychologists that manage our minds for us.  And of course they work with the culture industry.  Novelists too are on board with them, they get paid extra for going along the routes that are required and getting all the PC stuff involved in their stories too.  And youíre updated all the time whether you like it or not or even know it or not.  So, weíre run in a perfect system really to keep you inside the box. 

So, you can find a lot of the organizational abilities and the ones involved that set up this global system with their hundred odd year agenda at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I go into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, same group, who have branches, theyíve got branches everywhere across the whole planet, even in India, and how theyíve been working all along to bring in this global governance system with free trade and the free movement of peoples and goods.  That means they can bring in their own labor to any country, as Australia is finding out now in fact.  And the elimination of national boundaries eventually and national sovereignty too because theyíre creating three main trading blocks for the world.  Planned a hundred years ago folks and folk think weíre just going through the big changes because politicians are deciding things now.  Nothing is further from the truth.

Remember too youíre the audience that bring me to you.  You can also buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I donít sell anything else.  I donít bring on advertisers to terrify you and then offer you the panacea or the solution, and I try to stick to the basic facts as we know them.  And so you can support me by buying the books and discs as I say at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And you can also donate as well.  Iíd be really appreciative if you do that because so many people listen from all over the planet every darn night and itís just incredible the amount of people whoíve come in every single night of the week, and every night of the year.

So, as I say from the U.S. to Canada you can remember order or donate using a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office, you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  And across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again. 

Now when you go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, remember all those sites listed have the audios but they also have transcripts in English for print up of many of the talks Iíve given.  And you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages. 

I try and give you todayís news and go back into the past, where big players who helped set up this part of it, including every part of your cultural changes and your norms, guys who died maybe fifty years ago some of them.  They wrote in their own biographies of the part they played in bringing this New World Order, this century of change, which is what weíre in now, thatís what itís called, forward.  And how they brought all the marketers on board, Madison Avenue for instance, all the experts that already knew how to sell you any idea, and how theyíve been awfully, awfully successful. 

And of course youíve got music television, youíve got the music industry, youíve got the Hollywood industry, all coming together as planned to create the new decrepit society that can hardly stand up itself.  And when it does that youíre conquered you see.  All the old norms that made you stand up together, things you could all relate to, have been destroyed, right down to man, woman, child and parent.  And thereís only one boss left and thatís the government, folks.  H.G. Wells said this would happen a hundred years ago.  He wanted it to happen of course.  He was writing books about what he called free love in the late 1800ís on behalf of his paymasters then.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about China last night in fact.  China that loves to eat dogs and pretty well everything that crawls and flies and everything else.  And they prefer it literally fresh on the table, sort of jumping around.  But weíre supposed to be all-encompassing and all-embracing in this New World Order you see.  Thatís why you canít be offended at anything, or anybody else for that matter.  Iím not kidding you; youíre not supposed to be offended by anything.  However when they start ripping children out of mothersí wombs at the age of seven months then I think it is peopleís concerns because as I said last night that China is the model state for the world.  And Maurice Strong himself, in an article I read last night, reiterated that.  So, thatís the model state weíve all to emulate you see.  Itís a one child per parent family type of thing.  And then the government if you have two, they used to send the militia in to get you at one time and theyíd take you off for the abortion.  And now of course theyíve got the people trained; they donít have to do that.  Itís so easy to train them.  And we can get trained the same way, mind you, you know the mob, thereís always a mob there.  If you donít have one itís easy to create.  And theyíll say, oh that person is having a second child, isnít that terrible, taking food off from our tables, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  And on they go with their grotesque mentality and they grab the woman generally and pull her into the hospital to be ripped open.  For sustainability you understand.  And you better believe this is all real because the Group of 77, which includes Chinese delegates and so on and other far eastern nations, right in there the Chinese ambassador right there to the United Nations in the G77 says that youíve got to, the West must bring down their population, must bring down their population as per agreement.  Now have you seen that agreement anywhere?  Of course you havenít because you see youíre run the same way as China is, you really are.  Youíre given fairy tales for truth. 

Anyway it says:  

"UN chief hails progress in Chinese sustainable development"

Alan:  What they mean is depopulation, bringing the populations down and all the rest of it.  And having a slave population at the bottom.  So:

"The United Nations commended progress made by the Chinese government in achieving sustainable development, especially in aspects of maintaining human healthÖ"

Alan:  Last month it was a complete contrary thing that came out of China where they were condemned for not having enough to treat the ordinary people.  In fact weíre still building hospitals over there in China with our tax money because they wonít do it themselves.  Theyíre after the loot at the top, you know the Politburo, the state embodies everything.  Pretending theyíre the embodiment of all the people as they get stinking rich and the folk get poor at the bottom.  Thatís the reality of it folks.   

It says:

"Ömaintaining human health and protecting environment, said Ban Ki-moon, secretary-general of the UN here on Tuesday."

Alan:  I watched a documentary of a river, it was so polluted, it was like tar in it in fact.  And a Chinese guy went in with a big long barge pole and he put it right down to the bottom and came up with this cadmium and different chemical sludge.  And the factories along the river just dumped everything right into it, including all the chemicals from a leather factory.  Thatís the reality.  So, these guys at the United Nations are nothing but utter liars.  Letís call them what they are, theyíre utter liars.  Theyíre not misinformed, theyíre liars you see.  And theyíre control freaks.  They want to control all of us you see and run the world that they claim should be run properly with them at the top.   Anyway, it says:

"Ban's remarks came as he addressed a round-table conference held at the UN headquarter with a theme of looking at health issue with a broader prospective.  ďThe just-concluded UN Conference on Sustainable Development is a big success,Ö"

He says:

"Öwhich gave high priority to health and environmental issues.Ē  The development achievement made by the Chinese government is very admirable and convincing. "

Alan:  I wonder to whom.

"Chinese development path is valuable for many countries."

Alan:  So weíve all to copy them again, the "Chinese development path", where they come in and just rip out the children from the womb.  And if you survive it then good for you, if you donít tough luck.  Unless youíre one of the, you know in this classless Chinese society, one of the Politburo, the better ones they have, intergenerational families running the show.  Because itís all their own children that get the jobs you see at the top.  And they can have more than one child.  You pay a little fee for it.  But the ones at the bottom, no, no, no you canít do that.  You get a massive fine and they rip the child out. 

So it says:

"International Health and Environment Organization was established at the conference."

Alan:  And yada-yada-ya and rubbish-rubbish-rubbish.  So Iíll put this link up tonight for those who still canít make their mind up about what truth is because they wonít look into anything for themselves. 

Now itís bad enough because years ago of course I knew why they brought in these so-called loyalty cards at supermarkets and elsewhere because you see it was to do with spying on everybody.  On their medications at the pharmacy, on other things that they bought there, another one for the grocery store.  The one for the grocery store, by the way, in Canada itís called Air Miles.  And you can also use the same one at the liquor store you see.  And so thereís the government seeing all, doing all the tests on what youíre buying and what youíre eating, the items of food youíre eating, and also how much booze youíre drinking as well.  Right from the very get-go, before you heard of it, theyíd already planned this.  Because weíre just rats at the bottom in the cage you know, in the labyrinth.  Thatís what we are.  And most folk donít really care. ďWell I save three dollars a month you know on this loyalty card.Ē 

"Supermarket spies: How the Government plans to use loyalty card data to snoop on the eating habits of 25million shoppers."

"Whitehall in talks with supermarkets over sharing their data, which shows exactly what customers buy."

Alan:  Well itís already been here in Canada for years. 

"People with poor diets would be sent tailored advice to improve their health and lifestyles."

Alan:  So whether you like it or not, youíre going to get told what to do. 

"Parents could be contacted if their bills show they are not giving their offspring a balanced diet."


"Giants like Tesco know more about eating habits than the NHS, experts claim."

Alan:  So they want to do this massive survey in Britain.† Iím sure theyíve already been doing it; thatís why they gave you these loyalty cards.

"People who buy too much alcohol, fatty foods or sugary drinks would be targeted with 'tailored' health advice under plans being considered by the Coalition.  With more children than ever dangerously overweight, parents could also be contacted if their bills show they are not giving their offspring a balanced diet from their weekly shop. "

Alan:  And it goes on and on about obesity and all the rest of it.  And how itíll save the National Health Service billions so as we can send it over to China and build hospitals for them.  So, Iíll put this link up tonight too for those who care about these things.

And the:

"EU unveils its vision for the future of monetary union."

Alan:  Total, total union by the way.  Everybodyís thinking itís a failure.  Itís not a failure; itís anything but a failure.  All this crisis, crisis, crisis, well weíre all in it together.  Weíre all in it together you see.  Thatís like the movie "Brazil", you saw those slogans all over the place like itís a war situation, "Weíre all in it together".  You know one goes down, we all go down.  All for one, one for all.  All that stuff you see.  This is what they always use in war time.  And these are scare tactics with the banks because the same bunch of bankers are buying all the bonds that end up their way and then lending it all out again, to themselves basically.  So, itís a Ponzi scheme.  And the whole idea is to terrify the people.  So to save themselves they must completely amalgamate all nations, end any last vestige of sovereignty and let the European parliament rule over with no opposition whatsoever.  So it says:

"Eurogroup's Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso from the European Commission."

"The ideas are backed by the Eurogroup's Herman Van RompuyÖ"

And it says:

"European authorities have unveiled their vision for the future, which gives them much greater powers."

Alan:  Strange, that, each time they screw up, it appears to the public that theyíre screwing up all the time with their terrible plans and bankruptcies.  Theyíre not screwing up.  This is the intention remember.  Itís to get more powers.  

"It includes the creation of a European treasury,"

Alan:  A single treasury you see, central bank.  Exactly what Quigley said back in the 60ís because he was a historian for the Council on Foreign Relations. 

"Öwhich would have powers over national budgets."

Alan:  You see the whole idea was always to make sure that in would come an authority that would do all your national bookkeeping for you. 

"European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said it was ďa defining moment for European integrationĒ."

Alan:  You better look up what integration means folks.  This isnít a talking place where you air your differences; thatís how they sold it to a lot of people way back in the 60ís.  This is total takeover by a warfare technique.  You donít have to send troops in, you just use the pen and the banks, and the pen is used by the bureaucrats and lawyers.  And you sign this and you sign that and all the rest of it.  The next thing you know youíre tied in with them and supposedly you canít get back out. 

"The 10-year plan is designed to strengthen the eurozone and prevent future crises, but critics say it will not address current debt problems."


"Spain is negotiating the terms of loans worth up to 100bn euros for its banks, and the new Greek government wants to ease the terms of its huge bailout.  The governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King, expressed concern about the recent response of European authorities.  ďI am pessimistic.† I am particularly concerned because over two years now we have seen the situation in the euro area get worse and the problem being pushed down the road,Ē he said, while appearing at a parliamentary hearing."

Alan:  So, theyíll get what they want because thatís why they did it all.

Lord Monckton, a video from him, after the Rio conference and he pretty well says itís over in a sense.  Itís all over, they kind of lost, yada-ya, theyíre all depressed.  Donít believe it for a second folks because they already have a lot on the table already in action, already in law, and more parts to come, like plan one, two and three for sustainable development and to do with your ICLEI groups on your local councils.  Theyíre still all there folks and hiring more.  So, itís not over at all.  Donít be misled.  They are going to definitely change their tactics into more redistribution of your wealth across the world to the big corporations that receive it all.  Thatís definitely on the cards but itís not over by any means at all. 

And hereís an article here from Australia.  I mentioned this too because it was in the 90ís, early 90ís that every country in the free trade deals under the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Australian Institute of International Affairs, New Zealand Institute for International Affairs, all these guys that are all working under the Royal Institute of International Affairs were all signing agreements to do with foreign trade and free trade and bringing in foreign workers.  And they are doing it now big time with Australia.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the free trade deals and how they can bring in very cheap workers into other countries regardless of what the minimum wage is and pay them the wages that they would get back home in their old country even if itís a pittance.  And this is the big, big plan for the future.  Planned as I say and written and they all drafted these agreements up in the early 90ís and the public were completely unaware of them.  Because these guys at the top run the whole world like a big business plan with their 50 year plans and 70 year plans, 100 year plans, etcetera. 

"Mining billionaire Clive Palmer may turn to foreign workers to staff his many resource projects."

"Mr. Palmer, who is opening new projects in Queensland's Galilee coal region, told ABC Radio he will seek an enterprise migration agreement (EMA) if there's not enough Australian workers.  ďJobs should be first for Australians but we should not hold up national development (if there's a shortage of workers),Ē Mr. Palmer said."

Alan:  In other words he wants to get cheap labor.

"An EMA application would depend on ďa number of issues which are still undetermined,Ē he said.  He said he would like to see more workers from interstate move to Queensland to help staff projects.  The federal government last month awarded Gina RinehartÖ"

Alan:  Thatís another big boss of some big mining company.

"Öan EMA to bring in 1700 foreign workers for her Roy Hill project."

Alan:  So thatís what they call it, an Enterprise Migration Agreement.  They can bring in half the continent if they want to into Australia and pay them pittances as well.  So this is a hundred year old plan, written a hundred years ago, with all of this talked about back then by the big players in their books and here itís all happening of course.  And people are all angry about it because theyíre just finding out now and they have no idea this has just been an old, old plan and every politician along the years has been playing you along like a fool.  Thatís what they do, they treat you like children.  Treated just like children. 

And this other article I mentioned last week too, itís about:

"UK infant schools praised for teaching trans kids to 'express themselves'."

Alan:  Thatís ones who want to wear dresses when theyíre four if theyíre little boys and things like that.  Iíll put that up again tonight too, to show you what the schools are doing to the children.  Because this is the agenda folks if you canít quite figure it out.  This is the agenda.

And another article too, about the same Ofsted group, that runs the education, they do all the reports on it and how it should be, this social engineering, a la communist style.  And theyíre also talking about the terrible grades theyíre getting in school now, in junior school and how terrible, terrible it is.  No wonder when theyíre getting dressed up like this to go to school etcetera so they can be happy and explore their gender freely.  At that age who is exploring anything except you know climbing trees and things.  But no, not in this new Brave New World scenario where agendas come first, big agendas.  It doesnít matter about the human fallout, now or down the road with it, itís got to be done you see because these characters at the top, the twisted ones, have been specially chosen to put their agendas forward and ram it down everybodyís throats.  And nobody cares; letís be honest about it.  This news comes out all the time, nobody cares.  You get what you deserve at the end, you know you really do.


"University Of Wisconsin Antarctica South Pole Station Sets New Record Low: -100.8įF"

Alan:  Iíll put this one up tonight as well just to show you that the global warming stuff, and the disappearing poles and all that, itís all utter tripe, like most stuff is actually.  With it too Iíll put up articles on the U.S. Marines arriving in Darwin, the first contingent, I think theyíve got a bunch also going into New Zealand as well.  And because now that you see your tax money created modern China through the GATT treaty and the Overseas Economic Development Corporation which all your countries have under the United Nations.  They borrow money and the person whoís in charge of the OECD generally is also the IMF guy for your country.  So he borrows it from the World Bank, to give to other countries.  Weíve been doing this since World War II.  And then youíre put down as the guarantors to pay it up even when the third countries always default.  And then they give them another one and youíre down as guarantor again. 

So, itís quite something the way this scam operates.  Redistribution of the wealth a la Karl Marx as they say, as you plummet down into whatís called austerity, austerity folks, yep.  And meanwhile you canít even teach your children basic life skills at school anymore.  But you can get them, they have good colors and things to choose your dresses.  And another one on the loyalty cards, thereís actually two on loyalty cards tonight Iím putting up. 

Another article about robbers and bankers, basically theyíre the same people.      

"Bank robbers should bin their masks and become bank bosses... the skills are the same."

"Buying a house is the biggest and most nerve-racking financial transaction in most peopleís lives. A friend of one of my children was due to complete on a little property in Sidcup, Kent, last Thursday. There were five people in her purchase chain, all of whom had furniture being loaded on to vans when she received a phone call from her solicitor. RBSísÖ."

Alan:  Thatís the Royal Bank of Scotland.

"Öcomputer system had crashed: the promised money for her house was not there. She and everybody else in the chain were left sobbing. One couple spent the night in a local Premier Inn; others had to pay the cost of holding furniture already packed into removal vans."

"Meanwhile, they had endured 24 hours of hell. So did millions of other customers of RBS ó which owns NatWest ó up and down Britain, who suffered days of anguish because money they were counting on to fund their lives had gone missing in the black hole of the bankís computer system. Yesterday, RBSís boss Stephen Hester apologized, blaming a glitch during a software upgrade."

Alan:  Really?  I thought heíd have said it went to money heaven.  You know thatís where these boys always seem to send it.  Back with more after this break. 

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Alan:  Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about all the games that are going on now because a light switch has been turned on obviously, the green light, to really ramp ahead with these free trade deals across the planet.  The old, old dream of the Royal Institute of International Affairs because itís happening everywhere now, and itís really hitting the Far East countries very, very quickly and they hadnít a clue that this was even getting set up never mind it had all been drafted up long, long ago and signed. 

But you see itís interesting, as I say, that thereís the U.S. going into Australia and New Zealand and other places supposedly to cordon off around the Chinese just in case the Chinese get too big for their boots.  Well we created China through the World Trade Organization.  China had no factories for goodness sake.  And what our own governments did was then encourage all your factory owners and employment owners to up and move wholesale to China.  And our tax monies funded them to move and paid for them to move, including the deals they got, such as, they didnít have to pay any taxes for 15 years if they say that the move had made them lose business and all that kind of stuff.  We paid all those differences.  So once youíve done it and built China up, oh my goodness weíre all scared of China now.  Do you understand how they built up the Soviet Union the same way?† Do you?  I hope you really do.  Itís all planned.

And hereís what you get in return for paying up for China to come up to a first world status and all that and get priority trading with every other country, they can pollute as much as they want.  And itís the most favored nation trading status country for all of us now you see. 

"Hawke clear to aid Chinese land grab."

Alan:  So it isnít just the big mining boys that are putting in people from India and elsewhere to come in, the Chinese are in there grabbing land as well.

"Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke has the all-clear to use taxpayer dollars to organize foreign raids on Australian farms."

"He has also refused to answer questions about whether he's already been doing so."

Alan:  All along, conducting the raids that is.

"Mr. Hawke is co-ordinating Chinese company Shanghai Zhongfu's bid to take control of 30,000ha of new irrigation land - and the attached water rights - on northern Australia's Ord River. But he has refused to comment on whether he used his taxpayer-funded office and telephones to negotiate the deal. A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Julia Gillard said what former PMs did with their offices was their business."

Alan:  What a piece of work too, eh, this Julia Gillard is.  And it says there that:

"Victorian Farmers Federation president Peter Tuohey said: ďIf they (Shanghai Zhongfu) are getting support from the Australian Government or Bob Hawke in preference to Australian businesses, that's wrong, morally wrong.Ē "

Alan:  It doesnít matter; you see theyíre legally right because they got all the forms signed by themselves.  They didnít ask you because you donít count. {Laughs}

"AusBuy chief Lynne Wilkinson said using taxpayer-funded resources to sell off Australian assets would be ďmost inappropriate behaviourĒ."

Alan:  In other words slap on the wrist stuff but itís all legal you see because they signed all the deals and havenít told the public. 

"He's already been well and truly paid by taxpayers and that's not appropriate,"

Alan:  Etcetera, etcetera.  Thatís the real world, folk, that we live in; itís plunder time, because you see youíre at the bottom of the heap now.  Youíre all the junk genes and all the ones at the top, you know the real big robbers, theyíve got the whole show going and itís their time, itís their time to do what they want.  Thatís what it is.  Itís their time. 

And for folk who think that the greenhouse gas is going to go away with the Rio Summit, itís been a bad gas you might say.† It says:

"Court upholds EPA's greenhouse gas rules."

Alan:  This is in the U.S. and thatís yesterday.

"A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday upheld the first-ever U.S. proposed rules governing heat-trapping greenhouse gases,"

Alan:  You know most of it is moisture.

"Öclearing a path for sweeping regulations affecting vehicles, coal-burning power plants and other industrial facilities. Handing a setback to industry and a victory to the Obama administration, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia unanimously ruled the Environmental Protection Agency's finding that carbon dioxide is a public danger and the decision to set limits for emissions from cars and light trucks were "neither arbitrary nor capricious." The ruling, which addresses four separate lawsuits, upholds the underpinnings of the Obama administration's push to regulate carbon dioxide emissions,"

Alan:  What they want to do is regulate your vehicles folks and get you off the road under Agenda 21, the Millennial Project, sustainable development; itís all the same thing.  They planned that a long time ago, before he was in power. 

"In the 82-page ruling, the three-judge panel also found that the EPA's interpretation of the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide regulations is ďunambiguously correct.Ē"

Alan:  So there you go.  The courts are completely all with this because theyíre all picked for, thatís so they can make them judges and that.  Theyíre all picked to go along with what theyíre told, you see.  So, youíll be saying goodbye to your cars soon or youíll be saying hello to an awful lot of expensive fees and very, very expensive gasoline, oil.  Like itís already pretty expensive isnít it?  Itís terrible. 

Jacques Attali, the guy who wrote, "Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order", back in 1990.  And he wrote another book after that too.  The guy who said the next boat people will be Americans leaving the shores looking for work abroad.  He was an advisor to umpteen presidents, very important guy, probably more important than the presidents.  Then he went off to work at the United Nations for years and heís been involved in a few scandals like they all are, like gun running and stuff. {Laughs}   It says:

"President of PlaNet Finance"

Alan:  Itís called.

"Melissa Bell speaks to Jacques Attali, President of PlaNet Finance. They discuss the appeal published by Jacques Attali, the head of the WTOÖ"

Alan:  Isnít that amazing how they just fall into these positions, the guys who helped draft the whole agenda for the planet, eh?

"Öand other prominent economists and politicians calling for a shift to growth in the euro area and deeper integration to combat the region's debt crisis. Has the time finally come for a federal Europe?"

Alan:  Well of course it is.  I mean theyíve been at it forever.  They always said thatís where theyíd take you.  And Iíll put this up tonight too for those that want to peruse it.  But yeah theyíre going all the way through into total amalgamation until there is no memory eventually down the road.  It will only take one generation to have no memory of having a previous Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Germany, and so on.  Thatís the idea, thatís what they teach them in school.  Itís like Year One in the old Communist era, in Cambodia, year one started when they took over and nothing happened before it.  In other words theyíre teaching them no history, to the young children of the Euro, so that they wonít get angry about things that happened in the past.  In other words keep them ignorant.  So, Iíll put this up tonight as well and you can also peruse all of this kind of stuff. 

And I wanted to mention as well thereís an article here, Iíve got it here.  Itís an interesting article about Ron Paul.  Now, Iíve watched the patriot business, and itís a business for a lot of folk, for years.  And every time itís election time they always give a pied piper and put him forward for the guys to vote for and they sit back for four or five years and do nothing and then go awe you see.  Four or five years where they could have been doing something themselves.  You understand itís meant to spin your wheels, waste time, and youíre no further forward than you were before.  

But in this article here, the guyís done a lot of good research into the voting records and what really are the voting records of Ron Paul and everything else.  And itís a long article, youíll have to read it yourselves.  It says:

"The Incontrovertible Conundrum Of Dr. Ron Paul."

Alan:  And heís got a lot of data, a lot of research on this particular thing and itís no surprise as I say.  It was no surprise to me what would happen with Ron Paul at the end either, I knew this was going to happen.  Because theyíve pulled this stunt, this is the second time theyíve pulled it with Ron Paul.  Where did all that cash go that was backing him?  $30 million here, $40 million there, whereíd it all go?  I mean you have to start wondering, folks, thereís an old saying, it says, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me".† Why are you so fooled?  So as that the Paul dynasty can keep going under the sun now.  It says:

"To do this, we must delve deep into the language of both the house bill and the US CODE for which that bill will effect, as well as attempting to dispel some fallacies about the Federal Reserve System and its perceived power structure."

Alan:  And he goes into really a lot of detail about the Federal Reserve, how it does work, and how they have had audits and all the rest of it in the past.  And folk donít even know it.  But itís all published, itís all published folks. 

So, Iíll put this link up tonight and go through it, those who can, whoíve got patience, who can read more than one paragraph before they fall asleep.  And you can see for yourself.  Make your own mind up; itís up to you what you think of it.  But itís a very well done article.  Everyoneís played as a sucker in politics.  You understand that?  Thatís the whole idea of politics.  But they always throw out the pied piper for the patriots, for years and years and years.  And away they go, because everyoneís trained that this person, the one man, the person, the lone, you know the guy who rides into town and cleans it all up for you.  Heíll do all the work while you sit on your rear end, and youíre an armchair warrior basically.  Thatís not how it works folks.  Thatís what I mean: people ultimately deserve what they get.  Thatís true.  Thereís obviously hope, but thereís a time to go beyond just hope itself and you have to be involved in things yourself. 

And letís be honest, politicians, youíll find that even Shakespeare talks about politicians and other ones too.  Theyíre called many, many names and shysters and all the rest of it because they use the vocabulary, theyíll always give a statement out where they can jump back from it when theyíre faced with it through legalities in the wording that they use.  Things like that.  This is common, common fare and itís time folk woke up to this stuff and realize what itís all about.  Itís really time, isnít it? 

Also tonight too Iím putting up a link to North Carolina because itís banking all its cash basically on the drone industry.  It wants to be first in turning out drones for, well, to spy on all of you.  Isnít that amazing?  You see at one time so many of the places in the U.S., towns were built by the military-industrial complex to have wars overseas.   And you would have one jet, for instance.  I know some people who work on one jet in different U.S. states.  And one of them just makes the seals, the hydraulic seals for the undercarriage.  Doesnít see any of the rest of the plane.  And thatís how they do things, it gives work.  But now itís all turned inwards.  See, in a global governmental system, when you have run out of enemies, which youíre going to do down the road you see, the only enemy left is the people.  Thatís why theyíre spying on all of you, for tyranny needs to have a predictable population.  And youíre awfully good at supplying the information to them and being compliant. 

Whoíd have thought, you know they used to talk about the Indians giving away Long Island and other places for a bunch of glass beads.  What do you get?  Youíve got your cell phones there, youíve got all your gadgets and your gizmos, and you put all your data up there every day for them for this bit of plastic you see.  Which gives you all the other stuff that youíre interested in.  Little clips of movies, porno, and all the rest of it, games.  And you say that the Indians were really dumb for giving away their land for some beads.  Itís the same thing.  Only the Indians couldnít understand losing land, it made no sense.  They didnít understand commerce at all.  You lot do, and you know what rights are, and what consent is.   Look at every app you bring down there.  Look at they need your consent to get all your information and scatter it across the planet, including to the Pentagon and every other place.  You donít care, do you?  The Indians had an excuse as I say, you donít, you donít.  Youíre willing to give it up for your plate of pottage as they say.  Because itís too much fun; the rest of itís too much fun, isnít it?  Just too much fun. 

Now, remember too Katerina Jeleva goes to court tomorrow and itís amazing the dirty tricks that have been played on her by this Amber Ruder, who has been appointed as the Guardian ad Litem.  Sheís just a lawyer and but sheís got a kind of nasty history of what I can see already.  But she plays a lot of dirty tricks.  She just played another one there too where she got Katerina to sign a form.  Katerina before she signed it scored a whole bunch of things out, gave it back to her and then Ruder just today sent another one to her with all the stuff she scored out back on it again.  Dirty stinking tricks.  And youíre looking for justice in this world?  And these characters run shotgun over everybody to get what they want. 

You know, her director, the director of the office of the Guardian ad Litem in the state of Utah is called Rick Smith and Iíll put up his email tonight and itís called, loriab@email.utcourts.gov.  And let him know, let him know itís about time he started looking into the affairs of this particular character, Amber Ruder, whoís actually, sheís using, she doesnít even have court authority.  Sheís acting like the judge by trying to blackmail the people into, under the guise of contempt of court; this is outside the court by the way, to hand over all the rights to her.  And Iíve got the document here.  And she did try this.  What a piece of work.  What a piece of work. 

So, go into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and this is the last night too, to let your views be known to Rick Smith the director of the office of the Guardian ad Litem.  And to Ruder herself that sheís being watched here, all her dirty tricks, and also to the judge and so on that will be presiding over the court, that weíre all watching this, all watching this.  And something is going to happen here because this is just the dirtiest, dirtiest tricks. 

Katerina was asked to see a therapist, this is how they do it, see a therapist, and then later your child sees a therapist separately, then both together see a therapist to keep the court happy.  Well Ruder, and her husband, would not allow the child to come to the therapist even though it was laid on for the day, just so they can go to court and say, well, no, we didnít see the therapist, and drag it on more or try and get the child you see.  She complies with nothing, this Amber Ruder. 

But if you let that happen to one, this is happening to thousands of people all over the place.  You know people who sit back and just entertain themselves and theyíll say oh thatís terrible, terrible.  Do something folks.  Do you understand whatís going to happen to all of you if you donít do something?  What are you scared of?  Youíre supposed to complain.  Youíre supposed to complain.  These folk are all living on the taxpayer here.  And theyíre supposed to be answerable to you.  It doesnít matter who you are.  They donít chop your head off for that, for complaining folks.  Start phoning in.  Itís all on the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, on the front page.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix, and thereís a caller Rick from New York on the line.  Are you there Rick?

Rick:  Yes I am.  Thanks for taking my call.  Yeah, itís interesting how you discussed China and how the American taxpayer through these international organizations like GATT and the World Trade Organization built China you know with our tax money, with factories and everything and technology transfers, but I mean this is the dream of David Rockefeller.  I mean in his own memoirs he talked about how China should be the model country for the New World Order. 

Alan:  Thatís right.

Rick:  And also of Jerome Greene when he started the Institute of Pacific Relations back in 1928.  

Alan:  Thatís right and that was also part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, it was a branch of it in fact.  So these guys, they set out three for Australia and New Zealand and they all had specialized tasks to perform to work with China, work with all the other countries there to bring them under, and they knew by the way in the 1930ís that eventually theyíd bring China up, down the road, which is now, to be the manufacturer of the planet.  And Australia and New Zealand would go under the auspices of the main big giant of China.  Thatís happening now.  Yeah, so they wrote all this, yeah.

Rick:  Right.  Iím a libertarian socialist myself.  I think the best way to go is decentralization and direct democracy and federalism, like the movement of the Spanish libertarian collectives in 1936 and also whatís happening in Mexico with the Zapatistas and the libertarian collectives there and so forth.  I think thereís got to be a break from the present system.  I think the only way to do that is through you know a mutual solidarity and mutual aid with people in your community and working toward a system where there is a balance between you know libertarian rights and why people are working, and like what theyíre doing with their time.  I think the only way to do that is through maximum solidarity with the federalist system of mutual aid on the local level and coordination on the national and international level.  I donít know if I sound kind of radical for aÖ 

Alan:  Not really.

Rick:  I mean a libertarian capitalist I guess.

Alan:  Iíll tell you, the one thing about that is, these guys at the top are not stupid.  Because Britain now is, again, theyíre the sort of flagship for everything.  And theyíre going through this crazy business of decentralization but theyíre already under the super EU parliament now.  So you think youíre getting decentralized but now youíre under the authority of an even bigger power and they want the same with North America too.  During the free trade negotiations for Canada, the States, and Mexico, they actually said they were considering putting up a parliament for the Americas in Montreal, Canada.  That was all discussed, it all came out.  So you would end up decentralizing and think now Iíll get some freedom here, and bang youíre under an even bigger one.  And so Britainís found itself under this big boot of the EU parliament in Brussels.

Rick:  Itís a bureaucratization of the world, unfortunately; weíre headed in that direction I think.

Alan:  Yes, absolutely, and unfortunately itís pretty well happened.  And itís happening as we speak.  And most folk again are oblivious to it because there isnít a single politician out there that runs that will ever mention this stuff because they were all members of the same organization before they were picked.  They know not to mention these things to the general public.  This is a hundred year old goal from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR for their world where the bankers will rule it, and they said that, because they were all bankers who started it up.  And their offspring would rule it and they still are actually.  And their central banks would rule the world using academia and experts underneath them, technocrats, and the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland would take care of all business. 

Rick:  Thatís the problem with Marx you know.  I mean like heís got some good ideas with like commodity and alienation and reapplication, but then at the same time his, where he was in England he was what do you call it, controlled by other interests.

Alan:  Thatís right, but thanks for calling though. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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