June 28, 2012 (#1119)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 28, 2012:

Having Fun?--It's All Been Done:

"Aldous Huxley, Futurist, Keen Mind, Astute,
Involved in Experiments at Tavistock Institute,
Said There was No Reason a Scientific Dictatorship
Should ever Lose its Power Relationship
Over the Masses which Would Never Suspect
They'd Had Life-Long Training, Politically Correct,
No Notion that "Normals" don't Change by Magic,
Our Minds are Guided by Specialists, Tragic,
Using Sequences of Guilt, Shame, Peer Pressure,
When Faced with Conflict, You Choose Lesser,
With Prompts and Trends You're Carefully Guided
Into "Correct Opinions" for the "Open-Minded,"
Huxley Mentioned with Certitude,
That People Would Come to Love Their Servitude"
© Alan Watt June 28, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 28, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 28, 2012. As always I start off the broadcast by advising people to make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com because thereís a lot of audios on there for free download where you can really start to really put the pieces together of the system youíre born into, this incredibly worked out system. It does have a head at it of course, to organize it all, and lots of organizations beneath it too, that are also organizing the ones beneath that and so on and so on.  Youíre living through what they call scientific socialism, run by the bankers, of all people, because they invented socialism and communism too.  Because basically they prefer to deal with countries, socialist countries that are always borrowing from them, the bankers themselves, and the government simply put down the people, the citizenry, as collateral and also as guarantors to pay off all the debts. So itís a wonderful system.  Rather than having individual little states, little provinces, etc. and having to send your own heavies out to collect the cash Ė in fact they might even not want your loan in the first place Ė governments are far better. Then of course they got all the governments on board through big international treaties, through the United Nations, to borrow money through the IMF and the various organizations they have to deal with giving money overseas. So weíre in the big, big charity business but it doesnít go to the people. It goes to the big foundations and the organizations and international corporations that are set up all across the planet.


So help yourself to the audios. Remember too, that all those sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com have audios for download and transcripts for print up as well in English. Go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. I donít bring on advertisers as guests; I donít sell products to people. I just try and give you the straight shooting, as they say. Iím not compromised by beholding to any advertisers or anything like that. So itís up to you to keep me going. Iíve no shares in companies and things of that nature. So you can buy the books, hopefully, and discs, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donate, and to do soÖ [Order and donation options listed above.]


As I say, if you donít understand your histories you wonít understand whatís happening today or where itís supposed to go. Itís not that history always repeats itself, itís that those who study history are in command of the world and they know how to bring you down very quickly, in order to own you all. And it is a big stake; they want to own the planet, all the resources Ė theyíve pretty well done it, including your water and your food supplies Ė and they want to own you as well. Not only you but even the genes in your body Ė theyíre patenting your genes in your body; Iíll be touching on that tonight Ė and bring in a new slave race down the road, maybe 2050 or so, that will serve them much more efficiently than the present ones that have got silly ideas about independence and freedoms. So help yourself to that.


What I do is I try and show you the big organizations that came together in the late 1800s, openly; itís in the history books, no conspiracy about it. The Cecil Rhodes foundation for instance, was quite blatant about their objectives. They melded with the Milner society, bankers actually, international money lenders, to form the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They were to use Britain as a model because Britain already had an empire and the US was to take it over and then expand it. So thatís what youíre living through today. They call it wars for this and wars for that, wars of liberation, but really itís just an expansion of the global power system with the central banks to be all under an umbrella, run by the Bank for International Settlements.  Thatís from their own books and records and archives, by the way, which again you can get a hold of if you want to. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve been talking about Katerina Jeleva whoís been fighting to get her child back from the childrenís services. I donít know why they call them services; theyíre just kidnapping rings really. But Iíll update you as soon as I get word as to what happened today. They have these ongoing pretrials and weíll get some information pretty shortly out to you as to whatís happening there.


Now, the world is run by, as I say, these big rich people who were all behind Darwin long ago and they grabbed onto the Darwinian theories because it helped justify why they were at the top Ė being a psychopath is quite good; you can always rationalize what youíre doing. But when you get a sort of step up the ladder with the Darwinian concept, of a superior type of people, or race for that matter, then it satisfies them. Thereís their answer that theyíve been looking for to give to the publicÖ Weíre here, at the top of you, ruling over you because weíre superior genetically and all of that. And they really want to believe in all of that of course; itís much better for them.


But psychopaths have always been here, until you wonder, really, is this the natural state of affairs, where theyíll always claw their way to the top? Because theyíre very, very cunning and they can almost read peopleís minds; they can read you very, very quickly. They get up there and rule over you in all ages. In times gone past it wasnít so bad because little groups of people lived across the whole planet, clans, tribes and things, and sometimes if somebody got too big for their boots you could all get together and sort of get rid of them.  But today we have a different solution. Itís called government you see, and this whole idea of democracy where you can vote another bunch of tyrants in every four or five years, rather than having rebellions every four or five years Ė thatís why they gave you democracy. Because itís the same bunch at the top that always put the people forward for you to vote for.  And Iím not kidding about that, theyíre all selected by the Royal Institute of International Affairs at the top. Theyíre all members of the organization, or the other name theyíll call it, the Council on Foreign Relations, across the rest of the world.


So youíre presented, just like it was in the Soviet Union, with Politburo one, two or three; take your pick.  Because it doesnít matter what they tell you Ė and I wish people would really learn this and remember it Ė it doesnít matter what they tell you, theyíre politicians for goodness sake, when theyíre running for election.  They can do whatever they want once theyíre voted in.  And look up the terms and the definitions of democracy.  It tells you that, they can do whatever they want, because you have given them YOUR permission to do whatever they want.  Thatís why you shouldnít vote at all; itís pointless. Itís a rigged game.  Like everything else in this world itís truly rigged. From the university systems that give you your indoctrinations into low-level science, often a lot of it untrue, and everything else they churn out to you, the stock market, everything is rigged. It always was rigged.  But they put on a great show of pretending that theyíre all above board and honest people.  Iíve never seen or heard of an honest politician.


They play every group, for that groupís sake.  So if theyíre speaking to a bunch of workmen, like Tony Blair used to do; heíd arrive outside the headquarters of some workmenís union and he would take a brand-new shirt, a blue shirt out of a package, in his car, and heíd put it on and roll up the sleeves and walk in like a working guy, and then heíd get back into his car and put on the white one again. And when they go to see some top sponsors that are going to back them financially, you know, itís a suit and tie and the big dinner plates, etc, that cost thousands of pounds and all this nonsense.  Thatís how they ALL... ALL are. But none of them would be in power, or get into power, unless you select them out of the bunch thatís put forward, for you to select from.


And it wouldnít make any difference who you select in this system.  There are such forces that run this world, SUCH incredible forces they would never let an honest person in; it wouldnít happen.  Someone thatís going to upset their whole pyramid scheme Ė because itís built like a pyramid Ė it would never, ever happen. We are dealing with people who plan wars 20 years before they start them. Weíre dealing with people who sit and say, yeah the collateral damage would be so many million here, so many there, from starvation, disease and so on, once weíre finished with them Ė thatís what youíre dealing with. Youíre dealing with people with private armies, hitmen all over the place. Thatís the reality of this world. Thereís nothing honest in it, and I mean nothing, thereís nothing honest in it, certainly not in a governing capacity.


This article here is about eugenics, because eugenics is a basic prop, as I say, for these people who decided they were superior a long, long time ago anyway. Itís interesting too, that Marx thought that Darwin gave credence to the whole so-called science of communism, and he wanted to dedicate his fourth publication or fifth publication to Darwin. And Darwin wouldíve gone for it, except his advisors Ė because they all have their advisors, even back then folks Ė it might not be good for PR. So their idea was to bring in a new world run by science. They had to demolish the last vestiges especially of Christianity in the West because that was the predominant religion, and now theyíre getting rid of the Muslim countries in the Middle East, etc.  But today itís Christianity.  And then of course the scientists would step into the shoes left by priests and ministers, and youíd be trained. And you ARE trained to listen to experts. You truly are trained, whether you know it or not, youíre trained, you see. And theyíve done thousands and thousands upon thousands of polls, when they put these little things on television ďfrom an expert,Ē and then theyíll poll the next day.  And sure enough, theyíre all prattling about whatever this expert said about whatever it was, some nonsense they made up.


But the idea is to create a new form, a new species. I mentioned the movie Gattaca before and itís quite good. Itís about a time Ė thatís almost here, pretty well is here Ė where thereíd be two separate classes in the world, and new types of classes.  One will be genetically modified and conceived artificially and the other one will be the old-fashioned ones, that are deemed inferior, because you see, theyíll have junk genes, genes that might make you prone to get allergies down the road, might make you prone to blah-blah-blah Ė might, might, might, might, might, you see.  So this article isÖ


World's first GM babies born

dailymail.co.uk / MICHAEL HANLON


The world's first genetically modified humans have been created, it was revealed last night.  (Alan:  You know, just like that...  Just revealed, oh... boom.)


The disclosure that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments in the United States provoked another furious debate about ethics.  (A:  Well, thereís no debate about ethics, because they already put the eugenicists in there and they call them bioethicists, and these are the experts that come on and change your mind for you Ė thatís their job Ė that this is okay.)


So far, two of the babies have been tested and have been found to contain genes from three 'parents'.


Fifteen of the children were born in the past three years as a result of one experimental programme at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St Barnabas in New Jersey.


The babies were born to women who had problems conceiving. Extra genes from a female donor were inserted into their eggs before they were fertilised in an attempt to enable them to conceive.  (A:  Now, thatís not all they do folks, because theyíll test these children down through their lives Ė I think theyíve already done them before to be honest with you.  And theyíll take different genes out and put other genes in, for height and everything else too Ė they can do that as well; India was doing that a few years ago Ė and to tamper with intellect, and even to do with the kind of personality.  If youíre going to put a person into a rulership position, a high bureaucrat or something, you want someone whoís going to be more like a robot and have no compassion. In fact, thatís where theyíre all into. But this one here is giving you the nicey-nicey approach, oh itís just because women were infertile, etc.)

Genetic fingerprint tests on two one-year-old children confirm that they have inherited DNA from three adults --two women and one man.


The fact that the children have inherited the extra genes and incorporated them into their 'germline' means that they will, in turn, be able to pass them on to their own offspring.  (A:  So now you have tampered with the rhythm of life, you might say.)


Altering the human germline - in effect tinkering with the very make-up of our species - is a technique shunned by the vast majority of the world's scientists.


Geneticists fear that one day this method could be used to create new races of humans with extra, desired characteristics such as strength or high intelligence. (A:  Well, thatís exactly what theyíre going after, and theyíve been going after that for YEARS in other laboratories, believe you me.  And the military and all big, top governments, and the ones who OWN all the governments Ė and I mean that, all governments are owned by a few across the whole planet Ė thatís what they want.)


Writing in the journal Human Reproduction, the researchers, led by fertility pioneer Professor Jacques Cohen, say that this 'is the first case of human germline genetic modification resulting in normal healthy children'.  (A:  Well you wonít know that till down the road.  But they will follow them, their experiments, and they will be followed down the road.)


Some experts severely criticised the experiments. Lord Winston, of the Hammersmith Hospital in West London, told the BBC yesterday: 'Regarding the treatment of the infertile, there is no evidence that this technique is worth doing . . . I am very surprised that it was even carried out at this stage. It would certainly not be allowed in Britain.'  (A:  Well, Iíd disagree there; I think theyíd allow it anywhere, very quietly in secret laboratories; and they have done that.)


So itís definitely going to lead to a whole new system all together, down the road.  And Iím sorry to say too, even in the movies theyíve shown us in the past, the old Sci-Fiís, the women will go for it like crazy. They already are. They already are going for it. I know of people in LA who have ordered their children.  ORDEREDÖ where the sperm came from, the ethnic race it comes from, the height and all the rest of it.  And women will go for that big time. And they also think theyíre going to get a healthy child, etc.  So itís inevitable now because these boys, itís all part of the plan, and eventually youíll have real bureaucrats like robots Ė the ones that weíve already got are bad enough Ė but youíll get real robots in the future, in a human form, that have no compassion with anything at all.


Also Iím putting up tonight, itís an ongoing story, this, the story of Americaís forced sterilization...


Inside Story Americas - Forced sterilisation: Time for compensation? / youtube.com


Itís a little video to do with people who are still trying to get... They were sterilized as late as the 70s in some of the US states and theyíve got nothing back; they werenít told they were getting sterilized, by the way. Thatís what government does you see, when they deem inferior types, or people whoíve had no education; they donít see you as a human anymore. And you better understand, that means all of you listening as well.  Because the ones who are ruling you really donít see you, at your level, I donít care how many degrees youíve got, as much higher, or even higher at all, than the ones youíll see on this video. They really, really donít. So Iíll put this link up tonight as well.


Then weíll go into, of course, what theyíre calling ObamaCare, even though it was already started when the Clintons were in. Back with more after this.


Supreme Court upholds health-care overhaul - marketwatch.com / June 28, 2012


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt. This is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big changes that are happening in the States.  But of course people donít realize Ė Iíve mentioned this before Ė that when they set up the United Nations and their World Health Organization department, which also encompasses their Population department Ė thatís population CONTROL, for those who donít get it Ė they also said that eventually their goal was to make sure that across the whole entire planet people would be able to get the minimal, the most minimal health care possible. And what you are doing in the States and everywhere else, in Canada as well, is throwing your cash across the planet as they bring your systems down at home, so as that everyone across the planet, including yourselves, can get the most minimal healthcare. Look at the state of Britain; itís just disgusting what theyíve done. And the people really worked hard for generations to build that National Health Service up and it was demolished so quickly, when it was time to do it.


Because we have an enemy, you understand, and the enemy is very, very real and they are in control and they have a completely different idea of the value of human life. They have categories of human life in Britain, for instance; on your chart they give you a category as to whether you should be even revived, resuscitated and all these things, according to your age. In Britain theyíre very good as long as youíre up to about 40 to 45.  After that youíre kind of iffy. Once you hit 60 or are getting towards retirement age, then forget it folks, you just donít get the care. Thereís different grades of special care for different people in Britain, and people better understand that. You better understand that. It doesnít matter how much you pay in, by the way, and youíre all so equal and all the rest of it, it doesnít work out that way in reality. And the same thing is going to happen in the US.


See, the US is famous, like Britain was, because Britain was the first country to really start the big international corporate bodies, like the British East India Company along with its sister in Holland, the Dutch East India Company.   And the name of the game ever since has been MONOPOLIZATION, of every field.  Industry, you name it, whatever field youíre in, including medical care: monopolization. The same goes with all the banks and insurance companies, you end up with monopolization.  Until, the old story, there can only be oneÖ just like you see in all the sci-fi movies. There can only be one.


That also ties in with the Marxian concepts to do with material goods, where he mentioned that, you know, one factory churning out shoes would do fine for everybody, one for clothes for everybody and so on and so on. And the same thing would be for one insurance company to give you, provide you with the cash for your health care, or not provide it, according to the way they deem fit. But one thing is for sure, the health system in the US is stinking corrupt to begin with, with the incredible corruption and greedÖ greed that permeates the whole damn system Ė when you go in there and they bill you for everything, including an Elastoplast on a cut or something and probably bill you about 40 bucks for that little cheap piece of rubbish they just put on you. Itís incredibly, incredibly greedy.  Youíre as well as booking yourself into the Ritz, to be honest, if youíre going to get some really extensive treatment and just hire yourself a private caretaker to look after you in the meantime, because youíd live better.  You got more chance of coming out of the Ritz alive than you have from hospital now.  And itís the same in Britain now as well.


Because theyíre not going to put money into what are called the laboring classes. In Britain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries, in the 90s, mid 90s, they all made deals, at the same time by the way Ė just one of these strange coincidences Ė but of course they knew what was coming because everything is planned in advance, LONG in advance. They made a deal so that all politicians and their families would be taken care of with the best care possible, of the time, meaning the latest treatment, for whatever, in high operational military hospitals Ė they knew what was coming down the pike, because itís planned that way. You understand, if you have a herd of anything, sheep, goats, whatever, you want the maximum profit off them; thatís what theyíre there for.  Youíre not there as a pet owner. Youíre there as a farmer, and thatís how they see the world. You have the good shepherds and you have the sheep and you want to get as much profit from them as possible. You donít put out a little bit of profit on sheep that are getting a bit middle aged or over the hill; of course you donít. Thatís how simple this is, for those who donít quite get it, and lots wonít. They still want to believe there are beneficent dictators out there somewhere. Really, thatís what theyÖ In fact, some of them want to vote for that, a big father figure.


This article here saysÖ


Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Descent To Totalitarian Fascism



(A:  Itís to do with common law in Britain and so on.)


Trial by Jury is indeed a fundamental right under Magna Carta, and because it is judgement by other subjects/citizens is the last defence of the ordinary man against the otherwise overwhelming power of the State Ė and the power increasingly of unscrupulous, incompetent and totalitarian politicians Ė witness Blair and Coís Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and others which allow Ministers to rule by decree on the basis of declaring emergencies.  (A:  Well weíre living under perpetual emergencies now.) 


MAGNA CARTA 1215, CAP XXXIX: ďNo freeman shall be taken indeed imprisoned, either dispossessed, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, nor pass over him, nor send over him, except by means of the legal judgement of his own equals . . . 


(A:  But when you have this trilateral, basically, government in Britain with the Democrats and Liberals and Conservatives, it says...)

The ConDems are continuing the legislative program of NuLabour regarding recording and spying on our private and personal communications and in many respects their iniquitous efforts are indistinguishable from the Blair / Brown regime.  (A:  Well, the reason is, you see, there ARE no parties Ė and I keep stressing this.  There ARE no parties.  Thomas Jefferson said, when you see the same agenda going through the changes in the house, the different parties, know you are under tyranny. Back after this break)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Governments always give the same M.O.s [modus operandi] down through history when they want to take over and be totalitarian.  And folk havenít quite got it yet, youíre under it already, youíve been under it for quite a long time actually.  Even before 9/11 happened most countries put giant omnibus bills through to do with basically complete anti-terrorism which covered everything, including the ordinary citizens, including a lot of the terminology to EXPAND all this down the road. Because once you get it on the books you can expand it into anything at all, anything at all, any area you want to, and of course everything comes under terrorism eventually. But also governments love to have their...  At one time they had their, the Queen would have her, or the King would have his, private army. Everybody belonged to the Queen in the Army, and the armies would take the place of police forces, before the police forces came along, and theyíd be responsible to them. Then of course, when Parliament took over the Army still had to take their orders from Parliament.  Well that was all stopped when they brought in policemen, thatís why they brought policemen in in the first place so as that you couldnít get a government with its own private army basically. But itís going backwards, you see Ė itís happened in the States already, itís happened in Britain in some ways.  Hereís another article from Britain about another private army theyíre setting up. It saysÖ


Their dream is a 'British FBI' - the reality may be our own KGB

dailymail.co.uk / Peter Hitchens / 2 June 2012


From time to time the British media completely miss a story of huge significance. This is one of those times.


We are about to get a national police force under direct government control. They like to call it ĎBritainís FBIí. But Britain is not the USA and does not need an FBI.


For the sort of crime that concerns most people is small and local Ė burglary, gangs of menacing youths in the street, shoplifting and vandalism. This does not need some posturing agency, just a few thousand plods on foot patrol with the freedom to use their own initiative.


Anyway, arenít the grandiose, puffed-up MI5, and the equally self-important anti-terror squad of the Metropolitan Police, quite enough to deal with the supposed terror menace? Neither of them saw the last major terrorist episode coming, nor were they any use after it happened, but who knows? Maybe theyíll do better next time.


Even so, the Government is already hiring top management for a sinister and worrying body to be known as the National Crime Agency. This is unconstitutional (A:  Well who cares about constitutions? Itís only as good as the people who are willing to back it up, and thatís the public. The same with, you know, bills of rights or anything like that; the public have to back it up. You donít hand it to a politician and leave it to them. Itís FOR the public to back up.  Once they stop backing it up itís rubbish.† Anyway, it says itís unconstitutional...), as Parliament has only just begun to debate it. Interestingly, the Bill to create the agency began life in the House of Lords, a favourite route for laws the Government wants to keep quiet about.


The project is arrogant and anti-British. The NCAís director-general will have the power to order Chief Constables about. (A:  Thatís across the whole country.) He will answer directly to the Home Secretary.  (A:  Thatís the government.)


It is, in short, the very thing that, since the days of Sir Robert Peel (A:  That was when they created the first peelers or policeman.), Parliament has striven to prevent Ė a national police force under the direct control of the government.


In Peelís time, MPs understood that such a force, if it fell into the wrong hands, would be a terrible engine of oppression. That is why police forces in this country have always been local (by the way, an equally worrying scheme to centralise all Scottish forces under the Justice Minister is well advanced).  (A:  So Scotlandís actually taking the lead with a centralized police force; as far as Iím concerned itís a private army, and I donít recognize the guy who pretends heís the head of Scotland at the moment, either.)


An earlier failed attempt to do the same thing, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), flopped because it lacked the crucial power over Chief Constables. SOCA will disappear into the NCA, along with some other shadowy bodies. The NCAís own officers will be civil servants, subject to government orders Ė quite unlike police officers who take an oath to uphold the law and can refuse what they believe to be unlawful instructions.  (A:  Not only that, folks, too, once you become a bureaucrat but youíre walking around with a gun or a machine gun or something, youíve got special rights and privileges that cops donít have. Youíre really well protected then. So you canít really sue them individually.)


This is how Big Brother states are born. You are watching it happen.


I hope the Speaker takes the Home Secretary to task for hiring NCA staff without parliamentary authority. And I hope that peers and MPs, as their forebears would have done, chuck out the whole slimy thing.


It is not Britainís FBI. It could be Britainís KGB. 


Well weíll wait and see what happens.† You know, if the people, which they wonít actually, I mean, Iíve never expected some mass awakening. Never. Doesnít happen in history. Mass awakenings have never happened in history. Doesnít happen. And as I said before, weíre the most informed slaves that have ever existed. Itís up to the individuals and really, anybody who stood up under any tyranny, it was always the few who stood up and says thatís enough, thatís enough. Not the masses. Thatís why they gave you democracy too. They knew this in Platoís time, the majority of the public will put up with ANYTHING AT ALL, right to the end; thatís how they are.  Itís proven over and over and over and over again.


United States State Dept. planning to spend $115 million to 'upgrade' $700 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

legitgov.org / June 28, 2012


(A:  You know, like theyíll only be there a little while, they keep telling you. This is like a city theyíve built there, a massive fort you might say.  Because you see, long ago when Reagan was in, he brought in Jean Kirkpatrick, and she was a communist, for those who donít know it. Even her school in New York, I think it was a communist school Ė they actually had communist schools. And he brought her on board because she had an idea that since America is going to be the policeman of the world for a long time to come, then rather than go over to different countries and vanquish them one after another down through the years, just build permanent bases there.  The agendaís never changed, folks; they were on the books years ago. So here you go, spending another $115 million to upgrade $700 million US Embassy in Baghdad.)


The State Department is planning to spend up to $115 million to upgrade the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad, already its biggest and most expensive in the world, according to pre-solicitation notices published this month. Remember, it has been 3 1/2 years since American diplomats moved into the 104-acre, $700 million facility. According to a June 14 pre-solicitation, the estimated construction cost is put at between $60 million and $80 million and is expected to take two years to complete... The United States has spent about $100 million on the Police College facility, having built living quarters, a dining facility, an office building, a new gymnasium and a helicopter landing site. On June 17, the grand opening of the $15 million Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies "with funding from the U.S. embassy," was announced in an embassy news release. [But we can't get single-payer healthcare, a teacher hired or a bridge fixed.]


Or the roads repaired, for that matter, too.† So thatís how it is, you see. Because you see, your bosses are internationalists; they donít see you as anything special. Oh, theyíll put the flag on for you and get a brass band going when they need you to go off and kill some other enemy that they have, but itís off their backs as soon as itís over and done with. Thatís how the game is played. Itís very simple.


Now, folk too, who are dumb enough to use all the gadgets that are given out there for them to play with, that really hypnotize them and occupy most of their time, like Facebook and Twitter and all the rest of it; itís amazing the collection of data they have on you. And you donít mind, most folk out there really donít mind. And itís all legal you know, whatever you say out there is put on some sort of legal notice somewhere and can be pulled on you down the road. But again they donít mind Ė because Big Brother wouldnít be watching me, Iím too insignificant. Thatís how people think. Anyway, it says here, the hate laws are coming in to all your speech now.


Silent treatment: Twitter trolls put on notice

(A:  ...under the guise of people who are always cursing and swearing at other people.)

news.com.au / Claire Connelly / June 28, 2012


Twitter trolls beware, your sort aren't wanted around here. At least not for very much longer.


    Twitter to introduce measures to tackle hate speech

    Says one solution would hide tweets from dubious accounts

    But says it does not want to undermine free speech  (A:  So itís doublespeak.)


The social networking site is not going to be putting up with their kind of mouth-breathing vitriol for much longer.


Twitter is preparing to introduce measures to reduce the visibility of hate speech on the site, FT.com reports.


Chief Executive Dick Costolo described some of the abuse on the site as "horrifying" but did not want to undermine the commitment to free speech.


ďThe reason we want to allow pseudonyms is there are lots of places in the world where itís the only way youíd be able to speak freely (A: ...probably here I guess.),Ē Mr Costolo said, referring to the use of social media during protest in countries such as Egypt and Iran.  (A:  Well you know that Twitterís a big part, like all the other ones are, and Google and all the rest, of the NSA.  You know that, eh?  I mean, what are they doing dealing with overturning governments abroad? Egypt and Iran? So whatís that got to do with it?)


ďThe flipside of that is it also emboldens these trolls... how do you make sure you are both emboldening people to speak politically but making it OK to be on the platform and not endure all this hate speech?


Well what about Australia? What about AustraliaÖ You canít say anything about the carbon taxes; you get a million-dollar fine. Such BS isnít it? Thatís Bothersome Stuff for those who donít understand it. You understand, youíre all living under totalitarian systems.  But itís a comfortable one isnít it? Itís quite nice, itís soft Ė itís soft, generally, comfortable Ė and you donít mind too much. You donít mind too much.


Leaders draft federal plan to save the eurozone

guardian.co.uk / Ian Traynor  / 26 June 2012


Herman Van Rompuy of the European Council... (A: and all the other leaders of Europe...) ...have drafted a radical plan to turn the 17 countries of the eurozone into a full-fledged political federation within a decade in an attempt to placate the financial markets...


Well, what do you mean? You donít placate financial markets, you start up a whole NEW market, get like a free enterprise system, because thereís nothing free about this whole darned system. Itís run by central bankers, PRIVATE central bankers holding countries and now a whole continent to ransom with blackmail. Thatís what it is.  But that, again, is the plan. If you read up the Royal Institute of International Affairs big, long agenda to do with central banking and the Bank for International Settlements, thatís what they said would eventually rule the world, through bankers, who would run it through their foundations.  All their scientific foundations they have would rule the world you see, the proper way where thereís no individual freedoms of speech and rights and all the rest of it. Your experts would decide what you could say, what you couldnít say, and youíd be a good, obedient citizen. Thatís always been what powerís about, taming all the rest underneath you. Thatís what itís about.  AndÖ


Bank robbers should bin their masks (A: throw their masks away) and become bank bosses...

the skills are the same

dailymail.co.uk / Max Hastings / 25 June 2012


Buying a house is the biggest and most nerve-racking financial transaction in most peopleís lives. A friend of one of my children was due to complete on a little property in Sidcup, Kent, last Thursday. 


I mentioned this one before, but it goes into the cons, the cons that youíve got to do with mortgages. Nothingís safe now. As soon as youíve written a mortgage out and signed it, some of the banks are just passing them around, passing them around to each other, buying them off, upping the prices, then they crash you every so often. And theyíre utterly corrupt. And the bank managers are all in on the scams, because they get incentives for everyone that they help to scam, you see. You understand, this system is going to get worse and worse and worse because itís all a scam today. Corruption has never been so blatant, everywhere, EVERYWHERE. But we put up with it, because thatís what people do, most of them. 


People also wonder about hitmen.  Every government, EVERY government on the planet has, and always has had, hitmen, guys who are given a target Ė they go out and kill whoever theyíre told to kill, families, it doesnít matter. It doesnít matter to them.  Theyíre psychopaths and theyíre hired all the time. Thatís the kind you want you see, to be a cool, calculating hitman. And this is about the...


Top CIA Spy Accused of Being a Mafia Hitman

(A:  Because thatís what he did on the side as well.  I guess he has free time on his hands.)

wired.com / Robert Beckhusen / June 27, 2012


Enrique ďRickyĒ Pradoís resume reads like the ultimate CIA officer: veteran of the Central American wars (A:  That means he was down there, slaughtering people down in Central America to make sure that the US had had the proper governments in.), running the CIAís operations in Korea, a top spy in Americaís espionage programs against China, and deputy to counter-terrorist chief Cofer Black ó and then a stint at Blackwater (A: Private/public partnerships, eh.). But heís also alleged to have started out a career as a hitman for a notorious Miami mobster, and kept working for the mob even after joining the CIA. Finally, he went on to serve as the head of the CIAís secret assassination squad against Al-Qaida.


Thatís according to journalist Evan Wrightís blockbuster story How to Get Away With Murder in America, distributed by Byliner. In it, Wright ó who authored Generation Kill, the seminal story of the Iraq invasion ó compiles lengthy, years-long investigations by state and federal police into a sector of Miamiís criminal underworld that ended nowhere, were sidelined by higher-ups, or cut short by light sentences. (A:  See, your government always uses the underworld. Actually those who own your government always use the legitimate/legal overworld and when they canít do it that way they use their own underworld. They have both sides, the over and under, you see. So you always make sure youíve got a very well paid and well-trained underworld class for hits and things like that.) It tracks the history of Pradoís alleged Miami patron and notorious cocaine trafficker, Alberto San Pedro, and suspicions that Prado moved a secret death squad from the CIA to Blackwater.  (A:  So of course Blackwaterís in the assassination business; this is nothing new about this. Even before they had Blackwater they had Keeny Meeny for Britain, and Keeny Meeny is simply ex-SAS guys and ex-special forces who when Britain canít do something legally, they send the mercenaries into different countries and they have little wars started, like Sierra Leone. And once they destroy the country the big boys can come in and grab all the diamonds and everything and thatís what they did there in fact, all run by the big banking boys and the diamond merchants at the top. Itís always been that way.)


ďIn protecting Prado, the CIA arguably allowed a new type of mole ó an agent not of a foreign government but of American criminal interests ó to penetrate command,Ē Wright writes.  (A:  Well theyíre all interchangeable. Where else can you get a good hitman from that has no conscience and is good at what he does? Think about it.  A guy who will never need any therapy after slaughtering people, of any kind; he doesnít have that problem.)


Now, theyíre always on about insulin and diabetes and so on. This is an article here about a fungicide used on crops can induce insulin resistanceÖ


Crop fungicide linked to diabetes

upi.com / June 26, 2012


A fungicide used on crops can induce insulin resistance, demonstrating environmental pollutants as potential contributors to diabetes, U.S. researchers say.


Dr. Robert Sargis of the University of Chicago said the chemical, tolylfluanid, is not registered for use in the United States but is used on food crops such as apples, grapes, hops and tomatoes in other countries.


"For the first time, we've ascribed a molecular mechanism by which an environmental pollutant can induce insulin resistance, lending credence to the hypothesis that some synthetic chemicals might be contributors to the diabetes epidemic," Sargis said in a statement.  (A:  Thereís a lot more to diabetes, believe you me, especially Type II, than theyíre telling you. Part of it too, is all the crappy oils they give you, telling you itís better for you by the way.  And the sugars that youíre getting too, all this GMO this and GMO that, ALTERED stuff. Because your body canít deal with it like it did with natural stuff. It stores it as fat and it canít turn it back; it has a hell of a job trying to turn it back or break it down and use it up once itís stored in your body.)


Sargis and colleagues used mouse fat to examine the effects of tolylfluanid on insulin resistance at the cellular level. They found that exposure to tolylfluanid induced insulin resistance in fat cells. .  .  (A:  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks. Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and before we end tonight Iíll take a caller.  Itís Jeff from Michigan if heís still on the line there.


Jeff:  Yes, I am. Hi Alan, how you doing?


Alan:  Not too bad at all.


Jeff:  Thanks for waking me up. You woke me up many years ago; itís been a heck of a ride since.  [Caller laughing.]† Iíve been listening to your show consistently and I wondered, with the last couple minutes here, if you could speak to the power of the individual. You spoke about that about a week ago or so, talking about how individual people need to stand up and say no and not go along with things, as opposed to getting into a group and waiting for a father figure to stand up for them, who never does.


Alan:  Thatís absolutely true. Youíre doomed to failure if youíre waiting for someone else to do it for you. And even in totalitarian systems of the past, people, individuals stood up one by one, here, there, across the continent, whatever, thatís how people would stand up. And yeah, you end up getting put in prison and the whole bit, but eventually thereís so many in prison it starts to turn, you canít hide it anymore, you canít function anymore. And thatís really, I mean thatís where we are, weíre at that stage where you canít do it any other way.


Jeff:  I agree. I totally agree.  I like the point you made in an interview a while back where you said back before pubs had TVs all over the place people used to talk to each other, there used to be a genuine sense of community where people would actually talk about common things and politics and talk about things they didnít like. And now society is built to such that people donít talk to each other anymore.


Alan:  They donít. Theyíre actually isolated, more so than ever before. Theyíve done many studies on it and thatís what itís meant to do with the computer and all the rest of it. They talk to voices in the ether but they donít actually see real people.  And itís not quite the same. Thereís a lot missing. Thereís a whole bunch of languages, body language and so on, when youíre actually with a person. And so you donít have that kind of bonding to bring you together to stand up together. And thatís why they donít even turn up to help each other, these voiceless entities, when theyíre in trouble; they donít even bother to help them Ė itís not quite real to them. So this is part of the war of course, is separating every individual in their little square box and keeping them apart from society. That was all intentional. It wasnít just that guys wanted to watch sports in the pubs, not at all. They wanted to talk, thatís where they always went to talk and find out what was going on. But it was intentionally destroyed. Weíre dealing with very intelligent people who understand, theyíre constantly experimenting on us and we donít even know it. Just read Vance Packardís books from the 1950s on marketing and all the studies they were doing on the unsuspecting public then. But individuals even in the Soviet Union were printing up and photocopying written letters condemning this, condemning that about their governments and lots and lots of them were absolutely put away. But it got to the stage where it couldnít be hidden anymore; there were too many people inside and not enough outside. And all you can do is stand up for your own principles because no one else is going to do it for you.


Jeff:  Thatís right.  Well thank you. And you had quoted something last week that really stuck with me and you said freedom has always been a chance through history and you either take it or you bow down to slavery.  Iíll take it off-line. Thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. And itís true, thereís just no other way.  Stop looking forÖ Who gave you this one, the ONE?  All these movies from Hollywood gave you THE ONE, in so many movies.  And youngsters were brought up with this idea of the one, the Superman, the Batman stuff, you know, the Highlander. No, you are the one. You are your own champion. And believe you me, when it comes down to it no one else is going to stand up for you. Stand up for your own principles, regardless of what everybody else is doing Ė I donít care who they are, because the mob will always go along with the rest, hoping, ďoh Iíll be okay, I can last longer if I donít get noticed.Ē  When you see something wrong, say itís wrong. Say it.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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