June 29, 2012 (#1120)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 29, 2012:

Excessive Thinking? Don't Strain the Brain:

"Mental Health Experts Going for Fame,
Articles Galore, They're Inside Your Brain,
Tinkering, Drugging the Mind of a Child,
In Case He Grows Up Intelligent or Wild,
Pushing the Envelope by Methods Expedient,
Adjusting the Screws for a Society Obedient,
Mental Health Teaches We're All Mentally Ill,
Malaise Remedial by Therapy and Pill,
For the Greater Good, Chemical Lobotomy,
Population of Idiots in Happy Conformity"
© Alan Watt June 29, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 29, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 29th of June 2012. For newcomers, you should help yourself to the free audios for download at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Remember, all the sites listed there also have transcripts in English for print up of a lot of the talks I’ve given and you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. If you want to keep me going it’s up to you of course. You can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I don’t bring on sponsors as guests, and I don’t have shares in companies, and I don’t make any profit from anything that is sold by anybody else. So if you want to keep me going... [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome.


I always explain at the beginning of the broadcast of what I do here and it’s to really tie in the past with the present, to show you that you’re living through a long-term script basically. Because most people are brought up to believe that they’re on the cutting edge and everything is being decided as they live, to do with the future, and nothing is further from the truth. Even corporations, if you go into their books you’ll find out that they have big plans for 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, investments down the road.  And that’s how the world is really run, like a big corporation – in fact, that’s probably the best analogy there is.  Because we are basically into this new feudal corporate system and of course that was the big plan by the international bankers a long time ago to bring us into this particular phase, when they take over the world and run it the way they claim that it should be run – where people do what they’re told, are very obedient, and they bring down the population for a postindustrial society across the world, and also we’re postconsumerist supposedly so they simply tax you and charge you fees for everything that you purchase, even the necessities of life. And then you’re well under control.


And I’m not kidding about this. They have written about it in many, many books of course out there. They created too, the sustainability movement, the bankers did, because they also created the communist movement. You cannot change society without conflict, and for conflict you need at least two sides, and they do this with everything. It’s an old technique, the Hegelian dialectic, and it works every time. People naturally jump to one side or another, and the opinion of the expert that you choose will become your opinion. You’ll even fight and die for it, and that often happens as well – in the past, just read your history.


So we’re living through a massive time of change. It’s called the Great Transition. The Century of Change, is another term for this. As I say, we’re supposed to become a well-managed society with private agencies working with government managing every facet of our lives from birth to death. And some countries are ahead of others in this particular agenda. If you want to know who’s ahead of it and what’s coming to America you just look at the British Commonwealth countries because they’re all on board with mental health testing from birth basically. I’m not kidding about that, from birth. And you see, everyone grows up to be insane, they claim, except for those at the top who know how to manage the world and how we should live. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I often talk about mind control. Mind control is nothing new at all; it’s been used for thousands of years by those who wanted to rule over masses of the public. In old times they would introduce a religion and once you get a priesthood on the go and you get one generation trained, the parents themselves will then train the next generation, who will never question the actual religion itself. And the religion, of course, is to keep a dominant minority in power and they become the authority. We’ve seen it in ancient religions up to the present time, even with the green movement – which IS a religion – as is the Humanist movement too.  Real fanatics follow the green movement and the Humanist Manifesto. But you’ll find that these are the only ones sponsored and pushed by the United Nations because when they signed the agreement – and that means every country’s Prime Minister and President signed the agreement in 1946 at the United Nations, they signed on with it – that meant, really, that they’d go along with the whole agenda and that humanism, secular humanism was to be the religion of choice.  So we’re well into it now... Well, well into it now. 


And out of that came what they called sex education at school, which wasn’t sex education at all, it was sexual promotion. We’ve found that over the years with study after study that the more you give the children of course, the further they push, the more the children simply indulge in it. Until literally they’re now energized towards it even before puberty, exactly what Bertrand Russell, a big player who helped design the present society you’re living through; he’s dead now but he helped design this particular lead-up into the present. He said that, they would create a very promiscuous society by hyper-stimulating the children before puberty, and they’d never mate, you see, with a person for the rest of their lives, not a single person, therefore it would cut down on children, offspring, and destroy the family unit.


It’s odd too, when you look at it too, why would all these so-called right wingers – like Bertrand Russell was a hereditary Lord basically, a peerage that he inherited.  Why would these guys be working with the communists and pushing the same agenda? Well you understand, there’s only one agenda. And as I said before, you need two sides in conflict to get change happening and that’s what they give us every time, every time. Your basic politics is based on that too, right versus left; that’s the standard thing that they hand to you.


So mind control and the sciences of understanding of the human mind have really escalated in the last hundred years or so, and still being pushed to the fore as they have instant access to communication across the whole planet. They can put the same story across the planet, the entire planet in a few seconds.  And we all get the same indoctrination, the same reasons for things happening, and we have the same experts appearing in all languages across the planet at the same time, to make sure there’s uniformity of opinion.  And to control people either in a country or the world you’ve got to have uniformity of opinion. Tyrannies always go the same route. We’ve seen it in past tyrannies where spies were introduced into societies, by the thousands sometimes, even in single main cities, to listen in, in cafés, restaurants, bars, on the conversations of the general public. That way they kept the pulse to see what changes had to be made for the public, to see also if they were swallowing the stories put in their papers. Now of course they’ve got the pulse on the Internet and all the other apps and so on that you download, where you put your personal stuff up, you chat away. They have instant access in real-time as to how the people feel about this or that or whatever. It’s very, very simple.


So it’s not enough of course because they want to go all the way with this into total control, until you – and I’ve mentioned this article before, that even the Canadian government is talking about talking down to the individual and you’ll have to buy a little flash drive that you can stick into your computer and then you can access the government channel with your particular number on it and they can talk right down to you. HG Wells talked about this kind of thing back in the early 1920s. Amazing. He talked about the “world brain” as well, for those who think we’re on the cutting edge...The world brain that you’d tap in to get all information from instantly, anywhere in the world. But that’s what he said too, as I say, once you’ve destroyed the family unit and so on then government have got you where they want you.   You’re cut off from everybody else, except these sockpuppets and voices in the ether, etc. and you’ll hardly know any real people at all, and you probably won’t have any family to stand up for you and stand around you when they come for you, basically... just like 1984 with the big screen in your room.


So you can train people into it as long as it’s pleasurable. That’s what most people missed in the past, except maybe Aldous Huxley; he knew the pleasure principle and how to switch it on and off. And if you bring in something where the people get some benefit from it, personal enjoyment, they will go along with what begins as inconveniences, such as invasion of privacy, and the more you put on there to occupy their time, the more they get addicted to it, and by that time they’ll accept anything at all. They will never want to give it up. Even today that’s already happened, where most folk don’t think about privacy. In fact, youngsters say, well who needs it… who needs it?


So, so many things have happened and been accomplished as parts of the agenda in the last 30 years or so it’s just absolutely astonishing. But then not really when you understand the sciences behind it and the incredible accumulation of knowledge on the human psyche that’s been collected over many, many, many, many centuries by those, primarily, who ran the money systems of the world, even in the Middle Ages and even in the ancient world, and also are the ones who brought you the consumer society. They are the same people who predominate in all the top organizations across the world with the same agenda. And from their point of view they believe they’re right – they’re at the top of the tree, they believe they’re the most evolved of the species therefore, and they’ve also kept onto their wealth through arranged marriages, not marrying for the usual reasons but marrying for money and for status, power. So families that are powerful, maybe even psychopathic, intermarry with their wealth, and the arrangement is just to have the offspring to keep the lineages going. That’s the common reason they do it basically.


So we’ve gone down a trail of manipulated, very well manipulated scientific socialism, or indoctrination, and the end result of course isn’t that great. Because society is so fragmented that even the Club of Rome, that works for the United Nations as a top think tank, said in the 70s that democracy would never work. Well they ensured that by creating so many groups to fragment society. You start with the family, then you create groups, and before you know it they’re all fighting with each other for power and dominance. That’s what we have today. So technically you could never have them all in some sort of parliamentary system because there’d be too many groups all competing to be top dog. Therefore they came out with the idea that they’d bring in an authoritative society and authoritarian society, that’s what you’re in today and that’s the reason for terrorism. Terrorism everywhere… under authority, you see. All your rights were stripped away; most folk don’t mind, they’ve got used to it. Because people, like Darwin said, are the most adaptable species on the planet. They adapt very quickly, mainly because everybody else is adapting to the system and to the things that happen. And most folk don’t want to stand out from their peer group, therefore they say nothing because no one else is saying anything. And that’s where we are today. So we’re well on the way.


Just today in fact, I got a request to bring on another author from the greenie side basically, who is sponsored by David Suzuki in Canada.  And this author has just got a book out where they want to bring the population down to probably no more than 1 billion people within about 20 to 30 years. And of course, alternate energy… if we don’t do this there’ll be catastrophe, crisis, etc., etc., the usual stuff. Well David Suzuki has been going on for many, many years as a geneticist who does little cuddly, you know, animal programs for children on television – to get you indoctrinated, because we all like animals, and a guy like that can’t be all that bad. But this is the same guy who is a professor who is on YouTube who said years ago that people are just maggots, but of course there are different kinds of maggots, different classes of maggots, and I guess he says that he was in the top bracket of maggots, and the ones below it simply live on the droppings of the ones above. These are the people who run the green movement. They really don’t like the general population very much at all... very much at all. They really, really don’t.


Much like HG wells, he hated the general population, especially the working class people. Because he himself, you see, was brought up in a house where his mother worked as basically the housemaid, of a wealthy family, and she worked as their housemaid, and every day they saw the factory workers going off to the work and that terrified them, being in that class.  You were only one step, as a housemaid, from that class into tripping off to work, even down the mines, because they actually went down the mines too, women as well, if the guys were sick in those days. So rather than feel sorry for them they hated them; it frightened them and therefore they wanted to belong to a higher class. This class thing is very, very important. Very important indeed.  And for all you can go into Karl Marx and all the rest of the guys who promoted the communist side of it, you’ve got to understand that they also told you a lot of truth as well, because they understood the dialectic.


Now, we’re going through this massive change, as I say, massive change in every aspect of society. The children are being indoctrinated like never before. As I say, across the British Commonwealth countries they’re giving children mental tests by the mental health societies at birth and then you’re tracked throughout your whole life to see what happens to you. And this will go further until you’re pulled out and ordered to take medications.  And that goes into psychiatry and eugenics. You’ve got to go into the old books, and movies even, put out during World War II and before it. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about eugenics and the big system we live in. We’re born into it; it preexisted our birth, naturally, and your parents’ and grandparents’. This is an ongoing agenda set up a long time ago by the wealthiest people on the planet, who then hired scientists and think tanks to do a lot of work for them, and created foundations as front groups, that run thousands upon thousands of nongovernmental organizations, which one day are to rule the world on their behalf, you see. And they’ll do away with even the idea of democracy. Not that we have it now, but even the idea will disappear altogether.


Part of it too, in eugenics was to do, in the 30s and 40s, with the general population. It’s always about controlling the general population. And governments through many centuries have tested the public and sometimes pushed them too far and sometimes they had rebellions. So they wanted to come up with a system where they’d have less rebellions and the public could be manipulated, in ways they wouldn’t even know themselves, and so they would comply with the demands of those above them. And of course, they gave you democracy instead. They can spin you around for years and years as you play the game of politics. When even Carroll Quigley, who worked for the Council on Foreign Relations as their historian, said the same thing, that eventually you couldn’t tell the difference between any party because they’re all on the same path. And of course that’s the way it’s set up to go, this one path, one path only.


Part of it too, in eugenics, was to do with children. If you could train children from the youngest of ages and even select those out, pick those out who had leadership abilities, and if you could coax them as they grew up to go into scholarship positions, into the Ivy League universities, and have them promise never to even associate with their parents and their class again, then they’d be okay, they’re on your side. But if they wouldn’t go along with you they’d have to sift them out, very early, catch them young, and then literally dispose of them. And that was what Bertrand Russell talked about. Because they claimed you see, that you couldn’t have anybody with a brain that worked, from a different class, who was able to vocalize their thoughts to the people in a simple, straightforward manner; then that person would be awfully dangerous.


Now, this is what’s happening in the British Commonwealth including Canada.  It says…


Ministry (Alan: ‘Ministry’ is government...) 'hides test's real purpose'

stuff.co.nz / IMOGEN NEALE / 24/06/2012


(A:  This is from New Zealand but it’s the same across the whole British Commonwealth, and it’s still very much, believe you me, the British Commonwealth.  There’s a B4 School health check, they call it, and it says...)


... Jordana Clarke put her son Oliver through the B4 School health check six months ago, assuming it was compulsory. No one told her otherwise.  (A:  That’s how they do most things, you see.)

Kiwi (A:  ...that’s New Zealand.) preschoolers are undergoing mental health tests – some without their parents' knowledge.


The Ministry of Health's B4 School Check was thrust in to the spotlight after Australia announced plans to introduce a similar programme which created controversy as critics warned about the risk of creating an epidemic of problems such as autism.


The Australian programme would see doctors use a checklist to consider behaviours like shyness and sleeping with the light on as signs of possible psychological problems.


Critics here say New Zealand has been doing something similar for four years. Since 2008, Plunket, doctors, mobile clinics and home visits have screened more than 100,000 four to five year-olds for health, behavioural, social and developmental problems.  (A:  Now that was put out there – and this is the present time – this idea that the whole of society was technically insane, because the general public would not do what they were told, you see, by their betters. That was the whole idea of eugenics. So they came up with the idea back in the 30s of this very program, and they said it would take some time before the public would go along with it.  And they’ve broken down society to the extent now that of course most of the public DO go along with it.  And an awful lot of families now are just single mums who really believe in the experts - like Bernays said, you always target the woman, through magazines, expert talk shows, that kind of stuff, and they’ll go along with the agenda.)


In the same period, Pharmac figures show a 140 per cent increase in antidepressant prescriptions for 0 to 4-year-olds (A:  ...zero... to 4-year olds...) between 2009 and 2010, and an average 10 per cent increase in mood-stabilising drug prescriptions (A:  ...that’s tranquilizers…) in the last five years for children aged five and over.


B4 School includes a checklist called the Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire alongside vision, hearing and health tests. It asks parents and teachers about a child's behaviour, including if they often lose their temper, are easily distracted, are generally liked by others, and if they are nervous or clingy in new situations.


It rates children as normal, abnormal or borderline, and produces a score indicating whether a child is likely to have a significant problem.


The results can be broken down for pro-social behaviour, hyperactivity, emotional symptoms, conduct and peer disorders.  (A:  You understand, going back to what I said earlier, in the 30s and 40s they said they’d have to bring this system in. And at the end of World War II the top psychiatrists in Britain and elsewhere, and even the American Psychiatric Association said, that they would eventually take over the mental health and conditioning of every child across the world, in order to achieve their perfect goal. So experts and scientists should basically be the ones who would give you all your values and show you, and teach you and train you, how to behave. And that way of course, everybody would be standardized and they wouldn’t have the problem of rebellious people in society.)


The results can be broken down for pro-social behaviour... (A:  etc.)


In the most recent quarter one in 10 children was identified as borderline or abnormal. They can be referred to a paediatrician or child mental health expert.  (A:  Whenever you see the old books, take it to the bank. These guys KNEW the agenda. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about a very old plan, discussed a long, long time ago, to make sure that the State, in other words, would test every child at birth, and all through their lives for that matter, for various qualities, good or bad according to the State’s opinions of them and how they’d basically make you right and proper again to suit the system, and catch you early.  Plus you wouldn’t be a problem down the road. You wouldn’t talk back, you wouldn’t complain about things, you’d like your peer group and you’d be awfully obedient to the world State. That’s exactly what they said 30, 40 years ago, and even earlier, and here we are today. It’s all introduced. And it’s going on without parents’ understanding or even consent of it. And it says here…


The questionnaire was developed by King's College London Institute of Psychiatry child psychiatrist Dr Robert Goodman.


Community Action on Suicide Prevention Education and Research founder Maria Bradshaw says Goodman's test is designed to screen for mental health disorders (A:  ... under the guise of suicide, because nobody would complain about that, right?  I mean zero years of age to four years of age, they’re thinking about suicide, eh?), and his website and academic papers outline how scores are used to predict issues like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


She says the ministry does not disclose the questionnaire's real purpose to parents, and discourages those conducting the test to tell parents if their child's scores are borderline or abnormal. 


That’s your open society for you. You see, we are owned, basically, as far as the big boys at the top are concerned. And they have all these sellout prostitutes that are willing to do this to children for the cash. Of course they themselves think they’re superior too, and they’re trained in academia to believe so, that they have the right to interfere and decide basically a person’s fate for their entire life. Because that’s what it is when you grab children at that age. It’s just amazing.


So here’s another article too, I mentioned one about a week or two ago about an Indian band in Canada that had a professor come to them and prick them with diabetic needles, etc. and then informed them all afterwards that he used the same gadget for them all, although he changed the needles.  It doesn’t matter, because there’s always a certain spurt that comes out, of clear fluid, that gets on the gadget.  So now they’re all being warned about HIV and all of the rest of the stuff they may have etc.  Here’s another one here…


HIV, hepatitis warning issued to 300 P.E.I. students

cbc.ca / Jun 27, 2012


University of Prince Edward Island officials are reviewing lab procedures after issuing warnings to about 300 students they may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B or C.


UPEI dean of science Christian Lacroix said the students used blood glucose testing equipment during class. The testing was optional to students as part of two courses, biology 122 and biology 122X, offered over the last three years.


(A:  And again, a similar thing happened…)

"In terms of the risk of transmission, the chief public health officer will tell you the same thing, the risk is assessed as being extremely low."  (A:  But what does low mean? What does that mean if you’re the person that’s got it? Or you get it, you catch it?)


The testing involved a lancet and a receptacle for the blood. The lancets were single use only, but the receptacles were used by several students. UPEI reviewed its procedures after a story from a Manitoba high school about improper use of equipment there. 


So your children aren’t yours anymore.  And I’m telling you, with academia pushing the envelope all the time it’s becoming very, very dangerous for them. Either they’re going to poison them, give them an infection, or they’re going to grab them and say that they’re mentally subnormal and start drugging them. And people allow this to happen. See, the State has trained you that they’re not there to serve you. They still call themselves public servants but they’ve trained the public that the State is all powerful – just like China – and they’re not there to serve you, you do what you’re told, the State knows better. Sad situation. Very, very sad.


Now, degradation was also part of this big agenda. I’ve mentioned before about the different schools that came over to America, especially.  The Frankfurt school for instance, who was given permission, the school and all the people in it, to open up in the States and in Britain and create a new culture for America. Now these were all communists and they were all on board with the same idea that everybody is mentally ill except themselves. The presidents at the time gave them full leeway to do what they wanted to alter the culture. They worked closely with the culture industry and book publishers and everything else. Part of the plan was to so degrade the culture, bring it down step by step by step, once again destroy the family unit, then destroy the community spirit.  All uniformity that really bound people together to stand up against tyranny had to be destroyed, all opposition would be destroyed. And they’ve been awfully successful. And degradation, as I say, right down to the bottom, most base level had to be pushed through entertainment, etc.


Now there’s a trailer out for a movie. It’s called…


‘God Bless America’ - Official Trailer [HD] - youtube.com


I’ll put the trailer link up tonight. This is the latest offering from Hollywood for young people. You can make your mind up yourself if you have a…  Just look at the trailer and hopefully you’ve still got enough sense to see what it’s all saying. But that’s the trash that they’re putting out to youngsters today; people getting gunned down, shot in the head, and it’s all fun, fun, fun, fun, fun all the way through it apparently. You’re supposed to laugh at it – and that creates a kind of schizophrenia when it comes to reacting in real life to real situations. Your news is presented the same way, and with entertainment thrown in amongst it, until everything is surrealistic and the bad, the worst possible news, of even slaughter in the Middle East, or people getting blown up with drones... And oops there’s a bunch of schoolchildren over in Iran or wherever or Iraq, killed by troops who then peed on them, because they were pushing a wheelbarrow – it was probably their only possession for whatever work they did.  They just shot them all down and peed on them.  And then after that you’ll have some nice movie trailer put into the Hollywood spin. So that’s your news.  It’s kaleidoscopic. It’s schizophrenic. And it works with the public until they can’t really be shocked anymore about anything. It’s all very, very schizophrenic. All techniques, by the way, and not there by chance, it didn’t develop by chance, it didn’t sort of evolve by itself. It’s planned that way, step by step by step.


Now the green movement of course, along with government – because the big boys themselves are the biggest bankers in the world that back it all and created it all – also subsidize themselves using your tax money, as you well know, with all the green flops that they put out there. Millions and millions of dollars go down the tubes with failed projects. But it doesn’t stop them. Here’s another one here…


Yet Another PV Manufacturer (Massively Subsidized By The DOE)

(A: Department of Energy) Bites The Dust – “Just The Tip Of The Iceberg”

notrickszone.com / P Gosselin / 28. June 2012


Colorado-based Abound Solar

Abound Solar Press Release excerpt:


    Abound Solar’s closure is an unfortunate but very real consequence of the continued slide in crystalline silicon (c-Si) pricing and the increased competition for limited global demand of solar modules,” said MJ Shiao, Senior Analyst at GTM Research. “Abound was still in the earlier stages of technology and commercial development and despite over $220 million in private investment and $70 million drawn from its $400 million U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee, simply didn’t have the cost and downstream reach to survive in the tumultuous solar market.


The amount of money they’re just throwing down the drain is astronomical. But again, you understand, if you don’t get a bill every week from the government who shows you what you now owe personally, for every loan that your government borrows from the world bankers in order to throw into these things, if you don’t get a personal bill it’s not real to you. And yet they tell you how many millions or billions does each person really, really have to pay through their life… If they even tried to pay their part, of their life, their one part of their life, what they owe from the previous generations and all the money that’s being borrowed now, I mean, if you saw that would you be so happy then? Would you start complaining? I wonder. I wonder. But it’s not real, because it’s from the government, like it’s a separate entity or something. Governments don’t make money; they take money, yours.


Now, the flying drones that are going to be a big, big business in the States – and I read an article the other night about North Carolina that really is hoping to save itself by creating lots and lots of drones, a big drone industry; it’s all part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  You see, once the wars are finished across the world the governments and the Military-Industrial Complex have to do it all at home, domestic spying, domestic... well, whatever else they’re going to do in the military sort of style. So it’s all going to be used at home.


Researchers use spoofing to 'hack' into a flying drone

bbc.co.uk / 29 June 2012


American researchers took control of a flying drone by "hacking" into its GPS system - acting on a $1,000 (£640) dare from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


A University of Texas at Austin team used "spoofing" - a technique where the drone mistakes the signal from hackers for the one sent from GPS satellites.


The same method may have been used to bring down a US drone in Iran in 2011. 


Well it makes you wonder about all the crashes to come within the US. I see that another naval drone came down inside the US again. So I mean, if it’s so easy to hack in there, these are dangerous things flying about, not that they should have them above your head in the first place. This is a tyrannical system and society we’re living in. These things shouldn’t be flying there in the first place. But you’ll get used to them. You’ve adapted to everything else so far, no problem at all.


And again too, Google, that’s really just part of the NSA, really that’s all it is...


Google Was Secretly Planting Cookies on Millions of iPhone Browsers

cryptogon.com / June 28th, 2012


A gifted computer scientist, Mayer suspected that online advertisers might be getting around browser settings that are designed to block tracking devices known as cookies. If his instinct was right, advertisers were following people as they moved from one website to another even though their browsers were configured to prevent this sort of digital shadowing. (A:  So this guy worked in his office alone, this student, and he...)  . . . ran a series of clever tests in which he purchased ads that acted as sniffers for the sort of unauthorized cookies he was looking for. He hit the jackpot, unearthing one of the biggest privacy scandals of the past year: Google was secretly planting cookies on a vast number of iPhone browsers. Mayer thinks millions of iPhones were targeted by Google.


So you understand, there is no privacy in the electronic sphere whatsoever, and I don’t think there ever could be for the general public. It will never happen because it’s too tempting for governments and their organizations and agents to snoop on you anyway. That’s why Google can do what it wants; it’s part of an official agency.


This article too, to do with bankers... It’s about time somebody had this in the paper.


Is it time to consider locking up bankers?

telegraph.co.uk / Daniel Knowles / June 28th, 2012


Two hundred and ninety million pounds – that's how much Barclays [Bank] has been fined for attempting to manipulate the Libor interest rate. That's not much less than the estimated £300m cost of last year's riots in London, and it may only be a small fraction of the total damage Barclays has caused. As Philip Aldrick noted yesterday, loans with a value of $10 trillion are indexed using Libor, while over-the-counter derivatives indexed to Euribor, the European Libor equivalent, total over $220 trillion. 


So here’s Barclays Bank manipulating it all, and getting a massive fine – but it’s not really massive for them. But shouldn’t they be locked up for this? You understand, there’s people falling and dying and losing their homes, still, still, across the States and other countries.  Look at the mess Greece is in with its suicide rate, because of bankers – all to get a big agenda through, mind you. Because another article says that the EU has decided to do what I knew they were going to do…

Euro Zone Sees Single Bank Supervisor - wsj.com / June 29, 2012


And they’ve got ONE supervisor to be president over ALL the banking systems across the whole of Europe. That’s what they always wanted.  But folk die and commit suicide, losing everything, as these bankers, just because they’re under a corporation – you see, you don’t go after the banker, you go after his corporation; that’s what they do in their lovely legal system.  And they get a little slap on the wrist and their insurance company pays up the fines and that’s all there is done about it. But it says…


But what is the most severe punishment that anyone will suffer for this massive, immense wrongdoing? Bob Diamond may lose his bonus; he may even be sacked. So too may a few Barclays executives. But no one will be imprisoned for this colossal abuse of the financial system. No one will pay in anything approaching a proportionate level to the damage done.


So… What can you do? Your government isn’t going to do it; they’re in bed with them. Your legal system was created by them; that’s not going to go after them. So what are you going to do?


Another sign of the times too, to do with, again, getting into the children’s heads, and through sexual promotion, it’s not education. It’s promotion because they’ve done SO many tests, as I say, that it just gets worse and worse and worse. And the answer is always to throw more money at them, and now they’re even showing them porno movies in school, at a very young age. It’s PROMOTION, folks – you have to get that through your heads – to destroy everything, so they’ll never bond, multiple partners and they won’t bond. 


MPs [Members of Parliament] to debate sexual abstinence lessons bill

guardian.co.uk / Jessica Shepherd / 19 January 2012


Nadine Dorries wants schools to offer extra sex education classes which will include the 'benefits of abstinence' to girls.


The bill, proposed by Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, would require schools to offer extra sex education classes to girls aged 13 to 16 and for these lessons to include advice on "the benefits of abstinence".


The bill has angered feminists, humanists and pro-abortionists  (A:  ...feminists, humanists and pro-abortionists… don’t want them to be taught another side of the coin.), hundreds of whom will be demonstrating outside parliament while the debate takes place.  (A:  Professionally paid of course because they work for the big foundations as NGOs.)


Beth Granter, a socialist and feminist who has organised the demonstration, predicts that at least 300 will join it. Some 750 have shown their support on Facebook.


The bill has elicited considerable criticism from politicians in all three of the main political parties.


Dan Rogerson, co-chair of the Lib Dems education and family backbench committee and an MP for North Cornwall, said the bill would result in girls being given a "dire warning about their future prospects".  (A:  Well, have you looked at the prospects of the indoctrination they’ve been getting for years? Do you think about all the vaccinations they’re getting now for venereal warts, you know? – that’s the name of it, venereal warts; that’s what they’re called, not just human papilloma virus. It’s human warts... that often end up with cancer of the cervix and so on.  Or the long-term effects, and the short-term as well, of abortions.  They don’t tell them that at school do they?)


"To single out girls is at best unhelpful and at worst damaging," he said. He said boys and girls needed to be given high quality advice on all aspects of relationships.  (A:  I guess that’s all the positions and things that they use these days.)


But that’s the agenda and it’s so amazing to have lived through, in my own lifetime, the complete reversal of everything, for this world agenda. Not for what people think it’s for, but so that a small minority can have you completely dysfunctional and chaotic and create masses of government agencies to deal with the chaos and therefore rule your life minutely from birth to death. And you all pay for the chaos... one way or another… one way or another.


Also, Obamacare, I’ll put up tonight too...


Obamacare Complicated? Check Out The Flow Chart - dailybail.com


There’s a little video on it too, to show you some of the things about it, and the pros and cons. But again, everybody’s been suckered. And again, they want you to join this group or that group; it’s the standard dialectic once again. Because Medicare and medical care is incredibly, obnoxiously greedy and overpriced. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ll go to a caller. There’s Daniel from the UK on the line. Are you there Daniel?


Daniel:  Yeah, hello Alan.  Actually before asking my question, you mentioned HG wells a couple of times tonight and how he talks about the world mind, or the Internet. I remember there was a book called The World Set Free, I think, and he actually mentioned the atomic bomb, didn’t he?  And he described it as well. And that was about 35 years before World War II.


Alan:  That’s right.  And he also did The Shape of Things to Come, to do with the war with Germany long before it happened.  Even the use of gases to gas the public from air forces across the world, that would literally gas the public into submission and compliance. It’s like chemtrails, you know.


Daniel:  Yeah. Yeah, it’s amazing. My question is, and last time I rang up you mentioned the head of the Goldman Sachs, or Federal Reserve, whatever it was, saying he was doing God’s work. And I wanted to ask you what God that was. And also if it’s the same God that you once mentioned is referred to in the Ugaritic texts. One time I rang up and asked you if God, in the biblical context, is a reference to the system of control, and you said yes, and you said you’ve got to go into the Ugaritic texts. And I just wanted to ask you if you might be able to explain what God this is that they’re all referring to.


Alan:  It’s the God of the world. It’s the God of materialism. And out of this religion came secular humanism as well; that’s all part of it. In other words, it’s a humanistic way of looking at things. It’s also a religion though, a definite religion, very old religion, and it has different disguises. But it definitely is to do with the Lord of the world and the material. Again, going back to Albert Pike, he said himself that we make no excuses for nature. He was talking about predators in the animal kingdom and likening them to humans as well, different classes of humans, that are good predators, and he said, we make no excuse for nature. In other words, that’s the normal thing, the normal stratas of things and therefore do it, the winners do it, the losers don’t; they don’t play the game and they fall. So that’s really what it is.  It’s the God of materialism, and science and human wisdom would conquer.  It goes back as far, actually, as the tower of Babel.  The whole analogy of the tower of Babel is to do with a people who said at the time they would become higher than the gods, they would build higher than the Gods with their own work, their own intellect and dominate, basically, the planet. That’s what that whole analogy was about, that story. So it’s the same thing yet, that through science they would conquer all and perfect all that was left imperfect. That means humanity itself. So it’s a very, very real religion.


Daniel:  So God, really, I mean tell me, correct me if I’m wrong, but God is really just whatever they want it to be, whatever they want to happen they… well God is just their agenda really, isn’t it? So when they refer to God...


Alan:  Some of them have a part of it that definitely is a belief in a deity, and the rest of them, it doesn’t matter if they believe in that deity or not. They use it as a symbol, a symbol really of their purpose and what they do. So it’s very, very, VERY old indeed, and it’s got different guises but it’s still running the world today. But you can still belong to the group without believing in a deity. Other ones do believe in an actual deity. Like the Greeks called it the Demiurgos, the lower God but the God of the material world, and that’s who you serve, is the Lord of the world.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada it’s good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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