July 3, 2012 (#1122)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 3, 2012:

Misled by the Head:

"Behaviourists Believe in Training Human Animals
To Become Vegetarians or Feast as Cannibals,
Behaviour Modification is Always Ongoing
On a World Population Asleep and Unknowing,
Primary Indoctrination is Of Course Essential
For Setting Defaults on Topics Elemental,
The Subject is Nudged to Desired Conclusion
Even Though He's Left in More Confusion,
Breaking Free Will Label You a Terrible Foe,
Most Trip Their Defaults, Join the Status Quo"
© Alan Watt July 3, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 3, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 3rd of July 2012.  I always suggest that newcomers to the program, actually, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help themselves to the audios for free download which theyíll find there, thereís over a thousand and youíll start to understand the system.  Itís a big circus, in a way, but itís a system youíre born into.  Very complex with many layers to it but really itís a system all going in the same direction of planning the future. 


Those in power, even down through the ages, never let go of power.  Therefore they must always control and direct the future so theyíre always in control of it and their offspring as well.  Thatís what youíre living in today.  Itís a planned society, a planned system and everything, every facet of society has been brought into consideration via the think tanks which they employ at the top and the big foundations which run the non-governmental organizations which promote all the big movements that guide the world along certain paths, into austerity for instance.


So, help yourself to the audios and find out the big organizations that came together over a hundred years ago to create this New World Order, as they like to call it.  Which is to do with the 21st century or the Century of Change because the change is the goal, the goal that was sought after for an awful long time by those in charge, total control, that is, of the whole planet, and all resources and everyone in it too. 


Remember too, when youíre helping yourself to the audios you can help me keep going along by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can also donate because I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I donít bring on scary stories from people with anonymous names and so on, to give you frightening data.  I just give you the basic facts as we can possibly prove them.  I donít sell articles or stuff to make you live forever, I just, as I say, sell the books and discs and thatís it because otherwise you get kind of compromised and then youíre in big business, before you know it you have to be pals with everything out there in commerce.  Which is leading of course the charge towards this new system weíre going into of the very, very rich and the very, very poor, thatís basically it too. 


So, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, help yourselves.  You can get transcripts for download for print up as well.  You can also go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages, as I say all the sites listed on the COM site have audios for download.  Remember from the US to Canada you can use personal checks.  You can use international postal money orders.  You can use Pay Pal or you can use cash.† Across the world Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.  Straight donations remember, are awfully, awfully welcome in these austere times.


And if you think itís austere at the moment, itís nothing to whatís coming along the pike because as I say this is the century of change, this change to do with a completely planned society where everyone is controlled from birth to death, youíre given little avenues of escapism, of course, lots of electronic gadgets to fantasize with and lose yourself. But in reality all your spending money, in a post-consumer society, will go to basic necessities, down the road, and thatís whatís planned for everyone on the planet. 


You got to understand the organizations, as I say, that started a long time ago with this big initiative to take over the world.  They were very, very far-sighted, they said it would probably happen regardless, even if they didnít guide it; however, if they didnít guide it, other people and individuals might take the lead; therefore they had to do it first and make sure that they guided the world and promoted it through world organizations.  Everything to do with the world organizations had to be promoted and thatís why they even created the Olympic games, for instance.  Anything at all thatís pan-America, pan-British, pan-whatever, pan-the-world, is promoted.† Iíll be back with more, on this, after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix and the matrix is a system.  Thatís really what it is, itís a very complex system, many layers to this system and it also encompasses even the human condition, you might say, people who are born into the world and itís a world of matter; you got to eat, you got to live, etc. and thereís those, of course, who have no problem going for that full-steam ahead, to the basically impoverishment of everyone else, if need be, for their own survival.  And you find basic impulses and needs become neurotic, in a sense, sometimes even through different groups of people, even some religions will promote that, until it becomes a hyper-neurosis, until they have to survive at everyone elseís expense.


So, thereís nothing new in this at all, itís the way humankind really is, weíre stuck in this world and, of course, small tribes are the only ones that can have any kind of form of control over their leadership.  Once you get beyond that stage you canít get rid of the guy on top when he tries to put his whole family and his offspring in charge and simply make a dynasty of it.  Thatís what we have, are really dynasties that run the world.  In all the big countries, even in China, what you call Communist China, is very, very old families that already were incredibly wealthy long before the Communist revolution there.


So, we have the dynasties who all get together, they all go to pretty well the same schools, the Ivy League schools in the West and they all are taught the same eugenics courses and theyíre taught the same sociology courses and how the future must be, for themselves, of course.  Because they see it from their own perspective, they donít see it from the perspective of those at the bottom.  In fact, those at the top canít imagine really how you live.  In fact Bush Jr, when he got into office, was probably one of the first guys to say, "Iíve never met poor people", and he actually appointed a guy to go out into society, who would meet poor people and get their ideas.  They havenít a clue how you survive or how you live, they never think about it at all.  Itís like an alien thought to them and thatís pretty well the same the world over. 


Powerful people marry into powerful families, they intermarry and they create powerful offspring who again go through the same courses, the same kind of Ivy League schooling and end up in the same high positions, across the world.  So these are, as I say, dynasties who run the world.  You donít need to be a prime minister or a president, you simply have to run the guys that run the presidents and theyíre all run; because Carroll Quigley and others whoíve worked for the Council on Foreign Relations have said that.  That for the last hundred years now, it is, that they put their own guys in as presidents and prime ministers across the Western world and the British Empire too.  Every one has been a member of the same organization going on the same path, towards the same ends with a totally planned society.  They have no problems, actually, talking about people as a separate species, in the classes, that is.  They have no problem at all about that, they take it as a matter for granted and a matter of course that thereís different kinds of humans on the planet as they promote, of course, through their own media, a different perception to us, that everyoneís the same, weíre all equal and all that nonsense.


Now, those who try to fight this big system, and big players in the past have talked about it.  H.G. Wells talked about it; he talked about the Open Conspiracy.  He was a propagandist for it at that time, because your mind is directed through not just non-fiction, which he wrote, and fiction which he wrote, but fiction itself has more of an impetus on the imagination and gets the young people moving along in a thought mode, a pattern towards a desired goal and, of course, itís desired by those at the top.  So, fiction is a great way to predictive program, as they call it, "predictive programming", the general population, the young ones especially for the next step and the next step and the next step.


Every generation is taught when theyíre young that theyíre the freest generation thatís ever been and theyíre on the cutting edge of what they call Ďcivilizationí and Ďprogress,í but no one questions what progress is, especially the young because they donít have the wisdom.  No one has it when youíre really young.  And we donít listen to adults, weíre taught not to, in fact, especially nowadays.  And we are used so easily by those in charge of education.  So, education, like Stalin said, must be very well financed and very well guided and manipulated, along with police, of course.  So, you had teachers and policeman and the military, and if youíve got that you control the country or a whole bunch of nations; quite easy to do.  Old techniques again, nothing really new in it; except theyíve got more cash from all of us to hire more and more people and pay them pretty well for indoctrination purposes and to keep everybody else in check.


Now, there are those who fight it and as Iíve mentioned before, H.G. Wells mentioned this in The Open Conspiracy, one of his books.  Where he says, really, if anyone wants to know whatís going on they can find out because we publish what we do; and they do, itís just that their books are rather boring.  People would rather get their history from Hollywood than open dusty old boring books by bureaucrats, high-level bureaucrats, and movers and shakers in the world.  And itís true enough you can really wade through them for chapter after chapter to get one paragraph of something thatís essential to know. 


Thatís how things are done, you see, knowledge is scattered, deliberately, and thatís why itís scattered too, because they donít want the general population knowing so easily whatís happening.  When you go to the proper universities and youíre singled-out for the proper tuition, as a leader, youíre given access to stuff where itís all condensed for you.  You donít have to search all over the place looking for bits to put together.  H.G. Wells also said that many will fight and die protesting this New World Order.  Thatís going to be true as well, thatís why, of course, theyíve got the big military and militarized police forces across the whole world now, under the guise of terrorism.  Because it will come into play when people canít afford to live anymore and it starts at the bottom level.  Those on the very bottom, during times of inflation, because you see, itís been declared that we are now in a post-consumerist society.  Those who still have cash, more cash, can still consume, of course, but those at the bottom have to consume less and less, so once they get a certain point reached; and Iíve no doubt at all universities have been paid millions of dollars over many, many years to do studies.  Theyíll know the exact percentage point where they hit the general public when riots break out, that it will happen, they will know.


So, weíre run in a very scientific manner, "scientific socialism" they call it and the bankers love that because they prefer to deal with countries under socialism; where socialism tends to have a heavy hand on the general population and socialists are always borrowing from the banks.  And today it doesnít matter anyway because both conservative and everything else, theyíre all socialist today; thatís really it.  Theyíre all socialist. 


So, people try to do things in other ways, they think there must be some sort of legality involved and so they try to become lawyers, etc. or they go back to the past and try to use old charters that were used before for rights and they generally get demolished.  Some countries more so than others; and thereís an article from Britain to do with a guy who was the head of an organization there that tried to go along with the rights for the British people.  It says:


"Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned"


Alan:  I think all in the one day, I think, you know.  It says:


"At 9:30 this morning, in scenes reminiscent of Stasi East Germany, 2 police cars and 4 policemen from Merseyside Police arrested British Constitution Group Chairman Roger Hayes at his Wirral home and drove away."


"The first his family heard of him was at 18:30 this evening via a telephone call from a Warder in Liverpool prison, to say that Roger had been tried and sentenced to prison."


Alan:  All like that, bang, bang, bang.


"At no time were the family or any other members of the public informed of his arrest, and it is understood that he was tried in a secret court without a Jury.  Denied the right to argue his case, denied the right to a Jury, denied the right for the public to see justice being done, Roger was imprisoned in the secretive gulag system that Britain has become in 2012."


Alan:  Itís been that way for a long time, actually.


"Rogerís "crime" is that he has been refusing to pay his Council tax, because along with other state taxes, a proportion of the tax revenue gathered is being sent to the European Union, used to fund unlawful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and promote terrorism right around the world. To pay tax under these circumstances is, at the very least, unlawful under Section 15(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000."


Alan:  So, see, you start to try and use their laws and it doesnít work, folks.  These guys, if they want you they come and get you, they really do, because theyíre lawless at the top, thatís why. 


"As such the present government of UK in Westminster is complicit to terrorist action and war crimes and therefore the payment of taxes to an unlawful, criminal regime is itself a criminal act - one in which Roger refused to participate."


"The state has never forgiven him for the arrest of Judge Peake at Birkenhead court as part of this campaign."


Alan:  So, he is in charge of a particular organization that tries to use their own charter of rights, etc. and the laws of supposedly Britain and they come and get you.  They bide their time sometimes but they get you eventually because they canít have you doing that because, you see, if you get away with it other people will copy you and they wonít allow that.  I mean, your whole purpose under this system has always been to produce and consume and pay taxes, and now itís not to consume so much as simply to produce and have less to spend for yourself because taxes are going to end up bringing you into austerity, which is post-consumerism.  The cash that youíve got left will simply be for basic necessities, thatís what theyíve said and Iíve got articles here from the top Greenie organizations talking about this.  It came out from the G-20 meeting, the recent one.  It says:


"In addition to his stance on taxes for unlawful purposes, Roger has also been campaigning for the Lawful Bank - a monetary initiative in which money can be issued to the public as credit, rather than as crippling debt under the existing corrupt and fraudulent International Monetary System."


"As Chairman of the British Constitution Group,..."


Alan:  Thatís the group he belongs to, heís the chairman.


"...Roger Hayes has been an outspoken public speaker warning the British public that their rights and freedoms under Common Law and the Constitution are being stripped away and replaced by a dictatorship of secret courts operating under Administrative and Statute Law."


"There is no doubt that his success in alerting ever more people to the dangers of the British / EU dictatorship being built by a criminal element now masquerading as British politicians, has caused the state to imprison Roger. His challenge to the fraudulent banking system, as evidenced by the criminal acts of Barclays bank and todayís resignation by arch Bilderberger and BBC advisor Marcus Agius, will also have made Roger enemies within Britainís wide criminal banking cabal."


Alan:  And theyíve been there for centuries.


"Rogerís family is shocked both at his arrest, and at the realisation that Britain is now sliding into a police state, where husbands, fathers and other good people can be lifted off the streets and imprisoned. There is now no doubt that Britain is further under the control of domestic terrorists in Westminster."


Alan:  And so they are asking:


"We ask that all those who value their freedoms and liberty call Merseyside Police for further information and an explanation of their actions, and also call Liverpool prison to establish Roger's physical safety and well-being."


Alan:  Iíll put this link up tonight and itís got the phone numbers in it for those who want to bombard them.  Itís the only thing you can do, is say, "Weíre keeping an eye on whatís going on here", because weíre under a totalitarian system.  Itís in every country.  Some are better at handling it than others.  The States, of course, is getting awfully big and heavy with the heavy-hand of the law and the people are adapting to it as people do.  In Britain itís the same kind of thing, theyíre coming down on it because thatís your purpose, youíre a slave.  You are a slave, in this new system and that is your purpose.  Youíre a lesser being, you see.  Thatís just the way things really, really are.


And an update to it, as well, it says:


"The facts of Roger's committal to prison are slowly emerging. It seems that on Tuesday 26 June 2012 a Committal Hearing took place at which Wirral Council state that Roger failed to appear.† As a result the Judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest, and Roger was arrested yesterday morning.† The Council spokesman either did not know or refused to name the Judge."


Alan:  And itís not because; I mean, heís just withholding, itís called withholding taxes, you know.  Because if it was for a fair thing, where it was coming back to the people, thereíd be no problem with it.  Thatís the whole point of taxes when they first brought them in.  Oh, you get all this back in services, etc. and of course weíre throwing it all over the world.  Itís now the redistribution of wealth; they call it, through the G-20 meetings and all the rest of it.  And theyíre building up other third world nations with your tax money as they give you no work at home.  So, theyíve completely thrown all their laws and their rules out the window, at the top, and theyíre off on a different tangent all together.  But of course that was always the agenda.  So:


"Roger Hayes "WITHHELD" his Council Tax rather than "refused to pay" as we reported. This has important implications in his legal case."


Alan:  Thereís a big difference, actually, again legally, but I donít think it matters if theyíre after you. 


"The most important fact in Roger's arrest, trial and imprisonment is that nobody knows the detail of what happened to him. What were the names and numbers of the police officers? What was the Court? What was the number of the case? Who was the Magistrate or Judge? Were any public present to see justice being done?"


Alan:  Well, nobody knows, they just grabbed him, and away; tried by magistrate and that was it, and they donít even name the magistrate.  So, thatís what they can do with you if they want to, to make an example of you and they can do a lot worse as well, of course.  As I say, all you can do is keep an eye, and say weíre watching you, so worse doesnít happen.  Thatís all you can do in this day and age, really, thatís it. 


Now, as Iíve mentioned before, people are very easily trained and every generation is trained incrementally.  Thereís been big strides between the generations too.  You only have to do it once and then you can take a big stride, once youíve crossed the initial barriers and now youíll have maybe 3 or 4 generations of people sitting and anything goes now because each generation has been degenerated, culturally, in the process, through entertainment and so on, till you watch anything at all, I mean anything at all.  And youíre trained so simply by things you like; I mean, you can actually get trained by things which are kind of amusing to you, and most folk are trained that way.  You can warn them in advance, it doesnít matter. 


For instance, Iím going to put up a link tonight on an ad put out by Virgin Atlantic on how safe it is, and sexy and cool it is, to be x-rayed at an airport and you see all the models going through, male and female.  And this guy does his little almost striptease dance in the thing and that will probably get them all humored and laughing and giggling about it and it tells you at the bottom how safe it is and itís cool and itís sexy, you see.  Thatís all you need to do with most people.  I guarantee you if you watch this and then you warn people about it and then you show them it, you can warn them first, youíll still see them smiling away and theyíre lost for a second or two, thatís all it takes.  Itís implanted in their brain, you know, thatís how youíre conditioned.  So simple, isnít it? Because theyíve got neuroscience and all these other big, big professions today, behaviorism, theyíve been working your whole life long and before you were born in ways to manipulate the public.  They know exactly how to alter your opinions on anything at all and make you for something, in fact, even through humor or whatever it happens to take, itís very easy to do. 


Also, thereís been massive sexual abuse by UK police officers, itís getting to the stage now where itís worrying people and it says:


"An investigation by the Guardian released on June the 29th warned of the number of sexual abuses committed by UK police officers."


Alan:  Itís increasing, and it says:


"According to an investigation conducted by the Guardian analyzing the data from court cases and misconduct proceedings in the past 4 years, there were 56 cases involving police officers and community support officers who were found to have abused their position or were investigated for committing rape, sexually assaulting or harassing women."


Alan:  Iíll bet thereís a bunch of guys getting harassed as well.


"Raising questions about the efficacy of the police complaint system, the study which documented the scale of the British police corruption also warned that sexual misconduct could be more widespread than previously believed."


"It revealed that the police officers have been convicted or disciplined for rape and inappropriate sexual behavior with vulnerable women.  Meanwhile the Independent Police Complaints Commission..."


Alan:  Itís all ex-cops so theyíre all the brotherhood.  


"...and the Association of Chief Police Officers are carrying out a joint inquiry into the scale of the problem..."


Alan:  So they wonít find much.


"...which will be published in September.  It was prompted by the case of the Northumbria police constable Stephen Mitchell, who was jailed for life in January last year for carrying out sex attacks on vulnerable women, while he was on duty."


"The damage is far deeper because the victims trusted the police and believed that the police were supposed to protect them from harm and help catch and punish those who perpetrate it."


"says Debaleena Dasgupta, a lawyer who has represented women sexually assaulted by the police officers."


Alan:  Now this is all part too of the degradation of todayís society because the old morality is out the window and lost to sight and it wonít come back, by the way.  You would need an earth-shattering thing to happen into utter primitivism to get back to some basic normalcies because everythingís been so scientifically destroyed that the minds of people out there are corrupt, because theyíre imprinted with all kinds of porno, since a very young age.  Itís promoted in school, they even use pornography in school, to teach the children, Iím talking about porno movies, and anything goes as they push all kinds of variations of it to children who donít even know whatís even going on.  Theyíre telling them what to become, if they feel like it, try it and do it, whatever, and maybe you should see a therapist if you donít feel like doing it.


So, everybodyís screwed up basically, but pornography imprints itself on the brain, for life, for life and certain scenes, of course, including the violent stuff, it doesnít have to be violent but it will imprint itself for life and thatís it.  Youíve really been so tinkered with by design, by the way, because in order to conquer a society completely you must conquer its culture.  The culture that made it safe, stand up together, stand up for each other against those who would take them over.  Well, youíve all been taken over, as they destroyed your cultures under the guise of freeing you up for certain small groups of individuals so as they could have rights, they have to take all yours away, until you have all this thing.  You canít even trust anybody anymore.  Itís that bad, itís that bad.  Anyway, it goes on to say in this article:


"ĎThe breach of that trust has an enormous effect: they feel that if they canít trust a police officer, who can they trust? They lose their confidence in everyone, even those in authority." 


Alan:  Well, especially those in authority.


"It is one of the worst crimes that can be committed and when committed by an officer, becomes one of the greatest abuses of power.í"


Alan:  Meanwhile of course, everyoneís seen the abuses at Abu Ghraib, etc., with the military prisons and how they stacked up all their prisoners, naked, and made them do disgusting things.  And you wonder why one guy, one solitary guy, is withholding taxes, because he doesnít want to have anything to do with these unlawful wars and big agendas, geopolitics, as they like to call it at the top.  Remember Kissinger says that soldiers are dumb stupid animals to be used for foreign policy.  Theyíre not supposed to know why theyíre really there.  The propaganda is all they get, ďbad guy, he wears a rag on his head, oh, bad man".  Thatís all the soldier needs to know.  We are trained so easily, eh?† Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre talking about really, the system weíre born into.  When youíre degenerate, you donít know youíre degenerate because everyone around you will be degenerate as well and doing what youíre doing.  Itís very, very simple to do.  And massive studies, ongoing studies are done all the time as weíre brought down to the bottom, bottom level.  Iíve mentioned before about the different organizations that were sent out to take over the culture and given permission to do so by the big bankers, who ran the presidents.  They had presidential authority to let them work and create the cultures for America and Britain and elsewhere, all at the same time to bring them down and down and down, like the Frankfurt school. † And you have to read the writings of people who belonged to the Frankfurt school, like Theodor Adorno, who talked not only about bringing them down to utter pedophilia but even down to, basically, doing things with dead bodies, put it that way, he says then we shall have achieved our goal.  Iím not kidding about this.  And, of course, if your parents donít know to tell you because theyíve been kept ignorant then you donít know, you think itís all quite natural. 


When you look at, as I say, people withholding taxes, you understand, legalities are legalities, in one form or another; either morally or spiritually or however you want to view it.  The fact is, if youíre giving money to tyrants, to slaughter people across the world, for instance, and not only do that but abuse you all back home at the same time, I mean, do you really feel good about all your cash going off so that troops can pee on little boys, after killing them?  I mean, how do you really feel about that?  Does it bother you at all?  Or do you see those little boys as subhuman because of the propaganda?  A wheelbarrow, thatís how they made their living, is carrying stuff around for groceries, messages from houses and things, just gun them down and then your own troops pee on them.


Now, you better understand that those who control your own troops will have guys peeing on you one day, because what goes around comes around.  When theyíre finished with all these wars, who do you think theyíre going to come down on then?  Never mind these characters that are out there doing that, are coming home to wear the black uniforms that are going to be after you. 


Society is so degraded now, and itís meant to be because then youíre conquered, as I say, you canít stand up for each other, you wonít.  You have no principles to stand up for, at all.  I read this article last November, and it was in the Ottawa Citizen and someone sent me it today because the link went and so Iíve got another link to it.  Itís to do with those who are, of course, consumed, as youíre supposed to be because when youíre young you have all the kind of drives that are there for procreation, etc., to make sure the species goes on.  But of course, it can be again tampered with until itís morbid, youíve got a morbid fascination.  Itís been hyper-actuated, as the big boys said theyíd do it; until everything is sex, sex, sex.† And of course you canít bond with anybody and you wonít want children either or neither will the woman as well, because sheís doing the same thing; thatís what theyíve brought us all to.  But you canít play with these things.  Anything you play with is going to impact your behavior and your relationships as well.  Iíve talked before about these people at the top who work for neuroscience, because theyíre always working on perversion.  They cause the problems and then they try to find out can they alter them, once theyíve caused them all; and thereís no cure, thereís no treatment really that has ever worked for perversions.  Itís to do with a guy who was in that.  It says:


"Order of Canada recipient..."


Alan:  Thatís one of the high orders they give people in Canada.


"...damaged by his work.  Post-traumatic stress caused by years of viewing disturbing videos.  Into the sick minds of violent sex offenders is the only way to heal them..."


Alan:  Well, you canít heal them.  In fact, you canít change them, theyíre just as proud as ever to do it.


"...and to protect potential victims, says Dr. John Bradford, one of Canadaís leading forensic psychiatrists. He has done this difficult work for some 30 years, even when it threatened his own health."


Alan:  Then he was given his high honor, in Canada, a Rideau Hall ceremony and so on.  It goes on about it, the different people that got the same prize, etc. etc., for virtuous stuff and all that.  Then he says: 


"ďIt is critical to understand why people do what they do. What we are doing is understanding it, bringing it out of the closet if you like, so people can talk about it and come forward and get treatment before they hurt somebody.Ē"


Alan:  Well, itís a growing business, not that they can do anything about it because so many folk now are damaged. 


"However, in trying to prevent others from being hurt, Bradford suffered his own damage."


Alan:  See, you canít even play with this.  And some of the biggest offenders we have today are people whoíve actually worked on offenders because they watch all the stuff that they watch.


"Bradford said long periods spent watching video of horrendous acts of sexual violence left its impact."


Alan:  Now, itís not just violence, by the way.  It will all leave its impact.


"The stress started with the Paul Bernardo case, and it got worse the more he watched."


Alan:  Well, he didnít even see the latest one where the guy, the homosexual guy ate his victim, after he killed him and did other weird things with parts of his body.  He says:


"ďI had a tremendously difficult time getting the videotapes out of my head. I didnít understand it but I had trouble sleeping. It got worse, and what I found was that I had developed acute post traumatic stress disorder,Ē Bradford said."


"ďWhat happened to me was that, through a whole process of looking at high-definition video of sexual violence, it affected me. I recovered from it, but I had to go and get help.Ē"


Alan:  He says.† So, he had to go to a psychiatrist.  How do you help somebody, once theyíre damaged?  What thoughts have gone through his mind that shouldnít be there in the first place?  Itís like going into a form of hell and hoping to come out of it unscathed, it doesnít work that way; but itís all encouraged from the top, isnít it?


"Bradford, who has mentored many young forensic psychiatrists, says the proliferation of violent sex videos means one of his most important messages to new doctors is to be aware of their impact."


"ďWhat Iíve been talking about more recently is to explain to younger people how they need to be careful of that stuff because, once it is in your mind, it can really bother you. It is stressful and you can develop PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder],Ē he said."


Alan:  But itís all of it, you see.  It becomes fixed, imprinted in your brain, thatís what happens.


"Bradford, head of forensic psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, recently retired as associate chief of forensics at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. He recalls getting into forensic psychiatry by accident."


Alan:  And he tells you how he got into it and all the rest of it and then the other branches that he helped found, and so on and so on.


The fact is, you canít play with this kind of stuff folks and any drive can be taken and exaggerated, until, as I say, itís a morbid thing, itís beyond normalcy.  And what youíve got today under normalcy is beyond normalcy but itís intended to be by those who put it all out.  Donít forget, Hollywood, and the articles Iíve read recently talked about Hollywood, it doesnít just churn out all the other stuff thatís meant to control you and give you predictive programming, it also churns out the mass of the worldís porno movies.  Theyíve got their big, own version of the Oscars and all that kind of stuff, and do all kind of weird... And the children see this stuff and they emulate it and thatís it.  Itís game over for relationships, having children and all the rest of it because thatís the agenda.


Remember, UNESCO was involved in this too with Julian Huxley, who talked about bringing in hyper-promiscuity, and so did Lord Bertrand Russell, before they even have puberty.  Once youíve done that, theyíll never bond in a long-term relationship.  All successful, eh, and that was the plan, it wasnít happenstance.  They didnít say weíre going to give you freedom to do what you want.  No, it was to get this agenda through until you canít bond, that was the purpose, the end of the family unit.  Awfully successful though, eh?


The other day I mentioned about the expansion of the big Iraq, the US embassy in Iraq; massive multi-million dollar, they call it an embassy.  Itís like, you know, Fort Knox, itís a massive thing but again itís meant to fool the public, isnít it?  Now Afghanistanís next, it says:


"U.S. building Afghanistan a huge $92 million military headquarters."


Alan:  So, theyíre spending that to build a new "Pentagon", they call it:


"...a new "Pentagon," a massive five-story military headquarters with domed roofs and a high-tech basement command center that will link Afghan generals with their troops fighting the Taliban nationwide."


"But when Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak asked for a bigger office in the building -- a change that would cost about $300,000 -- he got a firm "no." Such changes cost time and money, U.S. military officials said, and in Afghanistan, both are in ever-shorter supply."


""We could do them, but weíre not going to do them," Col. Andrew Backus, the director of engineering for the NATO command in charge of training and equipping the Afghan security forces, said of the Afghansí proposed revisions."


Alan:  So, theyíre trying to say that theyíre really doing it on the cheap, you know.† This is a PR piece.  So regardless, the US taxpayer, thatís awfully generous, is building a $92 million dollar and itíll cost a lot more than that when itís finished.  You know thatís always triple, at least triple what they tell you, you know that.  It says:


"...the 516,000-square-foot building, still cloaked in scaffolds and cranes, dwarfs other buildings in town."


Alan:  Well, as I say, thank you to the USA, thatís added to your debt, of course.


In Australia, itís interesting because at the moment a lot of experimentation is going on in Australia, whoíve been hit fast and hard and quickly with stuff that other countries have had for years, under austerity and all the rest of it, and free trade.  But now theyíre going after the welfare recipients too.  Iíll tell you the welfare recipients are simply the test-bed for all of you eventually, when youíre on austerity programs.  Even if youíre working, it doesnít matter; youíre all going to go on austerity programs.


"A federal government trial in which Centrelink..."


Alan:  I guess thatís an organization, theyíve either privatized their welfare system or whatever.


"...manages the money of welfare recipients began yesterday amid an angry protest.† Bankstown, in Sydneyís southwest, is one of five areas where the trial is being conducted."


"It is designed to help allocate Centrelink benefits so that expenses are paid.† Under the governmentís Stronger Futures legislation,..."


Alan:  I love these names they give it.


"...the trials will direct money from some welfare recipients to pay for "priority items" such as food, housing, clothing and utilities."


"The remainder of the money can be used as they wish - but with strict exclusions.  Recipients are forbidden..."


Alan:  Iíll say that again, theyíre forbidden:


"to spend their welfare on alcohol, tobacco, pornography and gambling."


Alan:  Well, they can go to the United Nations because they say that pornography is a human right.


"Those who take part in the scheme may also be given a BasicsCard, which allows them to shop at Centrelink-approved stores, including Coles and Woolworths in some places."


Alan:  Remember the new future system that Quigley talked about was to be a feudal system with corporations running the show.  So, hereís the money going to you and they will tell you which ones you can shop at, what ones of the big massive international corporations you can shop at.


"The BasicsCard is a PIN-operated Eftpos card which can be used to buy most goods and services at the registered stores.  The scheme is voluntary..."


Alan:  At the moment, of course.


"...but it can be made compulsory for people who are falling behind in rent and bill payments or because of child protection issues."


Alan:  Itís amazing too, the families are completely mushed-up, and thereís so many single-parent families now.  This is all the war.  All weíre talking about here is the war and the fallout from it and then the remedies to cope with the fallout, you see.


"Volunteers are eligible for an incentive payment of $250 for every 26 consecutive weeks they stay on the program, which covers those receiving benefits including Newstart and the pension."


Alan:  So, itís quite interesting, and it says:


"Centrelink social workers will decide on the compulsory income-managed cases."


Alan:  So, social workers are now running your lives and get used to it because itís going to spread to even the bottom wage earners and this is the agenda.  This is the agenda.


Tonight Iíll put up a link too, from Britain, itís called "Next steps: Life transitions and retirement in the 21st century".† Itís to get everybody used to these massive changes weíre going through now; this is the century of change that academia has been prattling on about for 50 years.  This is it; youíre in it.  And itís massive changes as they turn everything upside down.  This one is by Lord Wei, whoís a Chinese guy who was raised in Britain supposedly.  Thereís very little data about him but he was made a British lord and heís called Lord Wei, and itís written by Dr. Alison Hulme and itís supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, thatís very British, and itís to do with how to train everybody, even the young people, into this new system of change, you see, right from birth to death.  Every age group is involved in it and even compulsory service for people, the young, compulsory service. 


Because, you see, the world youíre getting brought up to, if youíre a nobody, is where you serve the world system.  Iíve been talking about this for many, many, many years.  Thatís your job, to serve the world system, and itís all in here.  Now who is this Lord Wei?  Well, apparently he just came out of nowhere and heís also now the head of the British-Chinaís bank Association.  So, heís got a lot of communist leanings obviously.  He also was the guy who helped do the Big Society project for Britain, where, again, you all end up volunteering and working in your own areas and looking after each other now that theyíve destroyed the family unit, thatís pretty good, where government will direct how you handle each other, but youíll do it for free, you see.  We used to do it fine when you had the family unit, everybody took care of everybody else, including people not in the family, when you had communities.  Now theyíve destroyed it all and now youíre given project leaders who come out and tell you what to do, and ďyou, you, you and you, youíre coming with me, youíre going to help the people and feed the poor this week,Ē and thatís it, you see.


Of course, this Mr. Wei is under the philanthropy groups, heís a philanthropist, you see. They just get born every so often and their job is to help people.  They canít help it but help people by running big multi-million-dollar think tanks to do with controlling everybody.  Itís their life ambition, to help you all, because weíre all too stupid to do it ourselves, now that everythingís dysfunctional, you see.


So, Iíll put that up tonight too and you can look through that and see what you think of it.  And because of all that he was made a baron or something.  Now, youíve all seen these stories coming out and weíll find out whatís itís all about eventually, what the purpose of all this is, because it says another:


"Nude carjacker hurts 7 in brutal rampage: ĎDrug-addledí man shuts down town as he flips Porsche and breaks both legs of pregnant woman."


Alan:  This is the same drug that they suspect, the bath salts stuff, itís not really bath salts at all.  But they strip naked and they do all kind of weird things, so this is one of the latest ones.  Thereís another one in China, of course, a guy stopped cars and started trying to eat womenís faces.  Itís happening all over.† Weíll find out whatís behind it all and what they really want us to think of it, when they tell us what to think of it, you see, or the new laws come out about something or another.  Weíll soon find out about it.


Another article about Tony Blair, great psychopath, I mean heís a case study in psychopathy.  It says:


"Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair could have earned as much as £80million since leaving office five years ago."


Alan:  Now that he fronts for a whole big bunch of corporations, JP Morgan and Zurich International and all the big boys, you know, still a public servant though.  Must be great to be a servant with that salary.† Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre talking about the big system youíre born into, which is rather blatant and in your face today.  If you want to think about it youíll find everything out that Iím talking about for yourselves.  I mean you should be finding this out for yourselves anyway.  You should understand this for yourselves; if you donít somethingís being done to you, something not very nice. 


We can remember Monsanto, of course, and the different GM food groups and chemical industries, that were going out simply taking stuff that existed, vegetables and everything, and patenting them.  Putting a patent on them because nobody had thought to do it before.  You got to understand those who control the world also control the legal system so theyíll always give them loopholes to do that and they donít try and stop them.  Well drug companies, which they also rule, are the same.  This is about drugs.† And itís going to be effective in the US as well under Obamacare, or whatever they want to call it, because they had it already on the drawing board and ready to go before Obama came in.  It doesnít matter who they put in as a front man.


"Drug companies Ďexploit legal loopholeí."


Alan:  This is Britain, to show you whatís coming.


ďSenior doctors have written to David Cameron calling for action over a legal loophole that enables drug companies to set "exorbitant prices" for drugs to treat rare diseases."


"Several examples of price hikes include a drug to treat rare muscle diseases which used to cost £800 to £1,000 per patient per year."


"Rules that were intended to encourage drug companies to research and develop new medicines for rare diseases that are being misused, the 20 consultants said in the British Medical Journal."


"Instead of developing new drugs they are obtaining licenses for existing ones..."


Alan:  You see, itís almost like patents on it, things that were common.


"...and hiking up the price by up to 700 per cent, they said.  Some NHS [National Health Service] hospitals are now refusing to fund drugs that were previously available cheaply while the NHS faces paying millions of pounds extra a year for the same, or very similar, medicines."


"The open letter, which is also addressed to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and David Cameron, said: ĎOnce a company has obtained a licence, the legislation then gives the company sole rights to supply the drug.í"


Alan:  And puts everybody else out of business, all the cheap ones.  This is old drugs, old stuff.


"ĎThis in turn allows the company to set an exorbitant price for this supply and effectively to bar previous suppliers of the unlicensed preparation from further production and distribution. We believe that this behaviour is not in the best interests of patients or the NHS but is undoubtedly significantly advantageous to drug companies.í"


"The doctors said they had already written to the Department of Health for England and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency about the issue."


Alan:  Now in the US, I touched on it last year, that the FDA had passed laws, drafted up, by the way, by the big pharma companies, to allow them to use cheaper chemicals, they said but similar chemicals; thereís no such a thing as ďsimilar.Ē You either have the right chemical or you donít in a drug.  However, they said similar ones, which are cheaper, and still keep the brand names for the drugs and their prices too.


Now, of course, that the new systemís coming in, the doctors are prescribing all generic forms as well and theyíre using all the substitute stuff.  Itís supposed to be as good as the original stuff, and itís not.  Itís really plummeted.  The generic used to be the same but now itís not, you see.  Because even generic had to use the real chemicals by the formula that was prescribed. 


Anyway, theyíre ripping off people in Britain and theyíve got the whole country to ransom and theyíre allowed to do it and of course Parliament will drag its heels because they all belong to the same groups, of course, that run big pharma and all the other guys, the high entrepreneurs that believe itís their right to plunder the planet, because this is the time you live in folks.  Thatís what these folk believe in; you get to the top by any way possible.  It doesnít matter on the fallout, thatís not their problem.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.


Transcribed by Mary Lou



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