July 16, 2012 (#1129)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 16th, 2012:

Old Books by Elitists Prolific,
Said Minds to be Ruled by Scientific:

"It's Interesting to Live Through Degeneration,
The Collapse of Culture Still Guzzling Sensation,
Addicted to Drugs, Porn, The Internet,
Plummeting Down, We're Not Finished Yet,
When Completely Debauched, Don't Be Fooled,
The World State and Experts'll Have You Ruled
With Political Correctness, Sensitivity Training,
Don't Laugh, It's Your Brain They're Maiming,
HDTV While it Spies is Hypnotic,
With Subliminals Disguised to Hide the Despotic,
Neuroscience will Guide You to Opinions,
Ensuring No Trouble will Come from Minions"
© Alan Watt July 16, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 16, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of July, 2012, and what I normally say at the beginning of every broadcast is to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll find over a thousand audios for free download there which will fill in the big blanks of history that are constantly being removed by the way so it’s good to have an archive like this to go back to, to find out what really happened and what is happening today and it’s well documented as well, to find out you’re living through a big, big agenda, a big pre-scripted agenda.  All the major things, the wars, the social cultural changes, everything is taken into consideration and it’s all done on a time sequence of so many years— ten year plans, twenty year plans, fifty, even a hundred year plans.  So, help yourself to the audio.  And that’s how the world is really run.  It’s run the same way that big businesses plan their future, and here we are, going through the biggest changes of all time since at least the industrial revolution when they got all the people off the farms, small holdings and pushed them into the cities to be workers for the industrial era; and that’s how it was likened to 20-odd years ago by Mr. Rockefeller himself.  That’s what he said about this particular time that we’re coming through.  Of course too, they’ve also altered the cultures of the people, made them all interdependent.   They’ve made them think that internationalism is the way to go; the children have been steeped in it at school and they’re all ready for it too.  Jacques Attali and others have written books about it at the United Nations where they say that the next executive will be a nomad who travels across the world, city to city, and he’ll have no permanent home— and these are the lucky ones.  He says the next boat people will be the American people looking for work abroad.  So, we’re at that stage today.  And meanwhile your governments are all, across the Western World, are all ready for riots and everything else as they bring down the welfare state that they helped to carefully build up to bring in multiculturalism and new immigration, etcetera, to destroy the old cultures— very clever, and in the works for an awful long time as I say. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can purchase the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the U.S. to Canada remember you can use Personal Checks or you can use International Postal Money Orders from the Post Office or you can send cash or use PayPal.  Across the world:  Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal.  But I don’t bring on advertisers who are guests or pretend they’re specialists and really after scaring you they push all the different things that are going to save your soul, so it’s up to you to keep me going.  Remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome at this time because we’re going through a higher inflation in Canada than they are in the States so far.  The States still has to come up to Canada’s level of austerity and high prices, but that will happen and the way things are going, I can see even in today’s news, they’re getting ready for all of that happening in the U.S. 


We live through a planned agenda, a script, as I say.  A script drafted up well over a hundred years ago by the richest people on the planet in London and their sons worked with this organization too, interfamily, to create the Royal Institute of International Affairs that drafted up the plans for an integrated world society by first uniting whole blocs of countries together into trading blocs under free trade and then standardizing a system which they call “democracy.”  They have two versions of democracy:  one for the public who are gullible and one for themselves, which is rather fascist in reality—and that’s where we are today.  But unfortunately, they’ve also had a hundred years to work on the minds of everyone, primarily through schools, generation by generation, and then the culture industry of course is a big part of it to bring us down to our knees, in a sense, because we’re basically degenerate now.  Things are happening today in first-world countries that you wouldn’t even imagine happening in a third-world country even 50 years ago.  We’re brought down to barbarianism in a sense and that was all by design as well; destroy all the old values, all the old culture, the cohesiveness that kept people together as a culture and you’ve got them at your mercy.  You’re now international and global and you can be dominated easily. 


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  It’s amazing, really, to have known this kind of information for a long, long time, many, many years ago because, as I say, I watched the amalgamation of Europe and the amalgamation went on for many, many, many years.  The prime ministers always denied they were amalgamating the countries; it was just to do with free trade and some economic things.  That was what they were told.  And then you go into the history which they published once it was all completed and once they had this European Union parliament up and running, this super parliament which is non-democratic, they released the facts about it, how in 1948 every bureaucracy that signed on to it across Europe worked with each other amalgamating all their laws, regulations, and even currencies into standardization ready for the amalgamation, but the public were not to be told until it was complete.  That’s what you live in—utter secrecy.


At the bottom level, in every country, the public haven’t a clue – haven’t a clue – of what is ever really, really happening, about anything.


Bertrand Russell talked about a super-class, remember: those that would be the world managers and how eventually they’d become a different species because they were living in a different reality at the top according to what they’re given at the bottom, and we truly are in it today.  We’re living under a super-class of those in the know.  And those who are the doers and the movers and the shakers of it all, the technocrats, and then you have the media keeping us dumb and stupid down below, that just points to today’s news: “oh look what’s happening today”; then they give you some dumb reason for it that’s got nothing to do with reality.  That’s how we’re managed today and it’s going to get worse and worse as time goes on.


Last week I mentioned too, in a psy-ops article, that pretty well all your news today – almost all of your news – is given via government and government agencies through their public relations or propaganda departments and handed right out into the media that then put their own names on it and print it in your papers for you—that’s your standardized reality for you at the bottom.  And that goes across the world, the same stuff.  It goes on everywhere.  So, it’s hard to get reality anymore and when you do get a little bit of something happening you have to find out for yourself, just using your rationality to figure out why things are happening. 


For years they talked about “globalism, globalism“; that was the mantra through the 80’s into the 90’s.  And when they had Gulf War 1 suddenly we were all fighting again somewhere in the Middle East, in Gulf War 1, and America put up the flags once more and suddenly you were all nationalistic again.  And everybody else was too.   And since then, we’ve got this schizophrenic attitude: we’re global but we’re also national because you’ve got to get the troops joining, your guys to join the military.  Years ago, the Council on Foreign Relations, many years ago, had articles in their own magazine, Foreign Affairs, of how to get a global army together because it would be hard to make them patriotic for this vague thing called “the world” and they had all different ideas about it but eventually they said what they would do would be to train more and more special force groups, small groups, and then those guys would be well-paid compared to the average trooper and they’d also be encouraged to go into the world’s private armies—that’s already happened too, you see.  So these guys think of everything because they have to; after all, they’re planning the future, right up until, you know, for the next thousand years or more—their future, as we die off and so on.  


Anyway, it says here…


US security agents are to be based at Heathrow and some other UK airports for the duration of the Olympic Games, according to Sky sources.


(Alan:  So, here’s the TSA now in Britain.  They should just call it TSA International, eh?)


The Department for Transport has reached an agreement with the US Transportation Security Administration for specialist agents to be based at several UK airports.


(A:  These guys are the ones that can actually read and write, the special ones that they’re picking for this.)


They will arrive one week before the Olympics, and leave around a week after the end of the Paralympics.


Sky’s Home Affairs correspondent Mark White said: "This is an added security layer that has been done to help boost and aid the American airlines in particular that fly in and out of the likes of Heathrow and other airports.


"Nonetheless it is a very unusual occurrence and is significant."


And that’s all we’ll get told about it.  That’s good enough for the general public.  So, TSA Inc International is spreading its wings, you might say.


Now, part of the old plan, which is still working (it’s always only been one plan, you see, one agenda), by the same people, and they started up the whole idea of globalism using Britain and the British Empire.  Believe you me, the empire is still there; they call it “the Commonwealth” now, it sounds softer but it’s actually an empire.  They would use that empire and build on it, bring countries in on it and would even invade countries and set up their own institutions, just like they’re doing with the U.S. and Britain in Iraq and elsewhere, and would put puppet governments in and train them for a generation until they would adopt the same system that we have — that’s “free trade,” the same corrupt system of payoffs and masonry and all the rest of it for the guys and bureaucrats in bureaucracy. And only then would they pull out of those countries, once they knew they were on board with the world agenda; that was the idea after World War II.  But they’re still doing it today of course and that is the same agenda that the U.S. is doing in the Middle East because Britain “handed the torch over” as they said, as Kipling said, to the U.S., and they would finance it, supply the troops, and the taxes and all the rest of it, to carry it on; it was too much for Britain itself because we were already raped and plundered after centuries of war after the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England. 


And it says here, this other article to do with amalgamating countries, not just the whole of Europe but the Far East was to be done too through the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Institute for Pacific Relations, they called it, their department that worked on that.  Every Prime Minister of Australia and New Zealand has been a member of that for a hundred years.  It says…


Shared Australian-NZ currency would boost productivity


(A:  Now you see what’s happening in Europe with the Euro; everybody is bailing out everybody else for ever and ever and ever Amen. So, it’s so great there, right?  They’re going to do the same thing with Australia and New Zealand and it will be a few other countries as well.  These guys don’t stop because, after all, it’s the only agenda that they have.  So it says...)


A single currency for Australia and New Zealand would promote competition


(A:  Well how would it promote competition?  Between whom?)


and could help boost productivity (A: you see?), according to New Zealand’s central bank.


(A:  See, the Central Banks were the way that the Milner group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs (they were all bankers) — they said through the central banks they would amalgamate all the countries and then they would do all the book work for the country’s expenditures, not the nation, but this international body; that’s what you have in Europe now with the Bank for International Settlements doing the bookkeeping—that’s what it’s all about.  But it says...)


Both countries are under pressure to unlock productivity gains because of the relative strength of their respective currencies as the global economy deals with the continuing fallout from the financial crisis.


The Reserve Bank of New Zealand says moving to a single currency with Australia might


(A:  I love their guarantees...)


might produce efficiency gains, which could stimulate (A: it also means it could not, right?) trade and investment between the two countries.


"Currency union could also expose domestic producers to more competition and thereby increase productivity, and encourage more cross-border financial diversification,"....


(A:  Well, they’ve got enough cross-border financial diversification because the guys from India and elsewhere are bringing their own teams over for work in mining and all that.  It says...)


The bank has said in a submission to an inquiry into closer economic relations between the two countries.


However it warns that there would need to be strong trans-Tasman safeguards put in place to avoid a repeat of the problems faced by the European Union.


(A:  Well, if you want to believe that, that they can avoid that, you’re up a gum tree.  It says...)


"Since Australia’s economy is around five times larger than New Zealand’s, New Zealand would inevitably be a minority partner in a trans-Tasman union," the bank said.


"Institutional arrangements would therefore need to be designed to help safeguard New Zealand’s interests.


(A: Well they’re going to demolish New Zealand.  There’s an awful lot of foreigners that want to buy it over, you know, just like parts of Greece like they’re doing right now.  They’ve got their eye on New Zealand— nice place to live actually, nice climate.)


"An important downside of adopting a common currency is the loss of independent monetary policy to manage domestic inflation when it differs from inflation in other member countries, or to respond to shocks to which other members are not exposed."


In other words, when one goes down you all go down.  You know, ‘one for all, all for one’ idea.  And if you can’t have control over your own nation’s currency then believe you me somebody else does it and they will bring you to the rock bottom.


Also, in Australia


GILLARD: The story she tried to kill


I’ll put this up tonight as well because, I mean, she used to be involved with a big union fraudster, this is a fact, she was, his name was Bruce Wilson.  A lot of money went missing, etcetera.  They were buying homes and all the rest of it, but Gillard was involved with this guy, big time, and it’s come out and she really got really, really furious about it when the story came out to the press.  That’s why she’s trying to pass all these bills to basically curtail all the press; that’s one of the main reasons.  So, I’ll put this up tonight.  It’s quite an interesting article, and how she’s come down on all the TV stations and journalists that will even mention this particular story.  Rather important to know if your Prime Minister was involved, basically, in a mafia, isn’t it?  I would think so.


And, here’s another one too…


Government unveils huge wish-list of new surveillance powers


(A:  And this is also to do with Australia.  It says...)


The Attorney-General’s Department has unveiled proposals for a massive expansion of intelligence-gathering powers including data retention, the surveillance of Twitter accounts, forcing people to give up computer passwords, ASIO stop-and-search powers, government authority to direct telecommunications companies about infrastructure and the power for ASIO to plant or destroy information on computers.


(A:  For those who don’t know it, we’re getting the same thing done in Canada and the States: certain people are getting selected and you know darn well when they’re into your computer and they’ll start crashing it for you or information just disappears, because the military were given permission in the U.S. to do this, with Canada’s involvement, of course.  Anyway, it says...)


The proposals are outlined in a discussion paper provided for a major national security inquiry by Parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security announced yesterday.


That will go up tonight too, these links, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the broadcast.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re talking about the matrix basically because you live in a matrix where you get crumbs thrown at you that are always distorted of course because you have to make sense of it for yourselves and start thinking for yourselves and don’t expect anybody else to do it for you. 


In Cairo…


Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes


(A:  I guess she’s got bad shoes, eh?)


at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade on Sunday during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.


A tomato struck an Egyptian official in the face, and shoes and a water bottle landed near the armored cars carrying Clinton’s delegation in the port city of Alexandria.


A senior state department official said that neither Clinton nor her vehicle, which were around the corner from the incident, were struck by any of the projectiles.


Protesters chanted: "Monica, Monica", a reference to Former President Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affair.


(A:  That was one of them.)


Some chanted: "leave, Clinton", Egyptian security officials said.


It was not clear who the protesters were


(A:  Of course it is, they know who they are.)


or what political affiliations they had. Protesters outside Clinton’s hotel on Saturday night chanted anti-Islamist slogans, accusing the United States of backing the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power.


(A:  They know better over there what’s going on than we get told through the nonsense here.)


The assault on her motorcade came on a day Clinton spoke at the newly re-opened U.S. consulate in Alexandria, addressing accusations the United States, which had long supported former President Hosni Mubarak, of backing one faction or another in Egypt following his ouster last year.


"I want to be clear that the United States is not in the business, in Egypt, of choosing winners and losers, even if we could, which of course we cannot," Clinton said.


(A:  Well, of course they do.  They fund them.  They arm them.  And they send them in.  It’s been well understood.)


Clinton also met the country’s top general, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, on Sunday to discuss Egypt’s turbulent democratic transition as the military wrestles for influence with the new president.


Well democracy, remember, is the same system we’ve got here where we’re simply told what to do and you’ll get groped at the airports and everything else and all your mail is getting confiscated or read and yada-yada-ya.  That’s what they call "democracy" now.  It’s a master/slave relationship.  Big corporations are running the world and a lot of them are just completely private, of course.  But they still flog the democracy bit for the Average Joe out there who doesn’t know what’s really going on from the mainstream media for the news.


So anyway, they’re not so dumb as to what’s happening in their own countries, far from it in fact. 


Now, in Britain that’s sinking with the immigration, it’s been sinking there for years with the immigration that keeps coming in.  And it was no secret because Tony Blair, in his era, told his right-hand man to open the immigration floodgates to bring in as many as they possibly could, in other words, to destroy the culture of Britain forever.  That was the main reason that Tony Blair gave for it and that was mainstream—I’m not making this up.  And so, it says…


Surge in British population expected in census results


The UK population has grown by more than three million in the past 10 years, census results are expected to show tomorrow.


(A:  I bet you anything it’s way past that. And it says...)


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) will publish the first findings from its once-a-decade national headcount, based on a survey of all 25 million households.


Experts believe it will show that the population rose to more than 62 million last year, from 58.8 million at the time of the last census in 2001.


The 2011 census will reveal the full impact of Labour’s immigration policy during the party’s 13 years in power, including the decision to allow Poles and other eastern Europeans free access to the UK’s labour market when the European Union expanded in 2004.


Tomorrow’s first published findings of the £480 million survey,


(A:  Everything’s incredibly expensive when government does things, eh?)


held on March 27 last year, will include age and gender breakdowns of the population, and statistics by council area, as well as the headline total. It will be followed later in the year by detailed breakdowns according to ethnicity, nationality and religion.


An annual population estimate, also compiled by the ONS but based on a smaller survey, put the UK population at 62.3 million in mid-2010.


And then there’s a lot of arguments after it with so-called specialists that say it’s a lot more, etcetera and blah blah-blah-blah-blah.  And it will be an awful lot more than what they’re telling you.


This is interesting too, this article, because you can remember when I read on the air about the Homeland Security Department ordering 450 million hollow-point bullets, pistol caliber basically and I put that up at the time and it will be in the archive section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I’ll put this up again tonight regardless so as you’ll remember it.  But now they’ve gone ahead, and I’ll put up two links to Federal Business Opportunities from the government, and they’ve ordered massive amounts of .223 caliber Remington enhanced performance ammunition, and even the weaponry to use it.  So, it says “accessibility to information” and it says…


Federal Business Opportunities

.223 Caliber Remington Enhanced Performance Ammunition


(A:  They’ve got a massive big, big order in for that, huge amount, a lot of cash involved.  And also for these new Colts as well, apparently.  And it says...)


This notice of an award of an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract is being posted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 5.705 which requires award notices for actions exceeding $500,000. This contract will provide the Department of Homeland Security the necessary .223 Remington Caliber (62-64 grain) Enhanced Performance ammunition for its duration.  The period of performance is a base year with 4 one year options commencing on 7/12/2012.


And it gives you the contacting office, etcetera.  I think it’s about 10 million dollars’ worth of the ammo, but they also are ordering the firearms as well which have got dual receivers for different calibers; it’s a special Colt 901.


Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And as I say, I’ll put up these articles to do with the Homeland Security’s request for this ammunition and the rifle systems too that they’re going to work it with.  But it’s interesting they’re bringing in a lot of military caliber ammunition.  And the Colt LE 901 Rifle System, which is able to actually change receivers in it for two different calibers, basically.  It says…


...modified M4 lower receiver mated to a .308 caliber upper receiver.  The lower receiver will accept and function any military specification (Mil-Spec) .223 caliber upper receiver, and is thus backwards compatible with all CBP/U.S. Border Patrol M4 upper receivers.  Colt is the only known company to offer such a unique and specialized weapon system.  The Colt 901 is the only known weapon system of its type....


It’s gas operated and all that kind of stuff for the buffs that want to know about it.  But it’s amazing, I mean they’re not buying all this stuff just to go and shoot at targets, believe you me.  This is a military inside your own country that’s obviously getting orders to get ready for something, obviously (obviously).  


And the U.S. that arrived into the Gulf just recently too has been opening fire on fishermen.  And it says…


DUBAI/WASHINGTON One person was killed and three others injured on Monday when a U.S. Navy ship fired at an approaching fishing boat off the United Arab Emirates, but officials did not immediately blame terrorism or cite an Iran-link to the still-murky incident.


Why the boat approached the U.S. refuel ling ship, the USNS Rappahannock, was still unclear, U.S. officials said. But the U.S. Navy said the small motor boat ignored repeated warnings to halt its approach before a security team fired rounds from a .50-caliber machine gun.


(A:  Well that will certainly kill them, eh?)


Even small boats dwarfed by the size of the U.S. vessel can still pose a threat.


So they’re just killing folk that get anywhere near it, and these folk are just fishing in their traditional areas and in comes these massive warships and they try to keep fishing as always and they don’t realize the different mentality you’re dealing with these days where they want to go and kill you, you know, these folk in the ships.


Anyway, this article here is about…


“Climate Science” in Shambles


(A: It says...)


It is the best of times, it is the worst of times — for science. Over the past several years, the world has been spectator to an alarming meltdown as one serious scandal after another has publicly exposed many of the world’s most prestigious scientific organizations, institutions, and publications as being captives of rigid ideologues who employ rigged computer models,


(A:  And they are rigged— that’s what they build them for, their special computer models.)


fraudulent “evidence,” censorship, and intimidation to advance a radical “green” political agenda and to squelch genuine scientific inquiry and debate.

Some of the preeminent scientists involved in promoting global-warming alarmism have been disgraced and discredited, after being caught in flagrante in unethical and illegal activities. Even before the 2009 “Climategate” e-mail scandal, many leading scientists who had earlier been true believers in man-made global warming (anthropogenic global warming, or AGW) had begun jumping ship and joining the AGW skeptic side. Since then, the defections have turned into a veritable flood, making this one of the great untold stories of the major establishment media, which continue to trumpet the alarmist propaganda.


(A: Well that’s because all the media have their so-called environmental specialists onboard with them, that are really just members of the big green parties.)


Two defections were particularly striking as world leaders and tens of thousands of delegates, NGO activists, and journalists gathered in Rio de Janeiro in June for the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. In an interview with the U.K. Guardian on the eve of the summit, James Lovelock, the British inventor, NASA scientist, author, and originator of the Gaia Hypothesis, mocked sustainable development as “meaningless drivel,” and said the UN makes “a mess” of everything it gets involved with. In 2006, Lovelock, one of the world’s most famous environmentalist gurus, asserted that due to global warming “billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.” He now says his predictions were “alarmist,” and he criticizes his former comrades for having turned environmentalism into a “green religion.” Lovelock also endorses nuclear power and expanded development of natural gas through hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” But his ultimate heresy is his withering rejection of so-called “renewable energy,” especially wind power, as a viable replacement for carbon-based fuels.


“We rushed into renewable energy without any thought,” says Lovelock. “The schemes are largely hopelessly inefficient and unpleasant.” He has upset many of his erstwhile green brethren for attacking wind turbines and wind farms as “ugly and useless.”


(A:  And then...)


Professor Fritz Vahrenholt is another recent green heretic. A founding father of Germany’s environmental movement and a director of one of Europe’s largest alternative energy companies, Vahrenholt stunned the "greens" in February of this year with publication of the climate-skeptic book Die Kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun), which scorches the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


(A:  Run by that little guy from the railroad company, Pachauri.)


and other alarmists. Co-authored with noted geologist/paleontologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning, the book was published by one of Germany’s premier book publishers and (amazingly) received hugely positive reviews in the major German media. On February 7, Germany’s leading daily newspaper, Bild (16 million circulation), devoted a half page to the Vahrenholt story, under the headline: “The CO2 Lie: Renowned team of scientists claim the climate catastrophe is fear-mongering by politics.” Bild followed up with a series of stories on Vahrenholt’s defection and the mounting evidence of massive fraud from the climate alarmists.


Don’t forget though that this whole alarmist stuff is to take all your rights away completely and run you in a scientific fashion—that means personally.  Every single one of you, that’s what it’s for.  That’s why they need this.  That’s why the Club of Rome was given the task to find a way to do it, to take all your rights away and bring in a global society under a very authoritarian system and they said that global warming, famine, that kind of thing, they said that "would fit the bill"— that’s from their own writings, their own book.  And the Club of Rome is the main think-tank for the United Nations.


Now, years and years and years ago they talked about building up into these mega-cities of the future, and there’ll be different mega-cities; there’ll be high-tech mega-cities for the wealthy elite, the ones that they deem essential to the future of society, for their own society, and then there’s the present mega-cities, amalgamated cities, they call them super-cities, where they’ve amalgamated smaller cities all together into big ones and that’s to be the future slums as we all die off, up until the year 2050 or whatever, with their various predictions that they have.  Anyway, it says…


Agenda 21 Dense MegaCities of the Future Already Underway


Just a few months ago, scientists were calling for the human population to move into more closely tight-knit cities.


Michail Fragkias, chief scientist for the UIN’s “ Planet Under Pressure” wants populations to be confined to mega-cities, locked up so they are easily controlled and mitigate further population growth.


Fragkias says: “If cities can develop in height rather than in width that would be much more preferable and environmentally not as harmful.”


According to the globalists at America2050, “metropolitan regions will be an interlocking economic system, shared natural resources and ecosystems, and common transportation systems link these population centers together.”


(A:  That’s all under Agenda 21 as you well know, the Agenda for the 21st century from the United Nations, no private vehicles and so on.)


The megaregions are defined as:


Environmental systems and topography

Infrastructure systems

Economic linkages

Settlement patterns and land use

Shared culture and history


(A:  They’re doing that already.  They’re destroying histories.  I mentioned that last week how they’re destroying whole parts and chunks of histories because we can’t have this.  Remember, John Dewey way back in the 1920’s talked about this.  Eventually they’ll destroy all histories and once they’ve got this multicultural society they’ll give you a brand new history and we’ll all be, you know, happy smiling little morons.)


Under Agenda 21, policymakers, businesses and community leaders will be used to enact changes to city structures including:


- Controlling public water allocation and distribution


(A: Remember, food and water is a weapon.)


- Coordinating transportation of goods from one megaregion to another


- Installing high-speed railing systems and approved eco-conscious transportation modes to mitigate CO2 emissions


- Protection of biodiversity by restricting human effects to nature


- Implementing tough economic and development strategies to make multi-use purposes in land distribution


Global Integration Zones will link regions to one another through specially designed transportation systems.


Now this does fall in with the Ministry of Defence from Britain and their 2008 scenario of the future when they talked about all of this too.  And these big cities with the ordinary folk in it will just turn into slums and be policed until they’re all dead and died off and then the future elite will live in their mega-cities, high-tech ones, very clean and not crowded together of course.  So I’ll put this link up tonight as well for those who want to peruse it.


Nothing is amazing anymore.  You cannot be shocked by anything actually.  Nothing, literally.  When you’ve got populations eating each other, I mean, you really can’t get shocked with anything anymore.  It’s all over and done with because we’ve been debased and conquered.  That’s what you’ve got to do to conquer people, is debase them.  Bring them down to, you know—you can’t even say animals.  Animals don’t behave this way.  But it says…


Auditors say billions likely wasted in Iraq work


(A:  Billions.  They just can’t find where it all went.  And no one is really trying to.)


After years of following the paper trail of $51 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars provided to rebuild a broken Iraq, the U.S. government can say with certainty that too much was wasted. But it can’t say how much.


(A:  Can you imagine when you get your tax bills in, you can’t make everything match and they’re down on you like a ton of bricks, but when it comes to them, "oh no, well, we just don’t know where it went and that’s just too bad.")


In what it called its final audit report, the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Funds on Friday spelled out a range of accounting weaknesses that put "billions of American taxpayer dollars at risk of waste and misappropriation" in the largest reconstruction project of its kind in U.S. history.


"The precise amount lost to fraud and waste can never be known," the report said.


(A:  That’s the way they like it though, it can never be known.)


The auditors found huge problems accounting for the huge sums, but one small example of failure stood out: A contractor got away with charging $80 for a pipe fitting that its competitor was selling for $1.41.


(A:  That’s fairly common.  It says...)


Why? The company’s billing documents were reviewed sloppily by U.S. contracting officers or were not reviewed at all.


They’re all on the take folks—that’s what’s wrong with the people who do the reviewing, for the folk who can’t figure it out.  It’s always been that way though.  So, it goes on with a lot of money that’s just gone missing.  It’s quite a fairly long article.  I’ll put this up as well.  Because after all, it’s just laissez-faire, you know, standard today.


Now, Britain, the British people and the European peoples didn’t want the GM food industry coming in, and it was interesting when Tony Blair was in power and he was trying to pass it, by himself basically, for all British peoples but at the same time he made exemptions for the elite places, even the big, they call it a cafeteria for the parliamentarians— it’s like the Ritz hotel.  But he says they’ll be exempt, they wouldn’t eat that, they’d get organic stuff for them.  They won’t eat the stuff they’re forcing on you.  But now that they’re under the European group, the European Parliament that’s utterly corrupt of course and all completely new world order, they’ve demanded that Germany and Britain and other countries start using the GM crops.  And the people have no say in it at all.  Actually it’s up to them if they want a say in it; they’ve got to do something to get a say in it.  But Bill Gates, you know, the big philanthropist…They create these fake geniuses to present to the public and then they just suddenly become philanthropists and suddenly they’re on board with all the same agenda that they’ve been on board with all these years.  You know, sterilizing women across the third-world, bringing down the population through poisons and cancers and all the rest of it.


Bill Gates donates £6.4m grant to British scientists for GM crops in one of the largest single investments to project


British scientists have won a £6.4million grant from Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates to develop genetically modified crops.


(A:  Mind you, he’ll get a lot more back than his little donation there.  Believe that too.)


The Gates Foundation’s donation is one of the largest single investments to the GM project in the UK.


The John Innes Centre in Norwich will use the fund to cultivate corn, wheat and rice capable of taking nitrogen from the air, meaning they need little or no fertilizer.


They can get it from the air.  Actually, this idea is old and you’ll find great stories on the characters that just happened to find this way of getting nitrogen from the air just in time to make explosives for World War I.  It’s quite fascinating who they actually were.  Anyway, they’re going forward with all this and the public have no say at all.  And in actual fact we’ve never had any say.  They could have even kept this all quiet for most of the public, except the farmers tend to talk and it would slip out, otherwise you’d never have heard of the fact that you’re getting fed poisons.




Police Minister Nick Herbert announces criminal justice plans


(A: From the BBC news...)


Criminals could be dealt with in days or hours under plans to introduce "swift and sure justice" and flexible court hours....


(A:  What’s all this about?  It’s for the next riots that come about.  This is why they’re doing this.  No juries, nothing, and just back to the Middle Ages where the magistrates will just hear your case for two minutes and down goes the hammer and away you go.  So, it’s all to do, and they actually say that, it will actually help for the next riots that come along.)


Police Minister Nick Herbert has published a White Paper proposing more court video links and tougher community sentences in England and Wales.


(A:  And it says...)


Mr Herbert denied it was "gesture politics" and told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: "The whole point of these reforms to ensure swift and sure justice is about putting the victims first.


(A: Like they’ve ever cared about victims in Britain, eh?)


There is no need for unnecessary delay in our criminal justice system."


So, as I say, it’s really for the riots that are coming up so as they can just run through them because they expect more and more flash-mobs, riots, etcetera, which they talked about in 2008.


Another thing that’s not surprising at all is to do with genetics and the mating up of the male and the female for the genetic capabilities. 


Scientist Predicts Eugenic Society


(A:  will be here and established; it’s already established, we know that, but this is the first time they’ve mentioned it to the public...)


in 5 Years: Gene Tests to Determine (A: they call it) Lover’s Compatibility


(A:  They won’t have lovers: it’s just a contract with them, really, at that level.)


It seems we may be heading into a new era of eugenics, and in the future, instead of choosing to settle with partners we love, we may be choosing them based on the compatibility of our genes, a leading scientist has warned.


Professor Armand Leroi, of Imperial College London, predicts that the ever declining cost of DNA testing means that we may be heading toward a society that is based on genetic superiority.


(A:  And it says we’re heading into a new era of eugenics.  It says it over and over again by the way.  These papers are terrible....)


It seems we may be heading into a new era of eugenics, where society will embrace genetic superiority and people will pick their partners based on genes and not love. The 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca (A:  I’ve mentioned that hundreds of times in the past) is about how a genetically inferior man, living in a future society driven by liberal eugenics where babies are designed to have the best traits of their parents, takes on the identity of another genetically superior man in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel.


And it says society will definitely embrace genetic superiority and so on and so on.  Well, it’s already here.  This is a “get ready” kind of story.  You’ll see a lot more of them in the next few weeks.


Back with more after this…


Hi folks, we’re back and this article follows with the last one; it’s about the same topic, the same people.  It says...


Leroi told the Euroscience Open Forum 2012, in Dublin, that he expects that in five to 10 years, it will become standard practice for young people to pay to access their entire genetic code, according to The Telegraph.


Naturally, the future generation’s desire to have a healthy baby will then lead them to request access to view the genetic blueprint of any prospective long-term partner.


He told researchers attending the major science conference in Dublin that with the information, future couples could then use IVF to weed out offspring with incurable disease.


(A:  Don’t forget that not having the proper IQ will eventually be an incurable disease.  I’m not kidding about that.  It’s already happening.  They’re aborting what they claim are Down-syndrome and often they don’t have it at all.  I’ve even read articles on that where they didn’t even have it; half their tests are false positives.  Anyway, it says...)


However, he added that it is unlikely that people will have the "luxury" of using the technology to design babies by intellect or eye color, but will instead focus on stopping genetic diseases.


Speaking in a session titled “I human: are new scientific discoveries challenging our identity as a species”, Leroi said the cost of genetic sequencing has been falling so quickly that “it is going to become very, very accessible, very, very soon”.


As an example, he said that the cost of genetically sequencing a person has fallen from $1 billion more than a decade ago to about $4,000.


(A: At present.)


He noted that in some ways eugenics are already here, with tens of thousands of babies with Down’s syndrome and other illnesses being aborted every year.


(A:  They see that as a success story, by the way.)


"These processes are very well established in most European countries," he told the conference on Thursday. "Many of the ethical problems that people raise when they speak of neoeugenics are nought once you offer gene selection or mate selection as a eugenic tool. We are actually beginning to identify the genes that make a human.”


(A:  Well, it depends whose definition you’re using, right?)


"The search for an essence is a 2,000-year-old myth. What we are left with is a sense of capacity and the role of genes in the way they give us these things," he added. “I am certain genome sequencing will be available on the NHS (UK health service) within our lifetimes. It is going to be very, very accessible very, very soon.”


(A:  Well that’s what the elite have always been pushing for too, and they’ll use it like every other excuse that they have; they’ll say it’s an ideal precise science and it will be as bogus as the green revolution and global warming.)


Danish neurobiologist Lone Frank predicts that some countries will embrace the idea.


(A: more than others.  And it says...)


Philippa Taylor, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said that society must "recognize and resist the eugenic mind set,"....


(A:  And the usual things, in other words, what folk say about it and you expect them to say what they say, right.  And it says...)


"Our priorities should be to develop treatments and supportive measures for those with genetic disease; not to search them out and destroy them before birth," she added.


Don’t forget allergies are also put in there with genetic diseases.  You’ll get aborted if you’ve got a case of the sniffles or your dad had or something.  I’m not kidding, folks.  See, life is cheap now because we have no morality.  We have no morality.  Nothing shocks anybody anymore.  They’re winning all the time.  You understand, there is no opposition to this because everyone is adapting to the system, day by day, month by month.  They adapt to everything.  And they don’t even realize they’re adapting because it’s not even a conscious thing that they go through.  They just adapt.  Until, are we really human after all?  What is it to be human?  Define humanity today with humanity 50 or 60 years ago.  You’d be kind of shocked if you can get that far.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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