July 17, 2012 (#1130)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 17, 2012:

Mega-Cities and the New Economy:

"Smart Cities, Mega-Cities, Time for Public to Know,
Planned for 50 Years, The Buildings are On the Go,
Each Super "Scraper" Could House Half a Million,
Each Level has a Function, e.g. One to Birth the Children,
Who'll Grow Up and Live Lives Inside Designated Block,
Lots of Entertainment, Sex, Rap and Rock,
You'll Be Selected for Work on Specific Floor,
Indoctrinated to Love Servitude which You will Adore,
It's the New Economics, For the Good of All,
For Supervisors on Top Floor, It's One Perpetual Ball,
Most will Be Content, Never to Visit Great Outdoors,
Psychoactive Drugs to Create Contentment on Their Floors"
© Alan Watt July 17, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 17, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 17th of July 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest you really make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com because you’ll find over a thousand audios for free download.  You’ll find transcripts too in English, if you go through the COM site you’ll see also alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages for print up, and you can make use of that, to understand how we’ve got to this position where we are today, the changes, the times of changes; the century of change, in fact, they call it.  And what that means, how long it’s been on the go, who’s behind it, the big organizations, the foundations, the gangs, basically, of the richest guys in the world, who set up their own clubs in the late 1800s.  Then in the 1900s they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs with a partnering club in every country across the planet.  They’ve picked every president, every prime minister for a hundred years and that’s not from me, that’s from their own historian, Carroll Quigley.


So, we are run through an agenda, you see, and they go in 50-year cycles, 100-year cycles, for parts of the agenda but they always get what they want because when you’ve got a 50-year agenda you can alter the culture drastically, so much so; prepare them for the big changes and particular changes too, that are to come and that’s how it’s done.  So, we accept it quite easily and we seem to flow into all the big changes that are made for us, just like people kind of drifted into the EU amalgamation without even knowing really what it was all about.  Some people didn’t even know it was going on at the time.


Australia is going through the same thing now as well with the Far-Eastern/Pacific-Rim group and New Zealand as well.  It was all planned a hundred years ago and here we all are.  Now, the next step is sustainability and the new cities, the mega-cities as they call them.  The UN came out with this a long time ago, mega-cities, but it’s even older than that; you can go back to the 1940s when they talked about creating super high mega-cities.  Each one would be comprised of maybe 4 or 5 massive skyscrapers, that could hold up to half a million people each and you would be born in them, you would live in them, you go to school in them and then you go into work in them and you die in them.  I’m not kidding about this, this is all part of Agenda 21, very old idea and we’re well on the road to it today.  Most folk will go into it because they’ll make it appear so appealing, especially to the young and there’ll be all kinds of incentives as well, initially of course, cheaper rent, etc., until they get you all in it, of course.  That’s the world you’re going into.


Remember, help yourself to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can buy the books and discs, hopefully, from my site to keep me going because I don’t bring on sponsors or advertisers that support me.  I have no shares in any products that are sold, whatsoever, I’m just giving out the basic facts of what’s happening today, if you can handle them.  Some people cannot handle them and that’s fine with me.  So, from the US to Canada remember you can order using personal checks or international postal money orders or you can send cash or you can use PayPal.  Across the world, Western Union and Money Gram and PayPal and really, I mean this, donations are awfully, awfully welcome, in these times.  


But we’re going through this so quickly, as I say, we’re the most informed slaves that have ever walked the planet, really, for the people who listen to broadcasts like this, we know what’s going on; the problem is what do you do about it, of course.  And you all know, you all know out there that all you can do is prepare for yourself and hope that, or even go to a place where you know it’s going to be the last place to be touched by them and live out a few years in relative normalcy and hope for the best.  But if we’re in all of the so-called First World Countries, it’s being rammed down because as I say all the machinery to make everything happen is already in place.  It’s been in place for years, when everyone was sleeping.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  You understand we’re living through, as I say, a long, long term agenda but it’s really coming to a head now when things that were planned for so many years are actually taking shape before us and they’re pushing for the next part of what they call civilization.  It won’t last too long, mind you, because they’ve already said at their Department of Defence think tanks that there’ll even be a global government for a short time and then it’s back to very high-tech city-states for the very wealthy few.  The rest of the people will have died off by then because they don’t have children, they’re becoming sterile, etc.


In the meantime they want to build these massive high-rises to house the people during that period.  So, we’re going through the whole agenda now and they’ve prepared the minds of the people for so long; lots of the young people have been brought up as Greenies.  They’ve been brainwashed since kindergarten, in fact, and they’re all ready to do what they’re told and all be happy and try and get along, etc., until they’re all churned into these big skyscrapers and forced to interact with each other, because they’re going to be awfully crowded.


I had to laugh too, I was reading an article about that today and the proponents for these massive skyscrapers that will hold half a million people, say that it will force people to interact and get along by such close proximity.  For the young again, there’ll be lots of entertainment, lots of free sex and all that so they will go into that just like they went into cities in the first place.  That’s why they go, they get lured by the lights and they think they’re going to have the fast life and of course, there’ll be lots of free sex around. 


So, they will get their way one way or another but in the meantime we’re going through it all as they try to get people off the land and into these new areas, these new greening areas, as they like to call it.  I can remember years ago too, I listened to a guy from NASA and they were showing some "urban sprawl" they called it.  He actually called it "urban sprawl" and it sounded terrible; see, it’s psycholinguistics.  You use negative words to leave an impression on a person’s mind, rather than just say "urban population"; it’s a "sprawl", so a negative thing and he wanted them all off the land years ago and here they are, going to do it.


Now, part of it too is multiculturalism, big, big part of it.  It’s quite amazing how it came out from Britain, from Tony Blair’s right-hand man, the assistant prime minister who said that he was told to open the floodgates in order to destroy the British culture forever.  They really are fanatics, these guys, that want this EU to succeed, but the EU is only one part; there’s to be a North American Union as well, it’s still going on, by the way, and the other one was the Pacific Rim region.  Britain is going through this today; other countries too, like in Scandinavia that generally kept themselves to themselves for a long time are being forced, a big battle to come, lots of angst because they have sent in people from America and other countries, and getting paid by the government, in fact, of Sweden, for instance, to bring in massive immigration and bring in forced multiculturalism.  So, that’s going to upset a lot of people there too, but they say it’s the only way they can do it to save the Euro and Europe itself, you see, this big, very old plan. 


Now, as I say, getting back to Australia, it’s getting hammered right now because they’re really catching up quickly, within a matter of like one year, they’re catching up to what Britain’s been at for years.  It says:


"Tens of thousands of low-paid migrants could be allowed into Australia to work as waiters, kitchenhands and cooks.  Foreigners on cheap wages are a better option than unemployed Australians, industry experts say."


"They want visa restrictions dropped, including English language levels, so migrants can be brought over to tend bars, drive tour buses, wait tables and staff casinos. In a submission to the Federal Government, tourism groups want migrant workers to plug gaps in tourist hubs such as Melbourne."


"They say a job shortfall of 36,000 will balloon to 56,000 in the next four years. Unions blame low wages and long hours for the shortage."


Alan:  And so it’s definitely rushing ahead.  Everyone must become ultra, very diversely so, multicultural, in order to destroy the original cultures and that’s the agenda.  I listened to one person who was sent to Sweden and she actually said that; that was her job, to enforce multiculturalism and getting paid by the government to do it, to destroy; it’s to destroy the cultures, basically.


You can’t bring in a passive New World Order, you see, of populations to live in all these new super mega-cities until you’ve basically made them all, brought them all down to the same level and forced them to just get along, even though technically you can’t.  Because people really are different and one of the proponents for all this said this himself and that was Theo Adorno, he said that people are not all the same.  People are different and cultures are different and different races are different from other races, he says, we’ll have to force it along, he said, but they are different.   You can’t expect one person from one country to just behave like another person; it’s not in them.  They are different, they are different, that’s the human race, it’s got a lot of differences but they want to standardize us all regardless of what it takes, so there’ll be a lot of chaos.


And the G4S, or G-force as they like to call themselves, this private army that does security and military and all the rest of it, have had to accept the fact that Britain is sending in the military, as well, because they couldn’t fill all the jobs that they had to get just for this Olympic games.  It says:


"After G4S, who still thinks that outsourcing works?"


"‘With a third of Whitehall civil servants cut, their already doubtful ability to write clever contracts weakens further.’ "


"G4S shares plunged as police were drafted in to guard the Olympics amid warnings more soldiers will be needed. Yet another outsourcing company collects profits when all goes well and the state picks up the pieces if the company fails. Soon much of the state may be too atrophied to step in."


"Exactly a year ago the Cabinet Office published its "open public services" white paper, the masterplan for dismantling the state,"


Alan:  For those who didn’t hear it, "master plan for dismantling the state".


"...with "any qualified provider"..."


Alan:  That’s private corporation.


"...the default deliverer of virtually every public service. The Cabinet Office is the ideological hub of the Cameron government’s mission to dismantle the state. For fear they might only get one term, as governments everywhere are routinely ousted, they are dashing to secure that indelible legacy. The plan is to outsource so much that reconstructing public services will be impossible in future. Seeing how easily their cuts rubbed out Labour legacies, they have redoubled their intent to leave an ineradicable stamp with this biggest wave of outsourcing ever."


Alan:  That’s what they do now, they make so many laws and everything else, that they said it would take years to unravel them to try to get back to the old way, so it’ll never happen.  See we’re being privatized, we are being privatized for the new mega-cities too because in the mega-cities you’ll be literally run like a prison camp folks, with private corporations, with their private armies and private police.


"David Cameron warned any civil servants standing in the way of bidders: "If I have to pull those people into my office and get them off the backs of business, then believe me, I’ll do it." If the G4S slogan, "Securing Your World", is embarrassing, Cameron’s state-demolishing mission faces even worse reputational damage."


Alan:  Don’t forget, this is an ongoing program, I mean Blair helped to multiculturalize it, destroy the culture and he said that and his next in command said it too in mainstream media, and I’ve read it here on the air.


"Government will always contract and procure from the private sector, but it shouldn’t be a matter of ideology. Half of London’s councils collect their own bins, the others outsource. Those are easily measured services, yet no one audits and compares, so we don’t know which is best."


Alan:  They show you nothing as to how it improves anything.  It always gets more expensive.  Remember too, Carroll Quigley said this new system they’re bringing in is a feudal system, for those who don’t understand feudalism, the vast amount of the people were peasants and they were run by Lords and Overlords and Quigley said that, the new Overlords will be the CEOs of big corporations.  That’s the world that’s being brought in.  It says:


"Margaret Hodge, the dynamic, no-nonsense chair of the public accounts committee, protests that it’s impossible to know who profiteers from the public purse. Under the guise of "commercial confidentiality" her committee is denied information with no transparency on value for money. Freedom of information laws don’t cover private companies – even when using taxpayers’ money."


Alan:  Isn’t that great?  Isn’t it?


"Often the only "efficiency gain" is paying workers less. One council’s bin men I interviewed were on six different pay rates, depending on when they were employed, each new contractor or agency paying less. The lowest paid needed their wages subsidised by the taxpayer via tax credits, so who wins?"


Alan:  Anyway, everything is going this way and this is the new way of the future.  It’s already happening in the States, Canada and everywhere else too. 


There’s a little article here, it’s kind of interesting here.  I don’t know where they’ll go with it.  You always get people in every age who try to bring in a form of communal work for themselves.  This article goes on about the Magna Carta and Britain and so on.  It’s by George Monbiot, who’s often wrong about everything, but he’s actually got an interesting article here; it says:


"Hounded by police and bailiffs, evicted wherever they stopped, they did not mean to settle here. They had walked out of London to occupy disused farmland on the Queen’s estates surrounding Windsor Castle. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that didn’t work out very well. But after several days of pursuit, they landed two fields away from the place where modern democracy is commonly supposed to have been born."


Alan:  "Supposed", is the proper word for it.


"At first this group of mostly young, dispossessed people, who (after the 17th century revolutionaries) call themselves Diggers 2012, camped on the old rugby pitch of Brunel University’s Runnymede campus. It’s a weed-choked complex of grand old buildings and modern halls of residence, whose mildewed curtains flap in the wind behind open windows, all mysteriously abandoned as if struck by a plague or a neutron bomb."


"The diggers were evicted again, and moved down the hill into the woods behind the campus – pressed, as if by the ineluctable force of history, ever closer to the symbolic spot. From the meeting house they have built and their cluster of tents, you can see across the meadows to where the Magna Carta was sealed almost 800 years ago."


Alan:  So, they want to be self-sufficient.  Good luck to them but they ain’t going to allow it.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  A long time ago as well at the United Nations, they decided to, basically, go after the family unit, big time – that’s part of the Communist Manifesto – and to bring down populations.  They said that they would promote homosexuality and other kinds, things that would not breed children and that was really part of it too.  They also use it to create schisms in society, so you get everyone fighting everybody else over different values, etc.  This is an ideal example of it here.  Remember it’s a very old agenda, as I say, the League of Nations, even before the United Nations, promoted the same thing.  It says:


"Coinciding with London’s gay pride celebration this past weekend, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg hoisted a rainbow flag, an emblem of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual activism, over the Whitehall building for the first time ever. Clegg accompanied this public support for same-sex marriage by expressing his personal opinion that churches in England should be allowed to perform those unions if they wish, a statement contradicting Prime Minister David Cameron’s June pledge."


Alan:  Well, Mr. Clegg isn’t a Christian.  He does belong to a group, but it’s not Christian.  I’ll leave that to you.


"Clegg, who received permission from a local council to fly the flag, said the flag represents a "small but important emblem" for gay activism in the country.  "There has to be a first time for everything – flying this iconic flag in the heart of Whitehall is a small but important emblem that the Government and this country are behind equal rights," he said in a statement,..."


Alan:  And he goes on and on and on.  It’s really grandstanding by a politician for more votes and all the rest of it, you can obviously see.  It’s also fulfilling, as I say, the old, old agenda to destroy traditional marriage and they like homosexual systems for the upcoming world because they won’t have children, they won’t breed children; some of them can do it if they can afford to get a surrogate woman to carry the child and all that and get artificial insemination but most of them can’t afford that.  As I say it’s grandstanding and it’s divide and conquer as they always do, you see, always do this, standard techniques.


Also, as I’ve mentioned so many times, you see we’re so corrupt now, we accept corruption quite easily, we don’t get upset about anything anymore and that was all by design as well.  Here’s an article here about a television presenter who was a trader for television and he has now been jailed himself for fraud, and it says here:


"A television presenter whose job was to prevent people being ripped off has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for benefit fraud.  Dan Penteado, who worked on the BBC’s Rogue Trader and Watchdog programmes, admitted eight offences of dishonestly or knowingly claiming council tax and housing benefits worth more than £24,000."


"Bournemouth magistrates heard how he had neglected to mention earning more than £56,000 for his television work over three years.  The 40-year-old failed to tell officials about one of his bank accounts when he first filled in a claim form in 2007 and repeated the fraud over four subsequent years."


"The court heard that Penteado, who has worked alongside television presenter Matt Allwright since 2001, "received £24,077.60 in housing and council tax benefit he wasn’t entitled to"."


Alan:  So, pretty well everybody that’s up there in any way, shape or form is just corrupt, folks.  This is the way we live today because it’s all moral relativity, they’ve been brought up with moral relativity, there’s no right, there no wrong and it’s all the way you look at things and, you know, this is what happens to some of them on the low levels, this guy’s low level, but that’s what happens.  Then you go into this one here, the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation, it says:


"HSBC chief quits in front of US Senate committee as bank is accused of 'letting Mexican gangs launder $7 billion and working with Saudi bank linked to terrorism'."


Alan:  Now, the HSBC, by the way Cameron’s grandfather worked for that, at the time, when he belonged to a different group you might say, but anyway the Bank of Hong Kong was set up in the first place to launder drugs, that was its purpose and of course they brought in all the opium and stuff into Britain, initially, for the Rothschilds and they put it into all the medications to make people feel better.  It didn’t matter what it was, a cough mixture or whatever, in was the opium and then when it got banned in Britain they simply started to do it elsewhere.  They brought China down with bales of opium, of course, and he was part of that deal too.  So that was one of its main functions.  Anyway, it says here:


"HSBC moved huge sum from Mexico into the U.S. between 2007 and 2008;

Provided services for Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank linked to financing terrorism;

Senate investigation suggests they also moved money tied to Iran;

Accuses bank of ‘pervasively polluted’ culture’;

Another hammer blow to the credibility of British banking system after Barclays was fined for allegedly rigging LIBOR interest rate"


Alan:  I don’t know how they rigged it because they’ve all been at this for years, all the banks have been at this.


"The head of compliance at British banking giant HSBC resigned..."


"David Bagley, who has been HSBC head of group compliance since 2002, stepped down before the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee after its findings were published."


"Mr Bagley, who had a 20 year career with the bank and is based in London, said: 'Despite the best efforts and intentions of many dedicated professionals, HSBC has fallen short of our own expectations and the expectations of our regulators.'"


Alan:  Well, it’s fallen short because they got caught, you see.  And it won’t stop them, I mean the bank’s going to carry on doing the same old stuff that’s always done.  They’ll get a little fine and all that.


Now, I’ve mentioned from the start, the computer was given to the public.  Even Brzezinski talked about that, back in the 70s.  He said a method of communication, mass communication, will be given to the pubic eventually, they’ll think it’s for their own good but of course all science is given to the public for control purposes.  All of it, it’s always been that way.  That’s the music coming in so I’ll read this article when I come back from these messages.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading about Google, for instance, and Google is definitely part of the NSA.  Remember they’re all privatized and that’s the ideal way that they want it all.  They get away with much more when they’re private, you see, they’re not responsible to the public or to the government.  That’s why this new feudal system, as Quigley said, is run by top corporations.  Anyway, this is a handout, a public relations handout obviously put straight into the newspaper, into the Mail Online.  See, most of what you read now is just handouts from their public relations departments for all these big corporations and you don’t even know it; but it says:


"‘I’m feeling lucky’: Google turns its search powers to hunting down the world’s most wanted."


Alan:  Oh, that’s nice of them, isn’t it?


"Google’s engine is the most powerful search tool ever created - and now the Californian giant aims to use its powers for good."


Alan:  See, you can tell they wrote it themselves.


"Instead of just finding kitten videos, Google aims to use its technologies to crack through the cyber defences of international crime.  Google is working with international crime organisations to find ‘back doors’ into international gangs of terrorists, drug dealers and human traffickers."


"Google Ideas, Google’s think tank, is working with the Council on Foreign Relations..."


Alan:  Oh well who’d have ever thought of that?


"...and other organizations to look for ways to use technology to disrupt international crime."


Alan:  Now remember, "international crime" has a lot of definitions, especially today when you’ve got wrong-think and you’ve got opinions in wrong-think, you see.  They do attack your computers too and get "back doors" put into them.


"Drug cartels, terrorists human traffickers and criminal gangs run their organisations via the web, often using advanced encryption technologies to conceal themselves from law enforcement."


"But global anti-crime organisations hope that Google’s technologies could be the keys to ‘breaking into’ these elusive groups.  Officials from Google and groups that combat illicit networks will meet Tuesday and Wednesday in Westlake Village, California, to develop strategies for fighting global crime."


Alan:  So, they’ve become a policeman now.  Isn’t that nice?


"‘Google is in a great position to take these on,’ said Rani Hong, a survivor of child trafficking in India who is now a special adviser to the United Nations."


Alan:  Oh, of course.


"‘They’re a powerful medium and they have great tools to solve this problem.’"


Alan:  You understand that most of the human trafficking we’ve seen is through the United Nations.  Do you know that?  Wherever they put their troops in you get human trafficking and they also have massive prostitution clubs, boys, girls, very young.  This is old stuff.  They even put out a movie about it, not so long ago.  I might try and remember the name of it and let you know; it’s based on what happened in Kosovo.  Anyway, it says:


"Dozens will attend the summit, including Kimmie Weeks, a former abducted child soldier from Liberia; Juan Pablo Escobar, son of slain Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar; assistant U.S. defense secretary Andrew Weber; and Brian Dodd, who directs the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s counter-terrorism and transnational crime efforts."


"‘It might sound like a different path for Google, but technology companies today have a lot of powerful tools for bringing transparency to these illicit networks, to fight back against corruption and empower those who are trying to combat transnational crime,’ said Stewart Patrick, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who helped organize the conference."


Alan:  You can’t do anything without the Council on Foreign Relations because they are, by the way, for those who don’t get it yet, the parallel government, that was set up by the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  They are the parallel government. 


"‘We all know that bad guys use the Internet, but now we’re saying the Internet can also help stop these criminals...’"


Alan:  Etc., etc.  And:


"This week's gathering follows a conference held in Dublin, Ireland, last year that brought together more than 60 former gang members to focus on how to end violent extremism."


Alan:  So, as I say, they’ve become the policeman and then they’ll expand the powers and expand the powers, and with the United Nations and the CFR pulling the strings, it’ll be political correctness and who’s not being politically correct in what they say on the net and all the rest of it.


Also tonight I’ll put up for those who watch the chemtrails going on over so many years and how they can either dissipate clouds, by spraying over them and they disappear, they can cause droughts or they can actually cause it to rain and flood you, if they want to, because they can do both quite easily.  You’ll find that with all the weather warfare treaties they’ve signed, if you look into the United Nations.  I’ll put up Carnicom Institute and Carnicom.com of course is the guy who really started the first main investigations into the chemtrails and what they consisted of and got the testing done, which is up on his site as well, by the way, all the different things.  There’s even arsenic in some of these things, never mind the cadmium and the barium and the aluminum oxide.  So, I’ll put this up tonight for you too, for those who are still on the sidelines because they never look up and they can’t imagine anybody would ever do that to them, that’s why these things are able to go ahead and be done to you.


Also in Australia again, who are getting hammered, it says:


"With China on the rise and Europe on the decline, Australian tourism operators are being told they need to gear up for big growth in Chinese tourism.  Federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson says in the 12 months to May, the number of Chinese visitors to Australia was up 17 per cent on the year before, while visitors from Europe were down almost three per cent."


"Speaking at the National Tourism and Events Excellence Conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, Mr Ferguson said the "unsurprising" fall in European visitors was led by falls in German and UK markets and due mainly to Europe’s economic problems."


"By contrast, all of the key Asian markets were up, led by China, which had 577,000 visitors to Australia in the year to May, India, up 4.6 per cent, Indonesia, up 7.2 per cent and Japan, up 7.1 per cent.  "What these figures tell us is that Australia’s tourism operators will need to cater to growing visitor numbers from China and Asia more generally in coming years," Mr Ferguson said."


Alan:  And a lot of them will come over of course and start buying up the land, which they’re already doing, including a lot of the farmland and areas where there’s water supplies.


This is supposed to be a victory.  I don’t know if it is.  It says:


FDA: BPA no longer allowed in baby bottles.  The federal government announced Tuesday that baby bottles and sippy cups can no longer contain bisphenol-A, or BPA, the plastic chemical which has been subject to years of scientific scrutiny.”


“The U.S. chemical industry’s chief association, the American Chemistry Council, had asked the Food and Drug Administration to phase out rules allowing BPA in those products in October, after determining that all manufacturers of bottles and sippy cups had already abandoned the chemical due to safety concerns.  It is illegal for companies to use substances not covered by FDA rules.”


Alan:  Well, they only managed it for 80 years, eh?


“"Consumers can be confident that these products do not contain BPA," FDA spokesman Allen Curtis said in a statement, adding that the agency’s action was based on the bottle industry’s phase out of the chemical.”


Alan:  Mind you, this stuff, once it’s in one generation it’s passed onto the next three and it’s a pretty deadly chemical, for sterilization actually and other things too.


I’ll also put up tonight too to do with the ghost towns of America because they’ve got videos out on the ghost towns.  You see that’s why they’re ghost towns now, you’re going to end up living in these massive high-rises that were planned a long time ago, under the Smart Cities programs and led by IBM.  They’ve been at this for many, many years because they knew this 50 years ago that they were going to bring these in, at this phase of transition, as they like to call it.  It says:


"Anastasia Churkina travels to Gary, Indiana -- America’s ghost town, one of the most dangerous places in the country that used to boom with industry and is now an urban desert."


Alan:  So, you can see what’s happened to the US.  But we don’t have to worry about that, you see we’re still paying China and giving them special deals and sending cash over there to make sure that they succeed, and India too now.  So, that’s the way it’s planned.  You understand, those who rule the world are internationalists and even though they might base a company in your country for a little while, they have no problem, just like GM, uprooting and going to China and going bye-bye to you; that’s how they are. 


Now this company is just amazing, GlaxoSmithKline, they’re always getting in trouble but what they get really is small little slaps on the wrists, which amount to nothing at all, plus they have government sort of contracts.  The government will actually pay their fines for them.  I don’t know if you know that or not.  Most of the big companies have got that now, in fact.  It says:


"GlaxoSmithKline clinches $3.6 billion Human Genome deal."


Alan:  So, now they’ve got all that data for the Human Genome Project.


"The shadow of job losses looms following GlaxoSmithKline’s announcement that it will acquire Human Genome Sciences Inc for $14.25 a share as big pharmas’ race for biotech companies heats up."


Alan:  It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of that and where it all goes.  It’s a lot of information to get, on all of us, of course, that’s what they’ve got. 


An interesting statement came out of Iran.  You know, the people over there, in the Middle East, I can remember when they were warning Americans because Americans are so ignorant, they’ve been brainwashed, same as the British and everybody else, and Canadians.  They were warning them of who ran America.  Americans think they know who run it but they’re wrong.  They don’t run it and they used to yell that and try to tell you but nobody listened.  They also are really wise to what’s going on in warfare techniques.  They have to be because they’ve been getting them used on them in different methods of soft war, they call it.  Under soft war you can have the lower parts of the weather warfare industry involved.  It says:


"Iran’s drought part of ‘soft war’ by the West.  The drought in southern Iran is part of a "soft war" launched against the Islamic republic by the West, the Fars news agency quoted an Iranian vice president as saying on Monday.  "I am suspicious about the drought in the southern part of the country," Hassan Mousavi, who also heads Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism organisation, said at a ceremony to introduce the nation’s new chief of meteorological department.  "The world arrogance and colonist..."


Alan:  They use the word "colonist".


“...(term used by Iranian authorities to label the West) are influencing Iran’s climate conditions using technology... The drought is an acute issue and soft war is completely evident... This level of drought is not normal."”


“Iran has experienced several droughts in recent years, especially in the south where it was hit in recent weeks by violent sand storms that engulfed several cities.  Sand storms particularly enter Iran from neighbouring Iraq where desertification has increased over the last two decades due to wars.”


Alan:  That’s what they’ve got now, thanks to the wars.


"Last year, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Western countries of devising plans to "cause drought" in Iran, adding that "European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump" their water on their continent."


Alan:  And it’s true, as I say, they can either disperse clouds, they can move clouds and they can cause it to rain wherever they want it to rain.


"Iranian leaders claim on a daily basis that Western countries, led by arch-foe the United States, devise "plots" in many forms to undermine the Islamic republic and to impede its economic and scientific development."


Alan:  Well, that’s all true, it’s admitted in the West.


"They also accuse world powers of colluding against Iran’s national unity, independence, political establishment, culture as well as international relations."


Alan:  Well, that’s true as well because the big boys said a long time ago they would not allow any Muslim nation, basically, primarily Muslim nation, to ever have any power at all, especially in weaponry.  So, what they’re saying is true. 


Here’s a cry for help, obviously, but they’ll never get what they want.


"Iraq wants all US-stolen archeological treasures back."


Alan:  Remember when they went in there, they stole, they plundered the museums and so on.  So they want all the US-stolen archeological treasures back.


"...stolen by US forces in 2003, but Washington has offered to return only half."


Alan:  Well, at least they’ve got it, you know, the other half is in Israel because remember during the time they said they were actually fencing it to private collectors in the US, via Israel.


"Iraq rejected the offer made by the United States to bring back half of the Iraqi Jewish Archive,..."


Alan:  They have a Jewish archive there too.


"...previously transferred from Baghdad to the United States during the US-led invasion of the country, insisting that Baghdad had to restore the whole archive, Iraqi newspaper al-Sabah reported on Sunday. "The archive includes centuries-old Torah scrolls and plenty of other documents in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.""


Alan:  It says here.  So, good luck to them but they won’t get it, obviously.


The article too about the Libor scandal, the rate-rigging for the banks, it says:


"Libor: They all knew – and no one acted.  Regulator’s claim it knew nothing thrown into doubt as documents show authorities were told of rate-rigging in 2008."


"Ben Chu is The Independent's Economics Editor. Previously he was the newspaper's chief leader writer."


Alan:  He talks about it and says:


"A cache of documents released yesterday by the New York Federal Reserve showed that US officials had evidence from April 2008 that Barclays was knowingly posting false reports about the rate at which it could borrow in order to assuage market concerns about its solvency."


Alan:  So, they were rigging the whole darn thing and the Bank of England was well aware of it too.  They kept phoning them up over four years.


“An unnamed Barclays employee told a New York Fed analyst, Fabiola Ravazzolo, on 11 April 2008: "So we know that we’re not posting, um, an honest Libor." He said Barclays started under-reporting Libor because graphs showing the relatively high rates at which the bank had to borrow attracted "unwanted attention" and the "share price went down".”


“The verbatim note of the call released by the Fed represents the starkest evidence yet that Libor-fiddling was discussed in high regulatory circles years before Barclays’ recent £290m fine.  The New York Fed said that, immediately after the call, Ms Ravazzolo informed her superiors of the information, who then passed on her concerns to Tim Geithner, who was head of the New York Fed at the time. Mr Geithner investigated and drew up a six-point proposal for ensuring the integrity of Libor which he presented to the British Bankers Association, which is responsible for producing the Libor rate daily.”


“Mr Geithner, who is now US Treasury Secretary, also forwarded the six-point plan to the Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King. The Bank pointed out last night that there was no evidence in the Geithner letter of banks actually making false submissions – although the note did allude to "incentives to misreport". 

It was unclear last night whether Mr Geithner informed Sir Mervyn about the testimony of the Barclays employee who said that the bank was being dishonest in its submissions.”


Alan:  Well, they’ve already got reports from Sir Mervyn, who said he kept warning them over a span of four years, so he knew about it but nothing will happen about all this of course, because, as I say, in Britain I think in its whole history they’ve never put any bankers in prison for anything that’s ever been done; that’s fact.  In the States they have but not in Britain.


This article here is about farmers in Brazil, it says:


"Farmers Have Had Enough With Monsanto’s Royalty Taxes and Penalties."


"In case you’re wondering how Monsanto has risen to the ranks of a superpower, a major reason is their patent on GM seeds, like the GM soya seeds in Brazil, which account for nearly 85 percent of the country’s total soybean crop. Each GM seed is patented and sold under exclusive rights."


Alan:  And you have to go back every year to buy them.


"Therefore, farmers must purchase the GM seeds every year, because saving seeds (which has long been the traditional way) is considered to be patent infringement."


Alan:  So you can’t save seeds. 


"Anyone who does save GM seeds must pay a license fee to actually re-sow them."


"But that’s not all.  In Brazil, Monsanto has charged farmers a 2% royalty fee on all of their Roundup Ready sales since 2005!"


Alan:  Their sales as well.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  We’re back, talking about one of the big giants, of course, because Monsanto is really the premier flagship for GM across the whole planet.  Every prime minister is on board with it and of course they’re all getting paid off really well for it and they want to control all the food on the whole planet and another company will own all the water.  That’s the way it’s going, you see, it’s supposed to be that way.  Anyway, as I say, they’ve been really socking it to the farmers in Brazil and it says:


“In Brazil, Monsanto has charged farmers a 2 percent royalty fee on all of their Roundup Ready sales since 2005! And, they test all of the soy seeds marketed as “non-GM” to be sure they don’t contain any Monsanto seeds. If they are found to contain the patented seeds, the farmer is penalized close to 3 percent of his sales!”


“The issue with the latter penalty is that GM soy is very hard to contain, and often contaminates nearby fields. So farmers are forced to pay a penalty for having their fields contaminated with GM crops, through no fault of their own – and likely against their wishes entirely!  For years now, farmers have been taking Monsanto to court over their excessive fees and taxes, and in 2009, a group of farmers sued the company, claiming the Monsanto tax was illegal because it was impossible to keep the GM seeds away from the non-GM varieties.”


“A judge ruled that the tax was illegal, especially since the patents on Roundup Ready seeds in Brazil already expired. Monsanto was ordered to stop collecting all royalties … and to return all the royalties collected since 2004 – an amount that could add up to a minimum of $2 billion!”


“Monsanto appealed, but in June 2012 the Supreme Court dismissed it, so it looks like Monsanto is going to be getting their just deserts.”


“France, India Also Find Monsanto Guilty.  Earlier this year, a French court found Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning in a case involving a French farmer, who suffered neurological problems after exposure to Monsanto’s Lasso weed killer. A few years before that, a French court again found Monsanto guilty, this time of falsely advertising its Roundup herbicide as "biodegradable," "environmentally friendly" and claiming it "left the soil clean."  France has also recently asked the European Commission to suspend Monsanto’s authorization to plant genetically modified MON 810 corn, citing "significant risks for the environment" shown in recent scientific studies…”


Alan:  And the link to the study is on this particular site that I’ll put up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


"Meanwhile, India’s National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), a government agency, is suing Monsanto and their collaborators, the Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company, for stealing local varieties of eggplant to develop a genetically modified version.  India requires that any entity attempting to use a native plant for commercial or research purposes must first get approval; Monsanto, however, neglected to do this,…”


Alan:  They’re just like gangsters, Monsanto, aren’t they?  They just go ahead and make their own laws up. 


"...opting instead to essentially steal the native plants in order to modify them for their own commercial gain.  The case marks the first time a government has accused Monsanto of biopiracy, and the results could set an important precedent for the future of the food supply.


“Monsanto Involved in Lawsuits Over Mass Contamination, Illnesses.  Monsanto is also facing a class-action lawsuit involving tens of thousands of residents from Nitro, West Virginia, where a Monsanto chemical plant produced the herbicide 2,4,5-T, a component of Agent Orange; the suit alleges the company spread toxic substances, primarily carcinogenic dioxins, all over the city.  And in Anniston, Alabama, a Monsanto plant produced toxic chemicals called PCBs, polychlorinated biphenyls, from 1929 until 1971, and they heavily contaminated soil and waterways in the area.”


Alan:  So they’ve got $600 million lawsuits waiting for them there, as well, but that’s the gangster system, you see, CEOs, corporations run the world and they will still survive.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God, or your Gods go with you.


Transcribed by Mary Lou



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