July 19, 2012 (#1132)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 19, 2012:

It is Time to Reclaim the Mind:

"We're Fed Daily News Yet We All Know
It's Predictive Programming, A P.R. Show,
Yet People will Prattle as Though it's Real,
Unaware of Techniques Designed to Steal
Critical Thinking, Logic and Reason,
Individual Survival in Every Season,
Big Liars Hire Experts in Neuroscience,
And in Behaviourists Place Reliance,
To Spin Emotive Stories of Simplistic Kind,
Guaranteed to Work on the Simple Mind,
Our Abilities are Crippled, There's Been War
On Disabling Your Thinking, Whatever For?
So You're Compliant to the Overlords,
Conquered by Science, Not Guns nor Swords"
© Alan Watt July 19, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 19, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 19, 2012. For newcomers, please help yourself to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll see all the other official sites listed there. They all carry free audios for download and they carry transcripts as well in English for print up. If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can have print ups in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. I try and show you how nothing that’s happening today wasn’t planned many, many years ago. And I mean many, sometimes 50 or 100 years ago, as we go through the transition, transition phase really, into this brave new world, this new world order - a dream of many people for an awful long time. And to show you how it works as well, I go through the organizations that set themselves up and their long-term business plans – that’s how you run the world, like a big long-term business plan, 50 year plans, 100 year plans – all different agendas to be fulfilled within the plans of course. And the NGOs, that are paid... huge armies of nongovernmental organizations are paid lots of money by foundations, foundations that really are not accountable to the general public; they’re owned and operated by the richest people on the planet that set them up a long, long time ago to be a parallel government. They also put their own boys, and girls, into politics when it suits them. They staff your bureaucracies with their own people too, members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  They give you presidents from the Council on Foreign Relations, across the world, and they are running the world along their own particular agenda and plan. Understand too, that you can set up foundations with tasks to fulfill; one foundation could have maybe 10 tasks to fulfill.  And they needn’t change those tasks for 100, even 200 years, hiring, retiring, hiring, retiring and they get their agendas through. That’s how they do it. They’ve got all the time in the world to work intergenerationally and get it done.


Remember too, as I say, you can keep me going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I don’t have shares in advertising or take products in or sell products. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to do so and I’d certainly be a lot happier financially if I did, but again, it compromises you to an extent and you become simply commercialized and mainstream. So I go this way, the suicidal way, and I hope, it’s up to you, that you’ll see the same point of view and help me out by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]   Donations are really, really, awfully welcome.


And if you don’t understand the past you won’t understand what’s happening today. You’ll be caught up in the hullabaloo of the mainstream media, which is all owned by the richest guys on the planet, who also own the foundations, and who are going towards a world agenda. Because their job is to make you think that things are spontaneously happening and your governments must spontaneously just deal with it. Nothing is further from the truth. We’ve been in perpetual war since Gulf War 1; if you take in the wars all through Latin America and elsewhere, we’ve been at war forever. And this is the system and techniques of those ruling elite who are taking over all the resources of the planet. Because we’re public/private now, you see, and the big idea from the private philanthropists, as they call themselves, who own the foundations, was to take over all the earth’s resources and run the world in a new feudalistic system with corporations and CEO leaders being the new feudal overlords. We’re already there. We are already there. And they have lists of countries they must take out and plunder before they’re all finished. Once they’ve done that they’ll simply pull the rug from under the feet of those in the US, because the US is the battering ram at the present time. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this big plan we’re all living through, and it’s causing upheaval across the whole planet.  Austerity is part of the plan too, mind you, but at the moment we’re concentrating, at least your owners – I call them owners because we’ve never had democracy – they plan to take over the entire Middle East, and other countries besides that but mainly Moslem countries. Because they decided a long time ago that the Moslem countries would never adapt into this new world vision that they had, and they’d have to simply go, be bombed out of existence, exterminated, whatever it takes. Because it’s a very old agenda, this, and they even had plans to do the same with different people in Britain and elsewhere, under eugenics a long time ago.


You find that John Stuart Mill had his drafted list up of people who wouldn’t fit into this system: Aboriginal American Indians, and other peoples, a lot of the blacks in Africa. What they actually said was, those blacks who couldn’t adapt into this economic system would have to be eliminated. Because they believe, you see, in the Great Leap Forward in evolution.  And they do believe that those who are from a previous age, they can’t evolve into the new age of evolution, it would bring down the ones at the top and therefore they’d have to become eliminated. This is still on the go today.  The world is full of elitism, completely full of elitist ideas, and every country’s got them, for those at the top, that own you.


But we know from the 90s, at least, they had a whole list of countries to take out under the Project for the New American Century and they listed the countries, beginning with Afghanistan, then Iraq, and they actually had Syria then after that but instead of that we did Libya, and Syria is undergoing it now, and then of course Iran is eventually to be taken out too; Egypt is another one as well. So it’s the same list that Israel had of course, because they work hand-in-glove with the US.  And people can’t quite fathom out what this ‘special relationship’ is. Is the tail wagging the dog? Who is the dog that’s being wagged? And so on and so on. That’s never been explained to the people. But they’re definitely working in tandem.


There are so many lies coming out now from all sides you don’t know who to believe; that’s standard obfuscation of the truth when you want to go to war. But in the meantime we’re goading all the countries to go into Iran and it says…


US Gulf build-up 'signal to Iran'

bbc.co.uk / 19 July 2012/ By Jonathan Marcus


(Alan:  You know, it’s a signal to Iran they’re sending.  This is from the BBC.)


The USS Ponce transit the Gulf en route to Bahrain.  The USS Ponce acts as a mother ship capable of housing Special Forces.


It is described by the US military as a "defensive exercise" to preserve freedom of navigation in the international waterways of the Middle East.


(A:  It shows you minesweepers and all the rest of it…) The International Mine Counter Measures Exercise 2012, IMCMEX 12, is broad in scope.


The focus will be on countering efforts by a hypothetical extremist group to mine crucial waterways in the Gulf, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Gulf of Oman.


The exercise though will not extend into the Strait of Hormuz, presumably to avoid raising tensions with Iran. (A:  Well, they’re doing all they can to raise tensions with Iran. They’ve been doing that for years now and embargoing them too.)


US spokesmen insist that the multinational manoeuvres are not intended to send a signal to Tehran. But it is hard to see any other fundamental purpose behind them. (A:  Well, of course it is. It’s all to intimidate Iran.)


And this is the sort of news they give you today. Most folk, as I say, don’t really care. That’s the truth of things. We’ve lived through the so-called color revolutions. We’ve lived through our own countries training terrorists and sending them over to undermine countries and get the wars going. And no one really cares in the Western world at all. Life goes on as usual for them so they don’t really care about it. And then of course we send in NATO to bomb them, but no one really cares.  Today, see, the news is all so far away for most people, and the further away it gets the more unrealistic it becomes to you.  Especially if you’re surfing all the different sites, or you’re watching television all the time, things become unrealistic or surreal to you. It’s all one big movie that’s blurred, in your mind, and nothing is real. You’ve watched so much violence you can’t tell the difference between someone really being blown up or shot from helicopters, real people, or something from a movie that you’re watching. You just can’t tell anymore. 


This other article too, people who think that Canada and the US are still separate nations, of course the amalgamation of the Americas is still going on step-by-step and this is from last month. It says…


Beyond The Border Steering Committee

canada.usembassy.gov / 21 June 2012


Today, the U.S.-Canada Beyond the Border (BTB) Executive Steering Committee met for the first time in Ottawa, Canada. President Obama and Prime Minister Harper directed the establishment of the BTB Executive Steering Committee to oversee progress on the implementation of the BTB Action Plan. To ensure continued transparency and accountability, the BTB Executive Steering Committee will generate a joint public report to be published in December 2012. Additional information, including the full BTB Action Plan, is available at on DHS.gov.


I’ll put these links up, for all these stories, tonight at CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com to show you that things are still steamrolling ahead. Remember, Europe was to be amalgamated first, then the Americas, and at the same time the Pacific Rim Region as well – and that was the three main trading blocs that they wanted. A very old plan, a hundred years old.


This article too, is about austerity. You see, austerity is what your masters deemed appropriate for you. You’ve had it too good, you see, when you had factories and things, and they’ve sent them all off to China.  And you still had it too good because they kept our prices artificially down in some countries, especially America because they needed lots of troops and so on for the big wars that they’ve got to fight. But that time is to go, since Britain is doing less of it.  Because they handed the torch over to the US a long time ago – you have to read Rudyard Kipling about that, because he actually did hand a torch over in a sense, and he says, it’s time that you took this over and brought in the world government. Read about that; it’s quite an interesting story.


Austerity May Last Beyond 2020, Says Cameron

news.sky.com / 19 July 2012


David Cameron has admitted he cannot envisage a time when the austerity programme will end (A:  So it’s perpetual.) and failed to rule out spending cuts lasting until at least 2020.  (A:  That means forever, because you see, austerity is what they planned. You’re going to use less of the world’s resources, you’ll live in poverty, you’ll be crammed into these high-rise buildings in the cities, until you die off. Because this present generation will not have children, or very few at the most, and they know that too. Plus infertility is rampaging through people, through their inoculations and the food that they eat as well. It’s war. This is what’s called TOTAL war.  You never tell your target they’re under total war because obviously they’d be rather annoyed about it. So you have to do it covertly and always feign ignorance when reports come out about, you know, failing fertility levels and so on. So anyway, here’s perpetual austerity because all of your money has to go to pay fines, fees, licensing, energy products, programs, and also carbon taxes, things like that. That’s where it’s all to go. And that goes straight to the big boys via the Rothschild’s bank in Switzerland, because Rothschild brought that one forward, remember, carbon credits.)


The Prime Minister welcomed falling inflation as a good sign but admitted the economic crisis had been far worse than expected and could blight Britain for years.  (A:  Well, Britain’s used to being blighted because they’ve never really got out of debt since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England. They had war after war after war because governments then could borrow from them and keep the wars going and then have long depressions to pay them back.)


Mr Cameron, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, said: "This is a period for all countries, not just in Europe but I think you will see it in America too, where we have to deal with our deficits and we have to have sustainable debts.


"I can't see any time soon when the pressure will be off."  (A:  He says.  So very difficult times ahead and of course that’s the agenda and that’s how it’s going to be.)


Now, a few days ago Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton met and stepped up the next step towards really putting the pressure on getting a war going with Iran, of course. And four days later, as I say, you get this happening…


Bulgaria Suicide Terrorist Carried Phony American Documents

israelnationalnews.com / David Lev / 7/19/2012


(A:  Or ID card. This happened in Bulgaria when some Israeli students came over on a bus run going to the Black Sea – it’s very popular for Israelis – and a bus blew up. Just like that. And of course immediately before the explosion died away Netanyahu was yelling that it was Iran responsible for it. Just like when the towers went down, remember, and Rumsfeld and Brzezinski were saying, that had to be Osama bin Laden, you know. Same thing, before the dust even cleared they were telling you who it was. So that tells you that IS their target, regardless.  And it’s not unknown – this is a hard thing to say too because it’s not unknown for them to sacrifice their own to get sympathy and to get things going. The few must perish for the sake of the many, is a well understood statement or saying in the Talmud.  And it does work very, very well. But it says...)


Bulgaria Suicide Terrorist Carried Phony American Documents

The terror attack in Bulgaria was carried out by a suicide bomber, (A:  Now, they’re not even sure if it was a suicide bomber yet.)  Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said Thursday morning, as authorities develop a picture of exactly how six Israelis were killed when a bus blew up at Sofia's Sarafovo Airport.


An initial investigation, based on footage captured by surveillance cameras, indicated that the bomber was a Caucasian.  (A:  That makes it even more suspicious, and apparently he had a Michigan ID.)


Earlier reports said that the bus had been blown up by an explosive device set off remotely.  (A:  So it’s all up in the air right now and we’ll never probably get the truth out of it. But it’s interesting, as I say, it happened four days after they stepped up the pressure and made the deal between Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton to put more pressure on Iran, which they’re going to attack regardless – it’s on the cards.)


I’ll put up tonight too a little video on Iran, some of the most beautiful cities over there, very first-world cities, so that we can remember them before they turn them into rubble like they’ve done elsewhere across the Middle East.


The beautiful city Tehran  - youtube.com


Fukushima, well the government there is doing their PR stunts and so on, and they’re telling the people that the water is not radioactive now. They’ve got families flocking to Fukushima beach because they’ve opened it and declared it safe to swim in the sea... and they’re having a good time.  And I hope they don’t come down with any ill effects. I’ll put that up tonight too.  Back with more after these messages.


Come on in, the water's not radioactive: Families flock to Fukushima beach after officials declare it safe to swim in sea 16 months after nuclear disaster

dailymail.co.uk / Graham Smith / 18 July 2012


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Over the years as this war system goes in through every country and we’re all really under martial law whether we like it or not, because that’s really what it is.  We find that with the rise of the internal police forces, which are really just military forces today – they’re trained by the military, most of them are staffed now by the military, guys that come from the military and they have all the equipment of the military.  But they have all these different operations on the go all the time, different agencies, government agencies raiding homes and things, and I’ve lost count of all the wrong homes they’ve gone into and killed people and done stuff like that. And there’s another article today.  Get used to it, because see, we’re living in the sci-fi now. The sci-fi movies are here; these are the sci-fi movies we’re living in, that they showed us 20, 30 years ago, the future. It says…


Family suing after the dog was shot (A:  They always shoot the dog first.) during bungled raid

Ninemsn.com.au / Emily O'Keefe / July 19, 2012



A US family is suing the local police force after officers allegedly handcuffed three children and forced them to sit next to their dead dog for an hour in a bungled raid on the wrong home. (A:  Standard stuff.)


The Minneapolis family claim police "terrorised" them at gunpoint during the raid after shooting dead their pet, the Courthouse News reports.


All nine occupants of the home, including the three children, have launched a Federal Court law suit against the Dakota County Drug Task Force, the St. Paul Police force and a Drug Enforcement Administration agent.


One of the family members, Roberto Franco, told the court that the name on the police search warrant was not his but Rafael Ybarra, a man who lived next door when the raid took place in July 2010.


The family says during the raid police officers forced each of them to the floor at gun point and handcuffed them behind their backs.


"Defendants shot and killed the family dog and forced the handcuffed children to sit next to the carcass of their dead pet and bloody pet (A:  It was pouring blood of course...) for more than an hour while defendants continued to search the plaintiffs' home."


One of the children was kicked in the side (A:  That’s standard too; they like getting you. Once they’ve got you tied up they like to kick you, you know, especially the weaker you are the better.) and another endured a diabetic episode because she was not allowed to take her medication while she was handcuffed, the family said.


Even after police discovered that they were at the wrong home they kept searching the property (A:  Now, this is standard procedure; they’ve got to keep searching to find something to get you on, to try and justify the damage they’ve done to you, and it happens in Canada too.  And what they did was…) and found a gun in the basement room (A:  ...who knows; they could’ve placed it there for all you know.) of another member of the household, Gilbert Castillo.


Police charged Mr Franco for the illegal possession of the firearm who claims he was then wrongly convicted of the offence.


The parents say the three children were physically and emotionally traumatised by the raid and now needed therapy.


(A:  So they’re suing anyway and I hope they get somewhere with it.  They probably won’t but I would like to see that happen.)  The family is demanding US$10 million for civil rights violations and US$20 million in punitive damages.


It happened in Canada too. We had a raid here, in Ontario it was.  It was after a killing in a restaurant where a black guy was the suspect.  Meanwhile as they were arresting, the RCMP were arresting him in another country, the local SWAT forces had got a tip-off of a black guy sleeping with a white girl – oooooh....oooooh, in Ontario.  So they raided this other guy’s home, nothing to do with it at all, terrorized them all, tied them all up, threw them against the walls, including the little baby as well – tied him up, no kidding.  And to justify what they did when they realized their screw-up, they tried to charge them for having an air rifle, you know the ones you buy off-the-shelf without licenses, and even that fell through eventually because it was still under 460 feet per second for the firing of the pellet. But they always try and get you for something once they’ve royally screwed up; that’s standard procedure. The dangerous part is if they end up killing you, you see, because then you can’t testify against them. And they can say, well you had a gun there and they fired…  They can do all this nasty stuff, and that’s real life, folks. Stop living in fantasyland and movies where detectives are, oh, worrying and tearing their hair out about some case or other and they can’t sleep until it’s solved, to help the poor people. Stop believing in this fantasy you’ve been brainwashed with... and get into some real life here. I hope you do.


Some people have heard of this organization and others haven’t. It’s a very old organization. It was another branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And it’s for the World Parliament Assembly, also called the World Federalists.  You can go back into Shelley’s time, the poet Shelley who wrote about it too, and when they’d have a Parliament of the World, after they furled all the flags, etc. and the guns were silent and all that kind of stuff. And President Truman liked that poem so much he used to read it at every major speech he gave. But it’s to do with a World Parliament and it’s pushed by all the big boys and the United Nations. And it says…


Study presents models for a World Parliamentary Assembly

en.unpacampaign.org / 13 July 2012


Book presented at Congress in Winnipeg


Models and principles for the establishment and further evolution of a world parliament are the subject of a new study that was presented on Tuesday to an audience of international specialists participating in the world congress of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy (A:  Some of your top – and especially in the States – top TV announcers in the past have been, and Cronkite was a member of it too, and other ones, this world movement for world federalism.), an international network dedicated to the strengthening of the rule of law, human rights, federalism, and democracy.


The book titled "Creating a World Parliamentary Assembly: An Evolutionary Journey" is authored by Joseph Schwartzberg from Minnesota, an expert on the subject who taught geography at the University of Minnesota which bestowed on him in 2009 the honorary title "Distinguished International Emeritus Professor."


The book published by the Committee for a Democratic U.N. in Berlin with a foreword by Daniele Archibugi, a well-known specialist on cosmopolitan democracy and a director at the National Italian Research Council, explores how the democratic deficit of the United Nations can be progressively minimized (A:  They can’t speak. This is all socialese, you know, social-bureaucratese; they can’t speak straightforward.  But at the end of it they want a Global Parliament.) by the development of a global parliamentary body.  (A:  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, I’m back, talking about the World Congress and World Federalism, the World Parliamentarians; it’s all the same thing. And again, it appears to be awfully left-wing but they’re funded by the big foundations, again, the big usual suspects that own international business corporations. Anyway it says…


World Congress of Federalists boosts support for global democratization

unpacampaign.org / 13 July 2012


The 26th World Congress of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy (WFM - IGP) that assembled this week in Winnipeg, Canada, has reaffirmed the international movement's support of global democratization. (A:  We don’t have it here in Canada but they’re pushing it over somewhere else.) A resolution that was passed unanimously by delegates from over 20 countries stressed that "the Arab Spring, the Occupy movements, indignados, and other forms of social protests have shown an increasing discontent with the existing global political order and  raised the question of democratizing globalization through globalizing democracy." WFM - IGP runs major international programs on the International Criminal Court and the Responsibility to Protect. The organization determined that it should be a "key pillar" of its strategy to facilitate "channeling the social energy into the concrete development of a world parliament and a democratic global order."


Development of a UN Parliamentary Assembly 


And it goes on and on and on about it. This is its 65th anniversary apparently, so you can read all about that and see how a whole bunch of other people that you seldom hear of have been working very, very hard to bring in a world parliament. Again, Marx had the same idea, three trading blocs with a central parliament like Europe’s got for the whole lot in Brussels and one will be for the Americas too.  And then you’ll be under a super-parliament of the world. So this is a very old agenda you’re living through.  And these characters that I’m mentioning here are only one of MANY organizations funded by the big foundations with trillions of dollars. They’ve got trillions of dollars to spend across the world, in every country, EVERY country to make it all happen, and think tanks working full time, 24/7 – full paychecks, retirement schemes, the whole lot; very well paid in fact. That’s a good job actually; if you’re a good psychopath you can join these and live quite a good life, as you wreck the world.


Another article tonight too, is the Australian Taxpayers Alliance that’s really trying to fight back all of these new taxations in Australia, and overregulation of government and government waste – there’s always lots of government waste, mind you. I’ll put this link up as well.




They’re really getting ticked off in Australia about it. Because they’re the kind of test bed for a lot of stuff we’ve still to get here with personal carbon taxes, remember. That’s coming down the pike, personal ones. I said that years ago that’s how they’ll do it. And you’ll get a bill for everything you purchase that week, and you’ll pay energy taxes on everything that went into making that whatever it is that you bought, that bunch of stuff, even your groceries.


Now, in London they had a meeting with their opposites, supposedly, under one of these ‘hands across the world’ deals, another international organization. But it’s run by the Common Purpose foundation. Common Purpose came out of nowhere, highly funded.  They broke a lot of rules in Britain by bringing on politicians on board, even members of the armed forces that are not supposed to join NGO groups. But they’re also for completely cementing Europe together – that’s really their main purpose – and bringing almost a communistic system into the whole of Europe. But all the big boys are on board with it, again, because you see, at the very top of the tree, above all socialism, you’ve got the ultra-capitalists, the guys who believe they are eugenically superior and they’ve got the right to rule the world, and they need socialism to keep everybody down below them in check with lots of government agencies and spying on you and all that kind of stuff. See, they both work together. But it says…


London and Shanghai Social Challenges to be Tackled With Support of Mayors Boris Johnson and Han Zheng

prnewswire.co.uk / June 27, 2012


The inaugural Dao Xiang Venture, run by international leadership development organisation Common Purpose (A:  And that’s what they do, these big NGOs. They train YOUR future leaders; they pick them at about 13 or 14 years of age and train them to be leaders of this VAST socialist system for the future. You see.), will take place at Devonport House and City Hall from 2-5 July 2012.


During the four day Venture, participants will be set the challenge of developing collaborative practical methods to tackle social challenges caused by ever increasing urbanisation in the two cities.


The group will also meet Mayor of London Boris Johnson at City Hall where he will host a reception for the participants.


"Dao Xiang is a great project. Bringing together the brightest and best young leaders from Shanghai and London (A:  Well see, they already know how to run the communist system over there, you see, in Shanghai, and bring it into the British system.) is a fantastic way to learn from each other (A:  It really is, learning how to be communistic and get down on your knees and bow to all the overseers in communist China; that’s what you have to do there.) and strengthen the developing bonds between our two great cities," said Mr Johnson, who is also a member of the Dao Xiang Advisory Group. (A:  Now, what’s he doing as a member of a Chinese advisory group?) "I know previous Common Purpose Ventures have delivered some creative, innovative solutions to different problems and I can't wait to see the ideas that are produced this time."  (A:  You understand, we’re run by private organizations. And they have political clout because they’re already involved in politics, with their members, and they don’t have to present any of this to the general public for your approval. That’s how the world is really run, has been for a long time, an awful long time.)




Monsanto Canada unveils DEKALB canola seed processing plant

in Lethbridge, Alberta

melodika.net. 12 July 2012


Monsanto Canada today hosted farmers, retail customers and other key industry stakeholders at the official Grand Opening of its expanded DEKALB canola seed processing plant – home to Monsanto’s North American hybrid canola seed production and manufacturing business.


And they’ve invested $14.7 million into this new expansion and upgrade of this particular plant that’s been here for quite a few years. Canada runs the world with the GM because you see, Canadians only found out from Britain during Blair’s reign when people were protesting about him trying to get the GM food, veggies into Britain, that Canadians had been eating this stuff for 10 years without being told by their government. We were the guinea pigs. Of course they were testing everybody’s medical histories and following it all to see what it caused, what diseases and that it caused.  They weren’t going to tell the Canadians at all, until it broke out from Britain, and then they went into action and brought out David Suzuki, of course, who’s all on board for this stuff – because he’ll get funding from them, no doubt, for his big NGO group, himself, his own foundation.  And he tried to say, oh, it’s okay to eat all that stuff, but I bet you HE is not eating it himself. Remember, the guys at Monsanto won’t eat this stuff themselves. That’s all you need to know, that’s all I need to know. They won’t eat it... but you have to eat it.




May: Olympics security 'meticulously planned'

bbc.co.uk / 12 July 2012


(A:  May is the woman who is in charge of it all, Theresa May... she MAY do this, and she MAY do that.)

Home Secretary Theresa May has told MPs that the security operation for the 2012 Olympic Games had been "meticulously planned" and would not be compromised, following the revelation that that 3,500 extra troops would be needed.


Mrs May was responding to an urgent question on Olympic Games security on 12 July 2012, tabled by the Labour MP and chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, Keith Vaz.


The government is drafting 3,500 extra troops in for Olympics security, in addition to 13,500 already agreed, amid fears contractor G4S (A:  ...the private ones...) may not have enough trained staff.


The home secretary said the security operation for the games was the largest and most complex (A:  ...listen to this...) since World War II (A:  ...this is for the games. GAMES.) and that contingency plans were a central part.


Can you believe this? They’ve got missiles on rooftops and all the rest of it. You’re living in the sci-fi. All the sci-fi is here. You’re living through it all. And once you get austerity really, really rolling and the massive taxation so there’s no more spending money, all of your money will go on essentials only and back to government through taxations and so on, you’ll really be living in hovels and falling-apart buildings with the black-clad troops keeping you all in line, just like you saw in all the sci-fi movies. That’s what trained you; it’s called predictive programming. That’s why they show you all of that stuff YEARS in advance, it makes it familiar, the idea familiar to you.  Now:


Neustar is spying on Americans for the government?

youtube.com / Jul 16, 2012


One Delaware-based tech company is quietly leading the way in surveillance infrastructure and serving as the middle man between law enforcement officials and your most personal information. RT correspondent Liz Wahl takes a look at what's really going on there.  (A:  It’s quite a good interesting article. I’ll put that up tonight too and you can go into it to see how all these private companies – it’s big, big business for them – and they’re quite happy to go and help work for the government, really, take payments from them.)


I mentioned too, before, this old idea, it was an idea that came, oh it’s at least 80 years old probably, this idea of firing energy towards something to charge something from a distance without wires or cables. And…


New ground-based laser can extend drone flight time indefinitely - endthelie.com / Madison Ruppert


They’re really going ahead with all these extended drone flight time flying capabilities and so on. So they’ve got to charge them en route, and they’ve got a laser now; you’ll soon see laser beams going over the sky as they recharge these things in flight from quite vast distances. I’ll put that up tonight too.


Now, in Australia there is a new plastic tax coming in, along with your carbon taxes. Again, that’s all to come across the world as well. It’s to be tested in Australia and they’ll get better public relations to sell it to all of us, and they’ll iron out all the problems, you see. It says…


New 'plastic tax' may add over $300 to household grocery bills

au.finance.yahoo.com / Jul 14, 2012


As Australian families brace for the impact of carbon tax on their household bills, a new “plastic tax” is set to deliver another shock.


A controversial new scheme that proposes to levy a tax on glass and plastic containers could see a family’s average grocery bills go up by more than $300, the Herald Sun reports.


The plan would see a 10c deposit fee imposed on each plastic or glass drinks container, to be refunded if the shopper returns the empty bottle.


The Australian Food and Grocery Council has warned extra transport and set-up costs would drive prices up at the worst possible time.


...the scheme could cost some families up to $470 a year more as the new charge pushes up prices on drinks containers by 20c.  (A:  Again, more and more ways to get rid of your disposable income, on essentials; that’s what’s coming in across the world.)


In Britain…

Postmen 'spy' for address database:

They will record position of every home and business in the country

dailymail.co.uk / Sean Poulter / 17 July 2012


(A:  And it’s from the...)

Royal Mail (A:  ...as they call it. It’s still Royal… everything belongs to the Queen, you see. And they...) could sell information to firms like Google.  (A:  This is all on your letter mail, your paper mail.)


Postmen are being turned into hi-tech spies by the Royal Mail under a scheme that will see them record the position of every address in the country.


They will patrol streets using a satellite location device to capture the precise longitude, latitude and altitude of each home and business.


In future, the Royal Mail could sell the information to firms such as Google to improve mapping services.


In theory, car satnavs and smart phones would be able to guide users to the precise doorstep they are looking for and the police and other emergency services would be able to get to an address more quickly.


The plans will conjure concerns first triggered by Google with its controversial Street View service.


Cameras on Google cars captured sometimes intrusive images of homes and computers installed in the vehicles tapped into home and business wi-fi systems to collect personal information stored on computers.  (A:  They’re still doing it, by the way.)


Google is under investigation by the Information Commissioner over allegations that it covered up details of the collection of personal information.


By contrast, RoyalMail’s system does not capture images or personal information.


A trial in East Anglia was launched this week, with postmen being sent out with the hi-tech mapping devices which look like cameras or binoculars.


Royal Mail said the new technology offers an advance on the traditional system of postcodes, street names and house numbers.


The organisation sees the vast new database that will be created as a potential money-maker for them.


We’re all for sale, really, eh? Remember too, to get into these new high-rises and so on, go into the old, old science fictions to do with the world to come, written 50, 60, sometimes 70 years ago. One of the first ones was written in the 1920s, and remade over and over, and you’ll see it in different novels, to do with you all crammed into these massive high-rises, a million people, and that would be your home for life. You would never see outside. In fact, with high-tech windows you’d have all these pictures on the windows but you wouldn’t see what was beyond the window. You’d live, get born, move up into the next level and be trained through kindergarten etc. and then eventually trained for your job, then moved to a work area, a different level again, and that would be your life forever... as that generation dies off and doesn’t have children. But part of it too, was the ultra-promotion of sex because crammed together you could expect no privacy, so first they’d have to train the population to expect no privacy.  Does it sort of tie together, folks, a very old plan? Does it kind of? Is it starting to click somewhere in the old brain box?  Hmm?  No privacy… and you get used to it. Youngsters don’t really care about it now, they’re quite happy to put all their data up on Facebook and so on and all the other ones out there that the government uses.


UK admits to cyber attack on Iran

presstv.com / Jul 19, 2012


In less than a week, British officials admit to cyber attacks and covert operations against Iran’s nuclear program.


UK Parliament’s Intelligence Security Committee (ISC) has admitted that Britain has launched a cyber attack against Iran shortly after the UK spy chief admitted Britain conducted covert operations against Iran.


In its annual report for 2011-2012 to the British parliament, the ISC claimed that Britain’s spies have caused disruption to Iran’s nuclear capabilities saying UK spying agents could access “networks or systems of others to hamper their activities or capabilities without detection.” 


Now, a year ago or two years ago the whole cry was, oh we’ve got to get cyber-security in the West because we’re going to get all these cyber-attacks. We’ll guess who’s doing all the cyber-attacks? The US, Britain, Israel... they’re doing it all. I don’t think Iran is cyber-attacking anybody else.  Of course they’ll say it’s not exactly illegal, since no one’s wrote the books on it yet, you see.


Now, to do with the resilient Earth...


Ravaged Reefs Bounce Back



(A:  You always hear “oh the sky is falling, the sky is falling.”)

In a new study of coral reefs off the Pacific coast of Panama, a team of scientists has discovered something shocking: those seemingly thriving, permanent reefs have undergone widespread devastation in the past. (A:  They’re talking about long ago.) Even more shocking was the realization that, despite this natural destruction (A:  ...NATURAL destruction, folks…) of coral reefs, the reefs bounced back—after laying dormant for 2,500 years. We have been told that the oh so sensitive coral reefs of the world are all going to die if the world's temperature rises due to that horrible man-made scourge, global warming. Yet it seems that nature has been happily wiping out and re-establishing reefs across all the oceans of the world since before the rise of human civilization. Once again the warmists' scare tactics founder on the reefs of actual science.  (A:  It’s quite a good article actually, because they’re using the same scam in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia right now. It goes through the natural cycles, and they are thousands of years cycles. Sometimes they lie dormant for thousands of years and then just jump back again, because of different things including underwater volcanoes, etc., etc.)


Another site I’ll put up tonight too is ‘Stop Big Brother’ from Australia...


Do you trust the Gillard Government to know all your internet passwords? - stopbigbropther.com.au


...because they’re really forging ahead there. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back and I’ll put up a video tonight too, where a Congressman tells conservative activists that fighting for the U.S. Constitution is a losing battle; he’s talking about politically.  He says, there’s no point in mentioning it.  He says, half the folk don’t know what it means or what’s even in it. He’s got a point, they don’t. But of course the other ones come out and say, no you can’t do away with it without having a set of laws. If you don’t have a set of laws you’re lawless, your government is lawless… and that’s the bottom line. I’ll put this up and you can listen to this video tonight as well.


Congressman tells Conservative Activists that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle – youtube.com


And also, in Jerusalem it says…


We will pressure Iran - Clinton

iol.co.za / July 17 2012 / Bradley Klapper   Associated Press


Jerusalem - The United States will use its power to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton declared on Monday after meeting top Israeli officials, where they discussed the issue.


She said the US would keep raising the pressure on Iran as long as it fails to come clean on its disputed uranium enrichment programme. (A:  Well, they have come clean umpteen times but they refuse to accept even the Atomic Energy Commission’s findings.  Mind you, they had the same thing too, with Iraq, remember, ‘weapons of mass destruction’.  And even the UN kept sending guys in and they couldn’t find anything.  But it didn’t matter, you see, an agenda’s an agenda and these countries have all to be demolished and only one superpower is to be left in the region to run all of those countries that they’ve now demolished. That’s the plan.)


“Iran is under greater pressure now than ever before,” she said. “We will use all elements of American power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”


The veiled threat came as the US and Israel debate how best to deal with Iran's nuclear programme. The US is seeking more time for negotiations and sanctions, while Israel has repeatedly hinted at military action. (A:  ...but they want the US to do it, of course, you see.).


Both suspect Iran may be aiming toward producing nuclear weapons, a claim Iran denies.  (A:  And they’ve been denying the claim, and they were even cleared, as I say, by the Atomic Energy Commission umpteen times but it’s not good enough.  It’s amazing how they allow some countries to have it and other countries can’t have it, eh.  Do you wonder why? Well you see, they’ll never tell you why.  That’s why; you’ve got to think for yourselves.)


After her declaration about possible use of US power, Clinton said everyone prefers a diplomatic resolution, and that Israel and the US were “on the same page” regarding Iran.


“Iran's leaders still have the opportunity to make the right decision. The choice is ultimately Iran's,” she said, adding that so far Iran's proposals have been “non-starters”. (A:  Well, what they want is the complete demolition of all nuclear facilities there all together. Maybe they’ll start selling them solar panels or something and turn them back into a third world status. That’s what they really want, rubble and a third world status like they’ve done across the whole Middle East. You see.)


Throughout her day of meetings, Clinton also spoke about the need to halt Syria's violence and underscored America's support for Israel - an ally in a difficult neighbourhood. (A:  ...hmm...)


Clinton met President Shimon Peres for about an hour as part of what is perhaps her final visit to Israel as secretary of state, bringing a message of solidarity to the Jewish state after three and a half years of only stunted progress toward a Palestinian peace deal. (A:  ...which they’ll never give them either, because that’s never going to be on the cards.)


We go through this farce every year, every so often. And we all know it’s a farce, don’t we? I mean, let’s be honest out there, we all know this is a farce; they’re never going to give the Palestinians anything. And there’ll never be equality or democracy in any of those countries. We don’t have democracy.  If you want to understand democracy look at the French version that originally came out with the term democracy, where government was supposed to be a servant to the people. Have you ever seen that happen anywhere? Have you?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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