July 24, 2012 (#1135)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 24, 2012:

Not Safe in Your Holmes:

Government Our Saviour, It'll Train, Coddle and Feed You,
Forgive US Homeland Security, We Really, Really Need You:

"Faces of Newscasters, Straight as a Poker,
Parroting Exact Same Stories on the Joker,
World's Not Safe, It's Terrifyingly Bad,
Straight-Laced Young Men Suddenly Go Mad,
Everyone, Obviously Needs Professional Guidance,
Birth to Death, Big Brother Must have Confidence,
When Everyone is PC, Standardized Like Clones,
Aberrant Behaviour will Be Rectified by Drones,
Sinister Twilight Language Used to Cast a Spell,
The Joker is a Jester, a Comedian from Hell,
Sherlock would Figure Out Why Mr. Holmes
Would Be Involved with Batman's Legendary Tomes"
© Alan Watt July 24, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 24, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 24th of July 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com; you’ll find over a thousand audios for download for free.  Hopefully you’ll start to understand the system you’re born into, the system of power, control and the agenda as well, which powerful people always have an agenda.  Their agenda is very simple, it’s for themselves to rule the entire planet and standardize everything across the world, eventually eliminate all countries through trading blocs and amalgamations, just like the EU has happened to, and you’ve got NAFTA of course still driving ahead with the American amalgamation too, for the continent. The Pacific Rim Region for China, Australia and New Zealand and a few other countries is well underway as well. So you’re living through the times of standardization – that’s really what it is – while they consolidate power for their own use for later on. Because they really have a plan to go down through the ages, for themselves at the top, and we will all pass away. The old man, the old type, the ones who didn’t evolve enough and get up to the top will simply pass away; their usefulness is over and you’ll go down the way of the dodo bird basically in the end.  And it’s happening already because most folk don’t breed, or they certainly don’t want any live births in the West.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. You can also donate as well.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  I don’t take advertisers on as guests that scare you and then sell you something to save you, an antidote basically, and I don’t have shares in any companies that sell anything at all. So you can keep me going if you’d like to do so.


We live in an amazing time, an amazing time to be alive. You understand, your ancestors, basically, previous generations had to speculate about this particular time. They used religion, Revelation and a whole bunch of other things to try and understand what was happening, because these guys at the top do certainly follow the book of Revelation, very, very well, to the letter in fact. And they got together a long time ago, centuries ago, and in the early 20th century they came out with their big books written by themselves outlining this plan for the future, the scientific society they’d bring in with themselves in control at the top. Academia would be on board to brainwash the public and select those of the managerial class who would manage the public for them. That’s why all academia is on board, for something called progress, which is never defined to those below. And of course, progress means the eugenical society, transhumanism, the creation of new kinds of slaves for the future that will be very efficient, very cost-effective too – that’s very important to those at the top.  Because see, the big banking boys that already owned a good chunk of the world in the late 1800s, were the guys who set up the big foundations that now run the world, the parallel government. They tell government what to do. They put their own boys into government from the Council on Foreign Relations; every President and Prime Minister across the planet is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  And of course, you don’t vote for them so why go through with the farce of democracy? You are voting in ONE agenda worldwide. It doesn’t matter who you vote for because the leaders are always picked and selected by the Council on Foreign Relations as members, and they have already given their oaths to this organization to continue and fulfill their obligations, no matter what it takes. So politics, really, is just for the lesser ones at the bottom. They’re allowed a certain amount of competition, according to Carroll Quigley, but the ones at the top always belong, and have for a hundred years, to the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs. Back with more after this.  


Hi folks, I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Those at the top understand control, and the control using power and how power should be used to control the public, and the easiest way to do it is to terrify the public. Terror always works. Generally in the past it’s been those boys over there – wars, in other words – those bad guys over there. But we’re going into a global society and eventually they’ll run out of those boys over there, because they do plan to take down all the Muslim countries across the planet as well. And what’s left after that? you see. So it’s very difficult to get those boys over there, especially China, when you’re a trading partner with China and they’ve got special trading status with you; they’re really up there. China now is also grabbing, making power grabs for islands that are sort of under dispute, right now in fact, at this moment.


What I mean to get at is the fact that power is used all the time, and FEAR is used all the time on the populations, of all countries; that’s what they do. Whoever rules the country uses power and fear, and, we’re here to protect you and you’ve got to quiver and allow us to get on with it, to keep you safe. And by the time you’re finished of course, you have no rights whatsoever, you’re in a totalitarian system; they’ll never call it that at home, of course, naturally – even though if you just believe your eyes once in a while you can see what it really is. And that’s the way they want it to be because they’re at a very teetering point right now, a teetering point of going into the new system of authoritarianism.


Remember, the Club of Rome is the big think tank for the United Nations; the UN itself is a front for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the bankers who set it up. And they basically are turning their guns on all the different countries right now they can still turn them on, but they want to standardize the world very, very quickly, very, very quickly and they want to use terror at home to do it all as well. And it’s an authoritarian society; the Club of Rome says it’s the only way it will work because democracy will never work. But meanwhile, the UN and all the other countries, in their usual hypocrisy, use the term democracy to cover the evil doings that they’re up to. You see. They don’t intend anyone to have democracy in this brave new world at all, but they will certainly use it, the term that is, like a shield, to get the moral high ground.


Tonight I’ll put up an interview, it’s a video, with Roger Hayes that was kidnapped from his home by the police, given a behind-the-doors trial, in secrecy, and slammed off to jail... but he’s managed to get out. So this is the first interview, apparently, that’s been released since he got out. He’s the British Constitution group chairman so it will be interesting to see what he has to say. I’ll put that up, and all these articles I mention tonight I’ll put up at CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com after the end of the broadcast.


UK Column Live - 23rd July 2012 - Interview With Roger Hayes  - youtube.com


Now, we’ve seen this happening in the States – it’s amazing how it’s happening across the world at the same time. People have been told, by their governments, you’re eating too much, food is getting expensive, plant gardens and all this kind of stuff. And then when you do it, in come the authorities and they rip it up and fine you or charge you or whatever. This is happening now in Canada and there’s a couple it says in Québec…


Couple refuse to rip up ILLEGAL vegetable garden

after demands from draconian council 

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 23 July 2012


(Alan:  See, we’re run by all these petty bureaucracies now that have been given TOO much authority, because you’ve allowed them to get so much authority, basically. And all they do, once they get into power, is sit and make rules; that’s all they do is make rules all the time. And most folk are oblivious of the rules until they come knocking at your door, or barging through it. This says…)


As the world battles an obesity epidemic, one Canadian council is going around ripping up thriving vegetable gardens.


This spring, Michel Beauchamp and wife Josee Landry planted an elaborate vegetable garden on the front lawn at their Drummondville, Quebec, home and the cucumbers, tomatoes, beets and Brussels sprouts they grow have helped him shed 75lb and her 25lb.


But town code states such a garden can only take up 30 per cent of front yards in the St-Charles-de-Drummond neighbourhood where they live - the rest must be grass.


The deadline was yesterday, but Mr Beauchamp and Ms Landry refused to comply.


They are now petitioning for the council to relax its draconian rules, which will see them facing fines of up to $300 a day from tomorrow.  (A:  They charge interest on these things too, you know.)


'It must be a right to be able to grow our vegetables on our land. It is nonsense to ban it,' Mr Beauchamp told CBC.


The gardeners have garnered more than 6,000 signatures promoting their cause.


Authorities told the TV station that community members had complained about the blossoming garden but Mr Beauchamp said no one had complained to him and that they share much of what they grow. 


It’s just these petty, little – what can you call it – these little snoops that are hired.  And it’s jobs for their families too; bureaucrats always hire their families into these things and they create work for them, make-work projects, and they go around snooping on people and looking in their windows and all the rest of it. It’s time, you understand, if the people don’t cut back on this massive bureaucracy locally and in the federal level too, we’re all done for. We’re all done for, absolutely. They’ll have you in straitjackets before you know it, and that’s what they’re trying to do.


And there’s a time when you’ve got to say, enough, that’s it, no more... no more. Because it’s just like that Roger Hayes in Britain; he refused to pay taxes to the town councils, because they’re giving cash abroad to kill folk and all this kind of stuff, illegal wars, and where do you take your stand? When you take a stand you will become a martyr, there’s no doubt about it. But when do you take your stand?  And who’s going to take the stand? Do enough people really care? Is it worth taking a stand for humanity in the first place? I mean, look around you. And these are all the things that will go through your head as you perhaps take your stand. Maybe you can only do it for yourself, for what’s right, but if you let them walk over you they just continue to get more powerful and madness creeps in, absolute madness, when they stop you growing food.


And apart from that the food you’re buying, in Canada especially, is all GM anyway; it’s poisonous. It is poisonous and they know it’s poisonous, those who forced it on the Canadian public. And it’s way too expensive as well, ridiculously expensive as the big corporate farmers take over with the help of government. So if you try to be healthy at all, yeah they’ll stop it, they’ll stop it if they can, but it’s up to you to keep going. That’s all you can do. So those who want to can also write to these two people in Québec and give them some support, and maybe tell the Council where to go.


Now, this article is from the Government Security News.  There’s a lot to do with this particular shooting; it cast a spell.  As I say, that’s what they do with these guys, they cast a spell over the world, always at the right time when the government’s trying to get something through. And Obama and other countries are going to sign, of course, this treaty with the United Nations, or agreement. They’ve done it before, actually, back in the 60s – I’ve put that up before – where they wanted to basically, eventually ban all small arms from the general public across the planet. Now they also want to register those who have weapons and firearms across the whole planet. Right at the right time you get the thing happening; it never fails, never fails. And remember, the end justifies the means, as I say; that’s what they truly believe at the top, and that was said by Cecil Rhodes when he had the Rhodes Foundation set up with Lord Rothschild, they would use some of the Jesuit tactics, he said, and they would form it in a Masonic type system of secrecy, and oaths, which they did.  And they joined with the Milner banking group, international money lenders, and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs with other branches called the Council on Foreign Relations.  Anyway, it says…


Theater shooting highlights difficulties with lone offenders and ‘soft targets,’ said NJ fusion center

gsnmagazine.com / 2012-07-24 / Mark Rockwell


(A:  These fusion centers they’ve got across the whole world now basically, not just in the States, and they’re all interactive with each other. So this is from the government…)


An incident assessment issued by the New Jersey intelligence fusion center in the hours after the mass shooting in Colorado showed that although law enforcement didn’t believe terrorism was involved, it illustrated the pernicious security difficulties with lone shooters and soft targets.  (A:  What they’re getting at is, everyone has to have no privacy for the world to be safe, you see. This is where it’s going, absolutely is where it’s going.)


An incident assessment posted by the New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC) on July 20 following the attack, said the “greatest threat facing security officials today is that of the Lone Offender or Homegrown Violent Extremist,” because of their focus on simple plots with short operational cycles that give law enforcement little time to detect and disrupt them.  (A:  Again, it’s the... obviously it’s a straight white male in this case. Before that it was going to be all Muslims, apparently.  And then they didn’t find enough of the Muslims so they started to go into, oh you’re all guilty, you’re all potential terrorists, can you remember that?  Anyone can be a terrorist; you might not be today but you might be tomorrow.)


New Jersey's ROIC the state's hub for intelligence and receives information and personnel from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, (A:  ...and all the other alphabet soup agencies…) regional partners like the NYPD and neighboring state police; state agencies; county, municipal, and non-governmental partners. It is the command center for all state-led emergency response operations, including natural disasters, chemical or nuclear emergencies, and terror alerts.


The deadly Colorado attack, said the assessment, which was made available on the Public Intelligence Web site, “also shows the inherent vulnerability of traditionally ‘soft targets’ in the commercial sector which includes casinos/hotels, malls, shopping centers, sports and entertainment venues, schools (including Faith Based), and hospitals.”  (A:  It means streets and everything; in other words, EVERYWHERE you go... outside your home.)


“The potential terrorist threat to the commercial sector in New Jersey is high and an incident such as this illustrates the inherent vulnerability of soft targets throughout the state,” it said. It warned law enforcement for possible copycat attacks. 


So in other words, we’re going to see a whole bunch of slews of laws coming down the pike because as I say, it literally means... They’re trying to validate all their snooping on all your mails and what you look at and all your data; they’re trying to validate that, you see, and they’re trying to validate the fact that they’ve been personality profiling you for years on the computer. This is what they’re doing with it. And eventually they’ll, now, put it into writing and say, yeah, okay, now it’s official; we’ve been doing it unofficially, now it’s official... for safety, you understand. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  When they do big, big scenarios like 9/11 or whatever they’re doing, we always have the same kind of… there’s just too many unanswered questions, of course, which they never will answer because they’d have to admit there’s some involvement with your own security agencies perhaps, things like that. There’s been so many over the last few years that you can’t really keep count on them across the world.


But they do love the occult, of course, and the occult is a way to smack you in the mouth and show how silly you are. But also, it’s part of the spell that they cast on you as well; it gets everyone chatting about it, all the strange things that are happening here. A guy who dresses like the Joker, just because he has red hair, it’s maybe even a wig for all we know.  But the fact is, it’s so bizarre, it captivates the minds of the people. And he might not have even been in the darned theater for all we know; they certainly got him outside of it. And even already you’re getting conflicting stories from the police that got him. On the one hand they tell you he was there with all his gear on; they thought he was one of them, he was at his car at that time.  Today they show you where he was walking from the theater, supposedly, cast, and where he dumped all the body armor and different things near a dumpster before he got to his car. So which one’s true?  You see, you get these conflicting stories, because the boys at the top haven’t got everybody in on the right story yet, and there will eventually be the right story when they’re finished with it all.


And you find you have odd things too, like the number plate of his car, is 119, which is 9/11 backwards obviously, and you have roc, R O C, and those that have read the Arabian Nights of course know that Roc was the big flying monster that brought destruction upon the world.  But roc is also the division of guess what? – I mean we’re talking about Batman here – Penguin books.  You know, the Penguin, the other archenemy, for science fiction. It’s just strange how it all ties together. And then you find this one here too, to do with Detective Comics.  They used to call them DC Comics because it was Detective Comics that brought in the superheroes after they went through the old type detectives, but they still called it DC Comics.  Anyway it says…


Detective Comics #572

everything2.com / Mar 27 2004


Pop-culture historians regard Detective Comics as the first comic devoted exclusively to one theme. While it began with a variety of detective-related stories, from hard-boiled Slam Bradley to Sax Rohmer adaptations, fans remember the comic for one principal reason: it introduced the Batman.


In March, 1987, DC decided to celebrate 50 years of its landmark periodical with a special story, "The Doomsday Book." As Mike W. Barr explains on the inside cover, they knew it would be a Batman story-- he's dominated the title since 1939-- but they wanted to include other aspects of Detective's history. The resulting story proves amusing, and it teams Batman and Robin with the aged Slam Bradley, Detective alumnus Elongated Man, and the celebrated Sherlock Holmes. (A:  HOLMES... Does that ring a bell?  Holmes.... meeting Batman?) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's great detective had, after all, shaped the genre in which this comic was rooted, and 1987 marked his centennial.


The cover features Batman and Holmes examining Detective #27, the cover of which also hangs on the wall. That issue, of course, marked Batman's first appearance. This is a comic, so Holmes appears at his most iconic: deerstalker cap, inverness coat, and curved pipe. Within, the long and tangled tale begins in a dive bar on Christmas, with a private eye borrowed from another subgenre.


So it’s amazing how you’ve even got Batman meeting Holmes, and here we have the Holmes guy who thinks he’s the Joker, supposedly; it’s what we’re told.  And it makes no sense at all. The guy was definitely drugged; easy enough to drug someone, easy enough to work on them for a short period of time actually, especially if you’re a student in neuroscience.  Because in neuroscience – and a lot of these different areas in university today – they will experiment on their own students, first and foremost. And they do simple ones too to find out who’s the most easily suggestible, hypnotic subjects, that type of thing and they can work on them quite, quite simply. It’s very easy to do.


So we don’t even know who really did this to be honest with you. But too much of it stinks... when you get stuff like this turning up. And as I say, the classic thing, his number plate for his car, is 119, 9/11, and ROC of course a division of Penguin books for science fiction. You can’t make this stuff up. And this is what happens over and over again with all of these kinds of staged scenarios, with the patsies there at the end. But this guy’s out of it obviously. A guy who’s out of it cannot wire his home to go up in flames. He wouldn’t have the concentration to do it, never mind the learning on how to do it in the first place, and plan way ahead to get all that ammunition and so on and so on and so on... and all the right kind of stuff. And also too, you get the pictures with the gas masks; the gas masks are coming out everywhere right now. They even have a guy with a gas mask on in the Denver airport, of course, you know the place where they have strange things with all the children, there’s children from all over the world, one lies in a coffin, but you see the people around the figures and there’s a guy with a gas mask on there too. Big thing, gas masks right now. Interesting. 


Symbology, and it’s occult language in symbology of course. Because it affects the psyche of the hearer, the listeners, it casts a spell on them. And it does, it really does.  Even if they don’t understand it, it casts a kind of spell on them, puts them in a limbo state where they’re easily suggestible themselves and then they have to go along with the mainstream after all... Nobody’s safe, it’s scary out there, all these dark forces working on us. Back with more after this.


Detective Comics - wikipedia.com


Gunman who massacred 12 at movie premiere used same drugs that killed Batman star Heath Ledger and messaged web lovers to ask... Will you visit me in prison? - dailymail.co.uk / 20 July 2012


Holmes's House "Like a Bomb"  - Colorado shooting victim's wife has baby; 20 still hospitalized - reuters.com


Colorado Shooter James Holmes’s Family History Goes Back to the Mayflower - thedailybeast.com / Jul 22, 2012


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  The big boys at the top, of course, are bringing it all out today.  Biodefense...


New U.S. biodefense R&D network launched

Homelandsecuritynews.com / July 2012


On Monday, Texas A&M System dedicated a new research center which is part of a national network of centers aiming to develop strategies and products to counter bioterrorism, chemical and radiological attacks on the United States, and better strategies to deal with pandemics; the network will have facilities in Texas, Maryland, and North Carolina; the Texas dedication is the culmination of a Manhattan Project-like program for biological countermeasures, launched in 2004 by the Department of Health and Human Services; the research network aims to develop “rapid, nimble and flexible approaches” to vaccine and therapy development, and train the next generation of professionals to sustain U.S. capabilities in these areas.


On Monday, Texas A&M System dedicated a new research center which is part of a national network of centers aiming to develop strategies and products to counter bioterrorism, chemical and radiological attacks on the United States, and better strategies to deal with pandemics.


In June, the Texas A&M System, a system which includes eleven universities and 120,000 students, won a large federal contract (A:  See, all academia is on board with all of this, always has been.) to become a major national hub of vaccine production and bioterror preparedness. (A:  Which means too, if they ever get vaccines for anything made at these universities the patent goes to the big boys, the usual suspects at the top that own the vaccine industry. They get it all for nothing; you pay for it all.  Apart from that too, do you really want all these students going into this area, dealing with deadly, deadly, often man-made diseases? Do you remember the 12 Monkeys movie? That’s your real danger, is one of those guys in a lab coming out with this stuff. He was really pissed off with mankind in general and lets the whole lot loose; that’s where the danger lays. Anyway it says…) The contract, announced by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius, calls for the creation of a Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing. The center is expected to last twenty-five years and likely is worth $1.5 billion to $2 billion. (A:  Of course it will be a lot more than that, believe you me.)  The centers – the Texas A&M center is part of 5-center network, which will also have facilities in Maryland and North Carolina — are part of a federal plan to improve preparedness that is being led by the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. (A:  Everything’s authorities now, aren’t they? Everything’s authority... Mind you, it’s an authoritarian system as the Club of Rome said, because democracy just won’t do. And it trains us each time we read it too, doesn’t it?)


I’ll put up tonight too, I’ve put it up before, but it’s about Australia. They’re really getting kicked in many nasty areas right now by their Fabian-Socialist Prime Minister, who’s really tried to shut down all the, and really brought in censoring on all the media over there; still trying to do it as well. In fact I pulled up a link today, and I cannot bring up the links from Australia to do with her censoring the media.  I get all the proper links but they just cut me right off. This says…




Do you trust the Gillard Government to know all your internet passwords?  (A:  ...and basically all about you.)  Do you want them to read every email you send, ever post you make on facebook, every private message you send, every tweet you make?


I’ll put this link up for you tonight and for those who want to join it there’s a little video on it; you can help the guy who’s trying to fight it. There’s lots of them trying to stop it. And they have to stop it because they’re really going full-steam ahead into it, which will be really the poster child – Gillard is the poster... Actually, Gillard is the poster child, I guess, for Stalin I suppose, you know. He didn’t have very good eyesight either, but mind you that’s what she really sees herself as being.


Another one too, is to do with Agenda 21. And this guy became the mayor – I remember reading it at the time, he became the mayor.  I wonder if he’s related to the famous one.


Richard Rothschild Battles Local Agenda 21

Morphcity.com / Cassandra Anderson / July 23, 2012


(A:  This is a turn up for the books, if you can grow turnips; I don’t know anymore.)


Richard Rothschild was the first county commissioner to officially oppose the United Nations' International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), also known as Local Governments for Sustainability.   (A:  Now, this ICLEI has basically grafted themselves onto almost every local council across the US and in Canada as well.  Just quietly doing it, you see, like sudden experts that just grafted themselves on, and there was no opposition of course, and they start eventually ruling the councils, telling them what they can do and cannot do for sustainability. Anyway Mr. Rothschild is fighting this and it says...)  In fact, Mr. Rothschild won the November 2010 election in Carroll County, Maryland based on his opposition to ICLEI, which is the local UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development action plan that attacks property and Constitutional rights.


Find out why Rothschild is opposed to Agenda 21 and ICLEI.


Commissioner Rothschild's most profound observations since taking office have been that the federal and state governments use coercive grant money (A:  They always do that.)  to expand their power beyond Constitutional limits and that all of the processes of government are geared toward spending money, which leads to budgets that spin out of control.


Carroll County is a rural area that is under threat of urbanization, mixed-use buildings (compact apartment-like housing also called "stack 'em and pack 'em" units) and social engineering. 


Mr. Rothschild is devoted to protecting Carroll County's citizens' Constitutional rights.  He has encountered forceful opposition in his pursuit of upholding the Constitution (A:  It’s amazing, you’re trying to uphold it, but it’s all changed you see, because your government isn’t going by the Constitution at all.) and respect for property rights from the phony environmentalist policies of the US government and the State of Maryland.


However, he has been able to make some significant changes in Carroll County's Municipal Master Plan, the foundation for development, that include steering his county away from mixed use development and abolishing certain socialist language like "social equity".


While Carroll County planning and zoning officials have been cooperative with Commissioner Rothschild, he has been restrained in fully protecting citizens' rights because of federal laws, mostly handed down by the EPA, and state laws that attack property rights.  The State of Maryland encroaches on local government jurisdiction through covert zoning and building regulations. 


So anyway, he’s battling that away.  Most folk, again, go back to sleep after the last Rio meeting, thinking, oh they didn’t get anything. Don’t you believe it.  They got everything they wanted rammed through. They had another bunch of hundreds and hundreds of scrolls to be signed by all the top dignitaries, which were signed. And they got what they wanted. And it’s ongoing. And these guys are the guys too, that will prohibit you from growing your own vegetables eventually and everything else, because it’s a totalitarian regime which they’re after, an authoritarian new world order, across the whole planet. That’s why they make sure it’s international, at these big meetings like Rio.


Another link I’ll put up tonight too, is to do with this riot – you don’t know who’s rioting – is it the cops or the people? But it happened in Anaheim when the cops opened fire on the mums and children.


Anaheim cops open fire on moms + kids - USA out of control - July 22, 2012  - youtube.com


And it started with a cop shooting a guy; the people were objecting about it, they had a protest I think the next day or something. You’ll see the cops here, at point-blank range with rifles firing rubber bullets right into people, on the spot, and setting the dogs on the people, including children; there were mums there holding their children. This is the new America.  This is the new America, and the cops primarily today have all... They’ve all grown up too with the video games, kill, kill, kill, I want to be a guy wearing black and powerful, because these are the only ones who will have authority in the 21st century, and here we are. They’ve got what they wanted. And most of them, again, are straight out of the military. Back in the 90s I remember reading an article, on the air, saying that 90-odd percent of the US police across the country are recruited directly out of the military today. And that’s how they see you, like a bunch of… whoever it happens to be there, you know, they have all these different names for their enemies, but definitely lesser people than themselves. And they’re a brotherhood, don’t forget that.  When you get guys together, it’s the oldest trick in the book, give them a feather in their cap, a white one, and they’ll fight the guys over there with a black feather in their cap.  And that’s how they used to do it with armies. Now they give them complete uniforms. Think of the word uniform...  uni-form... one form, and you become a brotherhood, you see. And you’ll lie and everything else for each other; that’s what they always do.  It’s an old, old trick. It’s already indoctrinated into them via the Army and it happens again once they’re in the police forces.


The BBC in Britain is trying to air a riot docudrama and it’s been banned by the government. Which is kind of weird because the government owns the BBC and uses it as a propaganda arm. But it says…


Banned in the UK! BBC fights for right to air riot docudrama

rt.com / 18 July, 2012


British riot police arrive in front of a burning building in Croydon, South London on August 8, 2011. Now in its third night of unrest, London has seen sporadic outbreaks of looting and clashes both north and south of the river Thames. Numerous buildings were set on fire in Croydon including a 140 year old furniture store as hundreds of looters plundered high street shops of their goods.   (A:  And the riot police arrived and so on and so on, because we saw what really happened.)


The BBC is considering making an appeal against a court order which stopped it from broadcasting a dramatized film on last year’s riots in London.


The film, which features actors portraying anonymous rioters sharing their experience of the events, was due to be broadcast on Monday evening, but was banned by a court order hours before hitting the airwaves.


Its script was written by award-winning playwright Alecky Blythe and is based on interviews from some 270 people conducted by the Guardian and London School of Economics as part of a study into the massive public disorder.


The first installment of The Riots: In their own Words focuses on rioters, while the second film of the two-part series shares the impressions of police officers on duty at the time.


Both were banned from being broadcast by a court ruling, which BBC lawyers now plan to appeal against, reports the Guardian. The newspaper says for legal reasons it cannot report the name of the judge who made the controversial ruling, the court in which it was done or the case he was presiding over.  (A:  See, you live in a free society, so you’re told you can’t say anything about it.)


The ruling also ordered the BBC to remove a clip promoting the film from its website, which the broadcaster did. The clip, previously available on a blog posted last Friday, featured a BBC producer saying that the "important and illuminating" interviews in the drama would provide insight into "why and how the riots had happened".  (A:  Now, these riots are flashmobs, as they call them, were predicted, remember, years ago.  And I put it up on the website in 2006, the Department of Defence’s own think tank had predicted all these riots would happen, across the world, flashmobs, with the use of cell phones and instant communication. They even had some testing of it put out by the big boys themselves, when you saw those children ending up in shopping malls doing all this silly dancing to each other, with their earphones on, all playing different tunes.  And it was all very innocent in the beginning. These were tests put out by the big boys themselves to see how effective it would be and how they’d get the youngster to simply comply; it’s very easy to get them to comply.  Then they had the real thing when of course the riots started.)


After the court ruling arrived the BBC said it would put the program out at a later date. (A:  Well, we’ll see what happens there.)


But everybody at the top is very, very frightened right now because they know they’re pushing us all to the limits, with austerity coming in you see, which means poverty for those who don’t quite get it, and massive taxation.  Your energy has to go up eightfold, tenfold, – we’ve been told that in Canada – and all your spending cash, extra spending cash is to go in fees and costs for energy and carbon taxes and all this wonderful stuff, to bring you into poverty. Like a feudal system used to be, the serfs at the bottom and the overlords – like Carroll Quigley said, who worked for the Council on Foreign Relations – he said, we’re bringing in a new feudal system where CEOs will be the new world overlords. And we already are there.


How bad can it get? Well, Argentina is finding this out now too. Of course Spain is finding it out and all the other countries that’ve been hammered are finding it out.


Cash-strapped Argentine town holds raffle

to see who will be paid  (A:  ...Yep.)

A raffle will determine which civil servants in a small Argentine town will receive their pay first, due to insufficient funds, its mayor has announced.

telegraph.co.uk / 23 Jul 2012


Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner gestures after giving new patrol cars and equipment to the federal police at the government house in Buenos Aires.  (A:  That’s the first thing you do is make sure the cops are well paid, therefore they’re well paid.  They don’t have to get little tickets and little Lottos to see if they’re going to get paid or not, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  ... Beautiful.)


"We will draw lots to decide the [order] of payment," said mayor of Bialet Masse, Gustavo Pueyo, in a broadcast from Buenos Aires private radio station Radio Mitre.  (A:  ...a very interesting name.)


Pueyo said the raffle was approved by national mayoral authorities and the first draw took place on Friday, with 23 of the town's 92 employees receiving their pay. A second raffle is slated for Monday, AFP reported.


Home to 5,000 inhabitants, Bialet Masse is a tourist destination in Cordoba Province, 750 kilometres (466 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires.   (A:  So there’s one way of doing it.)


Remember what they said too, eventually, you see, it will be a privilege, a privilege to work, eventually. Years ago they said that; there’ll be so few jobs that the people will be walking about with nothing but leisure and time – this is what they did in the 70s.  They put out big, big, wonderful scenarios of the future, to con the public, you know; they knew what they were going to really do with the public. But all the papers carried these articles from futurists that worked for the government, and we’d all be walking about in Roman togas.  And the biggest thing would be leisure and leisure would be very, very important, big business in leisure industries, and here we all are... you know, going around thrift stores and looking for real food to eat. Hard to get real food at the bottom level isn’t it? The big boys don’t have that problem. Look at the food they eat, and they’ve got 24 courses at their G20 meetings and things like that. Yep. Feudal times, you’re back in them folks. You were never really away from them.



Armed Clash in the South China Sea

cfr.org / Release Date April 2012


The risk of conflict in the South China Sea is significant. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, (A:  Some of these, by the way, are Muslim areas now.) and the Philippines have competing territorial and jurisdictional claims, particularly over rights to exploit the region's possibly extensive reserves of oil and gas. (A:  So there’s going to be conflicts there. There already is; there are clashes, armed clashes already.)  Freedom of navigation in the region is also a contentious issue, especially between the United States and China over the right of U.S. military vessels to operate in China's two-hundred-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ). These tensions are shaping—and being shaped by—rising apprehensions about the growth of China's military power and its regional intentions. 


The best enemies money can buy; we make them what they are. And then they say, oh, we have an enemy, and once again the big boys can rule you for years, living under fear, we have to protect you from China, our best trading partner. [Alan chuckles.]  And who gave them all the trade? Who gave them the factories? Who built their hospitals? Who trained all their engineers, for 30 years before they even had the factories? We all did! Who paid for the factories to move? We did.   The best enemies money can buy. I’ll put that up tonight as well.


And then…

China Sends Troops to Disputed Islands

nytimes.com / JANE PERLEZ / July 23, 2012


BEIJING — The Central Military Commission, China’s most powerful military body, has approved the deployment of a garrison of soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army to guard disputed islands claimed by China and Vietnam in the South China Sea, the state-run Xinhua news agency said Sunday.


On Monday, there was a first meeting of the 45 legislators elected over the weekend to govern the 1,100 people who live on the island groups of the Spratlys, the Paracels and the Macclesfield Bank, Chinese authorities told state media. The meeting was the latest escalation of the territorial dispute between China and its neighbors over the island groups, known in Chinese as the Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha Islands.


The new legislators will not only govern the island groups, many of which consist of rocks and atolls, but also about 772,000 square miles of the South China Sea over which China claims jurisdiction, state media said.


So that will be interesting. Mind you, you can’t do anything about it now, even if it was real, you know, because they’re our best trading partners. If China says well that’s it, no more cheap junk for you – but it’s not actually cheap anymore; it’s expensive junk, but we can’t get that there – well that’s it folks. No more computers, batteries, nothing. It’s all gone. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and it’s amazing too how it all ties in together, when you have shooters that all burst out all over the place, around the same time. I’ve noticed that for years. It has to be coordinated of course. And what happened in Toronto, because we had a spate of shootings in Toronto recently, just to coincide with this one of course, and this whole UN registration deal that they’re trying to get through. It says here…


Toronto (A:  You can tell it’s new-speak, with the youngsters, eh.) disinvites (A:  They don’t revoke anything anymore, they disinvite them.)

elite youth target shooters from city sports event

nationalpost.com / Matt Gurney | Jul 23, 2012


(A:  And now the city is backing down apparently, and the athletes may be back in.)


Next month, Toronto will be host to the 2012 Ontario Summer Games. The Summer Games tout themselves as Ontario’s largest amateur sport competition, dating back to 1970, that draws thousands of athletes from across Ontario to compete in various team and individual sporting events. (A:  So they’re very proud of it, yada yada ya.)


But apparently not all amateur sports. An email sent out by a city official last night has revoked the invitation of two of the athletes, teenagers both, to participate in public events promoting the Games. The two athletes, who had been selected as ambassadors for the event, have been told they are no longer welcome on stage with the other ambassadors. (A:  If that isn’t the cold shoulder, what is? You’re no longer welcome.)  The reason given: They are competitive rifle shooters, and given the recent spate of gun violence in Toronto, “We can no longer have the Sporting Rifle Athlete Ambassadors present on stage.” The official who sent the email apologizes for the decision, noting that he does not agree with it. But, he says, the directive has come down, and he must follow it.  (A:  Mind you, Canada’s got no problem sending troops across the planet to actually kill people; they’re not shooting at rubber ducks or anything like that.)


The teenagers were specifically supposed to be involved in an event known World Record Camp Games. To build buzz ahead of August’s Summer Games, the organizers at the city of Toronto are planning to hold a day of athletic competition at the dozens of summer day camps scattered across the city. By getting all of the [children] enrolled at these camps playing sports together at the same time under the banner of a single event, the organizers hope to set a new world record for “the most athletes competing in a multi-sport games event.”


So as I say, there’s some updates to it and maybe they’ve revoked that again. Who knows. Dis-invoked, revoked and all the invoking stuff that they kind of do with the new-speak. Anyway they might get back in, we’ll see what happens there. But it’s amazing when they… See, certain areas of Toronto – and they know this too, they set them up deliberately – they can guarantee there will be gun violence when the cops stop the drugs from going in; they start killing each other, to get the guys who’ve got the drugs; they know each other, all the big dealers, and who’s still got drugs. This has happened each time they tried to get gun laws passed in Canada. Once they pass the law it all quietens down because the drugs start flowing in again. It’s guaranteed. This is how they do it in Canada. This is exactly how they do it. It’s happened about five times in the past, each time they were trying to get laws passed. Stop the drugs flowing, they get desperate, they start raiding each other to see who’s got drugs left, and they shoot each other. And everybody who lives in the city knows it too. But that’s how you get things done, the big guys at the top, in the big top – that’s what it is, a big top; we’re in a circus.


And a very good article...


Geoengineering projects around the world – map - guardian.co.uk

LiborGate dwarfed by geo-engineering of entire planet - economicvoice.com / July 24th, 2012


I’ll put that up tonight as well. It shows you where they’re already geoengineering; of course they’ve been doing it for about 12 years now, consistently, altering the weather. It’s quite a good article on them actually doing that, altering the weather; it’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that break out. And they’re doing it all from the sky. But they also use HAARP along with it; we all know that too, because it was designed to work together. Teller, who invented the H-bomb, was the guy who was given a directive to go ahead and try that technique:  spray first with metallic particles and then use ELF and HAARP to alter the weather, and basically the minds of the public, by the way.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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