July 30, 2012 (#1139)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 30, 2012:

A Better Tech Clone, Glass Beads to iPhone:

"We Buy Our Chains, Like Everyone Else,
So Not to Be Different, Left on the Shelf,
Give Away Privacy, Seek Pleasure, the Norm,
Acquiring Bodiless Friends, Watching Porn,
Marketers can Portray Products as Fun,
Everyone Takes Off to Buy On the Run,
Being Left Behind Brings Wrath from "Friends",
Must have the Latest, Endless Money You Spend,
While Grants Dished Out to Various Pros
Who Study Your Mind and the Way it Goes,
Including the Pentagon, Its Ways Despicable,
Until You to Them are Perfectly Predictable"
© Alan Watt July 30, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 30, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 30th of July 2012.  For newcomers, I suggest you make good use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website; you’ll find over a thousand audios for free download and you’ll find a bunch of other sites listed, they’re all the official sites, that carry audios.  If you get sticking on one try the other.  And they all carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks too for print-up, and if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you’ll find transcripts in other languages as well.  And, what I do on this program is basically to give you the past and show you that big organizations, a long time ago, got together; in fact they created each specialist branch which they call “foundations” which work with the think-tanks on every aspect of society with the intention of bringing in a kind of scientific society (scientifically-run, that is) and an ordered society, plus the boys at the top would take over all the resources of the world and down the road they’d eventually ration it to different countries which they’d merge into trading blocs—over a hundred years ago.  We’re well on the way, and of course the Royal Institute of International Affairs is at the head of all of this, and they have branches across every country in the world today. 


And remember too that you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the U.S. to Canada, remember, you can use a Personal Check or an International Postal Money Order from the Post Office, you can send cash, or you can use PayPal—and straight donations are really, really welcome. Across the world: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.


But it’s a hard thing for most folk to believe, because you have a massive machinery of information set up and news-casting corporations; again, all members of the same organization, the CFR in the States for instance, and you’re kept in a fake reality.  You’re never given any real truth on anything, even when they tell you about scientific discoveries and what they’re working at, and “one day they hope to do this”; whenever they come out with this stuff it’s been done at a high level long ago and it’s the lower levels that are still doing this— they’re out of the loop of course, on the lower levels.  So, you’re really in a managed society.  They know exactly where they’re taking the whole world and so many straight faces come on television and all the experts tell you how to behave through it, what to expect; that’s also predictive programming because you’re programmed to expect the things which they tell you about so it doesn’t seem so bad when it actually happens.


So, we live in a very planned society.  Authors like Huxley who attended lots of global meetings in his day (his brother Julian was the head of UNESCO for the United Nations— they talked about it too) and he said that the people would come to love their servitude. That’s happening today, really, because they’ve got so much entertainment as they’re brought down into austerity that it doesn’t seem so bad at all; this is a unique thing to have, all this entertainment when they’re bringing you down, otherwise there’d be massive riots.  Now they do expect massive riots, but not on the same context with everyone rioting: it’s always the ones at the bottom who riot first, when things get cut back for welfare and different things like that.  Expenses, of course, go up all the time in all classes, so they’re the first ones to feel the pinch.  And governments are being well-organized to get ready to deal with it all; they’re always ahead.  Nothing happens here by chance on a world scale or any big scale at all, it’s always known long in advance because it’s planned that way, just like the amalgamation of countries like the whole European Soviet Union that they’ve created there and the same thing with the Pacific Rim Region as well and the North American NAFTA integration plus the North American integration with all the Pacific Rim countries as well— it’s all been done, folks, and they talked about this a hundred years ago, as I say, in their books.


Back with more after this….


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And predictive programming, an incredible science and technique, of course, has been used for an awful long time; it’s a method of getting you used to an idea, which is often repulsive at first, but gradually over time by repetition it becomes kind of fixed in your head: “well, it’s a possibility.”  And you’ll also watch programs on television that come out, on mainstream, telling you how good it’s going to be and how you’ll adapt to it and it won’t be so bad after all.  It’s a very simple technique, just repetition, repetition, and when it eventually happens you’ll find that you’re doing something like this article I’ll talk about here, like eating crickets and bugs and things.  Now, a few years ago I mentioned the first article that came out by a couple of very little rich children, I’ll just call them rich kids out of New York (that’s what they were), who were doing something with the United Nations, traveling the planet and having a great old time to themselves on some big grant, and coming out and talking about eating bugs— that was the first time we ever heard about it and I said there’d be a lot more down the future as they get used to this.  You understand, through the free-trade organizations and all the treaties they’ve been signing, a lot of the food that they’re growing is going to bio-fuel.  And they knew this long before; they knew eventually they’d get us eating other things and putting this stuff to bio-fuel.  And we’re already here at this because, see, the big farms, the corporate farms, are ruling the world; five corporate farm companies run the world’s food supply today and there’s only a small amount of private farms left and they’re going out of business, big time— that’s the agenda too.  And so a lot of their crops they want to go to bio-fuel and they want to export too.  See, at one time your country, under different rules that you had, you had to make sure that the people at home ate enough, they had enough food at home; not now with free-trade you see.  You can be starving at home and they’ll dump it across the world wherever they can get the best price for it— that’s all part of free trade as well.  So, it says here in this BBC article…


Future foods: What will we be eating in 20 years’ time?


Volatile food prices and a growing population mean we have to rethink what we eat, say food futurologists.


(Alan: They’ve got futurologists for everything.)


So what might we be serving up in 20 years’ time?


It’s not immediately obvious what links Nasa, the price of meat and brass bands, but all three are playing a part in shaping what we will eat in the future and how we will eat it.


(A:  So they always present it in almost a comical way, sometimes surrealistic way as well. And then they go through the usual nonsense here, like foods we used to eat and they give you some of the delicacies the ancients ate— not the ordinary people. So they give you examples of Greece, Rome, and then Tudor times and Henry VIII’s banquets.  Well, the ordinary folk didn’t eat like Henry VIII, obviously, so that’s got nothing to do with it. And it says...)


Rising food prices, the growing population and environmental concerns are just a few issues that have organisations - including the United Nations and the government - worrying about how we will feed ourselves in the future.


(A:  Now, as I’ve said, they’ve had world meetings about this, when they set up the League of Nations in fact at the end of World War I they talked about setting up agri-businesses.  Remember, all resources were to be taken over by a few companies, and it’s happened, you see. And now it’s a way to explain to the public why they want to change your habits, your tastes, and everything else.  It says...)


In the UK, meat prices are anticipated to have a huge impact on our diets. Some in the food industry estimate they could double in the next five to seven years, making meat a luxury item.


(A:  Well, you’d be surprised that all the best meats have already been exported out of your countries to China, for those who don’t know, you see, that was all planned too. That’s why the rubbish they leave at home is so overpriced and terrible.)


"In the West many of us have grown up with cheap, abundant meat," says food futurologist Morgaine Gaye.


"Rising prices mean we are now starting to see the return of meat as a luxury.


(A:  And that’s exactly what they’re doing and they don’t notice in the States yet because they’re still a lot cheaper there, they’ve kept it artificially low. But once they’ve finished their wars they’re going to bang the States like everybody else; that’s the only purpose the U.S. has right now, is furnishing armies for people who don’t even live in that country. Anyway, it says here...)


"Rising prices mean we are now starting to see the return of meat as a luxury. As a result we are looking for new ways to fill the meat gap."


So what will fill such gaps and our stomachs...?


(A: Caterpillars, insects...They call it mini-livestock, right. Isn’t that wonderful? Mini-livestock.  And it says...)


It’s a win-win situation. Insects provide as much nutritional value as ordinary meat and are a great source of protein, according to researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


(A:  Now the Netherlands, they always pick one country to be the main experimenter in a certain area, and Holland is going into artificial meat and tank-grown meat and now they’re into bugs. It says...)


They also cost less to raise than cattle, consume less water and do not have much of a carbon footprint. Plus, there are an estimated 1,400 species that are edible to man.


(A:  So they want to change your whole diet and this is only one of many articles you’re going to get used to as they start speeding up this whole idea. You understand, you don’t come to your own conclusions—you’re guided to your own conclusions by people like these and many, many, many articles and also little things on television too, as they push this stuff to get you prepared for eating all of this kind of stuff.  And they always hire a few celebrities too who’ll tell you they’ll eat it, they’ve already got a few, and they don’t really of course but they’ll tell you they do, and you’ll all follow them like robots, you see. So it says…)


Sonic-enhanced food


It’s well documented how the appearance of food and its smell influence what we eat, but the effect sound has on taste is an expanding area of research.


(A:  In neuroscience now where they can really screw up your brain.)


A recent study by scientists at Oxford University found certain tones could make things taste sweeter or more bitter.


"No experience is a single sense experience," says Russell Jones, from sonic branding company Condiment Junkie, who were involved in the study. "So much attention is paid to what food looks like and what it smells like, but sound is just as important."


So, they’ll screw with your brain until "oh, that sounds delicious," that’s what you’ll say to yourself, you see, and you probably will.  But they do go into some of the things, and even why they have some of the top brands of refrigerators white; it seems clean, it’s all psychology you see, and that’s how you’re conned with everything, it’s big psychology and they do a lot of experiments on the general public without them knowing and they also have those special groups they bring in too to see how their ideas take off.  So get used to the idea, because this is the plan, folks, as only the rich, down the road, in all countries, will get real food.  Like the rich down the road at the present time; the rich actually get "organic" everything— I mean the real stuff that’s grown on islands and special places like that.  The Queen has her whole herd of cattle up in the highlands of Scotland and massive farming because they still have their tenant farmers, the nobility, you see.  And they don’t use any pesticides at all, just lots of peasants to pick off the bugs which they’ll then sell to you.


So, that’s the world as we know it. Now, Colorado Shooter too, this is from a Jewish paper…


Colorado Shooter Was Camp Counselor for Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters


James Holmes, the Colorado graduate student who is suspected of killing 12 moviegoers and wounding 58 others on Friday during the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises," worked as a camp counselor in Los Angeles County in 2008 that was run by Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters (JBBBS), the group’s CEO told NBC4 on Saturday.


(A:  So, he...)


...worked as cabin counselor at Camp Max Straus in the summer of 2008, according to Randy Schwab, the CEO of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters.


And of course they’re all in shock and horror, etcetera, etcetera, all the people who knew him and they don’t say much about him except he kept himself pretty well much to himself.


Now, I mentioned last week how the government…and I gave the government site where they’d put out tender for massive orders of riot gear; this is on top of all the massive orders of ammunition for an internal war, obviously, that they ordered about a month or so prior to that or two months prior to that.  So, it says here in this article...


It’s not just Homeland Security: US Army orders riot gear too


It’s more than just stockpiling surveillance drones to spy on US citizens: the United States Army is attempting to procure an arsenal of riot gear in case the military must go toe-to-toe with civilians on US soil.


A solicitation for weapons


(A: They’ve got a link for it too, from the government...)


posted on the official government website for federal business opportunities reveals that the US Army has been in the market for nonlethal equipment that it very well might be used in the United States. In a Web posting made earlier this summer, the Army asked for bids regarding its request for riot shields, face masks, polycarbonate batons and body armor. On July 10, they awarded the contract to A2Z Supply Corp of Stevensville, Montana, who pledged to fulfill their request at the tune of $6,589.98.


(A: But that’s a small one of many orders that they’ve put out.)


The latest inquiry from the US Army was filed only a few weeks before another call for bids was published by the Department of Homeland Security. On July 26, the DHS Office of Procurement Operations also wrote on FBO.gov that they were soliciting contractors to help equip them with riot helmets, tactic gloves, shin guards, body armor and other equipment comparable that could be used in tandem with a complex “riot control system.” According to the 2001 Executive Order that established the DHS signed by then-President George W Bush, the agency “will coordinate the executive branch’s efforts to detect, prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from terrorist attacks within the United States.” With an agency assigned only domestic duties asking for thousands of dollars’ worth of riot gear — and an army with more than one million soldiers seeking body army [armor], not assault rifles — many are suggesting that the solicitation requests are readying the government for a full blown war with its own people on US soil.


Both requests were published within days of a recent Capitol Hill testimony delivered from Homeland Security Secretary Janet


(A: Napoleon; I always call her Napoleon....)


that included excerpts confirming that the federal government is considering deploying surveillance drones over California as means of proactively patrolling American cities under the guise of “public safety.”


So, we’ll see more and more of this. Most folk won’t care, they live in a dreamland anyway because there’s so much fun-fun-fun on television for them, if you’re very immature, and lots of cheap entertainment for them. 


Huffington Post Urges America Pay a Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change


Of course they’re as far left as you can get it; they’re all old Trotskyites.  And it’s nothing to do with Carbon Tax; they’ve already admitted it’s to save the poor across the world with all that cash.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix. Now, everyone knew this years ago, that eventually the internet would be totally regulated, because the big boys like Brzezinski that talked about this back in the 70’s said we’d be given a system of communication unlike any seen before, and the public would think it was all for their fun and for their use, but eventually it would all be taken over by the authorities themselves and used on the people, like a tool or a weapon; it already has been. But…


NSA Boss Wants More Control Over the 'Net


(A: It says...)


The Internet should be adapted to allow for oversight by the National Security Agency, the organization’s boss says.


The U.S. Internet’s infrastructure needs to be redesigned to allow the NSA to know instantly when overseas hackers might be attacking public or private infrastructure and computer networks, the agency’s leader, General Keith Alexander, said today.


Alexander spoke at the annual Def Con computer hacking conference in Las Vegas. It was a symbolic appearance that he said was motivated by a need to interest the hacker community in helping to make the Internet more secure.


(A:  Does this make sense to you?)


Alexander, who is also commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, described the Internet as "at great risk from exploitation, disruption, and destruction."


In recent years, many Internet users have become familiar with the idea that websites can be knocked offline by denial of service attacks, such as those employed by online activist groups such as Anonymous. "My concern is that it’s going to flow into destructive attacks that could have consequences for our critical national infrastructure and the Internet itself," said Alexander.


(A: Now so far, that we know, the main cyber-attacks that have been done were done by the U.S. and Britain against Iran. Anyway, it says...)


The decentralized nature of the Internet, and the fact that the global network is built from a thicket of independent public and private networks, is limiting efforts to protect against such attacks, said Alexander, because it doesn’t allow the NSA or law enforcement to easily track Internet activity.


(A: Really?  With all the laws they’ve passed?)


"We do not sit around our country and look in; we have no idea if Wall Street is about to be attacked," said Alexander.


(A: It’s mainly when Wall Street is going to attack all of us.)


The NSA is already running a trial with 17 U.S. defense companies intended to demonstrate technology that could be deployed to change that. Under the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber Pilot, Lockheed Martin


(A:  Who else? Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest in the industrial complexes for military. They even run the British weapons systems for missiles and everything—privatizing war, you see.)


and other companies set up their computer security systems to automatically alert the agency when the alarm is tripped. They automatically pass a summary of what was detected and the IP address associated with the event to the NSA over the Internet. "All you need to pass is the fact of a signature and IP address in real time, and we can take it from there," said Alexander.


(A:  He...)


...suggested that the NSA should be given a wider checkpoint role across the Internet to protect core infrastructure and all vital systems connected to it, drawing an analogy with an automatic road toll system.


(A:  Now, do you really think they don’t have all of that already?  You know, the NSA is like a black-op because they don’t tell us what they’re up to. You understand? They don’t tell us what they’re up to. So, he says...)


"What we need for cyber security is something analogous to that," he said. "Think of us as the EZ Pass on the highway."


(A: He...)


...dismissed possible concerns about giving the NSA too much oversight into how the Internet is being used. "When you go down the highway, and you go down the EZ Pass lane, what you’re doing is sending that code. That system is not looking in your car, reading the e-mail, or intercepting anything, it’s just getting that code."


(A: Well, they’ve already admitted they’re already reading our emails and etcetera, etcetera.  He...)


...suggested rolling back the decentralization of computer networks by saying that "thin client" computing should be considered by large organizations. Long out of fashion, the thin client approach gives individual users relatively simple computers that access computing resources that are controlled centrally. That could help large organizations such as the U.S. Department of Defense, which currently has some 15,000 separately configured and operated sections of its network, said Alexander, offering too many potential areas of attack.


So they want to centralize everything. They’ve been doing it for years, mind you.  You always can tell when they’re putting more and more of the stuff through central routers, more IP servers and all the rest of it, because you have slowdowns and even your telephone goes weird for about a week or two and then it goes back up to normal when they’re routing it through central NSA routers. So, this is standard hoopla that he’s going through; it’s just an idea to get you used to the fact that you’re going to have less rights and less rights and more intrusion—that’s all it is.


And, we always talk too about…I mean, we used to get brought up in school to look at the guys with the suits and ties, the very expensive ones, you know, that they’d bring in once in a while, like politicians, and you were trained to believe that there was an honest businessman out there, an honest politician— at least you were in Britain; that’s how you’re indoctrinated, with nonsense.  And for most folk it stays for life; that’s why they always have a guy with a suit on and tie telling you the news and you’d get raised with some of these guys that would stay on for years until they were falling off the chairs, because that was the idea—-be a father figure and he’d look you right in the eye on television every night at 6pm and he couldn’t lie to you; that’s why they paid them so much money to stay.  But of course there’s more crooks amongst bankers than anywhere else in the world because no one really looks at what they’re up to and their whole idea is to maximize their profit on everything.  Here’s a guy in Britain who is a…


£500-a-day banker admits benefit fraud


(A:  He was also scamming the public for unemployment money.  It says...)


A banking troubleshooter has been prosecuted for fraudulently receiving benefits while being paid £500 a day in the City.


(A:  That’s the City of London.  It says...)


Adam Lancelot, 35,


(A: Obviously he adopted that name or his family did.)


spent his earnings on a Mercedes convertible, a kitchen refurbishment, foreign holidays and restaurant meals.


But between spells working for major financial institutions such as Barclays Wealth he was also claiming council tax benefit.


However he also fraudulently received hundreds of pounds over a period when he had failed to tell the council that he was in employment.


Back with more after this.  This guy is going to go far...


Hi folks; talking about one particular banker, one of many of course because this is their nature in banking.  You’ve got to be a winner – a winner – it doesn’t matter how you win, just win.  Talking about Adam Lancelot who literally was earning  £500 a day working for banks, all contract works of course, for big banks like Barclays, and at the same time he was claiming unemployment money from the state and he was also claiming council tax benefits for being unemployed.  It says…


However he also fraudulently received hundreds of pounds over a period when he had failed to tell the council that he was in employment.


Lancelot, of Edenbridge, Kent, admitted four charges in relation to the benefit fraud at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court earlier this week.


The court heard that he was a “troubleshooter” for banks, but that he had been unable to find work since August last year.


(A: That’s like continuous work.)


His solicitor


(A: Which is his lawyer...)


Brian Ferris said he had “put his head in the sand” about the benefits he was receiving and that although he earned “a lot of money while working” he had endured long periods of unemployment due to the financial crisis.


(A:  So, that’s the sob piece that they put in for the guys with cash.)


Mr Ferris said: “He stuck his head in the sand and thought he could sort it out later – but it caught up with him. The banking industry has taken a huge knock and job losses have been in the tens of thousands.”


(A:  Well, he was working.)


Mr Lancelot claimed that he told the benefit team at Sevenoaks District Council that he was in work at the relevant times, but the council said it had “no record” of it.


He wasn’t declaring it, so that’s what happens.  He’ll go far though; a guy like that will go far.


Now, austerity at the Olympics…. Because at one time I think they had real gold medals and they used to tell you how much gold was in each medal, but it’s a private corporation, remember, and again they’re cost-cutting too for bigger profits for themselves at the top.  It says…


Austerity At The Olympics: Each "Gold" Medal Contains 1.34% Gold


(A: I guess it’s plated, maybe.)


As every Olympic athlete knows, size matters. The London 2012 medals are the largest ever in terms of both weight and diameter - almost double the medals from Beijing. However, just as equally well-known is that quality beats quantity and that is where the current global austerity, coin-clipping, devaluation-fest begins. The 2012 gold is 92.5 percent silver, 6.16 copper and... 1.34 percent gold,


(A:  It’s a very banking thing, isn’t it?  They make it twice the size and they only put that little bit of gold in it too, and most of it will be copper.  So...)


with IOC rules specifying that it must contain 550 grams of high-quality silver and a whopping 6 grams of gold. The resulting medallion is worth about $500. For the silver medal, the gold is replaced with more copper, for a $260 bill of materials. The bronze medal is 97 percent copper, 2.5 percent zinc and 0.5 percent tin. Valued at about $3, you might be able to trade one for a bag of chips in Olympic park if you skip the fish.


So, everybody is maximizing the profit in this rush for greed.  You understand, this is the time when everyone is rushing to get as much money as they can get before the collapse, thinking that if they can just get enough over a certain limit you’re in amongst the winners, as everybody else loses— that’s across the board, everywhere; that’s what they’re doing.


And, everyone’s talked about fluoride for an awful long time, and the governments are quite happy to keep dumping it in your water supply, and it does have many different side-affects including brittle bones and teeth and it also brings down your IQ, which they’ve known for about a hundred years.  Countries like Sweden don’t use (even though they’re the most socialist countries) fluoride at all; I don’t think they ever did.  And they’ve got better teeth and better bone structure than people in the West.  Anyway, it says…


Major Harvard Study Published in Federal Govt Journal Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ


(A:  So it’s a Harvard study; maybe they’ll start listening to it now.  And I’ll put this up tonight.  It says...)


If the scientific link between fluoride exposure and a noted decreased in IQ is a conspiracy theory, then perhaps the Harvard researchers who just confirmed such a link should be tarred and feathered by the ‘evidence-based’ medical media.


In a telling review of a variety of studies that have demonstrated just how significantly fluoride can damage the brain and subsequently your IQ, Harvard University scientists stated “our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment.”


(A: See, they want to dumb you down early.)


The most outstanding component to the study is where it was published. Authors published their conclusion online in the July 20th edition of the prominent journal Environmental Health Perspectives, a federal government medical journal stemming from the United States National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.


The very same government that has continually asserted that water fluoridation is both perfectly safe and ‘effective’ at aiding the health of citizens who consume it on a daily basis.


In the past, the US government has actually been forced to call for lower fluoridation levels as previous research had also drawn a link between fluoride exposure and a host of neurotoxic effects.


In the latest research by Harvard, it is made even more explicitly clear just how toxic fluoride can be to the body. In a written statement, researchers state:


“The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas.”


(A: Well, it won’t stop though, you know, because they want a passive population.  Governments have always wanted a passive dumbed-down population— read your histories.  So... )


Fluoride Lowers IQ, Sparks Tumor Growth


This should come as no surprise to those who have followed fluoride research over the past several years. As far back as 1977, for instance, epidemiological studies performed by the head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute Dr. Dean Burk revealed that fluoride exposure led to increased tumor growth – even at levels as low as 1 ppm (the standard for United States drinking water). Beyond revealing an accelerated tumor growth rate of 25% in his research, fluoride was found to produce melanotic tumors, transform normal cells into cancer cells and increases the carcinogenesis of other chemicals.


In 1977, Dr. Burk estimated that fluoridation has actually caused about 10,000 deaths according to his research.


It will come as no surprise, then, that even the EPA — an agency charged with protecting the people — has classified fluoride as a substance with “with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.”  Perhaps the EPA is also run by blubbering conspiracy theorists.


In another entry by study authors, it is explained how fluoride actually attacks the brain in unborn children and essentially launches a direct assault on their neurological development:


“Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Fluoride exposure to the developing brain, which is much more susceptible to injury caused by toxicants than is the mature brain, may possibly lead to damage of a permanent nature.”


But will the United States government answer to the study? As mentioned, many studies have exposed the same correlation of IQ-crushing fluoride intake.  Paul Connett, Ph.D. and director of the Fluoride Action Network was one of the many activists to speak out regarding the last study to highlight the association.


(A: So, there’s been...)


...23 former studies


(A: That’s major ones...)


on the matter, and Connett felt that this 24th study was by far the strongest. And what was done? Unfortunately, it was brushed under the rug by mainstream health organizations who continue to assert that fluoride is perfectly safe. Some even recommend supplementing with fluoride pills.


Well, you understand, the FDA is a con system; it’s not there to protect you at all— it never was.  It was guys like Bernays who set up these specialist institutions to make the public think that "oh, if they’re specialist institutions then it must be for our health and better for us."  It was to the contrary.  Remember, Bernays worked for big international corporations, big pharma, etcetera, and the idea was that he’d hire two or three top characters, or at least have their names on their door and their office, although they’d never have to turn up at them, just having their names on them was enough, and people thought "by God, these are really government-run institutions that are awfully, awfully good."  It never occurred to them that it was just all to do with selling their poisons.  Fluoride, remember, is really one of the stuff that’s scraped off the inside of the big towers that they burn off heavy metals with, especially aluminum.  They scrape it off.  At one time they had to pay to get it dumped because it was so toxic and somebody came up with the bright idea of putting it in your toothpaste and making you buy it; that’s what they generally do.  These are the kind of peoples and psychopaths that run the world, you understand.  And they’re out there, there’s lots of them, and they recognize each other and they form clubs.


Now, this article here says…


With friends like these ...


Facebook has 59 million users - and 2 million new ones join each week. But you won’t catch Tom Hodgkinson volunteering his personal information - not now that he knows the politics of the people behind the social networking site.


(A: It says...)


The following correction was printed in the Guardian’s Corrections and clarifications column, Wednesday January 16 2008


The US intelligence community’s enthusiasm for hi-tech innovation after 9/11 and the creation of In-Q-Tel, its venture capital fund, in 1999 were anachronistically linked in the article below. Since 9/11 happened in 2001 it could not have led to the setting up of In-Q-Tel two years earlier.


(A: It says...)


The Independent Guide to Facebook


I despise Facebook. This enormously successful American business describes itself as "a social utility that connects you with the people around you". But hang on. Why on God’s earth would I need a computer to connect with the people around me? Why should my relationships be mediated through the imagination of a bunch of supergeeks in California? What was wrong with the pub?


And does Facebook really connect people? Doesn’t it rather disconnect us, since instead of doing something enjoyable such as talking and eating and dancing and drinking with my friends, I am merely sending them little ungrammatical notes and amusing photos in cyberspace, while chained to my desk? A friend of mine recently told me that he had spent a Saturday night at home alone on Facebook, drinking at his desk. What a gloomy image. Far from connecting us, Facebook actually isolates us at our workstations.


Facebook appeals to a kind of vanity and self-importance in us, too. If I put up a flattering picture of myself with a list of my favourite things, I can construct an artificial representation of who I am in order to get sex or approval. ("I like Facebook," said another friend. "I got a shag out of it.")


(A: A shag is a term they use in Britain for something usually said in Hollywood movies in America.)


It also encourages a disturbing competitiveness around friendship: it seems that with friends today, quality counts for nothing and quantity is king. The more friends you have, the better you are. You are "popular", in the sense much loved in American high schools. Witness the cover line on Dennis Publishing’s new Facebook magazine: "How To Double Your Friends List."


It seems, though, that I am very much alone in my hostility. At the time of writing Facebook claims 59 million active users, including 7 million in the UK, Facebook’s third-biggest customer after the US and Canada. That’s 59 million suckers, all of whom have volunteered their ID card information and consumer preferences to an American business they know nothing about. Right now, 2 million new people join each week. At the present rate of growth, Facebook will have more than 200 million active users by this time next year. And I would predict that, if anything, its rate of growth will accelerate over the coming months. As its spokesman Chris Hughes says: "It’s embedded itself to an extent where it’s hard to get rid of."


All of the above would have been enough to make me reject Facebook for ever. But there are more reasons to hate it. Many more.


(A:  It says...)


Facebook is a well-funded project, and the people behind the funding, a group of Silicon Valley venture capitalists, have a clearly thought out ideology that they are hoping to spread around the world. Facebook is one manifestation of this ideology. Like PayPal before it, it is a social experiment, an expression of a particular kind of neoconservative libertarianism. On Facebook, you can be free to be who you want to be, as long as you don’t mind being bombarded by adverts for the world’s biggest brands. As with PayPal, national boundaries are a thing of the past.


Although the project was initially conceived by media cover star Mark Zuckerberg,


(A:  I don’t think it was, actually.)


the real face behind Facebook is the 40-year-old Silicon Valley venture capitalist and futurist philosopher Peter Thiel. There are only three board members on Facebook, and they are Thiel, Zuckerberg and a third investor called Jim Breyer from a venture capital firm called Accel Partners...


Thiel invested $500,000 in Facebook when Harvard students Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskowitz went to meet him in San Francisco in June 2004, soon after they had launched the site. Thiel now reportedly owns 7% of Facebook, which, at Facebook’s current valuation of $15bn, would be worth more than $1bn. There is much debate on who exactly were the original co-founders of Facebook, but whoever they were, Zuckerberg is the only one left on the board, although Hughes and Moskowitz still work for the company.


But it goes into all the other scams that they do and the incredible money that they’re raking in, but of course too they’re also working with the NSA and they also give all of your data out to many government funded grants to universities and they use all your data to find out why you like these kind of people, what do you have in common; and it’s all to do with control purposes down the road.  It’s all to do with neuroscience again and behaviorism.  Behaviorists are really involved in these kind of things.   That’s what it’s for.  But definitely, government wants to know all about you because in a totalitarian regime, you see, they have to have all information about you because you must be predictable.  You understand, you’ve got to be very predictable in a totalitarian system.


Another technique they’re using now… Everything now is neuroscience and psychology.  This is quite something…


Good drivers should be rewarded


Wouldn’t it be great if you were rewarded for being a good driver?


(A:  This is for the simpletons out there; there’s lots of them, mind you.  And it says...)


Well, now you could be...


(A:  You could be rewarded for being a good driver.  And...)


How does it work?  It’s called Telematics -


(A:  I’ll put two articles up tonight on this...)


also known as black box or smart box insurance.  By having a clever telematics box installed in your car, your insurer can see that you’re a safe driver and could offer you cheaper premiums.


(A:  It says it "could", it doesn’t say it "will."  See, it’s all this terminology that they use.)


You’ll need to start by taking out a telematics car insurance policy. Use our simple online form to find the cheapest car insurance quotes. Look for insurers who offer telematics policies in your results. Choose a telematics policy and you’re on you way!


It’s a black box, for goodness sakes!  It’s taking all your data of your driving habits every single day: where you’re going, how long it took you to get there, how many times you’ve braked and everything else; but it will also, I guarantee you, I’ll guarantee you this company will also be linked with satellite computer systems for the government as well—I guarantee you.  See, you always pay for your chains.  And you’ve got lots of kinds of chains, lots of them.


This little joke here is quite good…


Green mayor


(A: This is a "green" mayor in England— is...)


forced to pay £70 for taxi after electric car runs out of power


The country’s [Britain’s] first Green mayor was forced to pay £70 for a taxi after his brand new council-leased electric car ran out of power during an engagement.


The eco-friendly Renault Fluence ZE is leased to Brighton and Hove City Council but left mayor Bill Randall stranded after a visit to Chichester, Sussex.


The incident meant the mayor had to spend about £70


(A:  But don’t worry; it’s taxpayers’ money...)


on a taxi to get him to another engagement on time.


...The car will not be on general sale until autumn of this year, but one was leant by Renault to the council on a temporary basis.


(A:  To advertise themselves, you see.  It says...)


Despite the embarrassing mishap the council have said there is no decision on whether the car will be kept past its initial six month loan.


(A:  Well, you’ve got to have recharging stations all over the place.)


After his appointment in May Coun Randall said: ‘This is great news, not just for the environment but for the taxpayer too as the electric car won’t cost them a penny.


(A:  What a joke.  What a joke.  Who do you think is financing it all?)


‘I think it sends out a good message and I’m sure Renault only did it because we are a Green Council.’


(A:  "Green Council," really?)


The council is covering running costs for the electric replacement during the loan period and is considering buying its own electric car.


When it goes flat, that’s you stuck, that’s it; big towing fees, all that kind of stuff.  What a joke.  And, how do you make electricity?  Isn’t that polluting too?


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, we’re back; and there’s a caller, Jeremiah, from Philadelphia.  Are you there Jerry?


Jeremiah:  Hi Alan.  Yeah, the first thing I want to touch on is that you’ve been such an influence on me, and so is another man by such a similar name, Alan Watts.  You’re probably the two most influential people to me in my journey for truth here, so I think it’s very interesting.  Maybe at another time you could touch on if you’ve ever heard of him.  The second thing is that you mentioned the NSA.  And if you type in “illuminati” backwards it brings you right to the NSA’s website, but, really, that’s like a whole other red herring that we see out here, it traps you in that box, you know, the whole search for this illuminati. Obviously you know what some of the truths are with it.  I mean, I guess it’s not so obvious, but with the illuminati it’s one of those things where you say “it’s really catchy.”  It gets everyone going, but it’s not really a… there’s no material facts to it at all.  So, another thing that I really want to touch on was something called a “dualistic paradigm.”  You’ve talked so much about the different elements of like how things can be taken two different ways; like the truth is so razor thin and everything is so razor thin, and then on the other side, you know, it’s falsehood, but that’s how they get you trapped in so many boxes in your attempt to, what we would call, “wake up.”  But along the way it’s just like one trap door after the other.  And I just feel like ultimate truth, everything, is so razor thin because along the way even your friends and your family, everyone, is going to be trying to trap you in this box.


Alan:  It’s also a product… If you go into Plato, Plato talked about that in the Republic, and how they would bring a new society in because, really, they all came to the conclusion in that particular book that mankind can only do what he can get away with and most folk will get away with whatever they can, and therefore the elite themselves, who were even craftier, should rule the world using a kind of moral relativity (which is taught now in schools), that nothing is really “right”, nothing is really “wrong”, and depending on how you word things most folk will always jump at whatever you give to them without realizing there’s a whole bunch of negativities already created within the question itself.  So, you’re quite right.  It’s a legalism form of you giving your Rights up thinking you’re going to get more.  In fact, all things are written that way: you’re going to get an awful lot out of this, all you have to do is give a little Rights up but you’re going to really enjoy the creation of whatever it happens to be.  That’s how it works.


Jeremiah:  Yeah, it’s a total war on the mind and a total war on the body, I mean there’s so much disinformation out there on the mind and particularly on the body too.  I mean, I’m somebody who is really, you know, done my best in the health routine but there’s so many traps out there; like you’ve talked about vegetarianism and the whole thing… Personally, I’m a vegan, but like, you know, aside from all that, there’s so many traps you can get involved in along that way but I’m just trying to do everything I can to have the most energy and to really do the best I can to help resist this so-called new world order.  But, I mean, a lot of times it really does look so grim but the thing that I keep in mind is that this truly is the garden of Eden and I feel like, you know, it is eternity and we all are in this great opportunity but you don’t want to be too positive because that’s a whole other trap where you’re not being realistic at all.


Alan:  That’s right


Jeremiah:  It’s all such a fine balance.


Alan:  Remember, all heavens can be a hell too; it depends who’s ruling the world, and that’s part of it as well.  So, I mean, if the kingdom of heaven is truly within you then so is the ability to create a world of hell as well and there are those who are certainly doing it today, there’s no doubt about it— with a long-term plan to poison us, kill us off and get their wonderful utopia after 2050 or so.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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