Aug. 1, 2012 (#1141)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 1, 2012:

Informed Blind Change their Mind:

"Propaganda, The Art of Marketers for Public Relations,
Harness Subconscious Desires, Download New Persuasions,
More Powerful than Oratory, Pleading, Emotive Speeches,
Science Used to Control All Minds on Behalf of Leeches,
These Leeches have Been in Control Altering the Culture,
Maintaining Tight Control, Shape-Shifting to the Vulture,
Using Massive Wealth they Possess, They Demand Compliance,
Gain it Over Every Living Soul by Use of Neuroscience,
You're Prompted, Nudged, Coerced and You will Find
Opinions that Were Fixed-- You've Now Changed Your Mind,
But Then, to Be Accepted You Go Along with the Flow,
All that Tinkering with the Brain, How were You to Know,
Once Understood, to Continue would Be Lame,
If Your Herd Instinct's Strong, Go On Stay the Same"
© Alan Watt Aug. 1, 2012
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 1st of August, 2012.

For newcomers as always I suggest you make good use, and I mean good use of and you’ll begin to understand the system you’re born into.  You’ll find out why you even behave the way you do, because your culture is given to you generation by generation.  And you’ll find out the big boys who set up this system a long time ago.  A system where science would really control your minds, control your behavior and make you think you’re free at the same time.  And of course the boys behind it who funded it all were a clique living in London who came up with the Free Trade idea for the world where they would take over all of the industries of the world.  They’d move them around the world; they’d also take over the resources of the planet, all resources.  And they’d bring in their scientifically created society, to suit themselves, you see, because they truly believe in Darwinian ideas and eugenics, that the elite should go on down through time and that everything in the world is finite, all its supplies, its resources.  And therefore as we go through this big leap forward, the ones at the bottom, a post-industrial society, etcetera, that didn’t have jobs, couldn’t find good work, would simply die off through time.  Mind you, they help you die off as well with lots of inoculations and poisoned food and many other things to boot. 

So you’re living through a planned society by people who bring you world wars in fact.  They gave you World War I and II.  Because even Quigley who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations branch, the American branch of this Royal Institute of International Affairs, talked about that.  He says that these are the people who bring you wars.  And the idea of wars, apart from plundering the countries of course for their own businesses and these are the same boys who own these institutions, is also to alter society.  Society is altered massively, quickly during wartime.  As Quigley said you can get more done during war, five years of war, than fifty years of peace and propaganda.  So war is always used and that’s what they’re using, a war on terror, that’s going to go on forever you see as you go through the massive changes into the utopia for the few, as the rest of us who will become sterile die off.  And die off rather quickly as cancers are increasing like crazy.

So help yourself to the website.  Remember too they all carry audios.  They all carry transcripts in English for print up.  And you can go into for print ups in other languages. 

Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you and you can keep me going by buying the books and discs at because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  And I don’t have shares, and I don’t sell anything, any products that make you live for ever and ever.  So therefore the books and discs are all I get to live on basically.  So you can purchase from the U.S. by using personal checks or international postal money orders from your post office, use PayPal, or send cash.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  And straight donations are really awfully welcome.  Or I’ll have to bring on stacks of advertisers who will enthrall you with scary stories for an hour and the last ten minutes they’ll sell their products because that’s how it generally goes.

Now the world you’re living in as I say has been planned.  This whole system, the direction of it, has been planned for well over a hundred years.  In fact Britain brought in free trade for their own colonies in the 1840’s.  And the group that came out of that eventually called themselves the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They wanted wars, world wars.  They got them and they hoped the public would be on their knees after the wars, give up sovereignty and become part of the United Nations.  For World War I it was the League of Nations they set up and the same group set up the United Nations during World War II.  So the people weren’t too happy with that, so it didn’t go too well, so they thought they’d take the long road, the Fabian technique, and of course they run the Fabian Society as well.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and it really is a matrix.  There’s many levels to it too because you’ve had an intense indoctrination since you were born.  And some of it comes from your parents too because they accept the world as it’s presented to them as well.  Their indoctrination worked very well too.  And Beria, during about the 1930’s, from the soviet system, he was the head of the chief of police and so on, he used to talk to the Comintern.  That’s where all the international communists went over to Moscow every year.  And he said at that time that it used to take a generation to alter the behavior of society.  And he was meaning around seventy years or so.  He says now we can do it in five years; this is in 1934 remember.  And he said that through using certain techniques, especially in school, that they could prime the children’s minds to take on new indoctrination much, much quicker that would even contradict their family’s values; however, their particular values taught by the state would prevail.  And he was very, very right about that.  And he said this will eventually get faster and quicker and quicker as children are indoctrinated in what we now call preschool or kindergarten.  Well that’s already happened you see.

Today the children going into kindergarten are one year ahead with their indoctrinations from the ones previous to them in what they’ll experience as they grow up, all the changes that will come.  They’re all planned to come because you’re living through a script you understand.  Government is in the process of total control, complete total control, to serve itself, not to serve you.  Government is out there, they always call themselves public servants especially in the British Commonwealth countries.  But they’re not servants at all to the public; they’re servants to the Queen of course.  And the Queen stands for the fascist regime that’s always been there and all the corporations involved.  So you’re well indoctrinated not to understand, to think that you understand what’s going on but you never really understand what’s going on at all because you’ve been indoctrinated, including your behavior. 

I can remember watching one of the versions of "Brave New World".  And Brave New World, remember that was in the 1930’s, 1934 I think that came out or 1933, by Aldous Huxley.  And in one of the scenes in the movie version the top Alpha guy who ran the system, he was asked about all the technology they were giving the general public having a great old time.  He says oh yeah, but we only give them what we need to give them and so much of it is to monitor them as well.  Well that’s what technology has always been about, monitoring the general public.  Not enemies overseas so much but their own populations at home.  Because the first rule of government is to protect and maintain itself, you see, regardless of what the public want. 

So we’re given lots of technology.  The big boys of course sometimes sneak something through to the public through their own magazines like Foreign Affairs for the Council on Foreign Relations or maybe one of the journals through the Royal Society.  Or many other organizations to which they belong that guide society, or their big foundations as well and think tanks which are really just the fronts to finance the armies and armies of nongovernmental organizations.  See, they have all sides controlled because they create them you see.  All sides are created by the same people.  You must have conflict to get the changes going through.  Otherwise there’ll be nothing to oppose and things would stay the same way for a long time. 

So the dialectic is used, the Hegelian dialectic is used to create the planned change with the thesis really becoming the synthesis, etcetera.  And they get their end product out of it, their target you might say, their plan, that was actually the synthesis of both of them.  And then it starts all over again with the next part of the plan and on and on it goes. 

So you’re already there.  And for those who have been through your schooling and your teenage years, you’re already programmed differently from your parents.  And they were bad enough because since the 50’s there was a massive escalation in speed to indoctrinate the populations generation by generation.  And by that time in Britain of course they could do it every twenty years.  You grow up, you have a child, twenty years later that child grows up and has its child, and so on and so on.  And the culture industry and school would indoctrinate you for what you were going to expect as you grew up and go through life.  It’s very, very simple.  It’s a perfect technique and it’s worked awfully well, until we’re all pretty well degenerate.  Most folk are degenerate today and they don’t even know it because everyone else is too.  And when you’re degenerate you’re dysfunctional.  Meaning, your survival capabilities have gone.  You’ve got lots of fun, lots and lots of fun like never before.  And you’ve been prompted to go out and "Just Do It" as they say in marketing, in advertising, "Just Do It"

Marketing works by giving you little slogans and so does all propaganda of course.  "Just Do It", without you supposed to question why you’re doing it or do you want to do it in the first place, whatever it happens to be.  And it’s like one of the slogans too, it says "Support Our Troops".  It comes from marketing departments that work for the Pentagon.  It doesn’t tell you why to support the troops.  It doesn’t ask if the troops are doing the right thing in the first place or your country is.  They just tell you, "Support Our Troops".  That’s how simple slogans work on you.  They’re never backed up with an explanation you see.

But it doesn’t matter, the public are so far gone today because a war has been waged on them for an awful long time and they don’t even know it.  They don’t know it.  They can’t even sustain their populations; they’re plummeting in all the first world countries because they’ve been prompted and nudged, as they call it in neuroscience, all their lives to just go and have fun, be perpetual children regardless of their ages.  But don’t have children, whatever you do, they’ll tie you down.  You know, that stops you having all this fun.  Every day you’ll see stuff in the papers, just screeds of it with the fallout in society to do with this. 

But this isn’t a talk about morality because morality you see is flexible.  It’s plastic.  Morality is what the governing elite give you at that particular time to suit themselves.  There is a natural morality of course but you won’t find it so much today because they’re wiping out the primitive tribes in some countries and they’re wiping out the last of the cultures that still had it across the Middle East.  They had simple rules and regulations, everyone knew what they were and the society was deemed to last forever, till now that is.

Anyway, as I say, they give you the technology to monitor you and give you fun at the same time.  But it comes in so quick as well.  Everyone is distracted with so many different things like Bread and Circuses.  Like this London Olympics, that’s all it is, it’s a big circus.  Very expensive one, mind you.  And a lot of folk are really stuck on it; what are they going to see next?  I think it cost £40m just to get the start of it going, the first day, just for the show and glitter and all that stuff. 

Anyway, when this was going on of course you find things have already been snuck through.  You don’t have to make laws you understand when you’ve got private corporations working for government.  You just simply go ahead and do something as policy. 

"Insult Person On Twitter, Go To Jail"

Alan:  This article says.

"A teenager insulted a public figure on twitter.  Then he got arrested.  Why?  Because in the U.K., it's a “criminal offense” to tweet messages that are considered “menacing, offensive, or indecent.”"

Alan:  Now just you think about that, "menacing, offensive, or indecent".  Number one, pretty well everything on television is offensive you could say or indecent because they’ve brought the culture down.  That was the tool they used for people to follow; monkey see, monkey do.  And menacing, menacing to whom?  Define menacing, you see.  It says:

"A 17-year-old boy has been arrested over a string of malicious tweets he allegedly sent to the teenage diver Tom Daley over his failure to win an Olympic medal in a case that has raised fresh questions over the policing of comments on social media.  The teenager – who tweeted by the name of @Rileyy_69 – was arrested at 2am yesterday and was being questioned by Dorset police after the young diver retweeted a comment suggesting that Daley had let down his late father who died last year from brain cancer.  The teenager was arrested under the Malicious Communications Act.  It carries a maximum sentence of up to six months in prison and a fine of up to £5,000 for a communication “which conveys a message which is indecent or grossly offensive.”  Daley retweeted a message which said: “You let your dad down i hope you know that." Daley responded by tweeting: "After giving it my all... you get idiots sending me this..."  Further abusive messages from the same address followed suggesting that the sportsman had “failed” and made a violent threat towards Daley and other Twitter users.  As news of his tweets spread, Rileyy_69 attempted to apologize to Daley.  He later added: “please i don't want to be hated I'm just sorry you didn't win i was rooting for you pal to do britain all proud just so upset.”"

"Note, due to social pressure, the teen apologized and changed his tune." 

It says:

"That's how normal human interactions are supposed to take place."

Alan:  But wait a minute here, put it in a different context.  Supposing you personally do have an opinion on something and you tweet, right?  And someone is offended, because you’re always going to offend somebody.  And then the government comes down on you.  That’s going to go into a whole bunch of areas, transgender, you name it, whatever.  Even all these various so-called comedies on TV to do with these topics, and you say something, you’re going to be nudged.  And if you don’t get nudged into apologizing, that’s called self-policing in neuroscience by the way, this particular technique that I’m reading right here, you police yourself.  You become your policeman until you’ll always think about what you’re going to say and you’ll always think about the politically correct thing to say.  That’s self-policing.  Sunstein talked all about this of course too and he’s up there on the board with Obama.  So anyway it says:

"Note, due to social pressure, the teen apologized…"

Alan:  And so on.

"That's how normal human interactions are supposed to take place.  Why do the guns of government and fines and jail time need to come into the mix?"

Alan:  Well the reason is you see this is only part of a technique, what they’re showing you here, to get you trained and train yourself into what I just said, police yourself.  Your behavior is always being modified.  Sunstein himself said that during self-policing, which they’ll teach the public, they’ll nudge you into making the “correct” choice.  You understand?  The correct choice.  By whose definition?  By those who rule over you, you understand.  That’s what it’s about.  It says:

"Of course, what constitutes "menacing," "offensive," or "indecent" speech is entirely up to the arbitrary whims of the state, earlier this year a 19-year-old U.K student was arrested for posting an antiwar comment to Facebook."

Alan:  Antiwar comment.  For offensive speech, eh?  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about how you’re all manipulated.  We’re manipulated daily in fact.  I read last week the articles about how every quote out of the mouths of the politicians can be actually retracted before it’s even put into print by the advisors.  They’re all run by these special advisors who are far brighter than the ones that they give you for the clowns they call presidents and prime ministers.  They’re just petty actors.  And everything is controlled that you read on mainstream; there’s no doubt about it whatsoever.  And they said that in the actual article, which was mainstream.  Everything is controlled that you read. 

Now getting back to this article talking about how you’re nudged into self-policing yourself with the technology that’s used and these wonderful associations which they create like twitter, which is classed as private but obviously it’s working along with the NSA.  And they have policies.  They don’t have to go through laws because they’re not really responsible to the public for what they do.  But they’re all PC, Politically Correct.  And as they keep changing things into further political correctness you’re all going to get nudged and get more stories like this until you’re terrified to have a normal thought and voice it, or an opinion, on anything.  Because you understand what they term liberalism and they’re all the same at the top, there’s only one big party at the top that runs all sides and that is the Royal Institute of International Affairs by the way, the Council on Foreign Relations.  They run all sides but they use all the techniques of the far left, the far right, and so on.  But liberalism does not, does not tolerate anything that goes against their objectives.  It’s the most intolerant system that’s ever been devised, believe you me.

Anyway, getting back to this article, it says here that the guy who was actually fined again for being menacing and offensive and so on, because he was antiwar and he posted a comment.  He was arrested for it, a comment to Facebook.  It says:

"There was little to no outrage over the incident, the student was just one of many arrested for "offensive" speech in the U.K."

Alan:  Now you can curse and swear and say all the stuff you’ve seen on television, that’s okay because it degenerates you, as it’s supposed to do you see.  But don’t say something that matters.  It says:

"What's funny about laws like these is if it was actually applied efficiently and universally, it would result in the jailing of half or more of the populace."

Alan:  They don’t have to jail you all.  They’re training you.  Most folk go along with the herd very quickly.  They don’t even know what’s happening to them, they just adapt you see. 

"We're on our way there here in the U.S., with some 800,000 "regulations" on the books…"

Alan:  And actually there’s more to come of course with the new laws that are getting rammed through all the time.  Self policing, and that’s where the internet comes in and all the accessories to do with the internet.  It’s a fast, fast way of standardizing the society basically and what to say in polite company or even impolite company.  And they give you lots of stuff to say about that too, mind you, but that’s okay, that’s been authorized.

Now I don’t know if people remember the movie, it’s an old movie, it’s called "Fortress" with Christopher Lambert I think was in it.  And there were three episodes to the movies but the first one he gets put into this high-tech prison because his wife, going through a checkpoint by the way, because they always show you this stuff in predictive programming years before they actually bring it in.  He’s going through a checkpoint with his wife over a bridge to another country and they x-rayed his wife and she was pregnant.  So they’d broken a law.  They split them up and he got put into prison as well.  And the first thing they did was to put this thing in his mouth, which all the prisoners got, you swallow it and it attaches itself to your stomach.  And it can cause pain remotely if, again, you’re being politically incorrect or whatever and various other things.

So here’s this article here.  It’s interesting they always show you it in the science fiction movies first.

"FDA clears the "smart pill" by Proteus Digital Health"

Alan:  It’s an ingestible sensor it says and it’s from California, July 30th.

"Proteus Digital Health, Inc. announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared its ingestible sensor for marketing as a medical device.  The ingestible sensor (formally referred to as the Ingestion Event Marker or IEM) is part of the Proteus digital health feedback system, an integrated, end-to-end personal health management system that is designed to help improve patients’ health habits and connections to caregivers."

Alan:  Now you know darn well that DARPA has been involved in this and they have other reasons for having it, but that doesn’t matter.  This is how they always introduce these ideas to you.

"The Proteus ingestible sensor can be integrated into an inert pill or other ingested products, such as pharmaceuticals.  Once the ingestible sensor reaches the stomach, it is powered by contact with stomach fluid and communicates a unique signal that determines identity and timing of ingestion.  This information is transferred through the user’s body tissue to a patch worn on the skin..."

Alan:  I bet they have a remote one anyway.

"…that detects the signal and marks the precise time an ingestible sensor has been taken.  Additional physiologic and behavioral metrics collected by the patch include heart rate, body position and activity.  The patch relays information to a mobile phone application.  With the patient’s consent, the information is accessible by caregivers and clinicians,"

Alan:  Of course the government too.

"…helping individuals to develop and sustain healthy habits, families to make better health choices, and clinicians to provide more effective, data-driven care."

Alan:  Of course if it’s going back to it’s going to help you “make better health choices,” they’ll know every darn thing that you eat of course as well.  And that will be taken off your austerity card down the road as well. 

Now clowns are very popular in today’s society because everyone’s immature.  You’ve been kept as a child, it doesn’t matter what age you are.  In fact you’ve been told just go do it and have fun.  And they show you how to have fun in fact.  They never show you the consequences of having fun but they always tell you to go and have fun.  It’s like movies, movies always show you the fun parts but they don’t tell you the aftermath of what would really happen if these things really happened at all.  But we’ll talk about clowns and politicians when I get back from this break.  Back in a moment.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re talking about the big system you were born into, you live in.  Most folk never catch on to it, that it’s even controlled.  They think they’re making their own decisions.  They think their opinions are their own.  They even get angry about defending their opinions even though they are given to them.   

Getting back to clowns and politicians, we’ve had clowns and politicians for years.  And when you get to the end of an age when they’re transferring into a new age, you see, this is the century of change, where high sciences are controlling you perfectly.  You’ll still have the politicians there out as clowns.  They even have them in Britain now on “Come Dancing” for God’s sake.  So these old farts, as they say over there, get on the stage and do these silly little dances and all this kind of thing.  Because really all they are, are little actors, your politicians.  But in London during this opening of the Olympic games, it says:

"London Mayor Boris Johnson, tipped as a possible future British prime minister,"

Alan:  Well he’s definitely going to be a prime minister eventually because if you go into his history it’s amazing, even his grandfather was in the Young Turks that was created by the Royal Institute of International Affairs that were meant to cause revolutions all over the world you know.  Amazing history behind this character.  Anyway it says:

"…made a striking entry to an Olympic event by zipwire Wednesday --"

Alan:  He came down one of these zipwires, you know, that you’ll see in all the movies. 

"…only to get stuck dangling over the crowd."

Alan:  So here he was, "Waving a Union Jack flag in each hand".  See, politicians, politics is fun now, this is what they’re telling you.  Oh it’s just fun.  They’re just like you and I as they rake in millions of pounds every year and rig the deals that they get from all the guys who lobby them and stuff like that.  Mind you, you pick up the tab.  It’s all fun though.  So:

"Waving a Union Jack flag in each hand, the colourful Conservative mayor initially gathered some speed as he flew over Victoria Park in east London, where the Games were being shown on giant screens."

Alan:  And then they go through…

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane?"

Alan:  Etcetera.  But no, it was him.

"wearing a bright blue helmet with his smart business suit.  But he ground to a halt halfway across the 320-metre zipwire -- which is also open to the public -- and was left hanging awkwardly over the spectators, still wielding his flags."

Alan:  And then he got a rope and all that.  And he says:

"“I think possibly what had happened was that they left a brake on or something.” “But anyway, it was wonderful and I thoroughly recommend it.”"

Alan:  Now maybe he should get fined for his little comment there, unthoughtful you see.  Because anybody else trying that out of the blue, and of course the security guys knew all about him, this big stunt.  Anybody else trying it would have been riddled full of holes.  And maybe even have a missile rammed against them, if they tried to do that, I can guarantee you.  So only the big boys can have that kind of fun; don’t you try that kind of stuff or they’ll just kill you. 

Now this article here is quite good.

"Britain Abolishes Itself"

"Traditions working-class and aristocratic fade in Cameron’s UK."

Alan:  During this particular era with Cameron.  It doesn’t matter about Cameron or who’s in charge because they’re all interchangeable.  It says:

"Outsiders tend to look upon the United Kingdom as a stiff, traditional little country whose grey-haired old Queen has just celebrated 60 years on the throne and where men in bowler hats will say, “Evening, sir,” as they pass you in the street.  But this view of the UK as a more faithful creature of history and habit than most other nations is misplaced.  In truth, traditional institutions in Britain are in disarray.  They’re dizzy with confusion, bereft of purpose.  They are falling like flies.  And the striking thing is that they are being done in not by revolution…"

Alan:  That’s not true.  It’s all done by revolution; they just don’t know it is. 

"…or by sentient reform but by their own moral and physical exhaustion.  Traditionalism in Britain is committing voluntary euthanasia."

Alan:  See there’s been a war on the public for all this time and they didn’t even know it.  It says:

"The speed with which longstanding institutions are disappearing is alarming.  This time last year, a Brit could have opened up the News of the World on a Sunday morning and perused that 168-year-old newspaper’s salacious stories about celebs and its mocking of Members of Parliament.  That had been a tradition amongst less well-off communities in particular for the better part of two centuries.  Tucking into that paper after you had tucked into your Sunday breakfast was a staple of working-class life."

Alan:  It says here.  Mind you it was always propaganda. 

"In 1946, when the paper was already 103 years old, George Orwell described an idyllic homely scene: “It is Sunday afternoon, preferably before the war.  The wife is already asleep in the armchair, and the children have been sent out for a nice long walk.  You put your feet up on the sofa, settle your spectacles on your nose and open the News of the World.”  Not anymore, you don’t.  The paper is no more, snuffed out last year by its final proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, in response to a campaign of shrill liberal fury following revelations that some of the paper’s hacks had hacked into people’s phones.  This time last year, you could have used the words “husband” and “wife” without a second thought, without having to worry that you might be causing offense to someone somewhere.  Indeed, you could have read Orwell’s words “The wife is already asleep” and known exactly whom he meant (“her indoors”) and what he meant (thank God she’s drifted off).  Not now.  Even wives, one half of that most traditional of all institutions, marriage, are disappearing.  Husbands, too.  Linguistically, at least."

"As part of the drive towards institutionalizing same-sex marriage—which is being spearheaded not by radical gays but by our posh, foppish Conservative prime minister, David Cameron—"

Alan:  It’s not just him.  I mean even Nick Clegg last year, and I read it on the air, said we should really put an end to marriages.  He says it’s over, finished, there’s no reason for it existing anymore, remember?  So they always, this is aimed at Cameron, but Cameron is just another front man with the same agenda because all of them have been for over a hundred years, just front men for the same agenda.   

"…words such as “husband” and “wife” and “father” and “mother” are being airbrushed from much official government documentation.  So welfare and immigration forms will shortly be scrubbed clean of any mention of the w-word or the h-word, in favor of more “neutral” terms such as “spouse” or “partner” because, as the Daily Telegraph reports, the government believes that once same-sex marriage is legalized “it would be confusing to refer to husbands and wives.”  Fathers are already disappearing.  At the end of May, the National Health Service, the largest employer in Britain—and the fifth largest in the world—took the decision to excise the six-letter f-word from a pamphlet on rearing children that it has been giving to mothers- and fathers-to-be for the past 14 years."

Alan:  So the “father” word is gone. 

"The pamphlet will no longer refer to fathers following a complaint from one person—yes, that is all it takes to airbrush people from history in modern Britain—who was concerned that such terminology is “not inclusive of people in same-sex relationships.”  From now on the pamphlet will refer to mothers and “partners.”  Dads are so 20th century.  This time last year one could have said the words “I live in the United Kingdom” without flinching.  But even that’s no longer possible.  The very thing that glues England, Wales, and Scotland together—the Union, forged by the Acts of Union of 1707—is fraying.  Following a tense exchange of words over the future of Scotland between Cameron, who leads the government in Westminster, and Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and first minister in Scotland’s regional parliament, there will now be a referendum on Scottish independence in Fall 2014.  Never mind losing a tabloid newspaper or words like “husband” and “father,” the UK might soon lose one of its countries, a huge chunk of its territory and its peoples, whose union with England and Wales was the founding moment of the United Kingdom."

Alan:  Well mind you too that’s part of the EU which is supposed to, like communism, the nations fade away.  Remember the nation-states fade away.  And apart from that they’re under the EU now so there’s no freedom in Scotland any more than there is in Northern Ireland.  The same thing happened there, they fought for years and what did they get, they’re under the EU Soviet System.  Anyway it says:

"The most remarkable thing about this possible splitting of Scotland from the kingdom is that it came about not through a war of independence pursued by modern-day Bravehearts or even through a proper sit-down between Salmond and Cameron to discuss the future of the Union but rather by way of a game of grouchy one-upmanship between those two leaders."

Alan:  Now that’s nonsense.  This was planned years ago, years ago. 

"The Conservatives might rule in Westminster, but they have largely given up on Scotland because their support there has plummeted to a record low in recent years.  They were the largest party in Scotland as recently as the 1950s, but today they have just one Member of Parliament there.  As a political observer quipped after Beijing loaned two pandas to the Edinburgh Zoo earlier this year, “There are now more pandas in Scotland than there are Conservative Members of Parliaments.”"

Alan:  But of course too there’s not enough cash to rip out of Scotland anymore you see, it’s been plundered.  The people were forced off the land for many, many, many years through poverty.  And the rest of them went into the armies to fight wars for the British Empire.  Anyway, as I say it’s plummeting.

Now, you take this, and what’s happening with the whole of Britain, including England.

"An excess of drinks, drugs... and death: Magaluf is notorious for bingeing by British teenagers, but now the results are proving fatal"

Alan:  Now all these articles I’ll put the links up and you should look at this particular one as well because that’s the standard of teenagers now in Britain.  There are so many documentaries out about them being so drunk.  Most of the casualties they have all through the weekend, and now it’s even through the week, in the British hospitals, are British teenagers that are drunk, who’ve been run over or whatever, or in fights or God knows what.  Women too, lots of women.  It says:

"As dawn breaks on another sizzling summer’s day in Majorca, thousands of British teenagers stumble out of a huge dance club at 4am and spill into a seedy street full of neon-lit bars, lap-dancing joints and cheap kebab takeaways.  A 17-year-old girl in white shorts crashes drunkenly to the ground, legs askew, surrounded by her swaying friends.  A group of boys lurch past, clutching Red Bull and vodka cocktails that they’ve bought for the equivalent of 25p."

"Their eyes are glazed and they burble incoherently in Manchester accents.  It has been a long night in the holiday resort of Magaluf and the main strip, called Punta Ballena, still pulsates to the deafening boom-de-boom music that started well before midnight."

Alan:  Anyway it shows you.  You’ll see these drunks all over the place in the photographs they give you in this article.  You’ll see the mess that the young people are in, including the women because they’re dressed just like… you wouldn’t know if they were hookers or what.  I mean most of them are there for that by the way.  But that’s the end product of a society that’s been destroyed.  They didn’t know there was a war upon them.  Of course the BBC led it even in Britain and brought all the culture down to the most basic, basic parts.  Which again was part of the Communist Manifesto, destruction of the family unit.  And once you’re into vast promiscuity there’s no going back.  Because there’s no memory of what family really is anymore you know.  Eventually they’ll abolish the word family too, unless they say it’s the cultural national family or something, I don’t know. 

So a war has been effected and it’s awfully good.  The same in America happens when the college students all rush off to the beaches.  You could pretty well do any porno, just sitting there, just taking all the photographs and so on.  Because that’s what you have now.  And of course they’ve been taught this all since they were in kindergarten.  All kinds of sex, as much as possible, just don’t have children.  If you do have children the state will take care of it for you, don’t worry about it.  That’s what they’re taught.  They’re not taught about the massive fallout of the venereal diseases and stuff.  You never see that in the movies either by the way, do you?  Strange that, isn’t it?  It’s a must-be, you see, to get everyone completely demolished.  And they’ve done it. 

So I’ll put that up as I say tonight and you should really look through that, this awful state of affairs.  It really is terrible.  But that’s the end of it you see.  And in Britain too, which is the flagship for the world remember, Her Majesty’s Revenue Collection agency.  That’s for Her Majesty.  They still have Her Majesty in the democracy of Britain there. 

"HMRC hands out hundreds of thousands…"

Alan:  Of pounds, cash.

"…to whistleblowers who shop tax dodgers"

Alan:  People who are dodging taxes.  They’ve turned it into a modern Stasi state, you see.  This is Stasi. 

"“Bounty” payments totaling hundreds of thousands of pounds a year are being paid by HM Revenue & Customs to members of the public who shop…"

Alan:  Shop, that’s turn in.

"…tax dodgers.  Figures published by investigative website Exaro reveal how individuals have been handed the cash for information that leads to the recovery of unpaid tax."

Alan:  Meanwhile they’ve got all these big corporations that don’t pay taxes for years, including the ones at the top who are all cousins of the Queen because they have corporations all over the world as well.  People forget that the British Opium company is still on the go under different names.  It was all members of the royal family who had shares in it, nobody else.  In fact George Orwell’s dad worked for it for years.  It says:

"A Freedom of Information request submitted by Exaro showed more than £1million has been paid put through such payments in the years since recession took hold in 2009."

Alan:  It says £1million.  That’s not bad for shopping people.

"A Telegraph report based on the Exaro work claimed £373,780 was paid in the last financial year..."

Alan:  And it gives you all the different figures over the years. 

"The sums have been generally rising, with just £155,950 handed out in 2007-08.  HMRC said that most payments are for low amounts - £50 or £60 - and are paid out following calls to its tax evasion hotline.  Information that leads to higher sums of unpaid tax being recovered can trigger payments running to several thousand pounds.  Reports from 2008 claim HMRC paid £100,000 to an individual who provided details of secret bank accounts held by wealthy Britons in Liechtenstein."

Alan:  So they’re all at it of course but the big boys will never get caught because after all they make the agendas for the world.  Where to look at and where not to look at.  And when it’s themselves you are not going to look. 

Israel is quite amazing because those who have watched different clips in Israel, even to do with the Gaza invasion when the troops went into Gaza after firebombing them with magnesium and so on from the air to burn them all to death.  You saw these ultra orthodox rabbis going in with the troops actually saying, kill them all, kill them all, they’re Amalekites.  You see that’s what they call all the Arabs even though the people living there are probably more Jewish because that’s really where they’ve been living for thousands of years and they changed their faith when Islam came in.  Anyway it says:

"Israel ultra-Orthodox lose conscription exemption"

Alan:  So now they’ll have to go into war as well.  So:

"Israel's Defence Minister Ehud Barak has given the country's military one month to prepare to conscript ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students, after a law exempting them expired.  In February, the Supreme Court ruled that the Tal Law, which allowed them to defer military service, was unconstitutional and that a revised law should be drafted by the end of July.  However, the main political parties in parliament failed to reach agreement.  Secular Israelis say the law is unfair.  Now that the Tal Law has expired, conscription is in theory governed by legislation - passed in 1949 and last amended in 1986 - that requires all Israelis above 18 years of age to enlist, unless specifically exempted by the defence ministry."

Alan:  That means all the wealthy ones, the important ones at the top that have daddies in politics, they’ll be exempted. 

"Mr. Barak had instructed the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) to draw up a "practical proposal" on how to implement the 1949 law within a month, according to a statement by his office.  The proposal "will reflect and take into consideration the ruling of the High Court of Justice, the requirements and values of the IDF, the principle of sharing the burden of national service more equally, and the suitability of individuals for service, as is commonly accepted","

Alan:  It says and so on.  So we’ll see what happens there because they won’t be too happy about that at all.

Now Italy that’s been hammered by the big banking boys and the central bank for Europe because of you know all the cons; all banking is a con of course.  It says:

"Italian Police Raid Barclays Over Rate-Fixing"

Alan:  It’s about time these countries all got in on the act since they’re getting really, really, you know, screwed.

"Italian police have taken documents from a Barclays office in Milan as part of a probe into possible Euribor…"

Alan:  That’s the Libor idea but it’s for Euribor.

"…rate manipulation, according to Reuters.  It said the raid occurred as regulators investigated fixing fears of the eurozone equivalent of the scandal-hit, London-based Libor inter-bank lending rate.  The search was ordered by prosecutors in the southern city of Trani, who have opened a criminal probe into the possible manipulation of the Euribor rate. "

Alan:  It says.  Well good for them.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And what a matrix it is, isn’t it?  And another one on twitter is to do with… 

"Twitter prompted NBC to request ban of journalist critical of Olympics coverage"

Alan:  See how they’re all policing it now?

"Twitter had suspended the account of a journalist for posting the email address of an NBC executive in a series of tweets critical of the network's coverage of the 2012 London Olympics Games.  Now, it's been revealed that Twitter itself took the initiative in alerting NBC of the hostile tweets, suggesting they file a report and detailing the process for doing so."

"Guy Adams, a reporter with the U.K.-based The Independent, called NBC "utter, utter…"

Alan:  Bar stewards.  You know, you get these stewards that work in bars.

"…accused them of "money-grabbing," and posted the email address of a top NBC executive.  It was sharing that email address that supposedly ran afoul of Twitter's (vague) rules, despite the fact that the email is publicly available elsewhere.  But according to NBC, they weren't actively monitoring Twitter for critical tweets. In fact it was actually Twitter who alerted NBC."

Alan:  So they’re policing it for sure.  And that’s pretty well done, isn’t it?

Also in the States you find:

"Democrats in the Senate opened debate on cybersecurity legislation Tuesday with criticism of the steadfast opposition of the US Chamber of Commerce to a bill setting voluntary standards for cybersecurity among private companies."

Alan:  And there’s a lot in the bill.  I’ll put this article up tonight as well, because of course it’s not to do with companies, it’s to do with all of you listening and the ones who use it.  That’s what it’s all about.  We know that too.  And this other article, it says...

"The “War On Terror” Has Changed, and Not One In 1,000 Americans Has Noticed"

"In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the country of Oceania has been in a war against Eurasia for years.  Oceania suddenly switches sides, naming Eastasia as its enemy and making its mortal enemy, Eurasia, its new ally.  The government uses propaganda to convince people that, “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”.  The dumbed-down public doesn’t even notice that they’ve switched sides, and blindly rallies around Eurasia as its perennial friend and ally.  The same thing is happening in real life with Al Qaeda.  Western governments and mainstream media have admitted that Al Qaeda is fighting against the secular Syrian government, and that the West is supporting the Syrian opposition … which is helping Al Qaeda.  Similarly, the opposition which overthrew Libya’s Gadaffi was mainly Al Qaeda … and they now appear to be in control of Libya (and are instrumental in fighting in Syria.)  The U.S. also funds terrorist groups within Iran.  Of course, Al Qaeda was blamed for 9/11, and the entire decades-long “War on Terror” was premised on rooting out Al Qaeda and related groups.  So the fact that we now consider Al Qaeda fighters to be allies in any way, shape or form is positively Orwellian."

Alan:  And it’s got all the links to the things I’ve just mentioned here too from other articles to back it all up.

"Remember, as Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser admitted on CNN, we organized and supported Bin Laden and the other originators of “Al Qaeda” in the 1970s…"

Alan:  And the link is here to prove it.

"…to fight the Soviets.  (he also told the Senate in 2007 that the war on terror is “a mythical historical narrative”.)  As professor of strategy at the Naval War College and former National Security Agency intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer John R. Schindler documents, the U.S. supported Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda terrorists in Bosnia.  But obviously we lost control and they turned against us … and then it took us years to hunt down and kill Bin Laden. Right?"

Alan:  But then they go into the fact that they actually let Bin go.  Bin Laden moved out of Afghanistan long ago.  And they tracked him all the way, France did, so did the U.S., and all the links are here to back it up.  You see, you live in a fiction, a fiction, very clever, scientifically controlled, mind you.  And you believe what you’re told.  Mind you, you’re having lots of fun.  Lots and lots of fun.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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