August 14, 2012 (#1150)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 14, 2012:

Neuroscience: They Train to Storm Your Brain:

"Hallucinogenic News, The New Norm, Incessant,
Attacks our Minds, Steers Divergent,
Until Logical Judgement Completely Suspended,
Blatant Elitist Crooks Never Apprehended,
For Pirates of Commerce it's Never Been Better,
As They Plunder the World, Now its Debtor,
War is Wonderful for They're in Control,
No Opposition to Pillaging Goals,
Using Neuro-Linguistics, Great Invention,
Camouflaging Criminals' Real Intention,
And Peddled to Peasantry via Daily News,
Prompting and Embedding the Masters' Views"
 © Alan Watt Aug. 14, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – August 14th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 14th of August, 2012. And as usual, I advise newcomers to go in and use the website. Make good use of it. You’ll find lots of other official sites listed there on the front page. And they all carry audios for free download where I go through the histories of the big system you’re living in. The system that runs the world basically and gives you a fake reality on a daily basis. Help yourself to the audios there. There’s also transcripts in English on all of those sites, for print up. If you want transcripts in other languages, go into and help yourself from the variety offered there. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I don’t sell anything else except the books and discs at And I depend upon you, the listener, to keep me going. It’s kind of suicidal that way but then the opposite is also rather scary because then you’re into big business and commerce and then you’re commercialized. So if you want to keep me going, you can help me out by buying the books and discs at And if you don’t know the past, you won’t know the present and what’s happening in the future. Because the media’s intention is to keep you really muddled as you go through it all, until you wonder how eventually you got where you are. That’s how it works. Very simple.


And remember too that from the U.S. to Canada, you can still order using personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office. You can send cash or you can use PayPal. And across the waters, you can use MoneyGram and Western Union and PayPal, once again.


Also, straight donations are really awfully welcome in this day and age, of hyper-inflation. Because that’s really what we’ve got. It’s a steady marked inflation to bring you into austerity. The whole world is going under it because that’s the plan for the future. And I’ll kind of touch on that tonight too, in one of the articles I’ve got here. But you understand, we are guided and directed from birth to death along a pathway, predetermined by big, big powers, written out in very intensive data. In other words, it’s not just guesses by the big boys, themselves: How should we do this? It’s all worked out by their think tanks. And they have think tanks working; hundreds and hundreds across the planet, working on every facet of society and culture and behavior and everything else to do with humanity. So we’re guided and nudged and pushed along the path that serves our masters very well. Because they’ve already planned the future for a post-democratic society. They’ve already said that at the Club of Rome. It’s an authoritarian society, it’s post-consumerism. You have to cut back on everything, paying big energy bills and all your extra cash will go on paying your basics. That’s what it’s all about: just to stay alive as they move you all off into even more crowded old cities. For the masses, that is. It sounds rather nasty, but that’s what they have all planned out. And, as I say, I’ll touch on that tonight, anyway. Because they’re putting out their data all the time, mainly through universities, because that’s where they recruit their own world managers from, the next generation. And they give them more data on that, on the upcoming scary scenarios of the future and how they must get us all, like a big, big herd, into these overcrowded cities.


And again too, as I say, make use of the website because I go through the histories of the organizations, at least from the late 1800’s as they broke out openly and started publishing their books on how the world should really be run and how there really were real classes, mental, intellectual classes of society from the top to the bottom. And that most of them should be ruled by those at the top. That’s what they really believe. Still do. They have academia on board. They’re very snobbish in that area, and elitist. And they’re into eugenics big time. It isn’t just the electronic field that’s transforming fast, it’s us as well as they bio-engineer the people. Back with more after this break.


{Break ♫}

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re back. Cutting Through the Matrix. And it’s astonishing the world we do live in. Most folk take it for granted. They really do. And all the changes they take for granted as well. The majority of the public always really have done that. And studies have been done, over the last hundred and hundred-and-fifty years on that very topic. Even H.G. Wells mentioned it too, when he was on a big ocean liner going across the Atlantic. And he said, how many people are actually in wonder at the speed we’re going, in his day, for this big liner that was going pretty fast for that time. He says, how many people are actually thinking about how fast we’ve come and who are astonished by the achievements and in awe? And true enough, most of the folk on board were just having a good old time, partying and all the rest of it. It probably never entered their head that not long before it, they’d be on a sailing boat or a wooden ship taking months to go across. So that’s how we adapt. We adapt to all the changes. We’re the best-informed slaves that’s ever existed in history actually. We have so much information about our slavery. And even that itself can actually work in the best interest of those who control us, the fact that we know a lot of it. We kind of consent to it, you see. And it’s all contractual, as well. Although the big boys at the top make it impossible eventually for you to not, for instance, use the Internet, etc. That’s their idea with the cashless society getting really pushed big time.

And even government wants, and telling you, from Canada, for instance, they want you to buy a little flash drive down the road that will connect you with them so they can talk directly to you, the individual. Exactly what, again, going back to H.G. Wells, what he talked about, about a hundred years ago. And you have no one else to stand up around you as a group so therefore you’re not part of democracy. See, you need a big group to be heard, to be part of democracy. They talked about that a hundred years ago too. And so if you’re just little old you, and you have no one to stand up for you, even family, anymore, then the government’s got you where they want you, you know, shivering and terrified, like Winston in George Orwell’s book, 1984. And the big boys at the top, even though they’re broke one minute, they’re full of money the next. Here’s an article here, for instance, like,

“JP Morgan Spends $500 Million per Data Center”


Alan: And it says, they’re building

“a data center, according to CEO Jamie Dimon.”


“That figure places the firm’s facilities among the most expensive in the country, on a par with investments by Google and Microsoft in their largest data centers.”


Alan: It’s astonishing isn’t it? They’re all broke one minute and getting bailed out. The next minute they’re up there buying over the world. And we’re supposed to accept this as just normalcy. Most folk do, mind you. They really do. And again, even when people think that the last big meeting to do with global warming was a failure, down at Rio there, nonsense, nothing’s further from the truth, they never give up because they’re backed by the big boys themselves. The big NGOs, that you’re always hearing crying crisis-crisis-crisis, they’re backed by the foundations that run the world. Private corporations run the world, not governments. Your governments are there to do what they’re told by the corporations above them. And I’ve gone through and so have the big boys themselves who worked with the corporations, they’ve written their books, like Quigley and other people, that it’s a feudal system you’re living in. And they even put in your prime ministers and presidents and have for a hundred years... a hundred years. And you think you’re voting them in. But this article here... to show you that they’re not giving up because why should they when it’s the big boys that need you all to believe that if you don’t get crowded into cities and become austere and stop breeding then it’s all over for everyone. In reality it’s for the utopia of the elite as we all die off, you see. Then their offspring can go down through the eons with using slaves as workers. Bio-engineered slaves, of course. Better than us. They won’t eat much. They won’t need entertainment and parties and so on. It says,

“‘Study Predicts Imminent Irreversible Planetary Collapse’”


Alan: Oooo {spookily}. It’s always imminent and a crisis. Remember, a few years back, Prince Charles, who also belongs to these groups, of course, said the same thing: if we don’t change everything in four months, it’s all over.  Anyway, this article says, and again it’s for university people, because that’s where they recruit from to terrify the next generation. It says,

“The authors recommend governments undertake five actions immediately if we are to have any hope of delaying or minimizing a planetary-state-shift.”


Alan: This is the new term for it. It’s a “state-shift,” a “planetary-state-shift.” Oooo, sounds scary, eh?

“Arne Mooers, an SFU biodiversity professor and a co-author of this study, summarizes them as follows. ‘Society globally has to collectively...”


Alan: I like globally and collective. The collective is a type of socialism.

“... decide that we need to drastically lower our population very quickly.”


Alan: That’s exactly what Rockefeller said at the Lucky Gene Club a couple of years ago. We’ve got to go into drastic and fast depopulation now, he said. It says,

“More of us need to move to optimal areas at higher density...”


Alan: That’s the crowded cities, the old cities, not the new ones that are lying vacant around the world for the big elite to move into.

“...and let parts of the planet recover.”


Alan: That’s what it’s about: ‘recovery,’ folks. It says,

“Folks like us have to be forced to be materially poorer...”


Alan: Ok, that’s what it is.

“Folks like us have to be forced to be materially poorer...”


Alan: Of course the author doesn’t see herself like the rest of you. But also,

“We also need to invest a lot more in creating technologies to produce and distribute food without eating up more land and wild species. It’s a very tall order.’”


Alan: So they never give up from their mantra that they’ve been prattling on about for a hundred-odd years, because it’s all of you folk that they want to get rid of, you see. Stop procreating and having children. You know they don’t mind you procreating, in fact they want that because then there’s no family unit. You won’t bond with anybody but don’t have children. That’s their whole point in this thing. And the article I read the other day too, where they talk about, that eventually the government will step in and say who can breed with whom. They’ll genetically match you up and all that kind of stuff. So, very old stuff but always rehashed, rehashed because the agenda never changes. Never changes. I’ll put this up tonight and the full text as well, the whole article so you can go through it, for those who want to. And another article too, was from, it says,

“The Global Intelligence Files”


Alan: It says,

“On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.”


Alan: And one of the articles is about the Libya Operation. It’s like a kind of hindsight thing. But Libya of course was predetermined years ago, long before they attacked it, as all of them are. And of course they divvied up the oil fields before they even went in there. It was already divvied up. And we had the same thing with Iraq. It is now admitted that the big oil company boys went to see Tony Blair long before they went into Iraq and they decided who was getting what oil fields. It’s just plunder, you know. But, again too, the whole idea is to get all of these guys out of the area, so they can then use it for themselves and what’s interesting too, they talked about, at the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, you had Kissinger talking about leaving them in states where they would basically fight each other, internally, all the different factions and groups and different types of Muslims and so on. Keep them all fighting forever and they’ll become completely dysfunctional forever. And then all they have to do is to pay a gang to guard the big oil corporations that can go and plunder for peanuts, for pennies. So, I’ll put this one up tonight too, on the Libya Operation, to show you how it really was all about.

Also, Bernanke at the 32nd General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth gave a talk. I’ll put that up tonight too. And he goes on about all our measurements. But what’s interesting about Bernanke, he’s now parroting the same term to do with austerity and Gross Domestic Happiness: If the peasants are happy... we can make them happy by psychology, basically, repetition, psychology and so on and they won’t mind so much about being poor. That’s in the speech too if you go through it, for those who can handle reading for ten minutes. I’ll put that up tonight, as well.

And we know with the bankers’ scandal how they were swapping mortgages and jacking the prices up and reselling them until they couldn’t even find who the original owners of houses happened to be. And they were also faking, the people who were coming forward, their income, so they could get houses they could never afford. And this was happening across the whole world, because we are global, you see. And in Australia, it says,

“Broker Blows the Whistle on Sub-Prime Scandal. West Australia mortgage broker who got rich by fudging figures has blown the whistle on banks that had conspired in Australia’s own sub-prime mortgage scandal. In 2007, Kate Thompson was West Australia’s mortgage broker of the year. Now she is facing fraud charges. It is alleged Mortgage Miracles, in Canning Vale in Western Australia, obtained investment loans for customers by using falsely inflated earnings and assets. Ms Thompson admits that is exactly what she did. ‘I would get upfront commission, I would get a trailing commission. I was probably earning about $5 million a year. It was great. It was wonderful. But it was all a lie,’ she said. But she was not alone. ‘Hook me up to a lie detector test and hook them up. I’ll lay my evidence on the table. They will fail a lie detector test miserably. They are corrupt. They are protecting each other,’ Ms Thompson said. Along with similar claims before a parliamentary inquiry in Canberra last week, her evidence has the potential to rock the finance industry.”


Alan: Well they’ll cover it up, because they’re awfully good at covering things up. It says,

“‘Through a series of emails from banks to brokers how to get their deals across the line, make the deal fit. They targeted older people, people on carers allowance, age pensions,’ Denise Brailey, from the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association, told the inquiry.


“I would get upfront commission, I would get a trailing commission. I was probably earning 5 million...”


Alan: Etc. etc.

“The evidence suggests that banks and other lenders tacitly encouraged mortgage brokers en masse to make up fictitious stories about customers so they could get loans and to falsify their income.”


Alan: Well that’s what money and banking’s always been about, folks. It’s all a fraud. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And it’s true you know, most folk float through life and adapt all the time to everything. They have no suspicion on anything. Why should they? Their parents never told them to be suspicious about government and that you can’t trust them and show them old history books to show how many times government has sunk their own peoples and how corrupt government has always been. So they take everything for granted as they’re born, everyone in their own group does, their own age group, and they’re taught in school; that further sorts it in their mind. It fixes it in their mind that government’s sort of there above them and it’s all OK, and just be happy and have fun. So most folk just naturally do that. And meanwhile you have cloning conferences going on, gene therapy, human behavior alteration through genetics, and eugenics of course. In 2005, they had a big meeting with non-governmental organizations, you know these big private armies that go out and protest things and demand things from governments on behalf of the big bankers who have the foundations that fund them, you know, billions and billions of dollars every year. And they had a big meeting with the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and UNESCO for the United Nations. And it was called ‘Joint Program Commission “Science and Ethics,”’ to do with just that: “cloning, gene therapy, human behavior and eugenics in six lectures.” And I’ll put that up tonight too, a link for it. And you can go through it from eugenics today to where they’re going to take it, with the history of gene therapy and future of medicine and bioethics, as well, but they also have behavioral ethics. Very interesting. Genetics and human behavior, because they want to alter you all, eventually through your genes. You’re all modified right now through the rubbish you eat, actually, and also the injections they give you as well. So, I’ll put that up for those who are interested in what’s actually happening to them and some people will remember it. Most won’t. Also, Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, and German chancellor, Angela Merkel, are meeting together, a two-day visit, to do with getting Canada back into lending money, or putting money in, the taxpayers’ money, into the bailing out of Europe. It says,

“Harper will be looking for Merkel, the leader of the European Union’s largest economy, to lend her support to a free trade agreement between Canada and the EU as negotiations enter the critical last stages over the next few months.”


Alan: Remember too, that’s the whole deal, a world under what they call free trade, but they must be particular types of democratic institutions. Meaning it’s a con-game for the public to believe in, because that’s what they all are. All democracies always are. Winston Churchill talked about this, actually during World War I. He actually named the ones that were causing all the problems with this new idea, he says, this new idea called democracy. But it works awfully well. Folk think they actually have rights and stuff. This article here talks about the free-trade, because that’s the whole thing: a world of free trade, which means corporate, big corporations only and all the rest of you can’t get in; even if you have a medium-sized business, you won’t get into the free trade at all. But your countries also have to have this particular type of democracy that belongs to trading blocs, you see. And not any old democracy. We’ve seen democracies overthrown for years by the U.S. and Britain across the world because they’ll say well they’re left wing or whatever, or socialist; they just throw them over. You have to be friendly towards the plans of Britain and the U.S. It’s that kind of democracy; meaning, the financial interests. Anyway it says,

“For her part, the German chancellor will ask Harper to reconsider his steadfast refusal to sending Canadian dollars across the Atlantic to help Europe contend with its ongoing economic crisis.”


Alan: You know the crisis that’s getting billions and billions as they throw money around from country to country and borrow-borrow-borrow from the World Bank, which suits the bankers awfully well and they can’t tell you where it’s all going. But it says,

“A German Embassy official said Merkel’s two-day visit was prompted by a personal invitation from Harper after numerous meetings...”


Alan: Etc. etc. Now that’s as sharp as the Canadian press get on things. You want to yawn, you know, because they’ll never tell you what they’re really going to be prattling on about. And also, “Renewed Violence in Iraq”. Now as I mentioned before, this is from the Council on Foreign Relations, this organization, that on behalf of the big foundations, runs the world and all the world’s press. They also write all the books for universities and schools to make sure you get the proper fictitious past and histories and all the rest of it. And it’s a massive group. Even Churchill talked about them too, when he was out of the loop. But it says,

“Iraq remains a fragile state deeply traumatized and riven by thirty years of war, sanctions, occupation, and civil strife.”


Alan: Well it didn’t happen when the last leader was in there. He kept all these different factions from fighting each other, didn’t he? Isn’t that just the fact of it all? And it says here that now it’s got all these factions fighting each other etc... because they’re all getting funded by the West to keep fighting. And that’s what Kissinger said: if we can keep them all fighting forever, they’re of no threat to anybody, they can be easily dominated, and we can get all the oil and stuff out of the country. So they’re funding different factions: Kurdish minorities etc., Sunni dominated ones and yada yada ya. It says,

“The most serious risks to Iraq’s internal instability come from the overlapping and interacting effects of renewed ethnic or sectarian conflict...”


Alan: A la Kissinger.

“... on the one hand, and an irreversible breakdown of the current constitutional order, on the other.”


Alan: Well I thought they had it all worked out and they put in their own little puppet government and it was all working just, well, dandy, wasn’t it? Well, all these countries now will be in chaos forever. That’s the plan.

“Chinese companies are pulling out of US stock markets.”


Alan: Mind you too, they’re into the BRIC countries now. They’ve gone into Brazil and Latin American countries, Philippines and other countries too, take them on board, and this is part of the reason they’re pulling out of the U.S. stock markets. It says they

“... leave US stock markets amid complaints about price, accounting scrutiny.”


Alan: And they’re looking elsewhere for, you know... this communist government needs better, you know, places to invest their cash. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ – You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And really, you can’t do a satire anymore these days because things are so bizarre. They really are so bizarre, because we’re living in such massive corruption and whatever answers we’re given from the top down for the public are just a joke. Let’s be honest about it. They’re all a joke. And big things are afoot. Very big things are afoot, of course. And we’re not supposed to know. Again, it’s like children. You talk to children, go out and play, you tell them, when the adults are having a serious conversation. Go and play. And that’s what they’re telling us to do at the bottom level.

Another one I’ll put up tonight too, a PDF, is from the government: “Memorandum of Understanding between The Department of Defense and The Department of the Interior on Renewable Energy and a Renewable Energy Partnership Plan.” And so it’s a plan to do with renewable energy generation from public lands and the outer continental shelf and a lot more stuff in between as well. I’ll put that up tonight too.

And Tim Yeo in Britain has had a lot of great press as they push the guy up there. See it’s just like stars. They build you up to make you a kind of star. I read articles a while back on him too and his background as well, which is rather interesting. Anyway, Tim Yeo in Britain is a member of parliament, is the head of the climate change and all this kind of stuff. He’s ‘God of the Air’ in other words, as we go back to the old gods of the Greeks. Anyway, it says,

“Climate committee chairman Tim Yeo under pressure over industry links”


Alan: And so it says,

“Conservative MP Tim Yeo is facing a backlash from his colleagues on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee over his paid roles within the renewable energy sector, it was reported.”


Alan: So he’s getting umpteen paychecks as he’s a member of parliament in charge of, you know, renewable energy. But it says that he’s facing a backlash from it. It says he,

“ ... received more than £139,450 from power firms,...”


Alan: Because he’s giving all these contracts out to renewable energy so they’re paying him back, you know, under the table.

“... according to the MPs’ register of interests.”


Alan: And it says,

“The former environment minister has promoted low-carbon energy sources, even claiming it may be necessary "to bribe" communities to accept wind farms.”


Alan: You know, this is what runs the world today, you see. “Bribe communities to accept wind farms.” Well, what he means by that, you don’t bribe the community, you bribe the heads, you know, the chamber of commerce and the guys who help run your city and all the rest of it, and your council. They get bribes and then they move out because the noise is so terrible from these wind farms. Anyway, it says,

“Mr Yeo, who is also president of the Renewable Energy Association, received...”


Alan: all this cash, a hundred forty thousand pounds

“... from power firms.”


Alan: That will be just for one year. And it says,

“‘We are seeking advice on how this can be done as select committee chairmen are now elected. But there is obviously a potential conflict of interest here,’ a source told the newspaper.”


Alan: Well isn’t there ever. But he actually said, this Mr. Yeo said,

“‘Not only have my interests been correctly registered at all times but... they were listed in full on the ballot paper circulated to all MPs [members of parliament] when I was elected chair of the committee in June 2010. Furthermore, I’ve held the views I’ve expressed regularly on renewable energy consistently and strongly since 1993, as many publicly available documents over the last 19 years show.’"


Alan: In other words, he doesn’t answer to the fact that he’s taking all these bribes at all. That’s what politicians do, eh? They always say something but they never answer your question. If he’d shared some of the cash and split it around, you know, he wouldn’t have been in the mess he’s in, with other politicians, you see. Now CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), again, the one that all top writers belong to across the world because they give you your reality you see. It says,

“Why the Iran Oil Sanctions Are Biting
by Michael Levi”


Alan: And who has no conflict of interest in anything at all. I’ll put this link up tonight, too and you can read that as well. Now, Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple computers with Steve Jobs, he’s come out again and talked more about the different things that are happening with the internet control and he’s really unhappy about it. He says,

“Steve Wozniak knew personal computers would change the world someday, even during his start at Apple, a company he co-founded with Steve Jobs in the early 70s. Decades later, though, he acknowledges that the journey has not been without obstacles.”


Alan: He says,

“‘The Internet, when it first came, it was a breath of fresh air. It was so free. Nobody owned the Internet space. Countries didn’t own it; they didn’t control it. It was worldwide. It was people to people. It was like we little people of the world all of a sudden had this incredible resource and we didn’t have to go through other people selling it to us and delivering it to us,’... The Silicon Valley legend says that the openness of the Internet ‘has changed a lot’ since then, in part of an array of laws introduced since home computers became more and more commonplace. And while he doesn’t dismiss that efforts from regulations have been at time in good intention, he says, ‘These were new laws that were just going to totally try to put up roadblocks to services that had other very good purposes in our life.’”


Alan: And he goes on and on about what they hoped and dreamed for and what it’s actually become. And they actually hoped too they’d have a global governance through the Internet, too. They’re all global this and global that, it depends what wing they belong to: left wing or right wing, or you know, whatever, the feet of the bird, the head of the bird, you know they’re all birds eventually. But they always want global things to dominate people’s lives. And of course, I don’t think any group would allow that to happen; even this group here, if he was in charge of it. Eventually they’d come in and start censoring it. That’s what power’s all about, you see.

Now folk put an awful lot of faith in written bits of paper that they won’t back up or do anything about. They won’t stand up for it themselves. Like constitutions and things. But they’re always prattling on about them. And of course that paper is worth nothing unless folk do back it up. I mean back it up, you know. But in an Irish court, it says,

“Irish Court Rules Against Mother’s Right To Refuse Vaccination”


Alan: Interesting little article. It says,

“A young mother, Clare O’Sullivan from Waterford, Eire, who has refused consent for her young five year old son to be vaccinated was before the high court on the 18th of June 2012 in Dublin. She was there to seek an injunction on an order from her local district court taken by the father of her child. Ms O’Sullivan, who was main organiser of the Awaken Ireland event in Waterford earlier this month, travelled in the early hours of the morning to Dublin from Waterford in an effort to seek an injunction on the order made by the district court. By the afternoon, in a private sitting, Clare invoked Article 41.1.1 of the Irish Constitution in the original direct literal translation:”


Alan: Now what it says, is

“The State acknowledges that the family is the basic primary group-unit of/for society according to nature, and that it is a moral institution which has inalienable invincible rights which are more ancient and higher than any human statute.”


Alan: Very well put. And people would say that’s awfully clear, but not when lawyers get a hold of it. It says,

“However, the judge refused to accept the invocation of the article 41.1.1 of constitution and refused an injunction on the previous order.”


Alan: So, see, you know, nobody’s going to stand up for this. I mean, if he can just dismiss that, he can dismiss anything, can’t he? And they do! They do dismiss everything. So paper’s worthless. Power is all that matters. And if no one is willing to get behind this woman, and especially to do with the family unit, then it’s all over isn’t it? It says,

“... the judge refused to accept the invocation of the article 41.1.1 of constitution and refused an injunction on the previous order. This is clearly not only a violation of Ms O’Sullivan’s rights as a mother, but also a violation of the Irish Constitution itself. Ms O’Sullivan stated: ‘these vaccinations are NOT mandatory in the Republic of Ireland. All parents are given a consent form to sign in a consent or ‘I do not consent section’. I chose not to consent, I feel that I am acting in the best interests of my child and my decision is to protect him. I have every right to make this decision as the primary carer, natural mother, sole custodian and legal guardian of my son.’  Alarmingly this is the second time in a week that the members of the BAR (British Accredited Registry)...”


Alan: That’s of lawyers.

“... have refused to recognise the Constitution of Ireland. Last Friday Ben Gilroy invoked Article 40 Habeas Corpus in the High Courts in Dublin, which was passed between seven high court judges and completely ignored.”


Alan: So, so much for a piece of paper, eh? So much for it. And of course if the folk themselves... see, one generation can get this stuff in but the next generation gets spoiled and take everything for granted and then they won’t stand up and fight for their rights, fight for anything at all.

Now, Jerry Sandusky {laughs}. I had to laugh when all that broke out because I mean the whole town, everybody knew what they were up to. Thousands of folk knew what they were up to that lived in the darned area. Of course they were all shocked when they found out.  Oh, they were all shocked, like they didn’t know a darned thing. Utter nonsense.

“Jerry Sandusky and major Penn State donor ‘abused two boys aboard a private plane’, claims new witness. FBI is investigating whether Sandusky ‘shared boys with a wealthy backer of the football program’”


Alan: They had a ring going.

“Postal Service is also looking into allegations Sandusky sent ‘seductive letters’ through the mail as part of child porn ring. New witness challenges notation that Sandusky worked alone in abusing young boys.”


Alan: Of course there were more, and higher up people too, to really keep it all safe, keep them out of the limelight, you see. So it says, is he a ring master?

“A man has come forward alleging he saw Jerry Sandusky and a prominent Penn State University donor sexually abusing two boys together aboard a private plane, it was claimed on Monday. The FBI is reportedly taking the accusations ‘seriously,’ and has opened an investigation into a pedophile sex ring that could spread beyond the former Penn State football coach. Until now, authorities have believed that Sandusky was a lone abuser. The newest allegations threaten to bring out more horrifying revelations about sexual abuse surrounding the once-prestigious college athletics program. reports that the witness, who has business ties to the Penn State booster, told postal inspectors and the FBI that he was aboard the private plane when the alleged abuse occurred. He said he remained silent about what he saw until now and does not know whether the boys are new victims or if they have already been identified as having been abused by the former defensive coordinator. ‘If the Feds can prove what this witness is saying then a sickening situation just got worse,’ an anonymous source told Radar.”


Alan: So, this could go on and on and on forever, of course, because I’m sure that they’ll do their best to stop it tearing wide, let you all have a big peek inside. But this stuff’s going on all over the place, too. And big money talks, and it always does talk, or actually big money can stop all the talking as well. Depends how important the people are involved. And Britain, of course, Britain that’s broke. It’s always broke. It just paid about $11 billion for the Olympics there. And it’ll take another 25 years to try and pay off the debt for that. But that’s OK. The people themselves will pay off the debt because they’ll be really down in austerity. But they’re also getting all these sky drones now too. Britain’s going to go crazy over sky drones.

“Spy-in-the-sky drones to patrol Britain’s shores for terrorists, smugglers and illegal immigrants. European Commission to spend £260 million on ‘Eurosur’ project, which includes the Mediterranean coast being patrolled by surveillance drones.”


Alan: And the

“... defence firms are testing sophisticated ‘sense and avoid’ systems on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the Irish Sea. Unmanned spy drones could patrol Britain’s shores looking for illegal immigrants and smugglers...”


Alan: It says,

“The European Commission aims to spend £260 million on its ‘Eurosur’ project, which includes a plan for surveillance drones to patrol the Mediterranean coast.”


Alan: Well, they’ll have special ones there because on the Mediterranean coast too, a lot of the bigwigs go there and of course, they’ll have no-fly sections for them.

“At the same time, several schemes are under way in Britain, aiming to develop civilian roles for aircraft based on the killer drones hunting Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”


Alan: Big business, isn’t it, war industries?  25 years ago they had articles out at the time, they saw this time coming. Once they’re finished with all their wars abroad, they said, what are they going to do? All these big industrial corporations that deal with war. And they said they’ll have to get something going internally across the world, internally, and they’ll go into high-tech surveillance etc. Well here it all is. See you’re living a... I keep saying you’re living a script and you are. It’s all pre-written. They don’t say things and leave it at that. They get their think tanks working on it right away and they start putting it into effect.

“If the high-tech measures against terrorists, illegal immigrants and smugglers in the Mediterranean are successful, there would be pressure on the UK to follow suit. Surveillance planes with military-grade cameras would be more effective at monitoring the coastline than satellites or standard planes.”


Alan: It’ll also be to stop little guys getting off in boats, trying to get out of the country to somewhere more habitable and safe across the world somewhere.

“British defence firms are testing sophisticated ‘sense and avoid’ systems on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)...”


Alan: So, everything’s so sophisticated. Then a month later it’s obsolete; they got to get new ones. This is fantastic. It’s better than the Cold War, where every other month they said we need new missiles, the Russians are ahead of us. And sure enough the House of Lords in Britain, who all had big massive shares in the companies that made the missiles and the anti-missiles, they’d go ahead with this new, you know, whatever they called it, with the fancy killer names, etc. It was a great business, the Cold War. So is this though.

“Syria's seventeen-month-old political and humanitarian crisis has continued to deteriorate over the last several weeks.”


Alan: Council on Foreign Relations this is from, folks.

“As clashes escalate between rebels and Syrian armed forces in the country's large cities, Kofi Annan, chief architect of the failed UN-Arab League peace plan, resigned his post in frustration in early August. Meanwhile, the Assad regime suffered another high-profile setback with the defection of its prime minister, Riad Hijab. An influx of foreign jihadists into Syria...”


Alan: That’s the Al Qaeda guys {laughs}.

“has helped bolster rebel fighting, but is raising grave concerns about the country's future stability.”


Alan: So they’ve got a working group going with Turkey, of all places. Turkey’s a great ally now, you see. And they’ll have to pay off Turkey big time because Israel’s got bases in Turkey as well now and so does the U.S.  They’ve got big ties with Turkey. It says,

“ ...a working group with Turkey that will support the opposition in Syria, provide humanitarian aid, and develop contingency planning. Reports indicate that the U.S. intelligence agencies have been authorized to provide rebels with "non-lethal" assistance...”


Alan: Well they can get around that any way they want.

“but the full scope of this support remains unclear. To date, more than 17,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the Syrian conflict, and 150,000 refugees have fled into neighboring countries. This CFR Issue Guide provides expert analysis and essential background on the Syrian unrest...”


Alan: Because it’s part of the big world intelligence network. It’s one of the biggest ones actually. And they also supply all your politicians at the top. And all your media boys as well. Big powerful organization. Now, I think about a year or two ago, I read an article too about the big foundations, you know the charitable philanthropic groups that run the world and all the NGOs and how they’re buying up vast tracts of Africa because there’s great farming land, you know, in Africa. And of course, they already had foreseen, because they helped to plan it all, this new system where they bring in putting all the world’s food on the trade market and into the futures market and a whole bunch of different markets that they put bets on, on good crops, bad crops. If they have a bad crop somewhere and they’ve got a friend in the HAARP agencies who’s going to really drown you out or give you a drought, then you’ve got a winner right away because you can bet on bad crops and the price of that particular item, corn, whatever is, goes way up, you see. And this is how the world is run, folks. Hi-tech runs the world.

And actually I’ll put tonight up an article from the 70’s from the United Nations; the treaty to do with weather warfare. This is old stuff. They’ve been using it for years. Anyway it says,

“The British imperialists snapping up swathes of Africa to cash in on the world’s food shortage and forcing out small farmers”


Alan: They’ve got it on the derivatives market, as well. Your food, now, is up on that big casino, you see. It says,

“It is an odd retirement hobby. Britain’s top soldier, the former commander of British Land Forces and the man who capped his military career by presiding over the funeral of the Queen Mother, has been planting crops in the African bush. Not personally, you understand.  But Sir Charles Redmond Watt has been mixing with Chinese billionaires, Saudi sheiks, Wall Street whizzkids and a motley array of British adventurers who agree with the financial guru George Soros that ‘farmland is one of the best investments of our time’.”


Alan: Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the farmland takeover by the City financiers, that’s the City of London. They say that they’re the new imperialists, the City of London. Well they’ve always been the same imperialists, haven’t they? And they’re returning to colonies that they walked away from half a century ago. Give them time, you see, they get it all back for peanuts.

“Upon leaving the Army, Sir Charles, who once commanded 125,000 military personnel, became chairman of a shell company, Las Vegas-registered Kryptic Entertainment, which later changed its name to Farm Lands of Guinea. The company, set up by British sheep farmer Mark Keegan, controls 250,000 acres of bush in the West African state of Guinea, bought on what it describes as ‘extremely generous’ terms from the government there. It will plant 8,000 acres of maize and soya this year. Fellow board member Nigel Woodhouse, a trustee of Labour peer Lord Melchett’s Soil Association, told me one village handed over its land for ‘the equivalent of...”


Alan: Remember the old glass beads? That’s how they got I think Manhattan, wasn’t it?

“‘the equivalent of £3’.”


Alan: How’s that? These swines, these swines in the City of London, are grabbing all these Africans’ lands and they’re going to sell you big expensive stuff down the road, believe you me, for you to eat, because they’re in charge of the world’s food supply. Three pounds they got, from a whole village they cleared off, for the land.

“It doesn’t sound much for a company that says it is ‘unlocking the riches of an African agricultural treasure trove’, and which is on such good terms with local leaders that it has also secured exclusive rights to market a further 3.7 million acres of Guinea – an area roughly the size of Yorkshire. His job done, Sir Charles resigned from the outfit last December. He declined to comment on his African sojourn, but who can doubt that his prestige helped clinch deals in the former French colony? Many of the big beasts of British business have joined the global land rush. Sir Richard Branson, who famously bought two of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, has now bagged 25,000 acres of prime South African safari country. Jim Slater, a notorious asset-stripper from the Seventies, is growing genetically modified maize on Brazilian prairie once owned by the father of racing driver Ayrton Senna. City ‘superwoman’ Nicola Horlick is investing the pension funds of Hampshire and Merseyside councils in Brazilian farmland. Meanwhile, feted bond trader Guy Hands bought cattle stations three times bigger than Wales from the estate of the legendary TV mogul Kerry Packer. And Joe Lewis, the owner of Tottenham Hotspur, has invested a chunk of the fortune he made betting against sterling two decades ago to buy a slab of scenic Patagonia.”


Alan: And it goes through a whole bunch of them, which are just buying up Africa for pennies really. Because, you see, food’s going to be awfully expensive. It already is, now that it’s on the global market. You used to have laws, you see, to do with exports and imports, but not with free-trade anymore, you see. Because now even if you’re starving at home, they can take all the food that’s produced at home and sell it abroad; after all, it’s got nothing to do with you. It’s private corporations, right? And you can starve to death at home or pay the big bucks. It’s all coming folks. Because, you see, you’ve never had nations. You’ve never had democracy or rights. And you’ve never had politicians that were genuine and for the people. It’s never happened. It just hasn’t been there. The Council on Foreign Relations, in its history, has told you: they’ve given you every prime minister and president for a hundred years now. Across the world. How is that? Except the ones they’re killing off right now and grabbing all their land. That’s the real world you’re living in. Most folk don’t mind. It’s party time at the weekend, when they go out at the weekend and there’s lots of entertainment out there. We’re the only people who’ll go down the tubes just with entertainment coming out our ears. And fiction. It’s nothing but fiction and comedies on television. Brains are scrambled, eh? And yet there’s never been so much information as there is now.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.

{Closing Music-♫}


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