Aug. 15, 2012 (#1151)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 15, 2012:

Change Using Vices of Crises:

"Constant Conflict Brings No Surprises,
Perpetual Planned Changes Under All Guises,
Into a Brave New World, Depopulated,
No Fecundity yet Sexuality Unabated,
Public Trained to Obey, Given No Choice,
Reasons of National Security Silence Voice,
Constant Crisis, Economic or Warfare,
Paralyse the Mind So No-One Will Dare
Try Stopping Agenda, Meant to Destroy Many,
Morality Could but Look Around, Is There Any?"
© Alan Watt Aug. 15, 2012
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of August, 2012.

For newcomers I always suggest you make good use of website.  You’ll see a bunch of official sites listed on the front page.  They all carry audios for download.  Lots of audios, over a thousand of talks I’ve given in the past and they all carry transcripts in English for print up as well. 

If you want to go into you can find transcripts for print up in other languages.  And remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on advertisers as guests who give you all the bad scary news and then give you the antidotes to them and sell you things. 

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So what I do here is go through the past to show you that you’re living through an agenda.  And it’s an "Open Conspiracy", as H.G. Wells called it.  It’s published; it’s been published in many, many books in fact for a hundred years, it’s just that most folk don’t want to read them.  They’re not sexy and exciting; they’re pretty dry and boring.  But it’s big organizations, world organizations, a kind of pyramid of them you might say, because there is definitely a head to it.  And they decided to take over the world’s resources and everything in it including people and amalgamate certain blocs of countries into big trading blocs like the EU and NAFTA for Americas and of course one for the far pacific rim as well.  And they’re doing it all as we speak.  Now remember they published this early on in the 1800’s and even Karl Marx talked about that part of it because there is no right wing and left wing, the group that runs the whole show were the international bankers of their time.  They lent to countries; they owned a good part of the planet by then in fact, all the resources.  They’d already done all that so they formed official-sounding things like the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.  And they have branches across every single country in the world.  And they have put in your prime ministers and presidents for the last hundred years; it doesn’t matter who you vote for.  And they use left wing and right wing because you’ve got to get conflict going to get change.  And they plan the changes and the outcome and that’s what they’re after. 

Today you’re going through the "Age of Transition" as they call it, as they bring you into the age of austerity and your post-consumerism and high cost for all energy, all that kind of stuff.  That’s all part of it too.  Written a long, long, long time ago but now they’re implementing this part of it for the next twenty, thirty years as we supposedly die off.  And actually we’re not dying off quick enough for them so they’re going to step that up too.  And I mean that because these guys are behind wars and everything remember.  And millions have been killed by these people in the wars that they foment and they do foment wars.  Even going back to the 1700’s when they had different names they were doing the same things across India and they always armed different tribes to attack other ones and then the British came in to sort out the mess as they say.  In other words take it all over.  And they’ve been at this for an awful, awful long time.  

So you’re living through a planned script, planned changes and it’s all basically done, it’s a done deal.  Because once they write this stuff they never change their minds about anything, they carry on.  And they have unlimited finances and resources to carry anything through to the bitter end.  No matter what they plan they get it done.  That’s the sad news about it because there really is no opposition because you see they have so many different factions which they own.  They’re all specialized areas bringing the world together into this New World Order as they like to call it.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about this big world we live in and how it really is an amazing system because indoctrination starts at birth really.  Your parents indoctrinate you according to the indoctrination they had themselves and they never questioned reality.  The same with the grandparents too.  And why should they, after all you think you’re born into a free society.  You’re taught that things are above the board.  Who would be trying to pull the wool over your eyes and lie to you?  So that’s how easy it is to create the correct kind of a population that you can do what you want with them.  And that’s what the media is there for too, is to make sure that you all get the same standardized news, which is from the top authorities, the ones that run the world.  And now you have literally worldwide news.  Everything has been so standardized it’s astonishing.

We see more propaganda coming out and even the boys who will own the West will tell you about the Middle East propaganda coming out from their so-called enemies.  And it never occurs to most people that you’re getting the same propaganda from your own people.  Never mind the fact why are they over there plundering across different countries to begin with. 

So everything is propaganda, right down to your television programs that you watch.  The different series that you watch, all this anti-terrorism drama stuff that’s out there in movies is all part of your indoctrination.  Because you see you’re going to be under this new system of terrorism, anti-terrorism, for the rest of your lives and even beyond for the children that are growing up now.  So that’s what they say, even the CFR has said that, so get used to it.  That’s it basically.  These guys ain’t going to change their minds you see.  And it doesn’t matter who you vote in as president, even Carroll Quigley said that, who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the biggest arms of the propaganda bunch across the world.  They also have think tanks that advise, in other words order governments what to do, and they also have their own members all throughout the high bureaucracies and military and everything else.  They run the world.  But they have said that, "Get used to it, it’s here to stay".

So that’s how it happens and we adapt to it of course.  Most folk adapt to even getting groped at airports, etcetera, and x-rayed because there is so much beautiful propaganda; even Holland has good propaganda out there now where you see all these smiling children and so on.  All naturally a PR shot for advertising.  But they’re all smiling going through x-rays.  And they don’t use x-ray scanners anymore; they’ve got different names for it, it sounds nicer.  It sounds nicer, security check, security scanners, not x-ray scanners.  That sounds better, doesn’t it?  It takes your mind off all that radiation.

So you’re living in a massive propaganda campaign worldwide and if you go back into the writings of various authors they’ll tell you about the beginnings of the takeover, total takeover, and who did it with the media, especially in America way back in the early 1930’s, and 20’s in fact.  And they even had surveys done – they always do surveys first – to decide how many major mainstream papers they’d have to own outright to standardize the news or propaganda.  And they came up with the idea of about thirty of them would do.   They’d also market glossy magazines every month to certain quarters of society.  Even ones like Harpers used to be, that would go for the bureaucrats, the bureaucratic level; they’d get all their stuff from that.  So everyone’s catered to, right down to the bottom and it’s still the same today.  We get cartoons at the bottom.

And as they go along this merry, merry way of course they also knew they were going to bring in this internet system a long time ago.  A long, long time ago, before we ever heard of it and DARPA of course, the guys who worked on it and came up with it, they were using it long before we got it.  So it was never meant to free the people.  They actually knew they could cause more damage to the mind by giving you it, by information overload and so many weird, weird things out there to arrest your development basically.  But they also knew it could be a threat to an extent by the few who were always awake in every generation, who try to contact the rest, so there would be cyber wars and info wars and we’re in it.  We’re in information wars right now.  And there was a guy way back in the 70’s who talked about it, the coming information wars, and that’s been picked up on too. 

So whoever exposes any of this comes under attack.  And we’ll never know the whole stories of who is who in this whole game here.  But Julian Assange who came out with Wikileaks of course, he’s admitted he made deals with some countries not to expose their emails, like Israel for instance.  And the American media is primarily owned by a certain quarter.  He actually made deals with them not to attack or release any of that stuff.  So he’s released a lot of other stuff that’s upset the Pentagon and other people.  So he’s hiding out in an Ecuadorian refuge basically, the embassy in London, England.  He’s hiding out in there trying to escape the authorities that are trying to arrest him supposedly for rape in Sweden.  And of course, who’s ever sent out total full-time police, to watch this guy, over a rape in another country?  It doesn’t happen.  So they’re obviously really upset about some information that’s come out to do with the various goings-on at the security agencies at this stage of the color revolutions that are going on across the world right now.  The big corporations are all involved in it and many of the corporations which are actually private spy agencies that work for the NSA and CIA.  Anyway it says:

"The UK has issued a "threat" to enter the Ecuadorian embassy in London to arrest Julian Assange."

"...Ecuador’s foreign minister has said.  Mr Assange took refuge at the embassy in June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning over assault and rape claims, which he denies."

And it says:

"...a decision on the Wikileaks founder’s asylum request would be made public on Thursday.  The Foreign Office said it could revoke the embassy’s diplomatic status.  In a statement issued as Mr Patino spoke, it said the UK had a "legal obligation" to extradite Mr Assange.  Meanwhile, a number of police officers are outside the embassy, in Knightsbridge.  At a news conference in Quito on Wednesday night, Mr Patino said: “Today we received from the United Kingdom an express threat, in writing, that they might storm our Embassy in London if we don’t hand over Julian Assange.”"

Alan:  Well obviously this is more than some kind of accusation over rape, isn’t it?  It says:

"Ecuador rejects in the most emphatic terms the explicit threat of the British official communication."

Alan:  They call it a hostile act. 

"He said such a threat was “improper of a democratic, civilized and rule abiding country”"

Alan:  Well where does he get that from Britain?  Because Britain has never had democracy there. 

"Supporters of Julian Assange, the founder of the Wikileaks website, gather outside the Ecuadorian Embassy…"

Alan:  And it shows you them all standing outside, etcetera.

"“If the measure announced in the British official communication is enacted, it will be interpreted by Ecuador as an unacceptable, unfriendly and hostile act and as an attempt against our sovereignty. It would force us to respond,” he said. “We are not a British colony.”"

Alan:  Well I wonder who owns their banking system, the City of London probably.

"A Foreign Office spokesman said the UK remained "determined" to fulfil its obligation to extradite Mr Assange.  “Throughout this process we have drawn the Ecuadorians' attention to relevant provisions of our law, whether, for example, the extensive human rights safeguards in our extradition procedures, or to the legal status of diplomatic premises in the UK,” the spokesman said.  “We are still committed to reaching a mutually acceptable solution.” The law which Britain is threatening to invoke in the Assange case is the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987."

And it says:

"It allows the UK to revoke the diplomatic status of an embassy on UK soil, which would potentially allow police to enter the building to arrest Mr Assange.  The BBC's deputy political editor James Landale says the British government has been in long negotiations with Ecuador over the issue and has reminded it of the act.  But he added that while the UK has been frustrated at the lack of a decision it is not about to raid the embassy."

Alan:  That’s yet anyway.  So they’re pulling out all the stops to try and get this guy because a lot of folk are really upset about it.  And of course we only get some of the emails that are leaked, I’m sure, and there’ll be a lot more stuff that’s more dangerous than that in the wings.

Now, "US launches sweeping immigration reform".  Now remember Jacques Attali.  Jacques Attali is way up at the United Nations there.  He’s from France and he really is the sort of Kissinger of France you might say.  Everybody who went to see any prime minister, two or three of them in succession, had to go through him first.  And he was the guy you really went to see.  A top wheeler and dealer and total globalist, knows the whole agenda.  He wrote books about the coming New World Order.  He says "Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order" in his book "Millennium", he’s written another one since.  But he talked about what would happen to the States.  He says it will become primarily a Spanish American speaking nation.  And because that’s the agenda for mass immigration to come in, under free trade, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  But it says here:

"US launches sweeping immigration reform"

"Students wait in line for assistance with paperwork at the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles, California.

"In 2012 Students await assistance with immigration paperwork in Los Angeles.  Undocumented immigrants are applying for the temporary right to live and work openly in the US, as a sweeping immigration policy reform takes effect.  Up to 1.7 million people could be eligible for the programme, unveiled in June by President Barack Obama amid pressure from Hispanic voters. 

Alan:  It’s also a voters grab to get reelected, eh? 

 "Republicans say Mr. Obama has passed over Congress - and unemployed US citizens - with the programme.  The Latino vote could be important in November’s presidential election.  Most of the estimated 11.5 million undocumented immigrants in the US are from Latin America."

 And it says:

"Illegal immigrants are getting their records in order as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) starts accepting applications for the programme, which would allow them to remain and work for at least two years."

"Baltimore is inviting immigrants to settle there, no questions asked.  In an internal document, DHS officials estimated 1.04 million people would apply in the first year.  The Migration Policy Institute and the Pew Hispanic Center have estimated as many as 1.7 million people could be eligible under the programme.  The administration’s plan is to stop deporting many illegal immigrants who were brought to the US as children."

Alan:  And then he goes through how you get in, eligibility, etcetera, etcetera.  Once you’re in of course you stay, I mean that’s the old way.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I’m going through just the regular news that’s coming out as they show you how they’re changing the world really and that’s what it is because these big decisions don’t happen suddenly, they’re made years and years before.  Often the decisions are made long before certain presidents even get in because after all the presidents carry on from the last one, it doesn’t matter what party they belong to, because there is only one agenda.  And as I say the big boys at the United Nations have talked about this for years, this would come, and this is only the start of it, they’re going to open the borders much wider because under the free trade deals that they’re pushing through all Latin America then you must allow the free movement of goods, services, and labor across all borders.  As Europe has already found out and other countries have too, and other places too in the Far East as well.  So that’s really what it’s about.  The changing of society, planned a long, long time ago by those who own us all. 

And this article here too shows you the propaganda.  We all know about the propaganda that comes out of the Pentagon.  I’ve read articles here from the Pentagon and even the budgets they’ve got to put out movies, war movies galore, and to glorify war.  Especially in a way that attracts young men especially into it because when you’re young you’re immortal.  Nothing is going to happen to you, you’re going to live forever.  And the bad guys always can’t shoot straight, and the good guys always kill them.  Isn’t that how it works, you know, in fantasy? 

But it works awfully well with young men who are really always immature.  Men are, that’s just the way it is; it takes a long time for them to grow up.  And it says here:

"NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’…"

Alan:  This is the name of a TV Show, ‘Stars Earn Stripes’. 

"…continues an inglorious tradition of glorifying war"

"As Nobel Peace Prize laureates, we call on NBC to cancel this reality TV show that likens military combat to Olympic athletics."

"During the Olympics, touted as a time for comity and peace among nations, millions in North America first learned that NBC would be premiering a new "reality" TV show.  The commercials announcing "Stars Earn Stripes" were shown, seemingly endlessly, throughout the athletic competition, noting that its premier would be Monday 13 August, following the end of the Olympic Games."

"That might seem innocuous since spectacular, high-budget sporting events of all types are regular venues for airing new products, televisions shows and movies.  But "Stars Earn Stripes" is not just another reality show.  Hosted by retired four-star General Wesley Clark"

Alan:  Definitely Pentagon.

"…the program pairs minor celebrities with US military personnel and puts them through simulated military training, including some live-fire drills and helicopter drops.  The official NBC website for the show touts "the fast-paced competition" as "paying homage to the men and women who serve in the US armed forces and our first-responder services".  It is our belief that this program pays homage to no one anywhere and continues and expands on an inglorious tradition of glorifying war and armed violence.  Military training is not to be compared, subtly or otherwise, with athletic competition by showing commercials throughout the Olympics.  Preparing for war is neither amusing nor entertaining."

"Real war is down-in-the-dirt deadly.  People – military and civilians – die in ways that are anything but entertaining.  Communities and societies are ripped apart in armed conflict and the aftermath can be as deadly, as the war itself as simmering animosities are unleashed in horrific spirals of violence.  War, whether relatively shortlived or going on for decades as in too many parts of the world, leaves deep scars that can take generations to overcome – if ever.  Trying to somehow sanitize war by likening it to an athletic competition further calls into question the morality and ethics of linking the military anywhere with the entertainment industry in barely veiled efforts to make war and its multitudinous costs more palatable to the public.  The long history of collaboration between militaries and civilian media and entertainment – and not just in the United States – appears to be getting murkier and in many ways more threatening to efforts to resolve our common problems through nonviolent means. Active-duty soldiers already perform in Hollywood movies, "embedded" media ride with soldier in combat situations, and now NBC is working with the military to attempt to turn deadly military training into a sanitized "reality" TV show that reveals absolutely nothing of the reality of being a soldier in war or the consequences of war.  What is next?"

"As people who have seen too many faces of armed conflict and violence and who have worked for decades to try to stop the seemingly unending march toward the increased militarization of societies and the desensitization of people to the realities and consequences of war, we add our voices and our support to those protesting "Stars Earn Stripes"."

"We, too, call upon NBC stop airing this program that pays homage to no one, and is a massive disservice to those who live and die in armed conflict and suffer its consequences long after the guns of war fall silent."

Alan:  And I would add to it too: and after the ones who really cause it, who run your governments, the big corporations end up going in and plundering the countries, they don’t pay a penny for all the chaos that’s caused or the deaths it’s caused either; you do actually.  But it’s true isn’t it?  There’s nothing on television you can watch without, you know, wasting your brain, definitely damaging it.  Because it’s all propaganda really.  All propaganda, even your comedy shows.  Look at the way they put new innuendos into the comedy shows that eventually become PC you know. 

Now the CIA and I’ve said this for many years because they copied basically the old British secret service system and then they formed the OSS during World War II, and they sent the fledgling CIA over to learn how to do all the dirty deeds and all the dark secrets of the secret service.  The secret service by the way at that time was itself the Royal Institute for International Affairs, because that’s where its headquarters were, Chatham House, it still is.  But it says here:

"25 Cutting Edge Firms Funded By The CIA"

Alan:  This is a few of thousands.  Back with more after this. 

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫} 


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re talking about the big agencies that are all around you.  Many are well known agencies too and corporations that actually manufacture things.  You’ll find the big ones, a lot of them from Japan in fact, were owned by the CIA.  And they produce lots of good electronics for the home, things like that.  But they’re way up there and it’s never ever stopped.  The CIA and Britain have lots and lots of front organizations that do make money on regular things but they also are into many other things to do with their spying, etcetera.  But it says:

"It’s no secret the Central Intelligence Agency has an investment firm that funds startups that could have a big impact for the Agency."

Alan:  Now they already have thousands of fronts, and right down to the students too for recruitment of students in universities.  Lots of fronts with innocuous-sounding names.

"If there is a company out there doing intelligence research, it’s likely that In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s personal investor, either looked them up or made a check out to them.  It’s all to ensure that the Agency remains on the forefront of tech.  Not long ago, In-Q-Tel invested heavily in a company called Keyhole.  Never heard of them?  Maybe you know their work, a little project eventually known as Google Earth."

"So, want to know what’s next for technology?  Keep an eye on these 25 companies."

Alan:  And it goes through them, "3VR".

"3VR is a video surveillance company that is changing the game."

Alan:  It’s a video surveillance company and it says it…

"…develops software enabling organizations to mine data from video.  In-Q-Tel first invested in the company in 2005."

Alan:  In-Q-Tel remember is the CIA’s purchasing arm.

"3VR works with leading banks, governments, law enforcement and retailers at the moment.  They also own CrimeDex, which is basically the place where loss prevention and law enforcement professionals hang out online."

Alan:  And then this one is called Adaptx.

"Adaptx creates digital pens that speed up field data collection."

"Of course the CIA invested in this company.  They make pens with gadgets hidden in them.  Adaptx first received In-Q-Tel funding in 2008.  They design special digital pens that expedite data entry.  For instance, handwritten markup on maps would be automatically integrated into the CIA’s system.  Field journal notes can be automatically backed up digitally.  That data can be sent over a cellphone connection."

"This is one of many gadget companies the CIA has bought into."

"Basis Technology synthesizes the foreign chatter"

"The CIA is obviously extremely interested in what is going on in the rest of the world.  They are one of the largest employers of talented linguists, but that gets very expensive.  So it’s no surprised they’re interested in Basis Technology, which provides software for text analytics in over twenty languages.  They work primarily in applied natural language processing, deriving meaning from the ways people actually use language.  In-Q-Tel has been invested in the firm since 2004."

Alan:  It’s also for you all too because you have patterns of speech and certain terms you use more often than others.  And it goes also with voice recognition and it doesn’t matter whose phone you’re using they know it’s you that’s talking away. 

"Biomatrica works with preserving biological materials."

"Biomatrica works on ways to make DNA, RNA, and proteins have a longer shelf life.  Short and long-term storage of this information is important for the CIA.  In-Q-Tel has been invested in Biomatrica since 2011."

Alan:  Interesting too that Facebook is big up there in all the DNA stuff as well.  See it’s all connected. 

"Cloudera helps organizations do large-scale data storage.  The CIA has massive databases of information.  Controlling and sustaining these digital archives is just as important for the CIA as it is for technology companies.  Cloudera Enterprises is one of the most cost-effective ways for companies to securely carry out large-scale data analysis and storage.  It specializes in helping groups use Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! software.  In-Q-Tel has been invested in Cloudera since 2010."


"DSSP makes safe rockets that are controlled by electricity"

Alan:  That’s another one.

"FireEye is one of the most advanced cybersecurity firms out there."

Alan:  That’s another one.

"A botnet is a network of computers that can be coordinated to assault a target by obeying commands from a central hub."

Alan:  That’s what they used of course on Wikileaks recently.

"FireEye specializes in protecting against botnet attacks and also works to combat the malware that brings computers into the network."

And then it goes into:

"Gainspan makes WiFi sensors that can run for years on a AA battery."

Alan:  Will they give you that technology?  No, because it’s a lot of money if you keep buying batteries all the time.  But they’re way, way ahead of anything that’s for sale to the general public in all technologies.  And even at this level by the way, this is still mid level.  This is not really high, high level stuff.  There is another level above all of this.  There are always three levels in reality for everything, that’s in medicine and everything else. 

Now Canberra, Australia.

"Australia’s highest court upheld the world’s toughest law on cigarette promotion on Wednesday despite protests from tobacco companies that argued the value of their trademarks will be destroyed under new rules that will strip all logos from cigarette packs.  The decision by the High Court means that starting in December, tobacco companies will no longer be able to display their distinctive colors, brand designs and logos on cigarette packs."

Alan:  All this by the way is from the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO).  And they got every country to sign on this deal.  Now it’s okay because the WHO wants you all to take, they will give you, make sure your country gives you methadone and stuff like that, if you’re addicted to heroin, and they’ll make sure you’re supplied with all needles that you need and you can be stoned for the rest of your life, which won’t be very long, but you can’t smoke.  I remember Bill Cooper talking years ago about when government gets into morality of the public and starts interfering with personal choices in things.  And like all liberalism of course, they, liberals really don’t give opponents any personal point of view.  It’s their way or no way.  You’ll find that with everything that they’ve done because it’s not what you think it is, liberalism; it’s not what you think it is at all. 

But it’s true enough when they start interfering with choices in certain things at the bottom level.  They are changing culture.  They have no right to interfere with culture and personal choices of people.  When they do you’re in big, big trouble.  That means they’re changing everything within the culture and of course they actually are.  Right down to promoting certain special peoples up to the top in all kinds of jobs and things like that.  Even now down to your gender preference.  That’s liberalism for you, which, as I say, it will take no comeback from anybody else because they’re intolerant you see. 

So anyway they’re altering all of that but they’ll give you drugs and stuff like that; that’s okay.  And I’ve mentioned before that Chinese companies are pulling out of the U.S. stock markets; I’ll put that up again tonight as well because apparently Japan is buying a lot of them too.  That’s standard too, you see the U.S. set up modern Japan, for those who don’t know it.  And if you go into FDR’s time, during World War II, during World War II they drafted up a whole post-war Japan right down to taking away its nationalistic fervor and emasculating the males as well.  And they’ve done an awful good job of that in Japan.  They also set up a kind of banking, a strange banking system that really as far as I can see where the government acts partly as the central bank itself.  But the central bank is owned by the same guys who own the central banks in the U.S. and in the City of London.  So what traditionally always happened for many years is Japan always bought the debts and the bonds for the U.S. and they could balance it out that way.  Then they used China for a while to do the same thing, now it’s going back to Japan.  You see the big bankers rule the world.  They just keep moving things around when it suits them.  They don’t panic about things, they’ve got it all worked out since they set it up.

This article here is about climate consensus.  And it says:

"‘Climate Consensus’ Data Need a More Careful Look"

Alan:  And it’s from the Wall Street Journal.  It says:

"In his Aug. 6 op-ed, "A New Climate-Change Consensus," Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp speaks of "the trend—a decades-long march toward hotter and wilder weather."  We have seen quite a few such claims this summer season, and Mr. Krupp insists that we accept them as "true."  Only with Lewis Carroll’s famous definition of truth, "What I tell you three times is true," is this the case?  But repetition of a fib does not make it true.  As one of many pieces of evidence that our climate is doing what it always does, consider the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s year-by-year data for wet and dry years in the continental U.S.  From 1900 to the present, there are only irregular, chaotic variations from year to year, but no change in the trend or in the frequency of dry years or wet years. Sometimes there are clusters of dry years, the most significant being the dry Dust Bowl years of the 1930s.  These tend to be followed by clusters of wet years.  Despite shrill claims of new record highs, when we look at record highs for temperature measurement stations that have existed long enough to have a meaningful history, there is no trend in the number of extreme high temperatures, neither regionally nor continentally.  We do see the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s setting the largest number of record highs, at a time when it is acknowledged that humans had negligible effect on climate."

Alan:  And the same with tornados too.  It says there’s no trend and it gives you all the data about tornados as well.  When we get them now, you see, anything that used to be normal, they hype it up until it’s a terrifying thing.  And of course with instant communication too and so many newscasters out there, they’re always looking for new stories.  So we hear about global stories across the whole planet; we didn’t used to.  So it seems to us getting all this news that it’s worse than ever.  No it’s not, they’ve always had tsunamis and you name it and typhoons and different things across the world for as long as time has ever existed.  But you can really hype it up into a fervor, which they do, because they’ve got a big agenda.  And the agenda is to control all of you. 


"Daily Mail Comment: Democracy, the EU and Britain’s future"

"Today, the Mail begins the serialization of a profoundly important new book by the Tory politician Daniel Hannan, in which he delivers a devastating insight into the unaccountable, unelected, overweening Brussels bureaucracy."

Alan:  That’s the European Union. 

"Mr. Hannan was first elected as an MEP in 1999, and has witnessed at close quarters the egregious contempt the EU elite has for the continent’s voters."

Alan:  Well it’s not a democratic system.  It’s never pretended to be democratic as far as I can see.  And it’s the new soviet system.  But remember too, again, Karl Marx first came out with a unified Europe and then a unified Americas, and a Far Eastern/Pacific Rim.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs, in their precursor that they had to them, the Milner Group, came out with the same idea.  In fact they coined the term the Commonwealth of Nations and so on.  And they created the League of Nations, and then the United Nations.  They all talked about it too and they’ve said from their own think tank the Club of Rome that democracy would never work.  It’s only the cover for the people to keep happy about, you know, give you a cover that you’ve got democracy.  But they said actually it would never work in actuality and so the system they’re bringing in is authoritarian.  Now how do you bring in an authoritarian society?  Well you bring in a war situation.  Ongoing war you see and anti-terrorism everywhere for ever and ever.  And so you bring in an authoritarian system, where the government dictates to you, it’s for the greater good and it’s for national security and you do what you’re told.  And we’re in it already you see.  And most folk have already adapted to it.  It says:

"As he describes brilliantly on these pages, Europe’s leaders, anti-democratic to their very DNA, have ridden roughshod over the wishes of the public to advance a grand plan to merge ancient kingdoms into a single state.  Businesses, landowners and charities have been bought off with mountains of taxpayers’ money.  Governments have been bribed or bullied into refusing the public their say.  In Britain, our own political class – not wishing to derail the Brussels juggernaut – denied the country the vote which all three major parties so solemnly promised over the Lisbon Treaty."

"Huge damage is being done to our democracy.  For the more citizens are ignored, the more cynical and mistrustful they quite understandably become – with turnout slumping below 50 per cent in the 2009 European election.  Brussels has been left with no real mandate – yet it has frighteningly broad powers to interfere in our daily lives.  Over the coming days, Mr. Hannan’s series will expose the fatal flaws in the one-size-fits-all single currency and pose the critical question of what our future relationship with the EU should be.  Truly, there could be no more important debate for our times and no more apposite moment to launch it.  Yesterday, it emerged the eurozone is on the brink of returning to recession.  Countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal – for all the billions wasted on sticking plaster bailouts – continue to stare into the abyss.  Brussels, unwilling to admit the euro is doomed, is planning to assume ever greater powers to run the economies of its debt-ridden member states."

Alan:  And so it goes on and on and on, and of course I don’t care what it takes they’re going to keep this Euro floating because this has been in the works for well over a hundred years and they can’t let it fall apart now.  They won’t actually let it fall apart.

This is a good article too…

"Obama Homeland Security Pimps Gay Pride, Tranny Speaker on Agents; Hostile Work Environment for Straights"

Alan:  It’s hostile.  Environments for straight people are now becoming hostile.

"Somewhere under the rainbow, Osama Bin Laden’s ghost is still having the last laugh.  And, now it’s at the expense of that bloated joke called the Department of Homeland Security.  The agency has been shoving gay culture down agents’ throats (double entendre intended).  And straight agents at the DHS who feel ever-increasing homosexual-based propaganda, harassment, and discrimination in jobs and promotions at the agency and its sub-agencies, such as ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the largest in the Department.  It won’t be long before one or more DHS agents file hostile work environment suits against the agency based on this pattern and practice, and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.  (As agents know, I am a practicing attorney…"

Alan:  It’s written by an attorney.

"…and am available to pursue these kinds of employment discrimination cases.)  Some agents say yesterday was the last straw, when all Homeland Security agents–the largest division of the agency is ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)–were treated to the message, below, when they logged onto their computers at work."

"The gay pride, er . . . LGBT pride event, hosted by Homeland Security next Friday, will feature as its keynote speaker a post-op male-to-female transsexual who calls himself, “Amanda Simpson.”  As I reported to you on this site, the former Mitch Simpson was Obama’s tranny affirmative action appointee to the Department of Commerce.  Says one career ICE agent, who is representative of others who’ve contacted me (this author) about this:

“I am pretty offended by this whole notion that I need to honor people because of what they do in the bedroom and with whom they are sleeping.  Why is the government is endorsing and pushing homosexuality?  I work with a bunch of hard workers and many of this found this DHS Pride thing ridiculous and demoralizing.  I usually not one to complain, but I found this to be over the top.  I thought I had seen it all, but not even close.”

Yes, I know this was to be expected since the incompetent Secretary of DHS is the not-so-closeted Lesbionic Woman, Janet Napolitano, who has improperly gotten her own girlfriend, Dora Schriro (who was Policy Director at ICE and now runs the New York Bureau of Prisons, another job which Napolitano procured for her) and those of other gay officials–including at ICE–plum positions at the agency.  (And I’ve received numerous reports from ICE agents about gay agents who get away with improper behavior and/or get promotions merely because they are openly gay."

Alan:  You understand there’s a massive agenda.  This is from the top down.  Why is the top pushing this down into society?  This is not some transformation you see of society from the bottom up as just something that happens out of the blue you know.  This is all pushed from the top down.  You better think about it.  It says:

"Agents suspect this pan-gay discrimination is why Beth Gibson, a lawyer with no law enforcement experience, is Obama’s Assistant Deputy Director of ICE and was recently granted Senior Executive Status (SES), which means she will make well over $200,000 a year plus benefits. Gibson is the woman who killed ICE’s successful worksite enforcement and fugitive operations that used to make illegal aliens fearful of getting caught (now they laugh)."

Alan:  So, I’ll put this up tonight too because there’s a lot of data in here about who’s getting promoted and why.  And you’ve got to ask yourself why as well.  Why is this?  End of the family unit of course, no breeding, a whole bunch of reasons, destroying society, easy to control.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix and we’ll go to Daniel from the U.K. who’s hanging on there.  Are you still there Daniel?

Daniel:  Yeah.  Hello Alan.  I was speaking to Darren from Ireland today and he’s been reading the Koran.  And he had a question for you but he was unable to ring up himself so he was wondering if I might be able to put this question to you on his behalf.  He wanted to know what the word jinn means in the Koran.  It seems to be referring to some separate group or person.  It’s separate from the general public like some elite group or something like that.  It’s the word jinn; do you know what this is? 

Alan:  Well a jinn is like an evil spirit, a demon, a small lesser demon.  There are different levels of them but a jinn was a smaller demon. 

Daniel:  I mean what’s the significance of that in the grand scheme of things considering that this priesthood you know is the same priesthood that wrote, you know, the bibles for all the religions.  What is that referring to, that demon?

Alan:  You’ve got to remember too that Islam knew about, they took a lot from Judaism and they accepted all the old prophets and then Mohammad became the next prophet.  So they took a lot of the old stories to do with demonology.  There is far more demonology of course in the Talmud which is used in Judaism as opposed to what we call the Old Testament.  So there was far more in that because jinns were often called up by certain sects in Judaism.  Demons were actually called up for purposes if you go into the Talmud and Kabala.  So Mohammad was well aware of that and of course they still believed that there were demons and so they incorporated a lot of that into their own belief system that there were entities out there that could harm people or could be used by others to cause harm.  Because you can call them up, as I say, much like when they went into witchcraft in the Middle Ages, the same idea.  And so they can be used for evil intentions.  Powers of the air they call them.  

Daniel:  Okay, thanks and I just wanted to ask you a question about a book....

Alan:  I’ll tell you what to do, is email me.  Email me and I’ll get back to you.  And maybe Steve from Georgia can call back tomorrow.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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