August 20, 2012 (#1154)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 20th, 2012:

Societies Hated Soon Agitated:

"See Foundations, NGOs, and You Will Prove
They've Their Own Armies On the Move,
Like Colour Revolutions Sending Agitators
To Raise Supporters Pushing Legislators
For Standardized Global Cultural Change,
Dropping Old Values, They Re-arrange
Into Societies Emulating the Broken West
Which They Call "Free" (in Mocking Jest),
For We're Post-Industrial, Post-Consumers,
Passive to Authority Defunct 'Baby Boomers' "
© Alan Watt August 20, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – August 20, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 20th of August, 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest you make awfully good use of the website,, because there’s so many audios for free download where you’ll find that I try and piece together this big system you’re born into; it’s a massive system, well organized, has been for well over a hundred years.  And to show you the big organizations, the big bankers, the foundations they formed with the armies of nongovernmental organizations and how, really, they are the official secret service of the world, as well, on top of that because they’re all across the whole planet and they have massive quantities of money to pull from and to hire employees.  They have hundreds and hundreds of thinktanks working on every aspect of society including all the cultures of the future; the culture you have now was given to you.  They culture they had in the 60’s was given to them.  And this is how it’s done because it’s a big agenda to change the entire planet, including, again, the abolition of marriage, of course; that’s what the swinging sixties were all about and it’s getting pushed further today as they bring in a kind of brave new world scenario, depopulate at the same time.  And there’s many articles in the paper today about giving birth outside the human body; that’s a big, big push in all mainstream media today.  So, help yourself to the audios; you’ll learn an awful lot.  Remember, they’re all free for download and you can get transcripts in English for print-up too from all the sites listed on the .com site and you can go into and get transcripts in other languages if you wish.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can purchase the books and discs I have at because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests or sell you items that will make you last forever and turn your hair back to black or brown or whatever it was; and I depend upon the listeners, basically, just to buy those things and donate.  So, from the U.S. to Canada you can purchase the books and discs or donate using Personal Check or International Postal Money Order; you can also use PayPal or send Cash.  Across the world:  You’ve got Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.  Remember, straight donations are awfully seriously welcome in these times because things are rising so quickly especially in countries like Canada— we’re paying twice the price for food up here than you are in the States.


Now, we’re going through, as I say, a massive agenda.  It truly is a massive agenda but it must always be portrayed to the public via the media that’s all owned by big private organizations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations— they own all of the media across the planet now because they have members in every country.  They give you your Prime Ministers and Presidents, and even Carroll Quigley said that.  He was their private historian and he said they’d been doing it since the late 1800’s.  So, the media’s job is to put things over to you to make you think things are just happening in your lifetime by chance, and that big crises come along – including wars – and governments suddenly just have to debate and see what they’re going to do about it and deal with it at their leisure. But nothing is further from the truth because all the wars that you’re going through were planned a long, long time ago.  And we even have confirmation of this, not just from World War I and II through the big books by Quigley and others; the books like “Foundations: their Power and Influence,” even that one, an excellent book to get a hold of to show you who is really running the world.  But you’ll find that they have, as I say, hundreds of thinktanks working on every single minute aspect of the cultural shifts, the cultural changes, to bring in a global society which they term “multiculturalism” but it’s not really multiculturalism; that’s simply to destroy the old dominant cultures in the new host nations.  They’re bringing in a new culture, of course, on top of it all and everyone must go along with it— it’s very politically correct, to fit in with the whole brave new world scenario that you’re witnessing right now.  You’re all part of it. 


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the big system we’re born into, and we live in, and how it really, really works.  And it’s just astonishing, as I say, when you get into the data and accumulated data, masses of it, really, going way back over a hundred years, again, about the big foundations that formed, a cabal of them; obviously they’d been around even before under different names because it wasn’t certainly a new thing, and how they officially came out into the open, at least, in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, to form their world societies and they stated their goals. They backed communism; in fact, they helped create communism from the British side and financed it too because you’ve got to get change and you can’t get change without opponents, you see, and opponent systems.  So, we’ve been living through a massive agenda for an awful long time.  Now these guys also took credit for helping to foment World War I, which they thought would bring all the countries to their knees, give up their national sovereignty— and they were pretty confident about it too when Wilson rolled out the League of Nations, but the U.S. citizenry wouldn’t go for it and that’s why they wouldn’t, basically, go any further with it from the U.S. side, although the U.S. did have appointments or appointed people of the board all through its existence until it turned into the United Nations for World War II.  And even then people who were propagandists for this big organization, like H.G. Wells, said the people haven’t given up yet, they still want sovereignty, so we need another war, if necessary.  So we’ve had nothing but all these minor wars since then on, right up to the present time; they don’t call them wars now— they’re “policing actions,” etcetera, “stability actions” and so on.  But you’re living through a big agenda to standardize the world.  That’s the key to it— standardization.  Not the same old world either where you could sort of be friends with everybody across the planet; that’s the image they gave to the lower armies that they employ in social areas, but a completely different world of control, total control, authoritarianism in fact.  And the Club of Rome, the thinktank for the United Nations, came out and said that, basically democracy would never work.  Now they would use the term “democracy” until they’ve got the whole world under their belt and then, of course, they’d just phase in this authoritarian society.  What do you think you’re living though now with all the I.D. things going on and the checking at airports, now going into bus stations and trains and so on and x-rays?  What do you think that is?  See, that’s authoritarian and you’ve got to get used to it too they say because it’s going to be permanent in your lifetime, and beyond.


So, we’re living through massive changes, again, and everything that’s happened since nine-eleven – including nine-eleven – was all projected to happen, otherwise they couldn’t kick the whole thing off into this new system worldwide.  


Now, an article here is mentioning why Afghanistan’s past is being rewritten.  Now whenever they go into another country, like Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere, they always bring in UNESCO from the United Nations and a whole bunch of other ones and then they start teaching one generation of children a different history altogether— and they eradicate the old history.  That has happened in your own countries out there too in the West, by the way.  John Dewey was part of the big school that was sent into America, for instance, to rewrite history for American schoolchildren.  Britain got the same thing too.  So, this says…


Why Afghanistan’s past is being ‘rewritten’


(Alan: And it says here...)


The education ministry has endorsed a new history curriculum for school students that deletes nearly four decades of the country’s war-torn past.


The government says textbooks based on the new curriculum will help bring unity in a country traditionally polarised along ethnic and political lines.


But critics accuse ministers of trying to appease the Taliban and other powerful groups by erasing history that portrays them in a bad light. They say the government is trying to win over the Taliban before Nato and US forces leave the country.


Well, Dewey said that.  He says all the negative parts that would not let them blend into this global society, all the negative parts would simply be eliminated from the history books— and that’s what they’re doing.  And out of that generation that will grow up they’ll pick the leaders when they’re very young, by the way – they have special organizations at the United Nations that pick young leaders – train them to be the future leaders of their country, and they’re very P.C., again, and very, very tough— they’re trained to be.  So, we live through a planned world change; it’s a planned society.  Everything is planned long in advance, as opposed to what the media gives you: this is just happening today sort of stuff and we’re bumbling through time.


And, we’re living too in an incredible age of corruption, open corruption.  Now, corruption has always been here, especially from the guys at the top that own you, basically, because you are owned whether you like it or not through umpteen different crashes in the past, bank crashes, and sharp finagling by lawyers in governments on behalf of the bankers who run the whole kit and caboodle, and we’re owned, lock, stock and barrel.  Owned so badly in fact that you’ll never get out of debt and they keep telling us how much individually we all owe for all these wars across the world to bring in, you know, the world society for the greater good and all that kind of stuff.  But, you often wonder, how low can they go? And there’s no depth low enough for these characters to go to— and I mean that in the health areas and all the different areas; there’s nowhere they wouldn’t plunge for a massive profit if they can get away with it, hopefully quietly.  But it’s all in your face today because a generation was raised on the principle of dog eat dog, moral relativity, no right or wrong; the only “right” was to simply get to the top by any means possible and you’re seeing it burst out all over with the guys at the top, even the recent ones with the bankers, that generation of bankers, that plundered the whole planet— and no one is in jail for it.  They plundered the planet, folks.  And the taxpayers had to bail them all out and they’re still running the show.




Tap water straight from the mains


(A:  The mains water supply.)


sold on shelves at Asda and Tesco


(A:  Big chains over in the U.K..)


What appears good value is tap water marked up 2,500 per cent


(A:  That’s not a bad deal, eh?)


Asda admit it is filtered Yorkshire Water


Supermarkets are selling bottled tap water to millions of unsuspecting customers.


(A:  This is just an example, this is why I’m reading this bit of rubbish here, because it’s an example of how bad it is today.)


Bottles of Tesco ‘Everyday Value Still Water’ and Asda ‘Smartprice Still Water’ are sitting on shelves alongside big brands of mineral water such as Evian and Perrier.


However, there is no explanation on the label of these supermarket brands that the contents are simply tap water.


On the face of it, the supermarket water, which costs 17p for a two-litre bottle, offers remarkable value compared with the big brands. In reality it is no more than a filtered version of the mains water that comes out of the tap at a cost of just a third of a penny a litre.


So that’s just a little example of the incredible things that are going on, with open corruption everywhere you look, right down to local councils squandering money like you wouldn’t believe too on strange stuff and even investing your cash overseas, your town councils, and they never ever say where it all goes, all the markups they make.


We’ve all heard about the Libor scandal for instance, and the Libor scandal was to do with rate-fixing amongst the big banking boys.  And what’s their answer to it?  Here’s their answer that the bankers came up with, because they always turn a crisis into their favor, you see.  It says...


Banks are plotting to use a parliamentary inquiry into their bad behaviour as a way of imposing account fees on customers.


(A:  Who always pays for everything.  It’s always the customers, right?  So, Members of Parliament...)


MPs and peers on a commission set up to examine the recent Libor scandal will be approached by financial institutions this week which will argue in favour of introducing current account charges.


Several banks are expected to make the case that ‘free’ accounts...


(A: Now there’s no such thing, as you know, as a "free" account; you get charged for everything that you do in a bank— everything.  Not only that, when you put money into a bank, that night it’s already across the world somewhere being invested somewhere else for a massive amount in some third world country that’s got a bad debt record or across Europe even, with bad debt records that are downgraded.  Massive, you know, 110,140% interest, I mean, it’s just something else— but you’ve got to pay for it.  So their answer is to charge you more and more for holding a bank account in these banks and so on; not the big boys, of course, but you.  It says...)


Santander is believed to be keen to introduce the fees and is expected to make its case to the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards on the disadvantages of ‘free’ accounts.


(A:  As they call it "free" accounts.  I don’t know anybody that’s got a "free" account.)


Critics fear the joint commission – set up after Barclays admitted it had attempted to rig Libor lending rates – could now turn into a free-for-all for banks to ram through account fees.


(A:  Well of course it will.  And here’s...)


Sir David Walker, Barclays’ new chairman, said the scandals were a ‘consequence of not charging for bank accounts’, and said in principle he agreed with charging fees.


(A:  It says...)


Treasury Select Committee chairman Andrew Tyrie, who is heading the Commission, is a supporter of an end to free banking and has described the concept of free accounts as a ‘myth’.


One source close to the Commission said: ‘I am very happy the banks are going to engage on this issue.


‘Until people fully understand what the banking service they are paying for actually costs we will not have real competition.’


See, it’s all of you guys that don’t understand the "real" cost of running a bank.  You know, as they dish out billions every year to the guys at the top just for extra bonuses.  You just don’t understand the costs of it; it’s all your fault at the bottom.  This will never change, you understand; it will never change because, you see, the bankers run the world.  And these are the lower bankers, even the ones I’m mentioning here— these are the lower ones, not the big ones; you know, the thirteen banking families that lend to nations and run it all.  And lend what to nations?  It’s just blips on a screen now.  They’ve got it made up; they can’t lose.  Nothing will change, by the way, nothing at all until a completely new system is forced into being— and it would have to be forced because they ain’t going to volunteer it for you.


Now, back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And…


Bill Gates and the new Malthusians


(A:  Good article.  It says...)


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first eugenics conference


(A:  That was what it was for, to commemorate the first eugenics conference 100 years ago.)

the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put on a family planning conference in London last month.


The conference, which began on 11 July and was co-hosted by the UK Department for International Development, included among its coalition partners such organizations as Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International, and the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA).


(A: Which means depopulation, for those who don’t quite get it, because everything is doublespeak, you see, in this world.  And it says...)


From Hard Eugenics to Soft Eugenics

The original conference that Bill Gates wished to commemorate was titled The First International Eugenics Congress. It was convened in London from 24-29 July, 1912,


(A: The first one...)


and was presided over by Leonard Darwin, the son of Charles Darwin


(A: One of the few that survived because they were so interbred, the Darwin family with the Wedgwood family, that I think only one or two of them lived out of ten.  Anyway, it says...)


and dedicated to Charles Darwin’s half-cousin Francis Galton (1822–1911). Galton invented the term Eugenics to describe his theory that man could be perfected through strategic breeding. His ideas that certain races are genetically superior to other races had a profound impact on later Nazi theorists.


The 1912 conference included an exhibit by the American Breeders’ Association, whose former president, Harry Laughlin, proposed to eradicate the “inferior” members of society through compulsory sterilization. The conference featured a presentation from Bleeker van Wagenen, who gave a report on the progress of sterilization laws in the United States and advocated compulsory sterilization as a means for improving the human gene pool.


Early 20th century Eugenics theory was often accompanied by the notion that economics can be improved by decreasing the surplus population. Such ideas were based on the theories of Thomas Malthus (1766 –1834) who suggested that the poor were draining the world’s recourses. One of Malthus’s solutions for reducing the surplus population was to introduce policies specifically designed to bring death to large numbers of peasants. For example, he encouraged poor people to move near swamps,


(A:  They’d build them houses near swamps for the poor.)


because he knew that they would catch diseases there and begin dying off.


The conference that the Gates Foundation put on last month to commemorate The First International Eugenics Congress included no calls for forced sterilization, but Bill and Melinda Gates did pledge hundreds of millions of dollars to improve access to contraception in the developing world.


(A:  Remember too, abortion goes under contraception too, and sterilization too.)


Following in the footsteps of early 20th century social engineering theory, they echoed Malthus by suggesting that we have an economic responsibility to ensure that there are fewer people. Wendy Wright has rightly called this the “latest effort to blame children for poverty and women’s troubles.”


Bill Gates is quick to repudiate his dependence on Malthus. In an interview with PBS, he told Moyers that “The one issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population” and he shared how originally he “thought that the Malthusian principles applied at least in the developing countries.” Gates went on to say how he came to understand that “essentially Malthus was wrong” and that alternatives to Malthus’s doomsday scenarios included raising wealth, improving health and educating women.


But we should not be too quick to assume that Bill and Melinda Gates have completely abandoned a Malthusian framework. On the contrary, Mr. and Mrs. Gates have both frequently drawn attention to the economic ramifications of there being too many people. This was made explicit by Melinda Gates in 2011 when she commented that “Government leaders…are now beginning to understand that providing access to contraceptives is a cost-effective way to foster economic growth…”


So what exactly is the relation between contraception and economic growth? The connection is simple: fewer people = more resources. This may not be the hard eugenics of Malthus, but it certainly involves what Andressen Blom and James Bell have called “soft negative eugenics.” Blom and Bell define soft eugenics as follows:


“for economic reasons governments should use taxpayer dollars to underwrite the decisions of citizens to pursue recreational sexual activity.  The underlying economic assumption is that the prospective children of the poor citizens likely to utilize such government-funded programs would be likely to hamper economic growth if they are born.”


(A:  And then...)


Decreasing the Surplus Population


And it goes on in quite some depth, it’s a good article; I’ll put this up tonight too for those who can be bothered to look into what they call "negative topics." They like "happy topics" today, you know; they don’t like negative stuff— although they’ve all been trained that way, mind you.


And, also...


Reuters hacked third time this MONTH


(A:  They’re claiming, it says.  It says...)


The planting of the false report follows two similar attacks earlier this month. First, a bogus piece stating that the Syrian rebels were retreating appeared on a blog run by the news agency. Then, just days later, Reuters’ Twitter feed was hijacked to post pro-Syrian government messages.


(A:  So, they...)


...acknowledged the latest breach in a statement that provides few clues about who carried out the latest breach, or how the hack was pulled off.


I find it kind of hard to believe, to be honest with you.  But, of course, hacking is all over the news right now and of course they’ve even pushed Assange up to the top there to bring in, obviously, new situations, precedence, where he stood in front of the Ecuadorian embassy, or actually in the balcony of it, and spoke out against the system that we already have; that sounds all nice and fair and all that, but he said that he would take it to the World Court if need be.  Now if he takes it to the World Court then countries don’t have to then go through all the new internet laws one by one and give them yes or no because the World Court they’ve all signed on to will give the ultimate decision, and if they rule that there should be more control over internet providers and so on, more restraints, then that’s automatically in the books of every country involved.  There’s something else going on here.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we’ve got Anthony hanging on from New York there.  Are you there Anthony?  Hello Anthony.


Anthony:  How are you sir?  I was looking into something that was very interesting that caught my eye the other day with regards to the Olympics, and one of the individuals that won for the U.K., she is a member or was granted MBE which stands for Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, something that I also noticed that Bill Gates is also an honorary member of.  I don’t know if you can go into what that is and how being a Knight or a Dane can still open doors for you in 2012 and what kind of doors does that open?


Alan: Well, to get an Order of the British Empire you have to have already done something to merit it.  Even some of the top pop musicians get it.  A lot of other people get it too for work they’ve done abroad, say, in some sort of ambassadorial capacity or some big charity that’s often, again, to do with depopulation or something like that; they’ll get an Order of the British Empire, for serving the nation they call it and bringing attention on that particular nation for doing so.  So, even in Canada you have the same thing.  All the British Empire countries (and there still is an Empire, believe it or not; they don’t talk about it— they call it the Commonwealth) have the same Order that they give to the top people who serve the system and it’s got to be for serving the system as it is, not for a different system but this system, they all get these top awards and that’s really what it’s for.  And once you’re into it, of course, it does open big doors for you.  It’s not quite as high as getting a peerage but it does open doors across the world for you because it’s almost giving you a royal title of some kind and you get preferential treatment wherever you go; you’ll walk through airports without being scanned, that kind of stuff, you know.


Anthony:  Wow; wow… Actually, I was wondering… You opened up with Bill Gates, that was interesting, because I was holding on the line there, and Bill Gates is actually one of these members that is into the eugenicist program and it’s just amazing how he got that honorary title, so high in fact, that I believe he’s a commander, which is second to Grand Cross or Dane of the Grand Cross, which is very, very, very interesting that he’s got that kind of title associated with him for someone who is not from the U.K. and for someone who also is not a British National, so that’s very, very, very interesting.


Alan:  And plus, you’ve got to remember too, a lot of Americans now get these kind of orders given to them by Britain as well even though it’s against the American Constitution to even Knight someone from abroad.  Well, Kissinger and all these boys, Giuliani, they all got Knighted by the Queen and so they all go over to London and get Knighted and they’ve been doing that for many, many years now.  So, lots of your top guys running the U.S. are already Knights of the British Empire.


Anthony: Is that still connected to what you opened with earlier today with regards to the eugenicist programs and all these other different foundations that have been around but under different names?  Is that connected to some of that stuff?


Alan:  Oh absolutely, absolutely; they have a fantastic history just with the one main big organization everyone knows the names of, and that’s for Britain from the City of London, it was bankers who formed it, the Royal Institute for International Affairs— it’s a private organization which has a Royal Charter to exist and have its power.   Even its headquarters became the head of the OSS during the War because they were already the Secret Service across the world, made up of journalists and people of all kinds across the planet, and then they made their American counterpart, the Council on Foreign Relations.  And now they have departments across the whole planet; you have all the top European Parliamentarians are all part of the European Council on Foreign Relations for instance, and that’s run by George Soros who also is a member of it.  So, this one organization runs the whole planet and they’ve said for a hundred years they’re going to bring in a world government, but not any old world government, a world government where the ones at the top who’ve proven their eugenical abilities by keeping hold of money for generations and doing the wise things (and their offspring doing the same), then they have the natural right to rule the world and work it the way it should be run.  And what they mean by that is, it’s not going to be left up to personal choice what you do or work at or anything like that; you’ve already got school-to-work programs— this is all part of the same system.  And they also worked with the communist system.  Carroll Quigley, who was their historian for the same organization, said we’re often mistaken for communists, he says, because we have the same goals but also slightly different goals as well, but the same goals including the dissolution of the family for all those down below, a kind of brave new world scenario type system to bring in.  And so, that’s only one of the many that they have.


Now, the same Royal Institute for International Affairs have literally hundreds, they employ hundreds of thinktanks that really are the thinktanks that work with all the secret services across the planet.  But right down, as I say, to even minutely altering the culture step by step to achieve all their goals.  They have destroyed not just family but communities, and so there’s no one to stand up against them now, you understand.  A man will only stand up against something and fight for something if he has something; when they don’t have that anymore they won’t stand up and fight.  And HG Wells, who was a propagandist for the same organization in the early 1900’s, said when government can talk down to you directly, he says, with nobody to stand around and help you out, he says, then government is in its proper place and so is the peasant.  So, we’re here.  We’re here.  They’ve achieved their goals, basically. And what they say at the top, too, in the Council on Foreign Relations, is, “the end justifies the means.”  They have been behind wars; Quigley was their historian.  They started off the Boer War and then they blamed the Boers in order to get the British Army in so that they could take it over and they’ve been doing the same thing ever since, including all the wars we’re going through right now.  So, what can you do when you have a powerful people, a bunch of people at the top, who literally are the establishment— they are the establishment, you know.  And you don’t vote them in and you’re not responsible for them.  They’re not responsible to you; you don’t vote them in.  But these same guys admit that they’ve given you every President and Prime Minister for the last hundred years— every one; it doesn’t matter what party they belonged to.  So, that’s where you’re stuck, with this one system that runs everything and brings on the wars.  They own the media.  And Quigley, again, goes through all of that, the history of them owning the media.  So, our thoughts come from them, our opinions come from them; all your top anchors on television are part of them; they belong to the same organization.  It’s a controlled system as it is, for mind control, basically.  You can’t get any independent news on anything, and that’s the problem. 


Anthony:  Incredible.  And, Africa in general… I didn’t realize that they had so much of a thriving industry way before colonization in the 17 and 18 hundreds, that they had even schools out in Mali in Timbuktu that could actually rival and was even better than Oxford at a particular point in time.  How did they get subdued so quickly?  What was the turning point that pushed them into just getting colonized and now to this day they can’t take use of their natural resources and they’re pretty locked down and there’s a huge fight between America and China and some others, even Australia from what I understand.  I remember actually going to a professional sports tryout and the Navy Seals were there because they did not have enough African American or Black Africans in their regime and they were trying to recruit, basically, people that have, obviously, some athletic ability and some decent ability, because when you play sports you know how to follow orders and they wanted to bring in some more people because I guess they wanted to… they said basically if a Caucasian goes there they stick out so they needed more people of a certain shade to come in to help dominate in that area.  What was that breaking point between colonization that actually just subdued everyone?


Alan:  It isn’t just colonization.  Britain, again, is a great example of how it’s done.  For instance, that’s how they unified India; they kept arming sides, little factions that never fought before, causing friction.  They paid the guys well, the provocateurs— trained them too.  And then out of it, of course, Britain would come in and say, oh, there’s got to be peace here so we’ll rule you; and then they would spread on to the next tribes again and get them all fighting each other.  This is the oldest, oldest trick in the book.  There’s a good movie, it’s called Burn with Marlon Brando about the provocateurs in the 18th century, it was so well done and based basically on truth.  And you’ve got to see it, how the technique is used— very old.  But Britain did it across Africa as well.  I mean, Africa has been plundered many, many, many times over.  And personally, I think that’s the goal they want.  If you look what they’ve done, for instance, in the Middle East, and Kissinger said before they went into Iraq, he said I would prefer, he says, if we can start arming different factions, like the Kurds, etcetera, inside Iraq and keep them fighting forever amongst themselves, then they’re helpless and the big corporations can move in, pay the headmen a paltry sum and just take all the minerals and oil and that out of the country.  Well that’s happened.  And he is a geo-politician; he studies all this stuff down through history and he knows the British system too.  And so that’s what they’re doing in Africa as well.  You get them all fighting each other, ultimately, and they’re helpless.  I mean, DeBeers and all these big companies are still running South Africa today and even paying some of them less money than they were before.  But they’ll keep all the different factions fighting and that way you don’t have to pay a country big taxes anymore, you pay the local head-guys that are in charge of the big gangs a paltry sum— they’re quite happy with that.   It’s far cheaper for the guys who are looting the country of mineral resources, oil, and everything else, and gold and silver and diamonds.  So, it’s divide and conquer and keep them all fighting themselves forever; that’s the standard technique— very old, very old.


Anthony:  Incredible, incredible.  Shell Corporation has a very huge connection, actually a huge sway and power over that region in general, which is very, very amazing.  As a matter of fact I remember taking a ride with someone who was from Somalia and they were saying that they actually even take certain types of plant life from the sea area, one of the richest coasts out there and they’ve been plundering, it’s something crazy, like 310 million dollars worth of seafood for the past 10, 20 years, very wide coast, the widest coast in Africa, as wide as it is from Florida to California— that’s how wide the coast of Somalia is and it’s very, very interesting some of the stuff that’s been going on over there.  Yeah, you brought to light a lot.  It is a one-world empire with many different arms to it, which is very, very interesting.


Alan:  Many arms to it.  And even the East Coast of Africa too, if you go down the East Coast.  They survive either on tourism or exporting the small things that they make or have or resources that they have too and they get very little back for it and they’re not putting in the education, of course.  If anything, see, war destroys the schools and education, etcetera, and that’s where they want you once again— people who are pretty illiterate, think about basic things, just surviving, and they don’t realize they’re all getting used and really abused as well in the process.  But that’s an old technique, very old technique as I say.  You’ve got to see that movie, it’s called Burn with Marlon Brando, because it’s based on fact which the British actually did with some of the Caribbean countries and he goes through the technique of how you manipulate; you pick a leader who thinks he’s going to free the people and how you use them and then of course you bring in your own armies at the end— it’s standard, standard stuff.  But you go back to even Charles Galton Darwin because here’s the big key to this.  Nothing happens by chance.  These guys literally planned all of this, including your culture today, was planned a hundred years ago.  How they were dead on with the culture they’d have today with mass abortions in first world countries, people who couldn’t mate and stay together because they would separate mating, the mating instinct, the bonding instinct, from the sexual act.  They wrote about this, how they’d do it; they’ve done it all.  And when you go into the writings of Francis Galton, he actually said that it would be far better… we’ll try different people, he said, but eventually we might bring in the Chinese to rule Africa; that’s what he said.  And that’s what you’ve got happening now.


Anthony:  Wow.  And this was a hundred years ago?


Alan:  That’s right.  Over a hundred years.


Anthony:  So which means that they’ve studied this, and I’m thinking whether it was between Roman or Egyptian writings and manuscripts because I would not be surprised in some of these areas that they’ve gone into recently between Iraq and ancient Babylonia that they’ve taken up some scribes of some materials, some manuscripts on papyrus that they’ve been able to study and see some of the habits, that they’ve studied this kind of behavior before and they’ve seen this in action before in the past.  Is that correct?


Alan:  That’s right.  And when you look at the State Department employing guys like philosophers, historians, like Carroll Quigley to train them in all of this stuff because that was his speciality— he worked for the Council on Foreign Relations as the historian for them and he said there is an alternative version of history.  He says it’s ours.  Buy he did say that he was employed by the State Department, training lots and lots of them because he understood the techniques that had been used down through the centuries, to dominate different kinds of people, how well it worked or how badly it worked. And so they employ big thinktanks like the Brookings Institution and others, many other ones, and they actually go into the cultures, the natures of the cultures: how easily it is to defeat them in one battle; if you do it in one battle they won’t fight again; other ones will keep fighting you.  They’ve got us all down.  Everybody, every ethnic group is sussed out to the nth degree, you wouldn’t believe it, and that’s how they do things.  But as I say, Francis Galton said, yeah, we could bring in the Chinese and they would run it more efficiently for us down the road.  And he said that in the late 1800’s.


Anthony:  Thanks a lot.  Thanks a lot.  I appreciate the enlightenment.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Anthony:  I definitely have to look into some of your materials, but thanks again.


Alan:  Yeah. Take care now.


And, when you see the trivia stuff that’s put out on media, and it’s more than just trivia; remember they said at the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations, same thing, about having to destroy the family unit and even sexual relationships between men and women, especially bonding, separate it from the bonding part, then they wouldn’t have children.  And that’s why they also said they would push the homosexual system across the world as well— a hundred years ago they said this.  And…


Canada warns gay travellers to Russia on heels of law banning homosexual “propaganda”


Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re talking about this big system that we’re born into that’s run microscopically, in fact, in every single department of humanity by big massive organizations that have incredible funding and they plan the future to make sure that they themselves and their offspring will be in charge of the future; that’s why you never lose control of time when you are the powerful— that’s how it’s been for an awful long time. But, as I say…


The Department of Foreign Affairs [Canada] is warning gay travellers to tread carefully in St. Petersburg, in advance of the Russian city’s incoming laws banning homosexual “propaganda.”


(A:  Now, you’ve got to understand, every country is putting funds out there, using your tax money, and putting special groups across the world to alter their systems as well, just like we do the color revolutions across the Middle East.  Billions have been paid to getting mercenaries across the Middle East to get all the wars started and to agitate and so on, and then before that too we put hundreds and hundreds of people in to the universities in those countries to start the propaganda there too— this happens all the time.  That’s how the world really, really runs, because there’s a big agenda at stake.  And it’s the same with homosexuality.  So, it says...)


The vaguely written law cracking down on displays — and perhaps even public discussions — of homosexuality will come into effect in St. Petersburg on Saturday.


And it gives you the fines and so on.  And you’ve got to ask why is your own country sending this kind of stuff over to other people anyway, I mean organizations, and funding them to do this?  Big, big plans, because see, everyone must be destroyed eventually for the new system that’s coming in.


And here’s an article too about Canada supporting financially the Syrian rebels.  And it says it’s a kind of fudged thing from Canada— they fudge things.  The U.S. is better at it and so is Britain.  Britain is the expert at it.  It says…


It’s probably a good thing that Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs wasn’t in charge of covertly supporting the Afghan mujahedeen during the Cold War. Given DFAIT’s clumsy attempts to channel aid to Syria this week, I’m not even sure an underage teenager hanging around the LCBO


(A:  That’s your liquor licensing bureau.)


parking lot should trust Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to secretly buy him booze.


Last weekend, Canada announced it was providing $2 million to Canadian Relief for Syria,


(A:  Which suddenly just popped out of nowhere, this Canadian Relief for Syria...)


little-known group


(A:  They’re brand new...)


with no previous international aid experience and no charitable status in Canada. The original press release said the aid would “provide medical supplies for doctors and health-care providers within Syria’s borders.”


(A:  Well that’s what even Bill Gates’ bunch say too: medical supplies for women and so on.  You know, as they go in and massacre and sterilize people.)


The announcement struck a non-partisan tone: “‘Canada calls on all sides of the conflict to immediately allow humanitarian access so that assistance reaches those most in need,’ said [International Cooperation Minister Julian] Fantino.”


(A:  And it’s from Maclean’s magazine.  And it says, eventually when you scroll down to it, you find out, no, they’re putting it directly, you know, through all these different means but really directly to the Syrian Rebels that are all mercenaries and they’re paid for by the West.  And it’s a small sum, but obviously they’ve been giving them lots of money through other means as well and getting it to them and ammunition as well, obviously, because those guys over there are not short of ammunition of any kind whatsoever.  In fact, they’re all trained in Qatar; that’s the big, big base for operations throughout the Middle East for the West.  Anyway, it says…)


When questioned about Canada’s funding of CRS, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canadian officials had exercised due diligence investigating the group. A Foreign Affairs spokesperson stressed no money would go to Human Concern International.


And then out came later the fact that, yeah, it’s going to the rebels.  So the article actually says, okay, “Fund Syria’s rebels — but be honest about it”— from Yahoo News. 


See, you’re living in incredible deception on every single topic and front— incredible deception.  That’s what it’s all about.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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