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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 22, 2012:

The Big Boys' Occupation is Crisis Creation:

"It's Crisis Creation, It Will Never Stop,
In the Age of Transitions it's Over the Top,
"Crisis" Screams Media, All Over the Lands,
Joe Average is Cowed, It's Out of His Hands,
There's No Public Debates on Major New Laws,
On Privacy Rights, Groping TSA Paws,
Most People Adapt, The Fearful May Pray,
This Authoritarian System is Here to Stay"
© Alan Watt Aug. 22, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 22, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 22, 2012.  For newcomers, you should always make use of the website You’ll find over a thousand audios for download for free and you can start piecing the system you’re born into, piece it together for yourselves because it’s an intense system which you think is reality and it never dawns on you that all of your reality, your opinions, your beliefs, even the changing and the adaptations that you do yourself to the culture, as it changes by design, it’s all done by specialists at the top. You’re living in a controlled society and it’s been that way for a long, long time. So make use of the website. You can also find transcripts for print up on all of them [Official sites listed above.] in English and you can go into and get transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can buy the books and discs at That keeps me going. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests and sell other things. You can also donate as well.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these austere times.


What I do here is just link up the past to the present; the past being, the past of the big boys that designed the world system you’re living in today. It didn’t develop by itself. It did not develop just out of crisis either. The guys create crisis, mind you, at the top, and then use it to their advantage; and they actually say that themselves in so many articles. But we’re living in a planned society with a planned future.  Regardless of what you think of as the chaos that’s going on in the world, it’s really all planned that way. Order out of chaos is the whole technique and they bring out the order. They need conflict across the world to get changes.  You can’t get change unless you’ve got an opposing factor to the system you’re already in. So you always have the dialectic going on for the planned changes.


Same thing in the economical realm as well, because the big boys who formed the main organization that runs the world, Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, these were all international bankers who lent to nations – still are – at the top too. So as I say, all of the boys that work for them and who are members on the outer circle – they actually call it the outer circle – are your top journalists and TV hosts and talk shows and so on, on television, across the world that is, because they’re in every country. They’re bringing in their whole world order through economical warfare upon the public into austerity, into post-consumerism, post-democracy as well, and that’s all part of the planned changes that you’re witnessing right now. What you are seeing in Greece and other countries of this ongoing flooding of money, borrowed money, into Greece to keep it afloat, is to happen across the whole world. It’s already happening in Britain too. It’s to bring everybody down to an equal standard of poverty basically, and then the masters of the world will have everyone exactly where they want them. It’s designed that way, truly designed that way.  As I say, don’t panic with the whole thing. I read an article yesterday about different things from Jacques Ellul who was a philosopher and...


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Yesterday I was talking about basically mind control and propaganda.  Jacques Ellul was an expert on all of this too. He put out, very lucidly, the whole techniques that are used upon you daily by newscasters. Other articles too I’ve read in the past talked about, from the top that is, from intelligence agencies, talked about the overload of information would actually stun people and make them immobile eventually. Because every day you’re bombarded with nasty things that are supposed to be going to happen to you or are happening to you and really, the average person hasn’t got anything that they can do about it. Because out there, amongst all the millions and millions of people, no one is really organized enough to take anything on. And if you were so organized to do it, you understand, you’d have to have the same amount of agencies working against the agencies, counterpropaganda in other words, to take them all on. So the average person feels overwhelmed by information, where most of the topics and the things that are happening are out of their hands, completely, out of their control and you’re not consulted on any of the things that are getting rammed down through different laws and so on.


Because today you live under ‘the power of the purse’; that’s what they call it at the top.  Economic laws and inflation and taxes and so on, and also other laws too, are all to do with law, identification, obeying authority, as they step it all up and up and up into the totalitarian system, which really is already here. Right down to them actually telling you, you are being watched and listened to, everybody is 24 hours per day, and you have no privacy. This is the first time, really, in history that any government or governments have gone out publicly and said, you have no privacy. The trick now of course is just to train people to accept that premise, that you have no privacy, and to offset that of course, they give you lots of entertainment and you can go scouring the Internet for all kinds of things and pass your lives away. But that’s the trade-off you get for having no privacy, you see. 


Most folk will go along with that forever and they won’t just pack it in and toss the computers out the window, because they’re now addicted to it, you see. The young people especially are addicted to it because they have grown up and been trained from school, to go through metal detection devices at school, etc., and then from that straight into the society of ID’ing for everything and using the cashless society as well.  They all carry cards and that’s all they use. I’ve seen them even in little stores pulling out their cards just to pay for a pack of candy; they don’t use cash at all, a lot of them. And they’re always using their phone for everything; that is their ID at the moment, and it tracks them, traces them.  And it also has all of the ‘friends’ on it so that they can be grouped into clusters – as they call it at universities who deal with this for the boys at the top. And they find out why you have all these friends and what you have in common, if anything at all, etc., etc. Constant analysis of the population for perpetual control, and that’s what you’re living in today.


But there’s never really been an era like this, as I say.   Jacques Ellul, as I say, he even mentioned different words, the importance of words and the power of words, that used to really motivate people to do something, and words have lost their meaning. Even rape is losing its meaning in an age of massive promiscuity and pornography, when the people who watch the pornography are watching even simulated rape scenes, a lot of them, and that loses its meaning too. Whereas at one time things that would happen would cause even members of Parliament or politicians to step down in disgrace; it doesn’t happen today. It doesn’t happen. It’s lost its meaning.  That’s how society is changed by the culture industry. The culture industry is so important for changes that are planned, and it’s worked so well. Here’s an article today, it says…


Secret court proposals compared to superinjunctions / Ian Cobain / 19 August 2012


Opponents say the public (Alan:  This is in Britain.) will be prevented from learning about the UK government’s involvement in human rights abuses, such as the torture of Binyam Mohamed.


The government's plan to establish a new generation of secret courts (A:  ...a NEW generation of secret courts…) has sparked fresh controversy after it emerged that the fact that a hearing is to be held behind closed doors may itself be kept secret.  (A:  So even the fact that it is secret will be kept secret, you see.)


During House of Lords debates, it was disclosed that a government application for a court to sit in secret – with the public, the media and even the claimant and their lawyers being excluded – could itself remain completely secret under the proposals.  (A:  Now, that’s really at the end where you won’t even find out that these secret courts are going on, and have gone on, or find out anything about them at all.)


The admission drew immediate comparisons with so-called superinjunctions, which not only prevent the media from publishing information said to be confidential or private, but also ban publication of the fact that the injunction exists.  (A:  Like everything is so secret, even the fact that the injunction exists...  It’s incredible.)


The secrecy proposals, contained in the government's justice and security bill, allow government ministers (A:  ...that’s politicians and so on…) to apply for special courtroom measures known as closed material procedure (CMP) whenever the government or its intelligence agencies are being sued in the UK courts.


Ministers say the measures are needed to prevent intelligence material handed over by friendly governments being disclosed in open court. (A:  There’s so much going on to do with spying on the public they don’t even want any of it to come out at all, or the techniques that they’re using, even though they’ve published a lot of them in the past.)


Many lawyers and human rights activists deny that such wide-ranging secrecy is necessary, and point out that once the bill becomes law, the public will be prevented from learning about the UK government's involvement in human rights abuses, such as the torture of Binyam Mohamed, the decision to consign British citizens to Guantánamo, and the existence of the last Labour government's secret torture policy.  (A:  And the links are all here for all these articles, by the way, these terms I’m using.)


Lady Stowell of Beeston, a government whip (A:  I like the terms you hear; you know it’s sadomasochistic in the House of Lords, right?) in the Lords, told peers: (A:  And there’s a lot of that, even with Prince Harry recently, as he goes starkers to pose in Las Vegas.) "As to whether the press should be notified at the point of application for a CMP, it may well be informed, but it will not be informed if the issue is related to national security."


Under the guise, you see, of ‘national security,’ everything can be kept secret, EVERYTHING, even their disposal of you, and your body by the way, would be kept secret, if need be. I mean, this is way beyond anything that’s ever been out in the so-called free world, and they’re publishing it right in front of our eyes. Because most folk today can’t tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction.  Each person out there thinks, well it could never happen to me; I’m okay. And when you don’t have empathy for other people, who it’s happened to already, then, believe you me, you are fair game when they come for you. And this is to go on and on and on… as they just put into law all the stuff that they want to put into law to do nasty stuff, that they used to talk about the KGB doing and other countries as well that were dictatorial, and now it’s all legal, you see. As long as it’s legal it’s not bad. You understand the psychology involved here... It’s legal, it can’t be that bad, it’s legal to do what they’re doing.


And as we go down the drain economically, and as I say Australia’s been really bashed since Gillard took over, because it was planned that way that she came in and did this at this time. Everything is planned. And of course they’re really getting hit hard by the full impact of free trade. The free trade is to go around the whole planet.  It’s just like Star Trek.  Star Trek was all about, you know, the world Federation, which was symbolic of the United Nations you see, and any planet that wouldn’t trade with them, etc, they were ‘nasty people’; so those who traded with them were okay and they’d get a seat on the big government back on earth. Well it’s the same thing with free trade. The whole idea was to get a multicultural world society, free flow of goods and labor across national boundaries and borders.  It was designed over a hundred years ago by the Royal Institute of International Affairs that used to be called the Milner group.  So Australia has been kind of shielded for a while from the effects of it but now they’re getting it full force. Here is the ex-Australian, I think he was the treasurer for the government. His name is Henry…


Henry advises manufacturers to go offshore / Aug 21, 2012


Former Treasury secretary Ken Henry told the AIG forum the Australian dollar is unlikely to fall and manufacturers should consider offshoring to survive.  (A:  So that’s his advice, for companies to move offshore, to China, to the cheap countries, to survive.)


TICKY FULLERTON, PRESENTER: Australian manufacturers should consider sending jobs offshore to keep their businesses viable in the so-called Asian century.


That's the advice of former secretary of the Treasury, Ken Henry.


And while that might be political poison, Dr Henry says it's one way of dealing with the persistently high Australian dollar. (A:  They want to devalue it basically.)


It goes on and on and on, but what I’m saying is, Australia is really getting hammered now, REALLY hammered, and they’re in shock.  The people are in shock; now they’ve got carbon taxes to pay and everything else as well.  They’re also getting the full impact of the privatization of the energy sector just massively increasing their costs and so on, as they have already done in Canada; they’re doing it in the States and other countries and in Britain too. So they’re getting hit all at once and they’re spinning. But now their top guys are saying, if you want to survive move your businesses offshore, so you know what’s going to happen there in Australia.


Now, what is MOSPIN? 




Q: What is MoSPIN? A: MoSPIN is the acronym for the Missouri Statewide Police Intelligence Network.


MoSPIN is a secure, web-enabled, computerized intelligence sharing system that allows authorized local, state and federal law enforcement personnel to make inquiries of, or submission to, a shared intelligence database. (A:  It’s part of these fusion centers that they have all across the US, and by the way they have them in Canada too. In fact, they’re interrelated on their data.)


MoSPIN is deployed on the Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center's (MOCIC) Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Network.   (A:  I’ll put this article up plus the actual PDF from MOSPIN’s own site, the intelligence services site. I’ll put that up tonight too. Back with more after this.)


Missouri Information Analysis Center

(MIAC) / Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights Policy / Revised and Approved July 7, 2011


Hi folks, I’m back, talking about this MOSPIN, which is a fusion center for police, intelligence agencies and so on. It goes through how it works, etc., how it can search for anybody at all before an event can be entered.  It says…


•  Search of a subject is required before an event can be entered, this allows subjects to be entered only once if many events involve the same subject

•  Events can be viewed by event number, contributor, creator, criminal activity and/or date

•  Subjects can be viewed by name, social security number, aka's, and gang type  (A:  They’ve got your social insurance number, all of that stuff, all your data and they have instant access to all the stuff that you’ve put out on the net, including all your emails and so on, and your tweets, etc.. They have everything about you, instantaneously, from multiple sources.  It’s instantaneous, through supercomputers of course.  And that’s only one of the many, many fusion centers in this Brave New World scenario.)


Another article too, is just pure propaganda again from their propagandists; it’s the Council on Foreign Relations.  Remember, pretty well all their members are in the intelligence agencies and they’re also in your government.  They place them in your government by the way – Carroll Quigley admitted that and he was their historian – and they also give you presidents and prime ministers, have for a hundred years. But they also give you lots of journalists and so on. You’ll often find when you look through the Council on Foreign Relations’ own website and the articles that they put out for you, they also have one of their other members in the main newspapers also with the same articles; they actually interchange them in fact. And what they’re talking about here is…


What It Will Take to Secure Afghanistan - Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 23 / Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press - June 2012


And when you read through it, Policy Innovation Memorandum Number 23, it says basically that the US is there to stay.  When you read through it, it’s there to stay. 


Here’s another article too, to do with the poisoning of the public, which is happening all over the world with the GM food and so on. Some countries are even further ahead, I’m sure they’re using them as little test bases as they step up the pesticides and so on, because even Monsanto’s pesticides are causing problems with resistant weeds that are mutating.  So they’ll try even more powerful ones out in other little countries first, little countries that don’t have much of a say and don’t get much news coverage at all. But…


Study Links Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka’s Farm Belt to Agrochemicals / Amantha Perera / Aug 21 2012


(A:  This is quite an article.)

New research on the high prevalence of kidney disease in Sri Lanka's farming areas mentions a possible link to heavy metals in the water, associated with fertiliser and pesticide use. (A:  ...the link to pesticides, heavy pesticides they’re using for the GM foods.)


COLOMBO, Aug 21 2012 (IPS) - A new report links the high prevalence of chronic kidney disease (A:  These are in young guys, by the way. You only have to work for a few years in the farming to come down with this.) in Sri Lanka’s main agricultural production regions with the presence of heavy metals in the water, caused by fertiliser and pesticide use.


Over the past two decades, dozens of studies have been conducted on the large number of kidney patients in Sri Lanka’s agro-rich north-central region. (A:  And it says here…) However, none had conclusively identified a clear cause. (A:  Well they actually have that, and the World Health Organization is looking into it too. But they’re standing back, which is unusual for the World Health Organization, unless they know what’s really going on, which as I say, is a big test, you see.)


But on Aug. 14, a group of Sri Lankan doctors released a report that they said was compiled as part of an ongoing joint research project by the Sri Lankan government and the World Health Organisation (WHO).


The report states that: “Exposure to a combination of factors that are toxic to the kidneys (rather than one single factor) seems to cause this kidney disease. Toxic factors identified up to now include nephrotoxic agrochemicals (A: That’s ones that attack your kidneys.), arsenic and cadmium.”


As many as 400,000 people in the north-central region may be suffering from kidney disease (A:  That’s an awful lot of people in a small place.), said doctors taking part in the release of the report. They added that in the past two decades, as many as 22,000 people may have died as a result.  (A:  ...and that’s not including the ones that are all sick too.)


“The reason for the spread is heavy metals in the water caused by the unregulated use of fertiliser and pesticides,” Dr. Channa Jayasumana, from the Faculty of Medicine at the Rajarata University in Anuradhapura, told IPS.


Jayasumana was on the team of doctors who released the report. They said they had handed the study over to the government last year, and accused the authorities of failing to release it to the public, and of failing to take action on the results.  (A:  So that will definitely be some big test that’s going on there, before they find some way to bring down the number of cases, and then give us the same kind of pesticides, etc to use here.  Because after all, depopulation is a big thing.  Remember that.)


Student Loan Debt Trims Social Security Payments for Retirees / 21 August 2012 / Brian Koenig


Much of the focus on the student-loan debt crisis has been placed on new graduates, but according to a new report, the federal government has been honing in on another demographic of debtors: retirees. The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 granted the federal government authority to withhold a fraction of their Social Security payments if retirees owe defaulted debt to the government — including student loans.


The Department of Education, which issues federal student loans, says it tries to work with debtors before garnishing their Social Security payments. Justin Hamilton, a spokesman for the federal agency, affirmed that accounts do not go to collections until about two years of non-payment. Then if there’s still no payment after months of attempted collection, the loan heads over to the Treasury Department, which administers the Social Security withholdings. “It’s when people aren’t making any attempt whatsoever that they start heading down that road,” said Hamilton.  (A:  So they just intervene and garnish your cash basically. And it talks too, how it’s really increased and the gap has widened even further.)


From January through August, the government slashed a portion of more than 110,000 retirees’ Social Security checks, nearly double the amount in 2011, according to the Treasury Department. Since 2001, the gap has widened even further, as the number of retirees who’ve seen portions of their Social Security benefits withheld spiked from about 20,000 to now over 100,000. The amount of withholdings varies, but under the law a minimum of $750 a month must go untouched.  (A:  So they’re really going for it now too.  It’s so incredible because education of course is not what you think it is. You think you’re going to get trained for some sort of profession or something that helps you get through life, and folk for 30 years now have been taking degrees and things and there’s no jobs for them at all. And it’s going to get worse too. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Back to Australia again too...


MP wants journalists fined for mistakes / Aug 20, 2012


Federal Labor backbencher (A: government...) Steve Gibbons has called for fines for journalists who publish misleading or incorrect stories. (A:  That’s quite the power for a government to have, eh?)


Mr Gibbons, the Member for Bendigo, told Parliament that people were losing faith in journalism and voiced concerns about the lack of accountability in the sector.


He said recommendations from the Finkelstein independent review of the media did not go far enough and journalists should be fined for their errors. (A:  And you should read this Finkelstein report, I might put that up again if I can find it, because this guy put out a whole screed of stuff to do with total censorship of all media; that’s what it’s about.)


"Fines such as these for publishing blatant untruths (A:  Well you could do that with MOST of the media because they publish handouts; a lot of the stuff they get is handouts from government or intelligence agencies, a lot of it is, every day.) misleading news reports, or temporary suspensions of the right to publish or broadcast, would lead to a major improvement in the accuracy and fairness of our media," he said.


Mr Gibbons said he supported free speech, but inaccurate reports degraded public debate on issues of national significance.


This is from their own branch, remember too, of the Council on Foreign Relations because Britain also had a branch there, all these years, still have of course, they run it; they put in their prime ministers. These are the guys also who put in the journalists in the top papers; they’ve been lying to the public for many, many years. They didn’t tell them for all these years that they were going to eventually merge them under China, or put them into a free-trade bloc with China and New Zealand and a few other countries as well, with China as the dominant partner. So what are they talking about? See, all news is pretty well slanted. And what they’re really getting at here is that independent people who don’t belong to the big organization and publish out handouts from the intelligence agencies, they’re going to go after them. That’s really what it’s all about. But reality is like this. Reality is far different from what people think it is. They learn by osmosis. They learn by feeling. They feel things; they don’t know things or understand things. They feel things. How do you feel about this story, that story, etc.?


Here’s an article here for instance, and it’s in the right section called celebrity news/entertainment, and it’s “Prince Harry naked holding the crown jewels”, as they say, partying nude with… who knows if they’re pick-ups, or prostitutes they picked up in Las Vegas. And these guys, by the way, don’t get the diseases that the rest of the people get.  There are actually cures at the top, and there’s actually preventative measures, as well, through inoculations that really do work. But anyway, you’ll see him romping about in a little orgy with other people. But it’s entertainment isn’t it? Because no one is offended by this anymore; it’s just a normal thing. Stuff that they used to talk about the ancient Romans doing when they were going under as a civilization is commonplace now for all the people at the top.


And I’ve mentioned before about the countries that were on the list for extermination a long time ago, going as far back as John Stuart Mill, by the way, and repeated by other people.  The Darwins for instance, down through the years, the different generations talked about having to get rid of certain peoples they didn’t want to go into the future – that gave them trouble, in other words. Scotland was one of them. The Irish were another group of people to be put away with. And of course, they’ve really hammered Scotland for many, many years. Scotland’s never really had independence and it hasn’t got independence now in fact.  You know, it’s pretense, this half independence nonsense. But it’s all nonsense, as I say. And it says…


Drug death toll hits record high - with 1 in 100 Scots killed / ANDREW NICOLL / 18th August 2012


DRUG-related deaths rocketed to record levels in Scotland last year, shocking new figures have revealed.


The number of addicts dying from their habit rose 20 per cent to 584.


Shockingly, heroin substitute methadone was involved in more deaths than the drug itself.  (A:  It’s all prescribed by the government, to kill them off.  The taxpayer is paying to kill off a good section of its own population. And the Pharma loves it, the government’s in bed with them.  Because these guys can’t afford to buy this stuff either, you know, the methadone, so the taxpayer picks up the tab.)


Community safety minister Roseanna Cunningham, below left, said: “These figures represent 584 lives lost in communities across Scotland. Every one of these deaths is a tragedy.”


Labour’s Lewis Macdonald said: “With a large proportion of deaths involving methadone, it would appear that the approach being taken to treatment isn’t working properly and fails to prevent addicts combining drugs into lethal cocktails.”  (A:  Well, that’s really the agenda, just kill them all off. That’s what it is. They used the Scots regiments, they had lots and lots, nothing but regiments for well over 150 years, and they were the shock troops for England. They were always put in front of the battles; they were a bit more aggressive than most people and they were excellent shock troops.  And it thinned out the numbers as well, for the ones to go back home. Then they couldn’t breed that way, you see; they’d be dead. Things work out for the big boys. It’s strategy.  It is strategy.)


Now Egypt, in one article here, says that they signed a deal with the World Bank for a $200 million loan project. You understand, these countries that once, really, were Islamic to an extent didn’t have central banks.  And everybody in this new world order must have a central bank, privately owned of course by the same ones who own all the other central banks. It’s just a small group that owns all your central banking systems. And you have to start borrowing from the World Bank and the IMF and then you are under their thumb. They’ve got you. Then they can control you through various laws and so on and economics once they have that done. So Egypt, that pretended it was going to free all the people, is now just another slave country like the rest, and a tiny minority from another country actually rule them.


Egypt Signs $200 Million Loan from World / 14 August 2012


Then this next article too, is from the BBC, where they’re getting another loan, a $4.8 billion loan from the visiting IMF chief. It says…


Egypt requests $4.8bn loan from visiting IMF chief / 22 August 2012


The request was made during talks in Cairo between President Mohammed Mursi and IMF chief Christine Lagarde.


Ms Lagarde said the IMF would respond quickly, while Prime Minister Hisham Qandil said he hoped the deal could be finalised before the end of the year. (A:  So they’re all bought and paid for now at the top in Egypt, and they’re the same as every other country. They’ll be in massive debt forever and ever. That’s how you control every country; you OWN them. You own them. If you are the debtor, you know, we all know the Old Testament and everything else, it hasn’t changed from then.  So you are owned.)


Here’s an article, again, that at one time would have stunned people and there would’ve been massive outrage about it. You don’t get outraged today about anything, really. But it says…


Energy companies (A: in Britain) 'overcharge customers by £600m'

(A: just runs through your head and off you like water, you know.) / Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent / 21 Aug 2012


The Government believes companies have been “profiting unfairly (A:  That’s how the government puts it, corruption, they’re ‘profiting unfairly’…) at the expense of [the] consumer” by overloading the national grid with electricity.


They are then able to claim “unduly high” compensation payments to switch their wind farms and power plants off when the system becomes too full.  (A:  So they get paid when they have to switch off. That’s a great scam, this wind farm stuff.)


Official estimates suggest that some companies have been over-claiming for up to five years at a cost of up to £125 million per year – the equivalent of £25 for every household in Britain.


Two of Britain’s biggest energy companies — Scottish Power (A:  ...which isn’t Scottish.) and SSE, which supply energy to six million homes — have been investigated for alleged abuses by Ofgem, the regulator.


All bill-payers in Britain have to bear these extra costs, regardless of who their energy supplier is. (A:  Well there is your new world order, you see, internationalism, and anybody can own them, and you’re all slaves to it.)


The scale of the alleged abuses comes after energy companies announced large profits at a time when households are struggling to pay record bills.


Charles Hendry, the energy minister, is planning to ban such “exploitative behaviour” by the owners of wind farms and gas and coal plants, after warnings from Ofgem that compensation payments are rising out of control.


New rules will go to consultation this autumn. (A:  See, they’ve got all this competition now with wind farms and everything, so when they turn them off they get millions of pounds just for turning the darn things off, claiming they’re losing money.  So the taxpayer pays it all. What a scam, eh? What a scam. But not bad when it only seems to be about 25 pounds each per year or so, you know. That’s how they do things, take little bits from each person, no one notices for five years.)


Finland, of course...

Finland prepares for the break-up of the

'catastrophic eurozone causing misery for millions' / Rick Dewsbury / 17 August 2012


In an attack on the faltering Euro, Erkki Tuomioja said that other countries were planning for a collapse.


The senior politician warned that there was only a limited amount of time that rich smaller countries such as Finland could continue paying for profligate southern neighbours.  (A:  They’re all bailing out, supposedly bailing out, into this big black hole of Europe, or Greece, these countries. And of course we never get a list of where the money goes or what it’s doing or anything else. It’s just more money, more money, more money. And of course these countries, a lot of countries are borrowing money to give, to be thrown into this black hole. What a fantastic scam for bankers, eh?)


And in a stinging personal attack on ECB boss Mario Draghi, he said he 'did not trust' the clique of leaders pushing for fiscal union.  (A:  Well I’m glad someone’s got a bit of common sense there, because these guys are all bankers. When you start trusting international bankers, who have an agenda, according to Carroll Quigley of course, he said that eventually the central banks would help run the world under the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. And that’s what it is… They’ve got it.  They’ve got it all, they run the world.)


The incendiary comments will stoke tensions with other eurozone leaders who will meet in October to consider Greece's finances. (A:  Well, you wait and see, because as I say, it’s all arranged this way. Things are going to plan; they really are going to plan.)


Now everybody has heard about this Marine veteran....


Marine Veteran Brandon Raub Sentenced To Up To 30 Days In Psych Ward Over Facebook Posts / Michael Kelley / Aug. 20, 2012


The former Marine who was detained in connection with Facebook posts critical of the government is being held in a psychiatric ward, Peter Bacqué of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.


"I'm currently in John Randolph in the psychiatric ward being held against my will," Brandon Raub, 26, said in a telephone interview with the Times-Dispatch. "They were concerned about me calling for the arrest of government officials."  (A:  Well, ‘calling for the arrest of government officials’ now...  see, they’re calling that a treasonable act, you see. It doesn’t say that here but that’s what they’re calling it; I’ve read the other articles from government.)


Raub accused the government of lying about 9/11 and spoke of "starting a Revolution."


Lawyers from The Rutherford Institute represented Brandon Raub during the three-hour hearing today at the John Randolph Medical Center and released a statement, saying Raub has been ordered to "up to 30 days’ further confinement in a VA psych ward" after "government officials again pointed to Raub’s Facebook posts as the sole reason for their concern and for his continued incarceration."  (A:  Now, you got to understand, again Quigley and others talked about this too – the Reece commission came out with this as well, you’ve got to read that – that eventually the Soviet system would blend in with the Western system, and they wouldn’t call it Soviet anymore by the way.  And we’ve already adopted a lot of the Soviet system; it’s in our countries now, even in your school systems.  School-to-work is part of it and lots of other things are part of it too.  In the Soviet Union if you complained and said something was wrong with a communist policy, ANY policy of communism, you were classified as mentally ill. And one of the diagnoses was ‘INFLEXIBILITY of opinion’.  In other words, you had to be mad to criticize what they kept telling you was the greatest system in the world. Does that sound familiar? That’s what they’re doing now in the West, you see. So it says…)


According to Raub's mother, authorities from the FBI, Secret Service and Chesterfield County PD came to their door on Thursday evening, questioned Raub about his Facebook posts, then handcuffed him and placed him in a Chesterfield PD squad car before taking him to John Randolph Psychiatric Hospital in Hopewell, Va.  (A:  So right off the bat, you see, there’s no charges or anything like that, you’re just straight off into a psyche ward, because you complain about the best system in the world. It sounds familiar, as I say, you know.)


Both the FBI and Secret Service said Raub was not arrested or charged, but the Rutherford Institute statement points out that "if the police have put handcuffs on you and you’re being held against your will, that qualifies as an arrest."  (A:  Well, of course it does but that’s exactly how they did it in the Soviet Union.)


When asked about why Raub was placed in a psychiatric ward, FBI Richmond spokeswoman (A:  ...that’s a public relations (which is propaganda) person…) told us that the FBI "had nothing to do with that" and that the FBI typically doesn't "make determinations such as that."


"We went out to interview him because of complaints that our office had received about people coming across his posts and perceiving them as threatening so our office along with Chesterfield County Police Department on Thursday," Rybiski told us.  (A:  Now, they should show the reports of that. You understand how easy it is to say “we’ve had reports from people”?  Who? Which people? They can just confabulate that, make it up, and that’s enough to get you into the psyche ward.) "When we left we had not arrested him, we had not placed our hands on him (A:  Well who put the handcuffs on him?), we did not detain him and we did not charge him."


Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said: "The Secret Service assisted the FBI with the interview."


The Chesterfield PD – who had previously said the situation "was an FBI matter and we were just there to assist them" – released this statement....  (A:  So the FBI admitted previously that they were there and the cops were there to assist them.  Now they’re bending it backwards and forwards. How can you get truth from any of these official organizations when they’re blatant liars? How can you do it?)


Do you understand what kind of system you’re living in? And if you do, you know, don’t crash down. I know, because you all say, what can I do about it? Well email support for the guy for a start. YOU might get picked up too because you emailed support and say this is wrong or unjust or whatever, and then they’ll put you in a psyche wing, as they did in the Soviet Union. Because you’re not under what you think of as America or Canada or Britain or anywhere else nowadays. You are under a totalitarian regime – and the signs are everywhere. But most folk will go on with it and adapt to it, and they know that too. And lots of folk are still having fun and don’t want to know about the bad things that are happening to other people. That’s how life is.


This article here is on West Nile virus…


West Nile virus claims its 27th victim as judge declares

epidemic a public emergency in Dallas / Leon Watson and Daily Mail Reporter /  19 August 2012


(A:  What they want to do now is not just spray just Dallas, but there are articles where they want to spray pretty well the whole of the United States, supposedly, because they claim that people are coming down with the West Nile virus. It’s odd too, because there are conflicting reports about if they’ve even identified this virus at all, through the natural screening processes that they use to detect them; it really hasn’t been isolated. But anyway, it doesn’t matter, they’re calling it a virus and they want to spray everybody across the US with pretty nasty stuff. And they give you always nasty, nasty reasons for doing it, cases of people that have come down with it and had terrible things happen to them.  But I wonder if it really is this at all. It says…)


An Illinois man has been killed by the West Nile virus, sparking fears the deadly disease is spreading.


Serving as president of Lombard Village, Mueller was described by his family as 'an amazing dad, husband and grandpa'.


He becomes the 27th person to be killed by the mosquito-borne virus in the U.S., of 694 cases - the sharpest spike in case numbers seen since 2004 that is baffling experts.   (A:  Well, is that true or not? We don’t know. We don’t know. Is there something else they want to do to the public? Is it really the West Nile? We don’t know, and you can’t know anymore today. You can’t unless you have all the data that governments and all the departments at the top have. And even then it’s often not high enough, because you see, you’ve got a supergovernment now, like the supergovernment that’s already spraying the skies with chemtrails, have been since 1998, consistently, and your politicians aren’t allowed to even get in on the knowledge of that. Back with more after this.)


Commentary: Questions on West Nile Virus - / Aug. 29


Alan:  Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to Shawn from New York City. Are you there Shawn?


Shawn:  Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that West Nile virus. So far yesterday around this time I had this spraying that was just going around my neighborhood, and I saw police cars patrolling in front of the truck while the truck was spraying out this so-called white spray.  And I got so angry because I knew whatever they’re spraying is bad.   I was concerned because I had to go pick up my family member and I had to walk and I had to walk through this spray. I literally covered my mouth with a cloth just to not take in so much of the chemical.  And I really got so angry because I had to, really, change my dog’s water and food bowl because I did not want him to consume this chemical.  The food that I gave him and the water that I gave him was just a waste because he didn’t want it because it’s just poison.


Alan:  It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting, but they also want to spray you from aircraft down too as well. So not only in there, it’s various cities across the whole US; in today’s paper, they want to start spraying nationwide. And what can you do to protect yourself against this?  They don’t even tell you what chemicals they’re using here.


Shawn:  Yeah, it’s just horrible.


Alan:  Yeah, and what’s the long-term effect to you? And what does it really do to you in the long term, as well? They won’t tell you any of that as well. But that’s the system we live in now. All these decisions are from on high and we just simply put up with it because we’re told very, very little. It’s minimal, in fact, that we’re told. Yeah, obviously, this stuff is pretty, pretty toxic and it’s not good for you, obviously, as well, never mind all the other wildlife out there. What can you do?


Shawn:  Yeah, that’s all I wanted to talk about, Alan. I just really appreciate the information you give out, and take care.


Alan:  And you too, take care of yourself. And there’s Ryan from Ontario there. Are you still there Ryan?


Ryan:  I was wondering, you mentioned before when you came to the United States or Canada to take a look around, you said that the houses were kind of temporary looking.  Do you think they’re going to have a problem with sorting out the materials of these houses when they want to take down these urban sprawls? Are they capable of handling all the materials from these empty sprawls, like are they just going to bury them or are they going to separate all the materials?  Is that like a problem for them?


Alan:  I think so. If you’ve ever watched programs from Canada Public Broadcasting, they used to show you how they took down whole towns in northern Ontario when they had served a purpose; some of them were towns that supplied electricity and thousands of folk would live there.  And they’d actually show you them demolishing everything.   Everything is built in Canada as temporary, same in the US, with power lines above you in most places too. Everything is just taken down so darn quickly, everything is demolished, bulldozed, buried.  They can turn a whole big town into forest land in no time at all, within a matter of months. Go back the next year and there’s trees growing; it’s just astonishing how they can take everything down so quickly. And they will do that as they depopulate. They’re already doing it in the rural areas. And if you get the threats of West Nile virus too, they’ll say well we’re not getting sprayed in the rural areas, we’d better move into the cities where they’re spraying or we’ll get the disease. There’s all these tricks being played now too, to get us into the overcrowded cities for the big takedown. And there’s no doubt about that.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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