Aug. 24, 2012 (#1158)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 24, 2012:

Gone with the Con:

"There's a Symbiosis with the Boss and His Lover,
Private Corporations Use Democracy as Cover,
Populations Reduced to Serfdom by Clever Knavery,
C.G. Darwin's New Sophisticated Form of Slavery
Where Minions Think They're Free, Have a Voice,
Yet Ignorant when Voting Who Presents the Choice,
Here We are Spreading "Democracy" by Force,
Pushing Central Banking, Lots of Debt of Course,
Like a Bad Infection Caused by Disease Despotic,
Governments Repeat Remedy---Placebo Antibiotic"
© Alan Watt Aug. 24, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 24, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 24, 2012.  For newcomers, make sure that you help yourselves to the website because there’s lots of info on there, lots of info where the big system is put together for you. Because you are born into an amazing system that you take for granted and you don’t realize it’s scientifically designed and that everything that you take as normal, pretty well, is put out there for you to jump at.  And the same with your parents and grandparents before you. A massive, organized system with an agenda, works intergenerationally down through the ages to bring in a type of world system, but beyond that too, into a new type of society, even a new type of human eventually, or even types of humans, down the road, to do with serving the elite at the top; they don’t need the old type anymore and that’s becoming more and more evident.  Some of them have even said that in fact, at the top, and they want to depopulate the world. If you wonder why everything is going crazy with cancers just skyrocketing over the last 30 years or so, it’s because it’s planned that way. And of course, most folk can’t suspend their disbelief enough to get over the hurdle and accept what’s really happening to them and so they go along with the media and entertainment and just play themselves and be happy. That’s what you’re encouraged to do every day with the trivia that you’ve got for news.  And of course, academia, big academia is on top of this too because that’s where they recruit from, for the world managers. That’s what they call them today, world managers. There’s many different aspects of them and facets for them to go into, in sciences, to basically help the Masters control all the rest, as we go through the times of transitions. This is the Age of Transition and this is the Century of Change, the planned change that these guys have been working at for hundreds of years actually.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too that you bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests and I don’t sell other products and so on, or get shares out of them. It’s up to you to keep me going, so you can help me do it by buying the books and discs or donating at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  As I say, straight donations are terribly, terribly welcome.


Now, I’ve mentioned so many times before that we are the most studied species on the planet, from the most ancient times to the present times. You’ve all watched the nature shows and they go out into the wild, and zoologists study animals, etc., etc.  The first animal that was studied was man himself, by man, you see. Because if you want to conquer people and live high on the hog so to speak, you’ve got to find ways to blunt their intelligence or their reasoning abilities. So it was done in ancient times through basically groups that became priests and priesthoods and they would convince the public that they could stop the sun from moving in the sky, or start it moving, they knew when the eclipses would come, things like that, and pull big flankers on the public.  And the public would start to worship these people. And it’s never really changed. And of course, universities teach this kind of stuff quite commonly from the earliest times to the present, because techniques are never, they never go out of use; you can always revive them again and use them all over again. Today for instance, we worship the scientific priesthood that people like Julian Huxley said would come into existence, and Bertrand Russell said it too. They said it would be a sort of tyranny of science, but that’s the way it would have to be. Because science doesn’t have all the tenets of religions, where at least the people have some kind of worth or value to their God. Science is different. They ARE the gods basically.  And of course, in amongst scientists and all their organizations they do believe that they have the right to run the world on behalf of the Masters who fund them all. It’s quite simple. It really is quite simple. If you can accept it you don’t suffer so much. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and we truly are born into an amazing system and most folk are really oblivious from the day they’re born to the day they die, of the massive manipulation, and to do with the most minute thing even in culture.  Because everything in culture and the cultural changes are planned in big think tanks and debated and thrashed out and brainstormed, as they like to call it, before it’s introduced into society, and all of the fallout and side effects too are all debated before it’s introduced. So everything is controlled, ultimately, minutely controlled, that happens in the world, even all the wars.


When you go into the big organizations that helped to bring this system around, this global governmental system that they’re in today with free trade, into Britain, London, to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and Council on Foreign Relations for the rest of the world, you’ll find they’ve been at this for such an awful long time; with geopolitics for instance. And as they were doing geopolitics across the world, using the British Empire as a form of base for free trade, and they would take you in as a new country as long as you adopted their system of governance, which means you went under them basically and they dominate you, then it was okay. But if you didn’t go along with them they would embargo you until no one could get boats in or out to trade with you. And they’ve done this for hundreds of years. It’s a very old plan.


They said at the beginning of the 20th century that this British Commonwealth idea would be the embryo, or the nucleus, of the start of the world order. America was to take over and help finance it and then become the world’s policeman, and that’s happened too. During that time for America they would eventually add countries into this system called democracy, free trade, etc., based on the British system, that really isn’t democratic at all, never was. So it’s hard for most folk to imagine, it really is hard for most folk to imagine that people in and out of uniforms sit at big think tanks, full-time, for their whole lives, and institutions, private institutions that work for governments, and intelligence agencies, and plan wars, plan wars with all of the disastrous effects from the wars, right down to how many people likely they’ll kill in these wars, etc. It’s hard for the average person to comprehend the mentality of such people. Remember too, these big think tanks in geopolitics have many, many wars lined up for the future and what you’re going through now is only part of their strategy; they’ve been playing this game from about 1990 or so to do with the Middle East, and even earlier but now it’s full go-ahead with war, one war after another with the Middle East. And that’s only part of their agenda. They’ve got other countries to take over after that too, and change.


But again, we’re taught to play and be happy. We’re given lots of cheap, very immature entertainment today and most folk don’t mind what’s happening around them as long as they themselves aren’t the targets. It’s very, very simple therefore for the big boys to take your tax money and pay for it all, from your tax money, and put you down, mind you too, as the guarantors to all the loans that the government takes from the big world bankers to pay for it all.


So as I say, a lot of people kind of crash when they understand they’re living in some kind of, really, a sci-fi in a sense. Because when they break out of their old conditioning, which is your parents’ conditioning, the schools’ conditioning too, into this reality of my God the world is so controlled and it’s got nasty plans afoot and there’s nasty things happening right now, then some people are tempted to kind of break down, or they panic. And I tell them, don’t panic about it. Don’t panic whatever you do. Because it’s been here for a lot longer than you have. As I say, it’s been there even when your grandparents were there too; they didn’t know either. So, what you have to do for your own peace of mind is to find out about the origins of what’s behind it, who’s behind it, the organizations behind it, and then compare it to even ancient times; and you’ll find really it’s not that much different at all.


There have always been private societies, clubs, secret societies down through the ages for thousands of years. Even the early priesthoods were basically secret societies. They’d have one for the public, a face for the public, and one for themselves, within themselves.  Even the Pharisees, or the rabbis, ancient rabbis, were a brotherhood, for instance. They had one philosophy for themselves for the inner group and one for the outer group, the people that they kind of ruled over. So every society’s had this, the same with Rome, etc, with the Mithraic cult and other ones too.


Therefore, the techniques have always been known. Even Plato touched on it from Greece, on the different societies that abounded. He himself of course belonged to quite a few, because he, like most of the aristocracy of Greece, was sent off as a young guy to Egypt to be taught the Mysteries, as they called it – of education. The mysteries encompassed everything to do with the knowledge of that time, higher knowledge that the average peasant wasn’t given access to, naturally. It was taken for granted then just as it is today, that there’s always an aristocracy that lives on a higher realm of understanding from those down below, a class system in other words. It wasn’t just Egypt they went to, they also went to the Levant and they also went to India, some of them. They did a tour and once they’d done it all they went back to either Greece or they were sent by their own society that sponsored it, off to set up a new group of followers in some other country.


Anyway, the whole point of it is, there’s always been this elitist group around, all down through the ages. You’ll even find when big empires fall you’ll seldom ever get mention of the elite getting wiped out; it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen, because you see, the elite have always, with the money boys – because money’s always involved, obviously, even in ancient Greece and the Roman empire too, they had to borrow from the same bankers basically.  And what happens? They move out long before the Empire crumbles; they’ve already got a place set up to go. Nothing changes. Nothing ever changes. And the same today. You’ll notice a lot of the elite in Britain, if you watch the sales of the very expensive housing, some very old families have been up and moving. And you can’t find out where they’re going. Even the Rothschilds sold off some of their big holdings in New York City, and outside New York, massive multimillion dollar homes.  Why? They don’t need the cash, you see, and these have been handed down for generations. So what are they doing? Well they’re all preparing, of course, for the next part of the phase as we go through the financial crashes and who knows what else will hit us too. Because yeah, we’re at the mercy of a big, big plan.


And big plans work because the public are given very simplistic answers or reasons for nasty things happening to them. For instance, it’s all your fault that you’re poor, and you’re going to get poorer because your parents or grandparents lived too well. That’s the kind of nonsense they give you from the top. But it’s good enough for most people, you know, they’ll accept that. In reality your grandparents and your parents and yourself, you don’t even know how much money your country’s borrowing to pay for all its... never mind its world meetings, the billions it spends just on its own private world meetings across the world every year, and many, many of them on the go all the time across the world. You don’t even know that. So you can’t blame the generations of the people, they’re never in on the know of things.


Or, when you read the books by some of the top ones, Gates, etc., and the articles to do with ‘The Lucky Gene Club’ where they believe they are so superior, they have to the right to start killing off the general public across the planet – well, these guys mean business. These aren’t guys on the streets, schizophrenics, just yelling at the people passing by. These are some of the wealthiest people on the planet here in The Lucky Gene Club talking about bringing us all down. If you look into history, it’s like the old James Bond movies, it wasn’t countries that were your worst fear, and nationalistic countries, it was actually private corporations that you really worried about, because they wielded the real power. That’s what we have today.


Remember too, were living in really the new feudal system, and that was from the historian from the Council on Foreign Relations.  That’s what he said, the world we’re bringing in is a new feudal system, corporations and the CEOs of corporations are the new feudal overlords. And we’re here. We’ve been here for quite a long time. But they don’t simply go out there and work out business deals and so on. They also work out cultural deals, because after all, if you’re going to put a big, big business in some other country you want to make sure if that country’s a bit different from the ones you’re used to, you’re going to train them to be the same. You understand, these big corporations have bureaucracies sometimes bigger than some small governments across the world. They do. Specialists in all these departments to do with culture etc, and they can alter it. And they also have a big say when they go into poor countries as to what kind of education they’ll be given, so that they’ll breed up a new generation of hard-working slaves. People don’t even think of this, you know; they really don’t.  There are some, very few journalists who have come out with this stuff in the past, but very, very few. They literally alter everything to suit themselves and because they’re private then they’re not responsible to any public, because they don’t get voted into any powerful positions.


Now the same thing goes, as I say, I always read the articles from the Council on Foreign Relations, which is part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they say themselves in every one of their publications and all their books, they always say they’re a private, not-for-profit organization. They don’t play politics by the way; they’re nonpolitical. And they’re telling you the truth. Most folk would disagree, they’ll say, oh they are involved in politics. No they’re not. You see, politics is a game for you to believe in. Now, they will put people in to lead parties but they don’t play politics. You’re living through one agenda, you see. These guys make the agenda; that’s not politics. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system we’re born into that you take for granted; most folk really do. Again, most folk even when they think they’re waking up are not waking up unless they really dig into the causes of it and really find out what real, true reality actually is. They get caught up in too much crisis news everyday, because they’ll throw out from the top crisis news every day that will just wrap you up forever. You’ve got to find out why they’re throwing this stuff out and what’s really behind it and so on. And it’s not difficult to understand, as I say, because you’re living in a new feudal system. I think personally the feudal system’s always been with us.  I don’t think there was anything else, although they’ll use the term democracy to push for war in other countries to bring in democracy, which is the same feudal system that runs us. Because after all, the big central bankers dictate to the governments what to do, what they can and cannot do according to the income and expenditure. 


So we’re IN the system and it’s ongoing. And from the bottom perspective you would say it was naturally corrupt.  At the top they see it completely differently. I remember watching a broadcast about Sierra Leone when they had the civil war going on there, and the Civil War was brought on by diamond miners and speculators, based in London, England. A group, I think it was Man Alive from Britain, interviewed this top boss, in this big tower in the City of London, who had arranged for mercenaries to go over and start the war and train the locals so they’d get a civil war going. That way when they were all dysfunctional you simply pay a pittance to the warlords and you can have your diamond mines going full-steam ahead, take everything out of the country and pay very little in taxes or anything at all, or no taxes at all. But the guy at the top literally was hit by the Man Alive team asking him, what gives you the right to go into other countries and just start wars? And this man, from his point of view, a kind of fat guy with a big expensive suit, looked incredulous. He says, what do you mean, they’re sitting on all that land there with diamonds underneath them and they’re doing nothing with it. That’s what he said. He really found it preposterous that no one could see his point of view. And that’s how it is at that level, you see. So yeah, it was quite okay, he said this is standard practice to go start wars and plunder them.  There’s nothing wrong with that in legalities. It’s all legal to go ahead and do this kind of stuff. But he saw nothing immoral about it either, you see. And that’s how the world really, really, really is, and it will always be that way too.


When you realize that the same big boys, you know, that have taken over everything on the planet... Remember, the Royal Institute of International Affairs came out of the Milner group coupled with the Cecil Rhodes foundation, the Cecil Rhodes foundation was from the Rhodes and Rothschild amalgamation, where they set off young, generally their own bankers’ sons, international lenders’ sons I should say, across the world to foment revolutions back in the late 1800s, especially in Africa to take over their diamonds, gold and everything else, and always blame someone else for it, which they did awfully well. Even today they still use these techniques; you blame other countries for it and then you bring in your own armies to go to settle the score and to bring in peace, as they call that, too.  This has been going on forever and ever.


But all of the world’s resources they were supposed to take over, including food, water, remember, not just gold, silver and minerals. And it’s still going on today for the big corporations. I’ve read from mainstream, who know how dumbed down we are today and how accepting of things we are today... You understand, in a society where people thought at one point they were free, they were getting to a stage where they were thinking they were free for a while, you have to then dumb them down again until they accept your mastery. So they publish articles in the papers for you to consider, but nothing happens about it, and you won’t do anything about it, and so you start to accept that you are being mastered. And they had all the top oil companies, for instance, meet with Tony Blair in London, before they hit Iraq, so that they could divvy up the shares in the oil fields, so that plunder was going to be shared.  It was all planned before they even went in there. And the reason they bothered putting that in the paper today is because it’s to teach you that you’re mastered and nobody will really object about it.  There’s a few, “oh that’s terrible,” from a few groups, and then it’s quickly gone again. That’s how it happens.  So when people don’t take responsibility for the happenings in their own lives, then you’re also acquiescing to being mastered. You are, you’re accepting that. You’re giving legal authority by your silence.  At one time people that had a bit more freedom wouldn’t have stood for what they’ll stand for today. 


Here’s an article here for instance, and it’s about the food.  The food now is in the hands of about five big Agri food businesses across the world, corporations. Every government on the planet has backed GM food because they’re all part of the same system. Your government is not there… It’s not your government. The government and the guys that are put in, are put in by corporations, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they admit that in their own books. They put them in; they give you the presidents and prime ministers across the world. So when you see your food supply taken over, and your water supplies across the world, then you should really be upset. If you were perfectly sane you would be, but most folk you see are not sane today. They really are not sane. They’re perpetual children. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, and talking about reality because it’s a hard thing to grasp, isn’t it, for most folk who’ve been indoctrinated and watch a lot of television, or even a little television; that’s bad enough. But as I say, the big boys went out to take over all... They corner the markets on everything that is needed, not just the excess stuff but what’s really actually needed. That’s where money really is because folk will pay anything for food and water, believe you me. I’ve got to laugh too because you get good articles coming out once in a while, but then the big boys jump in. In other words, the ones that you think are there, some sort of official organization that’s going to stand up for the poor and so on, and you get Oxfam and you get the United Nations – all part of the system by the way.  They are the rubber tools; I call them rubber tools. Because in this life you’re told that there’s real organizations and real government departments you can complain to.  And you believe it all your life until you need to go there, and they’ll give you rubber tools, just like giving you a rubber pick and you try to pick the road and it just bounces off, you see, it’s fake. But it puts all the people back to sleep.  They think, well I guess it’s real, they’ve got departments and official organizations that will do things and I’ll sit back here and play again. Because you’re supposed to play all the time apparently, according to television, you see. They really have changed the culture that much. People really play until they die... [Alan chuckles.]... and they have nothing to pass on of any wisdom to any other generation.


All your food supply now is up on the world trading market, you see, and futures and all the rest of it.  All the games that they did with the housing crisis are all getting manipulated now with the world’s food supply. At one time not too long ago the countries had to make sure there was enough food for their own people, first and foremost. But really since World War II, and during World War II, governments really stepped in and took over a lot and made laws to do with agriculture, etc, etc.  Anyway, that’s a whole different story. But there’s an article here and it says…


We'll make a killing out of food crisis, Glencore trading boss Chris Mahoney boasts / James Cusick / 23 August 2012



Unholy trade of making millions out of misery / Tom Bawden / 23 August 2012


Every so often a business titan forgets himself, drops his guard and tells us what he’s really thinking.


So it was that a big cheese at the world’s largest commodities trader bragged that the worst drought to hit the US since the 1930s – and the worrying volatility in food prices around the world – will be “good for Glencore”.  (Alan:  ...their big Corporation.)


On one reading, Chris Mahoney, the business titan in question, appeared to be celebrating the destruction of 45 per cent of America’s corn and 35 per cent of its soya bean crops this year. The crisis threatens to push cereal prices to a new record in a move that will put further pressure on the world’s poorest people and raises the prospect of a fresh round of food riots.


Mr Mahoney’s comments have put the spotlight firmly back on food prices, which rose by an average of 6 per cent globally in July, while cereals accelerated considerably faster still, jumping by 17 per cent to within a whisker of their record in April 2008, according to the UN.


“The US weather starting mid-May...has been among the worst three or four years of the century, comparable to the dust bowl years of the mid-30’s,” said Mr Mahoney, Glencore’s head of agriculture, suggesting that it won’t be long before cereal prices hit a new record.


“In terms of the outlook for the balance of the year, the environment is a good one. High prices, lots of volatility, a lot of dislocation, tightness, a lot of arbitrage opportunities [the sale and purchase of an asset to profit from price differences in different markets],” he added.


“I think we will both be able to provide the world with solutions, getting stuff to where it’s needed quickly and timely, and that should also be good for Glencore.”


His boss, the Glencore chief executive Ivan Glasenberg, described the current volatility of the food market as “a time when industry fundamentals are the most positive they have been for some time.”  (A:  So scarcity of any kind, you see, drives the market up, and they rub their hands in glee. The big corporations are famous for this. Even in the gold industry, they have warehouses full of gold, and diamonds too, and they simply hold it back when they want the prices to go up, make it more scarce. The same with food and anything else.)


Of course, Mr Mahoney is entitled to profit from the trials and tribulations of the food market and in some ways a commodities trader like Glencore, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange but headquartered in Switzerland, can help to ensure that the world is fed as efficiently as possible.


But a growing army of critics, including the United Nations (A:  Well there is your rubber tool they give you—the United Nations is part of this system—to put you back to sleep.), argues that traders and speculators are making the food crisis far worse than it needs to be.


Some banks – among them Germany’s Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank and Austria’s Volksbanken – have even removed agricultural products from some of the investment funds they offer their clients, sensitive to accusations that speculation is pushing up prices. (A:  ...which of course it is.) However, other big fund managers in this area, such as ETF Securities and iShares, say they have no intention of stepping back.


So they’re going to go for the biggest buck they can get. Remember too, that goes for all the produce in your own country. The big boys cornered the market, not the farmers, but the big boys that take over, middlemen, and then they speculate with your food, on the world market, and they’ll sell to the top bidder of course. So anyway, everybody jumps in, all the rubber tools, Oxfam and United Nations which was set up remember by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and etc. etc. So food is going to skyrocket too. And remember too, part of the blame too, is also because well over a third of the crops now are going, because of the laws they’ve created in every country, going into biofuel, you see. So that in itself drove it up as well an awful, awful lot. And that’s a law, that they have to put at least 30-odd percent, grow 30-odd percent of the biofuel, and that ends up in your gasoline tank, 30% to the gallon.


So, corporations really own everything, as I say, even the water supply.  I can remember in Britain when about I think it was six members of Parliament put forth a bill to privatize what was supposedly the public’s water supply system across the country. They wanted to privatize it and they got it passed. Then they immediately all left politics and became the CEOs of the big Corporation that now owned the water supply of Britain.  And then they started taking water supplies across the world as well, and gas too by the way; water and gas is what they went into. So they get the public for a long time – and this is how politics works you see, it’s a sham for the public to believe in, because you’ll vote left-wing until you’re so sick of them and then you vote right-wing, you see. The left-wing always come in and nationalize everything, put your money into industry like big trains and commerce and get everything working properly using your tax money, upgrade all the systems. And then in come the right wing and then they sell it off to themselves. This is the technique that’s used. And it’s a scam. Because both parties are there to fool you, you see, and they’ve done an awful good job about it too over the many, many years.


So anyway I’ll put this link up tonight. There’s that one and another one from the same source, it’s The Independent, but again, it mentions all the other organizations that jump in that don’t do any good at all. Remember, the United Nations has a Department of Population which is population control. Remember that. Remember that the United Nations also has a Department of Agriculture and you’ll find it in their own records that the head of the Department of Agriculture has said in the past, that food has always been used as a weapon. Remember that folks. Remember that part, those who like the fuzzy stuff and propaganda that comes out of the United Nations; it’s part of the control mechanism, big time, for globalism. But that’s the kind of world we live in.


Now even little old Greece there has been told it’s going to start to sell off its islands now.


Greek Prime Minister says country 'to sell off islands' in bid to avoid bankruptcy / Tim Shipman / 23 August 2012


(A:  Again, look at what happened with the bankers. It was Goldman Sachs you know that when into Greece before they were given permission to join the European Union. They had to have a company, a so-called reputable company come in and do their bookkeeping and say yeah, you’re clean, you’ve got enough cash there, you’re not massively in debt, and give them the okay. And they signed it so that Greece could get into the EU, right. Goldman Sachs did that, knowing damn well that they already had massive debt and they shouldn’t have been in it in the first place. But the same big bankers, remember, crashed the planet here, THE PLANET for goodness sake.  And we haven’t recovered from it. All that debt to bail them out is on you and your grandchildren, for those that will have any grandchildren that is. And they’re still running the show yet. So getting back to Greece, anyway it says…)


Greece has around 6,000 islands in total, many of which are uninhabited.


The Prime Minister told French newspaper Le Monde: ‘On condition that no national security problem is posed, some of the islands could be used commercially.


'It would not be a case of getting rid of the islands, but of transforming unused terrain into capital that can generate revenue, for a fair price.’


Here they are selling off their homeland for goodness sake.  To who? Corporations. Corporations that are all part of a big cabal that work with the bankers, often they’re owned by the bankers, some of them; you didn’t know that but they are.  A lot of the big boys, the biggest ones in fact are actually owned by the bankers; they have the controlling interests in everything. And even your war industry too, all the big boys in the war industry, they own the corporations too, the bankers. But that’s the real world. We’re run by private, private corporations that work together and have their international meetings and they all get together.  I put the posts up before when IBM come up every so often to give you the shape of the future to come, because they help plan it all, such as smart cities across the world, things like that, integration of all the systems, to observe the populations and monitor the populations, etc. And EVERY Corporation that’s a Corporation at all is there; they have to be there. And you have no say in anything. And they plan the future and the governments implement the future that’s planned by IBM, right down to their building their smart cities and integration of all their cameras, etc. etc. etc.


Now as they’re doing all of this of course, when unemployment really skyrockets, as they well know in the States too, drug addiction skyrockets too because they ensure there’s a good flow of drugs, which takes care of people rioting in the streets. I can remember Margaret Thatcher who said something honest for once, to do with when she opened the bars, the pubs as they call them, all day long in Britain, when she was in.  Before that they were only open for a few hours, from 10:30 to about 12:30 or something and then they had to open up at five or six at night and close at midnight; and she made them open up all day. What she said was, because there was massive unemployment, because of all the policies that they were bringing in, plus they didn’t tell the British people that all their big corporations were moving offshore – long before you’d heard of free trade or China getting put up or anything like that, they were already building them up over in China and the Far East and moving them out of Britain which meant massive unemployment at home. And she said, I’d rather have the bars open all day and have the young people spending their welfare checks in there, than out in the streets rioting and protesting. That wasn’t some sort of callous comment she was making. She was telling you the truth. It’s all a science, it’s ancient sciences, that’s been used over and over.


In Scotland too, it’s really going to get hammered because they have no purpose for it really. Now they don’t need soldiers anymore; that was the main thing it used to have, was just produce soldiers for the British Empire. It says…


Town hits out at proposals to introduce heroin substitute methadone / 24 Aug 2012


(A:  And basically the Scottish health services, the top guys, are pushing to have methadone put everywhere. So if they can’t afford the booze, you see, which most of them probably can’t now, we’ll give them this instead you know. Get them drugged up, keep them on it for 20-odd years till they die, or less, however long it takes them to die. And the state is the biggest drug pusher that there is. So it says…)


NHS [National Health Service] bosses are determined to force a new methadone clinic on Campbeltown despite fierce opposition from locals.


The coastal town is opposed to the methadone plans.


HEALTH bosses are trying to force one of Scotland’s only methadone-free towns to start dishing out the heroin substitute.


All six GPs in Campbeltown refuse to prescribe it – because they don’t think it works (A:  ...well, they know that.) and believe it makes drug problems worse (A:  ...of course it does…), not better. 


But I tell you one thing, they don’t go rioting in the streets. They’re too out of their minds to get up there and find out what’s going on and be able to even put it across in a coherent manner and really object to it. They’re out of their skulls basically. And that’s what a government is doing to its people, by design, because it’s an old technique and it works awfully well. They don’t care what kind of drug they give you. Even in the Soviet Union, or even in Orwell’s 1984 he had that in his book, because it’s always been used, booze. Booze has always been used. You could always get a bottle of vodka in the Soviet Union, very easily and very cheaply, whereas you’d have to stand up in some towns for food, in lines, queues just to get some basic food. But not the booze; dirt cheap and fast, fast service. Now it’s drugs, you see. That’s the reality of what you’re living in.


See, you’ve got winners and losers...  Remember what Jacques Attali talked about?   Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order, and that was written in the year 2000. And it’s here. And everybody today is trying to get up into the winning category of grabbing as much cash as they can by any means they can in the hope that they’ll survive everything that’s going to come down the pike. That’s how bad it is right now. Remember that folks. Everybody out there is doing it.  Meanwhile governments are pushing methadone, a substitute for heroin, on the public. And the public have to pay for it all, because the addicts are broke. What a world, eh?  And we want to put this system across the world? And we’ll call it democracy?  Doesn’t that sound nice, democracy…  huh?   You better figure out what democracy even means folks.



CIA spies 'smuggle 14 Stinger missiles into Syria

 so rebels can take out regime [Syria’s] warplanes' / 18 Aug 2012


The ground-to-air weapons have been delivered across the Turkish border.... (A:  The US by the way, and Madeline Albright and a whole bunch of them – I’ve got a CFR article, I might shove it up there tonight – they’ve made a deal with Turkey. I wondered about that. And Turkey’s on board with them; they’re getting a lot of cash too, and supplying a lot of the rebels by the way, to take down other countries.  So now they put it across the Turkish border and then they can send it off back to the free, so-called “free” Syrian army.  And...)


President Bashar al-Assad’s MIG-23 warplanes and helicopter gunships have killed more than 1,000 people.  (A:  We don’t know if that’s true or not, but we do know that all of the wars in the Middle East were started by the West. And that’s just a fact. I’m not making that up.  It’s in your face. It’s published.)


The source said: “The West and the rest of the Middle East is not going to be able to secure a no-fly zone above Syria any time soon so the only way to stop the carnage is to take on Assad’s air force from the ground.  (A:  So there’s the US openly caught again giving them weaponry, lots of weaponry, because the rest of it, all the small arms stuff is getting put through Qatar, and that’s what they’ve been using for ages too. But that’s the real world we’re living in.)


Now the poll tax they had in Britain – and massive riots over that – like a headcount tax, is coming back, it seems to be, because the politicians are all on board, they’re all for it. They’ll call it something else of course, and then they’ll take your houses away like they tried before. Back with more after this break.


Poll tax revival plan to take away your home - / 23 Aug 2012


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ll take a call now. There’s Carlton from New York if he’s still on the line there. Are you there Carlton?


Carlton:  Hello Mr.  Watt. How you doing?


Alan:  Yes…


Carlton:  It’s getting crazy out here. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but today in Manhattan close to 34th Street, around that area, there was a shooting where a man lost his job yesterday, came in back to the job today and shot the manager dead, and somebody else, and injured like nine different people.


Alan:  That’s right. 


Carlton:  It’s starting to jump off, as you say all the time, but I don’t know if anybody emailed you about this or anything.  But while I was watching the Olympics – I used to run track so it kind of took me back to the things I used to do. But they just kept showing the premier, well not a premier but an advertisement for a new show that they came out with now.  You should probably start getting a little copyright thing going on, because you’re the only person I’ve ever heard use the term ‘new normal’.  And they have a new show coming out called New Normals.  And it’s basically, from what I can see, talking about... It’s a comedy and it’s just basically taking your basic social issues and degrading it in a comical form.  So it’s just to let you know your phrase is out there.


 Alan:  That’s right. That is the new normal. Part of the new normal now too, is even a study that came out today from Britain to do with, they don’t mind swearing, cursing, nudity, or sex on television anymore; they’ve got used to it. Because they’ve been trained to it.


TV audiences relax views on sex, says Ofcom

There has been a decline in concern about the amount of sex, violence, nudity and swearing on television, new Ofcom figures show. - /  23 Aug 2012


So that’s the new normal there. And a lot of it was done through comedies and these kind of shows that you’re talking about as well. You’ve got to remember too, that whatever shows they show you in the US often they’ve had in Britain first. They call it a different name when they bring it out to the US and they use American actors. But they’ve done this for 40, 50 years. Three’s Company was Britain’s and then they brought it into the US. Archie Bunker was done in Britain first, with Alf Garnet, and then they brought it into the States. These are all training exercises to alter the culture of the people, and it’s always ongoing. And the folk think it’s actually American or it’s their own. But it’s not; it’s actually from Britain, because Tavistock is heavily involved in the culture industry.


But I saw that, at the big Rockefeller building, wasn’t it, in Manhattan that the guy shot them. And apparently the cops opened fire and they shot quite a few bystanders, about 8 of them by mistake or something. But we’re going to see more and more of this as things get worse and worse. Absolutely, yeah.


Mayor: Some victims in Empire State Building shooting may have been hit by police bullets / Associated Press / Aug 24, 2012


Gunman shoots former co-worker near Empire State Building, is shot by police / Aug 24, 2012


Carlton:  Right.  It was kind of weird, though, how you had the Batman thing, that shooting pop off, and then you had the one like a week later after that, and now you got this one like two weeks later. It’s crazy. I don’t want to say that it’s planned, because you know a lot of this is symptoms of the main problem, but you know, it’s kind of crazy how all this stuff is just jumping off now.


Alan:  Yeah, because see, the old days are gone where you could get a job quite easily.  In the 60s or 70s people could just work a few weeks in a job and move to another one; there was always a shortage of labor.  That’s all gone now and people are desperate. And when you lose your job now and you live in a city, what are you going to do? I mean, you can be on the street in no time at all, and no one cares in a city. They just don’t care. So they’ll use this opportunity, this crisis as an opportunity, though, to bring more laws down of course. And everyone will suffer because of it. But thanks for calling. 


And from Hamish – who’s my dog of course – and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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