August 28, 2012 (#1160)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 28, 2012:

Optimum Optimists:

"A Sad State Regarding People's Mentality,
Swallowing Establishment's Projected Reality,
Seeing Nations' Debts, Cost of Living Balloon,
Then They Vote as Directed for the Next Buffoon
Who's Sworn to Protect the Bankrupt System
Of Conology and Rival Class-War Schism,
The Carrot-and-Stick Indoctrination from School,
"Work Hard, Be Good, Get Up There," Cool,
Has Fooled Everyone Down Through Generations,
Mr. Moneybags Owns Realities, Success, Creations,
He's Studied Humanity for Thousands of Years,
Strength and Weaknesses, Hopes and Fears"
© Alan Watt Aug. 28, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 28, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi, folks. Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 28th of August, 2012.

For newcomers, as always, I suggest that you go into the website: and make good use of it because thereís lots of audios for download (free download). Where I try and really patch together the system youíre born into. Itís a complete system really. Itís been run expertly by a scientific means, you might say, for over a hundred years. And the study of humanity is the oldest science in the world, remember, thousands of years old, for those who want to rule over the rest. And the knowledge is never lost. Itís always passed down from one generation to the next. And we are going through a big change because the big rulers decided a long time ago to bring in the perfect society to suit them better, using scientific methods, and keeping us all happy in the process, with entertainment and so on, as they change the world into the desired utopia for themselves, as they also kill the rest of us off that are pretty-well obsolete. And thatís how they refer to the people at the bottom in post-industrial economies, pretty-well obsolete. And thatís where we are today.

So, help yourself to the website. Find the big organizations, the foundations that really comprise the parallel government, in fact. These big foundations, trillions and trillions of dollars they spend every year on non-governmental organizations and lobbying governments and they put their own boys into power. And even their own historians at the Council on Foreign Relations, admit that, they always put members in for presidents and prime ministers, across the world.

So, remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you. You can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at And from the U.S. to Canada, you can purchase using a personal check and you can use an international postal money order from the post office or you can send cash or use PayPal. Across the world, Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal, once again.

And remember straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these dire times of so-called Ďausterityí and inflation, or, as they like to call it, Ďquantitative easing,í they call it. Quantitative easing. Sounds better, doesnít it? So we are run by science. Science of the mind in psychology, behaviorism. And they have anthropologists even on board with it too, because weíre multicultural and theyíve got to go for the psyche of each group of individuals out there in society. And weíre run by masters, you might say, masters in the art of understanding the psyche. If you read the articles by Sunstein and others, even the books they put out, they talk about nudging you and prompting you into coming to the desired conclusions (the ones that your masters want you to have). Itís done all the time and itís almost effortless now by television. Very suave, sophisticated television can warp your mind and change all of your opinions over the course of one hour, a one-hour documentary. And if you look at the end of the documentary, youíll see all these professional names in it and all the departments, involved in that one hour. Even with a live audience. And they can change the opinions on anything that they want to do. Donahue was the guy who really engineered that, or the guys behind him. Phil Donahue. And then it went in to Oprah and other ones too. But itís done every day on television until values that you once had are tossed out the window in one hour. Itís so slick. So incredibly slick and scientific. And most of the public are completely, completely unaware of it, how itís done. So weíre living through a designed system, youíre living through a script, you might say, where all the big things that happen in the world, to do with wars, ongoing wars (whatís after this war? Ė whatís the next one Ė whatís the one third from now); itís all planned way ahead in advance and they even came out with that during the Vietnam era, when the CIA talked about all the wars theyíd already planned after this one was finished. They had dozens lined up across the world.

Now, thereís the music coming in so Iíll be back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the big system weíre born into. And it truly is a scientific system, as many of the big boys who helped plan this system, talked about in their own books which they love to publish to the general public, although the general public generally didnít read them. But you find Lord Bertrand Russell put out lots of this information and he was involved his whole life, in bringing in the whole 20th century into the 21st century, and even the cultural changes he was involved in too. And he worked with all the big schools: Frankfurt school and various other ones too. They were given permission by presidents and prime ministers to bring in the new cultures and design them for us all to follow. And we do because most folk, you see, are born into a system where their parents donít understand the reality of anything pretty well. Your whole reality is given to you. And from birth because your parents pass on what they believe to you. And then school takes over and youíre indoctrinated through the schooling system to simply believe and accept and parrot what youíre told and then you get good passing grades on the examinations. And if you do that, youíre allowed to get into the system. And thatís your quality approval stamp, your little diploma at the end of it. Thatís your quality approval stamp to make sure that youíre dumb enough to work in their system for them. Thatís how it really works, you see. And then you run through life going after all the things that are put out in front of you like carrots there. And when youíre young and healthy, you can really put out a lot of energy and a lot of work too, trying to get all those things, which donít last very long anyway because everythingís pretty-well junk that you buy. Itís built-in, not just obsolescence, but itís guaranteed to bust and break down, but that doesnít matter. Most folk never really learn that. Other ones learn by the time theyíre ready to retire, when everythingís falling apart that they ever bought, including their homes, you know.

So, you canít win in this system. It truly is a designed, organized system. Itís like houses, for instance. You take houses that are in Europe that have been standing for hundreds and hundreds of years. And they have either slate or terracotta tiles on them, on the roof. And they donít let in water. They donít need repairing... it never happens unless something fell on them. But in America, for instance, the Ďtemporary societyí and thatís how it really is with all these wires strung above your heads all along the roadsides and into your housing areas. Everything looks so temporary and thrown up quickly. And itís stick housing, most of it. Itís stick homes. Remember the little piggies with their different kinds of homes? Well they settle with the bricks at the end. Thatís the only one that couldnít be blown down by the wolf. So weíre given stick homes, regardless of the facades that they put on them. And even plastic siding, for instance, to pretend that itís wooden, you know, itís less than a sixteenth of an inch thick. And you put that on too and your taxes go up because youíve improved the quality of your home. I mean, all this nonsense, you know. And we fall for it all because thatís what weíre given. And it never dawns on anybody either that the big industries which lobby government (all of the industries do), really want all this kind of rubbishy stuff put into modern home-building because itís big bucks for them and they can actually use their waste products, like used plastic that goes into the siding. Thatís all from the oil industry by-products. And the same with your tiles on your roof that donít last very long. A few hot summers and they start curling up. But, as I say, in Europe youíve got slates on the roof there that have been there for hundreds and hundreds of years. But most folk never figure it out as I say. And they simply dispose of their stuff in massive garbage dumps when it all busts apart. Then they go and buy new ones, which is OK as long as the money keeps coming in, in times of good purchasing power on the dollar or whatever currency youíre using. But you all find out at the end of course that you still canít really truly make it. Itís designed that way. Even the ones that put their money into their homes, all it takes is for the real estate con artists (the middle men) to bump up, artificially, the prices and make a killing and then collapse the housing market and you canít get rid of the darn thing and you put all of your investments into it.

And people take this all for granted. Thatís the astonishing thing, because youíve been trained from birth. like Bertrand Russell says, to believe in experts. And they keep bringing experts out that seem very somber and theyíre well-educated and theyíve always given lots of credentials and they tell you why things are happening the way that they are and you just accept it. It never dawns on anybody, well, if this system is so obviously crazy and corrupt, why not change it. It doesnít dawn on people at all, to change it. In fact, they wait to be told by someone very important that theyíve got to change it and then they listen, you see. Because weíre trained that you donít listen to people who are dressed in rags for instance. Itís got to be someone who has got up there, and made millions or maybe even billions of dollars and then you respect them. Youíre taught to respect the very crooks that run the system. The guys who decided to put, you know, basically wood chips, waste products, glued together and sell you boards to make your house. These are the guys you listen to; the very crooks that run the system. And most folk never figure it out, their whole lives long.

I was always amazed when I came to North America and looked at all the tools that were on display for home handymen. You never had home handymen in Britain because most folk, at that time, didnít own their homes. It was all council homes. Technically, your grandparents and parents and yourselves had paid off the homes long ago and the councils kept renting them out, you see. So they were paid off many times over. But you didnít have repairs going on all the time either. They lasted for years. They were made of bricks, slate roofs and all the rest of it that didnít fall apart. And then you come to North America and youíve got this massive business in repairing all the time. Massive business. Right down to selling you all the tools you need to cut up their chipboard, you know the glued-together chips and stuff, all the waste products and so on. And young guys go for it, they think, wow, because weíre designed to go for tools. Thatís how men used to be. I donít know if they still are or not but thatís how they used to be. And they collect all this stuff but very few of them actually ever figure out, why canít you get real anything anymore, even real wood, for instance. I mean thereís a lot of real wood going into the pulp industry for paper. Thereís no problem getting real wood. But they say, no, you got to use chips that we glue together. And use the glue from the petrochemical industry, as well. And it all falls apart in the sun, of course, and then you repair it all over again.

But this is the world that you live in. Itís deceptive. Itís meant to be deceptive and itís been run by a feudal system for a long, long, long time. I donít think that there ever really was a democracy, except in name only and that kind of put the people to sleep, rather than having revolutions every 4 or 5 years; they give you elections and then you fall for that, because you live in hope. And the big boys themselves said that you have an optimism part in the brain, yeah. And theyíve been working on this optimism part for a long, long time, to find ways to really trigger it or make it hyper-active, because if they make it hyper-active, then youíll all be happy regardless of the circumstances in which you live, you see.

You understand, weíre farmed to an extent. And thatís what Charles Fort said a long time ago, that weíre farmed. Thatís the conclusion he came to. And thatís true when you really look at history. People are farmed all down through the ages. And farmers live very well off the animals they own. And thatís the whole key of the system we live in: those at the top live very well on the production and the output and the taxes of those down below. Even Karl Marx, even though he was trained by the best bankers in the world, I mean, he knew this; that all real wealth comes from labor, obviously. But the boys at the top donít want to do any labor. In fact, itís anathema to them, so they get all you lot to do it for them and build them big fancy houses made of bricks and stone and things, you know, that last an awful long time. And you build their private jets for them. And straight from the wages that you get, youíre taxed. A lot of it gets taxed back into the government and the government is there to make sure that the system of the big boys stays in place. Thatís the job of the government, you see. But very few folk, as I say, ever figure it out at all. And they keep going on their whole lives long, riding the bumps Ė they call them the bumps of life and the crests of the waves and then the downs again that you go into Ė and hoping that things will just get better because they have that optimism part in the brain thatís always being triggered by happy faces on television, you see. Lots of happy faces. It doesnít matter what theyíre selling to you, thereís happy faces there. All over the place. Youíll never see them selling an ad with a despondent-looking face. It doesnít happen. Nobodyís going to buy it. You can sell anything with a happy face. Anything at all. And theyíve proven it many times over. And humans are a fickle bunch, you know. Very fickle. Sometimes if somethingís awfully cheap, you wonít buy it. And yet the big marketers understood this because they were asked to investigate this problem and they found out that if you jack up the price on something, then theyíll buy it. It must be good now, you see. Thatís how silly we are, but all of this is so well understood by the marketers.

Now in marketing, they have special sections that work with governments. These are the crŤme de la crŤme of all marketers, who understand sociology and behaviorism and they understand psycho-linguistics and neuro-linguistics and how our minds really, really work and all the unconscious desires, as Bernays said, that they can use against us. So they give us substitutes for unconscious desires. Lots of substitutes that fall apart and you pay lots of money for. Or you pay it up and then it falls apart, like a car or something like that, you know. So you canít win in this system because youíre too well understood. And each time, as I say, things go really bad, they give you an election and you vote some other big face in, whoís got to be important and wealthy.

There was a book Iíve mentioned quite many times in the past and it was about Straight and Crooked Thinking. And it had examples in it in Hyde Park in London. Which is a place where you can go around and thereís guys that literally stand on soap boxes. Thatís what they call it: the soap box; your pedestal. And you get up there on your podium and you prattle to the crowds thatíll gather. And thereís all kinds of strange guys there that talk of all weird things. And folk have a good laugh, sometimes they throw vegetables at them, but sometimes theyíll talk a lot of sense as well. But if heís not dressed in a suit and in some big fancy hall, you know, people wonít take him seriously. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. Iím Alan Watt. Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about reality that most folk take for granted because they think theyíre in it and thatís reinforced every day by the media on the news and even the articles they read and even novels. Everything is there to bolster up this reality that you think really is the only reality that there is. And we donít know what reality is at this level, at the bottom level, except what they give you. And getting back to straight and crooked thinking, I was talking about that and how people will scorn someone and have a good laugh at someone who talks about some off-the-wall topic on a soap box in some park, like Hyde Park. And yet you put the same person (and itís been tried actually), but the same person, if you dress them up with a suit and tie and the whole bit and then you bombard the media, by the media means, to the public, article after article, and this genius is going to appear, so-and-so giving a talk about whatever... and itíll be a packed audience, a sell-out audience and itís the same character. Because thatís how youíre trained to see people, you see. I used to know a pastor down south where I used to live and I said, you know, if Jesus came back, he wouldnít get into the churches because he doesnít wear a suit and tie, you know. And I was being quite truthful. Thatís how it is and folk never think about that. They say you got to be dressed respectably. Now, how is it and who said? Think about it. Who said that a suit and tie is respectable? Think about that. Why do you have all the top people wearing suits and ties? And then itís reinforced in your mind, that somehow that is respectable; thatís the respectable way to go. Because youíre taught it. Itís put in to you, without you even reasoning it through. Because all the biggest crooks in the world wear suits and ties. Itís a uniform, you see. And it did come from somewhere; the whole idea of it, even the tie. What is a tie? I mean itís a cord, itís a noose. Thatís what it really is. Itís a noose. And that came from Freemasonry. You see. Thatís your ďtow-lineĒ as they call it. And figuratively speaking, if you had a long one, of course, of tow lines and maybe some actual guys do, but they can actually put you around in a circle. Thatís your level of influence, you see. And donít go beyond that until youíre ready for it etc. etc. So you wear this tie with a knot on it, you see, in front of the Adamís apple, you see, a very important place to be. But thatís the respectable system, you see. And thatís why youíll listen to guys who wear suits and ties. Thatís why salesmen must wear suits and ties; to give them a respectability, even though theyíre just little con-men trying to get you to buy something that you maybe didnít even think about before.

And as I say, the biggest crooks in the world donít wear uniformsógeneral uniforms, as military uniformsóthey wear this so-called ďcivilian uniformĒ of the suit and the tie. Thatís how itís done. Thatís how weíre trained to look at people. Theyíve got to be successful. If theyíre not successful you wonít listen to them. Now, to be successful in this world, youíve got to be born into the right families. Thatís a big starter. And to be successful, youíve got to be a psychopath, in this system. Because thereís a lot of competition on the way up, you see. And youíve got to be ruthless to get up there. And that means all kinds of nasty things that you do to get up there and you displace everybody in the way by all foul kinds of means. Thereís no fair means to do it. Including shop gossip and stuff like that. Anything to get them out of the way youíll do it. And you get up there. And then you got to join the right clubs. There are some clubs that youíve just got to join or you wonít go any further because technically, you get to a certain point and you canít get through that last door. Theyíre always talking about doors in higher masonry, you know. You canít get access to it. Because, see, when the door opens the hand comes out, like the grand master, and lifts you up out of the land of the dead, you see. And you see, youíre not lifting yourself up, theyíre lifting you up into their system. And you must serve their system awfully well and you will be well-rewarded for doing so. Thatís how it really, really works in this system that weíre born into.

But at school, everyone, as I say, is trained to get a little gold star for parroting the right stuff and for attending, good attendance and being awfully sociable and awfully nice and agreeable to everybody. And then youíre allowed into their system. And they give you the quality approval stamp (thatís their little seal on the little diploma; thatís your quality approval) and as I say, that means youíre dumb enough to work for them. Youíve been passed; thatís the quality control mechanism. And generally, youíll never figure out whatís going on. And any crisis that they throw at you, thereís lots of sharks out there making lots of money off every crisis. Think about it. Happens all the time. All the ďwhat-ifs,Ē you know. Itís like having a massive pharmacy store just designed for people who have problems about thinking about disease all the time. You know, hypochondriacs. People live and make millions of dollars off of crisis, real or feigned. Because a hypochondriac will save up pills of all kinds just in case they get something, that particular thing. Thatís how the world works. Thatís what insurance companies do too. They all work on the same principle. Itís fear. Fear-based, you see. And a fast-talking salesman will do you in and you wonít even know it because you get lost. Youíre just hypnotized and {gasp}, follow the fast-talking salesman. Theyíre all very fast-talking. But they always give you a solution at the end of it and itís ďbuy thisĒ. Very simple: buy this. And you go, ah thank god for you, thank god. Thatís the world that we live in. Itís very, very, very simple.

Same thing with martial law, martial law in all of its guises. You see. It happens to protect the very system that dominates over you and oppresses you and profits off you. Because youíre owned. Youíre farmed, like Charles Fort said. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫- Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. Iím Alan Watt. Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And it truly is a matrix isnít it? Because folk go through their whole... even the ones who are waking up, they have got all these... itís like mine fields you have to go through to get to the other side and find the rest of the truth. And youíve got all these diversions all over the place. And you should really expect it because after all the big boys plan for everything, including people waking up. And theyíve got all these obstacles there to waylay you or bring you around in circles forever, anything but find out what the truth is. Because if you find out the truth, then you can convey it to others and that can be an awful problem for the big boysóand for the person conveying the truth too, mind you.

Everything runs on this thing called money. And rather than go into all the so-called ďscience of moneyĒ Ė what can be a science of money? You know everybody can add and subtract, canít we? But the fact is itís conology and Rothschild said it himself. He said that itís run basically as a con game; making money out of nothing and all the rest of it. And money itself thatís printed is just debt money. Itís put in there. It used to say, you know, that if you took it to the bank, it would say that you could exchange it for specie, which meant the silver or gold of the realm. In Britain it was silver. And you donít even have that anymore. Youíve just got believe in or trust in god and thatís good enough for most folk, because all the money ends up going to money heaven when they crash it. It just disappears, eh. But it doesnít stop people, you know, and they donít think about it except they must get more of it because theyíre all in a panic, you see. Always in a panic to get more money. And itís like having a house. When you think that the value is going up and up they crash it and then you canít even unload the darn thing. Itís the same with money. If you save up all your life, itís getting devalued all the time. All the time. Same with your pensions, too. I mean as soon as that goes into the bank, in the pension schemes that theyíve got, itís getting invested multiple times over, every single day. And they literally do it overnight in some countries (countries that are ahead of you, in time-wise) and itíll jump from Australia to Japan to China or wherever else itís going and by the time itís finished, after all those years of you putting your pension money in, you get this little pittance at the end and even then they claim itís too much, ďyou should be dead, you shouldnít live this long.Ē Thatís what theyíre saying now, ďtake the euthanasia pill, donít retire. We want all your pension money, because we canít afford to keep you going. Youíre baby boomers.Ē  Theyíve made billions and billions off of you, but you donít figure that out because some of that money that they do, is put to third world countries, you see. Theyíll charge 150% or even 180% interest on some of them. Thatís why they have the different companies that come out and say theyíre downgrading a country here or there. Thatís why the big bankers run the whole system including the companies that come out to downgrade countries, you see. So as they can put all your money and get it back multiple times over, investing your pension money in that third world country that keeps failing, you see. Itís all a big con-game and folk canít figure it out and Rothschild said it was a con-game but he said that the folks who figure it out, generally are working in the system of money themselves and they arenít going to blow the whistle because theyíre making a good living off it themselves, you see.

And getting back to Marx. He talked about labor. And itís true enough, from ancient times to the present. They used to have basically armies, which were just thugs at the time, before money came along. Big families you see would smash other families and take over their lands and the peasants. And theyíd get their little armies together and theyíd go off and invade other neighbors and when they got some slaves, thatís how agriculture came into being; you needed slaves to do it. It didnít start off by people doing it themselves, it was slaves that they used, because it was very intensive. You needed lots of slaves. And itís hard work. And then you needed slave masters and then you got to find ways of keeping the slave masters working for you, rather than going off and working for somebody else, so you got to throw things in. Thatís why all armies always have massive, you know, brothels all over the place, things like that, lots of booze, brothels and party time for people who wear uniforms and work for the boss, you see.

And then they came along with money. I mean that was the key to it. Money was the key. A substitute, you see. And you could hire armies then. Because once youíve taught one generation that youíve got to have money to live then youíll keep working for money, like itís the most natural thing in the world. And money always varies. And you never question why it keeps varying in what it can buy, because people youíll never meet decide how much itís worth that day, you know. And you think this is all normal. And you accept it as being normal. Itís incredible isnít it? You accept it all as being all quite normal. But as I say, at the end of it all, you lose it all, because when they give you your little pension back, itís worth damned all. Thatís what you get anyway. Theyíve made millions off it. Youíre working, you put 40 years in. {Laughs}. And theyíd been investing it over and over and over to wherever has got the downgrading by Moodyís or whoever, and made millions and millions and millions many times over. But they give you this little pittance and say, oh, you know, youíre expensive to keep, youíre very expensive and old folk, these baby boomers, we just canít afford it anymore. And you believe all this hogwash. Yep, you do. And no one will ever say, weíve got to fix this system. They never do it. And thatís why each time they crash the economy, and the bankers always crash you at least twice a century. At least twice a century. Thatís the history of them, you see. And then you bail them out. And they themselves lose nothing, by the way. They donít start selling off their homes and stuff and getting extra jobs, do they? But they never fix the loopholes that caused it all to happen in the first place, because itís meant to happen and because itís their system, you see. {Laughs} Youíre living in their system. Thatís what it is. And itís all from taxes, you see. Everythingís taxes. It doesnít matter how bad things get. Oh and then you get inflation and oh my god and prices go up as well. And with the prices going up too, when youíve got value added taxes like governments in the British Commonwealth countries, then that goes up with it (the higher prices). They love higher prices because the value-added tax is a percentage; it keeps going up with the price. Wonderful system, eh?

And theyíre always building missiles and things. Theyíre also giving a lot of your tax money away supposedly, to other countries across the world. And the whole idea when they gave you this term ďdemocracy,Ē is, well, see, youíll pay into a system through taxes and youíll get it back in services. But now itís going across the world to third world countries, but not really to them. Itís going to the big corporations which the bankers own, in third world countries. Because they put them all over the planet, you see. And you think this is all normal. Because all your pals around you will agree with you: yeah, well thatís the system. Because youíve all been trained the same way, you see. Russell said at one time... he was one of the guys, one of the many guys who helped give you this present culture. Heís long dead but they designed it right into the year 2050, by the way, including all the cultural changes and the stepping stones of the changes theyíd bring in right up to that date. But they actually said that, he says, if we got a bunch of children together and separated them from the rest and told them that snow was actually black and you called it black and they would call it black. And then when they met people who said, ďno, snow is white,Ē theyíd argue and fight. Because you can train people to believe anything. All you have to do, itís the one generation you have to con, you see, and indoctrinate; after that theyíll indoctrinate their own children because thatís their reality, you see. Thatís how simply it works.

Hereís an article here that talks about the UK government, you know and theyíre building lots of drones all over the place and theyíve got this massive police state on the go, lots of cameras for the big businesses. Even in the 80ís, you know, the early 80ís, the newspapers in Britain said that eventually, if they go to this global society, eventually, down the road, after theyíve conquered everything, theyíd run out of countries to conquer and thereíd be no more wars Ė so all the big military-industrial complex guys were moving into security, internal security. See how far ahead they work it all out, you see. But to you, it hits you as an instant thing. ďOh 9/11 happened. Oh my god.Ē †Suddenly youíve got to get secured. No, no, way back then theyíd planned it all, you see. Cameras everywhere and now the computer comes in and takes over and everythingís computerized and theyíre spying on everybody, and itís wonderful for the guys who own you. And you are owned. So,

ďThe UK government borrows 600 Million Pounds in JulyĒ


Alan: Just for a month. They have to borrow it. Theyíve got millions and millions, the countryís sinking with people because of mass immigration, who are all getting taxed. But the governmentís borrowing 600 million pounds in July. Because tax receipts dip, it says. Right? Now, youíll see these articles all the time, and say, what? A country with all that power, across the world, all that tax money, thatís already thrown billions... they can throw billions into the black hole of this strange abstract EU thatís supposedly sinking unless they get more money. But they have to go and borrow money and get 600 million pounds to get them through July because the government needs the cash; it doesnít have enough cash, you see. And you vote these pricks in. You vote them in but they canít count? No, no, no, they can count alright. This is the con. Bankers, international money-lenders whoíve been at this for thousands of years by the way, understand the human psyche and thereís not a thing they donít understand about the con of money. Thereís lots of levels of conology here. Itís a whole science in itself. That is the science of money: conology. And youíve got the biggest boys, even the Rothschilds, banking on the EU sinking and collapsing. So they make money on everything, these bankers. Donít they? So anyway,

ďThe UK government unexpectedly...Ē


Alan: Unexpectedly!

ď...had to borrow money in July, which is normally a good month for tax receipts.Ē


Alan: It says. So, they borrow

ď... to cover the gap between spending and revenue....Ē


Alan: And the gap was 600 million pounds in July.† And youíve always got an Office of National Statistics. Remember George Orwellís 1984, you have the womanís voice over the movie version of it, always talking about statistics, statistics. See, youíre trained by experts and you believe it all, too, whatever they tell you is true. Do you know that chocolate rations are going up?† You believe it all. So,

ďThere was a surplus of £2.8bn in the same month a year earlier.Ē


Alan:  Wow. 2.8 billion of surplus, eh? But they got rid of that quick, didnít they?

ďThe Treasury blamed disappointing corporation tax receipts.Ē


Alan: And this is one of these news items that goes through your head, like I said Jacques Ellul talked about. Looking for news, the people who want to get reality by following the news are getting lost, it never happens to them because this kind of article goes through your head and itís gone again. You delete it or you donít have room for all the rest of the rubbish theyíre going to give you, you see. But here it is. So,

ďLabour said the government's efforts to try to cut the deficit had "choked off the recovery".íĒ


Alan: This is the Labour government objecting. This is the Labour government that caused it all in the first place: the welfare state, and bring all the immigrants in and letís redistribute the wealth across the world. You know, the Marxian concept that was also dreamed up by the same bankers.

ďAnalysts suggest the government could end up borrowing about £30bn more than last year...Ē


Alan: Oh...

ďwhen official forecasts had suggested borrowing would fall this year.Ē


Alan: Theyíve got an Office of Budget Responsibility. You know, theyíve never balanced the books since the Rothschilds came in and took over the Bank of England? Theyíve never balanced the books. When they say that theyíve managed to balance the books, theyíre talking about paying off the interest on the loans, trying to meet the interest payments. Theyíve never tried, never tried and in fact itís impossible, to pay off the actual sum itself, the outstanding loan. Thatís why the bankers run you and they own you all. Itís meant to be that way, you see. Thatís the system the bankers brought in. Theyíve been at it, as I say, for thousands of years. The beginning of so-called civilization is when you got a class of people that had lots of free time to spend. They were the leisure class. Education came with it, too. The word ďschoolĒ comes from schola, from Greek; it meant leisure, you see. And that came in with money (the money system). So civilization, when you talk about civilization and the progress of civilization, theyíre talking about their money systemóthat cons everybody; that brings the biggest wars of all because you can get whole nations working towards building all things that blow people to pieces and stuff like that. And you think this is all normal. But itís never going to change, you see, because this has been this way for a long time. A long, long time. So that article as I say, they borrowed 600 million pounds, like a hiccup, oh, yawn, yawn, yawn. What happens when you canít balance your books? What does the government do to you? Your house is gone. Youíre on the street. You might get locked up. Not because you didnít pay the bank the mortgage, but because you couldnít afford the taxes. And what do you lot do to a government that does this sort of thing? You vote them back in again. See everyone running for politics has sworn allegiance to the big club that runs the world. They donít get into politics to change it. Thatís the con they give you, mind you, because they play a dialectic: they always give you left wing and right wing. But they both are the same system. They work together. Otherwise thereíd be revolutions every 4 or 5 years. Now, mind you too, as I say, your reality is always being fudged for you and itís so slick the way itís put over, all the time.

I mean thereís an article I got in just before this broadcast started. Itís about sexifying the police state. Iíll put it up tonight for you. How sexy the police state is. And they get professional photographers to go into these New York police stations and so on and youíll see the scantly-clad women who are supposed to be cops, theyíre all models obviously, because the real women, you know, the ones that wear guns and that, have got big hips. Have you ever noticed that? Like kind of shaped like pears, you know?† Anyway, theyíre sexifying the police state and thatíll become normal too, and people will believe the sexified model than their eyes. They wonít believe their eyes anymore. Weíre good at that, you know. Brzezinski said it. He said, eventually the public will be unable to do their own reasoning; theyíll expect the media to do their reasoning for them. So when they see chem sprays in the skies, all these trails all over the place, since 1998, they wonít believe it unless the media comes out and says something. They wonít even mention it to each other. It canít be important or so-and-so wouldíve said it on television. Thatís how well trained we all are. Isnít that kind of scary? Isnít it a little bit scary? They take the reality theyíre given, without question. Thatís the scary part, isnít it?

And theyíre bioengineering us too. I mean thereís so many people being doused with xenoestrogens in their food and their water and everything else over the years. And all the GM stuff thatís also doused with it. You got guys with hips now and lots of sexual problems. And we think thatís normal as well because youíre adapting to it. And no-oneís saying itís abnormal, so it must be normal, right? Thatís how you reason {laughs}. And thatís what you call the world, eh? Reality. And big pharmaís right into it naturally, because you understand, from the ancient times of Egypt onwards with the money system, the same boys who ran the money system ran the governments to borrow the money. And they ran even ancient pharmacology, ancient pharma and the drug system and prostitution. Even in ancient Egypt. Itís never changed. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. Iím Alan Watt. Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix and explaining how reality really works. The one that you take for granted. You take it for granted because everyone else around you takes it for granted and you can actually chat and have conversations about the little tidbits of information that are fed out to you by the bucket-full everyday, you see, from trivia to whatever. And you all think youíre sane because you can bounce ideas back and forth from each other and theyíll understand what youíre talking about and theyíll agree with you too. Because weíre all given our opinions, you see. Itís generally a standard opinion. And as I say, from the ancient times, the same characters were involved in it; itís an ancient science, money and government. Because the first thing youíve got to do is make sure you put your own government in to borrow from you, you see. And thatís what the Royal Institute of International Affairs did a long time ago when they called themselves the Milner Group and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that merged together to create the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations that now runs every country, every government, across the planet, you see. They say they donít play politics, in their books; they donít, because they make the agenda. They put the politicians in and thatís just a ĎPunch and Judy Showí for you to believe in, you see. Because youíve got that optimism part of the brain, again, that theyíre trying to really encourage to grow.

Remember all the songs that were out, you know: just be happy, be happy, just do it, be happy, you see. You understand what Aldous Huxley said? He says, the people eventually, through big pharma and everything else, could be made to be happy under circumstances which they oughtnít to be happy at all. They ought not to be happy. And itís here. Itís here folks. Thereís never been such a massive gap between the ultra-rich and all the rest, as the middle class gets demolished, because, you see, the middle class served their purpose. You donít have industry and everything anymore, you see. They donít need the middle classes. And the middle classes, although theyíre always faithful to the ones above them, because the middle classes really envy the ones above them. Thatís how society works, you see. And pretended they were like them by buying expensive suits and all the rest of it, and getting into debt, trying to pretend theyíre really rich. Thatís how silly society is. But the middle class, also, had a better education, sometimes they could figure some things out and be a real problem to their bosses, once in a while. Some of them could. So you eliminate them now, you see. Itís a global society; a global world. And we all get the same standard opinions across the world because thereís only about two news agencies now putting out the main news. Everyone else follows it.

Thereís an article here, about pharma, talking about ancient Egypt and so on, because they went into that too.

ďPharma Company Admits to $2 Million in Bribes to Government and Health OfficialsĒ


Alan: Thatís petty, petty stuff today; two millionís nothing. When Monsanto was bringing in GM crops and things into Canada, they actually had an inquiry in Canada about it because some of the bureaucrats (the high-level bureaucrats) came forward and said that they were putting bribes in, trying to get bribes. Everything works that way at the top and the top down, you see. And thatís why politicians are selected to be politicians. Theyíll obey their masters, the guys who put them in. Thatís not the public. You see? And theyíve sworn to uphold the same system. You see. Sworn to it. But theyíre also bribable and blackmailable. I mean the biggest news in Canada today, is a 69-year-old senator whose 23-year-old wife got really angry on an aircraft, on an air flight, and she had to get arrested. Thatís the biggest news in Canada. Can you believe it? This is what they give you for news. And big things are happening, like merging the continent and stuff. And wars all over the place weíre paying for.

Well thatís a short hour indeed, eh, but from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

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