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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 29, 2012:

Change is Cool from the Frankfurt School:

"Right or Wrong?  Well There's No Such Thing,
You Must Adapt to Changes the Government Brings,
Order and Uniformity Needs Flexible Opinions,
Which are Constantly Altered for the Minions,
Today's Correct Will Be Wrong Tomorrow,
Failure to Adjust Means Shunning and Sorrow,
Only Bigots Hang On to Wrong or Right,
It Causes Discord and People Fight,
So Be Politically Correct and All-Embracing,
Or it's Room 101 You Will Be Facing"
© Alan Watt Aug. 29, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 29, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 29th 2012.  For newcomers, help yourself to the free audios at CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com and if you go through them at your leisure, you’ll start to understand the big system you’re born into and how it really, really works.  It’s completely different from what you think, because you’ve been conditioned to think the way that your masters want you to think in fact.  And it’s been instilled in your education and it’s also ongoing through the media too, which is a big part of it.  They take over when you leave school and from then on you’re simply at their beck and call, at least your thoughts are anyway, your opinions too are given to you. 


Because, you see, you’re in a planned society with planned changes and planned wars and planned cultural changes as well.  And you’ll go through all these things which are written about by the big boys, the big guys in academia, the professors who churn out books and they belong to big foundations. Foundations form a parallel government that really has more power than your general governments because they actually put their own guys into governments across the planet, they have done for a hundred years.  And that’s how the world is really, really run. And of course the whole thing with the general population is to get the most bang for the buck.  In other words, the most cash out of you and the most work out of you and once you get into a stage of post-industrialism and with technology of course requiring fewer and fewer people to work it and to even make it, then you’re really kind of redundant, you’re what they call “useless eaters” and that’s what the big boys said a long time ago.  The guys who foresaw this part coming and who gave us the cultural changes all the way through the last 50 - 60 years. Lots of them are dead now but some of them are still on the go of course, working at the top as always, to make sure that the general public never wake up to the big plan of things.


Most don’t mind it because they’re quite happy.  It’s a happy type of system, you’re given lots of entertainment to go through. All the leashes have been taken off all the old taboos, and you can do what you want in a lot of different areas.  You’re encouraged to do it and when all of this is going on they’ll bring down the population, because most folk don’t want children anymore. They’ve been conditioned to do that.  Again the masters always foresee the future and they work out their plans well in advance.


Remember too, that you bring me to you. Because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests and sell you lots of stuff that’ll make you live for ever and ever. I just give you the hard facts and a lot of people can’t handle hard facts and some of them get freaked out when you say it calmly what’s actually happening and what has happened and what’s to happen.  But, in reality, that’s what sanity does to you, it makes you calm, you see?  Rather than get caught up in fear and fear becomes addictive and you can be used by those who promote the fear of course. So, you can support me by buying the books and discs at CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com or you can donate as well.  And donations really are really awfully welcome.  As I say, I don’t sell anything at all and to do so you can send a personal cheque to Canada from the U.S. - still accepted. You can also use an international postal money order, from the post office.  Pay Pal.  Or send cash. Across the world - Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal. And as I say, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome.


But if you don’t know the past, and I don’t mean the general stuff you’re taught in school, that’s rubbish, the history that they give you there, with battles and famous generals and things and who becomes rich out of it, all of that kind of stuff. I’m talking about the real, the real workers.  The managerial class, the world managers they call themselves, that give you the cultural changes and the big shifts in culture. They also plan depressions and recessions, way in advance. Nothing to do with what you’re taught at all, it’s all planned way, way in advance.  They planned austerity many, many, many years ago. Even 50 years ago they talked about bringing in a phase down the road, towards the 21st century, of austerity for the public.  That’s how far ahead the masters plan everything.  Why not, because they’ve been at this for a long, long time. Back with more after this break.


*Nice Guitar*


Hi folks, we’re back, cutting through the matrix and as I say, I often talk about the past and the present and how it’s all connected because those who control the past, control the future—and the present actually.  And they’ve been at this for an awful, awful long time.  The ideas that Orwell came out with and Huxley (and other ones) came out with a long, long time ago, even as far back as the ’30s, are all in vogue today, right down to transhumanism.  All of these things were talked about, in quite detail at the time.  And at top universities, the Ivy League ones, across the world, in the Western, well at least the first world countries. And they knew what the future was going to bring down because they belonged to the dominant minority, they called themselves. Still call themselves that today. There’s a dominant minority and then they also have a dominant managerial class.  It’s very much like Plato’s Republic where the guardians are at the top. The guardians of what?  The guardians of their own system and they also have a military class too and they also have a scientific class. And Plato talked about breeding them just for the particular job that they’re on and if you don’t think you’ve been bred for the military, well actually you have. You see you don’t have to put you into a test tube and out comes a little soldier; all you have to do is make sure that the children have 20-odd years of video games that are meant for the military, so they’ll kill without thinking about it. And you’ve got them already made-to-order when they grow up, and that’s what happened. 


They wanted a lot of guys for the military, since about, starting around 1990 to the present and they’ve got them all.  They’ve got all the troops lining up, young guys, who are really immature and can’t get a job, of course.  And suddenly you’ll be somebody, that’s what they tell you.  Be somebody, because you’re nobody right now.  So be somebody, put a uniform on and they train you. They train the public to respect that uniform and off you go and you slaughter folk or you get slaughtered yourself, for ideas that you don’t even comprehend, because you’re given the most simplistic propaganda, but it doesn’t matter, it works awfully well because the big boys have been at this for thousands of years. As I say, we’re the most studied species on the planet going back to ancient times. And you can’t really go through enough science fiction movies, even the old ones, that kept showing you what was coming.  Because you see it was all based on the talks that the guys had back in the 1920s and 30s to do with the future.  They knew what they were bringing in.  Julian Huxley for instance, thought of himself as a scientist – that was Aldous’s brother – and he talked about the scientific class that would be bred as well, they’d breed with other scientists and predictably they’d have sort of children that were pretty capable of learning the same kind of things.  If you want a good mathematician, breed people who are good at mathematics, that sort of thing. That’s the idea. Just like the Rothschilds always breed with themselves, for bankers.


So, this kind of thing’s been going on for an awful, awful long time and the science fiction movies showed us the future and they’re predictive programming. There are so many varieties of the future you could actually have but they always show you the same things with what we’ve got today, kind of martial law type situations, a wealthy elite that always employs a very well equipped military, all dressed in black, in armour and so on, to deal with the general public who are living in austerity or rubble at the bottom. And we’ve had years and years of the same scenarios over and over and over and over, you see. Always coupled too with crisis, because, you see, crisis is the excuse that’s used to take all your rights away from you at the bottom and the public at the bottom accept that too, as it’s a natural thing, “Oh they’ve got to save us, they’ve got to take care of us”. It’s been used all through the past and it will always be used in the future too. 


What you’ll see too, in all these movies, is the glorification of technology and we’re supposed to be so impressed.  Some movies are so boring, science fiction movies, because they go overboard with showing you the technology and explaining the technology and you’re supposed to go “Wow! Oh!” and stand in awe of it, you see.  Because that’s what they want you to feel.  Be in awe of it, scared of it.  Because, you see, society’s kept together, on behalf of the big boys who rule you, through fear.  It’s all fear, that’s why you vote for them. The same guys who bring you into wars, collapse your economy (because the bankers are in on it) and then you all bail them out and you go into austerity because you owe so much cash, you see. It puts you into a fearsome state and the first thing you do, like any abused person, is to turn to the abuser to bail you out and help you. And that’s what they do to the public, you know. Be very, very afraid and then you turn to them and then you go and vote again. Now what are you voting for? You’re voting for the same system.  I don’t care what they call themselves, it’s the same system.  They’re preselected, not by you and not by the conventions they talk about, but by the Council on Foreign Relations that’s just a branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and that was set-up by top bankers in London, The City. And they still run it today.


Anyway, you’re supposed to be awfully impressed, now here’s an impressive one here, you see. You always get the one-off things that kick off the next kind of phase to get you used to the idea of living in a sci-fi world and we already are trained that there’s no privacy.  Most folk don’t mind it, because they always think, “well, who really cares about me?  I’m not doing anything drastic,” and that’s not the point.  They don’t understand anything because we’re all very important, even the ones who think they’re not too important at all. After all, if you have an original thought, like Mao Ze Dong said that, he was scared of someone with an idea, a big idea. That’s what he said. He wasn’t scared of armies or anything, it was somebody with a big idea that could actually put it across to the rest of the people. That was a fearsome thing. So they’ve got to monitor everyone to make sure you’re all predictable, you see.


And after all too, you are farmed, and all farmers make sure. I mean, they know the pedigree and everything about every animal they own. They know all about you and your health and your history, your genetics, your family’s health history etc. etc. They even know if you’re going to get married, pretty well, your chances of having a child with an allergy to this or that or the other.  They know all that in advance, before you even do yourself. That’s what a farmer does, he makes sure that he knows his stock, you see.


Anyway, this article here,


The sinister Wraith


Alan: Oh, they’ve got a wraith now.  It’s a land drone, a land drone. It can deploy smoke, take pictures and fire 250 rounds per minute in shotgun shells.  Isn’t that really impressive? Aren’t you impressed already at that? And it’s a WRAITH, ooh!


...on standby at the Republican convention if protests get out of hand


A: Can you believe that? And it says,


Sinister-looking unmanned ground vehicles called Wraiths are being deployed alongside aerial drones to police the Republican convention should protesters try to disrupt proceedings.

It is not known which US government agencies are operating drones, which have been used extensively in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen against


A: the CIA’s


al-Qaeda and Taliban targets on a ‘kill list’ overseen by President Barack Obama.

United Drones


A: that’s the company


built the Wraiths, which can travel at speeds of up to 65 mph and climb over virtually any structure or terrain. The stealth vehicles,


A: They’ve got to put “stealth” in there, eh? because it sounds, ooh, stealth, eh?


which have been kept in reserve so far, can be operated from 100 miles away.


A: Imagine tapping into that and taking it over, eh?  It could cause a lot of damage. It says,


Whereas Predator and Reaper drones have been used by the CIA abroad, the flying drones over Florida are called Aether Aeros, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The 4.5 foot-wide Aether Aero, which looks like a mini helicopter, can fly at heights of up to 4,000 feet and can operate for up to four hours.


A: So we’re getting a display you see, of land drones and aerial drones and all that just for the republican convention. So get used to it, is the message as well and you will see more of it as well. And it’s also a great PR thing for the Military-Industrial Complex as well, it really is good, you know. Everybody’ll say, “Ooh, look at them, ooh, look at those things!”  Scary.


Now I said last night too that back in the 70s there were articles in the papers about what’ll happen when they get their new world order all through, this was mainstream at the time. And that you have a global society and all the countries you wanted to take out and standardize under your thumb has been done, accomplished. What will happen to the military-industrial complex? And they said they’d all go into security because then they’ll have, the future wars will all be terrorism, on terrorism within the continents basically.  Because they were going to make it happen you see. You’ve got to get a market for things and you can’t get a market if nothing’s happening so you cause it, you cause terrorism you see. It’s like the Soviet Union, once the Bolsheviks got in there they were finding terrorists everywhere. Oh Everywhere there was a terrorist and that kept everybody terrified and obedient as Trotsky and his army went around slaughtering people. Anyway, so here you have it today and all the big boys are into this field because they’ve got to get sales, you see, and manufacturing going. A lot of big important families, very old families are involved in all of this you know. So you’ve got to make sure they have a good future.


Bentley Takes Aim at Armoured Car Market


A: Remember the Bentley cars that some of the posh folk could afford?  And it says the Bentley EXP 9 F concept car and they show you different concept cars and so on and they’re into SUVs.


Bentley is considering launching an armour-plated car range as customers in Latin America, the Middle East and Russia seek to travel in bulletproof comfort.


A: Well you see that’s your world of the future that they talked about in the department of defence think tank’s report a few years ago, where you’d have these kind of city-states that’ll come out as the nations wither away and you’ll have some very important city-states, futuristic ones, across the world. And you’ll have gated communities where the very wealthy will live and they’ll be well guarded with again the black-clad guys and armour plating and all the rest of it. And of course you’ll have your drones all over the place protecting them too, because they’re awfully important people you see. And at that time, which is almost here, the rest of the public will be unemployed and kind of barbaric as all their toys are taken away from them or they can’t afford it. So anyway, they’re going into this to make sure that the elites can travel in comfort and safety and so on. It says:


The Crewe-based car manufacturer is exploring ways to tap into a growing market for secure vehicles in emerging economies where the threat of kidnap and assassination is constant.


A: That’s the future, this is the future we’re putting across the world, you know, they call it democracy, but it’s a good con isn’t it? Democracy. The mock part is pretty true. Back with more after this.


*More Nice Guitar*


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re cutting through the matrix. Talking about the system in which we kind of survive, I don’t say live, we survive. Because if you were truly living, you’d be free and you wouldn’t have all the worries that you’ve got, by the system you see.  Anyway, I’m talking about the big system and of course where they’re going with it all and everybody knows where we’re going with it. Most have already adapted to the pat-downs etc. etc. And we’re seeing, it’s not just the rise of the Military-Industrial Complex all over the planet, it’s also the rise of military across the planet. You’ve got militarized police, everything’s militarized now to get us through into this next phase of the system. That’s what it’s all for and they know where they’re going with it all and of course eventually they’ll bring in real austerity, it hasn’t really hit the U.S. as it has across Europe and elsewhere, because they still need the U.S. to supply the troops and pay for all the military stuff at the moment and take out more countries to standardize them. Once that’s done of course they’ll pull the rug from under the U.S. and then that’s it. That’s when they’ll use all the internal armies they’ve been building up.


But here you go again, these articles are just commonplace:


The Government wants to security scan at least a quarter of all train passengers for explosives, knives and guns to protect railways and the London Underground from terrorists.


A: You know, this vague term “terrorist” that covers everything now. So:


The Home Office has published details of what it wants the scanners to detect and how they should work, and is asking for advice on the technology available. “The main focus is on the detection of explosives and weapons on people and in bags,” the research brief states, suggesting that technologies including X-ray,


A: Of course they’re going to X-ray everybody again.


magnetometry, vapour and trace methods, electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound could be used.


A: People are going to get bombarded with everything. It won’t make much difference as long as they keep their cell phones and they can play themselves with games and that. But they’ll be quite happy as they go through it all and get retrained and they will adapt very quickly. Most of them already have adapted to most of the stuff anyway. After all you see it all in the movies; I mean isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? The movies come first and then you copy them. Isn’t that the natural way? So that’s where it’s all going and another article too, it’s from The Guardian, on the same thing basically. “Airport-style screening to be considered for train and tube stations,” and they even include biological materials as well in this one here. So it’s big biz in the training industry, for population training and it’s full-steam ahead. It’s doing pretty well.


Also tonight I’ll put up a YouTube link to, do you remember the guys, the American ones, the soldiers who shot the little boys that had a wheelbarrow, in Afghanistan, and then they peed on them. And everybody laughed and tittered. Well they got off with it of course and there’s no charges at all, so that’s it. A pat on the wrist, a slap on the wrist and that’s all. Maybe they pat each other nowadays, I wouldn’t be so surprised actually. Anyway, that’s what’s happening. Life is cheap and you’re being trained that life is cheap and you will get trained all the more with more movies and dramas on television about terrorism that life is getting cheaper all the time. Until it’s your turn and what can you do then? I mean what can you really do?


Now when all that’s going on too they’re still going ahead with building a North American Union and they keep denying it, even though they’ve come out and admitted it at times, then they go and deny it afterwards. But I’ll put up a link tonight, to a video, that explains it very simply for those who don’t know much about it and it goes on all the time of course.


And an article came out of Foreign Affairs from the Council on Foreign Relations. Surprising actually, that they did this. Because this has been going on for years, but it says “The Rise of Settler Terrorism” in Israel. It says:


Israeli authorities in the West Bank have long worried about stopping Palestinian terrorism.


A: Terrorism, terrorism.


Now, they need to add a new item to the agenda: stopping radical Jewish settlers who have begun attacking innocent Palestinians and Israeli soldiers alike.


A: It says:


Daniel Byman is a Professor in the Security Studies Program at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and Director of Research at the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution. He is the author of A High Price: The Triumphs and Failures of Israeli Counterterrorism. Natan Sachs is a Fellow at the Saban Center.


A: It says, so it gives you a story about how:


...Israeli settlers in the West Bank defaced and burned a mosque


A: We all know about that, for those who follow the news.


in the small West Bank village of Jabaa.  Graffiti sprayed by the vandals warned of a “war” over the planned evacuation, ordered by the Israeli Supreme Court, of a handful of houses illegally built on private Palestinian land near the Israeli settlement of Beit El. The torching of the mosque was the fourth such attack in 18 months and part of a wider trend of routine violence committed by radical settlers against innocent Palestinians, Israeli security personnel, and mainstream settler leaders -- all aimed at intimidating perceived enemies of the settlement project.


A: Well that’s been going on forever, this sort of thing. But this is all over the world, life is cheap. It depends who you are, mind you, it can be cheaper, depending on the propaganda; but life is definitely cheap today isn’t it?


And most folk don’t mind because you see, all these things seem far away from you. All of the things that you read about are far away and as I say when they put it into movie forms and fictional forms you actually enjoy them. So you have this schizophrenic outlook on everything that’s given to you to do with violence and slaughter and terror and all the rest of it, by big authorities with big weapons. But it’s all training you, it’s training you into what you’re supposed to be trained into. I remember some of the movies that’ve been out in the past, the comedies and so on. Like “Idiocracy” talked about, one part of the movie showed you the guy who was the lawyer for the accused, who actually, I think he got his diploma or his degree at either Wal-Mart or Costco or something. And this article I’m reading about is Wal-Mart, one-stop doctor’s office coming up.  Back with more after this.




Hi folks, I’m back cutting through the matrix and talking about Wal-Mart.  It’s so interesting too because a lot of the Marxists at the turn of the 20th century were talking about all the proper ways that the world should be run of course. There’s always people doing that. They think it should be run properly and they always have the way to do it. And there’s different groups of course, with different proper ways. But they talked about, well, things were so crazy with all this private enterprise competing and then you find the ones who you would call the right wingers also had the same ideas as well because they formed big cabals, so as they didn’t have to compete with each other, then they work together; and so they came up with the ideas that down the road, they said, they’d have, say, one chain of stores would sell one particular item to the public. The Soviet system tried that where one massive manufacturer in Russia made pretty well all the furniture that you’d have in all the houses. It was all the same stuff everywhere you looked, same furniture. And one factory would make the shoes etc. like that. That was the idea of it. HG Wells talked about it too, he says all this competition stuff right down to the personal level where one guy starts to have a bicycle shop across the road from another guy who’s already got a bicycle repair shop and then they start competing, it’s all so crazy, it’s untidy and all that. So, they all planned this kind of stuff, so we’re seeing it all happening today with the big, of course, the big build-all centres and Wal-Marts and all the rest of it taking over and putting everybody else out of business. That was the whole idea. They undercut the prices until they’re all out of business, then they jack their prices up. Old stuff, which always works of course. And here’s Wal-Mart going in to pretty well total medical care. It says,


Wal-Mart issued a statement Wednesday saying its request for partners to provide primary care services was "overwritten and incorrect." The firm is "not building a national, integrated low-cost primary health care platform,"....


A: But then it says,


The nation's largest retailer is planning to offer medical services ranging from the management of diabetes to HIV infections, NPR and Kaiser Health News have learned.


A: So, they are going into it and so eventually it’ll be your one-stop shopping, you know. Maybe you’ll give even birth there and you get treated all your life there and you buy everything there and then you’ll die there and they’ll cremate you or turn you into goo and put you in the garden, that green stuff they’re talking about, but it’s eco-friendly you know. So we’re going down the track of as I say a planned society and we’re really in it already. Most folk are very, very uniform in their opinions because they’re all given the same opinions by the same experts and they believe them, at the same time, because of this wonderful communication we have across the world. We all get the same indoctrination at the same time and that’s just how it is.


Now part of the idea too was to get everybody the same. The big thing with the master builders who run this world, it doesn’t matter if it’s right wing or left wing, it’s all the same, you see, they always run the dialectic to fool the public so you vote one in at one period, now you’re fed up with them, then you vote another bunch, different ones, in again and see how they do. That stops you having revolutions you see. But part of it is, as I say, the big masters want everyone to be uniform, just like countries have got to be uniform and standardized. You’ve got to get a central bank which is privately owned by the same guys who own all the other central banks across the world. And then you start borrowing money from the international money lenders and they don’t actually give you anything except cheques so as you can print up cash, but then you owe it all back to them. So it’s a wonderful system we live in and you think it’s all quite natural because straight faces on television tell you that that is so and they’re experts. 


They also wanted children to be uniform too because you see you can’t have this gender difference stuff. They always said you see, after Pavlov and Freud and all that, that gender is just something that’s indoctrinated into you. So you give the little boys a bit of rope to go and do crazy things and fall down, break legs and stuff which they naturally do. If you’re a real little boy you’ll climb trees and fall now and then. And you survive through it and you become an adult; some don’t and that’s just the way it is. But they want everyone to sit in class as well and be fully attentive to the teachers, and the teachers now like that too. They want everybody to be the same. They don’t know how to handle children anymore. Children are kind of strange to them even today because most of them won’t even have children of their own today, the teachers. So anyway, they want you all to be the same so they drug the little boys now, that’s how they started doing it, and you’ll find going way, way back into the 30s and 40s they talked about the pharmacological age would combine with psychology and then they’d start drugging certain children. For different reasons too because the ones who ask too many questions are the ones who are liable to be future leaders and they don’t want that, you see, especially from the lower classes. Bertrand Russell talked about that. And they’d have to eliminate them, literally physically eliminate them if they snuck through and they didn’t catch them in time. And someone with a brain could actually verbalise things and ideas to the rest of the peasants. That could be very dangerous, he says we’d have to eliminate them. And we’re actually here now. They do catch most of them now, mind you, and the teachers are the ones who recommend the children be drugged. And of course you have all the talk show hosts on television telling you it’s a good thing.


So, boys can’t be boys anymore. Now,


Fun over for schoolchildren at Drummoyne Public School as handstands, cartwheels and somersaults are banned


A: You see, you can’t do that anymore. You see. Because you’ve all to be the same, be the same and preferably effeminate. And it says that


Drummoyne Public School has banned handstands, cartwheels and somersaults during lunch and recess unless “under the supervision of a trained gymnastics teacher and with correct equipment.”


A: That means knee pads and elbow pads, probably a crash helmet on your head and things like that. You know, cotton wool, experts have got to rule you, you see.


In a newsletter sent to parents principal Gail Charlier said the ban followed consultations with the State Schools Sports Unit, a branch of the Department of Education, the Inner West Courier reported.  The move has confounded parents such as Rebecca Chown, who has collected more than 250 signatures on a petition calling for the rule to be overturned.  “It's ridiculous, what's the world coming to when kids can't do handstands and cartwheels at lunch time,” she said. Ms Chown said she understood the principal “felt she was doing the right thing”.  “So many principals are wary about children injuring themselves, due to the growing litigative culture we live in,'' she said.


A: They’re all scared of getting sued silly. So,


Ms Chown first heard about the ban when her daughter Estelle, 10, came home on August 17 and said children had been told they couldn't do anything that had them “upside-down”.


A: So everything is just crazy you see, and you’ve got to all be the same. And they’ll have the little boys wearing dresses soon, probably, and the little girls wearing the pants because they’re doing a lot of stuff like that. Actually Bertrand Russell called it, they’ve got to be innovative in this particular transition period, and eccentric he says.  Even eccentricity in their innovation and the public would accept it, although they’ll be awfully confused. Well we’re actually in it today, we’re going through all this stuff now and you’re all told to believe it’s normal. And some will actually adapt very quickly and think it is.


Now, I’ll take a call now, there’s Tom from Wisconsin hanging on the line there and I’ll take Tom, if he’s still there. Hello?


Tom: Yeah I’m here Alan, can you hear me?


Alan: Yes, I can.


Tom: Excellent. Excellent. Well, I’ve been calling into your show or your broadcasts now for quite a few years and the more and more I dig into the very nature of what I’m surrounded by as far as the system goes, as the people go, I find more and more that there is this dualistic sort of experience that I have of hope and despair. I go between the two and it’s like one moment I have hope as I find out new information that proves that what I feel instinctually is correct about what’s being demanded of me by the system. And then as I present it to people and they reject it for various reasons or tell me to stop thinking about that, I feel despair, as though there’s no hope because without other people around me to understand the same things, I’m essentially on an island and for that very reason I think often what you say is that society is gone. For various reasons, being attacked on a level. And I think for the most part you’re actually correct and I guess ultimately I’d like your comments on: is it just really a matter of time before everything is so altered and changed from what it was maybe 50 years ago that somebody like me would, I don’t know, like be taken to a camp and be re-educated?


Alan: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean because see the first reaction that people have when they start to understand that something’s awfully wrong and they’ll tune into often Patriot Radio and stuff, you know. And you get a fixed sort of view of things, that the world’s just been taken over or your system’s just been taken over now, which isn’t true. This has been here, this system’s been here for an awful long time. That’s the kicker to it, when you eventually clue into that, the system’s been here for an awful long time. And even our present generation, we’ve all been tinkered with, in our heads and so on, and given ideas and things to chase after in our lifetimes. That was all done to us as well and it’s being done more so today, to the young children growing up. But you’re quite right, it’s been like this for an awful, awful long time and it’s scientifically designed and it’s done on a mass scale and that’s what people never touch upon on the sort of patriot sort of sidelines. They want you to think that you can get something back. It’s like going back to, really to a romantic age, which exists in Hollywood as opposed to reality. And I’ve often said to people, what age do you want to go back to?


Well I think someone who’s really honest would want to go back to an age where things were more, what they would say is, normal and easy to detect and there was no blurrings of gender for instance and all this kind of stuff all coming into it. And people were kinder to each other and you didn’t have the violence, internally, that we do today. You didn’t have all the trash on television that you have as well. That people are supposed to emulate, which actually they do. So you’re looking back to what you think is a safer era where you were given a bit more leeway to have a little bit more freedom than we have at present. That’s all you can sort of look at. But we never go backwards in history. Things don’t go backwards you understand and they’re planned to go forwards in a planned direction. What you’ll find though is that the big masters, the big masters who’ve played this game all over the world over centuries.  When you have lots of industry and there’s a big tax base there as well, people don’t mind as much because they’re earning good cash at the time. During that phase you get away with a lot more. The cops are not down on you on the highways as much, for instance, or hitting you because you’ve got a rusty old car. They let the old bangers go on the road. That was the first thing I noticed about Canada years ago, that they were allowed to have all these old rusty bangers at one time. But once the industry had gone, the crackdowns came immediately. The same thing with smoking and drinking. Smokes were cheap, things like that. In other words the working class were given all this stuff to keep them happy, and content, and productive. That was the whole thing. China now is going through that phase. So they’re allowed to get the cheap smokes and the booze, and get a bit more freedom than they’ve had before.


For us, we’re post-Industrial so they take it all away from you and now you’re into the authoritarian phase. Because the masters, to keep the system going together and to keep the people from becoming malcontents, they give you lots and lots and lots of the most basic entertainment, which is sexual entertainment, most of it. And if you go into the Frankfurt School that was given permission to run American culture and alter the culture – by the president of the United States at the end of WWII. That’s no kidding, they worked with Bernays and the Macy Group, Bertrand Russell and all these big boys and the Huxleys; all worked to design the future culture for Americans. And the idea was that they would not bring in... because they were worried at the time, the Jewish state in America, were scared that America could go fascist. That was the big scare that they had, because all the signs were there too, they claimed. And so the idea was to bring in what they called Eros.  Eros was the opposite of fascism and authoritarianism. And so they would bring the system down gradually, gradually over the next 50 years into a state which would parallel chaos to an extent at the bottom, with lots of offshoots, side effects and so on, but the state would take care of it, abortions, venereal disease and so on. But they’d promote eros, eros, eros, until they destroyed the family unit. This is the Frankfurt School, given permission by the president of the United States to do this, and the Macy Group, and they reported right to the White House, you know, for years. So that’s all you get today and people literally are mind-bombed with this stuff. They’re in a schizophrenic state, where part of them likes the system, even as it’s going down the tubes, because this hasn’t been tried before, entertainment on such a massive scale and it’s so cheap for them. Right down to all the programmes they get and their apps they get and so on. So we’re in a controlled slide down to the bottom and authority is there to slap you on the head if you try to get out of line.


But you’re quite right, yelling about getting something back is not going to change it. It’s not going to happen. There are no sides at the top. At the real top of things, in this system, there are no sides of left wing and right wing. There’s only one head, you know, and one system and the whole left wing and right wing work together at different phases to push different things through but it’s for the head; the head wants all these things to come through so they use them both. So what can you do when your leaders are preselected by the Council on Foreign Relations on behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London? And they have been for all this time according to Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the CFR. So what can you do when they present this guy or that guy? It’s no different than the Soviet Union when they said “take Politburo number 1, 2 or 3. Take your pick and vote for them.” It’s the same thing, you’re voting for the same system which isn’t working for the public anymore. But the public are so mind bombed, and they’re quite happy a lot of them and they’re dumbed down. They’re dumbed down to an incredible extent, through their food and the poisons and inoculations. And so many of them are on tranquillisers it’s just unbelievable, and antidepressants. Exactly what they said in the 1930s, that’s what they would do, on tranquillisers and pharmacology. We’re here.


Tom: Hey Alan, like I’m aware of all that. Like everything you just said, like I understand and I have heard and I’ve read and I know that all has come and gone and it’s here, much of it. And I guess it really comes down to the fear of losing whatever it is that these people are attached to.


Alan: And even your values.


Tom: Anybody I’ve presented this information to is like ‘we have to somehow get out of this.’ And I say this is the information, I mean this is what’s wrong and this is what’s right and it’s like out of fear on whatever issue it is, people cling and don’t make a move. And it’s like we would have to let go of our fear in order to even unify to even do something to move forward in a different direction from what the left and right head of this system wants to take it.


Alan: Absolutely. Most folk again, you run up against most people who are adapting to it, this is the problem, they adapt into it. The fear mongering has also worked on them, they’re scared for themselves, you see. And most folk have altering values, their values are always changing according to the cultural shift at the top and they adapt very quickly. And you’re holding onto what you see as real right and wrong. And this system doesn’t believe in right and wrong anymore, they tell you that; it’s cabalistic.




Hi folks, I’m back, we’re cutting through the matrix and talking about the system that we’re living in. Is Tom from Wisconsin still there?


Tom:  Yeah I’m here Alan.


Alan: I understand exactly what you mean because here’s the analogy. Those who’ve really come through all the different stages, and haven’t got stuck anywhere and they’ve got beyond the usual nonsense that’s put out, just vote for so-and-so, you’re like the guy in Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World, the so-called primitive. They bring him into the big luxurious city where the new system is all working and the people are bred for their functions and lots of promiscuity and so on but no one gets married. In fact it’s forbidden to go with the same partner more than twice a month or something and you swap partners all the time. And they listen to him politely as he’s trying to say well don’t you miss the family and having children of your own? And they kind of listen politely and they kind of titter and they see him as sort of quaint. Well, you see, that’s where you are today. You are there already. You’re there, in amongst a society that’s lost all its values.


Tom: Alan, I am there and it’s like we’re in that process where we’re at the tail end of the families and “normal” relationships. And like I have these primitive instincts, like I want to find a woman that understands that I have these basic principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of my happiness, that doesn’t include tithing to the new religion, which is the state. And I was dealing with somebody at a local agency that deals with the community and he stated, at one point a hundred years ago people trusted in God; now people simply trust in the state.


Alan: That’s right and it’s funny you said that because I was just reading an article by Aldus Huxley and he was talking to a group at one of the big groups there. And he’d said this way back in the 1940s. He said that the biggest enemy we’ve had in pushing this new multi-levelled system of reality, the worst curse we’ve had, and had to fight for a long, long time, was Christianity. And so they’ve pretty well demolished it. It’s been a full-scale battle. Because it gave you a fixed set of values and everybody knew the rules. Basic, simple rules. But also you didn’t need a massive police force because everyone knew the basic rules as well. You didn’t want to go out and hurt other people in different ways, emotionally, physically or whatever, and so society was fairly stable. Once you take that away you have this chaotic system and the state does take over and becomes authoritarian and it’s Big Brother.


So you’re quite right but these guys brought this system in by design and that’s what, as I say, the big schools were given permission to create and alter an American culture into this present state. That’s what they talked about 40, 50, 60 years ago. They literally have done it all, right down to debauchery and even necrophilia.  As Adorno called it, we’ll bring a necrophilic society in. And I showed, yesterday I put up a link. I’ll put it up again tonight, to do with a Vogue article where they are sexifying the totalitarian state and you’ll see sadomasochism in all their photo shoots as they make it all sexy now to be tortured and slammed about with the armour-clad, black-clad thugs.


So we’re in it. And what you have to do now is live inside your head until you can find, if you can find people of a similar mindset. Understand too, they say it’s a mental illness if you don’t have ‘flexibility of opinion’. Exactly what they used in the Soviet Union. And so you’re supposed to be always flexible with your opinions because ideally in this new system there’s no right or wrong. You’re in flux now and that’s what they want you to be. They’ll say you’re mentally ill if you say this is right and that’s wrong. But thanks for calling in, I really understand what you’re saying there.


And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



Transcribed with Best Wishes ~ Mark B




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