Sept. 5, 2012 (#1165)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 5, 2012:


The System:

"Looking to the Future and More of the Same
As Fewer Hands Control the Monopoly Game,
Corporations Specialize, Masses of Bureaucrats
With Incredible Budgets for Propaganda Cats,
"Gifting" to Politicos They're Sure to Lobby,
Get Instant Access and Funds for Their Hobby
Of Raping the Public with Increasing Cost
Of Food, Electricity, Gas, They Exhaust
Everyone's Income with Increasing Severity,
Fat-Cats Get Richer while Preaching Austerity"
© Alan Watt Sept. 5, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 5, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 5th of September 2012. For newcomers, I suggest you go in to CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com website. Make good use of it; there’s over a thousand audios for download there, for free. And you’ll find the big system, the big system that’s all around you. It’s everywhere, across the planet, the Big System, because we’re global you see and we have global managers and global groups and foundations that really run the world. And the foundations of course have been there for a long, long time. Margaret Thatcher called them the parallel government and when she left office she said I’m now working for the parallel government; we can get things done, she said, we’re not responsible to voters and we can work behind the scenes and get things done.  Technocrats in other words and that’s how the world is really run, and you’re run towards a different agenda. Most folk actually wonder what any agenda could be!


Most folk don’t think about the future much at all, except will they have enough money to live on when they’re old or something like that, but they don’t think beyond that, they don’t ever stop and think, “Well who’s really running the world now?”. Who brings in these global treaties, for instance?  Look at the big foundations and organizations and armies of NGOs that do it. So I put that all out for you, the history books and the guys who started it off too. And you’ll find really you’ve never really had democracy, whatsoever. And never will have it either for that matter; and neither has anybody else had it. You’ve had little times of more freedom than others and that was just a little breathing space, during say the 70s for instance and then bang you’re back into recession in the 80s. And then of course all the factories were moved offshore because of your politicians signing the World Trade Organization, so they all moved to China.


Remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com and you can also donate remember. Awfully important, donations. And from U.S. to Canada you can use personal cheques or international postal money orders, from the Post Office. You can send cash or use PayPal. Across the world Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again. And straight donations as I say are awfully, really, really awfully welcome. Because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests or sell you anything or hype things up and terrify you and then sell you the antidote to it. I just tell you the truth as it is and the facts.


And the facts shouldn’t really upset you, for those who are already battle-hardened to the system you’re born into. Fear is something that you’ll always experience, but you must keep it under control, because the big boys dish out bucket-loads of fear everyday. It’s also a training thing. You get trained to buckle under. You’re so minuscule. You’re a tiny amoeba in this big world and you have to leave things to the experts at the top. It’s meant to make you think that you have no rights whatsoever and you’re pretty helpless. It’s trained helplessness you might say. And you have to go beyond that and handle the fear and then dismiss the fear and then do something about it.


Because we can’t let these big boys, that have run the world for over a hundred years in their big organizations with their thousands of think tanks and their private armies of non-governmental organizations, we can’t let them go on any further with where they’re taking us. Because they have told us quite plainly they want to depopulate rapidly now, rapidly. That means not just aborting children across the planet and using your tax money. It also means bringing down the population of those who are already adult. Obviously. Rapid depopulation. The term that Rockefeller used and others have used at his “Lucky Gene Club”, as they call it.


So, as I say, don’t get too bogged down in the worries. Also too, don’t get too bogged down in all the little things that are happening because it’s meant to distract you into other areas. Try to concentrate on the things that you can do and that’s the best that you can actually do. Things that you can do, things you can affect and don’t stop speaking out. Even with the zombies around you, you’ve got to do it. Back with more, after this break.




Hi folks I’m back, Cutting Through The Matrix and we’re talking about the big system, the system you’re born into and it’s been here for a long, long time. Your parents didn’t know generally. No one told them, because they believed in the regular media, and that was a trick employed and really in force since about the 1930s. Prior to, say the 1950s, people were very mistrustful of media because they knew who owned them and they knew the associations that these particular owners belonged to. They still belong to the same associations like the Council on Foreign Relations etc., even Trilateral Commission and many international organizations. And therefore there’s always a spin on every story to bend your mind into the way that they want you to think and believe and act and behave and go along for the things they promote.  But today of course people have been trained that they’re somehow official, they’re official, like part of the government. And Brzezinski said the same thing thirty-odd years ago or more. He said eventually the public will be unable to reason for themselves; and we’ve come to that stage. The public literally, if they haven’t made a big deal about something on the media or mentioned it at all and you show them evidence, those folk around you evidence of something big that’s going on, they won’t believe it. Because obviously their caretakers (the masters) would have told them on television, and it doesn’t work that way as we well know. We’re run covertly, you see. And it works very, very, very well.


Now I’ve mentioned before too, many times, about the fact that we’re being killed off, poisoned, by the food, we’re being killed off by the inoculations (there’s no doubt about it). The IQ has plummeted over the years, even the United Nations admits that, as they keep stepping up their inoculation and vaccine programs across the planet. And when anything like that happens suddenly in society, with autism etc., you have to always, like any simple detective story, start at the beginning. What’s changed? What’s changed? And OK the previous generation never got these injections, these inoculations. So you start right there. If the food is the same and everything else is the same, you start there. Now if the food’s changed too, you must also go into the food. And we know since then of course, they’ve been altering the food drastically. Drastically. Remember the food supply, up until WWII was basically natural. Natural food. And they used different fertilisers, natural fertilisers including manure. It was great for growing vegetables and they’d dig that back into the ground and plough it under and up came good stuff. And, after WWII, all the big chemical industry says well what are we going to do with all this excess explosive and so on, all the nitrogen etc. Big thing for explosions.


And they had all this excess, so they came out and called it organic farming. We’ll dump all this stuff in the fields and the nitrogen will help the plants to grow. And they grow big and all that, but there’s nothing really in them. You don’t get the vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy. And apart from that, they also brought in the big chemical industries as well with their excess stuff from WWII. They started dousing fields with pesticides and that’s when it all started to go down the hill. Because plants naturally soak up the pesticides as well, the ones that they’re resistant to and it kills the weeds, but it soaks up in the plants and it’s all throughout the plant and you eat that. And now you’ve got something in your system that shouldn’t be there at all.


Also interesting in the past I’ve gone through articles put out by Monsanto themselves. Where their biggest plant in the U.S., they said that their staff, none of their staff or the scientists would eat their own product, the GM food from Monsanto. And so they brought catering firms in to give them organic only. They know what it does to the people. They have done all the testing on the animals and continue doing it. They know what it does to animals, you see. And also Tony Blair of course, when he was prime minister, he tried to push it through and ram it through onto the British people, and then it broke out that he made an exception for their own massive cafeteria that supplies the food to the politicians when they’re lounging about there. I don’t call it work but they’re always there. And also of course we know too that the big boys also have tickets you might say, that’s your ticket, your ticket to the club, where you get real organic stuff.


I should mention this as well. A few years ago at the same time, the exact same time this was happening, I read articles on the air to do with these domed greenhouses that were getting put up. They started in Japan, that was the first time we heard of it and then suddenly realised Oh they already had them in Germany and in different countries etc. And the staff go in as though they’re going into any laboratory, they’re scrubbed clean and they go in in white overalls and rubber boots and wearing face masks. No bacteria is allowed in from outside; no bugs are allowed in from outside, insects. And no one could figure out why they go to all this expense to grow obviously very expensive food.  Well, you see, it’s because of the spraying, the chem spraying that they’ve been doing. It all comes down with its Aluminium Oxide and with its Barium and Strontium and various other things, particles, into the ground. So much so that Monsanto anticipated this and they came out with the so-called crop, or seed, that would be resistant to Aluminium soil, because they’re making the soil aluminized now so it’s killing so many of the trees and so on off. Anyway, these guys get the stuff from greenhouses where this crap coming down from the sky doesn’t touch their food at all. They know this, they’ve discussed it obviously at a very high level. And that’s where they get their stuff, all the bigwigs, you see. But not for you. They even have underground bases too and that came out in Canada, years ago. Where they have hydroponics growing food, masses of food, for I guess the same elite in Canada. We also found out, at the same time, they were even growing medical marijuana in these underground places in Canada. It was big news here at the time. We have other ones too where they actually make and breed insects underground as well. Various kinds of modified insects, supposedly to go in and kill the aphids on the crops. But it’s strange how they always release these particular types after the crops are already in. But that’s another story.


Now we know too that the big boys themselves pay lots of cash, they have no end, they’ve got endless cash so they can pay lots of cash to get reports done that are positive to whatever they’re flogging to you, to make it sound awfully good. Just like big pharma does the same thing. They hire special guys, they’ve had documentaries even on CBC about it, guys who are full-time, they’re meant to never mention the negative of the pharma industry or any particular chemical they’re using, or drug, and always put the positive spin on things and that’s how things are sold to the public. Same thing with the food and because of all the publicity that’s come out, the bad publicity about the GM food and all the pesticides etc. Never mind the fact that they’re taking over the world’s food supply, which is an awful dangerous thing if you stop and think about it.  Then you get to this kind of story here. It says:


“Cargill [the Cargill corporation] and Others Behind anti-Organic "Stanford Study".”


Stanford came out with this study to say, Oh it’s no different, it’s just as nourishing as the organic food that you’re eating – the GM Food etc. – but they don’t go into the chemicals and all that, pesticides and the fact too that they’ve modified the genes. There’s foreign genes in what you’re eating. Even insect genes for goodness sake! Anyway it says:


“Harry Wallop of the London Telegraph ends his anti-organic food editorial with the following sentence: “Tomorrow, the baby is going to get an extra dollop of pesticide-sprayed carrots”.


Whether or not Wallop is as brain-addled as he leads on to being, the point of his editorial is to encourage similar attitudes amongst the Telegraph’s readership, attempting to manipulate public perception in the wake of a recent Stanford "study" regarding organic food.


Whether or not readers of the Telegraph will put their own health and that of their children at risk for the sake of protecting big-agri’s bottom line and the faltering paradigm that big-agri products are safe for human consumption simply because Harry Wallop thinks it’s good to feed his baby with pesticide-sprayed carrots remains to be seen.


The London Telegraph, when not fabricating news to support England’s latest imperial adventures overseas, is at the forefront of many of the largest corporate-financier funded lobbying campaigns. Recently, someone has splurged, and splurged big on anti-organic food lobbying built atop a suspect Stanford study.


A Flawed "Study"

When entire news cycles are dominated by headlines built on a single university study, with editorials attempting to hammer in big-agri talking points, a lobbying effort is clearly afoot.”


And then they go into it, it says:


“This most recent anti-organic food campaign began with a Stanford study out of its Center for Health Policy (a subsidiary of Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies), examining the nutritional value of organic food versus non-organic. Food with pesticides on it had nearly the same nutritional value, the study claims, as organic food - completely skipping over the whole point of eating organic. Indeed, the nutritional value would be similar - but the entire point of eating organic is not because of vastly superior nutritional value, but to avoid the "extras" included with products from big-agri corporations.”


Like the chemicals and so on.


“The Stanford study intentionally dismisses concerns regarding the presence of pesticides by simply claiming levels were within legal tolerances.”


Well we’ve heard all that stuff before with medicines and everything else.


“No discussion was made on whether legal tolerances equated to safe tolerances, nor was there any mention made of the harmful effects of genetically modified organisms (GMO) or other controversial food additives found in non-organic food products.”


So why the strawman argument?


A Corporate-funded "Study"

The Stanford Center for Health Policy states the following on its own website:”


And I’ll put the link up tonight at CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com.


“"The Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) relies on support from its friends, as well as from national and international foundations and corporations, for the funding of the Institute’s research, teaching and outreach activities."


The Center for Health Policy is a subsidiary of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI). So who are these "friends," national and international foundations and corporations funding the research of FSI and its subsidiary, the Stanford Center for Health Policy?”


And I’ll go into who they are when I come back after these messages.




Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about this Stanford study. It’s a propaganda piece which is basically bashing organic foods. Organic foods really are natural foods; we shouldn’t call them organic. As opposed to GM which is not natural, with intensive, what they call, intensive modern farming, which is just chemical farming. Anyway, who funded this study, this propaganda piece? And it said here that according to the FSI 2011 annual report, page 38 – and I’ll put the PDF up tonight:


“...Agricultural giant Cargill and British Petroleum (Alan: the big chemical industry) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (heavily invested in both Cargill and big-agri giant Monsanto), the Ford Foundation, Google, Goldman Sachs, the Smith Richardson Foundation, and many other corporate-financier, Fortune 500 special interests.”


That’s who funded the study. So you know it’s completely bogus, you see.  And it says:


“That none of this is mentioned, and the lack of independence and transparency involved in the study and its presentation to the public, overturns the credibility of both Stanford, and the Western media machine that so eagerly shoveled the results out to the public. Combined with the fact that the study itself is flawed, and the concerted, disingenuous nature with which it is being promoted to the public, a premeditated public relations campaign, bought and paid for by Stanford’s FSI sponsors, most notably Cargill and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is self-evident.”


And then this article goes on, on what to do about it, it says:


“Quite obviously, one should continue eating organic. Additionally, the duplicitous nature exhibited by academia, the mass media, and the vast corporate interests overtly driving them both, demands from us to redouble our efforts at implementing full-spectrum boycotts aimed at big-agri as well as other Fortune 500 corporate-financier monopolies. This includes other processed food makers such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, Kraft, and the myriad of subsidiaries they maintain.”


Then they go on about what else to do about it. But that’s how bad things are in the media, they just put these blurbs out you see, in your face. And of course they never tell you that it’s really a marketing campaign to discredit organic and actually to promote their GM food and big chemical industries. And to hell with your health in the meantime too of course. Mind you they want to depopulate, don’t forget that. And so does Bill & Melinda Gates and many of the other ones at the top there.


Now, “6 New GMO Crops that May Soon Hit Your Dinner Table”, and it says that Genetically Modified crops are going to hit your dinner table - new ones. It says:


“Remember when the USDA gave Monsanto’s new GMO crops the fast track to approval? Regardless of the numerous accounts of organ damage, pesticide-resistant weeds, and unintentionally mutated organisms like resistant insects, our own government is manipulating the game to let “biotech bullies” like Monsanto get speedier regulatory reviews. Consequently, the environment, livestock, and consumers will be exposed to even greater danger.


As stated in their press release, the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, envisions transforming the USDA “into a high-performing organization that focuses on its customers.” We’d like to think that we, the consumers, are those customers. The likes of Monsanto, Dow, and Syngenta, however, would probably disagree.


Here’s your chance to tell the USDA otherwise. The first two crops on this list have been on the old, slower-track approval process, which allows 60 days for the public to comment.”


Something as important as what you’re going to eat, gets 60 days for you to comment, if you even hear about it.


“The remaining four are new additions but are on the fast track, meaning we still only have until September 11th of 2012 to have our say before these seeds hit the soil and, maybe, your dinner table.”


And it says here,


Dow 2,4-D and Glufosinate Tolerant Soybean


It’s a new type of soya bean; now, they’ve been modifying that forever. But this is a new type again and it says:


“...our herbicide usage has been boosted by 300 million pounds,”


So it’s even more pesticides.


“...despite claims by biotech behemoths that other plants like weeds would not grow resistant to glyphosate – commonly known as RoundUp. And now, we have “superweeds.” Of course, biotech (and seemingly the USDA) doesn’t care, and they plan on adding the 2,4-D herbicide and dicamba to the list.


Syngenta Corn Rootworm Resistant Corn - Plenty of nations have banned Syngenta’s GM Bt crops—but not the US. This type of corn produces its own pesticides and kills all bugs, good or bad, which also means livestock can get sick from eating it. Research says that 80% of pregnant women have Bt toxins in their blood.”


And I’ve read the article on the air a while ago. That is true.


Okanagan Non-Browning Apple - Conventional apples are covered in pesticides. That’s why we buy organic, but Okanagan has produced the first GM apple. Take action against genetically modified apples right here.

Monsanto Dicamba Tolerant Soybean - Take action here.

Dow 2,4-D, Dlyphosate and Glufosinate Tolerant Soybean - Take action here.”


So I’ll put this all up tonight to show you what they’re putting in new, and also:


Genective Glyphosate Tolerant Corn


Another one goes in as well. So there’s new ones they’re adding to it all the time and they’re putting this corn in everything. As you well know. It goes into everything. But they don’t eat it at the top, the big boys. They will not eat this stuff. What does that tell you, huh?


And another one too, “Alleged GM experiment raises fear for parents”, it says. This is in China:


“The parents of children in Hunan province who took part in a study allegedly involving genetically modified rice have expressed concerns over possible health hazards.”


They’re using children to do these tests on, these experiments on, with GM food. Back in a moment after these messages.




Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix. Talking about the big scams that are going on across the world. They’ve always had scams across the world using innocent people, who really haven’t a clue what’s going on.  And of course you’re always taught to trust your government. Especially the medical facilities. That’s how they get you, “we’re here to help you”, things like that. Works all the time, in a socialised country. You’ve been socialised and domesticated. That’s what that means, you see. And you look towards these big people, who are really the abusers, you look to them to help you! You see?  Anyway it says:


“The parents of children in Hunan province who took part in a study allegedly involving genetically modified rice have expressed concerns over possible health hazards. The move comes as one of the authors of the study, Yin Shi’an, denied that the project used GM food.”


Well they do that in China, and they do that here too.


“Yin, a researcher with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Nutrition and Food Safety Institute, was listed as the third author of the study in a paper published on Aug 1 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The paper said that in 2008, 68 children in Hengyang, Hunan province, were fed golden rice...”


Now Golden Rice, it’s a GM variety of rice. And I remember Rockefeller talking about it, he was wanting to push it on the world. And then they found, the United Nations came out afterwards – this is in this article here, but I remember at the time because I read it on the air too – that the United Nations had found it was really good because this golden rice also had a sterilising quality on the males who ate it. Isn’t that something? So anyway it says:


“...a GM variety of rice — to test if it could help children with vitamin A deficiencies. The study was led by Tufts University in the US. However, Liang Xiaofeng, deputy director of the China CDC, said on Tuesday that the part of the research project in which Yin participated did not involve golden rice, but that the matter is still being analyzed.


"Given that the study involved many partners and that it is a complicated matter, further investigation is still under way," Liang said.


On Sunday, Hu Yuming, a researcher at the Hunan CDC who is listed as the second author of the research paper, also denied the use of golden rice...”


I guess the word’s going round, eh?


“...and added that he had not been asked by the journal to sign the paper before the publication.


Worried parents

In Jiangkou township, Hunan, where the study took place in 2008, parents of the children involved have expressed their concern.


"I learned about the US research paper on the Internet," said Xie Xiaohua. "I’m really scared. My daughter took part in the study and now she looks smaller than other children of the same age. I don’t know if that is related to the study."

Her daughter, Liao Ke, aged 11, was one of the more than 60 children at Jiangkou Primary School who participated in the nutrition study on the transformation of carotene in vegetables to vitamin A in children’s bodies.

According to Liao, she ate three meals for free each day at school under the program when she was 7.”


Isn’t that nice, you get that for free?


“"I had the meals for 15 days," she said. "But I had a fever three times at the time. My parents then asked me to quit the program." She recalled that the program’s rice looked no different from normal rice. Golden rice is yellow.


"We also had milk and vegetables with each meal," she said, adding that the children got a blood test each week. "We don’t know why they needed to have blood tests. But we were told by teachers that the blood would be sent to the US for testing," said Liao’s mother Xie. The program lasted only two years.


"More children were involved in the program in 2009," Xie said.  Before the program, Xie was asked to sign an agreement with the school but she said that it did not mention GM rice.  Andrea Grossman, a public relations officer for Tufts University’s human nutrition research center on aging, was quoted by the Beijing Youth Daily as saying that the study on golden rice was approved by authorities in both countries after an examination by ethics committees.”


See, they got the same ethics committees as we have, you know, they’re totalitarian. And we do have totalitarian ethics committees, on a different agenda than you’d ever imagine. Anyway:


“According to Xie, some teachers at the school also took part in the program. They were given school bags, pencil boxes and free tours in the provincial capital of Changsha as a reward afterward, she said.  A teacher at the primary school, surnamed Chen, whose child was also involved in the program, said that disease control and prevention experts have started investigating the case.”


So, it just shows you, it goes on and on quite a bit too, I’ll put this link up tonight too, for those who realise the same cons go on in every country. Because, you see, we’re all peasants. We’re all the herd now. They actually call it, give us herd immunity etc. And they feed the herd, when they get these big, top agri-food businesses together, “we feed the herd”. That’s how we’re seen, you see.


Now, “Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Corn Losing Effectiveness”. They’ve got rootworm in the Midwest and the rootworm’s adapting to overcome its defences and it says:


“Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn is supposed to resist insects, raising harvest yields for farmers, and reaping profits for the biotech company. However, it appears that Mother Nature has found a way around the genetic modifications.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has commented on a report issued in August that rootworms in Illinois were developing a resistance to the insecticide produced by YieldGard, the genetically modified brand of corn, Bloomberg notes.


Rootworm resistance to the corn was originally observed last year, when a number of Midwestern corn fields fell victim to the bugs. Prior to the development of the genetically enhanced corn, which hit the market in 2003, rootworms caused $1 billion in annual damage to corn crops.


Responding to the study, the EPA said there is “mounting evidence” that insects are adapting to the genetic modifications.  Monsanto disputed the finding, noting that the studies did not confirm resistance and called for more research.


{Laughing} Propaganda wars, eh?


MMR, “Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine ‘Caused Deafness’ In Children - Are You Deaf Or In Denial?” it says here. It says:


“A rogue strain of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine has been proven to have caused deafness in at least two children, it has been claimed.  Katie Stephen, who lost the use of her left ear days after being inoculated as a child, is reportedly the first known victim to prove her case to the Vaccine Damage Payments Unit.  But the 21-year-old has been refused the £120,000 payout for vaccine injury because it is only given to people with 60% disablement, according to The Times.  The measure used by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to decide payouts defines single-sided deafness as 20% disablement. It comes after a second victim, who lost hearing in both ears, received compensation in a previous case, the paper said.”


So, as I say, we all know it’s happening.


“Miss Stephen’s mother Wendy told The Times: "She wasn’t born this way. This was done to her by the Department of Health. They distributed pamphlets arguing that this was the right thing to do for your child and not just that but the right thing to do for herd immunity...”


That’s what they call it, in the official letterheads.


“ the UK against these three illnesses."


Paul Breckell, chief executive of Action on Hearing Loss, said: "We are disappointed that the formula used by the Vaccine Damage Payments Unit does not fully recognise the impact for Katie...”


Well they knew it all right but they just don’t want to pay any money out, simple as that, you know. They know they’ve caused it, it’s been proven but they don’t want to pay out the cash. And it says:


“Miss Stephen, from Stonehaven, in Aberdeenshire, was 15 months old when she was given the inoculation in 1991. A health visitor recorded hearing problems at 18 months old, although previous tests had been normal, and in 1996 she was diagnosed with deafness. According to The Times, her medical records show that she was deafened by an MMR jab using the rogue Urabe strain of mumps, which was given to 5.4 million British children between 1988 and 1992. In total, 10 cases of deafness after the jab were formally recorded at the time, the paper said.”


Mind you, this stuff can actually show at any time through your life, it can come on.


“An academic study found that the cause of deafness in six of those cases was unknown but MMR was a possibility, it added. Four of the suspect cases had single-sided deafness.”


So, see, it’s not just the Chinese that get to be, we’ve been having more testing on us than the Chinese. They’re just getting into the swing of things.


And there’s this other article too. It’s interesting, all you hear about Iran is smear campaigns by Israel, by the U.S. Congress who are all pro-Israel and go there for their holidays generally and give about thirty standing ovations when the prime minister of Israel comes over to them (more than anybody else). Anyway, they’re always on about, oh, Iran’s a terrible place.  Nasty, oh, terrible, terrible! And yet Iran’s hosting a big event, it says here.


“...Iran has [made] quite a number of scientific contributions to both stem cell research and reproductive biomedicine...”


And they’re holding an international conference on those very things. It says:


“’s a really good opportunity to be here and learn more about them,” said Prof. Paul Tesar of the Case Western Reserve University, US.


Iran has held the 8th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology, hosting scientists from nine countries in the capital city of Tehran.


A group of fourteen scientists have participated in the event to discuss the importance of stem cell research and its ability to prevent genetic diseases. Iran has invested around 2.5 billion dollars in stem cell research since 2008 and ranks second in the world in stem cells transplantation. Iran’s Royan Institute for Reproductive Biomedicine, Stem Cell Biology, and Technology is the country’s leading biomedical research center involved in stem cell technology and regenerative medicine.”


So it’s one of the top institutes it says here and they’re also using this on people to treat:


“...cardiac arrest...”


And the damage it’s caused.


“...chronic lower extremities ulcers, liver cirrhosis, and vitiligo. They have also succeeded in cloning various farm animals, including a lamb named ‘Royana’, a goat named ‘Hanna’ and two calves called ‘Bonyana’ and ‘Tamina’.”


Etc. So up in the science quarter they’re just up there in the first world countries too. Let’s hope they don’t get bombed into the Stone Age, like has been the habit recently, of the big war mongers and the guys who want to plunder their lands.


Smart Meters. Three Smart meters are linked to small fires. Another three. This is happening all the time, smart meters just blowing up on fire. I remember one from Australia, I read last year or the year before and they actually showed you videos of these things suddenly bursting into flames. And then of course you had the big corporation that’s installing them, saying, well it’s not our fault, no, it’s probably the wiring etc. But now they admit, again, they are actually causing fires. It says:


“Incidents involving power-regulation devices spanned 2010-12 and involved connection, fitting equipment, according to utility. ComEd has installed smart meters, right, in about 130,000 homes and businesses. They are designed to help customers manage energy use and help ComEd zero in on outages.  Commonwealth Edison confirmed Thursday that three of its smart meters, which wirelessly relay power-use data between homes and the company, have been involved in "small fires" in the Chicago region.”


You understand, these things are bombarding you all the time with high frequency Wi-Fi, very powerful. They also have an FM transmitter. They can connect through Wi-Fi to the power lines, they’ve got antennas on the power lines. And they transmit through Wi-Fi and FM and then some other thing. Some other microwave. So they send out three readings in case one of them or two of them gets dampened, they send out three of them. And they use your current, of course, to send that data out as well and charge you for it. And you’re being bombarded all the time and they overheat at times. Sometimes you’ll hear them really humming. When they really are humming they’re using your home’s one, you see, as a main one, for other homes. And all the data from the other homes is getting re-routed through yours and then you transmit it out to the wires and it goes back to the company and they know all about it. You see?


They’re making a world “smart grid”, I hope you understand that. That’s what it’s all about. A world smart grid. So one day, you see, down the road when you have the World Corp that owns everything, all power, like the “World Corp”, they’ll say, “Oh well, you see, we’ll have to cause blackouts in this country here, because they need it over here right now, in that country”, yada yada ya.  And this is how they’re going to do it for the future, planned blackouts. And they’ll simply cut whole areas off. That’s what it’s all about folks, because, see, everything, all the monopolies are consolidating and just like cancers that grab all the other cells and pull them into themselves. That’s what they’re doing, massive monopolies. And you’re going to have one corporation called the World Water Corporation, and one, the World Electrical Corporation etc. etc. That’s where it’s going. Right down to the World Food Corporation. That’s the plan and it’s well under way.


And this is an amazing one. About a year ago I mentioned this one too, when they were putting these implants into women’s bodies for contraception. Well here’s the result of it, it says here:


“Fertility fears for hundreds of women after removable contraceptive implants go ‘missing’ inside their bodies.”


Isn’t science wonderful? All that wonderful marketing they give and then you get this kind of thing happening. It says:


“Implanon device contains a progesterone-like hormone...”


Remember it’s a synthetic type. These are really dangerous to your body by the way.


“...a progesterone-like hormone that is released slowly into the bloodstream.


•  MHRA said there have been reports of problems with inserting and removing the implant

•  Older women could now be left with no chance of having children


Hundreds of women have had their fertility put in jeopardy after a popular contraceptive implant was apparently 'lost' in their bodies. The problem with the Implanon device could also force hundreds more to delay their dreams of motherhood. The implant, which is used by hundreds of thousands of women in the UK, is the size of a matchstick and is inserted under the skin of the upper arm, in a procedure that needs to be carried out by a trained doctor.”


You ever met an untrained doctor? They’re pretty nasty. Anyway it says:


“After use, the device is meant to be removed. It can also be taken out of the body sooner if the woman desires to try and get pregnant, or for health reasons. However, a number of worried women have revealed on online forums that doctors have been unable to locate their implants - raising fears they may never be able to conceive. It is the latest setback for the contraceptive method, which is manufactured by Merck, after a number of women using the device last year found they still became pregnant.”


Even the ones who had it, they found they were still becoming pregnant.


“Over three years Implanon releases the hormone progesterone...”


Well it’s a progesterone-like substance, it’s synthetic remember.


“...into the blood, which stops the ovaries from releasing eggs and makes the womb less receptive. But almost 600 pregnancies were reported by women who had used the contraceptive method.


The rod is made from a biodegradable synthetic material, which experts...”


You know those experts again, those kind of vague things at the top.


“...say should not cause any health problems, however a number of women have expressed their fears over potential problems that might arise.”


And it says, one of them said:


“‘Has anyone else had a problem with their implanon going missing?


‘I went to have mine removed 5 months ago but the doctor couldn’t feel where it was so sent me for an ultrasound which didn’t find it so I am now waiting for an MRI scan to see if that picks it up.

‘I’m so worried it will never be found!’’


And another one:


“...replied she had the device in for 18 months. Adding: ‘When I had it out it had moved...”


By itself.


“ inch up my arm from the original scar.

‘The doctor said that it was really odd because fatty tissue...”


Is supposed to keep it in place.


“...keeps it where it’s inserted almost instantly. He really was shocked.’

The £90 device [is] used by around 800,000 women.”


So it was licensed in 1999 and there’s about 800,000 women using it. And now it’s going, well, missing! I’ll be back with more after this break.




Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and Greece now! We all know about this, it’s a tragedy, what’s happened to Greece. It really is. Remember Goldman Sachs, that’s the company that went in there before they joined the European Union, to do its books to see if they were up to scratch and all the rest of it – to fudge its books really – so they would get entry into the European Union. Goldman Sachs, the big boys. They didn’t get fined or charged for doing this, but they did fudge the books and the EU’s admitted that since. So now they’re hammering Greece like crazy and it’s selling off its islands and everything, this is incredible. This is disgusting, disgusting, beyond disgusting. And it says here that:


“Greece’s eurozone creditors are demanding that the government in Athens introduce a six-day working week as part of the stiff terms for the country’s second bailout.”


It’s more than two bailouts, they’re bailing them out all the time here. They also want market reforms, from minimum wages to flexible working hours. They want them to have a 6-day week,  working week.


“The demand is contained in a leaked letter from the "troika" of the country’s lenders...”


Who’s the lenders? Well the European Commission. Actually they’re not elected, you know that. The commission at the top who runs Europe, these secret guys, are not elected. It’s not democratic. And the European Central Bank, the private bank that was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that sets up all the private banks for Rothschild. And the International Monetary Fund, which is the heavy man that works to collect all the cash, you see, for the central banking system.


“In the letter, the officials policing Greece’s compliance with the austerity package imposed in return for the bailout insist on radical labour market reforms, from minimum wages to overtime limits to flexible working hours, that are likely to worsen the standoff between the government and organised labour in Greece. After a long delay caused by months of political paralysis in Greece, the troika inspectors return to Athens this week to scrutinise Greek observance of its bailout terms.”


They should just kick the bankers out folks and tear everything up, including their debt because it’s all nonsense anyway and start afresh. That’s what they’d have to do. That’s what all countries should actually do, kick all these central bankers out. Because it was the Royal Institute of International Affairs, under that whole world domination plan, that came up with the idea of central banking across the planet based on the British private system. And that came out in Quigley’s articles too, who was a historian for the CFR and he says the ultimate plan is to rule the countries by central banks, private central banks, all working under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland.


We have no say in any of this. Nobody gets to vote on this in the general public, it’s just simply done. And they fleece us like sheep and this is what they can do to a country, utterly ruin it. And every other country in this wonderful EU conglomerate, that was sucked into it, has to keep borrowing money from these same bankers to hand over to Greece, to plug the holes and they cannot plug them. So they’re bringing all the countries into incredible, incredible debt, for ever and ever and ever. And that’s what bankers do.


They don’t care about the outstanding money they’re owed, they just care about balancing the budget every year. It’s masses of money. Which they don’t deserve anyway, it’s a con. Countries never pay off the outstanding loan, they pay off the interest every year and that’s what the bankers love. They live incredibly high on the hog, on the interest from all the countries they’ve suckered. That’s reality. And you keep voting for the same boys that are put in by the same banking system?


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



Transcribed with Best Wishes ~ Mark B



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