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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 6, 2012:

Bankers Lead the Greed:

"Gangster Banksters Have the World Sewn Up,
Never Seen Before Such Overflowing of Their Cup,
Maximizing Profit by Means Fair or Foul,
Complex Manipulation Only Visible to the Owl,
The Customers are Now "Targets" in New Parlance,
They're Conned, Accounts Skimmed at Every Chance,
They Form "Associations" to Rig Interest Rates,
When Caught There's No Issuance of Rebates,
Like Food Monopolies Fixing Price of Feed,
CEOs from Universities Taught No Guilt from Greed"
© Alan Watt Sept. 6, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 6, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 6, 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest you go into website and help yourself to the audios for free download, thereís well over a thousand, and I show you the system youíre born into, give you a lot of the names of the bigwigs who started up this world organization a long time ago, openly that is; they existed long before, obviously under covert means and names and so on and associations. But they came out publicly and published their views and their opinions and their plan, in fact, for a world type government. But not just any type of government.  They believed in eugenics. They believed in the class system. They believed in inferior types and superior types. And the fact was, you see, all those guys were very, very rich at the time.  Some of them even owned a good chunk of the world, like the Rothschilds, that merged with the Milner group after the Cecil Rhodes foundation and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They thought they could run the world better and plan it better, to suit themselves and all their corporations that they own as well, and bring down the population gradually after a postindustrial era. Thatís what weíre in now, today, of course. They have their world meetings yet on depopulation at the United Nations; they have a department of population.  It used to be Population Reduction but now they just call it the Department of Population.  So weíre living through really nasty times.


All the cancers are up, of course, skyrocketing, and lots of other kinds of diseases, autoimmune problems, theyíre skyrocketing too, and allergies. At the same time they give you more inoculations, to help you, and of course these are the problems that actually cause all the problems in the first place, all these inoculations, the vaccines.  Well documented but they donít want to change it of course, because itís working. Itís dumbing folk down. Itís killing folk off earlier. And itís making people wide open to any kind of simple infection that their body should be able to clear up but cannot do it anymore. Itís quite simple really. Itís all based on trust, and you must get a domesticated herd to trust the shepherd, the good shepherd. Theyíve done a good job on that for a long, long time.  So help yourself to the audios.


Remember too that you are the audience that bring me to you. I donít bring on advertisers as guests, that scare the hell out of you then give you the solution in the last five minutes, for a fee of course. I donít have shares in any companies or products that are being sold. All I do is sell the books and discs at You can help me out by purchasing them or donating; itís up to yourselves.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are really, really welcome because I donít push any...  If you want to make money in this line here, youíve got to get mass advertising; mass advertising, thatís what pays.  You donít have to rely even on making videos; in fact, every video you put out then is simply a PR thing and an ad for you, because youíre making money off advertising. So itís up to you, as I say.


What I do is, I donít take sides with left-wing and right-wing. I think itís all nonsense personally. Of course the dialectic proves that, if you go into the sciences of the dialectic process. The bigwigs picked this a long time ago and they said people will always take one party or another and weíll give them a thing called democracy. In democracy you donít vote in a new party because you like them, you simply vote in the other party because youíre sick of the last party, and thatís how it works. Thatís why they donít have revolutions every five years or so, because you get suckered by every party who comes in; and you get sick of them and then you try the other side once again. Back and forth like a tennis match forever and ever, and folk never catch on. They never catch on.  Because thereís only one agenda in the world and itís been there for an awful long time, awful long time. Generations have lived through this agenda and never known it. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve talked about reality so many times and what is reality. Reality for most folk is waking up every day and sharing their opinions, which have been given to them by the previous nightís news, with their friends, and bouncing off their ideas to their friends and their friends bounce them back again. And if you all agree, because youíve all been given the same indoctrination, youíve actually all been given the same education as well, which prepares you for subsequent propaganda Ė Iíve gone through that with Jacques Ellul before; he says education is primary, a primary necessity for subsequent propaganda to take effect. So you bounce off the ideas with your friends and because it all comes back the same as you, you say, well I must be sane. And thatís as far as you think. You never think at all, or even suspect to think further beyond what you already are thinking and that there might be something more to this reality than meets the eye. Of course, thatís the way that government really runs.


I mean, really, for centuries, going right back to even Francis Baconís day. Francis Bacon wrote a bunch, almost a rťsumť for the king you might say, and presented it to the king. He said that itís best that government never really discloses its true intentions on anything, anything to the general people, the public. And that is true. Itís never changed. Itís really a priory up there in government; thatís the way it will always be. And you can take that to the bank, if thereís any one worth saving. But the fact is, youíre not given any truth on anything. Thatís why every government has huge marketing departments of public relations people, whoíve all worked in the biggest marketing departments in New York and elsewhere in the world, and that way they can spin a truth and give you maybe a partial truth, you see.  Remember, a partial truth is simply a lie because it omits all the rest of the story which would give you a different opinion or conclusion to what youíre going to get with a partial truth. And very commonly too they simply straight out lie to you.  And the public will believe it because the bigger the lie the more the person, the individual says, well no one could say such a big lie, theyíd blush or something, because, they say, well I couldnít do that. Most folk will say, well I can say a little lie and understand that. But you cannot understand someone giving a real whopper, a big lie, like blaming some other country that you want to invade and telling some awful stuff about them that isnít true. So it must be true, I mean who else would tell such a big, big lie? And thatís how simple it is to put out propaganda to the public.


Plus, when youíve been trained in this oligarchic system where youíre down at the bottom, youíll believe all the more readily.  Because youíre taught and trained, and most folk havenít thought it through, you just take it through osmosis as I say, that these people are somehow better or smarter than you are. You really do believe that. Whether you like to admit it or not, you believe that. And you do that because of, number one, their status in this system.  And you take it by their income; it must be massive compared to yours so that proves, their income actually proves that theyíre smarter than you. Thatís what you think, you see. And itís very, very simple to get lots of people at the top there to put on this pretense to the general population, and therefore they never question it at all. Most folk truly never question it.  And thereís countless millions who watch the news every day religiously at 6 oíclock and believe everything that theyíre told. Because why, why on earth would your government lie to you? Thatís really how simplistic they are, because theyíre domesticated; they believe and trust their government so implicitly.


It would never occur to them that these organizations, as I say, that came out in the 1800s, openly, to take over the worldís resources, like Cecil Rhodes who was in business with Lord Rothschild when they started up their society to cause wars across the world, by starting the wars using mercenaries like they did with the Boer war, and then going to Britain and saying, oh the Boers have attacked us, and then in come the British troops, paid for by the British taxpayers.  Then Rhodes and others grabbed all the gold and silver and diamonds in South Africa. Thatís all documented in the Council on Foreign Relationsí own records, because thatís the outshoot of that, because the Cecil Rhodes foundation merged with the Alfred Milner group, international money lenders, and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They came up with this idea they would take over all of the worldís resources, that includes water by the way, water, food, everything that you need to live on.


Because they sat a long time ago, a hundred years ago and said, how do you make a person a slave? And what gives them freedom? So they had to narrow all the choices that you have to be independent and eventually make you interdependent. When youíre interdependent that means youíre not independent...  Youíre dependent on their system; thatís what it means, interdependence, for everything that you need for survival. Then they had the great idea too Ė and theyíve used this for an awful long time, you saw it, they even had it in the Soviet Union, because itís the same boys you see that ran London that ran the Soviet Union, for the whole length of its career. In the Soviet Union they had factories in different sort of provinces in Russia competing with each other for the best workers. They would work for pretty well nothing, you know, for the cause and all that nonsense. And we have the same thing based in our ideology too in the West.


We have to compete with all these other countries supposedly, in wages and produce and prices. Competition, competition. So weíre like school children at a race.  Weíre in a bean bag race; you all are taught to go and get that bean bag.  Only one can grab it but the rest of you all try, you see.  And thatís what they do with countries; they have them all competing against each other. The same bankers, by the way, that own the private central banks Ė because thereís just one cabal of bankers across the planet Ė have you all competing with each other and then blaming you when you canít make it. They know youíre not going to make it, but no one will admit this.  No government will admit this because you see the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs have put in your prime ministers and presidents across the world for a hundred years, actually more than a hundred years. Thatís what professor Carroll Quigley said, the historian for the group. He says, there hasnít been a President or Prime Minister since the late 1800s that we havenít put in. It doesnít matter about the rest of them below.  Itís the guys at the top you got to put in. Very easy to control and manage.


Thatís why when one group goes out you say, my God the same systemís carrying on. The same agenda... more wars, more plundering countries, more taxpayers funding and bailing out banks.  As they get richer and richer and richer weíre bailing out banks? As they go across the world plundering for oil fields and everything else they can get their hands on? We pay for it all? And people think this is normal. They really think itís normal, because most of them are mentally ill. You understand, if youíre not aware of whatís happening, youíre technically mentally...  Youíre not in reality. Youíre not in reality. Think about it.


Hereís an article here as an example, for instance.  It says Spain, Value Added Tax...  Now, all the countries in the world under this globalization process have to get value added tax on the go. In Canada we voted it down, so they put it in and called it HST.  Itís the same thing; itís value added tax.  What happens is, if you get a little bit of iron ore for instance, and you smelt that to get the iron out of it, and you sell it to the guys who make something from the iron, well, you have to pay maybe up to 15% or more, it depends on how much they decide, of Value Added Tax, for every step of the process until you have the final product. So each time it changes hands theyíve got value added tax, value added tax. By the time itís finished the government is rolling in cash, on everything. In Britain they have it on your food and everything now. And the big bankers came up with this idea of value added tax, you see. And governments never have enough. I donít care how much you give them it will never be enough for their big projects and paychecks.† So...


Spain VAT Hike Largest In History;

Stunning Ineptitude Will Make History Books / September 5, 2012


Fiscal deficits continue to mount in Spain in spite of austerity measures (Alan: Thatís poverty measures, you know, cutting back and donít eat and everything...)  and tax hikes. (A:  So thatís a great idea, is to increase the tax hikes when folk canít afford to eat. You understand this is nonsensical.) Spain desperately needs work reforms, but on that score there has been little progress.


Instead, the government keeps hiking taxes to combat ballooning deficits (A:  Well of course youíve got ballooning deficits because theyíve been borrowing and borrowing, by order of the EU Parliament Ė this new Soviet Parliament, that runs on behalf of the bankers, set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the EU Ė and so theyíve got to keep borrowing and borrowing money from other countries to bail themselves out.  And theyíre getting charged massively high interest rates because of the bad shape theyíre in. You canít get out from under it. They all know this. They all know this. And now theyíre selling off islands and everything, for these swine, the big bankers that are the bosses of the EU, you see.), only to see further declining revenues in which the government hikes taxes again and again in an absurd attempt to make up for those shortfalls.  (A:  See, you canít keep borrowing money, plus itís massive interest rates, and keep taxing to pay it back when thereís no work in the first place. They know what theyíre doing though, the big boys.† And this is from a Google translator so itís not the best English; anyway, it says...)


Each Spanish [person] pays an average of 20.8% Value Added Tax (A:  Thatís pretty well on everything.), 369 per year, six days of extra work to comply with the Treasury.


The VAT increase, which took effect on Saturday, raising the general rate of 18% to 21%, (A:  ...taxes... thatís on every purchase that you make.) reduced from 8% to 10%, while the super-reduced-duty on staples (A:  ...staple foods and so on...) remains 4%. In addition, hundreds of products previously taxed at 4%, as school supplies, and 8%, such as film and hairdressers, pass it to 21%, (A:  so itís gone upÖ) nearly three times multiplying its previous taxation.  (A:  They are really screwing these people, and we all sit back and think itís normal. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the farce of the system and how actually whatís happening in Spain is simply part of the plan. Do you understand how much money all the governments in Europe and the European Union, every country, have had to borrow from the private banksters that own the central banks that are running the whole show? I mean, theyíve borrowed over a trillion bucks, to throw into these holes in Greece and Spain.  Do you realize if the countries were functioning okay, that it wouldíve taken maybe another hundred years for the banks to have made this much money out of all the countries that have borrowed from them? So they create this crisis and they exploit it to the hilt, and they keep it going, in a circle. And every country keeps borrowing money; even the States and Canada has put money into this. And it just goes into this black hole, supposedly. You know, money heaven.  Thereís big guys in the US that said, it goes to money heaven, when the banks crashed.  Somebodyís got the key to that vault, mind you. Itís all a con job.  It says...


Spain's unemployment rate is over 25% and the youth unemployment rate is near 53% yet the fools in the Spanish government hiked taxes yet again, this time by the largest amount in history. 


Now, by the book, in economics, thatís what theyíre supposed to do, Well youíre borrowing all this money, youíve got to hike taxes, until thereís not enough folk left to pay the taxes to pay anything back. They want them destitute in this country, utterly destitute. And itís got other goals to fulfill as well.  Because you see, this crisis that they brought on, the bankers brought on, by design, big think tanks and everything worked on this for a long time to get this started and get it going, to amalgamate the European countries even further, saying oh it might happen to us all, you know. Well it wouldnít have happened to any of them if they hadnít joined the union.  And they wouldnít be borrowing money from the banks to throw at any other countries in Europe either.  So itís all planned this way, by the big smart guys, you know, the guys who handle cash all the time and they make trillions, trillions off the idiots down below. Theyíve got every scam in the book.


But this is to amalgamate Europe even further, under fear, until theyíre POLITICALLY totally united. They want to do away eventually with all their little parliaments in the EX-nations that they have, and have the one super-parliament running everything across the whole of Europe. See, you can either do it with tanks and guns, like the Soviet Union, or you can do it this way, through the legalist system, and just keep drafting up documents and treaties, and they all have to sign it, and amalgamate, amalgamate, amalgamate until thatís it. Plus it achieves all these goals; thereís no culture left.  They said there must be a European culture.  Well whoís going to create it? What will it be? Docile slaves is what it will be. It doesnít matter what accent they give you all or if they even give you a new language. It doesnít matter. They were trying Esperanto years ago trying to get a common language for the whole of Europe and the world, from the same sources of course.


But as I say, weíre taught to grow up and compete and compete. What do you think school is all about?  oh, compete, compete.  And all your track events, and field and track, itís compete, compete, winners and losers, winners and losers. Youíre getting trained for the economic system, you see. And then as I say, once youíve got your country working fairly well, oh now youíve got to compete with all the other countries and sign these treaties, so as you can compete through trade and all the rest of it. Years and years and years ago I said, theyíll amalgamate the whole of Europe, theyíll cause the crisis to make them all amalgamate politically, economically, every way they can, and then theyíll have them competing with China. And sure enough, you got all these articles out too, oh youíve got to compete with China now. Well how can you compete with a country thatís got the biggest labor base on the planet, cheap labor? from a people who have never known independence, personal independence?  In fact itís never dawned on most of them in China to be even an individual; itís not in their culture. You simply serve the state; it doesnít matter what flag is waving over there. And you also have the cheapest labor on the planet. They donít need much at all. Thatís what theyíre given, a couple of bucks a day at the most. Well, you canít even pay your taxes per day in the West on a couple of bucks, never mind put a roof over your head and get your fuel for the winter and all the rest of it and keep yourself going. So even to suggest weíve got to compete with them is obviously absurd. Itís meant to be absurd, but youíre supposed to believe you can do it.  And most folk will go along, well we got to compete with them. Meanwhile your own governments, because theyíre not yours, they never were yours by the way, signed the World Trade Organization treaties to make sure that all the plants that gave you all work, of these international corporations that were in your country, are all moved off into China. But you still got to compete with China they tell you. Do you understand what Iím saying? Itís quite simple logic. Not difficult to comprehend. Youíve got to see what the real purposes are behind it all. And you better.


Now, banks have always been in the business of conology. I mean, money itself is a con game. Anybody whoís given the power over money is a con artist. Because anyone can understand basic money, basic money. But not these guys, with their compound interests and their hedge funds and all the different things that they do. Theyíre even betting, in the stock market now, on the weather. Because you see, there IS weather control, for those who are so dumbed down they really donít believe it or know it.† Weíve had weather control steadily from 1998, this geoengineering. And the big boys are in on it. They know whoís going to get the drought this year, because it will be caused, and who is going to get the flooding this year. And they can tell what the price of the foodstuffs is going to be, and theyíre making a fortune. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the conology in the world.  Thereís lots of conology going on all over the place of course. They have big plans for all of us. Remember, the shepherds always make a massive profit, even before, even during actually, a cull, when they cull off, you know, too much stock; they make a massive profit on everything. Health industry, whatever it happens to be, theyíll make a profit off it, massive profit. But hereís an article here too, and there are so many you canít keep count of them anymore. Actually I think all these stories are coming out now to get you used to the fact that the banks are simply corrupt and accept it. Because the people are so domesticated now, theyíll go along with itÖ Oh well I guess thatís the way things are.


The bank where four in ten staff are paid to rip off customers: Taxpayer-backed Lloyds facing fine over claims it mis-sold products / Becky Barrow and Dan Hyde / 5 September 2012


A probe into banks' incentive schemes uncovered 'serious' failings at Lloyds, which now faces further investigation and a potential penalty.  (A:  A slap on the wrist, right?)


The investigation by the FSA found 22 banks, building societies and insurers were incentivising (A: incentives to...) staff to mis-sell.


It found staff were given huge bonuses and others were lying and cheating customers for cash.


New FSA boss Martin Wheatley says the culture has to stop within 18 months.  (A:  Why would you even give them 18 months to stop it? Would they give YOU 18 months to stop doing something illegal?)


'Financial institutions have changed their view of consumers from someone to serve to someone to sell to,' he said.  (A:  I donít think they ever had saw you as somebody to serve.  Thereís another meaning for being Ďservicedí, by the way.)


The staggering extent to which high street bank staff chasing bonuses and commission are routinely ripping off customers was laid bare in a scathing report yesterday.


At the same time, the Daily Mail can reveal that 40 per cent of staff at Lloyds Banking Group earn extra payments if customers are persuaded to buy additional financial products.


They get bonuses if they can entice millions of loyal account holders to fork out for costly insurance policies or 'premium' current accounts which charge a monthly fee.


Separately, in a report by the Financial Services Authority regulator (A:  Theyíve been doing this forever as far as I remember.), published  yesterday, account holders were said to be viewed only as 'sales targets' exploited by 'pile it high and sell it quick' tactics that verge on the criminal. 


(A:  Well thereís never been anything honest in money, not by the guys that run it. There really hasnít been. As I say, when banks can literally put bets on countries failing...  During the banking collapses some of the big boys had started companies up which they then sold and then they put bets on that company they just sold failing. All thisÖ You canít keep up with the scams that theyíre up to.  You just canít do it. Theyíve got your whole worldís food supply up on the stock market in the futures.  And as I say, the big boys at the top know exactly Ė like Monsanto, theyíre in on it too Ė they know exactly what countries are going to get flooded and which ones are going to get the drought. Because theyíve been doing it since 1998 under geo-engineering and weather warfare.  I might try and get the link for that, Why in the World are they Spraying, and the first one was called, What in the World are they Spraying, because it goes through a lot of this stuff too. Itís been going on for years now, daily by the way.  It has all the top geo-engineers talking about the effects it would have on the public, vegetation, everything. And itís all here. Itís all around you. Ask any pharmacist what the biggest changes have been since 1998. Bronchial problems, allergy problems, nasal, throat, congestion, antibiotics, because weíre breathing in stuff that kills you, and they knew that before they started. Getting back to this article hereÖ)


Banks were told to clean up their act or face a major clampdown.  (A:  Oh, what a threat that is, oh.)


It revealed that one firm has been referred to its Enforcement and Financial Crime Division. Sources named the bank as Lloyds, which is 41 per cent owned by the taxpayer.  (A:  Now isnít that a joke? The government owns it, but they fund it by you. Do you get anything back from Lloyds? No you donít.  See, your governments are simply corporations; theyíre listed as corporations.  Youíre put down as the guy, youíre the guarantor for every loan they take out. You. You.  If you got a bill every month and you saw the increases on what you owe your government for all the loans theyíre taking out all over the world, if you got a bill every month it would sink home into some kind of reality. But they donít give you that do they? So itís kind of unreal to you. Youíre still paying it, and so will your great-grandchildren, for those who are not sterile that is, down the road. This is the real world youíre living in.)


 And an article too that came out of CNN, it saysÖ


Census: Fewer white babies being born /  Stephanie Siek and Joe Sterling


(A:  Well, they donít allow them to get born now; they abort most of them. Thatís what the white mothers are doing.)


U.S. minorities now represent more than half of America's population under the age of 1, the Census Bureau said, a historic demographic milestone with profound political, economic and social implications.


The bureau - defining a minority as anyone who is not "single race white" and "not Hispanic" - released estimates on Thursday showing that 50.4% of children younger than 1 were minorities as of July 1, 2011, up from 49.5% from the 2010 Census taken in April 2010.


The latest statistics - which also count the national population younger than 5 as 49.7% minority in 2011, an increase from 49% in 2010 - portend a future of a more racially diverse America, with new and growing populations playing more important roles politically and economically in years to come, analysts say.  (A:  Then they go into the breakdown of whoís coming in, and you have Asians and so on coming in.  And theyíre really going up, coming in from India, China and elsewhere, whoís taking over gradually. So Iíll put this link up tonight as well, for those who care.)


Another predictive programming thing, weíre getting it steadily, maybe two or three times a year now as they hype it up. Thatís how they train you for the inevitable, as they call it at the top, and youíre the cattle at the bottom. It saysÖ


Future foods: (A:  Once again the same story.)

What will we be eating in 20 years' time? / 29 July 2012 / Denise Winterman


(A:  Now Iíll preface this by saying to you that the United Nations and all the greenies and every government has said, oh, farming is unsustainable.  Then they go into all this nonsense with their mathematics about how much it takes to feed one cow for a year or whatever and how much grass itís going to eat and yada-yada-ya, and how itís unsustainable so weíll have to find an alternate way of doing it. So they want to feed you insects, once again, back to insects again. You see. It all ties together.)


Volatile food prices and a growing population (A:  Actually the population is not growing. If you look at the United Nationsí own figures they say that the domestic people in their own countries are actually declining. Immigration is only what keeps it up. Understand how you can alter anything by bending the truth? or omission? to leave an opinion that you want embedded in someoneís brain? But itís not growing.)  mean we have to rethink what we eat, say food futurologists. (A:  So youíve got food futurologists , right...)  So what might we be serving up in 20 years' time?


It's not immediately obvious what links Nasa, the price of meat and brass bands, but all three are playing a part in shaping what we will eat in the future and how we will eat it.


(A:  Then they go into food we used to eat and so on. We didnít eat this stuff.)


In Tudor times split-roast dolphin was on the menu.  (A:  Well the average peasant wasnít allowed even to get deer meat or he was hung by the lord. So, no, we didnít get any of that at all.)


Henry VIIIís banquets would include peacock, hearing, porpoise and seagull.  (A:  No, the average peasant didnít get that either, not even the throwaway chicken bones.  So just lie, lie, lie, you see.)  


Rising food prices. . .  (A:  Why is that? As I say, because a handful of companies now own the entire worldís agricultural system. Thatís why. And Iíll bet you anything that the majority shareholders in each company are the same guys. Itís really like one big company. Iím not kidding you. Because you see, we used to call them Ďsecret societiesí, or Ďsocieties with secretsí... And then we called them Ďclubsí, then we called them Ďmonopolies,í you see, and Ďcabalsí. Itís the same darn thing folks, still here with us, very, very much so. Some of them are very old cabals. And they decided to go after the whole worldís food supply like I said at the beginning of this broadcast, and the water supply too.)


In the UK, meat prices are anticipated to have a huge impact on our diets. Some in the food industry estimate they could double in the next five to seven years, making meat a luxury item.


"In the West many of us have grown up with cheap, abundant meat," (A:  Well I certainly neverÖ I certainly never did that.) says food futurologist (A:  How do you get a... What has this guy got, a degree in food futurology?)  Morgaine Gaye.


"Rising prices mean we are now starting to see the return of meat as a luxury. (A:  Well, thatís what theyíre going to make it for all of you, you see, and theyíve said it over and over and over again. Because you see they want you dumbed down; if you donít have enough protein and enzymes and so on your brain doesnít mature, remember; you have stunted mental growth as well. That was known in ancient times. The ancient Egyptians knew that because thatís what they fed their slaves; they even tried different vegetarian diets on them and restricted even them.  So thereís nothing new under the sun. The same cons go on and everybodyís trying to convince you of how you must behave and what you must eat and all the rest of it, you see, and itís all one big plan. Bring it all together, itís all one big plan. Quite simple.)


Another racket of course, because youíve got a monopoly on the health care system and youíve got Big Pharma in bed with the healthcare boys.  And a lot of them, again, the shareholders in the top corporations of Pharma also are the main shareholders in the hospital systems as well. But this is trueÖ


$83,046 For A 3 Hour Hospital Visit Ė

Why Are Hospital Bills So Outrageous? /  September 5th, 2012


The fastest way to go broke in America is to go to the hospital.  (A:  And thatís true, youíll see houses being sold off across the States, estate sales to pay for hospital bills.) These days it seems like almost everyone has an outrageous hospital bill story to share.  It is getting to the point where most people are deathly afraid to go to the hospital.  (A:  Well actually you should be.) All the financial progress that you have made in recent years can literally be wiped out in just a matter of hours.  For example, you are about to read about an Arizona woman that was recently charged $83,046 for a 3 hour hospital visit.  How in the world is anyone supposed to pay a bill like that?  I have a really hard time understanding why a visit to the doctor should ever be more than a couple hundred bucks or why a hospital stay should ever be more than a couple thousand dollars.  Outrageous hospital bills are a real pet peeve of mine and I have not even been to the hospital in ages.  What makes all of this even more infuriating is that Medicare, Medicaid and the big insurance companies are often charged less than 10 percent of what the rest of us are billed for the same procedures.  There is a reason why 41 percent of all working age Americans are struggling with medical debt right now.  It is because our health care system has become a giant money making scam.  (A:  Itís run by the same people who run the banks by the way.) Millions of desperate Americans go into hospitals each year assuming that they will be treated fairly, but in the end they get stuck with incredibly outrageous bills and in many cases cruel debt collection techniques are employed against them if they don't pay.


(A: By the way, if you have any really severe illness or terminal, something thatís classed as terminal, a lot of these guys will actually give you forms at hospitals on how to get your parents or your relatives to remortgage their homes to pay for your bill if you decide to take the treatment. They do this all in advance. They give you little courses on how to do this.  Theyíre such stinking, greedy bar stewards, you see, that have been raking it in, incredibly well right up till now.)


And considering the fact that over the next 20 years the number of Americans 65 years of age or older is projected to double that number is going to go even higher.


In fact, if the U.S. health care system was a nation it would be the 6th largest economy on the entire planet. 


Thatís because itís an awfully greedy system and itís a monopoly system as well. Monopoly system for big bucks, thatís what itís there for. Itís not there to help you. Itís a business thatís meant to rake you, to the bitter end, to your last breath literally... rake it off you. Thatís what it is, nothing else. Forget all the propaganda dramas and movies youíve watched about doctors and hospitals. Thatís nothing but propaganda.  Jacques Ellul went through all that too, the same with cop shows. Theyíre there for big buckaroos.  Ah, it doesnít change much though, does it? Because itís true, you donít live in a free system.  If you lived in a free system there would be competition, different kinds of hospitals even coming up, but they wouldnít license you, you see. The big boys donít take any competition. Rockefeller said it himself. He said, competition is a sin. He was talking on behalf of a particular religion he believes in:  competition is a sin.


And how everyone too, is so screwed up with this internationalism today...


$100b LNG projects imperiled by African gas rush / August 31, 2012


(A:  Theyíve found all this gas in Africa so theyíre literally abandoning other places across the world that they just started to drill and pulling all their cash back out, after getting all the cash from the governments to do it, right.  Because this is what they always doÖ Oh weíve changed our minds; we have to go off to Africa now and drill there instead.)


The discovery along Africa's east coast of the world's biggest gas finds in a decade threatens to undo investment plans on the other side of the Indian Ocean.


Royal Dutch Shell, BG Group of the UK and France's Total may scale back projects to build liquefied natural gas export plants in Australia and switch to Tanzania and Mozambique, where the new prospects lie and will cost about half as much, according to Jefferies International.  (A:  As I say, how much do you think the Australians have already given them to start doing it there?† See, all these big private corporations get paid.  They say, oh we canít do it all ourselves, we have to get money from the government to get it started, you know. Thatís corporate welfare. Weíve been doing this all our lives, and before we were born; thatís how itís always run.)


The LNG boom in Australia, where $180 billion of planned investment was set to make gas the country's fastest-growing export over the next five years, risks losing strength as labor and material shortages force up building costs. As energy companies consider the next $100 billion of projects, a switch to East Africa would hold back Australia's market share in China and India, where energy consumption is forecast to rise more than 60 percent by 2030. 


You understand, you donít have countries anymore, you havenít had them for a long time.  If you did you wouldnít be bothering, it wouldnít even enter your head, ďweíve got to compete with this other country over there.Ē† Youíd make sure that the money, that they rake off the taxpayer, was put back into the economy for the taxpayer, not big business, you see. And youíd just take care of your own and let the world go where it wants to go. Theyíve got all the countries competing with every other country. And itís disgusting. Competing, competing, competing... and you pay for it all, all of it.† Each time they put a little plant... I remember when they brought a Honda plant into Ontario, the Canadians and the Ontarians had to pay for roads to get built into this plant.  We built the plant pretty well through the taxpayers money, all the lighting systems that they brought in along the highways they built to go into it, all their water, electricity, everything.  We paid for it all.  And they can get up and move when theyíre finished; just thatís it, thank you very much, gone. Private enterprise, whoís kidding who? Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíve got a caller if heís still on the line. Itís Dave from San Francisco, are you there Dave?


Dave:  Oh yeah, how are you Alan? Good show. You know, I tuned in late. Were you basically talking about Libor mostly, or just even larger picture?


Alan:  The larger picture, yeah.


Dave:  Oh, okay, because I donít know if youíve been talking specifically about Libor, but Iíve been paying attention to it for a good month or two and reading a lot of new emails that are coming up that are showing that Libor basically has been creating these false interest rate data for many decades.  It was thought that it only went back to 2006 but basically theyíve probably been doing it since Libor was created in 1984.  So the very idea is that scoundrels have been setting the interest rate that the rest of the world must live up to.† So this whole issue about whether the politicians are courageous enough to go against the 18 largest banks in the world, whether the Treasury Secretary has remained silent, whether the various finance ministers of various nations of the world have remained silent, when it was obvious that these interest rates were fraudulent. You know, it really gets into just the obvious proof that this has been going on and that the baby-boom has been looted, and many other generations have been looted.


Alan:  Absolutely. This is them getting together like a big cabal and rigging the interest rates amongst them. The big corporations do this on every level, even the food supply and stuff like that. They rig the prices of things. But definitely with banks, theyíve been at this I think really forever. And all these big banks are connected in many other ways as well. But yeah, it came out with the top banks in London, the top banks like Barclays, etc., thatís how it sort of blew. And even the top guys in the Bank of England were giving them kind of friendly, very friendly warnings for five years, that it was becoming so obvious even to the public that they better do something about it.  What he really meant was, find a way to keep it even quieter.  [Alan chuckles.] 


Dave:  Well you know whatís interesting? I donít know if youíve ever gone into much detail about BCCI.  But basically, if I understand right, BCCI was created back in the 70s.† And so when Jimmy Carter, every one of the 50 states had different usury laws. I lived in Missouri where they had 6%, many states had approximately 7%, but they were a lot of states that had, I think Utah had a .7% usury law. And the veterans of World War II were given interest rates; if you wanted to buy a house under VA your interest rate was 1.5%. The average person who didnít have a VA note were paying around 3%.  But the baby-boom, yeah the baby-boom came of age in the late 60s and started hitting the workforce and all of a sudden the interest rates started going up to 5% and 6%. And there was no logical reason why they shouldíve had to pay these higher interest rates. They were very educated. There were a lot of opportunities for the baby-boom, and all of a sudden they were paying higher interest rates rather than lower.


Alan:  Thatís correct. And also too, that was when the CIA were heavily involved with the BCCI as well and they were using all this extra cash to move armaments across the world for wars and so on; that all came out as well too.  But youíre quite right with that, it was the baby boomers, and again, the me generation that became the CEOs.  And here you are, they have no conscience at all in ripping off their fellow Americans or British or anybody else.† Youíre quite right with that. Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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