September 10, 2012 (#1168)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 10, 2012:

As Big Boys Plunder and Steal, How do You Feel?:

"Get Used to the Question, How are You Feeling?,
It's Part of Happiness Index on Gross Well-Being,
Designed by Marketers, Neuroscientists, They'll Train
Whole Societies to Be Content with Poverty, Not Gain,
It will Be Cool to Be Poor, Sleeping any Old Place,
Post-Consumer, Saving the Planet, No Disgrace,
The Economy is Designed to Plummet More,
So Face it with Pleasure, Be Happy Not Sore,
Stop Counting Pennies or Greenbacks You're Peeling,
Be Happy and Count Your Personal Well-Being"
© Alan Watt September 10, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – September 10, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 10th of September, 2012.  I always start off by suggesting that newcomers (and there’s always newcomers coming into the broadcast, they should) make good use of the website,, and they’ll find they could pass probably months just listening to all the audios going way back over the years where I place together the system for you to give you shortcuts to understanding that you’re really in a controlled society – totally controlled – and you have been all your life (so were your parents and your grandparents too) and I go into the organizations that flourished in the 1800’s and published many of their works during the 20th Century, early 20th Century especially, about their big global plans and the remaking society from scratch, basically, giving new cultures to the people that would destroy the old system, and how the State would take over all the fallout and deal with it with government agencies galore— which we have today.  But as I say too, the big boys wanted to take over all the world’s resources and run the world properly, as they said; none of this making your own mind up and making personal decisions anymore, it was too catastrophic and chaotic for them to handle, so you’re coming into a world now where all the big decisions are made for you, and that’s that, by people you’ll never even hear of, where you won’t even know their names and who they are— all specialists and experts in different big massive departments, and global departments as well, across the world.  So, help yourself to the audios there.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can keep me going by getting the books and discs at because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests; I certainly could, I’d make a lot of money at it too, but this gives me more free hand to say what I want to say.  And if you want to support me you can buy the books and discs at and go into the website and you’ll find out how to do it.   From the U.S., remember, to Canada you can still use Personal Checks and you can use International Postal Money Orders from the Post Office, you can use PayPal or you can send cash— it’s up to yourselves.  Across the world:  Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.


And as I say, if you don’t understand the past you won’t understand the present because it’s true what they say: those who command the past always command the future.  Power never gives itself up; it has thousands of think-tanks to ensure that it and itself, of course, and their own organizations go on.  It’s the first rule in government too, the preservation of government is the first thing; same in any big corporation with the world, and that’s what we’re living through.  These big boys have their world clubs even through the G20 and others that they formed.  You didn’t elect them to form these private clubs, and they’re throwing your money all over the world to make their better future for themselves and their offspring— not the third world, mind you, but the big corporate boys who own it all.  That’s what it’s really down to.  So, as I say, you know, you must understand how you got to this point.  You’ve got to understand your governments are nothing but fronts because every president and prime minister for a hundred years belongs to the main private organization that runs the world, the Council on Foreign Relations as it’s commonly called and its main body is in London and there it’s called the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Go into the histories of it.  Go into the histories written by their own historians, because they have their own personal historians, since after all they have the real history of why things happen since they cause and bring on the wars so that they can amalgamate countries and have their big global government down the road.  And also too, plunder the countries’ resources.  So, that’s the world we’re really living in folks, and as we go through all the changes… this is the century of change, remember; academia called it that in the 20th Century, the 21st would be the century of change.  What they meant was all the big systems that were planned for a long time would be put fully into force because the old society has been pretty well destroyed: the marriage system is destroyed, the family unit is destroyed, the community spirit is destroyed; people don’t stand up for anything much at all these days.


Back with more now after these messages…


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the big changes, of course, it’s planned changes: changes that aren’t done by little groups here and there, but big thinktanks across the world funded by foundations, they’re called philanthropists, you see.  These philanthropists comprise their own particular big group that run the world, really.  In fact, they put the presidents and prime ministers in, and that’s all documented by Carroll Quigley because he was the historian for the group that selects them, and that’s how it’s been, he said, since the late 1800’s: the British ones, the American ones, the Canadian, the whole British Commonwealth and some other countries too, and even the EU now are all pre-selected before the public get to vote for them, and it’s all rigged, in other words.  So, you’ve got to understand that, as I say, you’ve got to understand their history and what you’re living through.


Most folk actually today have been trained not to care— really not to care.  Most folk don’t want to know who is running them or the scams that are going on, as long as they can have fun; that’s how they’ve been trained, to be egocentric and just seek pleasure and avoid pain even on topics of conversation.  And the big boys that gave us this present stage, and then the present culture we’re in today, some of them didn’t even live to see it but they planned it and wrote about it back in the 30’s and 40’s of the last century and they got together and they published lots of books, and Lord Bertrand Russell and others have, as I’ve mentioned; and he belonged to about 4 of the world’s top groups that gave us the whole culture for this new century.  He talked about the egocentric society they’d create, even narcissism would be used until people are separated and in love with themselves and such people will ignore unpleasant stuff: they’ll always seek pleasure to avoid pain, and that goes with topics as well— they don’t want to hear (“oh, I don’t want to hear bad news”) and because of that they help to spread the disease of ignorance which enables the elite to manage you much better.  Plus, when you get to a stage, you see, of the gradual changes, you’ve got to really go step by step through gradual changes a few generations, but once you get to the obliteration stage where you’ve obliterated the past and utterly turned society upside down, all of its culture is destroyed, basically, its traditions are destroyed— then you can really ramp ahead pretty fast.  And that’s what we’re seeing now is a rampaging ahead as they go fast and train us through neuroscience and psychology into this new way of living where you’re going to be taught austerity and how austerity is good for you, and they’ll tell you; all these counselors are already getting trained to come out and take you in as patients down the road to make you feel happy about being poor— you see, that’s all part of it too.   And it will work, because, you see, you’re all trained to believe in experts.  Again, Bertrand Russell mentioned that part: the public will not think for themselves, they’ll be trained to only take the word of experts—and that’s happened a long time ago, as you well know. 


And, we are the most well informed slaves that has ever existed, with communication today.  And for over the years I’ve talked about even the groups put out and funded by the big foundations that were trained to go in and attach themselves to your local councils even, as they amalgamate, using the weather-chaos they’re creating (CO2, greenhouse gasses—all that stuff) as they spray us all like bugs from the air (and they don’t talk about that part) and how they’ve drafted them on.  And how they have to go into ecology first before they can do any big programs in your local area and how you must pay more taxes for it— I’ve gone through so many articles on that I’ve lost count but they’re in the archive section at  Nothing new in it at all, as they regionalize the world and they’ve got lots of regions, of course; everything comes down to tens (like the cabalistic tree of life) and they’ve got the whole world broken up into tens and then inside your own country tens again.  That’s the system that they planned over a hundred years ago— it’s old stuff actually, very old stuff and they’ve been working at it and implementing it for over sixty years.


Now part of it too is to train you, you know, that life isn’t that precious.  We already accept that because in America, especially, and other countries too, there are more babies going up the chimneys in abortions than get live births— that is a fact.  So, people have been trained that their children are a problem; just like Margaret Sanger said, “children are weeds” and they would train the public to see them as weeds and that’s what they’ve pushed through, through the feminist movements and, “oh my god it ties you down and you can’t go and have fun and have parties,” etcetera, and go for a career— that’s happened.  So, we’re getting devalued, in life, that is.  And folk are accepting that.  We don’t care so much when we’re slaughtering people across the world as we used to; it doesn’t matter how many photographs come across from the Middle East or anywhere else, no one really cares— and that’s a fact: it doesn’t really affect most folk.  Again, egocentric: “ I don’t want to see that.  That’s bad news.  I want to feel happy.”  It’s all about feelings, you see.


Now, part of it too, as Greece goes under, and the skyrocketing suicides go on, Spain too, Italy, and other countries to follow, but the whole world is to go this way, remember, as the big boys give you less and less and less, and charge you more and more and more, and scam all your disposable income from you through extra taxes, etcetera, and high cost of living: that’s where your disposable income is to go, because you now are in a post-consumer society according to the United Nations and the Club of Rome. 


Now, one of the ideas too, now that life is cheap as all that, is to make you see it in a different way.  You understand, it’s all to do with perception management.  Everything is perception management.  People don’t really have opinions on things, they have feelings about things now; you’ve been taught to have feelings.  “How do you feel about this” —you see.  And, one of it is to get you used to the “death” idea.  We know that euthanasia is being pushed, big time, and it will be pushed to the front in some countries if it’s not already and you’ll have different opinions about it.  They’ve also allowed folk in places like Holland if they have a bout of depression that they could get euthanasia rather than treat them— “yeah, euthanasia is the way to go,” it’s cheaper that way.  So here in England they have…


Joy of Death in Bournemouth aims to break taboos


Wedding fairs are commonplace around the country as happy couples prepare for their big day.


Mention the concept of a funeral fair to help plan your final farewell and the initial reaction might be a combination of shock and surprise.


But in Bournemouth this weekend, more than 150 people from inside the funeral industry


(Alan: They’re as bad as lawyers, by the way.  What a racket funeral industries are.)


are gathering for the peculiarly titled "Joy of Death Festival".


(A: "Joy of death.")


Now in its second year, not only does it exhibit which coffins to buy or what hearse to ride in the back of, it also recognises the "unsung heroes" of the bereavement business.


For the first time, they will get their moment in the spotlight at The Good Funeral Guide Awards.


(A:  So they’re giving themselves awards now.  And they have sort of a mini Disneyland set up where you can go and have fun as you play and get used to the idea of death, you see— it’s all going to be a "fun" thing, and this will catch on, big time.)


While the idea might seem morbid to some, the awards and conference aim to debunk the taboos around dealing with death and grief.




(A:  Of course, well, what else?  All cancers start in California and spread out across the world, eh?  That’s what they used to say in Britain.)


The idea of Bournemouth resident Brian Jenner, he turned his love for the US television series Six Feet Under into a chance to showcase what can be made of planning for your "send off".


A:  So, they bring Hollywood into it, etcetera.  You can go to this little "Walt Disney" place in England and go into a "death ship" – that kind of thing – go off to Valhalla, and so on, and have "fun" as you have a good laugh at death.  Most folk of course will be happy as long as it’s not their own at the moment if they’re having pleasure.




British people are committing suicide to escape poverty.


(A: More and more of them, like every other place, as austerity bites them you see.  It says...)


Is this what the State wants?


In the last few months of his life, Craig Monk attempted several overdoses and was described as ‘vulnerable’ by his family.


An accident a few years before had resulted in the partial amputation of his leg and he had suffered unnecessary, and anxiety-inducing, obstructions in receiving state assistance


(A:  They really make it as hard as it can be if you haven’t just come into the country as an illegal alien or something— if you’re actually born there then you got a problem; you don’t get all that money thrown at you.  It says...)


- even though his disability was clear for all see.


Over time he slipped further into poverty, the ends could no longer meet.


Finally, the fear of there not being a light at the end of his personal tunnel overwhelmed him and Mr. Monk, a 43-year-old from Burnley, was found hanging in his home in October last year.


(A:  Well, governments are very happy about that because it saves them cash.  They’ll put him down as a "useless eater" now because he’s not a producer and consumer, which is the definition from the United Nations of a good world citizen.  And this article goes on to say...)


I would love to say this is an anomaly, a one-off. That here was someone who was psychologically unhinged and motivated by his own selfish considerations. I cannot. For there is far more to it than that.


As I write there have been almost 150 deaths related to sick and disabled citizens who fear being plunged further into poverty as our benefit system - designed to protect the vulnerable - increasingly cuts people adrift leaving them to fend for themselves.


For some people the solution is clear and irreversible - as it appeared to be for Mr. Monk.


And, for that matter, Helen and Mark Mullins.


The Mullins had physical and mental disabilities to contend with and had spent months fighting the notoriously complex disability process at the Department for Work and Pensions.


(A:  See, this is Orwell’s 1984: everything is government departments, you see.)


Starved, literally, of sufficient financial assistance, the couple’s weekly food intake was bolstered by the vegetables they received from a soup kitchen in Coventry, a 12-mile round trip that they made weekly on foot.


The Mullins couldn’t afford a fridge and so kept food in the garden shed. Eventually they could no longer stretch their non-existent budget to heating their home and they spent their remaining months living in one room.


Captured on camera by a roving reporter shortly before their death, Mr Mullins, criticised the system:


“They have no problems suspending benefits," he said, "They just put a tick in a box and they alter your life.”


A:  But yet, if he was coming in from another country they’d be throwing cash at them and putting them up in a big, big expensive house because those folk might eventually produce down the road, but those who have fallen down below the poverty line and maybe they’re getting on in life too— no, no, no… “useless eaters.”  Of course it’s all deliberate.  It’s all deliberate: they’ve discussed this at the top, in all the top meetings as well.  But mind you, austerity also has the neuroscientists and psychologists, and using a lot of TV promos and things and it will even be incorporated into dramas that you’ll see, methods to make you feel good— psychologists are really into it.


Australia has the know-how to boost wellbeing


A: Wellbeing... It doesn’t matter when you’re going bankrupt, as long as you feel good about yourself it’s going to be ok.  No matter where you’re sleeping— even on the street.


Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the new system where you’ve got to feel good; it doesn’t matter what happens to you, just feel good about it.  And this is talked about at the top levels at the United Nations.  Bernanke has mentioned it at top meetings even with the Council on Foreign Relations.  This is how they’re going to con the public into the next step, is to train you to feel happy about things, and not gross domestic product but gross domestic wellbeing, you see— wellbeing.  As long as you got gross domestic wellbeing… that’s the new capital, you see, as they plunder you because you owe so much money to the banks that your government’s been borrowing and borrowing for donkey’s years— and a donkey’s year is a long time.  So, here’s Australia going at it, of course.  And the big boys have pushed this through the parallel government, the real government— not the ones you vote for, but the ones run by the big foundations and philanthropists who are the international moneylenders that have run the world for many centuries.  So, make the slaves feel happy.


Australia is in the middle of a wellbeing boom


(A:  This is a PR blurb, obviously.  It’s been handed out for them to publish.)


thanks to a surge in the value of the population’s collective know-how.


The Saturday Age-Lateral Economics Index of Australia’s wellbeing - which measures improvements in welfare across a range of indicators, not just economic output - rose nearly four times faster than gross domestic product over the past year.


(A:  I guess they’re handing out happy pills along with it too, you know, as they give you your layoff checks.)


The wellbeing boom has been driven by a marked rise in the nation’s human capital, or collective know-how, which is a key component of the index.


(A:  This is utter rubbish, you see.  This is a marketed strategy, this article here.)


This more than offset sluggish growth in another key component - national disposable income - which has been crimped by falling commodity prices.


(A:  So, yeah: your disposable income is going down and down.  I told you they’d do this because you’re in a post-consumer society—austerity they call it.)


The estimated value of the nation’s wellbeing reached $343 billion in the June quarter,


(A:  This is "wellbeing"; it’s rubbish, you see.)


an increase of 3.9 per cent or $13 billion. It was the index’s fastest quarterly increase since it was first published last year.


(A:  This was when they came out with this gross domestic wellbeing.)


The annual growth rate of the index - which takes account of income, know-how, the environment, health, inequality and job satisfaction - accelerated to 14.3 per cent.


(A:  You understand: we’re talking utter fantasy here.)


Gross domestic product, released by the Bureau of Statistics last Wednesday, revealed annual growth of 3.7 per cent.


The wellbeing index has been growing at more than twice the rate of GDP


(A:  Well that’s what they came out and said. Remember when they came out with the first con with Bernanke and so on?  "We’ll train the public into gross domestic wellbeing and forget the GDP," right?  So...)


Nicholas Gruen, chief executive of Lateral Economics and lead author of the index, said the strong growth in the value of human capital augured well.


(A:  What does that mean?  An auger is something you dig a hole with.  Maybe they’re going to bury us all into it; as long as we’re happy when they bury us.)


"The index shows that our ability to invest in ourselves is not only paying dividends, but at this stage it’s outweighing some of the bad news that’s arriving via the declining terms of trade and problems in the global economy," he said.


A:  So it’s utter rubbish as they train you to be happy, you see – train you to be happy – regardless of your circumstances so as you won’t hang yourself and end up with bad stories in the papers— that upsets a lot of happy people, you know, who are egosyntonic and egocentric.


And Scotland is way ahead of it, you see; they’ve got whole articles out on gross wellbeing.  And…


It’s not about the money, money ...


(A:  This is the headline.)


Scots index measures the feelgood factors


(A:  It’s about "feeling good" for goodness sake.  And it says...)


A technique pioneered in Scotland to measure quality...


(A:  And by the way, Scotland is finished— it’s finished, folks— finished.  The articles that I’ve had recently about Scotland....the poverty that’s across that country now, just like John Stuart Mill wanted it to be eventually, with the Scots and the Irish, is staring you in the face. So...)


A technique pioneered in Scotland to measure quality of life will now be used all over the world.


The Humankind Index, designed by Oxfam’s Scottish Office, aims to measure what we need to nurture that feel-good feeling.


(A:  That’s all it is.  See, unhappiness is all in your head you understand—that’s where it is.  Isn’t that what Freud said?  It doesn’t matter what makes you ill, just take the pill, get back to work, and do the same things that caused you to be ill in the first place.)


It uses 18 measures including health, transport, experiences of work and even access to parks to calculate quality of life and social justice.


(A:  And it’s got related articles and links too on councils:)


Councils urged to plan an island quality of life


(A:  And...)


Don’t wait until it’s too late to act in Africa


A:  That’s another one that they’re doing; they’re doing the whole world now.  So, there you go.  It’s all about how you feel about things.  You know, that hungry feeling in your belly goes away after a while, when you’re starving—don’t worry about it, just feel good and be happy.  Massive psychology has always been used on the public, and they don’t know it; it has been your whole life.  It’s in your movies too.  It’s in your comedies.  It’s in everything.  You don’t even know it’s been done to you.


In the EU too, this new Soviet Union, this parliament that nobody wanted, it says here that...


Motorists face EU ban for modifying cars


A:  If they modify their car.  And over in Britain and some of those countries too in Europe they have a ministry of transport test every year.  I’ve seen cars go through them.  And they get underneath the cars every year before they’ll pass it as roadworthy and they’ll bang with hammers on the floor and everything to try to get a hole put in it.  If they put a little hole in it, even a pinhole (and I kid you not, a pinhole), they’ll fail that car for the test, then you have to pay them massive amounts to fix it before they’ll pass it— it’s like blackmail.  But they want to get cars off the road.


Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix in the world of Big Brother, you see.  Because Big Brother is everywhere now as they just dictate to the public; they’ve trained the public, you see, that the government is not there to serve you at all (and it never was of course).  But they’ve really trained you to accept that and you just listen to diktats from above and you comply, or if you can’t comply you commit suicide or whatever.  Anyway, it says here…forget all this stuff in this article about the classic cars.  They’re not going to take classic cars off the road, but the EU is bringing on its own version of the ministry of transport test and it’s understood to...


...make it impossible for owners of older cars to modify their vehicles to bring them up to modern safety standards.


A: So, they want you off the road, you know, the folk who can’t afford the brand new shiny ones.  Because remember too in Agenda 21 they said eventually you’ll be living in your own little communities and the authorities will run it all, authority agencies, and there’ll be no private vehicles, just essential vehicles only and that’s police, fire, ambulance, and the military to shoot you, and stuff like that, when the time comes— unless you can become happy before that and you won’t cause any stink; you’ll feel good—wellbeing.  So, anyway, that’s what we got nowadays, diktats from above, and we’re run “scientifically,” you see.  Oh, it’s all science, apparently: that’s what they tell you.


And also I’m putting up again that article that’s to do with


Allergy-Immunity-Hypersensitivity and Vaccines: The Hidden Link


A: From, because it’s an interesting article and people should really get into it and see what’s going on to your own bodies and your children because the massive allergies, apart from the constant spraying from the skies as they spray us like cockroaches without even having the decency to admit it to us, and the inoculations you’ve had throughout your life have literally crippled you, never mind the food you’re eating now as well because it’s just laced with heavy pesticides from the big boys who are part of the war industry, for those who don’t know that.


And also, a little article, it’s from the ACLU, which is interesting.  It says...


The Biggest Threat to Free Speech and Intellectual Property That You’ve Never Heard Of


As we have seen in the failed attempts of SOPA/PIPA, and the floundering Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, intellectual property (“IP”) laws are often poorly constructed, hastily proposed and ultimately both ineffective and potentially abusive.


Now, the latest threat to free speech in guise of IP reform is a multilateral trade agreement currently being negotiated (in secret) by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (“USTR”). That agreement—the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or “TPP”—would reportedly include dramatic changes to intellectual property laws, changes that could potentially permit the patenting of plants, animals, and medical procedures.


And, while some of the proposed changes run contrary to enacted federal law, the USTR is not only pushing for TPP, it is doing its best to avoid congressional oversight. For instance, they recently rebuffed a request from the staff director on the Senate Finance Committee’s international trade subcommittee to review documents pertaining to the negotiations. Senator Wyden, chairman of the subcommittee, wrote:


(A: And he says a couple of blurbs about it.  It says...)


"[M]y office is responsible for conducting oversight over the USTR and trade negotiations. To do that, I asked that my staff obtain the proper security credentials to view the information that USTR keeps confidential and secret. This is material that fully describes what the USTR is seeking in the TPP talks on behalf of the American people and on behalf of Congress. More than two months after receiving the proper security credentials, my staff is still barred from viewing the details of the proposals that USTR is advancing."


A:  So I’ll put that up tonight too for those who care.


And, Cryptogon has some articles here on the Gates Foundation.  Now when you go into the Council on Foreign Relations/ Royal Institute of International Affairs (same group and Milner Society – same group – etcetera, etcetera), they talked about running the world with the parallel government with their own foundations, these same boys wrote that— and we’re run that way today.  And they have all the think-tanks and so on, they own the think-tanks.  And they’re not voted in by anybody, but they tell governments what to do; they even put politicians into government – and bureaucrats too – and you don’t get to pick them: they pick them for you.  And, these philanthropists were to be given more power as time went on.  Even an article came out from the CFR about the foundations recently and it mentioned that, that the big philanthropists like Bill Gates and so on would step in and help the world through its problems and take over things that governments used to do.  So…


Gates Foundation Funds ‘Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System’ and ‘On-Demand Vaccine Delivery via Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’


(A: It says.  And it says here that...)


On-demand vaccine delivery via low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles

George Barbastathis of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology in the USA will lead a team to develop unmanned aerial vehicles that can be deployed by health care workers via cell phones to swiftly transport vaccines to rural locations and alleviate last-mile delivery problems and improve cost, quality, and coverage of vaccine supplies.


A:  By unmanned aerial vehicles— how’s that?  They’ll probably spray you, you see.  But haven’t they been doing all this already?  When they spray the skies above you it’s not just the weather they’re modifying, folks; there’s a lot of stuff involved in this to make a domestic, domiciled, obedient population, you see, and kill a lot of us off too because they know the death rates from it all.  They’ve been keeping stats on it since they started fulltime in 1998.  They know what’s happening.  Go into your pharmacy stores and look at the massive aisles of anti-allergy and asthmatic medications that are just flourishing like crazy.  But that’s normal— it’s a new normal, you see.


And this article here is from the Telegraph.  And it says…


As David Cameron may have learned when he read PPE at Oxford, property rights are a cornerstone of our liberty, our security, our civilisation. Wiser political thinkers than Dave have long understood this.


(A:  Now this is an important thing for Americans to listen to—even though it’s from Britain.)


Here’s the Virginia Bill of Rights, precursor to the US Declaration of Independence:


(A:  This is what they used, based it on.  So it says...)


That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property,


(A:  It wasn’t pursuing happiness: it was possessing property; it was altered, you see, later, in the US one—afterwards.   Because if you don’t have property, you’re on the street, folks.  And in reality, if you have property and it’s yours no one should be able to kick you off of it (including the government) or tax you out of it, you see.  So, there you go...)


namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.


(A:  See, back in those days they didn’t believe in gross wellbeing if you’re poor, you know.  No, you had to start off with somewhere that’s got a roof over you— and that’s yours.  And even if there’s another Great Depression brought on by the bankers you can still live in your little place without being kicked out because you don’t have tax money.  And you can’t be happy if you’re on the streets, folks.  And it says...)


Here’s Samuel Adams:

The Natural Rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; second, to liberty; third to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can.


(A:  "The right to support and defend them in the best manner they can....")


And here, most trenchantly, is the philosopher who inspired them, John Locke:

Whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience…


(A:  For the hard of thinking, I’ll repeat that last part.)


Whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience…


(A:  It says...)


Time for a revolution, then, for the theft of our property rights is exactly what is happening to us now under our notionally "Conservative" prime minister


(A:  This is talking about Britain...Back to Britain now...)


and his increasingly desperate and damaging attempts to position his collapsing administration as the "greenest ever." I’m thinking especially of the ongoing renewables scam.


The wind farm industry is surely the worst offender. Some vexatious twerp complained the other day about my claim that wind farms reduce property values by between 25 per cent and 50 per cent. Actually, if anything, I’m understating the problem here. I know of cases where properties have been rendered unsaleable by wind farms


(A:  Because of the racket they make; it’s constant incredible noise, never mind how ugly they are.)


But whatever the exact figures, I think those of us not in the pay of Big Wind or trotting out propaganda for the preposterous and devious Renewable UK would all agree that the very last thing we’d want on our doorstep would be a wind farm and that we certainly would never dream of buying a property near one.


(A:  It says...)


Since not a single one of the wind farms blighting Britain would have been built without state incentives (in the form of Renewable Obligations Certificates, Feed In Tariffs, and legislation which makes it very hard for communities to prevent wind farms being built in the area) we can reasonably say therefore that wind farms represent a wanton assault by the state on property rights. We expect such confiscatory measures "for the common good" from socialist regimes. But from a Conservative-dominated Coalition it’s a disgrace.


(A:  Remember too when George Bush was in they passed a law that if a big corporation decides they want your property to build some mall or whatever else they want to build, then they’ve got the right to do it and you can’t stop them—they’ll just take it from you.  Who’s fighting back here?  They’ve declared war on you.  Who’s fighting back?  See, governments have always done this down through the centuries because they’re owned by the big bankers, international bankers who don’t believe in you lot having property rights; themselves, yeah, but not you.  It says...)


But it’s not just the wind farm industry which is complicitous in this scam. There’s a fascinating cover story in this week’s Spectator about the UK hydro power industry which turns out to be very nearly as damaging, unpleasant, slimy and untrustworthy as its nasty elder brother Big Wind.


This came as a surprise to me. Like many of you, probably, I’d thought till I read it that hydro-electric power represented the acceptable face of "renewable" energy. Not according to Pippa Cuckson, though, who reveals it to be yet another taxpayer-subsidised boondoggle for rent-seeking scuzzballs, which produces next to no electricity and which – just like wind farms – causes immense damage to wildlife (in this case fish rather than birds or bats).


But the bit of Cuckson’s expose that particularly interested me was her anecdote about Nottingham Angling Club – which in 1982 forked out £150,000 for the fishing rights to a one and half mile stretch of the river Trent above a weir which is now about to be converted to hydropower. The quality of their fishing will almost certainly diminish. And there are stories like this from all over the country. Whether it’s wealthy fly fishing enthusiasts who’ve paid a fortune for a prime stretch of river in Hampshire or Dorset, or an ordinary working man’s club like the one in Nottingham, people are going to suffer as a result of this state-sponsored drive for renewables. Again, as with wind power, the only reason these hydropower schemes are going ahead is because of the government subsidies and incentives for those canny or cynical enough to get in on the scam.


(A:  The big crooks themselves, you see; they’re the ones who benefit from it all, always.  It’s always the same thing.)


So again, what we have here is a clear case of the state arbitrarily confiscating people’s property rights because of its desire to be seen paying lip service to the green religion.


A:  But it’s quite interesting, as I say, that if you don’t have property, for instance, and you can’t hold onto it because of taxes – even if you’ve paid off your mortgage, which is the length till your death (mort gauge) – if you can’t pay your taxes you’re kicked off, and the government therefore has declared war upon you.  What do you do when someone’s declared war on you?  What do you do, folks?  What do you do…Oh well…


This article here too is about the… between 9/11 aftermath and up to 50 types of cancers


Federal government is to acknowledge as thousands are set to claim compensation


(A:  It says...)


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is expected to announce the findings tomorrow


About 400 first responders or people who lived near the site have died from cancer since 9/11


The Zadroga Act originally did not cover cancer because there was not enough evidence linking it to the toxins emitted at Ground Zero


(A:  And so...)


The government for the first time is on the verge of recognizing that people who lived near Ground Zero and first responders got cancer from toxic dust from the scene.


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is expected to announce the findings ahead of the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack tomorrow.


The institute is responsible for deciding whether cancer should be among the illnesses covered by the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.


(A:  And the fifty cancers that they’ve found so far are expected to be included.)


It will mean that thousands of people who are sure they got sick in the aftermath of the outrage will be eligible for compensation.


A:  Well, you see, the reason they drag it on for so long – it was the same with the tainted blood scandal – they wait till most of the victims die off and then there’s less to pay out— that’s how they work things.


Also tonight too, an article that’s called…


The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11


A:  Everyone forgets that.  There lots of documentary film up there.  And they were caught, these guys, by the FBI, who were dancing on top of a building as they photographed the towers getting hit.  And it goes on from there about two of them were definitely connected to the Mossad; the government tried to hush it up.  Israel was negotiating with the US to get it all quietened down, but I remember on Israeli television (and I hope it’s still up there on youtube, I’ve got a copy here, but) they were interviewed, three of these guys in Israel, on Israeli TV.  And the guy says to them, "well, why were you over there?"  And they said: "we were over there to film the event."  That’s the direct translation. "We were over there to film the event."  Before he said that he says, "well we’ve always lived under terrorism," he says, "and we were over in America to film the event."  Now, how would they know it was going to happen?  How would they know even if they heard it through that other parties were going to do it, how would they know that the building they were in wasn’t going to get hit?  And no one wants to talk about this.  After all, it was Bin Laden that did it, wasn’t it, all by himself, with those fuzzy videos that they put out from the CIA, even though Bin Laden said at the time he had nothing to do with it.  And he was probably dead anyway.  He had nephrotic disease of the kidneys.  He was dying.  It was interesting that the French and even the CIA interviewed him in France, I think in the year 2000, or 2001; he was dying in a hospital in France at the time.  They actually went in, and it was in the papers, they interviewed him.  It doesn’t matter though.  It’s a good boogeyman, eh?


Flu shot linked to higher incidence of flu in pandemic year


(A:  Well, there’s nothing new in that: you get the flu shot, you end up getting the flu, or something worse; and, actually, a lot of things worse along with the flu.  So it says...)


New Canadian research backs suggestions that only people given a flu shot for the 2008-2009 season seemed to be more likely to get infected with the pandemic virus


(A:  That broke out at the time and then they tried to pooh-pooh it and hush it all up.)


New Canadian research backs suggestions that only people given a flu shot for the 2008-2009 season seemed to be more likely to get infected with the pandemic virus


A:  So it’s been verified.  But don’t forget to go and get your flu shots this year folks!


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Is George there from Texas?


George:  Hello?


Alan:  Hello George.


George:  Yes, I just have two questions.  What makes them think that they’re superior to the rest of us and what makes them believe that they have the right to do what they’re doing?


Alan:  Could you repeat that?  Who did you say had felt superior?


George:  Yeah, what makes them believe that they’re superior than the rest of us.


Alan:  Because their families have been down through the ages collecting more and more power and they actually have a little test amongst themselves; they say that in the first three generations if their own offspring don’t go wayward and spend the money and blow the money and so on, then they’ve proved they’re of superior genetic stock.  And of course they get matched up with their genes with their marriage partners.  So, that’s their little test.  If you have a son who goes off and blows the cash then that’s the end of it, you wouldn’t get into the elite clubs.  So if you can show stability down through generations of accumulating more power and wealth and your children are married off to what they call their equivalents from other big families then you’re a member of the club— that’s one criteria for it.


George:  And what about the spiritual side?


Alan:  It depends what scripture you’re looking at or how perhaps they view the scriptures themselves.  Remember, the whole thing about the scriptural thing, because it can be debated forever, it comes from a religion that was all to do with eugenics for a people—remember.  And it’s all begetting, from whom is very important: who begot who, who begot who, who begot who; all down through that.  This money system goes back for thousands of years and it’s very important.  There’s a hierarchy of who begat who, etcetera.  So genetics and eugenics has been a part of this from the very beginning.


George:  Ok Alan.  Thanks.


Alan:  Ok, thanks for calling.

Folk tend to forget that whole part of it, especially Christians, that there’s a lot of begetting and it’s awfully important to keep the records and genealogies for those involved.  And there’s a hierarchy amongst money lenders, of course, and aristocracy as well, with their own plans for the world; and that’s very evident since they’re putting their own guys in as presidents and prime ministers in other parts of the planet once they get into austerity, so their central banks, privately owned again, are all part of it.  Carroll Quigley goes into the central banking system.  He says all these banks will be privately owned, often by the same handful of shareholders, and they’re also the ones who issue every country their money and the debt and eventually they will run the world— you won’t need parliaments anymore.  You’ll have specialists under the level of the bankers, all working for the bankers running you— scientific specialists.  That’s what they’re doing.  That’s where we’re all going.  And that’s how it’s been for some time, actually.  Very old plan, and you’re living through the changes as we go into it.  This is the time of change, “the century of change” where all of their big plans have to be accomplished, including: the depopulation, the eventual forbidding of having children without permission and the genetic screening for those with the genes who will be allowed to breed and those who will not.  We already see that happening as they take genes out of sperm and ovum in case they might be bad genes— bad genes are those who might rebel and fight them in the future.  That was written about sixty years ago they would do this— and they’re doing it now.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God, or your Gods, go with you. 



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