September 11, 2012 (#1169)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 11, 2012:

Civilization and Domestication:

"To "Civilize" We Tear Nations Asunder,
It Means to Domesticate, Loot and Plunder
On Behalf of the World's Dominant Minority,
The "Better Genes" Rule Over Majority,
Propaganda, "Smart Bombs", War Sanitized,
And All Major News is Weaponized,
Acceptance of Crimes, Deeds Once Hated,
Because Science has Public Domesticated,
Regardless of Target it's Same News Spiel,
To Prevent this Threat, We Invade and Steal"
 © Alan Watt Sept. 11, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Sept. 11, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September 11, 2012.

For newcomers, make sure that you make good use of the website:, because there’s lots and lots of audios for download for free. And you can go into the archives, you’ll get some videos as well. You’ll find that the system that you live in is explained in these talks because we live in a very, very old system; not the system that’s projected to you at election time and when people run up to become the politicians. I go into the big societies that decided a long time ago that they would give a sham democracy for the public, while they ruled the world. And the world was their goal (a global society with themselves at the top). But they also wanted to set out in the 1800’s (the late 1800s to the early 1900’s) to take over all the world’s resources, including water, food, everything, minerals, gold, you name it, whatever. The big corporations that they would found would run the world and that’s what’s happened. We’re there already, in fact. They also set up big foundations under the guise of philanthropy. Rather weird, that, because Adam Weishaupt talked about philanthropy and how they would do exactly that. He said that hundreds of years before. So, they actually did this with the big international bankers. They created their front organizations (foundations) and then they started to make policy and get their NGOs (non-governmental organizations – armies of them) to push these policies forward by lobbying government and changing society from within. That way, they could control society, the political structure and they also give you your presidents and prime ministers, according to their own historians like the Council on Foreign RelationsCarroll Quigley.

So, we live in a very false reality. It’s all perception management. And perception management starts at your birth, when your mother or dad starts to give you their view of the world and of course if they don’t know what’s really happening and they believe the television version, then they’ll pass it on to you. That’s augmented by your schooling and it’s very important, in fact, to get the schooling to set you up for later propaganda. It’s much more difficult if you miss the school; you won’t get that kind of priming for later propaganda; it doesn’t take so well.

So, go into the website, as I say. Find out as much as you can. It’ll take a long time to go through it, certainly; do it at your leisure. And think for yourselves, whatever you do. Don’t get caught up in just overload of data because that’s also how you crash. Not just like a computer crashing, you crash, basically, with an overload of data and often conflicting data. Because the boys that brought you the internet, also said they’d also give you the war that would basically prevent you from ever reaching the truth. So, even for real people who come out with the truth to start with, they’re eventually bombarded by bigger organizations that come out and take over and then steer you off into the old stuff, like elect so-and-so and elect so-and-so, the same old scam, until you’re back where you started. Always think for yourself.

Now, remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, or sell you anything or products or whatever. All I have are the books and discs at And from the U.S. to Canada, remember, you can use personal checks or international postal money orders and you can send cash or use PayPal. Across the world, Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal. And believe you me, not much comes in and it’s up to you. And you can donate too, if you want to. That’s really welcome, as we go through austerity.

But as I say, you will never understand what’s happening now if you don’t understand the past and the big organizations that, as I mentioned before, set up a long time ago to ensure that they would not lose control of the society they were going to create across the world and all of the resources that they would own (they would personally own). And of course, they call themselves “beneficent (if you like) despots.” That’s one term they used for themselves back in the early 1900’s, and technically, that’s really what they are today. They’re more beneficent to themselves, of course, as they... well they get the governments that they own to ply us for more taxes. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix and of course everyone knows it’s the usual anniversary of 9/11: the new normal. And of course, it’s enshrined in history now. And we have their official versions and I won’t go into the whole thing at all, because everyone, I’m sure, who listens to this program has heard it all before and read up many, many articles for themselves and all the inconsistencies of the official version. It doesn’t matter, you see. That’s how history has always been written: the official version takes over. And a hundred years later, mind you, sometimes they can tell you a bit of truth. And they even classify lots and lots of facts for a hundred years now, even more, in fact... even more. One of the first guys to come across from the old Soviet Union into the Americas, happened at the end of World War II in Canada. And this guy came in and he mentioned that he had a list of all the top bureaucrats involved, actually working for the Ottawa government (the Canadian government) who were Communist Party members, lots of them, awful lots of them. And also U.S. members as well, in the U.S. State Department. It was quite fascinating. And the prime minister at the time freaked out, because we were supposed to be pals with Russia at that time (after coming through the war). And he left this spy out in the cold, hoping that the guys from the Soviet system running around Canada would catch him and maybe kill him or silence him. Anyway, it didn’t happen and he managed to write some good books about it. He went through a lot of reality. And you have to read these kind of books to get the reality version of things, as opposed to the official versions of things. Because the official version is the one that you better believe if you go through schooling, for instance. You better believe it, if you want to get your little gold stars on your little chart.

And it’s always been that way in history. Britain or any empire has always gone down through history saying they went in to help the savages, you know, to civilize them, as they plundered and killed etc. and looted and taxed them and even took all their food supply sometimes. I mean in ancient Rome, for instance, they used Egypt as a granary; that’s where they got most of their grain from. And there was never enough money at the end to even keep the high life going for those in Rome, even though they had dozens and dozens of little countries all taxed to the hilt; it wasn’t enough. And of course, the elite always escape and they move and start a new empire later on or somewhere else. They never get killed off, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, if you’ve read the history books.

So, there’s always been a group, coming down through time, who handle money and debt and international financing, for instance; and it probably always will be. It doesn’t matter what money happens to be; it’s an idea anyway. It’s someone’s idea and as long as we’re all taught to believe in it, we’ll keep on using it, without ever really questioning or caring about where it comes from, or who’s got the final say in what it is, or how much it’s even worth. Quite fantastic... I mean thousands of years... think about it... thousands of years, the same small group have gone down through time, managing the affairs, building up empires, collapsing them, moving out before it collapses and starting up another one. It’s not a bad thing, is it? for themselves. And those who are pragmatic about things will say, well that’s a good idea, you know, everyone should be as nationalistic as this, even though you might not have a country; you’re actually international, but you’re all related through marriage and so on. I mean that’s a way of survival, there’s no doubt about it, for themselves.

We’ve seen the farces go on, as I say. And even Lord Kitchener, for instance, who was a great British general at one point, he went into India and Africa and he slaughtered all over the place, but in the old history versions he was a great guy, and they always have these speech writers that would put in stuff that he was supposed to have said, which never happened at all. And it’s easy to do, of course, when it happened so long ago. And brave speeches and all of that. And in reality, he used to go into towns that were rebelling and he’d take every fourth or fifth member of a household and take them all out and shoot them in front of the rest and that was to put them in their place. So, Britain did the same thing that the Germans did after them and of course the Soviet system, as well, that was a massive bloodbath; it went on forever, in fact, until it supposedly fell apart, which it didn’t; it simply joined with the West. So history goes on and there’s always an elite. And even Aldous Huxley mentioned the elite, as well. And by the way, getting back to Kitchener, they actually released some of the truth about him and it was a hundred years later. They actually had it classified for a hundred years, you didn’t know what the guy was really like, except this brave guy that gave wonderful speeches about civilization and stuff.

Anyway, as I say, the official versions are always the same. And when they came up with the idea of revolutions... we think Colour Revolutions are something new, that’s only happening in our time, but there’s nothing new under the sun because the big philanthropists, as I say, and their big NGO armies always have gone in first, to agitate for overthrows of governments, so as that the big merchant boys would take it over. That’s old, old stuff, you see. And of course to the public, of all sides, they’ll always give you the same speeches: to bring civilization, to bring peace and prosperity. They never mention it, only to themselves, but that goes on all the time. Old, old tactics. The French Revolution is a good example as well. And the similarities of the French Revolution and the so-called Bolshevik Revolution are very, very similar because the same people were behind them and financing it too, you see, and then ended up dominating them. But you have to dig in to history to get any facts and any truth. And you’ll often find you’ve run up against a stone wall, the stone wall of authority and what authority demands, demands that you believe in this liberal society. And remember too, Bezmenov and other Soviet agents that came across, mentioned that, in America, communism wasn’t called “communism,” it was called “liberalism.” And it was Khrushchev that actually said that when he came over to the U.S. “Liberalism” is the name for it. And through the idea of liberalism, people would actually sell their souls, sell everything, until they were totally dominated, because they would never face up to the ugly truths of reality. We think that freedom’s a wonderful thing. And often, you are used to fight for freedom, which you think you’re going to get, but you never get exactly what you want; in fact, you often get something completely opposite of what you wanted.

There’s an article here by John Pilger and Pilger, himself, he’s never made it absolutely clear where he stands on the political side; it’s probably far left, who knows. But the fact is, he has gone into countries, done a lot of good documentaries about the big financial elite that run the world and who go in to third world countries. They’ll even overthrow presidents, prime ministers, whoever it happens to be, in order to put their own guy in, who immediately brings down the minimum pay and the big corporations move in and start up their sweat factories or sweatshops. And once another country comes up, it’s even cheaper. They just move up in lot and just leave you to perish, basically, with all the mess behind them. That’s commonplace. So, he’s done some good documentaries. And he says here,

“The liberal way to run the world – ‘improve’ or we’ll kill you”


Alan: And that is liberalism, isn’t it?  See, liberalism today, you can’t argue with it. They just simply dictate to you what you’re supposed to believe, what you can and cannot say. It’s liberalism yet they tell you what you can say and what you can’t say. Think about that. It’s doublethink, you see. And people can’t get past the doublethink part of it, because they still believe in their primary indoctrination of liberalism. You think liberalism would say, anybody can say anything that they want about anything. And yet here you have so-called liberal organizations that forbid you to say certain things or even question certain things. And we accept it all. It’s a con, you see. It says,

“What is the world’s most powerful and violent "ism"? The question will summon the usual demons such as Islamism, now that communism has left the stage. The answer, wrote Harold Pinter, is only ‘superficially recorded, let alone documented, let alone acknowledged,’ because only one ideology claims to be non-ideological, neither left nor right, the supreme way. This is liberalism. In his 1859 essay On Liberty, to which modern liberals pay homage, John Stuart Mill...”


Alan: And I’ve mentioned him many times before. He actually did a categorization of all the races that should carry on into the future and the ones that should perish because they couldn’t fit in. He was a eugenicist and an elitist. So,

“John Stuart Mill described the power of empire.”


Alan: And he says this,

“‘Despotism is a legitimate mode of government in dealing with barbarians,’ he wrote,...”


Alan: You see. He was talking about the British Empire conquest and all the rest of it. So it’s OK to, you know, be a despot in order to civilize them. “Civilize” means give up all your rights and let us have all your resources and a lot of you we want as slaves. That’s what it means. He says,

“‘provided the end be their improvement...”


Alan: So, you’re going to improve them at the same time.

“...and the means justified by actually effecting that end.’”


Alan: So, once they start, you know, using money that you’ll make sure that they’ll use and then you tax it all back from them and then you put in your own puppet government and then you’re civilized. In other words, they take the wildness out of you. Jumping to Charles Galton Darwin in The Next Million Years, he talks about that. About how the elite, the dominant minority, mustn’t alter themselves but they’ll alter all the rest of society, with the use of chemicals and hormones, he said, in the water, in the food, injections, whatever, all of it, to stop them being, basically, wild men. He says, only we the elite must be wild men, quick of the eye and quick to understand, because they’ll be ruling planet earth, you see. But the rest of us won’t need it because the State will be making all the decisions for us (government agencies). So we’d be dumbed down, domesticated animals, basically. Getting back to John Stuart Mill, it says,

“The ‘barbarians’ were large sections of humanity of whom ‘implicit obedience’ was required. The French liberal Alexis de Tocqueville also believed in the bloody conquest of others as ‘a triumph of Christianity and civilisation’ that was ‘clearly preordained in the sight of Providence.’”


Alan: He says “providence” because he was a Mason, you see. They never say “G-O-D.” If they do, they have to spell it, G-O-D. {Laughs}, with dashes in between.

“‘It’s a nice and convenient myth that liberals are the peacemakers and conservatives the  warmongers,’ wrote the historian Hywel Williams in 2001, ‘but the imperialism of the liberal way may be more dangerous because of its openended nature - its conviction that it represents a superior form of life [while denying its] selfrighteous fanaticism.’ He had in mind a speech by Tony Blair in the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 attacks, in which Blair promised to ‘reorder this world around us’...”


Alan: Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back and Cutting Through the Matrix, going through all the rot that we have for reality. At least the ones that are authorized because there’s lots of rots out there. But getting back to this article here, it says, talking about the peacemakers and conservatives and so on, the warmongers and Hywel Williams who talked about,

“... imperialism of the liberal way may be more dangerous because of its openended nature - its conviction that it represents a superior form of life [while denying its] selfrighteous fanaticism.’ He had in mind a speech by Tony Blair in the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 attacks, in which Blair promised to ‘reorder this world around us,’ according to his ‘moral values.’”


Alan: Now, Blair’s a little psychopath and a little yes-man for his big bosses. And he’s actually mentioned some of his mentors, in fact, in the past, who actually believe in a totalitarian system. They’re all university professors, but they believe in a totalitarian system of positive freedoms or negative freedoms and Blair actually asked about blending the two together. And when you have negative freedom, basically, they keep you like domestic animals but stupid. They don’t tell you much; you just play-play-play. And in the other type of freedom, you have a purpose, where you’re at war, so the whole country has to be at war, on the road for war. And you’re in a war mode and so it’s all for the good of the war and all this kind of stuff. So, he asked his mentor about that, if he could mix the two together. They just play with people, you see. They’re just little stick instruments; that’s all they see, little dolls. And psychopaths always see the people like that. And Tony Blair’s a very good psychopath. So it says,

“At least a million dead later...”


Alan: Because of the war.

“... in Iraq alone - this tribune [Mr Blair] of liberalism is today employed by the tyranny in Kazakhstan for a fee of $13m.”


Alan: You see, he’s got all these “moral values.”

“Blair’s crimes are not unusual. Since 1945, more than a third of the membership of the United Nations - 69 countries - have suffered some or all of the following. They have been invaded, their governments overthrown, their popular movements suppressed, their elections subverted and their people bombed. The historian Mark Curtis estimates the death toll in the millions. This has been principally the project of the liberal flame carrier, the United States, whose celebrated "progressive" president John F Kennedy, according to new research, authorised the bombing of Moscow during the Cuban crisis in 1962.”


Alan: Of course, thank goodness they never used it. I think it was all a farce. I don’t think they were ever going to use it.

“‘If we have to use force,’ said Madeleine Albright, US secretary of state in the liberal administration of Bill Clinton, ‘it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future.’ How succinctly she defines modern, violent liberalism.”


Alan: And it’s not liberalism at all. It actually is an agenda. It’s a kind of -ism alright but it’s not liberal. It says,

“Syria is an enduring project. This is a leaked joint US-UK intelligence file: ‘In order to facilitate the action of liberative [sic] forces... a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals [and] to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria. CIA is prepared, and SIS (MI6) will attempt to mount minor sabotage and coup de main [sic] incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals... a necessary degree of fear... frontier and [staged] border clashes [will] provide a pretext for intervention... the CIA and SIS should use... capabilities in both psychological and action fields to augment tension.’”


Alan: See, understand, all propaganda is aimed at the general public, and that’s you, so that your guys at the top can get their way with some other country. It’s meant to fool you, the people at home, more than anybody else. It says,

“That was written in 1957...”


Alan: You think it’s all new, don’t you, going into Syria and fomenting unrest and getting them overthrown?

“That was written in 1957, though it might have come from a recent report by the Royal United Services Institute, A Collision Course for Intervention, whose author says, with witty understatement: ‘It is highly likely that some western special forces and intelligence sources have been in Syria for a considerable time.’ And so a world war beckons in Syria and Iran.”


Alan: Written in 1957, eh?

“Israel, the violent creation of the west, already occupies part of Syria. This is not news: Israelis take picnics to the Golan Heights and watch a civil war directed by western intelligence from Turkey and bankrolled and armed by the medievalists in Saudi Arabia. Having stolen most of Palestine, attacked Lebanon, starved the people of Gaza and built an illegal nuclear arsenal, Israel is exempt from the current disinformation campaign aimed at installing western clients in Damascus and Tehran. On 21 July, the Guardian commentator Jonathan Freedland warned that ‘the west will not stay aloof for long... Both the US and Israel are also anxiously eyeing Syria’s supply of chemical and nuclear weapons, now said to be unlocked and on the move, fearing Assad may choose to go down in a lethal blaze of glory.’ Said by whom? The usual ‘experts’ and spooks.”


Alan: Meaning spies, because most of your information comes from the Council on Foreign Relations, which they own, you see, which owns all the media. All their members, all the editors and newspaper owners all belong to the CFR world-wide. So, they give you all this rubbish about, oh, they’ve got supplies of nuclear weapons, etc. etc. We saw that on one country after another right up to Syria to the present day and they never find anything; it doesn’t matter.

“Like them, Freedland desires ‘a revolution without the full-blown intervention required in Libya.’ According to its own records, Nato launched 9,700 ‘strike sorties’ against Libya, of which more than a third were aimed at civilian targets. They included missiles with uranium warheads. Look at the photographs of the rubble of Misurata and Sirte, and the mass graves identified by the Red Cross. Read the Unicef report on the children killed, ‘most [of them] under the age of ten.’ Like the destruction of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, these crimes were not news, because news as disinformation is a fully integrated weapon of attack.”


Alan: Back with more after this.


{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}


Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and what a matrix it is, isn’t it? Reading an article by John Pilger, that’s spot on with everything he’s saying. Whatever his intentions are, I don’t know, but he’s spot on with what he says. It’s documented stuff; it’s not hard to find. But he does say this, he says,

“Like the destruction of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, these crimes were not news, because news as disinformation is a fully integrated weapon of attack.”


Alan: For those who haven’t clued in yet, and there’s lots of folk out there that haven’t clued in, that news is a fully integrated weapon of attack.

“On 14 July, the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights, which opposed the Gaddafi regime, reported, ‘The human rights situation in Libya now is far worse than under Gaddafi.’ Ethnic cleansing is rife. According to Amnesty, the entire population of the town of Tawargha ‘are still barred from returning [while] their homes have been looted and burned down.’”


Alan: I mean they’re all over the place; they’re going into Turkey and everywhere, which, of course, they know. Remember, just jumping back for a minute to what Kissinger said a few years back there: he hoped actually that they’d take a different approach when they went in to bomb Iraq and all the other countries they had on their list from the 90’s. You know Syria’s still on that list. And they had a list for the Project for the New American Century with all the countries they wanted to plunder and wipe out. But he said, if we can get all the different factions afterwards – once they’ve taken them over – fighting each other, they’ll fight each other forever, be unstable, and we can go in there and just plunder, at will, quite easily. So, that’s what they’ve done. They’ve done it very successfully. When these big boys speak like this, you can take it to the bank, the real bank, the one that really works, because they’re part of the decision-makers. If you don’t want people to be strong and united and fight against you, you simply get all the different factions fighting. They’ve done it in Britain and elsewhere. They’ve done it through different factions of Christianity across Europe for centuries. And it says,

“In Anglo-American scholarship, influential theorists known as ‘liberal realists’ have long taught that liberal imperialists - a term they never use - are the world’s peacebrokers and crisis managers, rather than the cause of a crisis. They have taken the humanity out of the study of nations and congealed it with a jargon that serves warmongering power. Laying out whole nations for autopsy, they have identified ‘failed states’ (nations difficult to exploit) and ‘rogue states’ (nations resistant to western dominance). Whether or not the regime is a democracy or dictatorship is irrelevant. The same is true of those contracted to do the dirty work. In the Middle East, from Nasser’s time to Syria today, western liberalism’s collaborators have been Islamists, lately Al-Qaeda...”


Alan: Which means “the toilet’” by the way, for those who don’t know. It’s a joke. The whole thing’s a joke. The CIA run the whole bit.

“... while long discredited notions of democracy and human rights serve as rhetorical cover for conquest, ‘as required.’”


Alan:  So, it’s a good article and it’s dead on; the problem is, we could say this stuff forever. What difference does it make? Because, you see, it’s like Aldous Huxley said, there’s always been a dominant minority and he said in his speech at Berkeley in the 60’s, he said, and I suppose there always will be. He didn’t see any reason why it should be any different. This dominant minority comes down through time. They interbreed with each other. Money marries money and money has the power. So, they are the power, you see. Very old system. And, as I say, I’ll put this article up tonight, at I’ll put the link up and you can read it for yourselves.

Now, it’s wonderful when we go in to “liberate” places, what they claim have attacked us or haven’t attacked us or they may have attacked us or maybe want to attack us and all that kind of stuff – there’s nothing new under the sun: they go in and simply plunder it. That’s the whole purpose of it. And remember, news is weaponized. It’s all weaponized. But you read this article here, to do with Afghanistan, for instance. It says,

“Mining companies would give their eye teeth to exploit Afghanistan’s recently discovered $1 trillion of untapped mineral wealth...”


Alan: Ohhh, they didn’t know it was there, eh? Even though the Canadian troops that were in there for quite a few years have been sending reports back, their generals have been sending reports back, because they’ve got all these guys out taking samples of everything and they know exactly what’s all there.

“... but analysts warn that corruption, war and lack of basic infrastructure... ”


Alan: Because they’ve destroyed the infrastructure and that’s how you put it back to the Stone Age. They did it in all the countries in the Middle East.

“... are likely to continue delaying the much needed mining boom in the country.”


Alan: Much needed for whom? For the guys coming in, of course. China’s already doing it and NATO troops are protecting the Chinese as they come in and take all the minerals out.

“The nation is sitting on vast reserves of oil, gold, iron ore, copper, lithium, rare earths and other minerals... ”


Alan: What luck we had to go in and invade them, eh?  It’s awful lucky, that.

“... but Graham Bowley, the New York Times reporter based in Afghanistan, points out that the country’s mining potential has ‘inspired darker dreams’ and put the government’s weaknesses on display.”


Alan: You know the puppet government you put in.

“It all comes at what is already a critically uncertain time here, with the impending departure of NATO troops in 2014 and old regional and ethnic rivalries resurfacing, raising concerns that the mineral wealth could become the fuel for civil conflict.”


Alan: Well they’ll make sure of that, because they’ll extend the troops, of course. And you’ve got all the private armies now you can send in there.

“Powerful regional warlords and militant leaders are jockeying to widen their turf to include areas with mineral wealth...”


Alan: Well, that’s the U.S. and Britain, I guess.

“... and the Taliban have begun to make murderous incursions into territory where development is planned. In the capital, Kabul, factional maneuvering is in full swing, including disputes over lucrative side contracts awarded to relatives of President Hamid Karzai. Afghanistan’s mineral wealth is so vast that an internal Pentagon memo...”


Alan: They’re a disinterested party, you understand. It’s just data that comes into the Pentagon, you know.

“... an internal Pentagon memo from 2010 – when most of the reserves were discovered— stated the country was posed to become the ‘Saudi Arabia of lithium,’ a key element in the manufacture of high tech devices. However, a mining law to attract foreign investment was rejected this summer because it was considered ‘too generous to Western commercial interests,’ explains Bowley. The lack of such regulations is already threatening several projects, such as the multi-billion dollar contract awarded to a consortium of Indian companies led by SAIL in November last year. The group was set to mine the huge Hajigak iron ore deposit, considered one of the largest iron deposits in the world at 1.8 billion tonnes. China has also moved to acquire mining interests in Afghanistan with state-owned Metallurgical Corp’s successful $3.4 billion bid to build a copper mine – and a $6 billion railway to go with it – that should enter production in 2014.”


Alan: And as the big boys have always said, well they’re sitting on all that land and why shouldn’t we take it because they’re doing nothing with it, you see. That’s what they always say. They’re doing nothing. They’re just sitting there. They’re kind of in the way, all those people and their old way of life and stuff, you know, all that nonsense. We’ve got to civilize them, which means dominate them, which they’ve done {Laughs}. That’s reality. It’s always been that way, though. That’s reality. And then we go into of course when it all started with 9/11 in 2001, and immediately, before the dust even settled, you had the bigwigs at the Pentagon shouting and of course, Rumsfeld too, that it was Osama, Osama Bin Laden, ohh, you know. And even though, as I say, the guy was dying in France, and visited by CIA, and they had a talk with him there; he was an asset of theirs, you see. They set him up, during the time when the Russians invaded Afghanistan. And so they funded and they set up the warlords and trained them to be fighters, to fight the Soviets. I might get that little clip and put it up again, where you’ll actually see Brzezinski over there, in the 70’s, giving a speech, where he says, this war will be a holy war, it’s a jihad, he says, to all these guys, you know, that they were arming and now he’s complaining about them. See, these guys are the instigators. You got to understand how instigators work. Go into that movie again that I’ve mentioned quite a few times called Burn, B-U-R-N, with Marlon Brando, where he plays an 18th century provocateur, on behalf of the big financial interests of his time. And how he went into Haiti and other countries and got them all fighting themselves and then they overthrow themselves and then in came the British, to maintain order, you understand.

So, that’s really how it goes. Now, back to the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just the American branch and the world branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They wouldn’t call it the “Royal” one for America because it wasn’t kosher at the time, so they called it “Council on Foreign Relations.” Private organization that tells government what to do. They even put their own guys in. They even give you your presidents. They’re all members of it, according to their own historians. Anyway, this is an article from the Council on Foreign Relations but it’s so Orwellian it’s almost out of 1984. It says,

“The past eleven years have been difficult for terrorists. They lost their base in Afghanistan; much more...”


Alan: This is from Richard Haass, by the way, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, that none of you elect but they rule the world {Laughs}.

“... much more of the world’s intelligence, law enforcement, and military capacity is aimed at them than ever before. Homeland security in the United States and other countries is far more robust.”


Alan: He says.

“The horror and tragedy that was 9/11 did many things; one of them was to galvanize this country and much of the world against terrorists and those who support them. Still, the enemy is resilient.”


Alan: It’s really an amazing propaganda piece. It’s like something you literally got from 1984 or something to do with the Cold War, you know. It says,

“Still, the enemy is resilient. Weak states such as Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan are a breeding ground; states at war with themselves, such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, are a magnet and a school for radicals who often are or become terrorists. Osama bin Laden is dead, but al-Qaeda and its offshoots live on.”


Alan: Now the ghosts are everywhere.

“The Internet is a tool for radicalization,...”


Alan: So they have to police everything, you see, because you might become radical.

“... recruitment, and training. Homegrown terrorists are a real problem for even the most modern, democratic societies.”


Alan: Do you understand? Here we are. Oh, nobody’s safe anymore. The whole world’s full of terrorists. You’re all terrorists. If you’ve got an original thought you’re a terrorist. And he goes on to say,

“There are ways to react.”


Alan: This is the group that has their top people in every newspaper across the world. The top writers, journalists are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations for every main magazine and newspaper and television across the planet. And here he is saying, oh nobody’s safe, because even though Osama bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda and its offshoots live on and radicalization is happening.

“There are ways to react. Terrorists overseas can be targeted with drones and special forces. Weak states can be strengthened. Sources of money can be dried up. But terrorists will continue to emerge and strike until religious, political, and community leaders, along with parents, do all they can to make clear that terrorism is an illegitimate means of pursuing a political agenda.”


Alan: I wonder if he means when air forces take off to go and bomb countries that they want to go in and plunder; if that’s also terrorism. It’s all perception management, isn’t it?

“All of which is to say they will likely be around and active for a long time.”


Alan: That means perpetual war. I’ve read the article from the military’s own magazine. You’re now in perpetual war. It’s going to be like this for the rest of your lives and beyond.

“On occasion, terrorists will succeed despite our best efforts. That is part of the legacy of 9/11. But 9/11 also shows us that while terrorists can destroy, they are unable to create. They are not the inspiration behind the upheavals in the Arab world.”


Alan: No. Of course the West is.

“Terrorists offer no alternative, only violence. On occasions they do succeed, it is essential that we show ourselves to be as resilient as they are and carry on. That is the other legacy of 9/11.”


Alan: So, there you go, you see? They’re telling you that this is the official plan for the future. It’s all terrorism everywhere. And homegrown ones can happen as well, you see? They might start to understand how their system works and not be too chuffed about it and complain a little. And you’re on a watch list right away. ‘This guy’s a thinker. Watch him.’  I’m not kidding you. That’s all it’s about. Because the big boys are using psychology and sociology and ethnology and god knows what ‘ologies’ all over the place. They study all of us and monitor all of us. I’ve even got that article I read a little while ago, from two years ago, where the European Union has put masses of money into massive computer systems that try and get your total personality profile and monitor you for your whole life long to see if you deviate from the norm and they tell you what the norm is. The norm is being: ‘well, let’s talk about television, eh? What’s the latest program on T.V.? I like so-and-so.’ And that’s normal. Anybody who asks a sentient question, is dangerous, a thinker, especially if you can pass information onto the others or articulate it properly. You’re a real danger then {gasp}. It’s a free world, eh? It’s very liberal, though. But that’s the world you live in, you see. And this is from the big boys that run every newspaper across the planet and every main magazine and the T.V. stations; all Council on Foreign Relations (private organization; their head one is, of course, the Royal Institute for International Affairs - private organization). They’re also the ones that set up MI5, MI6 and all the rest of it. And that’s the world we really live in, folks.

Now, here’s an article here, for instance, and, again, it’s how they play the game with ignorant people, who don’t know any better because they haven’t been told. Naturally you’re ignorant if you haven’t been told. You can be ignorant afterwards if you don’t want to think about what you’ve been told. That’s a choice.

“The G20: What We Thinktank It Should Do.”


Alan: That’s very clever, eh? It says,

“As host of this year’s Group of Twenty (G20) summit, the Mexican government is diligently finalizing the agenda that world leaders will consider in Los Cabos (June 18-19).”


Alan: And that was earlier this year.

“Earlier this week I was in sunny Mexico City, helping advise Mexico’s G20 sherpa...”


Alan:  And the sherpas, I’ve mentioned the sherpas; these are the guys that go around – we don’t elect them either – and they draft up all the plans when the guys go and have their G20 meetings and have their big massive party and their meals. They draft it all up years in advance. So they go and eat and sign it, you see. It says,

“... the brainchild of the Canadian Center for International Governance Innovation... ”


Alan: Now, that’s the Canadian branch of the CFR. It used to be called the CFR in Canada, too, but they changed it when folk started talking about it. So here’s the CFR talking to themselves, without telling you that’s what it is. It says,

“The G20 has a tall task ahead of it, and needs to focus its agenda. Here’s the Internationalist’s take on its priorities for Los Cabos:”


Alan: And they go through it all:

“Stabilize and Reform the Global Economic and Financial System”


Alan: Well that’s a big chore, isn’t it? But mind you, the guys who own the CFR and set it up, going right back through its history, like Alfred Milner and the international bankers and that, still own it today. It says,

“This is job one, and it involves two complementary steps. First, the G20 must continue—as it did at the Cannes summit last November...”


Alan: Now, you understand, we did not set up the United Nations; the CFR did. The Royal Institute of International Affairs set up the United Nations to bring in world government. They set up the G20 (a supra-national government) with all the small state – that’s ex-governments, called “states” now – leaders, you see, that you think you vote in. And they formed their own little club called the G20. Did you get asked about that? Do you mind if the guy at the head of your government goes off and joins this international group that makes international decisions and you’re going to pay through the nose forever and ever, as they throw your money across the planet (it’s called the redistribution of wealth)? You see, the bankers run the communist system too and of course, Marx had all that in his own writings, as well: the redistribution of wealth. You didn’t think it was coming from you at the bottom did you? You didn’t think that at all. Everybody’s conned. If you belong to a group, you’re conned. So, they go on and talk about how they’re meeting with the Mexican branch of the CFR. They mention their own organization, because part of their own organization is the International Monetary Fund. They’re talking about all their own departments here, but if you were reading it without any knowledge of that, you would think it’s all different separate things all together. The whole article is about their different departments, to make you think they run the world, which they do.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.

Now, there’s a caller hanging on there. It’s Grace from Montana and I’ll see if she’s still there. Is Grace there?

Grace: Hi, Alan?

Alan: Yes.

Grace: Hi, how are you?

Alan: Not too bad at all.

Grace: I have an idea, which is kind of dangerous, but I was thinking about how the dominant minority has basically declared war on us and what we could do about it and I think, first of all, people have to get angry. And I mean I’m not talking about, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, screaming like banshees, I mean a fire of righteous indignation burning in your gut, because that’s the only emotion that overcomes fear and the fear-based system they’ve got us in.

Alan: And it’s true. You understand too, we have already been through a long war. It’s been on us all along and our parents and grandparents even, with chemicals, injections, you name it, to domesticate us and bring us down to this step where we’re not reacting as we should be, like real wild animals. Wild animals are survivalists. Once they domesticate you, then the shepherd is the boss and you simply do what you’re told. So they’ve been at this for a long time, training the public that the big thing in the world (whatever is going on) is really not your concern. You’re supposed to play at the bottom and they treat you like perpetual children. That’s what they’ve trained us to believe and most folk are behaving that way. But the thing is, we’ve got to get it back. We’ve got to get that wild instinct back and stop being fooled all the time by the con men. And realize that you are an individual. Don’t even think of yourself as groups, in groups or masses or populations of people. Think of yourselves as individuals, because even the United Nations that’s all for this global agenda, it was set up to bring it in, has actually said that their biggest enemy is the individual, because the individual that understands what’s going on and can communicate is a real threat to the big boys. They’re really a big, big threat. And you’ve got to regain your independence, your self independence, personal independence before you think about other people. And once you do it, when something’s wrong, you say it’s wrong, you don’t just go along with the crowd to be polite or to be accepted with a peer group. You say it’s wrong and if it’s a downer, that’s what they’ll tell you, ‘oh that’s a downer’, well, too bad. Walk away from them and find people who understand what you’re saying. But don’t stop talking and don’t stop pushing because we’re all goners if we don’t.

This war is so incredibly old. As I say, John Stuart Mill; it’s worth reading his stuff. He listed the populations (including the Scots and the Irish) that were to be annihilated. And that was followed up by H.G. Wells at the Fabian Society. All those groups that perpetually fought against this banker bunch at the top that was taking over the world, they called it the British Empire – it was a banker empire –those who kept fighting them were to be totally annihilated. And they said the same with the blacks. Anyone who would not adopt this system of economics and go to work at six in the morning and finish at eight at night were to be annihilated, he said. And they all believed in that. They’re all eugenicists at the top. They believe that we exist to serve their interests. And the whole con that they’ve given us of democracy is nothing more or less than that; it’s a con. If we only use our own eyes and ears and think for ourselves, like that article from John Pilger: absolutely spot on. They’re plundering the planet like they’ve always plundered the planet and news is weaponized. It’s not to fool the enemy. It’s to fool the people at home, to get them on board for their next escapade and plundering plan. But you’re quite right: we’ve got to start getting angry and stop taking this like domesticated animals, absolutely. Thanks for calling.

And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}



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