Sept. 13, 2012 (#1171)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 13, 2012:

Masters are Dastards:

"The Authorized Reality is Turning Sour
With Competing Forces Vying for Power,
Israel Pushing Obama to Go with the Plan,
Finish Syria then Get to Work on Iran,
China Buying Up a Variety of Nations,
War by Implanting Chinese Migrations,
Destruction of Nationhood for Old Greece,
Selling Off Islands, The Golden "Fleece",
Invisible Money Lenders Plying Their Trade,
Each Nation in Debt Will Gradually Fade,
Private Corporations Rule Land, Sea, Air,
Complaint Department?-- Never Was There"
© Alan Watt Sept. 13, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 13, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 13, 2012. For newcomers, I always suggest that you do make good use of You can go through the history, basically, of the fake reality that you’ve been living in, and your parents were living in and grandparents too. You’ll find the organizations, foundations, the big consortiums, federations of businesses in fact, and bankers of course at the top, that run the world, always have run the world. They’ve given you nations and empires; they break them down and bring them down and then they move on to new ones. They’re going towards the global Empire now of course. They call it globalism. They used to call it the new world order, etc. and lots of references have been made by George Bush Sr and people like that. So you’re living in a fake reality, the authorized reality, but most folk think it’s real because everyone at the top tells them it is. The media is there of course, and the media would never lie to you. So you’re all given the same indoctrination to be good, willing, ignorant slaves in an amazing system that’s very, very old.


So help yourself to the website, as I say they’re all free audios, well over a thousand of them. Remember too, all those sites listed on are the official sites.  They also carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks that I’ve done over the years for print-up and if you go into you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, or ex-members of the CIA or FBI or CSIS or anything else like that, because I don’t think there’s any such thing in the world as ex- anything. These guys are in it for life, and they know it too, and they all sign the official secrets act so they can’t say anything once they’re retired basically. So I’m always suspicious of that.


So what I do basically is just go through the so-called fictitious reality that’s presented to us, break it down and bring it into a deeper reality, a reality that most folk don’t want to see because it scares them. It scares them to think they’re living in a false paradigm basically, where even the things that they do, and which are promoted for them to do in fact, because most folk don’t do things that they spontaneously want to do by themselves. You’re given even the hobbies to go for, in different generations. You’re all given your hobbies, how to dress, what kind of culture to follow, what to do in that culture, to be the same as everybody else, but always to suit the masters at the top. And it certainly does suit them.


I’ve gone through the whole idea of the destruction of the family unit because that’s what they want for their global society. The family is the smallest form of a tribe, if it’s a big family you’ve got a bigger tribe, and of course if you have community or a whole country then they’ve got a problem in dealing with you. Once you’re split up altogether there’s no one to stand up for any individual, and therefore the government can talk directly to you and you’re helpless basically; you’re on your own, no one else cares. HG Wells went through that whole process when they set up the League of Nations, which was the precursor of the United Nations.  See, wars are what they use to bring in the new systems all the time. Remember, there’s more things that happen in culture, in cultural changes during war as well. Even Carroll Quigley the historian for the organization that helps to run the world, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), said that, you can get more done in five years of warfare than 50 years of propaganda in peacetime. And it’s so, so true. You can get all your rights taken away, government steps into agriculture, everything; Homeland Security is in charge now of all agriculture in the States; the same thing’s happened across the rest of the world with their own secret services and so on. This is the standard technique. Of course the people go along with it because they think, well they’re there to protect us from… from… BAD GUYS. The bad guys are all owned by the same guys across the world, one big consortium. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Most folk don’t use their own judgment, basically. In fact, we’re very suspicious, we’ve been trained to be suspicious of our own judgment or conclusions that we arrive at. Often, mind you, we’re guided to the conclusions, because it’s a science how to guide people to conclusions. It’s very much like programming a computer, the programmer knows basically that computer inside out, he knows the language of it, and he knows the logic of it. He knows that when a question is asked of it, it has to come up with a particular answer. We’re much the same. We’re much the same. So we’re guided with information, bits and pieces, bits and bytes of information to come to the desired conclusions by those who rule us.


They’ve done incredible studies on us, because we’re the most studied species on the planet. Not the little animals they’re always showing you on television, and insects. We are, you see. Because all wealth comes from people. It’s from labor, from us. Marx was right on that part too, but of course he had his other ideas how to use it for himself or his own crew. But the fact is, we are well understood, on how we think and how human behavior can be modified, changed constantly in fact, to suit the dominant minority as it’s called.


We’ve seen the attack not only on the family unit, but the big boys themselves have had many, many uprisings over the many centuries, controlling the public. Of course the most dangerous time is when you had a kind of stable society that did have marriage, did have men at least in charge of their families, and their offspring obviously would copy the same system. That had to be destroyed. Therefore, all sides, including the banking boys who financed the Soviet system and the socialists, said they’d have to destroy the family unit, to bring in the proper, organized society, the way it really should be, to suit the ones who would rule, you know the more intellectual types, as they believe themselves to be.


We’ve gone through in a very fast, really a blink of an eye, regarding time, we’ve gone through amazing changes to do with not just culture but even the engineering of the human body, the reengineering of it. We’ve seen autism skyrocket, SKYROCKET off the charts from about the 1950s onwards. It used to be incredibly rare and now it’s common. Autism is very common. It always kicks in after they get their MMR vaccines. In the old type of autism the child never developed from being a baby up to the age of two. Now it’s different. Most of them of course progress normally, they call them milestones.  Then they get the MMR, they have a fever and then they suddenly go backwards. And that’s accepted as normal now today. Many things like this are.


Even the shapes of men… Men are becoming slimmer in the shoulders, narrower in the shoulders. We see the sexual behavior utterly changed as well, and promoted at the same time, from the top down. Because all culture, that’s authorized, always comes from the top down. Plato talked about that. It’s always to suit the dominant minority and the plans that they have for the people. Anything that is truly grassroots and gains power has to be crushed. So everything that’s authorized, that’s your behavior and the way you behave, because it’s all been taught to you, promoted by the top, is authorized by the ones from the top.


Now, you’ve probably all heard about the bisphenols. I’ve talked about them many times, if you go into the archives section at Estrogen mimickers basically, these things are worse in a sense than estrogen. They’re synthetic forms of estrogen. They go into receptor cells, and they lock into them. And they don’t disintegrate like your normal hormones do; they stay there for an awful long time. And they can switch you on and off basically, including your behavior and your sexual traits as well. And the big boys know these studies because it’s just like the animals you’re always reading about, or seeing about on television – I don’t think anybody reads anymore – and we’re always fascinated by these nature shows.  And the money that goes into producing them, never mind all the biologists to study them and so on, is phenomenal. But it’s nothing to what they’ve spent on us, you see.


Because it’s awfully important to see how… You understand, if you are the herd, you’re like any stock, and the farmer has got to know his stock inside out, every one of them.  Including all your genealogies, everything that you’re possibly prone to or anything like that, they’ve got to know them. And farmers do that, because that’s how he makes his living, is off the stock, you see. The same with people. And Charles Fort was right basically, we are farmed. We’ve always been farmed. You always get domesticated animals; you’ve got to domesticate them to farm them, you see. It’s very hard to train or keep a hold of wild animals, it just doesn’t work. The same with people. Very old, old sciences, discussed thousands of years ago by philosophers in different countries.


Now, you go into this article here, to show you what they know at the top, as we all argue amongst ourselves what’s causing this, what’s causing that. This is about the bisphenol A’s, and also you’ve all heard about soy. Now, soy was one of the first GM crops that they produced. It’s in everything now. There’s soy powder, soy flour in everything, and soy flour in all candies pretty well too.  Chocolates, you name it; they’ve gone into everything. To make sure, you see...  Things that are popular is where they put this stuff in. And both of these things can do the same kind of things with your estrogen, and they can disrupt your testosterone if you’re a male.


This article here… What an intro it’s got here. It’s got:  from the Department of Biology North Carolina State University; Raleigh North Carolina, the Keck Center for Behavioral Sciences are in on it, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina; Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology Institute for Neurosciences, and Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin; Joint Graduate Program Toxicology, Joint Institute of Rutgers University of Medicine and Dentistry, and on and on it goes. It’s just all these big… All participating in what they already know, because it was intentional. Remember, there are three levels of reality too. There is the one given to the public at the bottom, that’s the fake one. And the bottom one also is from universities down, because they must always think they’re on the cutting edge, including the professors. Everything that they discover is rediscovery, that’s why it’s called research; the searching was done by the ones above them. So everything that they’re finding out at the bottom was already known and actually promoted long ago. 


This goes into the effects of what happens if they just take the soya, the soy stuff basically, or you just take the bisphenol-A, and basically the same things happen with both, independently. However, if you take them both together the soy will have a strange expression and alter or mitigate the effects of the bisphenol-A. But it says…


Anxiogenic Effects of Developmental Bisphenol A Exposure Are Associated with Gene Expression Changes in the Juvenile Rat Amygdala and Mitigated by Soy


Early life exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA), a component of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, alters sociosexual behavior in numerous species including humans. (Alan: They’ve always known it. This is from the top, right.)  The present study focused on the ontogeny of these behavioral effects beginning in adolescence and assessed the underlying molecular changes in the amygdala. (A: the brain.) We also explored the mitigating potential of a soy-rich diet on these endpoints. Wistar rats were exposed to BPA via drinking water (A:  ...and it gives you the dosage...) (1 mg/L) from gestation through puberty, and reared on a soy-based or soy-free diet. (A:  So they had one that was on soy and one that was off soy.) A group exposed to ethinyl estradiol (50 µg/L) and a soy-free diet was used as a positive estrogenic control. Animals were tested as juveniles or adults for anxiety-like and exploratory behavior. Assessment of serum BPA and genistein (GEN), a soy phytoestrogen, confirmed that internal dose was within a human-relevant range. (A:  In other words, it can affect humans.) BPA induced anxiogenic behavior in juveniles and loss of sexual dimorphisms in adult exploratory behavior, but only in the animals reared on the soy-free diet. Expression analysis revealed a suite of genes, including a subset known to mediate sociosexual behavior, associated with BPA-induced juvenile anxiety.


You wonder what all these forms of autism, and above autism, that they’ve got in school now? They’ve got a whole bunch of diagnoses; they’ve got about 10 of them now. And look at the children. Look at them. They’re all kind of puffed up, and not just fat but it’s puffed up. They look very effeminate. It’s the estrogen. It’s all the stuff from the BPA and the soya. This is what this study is all about. So they know what it causes.  Massive anxiety, it will cause them to be hyper as well, and hard to manage because they’re either crying one minute or yelling the next; that’s standard with it.  So I’ll put this article up tonight for those who want to go through it. It explains an awful lot, that we already knew of course; because there are many studies just reaffirming what we already know. But they go through the whole system here and show you how it works on the humans, and how they’re well aware of it all basically.


See, warfare takes many, many forms. You’re trained to believe that the guy with the gun and the uniform is involved in warfare; you don’t think about anything else. Long-term warfare is how to eliminate your enemy, either before they’re born so that they won’t be born, by going after the women, sterilizing them or whatever, and various means, chemical or otherwise. Or once they’re very young children, how do you disable them then so they won’t grow up into, basically, normal young guys who might go off and fight. This is standard stuff that they’re taught at the top. Even in officer training classes and that they teach them this kind of stuff, long-term warfare. It’s intergenerational, you see.


So you’re under warfare, you have been, so were your parents before you, and it gets worse every time. We know for instance that even the animals fed, on the third generation, of the soy diet for instance – this is old stuff that’s been rehashed many times, by the same groups and all the rest of it – they end up being sterile. They end up being sterile.  So it alters your gene expressions in the next generation, and then the next generation again. And you wonder why the people are going sterile? It’s the most booming business, really, in the world today, is sterility [fertility clinics], mainly in the first world countries, because those are the ones they attacked first you see. So that’s just a little bit of news for those who are interested in it. That’s the music coming in so I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about reality and the fake one that most folk believe in. It works awfully well for them because it’s been so well designed for them to believe. It’s so simple to believe, your parents believed it, your friends will all believe it. And we’ll prattle about irrelevant things and movies and TV shows and things like that. Trivia, people live in trivia their whole lives long; it keeps them safe from doing anything that might matter in life, you know. They won’t do anything that really matters, or change the system.


But it’s bad enough when you’re getting forced into a system where there’s no freedoms and no privacy whatsoever to do with computers and cell phones and everything else. That’s why they gave it all to the general public. Even in one of the versions, the TV version or movie version of Brave New World, the so-called savage or the primitive that comes into the modern city, he says, well, you’ve got all this technology. The people have all this technology that they can use, and the guy, the big Alpha Plus says to him, yeah, but we only give them the stuff that keeps them under observation and keeps them well behaved to be used by the system that we run. That’s what he said. And that’s how it really is. That’s how it really is. All technology is given to make sure that we’re actually ruled more easily by those who rule us. And people accept it too. How amazing. It just shows you that anything can be done to the public.  They will accept anything at all, really, if it’s done in the proper way and promoted in a certain way, especially if you put a lot of entertainment on something that’s going to bring them down eventually, like the computer.


I said that years ago, eventually they’ll take all the rights away, and all the free stuff away, and they’d study us all, and it was all to spy on the public.  And they’ll keep using it because by that time they’d be used to searching on the Internet for everything that interests them, or whatever is going around, the trend of the day. And that’s how it’s happening, you see. And it’s bad enough, as I say, when you’ve got all these big professional agencies doing spy work for governments and everything else, and private corporations. But where is the truth on anything? This article here for instance says…


Malware inserted on PC production lines, says study

(A:  And the great hero of it all is Microsoft. 

Microsoft is a hero? Do you really believe that?) / 13 September 2012


Cybercriminals have opened a new front in their battle to infect computers with malware - PC production lines.  (A:  Well, who owns the PC production lines? Even if it’s all in China, who really owns it? It won’t be the Chinese.)


Several new computers have been found carrying malware installed in the factory, suggests a Microsoft study.


One virus called Nitol found by Microsoft steals personal details to help criminals plunder online bank accounts.


Microsoft won permission from a US court to tackle the network of hijacked PCs made from Nitol-infected computers.


So it tells you that Microsoft’s investigators actually bought new computers from this company and right off the bat they were already infected. So it’s built into it. Like they didn’t know this stuff? What else is built into it by Microsoft and all the other companies? They’re all doing what everybody else is doing, put it that way. I’ll put this link up tonight too but you can figure it out for yourselves. The fact is that everything you purchase today, I don’t care what spyware you put on, it’s pretty well pointless because the big boys... There’s backdoors built into all of them, that are constantly feeding all your data back to certain sources. We know that too. It’s the law, by the way. [Alan chuckles.] It’s the law.  Even your telephone’s got chips in it that must be accessed by the agencies.


This article here too, it’s bad enough when you have the agencies doing it and so on...


US jails hacker who sold access to hijacked PCs / 7 September 2012


A US hacker who sold access to thousands of hijacked home computers has been jailed for 30 months.


Joshua Schichtel of Phoenix, Arizona, was sentenced for renting out more than 72,000 PCs that he had taken over using computer viruses.


Millions of PCs are enrolled in these networks, known as botnets, and many help to send out junk mail messages.  (A:  ...more than just junk mail messages, believe you me.)


Schichtel's customers installed their own malicious software on the PCs to aid their own cybercrime efforts.


As well as going to prison for 30 months, Schichtel was also sentenced to a three-year supervised release programme that he will serve after leaving jail. The supervision will tightly control his access to computers and the net.  (A:  Well, it’s not just him obviously. There’ll be a whole bunch involved in this kind of operation, obviously; he’s only one that’s been caught.)


In a brief statement about the case, the US Department of Justice said Schichtel pleaded guilty to one count of selling access to 72,000 machines that formed part of a bigger botnet he controlled. (A:  And he will take the can for it, but, as I say, he’s part of a much bigger group.)


Remotely attempting to cause damage to computers without authorisation breaks the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  (A:  ...which is kind of a joke because the government’s doing it all the time, eh, [Alan chuckles.] all the agencies themselves. But they are the government.)


In 2004, Schichtel was one of four men accused of using botnets to carry out attacks on websites. The charges against them were dropped because the US government failed to file an indictment before a court-imposed deadline.  (A:  So in other words, he had awfully good lawyers which means he was awfully, awfully wealthy, and he was well connected. That’s what that means, you see.)


And Greece is borrowing more money again, supposedly you know. This endless borrowing of money and the public are… Remember, every country in the European Union is pouring cash into Greece, supposedly; we’re told this. And every time they put money out to Greece the countries back home, that are borrowing the money to give to Greece, they’re borrowing it from international bankers, which is just a bunch of blips on a screen of course – they don’t even give them checks anymore and say yeah, go and print up cash; no, they get blips on a screen and that’s good enough for them. But you lot all have to pay because you’re the guarantors for it, each time that they do that. You’re all the guarantors to pay that loan off. If you got a personal bill every week from government to do with your added share, the cost that you have to pay off, you’d be freaking out. But you don’t get it so you don’t think anything of it. Oh, government is giving so-and-so to so-and-so, and government’s giving money to that and so on...  You think nothing of it at all. What a beautiful scam that is, isn’t it? But if they billed you every week it’d be a different story. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and talking about Greece and the massive debt that just goes on and on and on forever. The banks of course are happy because the more money that’s owed to them, the money that they give and lend out and all the rest of it, the more authority they have over all governments. That’s how it’s always been. Always been. Even prime ministers have to go cap-in-hand every year to the head of their own central bank, which is private; they’re all private banks you see; even the ones that pretend they’re not, they are. They’re all private banks. So debt is awfully good for banking and authority. That’s why Rothschild said, give me control of the money and I don’t care who you put in as Prime Minister. Because obviously the Prime Minister is down below him, he’s subordinate to him, the money guy’s on top. Anyway this says…


Israel considers purchasing Greek island for naval training / Sep 13, 2012


Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Ehud Barak has ordered the army to explore the possible purchase of a Greek island to set up a naval training base.


The decision came amid Greece’s deepening financial crisis, which prompted Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in August to announce his country was considering selling or leasing uninhabited islands "so long it poses no security threat."


Israeli media reported Barak’s order on Wednesday, noting that the island in question could also serve as a port for Israeli vessels and submarines.


Science and Technology Minister Daniel Hershkowitz had reportedly held talks in Greece where he learned that Greece may consider an Israeli purchase.


He reported his findings to Barak who ordered the army to look into the matter. The army held a session on the matter during which navy representatives stressed they had no need for an island and cited non-profitability concerns.


Barak’s office later said the case had been dropped.


The proposal was met with strong criticism from Israel’s Foreign Ministry where officials complained why such a sensitive issue had been discussed without their information.


So anyway, everybody’s vying to buy up what’s left of Greece, now that it’s destitute and destroyed. They can do that with every country that they want, you know, the big bankers. Of course that is the plan. In fact they’re using the crisis in all the countries. Now that they’re all in massive debt with bailing out Greece, and Spain and everything else, massive debt, then they all have to completely give up their sovereignty, according to Barroso the other day there, and amalgamate even further, politically and everything else. So it’s working perfectly in the strategy sense of it. It’s working perfectly well.


Going back to old Kissinger. Kissinger still is a big player in geopolitics along with Brzezinski and others.  There’s many more of them that you never hear of; they keep them out of the news deliberately. But Kissinger said years ago that his plan, if he had anything to do with Iraq and all the other countries that the US wanted to take out – under the Project for the New American Century, and they listed all the countries they wanted to take out, and they have done most of them so far.  They’ve still got Syria to bump off and they’ve also got to do the same with Iran, because they’re on the list. But he said, I’d rather you put in your own governments basically – meaning puppet governments – and then you have all different factions fighting each other – you pay the leaders of factions to fight each other; the followers it doesn’t matter, they’ll follow the leaders, right – and that way they’ll be destitute forever. They’re not organized and therefore you can do what you want with them. You can take out the oil, all the stuff that you’re after, there’s no united force against you. That’s what they’ve done across the whole Middle East, after every tyrant and Great Satan was knocked down – because they’ve called all these guys all the names under the sun, that they’ve killed off. Look at the mess of it now. It’s worse than it was ever before. It was quiet before. Anyway, another puppet guy…


US-trained engineer is new Libyan Prime Minister / Sep 13, 2012


Libya's national congress has chosen American-trained optical engineer Mustafa Abu Shagour as its new prime minister, a day after Islamist gunmen killed the United States ambassador to the country.


Mr Shagour edged out wartime rebel premier Mahmoud Jibril 96-94 in a second-round vote that was shown live on national television.


As government chief Mr Shagour will be responsible for the day-to-day running of Libya's oil-based economy (A:  Guess who’s going to… Who put him in, right?   [Alan chuckles.]) while the national congress elected in July passes laws and helps draft a new constitution for the north African state. 


Everybody that they put in so far has been a puppet, as you well know. In fact, the guy that they put in as the vice-president of Iraq is on the lam right now. He’s wanted, because he was involved in exactly what I said, in mass killings. He was getting factions fighting each other. He was involved in setting up mass killings, on behalf of, well, his Masters, which is not in Iraq obviously.


Iraq VP Tariq al-Hashemi sentenced to death

Tariq al-Hashemi is now in Turkey, where he has held meetings with Turkish and Iraqi Kurdish politicians - / 9 September 2012


Another article too, is the TransPacific Partnership. It’s a fascinating thing, because it’s all done in secret. Even the politicians who are given charge of it, they’re not allowed into these private meetings that they have.  It’s still secret even from them. But it says…


What Is Wrong With the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) / August 21, 2012 / By Carolina Rossini and Maira Sutton


EFF has been fighting against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) intellectual property chapter for several years. This agreement poses a great risk to users’ freedoms and access to information on a global scale.  (A:  It’s not just information by the way. It’s patents as well, including drugs, generic drugs and all that. The US drug companies, the ones based in the US – they’re not really US – want to extend their patent time from 10 to about 20 years or something. Which means that even no company could make generic drugs after that. Meaning, the massive price you have to pay across the world for these so-called first off the shelf drugs that they make, with their patents on it. That’s one of the big things.)


We have created this infographic to capture the most problematic aspects of TPP, and to help users, advocates and innovators from around the world spread the word about how this agreement will impact them and their societies. (A:  And there’s a PDF on it which you can download.) 


Now, someone did manage to get the chapter 12, and I’ve got it here, the PDF. I’ll put up the link tonight for it as well. It’s article 12:2 of the Transpacific Partnership.  It’s amazing to read it because it’s awfully like the old stuff they used to have in the British East India company. It’s never changed. Why should they change the system? Remember, everything is a Corporation. And these big corporations have more power than governments the way that they draft it all out.  And it goes through the meanings, see everything’s done on… The words that they use, that are generally in the preamble or wherever, they’ll tell you what they mean, which is often what you would never dream it meant.  It tells you about the Centre...


Article 12.2: Definitions


For purposes of this Chapter:

Centre means the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ("ICSID") established by the ICSID Convention;


claimant means an investor of a Party that is a party to an investment dispute with another Party;  (A:  They love parties, that’s why they give you left-wing and right-wing as well.)


covered investment means, with respect to a Party, an investment in its territory of an investor of another Party in existence as of the date of entry into force of this Agreement or established, acquired, or expanded thereafter [which has been legally constituted in accordance with its laws and regulations, provided that such formalities do not materially impair the protections afforded by the Party to the investors of another Party or covered investments under this Chapter];  (A:  Isn’t that wonderful? They make it so simple, isn’t it?)


(A:  But what it really gets into is the fact that, once they set it up, it’s a private enterprise that’s taking whole nations and all of us with it, remember, that they’ll always be treated as a sovereign, superior, private enterprise. It’s sovereign even above the sovereignty of governments. And all of us are getting dragged into it. Now remember, the guys behind it are the guys who came out with this so-called global system over a hundred years ago, openly, and they were the Royal Institute of International Affairs; a private organization, you don’t vote them in. They created the Council on Foreign Relations across the world. They put in prime ministers and presidents across the world, for a hundred years. They give you all your media too; they own all the media. They’ve made it quite known in their writings that their goal was to basically merge whole continents together into regions of the world through trade, what they called free trade. This is another part of this party stuff. And also the movement of labor, if they can get cheaper labor they can move cheap labor across borders, and you can’t stop them with any national laws to do with minimum wages or anything. I’ll put this up tonight. It’s interesting to look through the wording of it. Even ‘enterprise’, they always… “God bless us on this enterprise.” Does that ring a bell somewhere, you know? It says…)


enterprise means any entity constituted or organized under applicable law, whether or not for profit (A:  Remember the Starship Enterprise as well?), and whether privately or governmentally owned or controlled, including any corporation, trust, partnership, sole proprietorship, join venture, association, or similar organization and a branch of enterprise;


enterprise of a Party means an enterprise constituted or organized under the law of a Party, [and a branch located in the territory of a Party] and carrying out business activities there;


freely usable currency means "freely usable currency" as determined by the International Monetary Fund....


(A:  Now, in the histories of the Royal Institute of International Affairs they went through the fact that they would set up the International Monetary Fund to be the big boss, and the central banking systems across the world, which they’ve pretty well done. Then they’d all be responsible to the Bank for International Settlements, another private company which the same boys that run and set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they set it up.  The boys at the top, they own the BIS. You understand, we’re all privately owned. This is the point of it all. We are all completely privately owned and we have been for an awful, awful long time. They use nationalism when it suits them and they use internationalism when it suits them. Because it’s only us that have to believe in it one way or another, you see. And it’s easy for us to believe anything we’re told, very easy, especially when you get a threat from outside; that gets you national again, you see. But they go through the freely usable currency, etc., what that really means.)


freely usable currency means "freely usable currency" as determined by the International Monetary Fund under its Articles of Agreement;  (A: agreement with what? With all the countries, this private entity has got this status where they got countries to sign onto their articles of agreement, to obey their agreement.)


And you think you’re free. And you go and vote for people that are all put in by the same organization that runs the world. Anyway, I’ll put this whole thing up tonight and those who want to can go through it, because it’s interesting to see, for those who really care how the world is really run and how it’s owned and managed and everything else. And always has been by the way.


Now, this is interesting times as we well know, with the shootings of Stevens recently in Libya.  And the fact that too, they didn’t have Marines around there, which is rather odd, isn’t? It’s almost like it was waiting to happen, because every other embassy they’ve got has got that. And then of course who benefits out of it all? And who is pushing for war? We’ve got Netanyahu, I’ve got an article on him, really, before, during and after actually saying, what will it take to provoke Americans into taking out Iran. You know. Who caused this whole thing? Who’s going to benefit out of it? Because it’s meant to get everybody angry back home; you know, you’re national again, you see, for a little while. Once you’ve finished off the Middle East you’ll be international again. Anyway…


Vatican official says Israel fostering intolerance of Christianity

(A:  ...which is true, in Israel. There’s many documentaries up on YouTube where you’ll see Christians there and what they go through. Their churches are burned down in many cases, smeared with nasty stuff – and it sounds like ‘excitement’ but it’s not excitement. And really nasty stuff, because there’s no love in Judaism for Christianity whatsoever.

 Just the opposite.)

The Israeli government's failure to respond adequately to Jewish extremist attacks against churches and monasteries is fostering a climate of intolerance towards Christianity in the country, a senior Vatican official in Jerusalem has warned. / Adrian Blomfield, Jerusalem / 7 Sep 2012


Police inaction and an educational culture that encourages Jewish children to treat Christians with "contempt" (A:  ...and they really do over there.) has made life increasingly "intolerable" for many, Fr Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Custodian of the Holy Land, said.


Fr Pizzaballa's intervention, unusually outspoken for a senior Catholic churchman, came after pro-settler extremists attacked a Trappist monastery in the town of Latroun.


The door of the monastery was set fire to and its walls were covered with anti-Christian graffiti that denounced Christ as a "monkey".   (A:  That’s standard. If you go into the Talmud they’ve got all that stuff there, he’s supposed to be boiling in excrement and all that stuff, that’s what they say.)


The incident is the latest in a series of acts of arson and vandalism this year targeting places of worship, including Jerusalem's 11th century Monastery of the Cross, built on the site where the tree used to make Christ's Cross is held to have been planted.


Slogans reading "Death to Christians" and other offensive graffiti were daubed on its walls. 


And then there’s related articles to it as well. But that does go on in there, and even there’s Jewish Christians over there who’ve also had their churches burned down and they’re attacked by, the rabbis whip up the mobs. You can look up the videos and watch them yourselves; there’s lots up there. And as I say I’ll put up…


Netanyahu Lashes Out At U.S. Over Iran Program - / 09/11/12


...because you’re not doing your job enough.  You’re supposed to do what you’re told and get on with this, you know, Project for the New American Century and take all these countries out. So he’s hammering away and he says, what will it take to get Americans to move? Well, whatever does... What will it take, Mr. Netanyahu?   Also…


NYPD [New York Police Department] In Israel:

Police Department Opens Branch In Kfar Saba With Lone Detective Charlie Ben-Naim / 09/06/2012


Even if they do dramatically overstate their counterterrorism record (A:  ...which they certainly do.), it's no secret that the bigger-than-the-FBI NYPD has extensive counterterrorism operations. These operations often include spying outside NYPD jurisdiction, both nationally and abroad.

According to Al-Monitor, an online newspaper reporting on the Middle East, the NYPD has now officially opened a branch in Israel's Sharon District Police headquarters in Kfar Saba, with former Israeli and veteran NYPD detective, Charlie Ben-Naim. From Al-Monitor:


Ben-Naim was chosen for the mission of opening the NYPD branch in Israel. He is a veteran detective of the NYPD and a former Israeli who went to study in New York, married a local city resident and then joined the local police force. Among the things he has dealt with in the line of duty are the extradition of criminals, the transmitting of intelligence information (A:  I wonder to whom?) and assistance in the location of missing persons, both in the United States and in Israel.


So I’ll put this link up as well to show you that there’s many forces at work in the world and they all have their own ambitions of course, and their own particular loyalties. There’s no doubt about it. You understand, there is a very… There’s a top Secret Service in the world, a top one. Anything below that, including even the CIA to an extent and MI6, they’re out of the loop from the ones at the top. Because all those below it can be penetrated by other nationalities or people with other affiliations or allegiances. So you can’t have one below it that won’t be penetrated; some of them are even taken over.  So you can’t have a national thing at all anymore.  People come into your country and become nationalized, or they have their children brought up in the same culture as the old homeland, they can have allegiances to the old homeland, but you can’t stop them from getting in and applying for these jobs and getting them. But this is a secret society at the top of the world that runs everything, and they’re above all of that, above it all.


This article is a little bit of a funny one because I’ve talked about how in the gangster world of corporations and government everything works with everything else, to make sure that corporations stay propped up even when they’re failing. I’ll talk about the Chevy Volt when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about how the taxpayer is used for everything now. The guys who get into even the Pentagon, they’re a lot wiser, they’ve caught on to a lot of things, and they’ve been groomed as well. They know how the scams all work. The ones who get up there really all catch on eventually so they copy the guys above them, the big boys above them, and just you know, loot the public as well. Anyway, the Pentagon is buying Chevrolet Volts, which means the taxpayer is buying Chevrolet Volt cars to help green up the military; this is what it’s saying. No, it’s not.  It’s to actually get Chevy out of the hole that they’re in.  Not that Chevy’s really caring about America; they took all the bailout money, as they all did, and of course they’ve moved abroad, most of them. Anyway it’s still not doing well with this white elephant that they’ve created, to green. Nobody wants these darn cars because they’re useless.  So the Pentagon’s buying Chevy Volts to help out basically the Chevy company.  It says…


The Great Green Car Fleet

Pentagon buying Chevy Volts to ‘green up’ military / September 10, 2012


The Department of Defense began purchasing the struggling luxury electric car, which retails at $40,000, this summer as part of its goal to purchase 1,500 such green vehicles. The Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, Calif. purchased its first two Volts in July, and 18 more vehicles will come shortly....


The Obama administration championed the production of the Volt. Along with the president’s pledge this year (A:  Can you imagine all the pledges he’s given to all these greenie companies, eh, that all went under? and the taxpayer’s left with billions of dollars more in debt.) to “buy one and drive it myself … five years from now when I’m not president anymore,” (A:  He won’t have to buy one himself because he’ll get a free car and the whole bit and a chauffeur.) the government offers a $7,500 tax break to encourage sales.

(A:  ...all these kind of perks because they can’t get rid of them.)


GM is now offering the vehicle for as low as $169 per month, a financing deal that is generally reserved for $15,000 cars—a price so low that GM is reportedly losing nearly $50,000 per vehicle. The struggling automaker will again suspend production later this month after only 2,500 Volts drove off the lots last month.


GM has spent $1.2 billion developing the electric car and is still working out kinks, such as the Volt’s tendency (A: Listen to this… Here’s one of the reasons folk don’t want it…it gets in an accident and so on, the Volt’s tendency is...) to electrocute firefighters (A: ...which probably means, you see, it also electrocutes the drivers as well, you see, once they get a little bump.) and first responders to accidents. The Department of Defense has been involved in that process, helping to test the Volt’s battery safety and capabilities.  (A:  They must have massive capacitors in them to give off a lethal charge, a massive lethal charge.)


Obama has made the auto bailout a centerpiece on the campaign trail despite GM’s recent woes. The company’s stock has fallen about 40 percent since it emerged from bankruptcy. GM and its lending arm, Ally Bank, owe $42 billion on their $57 billion bailout. The government still has a stake in GM. 


So the government is using the taxpayers’ money to give to the Pentagon, to pass that tax money on to GM, the private corporation.  Because, you see, private corporations rule the world, and that was what Quigley and others said was the goal. We’re actually there. We’ve been there for quite a long time. But that’s the sort of thing.  Another article I’ll put up tonight too is to do with a ripoff from building stadiums in the US. That’s one of the biggest ripoffs; they’re all in on it, all city managers are all in on this kind of stuff. And it’s ripped off one city by $4 billion. Nothing will happen about it because it’s a common thing, very, very common thing. They inflate the prices like you wouldn’t believe and charge the… Because the public never inquire. They don’t even know what’s getting spent on these things. See, we’re just cattle you see. And that’s where all things come from, is from the big herd. That’s our function. And all you have to do is play and be happy… Be happy. Not bad eh, be happy.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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