September 17th, 2012 (#1173)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt September 17, 2012:

On a Role to Ageless Goal:

"Constant Conflict, No Breathing Space,
We're On a Role, Destroying Every Place
Where the Enemies of Some Tend to Dwell,
Leave Rubble, Chaos, Turn Lands into Hell,
Our Masters Decided Islam would Be Blamed
For Inability to Adapt, Couldn't Be Tamed,
Don't Believe in Usury, Central-Owned Banks,
Always Politely Refusing, Quiet "No Thanks",
But Moneybags has a Plan for the World,
When Conquered will have Flag Unfurled,
Ruled by I.M.F., B.I.S. and the U.N.,
Salivating for the Plan, The End, and Then
The Completely Ordered Eugenics Society,
Purpose Made Slaves of Endless Variety"
© Alan Watt September 17, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - September 17th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September the 17th, 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest that you make good use of the website,; there’s well over a thousand audios there for free download, and I try and basically put together the system you’re born into, the one that’s never really told to you; you’re not informed about it at school and you’re not informed by the media— the media is part of the deception, of course, to keep you in the reality that your “betters” decided that you should be in and believe in too.  And so I give you the big societies, agencies, organizations that got together a long, long time ago to bring in a world society, but not just any world society, their world society where they would rule and rule much easier than before with less rebellions from the public at home, by dumbing them down, of course, giving them the same standard education system, drugging the youngsters too—the brighter ones if possible: the ones who could articulate what was happening to others had to be caught at school; that’s the sifting net, as they call it.


So, help yourself to the audios; there’s lots of information there about the big organizations that still run the world— they’re open about it now.  For those who want to go into their sites, go into the CFR for instance.  Go into the Royal Institute for International Affairs in Britain and you’ve also got the CFR group, as well, that runs all of the European Union; every Member of Parliament there is a member of the same organization.  They’re worldwide.  Every country’s got them.  They give you your presidents and prime ministers, and have done for a hundred years according to their own official historian, Carroll Quigley.  So, you’ll understand then why you’re going through crisis and how the big boys always use crisis to their advantage.  And many times the crises are all contrived by all of the different sides; you think they’re fighting each other, in actual fact they’re very often colluding with each other so, of course, they can come forward and say “are you terrified enough, world? If you are, give up sovereignty and let the United Nations be the world global government.”  That’s what it’s all about— global governance.  They’re always on about it in all their writings. 


And remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.   You can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at  And you can also donate.  And from the U.S. to Canada you can use Personal Checks or International Postal Money Orders, you can send cash or use PayPal.  Across the world: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.  And straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome because I don’t bring on advertisers who are put across as guests and sell things and I have no shares in any company selling any of their products, whatsoever.


We live in deception.  And it’s managed deception; it’s very, very good because it’s an old, old science.  The science of running countries is ancient.  They give you religions; even if you get something unique starting up they’ll take it over and then use it to dominate you.  It doesn’t matter what happens with the best intentions at the beginning, anybody can be taken over eventually once they’re dead and then they’ll use it against you to make you dumb and obedient to “your betters” as they like to call it.  And, today, of course, they’re using neuroscience, masses of psychology— psychologists are heavily involved with all governments and agencies and with adults too, of course, because your psychology – what you believe and think – comes from the media and entertainment, believe it or not.  Most of your indoctrination actually comes through entertainment.  When you can actually show fictional scenes portraying almost real events and then, you know, just put it a tab over the limit and then your mind gets embedded with the images that stay with you for life— and that’s your opinion, fixed in your head, regarding this people, that people, whatever the target group happens to be, and you never question it; it’s very, very simple.  And as I say, these are arts, well understood and discussed by academia at the top because all academia is on board with this world agenda since they all take grants, not just from governments, of course, they’re paid, but from the big foundations that run the world.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, I always think about “progress” and who defines what progress happens to be.  Progress is simply a plan, you see, obviously, because they know where they’re going— that’s what they call “progress”; otherwise it could go off in thousands of directions (would they still call it progress?  No they wouldn’t; they wouldn’t do it.)  Now, about 12 years ago or so, or maybe more, articles in the Canadian newspapers talked about Wi-Fi and smart meters and how they’d all be connected and eventually if they deemed you were using too much they would cut you off, personally, instantaneously too because they’re reading your meter in real time.  And then eventually we had the ‘internet of things’ where all things were to be connected to the smart meter through Wi-Fi and so on; well, that’s already happened.  And Canada had a big exposé of new appliances for houses that are Wi-Fi and do exactly that.  Of course the actual article is to make you think it’s all wonderful.


It says…


For the Internet-obsessed homeowners who can’t pry themselves away from Twitter for even a minute, there’s now a Wi-Fi refrigerator with a screen on it.


(Alan:  I mean, you always wanted one of them, didn’t you?)


Samsung is the first to the market in Canada with home appliances that connect to Wi-Fi and, in the case of its refrigerators, there are a number of built-in apps to use.




(A: the manufacturer...)


says it expects to release a line of “smart” washers and dryers in Canada sometime this year.


(A:  A smart one of course is a dryer really that comes with a servant to do it all, I guess.)


Samsung’s wirelessly connected washing machine and dryer allow users to start or pause the machines remotely, or check the status of the cycle via a smartphone or tablet app. The pair sells for about $3,000.


(A:  Plus taxes in Canada.)


“You might say, ‘Well, who really wants to do that?”‘ says Warner Doell, Samsung’s vice-president of home appliance sales and marketing.


(A: And he says it’s cool, it’s cool, you see, everything’s cool.)


“It’s kind of a cool feature. You don’t have to go running upstairs...


(A:  Blah-blah-blah.)


...Now you’re able to plan other things that you want to do.”


(A:  It’s all "labor saving devices"; you can do other things, you know.)


Far more advanced is Samsung’s Wi-Fi connected fridge, with its 20-centimetre touch screen that works like a tablet. It has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3,900.


There’s an app connected to Google Calendar to keep track of family appointments and events,


(A:  You’re telling them everything that you’re doing, you see.)


an app for leaving onscreen notes to others, and a grocery manager that lets you build a digital inventory of food and drinks as you put them into the fridge.


(A:  It actually reads the barcodes on all that food that you’re putting in.)


It also keeps track of expiry dates to prevent you from forgetting about the soon-to-spoil cheese hidden away.


A:  It actually goes further.  In the article quite a few years back it mentioned the fact that it can actually order from the main supermarket that you attend, and the stuff could be delivered to you if you’re wealthy enough for it to be done so.  But also, don’t forget all this data and what you’re eating goes back to the government agencies.  You understand what it’s all really for?  I hope you do.  So I’ll put this link up tonight for those who are interested.  And maybe a lot of folk will actually want it so they can chat on their phone as the dryers are going and stuff.


And this is an interesting article too because right now there are masses of crisis creation going on.  You understand, you’ve got to hype up crisis to get the public terrified when you want to make a major move like uniting the world, for instance— getting you all terrified.  They tried all this through the phony Cold War system with Russia and the US and Britain and the rest of Europe:  “Oh, we’re going to get nuked,” everyday.  And they funded massive campaigns for demonstrators who’d go out with their families, and placards and “ban the bomb” and all that kind of stuff and “we don’t want to get nuked” and they hoped then that would be enough to get the world to its knees so we need an intermediary, again, the United Nations was to take supreme power over everything and it didn’t quite pan out that way.  World War II was the same.  During World War II, the big boys, including Winston Churchill, said this will get a united Europe; well, that’s exactly what Hitler wanted.  They don’t care who does it, you see, as long as they get it because all sides work for the same ultimately at the top.  But this one going on right now with the big armada going over to the Persian Gulf, from the U.S. and Britain, is, again, to get everybody terrified of what’s going to happen.  And then you have Netanyahu still hyping it up and telling the U.S. to get on with it, and, you know, get rid of Iran, etcetera— because that’s the job of the U.S.  And, it says here…


Defense Minister (A: in Britain.) : Clegg


(A:  Who is an internationalist, anyway; you should see his background.)


axed me because I won’t support attack on Iran


(A:  It says.)


A Liberal Democrat Defence Minister has claimed he was sacked to avoid a damaging Coalition split over a pre-emptive strike on Iran.


Former Armed Forces Minister Sir Nick Harvey told friends that he was fired in the reshuffle to allow Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to sign Britain up to an Israeli-US preventive strike to take out Iran’s nuclear installations.


(A:  So, he didn’t want to go along with it so they basically got him out of his position.)


Friends of Sir Nick – who was handed a knighthood just days later – say that he could have embarrassed the Lib Dem leader by being too critical of Israel’s actions if he had still been in the key Ministry of Defence post.


(A:  Well, Sir Nick Clegg, as I say, has got a good interesting history; you’ve got to read it to find out why he’s awfully, awfully pro-Israel and all this kind of stuff, but, a lot of them are, for the same reasons.)


The row broke as sources confirmed that British intelligence agents are already deeply involved in attempts to discover Iran’s nuclear secrets.


(A:  You know, it’s so thick with spies today and provocateurs in all these countries, you don’t know what to believe in the media, that’s also run by the same.  You understand, big corporations run the world: they own the government— they all work together (that’s how we are today).  So, you’ve got Israeli Mossad in, you’ve got CIA in, you’ve got MI6 in there and goodness knows who else in all these countries provocateuring, paying people for demonstrating, all this kind of stuff; you can’t take anything to the bank as the truth because they’re all at it over there, and to find the real culprits you’d have to go in with your own private secretive army and catch them all— there’s no other way you’ll get the truth out.   It says...)


It is also understood that the US has asked Britain to provide frigates to patrol the Straits of Hormuz, through which much of the world’s oil passes.


The sacking of the respected Minister took MPs and Army top brass by surprise.


Party sources have insisted the move – which has left the Ministry of Defence staffed entirely by Tories


(A:  or Conservatives...)


– was due to Mr Clegg’s decision to accept Lib Dem ministerial jobs in other, more ‘voter-friendly’ Government departments.


(A:  It doesn’t matter what side you think you’re on: there are no sides.  So it says...)


But when approached by The Mail on Sunday, Sir Nick confirmed he had considered his sacking was linked to mounting speculation of a pre-emptive strike on Iran....


A:  Now this preemptive stuff, “let’s strike first,” is based on an Israeli concept; that’s their tradition, in Israel, that if you suspect that someone may down the road attack you then you attack them first; it could be years down the road or it might be not at all, but if you even have a suspicion you attack them first; there’s no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about it.  And that was taken up by the neocons, remember, when Bush was in and they came in with it then for the U.S. and we’ve been doing that ever since.  But there’s a bigger, bigger plan behind it all as they annihilate what they say is a religion that will not adopt this new system – the New World Order – which is the Muslim religion; that’s what it’s all about.  Plus, putting in the same people who already dominate the world across those countries that are now conquered, that’s what it’s about.


Now, another article too is to do with this one here:  It says…


The British Foreign Office says it has no objection to an Egyptian initiative, which includes Iran being involved in a quartet-like mandate for resolving the unrest in Syria.


The British Foreign Secretary William Hague had previously stated


(A:  Listen to this... The Foreign Secretary for Britain...)


previously stated that Iran’s peaceful efforts to end the unrest in Syria were not helpful.


(A:  Peaceful efforts were unhelpful.)


But recently, a spokesperson for the UK Foreign Office said London did not reject the initiative from Egypt, which seeks help from Iran to deal with the unrest in Syria.


This comes after reports confirmed in the recent months that British Intelligence forces were operating in Syria....


(A:  So, we’ve got them operating in Libya and Syria, across in Egypt— they’re everywhere;  Everywhere, fomenting unrest, you see.  Hiring local thugs and so on.  You’ve always got a criminal element in every people.  You can hire the thugs to do whatever you want them to do and then blame the whole people— old stuff, old stuff; Britain has been at this for centuries.  And it says...)


The President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, has said that the United Nations-Arab League envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi would be provided with an office in Cairo, where representatives of the proposed quartet, including those from Iran, could meet him.


During this international dispute, the UK appears to be realizing that Iran holds a key role in restoring peace in Syria and may be using Egypt’s proposal to re-establish Syria-related communications with Iran.


A:  Quite amazing, but they want to go over and bomb Iran at the same time; all doublespeak, isn’t it?  What a world we live in.  So, you won’t get real truth from news, that could investigate a lot deeper but they won’t because they’re all part of the system to give you the fake reality, you understand.


And also, this one here…


About 50 arrests have been made in connection with the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in which the American Ambassador and three other consulate employees were killed,


(A:  It’s amazing too that the U.S. has still not got in all their records a consulate there, an actual embassy there, so they were living in a house – a big, big house – but it’s not listed as an embassy.  Anyway, it says...)


and some of the suspects involved are from outside the country, Libya’s president told CBS News.


(A:  So, here we go again, we’ve got Mossad, CIA, MI6, special forces in all these countries, and it says here you have Libya’s President saying that there’s no doubt that the attack was pre-planned and many of them were foreigners who entered the country a few months ago and had been planning the act since their arrival.)


On the same program, however, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said the U.S. has no evidence proving that the attacks in Benghazi were premeditated.


"We do not have information at present...."


A:  But of course it’s premeditated.  They were outsiders, so that was planned before, obviously.


Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, this article here too is to do with Japan.  Of course, they’ve got a flair-up with China right now.  China has been told to get the demonstrators out because the Chinese never demonstrate unless they’re told to do it by their totalitarian government.  It’s over some disputed islands that Japan wants to use, and I read months ago on the air about Japan had already approached even Russia; they have some islands there too in that region, because they know the fallout from Fukushima is going to have endless repercussions with cancers in all the generations for a long, long time to come— who knows how long.  And they wanted to try and save as many folk and keep Japan going by putting a lot of people into these other islands as well.  And that’s really what this is about.  And they’ve been buying these islands too, but China has just been told to get the back up about it and be kind of nasty about it to show their strength, the growing strength that they have.  But don’t kid yourself too because the guys who run the rest of the world also run China and their banking system— they’ve been in there for a long time.  And it says here…


Some major Japanese brandname firms announced factory shutdowns in China on Monday and urged expatriates to stay indoors ahead of what could be more angry protests over a territorial dispute between Asia’s two biggest economies.


China’s worst outbreak of anti-Japan sentiment in decades led to weekend demonstrations and violent attacks on well-known Japanese businesses such as car makers Toyota and Honda, forcing frightened Japanese into hiding and prompting Chinese state media to warn that trade relations could now be in jeopardy.


(A:  So they’re throwing their weight around, but the public there, as I say, don’t do anything unless they’re told to by the government, so it’s agitation from their own government.)


Another outbreak of anti-Japan sentiment is expected across China on Tuesday, the anniversary of Japan’s 1931 occupation of parts of mainland China.


A:  So things are going along the way they’re supposed to, I suppose.


I’ve talked about Jacques Attali many times, the guy who is at the United Nations, a very high position there, a futurist as well.  He has been the advisor to various French Prime Ministers for many times and he was the guy that everybody really came to see.  He was the guy that you had to see – not necessarily the Prime Minister – he was so important.  But here he goes again, this is the guy who also said that the world will be cordoned off into different areas and that the next boat people would be the United States people looking for work across the seas because internationalism is here to stay, and that means international corporational rule.


A Leading French economist


(A:  That’s him, Jacques Attali...)


has called for the creation of a single EU-wide passport, to "put in place a real status of European citizenship".


(A: It’s to do away with your national citizenship.)


Jacques Attali, who chairs an independent think-tank set up by the previous government to look at French growth and reform, said the new document would give citizens in every EU member state equal rights to vote in the country in which they choose to settle - and equal responsibilities to pay tax there.


(A:  That’s what a citizen is for, you know.  Actually, when you emigrate that’s why your consulate and their consulate go over you to decide who is getting to own you, and actually the country you’re going into can actually pay the last one a certain fee because they’re going to lose all the taxes that you would have made there for them.  You see: we’re property, you understand.  When you think about it, we’re just property.  So, anyway...)


Writing on French opinion site, Attali said: "One can imagine that any citizen, from whatever member state, could obtain ‘European nationality’.


A:  That’s the big one, of course, is to have no nations at all, as you all know by now— you’re all well aware of it.


And, Russia... I’ve talked about this many times, and so have other people, about the gold system, silver system, diamond system, and how they keep so much back from the public to keep the prices up, you know.  They used to warehouse this stuff in South Africa to make sure the prices stayed up.  Well…


Russia reveals shiny state secret: It’s awash in diamonds


‘Trillions of carats’ lie below a 35-million-year-old, 62-mile-diameter asteroid crater in eastern Siberia known as Popigai Astroblem. The Russians have known about the site since the 1970s.


(A:  And it says...)


The Soviets discovered the bonanza back in the 1970s beneath a 35-million-year-old, 62-mile diameter asteroid crater in eastern Siberia known as Popigai Astroblem.


They decided to keep it secret, and not to exploit it, apparently because the USSR’s huge diamond operations at Mirny, in Yakutia, were already producing immense profits in what was then a tightly controlled world market.


(A:  In other words, to keep the prices up.)


The Soviets were also producing a range of artificial diamonds for industry, into which they had invested heavily.


The veil of secrecy was finally lifted over the weekend, and Moscow permitted scientists from the nearby Novosibirsk Institute of Geology and Mineralogy to talk about it with Russian journalists.


According to the official news agency, ITAR-Tass, the diamonds at Popigai are "twice as hard" as the usual gemstones, making them ideal for industrial and scientific uses.


(A:  And it says they’ve got enough there to...)


..."overturn" global diamond markets.


A:  And they’ve got enough to keep the world going, with its present market, for 3,000 years.  Not bad, eh?  And you’ll find it’s the same thing with everything else: oil, gold, whatever; they have masses of it— and that’s how the world is really run.


Now, JP Morgan were investigated for more money laundering, it says here…


Regulators are investigating whether several major U.S. banks failed to monitor transactions properly, allowing criminals to launder money, according to a New York Times story. The newspaper cited officials who it said spoke on the condition of anonymity.


A:  And the Bank of America is involved too.


Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  In the big system too you’ll find out if you go back far enough and read all their books by those who were involved in this big system for this type of world order where the masses are kept in their places and trained like peasants basically and the elite rule them through academia and government agencies and train them to be peasants as well.  You find that HG Wells was one of the top propagandists for them; he wrote a lot of non-fiction stuff as well, and it’s worth reading his non-fiction.  He lays it on the line, a member of the Fabian Society and that’s doing very well today, it’s really up there, the Fabian Society.  It works with the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  It’s still funded by Astor Foundation and other big foundations, and they help run the world, of course.  But anyway, it says…


Children will be taught to "recognise sexual feelings" from age 11 or 12 under a new national physical education curriculum criticised by religious schools.


(A:  This is in Australia but it’s already spread elsewhere.)


Physical, social and emotional changes of puberty will be taught in Years 5 and 6, when children are as young as nine and 10.


But Catholic educators have forced the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority to back down from its plan to explain puberty to children as young as seven, over concerns the kids might "freak out".


ACARA had wanted puberty as a topic to be introduced in Years 3 and 4.


(A:  Now you’ve got to remember too that everything is coming from the United Nations; they actually wanted class masturbation lessons too.  And going back to HG Wells, he actually wrote about what they called "free love"; most folk think that broke out with the hippie era, no, no— it started in the late 1800’s and Wells was part of it; he promoted that through his books because they say you must destroy the family unit and get everybody rutting like rabbits, basically, as soon as they can—that way they’ll never bond with anybody.  And then they would do away with all kinds of things, including pedophilia.  And we’re on the road to that too.  They never change their plans, you understand, the whole bunch who run the world.)


Guidelines for the first national curriculum on health and physical education reveal a shift


(A: Listen to this...)


            from a focus on sport and fitness, to the politically correct topics of "gender,


(A:  And that will be all kinds of genders now, all the in-betweens.)


sexuality, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and psycho-social environments".


A:  You see?  So, this is the new thing.  Rather than sports and all the rest of it, this is what you get, into "...ethnicity, socioeconomic status and psycho-social environments."  That’s so as that, you know, when you’re young and you haven’t got a clue what’s going on, should you take part in an orgy or not if it’s going on.  That’s what that means.  And make you feel good about it too.


Now there’s Mike from Pennsylvania hanging on the line there.  Are you still there Mike?


Mike:  Yeah, I’m here.  I wanted to go over this as I know it in my lifetime, I’m in my mid forties, the history of protests, people I’ve known in my lifetime.  Back in the late 70’s, early 80’s there was an airport not too far, in the suburb, the same county.  And there was all kind of – it was a private airline – there was flight paths going right over the suburb, constantly.  Now these people all went to the township meetings.  They protested where the airport was located.  And they worked out some kind of a deal where they could disperse the flights in more of a rotation and not be affected as much, so they effected change by being involved.  Fast forward to the early 90’s, I was in the developing business and there was a model airplane club. It was a big farm next-door, on the weekends they would fly airplanes, and loud buzzing noises.  I wasn’t aware it was there at the time. And anyway, the people started moving in:  they all went to the township, protested, and worked out a deal to minimize this decibel problem.

And then fast forward there to the summer of 2001, before 9/11: in the township I lived they were going to propose a trailer park and everybody – I mean everybody – was telling everybody that “you got to go to this meeting, you got to go, you got to stop this.”  I went to this meeting and literally, I couldn’t get a parking place; for a whole mile it was cars everywhere. I figured, well, these people got the problem taken care of.  And, yeah, there was no trailer park in there.  And it’s like that show, in mushroomese, like on Seinfeld when Kramer starts his gambling habit and Newman says “Kramer, you’re a weak, weak man.”  And, what happened to people?  From this time period where they have the capacity in themselves, the toughness, to do something about anything that bothered them, to today where there’s TSA, there’s drones, there’s smart meters… I mean, you name it.


Alan.  That’s right.  A lot has happened, because when you go back into the books written by the big boys, like Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950’s, and he was a physicist that worked on the atom bomb in the Manhattan Project and a descendant of Charles Darwin, but he said that eventually we’ll have to use different techniques on the public, especially the male by the way, to stop them having that natural ability for self-survival.  Take that self-survival ability away from them by literally altering their chemical makeup, even effeminizing them by destroying the testosterone level.  He says we can alter that by giving them estrogen in the food; we can attack them biologically with inoculations or we could put stuff in their water or they could even spray it from the air.  Well, they’ve done all of that.  That was part of it too.  And also too was the eradication of even community cultures.  It wasn’t just the family unit that was under attack; they wanted the broader community, you know, to stop them from even communicating with each other.  Plus, the internet came in and folk literally are off on a thousand tangents; they can’t concentrate on one thing that matters in their area anymore.  So, they’ve done an awful good war strategy to stop us getting out there taking to the streets and simply saying ‘no’.  The people are really – mentally – they’re dumbed down.  And the UN has been doing annual IQ tests in the States and elsewhere and they had to drop the standard IQ test by ten points now; first it was five, then another five last year, because our IQ is dropping—even newborns.  IQ is innate; you’re born with it.  Something’s happening to us.  You’re under attack.  That’s what’s happened. 


Mike:  You really think this was so condensed within the last eleven years.  I mean, I don’t know what happened to people’s brains.  You’re supposed to be tough and have a soft heart, but people really have no heart and they’re weak.


Alan:  They’re weak, but that goes back to...


Mike:  It’s like they engineered this kind of animal, the human animal… It’s amazing…


Alan:  Well, see, Charles Galton Darwin said we must do this to the general public because they will not need their wild capabilities— their wildness, in other words: natural suspicion, natural observations— we must destroy that, he said.  He says we the elite must not change ourselves because we’ll be guiding planet earth and he said we must retain our wild-man capabilities, but the average person, we’ll destroy it with the average person because the government and government agencies will be making all their decisions for them.  They won’t need that, so they can actually attack your brain.


Mike:  You look at a picture of Jacques Attali, I mean, he looks like a pencil-neck geek.  He doesn’t look tough to me. 


Alan:  He doesn’t have to.


Mike:  How is he not affected?


Alan:  Well, they don’t eat what you get.  The don’t get the inoculations that you get either.


Mike:  He doesn’t look that masculine to me.


Alan:  Oh no—he doesn’t have to be masculine, but his mind is still wily in its cunning, and he has the power to get things moving and get things started.  He has also been up a few times with arms smuggling across the world, this guy.  So he’s not a little gentle guy at all; he’s making lots of cash out of all these wars and moving massive amounts of firearms and equipment to all the factions they want to have rebellions down the road.  So they are involved in it; but the thing is, they’re cunning.  What they have too is incredible energy; we don’t have energy now.  Everybody is complaining they’re tired all the time.  And part of it is because you are eating chemicalized warfare, basically, as food.  The food that they give you is weaponized. When you get into the higher clubs, bureaucrats know this, you’re given your card and you get your access to special food; it doesn’t even get the poisons coming down with the spraying that goes on in the air— it’s literally done under domes.  And in Canada they even have them underground, by the ministry of agriculture.  We can’t get access to this stuff.  It’s not GM, modified, it’s not soaked in pesticides.  And they don’t get the inoculations we get, either.  We really are under attack.  And this is deliberate; it’s not accidental, you know.


Mike:  Yeah, I mean, I eat a lot of garden food (I’m blessed that I’ve done a pretty good job this year); but I mean, how do people get it within themselves, mentally, that toughness to kind of shake this stuff off?  And you just see so many people, where they’re literally in a hypnotized state.  I thought maybe if you could get them under hypnosis or something, to try to change their train tracks they’re on.  It’s like literally they’ll ‘clap’ ‘clap’ at any command they get from TV or their peers or anything.  It’s unreal at this point.


Alan:  It is unreal, but you’ve got to understand too, there’s mass psychology warfare on them as well, through all media, to train them to be domesticated, to leave things to “your betters,” the superior ones that come out of superior wombs, and that’s what the big boys have written in so many of their articles, that’s exactly what they said they’d do and they have done it— they have done it.


Mike:  Like, for example:  I was trying to get gas today and the credit cards were down and I was talking to this black guy.  I thought… you know, there was a pickup truck; he was like a blue-collar guy.  I thought, maybe this guy is kind of anti-new-world-order.  He said he went to two gas stations and couldn’t use his credit card at either one and there was something wrong with this.  And I said, yeah, it’s probably the bleeping government… and he starts giggling, almost like a white person would.  And I was a little disappointed because I thought maybe he’d kind of wince and say, hey, you might have a point there.  I’m getting really disappointed in people.


Alan:  As I say, you’ve got to always understand they have been under attack – physical and mental attack – for a long time.  And they’ve got them at the stage now where, literally…  Bertrand Russell said the same thing.  He says we’ll create an egocentric society, a narcissistic society, that will not be interested in what those who rule them are doing and they’ll be taught just to play and have fun.  That generation is now becoming very evident.  And so that’s what’s happened.


Mike:  Yeah.  I’m going to be, just for my own satisfaction, I’m going to be out of the country on election day.  And a little before that, so, you know, I don’t really care… I mean, not just the presidency, any of that stuff; by the time I come back I couldn’t care less what happens before and after.  And it’s going to be fun getting out of this country for a while.


Alan:  Yeah, and actually it will be a challenge to get out at all in the near future.


Mike:  Yeah.


Alan.  Yeah, but thanks for calling.


Mike:  Thanks a lot, yeah.


Alan:  Bye now.  People have no idea they’re under attack.  And once you’re past a certain point of being under attack you don’t care, because it’s worked, you see— very simple… very, very simple.  And everything I’m saying has been written about by the elite themselves, and promoted. 


Now, everybody is talking about this U.S. film that was made, at least within the U.S., to attack Islam. It’s not a film either; it’s a trailer, supposedly.  And they’ve been bashing Islam for years.  I’ve put up an article before – I’ll do it again tonight – to show you how you’ve been trained for over thirty, forty years to hate people in the Middle East and it’s called “Reel Bad Arabs.”  And you forget that; you’ve had lots of indoctrination before all the wars started, getting you all ready for the wars, you see.  And I’ve said before that the imprint that’s put into your mind through fiction, especially if you’re enjoying it, the imprints of these characters and their faces and their nastiness is obviously innate in the movies (that’s how it comes across), is stuck in your head – it’s stuck there – and you don’t see them as people, they’re dehumanized so that you don’t care what’s done to them. 


Here’s another way they do it too: a novel. This is typical…


A popular Thriller

by  Avi Perry, Ph.D.


(A:  He’s a disinterested party, right? Avi Perry.)


A suspenseful and intriguing read from start to finish


Masterly plotted, thrilling, captivating, replete with stealth, and above all, enlightening


Makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you understand


(A: it’s called...)


72 Virgins is a novel about Jihad terrorism and the security agencies’ struggle to thwart its stratagem and trounce the perpetrators. Abu Musa is an Islamic Terrorist with an agenda, a ticking bomb inside the US. Arik Golan is an Israeli who tries to bring him down and pull the plug on his terror organization. Stanley Kramer is an FBI agent on a hunting mission, seeking to place both Abu Musa and Arik within his cross-hair. The FBI, the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service—the Mossad, the US-based Iranian clandestine terror network, and the Islamic Jihad fraternity are engaged in a timeless conflict, playing out to a crescendo that comes to a head before the dramatic conclusion.


A:  That’s what they put out, novel after novel or movie after movie and that’s where it all comes from, folks; and there’s definitely an agenda behind it, big money and intelligence services behind this kind of stuff. 


Now, Apple...Apple has been in trouble before; they don’t care because they’re international.


Apple Corp. Allows Forced “One-Child” Pregnancy Screening of Its Employees in China


(A:  You understand, if you’re pregnant again you’re whisked off by the authorities and they hold you down and abort you and then they of course do different strange things with fetuses.)


The Communist Chinese policy of birth control by coerced abortions to reduce the birth rate of couples to one child is a very real and grim fact. LifeSiteNews recently reported the story of Chen Guangcheng, a dissident who escaped from China and is shining the spotlight on Apple Corporation, whose employees at factories in China are compelled to undergo monthly pregnancy tests.


A:  That’s real government intrusion, isn’t it?  But you don’t mind because it’s them, isn’t it— it’s not you; it’s coming to you though— it’s coming here too.  You’ve had people in your own countries call for it at the top.


And this other article too.  It’s called:


Abortion and other family-shredding deathmills – The Depopulation Cult as if Human Life was Sacred or Mattered at all.


(A:  This is from a doctor.  It says...)


“Modern Medicine is an idolatrous religion… What resides at the core of every religion, the core from which hope radiates when all human attempts to deal with earthly conditions fail, is the Deity, the One Who Transcends it all. To get to the core of Modern Medicine you have to wade through an ocean of man-made drugs and fight your way through endless tons of machinery. If you don’t understand why the Church


(A:  They’re talking about the church of medicine.)


is savagely idolatrous and must be destroyed, you will never stare its Deity in the face”. The God of Modern Medicine is DEATH.”…


(A: It says.)


“We are programmed for life very deeply in our natures. Our strongest urges are procreative and life-supporting, but these are the instincts and activities that Modern Medicine attacks. Thus, dangerous forms of birth control – abortion on demand, masturbation, and homosexuality, all non-procreative forms of sexual activity – result in diminution of population growth.


(A:  That’s why they’re promoted.)


These “alternative lifestyles” which do not promote life are acceptable, but things people have been doing for thousands of years to promote life are not. The only “alternative lifestyle” that is not acceptable is any one which precludes participation in the Church. It’s a sin if you have your baby at home, but not a sin if you have an abortion. It’s a sin if you honour a foreign god by going to a chiropractor, but it’s not a sin if you go to one of the shrines of Modern Medicine for a sex-change. Any biological stress these activities may have on the body and soul are ignored”.


A:  Quite a good article actually when you read through it.  I’ll put it all up tonight at


Back after this...


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, this article is about China, again.  And it’s written in the communistic way, where the government always blames the public for what’s happening.


About 5.6 percent of newborns in China have birth defects, with about 900,000 affected infants born each year, according to a Ministry of Health report.


Birth defects have become the second-greatest cause of infant deaths in China, accounting for 19.1 percent of infant deaths, says the report on the prevention and treatment of newborn defects for 2012, issued by the ministry on Wednesday.


(A: That’s the government ministry.)


Of the babies born with defects, about 30 percent die within 5 years after birth, while another 40 percent suffer lifelong deformities, the report says. About 250,000 newborns have visible defects, it says.


(A:  Now, you’ve got to remember too they’ve had many documentaries, not so many today though, maybe last year or the year before, about the massive pollution in China— cadmium and all the rest of it that comes out of the factories and is dumped into rivers, and there have been many exposés on how bad it is.  And then the guys were watering their fields with this same stuff for their vegetables.  But of course the government’s got a different story.)


Experts (A: there) believe the increase in birth defects may be linked to the withdrawal of compulsory premarital health checks in 2003,


(A:  Now the boys in the western world, like Wells and other ones, wanted this to be done here, where they’ll go for your DNA and everything else and check to see if there would be any problems down the road— this is what they’re always on about, to breed a better type of slave.  So, in China they were doing that up until 2003; they were taking your blood and all the rest of it, going through your family histories, before they’d allow you to marry, you see.  So, apparently they stopped that in 2003 so they’re blaming the people for just marrying whomever they want to marry and ending up like this.  It says…)


as well as an increase in the number of women who have their first child at an older age.


The intake of prohibited medicine, increased exposure to radioactivity and drinking have also contributed to the increase, experts say.


(A:  So it’s in a real mess as well. But mind you the peasants, like every other country that’s been used before them in industry, are completely disposable; that happened in Britain and other countries as well and they just write you off at the end.  But it says…)


Birth defects are a serious problem in China, particularly in rural areas. Neural tube defects, congenital heart disease, cleft lip and hydrocephalus are among the most common defects.


To curb birth defects, authorities launched a health program in 2009 to provide free folic acid supplements for 12 million rural women of child-bearing age to help prevent birth defects.


(A: Now, China has the most multimillionaires on the planet—billionaires too.  But the peasant is living on a restricted diet, you see.   Everything there is maximize the profit.  Strange communism, this, isn’t it?  I told you before: there’s no such thing as whatever term they call your country— communism, capitalism, because it’s run by the same people; it always was, by the way.)


World Health Organization statistics indicate that more than 7.9 million children, or about 6 percent of total births worldwide, are born with birth defects each year due to genetic or environmental causes.


A: And we’re getting sprayed like bugs over here every darn day with the heavy metals that they’re spraying, supposedly to stop global warming, and they’re also using HAARP along with it too.  They’re altering the jet streams; that always came out during the treaties that they signed at the United Nations to do with weather warfare— they’ve been doing it for years now, folks— years.  It’s all coming down.  And there’s movies out about it and films out about it and documentaries out about it.  And it’s killing off the trees, it’s killing off the birds, and it’s killing off the people; there’s many ways to kill off people, remember— especially the ones they’d never believe; it’s unthinkable; "who would do that..." Who would do that?  The same guys that bring you wars for profit, as we’re going through today.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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