Sept. 20, 2012 (#1176)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 20, 2012:

Arrogance and Authority Culling Majority:

"Waking Up can Do a Number in Your Skull,
As You Discover You're in the Middle of a Cull,
Yes Little Old You Targeted for Sterilization,
And GE Foods Reduce Life Expectation,
So Inoffensive and You Obey All the Laws,
Yet the Killing Machine has You in its Jaws,
There was No Trial, No Verdict was Sent
From Your "Betters" in Academia, Never Repent,
Degenerative Diseases Once Only for the Very Old,
Are Common in Youth Who have Been Told
"It's Your Own Fault" for the Lifestyle You Lead,
Never Mentioning what You Eat is Toxic Feed,
Total War On the People is Carried Out,
They're Dumbed-Down, Sick, Too Sick to Shout"
© Alan Watt Sept. 20, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 20, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 20, 2012. Newcomers, as always, help yourself to the free audio downloads at and you’ll start to understand the real system you’re born into, and it is a real, real complex system; lots of organizations at the top, but all combined under a head of course that guides all of them into their world plans. That includes all of you too, what they’re going to do with you, and what they have been doing with you. So help yourself to the audios. There’s over a thousand for download. Remember too, you can get transcripts for print-up as well of a lot of the talks I’ve given on all the sites listed at  If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests – and many of them are entertaining I must admit; I’ve been listening to patriot radio for years – and then they sell you things at the end, which of course, that’s their business. So I don’t do that. I just come out with the facts as they are and hope that the people have enough sense to keep me going, and just trickle along, by donations and by buying the books and discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And you can certainly donate, because it really is hard times, very, very hard times.  If you’re not bring on advertising, pushing advertising and products, which make you sit very pretty if you were, then you really have to do it the hard way. And this is the suicidal way, which I knew when I started.  But here I am still going along, just about.


The system you’re born into is augmented, it comes from your parents initially but it’s augmented by schooling. Schooling is very important because there are techniques used in school that you don’t even know are being used upon you. Every age group has a special technique used upon them. It’s so precise and fine, to make sure once that takes on you – it’s like an injection, it takes... that’s what they call it, taking, on you, when it works – then you’re primed for subsequent propaganda later on in life to take as well. Without basic education it wouldn’t happen. You’d be more wild, in other words natural and the natural part of you would be more suspicious when things don’t make sense to you, you wouldn’t simply comply and agree because everyone else does. It’s a very, very simple technique.


We are way beyond lab rats, you understand. Laboratory rats are being experimented upon; human beings have been experimented upon a long, long, long time ago. So whatever they do to you has been perfected. Lord Bertrand Russell talked about these techniques a long, long time ago and how they were so effective even when he was experimenting on schools that he had permission to set up in Britain, where he’d go into advanced kind of studies on the children, including promoting intergenerational sex before they were even into puberty, which is all the rage now of course. I’m talking about the 1920s when he started. So they did it all. They knew what it did. Those folk will never bond for life and they won’t have children; that’s really part of the objective.  Plus government will be the total Almighty, no God, no family to stand in its way, and he can do what he wants, you see. That’s what’s already happened. That’s where we are today. Very old, old system.


Most folk don’t know it. They get all shocked and they get caught up by today’s scary news. And as I say to you, all the news is given out by those at the top to get you all scared, because you’re being trained you don’t have democracy. You’re being trained that you’re in an authoritarian society. I’ve gone through the actual articles from the Club of Rome who came out with this.  They are the biggest think tank and policymakers for the United Nations. They actually said that in the 1970s. They said, democracy would never work, there’s too many competing parties and conflicting parties and too many groups wanting things, therefore they had to go ahead with authoritarian type systems and structures. Welcome folks, it’s called the new world order. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The world is very, very deceptive because different terms are used, that are determined, so that you won’t catch on to what they’re actually on about. Very innocuous sounding and harmless sounding names sometimes, or even positive sounding names; that’s even better. But eugenics has always been eugenics, although it’s bioethics now. It also goes into different areas such as life sciences, which is about death sciences; it’s about killing people off and depopulating. They recruit at universities through life science studies. All the professors are strategically placed because you see, all these big universities get grants from the same foundations, generally the Rockefeller foundation to do with recruitment for more little fanatics – they’re fanatics by the time they’ve left – and they start up too, and teach and implement and even work with government implementing policies for population reduction in ways which the public are completely ignorant of. Because they can’t tell you what they’re doing or else you’d have to get rope, lots of rope and go and hang them. You understand, if folk are going to kill you or are in the process of killing you and doing nasty things to you, what alternative do you have? It’s beyond the negotiating point then, isn’t it? Way beyond it. And that’s really how the world is run.


I’ve mentioned so many times, when big organizations have world meetings and they’re in there talking about culling off and depopulating, they really are up to business, big business and they mean business, and they don’t sit on their hands and say, well maybe one day we can get what we want and the people will go along with us. That’s not how reality works. In farming it’s the same thing. Farmers don’t keep excess stock around when there’s a surplus. They cull them off. And we are technically farmed, you see.


Now, I’ve mentioned before the big agenda was to bring a new type of world order in by the supreme beings, you know the ones who rule the world, the ones who have long genealogies, and lots of cash, and very powerful families intermarry, and how they set up the big structure to take over the whole planet AND all of its resources, and then they would dish it out and sell it to the animals down below, which is us of course. That’s energy of course and water, food, everything that you need for survival, and they call ‘sustainability’. This has been going on and as I say taught in universities and most folk never catch on to it, what they’re really up to. Why do you think they bring in massive classes and they push certain programs that become awfully popular? What do you think they’re all meant to do? They don’t go out afterwards and become little roadside artists scribbling their little paintings or something. They actually go into policymaking structures working for government, and most governments now are run primarily by the private sector.


I’ve gone into the big organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that set up this whole structure, worldwide, a long, long time ago. You’ve been living through their system, including the cultural changes and shifts, everything.  It all came from them. They know exactly what it would take to destroy a particular culture, with the strong points that it has and how to dissolve that structure, exactly how long it will take, how many generations, and they also know the techniques to use on them, always going at the young, you see. Always going towards the young. And it works very, very well.


Now, there’s a character who’s called Richard Cardullo, one of many of these guys, but he’s a professor of biology at UC Riverside and it says…


UC Riverside Biologist Named a Leadership Fellow / Iqbal Pittalwala / September 14, 2012


RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Richard Cardullo, a professor of biology at the University of California, Riverside, has been selected as a Vision and Change Leadership Fellow (Alan:  Well, you don’t care about that, it says vision, change; what’s wrong with vision?) by the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) program, a joint initiative of the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). (A:  By the way, he’s also backed by the Rockefeller foundation.)


Cardullo is one of 40 Vision and Change Leadership Fellows selected by PULSE.  The fellows are tasked with identifying and considering how to eliminate barriers to the systemic changes needed to improve undergraduate life sciences education. (A:  In other words, how to make more fanatics to do with depopulation, and bioethics which is the new term for eugenics, you see.  So I’ll put that up tonight and you can go through it. But here’s what this particular professor is up to as well. It says…)


UC Professor Eyes Permanent Sterilant To Cull US Population / Jurriaan Maessen / September 18, 2012


During a speech earlier this year given by University of California-Riverside professor Richard Cardullo, the cottonseed derivative Gossypol is being proposed as an adequate sterilant to bring down the birthrate in the United States. (A:  Now, this is old stuff, although this is a recent article, because they’ve been using it on you for years and you don’t know it.) Stating that the substance’s permanent sterilization effects on males is already being considered for widespread use in China (A:  Now, he’s a liar, because you see, China has already used it years ago – it’s not being considered.  It’s been used, years ago, so much so that the Chinese are petrified to eat eggs, because you see the biggest thing they put into the chicken feed is the cottonseed where they get this Gossypol from. And it worked. And the Chinese found out about it years ago.) and many third world countries, Cardullo calls it “an option” for use within the United States. In addition to Gossypol, the professor advised the attending students to lower their standard of living if the earth is to continue carrying humans on its surface.  (A:  I wonder what he’s into himself, and, you know, does he have children, or does he not like children, or maybe is it a gender thing, who knows?)


Interesting to note that the professor has recently been selected by the National Science Foundation (A:  ...the National Science Foundation…), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to join the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) program, funded by the federal government.  (A:  So the federal government is in the business of funding all this, to turn out more of these guys that want to sterilize all the guys. As it’s not bad enough already. You see, it’s not hitting everybody fast enough. Young men now are going sterile at about 30.  They want to bring it down into your teens, with bisphenol A and all the rest of it working.)


As part of the university’s online science lecture series, recorded on the campus earlier this year, the professor’s lecture “Is Earth Overpopulated” is a classic neo-Malthusian regurgitation claiming the planet cannot carry much more people.


“If you want to minimize environmental impact, perhaps you should consider lowering your standard of living, for instance.”


Cardullo also told people could reduce human impact on the earth by becoming vegetarians:  (A:  The same old mantras you see.  Now, he’s in obviously with the same… You understand, this agenda was set up about 50, 60, 70 years ago:  vegetarianism, sterilize the public, all the rest of it. It was done years ago, all this stuff that he’s regurgitating here.)


“One of the things we know is the production of meat is incredibly expensive,” he said. “You are going to start hearing more and more about humans’ carbon footprint, and one of the biggest contributions to that carbon footprint is the production of meat. … We could do a lot simply by just becoming more vegetarian.”  (A:  Of course he and all the big boys at the top get special meat, and it’s not full of the rubbish that they feed the cattle for the ordinary people; they’re actually grass fed and stuff like that.)


Although the professor tells his listening audience to “lower their standard of living” to minimize human impact on the earth, he stresses that this in itself isn’t sufficient to lower fertility in the United States. Also, the professor continues, famine, disease, war and so on do not have the ability to effectively cull the human population.  (A:  Remember what Lord Bertrand Russell said? The same thing. He says, war and famine and disease isn’t bringing it down fast enough. He says, we need another black death. And why do you think they’re working in all these big war laboratories with viruses and bacterium? Do you think that’s also to do with one day they’ll have to use it on somebody else “over there”? It’s always “over there”? It’s used on YOU, folks, and you don’t even know it. Look at how the human body, the physiology, is changing over the last 20 years. It hasn’t happened by itself. Look around you.  He says...)


“(…) we have got to do something about population as well. The United States, we are very affluent. (A:  Well HE probably is, getting all the grants that he’s getting.)… we currently have a population of 313 million people. … Altogether we gain one person every 15 seconds. … If we want to take the population down to 150 million, all it would require in the next 100 years is to lower that birth rate – because we are not going to do it through any other method, right?” (A:  ...of course they do other methods.)


“If we want to decrease the population, we could do it in a number of different ways.”


Then the professor goes on to point at the screen, on which are depicted several disease-spreading insects. (A:  Now, I’ve gone on and on about insects being used for warfare purposes many times; go into the archives at Canada is the leader by the way; we breed the most types of insects and the biggest mosquitoes.  We breed them specially for warfare purposes and have done since before World War II, for those who didn’t know that. Canada leads the field in vector spreading diseases. I can remember reading Deadly Allies: Canada’s Secret War, and it’s worthwhile looking into, from the history from during World War II onwards and how we led the field in the creation of new types of viruses and bacterium. It’s even thought that many of the common diseases of today came out of Canada, through testing on animals then. They were actually spreading ticks, carrying different viruses and bacteria, on deer herds etc. etc... and people obviously.  Anyway it says...)   “These are all what’s called vectors… carriers of disease which we are familiar with (…) horrible things (…). I’m going to show you things that effects populations more than anything (…), it’s those”, states the professor as he points to an image of sperm.


“Many scientists want to know: are there ways, are there new ways, that we can control population …or fertility rates, by targeting specific cells, sperm or eggs, so that individuals can make the decision to keep those rates low.”  (A:  Now folks, they’re not giving you the rights for the decision. The decisions have already been taken because this stuff is already in your food, even the stuff here that I began the talk off with.  And all those factory-raised chickens, that’s a prime ingredient in all their feed, is cottonseed, for those who haven’t known about it. Now, why do you think the UN keeps telling you the sperm count is dropping in the West? For the last 50 years they’ve been telling you this.)


A bit later on in the speech, the professor eyes cotton derivative Gossypol, which- as scientists have learned- cause sterility in males by targeting the sperm. Citing Chinese and American research on Gossypol, Cardullo mentions that Gossypol has the potential of killing humans (A:  ...the potential of killing you, not just sterilizing you…), causing not just temporary but permanent sterility in males. (A:  ...for those that survive.)


“(…) ultimately the World Health Organization argued against using it. (A:  That’s because too many folk know what it’s for, that’s the only reason the W.H.O. – because they’re not in the business of saving you, they’re in the business of killing you this Orwellian world. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about an article about life sciences, which is death sciences, for those who are recruited, because they end up being bioethicists, as they call it. Meaning, is it ethical to kill this many or that many, or is it ethical to not tell them? This is what they discuss, finding ways to lie to the general public. After all, the general public are really children, and they’re taught all this stuff in these courses you know. Anyway it says…


“(…) ultimately the World Health Organization argued against using it. But interestingly enough, there are countries in the world (such as China, Nigeria, Brazil etc.) using it as a permanent method for controlling fertility in males, which is an option.”  (A:  Remember about a year ago I mentioned about the Chinese were spinning eggs when they bought eggs because they found out that the ones that had been altered with all this Gossypol feed, spun in a different way, and they were petrified because so many of them were sterilized with it years ago. And here’s this lying professor saying, they’re thinking about using it. No. They’re born liars, remember, because they see the public as children. They’re taught that, the public are children... you have to do these nasty things but don’t tell the children. So you lie to them. The noble lie, they call it.)


The permanent sterility effects of Gossypol were discovered back in the 1970s, and were further picked up by the main financial contributor of anti-fertility drugs in the 20th century, (A:  ...which happens to be…) the Rockefeller Foundation. The Foundation, it seems, investigated Gossypol’s anti-fertility effect as well as the possibility of using the substance for “widespread use”. The 1985 Rockefeller Foundation’s annual report (A:  I’ll put the link up tonight too.) underlined its ongoing dedication towards finding good use for Gossypol.  (A:  ...which is sterilization. Actually they came out too, I think it was the Rockefeller Foundation funded a method of genetic engineering of a particular rice. It’s called Golden Rice and I think they use something from the other genes to sterilize them, and put it in that as well. There were articles on that years ago. They didn’t tell the people of course.)


Indeed, gossypol, a toxic polyphenol derived from the cotton plant, was identified early on in the Foundation’s research as an effective sterilant. The question was, how to implement or integrate the toxic substance into crops.


“Another long-term interest of the Foundation has been gossypol, a compound that has been shown to have an antifertility effect in men.  By the end of 1985, the Foundation had made grants totaling approximately $1.6 million in an effort to support and stimulate scientific investigations on the safety and efficacy of gossypol.”


In the 1986 Rockefeller Foundation annual report, the organization admits funding research into the use of fertility-reducing compounds in relation to food for “widespread use”:


“Male contraceptive studies are focused on gossypol, a natural substance extracted from the cotton plant, and identified by Chinese researchers as having an anti-fertility effect on men. Before widespread use can be recommended, further investigation is needed to see if lowering the dosage can eliminate undesirable side-effects (A: death and stuff…) without reducing its effectiveness as a contraceptive. The Foundation supported research on gossypol’s safety, reversibility and efficacy in seven different 1986 grants.”


It seems that the funded scientists have indeed found a way of “lowering the dosage” of gossypol, circumventing the toxicity of the substance, so as to suppress or even eliminate these “undesirable side-effects”, which include:  low blood potassium levels, fatigue, muscle weakness and even paralysis. (A:  You understand what they’re doing to the public? This stuff comes out all the time in different parts of the world. It’s always a mystery. Oh, sudden paralysis comes down here and, oh, yeah, yeah.) If these effects could be eliminated without reducing the anti-fertility effects, the Foundation figured, it would be a highly effective and almost undetectable sterilant.


Although overtly, research into and development of gossypol as an anti-fertility compound was abandoned in the late 1990s (A:  ...that’s what they tell you…), the cottonseed containing the substance was especially selected for mass distribution in the beginning of the current decade. Around 2006 a media-campaign was launched, saying the cottonseed could help defeat hunger and poverty.  (A:  See how they sell it to you? Oh, it’s to defeat hunger and poverty.  And it’s true if you’re not born, you won’t be hungry and you won’t be poor. Do you understand the logic they use? as they mock us all.)


In 2006, NatureNews reported that RNA interference (or RNAi) was the way to go. On the one hand it would “cut the gossypol content in cottonseeds by 98%, while leaving the chemical defenses of the rest of the plant intact.” Furthermore, the article quoted Dr. Deborah P. Delmer, the Rockefeller Foundation’s associate director of (A:  They call it food security by the way...) food security, who was quick to bury any concern:


“Deborah Delmer, associate director of the Rockefeller Foundation in New York City and an expert in agricultural food safety (A:  [Alan laughing.] safety, as they poison you all.), points out that a benefit of using RNAi technology is that it turns off a gene process rather than switching on a novel function. (A:  So they’re into literally switching on and off your genes, you see.  Epigenetics they call it.) So instead of introducing a new foreign protein, you’re just shutting down one process,” Delmer says. “In that sense, I think that the safety concerns should be far less than other GM technologies.”  (A:  You understand, they’re switching off things in your brain, folks? They can do this with anything, including your intellectual areas as well. Of course they wouldn’t do that would they?)


A 2006, National Geographic article Toxin-Free Cottonseed Engineered; Could Feed Millions Study Says (A:  It’s all to do with feeding people…), quotes the director of the Laboratory for Crop Transformation (Texas A&M University), Keerti Singh Rathore as saying:


“A gossypol-free cottonseed would significantly contribute to human nutrition and health, particularly in developing countries, and help meet the requirements of the predicted 50 percent increase in the world population in the next 50 years.”


“Rathore’s study”, states the article, “represents the first substantiated case where gossypol was reduced via genetic engineering that targets the genes that make the toxin.”


I bring into recollection the statement made by the Rockefeller Foundation in its 1986 annual report, which reads:


“Before widespread use can be recommended, further investigation is needed to see if lowering the dosage can eliminate undesirable side-effects without reducing its effectiveness as a contraceptive.”  (A:  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, I’m back, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and going over an article concerning the Rockefeller Foundation universities’ life science, which is death science, bioethics, to do with sterilizing the public. It says…


In the 1997 Foundational report, Rathore is mentioned (page 68). A postdoctoral fellowship-grant was given to a certain E. Chandrakanth “for advanced study in plant molecular biology under the direction of Keerti S. Rathore, Laboratory for Crop Transformation, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.”


Compromising connections, in other words, for someone who claimed academic objectivity in regards to gossypol and its sterilizing effects. Rathore explained the workings of RNAi in a 2006 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  (A:  I’ll give you that link tonight too.)


“Cottonseed toxicity due to gossypol is a long-standing problem”, Rathore said, “and people have tried to fix it but haven’t been able to through traditional plant breeding. My area of research is plant transgenics, so I thought about using some molecular approaches to address this problem.”


Rathore also mentioned the desired main funder of his work without actually saying the name:


“we are trying to find some partners and will probably be looking at charitable foundations to help us out in terms of doing all kinds of testing that is required before a genetically engineered plant is approved for food or feed. We are in the very early stages and have a lot of ideas in mind, but we need to pursue those. Hopefully, we can find some sort of partnership that will allow us to do them.”  (A:  You’re back to the Rockefellers.)


He also expressed the final adaptation of the cottonseed for widespread use is something of the long term:


“(…) right now there are many hurdles when you are dealing with a genetically modified plant. But I think in the next 15 or 20 years a lot of these regulations that we have to satisfy will be eliminated or reduced substantially.”  (A:  And that’s a fact. You see, they’ve eliminated all this stuff for these priority investigations into sterility.)


The Foundation, as is evident from the statements of Rockefeller’s own Deborah Delmer, has been more than interested. The scientific community, we see, now tells young students that using such sterilants are a viable option to reduce the US population. Given the fact that the professor has been selected by large governmental organizations under the general guidance of Obama’s science czar John P. Holdren, we must wonder if the “option” of using Gossypol as a sterilant in the United States may have been inspired by Holdren and [Paul] Ehrlich in their 1977 book “Ecoscience”, when they wrote:


Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods is a suggestion that seems to horrify people more than most proposals for involuntary fertility control. Indeed, this would pose some very difficult political, legal, and social questions, (A:  ...nothing to do with morality here…) to say nothing of the technical problems. No such sterilant exists today (A:  …which is a lie.), nor does one appear to be under development. To be acceptable, such a substance would have to meet some rather stiff requirements: it must be uniformly effective, despite widely varying doses received by individuals, and despite varying degrees of fertility and sensitivity among individuals; it must be free of dangerous or unpleasant side effects (A:  ...because that would bring attention to it, you see.); and it must have no effect on members of the opposite sex, children, old people, pets, or livestock.”


So I’ll put this article up and you can see it for yourself. It won’t matter to most folk. They live in fiction. They live in a fiction. Most folk live in a hypnotic state, you know, and they come in and out of that hypnotic state all their lives now. All children go through it. You’ll see them watching TV, walking, talking, looking away and their jaws are open and they’re just staring when you’re talking to them. That’s a natural thing that a child does actually, even without TV. But you see, adults are going through this in-and-out stage all the time now, if you haven’t noticed. That’s why they can’t remember what you’re saying half the time or the details of things. They’ve been trained that way. They’re dumbed down. They’ve been under physical and mental attack, and I’m talking about literally alterations in the brain itself. You are under total war and you have been your whole lives. Total war. Do you think when you’re under total war you can negotiate against the ones that are doing this to you? It’s past negotiation, folks. These guys have all the power in the world, and they’re doing it. Of course you can go back and you can vote somebody in, eh, and that will change it all.  Anyway I’ll put up these links tonight too. Another one too, to do with Richard Cardullo is...


Is Earth Overpopulated? - / Iqbal Pittalwala / March 19, 2012


And the article too about his organization, Vision and Change Leadership, etc., and the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education, where they train more fanatics that want to kill you. Remember what I’ve said before, the big boys said they’d bring all academia on board. They knew that, because you see, just so they get the professorships and tenures, since they’re all living on grants by the big foundations – that are the real parallel government by the way, always have been the real government – then they place them there. “We want you to take this guy in, we’re giving you a grant here.” And they strategically place their people into the universities. And it goes on and on and on.  And that’s only one method of sterilizing you. I’ve read so many articles over the years from the United Nations itself as they happily tell you how the male sperm count is plummeting, and has been for 50 years since they brought in the polio vaccine, and it’s just a swell thing apparently. Because there’s no comment, they just give you the statistics, that most men now by 24 have nonfunctional sperm; it’s not functioning at all. And it’s vastly reduced from men who were adults in the 1950s.


Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education  (PULSE) -


Science professor: Kill sperm, save the planet - / September 17, 2012





Now, another article I’ll put up tonight too, is to do with...


Minister Kenney:  Stop the deportation of Iraq War resister Kimberly Rivera


(A:  It’s a woman who signed on to the US military and they sent her off to Iraq. She says…)


Once I was stationed in Iraq, I realized I had been lied to. I saw the true face of war: countless civilian casualties, and Iraqi children left devastated by loss and filled with fear. We were not bringing freedom to Iraq; we were bringing needless pain and suffering and death. How could I look my children in the eye and tell them to be good people, when I was contributing to causing harm and death to innocent people on the other side of the world?


As this became clear to me, my conscience would no longer let me participate in the war in Iraq.


So she came to Canada with her family and she applied for refugee status.  I’ll put this link up tonight for those who want to support her. There’s other ones in Canada too that just couldn’t believe the reality of it all, as opposed to all the movies that they watch, put out by the Pentagon, how much fun it all is, you know.


Multicultural soup... as I’ve said before, you understand… and there’s big organizations who are really forcing this down your throats now. It’s the only way, they say at the top, to manage the world herd. Amongst themselves that’s how they talk about it, the world herd. They have no favorite people. In fact, all of you are inferior to them, since they’re the superior ones at the top, you see. It says…


Multicultural Soup says Top Bilderberger – individuality obsolete in other words. -


See, individuality had to be destroyed.  The...


EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief / Brian Wheeler / 21 June 2012


The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.


Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.


He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.


He was being quizzed by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.  (A:  See, for every area of all the things that are going on there’s a big organization and big foundations behind it.)


Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.


He told the House of Lords committee migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”.  (A:  ...who end up having to finance them all, and put them on welfare, and they lose their jobs to them.)


An ageing or declining native population in countries like Germany or southern EU states was the “key argument and, I hesitate to the use word because people have attacked it, for the development of multicultural states”, he added.  (A:  Well, they’re all getting sterilized in the first world countries. And they keep saying, well we need more immigrants in because there’s no children getting born – most of them go up the chimney in smoke, you know, way beyond Adolf Hitler, and that’s the modern way, and we’ve been taught that that’s quite normal. So they’re bringing in all the foreigners, who have large families, to pay off the national debt. That’s what they say. No kidding. But of course it’s beyond that. It’s to destroy the culture that was at home to start with.  He says...)


“It’s impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the other argument can survive because states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them. Just as the United Kingdom has demonstrated.”  (A:  Britain is sinking with welfare debt.)


The UN special representative on migration was also quizzed about what the EU should do about evidence from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that employment rates among migrants were higher in the US and Australia than EU countries.


He told the committee: “The United States, or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.  (A:  This is how they speak back to you.)


“And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”


Mr Sutherland recently argued, in a lecture to the London School of Economics (A:  ...another big branch of the world government.), of which he is chairman, that there was a “shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states” (A:  They’ve had that for 40 years, because Britain has been publishing it for 40 years. It’s called welfare shopping; that’s what they do.) and the EU’s ability to compete at a “global level” was at risk.  (A:  Well you can’t compete with the Chinese, because they get paid peanuts and they’re locked up in their factories. We’ve had the same stagnant wages for about 25 - 30 years now in the West.)


In evidence to the Lords committee, he urged EU member states to work together more closely on migration policy and advocated a global approach to the issue – criticising the UK government’s attempt to cut net migration from its current level to “tens of thousands” a year through visa restrictions.


British higher education chiefs want non-EU overseas students to be exempted from migration statistics and say visa restrictions brought in to help the government meet its target will damage Britain’s economic competitiveness. (A:  So you’ve got to keep bringing them to be competitive.  It’s all the lies that they give you.  And actually, the student scam is just that, the foreign student scam, because they all end up… they only come in to get in and to stay in Britain.)


But immigration minister Damian Green has said exempting foreign students would amount to “fiddling” the figures and the current method of counting was approved by the UN.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.]  So I’ll put this link up tonight too for those who know the big score of what’s going on, what’s happening.  And it says…)


Mr Sutherland, who has attended meetings of The Bilderberg Group, a top level international networking organisation often criticised for its alleged secrecy (A:  ...well it IS secret.), called on EU states to stop targeting “highly skilled” migrants, arguing that “at the most basic level individuals should have a freedom of choice” about whether to come and study or work in another country.


Mr Sutherland also briefed the peers on plans for the Global Migration and Development Forum’s next annual conference in Mauritius in November, adding: “The UK has been very constructively engaged in this whole process from the beginning and very supportive of me personally.”


Anyway, it’s all hogwash, but the fact is, you see, multiculturalism is to destroy, as he says, homogeneity, the people who are already there, of that particular country, or any other country. There are even special interest groups in Sweden; I noticed one when a woman was talking about it saying that we will be in the vanguard for promoting multiculturalism for Europe. And she was a Jewish woman. She was actually bringing out a lot of anti-Semitic callings towards her organization, she says but they were selected to promote it. She didn’t explain why, or why she’s even doing it. But there’s big groups that have been chosen to do these particular things, you see. Because a lot of them will tell you, if everyone’s the same, the same herd, then there’ll be no wars.  Which is nonsense, because governments are always in war with their own people, like the article I first read at the beginning of the broadcast.


UN House Scotland to open in Edinburgh / 20 September 2012


(A:  The infection has spread to Edinburgh with its own United Nations building.)


A new centre which aims to become the voice of the United Nations in Scotland is set to open in Edinburgh.


UN House Scotland will bring together agencies raising awareness of the UN's work (A: know, on sterilizing folk and stuff...) on issues including child welfare, women's rights and climate change.  (A:  Awfully interesting stuff, climate change, eh.  As they make the weather; this is old stuff. They’re making the weather, folks.)



'Studying' in Britain – one big immigration scam / March 29th, 2012


A London college has been accused of helping to cheat the immigration system


Incredible news – a London college ranked as "highly trusted" by the UK Border Agency has been accused of helping foreign students cheat the immigration system.


According to Sky News: "The investigation discovered that diploma certificates and dissertations were for sale inside a London college. It is also revealed that some 159,000 people are thought to be in Britain despite their student visas having expired, and that just 2,700 students have been removed since 2009.


So they all come in and most of them stay. It’s old stuff. It’s all promoted and it’s not by accident, it’s not because of oversight or lack of oversight. It’s the agenda. The world works like this; that’s how it’s all planned.  You know, if government wants to stop anything at all it would be instantaneous. So why doesn’t it?  But you’re taught that, oh, they’re always bungling, and bureaucrats are slow, yeah.


Now, if you look at the different areas of basically life sciences and neuroscience, neuroscience – like I mentioned at the beginning of the talk that particular professor who wants to sterilize everybody, you know, all the lesser types that is – what they’re into are brain areas, mainly related to emotion. Memory as well, but emotion, because they want to dumb you down and so on, and make you happy.


Affective neuroscience


Emotions are thought to be related to activity in brain areas that direct our attention, motivate our behavior, and determine the significance of what is going on around us. (A:  Remember I mentioned the other day about being a wild man, as Charles Galton Darwin said the leaders of the world MUST be? They mustn’t be dumbed down or damaged by hormones etc., that he wanted to put into everything, water, injections, food. And it’s happened. But he says…) Pioneering work by Paul Broca (1878) (A:  You think it’s a new thing?), James Papez (1937), and Paul D. MacLean (1952) suggested that emotion is related to a group of structures in the center of the brain called the limbic system, which includes the hypothalamus, cingulate cortex, hippocampi, and other structures. Research has shown that limbic structures are directly related to emotion, but non-limbic structures have been found to be of greater emotional relevance. The following brain structures are currently thought to be involved in emotion....


Now, it goes in through the amygdala and the temporal poles and so on and hippocampi and so on. You understand, this is what neuroscience, this big, big science, which is part of bioethics, or eugenics you see, it’s to make a population feel happy REGARDLESS of your circumstances. And you’ll be awfully easily managed. It wouldn’t matter if you were living in a pig sty, and even eating what a pig’s eating, or whatever else, you’ll be HAPPY. Like Freud says, happiness is the goal, it doesn’t matter what caused you to be ill, just make them happy through pills and stuff. And you can do that too by switching on – again, epigenetics, parts of the brain – or switching them off, you see. It’s all being done, folks. Neuroscience. Sterilization. Everything.   …on a massive scale. Massive scale. Look around you. Are you going to negotiate with these folks? that do things without telling you? Are they negotiating with you? You’ve got big problems, big decisions. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to the caller, she’s been waiting; Kelly from Edmonton, are you there Kelly?


Kelly:  Yes I am, Alan. Thank you for taking my call.


Alan:  Yes.


Kelly:  Yes, it’s like a real crazy world out there. Sometimes I struggle to keep my sanity. You touched on so many things tonight which are very pertinent to now, and I myself can feel the effects, which I try to, as much as I can, minimize the food and the chemicals. But in Edmonton they’ve been spraying so heavy these days and it’s absolutely crazy, the fatigue and of course the resulting symptoms from that. I am concerned about the nanotechnology that is a part of chemtrails, and here in Edmonton we have a great, at the university here, a huge nanotech lab. I know that you were speaking about the brain and how they can affect the brain, so that no matter what environment you’re in you’re dumbed down enough so that you can handle it, oh just take a pill or, you know, go along with the flow. I was wondering, this nanotechnology, is there anything that we can do to protect ourselves from it? Like anything that might minimize it? I mean, I do as much as I can but it’s very hard in this world when it’s insane, and most of the people I know think I’m crazy, so I don’t try and wake them up. I’ve listened to your advice.


Alan:  Well, to be honest with you, they’re spraying so many countries across the world, have been now since 1998, regularly. I read an article some years ago to do with these strange big domes they were suddenly putting up in Japan; it was in the mainstream media. Then Germany came out and said they’ve got them too, Britain and other countries. Big domes where guys go in like scientists, actually they are horticulturalists, and they grow all the vegetables inside the domes. The waters come from drilled wells, very deep. In other words, they’re not taking this stuff from the air, from the trails; that’s why they put these things up. And this is what the elite are feeding on right now; they have the best food. They always do things in advance to save themselves, you understand. The rest of us, even the ones who think they’re eating normal food, which they now call organic food, instead of the GM food or GE food, they’re getting soaked with this stuff coming down.


Where I live here too, there’s almost an eradication of all small birds, has been for the last six years I’d say; they’re all getting killed off.  It’s been noticed elsewhere too by other people who still have a brain that functions, they can see it. The very small birds there’s almost a complete absence of; they’re dying like crazy in the country. So they die first, even the moles and the voles were coming out of the ground to the surface and dying in record numbers, even where I am here; I’ve seen them. The ground is so toxic, pH toxic.  Younger trees are dying off more than the older trees because their roots are shallow and so they’ve got the highest concentration towards the surface, 1 or 2 feet, of the aluminum oxide that they’re spraying down and the cadmium and the other heavy metals. So they’re dying off first, the older ones with deep roots are surviving a bit longer. But I can see trees all through the forest just dying off, young ones. This is affecting us too.


You can go into any pharmacy, look at the massive selection of allergies and so on now. It’s skyrocketing and it has been for years because we are breathing this stuff in. Everyone’s got congestion, lung problems, nasal problems.  They know all this at the top.  And in Canada all our medical records go through the central database to Ottawa, so they’ve been watching this since it began and they know exactly what it’s doing to us. We are the test bed for the rest of the world with new, different chemicals. And of course we were the test bed for the food, for 10 years before it was admitted that we were the guinea pigs for the GE food in Canada. We are disposable in Canada. That’s the sad truth about it.  You need a greenhouse and grow your own stuff inside of it; it’s got to be pollution free from this stuff coming down. I could go on lots more but we’re at the end of the show. Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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