October 2, 2012 (#1184)

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The Open Conspiracy is Living History:

"We're Living Through The Open Conspiracy,
A Laid-Out Agenda of Living History,
Including Elevating Central Bankers
Over Governments and Herds of Wankers,
Now We're Culturally Debased, Contaminated,
Perversions Lauded that Our Fathers Hated,
We're Easily Persuaded Life is Cheap,
Comments on Euthanasia - Not a Peep,
The Targets Believe and Propagate the Lies,
Legally Acquiescing to Their Own Demise"
 © Alan Watt Oct. 2, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Oct. 2, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 2nd of October, 2012.

For newcomers, you should go into the website: cuttingthroughthematrix.com, make good use of it. There’s lots and lots of free audios for download there, where I go through the system (the big system) that really runs the world with a parallel government (as they call it themselves, those involved in it - all ex presidents and prime ministers from across the world). And belonging to big foundations that fund NGO armies across the world, too. They fund the United Nations along with all our cash money as well. And they’re bringing in a new system of course. And it’s a system that their own members have written about openly, pretty-well, from the days of H.G. Wells to the present time and Wells called it “The Open Conspiracy.” And he outlined the whole plan; it’s just that most folk won’t read the articles or they don’t want to believe them. It’s just too negative, they say. So, I go through it all and I tie in the past with the present, to show you you’re living through a script. Even amongst all what appears to be chaos to you, everything is organized, right down to the Color Revolutions across the Middle East. We’re all funding these so-called “rebels,” otherwise we’d call them “insurgents.” Again, they use the terminology to suit themselves at the top because by the change of terminology we see people in a different light all together. You can either smear them or you can hail them. And, of course that’s what they’re doing with the so-called “Freedom Fighters,” same thing, again. It all depends who’s targeted as an enemy, you see.

So, you’re under scientific control, you see. And of course it’s all done through think tanks (thousands of them) and incredibly well funded to look over every facet of society as we go through the cultural changes, the national changes, international changes, global changes, into a world order, as they call it (this “new world order”). And how we’re all being trained to accept all the changes that have still to come. We know what they’re all going to be because they’ve published them all. And they also give you lots of sci-fi’s to watch, as well. But it’s not a bright future, that’s the sad truth of it. And there are winners and losers in the new world order as Jacques Attali said. And there are people who can exploit the whole system as we’re going under and make a lot of cash off it and there are those, of course, who fail: the ones at the bottom. So, we’re going through the biggest changes we’ve had since the industrial revolution began. And even Kissinger said that too.

So, help yourself to the website, as I say, and remember too, you bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I’m not backed by any big organization. I don’t have shares in any products I’m selling. All I do is sell my books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and accept donations. So, remember, from the U.S. to Canada, you can use personal checks. You can also still use international postal money orders from the post office. You can send cash; you can use PayPal. And remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these austere times, especially when you’ve got more inflation in Canada than elsewhere because we’ve got more taxes here. We’re more advanced than the U.S., you see, in socialism. And it is a socialist system we’re really bringing in but it’s also a feudal system where the socialist system is overseen by feudal overlords (CEOs of corporations). Remember, across the world too, you can still order using PayPal, Western Union, and Money Gram. And again straight donations are awfully welcome.

But most folk get confused and they get caught up in today’s events, that’ll be tomorrow’s events as well, and we’re supposed to all go, oh, ahh, ohh, ahh, ooo, as they churn out the stuff for us to google at. That’s what they call it: “googling.” Your eyeballs pop out and you go, oooohhh look at that. And you’ll always get lots and lots of data thrown at you and it’s all from the mainstream, remember. All from the mainstream. And what I try to do, is take the mainstream ones and put in the parts that they omit from their stories to give it a spin, you see. That’s how you spin things: take part of the truth away or the other reasons for something. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And it really is a matrix because you’re conditioned from childhood and actually from your birth to believe in this system. If it exists around you, and all of it, even including the money system, everything, then it must be normal. That’s how simple it is for mammals, including people too. If your parents don’t know to warn you, you won’t know yourself. And that’s what the big boys know. We’ve been studied for millions of years (definitely thousands). We’re the most studied species on the whole planet (not the insects and not the animals but us, you see). And the art of managing populations, altering populations, and amalgamating populations into empires is very old, indeed. And, of course, the group that came up with the idea for the bigger amalgamation of the world started in London (in England) and they were the bankers of the City. And they formed organizations, because they already had the British Empire on the go, you see. And they would use the British Empire to amalgamate country after country and put in the same kind of system wherever they went, meaning a kind of parliamentary system that would be in league with other countries in the same system. And they had Leagues of Nations and things like that. Now they have United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations. That’s where they plunder all the commoners’ wealth.

And today it hasn’t changed, you see. They’re using that as the embryo and they’ve said that in all their books (the Royal Institute for International Affairs); that’s the embryo for the world state, basically, the world system. They funded Marxism. They funded the Soviets for their entire lifetime (the Soviet Union). They fund all sides, basically, to bring change. You must have different sides to have conflict, to get change. That’s the dialectic; without conflict, nothing changes, you see. And they’ve got big, big plans, big business plans for the world and humanity itself, because at the top, these are the most elite wealthiest families that have ever existed, probably in the history of humankind. The incredible wealth they have today... and power. And they intermarry each other and they do believe that they are the most superior species on the planet. They’re right into eugenics and they finance all the different studies on us of course through their foundations (tax-free foundations, which they own). And it’s just incredible the trillions and trillions of dollars they have spent collectively every year on us, studying us, altering us and altering the system.

The system that’s coming in, as I say, is a kind of communist-type/soviet-type system and it’s to be non-democratic. Remember, the Club of Rome, that’s a branch, a think tank for the United Nations, said that back in the 70’s (the 1970’s), that democracy wouldn’t work. There’s too many competing parties. They know that’s true because, you see, part of the whole idea of creating the dysfunction, was to create so many competing parties and special interest groups until they’re all demanding, you know, the top platform over all the rest. So, authoritarianism would be brought in to complete the final phase. How would it be brought in? Well, you’ve gone through the planned bank crashes and everything else, you see. Economic system. Economic warfare: it’s the simplest one of all.

And remember too, the boys who started up the Royal Institute for International Affairs were bankers and their sons at the very, very top. And, of course, the top place where they all meet, the top inner circle meet at All Souls College. They always have done. There’s an outer party and an inner party. They have journalists across the whole planet in all the major newspapers and the editors all belong to it, as well. So, they standardize the news. And folk can’t understand this Soviet blend with capitalism, well you’re in it; you’re actually in it, you see. Where government works alongside the banks (the private banks) and they’re changing all of society to do with austerity and redistribution of wealth, out of the Communist Manifesto. All of that stuff’s happening now and the articles are all out there. If you go into the website at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you’ll find enough of them there, because I’ve read them over the years.

And remember, going back to the Reece Commission, in the 1950’s, where the congress sent out Norman Dodd, Senator Dodd, to go out into finding out why these big foundations (these incredibly rich foundations, Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and other ones) all seemed to be funding communist front organizations within the U.S. and Europe. And he said he was astounded. I’ve put the link up before where you hear him actually talking about this. He said he was astounded when the head of the Ford Foundation said, we report directly to the White House, he says, we take our orders from the White House. And he said that the goal was to seamlessly bring the Soviet system, where big government, massive government, bureaucracies and agencies run every facet of your life, bringing that together with that of the West, easily, quietly, until, over a period of time, it would become the normal. And it’s happened. It’s happened, you see.

Also, I’ve gone through Yuri Bezmenov’s talks before. I’ll put some of them up again tonight. He was an agent of the KGB who defected. And he went through the system too, of how they would destroy the West culturally – most of the espionage was cultural espionage – by revolutions: cultural, sexual, etc. revolutions, you see. All these revolutions completely altered society to destroy the family unit. Everyone becomes on their own. No one stands up for them. Guys won’t fight for a wife if he doesn’t have one. And you have less opposition to all the big proposals and things you’re going to bring on society. I’ll put that up tonight too. Also, I’ve got a link here to one that I read back in 2006, and it was from a Soviet dissident who warned about the economic union, the EU, this massive conglomerate, new Soviet system of Europe, dictatorship. And it says,

“Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old [in 2006] former Soviet dissident, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union.”


Alan: Well, it is. It was set up to be non-democratic.

“In a speech he delivered in Brussels last week Mr Bukovsky called the EU a ‘monster’ that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a full-fledged totalitarian state.”


Alan: Well, it was designed to be a totalitarian state. And it says here,

“In his speech Mr Bukovsky referred to confidential documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to read in 1992.”


Alan: Now, this guy spent years in different prison camps in the Soviet Union; he knows what he’s talking about.  It says,

“I attended the meeting and taped the speech. A transcript, as well as the audio fragment (approx. 15 minutes) can be found below.”


Alan: I’ll put the link up for that too.

“I also had a brief interview with Mr Bukovsky... The interview about the European Union had to be cut short because Mr Bukovsky had other engagements, but it brought back some memories to me, as I had interviewed Vladimir Bukovsky twenty years ago, in 1986, when the Soviet Union, the first monster that he so valiantly fought, was still alive and thriving. Mr Bukovsky was one of the heroes of the 20th century. As a young man he exposed the use of psychiatric imprisonment against political prisoners in the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1917-1991) and spent a total of twelve years (1964-1976), from his 22nd to his 34th year, in Soviet jails, labour camps and psychiatric institutions. In 1976 the Soviets expelled him to the West. In 1992 he was invited by the Russian government to serve as an expert testifying at the trial conducted to determine whether the Soviet Communist Party had been a criminal institution. To prepare for his testimony Mr Bukovsky was granted access to a large number of documents from Soviet secret archives. He is one of the few people ever to have seen these documents because they are still classified. Using a small handheld scanner and a laptop computer, however, he managed to copy many documents (some with high security clearance), including KGB reports to the Soviet government.”


Alan: And he says this, he says,

“I am referring to structures, to certain ideologies being instilled... ”


Alan: Ideologies, remember, are generally cultural, through universities and so on.

“to the plans, the direction, the inevitable expansion, the obliteration of nations...”


Alan: It’s a global system, you see.

“... which was the purpose of the Soviet Union. Most people do not understand this. They do not know it, but we do because we were raised in the Soviet Union where we had to study the Soviet ideology in school and at university. The ultimate purpose of the Soviet Union was to create a new historic entity, the Soviet people, all around the globe. The same is true in the EU today. They are trying to create a new people. They call this people ‘Europeans,’ whatever that means. According to Communist doctrine as well as to many forms of Socialist thinking, the state, the national state, is supposed to wither away.”


Alan: Now, I’ve read many articles that that was already happening in parts of Europe and we’ve had many recent proposals from the top of the EU to obliterate the nations and total amalgamation politically. It’s not just economically, but totally politically, into the one super-power. It says,

“In Russia, however, the opposite happened. Instead of withering away the Soviet state became a very powerful state, but the nationalities were obliterated. But when the time of the Soviet collapse came these suppressed feelings of national identity came bouncing back and they nearly destroyed the country. It was so frightening.”


Alan: Then they ask if the same thing can happen when the European Union collapses, and he says,

“Absolutely, you can press a spring only that much, and the human psyche is very resilient you know. You can press it, you can press it, but don’t forget it is still accumulating a power to rebound. It is like a spring and it always goes to overshoot.”


Alan: And the interviewer goes on to say,

“But all these countries that joined the European Union did so voluntarily.”


Alan: And of course, this man says,

“No, they did not. Look at Denmark which voted against the Maastricht treaty twice. Look at Ireland [which voted against the Nice treaty]. Look at many other countries, they are under enormous pressure. It is almost blackmail.”


Alan: Well actually it is blackmail. It is blackmail, because when they were pushing all this “vote for European unity” stuff through they kept telling everybody in Britain and elsewhere that they’d be left behind and they’d get no trade at all and they’d all be incredibly poor. Look at them now as they bail out and bail out country after country and borrow the money to bail out the countries. Look at the state they’re in now, folks. He says,

“Switzerland was forced to vote five times in a referendum. All five times they have rejected it, but who knows what will happen the sixth time, the seventh time. It is always the same thing. It is a trick for idiots. The people have to vote in referendums until the people vote the way that is wanted. Then they have to stop voting.”


Alan: That’s the trick. Just keep at you and at you and at you. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix and reading an article from an ex-Soviet dissident who warned about the European Union and how it was discussed within the Soviet system that they’d hijack the whole system and bring their new system in that way (in the back door), you see. And he actually had the records. He was given access to the archives of the ex-Soviet system. And he has lots of evidence. I’ll put the links up tonight for that too. He says,


“The idea was very simple. It first came up in 1985-86, when the Italian Communists visited Gorbachev... ”


Alan: Remember, Gorbachev was the head of the Soviet Union at the time.

“... followed by the German Social-Democrats. They all complained that the changes in the world, particularly after [British Prime Minister Margaret] Thatcher introduced privatisation and economic liberalisation, were threatening to wipe out the achievement (as they called it) of generations of Socialists and Social-Democrats – threatening to reverse it completely. Therefore the only way to withstand this onslaught of wild capitalism (as they called it) was to try to introduce the same socialist goals in all countries at once. Prior to that, the left-wing parties and the Soviet Union had opposed European integration very much because they perceived it as a means to block their socialist goals. From 1985 onwards they completely changed their view. The Soviets came to a conclusion and to an agreement with the left-wing parties that if they worked together they could hijack the whole European project and turn it upside down. Instead of an open market they would turn it into a federal state.”


Alan: And that’s exactly where they’re going with it: a federal state and obliteration of all the member ex-states because they’ll call them ex-states for a little while and then that’ll be that. They’re already obliterating their histories (their personal histories - the nations’).

“According to the [secret Soviet] documents, 1985-86 is the turning point.”


Alan: And he published these documents. I’ll give you the link for that too.  He says,

“I have published most of these documents. You might even find them on the internet. But the conversations they had are really eye opening. For the first time you understand that there is a conspiracy – quite understandable for them, as they were trying to save their political hides. In the East the Soviets needed a change of relations with Europe because they were entering a protracted and very deep structural crisis; in the West the left-wing parties were afraid of being wiped out and losing their influence and prestige. So it was a conspiracy, quite openly made by them, agreed upon, and worked out.”


Alan: Now remember, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, made up of the top capitalists of London (the City of London) were all for the Soviet Union and helped fund it through their banks and their friends in the States as well (other banking friends). In fact, we fed the Soviet Union. The contract for their grain imports from Canada and the States, went up every year and Canada would compete with the States to supply this massive amount of grain to the Soviet Union. They couldn’t even feed themselves right to the time they finished. And so we funded them. So, here you have an organization funding all parties, all sides, and remember too, they have their left-wing side under the Fabian Society with the same goal as well. They work the left hand and of course they also work the right hand as well through the Royal Institute for International Affairs. Anyway, I’ll put this big article up tonight; that’s only a little bit I’ve read here. It’s quite long. And you can go through it to see what’s happening in Europe. And austerity will start to make sense to you. All the cons that are going on in the Soviet Union. Barroso’s various statements will make sense to you and Rompuy’s as well and all the rest of it. It’s all going the way it’s supposed to go. But he does say (this man), he says that the European Union cannot be democratized. It cannot. It will never happen. It cannot happen. He says,

“This kind of structure cannot be democratized.”


Alan: And that is true. It’s non-democratic. The politicians are just there for show. They have no voting power. They can’t change anything, any laws. It’s all coming from the guys at the top.

Tonight too, talking about the Royal Institute for International Affairs, remember they have Chatham House as one of their headquarters, their main headquarters in England. And they have “Chatham House rules.” Chatham House rules govern all their meetings and their affiliated meetings with their different branches, where the members can talk freely. It’s just like Masonic, you see. They can talk freely on the floor, you might say, and nothing will be repeated that they said, outside of that room. And no journalist will print anything. Well, this is a little story but from Australia, but it’s not really interesting except for the one part. And it’s about a reporter that was attending a meeting (a private meeting) and it says here,

“The journalist who taped Alan Jones’s comments about the Prime Minister’s father says no confidentiality rules were outlined at the function where he spoke.”


Alan: It says,

“The veteran broadcaster has publicly apologised for using his speech to a Sydney University Liberal Club fund-raiser... ”


Alan: Right, at Sydney University.

“... to declare John Gillard had died of ‘shame’ because of Ms Gillard’s ‘lies.’”


Alan: Lies about not just no carbon taxes and all the rest of it, but the fact that she also had a long relationship with a guy at the head of the trade union system that seemed to be scamming a lot of money. Anyway, this came out and this is a little scandal that someone did publish what he said that was at a private sort of club. But remember, it’s the Sydney University Liberal Club fundraiser. And it goes on and on and on about this story here. And it says,

“‘He’s been caught out and he’s not happy.’ When asked if organisers had stipulated Chatham House rules... ”


Alan: Right. So, here you have the Liberal Club for Australia, with all these journalists there, using Chatham House rules. Now, why would they be using Chatham House rules? Because, you see, it’s a branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, that’s why. The Liberal Club itself, folks, and everybody in it, all the members. That’s why. It’s all over the world.

Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re going through the system, the real system, not the one that they project to you to keep you living in a fantasy world; a dumbed-down fantasy world, at that. But, believe you me, there are people who are taught a completely different system from their birth, at the top, and they know exactly where they’re going with all of this, too. And they use the best, the best they can find in academia to work in their think tanks and to work as advisers to the politicians that you think you elect. But part of the system too, for the Royal Institute for International Affairs... again they evolved out of the Milner Group. The Milner group basically joined with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, Lord Milner joined with Rhodes foundation and Rothschilds to take over all of the resources of the planet and bring in a world run by science. And they’d select the sciences and the types of sciences too. And create the kind of people that they wanted to inhabit it to serve them better, basically. And the ones they would dispose of down the way using eugenics and different techniques.

Part of the system that even their historian worked out for the Council on Foreign Relations (it’s just one branch of the same organization), Carroll Quigley, he talked about the banking system and how these private central banks eventually would be given more and more power and they’d be working with the International Monetary Fund (another private organization run by the same people) and the World Bank (who own the World Bank too, same boys); they’re actually private banks, all of these. And they also would be under the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. That’s just happening now as they’re reaching their total power. They’ve been years and years and years at this and they create the bank crashes and everything else to make it happen. “Oh, we got to amalgamate and get more power to save the world.” It’s the same thing as global warming. “We’ve got to, you know, spray you from the skies and kill you all to stop us all perishing.” Same idea. So here are the articles now as they go into the next phase, which is exactly what was planned a long time ago. And we’re going through it all today, because now’s the time for it happening.

“Central banks are expanding their reach.”


Alan: It says.

“The U.S. Fed, and more specifically its chairman, Ben Bernanke, are in the vanguard of a revolution in central banking,”


Alan: You better believe, when they use these terms, to listen to it. And this is from the Toronto Star and it says,

“We’re at the dawn of a revolution in central banking, in which the likes of the Bank of Canada, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, and eventually the European Central Bank...”


Alan: This is the huge one they’ve built for the whole of Europe for this EU monstrosity Soviet system.

“... will exert more influence over the global economy than government, business or consumers.”


Alan: In other words, the banks are more important. They’re running the world now, you understand that? OK? It says,

“...eventually the European Central Bank will exert more influence over the global economy than government, business or consumers. It’s a quiet revolution. And it’s the inevitable consequence of our currently difficult times.”


Alan: Well, they create the crisis and come forward with the solutions. That’s how they do everything. EVERYTHING.

“If not for the near-collapse of the world financial system in 2008-09, and the seemingly intractable financial crisis in Europe, central bankers would have remained the unseen players who for decades devoted themselves mostly to controlling inflation.”


Alan: Yeah right, and playing golf and jetting all over the world.

“But in these extraordinarily troubled times, central bankers have become the rescuers of last resort.”


Alan: They’re our heroes now, you understand. These private banks, you see.

“That new role has been forced on them. And while they are emboldened, they still feel a trace of reluctance in their unprecedented exertion of power and influence. Canada’s Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada, is one of the most widely esteemed of Canadians. And Carney is so well regarded abroad that British punters believe Carney to be the odds-on favourite to be poached by Britain to replace a Bank of England governor who is soon to retire.”


Alan: And of course he was trained by Goldman Sachs.

“Elsewhere, though, central bankers don’t enjoy such public and leadership-class confidence. The ECB [European Central Bank], even under the more enlightened leadership of its new head, Italy’s Mario Draghi, remains painfully slow to take the steps required to stimulate crippled economies in desperate need of shoring up, by strengthening both the public finances of Greece, Spain and so on, and injecting liquidity in the Continent’s reserve-poor largest banks. Yet the ECB’s haplessness, its every progressive impulse checked by a Germany that is among the world’s most fiscally-conservative countries, is proof that the revolution of more activist central banking is overdue.”


Alan: So, it just goes on and on to fool you – that’s the whole point of this article here – into thinking it’s all happening because crisis just come out of nowhere, no one saw anything coming, even though four or five years before the banks were crashing they were all meeting together, knowing the crash was going to come and they decided to plunder and plunder and plunder ahead until it happened because they were too big to fail. And also too, they’d get more power out of it afterward, which is what I’m reading here: they’ve got more power than ever before. {Laughs} More power than governments. But remember, they’re all top members of the same one organization (CFR or Royal Institute for International Affairs – it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s the same thing).

We’ve been hit from every possible angle. As I say, we’ve gone through countless cultural revolutions that have destroyed society and not haphazardly either. It was right on target with every part of it, how they would destroy society. Again, going back to Yuri Bezmenov, he talked about a lot of this, cultural changes. And most of the espionage was done in the West through cultural changes. The funding of special interest groups and advocation of certain things and certain agendas. And we’ve also had a war by, again, depopulation, through inoculations and various things, which I am certain, you know. There’s just too much evidence out there that they didn’t come out with all this stuff to help us, at all. Not when you look at the guys who came out with this stuff to help us. I mean Mr. Salk, who came out with the polio vaccine, was the head of the world eugenics movement for depopulation, before he gave you the polio vaccine. He wrote screeds of papers about the need to kill off the unfit and a good chunk of humanity and suddenly he becomes a hero, giving you polio vaccines full of cancer viruses and various other bio-engineered things, weaponized things. Remember what I said before, that when they had one of their world conferences, they talked about taking down the populations of the world... many years ago. And they said that they’d take down Africa and the third world quickly, because there’s less media to complain and say, what’s going on? And no one would care. But in the West, they’d have to use crippling, disabling diseases. And that makes people unfit for marriage partners and so on. We’re going sterile like crazy at one hell of a rate. That’s all part of it too, but it’s no crisis. It’s no crisis. As I say, the farmer has to know what’s happening to his animals and we’re the animals, folks. And we’re so well studied and believe you me, if any of these things that are happening to people – with autism, the cancer rates skyrocketing and debilitating diseases, total allergy syndromes and all the rest of it – if they didn’t know what was causing it, it would be a crisis. They’d have to find out, for their own sakes; not for us. You see. But there’s no crisis. Or infertility. So,

“Whole Foods Hidden Cameras”


Alan: It says. Everything’s a con and a racket in this day and age, from governments all the way down.

“Organic Spies conducted an undercover hidden camera sting of Whole Foods Market...”


Alan: It’s a big chain, I think, in the States.

“... for selling unlabeled GMO foods. This film shows why Whole Foods has given no money to Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods.”


Alan: And it goes on and it shows you a little video and so on. I’ll put the whole article up tonight, for those who want to look into it. You can’t trust anything, these days, when it comes to money. Everybody’s ripping everybody off. And that’s just the way it is and as things get worse, and prices go up and up and up, you’re going to find more folk ripping everybody else off. That’s just the way it is.

This article is repetition, this next one. Because repetition, remember, becomes reality to most folks. We’ve already been bombarded with, oh we got to do away with all meat. Alvin Toffler came out with that in his book, you know, The Third Wave. And he says, it’s going to be a vegetarian world, whether they like it or not, he says. And he says, that’s just the way it’s going to be. And then you had all these articles that come out from the United Nations, all the NGOs that are funded by the foundations, saying that it’s unsustainable to have cattle and domestic livestock and all this kind of stuff. See, repetition. Most folk won’t remember the different articles but the idea gets stuck in their head and they think when it happens and the government makes a decision, oh I guess they had to. You know, it’s kind of familiar with them.

“Could roast dinners become a thing of the past? Thousands of families can no longer afford to cook traditional Sunday meal”


Alan: Then they go on about how everybody’s cutting back and they can’t afford it, basically. And of course, as they go down the tubes with meat and so on, they’re eating all this GMO wheat and all this kind of stuff too, which is poisonous, as well. I’ll put an article up tonight about that, in fact, to show you how poisonous that stuff is. But most folk now, even though this goes on to a roast, a Sunday roast, I mean everything’s shooting up in price and they’re going to put a carbon tax on everything as well. I mean everything’s going up in price, massively. And even, you know, it says,

“From October 1, new rules on VAT will increase the cost to shoppers of whole rotisserie chickens by 20 per cent, around 88p based on today’s prices.”


Alan: So, all your food is getting taxed now. All the meat and everything is getting taxed (value-added tax), you see. And so is other kinds of meat and all the rest of it too. So, the bare essentials are getting taxed. In Denmark, they’re even going to tax firewood. I’ll put that up tonight, as well. So, everything that you need, as I’ve said before, all your disposable income that you used to spend on little things that you might want will be going off on necessities. It’ll be spent on necessities. That’s what the whole system is about. That’s what they mean by austerity. And you will have nothing else. No disposable income for little things that you want and maybe perhaps don’t need but you like. That system’s gone. Remember, we’re “post-consumerist,” they call it. And you think it’s all happening by chance. How come everything they’ve written for years and years and years is coming in step, one after another? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. That’s an awful lot of luck, wouldn’t you say? Hmm? No, we’re managed folks. We are managed incredibly well; minutely, in every facet of life. Managed. And the folk haven’t got an idea (most of them). But when they’re taxing your basic necessities: your heat (which is bad enough with the prices already and then putting a tax on top of it, you see), and your food and maybe your water as well. What are you going to do about it, folks? What are you going to do about it? You better start thinking. Better really start thinking.

And another article to do with the EU squandering millions of pounds from Britain that they’re given, on ridiculous things. It happens every year; it doesn’t make any difference if they churn out these articles on how they squander things on ridiculous, ridiculous projects. Another article that’s quite interesting: it’s mainstream and it says,

“Why are the Freemasons collecting our children’s DNA?”


Alan: Mainstream article. It says,

“Conspiracy theorists need theorize no more. In pages from a fiction novel brought to life, the strangest twists in popular folklore have been winding through our government corridors. In this case I wouldn’t blame you for being tempted to run it by Snopes. Fabled as a secret society, Freemasons...”


Alan: Actually, they call themselves a society with secrets.

“... see themselves as an esoteric fraternity; an ancient brotherhood of initiates who are voted into membership for the purpose of sharing enlightenment through the use of exclusive teachings.”


Alan: And they do. It’s true. If you get in to them, you can work your way up to run the local council board and get all the contracts and stuff and there’s a lot of money exchanges hands and things like that, you know. It says,

“They are not a religious group and yet elevated status can be obtained through invitation to the various esteemed Rites and the legendary Knights Templar. ”


Alan: Etc. It says,

“It is argued they find their roots in an historical Christian militia, which once upon a time nearly bankrupted the Vatican. Despite an effort to distance themselves from politics and religion in modern times, Scandinavian branches to this day will only permit entry of fellow Christian worshippers. Women remain forbidden although there’s good news for slaves and the disabled -- who may have overcome discrimination after a thousand years of human rights progression.”


Alan: Actually, they have, they call them, “side lodges” for women, if they’re members. Anyway, it says,

“In Massachusetts this Freemason program was promoted...”


Alan: This is for MasoniChIPs. I’ve mentioned this over the years (years ago actually). MasoniChIPs. Why are the Masons pushing chipping children? It says,

“...promoted by CBS News from the steps of the official State House and included their police dog, coincidentally named Mason. Reporters only failed to mention the private nod to those promoting him or that government had little to do with it. What is MasoniChip you ask? It begins on the surface as a child identification project, in case your loved ones are ever to be horrendously abducted. Parents are familiar with at-home kits to record their kids’ vital information, for protection against the greatest of all fears to be inflicted on a family. Normally height, weight, hair and eye colour are recorded, along with a set of fingerprints and hopefully a current photograph. It’s just the good folks at your local Masonic Lodge saw fit to take things further. With advances in technology, they began to offer digital fingerprints, digital imaging, digital video, dental impressions and DNA mouth swabs. This data processing is managed by their proprietary software that’s designed to be compatible with local and national law enforcement.”


Alan: Well, most law enforcement are members of the Masons, you see. It says,

“This is after all, a campaign created by police in the brotherhood... ”


Alan: That’s what it says here. I’ve got the links to that, as well.

“... regardless of its private funding. A great distinction is made to ensure governments are nothing more than their supporters.


Alan: And members.

Freemasons assert ownership of this project as an integral part of their mission statement:”


Alan: What mission statement have Freemasons got, eh?

“‘We the Freemasons are the sole ‘sponsor’ of the Masonic Safety Identification initiatives as developed in our various Masonic Grand Lodge Jurisdictions. As such we schedule the Events and coordinate the equipment, materials and volunteers necessary to conduct events. All groups and individuals are welcome to work alongside, but they are not referred as sponsors but listed and involved as ‘supporters’, ‘supporting partners’, ‘corporate partners’, ‘in collaboration with’, or ‘in cooperation with.’ They claim their services are superior to what a parent could accomplish at home, by recording the children’s data personally and providing their own ‘health care professionals’ to collect their DNA samples.”


Alan: And it goes on and on and on. Quite interesting. Quite interesting, indeed. But folk will go over that too. You understand, you’re run by, again, private organizations and clubs and these societies. You go into any, you drive in towards any town in Canada, the first big billboard you’ll see, before you get anywhere near it, is all the Freemasonic institutions in that town, or city, which tells you, they’re telling you that anything that you need done at a high level, these are the guys you approach because they’re all members. It’s always been that way.

And this article here, too, is to do with the health risks of genetically-engineered foods. It says, are

“... masterfully presented in the documentary by Jeffrey Smith.”


Alan: I’ll put that up there tonight too. And you can have a look at that as well. There’s so many articles out there now, but they’ll rush ahead regardless; they’re not going to listen to any other evidence to do with killing us off, because that’s the agenda. You profit while you kill. That’s simple as that. Old thing. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re going through the craziness that is today. It’s planned craziness, of course. It looks like chaos, but you get order out of chaos as long as you guide the chaos. And everything that’s happening is part of the guided chaos, of course. And the fallout is always dealt with by governments that are waiting for it all to show, all the symptoms to show because they know the agenda. And then they come forward with new government agencies and more private institutions, public-private partnerships to deal with all the problems. It’s very simple really. But here’s an article too; everything’s weaponized you understand. It says,

“Children addicted to using electronic devices 24/7 will be diagnosed with a serious mental illness if a new addiction, included as ‘internet-use disorder’ in a worldwide psychiatric manual, is confirmed by further research.”


Alan: Mind you, they’re churning out lots of things, even ‘nervous knee’ syndromes and stuff.

“The formal inclusion of the new addiction has been welcomed by Australian psychology professionals in response to a wave of ‘‘always-on’’ technology engulfing kids.”


Alan: Children.  Remember, psychiatry was to take over from religion, for those who don’t understand that. The history of the guys that pushed Freud forward, for instance, was to destroy all the popular religions and so on. And eventually, you wouldn’t go to a priest or a minister with problems, you’d go to the psychiatrist and psychologist; that’s happened. And then you elevate them up as real scientific experts and you really, you know, emblazon and embellish “scientific” – it must be better than anything else – until it’s a holy thing and they are the new religion. So, naturally, the Australian psychology professionals are, you know, happy with every new diagnosis they put on the books.

“‘With kids...”


Alan: It says,

“...gaming is an obvious issue. But overall, technology use could be a potential problem’”


Alan: And it says,

“With children gaming is an obvious issue.”


“The Sun-Herald has spoken to parents of children as young as seven who are aggressive, irritable and hostile when deprived of their iPads or laptops. Psychologists argue video game and internet addictions share the characteristics of other addictions, including emotional shutdown, lack of concentration and withdrawal symptoms if the gadgets are removed.”


“Other fallout can include devastating impacts for children and families as social interaction and even food are neglected in favour of the virtual worlds the children inhabit. Australian experts contributed to the Australian Psychological Society’s submission to the international manual, supporting the inclusion of an addiction focused on internet gaming. In recognition of threats posed by increasingly prevalent electronic devices, the bible for the psychiatric profession, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), will include internet-use disorder as a condition ‘‘recommended for further study’’ in its revised edition, the DSM-V, to be issued in May next year. The inclusion acknowledges risks posed by over-use of seemingly benign technologies, classifying internet-use disorder alongside other mental disorders that need further research before becoming a recognised mental illness that can be formally diagnosed.”


Alan: No doubt pharma will come out with a pill right away with it, too, and they can drug the children with that as well.

“Commentary in the United States about the move has raised the spectre of children being over-treated and even medicated for playing computer games.”


Alan: So, again, they said they would make the rise of psychiatry/psychology the king, the new religion for all your problems. And here we are and of course, big pharma is all part of it too because they can help drug everybody. Remember they said that, they’d bring big pharma in, tranquilizers and all kinds of medications. They’re already drugging children galore for all the other so-called disorders that they claim that they have. It’s not a crisis, folks. It’s not a crisis, then, you see, as I say, the farmers know what’s causing it all. They know. They’d be the first ones to find out. They have to be.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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