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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 4, 2012:

"It's a Big I.D.":

"Everyone's Waiting for National ID,
In Each Nation, For You and Me,
For Pension, Welfare, Sickness Claim,
Every Purchase will Need Your Name,
It will Be Impossible to Buy or Sell
Without Notifying the Gov. as Well,
Complete Biometrics Included Ensures
All that Life Story is Really Yours,
From Birth to Death, All Info, Candid,
So Elite Know Their Livestock's Branded"
© Alan Watt Oct. 4, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 4, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 4, 2012. For newcomers I always suggest you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com. There’s lots of free audios for download and you can start to piece together the big system you’re born into, a predetermined plan really, a script you might say, that you’re living through and how everything congeals at this time, this is the Century of Change, planned a long, long time ago, and planned by the big boys who already owned incredible wealth across the planet in the 18th and 19th and 20th centuries, and how they financed academia and really got on board with science, backing scientific projects, and decided that there would be eventually too many people on the planet, too many of the wrong kinds of people.  And also they believed that they themselves were the most superior, obviously, since they had the cash, they had the wealth, they did marry for wealth and intellect you might say, as opposed to simply other things, and that they had the right to run the planet and the direction it should go. That’s where we are today with this. They funded thousands of nongovernmental organizations, which lobby government; given quasi-official status you might say.  And they also finance all the big projects you see in the newspapers to do with scientific projects, security, all of this kind of stuff. It’s a new feudal system, according to Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for one of the biggest branches of this organization, the Council on Foreign Relations.  And the CEOs are the new feudal overlords basically of this system that we’re living in. Academia is totally on board with all of this and they have been for a long, long, long time. They recruit from the Ivy League universities generally and pay them awfully well to stay on board, as we go through the big changes of sterilization, depopulation, and under various guises by the way; there’s lots of guises used to get it all through. The trick is too, that they own all, pretty well all the major media across the world and they give us a different reality at the bottom level.  So help yourself to that.


Remember too, you can get transcripts for print-up as well from cuttingthroughthematrix.com and all the sites listed there. And you can get transcripts in other languages than English if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  If you want to help me keep going you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. [Order and donation options listed above.]  And donations are really, really awfully welcome, because I don’t bring on sponsored guests who sell you things and so on. 


But the reality that you’re living through is quite something, because I’ve watched this for years and years and studied into it when I was very, very young, read all the big articles and books by those who were called philosophers at the time, who just happened to be associated with world meetings at the United Nations to do with population control/reduction, the kinds of society that the elite wanted to have in the future, all of that kind of thing. The cultural managers, because they actually manage the culture as they take you all down and destroy all the old defenses the people had to fight back at this system. It’s all been destroyed. We’re now at the chaotic stage of dysfunction and government steps in with countless agencies to manage this dysfunction of course, and the fallout from it. The thing is though, generation by generation we think it’s all quite natural, because we adapt so quickly to it... so quickly to it. And people still, when they’re studying all of this stuff, and they get proof and proof and proof, and more proof and facts, etc., from the big boys themselves in their own writings, a lot of folk still have a hard time believing that they have no say in this system. Unfortunately that’s how it really is. And that’s why they still vote. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system and how it’s relentless and it’s moving on. It’s really steamrolling ahead, because everything that’s happening today was planned a long time ago, including all of the wars, one after another, endless wars, perpetual wars; ‘constant conflict’ they call it in the military. We’re going through it all today. It isn’t just conflict on the nations, there’s more to go of course after the Middle East, but they also want to standardize other countries across the world and they also want to standardize the cultures back home to fit a global society, not for the people’s benefit mind you, but it’s a part of control, for the process of taking us all down uniformly basically. That’s how it’s done.


There’s so many articles, I read some last night for instance, from professors and so on who talk about depopulation, and they shout it from the rooftops, people who are teaching this in universities under various social sciences, etc. The way they can put things across to students, especially, is rather easy because they understand the mind of the student and the age group that they’re dealing with too, and the presentation and the omission of a lot of other facts will bring the student to the conclusions that the professors want them to reach. And that generally will stick in their heads forever and they’ll never change their opinions. We’re awfully easily… We are understood to the nth degree.  We truly are.  Human beings are really so well understood. We’ve been studied for thousands and thousands of years, at least, by governments, kings, and priesthoods, etc. We’re the most studied species on the planet. Not the bugs you’re always seeing on the nature shows, but we are, in fact. And we’re very predictable.


But whenever you read the articles and the books put out by those involved in the global society, setting up the global structure, through the United Nations or its thousands of affiliates – organizations all underneath the umbrella of the United Nations, and the Club of Rome and all the big foundations, front think tanks – you’ll find it’s the same agenda. Wherever you look, it’s the same agenda and they’re all on board together. They call it ‘consensus building’ in fact. If there is any particular group that isn’t in on the big plan, they will send out their emissaries to try and bring them in. And they actually call it that, consensus building, so they all are on board with the same agenda, like an ‘all for one, one for all’ kind of an idea.


The same thing with global warming.  It doesn’t matter about the evidence, and the lack of evidence, it’s an agenda for other reasons. We’ve had politicians in Canada who came out and said that.  It doesn’t matter, one of them said in Ottawa, It doesn’t matter if it’s all bogus, all the information on global warming is bogus, this will help spread equality, etc. across the world. In other words, the ability for the redistribution of wealth. And the wealth doesn’t go to the people. It goes to institutions that then help to manage them, ID them and gradually bring them down in population over a generation or two. So there’s always another reason for the reason they give you for the big things that are happening, like the war on terror. The war is to change all of society across the globe. It already has.


And you forget too that there were people who were maybe 10 or so at the time of 9/11, and now they’re young adults, and all they’ve known since then is basically the police state. And that’s normal to them now. And it will become more normal with the ones still coming up today. But ID cards were mentioned back in the 90s, and in Australia. I’ve got the articles here, even a good video that was done in the early 90s about it.  And it was to be done across the rest of the world. There were articles and even TV shows in Canada, Wendy Mesley was on one of them, to do with the coming ID card, Big Brother, all that kind of stuff. And they never backtrack. They never backtrack on any part of this agenda. And this was before the war on terror and all the rest of it. So when there is opposition from the public they simply, they don’t toss it out the window and say that’s that finished; they simply shelve it for a little while and bring it back through other means. Time works wonders with the human population, because, again, we adapt, we adapt as we become more familiar with giving information out all the time, until you’re giving out information everywhere on electronic devices, and then it’s quite natural to go into the ID thing, you see.


Now, here’s an article here which goes right along with this, what I’m talking about. It says…


National 'virtual ID card' scheme set for launch

independent.co.uk / Ian Burrell / 4 October 2012


The Government will announce details this month of a controversial national identity scheme which will allow people to use their mobile phones and social media profiles as official identification documents for accessing public services.  (Alan:  Now, this is in Britain but they’ve also got it in Canada.)


People wishing to apply for services ranging from tax credits to fishing licences and passports will be asked to choose from a list of familiar online log-ins, including those they already use on social media sites, banks, and large retailers such as supermarkets, to prove their identity.


Once they have logged in correctly by computer or mobile phone, the site will send a message to the government agency authenticating that user’s identity.


The Cabinet Office (A:  ...in Britain.) is understood to have held discussions with the Post Office, high street banks, mobile phone companies and technology giants ranging from Facebook and Microsoft to Google, PayPal and BT.  (A:  ...that’s British Telecom.)


Ministers are anxious that the identity programme is not denounced as a “Big Brother” national ID card (A:  Well, that’s exactly what it is, isn’t it? But they’re anxious that you don’t see it as that, you see.) by the back door, which is why data will not be kept centrally by any government department. Indeed, it is hoped the Identity Assurance Programme, which is being led by the Cabinet Office, will mean the end to any prospect of a physical national ID card being introduced in the UK.  (A:  So it IS national ID, but it’s NOT national ID, you see. That’s the standard way of putting it over to, what they see as, a simple public.)


The identification systems used by the private companies have been subjected to security testing before being awarded their “Identity Provider” (IDP) kitemark, meaning that they have made the list of between five and 20 approved organisations that will be announced on 22 October.


The public will be able to use their log-ins from a set list of “trusted” private organisations to access Government services, which are being grouped together on a single website called Gov.uk, which will be accessible by mobile.


(A:  See, they don’t force you into things, they simply make it impossible, eventually, for you to survive without it. That’s how they do things. Rather than put a law you MUST join this... everybody would get their backs up and be a bit suspicious. But they simply make it, eventually, impossible for you to get through any other way.)


A cross-section of social media companies, high street banks, mobile phone businesses and major retailers has been chosen in order to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible.


The system will be trialled when the Department of Work & Pensions starts the early roll out of the Universal Credit scheme, a radical overhaul of the benefits system, in April.


Users who access the Government’s online one-stop-shop of public services will be asked to identify themselves by choosing one organisation from a selection of logos. (This feature is called a “Nascar screen”, in reference to the logo-filled livery of the famous American racing cars.)  (A:  Oh, ha-ha.)


Major web sites are able to recognise individuals by their patterns of use, the device they are accessing from and its location. Facebook, for example, asks users who sign on from an unusual location to take a series of security questions including identifying friends in photographs.


Privacy campaigners are not wholly convinced by the programme. “Although this is a fine scheme in principle and is backed by ministers the danger is that it could be side-lined and used as a fig leaf by the data-hungry government departments,” (A:  Well, that’s what it’s for, folks. I mean, you’ve got to chuck this naïveté out the door, and this standing up for what you think that the old fiction of the government was there to serve you. You’ve got to stop all this stuff and see things for what they really, really are.)  said Guy Herbert, general secretary of No2ID, which has been consulted by the Cabinet Office.


Details of the “identity assurance” scheme are being finalised amid growing concerns over identity theft and other forms of cybercrime. Foreign Secretary William Hague and Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, who is at the head of the Identity Assurance Programme, will today (Thurs) meet international experts at the Budapest Conference on Cyberspace. Mr Maude will give a keynote speech.


The Cabinet Office believes its new identity model will “prevent ‘login fatigue’ [from] having too many usernames and passwords” and save public money by increasing trust in online services. (A:  Now, Britain, there’s hardly a month gone by that it says it hasn’t had a government agency being hacked. It’s been a disaster. But it doesn’t matter, it’s got to go ahead regardless. Everything in this system that is a must-be will get rammed ahead, from global warming to everything else, because that’s the plan, folks. That’s just simply the plan.) The system is likely to be adopted by local authorities nationwide. The Government hopes the identity system will form the basis of a universally-recognised online authentication process for commercial transactions on the Internet, boosting the economy and strengthening Britain’s position as a leader in e-commerce.  (A:  It will be a leader in the world’s welfare cheques, because that’s really what it’s to do with as well. And there’s so many folk on welfare there now because there’s no work.)


In recent weeks, the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service has backed a UK working group of the Open Identity Exchange, which was set up in America to bring organisations including Google, AOL, PayPal and Experian together to find a simple method of online verification that doesn’t require multiple passwords. 


So everything’s being streamlined into one, basically. Everything that you have to use to get by in life these days will be streamlined into one, and again, through the government as well.  And that’s just the way it’s going to be, you know. And they’ll wait and see how much of a backlash there will be against this, this attempt here.  And a lot of folk probably won’t have a backlash because, as I say, they’re already adapting and adapting and adapting to give out information, information, information, as the whole e-commerce thing and e-transactions goes ahead, and it’s becoming omnipotent basically, to get by. And eventually once enough folk are on it they’ll say it’s mandatory, because you can’t get by without it. That’s how it always happens.


And the same company in Britain that’s behind the big ID...  Getting back to the 90s, I mentioned Wendy Mesley who did shows on television; I can’t remember if it was Horizon or not. She did one on Big Brother and talked about, as I say, the coming ID.  I’ll talk about this when I come back, because this is the important part, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and just after talking about the ID scam of course, that’s coming.  It’s mandatory basically; it’s coming. There’s no way about it, it’s all coming. And they’re talking about using Facebook and Google and all the rest of them. Here’s an article right here too, the same day…


New privacy fears as Facebook begins selling personal access to companies to boost ailing profits

dailymail.co.uk / Daniel Bates / 3 October 2012


The changes mean that companies can track you down on Facebook every time you buy something.  (A:  So everything that you do, as you go through this government thing that I just read there, and through Facebook, etc, is being monitored by a whole bunch of companies including government itself.)

Measures have sparked calls for an official investigation by campaigners who claim that the public have not been properly notified.  (A:  Well, they don’t have to notify you. They’re a private company; they can do what they want.)


Facebook claimed that there are safeguards attached to the new measures.


(A:  And that’s the thing too, you’ve got to remember, it’s like television or news, whatever you’re being told is from private companies.  They’re not officially there to tell you truth. And I’ve went through articles before to do with court cases that went to the Supreme Court in the US actually, from some journalists who had a contract with one of the big organizations – I think it was Fox or somebody.  They were doing something on Monsanto, but because Monsanto is so powerful and ads were pulled and all the rest of it, they laid these guys off; even though their contract still stood, they would not publish the documentaries they made. They took them to court and the judge at the High Court says, there’s nothing in law that says news agencies or companies must tell the public the truth. It’s just news, it’s data. It could be made up, fictional, it doesn’t make any difference – there’s no law that says it has to be truth. And it’s the same with everything else you’re presented with as well, always remember that. And private companies are private companies, including Facebook, etc. And yeah, they’ll be in bed with governments and they will take government financing here and there too, from special intelligence agencies, etc., because they’re all part of it. It’s all public/private now.)


The social networking site is allowing companies to trawl through its 900m users looking for email addresses and phone numbers so it can better target adverts. (A:  So it can better target advertising; that’s what they say.)


The changes mean that if you hand over any details when you buy something - as many consumers do - that company can now track you down on Facebook.


The measures appear to be a cynical attempt to sidestep restrictions imposed on Facebook by US regulators due to earlier botched privacy changes.


They have already sparked calls for an official investigation by campaigners who claim that the public have not been properly notified.


The new measures, which have been in effect for weeks, will affect consumers who have handed over personal data when they buy something, which is the majority of people given the rise of Internet shopping


Retailers will then be allowed to compare their own databases with the information on Facebook.


For example, an airline will now be able to target adverts at a consumer who had recently taken a flight to Barcelona.


A mobile phone company could also advertise upgrades to somebody who was nearing the end of their contract.


Another disturbing element is that the adverts could appear on a user’s computer even when they are not on Facebook.


The social networking site is also increasing its monitoring and will work with US-based company Datalogix to see what consumers are buying.


Facebook claimed that there are safeguards...  (A:  ...etc., etc.)


Anyway, I’ll put up this again too, because there is no privacy. And I’ll also put up too, a video. It was a guy, he used to be a hacker etc., a top one, well known, who came out and said, forget it, privacy is a thing of the past, it’s not going to come back, you ain’t going to get it.  There is NO privacy whatsoever on any electronic communication in this day and age.  And that’s true, folks. No matter how government or anybody else tries to sell it to you, it just doesn’t exist.


Privacy A Postmortem Part 1 - youtube.com /  Aug 9, 2012


And then India, I know the company that’s doing Britain also were the ones who set up India’s biometric database. It says…


India's Gargantuan Biometric Database Raises Big Questions

eff.org / September 27, 2012 / Rebecca Bowe


(A:  Now, there’s a bigger reason for this than they’re telling you in the article, like everything else that we get fed. India, remember, is, again, on the watchlist from the United Nations and the United States and other countries, to do with being the second-largest population on the planet basically.  And it’s to do with population reduction and all the rest of it, and monitoring, as they start sterilizing the public through all the inoculations. And I really mean that too, because I’ve got the articles here even from the World Health Organization, through various studies and they always find that fertility, the actual fertility itself plummets after all the inoculations when they go in with UNESCO to give them free this and free that. It actually affects the sperm count in the male and causes problems with women as well. Anyway it says…)


The government of India has amassed a database of 200 million Indian residents' digital fingerprints, iris scans, facial photographs, names, addresses and birthdates. (A:  And that gets me back to Wendy Mesley, sorry. Because she did say in the 90s in one of the very good documentaries that she did, when she interviewed the top characters to do with these biometric cards and scanners and so on. She says, why will the public accept a national/international ID card? And he said, because they’ll be given no choice. That’s the reality of the world you live in, folks, for all of you who think you still have democracies and rights and freedoms.) Yet this vast collection of private information is only a drop in the bucket compared to the volume of data it ultimately intends to gather. The Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), the agency that administers Aadhaar -- India's Unique Identity (UID) program -- has a goal of capturing and storing this personal and biometric information for each and every one of India's 1.2 billion residents. Everyone who enrolls is issued a 12-digit unique ID number and an ID card linked to the data.


Once it’s complete, the Aadhaar system will require so much data storage capacity that it is projected to be 10 times the size of Facebook. And while it's optional to enroll (A:  ...at the moment, right...), the program is envisioned as the basis for new mobile apps that would facilitate everything from banking transactions to the purchase of goods and services, which could make it hard for individuals to opt out without getting left behind.  (A:  ...Oh don’t be left behind...  Where have we heard all that before? Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and reading about the national ID cards they’re rolling out across the planet. Really, they’re international in fact. But they go into explain how it’s going to really help the poor – that’s what they really care about in India, if you study its history; they always care about the poor. And it would help the delivery of services and all of that kind of thing; if you can find a service, good luck to you. But they’re just trying to sell it to the people. But who is also involved in this too? Again, another kind of foundation/NGO type thing, but it’s based at UC Berkeley’s Center for Southeastern Asian studies. Of course!... everything that happens in countries is never made up in their own countries; it’s always outside interference. They’re involved in setting up this system for the whole of India. But as I say, that’s a British company too I think. Everything is international now isn’t it? All these companies are international that are setting up the systems across the world. I’ll put this link up tonight for those who want to see it, to see what’s coming to you as well.


This article here too is to do with, from Al Jazeera actually. It’s how the police now are clashing with currency protesters and money lenders, money traders actually, as their economy goes down, because their own cash system is plummeting because of the embargoes on all outside cash transactions.  So...


Police in Iran clash with currency protesters

aljazeera.com /  4 Oct 2012


Iranian riot police have clashed with protesters in the capital Tehran over the collapse of the rial, the country's currency, which has lost a third of its value against the dollar in a week.  (A:  Well, I guess things are going to plan, because they knew this would happen, and they’ve had an embargo for long enough; they even seized all the foreign bank accounts and so on that the country uses, just like they did with Libya before they went in there too.)


It was the first sign of public unrest over the plunging currency.


The fall of the rial, which has now lost more than 80 per cent of its value compared with a year ago, with 17 per cent of its value shed on Monday alone, has been largely blamed on Western sanctions imposed over the country's nuclear programme.  (A:  ...at least that’s the excuse they’re giving you.)


The rial slipped another four per cent on Tuesday . . .  (A:  ...and so on and so on.)


But as I say, they’re arresting all these moneychangers that are there as well, who are making a big killing using foreign currency etc, etc, etc.  It’s like Rothschild said, you know, that’s when you make your biggest profit, when the blood is flowing in the streets. In other words, times of crisis.


And the police in Ireland, the Gardai, are buying at least one million rounds of ammunition.


Gardai to buy million rounds of ammo

independent.ie / Don Lavery / 4 October 2012


I’ll put that up tonight too, as they get all geared up for the coming riots and so on, and austerity. And another one I’ll put up tonight too at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the show, is to do with a legal action update, for the Smart Meter for Canada basically. This actual part is taking place in British Columbia, Canada but people can go in if they’re in the area and listen to this public hearing it. It says…


Legal Action Update : Motion to BC Court of Appeal



The public may attend to hear the appeal (A:  ...against the Smart Meters...): at 800 Hornby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 18, 2012.  (A:  ...for those who want to attend it and find out what’s happening there.)


Because we were given no choice at all in Canada about these Smart Meters, unless you just get a generator and tell them to cut their wires and leave you alone. And these things too, are giving off signals all the time. You hear the PR that they give you from the companies that put them in and then you look at the reality on the websites, of all the studies that have been done. These things are bombarding you with these spiky waves all the time, and long-term, even short-term is bad. But long-term, it can even destroy and split up DNA and everything else. We know all this stuff.


And this article is quite interesting because, whenever you have these quasi-governmental agencies, and today there are so many quasi-governmental agencies, even like children’s aid, for instance, or the children’s aid societies, that come and grab children.  Now they’re getting government funding, they get more and more power, they get more arrogant, they act like marshals, and they even want SWAT teams. Well, it’s the same now even with the prevention of cruelty to animals associations, that, again, started off as private, you see, living on charity, and once they get this quasi-official backing they’ll want the same uniforms as SWAT teams. I mean, have you noticed that? Even ambulance drivers, everybody wants SWAT team outfits now, because they’ve been brought up watching these movies. And the only winners in these movies, because it’s all predictive programming, are the guys wearing the black outfits that look rather mean; these are the winners. And all the people in rags down around them are the losers, the general population. And this is fact, folks. But they’re raiding folks’ homes now, I mean, like SWAT teams. And it says…


(by Don Butler, Ottawa Citizen / October 2, 2012)


Jessica Johnson was asleep in her house in Lyndhurst [Ontario] when an agent from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals entered through a window during a raid to check on the care of her dog, Vicki. Vicki had dental issues. Johnson, 70, is fighting the charges before Ontario’s Animal Care Review Board.  (A:  Now listen to this…)


The Animal Care Review Board, a quasi-judicial provincial agency, has already spent six full days considering whether the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals acted unreasonably when it raided the home of Lyndhurst, Ont. resident and part-time dog breeder Jessica Johnson last May.  (A:  Now, interesting wording, because it’s a quasi-judicial provincial agency. You’ll find even the children’s aid societies are quasi-judicial.  They have a completely different set of rules than any other sort of judicial agency that’s authorized by government. And they can keep it going forever and spin their wheels forever until you just give up. They can spin it for years, whether it’s a child you want to get back or a dog or whatever, and it’s not going to come down on the side of the person who got raided; I can guarantee you that.)


Now four more days — Oct. 29 to Nov. 1 — have been set aside for the hearing, with no guarantee that even that will be sufficient.  (A:  Now listen to this…)  Most review board hearings last only a day, but Johnson’s case is more complex than most. She alleges that the OSPCA violated her Charter rights when it obtained a search warrant and entered her home through a bedroom window after receiving an anonymous tip that dogs in her house were in distress.  (A:  Why would you get a warrant to invade someone’s home on an anonymous tip without checking it out first in other ways?)


OSPCA agents found five adult dogs and nine puppies in the house, but ultimately spotted health problems in only one,  (A:  Now it’s the same when they raid people, they’ve got to find something wrong somewhere to try and validate the screwup they’ve made, you understand. They’ll always do this. Police and so on, they’ll always do it. And the one that they found was...) a nine-year-old Yorkie [dog] diagnosed with severe gingivitis, significant tartar and gum recession. (A:  In other words, it had tartar... bad tartar and gum recession, like most adults have today.)


The society ordered Johnson to fix the dental problems, but the 64-year-old retired postal worker, who lives on a small fixed income, didn’t comply because she says she can’t afford to have the work done.  (A:  ...all this dental work.)  She now faces charges, (A:  See, they have to keep at it.  They can’t let it go. Now that they’ve invaded, now they have to charge as well, to try and, again, back up their legitimacy.)  with a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Oct. 22 in Brockville.  (A:  The pretrials, it’s like the court case I’ve been mentioning over time, with Katerina Jeleva trying to get her son back from the children’s societies down there where she lives, the same thing, they have all these pretrials. Pretrials, they can have hundreds and hundreds of pretrials as they try and put you off, you see. But that’s not enough either. That’s not enough either, it says...)


“These proceedings have gone well past the point of proportionality with respect to the matters at issue,” he said. “Despite Ms. Johnson’s right to justice, the procedure is effectively serving as a barrier to justice...”  (A:  ...of course he would say that.)


The OSPCA is a private charity (A:  ...so charities now are invading your homes, right.) that has been given enforcement powers by the province. It raises most of its $20-million-a-year budget (A:  This is for Ontario alone.) through donations, but in 2010, provincial, municipal and federal governments contributed $3.6 million to its operations.


So it’s an expanding business.  Any agency you set up, once it starts getting funding from government, and local government and central government and so on, it’s now a going concern. And they start flexing their muscle. And the more charges they can lay on around their whole area the more cash they’ll have to demand next year. Oh, look at the work we’ve done.  We’ve got one dog on gingivitis… you see. But that’s not enough.  The guy that they hired to represent them, for the OSPCA, to represent them, is one of the top lawyers in Canada basically. He’s done all the top criminal defenses for top, top people, which often goes into the millions of dollars to pay him, and that’s a guy called Ruby. Now, even this board they set up to listen to the inquiry, they don’t know what they’re doing, they’re asking Ruby, who is defending the OSPCA, for advice. So you know where this is all going. It’s a con game. What a racket!  But I’ll put this up tonight as well for those who are interested. This is just an example, as I say. Once you give them uniforms and outfits and they want to be like the SWAT teams, then away they go. And God help everybody else. It’s human nature, folks. We live with very immature people who have grown up watching dozens and dozens, oh hundreds of movies like this. And it doesn’t matter if they’re ambulance attendants, whatever, they all want the same black outfits, so they can swagger, and have a leather belt with all things hanging off of it. That’s just how it is.


Now, if you want to hire Al Gore to give you 75 minutes of an environmental spiel, it costs you $100,000, for 75 minutes, plus travel, plus the hotel costs, plus his security teams and various other daily expenses. It says…


Al Gore



If you're looking to book Al Gore for a 75-minute "Environmental Multimedia Lecture," the former vice president will cost you $100,000, plus travel, hotel, security, and per diem expenses.


Gore's standard speaker's contract, a copy of which you'll find here, also stipulates that the Democrat's ground transportation be "a sedan, NOT an SUV." Additionally, Gore requests that speech sponsors make every effort to use a hybrid vehicle for his transport.  (A:  ...just for show, you see, PR.)


The Gore contract stipulates that no press be permitted at the event and that the Democrat receive approval over the distribution of photographs from the appearance.


Gore's contract for a May 21 appearance at the University of California, San Diego was released by the school. Though the contract seeks "absolute confidentiality" when it comes to the deal's terms, since UCSD is a public university, the California Public Records Act requires that the document be released upon request. (A:  So I’ll put this up tonight for those who have any interest at all in that kind of thing.)


Also tonight I’ll put up too the speech by Ahmadinejad at the United Nations recently, where he lays the things on the line that nobody wants to hear anymore, even though he’s saying an awful lot of truth. But he lays it on the line for those who want to make their own minds up.


Ahmadinejad addresses UN General Assembly - youtube.com / RussiaToday / Sep 26, 2012


And austerity schools are coming across the world now.  Now the first world countries are all third world countries, if you haven’t noticed. Austerity too, is coming to school buildings and architecture…


Blueprints for 'austerity' schools unveiled School of the future - new blueprint unveiled by the government

bbc.co.uk / 2 October 2012


A trio of official blueprints for cut-price, prefabricated schools of the future have been unveiled by the government in England.


The designs, two for secondary and one for primary, cost a third less than those built in recent years, the government says. 


But these are actually prefabricated buildings; you know, they come in sections and you bolt them together. They last maybe 10, 15 years before all the dampness comes through them and they fall apart. Just like the houses they built in the 60s that did the same kind of thing for the working people. It was described as a great, great advance for Britain.


Carbon Tax Now Destroying Australian Economic Prosperity

(A:  ...for those who haven’t yet been banged with the carbon tax, it’s all coming to you.)

theglobalistreport.com / Andrew Puhanic / August 21st, 2012


With less than two months since the Gillard Government introduced the carbon tax in Australia, businesses are beginning to feel the pain of increased costs that are directly associated to the carbon tax.


Prior to being elected, Australia’s Prime Minister promised that the Australian Labor Party would not introduce a carbon tax. (A:  ...and people still vote. I mean, how many times have you heard this kind of stuff?) Ms Gillard was quoted “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Even the Treasurer of Australia was quoted as saying “certainly we reject this hysterical allegation that we are moving towards a carbon tax”. (A:  I put the links up for that too.)


Before July 1 2012 when the carbon tax began, I posted a series of articles that argued why carbon taxes should be abolished.


Now that Australians have been paying carbon taxes for almost two months, evidence for the abolishment of this economically destructive tax is now clearer than ever.  (A:  Then it has a whole list of things, and businesses laying off people all over the place, and how it’s put up the prices of pretty well everything, incredible costs on electricity and so on and so on and so on. Everything that was expected, of course, is happening. I’ll put that up too.)


Gillard says 'NO' to Carbon Tax - August 2010 - Youtube.com / Feb 24, 2011


Now another thing too, for those who haven’t quite caught on, and I remember this back in the early 90s. I noticed that there were chemicals, for instance, that were industrial chemicals, that had always been banned from public use, and they suddenly appeared on different supermarket shelves for cleaning at home. And I thought, well why would they be doing that? because they know what it causes, etc.. And the public aren’t trained in the use of these or even had lectures on just how toxic these things are.  And I thought, well they want to bring the populations down. We are in the age now where any and every means possible to bring the populations down is already underway. Cancers, you can’t keep up with them. I’ve talked to surgeons and they say that there are no names for so many of the cancers that are just popping up now; there are so many popping up, new types, all the time, that they can keep up with names for them. But this is another way they’re doing it too. We also have countless studies on cell phone towers and what they do to you, and the Wi-Fi and all the rest of it, never mind your phones. It says…


Cell tower regulations frustrate homeowners

cbc.ca / Angela Gilbert / Sep 26, 2012


Do you live near an unexpected cellphone tower?


Homeowners across Canada are discovering cellphone towers popping up in residential neighbourhoods that slip just under height regulations that would require the company to notify those living nearby.


Oakville, Ont., resident Lisa Guglietti was in the midst of building her dream home when the mother of three noticed eight cellular network antennas strapped to the chimney of a Bell Canada building, a short distance from her son's bedroom.


"We were surprised that we weren't notified," she said. "We asked some of the neighbours. None of the neighbours had any clue that these cellular antenna had been put up."


Under federal regulations, cellphone companies must notify the municipality for towers at least 15 metres high, but many new installations are coming up short of the limit, at just 14.9 metres. (A:  ...just .1 under, you see.)  Homeowners say the rule undermines their ability to weigh in on installations in the community.  (A:  So Bell’s got around it by putting them just a little bit under the notifying stage.)


Though the antennas are an eyesore, Guglietti's primary concern is possible health effects.


Experts disagree on the impact caused by cell towers. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, which are emitted by wireless phones and cell towers, as a possible human carcinogen.


Health Canada states that radiofrequency fields given off by cellphone towers are safe as long as the facility adheres to federal regulatory requirements limiting human exposure.  (A:  Now, if you are living amongst these, folks, these towers, you are being bombarded 24 hours/7 days a week. You are.)


In an email to CBC News, a Bell spokesperson wrote that all its sites, including the Oakville, Ont., one near Guglietti's house, "meet or exceed all federal safety and other operating requirements."   (A:  Well, they’ll always say that stuff, won’t they? That’s what PR agents do. So I’ll put this up anyway.)


But there’s stacks of information up on what it does and there’s more coming out all the time. Again, there’s even in the health issues and the surgical magazines to do with all the tumors of the brain, etc; it’s impossible to ignore. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to Chris from Canada who’s hanging on the line there. Are you still there Chris?


Chris:  Yes. It’s really funny, I’ve got a 10-year-old son that I’m trying to educate, because I think we all need to educate our children as to what’s going on here. I think everything is a distraction until we fix the economy, which is a very long story and I spoke about that earlier with John. But he’s watching a show, right now, and he said, dad check this out. And I said, what’s that? And it’s a show called ‘Wingin It’ and it’s Canadian, I think, or it might be American, doesn’t matter.  It’s got this guy talking and behind him is the all-seeing eye.  And I’m thinking, wow, my kid, 10 years old, is getting it...  they’re watching you, no matter what. It just blows my mind when you really see the scope of it.


Alan:  Yeah, when you look at DARPA’s logo – I don’t know if they’ve changed it, but the original logo they had for DARPA, the big agency for US defense and so on, that’s involved in really high tech research and development to do with monitoring all of us. Its logo was a pyramid with the all-seeing eye, with a beam of light coming down from the eye on all the little weeds below that represent the public. These symbols are everywhere, from all government institutions and agencies, and all private corporations as well. I watch the trains going by here every day and you’ll see all the corporate logos, and you’ll see all the Masonic symbology there, on pretty well all of them. Yeah, it’s fantastic.


Chris:  Yeah, it’s… I don’t know. It’s just… My wife, I think she’s going to divorce me shortly because I’m showing my kids what they should be paying attention to.  And I don’t think 99% of the parents out there are doing that anymore. They’re just trusting the school system and...


Alan:  And it’s not the first generation to do that, you see. They started to really interfere, as Bertrand Russell said, we’ll train the children through social indoctrination so well, he said, scientific indoctrination, that they won’t listen to their parents anymore. But they’d also train the parents not to be so involved in their children anymore, and come to eventually train them that the State would be bringing up the children, morally and so on. And that’s happened. Step-by-step it’s happened right up to the present. And you’re right, most parents hardly see their children, just now and then, maybe at the table, if they even sit together at the table, and then they’re off to their own rooms to play on the computer or whatever they’re doing. And they don’t spend time and say to the child, you know even though you’re being taught all this stuff, remember everything in this world has a spin on it to suit those who already run the world, not to suit you. And it’s a hard thing to put across to a child unless you really take time and care on how to give examples of what you mean. But if it sticks in their head they’ll have a chance in the future, because the future is tumultuous, what’s planned is tumultuous, for the whole world, honestly. We’ve not even gone into the full area, we’re just at the brink of the real austerity program today – postconsumer, postindustrial and into austerity.  And big changes are happening. And those children who have more savvy, more knowledge of what’s going on, are the ones who will come through it without cracking up and being drugged to help them get through it basically. So good for you that you’re taking time with the children. Everybody should be doing it. Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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