October 15th, 2012 (#1193)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt October 15, 2012:

Sanity Maimed by Being Entertained:

"Exposure Inside Entertainment Industry,
"Culture Creators" Named in Pederasty,
Plus "Touching Up" Female Staff,
Brushing it Off as "A Joke and a Laugh",
Young Actors Offered Booze, Drugs at BBC,
By Producers and Actors Giggling with Glee,
You Wonder why Society is Just Done For,
You See the Pervs got Permission to Wage War,
To Bring in the New, Destroy the Old,
A Culture Strong Simply can't Be Sold,
Seeds of Destruction, Unless it's Insidious,
Takes Generations to Bring in the Hideous,
We're Well Beyond Pure Lamentation,
New Normal is Run by Contamination"
© Alan Watt October 15, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - October 15th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of October, 2012.  For newcomers, as always, I get this out of the way very quick every night, in fact, you can help me out by going into cuttingthroughthematrix.com; help yourself out too: there’s well over a thousand audios for free download, where I go through the histories of the big system that you take for granted: you’re born into it and so you take it for granted, your parents did too, and I point out the big plan.  You’re living through a script, and the world is definitely directed, the future is directed, by those who already owned the past, who got together, of course, openly at least, long before, I’m sure, the 20th Century; but at the beginning of the 20th century they began to come out in public, and many front men that worked for them too, the eugenicists, etcetera, were all out in force getting their publications out there to get us all shaped into change, massive change of control by those that were the ‘better’ types: the ones who were eugenically ‘superior’, who already owned, basically, the resources of the world in their day, and their plan was to bring in a world government and guide us all through amalgamation of countries together, like the EU and NAFTA (for the Americas) into this big global society, which they again would rule, and at the end they would use both war (the hard power), and soft power (which is of course economics and the NGOs, the armies of them), to change society so we’d all buckle down under this new system: post democratic.  So, help yourself to that.


Remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me get by, by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I don’t sell anything else and I don’t get money from advertisers, either;  I could, certainly, but then I’d have to start promoting them all the time and then it’s a business.  So, it’s up to you if you want to keep it going.  And remember, from the U.S. to Canada you can still use Personal Checks or International Postal Money Orders from the Post Office, you can send cash or you can use PayPal.  Across the world: Western Union and Money Gram and PayPal once again.  Straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome remember, and necessary. 


But we are living through a script, as I say.  And the technique, of course, of the media, which is all owned by the guys who already own the world who formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations with branches running every government across the world now, almost (the last few are getting bombed out of existence) and they bring in central banking systems; and the idea according to their own historian, Carroll Quigley, was to bring these privately owned Central Banks, using their big club of the money to get us all to cow down into a new austere way of living while they scammed all the cash off you, the extra cash that you used to spend on yourself: now it will all go to essentials only, and that’s what it’s all about: it’s all about that.  Academia is all in their employ as well by the way, and these mandates are through all of academia’s programs, this new “Brave New World” of theirs.  So, help yourself, as I say, and you’ll start to learn that nothing happens by chance.  The wars are planned many, many, many years before you even hear about them starting, even before they start the drums going, of propaganda.  And it’s incredible, even during the Vietnam War the CIA admitted they had many future wars already drawn up and planned out back then: so we’re living through a script, as I say; and not just a script through takeovers of countries, but a script too to do with cultural changes because the biggest war was on the culture of all the independent countries to bring in this new system. Once you degrade society through the cultures those who are degraded, or ‘contaminated’ is the term that they use, once it’s happened you don’t know you’re contaminated: everybody else is around you, you think it’s all quite normal; you have no values left.  Academia has been teaching ‘moral relativity’ for about 40 years now and so nothing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ unless the government tells you, and their court system decides for you what they say is right and wrong, but you yourselves can go along with any opinion whatsoever as though it didn’t affect you, and most folk like that: they don’t like making decisions: they are trained that the government will do it all for you.


Back with more after this break…


Hi folks, I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I’ve talked over the years about eugenics, in fact years and years ago, and everyone has caught up on it since then; and it’s quite good that other ones are mentioning it to the full as well because that’s a big, big part of the system in which you live.  In the Western societies, of course, there were different ideas about bringing down the world’s population.  One was economics, of course, because if you can’t afford even to live you won’t be able to afford to have children, and then they promote abortion (that was one of the big ones, of course).  They also promoted, according to Julian Huxley, they would promote “free love,” and actually they’d exacerbate it until it becomes amplified (neurotic, if you like) and the people would never mate for life and they wouldn’t have children.  Many ways to stop you from having children, you see: economic, massive promiscuity, and a society that doesn’t even go for long-term relationships anymore (it’s actually pushed the other way).  And you get all of that through your entertainment and everything else as well, which is plummeting until there’s hardly a depth they haven’t covered yet.  So you follow what you see and you behave the way that you see the fictional characters on television behaving.  And of course, it’s actually giving you, they’re implying explicitly actually, permission to go ahead with all of these things, that’s why it’s all over entertainment: it gives you personal permission to try all the same things yourselves.  That’s how people work: they wait for permission.  And culture is always promoted from the top down, not from the bottom up.


And eugenics is a big, big part of it, you see.  Across the other parts of the world, the third world, they would do it rapidly: rapid depopulation, which they’re still carrying on with.  Most folk in the West, as we find out from the United Nations, every year they come out with the statistics and tell you that most guys at the age of 22-24 in the West are pretty well sterile or they have dysfunctional sperm: that was all done by design, inoculations and the food that you eat as well because the big boys, like Bertrand Russell and others, talked about it back in the 30’s and 40’s, what they would do, and Charles Galton Darwin; it’s all been done.  But, meanwhile, as I say, people carry on with the cultural decline, and when you do that of course people really lose all moral values: they won’t stand up for anything unless they’re told to; and unfortunately that’s how people really are: they stand up when they’re told to stand up; they’re authorized to; again: they’re given permission.  So, they understand human behavior perfectly well.


This article here goes on to eugenics.  And remember, the guys at the top believe (and they’ve written lots of books about it) that they are the most highly evolved species on the planet: that’s why they own most of the stuff; that’s why they control nations and their economies; etcetera, etcetera.  So, here’s an article here.  And it says…


Impatient Eugenicists Tighten The Screws On Yemen


German Development Bank And UN Population Division Accelerate Depopulation Policies in Yemen.


Last week the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the German Development Bank (KfW) have committed to a program ensuring that their demand for population reduction in Yemen is being realized double quick. Granting 8 million Euros for this new program’s budget, the director of the German Bank Bernd Schönewald joined Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, the visiting UN Assistant Secretary General and Global Deputy Executive Director for the UNFPA.


(Alan: The population division.)


“The new funds, which are arriving as support from the German government, will allow the UNFPA to assist the Yemeni government in implementing much-needed projects, and make sure that every pregnancy is wanted and every childbirth safe in Yemen,”


(A:  And that’s your PR spin, rather than say ‘abortion,’ right.  And it says...)


At superficial glance, this financial injection in these “much-needed projects” by the Germans fits in with Merkel’s recent advocating of financial rescue programs for ailing EU-members. Her stance has raised many eyebrows, and rightly so. However, when we take into account Germany’s financial assistance to population policies in developing countries such as Yemen not a voice is heard.


These continuous cash flows from European bankers into depopulation programs in developing nations are all but new.


The German Development Bank has long endeavored to bring down the Yemen population. In 2010, the Bank put 4.5 million Euros into a campaign to sell population reduction through TV ads and other dissemination outlets. In a 2010 press release


(A:  And all these links are here, by the way, and I’ll put them up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.)


by the German Development Bank, its success in bringing down fertility in the nation is being boasted about:


“Since 2005 KfW Entwicklungsbank has been cooperating closely with the Yemen Ministry of Public Health to initiate social campaigns on the topic of health and contraception and to provide subsidized contraceptives.”


Admitting that these social campaigns are “not centered on contraception or protection from HIV”, the Bank states: “that would be unthinkable for the public.” Instead, says KfW health expert Bettina Zoch:


“We are focusing on the topic of health and the risks that too many births pose for mothers and children, and on the topic that having too many children brings poverty.”


Stating that KfW has installed a national foundation in Yemen “fully devoted to the field of health and contraception”, Zoch admits to attracting national celebrities to bring the gospel of depopulation to the Yemini people. Through the Bank’s “in-country” foundation it has “succeeded in attracting not only popular actors for the TV health spots but also Mohamed Al-Shwaiter, a religious leader who encourages men and women in his sermon to practice contraception. And this is working. In selected villages where the education campaigns were tested, the number of people using contraceptives doubled from 9.2 to 18 per cent within a few years”, Zoch stated.


In addition to public brainwashing campaigns, Zoch also stated that the German Bank, through its national foundation, “developed a contraceptive product line of its own under the brand name Protec. The Protec products are being sold by pharmacies and other private sales outlets and are very affordable, putting family planning within reach of many poor people for the first time. The success is reflected by very high sales figures. From 2007 up to early 2010, 5.5 million Protec condoms, one million monthly cycles of oral contraceptives and 348,000 units of three-month injectables were sold, and 85,000 IUDs were inserted in Yemen.” From the 2010 press release...


A:  So, they’re really pushing it there; but actually remember too, the whole point, it’s not to help the people, it’s depopulation.  And they want all of Africa to come down drastically over the next few years, and that goes way back to the 1970’s and Henry Kissinger, when he talked about it back then.


So, outside society, the big banks and so on, and the World Bank is heavily involved, all these private big banks that run our lives, in depopulation agendas: they’re already doing it as I say in the West, because the domestic populations are plummeting, and they’ve got to bring in massive immigration to deal with the future debt and pay off the debt because no one is having children: big, big plan, you see.


Now, another thing too I’ve mentioned over many years is all of the symbols that you see all around you that you don’t take much notice of.  And many of them are Masonic, of course, and they go back an awful long ways.  You’ll see that with the logos on the big corporations as well, and we take it all for granted.  But there’s many other ones as well.  This one is interesting.  It says…


Russian activists slam ‘gay milk propaganda’


(A:  It says...)


A Russian anti-gay group has asked prosecutors to investigate milk cartons that it claims promote homosexuality to children.


The label of the Vesyoly Molochnik milk, owned by multinational dairy company Pepsi Co, is adorned with a jolly milkman and a rainbow in the sky.


(A:  That’s for the Rainbow Coalition; everyone knows what that means, I think.)


Anatoly Artukh from the People’s Council, says the label is a violation of St Petersburg’s anti-gay propaganda law.


"A rainbow appeared on the cartons, a world-renowned symbol of the gay movement," he said.


"That immediately put me on alert."


(A:  It’s so amazing, because I can remember years ago when various people were coming out from Russia, Soviet Russia, and I think it was a couple of the presidents actually said that the West would fall from within without firing a shot because it would become so decadent.  What they meant was they knew there was a cultural war by their own people inside America through the entertainment industry, primarily, and academia, promoting a lot of stuff that they knew would eventually bring down society, because the culture is the most important thing: you lose your culture, it doesn’t matter who comes in with guns: you won’t fight them, you see— it’s finished.  So, it’s interesting that Russia is noticing the same thing in their own country being used and they’re banning it, basically.  And it says here too...)


‘People are afraid’


(A: Of course; the different spokespeople for the gay movement say they’re afraid, and so on and so on.  It says...)


In fact, any promotion of gay equality has been targeted, including Madonna’s appeal for gay rights at her recent concert in the city.


A: And of course it’s more than just gay rights.  These Pussy Riots they were having and all the rest of it, that group, it wasn’t just making a noise in churches: they were spray painting inside the churches and smashing things as well.  These are radical people.  Would you let them into your home to smash things up?  Should they get away with that too?  These are political movements and they’re world movements.  They’re happening in the States and in Latin America too by the way, and they’re all funded from the same big foundations, for those who don’t know.  So, the big foundations are always behind the big cultural changes, of course, that you have to accept.


Another one here, this ties in with it, actually…


Video: Catholics assaulted, spat upon, and spray-painted as they defend cathedral from feminists


(A: ...Groups.  Just like Russia, you see.  But you’ll see these so-called feminists in a little video that they have up there literally doing all of this stuff, and they get away with it because they are women and no one attacks them back: if it was guys doing it to guys there’d be a pitched battle, as you well know.  But it says...)


POSADAS, Argentina, October 11, 2012, (LifeSiteNews.com) - Angry, pro-abortion feminists mocked, spat on, and spray-painted Catholics who were standing guard in front of the cathedral of the Diocese of Posadas in Argentina on Saturday, an event that was caught on video by professional journalists and placed on YouTube and other media.


(A: I’ll put that up tonight.  But it goes on to say that...)


According to reports by local media, the bishop of Posadas, Juan Martínez, had closed the cathedral and canceled liturgical services there in anticipation of the presence of the women, who had gathered in the city to participate in the annual national National Women’s Encounter, an event that has become notorious for vandalism and attacks on Catholic churches.


A:  So, you understand, these are promoted worldwide and they’re organized by a head that has them working worldwide on the same things across the planet.  So, many things happen this way.  You understand, if you educate the people – remember, education is indoctrination, it doesn’t matter what you’re giving them, you’re always giving them some kind of agenda.  You can radicalize and create any group and use them: easy to do; just tell them they’ve been suppressed and repressed and they’ll really follow you.


Back with more after this....


Hi folks, I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I’m talking about the cultural attacks, of course, that have worked awfully well, until they normalize everything that’s new and you take it for granted and you don’t realize that other bigger minds, way above you, planned it all and for other purposes too because they have their own agenda at the top: they use everyone, and they create the factions that end up fighting each other.


Here’s an article here also.  It says…




(A: There’s already one in the States that I’ve read before; this is one in Britain.  It says...)


‘Jimmy Savile wasn’t the only one at the BBC’, says investigative journalist and former child actor Ben Fellows


Jimmy Savile may be the villain of the moment concerning revelations about child sexual abuse at the BBC, but the truth is there are pedophiles everywhere in the entertainment industry. Many of them are in positions of power and influence within their respective organisations, including adult stars, directors, producers and executives.


(A: And then they give you an account of this guy’s personal experiences as he was a child, and he worked in different theatre companies, big top ones, the Royal Shakespeare Company, as a child actor.  And he says...)


At the age of ten years old I was asked by my drama teacher to go and audition at the Royal Shakespeare Company. They were looking for a mixed race boy to play alongside Hugh Quarshi who was playing Banquo, in Adrian Nobles’ production of MacBeth starring Jonathan Price and Sinead Cusack. Having gone to the audition, taken by my parents, I was lucky enough to get the part of Fleance. However, after the high of getting offered a part in the production, my chaperones – who looked after me like secret service agents (I’m not kidding) – told me that there were certain actors that I was not allowed to be alone with. As a child at the RSC, I was just having a blast and didn’t realise that sexual predators were a part of my production, however, there were certain actors who were famous and who I was warned about.


(A: And I know who they are because if you’ve watched this over the years it’s rather blatant who they are.)


I was told in no uncertain terms never to go into certain actor’s dressing rooms. On one occasion I actually did go into an actor’s dressing room who closed the door behind me. I was offered alcohol… and before I knew it, the dressing room door burst open and my chaperone invited me to go back to my own dressing room.


(A: Then he goes in and gives you many other examples.  He says...)


However, once I’d entered the entertainment industry proper,


(A: Television, etcetera...)


I was not so lucky and ran a gauntlet of pedophiles – both at the BBC and at other television production companies, and also in theatres, as well as on commercial photo shoots. In fact, almost every production I was involved with, I was targeted in some way or another. Looking back, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the problem is both institutional and systemic in the entertainment industry.


(A:  And it certainly is.  It certainly is.)


The casting couch may seem like a funny, perhaps even mythical old Hollywood style...


(A: Which they still do today: if you want to get a part you go on the casting couch and they have their way—that’s what happens.  He says...)


As pre-teen and as a young teenager, I attended many auditions as a child where I was asked to take my top off and pose for photographs, and I was propositioned by male and female casting directors all the time.


(A:  And then he goes on to tell you about his stories.  He says...)


After one audition for a Coca-Cola commercial,


(A:  The same guys, like Pepsi and so on too, that are funding certain things in Russia.)


the Police came to my parent’s home. They advised my mother that I had inadvertently become a potential target of a known pedophile ring. It turned out that the ‘well-known’ casting director had taken pictures of me topless, and those pictures then appeared in what was described as a catalogue and was passed to other pedophiles within the company – and to external pedophiles. These were professionals within ‘the industry’, operating under the cover of an entire production company working with blue chip clients.


On another, more frightening occasion, I was chased around the dressing room by a naked actor who had invited me into their dressing room at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane – and this actor was extremely famous. I was advised by the director of the musical that I was not to complain, or tell anyone of this incident. I was thirteen years old… so I didn’t.


It was not uncommon, and on multiple occasions, that I was propositioned and called into “fake” castings. One fake casting of note was with one of the world’s most successful theatre producers(West End, Broadway), where I was systematically harassed over a twelve month period – whilst having a leading role in the musical dangled like the proverbial carrot in front of my face.


(A:  In other words, how badly do you want this job.)


The BBC experience

At the BBC I did many series and episodes of television programmes. A young actor on East Enders, I was propositioned by another adult actor, but by this time I had become quite a plucky kid so I didn’t tolerate it. But it wasn’t the last time, and I was hounded by that actor for the duration of my tenure on the show.


When I was on tour with a well-known musical, most of the actors stayed in the same hotel. One night I was taken out by a male adult actor. I was brought alcohol and that actor took me back to my room and attempted to rape me. If it wasn’t for my friend - drunkenly bursting into my room, I believe that I might well have been raped. Mind you, I was only fourteen years old.


(A: And he goes on about other things that happened to him.)


When I was fifteen years old, I was introduced to politicians via working from 1990-1994 on the investigative TV show, “The Cook Report”, which became a nightmare. To explain, The Cook Report was an investigative journalism programme run out of Central Television in Birmingham. When I joined the team, I was a confident child actor. I had a powerful agent and I was working on a regular basis across the entertainment industry. The Cook Report needed a child, specifically one who was mixed race to place in front of prominent politicians to lure them into a sting operation – a dangerous honey trap if there ever was one.


Firstly, it was illegal for The Cook Report to exploit me in this way. I was a child for God’s sake! Yet, if I was eighteen but looked fifteen and I fully understood what I was getting into – then fair enough.  But I was only fifteen at the time, so not being able to say no to a job – I joined the team and began my role in the sting.


During the show’s ‘Cash for Questions’ investigation, the first politician who I met was then DTI Chairman, Sir Michael Grylls, who invited me to tea in the House of Commons “tea room” and spent the meeting attempting make untoward body contact with me under the table.


A:  Then he goes on with one after the other, folks, because that’s what’s running your lives, if you haven’t figured it out.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, reading an article about the entertainment industry.  You see, if you want to destroy a culture, these are the ones that you set up in the business.  Do you understand the simplicity of it?  And that’s why your culture goes down the tubes: it becomes more gross and more gross and more gross, and then you behave that way because you follow what you see, especially if you’re brought up with it and your parents have also been degraded in their generation, step by step by step: that was the process, you see.  This is a war.  You’ve got a war going on and you don’t even know it: you are the result of a war, and what you think and what you may even like, and you own behavior.  But this fellow goes on to talk about what happened to him.  He says…


It wasn’t just the celebrities who were at it. A BBC producer, after filming one day on a television programme, took me to a party and introduced me to other BBC staff. I also met a male Guardian journalist who tried to come on to me. I am straight, and as I was a child and even though I probably thought I was cool, I was most certainly naive to the ways of adult behaviour in the industry! The producers took me back to their house in Ealing, a suburb of London, frequented by BBC staff. I was drunk, and a female BBC staff member tried to sleep with me. On another occasion I was given cocaine by famous personalities and crew with the full knowledge of the executive producers, producer and directors. They even had the coke delivered via a BBC courier


(A: ...from their own vans that the taxpayers are all paying for; remember the government owns BBC, and they also charge licenses to watch their rubbish.  It says...)


to the party we were having in a BBC rehearsal room in Acton.


(A:  He says...)


When I was between the ages of ten and the age of consent, on every television programme and theatre job I did, I was either sexually harassed, coerced into drinking too much, felt up in some way, or simply followed home by a crazy male fans. I’ve had actors expose themselves to me and I mean really famous actors, including world-famous movie stars – many who are touted by the sycophantic celebrity-worshiping media as role models.


(A:  And that’s a fact, folks: these are the ones that you’re given as "role models" and you’re taught to worship them as young children— that’s been going on since the 60’s.)


So you can see how recent revelations of Jimmy Savile are of little surprise for me.


(A: And he says it’s a...)


Sickness That Infects the Whole of Show Business


(A:  And even when I was in the business I’d warn young bands who not to go to, in Scotland and in England, because they were well known, these guys who could make the business for them for a certain kind of fee you might say, or exchange.)


The entertainment industry can be a rough ride for a child, and an industry that seems to have little or no internal governance regarding the regulation of sexual predators within its borders. I’ve been attacked on a few occasions and saved by sheer luck, ended up at serious sex parties with male and female prostitutes, bucket loads of drugs, alcohol – and all with some of the world’s most famous industry professionals. I don’t know about now, but when I was growing up in the industry it was rampant and everywhere – and everyone knew about it. It is the industry’s big, dirty secret.


A:  And then he goes on, and he just hopes the people will take this stuff and watch their own children.  But as I say: generation by generation: contamination works that way.  Bezmenov went through it, and it’s all here, folks— it’s all all here. It’s all connected.


Another article too I’ll put up tonight is from a French newspaper on the risk of insurrection in a pan-European society, because the governments over there are having big meetings in France and the rest of them, with the military, to prepare for mass insurrection taking place due to the forced austerity plans, which is down to poverty, and they’ve already got troubles with Spain, Greece, Italy, and Portugal is next I think, as they force this down their throats so that big corporations can take every penny from you: that’s what it’s for.  All your spending money, remember, in this new system is to go for bare essentials, which will awfully, awfully expensive.  So the big boys are losing nothing, they’re gaining a lot by giving you less, you understand.   That’s what it’s all about.  This was planned a long time ago, in the post-industrial and post-consumerist societies.  Look up all the different articles at the Council on Foreign Relations over the years on this very topic, and the United Nations, planned way back and even published in the 70’s about this coming system and even before the 70’s.  So I’ll put this article up for those who want to read it.


And also, it says…


U.S. election: America’s shrinking attention span limits race to the latest bite-size sound bites


(A: Everything you see on television is produced, I hope you understand that, every little thing; nothing is by chance.  And they work out the time limits for you to listen to your bits and bytes of politicians prattling on, and it’s all worked out with both sides, both parties and so on.   This says the Associated Press and Mother Jones video.  It says...)


The remark privately made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney that 47 per cent of Americans don’t pay taxes hurt him in the immediate wake of it becoming known. But the public has already forgotten it, says an analyst, and impressions coming out of the next two presidential debates will have far more influence on voting day.


(A: It says...)


WASHINGTON—For 18 months, it has gone on and on and on. Now the battle for the White House is shrinking to a pinhead — just 180 minutes is all.


(A:  That’s all they need.)


Such are the spiralling stakes of the two final presidential debates: 90 minutes on Tuesday in Hempstead, N.Y., where CNN’s Candy Crowley will oversee a town-hall style showdown, and another 90 next Monday in Boca Raton, Fla., with CBS’s Bob Schieffer grilling Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on world affairs.


Eighteen months versus 180 minutes. The difference rings hollow, if not absurd. What, really, is the point of so epic a campaign when the tipping point itself lasts no longer than an average college exam?


And what does it say about America’s political attention span?


Not anything good, according to media analyst Jack Lessenberry, who tracks election coverage at Michigan’s Wayne State University school of journalism.


Lessenberry likens the shrinking retentiveness of the average American voter to that of “a six-week old puppy.”


And the debates, now more than ever, are the puppy chow — drama-coated kernels of confrontation in place of the far less palatable complexities of policy wonkdom.


It’s a perfect fit for the emerging digital mediascape, which lives or dies by its ability to shape the story into bite-size format. Not so perfect, says Lessenberry, for voters who should be basing their decisions on more than a single night’s worth of news.


(A:  And isn’t that the truth though, eh?  It says...)


“People talk about a media conspiracy. But what’s really happening in this election is an accidental conspiracy — (the media) want this to be a three-act play,” he told the Star. “Because the alternative is a race where nothing change, which would be tremendously boring for cable news.


A:  Well the media is in a conspiracy, they don’t want the people to get bored, so they want byte-sized parts of information for you, and that’s what the public now have been trained to accept.  That’s why you get scattergun –it’s like a shotgun –news.  You’re overloaded with data in no time at all, about 500 little things that you can do nothing about and your mind shuts down: you can’t concentrate on anything, and you don’t even think about checking up on any one of the topics for yourselves.  You expect the media to do your reasoning for you; that’s what Brzezinski said, remember, in his own book: you expect them to do your reasoning for you: that’s why you’re so easily managed.


Also, in England it says a banking protest mural complaining about the banking system of Europe running the whole of Europe now and, you know, getting every country in the hole by borrowing money from these same bankers to throw at the black hole in Greece and elsewhere, and putting all the countries into debt.  This is the new system, you see: the bankers are to be in control; Professor Carroll Quigley talked about that.  And, so anyway, they had a mural painted on a town housing block and it’s been ordered to be removed from the East End, and I’ll put that up tonight too.


It says…


Eight ways China is changing your world


A: It’s a good article.  And what’s interesting to me is, as all this is happening across the world and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is now touting all the chaos in Africa.  And obviously they can’t spare the troops there because the U.S. troops are designated to take out other countries in the Middle East first and then move on to the Far East for other Moslem countries.  Then someone else will have to take over what’s happening in Africa.  Remember too as far back as Arnold Toynbee and others, in the 30’s they talked about the U.S. being the policeman of the world taking over from Britain after World War I, and definitely after World War II more so, and how eventually the U.S. would have various wars and then it would be sunk up to its eyes in debt and would collapse within, and China was to take over: that’s the plan, that China is to take over.  So this article is helping gear you up, I think, to the fact that China will be taking over.


Also, the EU and the Council on Foreign Relations are demanding that China takes more of a responsible role in policing the world, along with NATO, etcetera.  So, it’s all getting shaped up the way it was planned an awful long time ago, for those that think it’s all just transpiring by chance.


And this is an article…


Nobel Prize: Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley win economics award


A: But what’s interesting is the way that they describe their work to do with a new form of economics based on things which you can’t put a price tag on; it’s rather interesting.  And they even used Game Theory on society to do with, really, will you be altruistic enough to donate your organs so as that these guys can grab it and sell it for their pals, stuff like that.  There’s always a con involved, you understand, especially when it comes from big universities by big people.  But yeah, they’re trying to get society to accept things where profit is not the motive, so you give it for free and they make a lot of cash off it. See what I’m saying: it’s a quite simple con, and you get prizes for that now, using Game Theory on the public’s altruistic behavior.  You think we run our own lives?  What a joke, eh? Isn’t that amazing?  It’s amusing.


Generals ‘for hire’ scandal: Former top brass filmed discussing how to set up huge arms deals with the MoD [Ministry of Defense]


(A: And that’s what they do now, you see, they jump.  Same with the top policemen, they jump to private corporations; often too they actually get bills through parliament so as that they can get these private companies involved in private/public partnerships, and then they jump ship and get a bigger paycheck after it’s signed and sealed and they become the top guys with a lot more pay.  Everybody is corrupt now, you see.  So, it says...)


Several generals caught in newspaper sting

Retired top brass boasted of ability to multi-million-pound arms deals

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said scandal was ‘deeply damaging’

But he insisted retired personnel wielded ‘no influence’ over procurement


(A:  So it says...)


Retired military officials could be barred from meeting ministers and officials after a group were caught boasting they could use old Whitehall contacts to secure deals for arms companies.


Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the ‘top brass for hire’ scandal was ‘deeply damaging to the individuals and their reputations’.


(A: They only care about their bank accounts: their reputation goes up with it, it soars with your bank account.  It says...)


‘There are many reasons why it is sensible for the MoD to maintain contact with retired officers,’ Mr Hammond said.


‘But if they are abusing that access for commercial purposes then we will have to tighten it up


A: Well, they’ve been doing this for years— years.  Top cops do it too, they jump over to big private companies and start hacking folks’ telephone lines and stuff for the newspaper articles, things like that.  Quite fascinating.  And then you’ve got the same thing with politicians who have been at this forever, you know.


And this article here talks about that.  It says...


A senior civil servant who was in charge of the government’s welfare-to-work schemes has resigned - to join one of the companies he was overseeing.


(A: See, these guys vote to pass public/private partnerships: once it’s passed they jump ship and they’ve got big salaries working for the private guys who are in it for profits, you see.)


Alan Cave was a director at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), overseeing the Work Programme.


He is quitting to join Serco, the main contractors on the Work Programme in Yorkshire and the West Midlands.


The move has been attacked by a senior Labour MP - but the DWP said civil service rules have been followed.


(A:  Well it’s about time to change them, eh; but they won’t do that because more want to do it in the future.)


Paul Flynn, a member of the Commons Public Administration Committee, described Mr Cave’s resignation as an "egregious example of the revolving door" between government and industry.


A: …which has always been there.  I can remember the five politicians that voted and drew up the bill to privatize the water supply for Britain, and as soon as it was passed they all jumped ship and into the company that they’d set up: they run it all now.  You understand, we’re run by corruption, folks.  But then again, too, they don’t call it corruption at the top; it’s cost beneficial to the public as they jack up all the prices and fatten their wallets.  Psychopaths can easily justify anything they do, you understand.  And that’s how it’s been for a long time, and will continue to be.  Same in the States, same in Canada, same elsewhere: that’s what happens.


And, this article too.  This is from the Hill’s Newspaper…


US ambassador: Internet fee proposal gaining momentum


U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer warned on Friday that a proposal to give a United Nations agency more control over the Internet is gaining momentum in other countries.


Proposals to expand the U.N.’s International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) authority over the Internet could come up at a treaty conference in Dubai in December. European telecommunications companies are pushing a plan that would create new rules that would allow them to charge more to carry international traffic.


The proposal by the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association could force websites like Google, Facebook and Netflix to pay fees to network operators around the world.


(A: Well, it gets passed on to you, folks.  Actually, the whole idea is to get you licensed to be on the internet (I hope you realize that, where it’s all supposed to go.)


Kramer said the idea of an international Internet fee is "gaining more interest in the African states and also in the Arab states."


He said the United States delegation to the conference will have to redouble its efforts to convince other countries that the proposal would only stifle innovation and economic growth.


A: Well, they have to say that back home so that you don’t get the wind up.


And also, this one too to do with the conology of global warming, because it’s a big social agenda, remember.  That’s where the whole plan came up at the Club of Rome: they said that global warming, droughts, famine, plague and all that would fit the bill, because they were asked to get some reason to unite the world fast and that’s what they came up with. That’s what they said: that would fit the bill.  So they conned us ever since.


German Meteorologist On Temperature Models: “So Far They Are Wrong For ALL Atmospheric Layers!”


A:  And he gives you all the data to do with that for those that care, you know.  And, also this article.  It says...


Is This What Global Cooling Looks Like?


(A: And there’s a couple of articles.  One is from the mainstream newspaper in Britain (one of them) and the Associated Press as well.  And it says...)


Early in the summer, a heat wave in the U.S. caused hysteria to break out among climate alarmists and their media enablers.


(A:  Good term.)


The Associated Press headlined, “This US summer is ‘what global warming looks like.’”


Kevin Trenberth, head of climate analysis at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in fire-charred Colorado, said these are the very record-breaking conditions he has said would happen, but many people wouldn’t listen. So it’s I told-you-so time, he said.…


“What we’re seeing really is a window into what global warming really looks like,” said Princeton University geosciences and international affairs professor Michael Oppenheimer.


A:  And I’ll go on with this one afterwards, because you see, the Met Office quietly released the fact that we’re into a cooling phase.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the reality of the weather.  As I say, the Met Office in England did quietly put out their latest report and said the world has been cooling for the last 16 years; you know, the guys who were putting out all the fake statistics and so on, they were caught at it with WikiLeaks, etcetera.  The same Met Office who are living high on the hog from lots of incredible big grants, had to go and admit that, and it was quietly put out, of course.  But at least one of the mainstream newspapers picked it up.  I’ll put that up tonight.  And this other article too from another site too to do with the very thing to show you the real temperatures and the records that have been set already in October for global cooling.  I’ve had about a foot and half of rain here over the weekend, and I’m not kidding about that.  The road is flooded out here; as they want to jack up your property taxes, you can’t get in, but that’s Agenda 21 at work too.


And this article too is to do with...


‘Swift justice’ pilot schemes unveiled


(A: Virtual courts for Britain.  And it says here...)


A substantial increase in the number of flexible criminal justice pilot schemes across England and Wales is to be announced by the government.


The measures include the extending the hours of magistrates’ courts and maximizing the use of video links.


The pilot schemes will launch in 48 areas in the coming weeks, each testing one or more of the flexible measures.


It follows the response of courts to the aftermath


(A: this is the excuse they’re using...)


of the August 2011 riots.


(A:  Even though they had articles out about it long before the riots ever happened, but they must make you think that’s the reason for it, you see.)


Courts across England opened for longer, some through the night, to deal with the large volume of people going through the criminal justice system.


Policing minister Damian Green will announce the new schemes during a visit to Cardiff Magistrates’ Court where he will watch a video link being used.


The initiative is part of the government’s reform White Paper entitled ‘Swift and Sure Justice’ published in July.


(A:  So it’s all done virtually, online basically.  And I guess they’ll give you virtual sentences; maybe you’ll pay it off in the virtual world.  I mean, who knows, eh?  Somehow I think it will be done in real hard cash though, but not virtual stuff.)


The aim is to modernize criminal justice services, speed up court cases and improve transparency for a better public understanding of how the system works (A: *laughs*) and engage local communities in dealing with low-level offending.


A:  You really have to go through some of these articles and look through some of these judges with their long wigs on and their long flowing gowns and stuff.  And I was talking about the entertainment industry earlier and the problems they’ve got, but it’s just the same with the judges, and believe you me, there’s lots of stories coming out in the papers about these characters as well because they’re kind of a weird bunch themselves, and it’s all very "hush-hush" and all that kind of stuff.  But that’s the world we live in, you know: it’s degenerate.  And the folk who get up to the top, unfortunately, have been picked because of their degeneracy because it’s a cultural war.  The main war is always cultural, you understand.  Even if you win a battle physically, then you have to police them with your own troops and that and there’s going to always be resentment and people will be potting you off over the years, just picking you off, by little groups; that’s what you have across the Middle East now.  So it’s better to destroy the culture, then no one stands up for anything: that’s the best form of warfare.  And they talked about it in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, the boys who own and guide this present system.  You understand that?  I hope you do.  And they convince you and teach you and even train you and indoctrinate you from school that one day it would be good to just hit retirement age and take a euthanasia pill, then you won’t be a burden on society, and they can use all your pension money for, you know, spreading wealth across the world, to the third world countries, where they set up their big international corporations: that’s the real world, folks.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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