October 16, 2012 (#1194)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 16, 2012:

United Nations:
Every Cause is Used by Radicalizing Confused:

"Taxing Middle Class Out of Existence,
U.N. Rolls Out Agenda with Persistence,
The Lower Class, Unknown to Themselves,
Are to Be Taxed and Regimented as Well,
For this New World Order, Agenda 21
Was Years in the Making, Just Begun
To Make Itself Felt, Big Changes Follow,
Peace is War, Equality Rings Hollow,
The Private Central Banks, Elevated,
Your Tax Money hasn't Satiated,
Ongoing Bailouts, That is Technique,
To Dispose of Your Income They Seek
Redistributing Wealth, Not to Populations
But Privately Owned International Corporations,
Out of Loop Lefties are in for a Shock,
They're Run by Capitalists Who Talk the Talk"
 © Alan Watt Oct. 16, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Oct. 16, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on October the 16th, 2012.

For newcomers, you should look into the website and make good use of it: cuttingthroughthematrix.com. You’ll see a bunch of sites listed there; these are the official sites. They all carry audios for free download and they carry transcripts for print up, in English. If you want transcripts in other languages, try alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick from the variety offered there. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you, because I don’t take on advertisers as guests and give you a lot of drama. I just give you the hard facts, which aren’t very pleasant but that’s what it’s all about, is who can handle the truth and who can’t, you see. And also, I don’t get advertising money from any products sold and I don’t have shares in any company that makes money off things that are getting sold either. So, I just give you the hard facts and keep it straight and simple and give you the evidence for it too, for what I talk about. So, it’s up to you if you want to keep this going and you can do so by getting behind me and donating or you can purchase the books at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And from the US, remember, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order or send cash or use PayPal. It’s up to you. And across the world: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal. And straight donations as well, remember, are really, really in short supply at the moment, as we go into austerity of course and austerity is part of your big Agenda 21 and the redistribution of wealth. That’s what’s really happening across the world. That’s why the banks collapsed when they had to. They could have kept them going forever, with their con games because they’ve always been based on con games, but it was time, you see, to really put this forward; and out of it came what? To help everyone in your own country? No. Out of it came the redistribution of your wealth across the world via all the organizations of the United Nations. And I’ll touch on that tonight.

Everything is deception. Even the left-wing at the bottom get fooled, because they are the army, of course, to promote all of these sustainable developments goals, etc etc. And they have no idea that at the top there’s a clique of people who have an awful lot in common with each other (an awful lot in common with each other) and they also work with the banks, closely. And their whole future is based on central banks; the big private banks running the world with this massive super-structure of government agencies ruling over your lives, right down to austerity, which is poverty, the equalization of austerity across the world. And they’re teaching you now what poverty means. That was all part of it. They talked about it in the 1950’s. They wrote books about it. They put lots of information from the United Nations out then and in the 1970’s through their own foundations again, they put lots of details of how they were going to do this out. And once again, I’ve got an article here tonight, I’ll touch on in a little minute, to do with the same organization and the plan (the big plan that you’re living through) and you’re meant to believe it’s all happening through bank crashes etc etc. You have no idea how much of your money has been screwed out of you, to throw across the planet. It doesn’t get to the people at the bottom; it goes to corporations that build factories and plants across the world (their own ones). They’re international corporations, remember. That’s the world and the con behind sustainability and the Green movement and all the far left movements. And of course, only the ones near the top are in on the higher truth of it. And they do it very willingly, of course. They’ve done it for a long, long time. Some of them call themselves Marxists and Neo-Trotskyists and so on, all the different things that they love to join and belong to. Most of them want to belong to something, but when you belong to something you’ve got to take all their information and all their agenda and accept all of it, even the parts you might not personally agree with. You must accept it all and be on board with all of it. That’s standard United Nations policy for all these organizations. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back, We’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big system we’re born into and how it’s been on the go for an awful long time on the same agenda, that’s got many branches of it, but they all end up on the same road. The right wing belong to it at the top and the left wing do at the top, as well. That’s the dialectic that you’re trained by, basically, the left and right, and they come to the same ends. Why do you think right-wing parties sign all the big documents from the United Nations? Why do you think they do that, including the redistribution of your wealth etc? Why do you think they do that? Hmm? It was the big bankers at the top that formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs out of the Milner Group. They just morphed into the RIIA and the Council on Foreign Relations. Across the whole planet, they run every president and prime minister, except for the ones they haven’t bombed yet and then they’ll shortly finish them off too and stick in their central bank (privately owned) and they’ll borrow money from the IMF and the World Bank and they’ll be in debt forever. That’s how we’re ruled, you see. Great trick. And at the same time, when you really are helping out these other countries by other means, they start to take your paycheck off you at the bottom, because they call you privileged, you know, in the western countries. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a shack, you’re called privileged. If you can pay your taxes for your shack, you’re still privileged. Anyway, that’s how the con-game works. It’s not to help anyone at the bottom at all. It’s all a mass con-game run by the few at the top who have a... they believe they have a mission in life. Put it that way; a very old mission actually. And they have a lot in common, as I say.

Now, this article here is about the “green path.” It’s called,

“UN’s ‘Virtuous Green Path’ Leads Straight To Mass-Death”


Alan: Folk don’t think about that. They think it’s all to do with handing out chocolate bars from the PR departments at the United Nations, but no it’s the big communist form of takeover for the world, so as that bankers and a small fascist elite can rule over the world easily with communists and all their bureaucratic departments running all of you... if you hadn’t figured that out yet, you see. You have to read all their articles. It goes way back, you see, way, way back to the League of Nations and they just simply morphed into the United Nations. They needed wars, to get both of them going, by the way, and they brought the wars on. Anyway, it says,

“All arms of the scientific dictatorship appear to move in unison. As of late we hear repeated calls for de-industrialization of the developed world by the global elite.”


Alan: Well, they’ve been saying that for forty years.

“In addition an attempt is being made by the elite to integrate so-called ‘population issues...’”


Alan: That’s reduction issues.

“... into other issues such as poverty, ‘climate change’ and other phantoms of doom necessary to fulfill the ancient eugenic utopia.”


Alan: For the guys at the top, that is, who are a different people.

“With the objective of plunging mankind into a new agrarian age, and depopulating the planet while they’re at it, the global elite have set up a broad approach which self-described ecosocioeconomist professor Ignacy Sachs has euphemistically dubbed a ‘virtuous green path,’ more commonly known as Agenda 21.”


Alan: Now, Sachs, I’m surprised he’s still living. This guy has been on the go... he was born in the 1920’s. And on Wikipedia, of course, and other articles, it talks about he was a Polish Jew who ran off to get away from when Hitler went in with the Germans and he went off to South America with his family and then he trained there and then came back to Poland, when the communists moved in, because he was a communist by heart. And he was involved in the United Nations for years, during the Cold War, with the same agenda, with all the other ones working on the left path. The left path, as I say, meets with the right path down the road, you see. Because, you see, at the top, they’re not against banking at all, the present banks that we have, this old agenda by the Royal Institute of International Affairs to put their own banks (these private central banks) across the world, running the whole world. That’s what you have with Europe right now. And that’s the big, big stick now; it’s money; “the power of the purse,” they call it. And so that’s how they get you to do whatever they want. New laws. Well you have to pay up. It’s a new law, you see. It’s law. And they run the legal system. Anyway, it says,

“A 1991 policy paper prepared for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) outlines a strategy for the transfer of wealth in name of the environment to be implemented in the course of 35 to 40 years.”


Alan: Now, they always give you a bigger time line than they actually use. They’ve been actually implementing it all along. Because I’ve got articles exactly the same as this from the 1970’s. It says,

“ As it turns out, it is a visionary paper describing phase by phase the road to world environmental dictatorship. As professor Sachs states in his paper: ‘To be meaningful, the strategies should cover the time-span of several decades. Thirty-five to forty years seems a good compromise between the need to give enough time to the postulated transformations and the uncertainties brought about by the lengthening of the time-span.’ In his paper... ”


Alan: And the link is on this and I’ll put it up tonight.

“... The Next 40 Years: Transition Strategies to the Virtuous Green Path: North/South/East/Global, Sachs accurately describes not only the intended time-span to bring about a global society, but also what steps should be taken to ensure ‘population stabilization’...”


Alan: That’s through sterilization and killing folk off, folks. He says,

“... ‘In order to stabilize the populations of the South by means other than wars or epidemics, mere campaigning for birth control and distributing of contraceptives has proved fairly inefficient.’ In the first part of the (in retrospect) bizarrely accurate description of current events as they unfold, Sachs points out redistribution of wealth is the only viable path towards population stabilization and- as he calls it- a ‘virtuous green world.’”


Alan: The reason for it, because, the wealth also goes, you see, to create the same departments that you don’t know that you have running your lives in government. So, they’ll have bigger governments in all these third world countries, to run their lives for them too, the same types, you see. It says,

“‘The way out from the double bind of poverty and environmental disruption calls for a fairly long period of more economic growth to sustain the transition strategies towards the virtuous green path of what has been called in Stockholm ecodevelopement and has since changed its name in Anglo-Saxon countries to sustainable development.’”


Alan: He says,

“‘(…) a fair degree of agreement seems to exist, therefore, about the ideal development path to be followed so long as we do not manage to stabilize the world population and, at the same time, sharply reduce the inequalities prevailing today.’”


Alan: He states.

“‘The bolder the steps taken in the near future,’ Sachs asserts, ‘the shorter will be the time span that separates us from a steady state. Radical solutions must address to the roots of the problem and not to its symptoms. Theoretically, the transition could be made shorter by measures of redistribution of assets and income.’”


Alan: It says,

“Sachs points to the political difficulties of such proposals being implemented (because free humanity tends to distrust any national government let alone transnational government to redistribute its well-earned wealth). He therefore proposes these measures to be implemented gradually, following a meticulously planned strategy...”


Alan: He says,

“‘The pragmatic prospect is one of transition extending itself over several decades.’ In the second sub-chapter ‘The Five Dimensions of Ecodevelopment,’ professor Sachs sums up the main dimensions of this carefully outlined move to make Agenda 21... ”


Alan: He was heavily involved in this Agenda 21, along with Maurice Strong.

“...a very real future prospect. The first dimension he touches upon is ‘Social Sustainability:’ ‘The aim is to build a civilization of being within greater equity in asset and income distribution, so as to improve substantially the entitlements of the broad masses of population...’”


Alan: We’re all, see, masses, to these guys, these creeps.

“... and of reduce the gap in standards of living between the have and the have-nots.’ This of course means, reducing the standards of living in ‘The North’ (U.S., Europe) and upgrading those of the developing nations... ”


Alan: See how it ties in with your banking crash? Your bail-outs have put you into more debt and of course, putting all of your work and factories across the waters, by the same United Nations and its World Trade Organization.

“... (‘The South and The East’). This would have to be realized through what Sachs calls ‘Economic Sustainability:...’ ”


Alan: That’s all you hear now.

“‘... made possible by a more efficient allocation and management of resources and a steady flow of public and private investment.’”


Alan: So, for those who thought communists were not into that, no, these are the real communists; the real ones, folks. And they’re multibillionaires. It says,

“The third dimension described by the professor is ‘Ecological Sustainability’ which, among other things, limits ‘the consumption of fossil fuels and other easily depletable or environmentally harmful products, substituting them by renewable and/or plentiful and environmentally friendly resources, reducing the volume of pollutants by means of energy and resource conservation and recycling and, last but not least, promoting self-constraint in material consumption...”


Alan: Remember what the Club of Rome says, “post-consumerism.” It says,

“‘... on part of the rich countries and of the privileged social strata all over the world;’ In order to make this happen Sachs stresses the need of ‘defining the rules for adequate environmental protection, designing the institutional machinery and choosing the mix of economic, legal and administrative instruments necessary for the implementation of environmental policies.’”


Alan: That’s why they created the EPA, by the way. They’ve got one in every country now. And:

“Dimension 4: “Spatial Sustainability”: ‘directed at achieving a more balanced rural-urban configuration...’”


Alan: What the communists always do is wipe out and get them off the land (all the small farms and the rural people) and that’s what Agenda 21 is doing with its massive tax increases of private properties etc. and then they put in their big factory farms, because they said that farming is too important to be left to farmers, so they bring in the big corporate farmers. He says,

“‘... and a better territorial distribution of human settlements and economic activities (…).’ ”


Alan: They’ll decide what you’re going to work at and all the rest of it.

“The fifth and last dimension described in the UN policy paper is ‘Cultural Sustainability’: ‘looking for the endogenous roots of the modernization processes, seeking change within cultural continuity...’”


Alan: That means destroying the past in your culture, if you didn’t know.  It’s all been done, you see.

“‘... translating the normative concept of ecodevelopment into a plurality of local, ecosystem-specific, culture-specific and site-specific solutions.’ But to realize such a dramatic new direction for the world, Sachs once again stresses the importance of incremental implementation. A matter of boiling the frog slowly... ”


Alan: That’s all of you.

“... as opposed to throwing the poor animal into a boiling-hot cooking pan: ‘Even if we know where we want to get, the operational question is how do we proceed to put humankind on the virtuous path of genuine development,...’”


Alan: That’s their model of how you should live.

“‘... socially responsible and in harmony with nature. It is submitted that UNCED 92...”


Alan: United Nations.

“... should give considerable attention to the formulation of transition strategies that could become the central piece of the Agenda 21.’”


Alan: Which is always being updated, by the way, for those who don’t know. Back with more on this, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Reading an article about Mr. Sachs at the United Nations, who has had a career in communism and then he moved into... of course he already worked with the United Nations all through the communist era and he worked with all the foundations in America, as well, all through the Cold War. And of course a lot of the foundations are owned by the very big bankers who own your central banks. And that’s touched upon here to an extent, a little bit if you understand what you’re reading. He goes on to say,

“Agenda 21: the UN strategy for redistributing the wealth accumulated by the ‘North’ in order to create a completely ‘balanced’ world society- under auspices of the United Nations of course and the private central banks controlling it. This can only come about by destroying the middle-class. A sudden redistribution and industrialization would not do- for the middle-class would undoubtedly rise in defiance against it. Therefore, Sachs argues for an incremental and carefully planned dissolution of the middle-class phase by phase: ‘To be meaningful, the strategies should cover the time-span of several decades.’”


Alan: It could cover... it’s already done, folks. It’s already been done, most of it.

“‘Thirty-five to forty years...’”


Alan: This was in the 90’s.

“‘...seems a good compromise between the need to give enough time to the postulated transformations and the uncertainties brought about by the lengthening of the time-span. The retooling of industries, even in periods of rapid growth, requires ten to twenty years. The restructuration and the expansion of the infrastructures requires several decades and this is a crucially important sector from the point of view of environment.’”


Alan: They’re talking about infrastructure and expansion of all the government agencies working with the environmentalists and actually there are enviro-systems now running your lives and your governments. That’s already here across the world.

“Then Sachs plunges into his most shocking statement: ‘However, the single most important reason to consider the transition strategies over a minimum of thirty-five to forty years stems from the non-linearity of these strategies; they should be devised as a succession of changing priorities over time.’”


Alan: See, you’re given your priorities. You hear them shouted at you from the mainstream media all the time and through your schools.

“‘A good illustration is provided by the population transition. In order to stabilize the populations of the South by means other than wars or epidemics, mere campaigning for birth control and distributing of contraceptives has proved fairly inefficient.’ Sachs argues that ‘an accelerated programme of social and economic development of the rural areas should be the utmost priority in the first phase of a realistic population stabilization scheme.’ Who or what is to coordinate all this, according to Sachs, and how exactly is the UN to take control? ‘The solutions,’ says Sachs, ‘can vary in terms of their boldness and take the form of global, multilateral or bilateral arrangements.’ These arrangements should as far as Sachs is concerned ensure ‘at least partially the automacity of financial transfers by some form of fiscal mechanisms...’”


Alan: That’s the World Bank, the IMF, folks, for those who didn’t figure it out and through your governments putting money across the waters, through these various agencies. It says,

“‘... be it a small income tax or an array of indirect taxes on goods and services whose production and consumption has significant environmental impacts.’”


Alan: Well, they’ve already got your value added taxes, harmonized sales tax, GST in Canada and so on. So, the US is still to get hit with some of these taxes yet.

“Over time, gradually, these taxes should increase: ‘Starting the operation with a one per ten thousand tax and increasing it so as to reach one per thousand in ten to twenty years seems a fairly realistic proposal, the more so that the scheme creates an interesting market for the private enterprises involved in R and D [Research and Development].’”


Alan: Well, I’ve got whole articles on the big carbon industry, in fact, they’re just having a meeting coming up and all the top corporations, by the way, are in on it. Anyway, it says,

“Reading all this, the question as to what entity should take charge is not difficult to answer. Sachs says: ‘In order to generate maximum synergies between the national strategies and global action, the United Nations should create a forum for the periodical discussion and evaluation of these strategies and a research, monitoring and flexible planning facility to put them in a global perspective.(…). The forum should have a fair representation of all the main actors involved: governments, parliaments, citizen movements...’”


Alan: That’s all your NGOs that are paid by and funded by the big foundations.

“‘... and the business world. Given its importance, it should be lifted from specialized agencies to a central place in the UN system.’”


Alan: You understand, the only way out of this is to literally throw out all your United Nations parties and the ones who work for your government already and tear up all the contracts if you want to live in the future. It says,

“This almost literally echoes the recent call by a group of scientists for the 2012 UN Earth Summit to create ‘a Sustainable Development Council within the UN system to integrate social, economic and environmental policy at the global level.’ The ‘fair representation’ Sachs is talking about is of course only a pretext to get everybody on board. As the ‘Danish Text,’ drafted for the Copenhagen conference in late 2009, clearly illustrates, the IMF and World Bank will always have final say in the construction of any international system.”


Alan: Because that’s what the Royal Institute of International Affairs said back at the turn of the 20th century. They’d set up the IMF (which they’ve done), the World Bank (they set up early, early on, in fact), the Bank for International Settlements (so all the big central banks are under them and it’s part of them). And it’s all been done. And it says,

“This almost literally echoes the recent call by a group of scientists for the 2012 UN Earth Summit to create ‘a Sustainable Development Council within the UN system to integrate social, economic and environmental policy at the global level.’”


Alan: And it says,

“The other, more sinister element of Agenda 21 is of course the concerted effort on the part of the global elite, through multilateral treaties and regulations, to not only control the populations of the world but to cull them.”


Alan: That’s destroy them, folks. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And how are all these policies put in? Remember, it’s the power of the purse in law. You see, they also run the legal system. And they get something passed through treaties like emissions, etc, carbon taxes, greenhouse gases, and all these extra corporations that are living off of you and extra taxes are investing it for themselves and getting stinking rich, you see. That’s good communism. That’s how real good communism works. And of course all that extra cash that you end up paying at the end, deducts from your paychecks that you already have until it’s going to take half or more of your paycheck away. That’s what they mean by austerity: bringing you down to how you ‘should’ be living, you see, without all the frills. You don’t really believe it. You don’t really believe it will happen. It’s happening. It’s got a long ways to go, but it’s happening right now and the rest of it can happen very quickly. Now, also, this Environmental Markets Association, that’s part of it, you understand, the big, big boys, where the cash is, that’s going to plunder you and they already are plundering you. Environmental Markets Association. And it’s got the 16th annual fall meeting coming up. “EMA,” it’s called.

“Upon completion of registration, attendees will be sent a link to the list of attendees.”


Alan: And then it’s got all the companies that are already registered. There’s more to come. But it’s got everybody in it: American Carbon Registry, American Electric Power, Argus Media, BGC Environmental Brokerage Services – great business to be in, multimillion dollar, billion dollar actually; it’s all coming from you and your government also finances these guys with your cash. Bloomberg New Energy Finance, California Air Resources Board, Capital Power Corporation, CE2 Capital, Chelan PUD, City of Glendale, City of Riverside, Climate Action Reserve, Constellation, Dominion, Edison Electric Institute, EOS Climate Exelon, Fulbright and Jaworski LLP, Genon Energy, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Hannah and Morton LLP, Hunton & Williams, Iberdrola Renewables Inc., ICAP Energy, ICF International. It goes on and on: IntercontinentalExchange and all of the big ones are in there too: Platinum Partners, Platts, Pacific Gas & Electric, Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles (how about that – Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles is in on this too), Scotiabank (big one, that’s a big one, Scotiabank), Skystream Markets, SNR Denton, Southern California Edison, Southern Company Generation, Sustainable Plans International, Climate Trust, Energy Authority, Melby Group, TransCanada, Twin Eagle Resource Management, Van Horn Consulting, and a lot more are coming in and they’ll publish that because they don’t like to publish all the big, big ones until the thing’s over and done with. However, you understand, they’re all living on this new bankroll they’ve found, which is your tax money to pay for breathing CO2 out, basically, and you get punished for it. That’s the con-game. See, it’s all being done because you’re guilty of something, like living. You understand? Very clever. And you’re all linear thinkers, not like Mr. Sachs there, you know. He’s not a linear thinker. He’s been brought up to be non-linear; they can get around all things. You can’t; you’re trained to go from A to Z, you understand. That’s how simple all this is. That’s how folk can’t figure it out. {Laughs} It’s quite interesting. I’ll put this one up tonight.

And there’s also one here by the Council on Foreign Relations (the big, big part of it), because whatever they print is throughout all the mainstream media, because they own basically all the members of the big media outlets and of course their editors as well; they all belong to the same organization. It says,

“For US Voters, Trade is a Tough Sell. In late-September, Mayor Mike Bell of Toledo, Ohio, a city of 290,000 about an hour’s drive south of Detroit, hosted a three-day conference for more than 200 Chinese business executives. Like many other cities across the manufacturing belt of the U.S. Midwest, Toledo has suffered over the past decade, during which some 50,000 jobs disappeared and its population fell by nearly 10 percent. But the depressed local real estate prices that accompanied the downturn have attracted new buyers from an unexpected place:... ”


Alan: Yeah, it’s really unexpected, right?

“While overall Chinese investment in the United States remains tiny, over the past year one Chinese group spent $3 million to buy and refurbish Toledo’s largest hotel, and another spent $2 million on a restaurant complex and nearly $4 million to buy up riverside land. To Bell, Chinese money offers some hope of revitalization for his city, and the meeting, as well as his frequent trips to China, was intended to encourage more buyers.  That same week, however, the two candidates in the U.S. presidential election – President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney -- were in Toledo delivering a very different message. Historically, Ohio is the electoral swing state of all swing states. No presidential candidate has won the election without also winning Ohio since Harry Truman in 1948, and no Republican has ever won the Oval Office without carrying the state. Campaign pollsters work overtime to figure out precisely what will sell to voters there. And their message on China was rather different than Bell’s.”


Alan: And of course, both presidents are campaigning to sway, you know, the cattle back home, because that’s what they call you folks, if you don’t know it, that’s what they do. And they don’t mean what they say, of course, they never do, as we always see once they’re in office and then they go off on the same agenda as all the rest of them go off on; it’s only one agenda, you understand, running the world. But the Chinese are taking over because that’s why we set them up. We didn’t set them up... the guys who own you set up China. China had no manufacturing about 40 years ago. But we trained, in Canada, thousands of engineers for China, during the whole, you know, communist era, we trained them all here and in the States and elsewhere and they went back there waiting for their factories to appear and then they signed the World Trade Organization; all your countries did it – all the boys who own you – actually they’re not the boss, they don’t own you (the ones that you see), but their masters told them what to do and they signed that and all your factories were taken abroad to China, you see. It’s all part of the same Sachs agenda, if you can’t figure that out. Most of you probably can’t, maybe some of you can, I don’t know. Because it wasn’t Sachs’ agenda; the big foundations (Carnegie and all the rest of them) had the same darn stuff printed back in the 70’s and the 60’s and the 50’s (1950’s). Same agenda. It never changes.

So, anyway, it’s well on the go. And I’ll put these articles up tonight and maybe a few more, as well, on this whole wonderful business that they’ve got, that’s going to pluck all your money off of you (it’s the big stick), on carbon. Never mind all the government agencies with the big stick that’s going to come down to your home and inspect your private home for leaks and then fine you massively, if they find a little bit, on their meter readings, a little bit of warmth escapes around the window. I’m not kidding about that, folks. That’s what Sachs is on about: giving the power to these agencies, which they’d create and your governments did create. There’s no left-wing and right-wing here; they all sign the same agreements. One agenda. The left-wing and right-wing thing is just to fool all of you, because you wouldn’t like to believe you’re under a single, solitary form of continuous dictatorship or oligarchical dictatorship.

Now, part of it too, and I’ve read an article, as well, from a military magazine from an intelligence officer, who talked about spreading American culture. It’s not American culture, it came from New York and California, as you all know and it was part of this big agenda too, to destroy the old culture and again I’ve touched on that even and Sachs touched on that too. That you’ve got to... he said it in a nicer way but he means: destroy the cultures, in order to control them. Because once you’ve destroyed them, nobody stands up for anybody else. There’s no families. What’s left is dysfunctional etc etc. But I’ll try and find that article. He said that we would spread this American culture, since it destroyed the American society so well, around the world. It’s a warfare technique. Mass pornography, mass, you know Madonna, you know, doing her thing with her fingers and all that, across the world and bring down all the rest of the cultures with it. That was from an intelligence officer. And what you get when it’s all happened, with a steady diet of this increasing, increasing, increasing (just like Sachs does) and you increase and you increase and you increase a little bit at a time, and you have chaos in society. And then more government agencies step in to handle and clean up the chaos. Mass abortions, mass this, mass that, you know.

“UK Paedophile Ringleader Simon Wyn-Davies Jailed Indefinitely at Reading Crown Court”


Alan: This is rampant all over the place now. That’s part of it too. They were brought up on this stuff. And it says,

“The ringleader of a paedophile gang which raped children as young as eight and held abuse parties at a secluded farmhouse has been jailed indefinitely at Reading Crown Court.”


Alan: It’s amazing how they can get the guys who aren’t too high up on the social scale, but with Savile and so on, they protect them for donkey’s years. Years and years because they’re too important. And, you see, they’ve got British lords there. And don’t forget that Savile was asked in on certain delicate issues for the royal family, he was always boasting about it, and Prince Charles. What did Savile say? He said, I can procure anything, on the video tape, I can get anything. You want it, I get it. Do you understand? So, they go after these guys, they get these without a problem, but the others ones, you see, it’s a different world up there. Different world, folks. I’ll put this article up tonight, plus, Jimmy Savile’s Top of the Pops paedo ring, as well. And,

“Four Top of the Pops staff who worked with shamed star Jimmy Savile have also been named as child abusers, The Sun can reveal.”


Alan: It’s quite amazing, because The Sun, look at all what’s on the right-hand side of it (same as The Mail) and you’ve got all these half-naked young females, because that’s how they sell and deculturalize you as well. You’ve been brought up with this stuff. So, there’s your kaleidoscopic schizophrenic introduction, pedophile scandal and all the stuff down the right-hand side that helps to destroy your culture. But it says there was a cameraman and others who were involved in it; now, there’s a lot more than that because I mean anybody who’s been in the BBC has met all these people and they all have strange ways of walking, you know and looking at you and you know it kind of makes you very uncomfortable and you know right off the bat by their talk what they’re getting at and what they are, for those who haven’t figured it out. And, as I say, Savile definitely had very high connections and he was a procurer and of course they’ll drop all of that too. They can’t let it go too high, you understand. In fact, they’re trying to keep it down at the bottom with the cameramen and these guys like that. It says,

“‘All the evidence we are hearing points that way. ‘One woman, who used to be a dancer, says there were at least three members of backstage staff at Top of the Pops who used to take young girls to parties, where horrific and inappropriate things took place.’ ‘We also heard an allegation about one of the cameramen.’ Jon said no famous names connected with the show were mentioned and none of the men concerned were presenters. He revealed that 25 calls to the charity directly referred to Savile. At least one related to Leeds Royal Infirmary, a hospital where Savile worked as a volunteer porter. Jon said: ‘There’s a doctor mentioned...’”


Alan: As well, who was in on it.

“‘...who was closely working with Savile. Both knew what each other was doing.’”


Alan: Savile had his own pharmacist, you know, to get him all the different pills and that for his pals and you know, the high-ups, you know.

“Shocked BBC presenter Jeremy Vine branded Savile ‘one of the most serious predatory paedophiles in criminal history’ yesterday.”


Alan: It’d be even worse if they went higher up the ladder.

“Ex-Newsnight anchor Jeremy, 47, who hosts a Radio 2 lunchtime show, blasted: ‘This is a complete and utter nightmare. The fact that a person was using his BBC prestige and maybe even BBC dressing rooms to attack young children I find completely disgusting as a father of two young daughters.’ ‘I cannot believe it happened for such a sustained period...’”


Alan: Well, he’s been working there all his life, eh? Anyway, it says, one of Savile’s little bragging bouts that he used to have (because psychopaths love to brag about themselves all the time, you know), but he said,

“The grubby star openly admitted to picking up a vulnerable teenager on Scarborough seafront, North Yorks, with her parents just yards away. He described how he pulled the girl into his E-type Jaguar to save her from huge waves lashing the shore. He went on: ‘The inside of an E-type is not over capacious.’ He then launched into a lurid description of the girl’s appearance and went on: ‘Such a start had to mean a good night. Reversing back to her folks’ car she downed the window, said she was going off with me and would be back later. ‘Right’, she instructed, ‘let’s go for a drive’.’ Savile, who lived in Scarborough, then told how he drove home and put the girl in his Rolls-Royce after ‘a diabolical plan formed.’ He boasted: ‘The fall-back seats were a great success and, of course, seeing as I’d saved her from a watery grave she was duly appreciative.’”


Alan: And he prowled everywhere for these people. You understand, these are the people who stalk around and prowl looking for their targets. But he also went into these hospitals and did a lot of nasty stuff there. The hospitals were terrified because they knew he was connected to the bigwigs, you know lords and all the rest of it and royalty. And he had a fascination with the morgues, where he used to go in by himself. He had keys there too. You know dead bodies and things, necrophilia of course was always suggested. And he, himself, he kept saying that: I’m not a necrophiliac, even though he liked to go in and see the bodies. Quite interesting, but then again, you’d be surprised how much of this goes on in this society that’s totally decadent. And the problem is today, society has been contaminated with decadence themselves, and they don’t seem in awful shock about anything anymore. Nothing shocks them, because we’ve been taken down, because cultures had to be destroyed, according to Sachs and all the rest of these guys that work for the United Nations and the communist systems, which is also the top capitalist system by the way.

Plus, the cultural secretary... It’s a good one... I’ve told you this for years. Every government since the United Nations was formed, has a culture department. Now, if you’re all the culture, why would you need a culture secretary? To make sure that they go along with your culture and then start changing it through entertainment and so on. Because that’s their job, you understand.

“Culture Secretary Maria Miller has dismissed calls for an independent inquiry into the Sir Jimmy Savile scandal. Answering an urgent question on the BBC’s response to the scandal on 15 October 2012 tabled by Conservative MP Rob Wilson, Mrs Miller said she was confident the corporation was treating the allegations ‘very seriously.’ It had launched a number of... ”


Alan: So, it’s investigating itself.

“It had launched a number of investigations into different aspects of the scandal, she noted. And police believe Savile may have sexually abused 60 people since 1959.”


Alan: It’s a lot more than 60. I mean, he went into the children’s home and they had hundreds of young girls and boys and stuff like that. He liked boys too (young boys). And there’s more and more revelations from folk coming out all the time. It’s like an avalanche and it’ll keep going and then folk will get fed up with it and then go back to watching their porn, which is camouflaged as drama and comedy these days. But that’s what we’ve got, you see. And speaking of that, I’ve never heard of this show but it ties in. It was on one of the pages there linked to it. It says,

“Sandra Bullock...”


Alan: You know the actress.

“... and Chelsea Handler strip ‘naked’ on Chelsea Lately”


Alan: I guess that’s their comedy program and go through this repertoire of right down to talking about peeing and stuff like that, as they’re nude and they go through this fake attacking each other stuff. But that’s tame stuff for all you lot now.

And this article too, is to do with... amazing, I’ve noticed this, because a whole bunch of videos came out over the years, mainly from homosexuals who were advertising to find partners so that they could cut parts of their, you know, bodies off and fry them up and have a good meal. No kidding, folks. You know. And then with the guy in Canada, who ate his partner, you know, the other guy that he ate. And they spent thousands of dollars to bring him in from Germany, where he ran off to. And now they’re turning out stuff for comedies.

“Morrison turns Cannibal Butcher in her New Show”


Alan: Isn’t that wonderful that it hits at the right time, as they push this to bring you down to what? Necrophilia; as some of the top wigs like that worked in the various communists clubs talked about. It’s here. Back after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And it was Theodor Adorno, who said that, through the Frankfurt institute that was brought over to the States to help create the new American culture. That’s official, folks. They brought them over and gave them charge of creating... from the president, with the Macy group, as well. And other groups, to change American culture. And he actually said, we’ll bring them down to necrophilia. And I’m talking about it here, about a new movie that’s coming out, with Temuera Morrison. And it’s a comedy, of course. They always put it through comedy first. And it’s all about, you know, cannibals and a Dr. Hemi Crane, the cannibal and how fun it is. For those who can’t put things together. And then, just before I take a call,

“Being straight is no longer normal, students are taught at school. ...12 NSW [New South Wales] high schools are being taught it is wrong and "heterosexist" to regard heterosexuality as the norm for human relationships.”


Alan: So, now the big United Nations boys have got it all through your school system and it’s pretty-well gone.

Now, there’s Stan from Ontario, hanging on the line there. Are you still there, Stan?

Stan: Hey, Alan. How you doing?

Alan: Not bad.

Stan: Haven’t talked to you for a while. How is your weather up there?

Alan: I had about 3 or 4 days of solid rain and the beaver dam which is now over the road, by the way.  It went up almost two feet.

Stan: Wow.

Alan: Yeah, incredible.

Stan: We had a couple of days of rain down here in southern Ontario.  Your topics there tonight... I know a retired school teacher and she’s quite mortified with what’s taking place in the education system there now in the sexual education aspect of that. She’s quite shocked.  The agenda that’s taken place this year even in the Ontario schools, right?

Alan: It’s big time. I’ve seen some of it.

Stan: I sent you a couple of articles (the reason I didn’t catch the first 10 minutes of your program today) but you were talking about the CO2 and I sent you some stuff from what’s happening to concur that that’s happening down here, too. We have the St Mary’s cement plant down here, which has got businesses, you know, sort of all over North America.  They’ve jumped on this CO2 reduction thing and it’s quite... it’s quite... I’m amazed they’ve filed for a permanent burn permit, to burn plastics and diapers from this company, ORG World, out of London.  And it’s amazing that it happened in such a small town as St. Mary’s, that they could pass this carbon dioxide scam off because, you know, it’s an agricultural community and you’d think guys would be falling off the farmers’ tractors saying, what? CO2?  And they did this at the same time they hired a bylaw officer in town and they’ve got this bylaw officer, you know, you can’t smoke in public in the parks anywhere and you can’t have open fires.  And they banned water bottles, plastic water bottles at early education systems down here at the schools; you know, they knew that that was hazardous. So now, all of a sudden it’s OK to burn 80 tons of plastic, right?  The only way to describe it is insane, right?

Alan: These guys, literally, work out the death rate that they expect to happen and cancers and various things. They work it out in advance and they have an acceptable economic death rate according to the economic benefits.

Stan: You and I know that, we know that and your listeners know that, but I also wanted to add in very quickly is CO2webtrade.com, the Ontario Ministry of Environment is now doing the trading emissions...

Alan: That’s right.

Stan: On the carbon credits now, right?

Alan: That’s right. And also too, remember that the EU (the economic union of Europe) gave out free carbon credits so as that the big corporations could start trading amongst themselves. They’ve been making profits for the last 5 or 6 years now off the general public because they’re all financed by the general public, and it’s all passed on to them too, all the costs. It’s a great business, massive business. No outlay, at all. You pass imaginary nothings around and just get massive money coming back.  Thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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