Oct. 18, 2012 (#1196)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 18, 2012:

Aerial Spraying:
Quack Science Lofty is Killing Us Softly:

"Aerial Spraying Leaves a Toxic Taste
In the Nose and Mouth from Toxic Waste,
Sprayed Over All, "Saving Us from Warming",
Weather Warfare, Daily Poison Storming,
Some Sprays Disperse Natural Cloud,
Combinations Make Monsoons, Thunder Loud,
Meanwhile All Governments Keep "Mum"
On Toxic Consequences Now and to Come,
Small Birds and Animals Going Extinct
Asthma the New Normal, We're on the Brink
Of Depopulation by Crippling Disease,
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Kill with Ease"
© Alan Watt Oct. 18, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Oct. 18, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.† I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 18th of October 2012.† Newcomers, as always, make sure you make good use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and youíll find lots of audios for free download, lots of information on the system that youíre born into, that you take for granted. And of course I go through the system as it was built up a long time ago, including all the agendas they planned to bring forth over a century and a half. And guess what, youíre still going through it. All the evidence is there from the top. Many of the participants of course even brought out their own books and autobiographies on their part in designing this system you take for granted, including the cultural changes that would happen generation by generation. And itís all out and formatted for you to help yourselves to.


Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you because I donít bring on advertisers as guests, and I donít sell anything except the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. I donít have shares in companies, etc, etc, that sell you products on this, at all. So if you want to keep me going you can help me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.† [Order and donation options listed above.]† Remember, straight donations are very, very welcome.


As I say, I go through the system to show you the big boys who helped plan the system a long time ago. I go through their books, occasionally, and mention pertinent parts that they let out into the public domain, to show you that, as I say, nothing, nothing is happening by chance, including all the wars that youíre going through right now. The wars that youíll see across the Middle East have many purposes and functions to fulfill, including the so-called human rights, etc., as they standardize the culture across the planet, they standardize the world banking system under the guise of democracy.† The big banks get the countries into debt and the financiers at the top then hold the power over every single country in the world. The banking system decided a long time ago to set up what youíre living through now, what you think is normal, and it is THEIR system. Itís not the bankers that you go and cash your checks at. These are the guys who are international money lenders, that set up the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs a long time ago. They run every country in the world through their central banking system, all private, and the central banks are all under the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Their own historian has written a lot about this. You have to read The Anglo-American Establishment to find out what their big plans were.


Youíre living through it, as I say.† And hence you have all this chaos, which you take for granted, which you think itís just ongoing war and youíre trained now to think that perpetual war is quite natural. The war isnít just on countries, by slaughtering them.† Itís a war on ALL the nations of the world and all of your cultures, your traditions, etc. They all have to be annihilated to bring in this new mushy culture of the new world order, as they like to call it.† Most folk as I say are adapting to it. Theyíre adapting step-by-step.† Most folk again are mind-bombed by the amount of data thatís spewed out every day by the big boys themselves, and they adapt to that as well.† They adapt to all the changes. They canít tell the difference between marketing, hyper-marketing strategy, and truth anymore.† And itís an unfortunate thing to say but itís true.


Tonight Iíll be going through some of the things that are going on in Canada and the States and elsewhere to do with geoengineering, because itís happening daily. Itís been happening daily since 1998, and not one government in the world is going to own up that theyíre actually behind it all. Theyíre killing off the birds, by the way. Even their official government records say in the last three or four years, five years, theyíre down about 80% in Canada. Everything else is dying off too. Where does that leave us? What about us?† ÖDo you really care?† Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix. As I say, most folk adapt into the system theyíre born into, as their parents did as well, never knowing that thereís a big, big agenda, in any different direction including world government and all these kind of things. There are so many facets of it including political correctness, where everyone is supposed to be free and happy regardless of the group they belong to, no matter what theyíre into, and weíre all supposed to adapt together, even though thereís fallout across society because of all the happiness together kind of stuff thatís preached to us.


But at the same time too, youíve got these ongoing wars, and you also have eugenics on the go and cost-effectiveness of keeping people alive, and economy, etc. Itís all part of the same system; Iíll touch on that tonight as well, and how theyíre literally bringing in the death rate into their budgets for national health services, how to step it up and how to withdraw treatment for elderly people, and other people too.† You donít have to be elderly, if they say that youíve got a terminal illness then they just simply speed up the process and donít treat you, and allow you to die quicker; itís more cost-effective. Thatís what itís coming down to, because everything is run on economics, you understand.


As I mentioned, going back to the geoengineering, people are taking it for granted, as they cough their lungs up. And we have a massive rise across the world, because itís a worldwide plan you understand, to do with asthma and bronchitis that people just canít shake off. The pharmacists know itís going on because they sell all the products and the antibiotics and all the antihistamines, to try and deal with it. But they donít know whatís causing it either because they never look up either. And everyone is trained to wait for the media to tell you that thereís something wrong and hereís the problem. If the media doesnít mention it then it canít be true, you see; itís just a conspiracy theory, even though itís all above your heads every darned day and very few folk take the time to stand and watch it happening.


This morning, for instance, I went to a little garage up the road there and just before I left I watched them spraying away, and the sun was still penetrating to an extent. I got back in about 15 minutes and the whole half of the sky was just this dark orangey/black muck and that was all from the spraying, because theyíve added more compounds and chemicals and minerals into their deathly mix, you see. And sure enough, within about an hour or so, an hour and a half, it started raining buckets. They can either disperse the rain by the stuff they dump into it, or they can cause rain. Itís great too for weather warfare, because that was the initial idea of it; thatís where it all came from, that idea, weather warfare.


Yesterday, I think, or last night I mentioned about the fact that the big boys too, that have the mines and the factories, decided to rather than just pay the Mafia to dump all their stuff from the accumulation from the chimneys, theyíd get the people to use it as fluoride, and itís going to be good for you. Massive publicity campaigns, Bernays was involved and all the rest of it, to convince you that you should eat the toxic waste, that these guys used to have to pay to get dumped. Itís still going on of course. All the dumping from the mines generally is dumped in international waters. Thereís lots of articles out there in mainstream about this going on with the big mining companies.


But then they hit upon the idea of geoengineering, you understand. And rather than do that, Well, letís just use this stuff in the skies to block the sunlight; it will kill off a lot of the wildlife on earth, including the people too, but thatís okay, it will be very profitable, for those involved. So under the guise of science theyíre killing you all. And most of you donít even care. You donít care. Even though you see the weird weather, youíll see thunderstorms roll in and thereís not a drop of rain. They start spraying like crazy above them, and thatís all thatís left at the end is all these trails and thereís no rain at all; they disperse it.† Or else they bring it in and dump it all on you, depending on the spray mix they use.† And we havenít got a single complaints department as this is all happening to us.


As I say too, thereís lots of articles, including governmental studies, because of course they study what theyíre doing, but always under different guises so as we donít catch on. And theyíll tell you, as I say, that wildlife is dying off like crazy. It must be acid rain, they say, even though in their own files they say that acid rain died out years ago, because there are no factories left in Canada, for instance, that used to spew this stuff into the air, plus they brought in catalytic converters and that massively reduced it. So that died away. That was another big hype, acid rain you see, that died away. But they still go and use that excuse, it must be that thatís killing off the birds in the last five or six years, because theyíve got to cover whatís happening with some other excuse, rather than say, well weíre causing it by geoengineering.† Meanwhile the geoengineering groups that meet every so often, supposedly to hypothesize on the probability of doing it in the future, theyíre already doing it. Theyíre all in on the know and they know what theyíre doing to the public as well. And theyíre getting awfully well paid Ė they ainít going to turn and start informing us that theyíre killing us and itís not working.


You understand, Huxley talked about this, Aldous Huxley, the scientific dictatorship. Governments donít listen to the people; they havenít for about the last hundred years. They bring experts in. Experts are often front men for big corporations. Again, read the articles by Bernays, how he started this, elevating the expert to stardom syndrome, back in the early 1900s, with massive propaganda. And how he even set up institutions, supposedly institutions.† It would be one little dingy little office with a little maid in it who would answer the phone once in a blue moon, and this would be the expert facility were three or four other experts, supposedly, would reside, physicists, etc, and health and doctors, etc., to con the public that the stuff that they were promoting was good for you. And all they did was go around to a few professors, get their names on their plate, the professors never turned up, just get their names on it and it sounds very official, and the public fall for the gimmickry, whatever theyíre selling to you.† Itís still going on today.


Now hereís an article here today, for instance. Itís the same topic but itís off kilter a little bit. Because this con was devised a long time ago too, and small-scale experiments have proven it doesnít work.† However, this is mainstream, and it has to come from Britain, this story, about Canada, because Canadians wonít print it, you see. They donít have the balls to print it here in Canada. It saysÖ


Canadian government 'knew of plans to dump iron into the Pacific'

guardian.co.uk / 17 October 2012 / Martin Lukacs


Chief executive of company responsible for controversial geoengineering test implicates several departments.† (Alan:† ...government departments.)


As controversy mounts over the Guardian's revelations that an American businessman conducted a massive ocean fertilisation test, dumping around 100 tonnes of iron sulphate off Canada's coast, it has emerged the Canadian government may have known about the geoengineering scheme and not stopped it.


The news combined, with Canadian obstructionism in negotiations over geoengineering at a United Nations biodiversity meeting in Hyderabad, India, has angered international civil society groups, who have announced they are singling out Canada for a recognition of shame at the summit Ė the Dodo award for actions that harm biodiversity.


They are criticising Canada for being one of "four horsemen of geoengineering", joining Britain, Australia and New Zealand in opposing southern countries' efforts to beef up the existing moratorium on technological fixes for global warming.† (A:† This is a con, this whole global warming, if you havenít figured it out.)


The chief executive of the company responsible for spawning the artificial 10,000 square kilometre plankton bloom in the Pacific Ocean has implicated several Canadian departments (A:† ...government departmentsÖ), but government officials are remaining silent about the nature of their involvement.† (A:† Well I mean, theyíre poisoning the public from the air as well and theyíre silent about that too. When one parliamentarian brought it up in Canada, from Sudbury by the way who went to the federal government, they were told by the Minister of Defence that it was a matter of national security and they couldnít speak about it -† spraying us like little insects.)


In an interview with Canadian radio, John Disney (A:† This is one of the guys who is a PR guy behind it.) said: "I've been in touch with many departments within the federal ministry (A:† ...thatís the government.). All I'm saying is that everyone from the Canadian Revenue Agency down to the National Research Council and Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada Ė these people, they've all known about this."† (A:† ...what he was up to, in other words.)


The Guardian has seen government correspondence which indicates that Environment Canada officers met with Disney's company in June and expressed their misgiving about any ocean fertilisation going forward, but appear to not have taken further action.


After the huge experiment happened in July, Canadian government officials were anxious to find out if the company's boat flew under a Canadian flag and whether the iron was loaded in Canada.† (A:† ...never mind the dumping the waste in the sea. Thatís what it is, folks, if you havenít figured it out by now.)


A large number of Canadian personnel have been involved on the boat, the largest fishing vessel under Canadian registration in the province of British Columbia. Disney, who is also a non-native economic manager for the indigenous council in the Old Masset village in Haida Gwaii, told media that the iron was brought from Alberta.† (A:† It will be some mine that dumped this stuff. Do you understand that Monsanto and all these big boys have their own mines? Do you know that? And they have dumped selenium and other stuff too, elsewhere. A lot of this stuff is used, in all this dumping and the spraying.† This killed well over a hundred sheep down in the States there, where a guy stumbled into a disused mine of Monsantoís.)


Russ George, a colleague of Disney's, told the Guardian: "Canadian government people have been helping us. We've had workshops run where we've been taught how to use satellites resources by the Canadian space agency. [The government] is trying to 'cost-share' with us on certain aspects of the project. And we are expecting lots more support as we go forward."


Environment Canada officials refused to comment, saying "the matter is currently under investigation."† (A:† We have internal investigations in Canada that fade off into the sunset.)


"To clear these serious allegations of complicity the Canadian government needs to speak out and account for these events," said Jim Thomas of the international technology watchdog ETC Group. "Officials need to condemn this dump as a breach of Canadian laws and take swift action against geoengineering: in Haida Gwaii that means initiating measures against Russ George (A:† Thatís the guy who owns the company; heís a businessman by the way.) and any Canadians involved, while in Hyderabad that means backing a global test ban."† (A:† Itís about time they did a global test ban on spraying as well, isnít it? 1998 is when they started daily spraying all Canadians and other countries across the world. This goes way up to the United Nations.)


Sources indicate that the Council of the Haida Nations, the political body that speaks for all Haida people, is passing a resolution that any future decision on such projects will have to be ruled on by the entire nation, rather than by one village.† (A:† ...one small village. Iíll be back with more on this after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the system, the big system that runs ahead regardless of what the publicÖ They donít even tell the public whatís going on. How can you complain if you donít know whatís going on? All you see is the aftereffects, and they wonít even tell you why these aftereffectsÖ or theyíll blame YOU for the aftereffect, oh youíre causing it all, all you public out there. This is the con game that goes on with science. Itís very common.


Science is completely intertwined with grants from the big foundations that run the world. And they have massive marketing campaigns to present whatever theyíre up to in the best possible light, and thereís always a con as to why theyíre doing stuff. But dumping of toxic waste is dumping of toxic waste, no matter what benevolent purpose itís supposed to have, including dumping all this stuff on top of you through the aerial spraying. Theyíve added a lot more stuff to it in the last few months, by the way. Theyíve added sulfate to it, thatís going to kill you all off, as youíre breathing it in. Itís killing off the animals. Even the moles in Canada are coming out of the ground and dying, again.† Thereís hardly anything left here. Thereís hardly a bird all darned summer in the whole darn forest. And the government knows it, from their own reports.


So anyway, this says hereÖ


Sources indicate that the Council of the Haida Nations, the political body that speaks for all Haida people, is passing a resolution that any future decision on such projects will have to be ruled on by the entire nation....


Well, forget the Haida, itís time you realized itís all part of Canada and the darn world here, as you spread poisons and toxins into the water supply and the sea. And private business has got to get their butt out of this, instead of dumping their toxic wastes. Because thatís what it is, you understand, the same as fluoride in your toothpaste, scrapings off big chimneys. How do we get rid of it, rather than pay the Mafia to dispose of poison what do we do? Weíll convince the public itís good for them... MASSIVE marketing campaigns, and itís still going on.


Another article too, thereís two articles on this hereÖ


World's biggest geoengineering experiment 'violates' UN rules - guardian.co.uk / 15 October 2012


Itís not the biggest.† The biggest one has been going on over your heads since 1998, and itís time folk really started chatting about it, because a lot of folk are getting awfully sick on it, and thereís folk dying as well with constant asthma attacks. People are getting asthma attacks now for the first time in their 40s, and thatís now normal. It was never heard of before. Itís now a new normal, folks.† And itís time the public got really awake and started fighting back, because otherwise theyíre just simply going under... going under. Youíre conned left, right and center by massive marketing, professionally-produced campaigns.†


So Iíll put both of these links up tonight and people can see what they think for themselves, and hopefully take some action. Start bitching about it to the authorities. It doesnít matter which authorities you bitch to, you just got to keep bitching... until we either die off in the process or we get heard before we die off, because itís that bad. Itís that bad. The trees are dying off for Godís sake. Aluminum oxide is deep into the ground now, and the older trees, some of the older trees have more of a chance of living with deeper roots, but all the young ones are dying off. And they know whatís causing it.


Another article too, and itís to do with... ha... the wonderful thing to do with the European Union, another big con game that was dreamed up by the arch communists who were also multibillionaires, if you havenít figured it out. The top communists were all billionaires, still are, in the Economic Union thatís running the whole of Europe. They pushed out all the multiculturalism, took down the borders basically of countries, because free trade is supposed to have the free transportation, as well, and movement of all labor too.† They brought in welfare states to demolish old cultures, you see, to bring in the new mush culture, which is simply political correctness and obedience to the big authority. And theyíve got all these problems all over the placeÖ


Human trafficking to UK 'rising'

(A:† Itís been going on for years now with it.)

bbc.co.uk / Tom Symonds / 18 October 2012



The number of people being trafficked into the UK is rising, latest government estimates suggest.


Last year the authorities learned of 946 victims, compared with 710 in 2010, the inter-departmental ministerial group on human trafficking said.


Trafficking gangs in China, Vietnam, Nigeria and eastern Europe now pose the biggest threat to the UK, it said.


The government said better co-ordination between its departments and with authorities abroad was key.† (A:† Well thatís all BS, as you well know.)


But anti-slavery groups warned government "failures" had led to "significant steps back" in the fight.


(A:† And it goes through different things that are happening over there.)


The Met says it carries out two such raids every week, on average.† (A:† Thatís just in East London.)


Two miles away in a second house, they found a Lithuanian family living in one room. A stack of mail showed that a large number of people have stayed there before.


They questioned the Lithuanians who said they were being paid below minimum wage to work in a recycling depot and building firm.


The room costs £140 a week. There was a CCTV camera watching the door of the house.


Are they victims of people trafficking? It's not clear, and often those involved haven't asked themselves the same question.


But police say those who try to run are often subject to violence.


What they do, you see, the big businessmen come in and they buy up lots and lots of property; thatís how it works Ė it doesnít say it here but thatís how it works. Then they bring in the destitute from their own countries, they bring them over, theyíll pay their way for them and then you owe them forever. They dump you in these places, put you in sweat factories and sweatshops, and then they take everything from you at the end of the week, thatís your rent and so on, and youíre left with the minimum of things to eat on. You can never save enough to get out of the mess; youíre stuck there for years. The same thing is happening in the States all over as well, happening for years, folks. They know all about this; theyíre doing nothing about it. So anyway, Iíll put this link up too.


Also thereís an article on this one. It saysÖ


3,000 doctors [in Britain] putting patients on 'death lists'

that single them out to be allowed to die

(A:† ...meaning, to make them die quicker, folks. Donít treat them, in other words.

†Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big economic system youíre born into, run by the boys at the top, who naturally run everything else, including all the sciences beneath them. Because you see, they give all the grants to the scientists and tell them where to go with their findings. And their findings must always be taken over by the marketing departments to put the best face on everything, to con you that itís the best thing that ever was given to you. And itís worked all the time, you see.† And politicians are all on the take, theyíre all on the take with this stuff, just like the scientists too. Massive grants, under the table stuff, all that, thatís the real world.


But as I say, theyíre bringing in the National Health Service in the States, copied after Britainís system which is the pits, the absolute pits, not that Canada is any better because in Canada you can hardly see the same doctor twice if you bother trying to visit them in these walk-in clinics. Of course itís all based on economics, you see. Thereís too many people in the world, oh itís just unsustainable to treat them, and all the stuff they come out with, the unsustainable mantra. Anyway, the RAND Corporation, remember, was the one that was given the job to find out the best system for the US and they copied Britainís system.† Iíve got the article here from RAND; it was given to the government, the US government. Anyway it saysÖ


Thousands of patients have already been placed on 'death registers' [in Britain] which single them out to be allowed to die in comfort rather than be given (A:† ...rather than give them...) life-saving treatment in hospital, it emerged last night.† (A:† You understand the PR way of saying this?† Theyíve been singled out to be allowed to die in ďcomfortĒ, you see, rather than be given life-saving treatment in hospital. ...LIFE-SAVING treatment in hospitalÖ doublespeak.)

Nearly 3,000 doctors have promised (A:† ...for the government.) to draw up a list of patients they believe are likely to die within a year (A:† It might be a year or two, but regardless theyíve all got you marked down ahead theyíre going to let you die.), Department of Health figures showed yesterday.


As part of an unpublicised campaign endorsed by ministers (A:† ...unpublicized, of course, because they donít want to tell the public weíre going to kill youÖ), GPs [general practitioners] have been encouraged to make lists Ė officially known as End of Life Care Registers Ė of people they believe are going to die soon (A:† ...they believe it, you seeÖ) and should be helped to do so in comfort.† (A:† In other words, as cheaply as possible.)

They have been asked to earmark elderly patients who show signs of frailty or deterioration during routine consultations at their surgeries.

Although more than 7,000 patients nationwide have already been put on the list, there appears to be no obligation for doctors to inform them.† (A:† You donít even get told youíre on the list. And youíll believe, trustingly, oh if I go into hospital theyíre going to help me. No, theyíre going to kill you.)


Some medical professionals went public with their worries yesterday following the Daily Mail's disclosure of the NHS request to doctors to put one in every 100 of their patients on death lists.†


(A:† This is eugenics straight and simple. And economics, you see. Oh, we can spend billions on wars, for the big corporations to go in and plunder oil and everything else from people; the country doesnít get anything back, just the big corporations. The politicians involved get lots of backhanders, mind you, and helped up the ladder once they leave politics. This is how the corruption works. Itís always been like that.)

Dr Peter Saunders, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, warned about the risks of drawing up 'quotas' for the dying.

'We all know that doctors' estimates of patients' lifespans can be sometimes accurate but sometimes wildly inaccurate,' he said.

'A skilled doctor can in the great majority of cases assess when a patient is within a few hours or days of death. However, once we start to talk about weeks or months (A:† ...and of course years...) we know that we can often be right, but equally very badly wrong.'† (A:† [Alan chuckles.])

The NHS is pushing for the death lists at a time when a keystone of its 'end of life strategy', the Liverpool Care Pathway (A:† ...Care Pathway, is where they starve you to death.), has come under fierce criticism from leading medical figures and families who believe their loved ones have been wrongly picked out in hospitals as dying.

Mr Saunders yesterday said he was concerned about the increasing use of the Pathway, adding that 'we know that some people have been put on it inappropriately'.† (A:† In other words, they wouldnít have died.)

Under the LCP, hospital patients judged to be in the last days and hours of life are spared life-saving treatment, and often heavily sedated and denied nutrition and fluid by tube.† (A:† ...just starved to death, folks, and dehydrated.)

One leading critic, NHS consultant Professor Patrick Pullicino, has said use of the Pathway is a self-fulfilling prophecy and amounts to assisted death.† (A:† No, Iíd call it murder, myself. See, murder is when youíve got an alternative, and youíve got an alternative to keep them alive, you see. Itís murder. Call things what they are and stop using their terms, and for political correctness. See, they give you the terms to use; it throws your head in a spin.)

Guidance for GPs says patients on the death registers should be asked if they wish to die at home so money can be saved on hospital admissions.


Patients are also being encouraged to make up 'living wills' which instruct doctors to withdraw food and fluid tubes if they become too ill to speak. (A:† So, in other words, a legality, so they can get off the hook in case anybody wants to sue them in the future.) Such patients, GPs have been told, are 'less likely to be subject to treatments of limited clinical value'.


Figures from Care Minister Norman Lamb in a report on the NHS End of Life Care Strategy show 2,900 doctors have signed up, including 1,000 GPs.

The report said by the end of March 333 GPs had registers in operation, with 7,723 names. Of these, 2,534 were patients diagnosed with illnesses other than cancer. Some 3,531 patients agreed to 'advanced care planning', which can include agreement to a living will.† (A:† Youíre conned into every stage of it. Because the last thing you think of is theyíre trying to get you to die. You donít think about that.)


Doctors do not appear to have been instructed to inform patients or families when names are added. No patient or family has yet come forward to say they knew about their inclusion in a register.† (A:† By the way, thereís actually a list, a tier system here according to your value Ė it doesnít mention it here Ė your value to your society. Isnít that wonderful?)

Instead doctors are encouraged to have discussions with patients in which they raise the question of how long they are likely to live and how they should be cared for.† (A:† Youíre connedÖ conology here.)

NHS end of life care director Professor Sir Mike Richards said in the report that the campaign 'has reached its midpoint target of 1,000 GPs signed up by August 2012'.† (A:† See how they work everything way in advance, step by step.)


The Department of Health said: 'Patients can be placed on the GP End of Life Care register without their knowledge. However, being on this register purely means they have been identified as needing an end of life care plan.†† (A:† [Alan chuckles.] In other words, it really simply means that youíve been identified as needing to be killed. You have to reword things as they really ARE, because PR is scattered through everything, public relations, or PROPAGANDA. Propaganda is giving you part of a story so that youíll make your mind up on the limited information youíre given, often wrong. Itís always wrong without the rest of the story isnít it? But folk never catch on.)


And this article here too, to do with the Boy ScoutsÖ


The Boy Scout 'perversion files': Thousands of pages of secret documents reveal how abuse of boys was covered up for DECADES

dailymail.co.uk / By Associated Press / October 2012


14,500 pages detail horrific stories of abuse of children - some of which resulted in no prosecutions.


Also includes allegations of cover-ups and efforts by police and city officials to keep the Boy Scouts name out of cases.


Again and again, decade after decade, an array of authorities - police chiefs, prosecutors, pastors and local Boy Scout leaders among them - quietly shielded scoutmasters and others accused of molesting children, a newly opened trove of confidential papers shows.† (A:† See, it was boys they were molesting, folks, you know. Again, theyíre scared to even say that because of PC, you see.)

At the time, those authorities justified their actions as necessary to protect the good name and good works of Scouting, a pillar of 20th century America. (A:† Again, you have to get it out of Britain to get the American story. You see, this is how they do things. Canada will get mentioned elsewhere, but not in their own country. The States will get mentioned elsewhere, not in their own country. Sometimes in the States theyíll mention Britain. This is how you get news.)


But as detailed in 14,500 pages of secret 'perversion files' (A:† Itís actually called Ďperversion filesí...) released today by order of the Oregon Supreme Court, their maneuvers allowed sexual predators to go free while victims suffered in silence.†


(A:† Thereís actually a video with it too, but it says hereÖ)

The files are a window on a much larger collection of documents the Boy Scouts of America began collecting soon after their founding in 1910.†† (A:† ...1910, up to the present.)


The files, kept at Boy Scout headquarters in Texas, consist of memos from local and national Scout executives, handwritten letters from victims and their parents and newspaper clippings about legal cases.


The files contain details about proven molesters, but also unsubstantiated allegations.† (A:† Because they havenít investigated a lot of them, in order so that it wonít give the Boy Scouts a bad name.)

The allegations stretch across the country and to military bases overseas, from a small town in the Adirondacks to downtown Los Angeles.

In some cases, local law enforcement did nothing - despite a confession - seeking to protect the name of Scouting over their victims.


One of the more shocking cases was the distraught mother who, on August 10, 1965, walked into the third floor of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office and explained that a 31-year-old scoutmaster had raped one of her sons and molested two others.

Six days later, the scoutmaster, an unemployed airplane mechanic, sat down in front of a microphone in the same station, said he understood his rights and confessed: He had sexually abused the woman's sons more than once.† (A:† Itís all homosexual pedophilia.)

'I don't know how to tell it,' the man told a sheriff's deputy. 'They just occurred Ė I don't know an explanation, why we done it or I done it (A:† So he says† Ďweí and ĎIí, so thereís more of them in his little clique.) or wanted to do it or anything else it just Ė an impulse I guess or something.

'As far as an explanation I just couldn't dig one up.'

He wouldn't have to. Seven days later, the decision was made not to pursue charges against the scoutmaster.

The last sliver of hope for justice for the abuse of two teenagers and an 11-year-old boy slipped away in a confidential letter from a Louisiana Scouts executive to the organization's national personnel division in New Jersey.

'This subject and Scouts were not prosecuted,' the executive wrote, 'to save the name of Scouting.'†† (A:† ...and it goes on and on and on about the same kind of stuff thatís always been going on. See, the predators go into where their victims happen to be. Itís as simple as that.)

And also it ends up with...


Scouts Canada sex abuse files could be made public

cbc.ca / Oct 18, 2012


Nearly 500 confidential files relating to abuse allegations at Scouts Canada could see the light of day (A:† It doesnít mean it will.), a lawyer specializing in sexual abuse law said.


"I think that at some point you could see the Canadian files in its totality made admissible in a civil proceeding," Rob Talach told the CBC news.


Talach's comments come as confidential files kept by the Boy Scouts of America on men they suspected of child sex abuse were released Thursday in the U.S. after a two-year court battle.† (A:† ...a court battle to get this out. You understand, homosexuality is being elevated, as a normal, and they donít want to bring it down again. You understand. Pedophilia Iím talking about, homosexual pedophilia, they donít want to bring it back into the limelight, so thereís a big political battle over this. Itís not just what these guys have done. Thereís a big political battle over the wholeÖ in the PC area, you see. And folk are scared to talk about it now.)


The release of the files on Thursday involves 20,000 pages of documents the Scouts kept on men inside ó and in some cases outside ó the organization believed to have committed acts of abuse.

A review of how Scouts Canada handled allegations of abuse by its group leaders ó prompted by a fifth estate investigation (A:† Thatís a TV investigative thing.) into the system, which recorded the names of pedophiles who had infiltrated its ranks and had been removed from the organization ó found that dozens of cases reported to Scouts Canada were not passed on to the police.


Talach said that in the case of Scouts Canada, all the names in the files would have to be redacted.

ďAt the end of the day, youíll have to go back in certain cases I think and know the identities of those individuals, especially if it appears they may still be at large, if it appears there was a unique aspect to their abuse. So I could see something similar to this happening in Canada down the road.Ē† (A:† He says.† But donít hold your breath, folks. Donít hold your breath. Because as I say, thereís so much political correctness involved in the world today.)


Thereís an article too about a...


Gay couple (A: ...gay, which is homosexual couple...) †win Berkshire B&B refusal case

bbc.co.uk / 18 October 2012


A gay couple who were turned away from a bed and breakfast were discriminated against, it has been ruled.


Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 59, booked a room at Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Berkshire via email.


When they arrived in March 2010, owner Suzanne Wilkinson would not let them stay in the room with a double bed.


The pair from Brampton, Cambridgeshire, were awarded £1,800 each at Reading County Court for "injury to feelings".


Recorder Claire Moulder said that by refusing the couple access to a double room, Mrs Wilkinson had "treated them less favourably than she would treat unmarried heterosexual couples in the same circumstances".


Actually, this woman does turn away heterosexual couples that arenít married as well. But you canít stand up for what you believe in anymore, even though itís your little business thatís on the go. And itís different at a B&B because youíre bringing them into your home, you understand; itís different from a hotel. And you got to wash, you know, all the sheets and things afterwards. Anyway, thatís how itís going, you understand, that now everything is turned upside down, all the norms are turned upside down. Because under this big communist plan that they set up a long time ago, it was to make everybody equal and happy with special rights for everyone, except, you know, the quiet masses out there Ė theyíre always quiet masses Ė then youíre supposed to all go along with it.


And also, the head of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just the PR branch of the international bankers who set it up, and they advise all governments across the planet now, Mr. Richard Haass goes on about...


Israel, Iran, and the Military Option

cfr.org / August 28, 2012

Interviewer: Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor, CFR.org

Interviewee: Richard N. Haass, President, CFR


(A:† Itís quite interesting to an extent, from a good liar like him. But it saysÖ)


Given that diplomacy to end Iran's nuclear program has "come up empty," Richard N. Haass, a veteran Middle East expert (A:† Heís just a con man whoís literally a communist, for those who donít understand it.), says that he takes Israeli talk of a possible preventive attack "at face value." He says the United States has tried to calm the Israelis, but "one of the many unknowns is whether any degree of U.S. reassurance can persuade the Israelis, given what the Israelis see as the stakes." Overall, he says, this is a situation where there are no obvious or easy choices, and while a nuclear-armed Iran presents "a terrible outcome strategically," a U.S. or Israeli military attack carries unforeseeable risks.


But he does go into a little, a little bit of tidbits here, where he is asked the question: Would Israel rather do Iran themselves or get the US to do it? He says well theyíd prefer the US to do it, because it takes the heat basically, is what heís really referring to, it takes the heat off of Israel and the US will get blamed for it all.† [Alan chuckles.]† Thatís how it always works, isnít it? Iíll put this link up tonight as well for those who care about whoís getting blown up across the planet.


And another article... itís so funny. I mean, Iíve mentioned so many times about young guys, they shouldnít fall for all these sites that go up promising to be terrorist sites for some guys whoíve got it in for the States; they use it for foreigners that come into the country, generally. They set up sting operations, including conning the guys to take part in the sting. They have Moslems working for them in the FBI, and other people too, the same in Canada, and theyíll supply them with fake bombs and all the rest of it, set them up for the photo-ops, and then arrest them. And they know who these people are because, you understand, everybodyís got a personality profile out there on the Internet. They know everybody whoís watching everything.† And if they get the right person thatís looking into sites on terrorism or whatever, theyíll look at his IQ level, theyíll look at is he easily swayed, is he pretty dumb, and theyíll pick him, and then they approach him, theyíll get a Muslim to approach him, and they set him up with fake bombs. So this guy was arrested for the Federal Reserve Bank attack plot, set up by the FBI. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I am back. Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.† I just touched on an article there about they set up another young guy to be a patsy for, itís almost a comedy, there was even a fake bomb the FBI gave the guy and set him up in the right place and then photographed him and arrested him.† Iíll put that up tonight too. Thatís how they do it all over the world now, just to keep the fear in the folk that thereís really terrorists out there.† Itís all done by the FBI and the intelligence agencies, and itís all fake.


Suspect arrested for Fed Reserve Bank attack plot - cbsnews.com / October 17, 2012


And Iíll see Alex, if Alex is on the board there. Is Alex hanging on?† Hello?† ...from VancouverÖ


Alex:† Hello, yeah, Iím here.


Alan:† Youíre there.† Okay, go ahead.


Alex:† How are you?


Alan:† Not bad at all, except for the spray; it was terrible today. You can taste the metals in your mouth as the crap comes down.


Alex:† It was so bad out here yesterday and today, like Iím swallowing it still all the time. It was so bad you could see the sun trying to shine through it and it was just this reflection coming off of the surfaces of whatís supposed to be clouds.† And thereís so much metal oxides up there that itís incompatible with human life and other life forms, like the birds, like you were saying.


Alan:† Thatís right. And theyíve got it in Britain too, theyíre admitting in Britain too all the songbirds have died off since the heavy spraying. The same in Canada, itís about 75-80% down in the last 5 to 6 years.† All the songbirds, you can go through this forest here, thereís not a peep, all summer. I noticed that last year, it was getting that way, the year before it was a little bit better. Five years ago it wasnít so bad. Now itís silence. Silence.† And they know about all this at the top, Alex.


Alex:† Yeah, we donít see many birds out here either. I think more than 80% are missing, it just seems like thereís barely any at all.† I mean maybe a couple of percent as many birds as we used to see.


Alan:† Absolutely.† I think itís really about 98%; thatís what Iíd say. And that last report was from the governmentís own official statistics from 2010, so itís further gone now, yeah.


Alex:† Yeah, itís not looking good. Weíve also identified a pretty significant point which Iíd like to mention, of the aerosol electromagnetic warfare system, which is the aerosol electromagnetic advanced biological technotronic warfare which is being used to silence and control us, as theyíve done, and bring down the rest of the population and bring in the diabolical World War 3 global domination, population reduction and biotechnical enslavement agenda.


Alan:† Yeah, and folk donít knowÖ You can find the official government sites, youíll find Teller, look up Teller, the inventor of the H-bomb. He designed the system of spraying the skies with metallic particles, and they could actually use their HAARP or electro-magnetic frequency technology for warfare capabilities. They also said, Brzezinski mentioned the same thing, Technotronic warfare. He said that they could actually control peopleís minds over whole continents; thatís in his own book. This is the head of the NSA, at one time, said this. So itís all here. Itís getting used. And folk are dying off, as I say. They have status asthmaticus now; they canít clear it up. People are just dying with constant bouts of asthma; they canít get out of it. And the governments know all the statistics, because they get a constant flow of information, because itís all centralized computers going to Ottawa, as you walk into a clinic or a hospital, instant data retrieval. So theyíve got all their fingers on whatís going on, but theyíre not going to say a peep about this. As I say, the Department of Defence has said that they will not answer any questions about it.


Alex:† Yeah, I was in court on Monday and I tried to bring up what happened to my children and I in that apartment, you know, where the guy lived above us, and we were being targeted. And I was forbidden to mention directed energy weapons or any kind of conspiracy. My lawyer actually said, I could make you look like a raving bleeping lunatic in five minutes. And I said, on the contrary; because Iíve been listening to you and I was able to say to him...


Alan:† You can take the governmentís own...


Alex:† ...the development, you know, of the technology.


Alan:† You can take the governmentís own articles into court with you from their own departments, and itís all in their own writings. Absolutely. But thanks for calling, Alex.


Alex:† Thank you.


Alan:† From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.†



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