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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It is September 12th, 2007. For newcomers, as always, look into in to for more information. Many talks you can download for free on the histories of the various nations from ancient times to the present and how we got to where we are and where we're going. Look into for the European site where you can get transcripts in the languages of Europe downloaded for free.


I try to give a different education to the general public than the one they've been given, because the one we've been given isn't simply sadly lacking in details and facts. It's deliberately made and presented for an obedient population. That's why all the relevant parts are removed from it. This has been happening for about 100 years. You'll find if you go back to the writings of John Dewey, who helped set-up the American educational system, you'll find that he said that all history must be altered so that different creeds and peoples and races that had conflicts in the past would forget them over time, when they removed their histories of the actual conflicts. This has been done on the whole, not completely but it's been pretty well eradicated; and if you ask a child at school today about 7, to 10 to 12 years old what World War II was about, if they actually even know about it, all they can tell you is that it was a war over territory between different nations. That's about all they're told. You can see how governments in all countries and oligarchies – it doesn’t matter kind of government it is or what it calls itself, they're generally oligarchies. They use education in a scientific formula of indoctrination to turn out obedient citizens. That's the purpose of it and this isn't new. This has been going on for an awful long time.


We are told one reality, which we accept. Most people will accept it from birth onwards, never questioning it because their parents didn't question it either. It's presented in complete form to you when you're very young. We're not encouraged at school to ask questions. School is there for you to be downloaded into and you repeat the answers you're given for everything. You parrot the answers, and if you parrot the answers well enough you get a gold star at examination time, all you have to do really is remember what the teacher has said and repeat them, and that's all they're asking for. They don't want people who actually think and question. In fact today if you ask too many questions especially if you're male you'll be put on some drug like Ritalin, which actually shrinks the brain, because they don't want people who have leadership qualities and who are a little extroverted to grow up into adults who could become really good leaders in times of stress and struggles within peoples. That's the formula, and this has been discussed at all levels of government and the management of governmental agencies in great detail. I'll be going into this when we come back from these following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix back again. I'm talking about how education has been used since the general public were given education, very heavily from the very beginning in fact with a form of scientific technique of indoctrination. You've got to remember that in the 1800’s the elite were terribly worried about free time for the working peoples, the vast bulk of the populous of Europe and the Americas too. America really didn't consist of just cowboys and Indians. It was also a country of factory towns. That's the real history of America, where very important, very wealthy people could start up a town and built it, owning everything in that town and bringing in the workers to work there, generally in mines of one kind or another. You had to do your shopping at the local store, which the boss owned as well, and you rented your home from the boss. The boss would also bring in a minister and you pay him as well. It was a little self-contained community and that was modeled after the types they had already all over Europe.


These industrial bosses became multi, multimillionaires, some billionaires in fact. They had meetings in the 1800’s in Europe and they classed them then as global meetings, to do with the upcoming centuries and where they go from there. They talked about all the different theories that were coming along. Karl Marx of course was doing his communist stuff, although he was a small player. He was just a journalist that was picked to write the Manifesto. His name wasn't even on the first few issues. However, communism really was a dialectical approach stemming from London of all places, in a way to bring the peoples of the world together; because through conflict you always have compromise and of course you must create sides to get a conflict, so capitalism created what it called communism and funded the communists societies from the beginning, right through in fact, until the so-called Berlin Wall fell down. This is the amalgamation of the world through conflict and treaties et cetera.


The United Nations was set-up after the League of Nations in order to help bring this about. They decided to bring the whole world into a scientifically formed society and run society, a society run by experts, experts in everything and that they would bring children up from the cradle right through life and train them all the way that they could have no real opinions of their own. They would only be able to repeat the words of experts. This has been pretty successful if you look around you today, because when people meet in gatherings or social occasions, you'll find that their topics of conversation are right from magazines or newspapers or from the media. Whatever has been given to them, they don't generally have much thoughts of their own. That was decided as I say in the 1800’s and the 1900’s.


When you go into players like Bertrand Russell, very important character because he was put out in front as a spokesman for the big foundations in London, on behalf of the aristocracy of London and Europe, to which he belonged, he was a lord. He wrote a book called "The Impact of Science on Society" and in the book he tells you a lot of true things. Now if you read the book there are things in there which will upset you when you read them because he's very blunt, but he's also very honest about things. He doesn’t put any cover over the frailties of human nature, individually or collectively, and what he's really doing is giving you what the elite have always known through massive observation through many centuries, and that is how we're all manipulated and how we can be manipulated. What our weaknesses are and how they can be exploited to the full by those who understand them.


You'll find for instance on page 57 of this book, he talks about types of oligarchical governments and he says:


             "In the first place, since the new oligarchs are the adherents of a certain creed…"


Alan:  It's a belief.


             "…and base their claim to exclusive power upon the rightness of this creed, their system depends essentially upon dogma: whoever questions the governmental dogma questions the moral authority of the government, and is therefore a rebel. While the oligarchy is still new, there are sure to be other creeds, held with equal conviction, which would seize the government if they could. Such rival creeds must be suppressed by force, since the principle of majority rule has been abandoned. It follows that there cannot be freedom of the press, freedom of discussion, or freedom of book publication. There must be an organ of government whose duty it is to pronounce as to what is orthodox ad to punish heresy."


Alan:  Now if that's familiar to do with Homeland Security, it's no wonder because you see it's the same thing over and over again. We are under a form of totalitarianism and it's not just the U.S. or Canada. It's pretty well most of the world except for some countries in the Middle East, which are under attack right now.


"He also goes into the history of the Inquisition and shows that such an organ of government must inevitably become. In the normal pursuit of power, it will seek out more and more subtle heresies."


Alan:  That's what we're finding now. They want to do psychological evaluations to see if you might have some hidden traits you don't know about yet. It's the same thing.


             "The Church, as soon as it acquired political power, developed incredible refinements of dogma, and persecuted what to us appear microscopic deviations from the official creed. Exactly the same sort of thing happens in the modern States that confine political power to supporters of a certain doctrine. The completeness of the resulting control over opinion depends on various ways upon scientific technique."


Alan:  A little term "scientific technique," it means so much because it's a vast science.


             "Where all children go to school, and all schools are controlled by the government, the authorities can close the minds of the young to everything contrary to official orthodoxy. Printing is impossible without paper, and all paper belongs to the State. Broadcasting and the cinema are equally public monopolies. The only remaining possibility of unauthorized propaganda is by secret whispers from one individual to another. But this, in turn, is rendered appallingly dangerous by improvements in the art of spying. Children at school are taught that it is their duty to denounce their parents if they allow themselves or hear subversive utterances in the bosom of the family. No one can be sure that a man who seems to be his dearest friend will not denounce him to the police…"


Alan:  That's what it's all coming around today with social surveillance in all the western countries. Now I think we've got Mark from Canada on the line. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  Hi Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Mark:  I was just calling – being part of the generations and generations and I'm sorry this is a bit off topic. Knowing that we've all come from such an indoctrinated sort of tower from generation to generation to generation, it's hard sometimes – would you be able to speak a little on where the indoctrination ends and the actual human begins? I know it's a pretty broad question, but it seems like for myself personally I'm constantly questioning the things that I even just think that I think I'm thinking naturally, but I'm never sure kind of what's actually the real person and what is just basically the stuff we've been downloaded with, and I'll just leave you with that. Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  That's a good question because we don't have records because all histories remember are distorted and changed and sometimes completely thrown out, depending on the next regime that comes in, down through many, many centuries. We have very vague records of what was normal and when it was normal. All you can really say is that your main drives that you have and the milestones that you have in life from a very early age – you're different when you’re a teenager, when you’re a teenager your hormones kick in and you have other interests, vital interests, because you have a mating imperative. Nature requires that we keep producing the species, and that can drive you to distraction as we all know. However, these are the normal things, they are really “drives” in a sense. When you're young you have the best time really, and I mean almost pre-school, to actually go on walks in a country – when they use to do walking, not sitting in front of a computer screen, and study nature and be part of nature. The feelings that came with it, the daydreams that children have are very important. These things are normal, but to the school system, they're hammered out of us and we're taught to dismiss all fantasy; and yet fantasy and daydreaming is part of the human psyche. It's an essential part of it for health in fact. It's driven out of us and we become unhealthy. That's why we have a very unhealthy society. We're supposed to be very practical and logical, and yet the practicalities and the logics come from whatever we're fed by daily media and by those around us. Most people succumb to it very quickly. A few do manage to scrape through and they feel like aliens in a foreign planet when they look at those around them, whose indoctrinations have taken much, much better; it's hard to communicate to them.


Really, we also have to take into consideration the fact that in the world of matter, which this is, we do need certain requirements and this is generally the basis of all disagreements, conflicts, interpersonal-wise and even between nations. It's over basically economics and what you can have. What you need to survive and sustain yourself becomes exaggerated in a commercialized system and it become psychotic in a sense and exaggerated, and then you have the psychopathic tyrants rising up who grab as much of it as they can to feel safe. What they're doing is they want to feel really safe, and so they grab everybody else's property and wealth. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. I'm Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix, just talking about some of the normalcies: what is normal and what is not normal in today's society. All we have to go from today are the last few tribes left, so-called "primitive tribes". That's what they're called by the civilized countries. They call them “stagnant” or “arrested civilizations.” Civilizations, like ours, which really have been ongoing in constant change, and that is the key to ours, always changing through industry, fueled by money, inventions and so on – we think that's called civilization. Anyone outside of that is called "stagnant" or "arrested" culture, and that's how they talk about some of the people down in the Amazon. What they mean is everyone in the system, since we came out of the mass-man industrial eras, we're classed as "economic units" belonging to the mass in a collectivist type society. Everyone must have a function and a purpose and serve the system by paying taxes and being good. Good is defined as following the rules of your particular era that you live in.


The "arrested civilizations," as they call them, are self-sustaining. That's the difference between them. They can't be ruled. They can't be taken over and they've tried to bribe them of course with trinkets and toys from our civilization, but it's taking on very slowly. The people in the Amazon only have to work four hours per day to sustain themselves and do their hunting and so on. The rest of the day is used for things like making love and having dances and having fun like that, and that's how life really should be. It's not this 8 to 5 or 8 to 6 jobs that they have. That's just for us you see, the schmucks, the schmucks who think we're superior. It really doesn't matter what we think we know, because most of what we think we know or can repeat is nonsense in the first place.


The Amazonian doesn't care about Freud or Einstein or anybody else or Isaac Newton. They knew that gravity was already there before Newton came along. Therefore, it's all how you view things to do with progress or arrested or stagnant civilizations. That's the comparison. Really, can we honestly say we're any happier with all the nonsense we think we know and especially when you know where we're all going, which is to an eventual electronic matrix system of brain chipping and alteration and genetic modification. Who really is the aberrant society? Is it the so-called high-civilized society or the arrested cultures of the Amazon and a few other places left in the world?  That's the difference. We never ask who defines progress. Progress to us, because we're trained in an economic system of rewards or punishment if you don't work, then you'll find that we think progress is having more toys and having more money, this coin thing, this strange thing called money to buy more goodies.


However, the Amazonian for instance can make his axe, chop down the trees and get his game and be quite happy and live through all the trials that would normally flatten a higher civilization, because the easiest system to bring down are the higher civilizations because everyone is dependent on the system.


There's another call on the line. Who are you again? Is it John?


Joe:  Joe.


Alan:  It's Joe and you're from?


Joe:  Pennsylvania.


Alan:  Pennsylvania. What's your question?


Joe: I had a comment first. I'm 16, so I think you're right on with regards to the education system. There's a lot of subtle manipulations in it. For instance, when they talk about – whenever we talk about the government lying about something, the word lie or lied is not used. They use the word mislead.  I think you're right on with regards to the education system, but the question I had was, this is maybe a little off topic, why have so many people in the world have suffered at the agendas of powerful men and a lot of foreign countries this happens?  I'm wondering why people just seem to be shut down emotionally to these people who are suffering a lot and in great pain? Do you know what I mean?


Alan:  Yes. You're talking about those who climb to power you mean and cause the others to suffer?


Joe:  Yes. I'm talking about the people in power who are causing others to suffer right now.


Alan:  You have literally a deviant type amongst us and it’s called the psychopath. It's a problem that is worldwide, but it always has been here, that certain people are born with literally no human emotion towards other people. The only emotion they have is one really of how to utilize you and use you for their own ends, in the nicest possible way generally. Most of them are very charming, but they do exist amongst us and you'll find that they crave power in every society, so they try to climb to the top by any means possible and get it and hold onto it and they become tremendous tyrants. They really don't emphasize with other people’s problems or emotions. They cannot, really cannot feel your pain at all. They do feel their own, very much so, and they can certainly show it in fits of rage when it's in private.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to continue a little bit with the last caller and his question about people who caused the harm to others and don't seem to feel anything, it's to do with the psychopath. As I say, the psychopath thrives in certain types of society and the society of course they thrive in is the monied system, because the money is the way that everyone is controlled. If you get to the top, you control the money; you control all the people. Money is a substitute for real wealth, which is really real estate and a bag of corn swapped for a bag of oats or whatever else you need. In other words, barter. They money was the first trick and is a psychopath's dream.


They can't help but get to the top in it and conquer others. A good example of this was Madeline Albright when she was asked in a big forum on television during the Gulf War I or just after it, having starved half a million Iraqis at that particular time to death by embargoes by the United Nations and stopping medicine getting in too for men, women and children. She thought it was worth it and she said, "Absolutely." She didn't blink and show any emotion. This is a psychopath talking, you see, but to her in her mind that was a perfectly logical thing to do. You're after one man so you starve, at that time, half a million or up to about a million and a half people to death to get this one man, even though he ruled over those people with an iron fist. That's the logic they tend to use. They don't see you as individuals. They simply see you and in the way of their target or a way to force your target out into the open so they can get them. Psychopaths this way are top predators, very shark-like in qualities in a sense. You'll find that, if you trace the histories of the psychopaths, they're all from very old families, especially the ones at the top anyway, very old families, so they're interbred with other types and they acquire these traits as hereditary.


Even in ordinary society you’ll get the occasional one popping up with ordinary people, but at the top, because they're so closely interbred with money and power down through the ages, they're pretty well guaranteed the same type.  Albright's father just happened to be a top guy in the communist regime, who was one of the right hand men of Stalin, and I think it was over Hungary, his particular part, and he was the guy who was put in charge of setting up what became known as the Green Party for the west.  It's all interrelated. The problem is the top psychopaths have a global club under the United Nations and a global agreement for the agenda, very far looking forward agendas. They don't do things by half. They go way into the future and they see the world as a big chessboard, and that's how they play the game. The game is played on the public and the public don't know they're even on the chessboard generally.


They knew back at the beginning of the League of Nations that they were going to set-up a world government, widely publicized at the time, widely written about by big authors of the day like H.G. Wells and others. They talked about the strategies they would need to use, including world wars to bring it about. World wars would get the pubic so war-weary from all nations, in a world war they'd beg for a new system and they hoped after World War I this would happen; and right after, of course, nationalism sprung up again because tribalism is a natural thing once again.  H.G. Wells said, “They're not buckling under. We'll need another war,” and so along came World War II. This is the third one now to basically standardize the world, because the only ones who haven't buckled under are other old regimes in the Middle East and they have to be brought under too so there's one standardized world system.


However, it’s not a free world system by any means. It's still run by an international coterie of psychopathic families and they plan to have total control over every single individual by every means possible, mainly scientific, including chips and monitoring and eventually a brain chip, which they will sell to the public as being a great thing that will give you special abilities and so on. Good memory, yah-de-yah-de-yah and the public will go for it.  That's what the training exercise we're going through now has been: the computer, to the cell phone and a mini-computer, to one stuck on your ear, to one inside your head. Step-by-step training in a Pavlovian fashion and it will take off. There's no doubt about it because most people today live in a fantasy world of television and fiction that's being promulgated to them, without questioning anything at all. They live for fun, and this again was explained by Lord Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley and others, even Koestler as well. They all belonged, by the way, those guys to MI6. Everyone was a member of MI6 and worked together with the CIA in culture creation for the peoples of the west. They said the same thing, that the world that they would bring into view would be a scientific form of dictatorship where the public wouldn’t even know they under mind control. They were absolutely 100 percent confident and sure of it back in the '50’s and '60’s, and unfortunately, it's here.


They said they would bring in a type of egosyntonic society. That means you would only be taught to do, told to do, or trained to do those things which are pleasurable and you would avoid pain. You'd seek pleasure avoid pain; and that is the society we now belong to. People will do anything to avoid anything unpleasant. “Don't tell me that. It upsets me.” That's what you'll hear very often, or “don't be negative, be positive.”  Only a crazy person standing on the tracks with their backs turned to the train would be positive if they plan to stay there. It would take a lot of faith in something to make it all right, but that's what people have been trained into. Have fun, have fun. Don't worry be happy; and because of that, the elite themselves can steamroll ahead and do really nasty things across the planet to people, without much objection at all.


There's very few people who are sentient enough to object to this. There are very few people who are still connected to humanity to object to it, because it's a survival mechanism. If you care about others, even people you've never met before and never will meet, that's a survival mechanism for the human species as a whole. If you don't, then the big eating machine that's chomping through one country will eventually come around to you, and there's going to be no one left to cry for you either. Your defense mechanisms depend on caring, a natural thing.


That's where we are. We're living in an age of perpetual childhood, where we've already had a generation died off, or are dying off, who never knew reality in their whole lifetime; and once again, because only in a short time they were given credit cards galore and more money than you could ever imagine, or their parents or their grandparents ever imagined, mainly through credit. They enjoyed themselves into the grave but they never really knew what was going on. The present ones who are alive today are actually a little bit worse because they've given us all the cheap junk from China, which we can buy endlessly. There's always more junk getting turned out. Interestingly, they call it “junk,” because that's what they used to call Chinese ships. They were junks. We get the junk from China very cheap, masses of credit cards to buy all the toys and we don't want to do things which are hard or take time. We will postpone them. We’ll delay things we should be doing immediately, for short-term rewards. A species that does that is basically doomed to extinction.

I think we've got Bill there. Hello.


Bill:  Yes, I am. Thank so very much Mr. Watt, as usual, excellent. I’m embarrassed and saddened to even interrupt your presentation; and considering everything that you've mentioned, all of the psychological warfare and mind control that has occurred. At a very elemental level, is there one particular area or one particular discourse that would be able to catch the attention of and galvanize apparently a very frightened younger population who neither wants to recognize nor believe that they come into their ascendancy in the middle of a civil war and a mind control game.


Alan:  That is the problem because they go through the rebellious phase to establish their own identity, but what they're given as an identity is marketed to them by the managers of the music and the movie industry, in other words, the culture creators. They don't realize it and their parents don't have the wherewithal or the knowledge to tell them to warn them, so they adapt very easily into this system. You see, if your parents don't know, you will accept everything in your life as it has been presented to you without question. You just take it for granted in fact that money is normal, that you use plastic for normal, that you get cargo pants to put your credit card in is normal. There's nothing normal in the society, including even the cargo pants because top marketers told me this. They said, “How can we encourage the youth to go cashless?” and they said, “We'll make pants that don't have deep pockets for money or wallets, and we'll give them little pockets in the front where they can put their cards,” and that's why they gave them the cargo pants. I'm not kidding you. There's nothing in society that’s given out there that isn't pre-thought for a higher purpose, for a ruling elite and their agenda.


Bill:  I hear [Valient Karo] call a few others from this area here, but not a word, not a peep and I've passed out tons of audio tapes. That's the only way I can get your information out and I do it gladly. I recopy over everything that's available that's going to get thrown into the landfill and I tape the programs. I put web pages on the cassettes and I pass them out liberally. The fact that there aren't 20 students of psychology over at the NIC University on the line ready and prepared to write notes and take information from you is just absolutely bizarre. It’s just one more indication of how complete the programming ultimately is. But we thank you very much.


Alan:  Well thanks for putting that information there; and here's the problem with universities. University means "one voice," you see, so you're trained to go in and come out as one voice, one opinion. You think you're clever because you've gone there, and you don't realize you've had a better indoctrination and that's what they setup universities for. It's very difficult to tell people at universities, who all think they're rebelling and they all think they're wise guys because that's just the way we are when we're young. However, these professors and so on, who generally belong to the Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute of International Affairs, are handpicked for pushing a particular scientific agenda and teaching in a scientific technique, where the students themselves don't realize their emotions are being played with and they're given emotional impacts along with different statements to do with science, and they will see things one way from then on. Very few of them can break free of that later on; and again, most of them who go there, unfortunately, in their field today, go into the study of psychology because they want themselves to be controllers in a higher position.


Bill:  They’ve got to be part of the team.


Alan:  Yes that's right.


Bill:  It just strikes me that in a presentation here locally directly after the little Nazi Mark Furman was on KTA 1510 out of Spokane. Little old happy face 1950’s, '60’s social butterfly was on doing a program and of course he had the fire chief on. The fire chief was mentioning that FEMA and Homeland Security were buffing him up here and getting him ready and telling them all the truth in regard to what we need to be aware of and alert for and how to deal with these “splinter groups.”


Alan:  The Splinter groups, that’s right, and that falls right into my earlier part I read there from Bertrand Russell's book, if you go against anyone who has any other opinion, it’s as though you were a heretic basically.


Bill:  Well thank you again for all your efforts for the republic. We sincerely appreciate it.


Alan:  It's a pleasure. So there we are and that's how we are. We think we're so smart when we're growing up and we don't realize that everything that's promoted to us, even the musical content and the style of music, is promoted from the top.  I was in the business and I know that the word would always come down to all the writers what was “in” and what they wanted, including political correctness; you don't realize that. Even in the '70s it came down, they wanted gender-neutral terminology used in the songs. Suddenly there was no more “he” or “she” or whatever. It was just vague. It could be anybody, and people didn't realize that, but that was a political decision that went right through the culture industry and there's many more instances of the same thing.


During the '80’s, especially in Europe when they were getting rid of all their industry, they wanted a depressed type of human, very depressed; and sure enough, they put out a music that was a sort of waling, forlorn type music, very lost type of music because they didn't want to engender a violent culture that was going to be unemployed; and at the same time they opened up all the bars. Margaret Thatcher did that to keep them in the pubs all day and make sure they had enough money for that, so they changed all the laws for opening times in the bars to keep them inside. She said it was better to have them happy and drunk in the pubs than rioting on the streets because they were unemployed.


Everything is managed. Music is used. The arts and entertainment are used to the full and the maximum, and that's part of what they mean by scientific technique. Our thoughts generally are not our own. They're marketed into us. They're taught into us. The way a person will try and test their sanity is to have a few friends and you bounce off your ideas to that friend, and if they come back with the same opinions you'll say “I guess I'm sane because they have the same opinions as me.” It doesn't dawn on you, you've all been brainwashed; and this again is well understood at the top. Anything can be taught and that's what Lord Bertrand Russell said. He said, "There's no nonsense so arrant that it can not be made the creed (meaning the belief) of the vast majority by adequate governmental action." That's what we're living in, folks. Scientific dictatorship is here. It's really an oligarchy of scientists. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and this is just the bottom level of the matrix. This is just the conditioning we have at the bottom. There's many aspects to the human personality and each part has been under attack, including the genders and everything else, and I don't mean simply by psychological indoctrinations but also through hormonal tampering, through inoculations and various other means. That's how bad it is. It didn't happen by happenstance. Actually, you had tampering going back as early as the '50’s that we know of. It has been admitted to by some big players, like Charles Galton Darwin in his book "The Next Million Years."  He said we'd have to target the hormonal levels in male and female and alter them. They wanted primarily males who would not be so masculine, who wouldn't mind so much, buying toys and being interested in colors and stuff like that; and that's happened. It didn't happen by accident.


Nothing happens so quickly in nature; therefore, it had to be a scientific thing that was done to them. That's your proof. Nothing evolves in nature that I have ever seen. If it ever did, it would take billions of years, so when you see something happening physically, a biochemical change in people, a biophysical change in people, within one generation, something has been done to that generation. That's your clue, especially when it's been written about by big, big players, very important people with power who speak on behalf of the “dominant minority” as they call them.


Now just to finish up, we have a couple of minutes here to mention again from Bertrand Russell's "The Impact of Science on Society." He's talking here about what was the Soviet Union, which they copied, they copied the system of collectivism, remember. This was decided at The Club of Rome they would use this system for the entire western world. It's more efficient.


He's talking about the Soviet system. He says:


             "The life of the victims in this system is unspeakable."


Alan:  He's talking about forced labor and concentration camps.


He says:


             "The hours are unbearably long, the food only just enough to keep the laborers alive for a year or so, the clothing in an arctic winter so scanty that it would barely suffice in an English summer. Men and women are seized in their homes in the middle of the night…"


Alan:  Does that sound familiar?


             "…there is no trial…"


Alan:  Homeland Security can arrest you – actually, they arrest you with no charge. They can just whisk you off and not tell your relatives why you've been whisked.


He continues:


             "…and often no charge is formulated; they disappear and inquiries by their families remain unanswered…"


Alan:  That's written into all the Homeland Security laws, the anti-terrorism bills of every country now in the west: that is in force. He's talking here about the Soviet Union.


He says


             "After a year or two in Northeast Siberia or on the shores of the White Sea, they died of cold, overwork, and undernourishment. But that causes no concern to the authorities; there are plenty more to come."



In the age of the mass man, as I say, if you dissent to anything you're simply whisked off into the middle of the night. It's bye-bye to your families and you won't see them again; all written into law.


That's it tonight, from myself and Hamish the dog, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)