Oct. 24, 2012 (#1200)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 24, 2012:

Where's the Rabble Above Procurer Savile?:

"Savile Unravels is All the News,
BBC Pop-Paedo Man Left the Clues,
A Charmed Life with High Protection
From V.I.P.s, Stalwarts of Convention,
Who Close Ranks, Protestations They Vent,
Assuring Little People They are Not Bent,
Lest Public Lose Confidence in Authority
Of the Pervs Ruling Over Majority"
© Alan Watt Oct. 24, 2012

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 24th of October, 2012.

Newcomers as always I suggest you make good use of the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  And hopefully you will start to understand the reality beyond the fake reality you are given at the bottom level as you’re caught up in the kaleidoscope of massive data, not truth, but data, and bread and circuses, and politics and so on.  Because the big boys a long time ago decided to take over the world and reorganize everything, human nature even, redesign humanity if you like and to better serve themselves at the top.  And they formed big institutions, big foundations, which fund armies and armies of nongovernmental organizations and lobbyists.  They have sociologists, they have anthropologists, they have zoologists even.  They’ve got all kinds of ‘ologists’ onboard with them to alter the world to suit themselves.  And you’re all living through it, and you have adapted to it too.  And even your present cultures, etcetera, which you take for granted, they were all given to you by the big boys and designed a long, long time ago before you were even born.

So help yourself as I say to the website and you’ll start to understand what’s going on.  Remember too that you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can keep me going by buying the books and discs at the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [You’ll see a bunch of other sites listed there; these are the official ones,] which all have audios for download and they all carry transcripts in English for print up too by the way.  And if you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you will find a selection offered there.  But to order as I say from the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders, you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Across the world Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal.  And straight donations are really welcome because I don’t as I say bring on anybody else as advertisers who terrify you with some good stuff, but not always, it’s kind of dodgy stuff sometimes too mind you, info-wise that is.  And then they sell you the antidotes so you can live forever through all kinds of catastrophes.

So I depend upon the listenership to just keep me ticking over.  This is not an enterprise, it’s not an ego thing, it’s just a simple it has to be done.  Somebody had to come out and start talking about the truth for a change.

We live in amazing times because as I say everything that’s happening today, everything that’s happening on a large scale from the amalgamation of the central banking systems across the planet, the rise of the International Monetary Fund under the auspices of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, all planned by the Council on Foreign Relations which is just one branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  It was planned over a hundred years ago.  We are living through that time when they amalgamate countries just like you amalgamate businesses together, corporations and conglomerates.  And that’s what we’re living through today.  And we all have to get a new culture brought in.  The old culture is pretty well gone actually.  And what you have now is a defunct culture that really is rather debased.  It was meant to be debased.  And mind you, people, human beings, like to be debased because they think that they’re free when they’re being debased.  It’s quite interesting.

If you’ve ever studied revolutionary movements you have to understand they wrote about all this even two hundred years ago that they’d bring all of this in then, because you see we’ve been under revolution for an awful long time.  Most revolutions remember are not bloody, they’re cultural revolutions.  And then it goes into being taught at school as the new way and you all adapt into it, ongoing, ongoing, it never lets up.  And today of course we’re all dysfunctional because no one can stand together for any purpose whatsoever.  The only ones that can make you fight for anything are governments in fact.  Governments just simply tell you to go and fight and you will do it.  But otherwise you won’t fight for anything for yourself.  It’s quite simple.  All well studied by top professors in universities for the big think tanks.  And what I’m saying is just the facts.  Sad, a sad truth though, isn’t it?  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and folk don’t know, as I say, they don’t know that there’s a constant revolution going on.  It’s not by the people themselves because nothing changes from the people’s end of it.  The grass roots things, if they’re not planned that way and authorized from the top, never get off the ground.  Plato talked about that.  All culture is given from the top and now it’s fomented through your media, entertainment, and of course even through your education.  You must always get it into education.  And all that was, remember, in the old revolutionary circles, all that was had to be destroyed to make room for the new which would replace it.  That meant all of the existing structure of communities, families, everything, had to be utterly destroyed.  The state would come in and take over all the aftermath.  That’s what you have today, massive, massive governmental agencies and bureaucracies dealing with the aftermath of it all.  Never mind the National Health Service and etcetera.

Part of it too was to hypersexualize people.  And that was one of the easiest and quickest ways to destroy society.  Many of the big players who worked and had experimental schools, back in the 1920’s for instance, were given permission to do things in those schools that other folk would have been hung for in the same countries, like in Britain.  Lord Bertrand Russell was given an experimental school where he would try to hypersexualize children, before they were at puberty age in fact, to see if they would literally carry on through life never bonding for any length of time.  They just wanted to go from partner to partner.  That was successful and therefore they instituted it, it’s been instituted into society today.  And you have all these movies which augment that too, oh you’re bored with your partner, they don’t look like the latest boob babe they put on much music television or whatever, and everyone’s dissatisfied.  And everything’s chaotic.  And of course the courts make a bundle off it because they love divorces and things like that.  They live off all of the aftermath.  Because the courts have a lot to do with it because they actually belonged to the original revolutionaries.  That’s how the court system came in.

But folk don’t know all that and as I say we’re living through the time of chaos before they bring in the new system.  You don’t have to worry about it because as we go down into more chaos, in will come the genetic boys and create new kinds just like "Brave New World", new kinds of humans that will never be unhappy.  They will slave away for their masters forever.  And they can’t possibly complain or even think of complaining.  And the masters will have a smaller more efficient workforce to serve them down through the future.

Now in Britain they’re making hay over, mind you they love this kind of hay because it distracts as well and detracts away from the massive money they’re still pouring into this new Soviet Union called the Economic Union, the parliament in Europe.  However, it’s a symptom of how far we’ve gone down, we’ve plummeted because the characters involved, that I’m going to talk about, all lived through the 60’s and 70’s, etcetera.  But they were already hypersexualized before that because this has been going on for a long time, even in the 50’s.

But Jimmy Savile as I say, it comes out after he’s dead about just how bad this creep was.  And how he was covered up by all the people who worked with him, etcetera.

Now it says:

"Savile sex scandal hits horrific new low as former colleague Paul Gambaccini claims on Radio Five Live that DJ was a ‘necrophiliac’"

Alan:  Well people knew about that for years because he had keys to the morgues and he loved to go and spend his time in the morgues.  The hospitals gave him the keys.

And it says:

"…he was aware of the claims…"

Alan:  And so on…

He says:

"The expression I came to associate with Savile's sexual partners was "under-age subnormals", says colleague of the Jim'll Fix It presenter.  In a 1990 interview Savile dismissed claims he was a necrophiliac after saying he took pleasure in taking dead people to a hospital mortuary"

So anyway it says:

"It is one of the most extraordinary allegations to have come out in the wake of the scandal."

Alan:  It’s not actually if they go any further and of course they want to clamp it down now.  People will get sick of it by the way and want some new scandal on some other area.  But they’ll get sick of this and they know it will go away you see.  Because they can’t let it go any higher, because it goes right up to the House of Lords and to even those that knight them you might say.

But it says:

"The claim was made on Radio 5 Live today by Paul Gambaccini, who started working as a DJ on Radio 1 in 1973."

Alan:  I’ll put this one up tonight.  There’s a video, you’ll hear Gambaccini talking about it himself.  Then another article too…

"Now BBC 'censors' Savile emails: Lawyers pull messages hinting at a cover-up from Panorama…"

Alan:  That’s the documentary investigative bunch.

"…documentary into sex scandal"

"Internal messages were withdrawn from expose for 'legal reasons'.  Revelation heightens fears that corporation isn't telling the full truth."

Alan:  Well you’ll never get the full truth out of that bunch of you know what, because they’re all like that, for folk who don’t know that.

It says:

"It piles even more pressure on director-general George Entwistle."

Alan:  This is the same Entwistle I think that’s well it wasn’t so bad back then, you know, I mean some of these girls, you know they were under age but you know they weren’t unaware of what was happening.  In other words rape is okay, I guess, you see, that’s what he’s saying.

So anyway:

"Emails which suggest senior BBC executives tried to cover up the Jimmy Savile scandal were pulled from the Panorama expose of the affair, it emerged last night.  The internal messages were withdrawn for ‘legal reasons’ amid fears others implicated in the shelving of the Newsnight report could sue for damages.  The revelation will heighten fears that the corporation is still not telling the full truth…"

Alan:  Well good luck for getting the full truth.  I’ll put this video up as well from the Panorama bunch and you’ll hear as far as they went.  And I’ve got a couple of them because I think eventually they put it back in.

And another article about Jimmy Savile…

"What the BBC knew"

"The Panorama special investigation into Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal and asks what the BBC knew in the past, and examines the events around the dropping of the corporation’s own Newsnight investigation into the subject."

Alan:  I’ll put that up too.  And another one on Paul Gambaccini who talks about the fact that he was into under age subnormals, as Savile liked to call them, and necrophilia.  It came out live and of course the BBC weren’t expecting the necrophilia bit either but it came out live and they tried to hush all that up.

And another one, it’s from The Drum, it’s called…

"Paul Gambaccini shocks Five Live listeners…"

Alan:  That’s the station that this exposé was on.

"…with Savile necrophiliac claim"

Alan:  And then you’ve got, interesting this one here.

"Member of Parliament raises claim of past paedophile ring linked to No 10"

Alan:  Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives.

"Labour MP Tom Watson has said police must investigate claims of a "powerful paedophile ring" linked to a previous prime minister's "senior adviser" and Parliament itself.  He asked David Cameron to ensure that officers looked into the allegations.  Mr Cameron said he would look into the issue, although he said he was not clear which former prime minister's adviser was being referred to."

Alan:  That’s rubbish because everybody knew what was going on with Brown’s bunch as well.  You know he loved to bounce little children on his knees and things.

"The exchanges came during Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons.  Mr Watson said an evidence file collected by the police to convict paedophile Peter Righton in 1992 "contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring".  "One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad," he said.  "The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10."  David Cameron said it was a "very difficult and complex case" and he was "not entirely sure" which former prime minister…"

Alan:  Blah, blah, blah.

"…he was referring to."

Alan:  Utter rubbish.  They all know what’s going on.  You understand this goes all the way, mind you the labor government being part of the revolutionary movement.  Not that the other side is any different today.  At one time they were different, but not today.  They have to really cover it up because this will be all over the place.  I’ve read articles in the past about members of the House of Lords, you know who love to pick up young boys and go to special apartments in London, get glass out and poop on the glass.  I mean this is mainstream stuff.  They’re all weird up there.  The whole darned class of them is weird.  And all the little psychopathic ones down below trying to get up into politics, they’ve got all of the right qualifications as well.  That’s the system we live in today.

And then you go into this one here.

"Blow to Sarah's Law…"

Alan:  It’s a law they were trying to pass.

"…as judges rule paedophiles' human rights should be considered"

Alan:  That’s what’s going to come out of it, "paedophiles’ human rights".

"A High Court ruling said paedophiles should be allowed to make representations before their details are revealed to members of the public."

"Parents could have a harder time finding out if any paedophiles live nearby after a High Court ruling that sex offenders’ human rights to privacy should be considered."

Alan:  If they’re not acting like a human why should they get any rights?

It says:

"In a judgement that lawyers say risks “watering down” what is known as Sarah’s Law, the court ruled that offenders should be given a say before their presence is disclosed.  Their human right to a family life should also be taken into account, the judges said.  In a test case brought by a repeat sex offender from the Sheffield area, two judges agreed he had the right to make "representations" to South Yorkshire police before local parents who made inquiries about him were told of his criminal past.  Sarah’s Law, started in 2008, allows parents to find out from police if someone has a record for child sexual offences."

Alan:  As they move them into your area.

"Known formally as the child sex offender disclosure scheme (CSOD), it is named after Sarah Payne, who was murdered in 2000 at the age of eight by Roy Whiting, a paedophile.  But the new ruling could force a redrafting of the guidelines.  Sir John Thomas, one of the judges, ruled that key parts of the Home Office guidelines were “unlawful” and said a “balancing exercise” was needed between sex offenders' human rights to respect for their privacy and family lives on the one hand, and the interests of protecting children on the other."

Alan:  Now there’s been so many articles coming out about judges too, I mean guys who wear these you know dresses and stuff and put wigs on, it would make you wonder about them as well.  And I’m not kidding about that.  There have been so many guys caught dead in their own apartments dressed as women.  One of them, it was like a hammock the way he was going across the room when they found him.  His legs were tied to a hook on the wall on one side and his head on the other so as that he could asphyxiate himself to get a bigger high, dressed in women’s clothing and stockings too at the time, no kidding you, a British high court judge.  There’s nothing unusual with this, this is where the creeps go.  Society is finished you understand, utterly finished.  All the perps are in control.  Not just in one country, it’s across the globe.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now there’s another site out there too, that’s been watching this for a while, to do with the British government involvement in paedophilia.  And it’s amazing these are the guys, you know they sit and plan wars and slaughters of people across the world and they get kickbacks from the big oil companies who they arrange with will go in afterwards and that all came out in mainstream actually.

And of course we’re just the cattle out there.  We’re the herds of cattle that just sit back and moo once in a while.

It says here:

"A Taste for Animals and Children!"

"Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor John Johnson caught with hundreds of child rape images on his computer.  Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor John Johnson has been hauled in to face charges of downloading the most sickening images on the internet involving the rape and violent abuse of small children.  Johnson was charged with downloading hundreds of images of child molestation.  Some of the images depicted sadomasochistic rituals with children being tortured and raped by multiple adults.  The prosecutor Mr. Giles Beaumont said: “This charge relates to an extreme level of child pornography.  Some images involve animals”."

"Magistrate Michael Flanagan declined jurisdiction and called for the case to be heard before a crown court.’  Trial date is November 6th 2012 at Peterborough Crown Court."

Alan:  I hope folk keep their eyes on this one and see where it goes.


"Another Labour Party Paedophile Primary School Governor"

It says here:

"…Paedophile Councillors deliberately getting jobs…"

Alan:  Lots of them are in schools so they can be near their target, which is the children, right, the Labour Party Paedophile Councillors.

"Three times Labour Council Candidate Richard Harris was arrested at his home in Union Street, Exeter and his computer removed for child protection officers to examine.  He stood as the Labour Party’s man in Three wards, St Leonard’s, Heavitree and St Thomas which are renowned areas for Primary Schools in the wards around Exeter.  Labour’s Richard Harris was arrested with a list of 500 children’s names in his possession.  According to neighbors, “officer’s handcuffed the Labour Party activist at his home in Union Street and bundled him into a vehicle that sped off at high speed”.  Harris was charged for offering the Juniors money to have sex with him.  He said to police officers when interviewed ‘I felt mostly turned on by children.’  Other Labour Party affiliates that have had jobs in Schools and have been found guilty of Paedophilia…"

Alan:  And here are some of the names as follows, it says…

"Keith Potts, Nelson Bland, Greg Vincent, Alec Dyer Atkins, Paul Diggert, John Friary, Steve Carnell, Adrian Cirket, Richard Harris, Darren Geoffrey Pedley and Ben Williams."

Alan:  I guess there are a lot more too that they haven’t caught yet.

Now this is an interesting one:

"Labour Councillor for Leicester… "

Alan:  Manish Sood is his name.

"…Manish Sood found guilty of Grooming School children for sex."

It says:


"The parents of the children swore at the Labour Councillor as he was found guilty of trying to molest their children as he was ushered quickly by security staff at Leicester Crown Court.  The paedophile known as Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood who stood in the dock brings the Labour Party paedophiles to total a staggering total of 36 with Four others arrested and slipping through the court system.  But there was no slipping away from the judge at this court… and the verdict was guilty.  The Labour25 listed paedophile Manish Sood, spotted an advertisement by a school girl for a job in Gumtree, an online service with a part time work column.  Paedophile Manish Sood then decided to phone her and asked her for sex at a fixed price.  The child got frightened and was so scared, she told no-one but her friend in her school.  She told her friend what the paedophile Labour councillor was asking her to do for him.  He sent scores of filthy text messages and phone calls of an explicit nature.  The victim’s friend got angry, so she rang Manish Sood and told him to leave her friend alone.  Manish Sood then asked her who she was and when he realized that she was a child too, he asked to meet her for a ‘massage.’ ‘’I will pick you up from school.’’ he said. ‘’Can you bring condoms for me.’’ He added, then he asked the child to wear toe rings."

Alan:  I guess that was another little turn-on for him.

"The filth poured out and the two children couldn’t stop the Labour paedophile.  Around 200 phone calls and text messages by Manish Sood were received by the children offering sex for money.  He offered them £200 each, but the children refused.  Then they realized he wouldn’t go away, so they contacted their teacher, who listened in on the conversation by the Labour paedophile.  The Judge gave him a Three year supervision order…

Alan:  A supervision order, right.  That’s what he got for it.

"…and banned from being near children unsupervised.  Manish Sood admitted in court his fixation for little girls.  His mother, also involved with the Labour Council in Leicester as aid to the Mayor, stood by him throughout the trial, saying he was a ‘good man.’"

"If it wasn’t for the protection of paedophiles by the Leicester Labour Council the newly prosecuted Labour25 paedophile Manish Sood would be in prison for grooming children."

Alan:  Well I think folk should look into the whole lot of them there because they’re obviously covering something bigger up, obviously.

"The parents shouted “Labour Paedophiles at it again.”  And “Get with the Labour25 paedophiles.”  At the closing of the case when a member of Parents Against Paedophiles gave out 120 leaflets to passers by who vented their anger."

Alan:  And that’s supposedly what’s running, you see it’s utterly corrupt you understand.  There is no fixing this you know.  Once you have gone for the prime, the really primeval instincts, then you’re really in trouble.  And they have hypersexualized a whole generation and all the deviants are even more so hypersexualized and they have risen to the top as they always do because they go for power.  And that’s politics, that’s where the power generally is.  A lot of them get into big business too mind you and become rather successful CEOs where they can then rape their secretaries and other people.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and as I say rather than go into the politic circus that they give you every so often at election time, in the States for instance, it’s meant to get everyone caught up in it once again even though they should know better.  Then I’d rather do this, which just shows you the types that are up there all through all the systems of politics by the way, especially in the revolutionary guard you might call them, the ones who are always pushing for change, change, change.  Because there is a definite pattern and a direction of change that they want to take us all into.  That’s why we’re actually here in this mess we’re in.  They don’t see it as a mess; they see it as a success because we’re all dysfunctional now you see.

But this one here, this article goes on.  And I’ve mentioned now, the Kinsey Report, the big fake Kinsey Report funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.  Kinsey himself was a homosexual, a paedophile too.  He hired other ones to do awful things with children.  And he hired prostitutes and pretended they were just average women and came out with all these fake studies to try and push through, become the expert as well of course, but push through all the new changes of laws to bring you down and destroy society, especially marriage and all the rest of it.  It worked awfully well.  But there were other ones involved too and Masters and Johnson were another couple of so-called legendary sex researchers.  And so, guess what, their son, the son of Masters and Johnson has been arrested for aggravated indecent exposure.  People going past his place in the boats, little canal boats and so on, he was flashing them and he flashed two policewomen and he’s been doing it for ages mind you and so that’s why this was set up, to try and catch him and photograph him.  And I guess they got a good photograph, so he’s now in a mess.  It says:

"The married son of renowned sex researchers Masters and Johnson has been arrested for pleasuring himself in front of female undercover police officers as they passed by his exclusive summer home in Michigan.  Charged with aggravated indecent exposure, William H. Masters III, 60 years of age,…"

Alan:  Jeez, 60 years of age.

"…was released on $5,000 bail and is facing two years in jail for the incident, which officers say was only the latest in a string of debaucherous deeds in the area.  Female officers, posing as kayakers, were part of a local sting operation investigating the 'indecent' goings on of the posh summer homes in the Pointe aux Barques."

Alan:  It says here.  So, he’s charged.

"'It’s a very rich, wealthy gated community,' explained a local source to the New York Post, 'with cottages built by families like tire magnate Harvey Firestone.'  Masters III was nude on the banks of the Pinnebog River at the Port Crescent State Park day-use area in Hume Township when two female kayakers paddled by.  Officers claim he 'yelled for attention'…"

Alan:  To try to get their attention so as they could see his weenie.

"…on a nearby dune and then proceeded to make 'obscene gestures' at the women when they looked his way.  The boaters, however, were part of a 'combined law-enforcement-agency sting operation, working out of a two-person kayak on the river.'  The officers beached their kayak and chased after Masters III, calling for backup from a Michigan conservation officer to help in their pursuit."

So it says here:


Dr William H. Masters and Mrs. Virginia E. Johnson were the co-authors of the controversial books 'Human Sexual Response' and 'Human Sexual Inadequacy'.  Both books were best-sellers…"

Alan:  They always are best sellers when they’re changing the culture.

"… and have been translated into 30 languages."

Alan:  Because the big foundations are behind them.

"Together they founded an independent not-for-profit research institution…"

Alan:  There you go.

 "…originally called the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation and renamed the Masters & Johnson Institute in 1978.  Their work was essential to the study of sexual dysfunction, sexual disorders and human sexual response."

Alan:  Well we know what the responses are, you stand next to the water and you strip nude and you just wave all the boaters to come over and see you, you know.

"Among their most high-profile studies, they investigated the nature of female orgasm, specifically the physiology of clitoral and vaginal arousal, as well as the difference between the two, dispelling long standing misconceptions."

Alan:  So it was all to get the sexual revolution really, really going and hypersexualize society, which is done now, it’s completely done.  And that’s just the way it is.

Now also too the National Health Service in Britain.  The National Health Service, the one that makes sure that most children go down you know the toilets or else they go up chimneys.  That’s no kidding, folks.  That’s where most of the money goes in the National Health Service today, you can’t get treatment for things that you need but that’s a priority over there.  It says that they’ve come out with a…

"… phone app that features extraordinarily explicit sex tips for children as young as 13 branded 'grossly irresponsible' by family charities."

So it says:

"- Taxpayer-funded respectyourself.info website gives tips on anal and oral sex as well as losing virginity."

"- Also a 'sextionary’ to describe slang terms for genitalia and naked pictures of a man and a woman with their erogenous zones highlighted."

"- Much of the content too explicit to be reproduced"

"- Local council involved with site admits site 'does contain explicit images of genitalia' but insists it has been 'put together with a lot of thought, care and attention'"

Alan:  By the weirdos.  And of course it is because that’s what they are, folks, and they have a big agenda to fulfill.  They’re not finished yet.  One day as I say there’ll be…where it’s all going, is there will be no such thing as paedophilia.  That’s where they’re going with it all.  It’s like Mussolini before he got into office in Italy, he says, "When I get in", he says, "I’ll make the trains run on time."  And so he did, he just tore up all the time tables.  Well they’re going to simply tear up all the laws.  They’re trying to do this from the very top echelons of the weirdo movement of revolutionaries at the top.  They’re really trying to do it.  And you get these little articles that come out, oh the children are maturing much earlier, etcetera, etcetera.  This is all part of it, as they get their way you see and push for the next step.  And that’s where it’s going.

Now, folk don’t know that most of their lives behaviorists run your minds for you, if you don’t know that.  There’s hardly an article that comes out from government or any government agency or educational authority that comes out in plain language to do the things that you think it’s meant to do.  It’s meant to alter the way that you think about things.  They want you to think the ways that your masters have designed you to think, on every topic.  It’s called political correctness and it does alter your behavior.  Behavior modification, they used Skinner and guys before him and after him to find ways to alter behaviors of the masses of humanity.  And they’ve done it.  They work with even the television outfits and movie industries.  Look at human behavior today.  Look at it, like I’ve just been reading some of it.  But they also do the things where they don’t want you to go into.  What you can talk about, what you can’t talk about.  What’s correct, what’s incorrect and verboten.

And it says:

"UK to export 'nudge unit' to Australia"

Alan:  They’ve already used it in Britain.  This is behaviorists actually.

It says:

"An innovative UK government unit aimed at changing people's behavior for the better…"

Alan:  Now who decides what the better is?  It’s always to suit those who rule you, you see.

"…is exporting its expertise to Australia.  Officials from the "nudge unit", a world leader in behavioral change tactics, will work with the New South Wales government across a range of policy areas.  The Cabinet Office unit comes up with ideas to "nudge" people into action rather than relying on government intervention.  It has helped the UK courts service increase the number of fine payments…"

Alan:  {Laughs} See, it’s for the government.

"… by sending personalized text message prompts, reducing the number of bailiff interventions by 150,000 and generating about STG30 million ($A46.75 million) in annual savings."

Alan:  So, they’re altering your behavior.  Remember the prime minister talked about it, we can make the people want to pay taxes.  He didn’t tell you they were going to use these techniques to harass you, you see.

It says:

"The unit also claims to have increased tax payment rates by 15 per cent by telling late payers that most people in their town had already paid,"

Alan:  There’s the herd mentality.  Oh if they’ve all paid, I better pay too.

"… generating a further STG30 million ($A46.75 million)."

"Minister without Portfolio Grant Shapps said the UK government was a world leader in the "innovative" use of behavioral change tactics.  "The work of the unit has improved public services and saved taxpayers' money,"

Alan:  {Laughs} Oh they can fleece you and fleece you, eh?

"“So I'm proud that it will be recognized on a global scale.”  The Cabinet Office refused to reveal how much the deal with New South Wales was worth, claiming it was commercially confident."

Alan:  So it also changes what you say about things and what you don’t say about things as well.  They actually set defaults in your brain to make you embarrassed if you say something.  Really it’s some genuine query that you want to get off your chest to find out the answers to and the rest of them around you are trained to attack you, “oh you can’t say that, you’re a blah-blah-blah… or a blah-blah-blah… or a blah-blah-blah.”  They give you slogans back that are meant to shame you and that sets your default position.  No kidding, folks, that’s how simple it is.

Visa, you know you’re all going electronic and all the rest of it too, as Big Brother… You understand you don’t live here to serve yourselves or even to pleasure yourselves.  You’re here on the sufferance of those who own you.  I hope you understand that.  I hope you really, really understand that.  That’s the truth of it.  Anyway you’re going cashless, etcetera.

"Visa says you can kiss your signature goodbye"

"From April 1 next year all Visa ''card-present'' transactions will use a chip and personal identification number (PIN) at the checkout.  SCRIBBLING your signature to pay for goods or square off your restaurant bill is set to become a thing of the past."

"All plastic transactions on Visa cards will soon require a four-digit code, with customers no longer able to sign for purchases."

Alan:  Etcetera, Etcetera.  And another article I’d like to put up tonight too is

"Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S. -- the first sixteen years"

"Genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant and insect-resistant crops have been remarkable commercial successes in the United States.  Few independent studies have calculated their impacts on pesticide use per hectare or overall pesticide use, or taken into account the impact of rapidly spreading glyphosate-resistant weeds.  A model was developed to quantify by crop and year the impacts of six major transgenic pest-management traits on pesticide use in the U.S. over the 16-year period..."

Alan:  And it gives you the period and so on and what it was tested for.  And it’s actually fallen flat for the GM guys.  All their claims have gone the other way, it’s backfired.  There’s also a link from Reuters on the same thing.  And they actually say that, that all their technology has backfired on them.  Now they’ve got all these resistant weeds and so on.  They’re using more and more pesticides to try to control these weeds.  And literally what you’re eating, folks, you think are vegetables, never mind the fact that they’re also modified with all kinds of weird genes, for a purpose, by the way, which they’ll never tell you about because it’s killing you.  You’re also getting soaked with their pesticides which will sterilize you and kill you even faster.  They’ve done all the studies.  There are countless studies out there on this stuff.  But that’s what you get.  See, you’ve got to bring down the population, you understand, and you aren’t going to get volunteers.

And this article too is to do with music, for those who just hip-hop to the music and get going.  It says:

"King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer founding member Greg Lake slammed punk rock in a new interview, calling it a fashion trend instead of an artistic one.  Speaking to the Montreal Gazette, Lake disparaged the musical value of punk.  “The punk thing wasn’t a musical movement,” he said.  “It was a fashion movement.  It was a hyping, marketing movement.  There was no real music there, no cultural revolution there.  “Punk was (Sex Pistols manager Malcolm) McLaren trying to whip up some media hype to create a genre so that everybody could ride on the crest of another marketing wave,”"

Alan:  And it’s true it was a big massive marketing wave.

"…Lake added. “It was only a question of a few idiots wearing tartan kilts and putting gel in their hair so it stood up like spikes.  If that’s a cultural movement, then I’m the president of f**king Korea.”  Both King Crimson and especially ELP were savagely derided by rock critics, who tended to prefer the raw energy and political stance of punk over the musical complexity and lyrical obscurity of progressive rock.  Still, Lake remains fiercely proud of the music he created with both bands.  “What tells me that progressive music is absolutely valid is they can’t bring themselves to recognize it in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” he said in a jab toward the institution that has inducted commercially unsuccessful acts like the Ramones and Patti Smith, but hasn't even nominated Yes, ELP or Jethro Tull despite their long-term success and influence."

"“We were trying to be different,” he said. “We wanted to be original, but we also wanted, in our own little way, to change the world of music.  Now, looking back on it, I think, in a small way, we did.”"

Alan:  And it did because the next step was to bring in Rap basically and now we’re down at the bottom.  We can’t get off the ground now, we’re all literally flopped on the bottom it seems, you see.  Part of the culture industry is to bring everything down, I hope you realize that.  When Pike and others and Mazzini talked about bringing in the nihilists and the atheists it wasn’t just nihilistic art that would make you want to commit suicide if you watched it and looked at it.  It was also to do with music and everything else to do with culture.  Theo Adorno went into it even further because he came over from the Frankfurt Institute and these boys literally were given the task of completely bringing down the West’s culture, especially Americans, down to the most basic base level that had ever been done.  And it’s been very successful.  And don’t criticize me, I’m just telling you what’s fact.  Go and look up Theo Adorno and the boys that he worked with and what their goal was.  And he was given permission by the president of the U.S. to do so.  You think there’s not a revolution going on?

And also it says here.  This is an article too about the electronic cash payments too.

"Research In Motion has struck an agreement to help manage security technology that will make it possible for many Canadians to pay with their smartphones through "mobile wallets.""

Alan:  They call it.  So:

"Research In Motion (TSX:RIM) has struck an agreement to help manage security technology that will make it possible for them to pay with their smartphones.  The BlackBerry maker said Monday it has been chosen by EnStream, a company set up by Canada's three largest wireless networks, to provide the security infrastructure that would make the substitute for debit and credit cards at checkouts work.  Using a smartphone to make a payment is considered one of the next waves of wireless technology in North America, driven by the growing number of credit cards, rewards programs and identification that many people carry."

Alan:  You understand, all these rewards programs, again, they just treat you like cattle, animals.  Because I remember listening to a guy talking about it, that came out with some of the cards, for these customer cards for certain stores, and he says, “We have better mousetraps”, as they offer all the little people little deals on things and you really think you’re going to get deals and they get all your data on you and they study you.  And they see what you’re eating and everything about you, even what time of the month it is for women and so on.  They know all about you folks.  They figure it all out before you even are given the card.  And you all go along with it.  “We’ve got a better mousetrap”, he said.  Yep, that’s what you are to them.

This article I read a couple of years ago when it came out but it’s more valid than ever; it says:

"Moral judgments can be altered"

"MIT neuroscientists influence people’s moral judgments by disrupting specific brain region."

"They have shown they can influence people's moral judgments— a finding that helps reveal how the brain constructs morality.  To make moral judgments about other people, we often need to infer their intentions — an ability known as "theory of mind." For example, if a hunter shoots his friend while on a hunting trip, we need to know what the hunter was thinking: Was he secretly jealous, or did he mistake his friend for a duck?"

Alan:  Or was he simply pissed?

It says:

"Previous studies have shown that a brain region known as the right temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) is highly active when we think about other people's intentions and beliefs."

Alan:  I’ll carry on with this when I come back from this break.  You see it’s all about your cell phone.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks, I’m back, we’ll go to Justin from Florida who has been hanging on the line there.  Are you still there Justin?

Justin:  Hey Alan, yeah I am still here.  How are you?

Alan:  Not so bad, how are you?

Justin:  I’m alright.  I just wanted to talk about you know it’s a little bit amusing this society in which we live, it’s so artificial, you know like every day, and I work at a marketing agency so I know what you’re talking about.  You know it like resonates with me because it is all about, you know, your audience’s opinions and how they view your product.  And you know and just from everything, from music down to the food we eat, I just find it amazing how they’ve taken our focus off of, you know, of the resources that we need to live, and they’ve gotten it on to you know the rat race for paper and for degrees and like for conveniences.  You know it’s like you say, every convenience, you know it starts with a "con".  You know just the great con, it looks like it’s, I mean it’s disgusting but yet it’s a marvel at how they have been able to control so many people.

Alan:  So easily.

Justin:  Even though it took them a long time; like it’s just incredible how they, you know, how they managed to pull it off thus far.

Alan:  Well they knew a long time ago, Bernays knew it because he was taught by the best guys, even before his uncle Freud.  And this is an old science and these guys especially knew it because they were at the forefront of the revolutionary movement by the way, Freud as well.  And they knew they could actually transfer sexual instincts to any product.  It starts off with dress for women and go on from there and they could really alter behavior, again through advertising and putting out high-profile women out there, celebrities, and other people would copy them.  Now it’s all embedded in movies with their highly erotic sexual scenes, this has just got to be better than what you’re having at home, and it just goes on and on and on.  And they’ve destroyed society.  No one is happy with anyone anymore.  And when you’re hypersexualized like that you cannot reach a normal state of satisfaction so they go for the next level, and the next level, and the next level.  It’s a well understood science and you’ve got thousands of think tanks working on it, with foundation money and your tax money to do that.  And literally, people, it’s like the rats that were stimulated from the brain, eventually with wires in their brain, it was going to its sexual areas, the rat would continue feeling this pleasurable instinct, it would never feed itself and eventually it would die in that state rather than eat.  And humans actually are much the same.  So all these unconscious desires they can actually transfer onto other things and sell them very cleverly through very good marketing because the marketers are at the top of the tree in this whole science you understand.

Justin:  Yes.  It’s all about the mind and all about this.

Alan:  And peer pressure kicks in.  And then the school has the big job of hypersexualizing the children at school and plus there’s a whole massive industry of media and television aimed just at children to take over from that too and augment it, so they will have no chance growing up in any kind of community or family situation at all.

Justin:  And through Big Bird.

Alan:  Thanks for calling in.  And from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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