Oct. 31, 2012 (#1205)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 31, 2012:

Democracy a Token for a System Unspoken:

"Authority, Authority, World's Ruled by The Authority,
Those Involved All Know This, Just Not the Vast Majority,
Club of Rome said "Too Many Sides, Democracy won't Work,"
New System Introduced -- "Anti-Terrorism" where Bad Guys Lurk,
This System is into Every Single Facet of Culture,
Changing, Training Herds into Culture of the Vulture,
Vultures Plan the Future, They Profit from Their Schemes
Which are Conveyed to Masses as Coincidence it Seems,
Yet People Must Acquiesce to Their Own Deception,
Preferring Disney World of Party-Play, Tranquilized Perception"
© Alan Watt Oct. 31, 2012

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on October the 31st, 2012.

For newcomers as always I suggest you make good use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  Lots of free audios for download and you can start to understand the system you are born into.  It also makes you look at yourself too because many of the things you adopt as normal were actually given to you by professional people.  They were marketed into your brain basically and plus it was also put into your mind through education too. 

So help yourself to the audios and remember all those sites listed there on the .com site have the same audios, they also have transcripts in English for print up.  And you get transcripts in other languages if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.

Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  I try not to scare the bejesus out of you and sell you the antidote.  I simply give you the bad news of what they call life today.  This modern life that really again is all a big plan.  And it’s a plan because it’s been written about by lots of guys involved in creating the plan over the last hundred years.  And there are so many books out there in universities too even to do with your conditioning and how to condition the masses it’s just astonishing.  But then again we’re given entertainment to take our minds off these things, to think everything is quite normal and just be happy, relax and leave it all to your betters.  That’s perfect socialism.  Perfect socialism really is a society run by a small elite, or a cadre if you like, with a whole group of scientists beneath them who run everything efficiently on behalf of this elite.  You know the better type, the ones who have more intelligence than you.  That’s what they say themselves. 

And now we’re going through the biggest changes we have had since really the beginning of the industrial revolution.  I think it was Kissinger that said that himself at one time, a long time ago before all this Agenda 21 thing started, and 9/11 started, and we went into the whole fast process into the New American Century.  And again too, this is the Century of Change remember, the Century of Change.  Everything has to be completed in this century for the big boys to have their global utopia.  That includes population reduction, better control over the minds of the public.  Under the guise of terrorism they understand everything that you are doing because you can’t keep anything to yourself anymore, it’s all electronic.  And they’re well on their way to establishing their perfectly controlled society, or a police state, call it what you want.  This is only transitory as they go through every phase to the next phase and the next phase. 

Remember too as I say you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I don’t bring on the sponsors, I don’t get paid by advertisers.  I don’t have shares in any products that are being sold whatsoever.  And to do so from the U.S. to Canada remember you can use a personal check.  You can still use international postal money orders from your post office, you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Across the world Western Union and PayPal.  And straight donations are really, really awfully welcome during these austere times as we go into hyperinflation, which is all part of the agenda too. 

And what I do too is to show how the past is linked to the present, how the big boys themselves formed their big organizations and foundations which in turn run thousands of think tanks on every facet of society to do with controlling, changing, altering behavior step by step for over a hundred years, and to a hundred years beyond now even, they’re working on the kind of humans they want to have around then. 

And you know foundations and institutions, they’re not elected, they are private organizations.  But they also put their own boys into government.  There are lots of them and they even boast about it.  The CFR for instance said that they’ve always put their own people in on top.  It doesn’t matter if they’re left wing or the right wing.  It doesn’t make any difference at all.  Every president and prime minister in the Western world has been one of their boys for a hundred years. Back with more after this break. 

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  It’s astonishing too how most folk adapt to the changes, and thus we are an adaptable species.  The most adaptable species in fact because really when you think about all the other animals they can survive quite happily in the wild in all kinds of climates but humans are pretty weak that way but we’ve got the brain to make up for it, so we have all these different ways of surviving.  But we’re adaptable.  And because we’re adaptable those at the top of course who are into behaviorism can make things happen to us or bring things to us which we adapt to in a happy sort of way preferably.  And also in an authoritarian way when they just use the force or the threat of force, we adapt to that as well. 

And we read stories all the time about people being caught and pummeled to death or shot or whatever it happens to be by mistake and we always think well that’s so far away from me, or it’s not my town, not my village, or it’s not my neighbor and it’s not me, so it’s okay.  It’s not as bad as it seems.  But you understand we’re going through a massive, massive change as authority comes to the top over any idea of public input into society, which you like to call democracy.  I personally think democracy is a lot of nonsense.  When you study the history of it it’s a good façade certainly.  It stops you having rebellions every so often.  But in reality too as I say people adapt into, and you can adapt into any situation until you can’t back out of it.  You’re exactly where the big people want you to be. 

And obedience to authority is the technique that has been drummed and hammered into you, more so just for your local news or the national news, but also from the fiction that you watch.  You don’t want these black-clad goons busting in with their big machine guns and so on and putting the boot on your neck.  And so you’re watching all this all the time so you obey them, obey, obey, you understand. It’s all obedience training, because the Club of Rome on behalf of the United Nations, because it’s the biggest think tank for the United Nations, said that democracy would never work, true democracy would never work and therefore a form of authoritarian society would have to be created.  Well welcome to it, it’s done under the guise of terror. 

But it’s also a very old, old plan you understand.  They never intended to give you some free happy society because you are owned, like any big corporation owns all its subsidiaries and that’s how we are.  If you simply look at how big corporations plan fifty, sixty, seventy years ahead, that’s how governments do it too on behalf of the elite.  They must always make sure that the elite are always the same elite or their offspring come in and take over the positions of control.  It’s been like that for an awful long time and they do mergers, they have takeovers of companies.  And that gets me onto the topic too because you’re watching the European amalgamation, the creation of massive bailout, which gets all the countries into dept trying to bail them out and it strengthens the new central bank, the private bank of the EU, exactly as we were told by Quigley back in the sixties.  That was their intention: first create the continents through what seems to be kind of trivial little agreements they make and then gradually step by step amalgamate them into one with the bank ruling over them, that’s the big ruler.  And then the central banks are under the Bank for International Settlements.  It’s all documented stuff.  So they’re right on target with it too but they also want to amalgamate the Americas as well and we’ve seen them try to really push it through with again the 9/11 controversy and the border security, etcetera.  And it’s happening step by step.  There is more agreements signed very quietly into law on the U.S. side and the Canadian side that make it happen.  And the people again yawn and go back to sleep because you’re trained not to listen to anybody except someone who is famous on regular mainstream media television.  And if you see your regular newscaster saying something you’ll believe it then, even a lie, but you have a hard time believing anything else for yourselves because you’re trained, you literally are trained that way. 

Kissinger said it and Brzezinski said it too that eventually the public would be unable to reason for themselves, they expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  In other words you’re socialized, you’re domesticated, and you look to the media to give you any warning of something that you should know about.  Well the media is privately owned, folks; it doesn’t have to tell the truth on anything.  And not only privately owned, it’s part of the intelligence services, they all have, there have been so many documents out about it before and court cases come out where you find CIA are imbedded in all the major media across the country.  But here’s an article here about the integration of Canada again step by step. 

"NIAGARA FALLS — Armed U.S. border guards may soon be on Canadian soil in Fort Erie, Ontario, pre-inspecting government vehicles before they cross the Peace Bridge into America.  While details have not yet been determined, that's one of the options being considered in a preliminary agreement that has been worked out between Canada and the U.S. to speed up traffic across the Peace Bridge."

Alan:  It’s to speed – so they always give you a nonsense reason for it. 

"The pilot agreement was announced earlier this week by New York Senator Charles Schumer after year-long negotiations involving the U. S. Department of Homeland Security and its Canadian counterpart, Public Safety Canada.  The Peace Bridge and another unnamed international crossing will be the scene of the pilot project that begins in late December and will run for 18 months.  Schumer called the pilot program a two-way victory…"

Alan:  It’s always a victory as we amalgamate.

"…for both countries because it will speed up traffic across the bridge."

Alan:  They say.  You understand we had a great system before 9/11; it was very quick, worked awfully well, but again the reason for this has got nothing to do with catching bad guys.

It says:

"The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority is supportive of the commercial pre-inspection concept.  Chairman Sam Hoyt said they are looking “forward to its eventual testing and implementation at the Peace Bridge.”"

Alan:  So the rest of it’s just PR…it’s just PR, PR, PR and it talks about, and it even lies on it too by the way. The lie part is this part here. It says:

"The two organizations will be sharing information on travelers who are not Canadian or U.S. citizens, such that a record of entry into one country could be considered as a record of exit from the other country."

Alan:  So it says they’re only going to share foreigners’, not Canadian or U.S. citizens’, data.  Now five or six years ago I read from the government’s report where they were already sharing all the data on one computer base for all Canadians and all U.S. citizens as well.  But hey, what’s the truth when it comes to officialdom?  You understand the higher they get in officialdom and the more arrogant they become, because they don’t believe that they’re servants and they’re serving the people.  That’s an old, old concept.  They’re way beyond that, they are the authority and they do lie to you all the time.  You always lie to children, you see; that’s how they see us, as children; they’d all get restless if we tell them the truth, so just tell them a little fib and it will go down much easier

And the Farm Bill in the U.S. was coming up for renewment.  It says:

"The September 30th deadline has come and gone, and Congress has returned home without passing a new farm bill.  And while farm special interests bemoan that Congress fiddled while Rome burned, the outcome is actually good for American taxpayers, who would have funded a bloated, subsidy-stuffed trillion-dollar farm bill.  Even the Washington Post noted in a recent editorial that “no farm bill at all might be better than a bad bill.”  But it’s too soon to start celebrating.  Congress returns in November and will face pressure from the powerful farm lobby to pass the bill."

Alan:  It says here.  Now what it really means is you’ve got Agri-farm corporate businesses, the big boys, not the little farmers, and they lobby government all the time for all their freebees and handouts.  And that’s what that’s really all about.

It says:

"These are largely anti-farm-production programs that restrict land use on private farmland to support wetlands, grasslands, and non-threatened species while doing precious little to grow the nation’s crop supply and stabilize rising food prices.  The Wetlands Reserve Program, which transfers land rights from private to government control, is the largest of these USDA-run conservation easement projects.  Specifically, it retires farmland…"

Alan:  "Retires farmland", a nice term, eh? 

"…in order to “restore, protect, and enhance” wetlands and wildlife.  An estimated 2 million acres of cropland are encumbered under the program.  It raises the question: With our nation’s farms suffering from one of the harshest droughts in half a century and crop damage threatening to push up food prices to record levels, why is Congress proposing to spend hundreds of millions of additional tax dollars to convert farms to wetlands when the land could be used to grow crops?"

Alan:  Well you see you got to get wetlands to get mosquitoes growing so as you can bring in the plagues when it’s the right time.  That’s part of it. 

"The program’s approach of taking land out of production stems from early federal land retirement programs intended at the time, ironically, to control falling crop prices.  Back in the 1930s, lawmakers removed land from farming as a means of reducing production supply and supporting food prices.  Conservation purposes were secondary.  But today the pendulum has swung so far toward protecting everything from wetlands, to dry lands, to even non-endangered species that the impact these policies have on falling food production and rising prices is not even considered."

Alan:  In other words it’s political correctness, at least to the average person who views it. 

"Worse, most of the land under easement is encumbered permanently.  That means there is little wiggle room to adjust for severe conditions such as this summer’s drought.  The Wetlands Reserve Program was considered controversial in its early years due to concerns that it would infringe on private property rights.  Congress slashed the program in the early 1990s and refused to authorize any funding.  Not so today.  The 2008 farm bill, which expired September 30th, authorized 3 million acres for enrollment, up from 2 million in the previous farm bill.  President Obama’s 2012 budget requests $785 million, almost double the amount authorized for 2011.  But unless Congress passes the new farm bill, the wetland program’s days may be numbered, since the program does not have budget baseline protection.  This means it receives no future funding unless costs are offset by cutting other programs in the farm bill."

Alan:  So we’ll wait and see what happens with this one because remember it’s all under Homeland Security now, all the farming, and they can get money to them in a different fashion if need be to get all these things through. 

And another one too is…

"The Federal government has filed another mortgage fraud lawsuit against the Bank of America contending that the defective loans generated by the bank’s countrywide financial core subsidiary caused mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lose more than $1B."

Alan:  So they’re all suing each other because they’re all crooked.  They’ve all been involved in it.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫} 

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and it’s interesting too to see so many articles, that I don’t read generally on the air, there’s just too many of them, to do with police investigating them for things that they’ve put up on Facebook or whatever, but they’re all the way down to simply complaining, people who are disabled complaining about the treatment they get and so on.  And it’s enough to get you a visit from the cops now.  And one article here I got today is about police raid an activist’s home, it’s a disabled activist’s home, for ‘criminal’ posts on Facebook. 

And it says:

"She has now made a formal complaint to South Wales police and in the letter, she lays out in detail what happened that night."

"She has given me permission to share it with you..."

"Complaint Against South Wales Police – Harassment and Intimidation of a Vulnerable Disabled Person.  Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act."

"I am a vulnerable disabled person with a serious mental health condition, currently in the DWP’s Support Group for Employment and Support Allowance (the Support Group is reserved for the most severely disabled benefit claimants who are unable to work and are too unwell to be in the Work Related Activities group).  I experience considerable anxiety and severe depression, exacerbated by having to struggle for many months to get into the Support Group and receive disability benefits.  I am happy to supply medical information regarding the severity of my condition.  I struggle to get to sleep because of anxiety and agitation due to severe depression, and I need to work hard at calming myself enough to sleep.  At approximately 11.40pm on Friday night, 26th October, shortly after I had succeeded in falling asleep for the night, the doorbell rang very loudly and repeatedly, half a dozen times.  Shocked and disorientated I stumbled to the front door, pulling on some pants.  To my immense shock there were two police officers at the door, a male and a female officer in high-vis jackets and bristling with equipment as if here to deal with a riot.  They told me they had come to investigate criminal activity that I was involved in on Facebook.  I was profoundly shocked and disorientated.  I asked what criminal activity.  They said complaints had been made about posts I’d made on Facebook about the Jobcentre."

Alan:  The employment place. 

"I explained that I had been involved in Disabled People Against Cuts, a campaigning group.  (In fact I had withdrawn my involvement from any campaigning earlier that day – I am too unwell to participate in protests and campaigns, and I had been to London with disability campaigners on 20th October and it had left me exhausted almost all week).  I had posted some posts on Facebook in the previous couple of days suggesting that disabled people exercise the right to peaceful direct-action protest against the DWP because PCS (the DWP staff union) was disinclined to campaign for a stop to the Work Capability Assessments which are destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of disabled people and killing 73 of us a week."

Alan:  A lot of them are committing suicide and so on. 

"Like many disabled people I am profoundly distressed by the Work Capability Assessments and Atos, and by our treatment by the DWP.  However, there is nothing even remotely criminal about suggesting on Facebook that disabled people protest against the DWP.  It is completely and utterly unacceptable that two police officers were sent to a disabled person’s home in the middle of the night for making such Facebook posts.  I asked them who had complained about my Facebook posts.  They refused to tell me.  I asked them how they’d obtained my address.  They wouldn’t tell me either."

Alan:  See this is what you get in police states, folks.  This is a standard police state thing.  If you complain about anything or government cutbacks or whatever, in they come to harass you and intimidate you. 

"Things went on to become considerably more stressful and intimidating.  The officers asked me for ID [identification].  As a campaigner and trade union activist (before I became ill) I have attended briefings on the law in relation to protest, and I knew that I had no obligation to show ID given that I had done nothing criminal and the police had no reason to suspect I had.  I was shocked and deeply upset by the accusation that my Facebook posts are criminal as I have always been a strong proponent of peaceful protest.  I therefore declined to show the officers ID.  The male officer then said that failure to show them ID was obstructing the police in their duties.  I was appalled by this because I knew it not to be true, and it seemed inconceivable to me that a serving police officer would not know the law.  I could only conclude that the officer KNEW what he was telling me was untrue, and it was a threat to intimidate me because I had advocated legitimate peaceful protest in some Facebook posts.  They kept interrogating me about my posts on Facebook.  They then said that some of my posts had been deleted.  I have deleted no posts at all in the last couple of weeks – I have nothing to hide.  Then they asked me if I was the organizer of a protest against the UKBA the following day, in support of a Cardiff family who had been deported last week.  I have absolutely nothing to do with that protest, although I support it and one of the family members is a friend of mine.  I told the officers this.  They asked me if I would be attending the protest the next day.  I said I failed to see how that could possibly be any of their business but as it happened, while I had intended to attend the protest, I was too ill and would not be doing so."

Alan:  So they went back to the ID thing again and more interrogations and so on and just distressed this woman. 

It says:

"I said I wanted to make a phone call and would get back to them.  I tried to close the door but the male officer stepped into the hallway to prevent the door closing and the female officer also stepped into the hallway and used her body to keep the door open.  This absolutely terrified me.  I fled into the bedroom and started crying uncontrollably.  While I looked up numbers on my mobile phone I heard the male officer saying that I was probably sending emails.  The female officer spoke to someone by radio or phone and described me as “being very obstructive”.  They had invaded my home in the middle of the night, accused me of criminal activity on Facebook and of organizing a peaceful protest the following day I had nothing to do with, had been very intimidating and aggressive – and they said I was “being very obstructive”!!  In fact I was terrified, in considerable distress, and crying uncontrollably.  I tried some friends and left sobbing messages on their answer phones.  In a panic and terrified, and searching the phone’s address book for someone who could help, I found the number of a legal observer who’d once legal observed a protest I’d been involved in." 

Alan:  He answered the call and then he helped out, a legal observer.  That’s what you need now, your own personal lawyer, living with you I guess really.  {Laughs}  That’s the safest thing to have.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about how people who are on disability are being harassed now.  You see if you’re on any kind of list at all you’re fair game as far as cops are concerned and they don’t care who they arrest or why.  They really, really don’t care; an arrest is an arrest for them.  And they hope to get up the ladder by pleasing their bosses by just arresting people.  But as I say this person had a real hard time of it and this is the system we live in today where the cops themselves are liars because eventually these cops that went to this woman’s house eventually says well they weren’t there at all to find out about her Facebook, they were there to pay a welfare visit.  At that time of night, a welfare visit?  Born liars, born liars.  They should be ashamed of themselves, but forget that, there is no shame these days. 

Now NATO, NATO was supposedly set up to stop the Warsaw Pact countries, the group under the Soviet system.  And once of course the Soviet system pretended to come down – because they really just merged with the west, completely now, that was the whole point of it; that was the intention of it; both sides at the top knew this – but there was no function for NATO except to be, you know, a plunderer of other countries and force other countries to adopt the same corrupt system that we have, run by the same special few people that run it all with their central banking systems and political correctness and everything else that disrupts and destroys their culture.  You can’t control people unless you destroy their culture; that’s the first step in controlling vast amounts of people.  When you’re after the whole world you’ve got to destroy all the cultures and bring in this new Americanized culture which isn’t American either because the same guys that run Hollywood gave you your culture.  I’ve read the articles from the military magazine that talks about this and how they’d use that culture across the world.  You know prostitution, kiddy porn, all that stuff that’s now quite common in the West as we go down the tubes.  And that would destroy the cultures of the other peoples.  But NATO it says here, NATO is, that’s what they’re really up to, is just forcing warfare across the world to bring in the same system, you see, standardizing the system.  Slovenia, little Slovenia is asking the people to really vote or go and push for NATO to leave, and to get out of NATO all together.  And it says:

"Joining the alliance was the biggest and most expensive mistake of Slovenian foreign policy, Delo wrote."

"The newspaper said that NATO is no longer an alliance for the protection of its members and instead has become an organization that intervenes around the world."

Alan:  That’s a very, very polite way of saying plundering.  So:

"The leading newspaper Delo on Saturday criticized NATO’s failure in Afghanistan and suggested that the government consider leaving “this anachronistic organization.”  Slovenia would be wise to leave NATO because its money is being spent on the alliance’s “failed project” in Afghanistan while domestic spending cuts are affecting pensioners, young families, culture and education.  The fact is that joining the alliance was the biggest and most expensive mistake of Slovenian foreign policy, Delo wrote.  The newspaper said that NATO is no longer an alliance for the protection of its members and instead has become an organization that intervenes around the world.  “The current crisis is an excellent opportunity to leave this anachronistic organization, which is lost in time and space.” The call for leaving NATO was made after the Slovenian government pledged to provide 500,000 U.S. dollars to Afghan security forces after NATO ends its combat operations there in 2014.  Based on the principle “in together, out together,” Slovenian troops would stay in Afghanistan until the completion of the mission of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Forces, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said Thursday.  After 11 years of war in Afghanistan since October 2001, the U.S.-led forces recently announced plans to hand over security responsibilities to Afghan forces in 2013, and to withdraw the ISAF by the end of 2014."

Alan:  But they’ll just go on from one country to the next until they standardize the world.  Because collectively it’s the biggest army on the planet you see.  That’s why it’s being used this way, standardizing the planet for the big banking boys you see that run it.  {Laughs}  And a different agenda too because there is definitely a group involved at the top of it that’s had a very long history of causing revolution across the world.  In fact that’s what you’re actually seeing, it’s not war against revolutionaries, it’s the culmination of a very long revolutionary group that’s been at this for hundreds of years, that runs NATO and us. 

Now this is an article I mentioned before when it first came out and it’s like something from a movie or April the First, April Fool’s day.

"No prank: On Halloween, US military forces train for zombie apocalypse."

"The scenario is part of a counterterrorism summit held this week.  A zombie invasion would have characteristics similar to other catastrophic events and would be ‘a federal incident,’ a summit organizer says."

Alan:  See, only after you’ve been indoctrinated with so many stupid zombie movies would you even take this seriously, you know. 

It says:

"Why is the US military preparing for a zombie apocalypse?  That’s the latest training exercise that US Marines and Navy special-operations forces will be taking part in on an island off the coast of San Diego – starting on Wednesday, aka Halloween.  “This is a very real exercise. This is not some type of big costume party,” Brad Barker, president of the Halo Corp. security company, told the Associated Press.  This scenario is dire, modeled in part on a public-service campaign that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched last year, warning that US citizens should be prepared in the event of a zombie invasion."

Alan:  The CDC actually had: supposing somebody let loose a virus or bacterium that started eating your brain; and this is where they got the idea from, for zombies.  I guess like the movies we’ll all end up going after the guys that don’t have it yet, for some strange reason, and wanting to contaminate them.

It says:

"It will play out Wednesday and Thursday at Halo’s annual Counter-Terrorism Summit security conference, which will be attended by, among other people, former Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden.  Zombies will invade Paradise Point Resort, which covers 44 acres on an island that will be transformed with Hollywood-style sets, including a Middle Eastern village and a pirate cove.  Some 1,000 US military personnel, police, and state and federal government officials will be charged with responding.  “No doubt when a zombie apocalypse occurs, it’s going to be a federal incident, so we’re making it happen,” Mr. Barker told the AP."

Alan:  Well if they eventually put out some brain-rotting disease it will be made to happen by the feds and I have no doubt about that at all.  God, they have no amount, there is just no amount of ideas to spend your money, eh?  It’s just amazing.  This is the only business in town these days, in security.  It really is you know.  In fact every business in town is a con, it’s either security and terrorism everywhere, or global warming and alternative energy that all flops and doesn’t get off the ground and we spend billions into it.  It’s the only game in town you know. 

Now, in Australia again they’re getting hammered big time.

"Data retention proposals make cybercrime suspects of us all"

"The Federal Government is concerned about cybercrime, which we understand and expect.  However, in response to this concern, they’re putting forward a proposal that would oblige ISPs to retain all customer phone and Internet records for up to two years, in line with the ‘European Directive’."

Alan:  See we are global, folks, the European Directive and everyone’s signed it.  Every country across the planet signed it. 

"They’re not just talking about suspected offenders here, they’re talking about everyone – you and me and even every child that ever uses a mobile or personal device like a tablet or smart-phone, or a home computer, or school laptop.  Everyone in Australia – even your grandma.  That just seems over-the-top to me.  We don’t live in a country wracked by civil unrest or political violence."

Alan:  Now here is someone who doesn’t understand what’s happening.  Lots are like that.

"We live in a stable, western democracy." 

Alan:  They haven’t a clue that this is a big worldwide project of authoritarianism; you’re already out of any democracy if you ever thought you had it.  And it’s a completely new way of living; it’s an authoritarian way of living you see, if you haven’t got it yet. 

"Attorney General Nicola Roxon claims the changes are required to allow law enforcement departments and intelligence agencies to crack down on criminals in this digital age..."

Alan:  And they’ve always got an excuse for whatever they do, as they literally teach you that you have no privacy, you’re just a thing.  If you’re not wearing a uniform today you’re a thing you know and that’s how they see you.  That’s all we are.  And to prove you’re a thing, and I’ve mentioned this before too, from the Carnegie Trust, again another foundation you see that’s heavily involved in drafting up policies of how we should live and how governments must go along with their agendas to train us and so on.  And this is one of the later ones from it, but I’ve read it before…

"At a time of economic turmoil it is perhaps unsurprising that the minds of policy makers focus on the question of how to restart economic growth.  But in recent decades people have begun to question the adequacy of GDP as the primary indicator of the progress of societies.  A number of governments, local, devolved and national have begun to explore how to measure wellbeing as a complement to traditional measures such as GDP."

Alan:  In other words they’re training you for austerity and to be happy. 

"The project was carried out in partnership with IPPR North and provides evidence from six case studies of experiences of measuring wellbeing in France, the USA and Canada.  The report concludes that wellbeing measures are at their most effective when they are supported by a combination of…"

Alan:  Listen to this. 

"… strong leadership, "

Alan:  That’s your celebrities. 

"…technocratic policy processes…"

Alan:  That’s your technocrats, unelected. 

"…and building momentum through wide buy-in from civil society,"

Alan:  You see you have to buy-in through all the ads and stuff that’s getting put in your face to go into this new way of living.  You have to buy-in to the cons.

It says also:

"…the citizens and the media.  Where these elements come together, we have seen benefits for individual and community wellbeing by identifying policy gaps and innovative ways of working.  It can also provide a valuable tool for holding governments to account."

Alan:  And I’ll give you links for that tonight and you can go into it deeper if you want to or you even care, but these policies are being rammed down your throats and it’s obviously being rammed down the children’s throats as well in various, various countries.  And even the chairman of the Federal Reserve talked about gross well-being as the thing for the future.  Train the public to do with less and train them to be happy.  But there is also other aspects of it; they could use Pharma to make you happy all the time and various other techniques as well.  It’s all part of Agenda 21 by the way. 

And also tonight I’ll put up one, it’s called,

"Psychocivilization and Its Discontents: An Interview with José Delgado"

Alan:  Delgado remember too was into putting implants, electric implants into animals and humans back in the 60’s on behalf of the U.S. government to try and find ways of managing whole populations of peoples down the road.  You got to start somewhere, right?  And there are also videos up on Delgado, an awfully arrogant scientist, as they all are of course because they were given special permission to do things that they should have been hung for, literally hung for.  And that’s what government does; they can actually decide who gets hung and who doesn’t.  It’s okay when government gives them a special permission to do abominable things.  But they show, it says here…

"The letter from Professor Delgado carries two insignias.  One is made of Hebrew letters on what looks like a Torah scroll.  Under the scroll it says "lux et veritas"—light and truth.  The other insignia reads "Investigacion Ramon y Cajal."  In our letter to him, we have explained that we are two artists who have been studying his "astonishing research..."

Alan:  So they get an interview with this guy and he’s still of course as gung-ho as ever to find ways of controlling the public and I mean don’t forget Delgado really didn’t believe the people had the right to think for themselves, literally, literally have their own opinions.  He really did not believe that.  He really believed in a small elite running the world, again, and the scientific group around them managing all the rest of the herd down below them, for peace you understand.  It’s the only way they’re going to have peace, is control the herd through mind control of various forms.  What he was into was more direct stuff, putting wires right into the brains of people.  And I’ll also put up a link tonight to one where you’ll actually see him doing it, on people that is.  It was great too how they managed to keep it all from the public, for many years, that he was actually sticking this stuff into people’s brains.  You understand whatever you’re told is a lie from government.  Whatever you’re told too, there is always a different reason they’re doing it than the one they’re going to tell you.  There is always something way beyond anything you’d figure out, why they’re really doing things.  And when they give you the latest of things that they’re up to, it’s generally fifty years old.  They’re way ahead of it by then. 

But they used all kinds of electro-stimulation in groups of apes and so on right up to humans and that used to excite them as they could make them turn left and right or sit down or whatever.  And his famous one of course is the bull, where he actually had implants in a bull; he used a little remote control and as it charged towards him it stopped.  So would you if you felt a massive pounding like a sledgehammer hitting you in the head, because that’s I’m sure what it did to the bull.  Remember these are behaviorists you understand employed by the government.  This is no little out-of-the-way scientist.  He was employed by the U.S. government and he worked at Yale for goodness sake. 

And I’ll put that up tonight again for those who care at all.  Personally I think the people are so far gone because you see another school of thought because they don’t just put all their eggs in one basket, they always have other ones using psychology and behaviorist tricks, etcetera to train the public.  And they can; they can make you believe anything and have you copy what they believe.  Just look at the culture.  And just look at the rap music and how you have created a whole gangster culture there.  And you think those guys did it themselves?  If the boys that run the music industry and Hollywood didn’t want that to become the predominate culture you would not have seen it or heard it, folks.  It was done for a reason for this particular time in history.  I hope you understand that. 

So, as I say I’ll put up two links tonight on Delgado for those who care about it.  And Health Canada, I mentioned last week about some country had pulled Novartis flu injections because they’re full of this gungy stuff and they had some bad reactions from people, but:

"Health Canada has told the provinces and territories…"

Alan:  That’s in Canada. 

"… that had bought Novartis products that the vaccines are now safe."

Alan:  That they’re now "safe to use".  They haven’t done anything to them but they’re now safe.  All that floating matter you see in them, it’s just dead you know bits and pieces of matter, that’s all it is.  Don’t worry about it, like dead viruses and tissue and stuff, don’t worry about that, it won’t do you any harm.  And so it’s "safe to use" the experts have told you.  It says:

"Provinces and territories that have bought Novartis vaccines for this year's flu shot campaigns can now resume use of the products.  The decision follows a risk assessment conducted by Health Canada, using information gathered from European regulatory agencies and the company."

Alan:  That sells it.  {Laughs}  Because they want to sell it, right?  They don’t want to recall it.

"“None of the information reviewed indicated a safety issue”"

Alan:  They said in a statement. And of course it’s sold in Canada under the brand name Fluad and Agraflu.  Strange name to give a flu shot, "Agraflu".  Maybe it will make you allergic to all corns because it’s all GM anyway.

"…make up a total of 20 per cent of Canada's combined flu vaccine purchase this year.  GlaxoSmithKline has the lion's share of the national purchase, 57 per cent."

"Sanofi Pasteur and AstraZeneca make up the rest, with 20 per cent and three per cent respectively."

Alan:  It’s great lobbying isn’t it?  You’re guaranteed sales, create a panic and a hype about the flu that nobody bothered about before and then you’ve got guaranteed sales by governments, sometimes years ahead, you get them to sign the line, ten years they’ll buy them up.  Ten years, what a great business this fascism is, isn’t it?  Terrific.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and I’ll go to Dave from Maryland if he’s still on the line there.  Are you still there Dave?  Hello Dave?

Dave:  Alan, hello.  Alan are you there? 

Alan:  Yep I’m here. 

Dave:  Hey how’s it going in the austerity? 

Alan:  Well we got over this little blast we got from the wind, this great hurricane and all that stuff.  A few trees just bent this way and that way and then it was over.

Dave:  Yeah, still recovering from Sandy, that’s what they’re calling this one.  Yeah, I was basically calling in, I appreciate the work that you’re doing.  It kind of, it hit me.  I’ve been listening to the show for a while but it hit me that the fact that you don’t bring on advertisers and gimmicks and so on because I called a radio station the other day and I have to say it was a three-hour-long radio station and you know it’s like they’re promoting liberty, you know similar concepts and it kind of struck me, it kind of struck me oddly that they labeled me as a truther.  You know the topic was completely different and I happened to mention something about September and when I went on a break, when they went on break all of a sudden I was labeled as a truther.  So I was like, what?  You know like in {inaudible} a football locker room or something.  So, I encourage people to donate when they can, whatever debt currency that we have left. 

Alan:  Yeah, I know, as the currency goes down because inflation is the same in the States and Canada.  We’re in it together and we’re tied at the hip and the plan is to bring us down into austerity.  And I personally do think that’s why they crashed the banks at that time; otherwise they could have kept the same con going for years like they had before.  So it was time to bring us down into this new system of austerity, since they’ve been writing about it for a few years and wanting to implement it.  They needed something to implement it, now you’re seeing it all.  It’s a reshuffling of the whole political, the social system I’d call it, the social system of the Americas and the culture and everything.  But it’s true enough in the patriot business, I call it the patriot business because it’s a huge business out there, it’s a big niche for folk and they’re selling everything under the sun and getting awfully wealthy off it, you know; it fills a need I suppose but it is definitely a business for those who are up at the top of it.  You can cash in on it if you want to, or you can simply just do what I do here and get by on the occasional donations and hope for the best, and keep your fingers crossed. 

Dave:  Yeah, if there is a little bit of time left, yeah even like with the music biz, the so-called enlightened artists, you know that are hopping on this NWO wagon or whatever.

Alan:  Well any niche will do because it becomes popular you see after a while and everyone cashes in on it and gets their name out there to sell whatever they’re selling, which is generally themselves or their products or whatever.  And I mean fear, remember, fear is a great business.  Ask the government; fear is a great business to be involved in if you want to get awfully rich and that’s what unfortunately a lot of them end up doing and they just become other corporations like every other corporation.  And then of course they go into the business of eliminating competition, that’s another big part of big business as well.  And then they lose themselves in it, as you get involved in the corporate side of things.  I don’t have that problem because I’m not into being a corporation at all.  Thanks for calling.

Dave:  Thanks Alan. 

Alan:  And you take care.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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