November 5th, 2012 (#1208)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt November 5th, 2012:

Culture Change Technique has Sprung a Leak:

"Manipulating Culture is a Fine Process
Ensuring We Follow the Designed Progress,
Stalin said You Must Pay Well Teachers,
Better Indoctrinators than even Preachers,
Entertainment Scientifically Geared to Young,
When Hormonal Interest has Just Begun,
Hypersexualized They Follow Directed Path,
Knowing the State will Pay for the Aftermath,
No Consequences, So what's the Possibility
Of Learning to Take Personal Responsibility,
Being Free within Nihilism is a Dead-End,
Nihilism is Slavery, Too Late to Mend"
© Alan Watt November 5th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – November 5th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November the 5th, 2012.  Newcomers, help yourself to the audios at; there’s lots to choose from, and hopefully you’ll start to understand the system you’re born into: it’s vastly different to the one that’s projected to you through education and through constant media —totally different in fact— because, you see, your whole reality was planned a long time ago, generation by generation, with a definite direction and spin to bring a society for a global governance (as they like to call it) under the control of a few people at the top who use lots of scientists, and even use your special services like CIA, MI6 and so on to fund lots of what you call various organizations to change culture and direct the cultural changes into the system that’s going to suit them best (those at the top that is).  And it’s so well underway actually; we’re at the very end of this phase of it, when societies and nations have been almost de-culturalized completely and that way they can’t regroup and get back into what they were and it’s lost forever, basically, into this new system.  Well organized, well directed: billions of dollars spent on directing it in fact, right up to the present time.  And we’re seeing some of the fallout today (we’ve seen it all our lives, actually), but, as I say, the plan is directed by those at the top.


Remember too, you’re the audience that bring to you; if you like what you hear and you find it interesting, you can help keep me going by buying the books and discs at or donating.  And remember too, from the U.S. to Canada you can still use Personal Checks to Canada and you can use International Postal Money Orders from the Post Office, or you can send cash or use PayPal; and donations are awfully, awfully, awfully welcome.  Across the world: Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.


Now when I said too that your culture is given to you I really, really mean it: 100% of your culture is given to you.  And your culture today is vastly different from your grandparents and great-grandparents, completely: 180 degrees, turned around; it didn’t happen by chance: it was forced that way.  And of course, wars have been waged by so many different techniques, and the most effective ways of all were understood even by the ancient Chinese: that you alter and destroy the cultures and then direct the new culture along the path that’s going to suit you (if you are the leaders) better down the road —and that’s where we are today.  Tonight I’ll be touching on some of this because it’s so in-depth, as I say.  Most folk don’t really care anymore because they quite like the culture they’re given.  Some of them really believe that it’s given them more freedom, even though we’re all paying for the fallout of it all across the board (and we truly are).  The National Health Service in Britain, and I’ve read the articles before, were cutting back on all major operations but prioritizing abortions to fit in with the depopulation agenda —things like that.  We all pay —we all pay— for this collectivist communistic type of idea of this New World Order idea run by the big bankers at the top who have us all graded into our economic output: our tax commitments and what they’re going to earn out of us for our whole lives, right down to even studying your genealogies to see if you’re liable to come down with some disease in the future; in other words: how many years can you get out of this cow, or this sheep, you know.  And then should they dispose of you at the end before you end up being a burden on society with healthcare.  I’m not kidding you: that’s how cold and practical it is. It’s farming; it literally is farming.  And I’ve gone into the Cold Springs Harbor idea with the eugenicists in the US before who literally brought in the American Cattleman’s Association to find ways of using their techniques on people, right down to herd management.  It’s all been done.  And you think it’s all been done simply by progress?  What is progress?  Who directs progress?  You’ll see it every day in your science magazines and science blurbs; somebody at the top gives grants out to these guys to push this stuff. 


Back with more after this break…


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix; and what a matrix it truly is, and it’s beyond movies even, some of the articles that come across daily for us to peruse and of course to download into our own brains and we are altered by what we read too, there’s no doubt about it, because those at the top give us the stories to read —otherwise they wouldn’t.  Most of reality is not given to you at all to read.  However, they toss out the stuff like Jimmy Savile, as I’ve talked about before, because I guess it’s time to bring it out.  Because they probably know how the public will be affected or unaffected by it, in fact: we’re so far down the tubes of contamination ourselves by cultural contamination by the very organizations, like the BBC, who have been poisoning the people for an awful long time.  And it wasn’t happenstance either.  As I say, it’s not progress: it’s an agenda; a definite agenda (well documented too if you know where to look).  But now they’re coming out and talking about Jimmy Savile and the Yorkshire Ripper, they called him, who also killed a lot of people in Leeds, apparently.  But it says here…it sounds crazy; it’s like something out of a movie or beyond a movie.  It says that…


Jimmy Savile has been sensationally linked to the Yorkshire Ripper serial slayings


(Alan:  And it says...)


Mass killer Peter Sutcliffe


(A: That’s his name...)


murdered third victim Irene Richardson yards from the paedophile DJ’s penthouse.


(A: It was about 20 yards away from Jimmy Savile’s house one of the bodies was found, apparently.)


Regular Broadmoor visitor Savile


(A:  He visited this mass-murderer.  He had keys everywhere, didn’t he?  He had access everywhere.  That tells you, you see, it’s not going to go any higher because there’s much bigger powers above Savile that used Savile as a procurer for themselves.  Anyway, it says...)


Savile also befriended Sutcliffe after the Ripper was moved to the secure hospital for his slaughter spree.


Professor David Wilson, Britain’s top expert on serial killers, believes police should now investigate whether the hideous pair’s sinister bond developed BEFORE Sutcliffe was caught.


(A: So maybe they were at it long before.)


Another crime expert even thinks BBC star Savile could have turned killer himself in his craving for more and more perverted thrills.


And the family of Sutcliffe’s first victim are demanding that cops question the killer, now 66, to find out if Savile was involved in any of the 13 Ripper murders or helped cover them up.


(A:  And it shows you some photographs and so on where bodies were found near Savile’s place.  But it says...)


Former gravedigger Sutcliffe knifed Irene, 28, and killed her with three hammer blows near toilets in Roundhay Park, Leeds, on February 5, 1977.


Leeds-born Savile — suspected of abusing 300 young victims over 50 years


(A: In business...)


— had taken a lease on his flat in Lakeview Court, overlooking the park, in September 1971.


Prof Wilson — dubbed a real-life version of TV’s Cracker —


(A: Some TV show.)


said: “At first sight the suggestion that Savile might be connected with the crimes committed by Sutcliffe will seem far-fetched.


“Yet predatory paedophiles and serial killers are the awful products of common forces which, in their case, were allowed to develop unchecked.


A:  And that’s the key to it all: they were allowed to develop unchecked.  Remember, Savile was always boasting about his relationships with the nobility in Britain, and Prince Charles and a whole bunch of different people, and he said he could keep his mouth shut, he wasn’t a grass, as he said.  And he was a procurer.  He could get anything that you wanted.  Think about that.  You’re talking about powerful folk above there.  And it says, anyway, so they’re going to investigate this, this part here and then there’s another article too on the same basic thing on 21st Century Wire.  There’s a few other articles on Savile I’ll put up tonight as well.


What is the public’s response to all of this?  At one time there would have really been outrage: today they can put “outrage” in when there is none, because the people are so dumbed down through fiction and stuff, the daily diet of it on television, they can’t tell reality from fiction —or they just simply don’t care anymore I think.


And then of course last week I mentioned too that starting again with this con game of the United Nations’ Rights of the Child, which was a prelude to, basically, the rights of pedophilia —they’ll do away with the term pedophilia for the Rights of the Child; in other words, if the child wants to have sex they’ll say, or if they can prove it in court that the child wanted to have sex then it was ok for this person at whatever age above them to have sex with them.  And I mentioned the articles last week where Planned Parenthood International is pushing this same old agenda, along with the United Nations, that they’ve been pushing for years and years and years – and you think it’s all happenstance, don’t you, that it’s just coming out now; I’m sure you do…you think it’s all happenstance that all these things are just coming out now.


Here’s an article here, you see…and by the way, I should also mention that Ireland is being pushed to have Rights of the Child there too, which is the prelude to bringing in intergenerational sex, as they want to call it.  So, getting back to what I was saying: it’s an old idea, you see, by the ones who rule the world, because they rule the left and right (you understand) to bring us into the common road down the pathway, where we’ll all join on the same road eventually.


Incest – a favoured cause of old Lefties


(A: It says.  And it says...)


My article last week about the radical Left’s defence of paedophilia in the 1970s


(A: It goes back to the 1970’s.)


provoked all manner of paroxysms from today’s Lefties. How dare I blacken the name of Hattie Harman


(A: Hattie Harmon was one pointing out this stuff; she actually wanted to do away with the sex age limit, and so on, way back in the 70’s.)


by pointing out that she became legal officer


(A: Now listen to the terminology here...)


for the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL)


(A:  Did you know what the Civil Liberties were all about? National Council for Civil Liberties? It sounds very official, doesn’t it?)


soon after it campaigned for a more relaxed approach to sex with children?


(A:  In the 1970’s and Hattie Harmon was pushing for it. It says...)


But I had private communications, too, from people who encountered the “libertarian” Left during those years. “In the late Sixties and early Seventies, I worked at a school operated by the Inner London Education Authority,” wrote a retired schoolteacher.


“The teachers there were almost all Marxists or, as they would have said, Maoists.


(A: They preferred to call it Maoist in those days.)


They were supporting an initiative to lower or abolish the age of consent, which they said was just a way for the upper classes to keep the working classes in their place. According to them, children were sexual beings


(A:  Right out of the same terminology that’s getting pushed by Planned Parenthood that I mentioned last week.)


who had a right to express their sexuality. I was one of the few parents on the staff and said that this was just an excuse for dirty old men to abuse children… I was told that I was brainwashed and bourgeois.”


Another correspondent asked me to take a closer look at the NCCL (A: National Council for Civil Liberties) Report on Sexual Offences (1976), which argued for a fundamental rethink on the subject of incest.


Yes, you read that right. Decriminalising incest was one of the pet causes of the brothers and sisters of the extreme Left represented by the NCCL. (A: National Council for Civil Liberties) This is from its 1976 report:


“For hundreds of years the crime of incest has given rise to such intense feelings of revulsion that public discussion on the subject has often been ill-informed and irrational.” Note the distinctive finger-wagging.


“The present-day case against incest is firstly, that genetic damage may result in the offspring and secondly, that an incestuous union is disruptive of the union of the family.” Fortunately the NCCL was on hand to brush away these fusty prejudices.


(A: It says...)


“Recent studies” didn’t support the idea that incest caused genetic damage, it said, “and it is in contradiction to the practices of successful animal breeders. In any case the advent of reliable contraceptives and safer abortion weakens this argument.” So if a man had sex with his sister, he should use a condom or arrange for an abortion.


(A:  You understand, you’re looking at the pillars getting knocked down —and they were already knocked down back in the 70’s, to do with even abortion; so you just go for the next step and the next step and the next step.)


As for the effect of incest on families, “incest is not the cause but one symptom of a disrupted family… In our view, no benefit accrues to anyone by making incest a crime when committed between mutually consenting persons over the age of consent.” An age of consent which the NCCL wanted to lower to 14, incidentally, though only to placate public opinion:


(A:  Because they actually want it abolished.)


“It is both logical, and consistent with modern development, to suggest that the age of consent should be abolished.”


NCCL is now better known as Liberty and run by


(A: Guess who?)


Shami Chakrabarti, Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University and secular saint of the Guardian/BBC conglomerate. I’d be interested in her take on this chapter in her organisation’s history. Has anybody thought to ask her? (A: because) She likes to talk.


But what happened to the woman who was general secretary of the NCCL when these stomach-churning views were expressed? Did she retreat into the grumpy subculture of ageing Marxists?


Not quite. Like a number of Callaghan-era hard Leftists,


(A: That was the prime minister at the time.)


she reinvented herself as a New Labour loyalist. Indeed, the Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt (for it was she) served as secretary of state for health from 2005 to 2007. Though, to be fair, I don’t recall her saying a single word about incest.


A: So, you see: there’s only one agenda: in every area it’s a particular agenda which has never ever changed.  It doesn’t change with time, because, you see: these boys at the top are changing time: they’re changing everything: they’re changing your culture and how you behave and how you’ll view everything in your time, you see, by knocking down the barriers—knock, knock, knock—and eventually there’s nothing left to knock down.  And you think it’s all just “developing” and it’s got nothing really to do with you, don’t you? One day you’re going to have people coming to your door (if you have children at all) demanding to have sex with your children, and you better allow them because the government will be on your back if they don’t, you see — I’m not kidding.


Now, remember before I’ve mentioned about the big groups that were brought in to the U.S. and Britain to change the culture at the end of World War II; these guys were actually more advanced Marxists than in Russia and they stayed in Berlin until they were kicked out by the Nazis and they came over and they were given permission by the President of the United States to change, radically, the culture forever and the culture of all Western countries, and I’ve mentioned the Frankfurt School as well.  Well, this ties in with it all, you see.  Theo Adorno was one of their big mouthpieces.  It says, Adorno on the purpose of modern music.  And I’ve talked about this kind of stuff before and I’ll talk about it when I come back to show you that you like what you’re given, and every generation is, but there’s a purpose for it all.


Back with more after this…


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and I’m talking about culture and how culture is always directed, step by step, intergenerationally, down to where we are today and planned an awful long time ago, written about a long time ago.  And the big boys do what they want: they always achieve their goals, because there’s incredible money put into the culture industry, you understand.  The CIA has been heavily involved in it.  I’ve read articles before from books put out on the culture industry and their involvement in changing post World War II culture especially; but the same group who were involved in making it happen were brought over from Germany and even before World War II they were trying to change Europe’s culture then, the same people.  And they’ve been awfully successful up to the present time, as they’ve achieved most of their goals, only a couple left and it’s not far from achieving all of it, in fact, to have a completely dependent, dysfunctional public.


Now, I’ve mentioned Theo Adorno on many occasions, whose head was up in the clouds there.  These were really psychopathic types of intellectuals – and there’s a type of intellectual which is actually psychopathic, for those who didn’t know that: they’re in love with their own mind, in love with their own thoughts and they really think that everyone is holding their breaths when they speak, and they are a type of psychopath.  And he and his whole group were involved in changing the cultures and paid by you, the taxpayers, to do it.  They brought in the beatniks before pop music and they tried drugs at that time as well all over Europe and the West and then they brought in the pop culture and they brought in also what you call modern art, for those who don’t know.  That was all funded by your tax money and the CIA (well documented by people in the CIA).   Anyway here’s what Theo Adorno says on the Purpose of Modern Music.  And remember, your President of America and the Prime Minister of Britain gave this group permission, working with Bernays and others, to radically alter the culture of these countries.  Remember, even all these NGO groups today will get your taxpayers money to fund them if they can prove that they’re for radical change —radical change; like the last article I read about pedophilia, doing away with the term ‘pedophilia’: that’s radical change, you understand.  Here’s what Theo says:


"What radical music perceives is the untransfigured suffering of man....


(A: And according to today’s music I’d say so.  It says…)


The seismographic registration of traumatic shock becomes, at the same time, the technical structural law of music. It forbids continuity and development. Musical language is polarized according to its extreme; towards gestures of shock resembling bodily convulsions on the one hand, and on the other towards a crystalline standstill of a human being whom anxiety causes to freeze in her tracks.... Modern music sees absolute oblivion as its goal.


(A: Think about that.  This is the guy who was given charge of the main part of the culture industry and music.  And this guy knew the Beatles, he knew them all.  He owned their music for a long time, in fact, till he died and then Michael Jackson bought it over, the rights to the music, remember.  But he says…)


Modern music sees absolute oblivion as its goal. It is the surviving message of despair from the shipwrecked."


"It is not that schizophrenia is directly expressed therein; but the music imprints upon itself an attitude similar to that of the mentally ill.


(A: Think about what you’ve heard recently in the last, what, 15 years.)


The individual brings about his own disintegration....


(A:  Now, remember, these guys taught in what they thought was the science of a very advanced kind of Marxist science to disintegrate the individual into the whole; so you’d have everyone disintegrating, and then the big leaders, the intelligentsia, would control all of you through governmental institutions —which has happened.)


He imagines the fulfillment of the promise through magic, but nonetheless within the realm of immediate actuality.... Its concern is to dominate schizophrenic traits through the aesthetic consciousness. In so doing, it would hope to vindicate insanity as true health."


(A: Complete reversal, you understand —complete reversal…)


…to vindicate insanity as true health.


(A: Think of all the music you’ve heard over the years.  And you thought it was all done by, you know, young guys just screaming and yelling, down to rap.  It was all funded into existence.  Nothing gets into existence without massive funding.  And if the doors are closed you don’t get up there —it doesn’t happen.)


Adorno argued that there must be a total disintegration of postwar European and American society to defeat the authoritarian impulses within society, and that all forms of beauty had to be eliminated and replaced with popular music and degenerate forms of mass culture.  Over time this degenerate culture would cause widespread mental breakdown within society.  Characterized by depersonalization, overwhelmed by shock, or loss of connection to one’s own body. Hebephrenia,


(A: Which is a very immature behavior —which stays there all through your life.)


Which Adorno defined as  "the indifference of the sick individual towards the external," and catatonia, which is "a similar behavior is familiar in patients who have been overwhelmed by shock…"


(A: Catatonia. I’ve seen all of that.  You’ve probably seen it all too, with people on drugs. And…)




(A: He says.  Adorno wrote)


"Universal necrophilia is the last perversity of style."


A: Universal Necrophilia.  Getting back to Savile, he had the keys to the mortuaries, he was going into the mortuaries and that was all over the news and there’s not a gasp about it at all.


Tonight I’ll also put up an article from Poland where coffin manufacturers, big ones, a big corporate one, is putting out nudes for their photographs for their calendar on the coffins; make it sexy, you know, necrophilic, with coffins and death and all that.


Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how we’ve arrived at this stage of basically nihilism, where big agencies and governments can control us all, even the United Nations controlling us all over the world now through their NGOs and their think tanks and so on, all planned a long, long, long time ago even when they had the League of Nations.  So, you’re going way back, you see —same agenda.  And it took a long time to get to where we are today where we pop elderly people into hospitals and hospitals don’t even tell you they’re going to kill them and they put them on these so-called “care pathways” and just bump them off, and it’s ok because it’s economically beneficial to the country, apparently.  And we accept that; there’s not a yawn (everybody’s yawning right now probably).  But getting back to these articles here…


A Polish coffin company has angered the Catholic church after producing a calendar featuring topless women posing with their caskets.


(A: It’s not just topless by the way, it’s body paint they’ve got on —that’s all.)


The marketing ploy features semi-naked women in provocative poses on and next to coffins made by company Lindner.


The Catholic church has condemned the calendar saying human death should be respected and not mixed with sex.


(A: Well, that’s necrophilia; so Adorno’s got his wish: we’re right down there now.)


One image from the 2013 edition of the calendar sees a young woman with a snake covering her breasts as she reclines on a coffin.


(A:  Makes death all sexy and corpses sexy.)


In another, a woman wearing a crimson corset is depicted pulling out the heart of a man lying on a casket.


A:  Well that would fit right in with the Yorkshire Ripper too probably and Jimmy Savile, and there’s not a peep out of the general public on this kind of stuff because we’re so degraded now.  As I’ve mentioned before, Yuri Bezmenov –that’s one of his names– came over from the Soviet Union and talked about this.  Back in the 70’s he says they’d already succeeded; he says it was all over.  They had no idea that deculturalizing the people of the West would be so easy and so quick —and it’s all been done.


So, I’ll put these links up tonight at  And then, you get into…


Cancer expert who treated Mo Mowlam brands Liverpool Care Pathway


(A:  This is the technique they’re using across the whole of Britain.)


‘the most corrupt practice in British medicine’


(A: He says...)


I wouldn’t be treated in a hospital here, says Professor Mark Glaser

Senior oncologist accuses NHS managers to use the Liverpool Care Pathway in order to clear beds and reach their targets


(A: Of elimination. We’re all here.  It’s all been achieved so cleverly and slickly too.  So...)


A senior cancer specialist today condemned the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway as a corrupt and scandalous system used to free hospital beds of the old and sick.


Professor Mark Glaser said the pathway – in use across the NHS as a way to ease the suffering of the dying – is employed by Health Service managers to clear bed space and to achieve targets that bring more money to their hospitals.


The professor, who treated former Labour Cabinet minister Mo Mowlam during her last illness, said practices in British hospitals are ‘morally bad medicine’ and that he would personally ‘never be treated in a hospital in England’.


(A: That’s how bad it is now.  And by the way, Obamacare is based by the Rand Corporation. I’ve got it here: the Rand Corporation said they looked at the world and they’re copying the one from Britain —if you care at all about it.  It says...)


‘I would go to America


(A: Well goodness knows it’s going to come here too.)


because I don’t trust anybody,’ he said.


He added that he has removed ‘dozens’ of his own patients from the Liverpool Care Pathway.


The intervention by Professor Glaser, consultant oncologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS [National Health Service] Trust, comes at a time of growing concern over the Liverpool Care Pathway.


A centrepiece of the NHS programme for ‘end-of-life care’, it involves removing life-saving treatment


(A: So they just refuse it to you.)


from patients considered to be dying.


(A:  Even if you might be dying two years down the road, by the way, or longer. Pills and stuff to eat? No, no, that’s it, they just starve you.)


Commonly, patients are heavily sedated and tubes providing nutrition and fluid are removed. Typically a patient dies 29 hours after being put on the pathway.


(A:  They also give them drugs which causes inhalation pneumonia, by the way, because I’ve got lots of emails from people who’ve had relatives going into it in Britain for simple things and not even being told they were put on the Pathways, the ones that were admitted.  It says...)


But families have complained that loved ones have been put on the pathway when they were not dying and senior medical figures have said it is impossible to predict when a patient will die.


(A: Well, technically, a brand new baby with all these years ahead of it, you don’t know when it’s going to die.  See how they’re using terminology to confuse folk?)


Leading doctors opposed to the pathway have said it hastens death and that putting a patient on it is a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.


(A:  Well they’re killing them.  Doublespeak is beautiful, isn’t it?  I mean, it’s easier if you went into Holland: in Holland they just simply say they’ve got euthanasia clinics; in fact now if the government deems you a problem and you’re a burden on society and even if these euthanasia clinics, the private ones, won’t kill you, the government will have a little white van come up to your place and they come up the stairs and kill you —I’ve read the articles here on the air.)


At the weekend Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt promised to reassure patients by making it a legal requirement for doctors to inform families when a patient goes on the pathway, and to obtain their consent.


(A:  Who’d have believed that hospitals would even go into this at one time?  Everything is degraded and degraded and degraded.  Anyway…)


He is expected to announce changes to the rules today.


But Professor Glaser said it was not enough. The 67-year-old consultant, who is in charge of radiotherapy at Charing Cross Hospital, in West London, said: ‘I would like to see a whole inquiry set up to look at patients with incurable diseases, and how patients can be managed within a time limit from the beginning of their pathway to really good pain control and symptom control at the end of the pathway.


‘You can’t be just guided by admission rates and targets.’ He added: ‘There is nothing more intransigent and corrupt at the moment in medical practices as the hospice Liverpool Pathway movement.


‘It’s not really active or passive euthanasia, it’s negligence.


(A: It’s death by... well it is euthanasia.  What’s the difference than shooting somebody or sticking them in a room with no food or water?  Of course it’s euthanasia.  He says...)


But it is right that all the managers want the bed space and they will take down drips


(A: Intravenous fluids...)

weeks earlier to get people out.


(A: Meaning, killed.)


That is a scandal.’


...‘The average example is some poor person whose family is absolutely miserable and a nurse comes in, or a very abrupt palliative care doctor, and says they’re going on the Liverpool Pathway.


‘And then you get the treating doctor, such as myself, rung up by the wife or the daughter in tears, saying, “Oh no, we didn’t want this, we were baffled, we didn’t want to do it, we were bullied”.’


A: By the way, they use a lot of different terms for the "pathway," and they speak amongst themselves.  You’ve got to catch on to the terminology they’re using.  And the hospitals are getting money for everyone they kill: that’s what healthcare is for today?  And you think this all happened by itself?  How come the public accept this today?  What happened?  You’ve been utterly contaminated; that’s what happened —culturally contaminated.  Why is there a Department of Culture, throwing billions —for every country (under the United Nations, they all have a department of culture)— that promote all of this death and necrophilia and all this kind of stuff, and pedophilia —with your tax money— until you’ve got a generation who has grown up thinking "everything is just nihilistic anyway; so what if they kill people —I’m ok."  It didn’t happen by itself folks: nothing does —nothing does.


And also, I’ll put up too the one on Ireland, as I say, because now here’s the United Nations and the Big Society to take down the parents’ right over the children, so that children (they’ll claim) want to have sex with much, much older people; it’s a pedophiliac’s dream.  So…


Amendment not about ‘abuse of power’


(A: It says...)


A Yes vote in the children’s rights referendum would ensure the appropriate use of power by the State to protect children...


A: That’s how they flogged it in Australia in the 90’s; now the parents have no rights over the children at all, folks.  And it’s the same from the United Nations, the Rights of the Child, and then Planned Parenthood come in and say "oh, the child might want sex, so drop the legal limit for the age —in fact, do away with it all together."  That’s the next step.  So Ireland, if you’ve got anything left at all of culture, your old culture, you better stop this.  You better stop it; nip it in the bud before it goes any further.

Also, I want to do this one here, and it’s to do with the nonsense that’s been spewed out for years by the big boys that run all sides of everything (and you better understand this) —all sides of everything— to do with information and how you’ll think and what you’ll think about, and even the institutions they set up so as that you’ll think they’re speaking for you.  And they have something for everybody —something for everybody.  Because there are people who are always awake in every generation; at least they’re awake enough to listen or look or try to find out what’s going on.  And as I’ve mentioned before, it’s like a minefield: you walk through a minefield and got all these signs, “come here, come,” “no, we’ve got the truth here,” “oh, it’s over there,” and you get utterly confused.  Folk fall into the UFO thing.  They always revive and put out (it’s actually called) counterintelligence: guys that will use your information, which is just simply practical and provable by their own books, etcetera, and government publications.  Then they’ll tack on the New Age stuff and talk about “good vibrations,” you see, and “hidden masters,” and you can become a hidden master if you just vibrate at a high enough frequency and you go ZAP, WHEW, WEE, into a different dimension, just like that, but you’ve got to wear the right-colored clothing.  —All the old rubbish that theosophy put out: same stuff, same stuff.  In fact, the same organization that’s running today’s New Age ran it in her time too, Blavatsky’s time.  But it always works, and they always use the same stuff: take drugs, you know, and meet your power spirit, and especially go to Latin America like Crowley did and others after him —push all that rubbish.  And then they come in and they’re presented to the pubic as fighting this nasty system, and they’ll use all the stuff that you’ve found out and figured out —they always take it all— and then they tack on their own stuff for the suckers who want a way out of this without doing anything, which is a “spiritual” way to do it, you see: “just become enlightened enough and think positive and the earth will go through a light proton or photon field and we’ll all become suddenly enlightened and the ‘bad’ people will all just melt away” —and all this crap.  And I’m not kidding.  I’m not kidding.


Dr Karl hoses down Mayan doomsday predictions


(A: Who do you think gave you all this rubbish and funded all this into reality, the Mayan Prophecies?  So I’ll put up a video tonight to show you just a little bit; it doesn’t go into it in great depth but it tells you how it all started and the guy that they put out there is a front-man too, just like many present-day frontmen who are doing the same thing and paid by big organizations in their own countries to do so, to con all of you.  And it says...)


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says there is no reason to think an ancient Mayan calendar correctly predicted the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012.


A:  But he actually goes through the rubbish they give you; and the "photon belt" stuff, the "high vibrations”, and just wear the turquoise suit with little stars on it —stuff like that, you know, for the idiots out there.  And then when you talk the truth about what’s happening, like tonight, reading articles, you’re lumped in with these nutcases, you see, and that’s counterintelligence: that’s how you knock off the truth: counterintelligence.  So when you hear that stuff getting pushed you know what you’re listening to, and by whom (I hope; I really do hope).  As I say, even Aleister Crowley, MI6 had to eventually admit that he belonged to them, to push all his tripe at that age as well.


Now, also China, you know this supposed big communist country, the biggest communist capitalists ever on the planet; they’ve got a fantastic slave population that better do what they’re told to mass-produce things for all the fascists in the West.  You can’t get your mind round this, can you, this fascist-communist thing, this great big partnership?  You just can’t get your mind around it, can you?  You see, the United Nations said that China is the model State for the world to copy.  Do you want to get stuck in a factory, locked in, getting a few pennies a day?  And you better obey or, you know, they’ll kill you and sell your organs off before you can say ‘what.’  So anyway, they’re changing leadership as they go through this same farce as we do in the West.


Senior Chinese Communist leaders have gathered amid heavy security for a closed-door meeting in Beijing, where they will put the finishing touches on a once-a-decade leadership handover that officially begins next week.


China’s state-run Xinhua news agency said the final gathering of the Communist Party’s 17th Central Committee opened Thursday. The short memo said that changes to the party’s constitution and other proposals are being discussed.


The meeting, expected to last for about a week, will likely result in the formal expulsion of disgraced politician and former Politburo member Bo Xilai, who is expected to soon stand trial for corruption and other charges.


A: So they always give you a fall guy, that’s what the Chinese do at the end of their thing, because "we’re for the people," you know.  All these multi-billionaires who run China are for the people, you know: "we’re all in it together" sort of stuff. See, we all have to pull together and live in poverty and austerity for the whole world to survive, you know.  And the reason these guys are billionaires at the top is because you can’t expect them meeting foreign dignitaries and coming in and sitting on the floor like the peasants do, so they’ve got to be billionaires, you understand, and get little ‘rewards’ or you wouldn’t get the right folk with the right talents up there; that’s what they tell us in the West, as they gouge us and rip all of us off too —nothing’s any different, you see, but it’s a more perfected system. See, in China they don’t think that they’re free; in the West they still think they are —because we’ve got so many TV channels to watch.  It’s quite amazing, isn’t it?


And also, I mentioned last week too about…


With a chilling hint of the not-so-distant future, researchers at the Usenix Security conference have demonstrated a zero-day vulnerability in your brain. Using a commercial off-the-shelf brain-computer interface, the researchers have shown that it’s possible to hack your brain, forcing you to reveal information that you’d rather keep secret.


A: It says here.


I also want to put up too a site that’s to do with climate change and all the aerial spraying, it’s called "Air Crap" and it’s dead on with a lot of its stuff there, and it’s a big agenda, of course, big agenda, this whole global warming nonsense and rubbish and fiascos to make you believe that you’re causing all the problems.  And there’s a whole bunch of professionals out there right now —weather forecasters— who’ve come out and said this, that people have no memory of all the hurricanes they’ve had all through on the East Coast of the U.S.  And he goes through them all on a list, in the 1800’s, of all the big massive ones that hammered New York and that coast and swept away goodness knows how many houses and everything else.  But you see, you live in your moment of time and you’re kept thinking that everything’s been stable up until now.  No it’s not: it’s never stable.  And even when they’re pushing and trying to make hay of this by forbidding folk to go in to help in New York... You know, there was hundreds of vehicles that came down from a big company in North Carolina going down there to help, in the U.S., a big electrical company, and they weren’t allowed to get in; this was before the storm hit, because they knew all the power lines would come down: Duke, the Duke power company;  lots of them flying down there, just like a trainload of them, all going down the roads, these trucks going down to help —FEMA turned them back.  See, they want to make hay and show up everything that happens now as a massive catastrophe and you’ve all caused it —it’s all your fault.  And then you have to say, "oh my god, save us; save us, special people."  They’ll say "well, we will, but you can’t live like you’ve been living up until now, you’ve got to change it all."  So that’s why they’re playing it up, massively.  And they’ll milk it for as long as they can.  And so will the guys who own New York, because of all the federal funding.  The longer they hang out the more money will get thrown at them; some of it might get to where it’s supposed to go. You know how New York is.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and I think there’s a caller on the line. It’s Mike from Pennsylvania.  Are you there Mike?


Mike:  Yeah, ok, thanks.  It’s good to be back.  Well, just one thing, quick: don’t vote tomorrow; donate to this show instead.  You know, you were talking a lot about these perverts and Walt Whitman kind of stuff.  And the culture, I always say, “it’s the culture, stupid,” for years, not so much the economy, although that’s a problem too.  But back in college I had to read a book, A Picture of Dorian Grey, which kind of reminds you of where everything is heading, probably already headed. And it says in there, the mentor says you can’t cure the senses until you cure the soul and then he says you can’t cure the soul until you cure the senses.  And it reminds me of that, a couple days ago you were talking about the Pakistanis, how they’re droning them to death with 7, 8 drones in the sky.  I’ve actually seen that here a few times in the summer, when it’s really humid; they try to pull that and I’ve got my headphones on.  But yeah, they’re going nuts.  And they’re devout religious people.  And then, you know, I was just in Las Vegas a while ago.  And you want to get some sunshine, you go to the pool; there’s these pervert helicopters flying over and then they’re playing Kate Perry music, or something like that, that’s talking about, literally, climaxing in bed.  And there’s little kids at the pool with their parents.  And it’s like, what is it, the helicopters or the pervs, I mean, you know, which comes first?  And it’s like, you know, they want to really destroy your hearing with all the garbage and the stuff they see on TV and then they pervert the senses through all the other means.  You know, it’s like a talk show host said years ago: it’s sick out there and getting sicker.


Alan:  That’s the intention of it though.  That article by Theo Adorno, that’s not kidding.  This guy was employed with a whole group of people, and the Macy group as well, and a few other ones, and Bertrand Russell, to design the culture that we are living through today.  And they knew back then they could bring it down to this level that we’re right at today.  And it’s a time table, you see: step by step by step.  And they’ve been awfully successful and it’s not finished yet.  And you will see, I said years ago, you won’t just see live sex on even comedy shows, it will be throughout everything, and then pedophilia will come in and then there’ll be no such thing as pedophilia and then you’ll actually see snuff stuff because the people now are so jaded and overdosed with entertainment that they’re beyond Ancient Rome and the gladiators —they’re beyond that stage now.  And that will come.  And then you’re at the mercy of those who then control you because you have nothing to stand together with: there’s no culture left.  That was the whole intention of Theo Adorno and the Frankfurt School and all these boys.  So, we’re there actually.


Mike:  Yeah.  There’s probably not much time here, but for another show, if you could ever get into, you know, how do we create even a counter culture again like maybe you had in the 60’s and a little bit ran out in the 80’s.  I remember when I was in college a little bit, that attitude, but you don’t even have young people today thinking of counterculture.  I mean, very few in the patriot movement, or whatever you want to call it, but it’s really like they all pretty much want to be P.C. I guess, and you know, maybe they can get a job on a reality show or a coke commercial, and you know…


Alan:  That’s right.  That’s what Theo Adorno said.  They actually go into music, living in fantasy, hoping to become a star; they have no idea of the massive industry that makes you a star.  Anybody can be made a star if they want, otherwise you’re out; but they live in fantasy and hope.  And most folk today don’t want to change.  What they want is to stop time right here: don’t make it go any worse than it is, because they like their own debauchery and the stuff that they watch themselves.


Mike:  Because you don’t even have baby boomers’ kids rebelling against their parents anymore.


Alan: No, you don’t.  Well most of them don’t actually have parents now.  They maybe have one parent and that’s about it.  They see lots of dads going by but that’s about all.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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