November 6, 2012 (#1209)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 6, 2012:

From Those on High "You're Going to Die" --Unless--:

"We're Living Through Directed Social Revolution
Which Depopulation Advocates Push as Devolution,
Using any Means Possible to Achieve the Goal,
Hype and Fear, The End is Near to Terrify the Soul,
No Trick Dirty Enough, End Justifies the Means,
Targets Demand to Be Saved, Terrifying Screams,
Puppet Masters Snicker, Yet Stay Aloof,
Lies Told a Thousand Times will Become the Truth"
© Alan Watt Nov. 6, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Nov. 6, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi, folks. I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 6th of November, 2012.

Newcomers, I suggest you make good use of website. Remember, all the sites listed there have lots of audios for free download, where I go into the system that you’re born into and the direction it’s going in and it’s guided, of course, from the very, very top. And the different ploys they use to get the public divided into multiple little divisions, so they can conquer everyone and destroy all that was, to bring in the new, of course. And the new system, of course, is their own system, where you’ll be regulated through science and bureaucracies and agencies from birth to death and monitored from birth to death, as well (a more efficient form of slavery, in fact). So, help yourself to the audios. Remember too, all those sites also have transcripts in English, for print up, of the talks I’ve given. And if you go into, you can find transcripts in other languages, for print up. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. I don’t push this as a business and so on. I try to keep as honest as possible. And what I do really, is simply come out at the right time to give the information out and try and change the direction that even the patriot system was going into, which I actually did years ago and others had to kind of follow along, which upset the big boys at the top, because, you understand, everything is organized; everything. The media all belongs to really the big boys at the top (the Council on Foreign Relations) and at the same time too, they don’t overlook anything else. Remember that, as well. And they have infiltrated so many different organizations that start up. Many folk have written to me with personal experiences of this so that’s to be expected, so you got to be very careful of who guides your brain. You should be in charge of your own guiding and no one else should, remember, because once you start parroting people without checking out all the facts, then someone else is controlling you.

So, as I say, if you like what you’re hearing here, you can keep me ticking along by buying the books and discs at and donating. I don’t get money from any other things that are sold here from advertisers or anything or different products. So it’s up to you, and as I say, that keeps me honest. So, from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check to order or you can donate, as well. You can still use international postal money orders from the post office to Canada, you can still send cash or you can use PayPal. And across the world, you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal. And remember straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these though times and it’s getting tougher all the time. Canada really is way ahead of most countries for very high taxes on all products and inflation too, as we dish out money across the world to up-and-coming nations like India and China and so on.

And we’re in a form of international communism. Because, remember, communism was funded by the West from the very, very beginning. You’ve got to have a dialectic to change the world, otherwise you wouldn’t change the world. If there’s only one side and one natural system you can’t change it. You must get a dialectic going of opposition and that’s what the whole Cold War was about, too, as they guided it all along. And even the Reece Commission to investigate all the so-called ‘left-leaning’ foundations in the US, these multi-trillion dollar foundations were funding what seemed to be communistic organizations. And the Reece Commission found out in the 1950’s that eventually they’d merge the two systems together. So, you’ve got massive bureaucracies in government, you see, running you in a communistic fashion with agencies telling you what to do, what to think, all the way from school, right up through your lives. And you’ve got the fascists at the top, running the whole system. Beautiful, really, isn’t it? It’s very clever. And folk never really catch on, or if they do they forget it very quickly. They get caught up in all the massive data that’s thrown at you everyday. Remember, data is just that, it doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s just data that fills your head. And there’s only so much your head can accept, until you start deleting. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix. It’s astonishing, really, that so many things happen at the same time and folk don’t really ask questions about why. Memes or trends are simply thrown out there. It’s like the Jimmy Savile thing, something that was covered up since about the 1950’s, for goodness sake. The guy was actually... he had a record back then for doing the same kind of thing, before BBC took him on and brought him into Top of the Pops, where he often groped women at the end of the show and there’s actually videos up there today showing you all of this kind of stuff. So, everyone knew what he was about in the BBC. And bigwigs, too, at the top, covered for him. But this is all coming out at the same time as other things are coming out. It’s almost like forcing an issue to the top, for discussion. And I think this is part of the reason it’s coming out too, because it’s forcing a debate on something, obviously. And the debate will be on something different, again, than you ever expected. And it’ll be certain rights for different kinds of people and so on. I’ve already mentioned how the pedophiles have come out demanding their rights openly. And they’ve used the same arguments that different groups prior to them used (from homosexual rights and so on), “Well they got them so why can’t we?” And the United Nations is backing them up on a lot of things, as well. So, there’s always reasons that things come out at the same time, as I say, to force issues through, that the general public say, oh dear, that’s terrible. And they never suspected it would end up in a different direction altogether. But there’s much, much more to this, of course, because obviously even with Savile they can not go higher than Savile, unless the people are dead already and that’s the end of that part. But they can’t go higher with people living today, who are involved with Savile, because it goes way to the top, you see, right to the very, very, very top. And we know for instance that Prince Charles was going to come out with a whole slew of recommendations to government for changing different laws on things. Guess what they would be. We’ll never know now, because the intelligence agencies grabbed them before publishing, when the Savile story broke out. So, I would say that it’s kind of related. If it was just about his usual stuff, too many people—the wrong kind of people, he means—on the planet and bad architecture and all that kind of stuff, sustainability, then I don’t see why they wouldn’t have published them. It had to have something else involved there for them to pull them. And really, I mean twelve government agencies grabbing this stuff before publication to save his skin. Then they throw him off to the Far East to get out the way for a while. So, something he was going to say obviously would sort of tie in with something that wasn’t supposed to come out at the right time, the same time. But, as I say, we’ve got all these stories coming out now. I mean here’s an example. There’s something behind all of this.

And this article comes out and it says,

“After months of keeping the details of a case against a US soldier under wraps, Army prosecutors on Monday presented evidence against Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, a 50-year-old serviceman being charged with a slew of sex crimes against five women. From Fort Bragg, North Carolina on Monday, prosecutors for the US Army began presenting evidence in the Article 32 hearing that will determine if...”


Alan: They have to do Article 32, he’s high up there; he’s not quite 33.

“...if Sinclair, a 30-year-plus veteran of the military, will have to be court-martialed over allegations of sexual assaults and other crimes committed while representing the United States. Sinclair had been under Army investigation for several months, but was not formally indicted until late September. Now for the first time since the Pentagon went public with the case, evidence being used to prosecute the one-star general is being presented to the media.”


Alan: Then it goes through the different things that he is accused of having done and we’ll see where all this goes. But why is all this same stuff coming out, as I say, now? There’s a reason, a bigger reason. And eventually you’ll find out why, as all these kinds of things end up in a debate to do with particular rights and so on. That’s where it’s all supposed to go, you see. And, there’s Savile again.

“Savile’s Travels: How Sir Jimmy Was Fingered as Peter Sutcliffe’s Accomplice”


Alan: And this is the murderer, Sutcliffe, that, of course, Savile eventually went to visit in prison quite often; had a good laugh with him, at his jokes. It says,

“It’s not that big of a stretch, and you’d have to be in avoidance mode not to look into it. There seemed to be an unnatural synergy between them, a correlation that appears to have escaped the authorities and the media, until now. It’s known that Broadmoor’s esteemed patron, Sir Jimmy Savile, had befriended one Peter Sutcliffe, known as ‘The Yorkshire Ripper,’ who was moved to the secure mental hospital in Berkshire following his mass murdering spree.” 

“Sir Jim even fixed a meet-and-greet between the Ripper and boxing champ Frank Bruno at Broadmoor in 1991, when Big Frank came to open a boxing gym inside. Pals Jim and Pete shared a passion for predatory, sadistic and violent sex practices. Nurses at Broadmoor...”


Alan: Where this prisoner was...

“...can testify to hearing Sir Jim booming with laughter at the Ripper’s jokes coming from inside Sutcliffe’s cell. But how did we miss this one: multiple murder crime scenes put Sutcliffe uncomfortably close to Savile at multiple locations in Leeds at the time of the murders – a realisation which places Sir Jimmy squarely in the frame with the Yorkshire Ripper. According to the Sun’s Professor David Wilson, one of Britain’s top experts on serial killers, police must now investigate whether or not the pair’s unusual bond developed before Sutcliffe was caught.”


Alan: And, this stuff’s coming out all the time where Savile even would try to rape the guy who delivered papers (the little boy, you know). It’s just disgusting and disgusting. But is it disgusting in this day? See, this is going to lead to a whole new: let’s look at this more closely... there are people who have this problem... “problem,” you see. And: they have their sexual rights too, etc. There’s something more going to come out from all of this, I guarantee you, and it’s not what the general public will think. And I was surprised to see this article here today. It says,

“Twenty gay and lesbian RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] police officers have come out with a poignant YouTube video that explains how they got past childhood bullying to live happy and complete lives as members of Canada’s national police force.”


Alan: This is all the bullying stuff. Twenty gay and lesbian RCMP police officers have come out and made this video on “It Gets Better,” it’s called. “It Gets Better” apparently is a catch-phrase that came out from the States, from Dan Savage, after hearing Obama mention that term and he was the guy who started this “It Gets Better” campaign. It says here,

“The B.C. [British Columbia] Mounties are the latest group to create a 10-minute video for the international It Gets Better project, a movement popularized by celebrities and politicians over the past two years to help gay youth fight the despondency that can accompany being different.”


Alan: And so I’ll put that up tonight too, for those that want to see it. But, I mean, you’re talking about people who are paid by the public here, to just do their job. And when you get a discrepancy between what they do with their accoutrements in their private life and this kind of stuff, you’ve got a conflict there. That shouldn’t be anybody’s... what they do in their private life is their own affair. When they start going public and using the RCMP as a tool to go public, it’s a different matter altogether. So, I’ll put this up and I’ll put one up too from this Dan Savage in the States and you’ll hear what he says. I mean he’s the guy that Obama pushed forward to promote this thing and he curses Christians, he curses parents, he’s cursing everybody that’s not one of his own, you see. Is this what we want to hear? Really? There’s more going to come out of all of this, I guarantee you. And if that’s not hate that this guy is spewing there, what can be classed as hate? Or are only one group allowed to hate? I mean, adamantly hate? And yet, they’re the first ones to claim that others are hating them, as they spew out their hatred. You see? There’s more going to come out of all of this. It’s just astonishing, as I say, what’s coming out today. There’s reasons for all of this coming and it’s not where the general public think it will go. It’s not to investigate (like the Savile case) about how many victims there were, or was Savile involved in killing some of them and so on. It’s going to go beyond all of that and it won’t be higher up the tree into the high nobilities, either. You wait and see.

Also, tonight, I’ll put up an article. It’s an older one from last year. I read it at the time. It was about how Goldman Sachs company, the big bankers that run the world, had stocks and shares in another magazine that trafficked in sex, a sex trafficking thing.

“Global investment, securities and sex. Goldman Sachs has long been a big name on Wall Street, but an investigation tying the banking giants to a website linked with sex trafficking has left the firm scrambling to say goodbye to some stock. Goldman Sachs signed a deal on Friday to begin unloading its share in Village Voice Media, a privately held media conglomerate that oversees some of the biggest alternative newspaper in America. Also on the firm’s client list though is,...”


Alan: I guess they say it’s through

“... a site that has become essentially synonymous with the online sex trade. After The New York Times revealed last month that Goldman Sachs owned a 16-percent stake in Village Voice Media, the bank was begging for a solution to settle what quickly snowballed into a PR-disaster. Sachs now says that they are in a deal to sign off its share back to the management at Village Voice, but only after investing upwards of $30 million.”


Alan: Well, I’ll tell you, that’s quite an investment, isn’t it? Thirty million dollars into the sex trade for a supposedly reputable—they’re all reputable, these big banking companies. The same Goldman Sachs, mind you, that did the audit for Greece, when Greece applied to get into the EU and they cooked all their books for them and they presented it to the EU union. And knowing they were going to crash and, of course, knowing too, that they themselves were going to highly benefit with the crashes, which they certainly are. That’s how the world really works, folks. And so, I’ll put that up tonight too. But, as I say, you better believe it; there’s a lot more going to come out of all of this. There’s just too many movements rising, as the divisions and divisions and divisions in the society are created and funded and pushed to come out, until literally there is... the whole idea, remember, is to push the fact that there’s nothing in humanity that’s called “normal” – I hope you understand that – or even majority. There was an article the other day that says the heterosexuals are now in the closet. They’re too scared to say anything. This is a revolution. The ongoing revolution, folks, to destroy everything that was, to bring in the new. And to terrify anyone who hangs onto anything that they thought was normal. Shortly you’ll be brought in on your opinions on things. Actually, that actually happens when you apply for jobs: what’s your opinion on this and that?  No kidding you. It’s rather transparent, isn’t it? Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And last night, I talked about the Planned Parenthood International, with the United Nations, pushing for elimination of the age for consent for children. They want to get children active from a very early age (as early as possible), to have sex with anyone at all. And, of course, they’re going full-steam ahead with that too. Big things are all happening and coalescing at the same time for a purpose, because you’re living through a constant, directed (very directed and very well-funded) organizational revolution, here. It’s been going on for a while. So, you must destroy all that was, to bring in the new. And it’s no coincidence, either, that people who have been abused, if they really have been abused or even think that they just don’t fit in, that’s abuse to them, they don’t fit in, they don’t feel comfortable with other people, they’ll even call that abuse, even though no one’s abusing them, they’ll become abusers themselves if they put on uniforms. That’s the danger of it, too. Now they can boss everybody else around. Think about that, as well. But today I looked at an article in one of the newspapers, The Mail... now, The Mail, in Britain, runs on sex. It sells nothing but sex on it. All down every story on the right-hand side is all these celebrities, that people are hooked on and it’s called a ‘boobs and bums’ newspaper, that’s what it is: a boobs and bums newspaper. That’s all you see, you see. But a full-page on it today, was this (a time when all this is going on about sex and so on):

“Prepare for a VERY happy Christmas: Advance sales of Fifty Shades Of Grey sex toys go through the roof as frisky fans snap up 6,000 pairs of love balls in ONE day ”


Alan: I was trying to picture people at the beach or something, tossing this ball over a net. Nothing like that at all. They’ve got handcuffs and all this kind of stuff, that they’re going to use. Because everyone’s into apparently sadomasochism now because of all of the movies that they’ve watched, you see. So, I’ll put this link up tonight, too, to show you, this is in a mainstream paper, it’s a full page on it, just think this is all wonderful. Of course, it could be a full-page ad. A lot of times they won’t tell you it’s actually an ad in what they call mainstream; they get paid for it. And folk have no idea of the money you get for a full-page magazine. Massive money. Massive money.

This article here is,

“What If People Were As Stupid In 1886 As They Are Now?”


Alan: It says. You understand, you live in your own little span of time. And the trick, as Orwell pointed out, is to eliminate the past. Aldous Huxley said the same thing. He says the trick of eliminating the past is vital for a totalitarian system so as that you don’t know how good the past was. See, they always tell you you’re living in the best of times, but it gets worse and worse. But this one here is to do with your little span of memory, you see. And people live in their little bubbles. They don’t talk to older people; they’ve been trained in school since the 60’s: don’t talk to anyone over 30, now it’s down to about 20, almost. But they think that everything’s supposed to be like clockwork in nature. Spring comes around on a certain date and birds start singing on a certain date and in comes the sun on a certain date for summer etc etc, as though something was like clockwork, but it’s not. But it says here,

“In 1886, the US was hit by an incredible seven hurricanes, including two major hurricanes. Suppose that some snake oil salesman named Hames Jansen...”


Alan: James Hansen.

“...had been running around the country in 1886 claiming that he could prevent hurricanes by having everyone give up coal and oil. The consequences would have been catastrophic, had people been stupid enough to listen to Dr. Hames Jansen. So why are people in 2012 stupid enough to listen to snake oil salesman James Hansen?”


Alan: Today.

“‘A great civilization is not conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals,...’”


Alan: Which plummeted, of course.

“‘...her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars.’”


Alan: That was Will Durant, that was set out by the Rockefeller Foundation to write a different history of the world. But anyway, that’s true, you see. People think, in their lifetime, well I can’t remember anything as bad as that. No, these things have happened all along, down through history, these kind of hurricanes coming in. Just because you’ve had a span of so many years without them, doesn’t mean it’s not going to hit you again. That’s how the world has always been.

And, we’ve watched the Middle East; we’ve watched the New American Century group, for instance, when they published, in the 90’s, the whole list of countries they wanted to take out, starting with Afghanistan, then Iraq and then they wanted to go straight to Syria and bypass Iran and other ones, at that time. It was the same list, by the way, if you look into the Jewish newspaper Haaretz, in Israel. It’s the same list that they had there too. And they wanted the US to go through them all, even when they finished with Iraq, the Israelis were telling them (the US), no, don’t stop now, go straight to Syria. But it just shows you how things are really, really going because now, Turkey, who’s been a friend, supposedly, to the West and wants to join the EU union (I have another article on that tonight– I’ll put that up). And they’ve actually made steps to join. There’s so many steps to join the EU; there’s like step A, B, C, D, E, so you can immerse yourself a little bit at a time, until you’re fully engrossed in it. But here it is, from, it says, the Jewish and Israel news, “Algemeiner,” it says here.

“After Amadinejad, the Greatest Threat to Israel is Erdogan of Turkey”


Alan: So, Turkey, who even promised to give airbases to Israel at one point, to bomb Iran, now they’re getting the sights set on them too. It says,

“After President Amadinejad of Iran and Iran’s theocratic Islamist state, the greatest threat to Israel is Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Turkey’s Islamist government. This is surprising because Turkey and Israel used to be close allies. The rift between the countries is directly linked to the ascendancy of Islamist rule in Turkey.”


Alan: You understand, all Islamics have to be wiped out and secular societies brought in. That’s the mandate at the United Nations. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. Reading about Turkey and, of course, Turkey... don’t forget the history of Turkey with the Ottoman Empire and so on, and how powerful it was, as well. And the massive geopolitical strategies that have been brought out over the years to try and deal with that and eliminate it, and of course, which Britain did. And all the things that have happened since, but I’ll put this link up tonight, to show you that literally no one’s safe anymore, if you’re an Islamic state, basically. They’ve all to be done away with, and I said that years ago. There can only be one, you understand. That’s what the movies say: there can only be one. And we’re well on the way to it. And also, I’ll put on too:

“Turkey and the EU (European Union) –  Erdogan Visit to Berlin Betrays Tensions”


Alan: It says. As they pretend there’s tensions there and all the rest of it. Remember Turkey, too, is a member of NATO. They’ve been a good ally of NATO, but you can be used and tossed out when your usefulness is over. And this article too:

“The new dark age: Across Europe, free speech and democracy face their biggest threat since the Thirties”


Alan: And I’ve mentioned this before, but it says,

“After a week dominated by the terrible effects of Superstorm Sandy, the increasingly bitter struggle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and the continuing fallout from the Jimmy Savile scandal, it was easy to overlook a little story about an obscure Greek journalist called Kostas Vaxevanis.”


Alan: His name is.

“In its way, though, the ordeal of Mr Vaxevanis, the editor of an Athens magazine, who narrowly escaped prison for publishing the names of suspected tax evaders, is the biggest story of all. Its themes — the freedom of the Press, the corruption of the establishment, the arrogance of the elite and the terrifying storm engulfing the economies of Europe — go to the heart of a crisis that threatens to tear the Continent apart.”

“From the Leveson Inquiry in London to the attempted comeback of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, and from the salons of Paris to the committee rooms of Brussels, there are disturbing signs of a backlash against democracy, free speech and the will of the people — a counter-revolution that could sweep away many of the liberties we take for granted. For more than half a century after World War II, most of us assumed that life in Europe would always get better.”


Alan: Well, I didn’t.

“And when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, it seemed that the tide of freedom was irresistible.”


Alan: Well that’s what they said in the Reece Commission: eventually the West would join the East and they’d mix the two systems together.

“But now, with Europe poised on the brink of a new dark age of austerity, corruption and censorship, I am beginning to wonder if we were wrong all along. When, many years from now, historians come to explain how it happened, they may well start with the story of Kostas Vaxevanis. Until this week, few people outside Greece had ever heard of him. His magazine, Hot Doc, is hardly one of the Continent’s most prestigious publications. Last weekend, however, he found himself catapulted into the headlines after publishing a leaked list of some 2,059 rich Greeks who have hidden more than €1 billion in secret Swiss bank accounts. Given that one of Greece’s greatest problems over the last few years has been a corrosive culture of tax evasion — some estimates suggest that the Greek government loses a staggering €15 billion a year in unpaid taxes — it is not surprising that the list aroused an enormous storm. After all, millions of Greeks are suffering under the most painful austerity regime seen in Europe for generations, with the economy shrinking by almost 5 per cent a year, living standards in freefall and unemployment at a staggering 25 per cent.”


Alan: I mean, that whole thing, itself, should make folk ask about the whole damn system you’re living in; that this is the best we can do? With the best economists, the best in all these so-called sciences? You know. And we’re in a mess like this? No, this is an agenda, folks. They talked about austerity, bringing in austerity from the globalists at the United Nations, long before the crashes started. Their whole thing was, how do we get it going? Well, they crash the banks and get it going. Then they jack up all the prices on the things they sell you, all your energy and everything else, make a massive profit for giving you less. They had it all figured out. Anyway, getting back to the story, it says:

“Revealingly, the tax evasion list had been doing the rounds of Europe’s finance ministries for years. The French, who got hold of it first, had already passed it to the Greek government — who, living up to their reputation for incompetence and corruption on a world-class scale, did absolutely nothing about it. But when Mr Vaxevanis leaked the list in his magazine, the Greek people were given a glimpse of their masters’ real priorities. Instead of promising to follow up the leads on the list, the governing coalition immediately had him arrested and charged with invading the privacy of the rich plutocrats.”


Alan: Well, that would happen in any country today, because it’s all the same.

“He was, thank goodness, acquitted. Still, his ordeal was reminiscent of something from George Orwell’s 1984, or perhaps Franz Kafka’s book The Trial,...”


Alan: By the way, the book’s good and there’s an excellent movie out on The Trial, too. It shows you the farce in a surrealistic way of the whole justice system or what you think is reality. It says,

“... in which an innocent man is arrested and prosecuted by the repressive authorities, without ever being told what he has done wrong. But what makes this even more dangerous is that it comes with the far-Right marching ever more brazenly through the streets of Athens — a frightening reminder that as the political establishment loses its grip, ordinary people turn to the extremes. In scenes not seen in Europe since the long night of the Thirties, almost every day is bringing new evidence that, in the shattered ruins of the Greek dream, the forces of xenophobia are gathering strength.”


Alan: Well, that’s natural. It’s natural it’s going to gather. As you’re getting put into the same situation as Germany was, when they signed the treaty at the end of World War I, for perpetual debt, for paying off perpetual debt to every country involved in World War I. The journalists at the time said Germany will have to fight its way out of it or have another war. All the old books have the same quotations by the famous journalists who attended that. And Greece is in the same state. So, I’ll put this up tonight, too, for anyone who wants to read it or care about it. Why I’m mentioning it is because it’s to happen across the whole world, you understand. Austerity is for across the whole world. You have no idea of the amount, the thousands and thousands of organizations funded by the big tax-free foundations, which are owned by the international bankers (the big boys) and the guys who own international corporations, thousands of them, the big corporations. You have no idea of the organizations that push to make sure austerity is brought in (with a lot more with it, by the way). I mean, an example, tonight, I’ll put up, is... this is just Toronto, right, greater Toronto. Now, I’ve mentioned different organizations that are changing your town councils. They simply grafted themselves on board (these non-profit organizations) and now you can’t build anywhere and now you’ve got to pay for carbon taxes.

“Greater Toronto Area Clean Air Council: 2010 Intergovernmental Declaration of Clean Air and Climate Change”


Alan: This is put out by a private NGO that’s now running the councils, folks. And it’s a manifesto of what they’re going to do and how they’re going to cut back on carbon, your cars, all the methods to tax your cars off the roads. Folk who burn wood in their stoves are going to get punished and penalized and all the rest of it. This has all been signed in by all the little cities that used to be outside Toronto that’s now the “Greater Toronto Area.” They’ve all signed on to this. And this is the preamble for the whole thing. I’ll put this up tonight.

“Clean Air and Climate Change Summit”


Alan: “...and Climate Change Summit”? Something that’s nonsense, a climate change summit? The global warming thing? So, I’ll put that up tonight, for those who want to read it. So, it’s coming everywhere, you understand, total austerity. But the ones at the top will be richer than ever before. Remember, Carroll Quigley said this new system is to be a kind of feudal system, where CEOs of big corporations run the world, from your water, your food, to everything. Everything. Your smart cities. Smart cities, by the way, smart growth, are all terms for Agenda 21. IBM leads it, by the way.

And this article here, too, it says,

“Most Americans have absolutely no idea, but a very dark philosophy is spreading like wildfire among the global elite. This philosophy is an obsessive belief that humanity has become a cancer that is destroying the earth.  There are now large numbers of global leaders that are convinced that the exploding population of the world has become like a virus or a plague,...”


Alan: Prince Philip said that too.

“... and that it must be combated as such. In fact, it would be very difficult to understate just how obsessed many members of the global elite are with population control.  The United Nations puts out position papers about it, universities have entire courses dedicated to it, radical population control advocates have been appointed to some of the highest political positions in the world, and some of the wealthiest people on the planet get together just to talk about it.”


Alan: You know, the Lucky Gene Club and so on.

“Those who believe in this philosophy are constantly talking about the need for ‘increased access’ to abortion, contraception and other ‘family planning’ services.”


Alan: I’ve got to laugh at some of the terminology that’s used for family planning too, like “women’s health issues,” as though pregnancy was a disease. It’s all doublespeak, you see.

“But even with all of their efforts, the population of the world is still expanding and those who believe in this population control philosophy are getting nervous. So just who are these people among the global elite who believe so fervently in population control? Some of the names you are about to read below might totally shock you. Many of them are some of the biggest names in the world. For example, Prince Charles gave a major speech just the other day ...”


Alan: And they’ve got the link here to it, too,

“ … in which he bemoaned the rapidly expanding world population...”


Alan: He says,

“‘I could have chosen Mumbai, Cairo or Mexico City; wherever you look, the world’s population is increasing fast. It goes up by the equivalent of the entire population of the United Kingdom every year. ...’ ”


Alan: By the way, I gave you the stats of the US and Britain’s population and literally, most folk... it’s plummeting. It’s been plummeting for years, you see. Anyway, it says,

“‘... Which means that this poor planet of ours, which already struggles to sustain 6.8 billion people, will somehow have to support over 9 billion people within 50 years.’”


Alan: Now, that’s also straight out of the United Nations too. They all quote each other.

“Many among the global elite believe that the growing world population is the number one problem facing the world.  Many of them are absolutely convinced that overpopulation is the primary cause of ‘climate change,’ is ruining our environment, and threatens to turn the entire globe into one gigantic third world slum.”


Alan: Remember, the Club of Rome for the United Nations came up with the idea of climate change and global warming. They said they were given the task to find a reason to get this whole agenda in for austerity, depopulation and so on... oh that would fit the bill, they said. That was in the 1970’s. The same organization that came up with the coming ice age in the 1960’s. They put all their bets on that and it all fell flat.

“Of course all of that is nonsense, but this is what they actually believe, and the scary thing is that most of them are in positions of power and influence where they can actually do quite a bit to advance their insidious agenda.”


Alan: By the way, the other day... Britain is actually toying with the idea of limiting parents to having two children, max. It says here,

“The following are 22 shocking population control quotes from the global elite that will make you want to lose your lunch...”


Alan: Now, I’ve got the links for them all. It says,

“The March 2009 U.N. Population Division policy brief…”


Alan: Now, no one’s voted for the United Nations, you understand. It just created itself, you see, by the big globalists that really run the world, way above politics. They run politics down below, like little puppets at the bottom, but at the top, they’re way above all that. And it says,

“What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries?”


Alan: This is what the whole population division was about then.

“What would it take to accelerate fertility decline...?”


Alan: And number two is Microsoft’s Bill Gates. He says,

“‘The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. ...’”


Alan: They always use the same terms, even though they’re never right.

“‘... Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.’”


Alan: This great philanthropist, you know. Remember, Weishaupt said the same thing: we shall create philanthropists who’ll end up running the world. Just bypasses all government, you see.

“Barack Obama’s top science advisor, John P. Holdren: ‘A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men. The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. ...’”


Alan: Coercive, right?

“‘The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission,...’”


Alan: You have to get permission to remove it, from your authorities.

“‘... for a limited number of births.’”


Alan: Number four:

“George W. Bush’s science advisor Paul Ehrlich: ‘Each person we add now disproportionately impacts on the environment and life-support systems of the planet.’”


Alan: Number five:

“U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg”


Alan: I remember reading that quote at the time, when she made it. She said,

“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided [Roe vs. Wade], there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”


Alan: {Laughs}. And number six:

“A United Nations Population Fund report entitled ‘Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate’:”


Alan: I’ll put the link up tonight, too.

“No human is genuinely ‘carbon neutral,’ especially when all greenhouse gases are figured into the equation.”


Alan: And David Rockefeller said,

“The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident.”


Alan: He’s been at that his whole life, of course. He’s been into eugenics his whole life, as well. He wants the right kind of folk to survive (the better types, you know). Jacques Cousteau, of course, the great wonderful Jacques Cousteau (there’s something fishy about that guy), he says,

“In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.”


Alan: He says. He’s an amazing guy, Jacques Cousteau, you know because he worked for the British MI-6, during the war, the OSS, and his brother worked for the Vichy French, on behalf of the Nazis. You see, they cover both sides of the spectrum. And:

“CNN Founder Ted Turner: ‘A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.’”


Alan: He says. And, Dave Foreman, Earth First Co-Founder, says:

“‘My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with its full complement of species, returning throughout the world.’”


Alan: And,

“Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh: ‘If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.’”


Alan: That was Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, who’s always in the cellar boozing, and that’s a fact too, folks, you know. He’d come back probably as a kind of fungus that would ferment booze, I think. David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club says,

“Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license … All potential parents [should be] required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.”


Alan: And Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger... they want to have lots of sex with children, mind you... she just said that children are actually weeds. She says,

“The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”


Alan: Yep. That’s Planned Parenthood, you know. They’re concerned about women’s health, you know.

“Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger. Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York Publishing...”


Alan: That’s the whole book. You can actually see the book here. You can order it yourself.

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”


Alan: She was already into, not just eugenics, she admired Hitler and Stalin. She thought Stalin was a wonderful guy, because in Russia, they were creating (before the Nazis were), they were creating a new type of Sovieticus, they called it, Homo Sovieticus. And Princeton philosopher Pete Singer says,

“So why don’t we make ourselves the last generation on earth? If we would all agree to have ourselves sterilized then no sacrifices would be required — we could party our way into extinction!”


Alan: That kind of reminds me of all these articles I’ve been reading about, to do with the sexual things that are happening, they’re pretty-well doing that, if you haven’t figured that out yet. Most of them are actually already sterile and they don’t even know it. Thomas Ferguson, former official in the U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs, says:

“There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it...”


Alan: They’d even use fascism to reduce itself. Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re talking about the big system that we live under. Many of the organizations, most of the organizations, we don’t even get a chance to vote for, not that voting matters anyway. It’s all rigged in advance. But we don’t get a chance to even go through the farce of it all. These big organizations that run the world, like the United Nations, World Health Organization (under the United Nations), the ones who want to depopulate, depopulate, depopulate. And they have a massive public relations department, which is a propaganda department, remember – that’s what ‘PR’ comes from: propaganda – to try and sell you all these ideas to make you think the way that they want you to think, to change your behavior. It’s all behavior modification, remember. They’d prefer if you all sterilized yourselves, but because you’re not going to do it, they’re already doing it for you. And they even turn out their own statistics every year telling you how sterile you’re all becoming and the rest of you are dying off of cancers as you get sprayed from the skies with chemtrails and you’re eating all this poisoned food, of course, that the big agribusiness boys (who are in with the United Nations) make sure that you’re eating, because they spray it like crazy in all the food. Anyway, this article here says,

“The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization...”


Alan: This is the same organization that said years ago that food and farming was too important to be left to farmers. What they meant was the big international agribusinesses had to take over. Anyway, it says

“... have reported that 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases and CO2 equivalents can be directly contributed to livestock.”


Alan: See, they want you to do away with livestock.

“If we had less animals raised for consumption, we could cull considerable environmental benefits.”


Alan: You see. In other words, you’ll be awfully weak, you’d die faster and all the rest of it.

“A ludicrous attempt to support their claims resulted in the alarmist study that stated dinosaurs emitted so much flatulence that they cause global warming.”


Alan: They farted themselves into extinction.

“Equating cows to saurapods, the danger is posed in the 100m tons of methane that is estimated to be produced by livestock.”


Alan: How would they even know?

“Another study published by Environmental Research letters claims that there must be drastic changes in food production by 2050 to prevent a global food crisis due to global warming.”


Alan: As we get cooler and cooler, which their own organizations have to reluctantly admit to, but the lie will stay; it doesn’t matter. And at the top of this page, which I’ll put up tonight too, it says,

“Researchers from the American Institute for Cancer Research have concluded that eating meat can increase the risk of contracting breast cancer – only in Caucasian women. Apparently African-American women are not in the same danger.”


Alan: Isn’t that amazing, eh? See how they come out with any statistics to get a political-social agenda through, to scare the bejesus out of you and they do it all the time. And they want everyone to stop eating meat, of course, except for the elite, who eat already all organic and specially-grown real food, not in tanks like the stuff that you’re eating. By the way, the stuff from tanks is in your food supply. They’ve admitted that now, in the US and it was already in the food supply in Britain. But they don’t want you eating meat, at all, you see; you’d be too healthy and you might be more virile; they’ve actually said that too: men might create more sperm if they’re eating cholesterol and so on and protein. So they’d rather have you rather skinny and all the rest of it, and going sterile and getting cancers from their pesticide-soaked vegetables, which is about the only thing the average person can afford to eat anymore, you see. It’s all worked out in advance. After all, these world meetings don’t just make wish-lists, “I wish the people would just do what we ask them to do”. They go ahead and implement the agendas covertly. They’ve done it to your water, to your food. They’ve injected you with all kinds of poisons and they’re not finished with you yet. There’s still too many of the wrong kind of people, you know. You’re not up there with them.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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