November 7, 2012 (#1210)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 7, 2012:

"Patience, Wormwood," Lewis Understood:

"Gets Kind of Boring if You're a Sentient Man
With Foreknowledge of Each Part of the Plan,
For the Plan has been Published Long Ago
By Communists Who said "We'll Make it So",
They had Marked the Changes for Each Generation,
How Long for Complete Family Disintegration,
As Agencies were Built Up to Quantify, Manage
The Fallout of Chaos, They'd Handle the Damage,
Intergenerationally Strong Values would Lose
To the Promotion of Drugs, Pornography, Booze,
Separating Bonding from the Physical Act
Of Sex would Ensure No Marriage Pact,
The U.N. Rises Like Satan Over Hell,
Directed Fabianism Has Worked so Well"
© Alan Watt Nov. 7, 2012
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 7th of November, 2012.

Newcomers as always I tell you at the beginning of every broadcast rather than pester you all the way through it, I just get it out at the beginning and tell you to make use of because there is a lot of information for download there for free.  Lots of audios and transcripts as well on all the sites you see listed there.  You’ll find transcripts in other languages for print up if you go into  But remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, I don’t run this like a big business like mainstream.  And it’s the only way really to keep yourself sane and honest as well, by doing it this way that I’m doing it here because otherwise you’re into show business and show business has its own priorities.  So if you want to support me and keep things going you can do so by buying the books and discs at and donating as well.  And hopefully I can go for a little while longer too.

And what I do is go through the history of the big system you’re living in today.  I go through the histories from the 1800’s onwards, even before that of course, to show you how nothing happens by chance.  You don’t end up a hundred years later down the way on a designed path proving that it’s a designed path without the documents that come out and the books by the big boys themselves who planned this very system, including those who planned the cultural takedown to destroy family units, community units, replace it all with government agencies and so on.  It’s all happened, it was all planned that way, we’re right there today.  It’s the end of the old system as you know it, as we go into a new system, not pleasant, more Soviet than anything else and it’s right in your face if you care to look around you.

So as I say from the U.S. to Canada if you want to buy the books and discs or donate you can use personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office, you can send cash, or you can use Paypal.  And you can find out how to do it at website.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal once again.  And straight donations are awfully, as I say, awfully welcome because I don’t make any money whatsoever on advertising or selling other products for other people and so on.  I have no shares in companies, etcetera.

But as I say most folk will never get their head around it.  They think they’re just evolving somehow and they really do believe as they’re taught to believe of course that things are just happening in their lifetime out of the blue like bolts of thunder or something and we have to change direction when these bolts come out.  Never realizing that everything that happens was planned a long many, many years before the major events happen, including all of the wars we’re going through today; they were planned years before they even went into Afghanistan.  All of them were planned.  Even the list of countries they wanted to take out was published in the early 90’s, and again in the late 90’s, and we’re going through it today.

So that’s the kind of world you’re living in.  It’s a planned society for a global society, not a nice happy place where we’re all smiling like all the ads that come out of the United Nations; on the contrary, you’ll be under the total control of bureaucrats from birth to death, all through your life, traced from beginning to end, even brought in for readjustment of course now and then.  I’ve read the articles from Scotland, that’s got the EU working with them, the European Union, and literally they’re already there with tracking the children, examining them from babies to see if they’re psychologically fit, etcetera.  And then they’ll have their indoctrination and corrections along their lives to make sure that they’re the perfect dumb citizen to serve the establishment.  The whole world is to become like this by the way.  And you’ve got lots of idiots supporting the system because they truly, truly believe in communism at the bottom level.

The family unit is pretty well destroyed.  You’ve got about 46% of the public in most countries now are getting money from the government in some way or another, either single mums or people who are working part time, it’s that bad, so they brought on the only thing they can vote for, which is a form of communism.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix and I’ve talked so many times about the farce of voting and the fact that everything is planned in advance and that all the top leaders of all parties belong to the same group, a private organization, the Council on Foreign Relations as it’s known in the U.S. and it’s called the Royal Institute for International Affairs in Britain and they even have one for the whole of Europe as well.  They’ve got them across the whole planet now and their own historian Quigley talked about that, that for a hundred years every president and prime minister across the so-called civilized world was a member of this organization, already dedicated to this world agenda, this plan of managing the big herds of the people across the world and profiting from them at the same time.  That’s what herds are for, of course, to profit from, not to take care of like pets.  And the people down below forget that at times and they end up voting for them.  But I got to laugh at the U.S. votes because there are always a lot of scams that go on and they’re kind of comical in some way.  And of course one of the favorite ones is ones who are already dead who are still apparently turning up to vote and it’s quite a joke because the U.S. has a good history of that, it’s good entertainment in the U.S.  Look at a hundred years ago and so on, and politicians would take people in little towns and get them all drunk and pay for it all as long as they voted for them. At least they got something out of it, right?  Today you don’t get much.

Anyway it says:

"Dead And Still Voting"

"Thousands of dead Californians remain eligible to vote."

"NBC Bay Area used the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File to cross reference with the California state voter rolls using name, date of birth, and similar zip codes to find matches.  We found over 25,000 people in a report that Stephen Stock originally aired at 11 p.m on Nov. 5."

"That discovery prompted several state and Bay Area election officials to re-examine their records, after the investigation brought this issue to light."

Alan:  It says.  So they found all these different people, 25,000 before they stopped counting in fact, 25,000 that apparently came out of the grave to vote and it’s quite comical in a sense; they’re back in that zombie thing that is all prevalent today.  Maybe the ones who vote anyway are all zombies, I mean who knows, eh, who knows how it really works.  Who cares, because it’s all preordained by boys above them.

And this article too, you see we’re living in a new Soviet system.  This was the whole idea that Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley his brother talked about.  Remember Julian worked at UNESCO for the United Nations and Julian even said we’ll make the people hypersexualized, get the children just rutting like rabbits he says, they’ll never bond for life.  End of the family unit, then the state takes care and becomes the big daddy.  That’s how it becomes in these big systems and that’s been awfully successful.  Whereas Aldous Huxley talked about the system they’d bring in, how they’d bring it in, and of course I put up, I think I was the first one to put it up there, the documentary of the tape from Berkeley where he discusses to a peer group naturally.  These were guys who were going to go into government and work in all these different agencies and he was quite candid about it, that all these things can be done and were actually underway at that time, to bring in this world system.  So there is nothing new under the sun but of course there’ll be a lot of problems as they bring in the big system because you will find those at the top are not just incompetent, that’s definitely part of it, but you see most of it is patronage.  The people who help the system get kicked up the ladder and they have no idea of how to handle things and manage things, just like the Soviet Union you see, you find the same thing.  That’s how it was run too, very corrupt and inadequate too.

It says:

"BRUSSELS bureaucrats…"

Alan:  This is the Soviet Union of Brussels for the EU.

"…wasted billions of pounds through fraud and blunders last year, the EU’s own auditors revealed last night."

Alan:  Every year this comes out.  I can remember reading last year’s.

"Official EU spending watchdogs raised questions over a colossal £89billion of spending during 2011.  And for the 18th year in a row, they refused to sign off the EU’s annual accounts.  The damning verdict brought new fury at the soaring EU budget and added to the pressure on David Cameron to block a further massive hike.  He faces tense talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today over the rising bill for Brussels ahead of a crunch summit on the issue later this month."

Alan:  Actually it’s working the way it’s supposed to go.  Because they’re using the power of the purse and debt and we’re all in it together to save ourselves as we all go down to further amalgamate them and literally do away with any personal remnant of sovereignty of any single little country.  That’s the whole purpose of that.  And I’m not making this up; they’ve actually said this before in previous articles and I’ve read them on the air.

So, it’s amazing that everything is going full-steam ahead as it’s supposed to go.  But yeah, 89 billion pounds, just wasted again, oh, don’t know where it went, lots of holidays of course for Rompuy and all these guys.  But that’s the Soviet system folks and these are the guys who spend your tax money like you wouldn’t believe as they tell you to live in austerity and you haven’t had austerity yet in the West.  You’re working up slowly towards it.  But look at Greece, they just cut back their pensions about 18% again and more riots coming there.  They have already prepared for it in the West under the guise of Homeland Security and anti-terrorism.  It’s all to do with the big coming collapses because they’re going to bring it on.  And lots of folk won’t like it, going into this kind of austerity you see.

Now also, part of this too is getting the people…  I read an article years ago, back in the 90’s, from the United Nations to do with the coastal regions.  They didn’t want folk living on the coastal areas in the western world.  They wanted them off of there and inland into their big overcrowded cities inland.  And this is part of the deals too with hyping up the nonsense to do with a hurricane coming in, like it had never happened before, and really playing it up.  And also stopping in all the aid that was coming in to get the electricity working within two or three days by the Duke trucks that were sent in, hundreds of them.  And they weren’t allowed to get in to fix it up because you see they want to play it up as long as they can as a big, big catastrophic emergency.  Even the CFR is playing on it too.  “Oh we’ve got to make the public believe this is Global Warming that’s causing this.”  Even though as I mentioned last night, in the late 1800’s in one year there was about 7 hurricanes that hit it.

So anyway they’re getting you used to movement.  And I said when 9/11 happened, everything that happens in warfare will be done.  You’ll see rationing down the road.  And that means also people like refugees moving on the streets from one place to the next as they move you around.  That’s all a big part of it too because they want this to happen, to get you into these overcrowded cities as they manage your deaths as they take you down over the years to their magic year 2050 when supposedly most of us are all just going to pop off dead.  And the present bunch of T.V. rutters – that’s what I call them, rutters today because that’s all T.V. is, it’s about rutting – they’ll have no offspring anyway so we’ll all be gone and they’ll get what they want.  But in the meantime they’ve got to manage the chaos.

"State of New Jersey Awards Radiant…"

Alan:  This is a company.

"… RFID 5-Year Emergency Management Solution Contract"

"Radiant RFID announced today that the State of New Jersey has awarded the company a five-year contract to assist evacuation and emergency tracking during catastrophic events.  Radiant will provide the office of Homeland Security and Preparedness… "

Alan:  Here are your public-private partnership deals you see.

"…with a managed evacuation solution that tracks evacuees, your pets, emergency transport vehicles, and commodities deployed at state shelters in preparation for and in the event of a hurricane, natural disaster or…"

Alan:  This is the big one.

"…other incident to assist in reunification of families."

Alan:  Everybody is to be tagged.

"In addition, Radiant will manage hardware components, deployment processes and training as well as all maintenance and management functions in support of the State of New Jersey.  Utilizing the latest in passive RFID technology, Radiant’s Emergency Management Solution is the only RFID-based solution designed to assist emergency management teams with large-scale evacuations by making the continuous movement of people, pets and assets easy to track without repeatedly stopping people to take their name or scan a bar code.  The seamless tracking helps eliminate lines, reduce redundancy and keep families together in times of emergency.  Along with the 8.8 million residents of New Jersey, Radiant RFID’s solution covers the State of Texas, State of South Carolina, and City of Boston – approximately 18 percent of the United States population."

Alan:  Then they go on to tell you about Radiant asset tracking, people tracking, emergency management, etcetera, etcetera.  I’ll put this up tonight.  Now they’ll have this across the whole country of course under other contracts they’ve made that haven’t been made public yet.  But there you go, folks, it’s all, everything that I’d said years ago would happen, it’s all here.

And also out, like a little bit to do with your carbon taxes.  You understand we’re global.  And the U.S. still hasn’t got a value added tax, which must come, to be global you see because that was the CFR’s mandate.  They drafted up all these ideas, carbon taxes, value added taxes, and so on.  Even your income tax came from the Council on Foreign Relations members when they were in congress; they put that bill forward to tax you and your property tax ones too.  They’re awfully proud on taxing people.

It says here:

"Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut the U.S. Deficit"

Alan:  Well it’s got nothing to do with the U.S. deficit because as you know the carbon tax is to go abroad.  First to the private Rothschild’s family bank in Switzerland and then they hold it overnight, make billions off it from across the world and then pass it on to the United Nations and elsewhere afterwards.


"A carbon tax starting at $20 a ton of carbon dioxide equivalent and rising at about 6 percent a year…"

Alan:  Per year. Because they rise 6 percent a year, right?  As soon as you get it on the books it’s rising already.


"…could raise $154 billion by 2021, Nick Robins, an analyst at the bank in London, said today in an e-mailed research note, citing Congressional Research Service estimates.  “Applied to the Congressional Budget Office’s 2012 baseline, this would halve the fiscal deficit by 2022,”…"

Alan:  It would halve it, it said here, so they claim.  But it’ll never, not a penny will go to the deficit as you well know.

And also this one here, I’ve mentioned this one before and no one’s really commented on it but there is such a term as institutionalization of terminology and this is where you get your terms to use like homophobia which is really fear of homosexuals, which is nonsense you see.  But you understand if you read the Frankfurt school and the different schools that came out that I mentioned last night, well I’ll touch on this when I come back because it’s awfully important, the terminology that you’re given to use.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about terminology.  Because everything you read now is PC terminology and it’s specifically designed by think tanks.  And I’ve mentioned before about the Frankfurt School, how they would bring forth terminology for particular movements they wanted to push and once you get the public parroting it then it’s institutionalized into the vocabulary you see.  And I’ve got articles from the United Nations too talking about how they must institutionalize the term Global Warming into all discussions and all educational topics and so on.  Institutionalize, repetition, repetition, repetition.  And you get this sort of thing going on.  Bill Ayers too, of the Weather Underground came up with the same idea because he worked with the Frankfurt School and other schools too, the Macy Group, etcetera to do with bringing world communism and how terminology will change the world.  Remember that also Lenin said the same thing, that slogans will conquer the world.  And it’s particular, particular slogans that are worked out to do a number on your brain because you really don’t know what you’re saying.  Or, often it has an opposite meaning to what you think it has.

Anyway they’re establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council.  They’re institutionalizing this system throughout the whole country.  And it’s an executive order remember, it came out in October.  And it says here, it gives you the section.

"Section 1. Policy.  The purpose of this order is to maximize the Federal Government's ability to develop local partnerships in the United States to support homeland security priorities."

Alan:  That’s schools.  That’s everything.  It’s also a system of spying you understand and taking note of people who are thinking in a different direction.

"Partnerships are collaborative working relationships in which the goals, structure, and roles and responsibilities of the relationships are mutually determined.  Collaboration enables the Federal Government and its partners to use resources more efficiently, build on one another's expertise, drive innovation,"

Alan:  Which is their change, the desired change.

"…engage in collective action, broaden investments to achieve shared goals, and improve performance.  Partnerships enhance our ability to address homeland security priorities, from responding to natural disasters to preventing terrorism, by utilizing diverse perspectives, skills, tools, and resources."

Alan:  So as I say that’s schools, businesses, and everything.  You eventually, to get a job, you’ll have to go through a massive screening to find out if you’re PC and all for all of this stuff, or if you have thoughts of your own.  If you’ve got thoughts of your own forget the job because it’s going to be institutionalized into everything across the board, massive network of spying, folks.   And it’s as simple as that; it’s as simple as that.  So I’ll put that up again tonight and folk who want to look over this executive bill can do so.

Also too, Australia has gone through the same con that every other country has gone through years ago, where they’re denationalizing the public utilities of electricity, to make it cheaper you understand for the profit organizations that end up running it.  And I’ll put some links up tonight on that too.  But again getting back to Quigley, he says it will be a new feudal system at the very top of this running the whole system.  The structure will be a feudal system, private corporations with their CEOs being the feudal overlords and basically gouging all the cattle down below for as much as they can get off of them.  And it’s also a great tool for making you obey, etcetera, and to go along with the system.  We’ve got it, do you want it?  Well obey and that’s it.  I’ll put that up tonight too.

And also:

"Power firms gouging the public - paying more for less electricity"

"ELECTRICITY prices have skyrocketed despite consumers using less electricity, while power companies have made bigger profits and paid larger dividends to the state government."

Alan:  And that’s from Australia as well.  I’ll put that up tonight as well to show you how, of course this was always going to be, the same with water, everything else goes way up when you put it for for-profit organizations. And how dare they too use public utilities.  If it belongs to the public, the public should have the say in what happens, the public themselves, not these little councilors or anybody else.  It should be the public themselves because they and their parents and grandparents before them paid for the setting up of all this infrastructure and getting it all working.  And then these bums go and hand them off to the private corporations that end up gouging you like crazy.  But that’s the system you’re in, communist below with massive bureaucracies and agencies dealing with you right through your life and all of your children.  And then the fascist ones at the top of them you see, it was always designed that way.

And this one here too is to do with going back to some of the weather modifications programs that were done from the 60’s onwards, actually even in the 50’s.  I’ll put this up tonight too to show you how long it’s been going on.  At that time too they were doing smaller experimentation of course on different countries for weather modification.  But they were also using international organizations to help do this too across the world, even during the Cold War they worked with Russia, the supposed archenemy, on weather modification.  Because it was just a big con game as I say, the whole Cold War fiasco.  But this one here, it says:

"1966 US Government Document Outlines National Weather Modification Programs And Implications"

"It outlines in great detail the existence of expanding US weather modification programs for at least a decade prior to the document in question.  (Back to at least 1956).  A “special commission” is outlined in this document to coordinate the multiple governmental agencies involved with US weather modification programs as well as independent contractors and universities which the report also mentions.  It covers the “management” of international impacts, legal and social ramifications, species disruptions,"

Alan:  Because they knew they were going to kill off species, like the birds and all that.

"…biological consequences to us, etc."

Alan:  And so on.  So I’ll put this one up tonight as well.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and the boys at the top too, this massive business of organ transplantation is huge business remember, massive business and I can remember over the years how they changed things from clinical death and then to brain death so as they can actually take your organs out while you’re still alive, which is the way they do it today now.  And which means technically they kill the person regardless.  Once that heart stops all together they kill them, to get the organs.  Big, big bucks involved of course.  And of course it’s all for “good causes.”  Everything, you know, the most horrible things that happen in the world are always done for a good cause.  Even when DARPA came out with the chip for the paraplegic.  You know DARPA is in weapons manufacturing and finding ways to kill big amounts of people, and they go into helping a paraplegic with a chip to see if he could email people without having to touch any keys and so on.  But it’s the same thing with organ harvesting.  Now remember it’s worldwide now.  In other words too, they can take organs from one country and get them to another because of new techniques of keeping it alive pretty well, that organ literally alive by keeping it at room temperature, body temperature rather than freezing them and they had a meeting just a few months ago about that in the States showing the guys how to do it.  And they can pump blood through it on its way and then straight into the donor on the other side of the world if need be.  So the rich folk are getting it all at the very, very top.

But what gets me too is why are there so many folk needing organs today?  Why is this?  What’s happened?  What are we ingesting or whatever that is killing off organs in the body like this?  I’d like to know.

This one here says:

"A new survey from Alberta researchers is recommending cash incentives for organs to encourage more people to sign donor cards.  Calgary doctor Braden Manns of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta co-authored the study that found paying donors could increase donation rates.  Under the current opt-in organ donation system in Canada, many people die waiting for a transplant.  According to Transplant Manitoba, there are about 200 people in the province on dialysis, waiting for kidney transplants.  Some of those patients will not survive the wait.  “Somewhere around 20 per cent of people on wait lists for certain organs are dying…"

Alan:  Dying, dying.

"Despite donation education campaigns and the occasionally celebrity endorsement,"

Alan:  We’re supposed to follow celebrities, right?

"…not enough organs are being donated to fill the need."

Alan:  So he recommends paying donors to fill the need.

"Manns' study surveyed more than 2,500 members of the public, health professionals and people waiting for transplants.  The study found 70 per cent of respondents would support paying deceased donors’ families for organs. "

Alan:  So paying off the families.  You know, when you get them and they’re really down and the whole bit.  And they actually fly teams in to try to convince the families, oh you know this can help somebody else live, and now they’re going to try to bribe them as well.  It’s just disgusting to me, the whole business of it, because it’s a massive, massive business for surgeons.  You should see some of the wages some of them get for this kind of stuff.

In fact you’re terrified to go to hospital now because they’re kind of looking you up and down, and is the guy going to help me or is he going to kill me and sell my organs off.  I mean they get more money for doing the latter, right?

So I’ll put this link up tonight too to show you how they go on for it too.  But they also talk about Arthur Schafer who is an ethicist.  You know you have these special people who are called ethicists, they’re ethical about things.  Nobody else is ethical.  They’re just naturally ethical.


"…who works with the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics.  The payment for organs idea, Schafer said, is troubling.  “Frankly I think it would be bordering on obscene to offer financial compensation to the mother whose child has just died,” said Schafer. “I think there are substantial ethical concerns.”"

Alan:  So I guess you need a professional ethicist to tell you something that we all should really know for ourselves anyway, you see.  But this is what they’re trying there.  And then in Wales they’re trying the same thing too.  All over the world they’re trying the same thing because as I say they can take your organs all over the planet nowadays.  There is actually as we well know underground methods of doing this too and the organs will go to the highest bidder.  That’s also a big racket.  But this says here that…

"The Welsh government is proposing a new law that will make everyone an automatic organ donor unless they officially opt out."

Alan:  That’s when you go into hospital.  I think Ontario tried that as well.

"Religious groups in the country, including Jewish, are voicing their objections. “We believe that people should be able, or the family of the deceased should be able, to agree to organs being taken as a gift as a donation. I would have preferred there not have been a bill,”..."

Alan:  A law.

"... said Stanley Soffa, chairman of the South Wales Jewish Representative Council, according to the BBC.  Currently in Wales, specialist nurses approach families of potential donors even if they are not listed in the donor registry. Of those, about 60 percent agree to donate their organs or the organs of a loved one. The Welsh government hopes to increase this figure with the new law by 15 extra donors and about 45 more organs for transplant throughout the UK every year."

Alan:  So as I say number one, why do so many folk need organs in this day and age?  Is it the food that we’re eating, with all the pesticides, that kills off your kidneys and everything else?  What is it?  We should know that right off the bat, what is it?  What’s causing it all?  And how much are they making on these transplants as well?  The surgeons and the hospitals too, how much are they making on this too?  Because I know in the States there are fantastic amounts of money they spend there for heart transplants and things like that.  Not only that too, when they go for the body they’ll tell you it’s for so-and-so in somewhere who needs a kidney, but they’ll strip that whole body of everything they can possibly use or sell.  It’s so ghoulish it’s just beyond belief.  But that’s the world you’re in now, an atheistic world that’s purely materialistic and so Karl Marx has got his way; we’re into dialectical materialism.

And in Moscow:

"President Vladimir Putin fired Russia's defense minister over corruption allegations on Tuesday, the latest twist in an unfolding saga of power, money and suspected adultery at the heart of the Kremlin."

Alan:  It sounds like a movie.

It says:

"Putin announced on television that he had fired Anatoly Serdyukov, once seen as one of the president's most loyal courtiers but lately a liability amid allegations that the military sold off assets cheaply to insiders."

Alan:  Well again too all of these ex-communist countries and the new communist countries, like the EU, European Union, are massively corrupt, massively corrupt.  It’s interesting too that some people, even journalists who lived in the Soviet Union and studied the atheistic system that came in where government takes over all control of everything and everything is papers and forms to fill out, etcetera, they said that the worst countries that they had ever seen for corruption were those that had no remnant of even a religious society, like normal moralities that all came from religions.  When there is none left it’s utterly corrupt.  That’s what you’ve got.  And you’ll find that too if you look at China.  And you’ll find that too even in India because with their religion, there are hundreds of religions there, you can always rationalize anything that you do.  But you will find that mainly in countries that have never had it, or like I say the EU which is really the new Soviet system.  It definitely is the new Soviet system.

Now the Federal Reserve too of the U.S. is going to spend 40 billion dollars a month on buying bonds.  And so:

"Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke says, “The idea is to quicken the recovery.”"

Alan:  By buying the bonds, the debt, eh, quite, quite something.  {Laughs}  So:

"The Federal Reserve unleashed a series of bold and open-ended steps Thursday to stimulate the economy by making it cheaper for consumers and businesses to borrow and spend.  The Fed said it will spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage bonds for as long as it deems necessary to make home buying more affordable."

Alan:  Why buy a home today? they’ll crash you again and loot you once again you know.  Because the system is just the same system.

"It plans to keep short-term interest rates at record lows through mid-2015 - six months longer than previously planned.  And it's ready to take other unconventional steps if job growth doesn't pick up."

Alan:  I wonder what that will be.  Maybe we could sell the Fed off to China you know, everything else is.

And it says here – now I mentioned last night about the guys that want to kill you off you know.  And one of them was to do with population reduction and the…

"22 Shocking Population Control Quotes From The Global Elite That Will Make You Want To Lose Your Lunch"

Alan:  Now these guys are dead serious about this and again most folk who watch T.V. and ha-ha and the movies and comedies will never get it.  They’re not in reality, never will be.  But when you look at the different articles that they published, and quotes and statements that the big powerful folk have made it’s just astonishing.  And they’ve actually fulfilled most of it already you know.

It says here:

"A program…"

Alan:  This is Barack Obama’s top science advisor, this John P. Holdren that really is a fanatic and he’s still in power now that they’re in again.

"A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men.  The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule…"

Alan:  Listen to this.

"The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive…"

Alan:  Coercive.

"…fertility control.  The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births."

Alan:  Now that was said years ago by… They have been on working, see these guys are working on it.  Or the guys that they represent are working on all of this because then you read this article today…

"Girls of 13 given birth control jab at school without parents’ knowledge"

Alan:  This is the very thing he was talking about.

"Schoolgirls as young as 13 are being given contraceptive injections and implants…"

Alan:  Exactly what I just read.

"…during lunch-breaks without their parents’ knowledge."

And it says:

"School nurses have given implants or jabs to girls aged between 13 and 16 more than 900 times in the past two years,"

Alan:  In England.

"…a survey by The Daily Telegraph has found.  Girls aged 13 have been given contraceptive jabs and implants on more than 20 occasions.  A further 7,400 girls aged 15 and under have been given contraceptive injections or implants at family planning clinics.  Under the patient confidentiality rules, nurses are banned from seeking the permission of parents beforehand,"

Alan:  They’re banned from seeking the permission of parents.  Remember the Rights of the Child, you end up reading it, the parents end up having no rights at all.  If you’ve ever bothered reading it, the parents have no rights.  This was all for this you see.

"… or even informing them afterwards, without the pupil’s permission.  Anthony Seldon, the master of Wellington College, said: “I think that sexual intercourse is the very highest and most mature spiritual relationship that can exist between two human beings.  “Anything that trivializes or treats it as something mundane or easy, particularly for young people, is damaging their ability to grow up and to properly form a loving lasting relationship.”"

Alan:  Exactly what the big boys said they want to destroy, the bonding part, and separate that from the physical act.  They said that sixty years ago; it’s happened.

Anyway the man says:

"It devalues sex, it makes it like an ordinary, everyday thing like going to have a McDonald’s."

Alan:  And isn’t that just true.  So there you are, you have Holdren talking about developing something like this and giving it to children without the parent’s permission and bingo there’s the article where this actually happened.  See, you think it’s all developing by itself, just out like magic. {Laughs}  No, this is all planned, folks.  It’s all planned.  Really, all of it, planned, just amazing.

And here you are.

"Governments Considering Two-Child Policy For The West"

Alan:  After China.  Remember too China was the first one to implement the one-child policy and you’ll find that people have been objecting to that and even recently some actors went over and spoke out against China.

"As actors and activists in the West speak out against China’s one-child policy, politicians move to introduce the same policies in the North."

Alan:  And the West.

"On October 27 actor Christian Bale presented a human rights award to Chinese pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng for his decade-long fight against China’s one-child policy."

"Praising Chen as an example of courage for his fight against “a program of forced abortion and sterilization in Shandong”, Bale went on to decry the centralist Chinese government, naming some of the policies that flow from its one-child policy: “A program of forced abortion means that women are being dragged…"

Alan:  Literally.

 "…from their homes against their will,” Bale said. “They are being forced to have abortions, sometimes late-term – imagine that – with some women reportedly dying in the process.”"

Alan:  But it’s for the greater good you know.

"In a report from MovieGuide, Bale, who has portrayed Batman in the series’ last three consecutive movies, also received praise from President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Reggie Littlejohn, who admired his courage because of his condemnation of forced abortions in China.  On November 2 Littlejohn told Lifesitenews that the “terror of forced abortion is the purpose of the policy.”"

Alan:  See, in totalitarian governmental systems, like the U.S., the E.U. for the whole of Europe, and China, terror is what makes you obey.  You live in a state of constant terror; whether you’re aware of it or not, you have come to the conscious conclusion that’s what it is; it’s actually terror you see.

He said:

"“I believe that the Chinese Communist Party is keeping the population down politically through terror, and that this is instrumental in keeping them in power.”"

Alan:  That’s true enough.

"“I don’t think that they will be abandoning the one-child policy anytime soon.”, Littlejohn said.  She also stated that Western governments have become “complicit with forced abortion in China” in their funding of the United Nations Family Planning Fund and International Planned Parenthood.”"

Alan:  Now, Planned Parenthood were the ones that rammed through the Rights of the Child so as they could eventually eliminate the sexual age of consent amongst children, right down to babies by the way, because they’re all pervs at Planned Parenthood.  I hope you understand they’re utterly pervs.  And I’ve read the article about them before, how far back they came out with this idea.  I read it just a few days ago.

"Littlejohn stressed that both organizations have been “working hand-in-hand with the Chinese Communist Party for decades.”  Littlejohn’s comments fly in the face of recent reports that seem to indicate that the Chinese government is planning to reverse course on the decade-old policy.  A Chinese think tank affiliated with the central government recently put out a report advocating a relaxation of China’s one-child policy."

Alan:  Actually what it is when you read it, is the better-off families in China can pay a fee or a fine to have a second child, the ones at the bottom can’t.  That’s what it actually is.  I read that last year.  So anyway they’re trying to do the same thing for the West. It says:

"Not only is such a two child system being proposed for China, politicians now envision such as two child policy for the West.  Secretary of state for work and pensions in the UK, Mr. Iain Duncan Smith recently proposed setting limits to the amount of children low-income families are allowed to produce.  “You have to cut your cloth in accordance with what capabilities and finances you have.”, he told BBC Radio 4 some days ago.  “My view, if you did this, you would start it for people who begin to have more than, say, two children.”  Not only this UK secretary of state proposes limits on families exceeding their allowance of children, the EU envisions just such measures for the Eurozone."

Alan:  For the whole of Europe.

"A 2011 report,"

Alan:  I’ll put the links up tonight.

"…funded by the European Commission and World Wildlife Fund,"

Alan:  {Laughs}

"…models draconian population control measures, personal carbon taxes, government-controlled media, and the legalization of voluntary and assisted suicide in all EU countries.  One of their scenarios states the following: “Beginning in 2012, one of the measures taken to control population growth was to phase-out child benefits for multi-children families.  By 2020, benefits were only provided for up to a maximum of 2 children.”"

"In 2010, Business Insider featured a post by geography professor Gary L. Peters under the header Population Growth Is Still The Biggest Problem Facing Humanity.  After channeling armchair-eugenicist Alan Weisman, who stated: “The intelligent solution to the problem of population growth would require the courage and the wisdom to put our knowledge to the test.  It would henceforth limit every human female on Earth capable of bearing children to one”, the professor added..."

Alan:  And they’re really going at it folks, but they’re also going to manage that child right through his whole life.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  I’ll take a caller actually who’s been hanging on there.  It’s Don from San Diego if he’s still there.  Are you there Don?

Don:  Yeah I’m here.  How are you doing Alan?

Alan:  Not bad, not bad.

Don:  Yeah so I was just looking at some news about riots over in Greece and it got me thinking, what is the point of rioting?  You know the police and all law enforcers they’re part of the common masses as well and it’s not like, you know, do you think any of the politicians give a care that people are rioting?

Alan:  Well they’re scared that the rioters will get to them.  That’s really what the police are there for, to stop them.  And they actually encourage them to riot against the police rather than have the people coming after the ones who have got them in the hole in the first place.

Don:  Yeah there is a barrier of the police between you know the politicians and the people.  I just think there has got to be a better way you know to get to these politicians.  And you know I’m not saying to take them out or something but just going out on the streets and…

Alan:  Well that’s just it you see, you either do something, protesting is pointless because you’re under totalitarian rule you see.  And all they have got left really is smashing things up and going against the one instrument of government that stands up for government.  Nobody else is standing up for Greek government except the cops because they’re getting well paid you see.  This is a standard ploy that is used by the elite of course and you’ll see it in the States happening too.  It’s definitely going to come to the States.  And the States is well prepared for it too under Homeland Security, that’s its main reason.  But that’s all the public will see is the officials in the black outfits representing the elite and you cannot get to the elite of course.  Even if you got anywhere near them they’d take off in their private jets so quickly.  They aren’t going to sit around waiting for you to grab them.  But the Greeks have got nothing left to do because you either starve to death or starve as you walk around with your placard saying ‘please give us back our system’, or else you do something about it.  All they can do is simply riot.  That’s the bottom line in this system.  There is no other way to get out of it, this system.  You either lawfully starve to death, lawfully, legally, or suicide yourself, you know, or you riot.  And most folk generally riot.  That’s the standard way in history.

Don:  Yeah and I was reading a book called Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer I think, but basically it was just illustrating how all these people that get into politics, they’re really just reaching their hand in the honey pot as you say.  And you know in example after example this guy is going through how the majority of the politicians, you know congress and the senate, they’re using their positions you know to make business deals to set themselves up.  They’re raking in millions and you know it’s not always millions but they have way better luck than anyone in the stock market you know.  And of course they say it’s all ethical because if they help one person from the public, then you know it’s for the public good and so then it’s okay and ethical.

Alan:  See, the only money there is, is for giant projects.  They talked about this over a hundred years ago, for giant projects for big business, who were not willing to risk their own cash on it.  They made deals with government, this public-private idea came, was even voiced a hundred years ago.  And so they get the public to pay for the big private businesses and of course those who get the contracts get the kickbacks.  There are even articles in the Montreal Gazette right now about the kickbacks from all the big contracts that are handed out.  Putin had the same problem with his defense chief getting kickbacks from big contracts.  So politicians are by nature corrupt.  They’re already multi-millionaires most of them when they get in, or they want to be.  And the only big honey pot they can get their hands into is the public purse because there is less scrutiny over the public purse than anything else on the planet.  So we live in an utterly corrupt system and we’re told to get used to it.  Thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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