Nov. 9, 2012 (#1212)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 9, 2012:

No Right nor Wrong, Going, Going, Gone!:

"Will New Laws Coming in Disrupt People's Fun,
With the Massive Implementation of Agenda 21,
Or Will the Magic TV Keep Them Mesmerized,
In the Phantasmagoria Flashing Before Their Eyes,
They're Living Hypnotics, Spell Seldom Shatters,
Mixed Fact and Fiction Negates Anything that Matters,
Sex, S&M and Horror Captivates with Seduction,
Leaving Viewers Zombie-like, Barely Able to Function,
Each has a Thousand Friends Whom They'll Never Meet,
Cyber-Grunting Minimalism, a Scientific Psycho-Feat,
Big Players Long Ago said Science would Dominate
And Happy Zombies Play, Oblivious to Their Fate"
© Alan Watt Nov. 9, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 9, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 9th, 2012. For newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of the website; there’s lots of audios for free download there. I go through some of the history of the big system you’re born into, into its roots, into the organizations that got together a long time ago to plan a world order.  Not any old world order for peace and happiness and so on, but for themselves really. The world was all wrong; people made their own decisions; it was all untidy at the bottom. These guys decided that through scientific means, and hiring scientists, and creating sciences, really pseudosciences, they’d convince the public to give up all their rights so they could take the world over, and they would run us properly. That’s what you’re going through today with the carbon taxes, the greening agendas and so on; you’re being run properly. At least you’ve been taught that; that’s how it’s going. And you can, it’s just amazing too how much you can do if you have complete control of the education across the whole planet and everyone gets the same indoctrination, and they will believe everything they’re told, naturally, because there’s no alternative education out there to give them any other sides of any of the questions whatsoever.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can keep me going by buying the books and discs at and donating, as well, hopefully.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, on the .com site you’ll see other sites listed; these are all the official sites I have. They all carry audios for download. If you get sticking on the .com site downloading, there’s too many folk going in at once, try another site there and you’ll find that you might get a clear download. Also, you can get transcripts as well in English on all those sites listed there on the .com site for print-up. If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages.


But what a world we go through, as the world churns – along with your stomach these days – as we go through the big transformations. That’s what they call it, this is the Century of Change remember, where the big boys at the top are realizing their goals, their long goals to bring in this new world order, where it’s all tidy and government runs everything, and government agencies and bureaucracies run every part and facet of your life. It’s so tidy now, you see. And it will get tidier as we go along and we get crammed into the big cities. We won’t have many decisions to make because you see, the State will be making all your decisions for you. So here we are.


As I say, it’s just astonishing, because I’m actually quoting people here, as I speak, who talked about this in the 70s and 60s, who were involved in creating this system. They actually said that, the public won’t need to reign free and wild with their own original thoughts, their own ability to think, they said, because the State will be making all their decisions for them. That was from Charles Galton Darwin’s book The Next Million Years.  So here we are. Most folk, mind you, this is the easiest takeover that’s ever been done. Because as I say, we’ve all had the same indoctrination, and with the children that are coming up today it’s perfect, it’s absolutely perfect indoctrination they’ve got. Because even all their entertainment is also geared towards bolstering up the same indoctrination of education, so that that’s the only view of the world that they’ll have, is exactly what their Masters want them to have. And they don’t mind it because it seems to be fun to them, you see. Remember, children too see things in black and white; there’s no gray area. All you do is point out the bad things, show them lots of nasty pictures of clear-cutting forests, which they don’t do in Canada and places like that anymore, but who’s to know, eh? If that’s all you see, you’ll really believe it. ...And the parents are to blame for letting it all happen. They’re all ready for it, you see. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  A while ago I came up with the terrible story of what happened to a woman who had her child taken from her by the DCFS of Utah. I went through the trials and tribulations that she had gone through; amazing too, the tenacity of sticking with it and not just simply giving up. Because it’s a rigged system, the court system, especially this kind of court system in Utah to do with children. There’s an article out now by Brandon Turbeville from the Activist Post and he goes through the updates of what’s been happening. I also know what’s been happening because she’s been sending me updates and so on. But it says here…


Katerina Jeleva's Five-Year Battle to Reclaim Her Son From Rogue Family Court System Continues / November 5, 2012 / Brandon Turbeville


In short, when Katerina was conveniently served with a Protective Order by her ex-husband shortly after his own bankruptcy proceeding, Katerina’s son was immediately taken from her by DCFS agents and armed police. (Alan:  ...armed police, eh, to take your child away.) Yet, after repeated interviews and investigations by psychologists, sex abuse investigators, and other DCFS agents, it was determined that there was absolutely no evidence that Katerina had abused her son. 


Soon after her son was returned to her, however, Katerina was served with yet another Protective Order by her ex-husband – this time with the help of rogue Guardian ad Litem, Amber Ruder. (A:  ...the infamous Amber Ruder, because she’s really made a lot of people’s lives hell.) Once again, after the filing of the second Protective Order, Katerina’s son was forcibly removed from her, with police literally taking the child out of her arms.


The process of interviews and investigations thus began anew and, again, Katerina was exonerated. Yet, after being ordered to organize and facilitate the family therapy sessions, Guardian ad Litem Amber Ruder has flatly refused to obey the judge’s orders, telling Katerina that she “cannot and will not do this for you.” (A:  ...even though the judge ordered it.) Ruder subsequently claimed that Katerina’s son may not be returned to her at all because the two have been separated for such a long time that it might traumatize the child to return (A:  ...home...) to his mother. This is in regards to a child who, in the opinion of the child psychologist who interviewed him, showed signs of being coached by other adults in what to say to the therapist in order to implicate his mother in misconduct in the first place.


Ever since the second Protective Order, Katerina has been fighting an uphill fight in what seems like a never-ending legal battle (A:  And it’s true. You go through all these pretrials, pretrials, hundreds of pretrials they call them.  Why do they need a pretrial?  Just get on with the whole thing and get it out in the open. But they don’t do it that way. The whole idea is to make parents just give up, and become broke of course.) where she is forced to represent herself despite having very little time and money at her disposal. In addition, Katerina is having to contend with a Guardian ad Litem who is not only being uncooperative, but is actively sabotaging and opposing Katerina’s efforts to be reunited with her son.


Between the behavior of Ruder, and Katerina’s ex-husband’s legal team led by attorney Jere Reneer, Katerina has had to endure such underhanded tactics as court issued documents being sent to her previous attorney’s office instead of to her (as she is now representing herself due to financial hardship) among other things. (A:  Now they know this… In other words, you see, they can send them to other addresses, and you say ‘well I didn’t get it,’ well the court thing will go on in your absence and you don’t even know what’s happened. So they’ve tried all kinds of dirty tricks here.)


You can hear Katerina discuss this aspect of her legal situation with (A: Alan Watt of Cutting Through The Matrix on June 25, 2012 by clicking here(A:  And the link is here to hear it.  Here’s what’s happened...)


At the time of my last article dealing with this case and, after a great deal of resistance by Ruder and Katerina’s ex-husband, Katerina was finally able to attend a therapy session (A: therapy session…) with her son – a meeting which scarcely could have gone better, according to Jeleva, particularly under the circumstances.


Unfortunately, much of the Amber Ruder-related saga has continued in the months following the second update I released about Katerina and her case.


Not satisfied with the outcome of the DCFS investigations (as they determined that there was no evidence for any abuse), Ruder requested a third interview session with DCFS in an environment more conducive for her purposes, but was rightfully denied by the Judge.


Very soon, however, a third “anonymous” claim of abuse was conveniently made against Katerina and the interview and investigation process began all over again for a third time. Once again, Springville Police Department Detective Jeff Ellsworth was tasked with investigating Katerina’s case. As before, Ellsworth concluded that there was no evidence for abuse. Indeed, he clearly stated as much in his incident report when he wrote, “I have investigated this matter before, and the information that was brought forward does not provided enough evidence to support Sexual Abuse. This case will remain inactive.”


Likewise, Emee Drews, the DCFS worker assigned to the case regarding the third accusation, stated that the interview she conducted did not disclose anything new and that there was not enough evidence to support the claims of sexual abuse. After watching the interview, Detective Ellsworth determined that the alleged incident being dealt with was actually the same incident he had investigated much earlier and had decided there was no evidence of child abuse.  (A:  So even though they clear you of it, they go back to the original charge, and you go around again in a circle.)


Essentially, the third accusation of child abuse was a type of accusational derivative, meaning that the third accusation was itself based on the first and second, which themselves were found to be illegitimate and baseless.


Thus, on September 7, 2012, the third investigation was closed due to unsupported evidence.  (A:  Do you understand the money it’s costing the courts too, and the taxpayers, for all this kind of stuff? This is one case, you know.)


All the while, however, Katerina’s attempts at supervised therapy with her son were flagrantly derailed in direct violation of the court order by her ex-husband who, Katerina claims, was acting on the advice of Amber Ruder. Furthermore, as the report written by Dr. Gale Stringham makes clear, both the ex-husband and the child were told by Amber Ruder that the child “didn’t have to see his mom if he didn’t want to.” Of course, Ruder has zero authority to make this decision because the therapy was court ordered. (A:  So it was ordered by the court, but Ruder says no we’re not bringing him.)  Keep in mind, Ruder’s function is Guardian ad Litem, not judge or jury.


As a result, Katerina’s son, who was ecstatic at seeing his mother at the first therapy session was not present at the second therapy session due to “something that came up,” (A: they claim.) preventing the ex-husband from attending the court ordered therapy and obstinately declining to accept any rescheduling by Dr. Stringham until at least a week later. After this long delay between therapy sessions, Katerina’s son began acting mysteriously hesitant about seeing his mother and even contradicting himself about claims made against Katerina’s new husband around the same time the first allegations were made against Katerina.


Furthermore, Stringham’s assessment regarding the possibility of the child having been coached in the second therapy session is comparable to her suspicions earlier in the year after the initial Protective Order had been filed. In a letter to the court, Stringham wrote,


[His] responses during the second visitation (A:  This is the son.) raises serious concerns regarding him receiving adult influence. Although it would not be unusual for a child who is reconciling with a parent under similar circumstances to be again guarded at the beginning of another contact, a number of [his] comments both during his one-on-one disclosure to me and during the time with his mother did not sound like the typical language of a child his age. It also appears from his response to receiving the video that he had spoken with someone about her plan to bring the present.


(A:  Anyway, I’ll put this up tonight and you’ll see how this is going. But I think too, and this is true, it says...)


Although Katerina’s motion to the court to have GAL Amber Ruder removed from her case was (A:  ...initially...) denied, GAL Ruder is no longer the Guardian ad Litem of Katerina’s case. In fact, perhaps due to public pressure as a result of the coverage from the alternative media and the subsequent protest and contact from readers and listeners all across the spectrum, GAL Amber Ruder is no longer Guardian ad Litem in any capacity on any of her former cases. Ruder has been effectively removed from her position as Guardian ad Litem. In Katerina’s case, GAL Ruder has been replaced by her supervisor, John Moody. 


Actually, I know a lot of people phoned into her supervisor to complain about this Ruder because she’s a nutcase, an absolute nutcase that’s not following any law except her own; she thinks she’s God. And I know for a fact she’s upset an awful lot of other people too by grabbing their children, and doing a lot of dirty tricks as well. So I’ll put this whole article up tonight to let you know how it’s going.  But it just shows you how they can grab your child, and this is happening all across not just in the US but everywhere now.  This is a new United Nations prerogative to do all this stuff, big money involved in it of course for the court systems, they love it, and the taxpayer funds it all. And people get broke in the process of trying to get their children back. But it just goes on and on and on with these pretrials, pretrials, pretrials, and after you’ve cleared the third or fourth one, they go back to the first charge even though you’ve already been cleared of them. These are the games that these legal so-called experts play that can go on forever. But I’ll put the whole thing up tonight at for those who’ve been following it so they can read and see what’s happened in the meantime.  It’s happening to so many people though, so many people, and the same tricks and tricks and tricks.


Remember, I’ve said before, that everything to do with dramas or movies to do with the system which is law, hospitals and doctors, and courts and lawyers, is all propaganda, as Jacques Ellul said.  And it truly is. You don’t realize you’ve all been indoctrinated with propaganda to give you a completely fake vision of how it really is. In the legal profession, like other professions, it’s utterly ruthless. The whole point is to get as much cash as they can, and especially when they’re getting it from the public purse, believe you me, they’ll drag it on for years if need be. And not to get any justice done and to be impartial on anything, they simply want to… Actually too, these children’s aid societies and so on, if they lose one case, you understand, there would be a whole flood of other cases coming against them, if it’s found that they lose one case because of misconduct and lying, and constant lying, and obstructing justice. So obviously they don’t want to ever give up; they just keep it going forever and ever. That’s the real system we live in. And that’s all across the board.


I’ve also talked about what’s happening in Britain with the real sexual abuse, that’s been going on for years, pretty well in the open actually.  Jimmy Savile… and then it’s led to Prince Charles, it’s led to a whole bunch of people.  Even Cameron is coming out and made a gaffe, a few gaffes actually, because he said, we shouldn’t have a witch hunt.  He was referring to what he called gay people being attacked or whatever, even though no one had talked about gay people in the sexual abuse/pedophile cases. So it was a bit of a gaffe, a Freudian slip you might call it, because there are so many of them still, not in the closet, but in the cabinet, in the Parliament in Britain. Back with more after this break.




Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about Jimmy Savile, which is just a scrape off the iceberg basically, of what happens in Britain. The country is gone, you understand. The whole culture is utterly debased with all the stuff they’ve been not just taught in schools and then growing up, but the incredible culture industry. You understand, you do have a culture industry. They decide by taking the pulse of the public, in all your tweets and everything else, just how far debauched you are, and if you’re ready for even further debauchery. That’s how it really, really works. I’m not kidding about that, that is the plan, folks, and it’s working awfully, awfully well.


But I mean, Jimmy Savile was a perv his whole darn life, and they knew it at the BBC before they hired him on. You understand how many folk must have covered up for him, for many, many years, real important people too, to even get the cops off his back. He’s been interviewed by the police before, because they wondered if he had a relationship with this Yorkshire Ripper that was a mass murderer. Because even after the Yorkshire Ripper was caught, Savile became his pal in the prison; he went to visit him in prison, because he had a lot in common with him obviously. But the cover-up is incredible, and they must, as I say, clamp down on the story, or take it off on a different spin. I noticed even in the Guardian they’ve taken things off on a different spin, to do with one of the top aides that Cameron had. He was charged with having gross indecency downloaded on his Internet through child porn stuff, and they threw that out because he had an awfully good lawyer. Again, they didn’t want to open up a can of worms to do with Parliament and all the rest of it so they cleared the guy. But he also put things up his willy, for goodness sake, stuff like that, and odd kind of stuff.  Anyway, these are the guys who run the country. And you can imagine all the other kinky stuff that they’re into.  But it doesn’t really bother most folk today, I think. As I say, everyone’s so degraded by everything that they’ve adapted to, with the changes, adaptation.   Adaptation, adaptation until anything goes. You can’t get them outraged anymore, you know. Nobody’s safe anymore.  But it says...


Jimmy Savile’s plea to get sex for the Yorkshire Ripper / AARON TINNEY / 9th November 2012


DERANGED Jimmy Savile called for his pal the Yorkshire Ripper (A:  ...the mass murderer…) to be allowed sex inside Broadmoor. (A:  ...the prison that he was incarcerated in.)


Savile reckoned Peter Sutcliffe and other patients in the secure hospital should be allowed to mix freely to stop any gay urges.  (A:  What’s a gay urge? Is that a happy urge or something? They mean homosexual urges, I guess.)


The Jim’ll Fix It paedophile said: “All guys together or all girls together isn’t very healthy.


“We have got to give our patients some reason to want to rehabilitate. (A:  These are people who are in there for, you know, like mass murder.) And falling in love is one of the strongest.”  (A:  Well, he’s never known what that’s meant.)


He also said killers should be treated “with compassion”. (A: know, the folk who love to slaughter folk and watch them die, when they were doing odd things to them at the same time.  We should have compassion on them. See, this is where it’s all going, by the way. Even in The Guardian, as I say, they had a kind of compassionate write-up about a guy who got off with it at the top, that big lawyer.  And then they said, well what is indecency nowadays anyway? This is what the whole spiel of the argument was. Remember, they want to do away with the consensual age of children altogether, as I’ve been talking about here.  Anyway...)


Savile spoke of allowing patients to mix weeks after being appointed head of a Broadmoor task force.  (A:  Can you imagine putting a perv like Savile in charge of, at the head of a special prison task force?)


He had seen a government report warning that in prisons “the suppression of heterosexual activity has created a situation where homosexuality is publicly tolerated”.


His job was to improve conditions for staff and patients and he was given a gold-plated set of keys as a reward for 20 years of volunteering there.   (A:  He gets these keys in all these hospitals too, and the children’s homes, this pedophile.)


Savile set himself up in a three-room den — where he is feared to have molested an unknown number of vulnerable patients. He called it his “cell” and even posed for a photo on its double bed.


The DJ and broadcaster boasted about leaving his door unlocked and said: “People can wander in whenever they want.


“I bet the patients across the way have a good laugh because they’ve got bigger rooms than me.”


In another interview he insisted: “We have patients here, not inmates, because this place is a hospital and not a nick. (A:  ...meaning a prison.) If they’re bad they don’t come here, they go to the nick. A true psychopath enjoys what he’s doing — we don’t have anyone like that here. With killers the first thing you do is to show compassion.”  (A:  These are, as I say, mass murderers. And do you understand, even with these statements that he made years ago, everyone left him alone?  What does that tell you about the hierarchy?)


Savile admitted: “I know some people must be going potty, thinking, ‘They are out of their minds giving that ageing disc jockey a bleeding No1 hospital’, but they don’t bother me. I know the hospital like the back of my hand.


“There are some people who regard me as a bad smell, but it’s very disarming when I wander around in a tracksuit and a brown porter’s coat.


“You can’t feel threatened by someone like that!”  (A:  ...he says. This is the guy who molested all kinds of children, elsewhere.)


So you’re really looking at a sick society. And I won’t even carry on with it because I really do know, because I’ve got whole lists of the recent horror movies that have been coming out over the years and things like that, and how bad it is now. And people are lapping the S & M stuff up. There’s no point in trying to use exhortations to get through to people; it doesn’t work anymore. It’s true now, what Bertrand Russell, the big master manipulator of the present culture you’re living in, said. He said, you can do more with a brass band than you can do with facts and exhortations. It’s true. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I am back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Last night I put up a whole list of politicians in Britain, and a lot of them from the Labour Party too, and Labour-appointed councilors for different areas and towns and so on. It’s a strange system in Britain where they actually appoint the political characters in positions of power, even in the local councils and townships. But anyway, I put that list up last night and this article here kind of touches on some of it. It says…


David Cameron just doesn’t get it –

the police and judiciary are part of UK abuse problem / November 9, 2012


Full public inquiry and special commission must happen now.  (A:  Well that won’t happen, in a hurry, that one, if at all.)


As the rippling waves emanating from the cesspool that is Sir Jimmy Savile’s legacy break on the shores of the British establishment, it is becoming increasingly clear how the establishment is attempting once again to protect its own. In response both to Tom Watson’s questioning in the House of Commons – and the fabulous impromptu exposure by Philip Schofield (an event surely set to become legendary in television history) British Prime Minister David Cameron’s singular response is that anyone with any evidence should go to the Police, regardless of how powerful the accused may be. Is Cameron aware that multiple victims in the North Wales inquiry names the same high ranking Tory politician, and in at least one case, the police deemed their testimony as “fantasy”? (A:  So if you go in and complain, they say it’s fantasy.) For a Prime Minister, it is a breathtakingly, though probably deliberately naive approach. It feels like a government’s greasy denial that paedophiles are operating in positions of power. North Wales abuse victim Steve Messham testified that his life was threatened by his abuser, which is a common intimidation tactic seen in many abuse cases. Death threats change the playing field considerably.


Cameron: confused, or just waiting to pass the buck on?


So where exactly is David Cameron suggesting survivors take their evidence ? The serving police officers referred to by some of those abuse at the hellish Bryn Estin in North Wales? Or is the Prime Minister proposing just walking in to your local cop shop ( if you can still find one of course, given the aggressive programme of police station closure now being implemented by Cameron’s government) and saying “Hey! I was raped by ********* twenty years ago”? Sensitive matters such as child rape require sensitive solutions. Cameron’s response is not only inadequate, it is simultaneously ignorant, insulting and ludicrous. Lest anyone has missed it, serving police officers and members of the judiciary are among those named by Bryn Estyn victims. It is increasingly clear that the original inquiry was a cover-up, and let us not forget the Masonic connection. The Waterhouse Tribunal set the tone for its approach to freemasonry right from day one. (A:  That’s actually all happened in Britain; this came up in court.) In the very first session the barrister (A:  ...or lawyer...) for one of the groups of former residents of care homes made an application about masonry. The barrister, Nick Booth, asked that “the Tribunal (A:  ...the inquiry...) should keep a register of the masonic membership amongst its staff, the members, its representatives and witnesses who appear before it”. He explained: “The duty of loyalty to a brother mason and his duty of impartiality if he is involved in the administration of justice is not a new one and it’s one that’s very much in the public eye, particularly at the moment.”  (A:  See, you’re supposed to stand up for a brother mason no matter what he’s charged with.) “The Tribunal will be aware of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee which is investigating the issue,” he added. “Sir, I stress, if I have not stressed it before, that I am not making any suggestion of disreputable conduct, merely to put the matter beyond the reach of any possible public comment which might undermine the public confidence in the Inquiry.”


The chairman of the Tribunal, Sir Ronald Waterhouse, and the two other members of the Tribunal, retired for a brief adjournment.  (A:  ...and they turned the request down, that they wouldn’t take a list of all the witnesses and so on for the defense and so on that were Masons.)


He said that the Tribunal’s own Counsel, Gerard Elias QC, was appointed by the Attorney General. “Any criticism … should be addressed through the usual Parliamentary channels,” he suggested. (A:  I guess that means the Knights Templars that are higher up there.) Gerard Elias said nothing during Booth’s application and he remained silent after Sir Ronald had made the Tribunal’s ruling.


Yet both Sir Ronald and Gerard Elias knew something that journalists reporting on the Tribunal would have wanted to know. Gerard Elias is a mason. He’s a member of perhaps the most powerful masonic lodge in Wales, Dinas Llandaf. The lodge, which meets in Cardiff, is made up mainly of legal professionals and members of the Conservative party, although there are members from other political groups. This in and of itself is not a problem, but there is a problem if fellow members have an oath of loyalty to each other which supersedes their oath to uphold law and conduct due diligence in any proper investigation into organised crime. (A:  And it goes on about a few other things too, about Masonic interference and so on. But that’s how the system really is.)


I’ve put up some videos that I’ve found on the net to do with inquiries into incredible criminal, not just allegations, but findings in the Masonic lodges, across England, right into the Met office for the police too.  Old stuff too and new stuff. But that’s the real system we live in. Everything is a gang today; you’ve got to belong to a gang to get anything done.


Then you have this big EU Soviet system as I say, because we’re right on path with the new world order. I used to have people who took me on as a guest on shows and they would say, you know you’re kind of despondent and kind of gloomy about the future, and they’re all happy and you know… I says, well it’s because I know more than you do; and that’s the truth. I knew exactly what was going on because I’ve watched this my whole life, you know. And they’re right on track with everything that they wanted to happen. The whole world is on track for this big, big plan.


Anyway, this Rompuy character, this little damp rag as he’s been called by some other European Parliament members.  And he really is a little pen pusher. I mean, he’s got the personality of a damp squib even, a firecracker you know. It says…


'Separatism is a word of the past': European Council president deals blow to Salmond's

(A:  This is the guy in charge of Scotland, supposedly, semi in charge of it.)

Scottish independence campaign in video / Mark Duell / 4 November 2012


 Herman Van Rompuy was asked on YouTube about Scottish nationalism.


 Told man from Edinburgh that the world must fight financial crisis together.  (A:  So this great financial crisis, we’re all in it together; straight out of Monty Python’s Brazil isn’t it?)


 Van Rompuy would chair discussions over independent Scotland joining European Union.  (A:  I mean, how can you be independent and then go under this totalitarian Soviet system called the EU? It’s an oxymoron. It’s ridiculous.)


Scottish nationalists were last night dealt a blow after a little-seen video emerged of the European Council president saying separatism is a ‘word of the past’ and ‘nobody has anything to gain’ from it.  (A:  So forget it, in other words, he’s telling you.)


Herman Van Rompuy, 65, who would chair discussions over whether an independent Scotland could join the European Union, was asked about his views on separatism in a video discussion last year.


He told a man from Edinburgh called 'Keith' on YouTube that the world must join together to combat the global financial crisis and climate change (A:  ...that other great con…) - and that ‘we will only succeed if we can pool forces’.  (A:  ...meaning, all your tax money.)


So I’ll put that up tonight too, and there’s your answer from these totalitarian freaks.  And he’s the same guy who said your countries are over with, there are no nations, before, in previous articles I’ve read.  So why would he change his mind about Scotland?  The thing is too, no one knows anything about this Rompuy. I mean, what was his history before all of this stuff?  Who put him in charge of all this?  Because the people didn’t elect him. The ordinary folk don’t get to elect anybody. So I mean, what’s his history, this character?


Now in the States of course, they’re really rampaging ahead with all the big totalitarian stuff. It says…


12-Year-Old Girl Forced to Take Drug Test to Join Scrapbooking Club / By Reason Foundation / September 24, 2012


(A:  ...scrapbooks, you know.)

Here you go, folks, the latest in drug-war hysteria: A 12 year old girl wants to join the "scrapbooking club" at her middle school in Milford, Pennsylvania. She can, it seems, on the condition that she pass a drug test:


One day she took home a permission slip. It said that to participate in the club or any school sport, she would have to consent to drug testing.


“They were asking a 12-year-old to pee in a cup,” Kathy Kiederer said. “I have a problem with that. They’re violating her right to privacy over scrapbooking? Sports?”


The New York Times reports


The Kiederers, whose two daughters are now in high school, are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Delaware Valley School District, with the daughters identified only by their first initials, A. and M. The parents said that mandatory drug testing was unnecessary and that it infringed on their daughters’ rights.


A lawyer for the school district declined to comment, citing the pending litigation.


It is difficult to gauge how many middle schools conduct drug tests on students. States with middle schools that conduct drug testing include Florida, Alabama, Missouri, West Virginia, Arkansas, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas. 


So anyway, there you go. They’ve already trained them to go through all these metal detectors and everything else at school, and fingerprint to get your food and so on. And now they’re going to drug test you. See, this is what you do in a prison, you understand; this is what you do when you go to jail. And they’re training a whole society, starting with the very young, so they’ll grow up thinking all of this, living in jail, is normal stuff, and obeying your superiors. That’s all it’s about. And what can you say? The parents today are so degraded they can’t even get together and fight anything. That’s a fact, folks. Otherwise we would have never got to this mess in the first place.  Intergenerational warfare has been carried on. Intergenerational warfare, step by step, Fabian style... Degrade one bunch, further degrade the next generation, then further degrade the next one, then everyone is helpless and government is in total charge.


Air Force wants to be able to hack everything / August 28, 2012 / Reuters / Chris Morgan


The US Air Force is spending $10 million on an effort to hack into opponents’ computer networks to “destroy, deny, degrade, disrupt, deceive, corrupt or usurp” their ability to use the Internet to their advantage. 


The ability to hack into networks is part of a list of the military’s “Cyberspace Warfare Operations Capabilities” that it wishes to acquire, reports Wired.  (A:  They’ve actually got it already, and they have, you know, burned the hard drives, of different folk that I know, on their computers.)


Instead of giving the ability to conduct cyber strikes solely to the White House, the Air Force wants its Trojans and worms to be available to its own officials, including top personnel and operational commanders. 


Last week, the Pentagon announced a new $110 million program to make cyber strikes a more routine effort in wartime military operations. (A:  You understand too, they’re at war with YOU too. I hope you understand that.)   “Plan X,” as the Pentagon named it, will officially begin on September 20, but Darpa has already invested $600,000 to cyber security firm Invincea to begin its research immediately.  (A:  So it’s… Well, what can you say? It’s all there.)


Tonight too I’ll put up an article. It’s to do with an interview with Assad of Syria, who talked about, he was born and he’ll live and die in Syria; he’s not going to run off he claims here.


Assad to RT: 'I'm not Western puppet - I have to live and die in Syria' / November 8, 2012


“We are the last stronghold of secularism and stability in the region and coexistence, let’s say, it will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific and you know the implication on the rest of the world,” Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told RT in an exclusive interview that will air on Friday, November 9.  (A:  That’s today.)


“I am not a puppet. I was not made by the West to go to the West or to any other country,” he said. “I am Syrian, I was made in Syria, I have to live in Syria and die in Syria,” Assad said during the interview.


Syria has been wracked by internal violence for the past 20 months. With the government and opposition failing to reach an agreement on a ceasefire, foreign nations are pressuring the Syrian president to step down, with some even calling for armed intervention in the war-torn country.  (A:  Well actually we’re paying for them to go into the war-torn country and fight, the West is at least.)


“I do not think the West is going [to intervene], but if they do so, nobody can tell what is next,” Assad said. “I think the price of this [foreign] invasion if it happened is going to be more than the whole world can afford.”


According to a Turkish official, Ankara has officially requested that NATO deploy Patriot missiles along the border with Syria, over fears that armed conflict could spill across the border.


The armed conflict in Syria has turned increasingly violent in recent months. Rebel forces have received significant financial, diplomatic and organizational support (A:  ...and arms, I should say too, because it’s been in the mainstream.) from countries like the US and Western-allied nations such as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


So yeah, this is ongoing warfare, the same list I say that the Project for the New American Century group put out back in the 90s; every country that’s on that list has to get taken down, you see.  Everything is just a script, and it’s all running to schedule.  In Australia…


Brainwashed Police (A:  ...come forward basically, and it says...) Prosecute Parents to Protect Vaccines / Nov 8th, 2012 / Christina England


(A:  They don’t know they’re doing it.  Because cops are told that if they find out what they think is shaken baby syndrome, the parents have obviously done it. But for the last 15, 20 years or so there’s been a lot of evidence and even documentaries put out showing you that a lot of these shots can actually cause these minute hemorrhaging in the brain, that folk are being put down to shaken baby syndrome. So this cop anyway, who again, like everybody else, sees with blinkers on, doctors do as well, according to their indoctrination. He himself got a Hep B vaccine as part of the squad; they all had to get the Hep B vaccine. Then he came down totally exhausted, like chronic fatigue syndrome.)


Sergeant Savage explained that after receiving the Hep B vaccine as part of the squad, he became totally exhausted. He spent the next two weeks in bed hardly able to stand up. When he asked a mainstream medical practitioner if the vaccine could have caused his symptoms, he was given a categorical no, and told that this suspicion would be impossible (A: prove.). Despite being reassured by the medical practitioner, Savage remains convinced to this day that the vaccine was responsible for his becoming so ill. His experience opened his eyes to a deeper evil still occurring, which I believe will rock the beliefs of many parents.


So they go through the fact that so many parents now are getting charged with sudden infant death, if there’s shaken baby syndrome and so on, and it’s actually the vaccines that are causing it. So he’s got his own crusade going trying to educate the rest of the police there to this. Good for him.


Also in Australia it says…


Top cop not convinced on abuse inquiry powers / Tom Nightingale /  Nov 10, 2012


The senior policeman whose allegations have sparked a special commission of inquiry into claims of a police cover-up of church sex abuse in New South Wales says he is not yet convinced it will be powerful enough to bring about justice.  (A:  They’re really pushing there to try and find out about the pedophilia that’s going on inside the church. This particular guy, the top cop is not convinced that they’ll get full cooperation. Even though I’ve got another article here that says that the church is going to hand out a list of their own files on these pervs that seem to be totally infiltrated into the church itself.)


Church to release internal files on sex abuse - / Simon Lauder / Nov 9, 2012


Also tonight I’ll put up...


About the Global Governance Monitor

(A:  from the Council on Foreign Relations)


The challenge of global governance (A:  ...for those who say that it doesn’t have such a thing.)  has never been more imperative and more daunting to realize. The headlines are filled with transnational challenges, from terrorism to climate change (A:  ...everything... Institutionalize the words. The first thing to do with psychological warfare is to create the terminology, make the people USE the terminology by institutionalizing it into everything that you write about. So they have terrorism and CLIMATE CHANGE…)  to weapons of mass destruction. To foster better understanding of modern global challenges--and the international community's record (A:  What is the international community?  Did you get to vote on being part of the international community, folks? Hmm? No, of course you didn’t.) in responding to them--the International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG) program has launched the Global Governance Monitor. The guide's nine components assess the human rights, nonproliferation, finance, oceans governance, climate change, conflict prevention, public health, transnational crime, and counterterrorism regimes.  (A:  ...etc, etc, everything they’re running transnationally. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we are back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to the callers. There’s Clint from Ontario on the line. Are you there Clint?


Clint:  Yes I am, Alan. Thanks for taking my call.  I don’t know if you’ve seen, Alan, or not the Agenda 21 commercial that’s on YouTube. It’s promoting euthanasia.  I don’t know if you’ve seen it. It’s got a bunch of elderly people on it; they’re all saying, I’ve lived a good life, I’ve lived a good life, and it’s very warm and inviting.  And it shows children and they say, they want to benefit the earth, for the future of the children. And it’s pretty interesting. If you get a chance, I know your bandwidth is hard for you to download videos, but it’s very quick and it’s very interesting. But I just want people like your listeners to know, they need to contact this place,  People need to find out who the representatives are in their area and they need to start asking questions. Because this Agenda 21 is going to go full bloom I think pretty soon. Don’t you agree, Alan?


Alan:  Oh, it’s way beyond… It’s already there. I mean, you understand when the public even get a whiff of what’s happening, I always say, it’s like coming out of a manhole in the middle of a field, by the time you look back to see what’s behind you, you hear a rustle, it’s already run over you and it’s going off in the far distance. It’s already a done deal. I’ve got thousands of articles all related to Agenda 21 over the years that I’ve collected. It’s all institutionalized, once again, between all the international corporations across the planet, into your architecture, your building, for the future cities and so on. It’s everywhere. There’s a big push on right now for the big carbon taxes, and new governmental agencies to come in and inspect your homes, etc. And then actually tell you how to live; I’m not kidding you. I mean, to tell you how to live.


Clint:  Can I just quickly read, I’ll just quickly read a paragraph here from the Agenda 21 book from the summit in Brazil?


Alan:  Yes.


Clint:  And it just says here, quickly…


Agenda 21 is, first and foremost, a document of hope.  Adopted at the Earth Summit in Brazil by nations representing over 98% of the Earth's population, it is the principal global plan to confront and overcome the economic and ecological problems of the late 20th Century. It provides a comprehensive blueprint for humanity to use to forge its way into the next century by proceeding more gently upon the Earth. As its sweeping programs are implemented world-wide, it will eventually impact on every human activity on our planet. Deep and dramatic changes in human society are proposed by this monumental historic agreement. Understanding those changes is essential to guide us all into the future on our fragile planet.


Who would’ve wrote that, Alan?  [Caller laughing.] 


Alan:  That’s right. If you go into the IBM website, they’re one of the biggest players in all of this because they’ve got the job of coordinating, worldwide, all of these various groups and changes, and all through all corporations and businesses and everything, the complete Agenda 21, through Smart Growth – that’s another little term they use for the same agenda; it’s called Smart Growth and Smart Cities. Along with the smart cities you’re going to have many more layers of bureaucracy and agencies to come around to your house and to check you. And right down to political correctness to do with it too. If a child comes out and says, I don’t believe in this, I’m not kidding you, they’re going to take that child off you. And the whole kit and caboodle, it’s all on the table. But yet IBM, when they have their meetings, sometimes two or three times a year, every major Corporation that’s any kind of Corporation has to attend it, because they’ve been given the job of directing and guiding the whole darn thing worldwide.


Clint:  IBM is tied to eugenics as well, back in Nazi Germany, aren’t they?


Alan:  Oh even before that, a lot of the founders of IBM were involved in trying to do the same thing in the States too. They wanted everyone numbered back in the early 1920s, everybody, across the whole US; even when they brought the FBI in, they wanted everyone across the US to have special numbers and codes, so as that everyone could be tracked back then. So they’ve been at it for a long time. Thanks for calling.


And from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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