November 14, 2012 (#1215)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 14, 2012:

Paradise Does Fool the Useful Tool:

"It's Brave New World, On the Threshold,
Disappearing Old Books Meticulously Told
Of "The Great Work," Utopia for the Few,
After Using Societies which Never Knew,
Deceit within Plan, Their Own Destruction,
After Falling for Propaganda's Seduction,
Nihilists, Atheists Rise to Insert Disease
In the Minds of All, TV Does it with Ease,
The "Old Man" Must Die, The New Presented
As the New Normal to a Society Demented,
Vaccinated, Poisoned, Mind-Bombed, Tame,
To Die Off Over Years, Oblivious, No Pain"
© Alan Watt Nov. 14, 2012
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November the 14th, 2012.

For newcomers as always help yourself to the website, lots and lots of audios for free download and all the sites youíll see carry transcripts for print up as well of the talks Iíve given in English, and you can go into for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít get money from advertisers.  I certainly could if I wanted to but I donít do it that way.  And I donít bring on advertisers as guests who sell you things.  I donít make money from products that are sold by different companies or whatever.  All I have is the books and discs at to help me tick over.  And believe you me itís not ticking, itís sort of groaning at the moment as people are distracted into so many other avenues.  But if you want to support me and keep me going you can buy the books and discs at or you can donate.  And from the U.S. to Canada remember you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders, or you can use Paypal or send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  Remember straight donations are really, really, awfully, awfully welcome.

And before as Iíve said Iíve gone through the histories of the big system, at least for the last few hundred years, itís much, much older than that of course, of the group that wanted to take over the world a long, long time ago.  They believe itís their duty actually and they were taught that as children even.  And how down through the ages they formed their societies, their front groups, etcetera, and how theyíve infiltrated everything.  Youíre living in their system.  And even through the Renaissance they were on the go.  Many of them came out pretty well blatantly telling you what the agenda was to be, that eventually reason and science with the special folk at the top of course would run the whole world from cradle to grave for everybody else.

Even during the French Revolution they actually talked about population reduction by the way, and killed an awful lot of peasants by putting them on boats and barges and sinking them, things like that, things they donít tell you about.  But whenever they take over of course in a big way like they did in the Bolshevik Revolution, they slaughtered millions and millions of people.  And it all fell into again population reduction whether you like it or not.  And now itís all over the papers, population reduction and departments at the United Nations all pushing for the same thing, sterilization, forced sterilization.  Understand this is the same plan run by the same people.  Itís not a coincidence you see.  And they came out very openly in the early 20th century about their designs for the world where the elite once again had the right to take over the entire world and its resources, run it through a scientific organizational front and have you all as basic serfs as they bring down the populations.  And through science they would eventually create new kinds of humans, etcetera.  But in the meantime they had to effeminize the men basically.  You couldnít have men who were still men who might fight them on this, so they introduced various things into the inoculations and into your food supplies until the Bisphenol Aís and the Xenoestrogens took over and you can see the effects of them today.  This was not by chance whatsoever. It was not by chance because some of them even talked about doing this, like Charles Galton Darwin.  He said weíll give estrogens to the male and basically effeminize him and he wonít fight.  And so youíre living through a planned agenda by a people who have published their own writings, who sat in all their lives in organizations, world organizations, world meetings on doing what they wanted to do to get us where we are today.  And then training the public too, to accept all of this as though itís kind of normal.

Weíre going through wars now, perpetual wars to standardize every country under the same system of debt and central banks, private central banks under the World Bank and the IMF.  And weíre invading them under umpteen pretexts but the fact is, you see, you cannot have opposing religions to the main religion that runs the world.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Iím back.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix and what a matrix it is because everything that comes from above goes through marketers, public relations experts, to spin things, weave things or just basically lie to the general public.  You understand youíre all regarded as children at governmental level.  And their job is to keep the children quiet and happy and give them nonsensical stories to believe in, and it works awfully well.  Youíve had that your whole life by the way.  Nothing honest will ever come out of government, not at this stage of the game.

And to do with the CIA director David Petraeus, it says he:

"Ötowed the party line and parroted this ludicrous YouTube story, backing up Obama in testimony to Congress.  At least until we found out that there was no protest.  At least until we found out that Obama had known it was a terrorist actÖ"

Alan:  Heís talking about Libya, and so on.

"Öin less than an hour with emails going directly to the White House Situation Room.  At least until we found out that the Obama administration had a live drone feed of the entire seven hour attack.  Then we found out the two former SEALS and then CIA operatives Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were told to repeatedly ďstand downĒ and not help Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other Americans.  But they disobeyed a direct order and went anyway, saving over twenty Americans, but paying with their own lives.  Petraeus towed the party line with the video but refused to fall on the sword and say the CIA gave this stand down order, thus implicating that it was Obama who had denied help to both the consulate and CIA annex which later came under attack.  And when you cross a Chicago thug like Obama,Ö"

Alan:  And I would say the guys behind him were the bigger thugs in Chicago.

"Öpayback is swift and lethal.  Petraeus needed to be taken outóbut after the electionóand before he was scheduled to testify under oath this time to Congress about what he knew about Benghazi."

Alan:  And thatís true.  They got him out just before he was up to testify.

"Petraeusí resignation had nothing to do with an affair.  In fact, the affair had been over for months.  The FBI had been investigating literally thousands of emails that Petraeus had sent to his former paramour, biographer Paula Broadwell, for longer than that and could have dropped the guillotine months before if they wanted to."

Alan:  You understand youíre living in a system, and itís a communist system for those who havenít figured it out, because the same ones who ran the Soviet Union are running America, if you havenít figured that out too.  I hope you all have by now.  They run Britain, they run every country in Europe, and they run the whole world now basically.  And in the Soviet Union after the so-called walls came down and then they opened up to how they ran their system, it was found that they had far more files on all their own bureaucrats and KGB guys than the general public.  Itís more important to make sure that the people who would be believed if they said anything, by the public, were watched more closely.  And itís the same in this system.  Why change it when it works, you see.

Anyway it says:

"It was rather about paybacks and keeping the American people in the dark about the real reason Petraeus had to be kept quiet about Benghazi: gunrunning.  Gunrunning of tens of thousands of Libyan weapons to the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels."

Alan:  And thatís what they were doing over there.  Little bits did come out on the news on that.  So, as I say, nothing comes out from the government thatís honest, nothing at all, believe you me, nothing.  Itís all warped to get you to go along with the next agenda, the next agenda, and the next agenda.

Now Iíve been going on and on about pedophilia, but itís not just pedophilia, itís how thereís a big movement to change all of society.  All that was has to be changed; all the norms have to be changed remember to go into this brave new world.† And this article says here:

"Do you trust your council with your childís personal details?"

"Is our personal information in safe hands?  This morning The Sunday Times revealed the existence of a Ďsecret databaseí holding information on 8 million schoolchildren.  Information which has been uploaded by schools and social workers, and ranging from photographs to academic records and records of bad behavior in school.  The database Ė named ĎOneí, and created and operated by a company named Capita Ė allows schools to upload information daily, which councils can then share with Ďother agenciesí, such as youth offending teams, NHS [National Health Service] staff and charities."

Alan:  Well Iíve been going on about paedophilia for the last few weeks actually because thereís been so much in the news about it.  And believe you me theyíre going nationwide in every country with these databases so the pervs can have a first pick and peruse them for as long as they want for the next target, and you accept it all because youíre so wimpy.  You have no balls left, literally, youíre shrunken with all of your Xenoestrogens.  And your brains are fried with all the rubbish youíve watched on television until you canít make what would be called a natural decision anymore.

And also tonight Iím putting up a little article, a guy sent it to me, itís called RANTBOX ALLEY, and itís talking about the stench of propaganda through television shows.  And he talks, he goes through some of the television shows and how they bring in all the nasty ones that youíre supposed to believe are really nasty.  There is terrorism through everything now.  It began right after 9/11 then big money went from the Pentagon and all these shows popped up suddenly that there are terrorists everywhere and so on.  But he goes through the techniques that are used to characterize so-called terrorists as the nastiest people in the world because they tack a lot more onto their personalities too.  So Iíll put this up tonight, "Law & Odor:  The Familiar Stench of Propaganda".

And talking about all the problems too as they change all that was to bring in the new.  You understand, all of society had to be trashed completely and thatís what the big Frankfurt School said, the big communist school.  I can say communist but itís okay to say that, but itís actually more than communist.  And Theo Adorno said that they had to trash all of society right down to bringing in necrophilia.  When they achieve necrophilia they will have achieved their goal.  Well itís been done actually so itís all over.

You find the special interest groups now go on witch hunts themselves because their whole thing is based on prejudice, you know, on people being prejudiced against them; itís their whole M.O. [modus operandi].  Their whole life is based on this even though it doesnít really happen to many people.  You understand lesbians and homosexuals have been around for a long time.  Not as many as there are today certainly because now itís taught in school that you should try it.  And they kept to themselves, everybody kept to themselves and the heterosexuals kept to themselves too.  They didnít go out in the street and tell you what they were up to.  But now itís got to be in the street and in your face and in parades and all the rest of it.† So itís a great thing when they can actually find something to get attention.  And there are a lot of attention seekers in there too remember.  Remember it was a while back too, and I put the link up, in the U.S. where it was in a Jewish school that a girl said she kept getting swastikas put on her doors and she got interviewed by the cops and all the rest of it and interviewed by the television stations; she gloried in all the attention and then they put a camera up and found her putting the latest swastika up herself with a can of paint in her hand and a brush.

Hereís an article here.

"Lesbian teen faked anti-gay notes that sparked collegeís ĎSolidarity Rallyí"

Alan:  So they had immediately a ĎSolidarity Rallyí.

It says:

"A lesbian student at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) won the sympathy of hundreds of students who rallied to her defense against anti-gay remarks before police say video evidence forced her to admit she planted the messages herself."

Alan:  And thatís all Iím going to read about it.  But this is a common thing today because you know their whole status of who they are depends on this, you know, attacks from other people and all this kind of stuff you see.

Now in Britain theyíve had so much going on starting with the Savile case, but even before the Savile case with the bigwigs in England.  Iíve read some of the articles here where even British lords, it came out in mainstream, were getting young boys off the street basically; one of them had a strange thing, he liked to have the young boy poop on top of a glass pane and the lord would sit underneath it and watch it.  A strange thing but I canít fathom it at all.  But you have all these weirdos in positions of power you understand, and I think it goes with power myself.  I think theyíre psychopathic perverts even to get up there you see.  But you also have, you see, networks and societies.  Everyone who has to join it has to become a Mason.  Remember low Masons know nothing at all, according to Albert Pike.  But the other ones, they know more what the world agenda is because Freemasonry was the revolutionary arm basically for centuries to bring in this New World Order across the world.  And they were a front for the big boys that have been around for a lot longer.

This article here says:

"Abuse scandals probe widens:  The man who may hold key to UK's biggest paedophile network ever."

"Charles Napier could provide vital evidence for police investigating a child abuse scandal spanning three decades."

And it says:

"In the picturesque Dorset town of Sherborne, Charles Napier is an upstanding member of the community."

Alan:  That actually generally is what they mean by it, in Masonry, upstanding, by the way, for those who donít know.

"He is known as a respected retired languages teacher, a playwright and theatre director.  Only last month he gave a lecture on William Shakespeare at the town's literary festival.  But Napier's sordid past threatens to drag him into the heart of new inquiries into a child abuse scandal spanning thirty years.  Evidence now being examined by Metropolitan Police detectives links Napier to Peter Righton, one of Britain's most high-profile paedophiles.  Righton is now long dead.  But Napier is not.  Now 68 and living with his mother in the West Country, he could prove a vital witness to the unfolding police inquiry into child abuse on a massive scale in this country.  Both men were linked to a shadowy organization called the Paedophile Information Exchange which campaigned in the 70s and 80s for what they called the age of "child love" to be reduced to four."

Alan:  Remember that article I read the other day, it was from members of Planned Parenthood International, who along with the United Nations is pushing the same agenda again.  And you think these people arenít organized worldwide?  And they belong to the United Nationsí agendas?  You better question this United Nations, folks, and get rid of it.


"Righton was a founder of PIE, Napier its one-time treasurer.  Righton, incredibly, was also one of Britain's leading child protection specialists.  But when police raided his house in Evesham, Worcs, in 1992 they found not only hard-core child abuse images from Amsterdam but a "quarter-century of correspondence" between paedophiles in Britain and around the world."

Alan:  You can imagine how much money that was worth for that list of people.

"The probe led police to the kitchen of a flat in South London where they found a letter from Napier - who had a child assault conviction 20 years before - boasting of his life in Cairo as a British Council teacher.  He bragged of easy access to young boys and how he could send obscene images back to Britain in diplomatic bags."

Alan:  And Iíll go on with this because Iím just so sick of it.  People never catch on; theyíre so contaminated themselves with what theyíve watched on TV that they canít get outraged about it.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Iím back, weíre Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about how these characters would groom children.  And this article Iím reading right now from the Mirror, Daily Mirror, talks about that and how they groomed children, gave them cigarettes of course and alcohol and how they would get the other ones to go along with it.  They knew how to groom the children to go along with what the guys wanted to do.  And itís been going on for an awful long time by very important people.

This other article here too, it says:

"More former Rochdale council bosses may face MPs' questions over sex grooming case"

Alan:  I wouldnít hold my breath on it because they donít want to open up a can of worms because believe you me folks they shouldnít be going after the ones who are dead, they should be going after the ones who are in it today, and itís rife and I think even worse today than it was even then and thatís bad enough.

It says:

"More council bosses are expected to be called before Parliament to explain why cries for help from child sex victims were ignored by those who were supposed to protect them.  It comes after Rochdale council's former chief executive Roger Ellis appeared before the Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday.  Also giving evidence were Mr Ellis's successor Jim Taylor and Sara Rowbotham, a front line sexual health worker,"

Alan:  Unfortunate name for her.

"Öwho revealed the full extent of the scandal to the members of parliament."


"They said the committee had not yet decided who would be called."

Alan:  As witnesses.

"But when they meet they are likely to want to explore Mr Ellis' evidence that neither he nor his senior managers were told social workers were reporting dozens of cases where young girls were being sexually exploited by gangs of older men."


"Earlier this week, MPs heard that during the time the abuse was reported by social workers, the council's director of children's services role was held over the years by Terry Piggott,"

Alan:  A good name, eh?

"ÖSteve TitcombeÖ"

Alan:  {Laughs} Where do they get these guys from?

"Öand Cheryl Eastwood."

Alan:  You canít make this stuff up.

"They also heard that Steve Garner had been in charge of the children's social services team from 2009."

Alan:  And then this one tooÖ

"The Cover-up Continues: Lords PeersÖ"

Alan:  This is the British Lords and the Peers and the Sirs.

"ÖDemand Child Abuse Investigation Dropped."

Alan:  I knew they would say this because they have to, to protect their own tarnished asses, so to speak.

It says:

"As we detailed earlier this week,"

Alan:  Itís from 21st Century Wire.

"Öthe establishment is desperate to draw a line under any serious independent investigations into organized paedophile rings and child abuse in British establishments, because exposure threatens individuals who sit within the very power structure of multiple institutions Ė including government, the judiciary, the police, child care, Ďchildrenís charitiesí and the BBC.  They want our horror to end with their fixer Jimmy Savile, and the sacking of BBCís Pope, George Entwistle Ė and quietly move on.  The Governmentís move to spike any further inquiry into past and present existence of paedophiles in power is part of damage limitation exercise - a coordinated attempt to shut down the national conversation Ė despite overwhelming evidence that this is an organized, institutional disease.  The Waterhouse Inquiry into the North Wales Boys Home sex abuse criminal network was a typical government-run whitewash, where the establishment failed to probe into the heart of the problem, where institutional members covered for each otherís interests, and where police fumbled evidence..."

Alan:  They didnít fumble it, they were given orders.

"Öand failed to secure arrests of powerful men.  In the end, the bureaucracy won and justice was sadly lost."

Alan:  Tonight too Iíll also put up an interview of one of the boys.  Heís a man now but he was one of them in the boyís home.  He tells you about how they gave them, they took him to London, he met very important people in big apartments and they were amazed just getting into London from a boyís home, and given booze and cigarettes and all the rest of it.  And then they were abused.  And anyway Iíll put this up tonight too.  And then to go into another one here thatís following on with thatÖ

It says here that:

"Photographs of men abusing boys in the North Wales paedophile scandal were deliberately destroyed by the authorities, it was revealed today."

Alan:  Thatís the police and the judiciary.

"Sian Griffiths worked for Clwyd Council in the inquiry office on the 1994 Jillings and six years later on the Waterhouse inquiry which looked into the systematic abuse at the childrenís homes.  She told ITV News that victim Steve Messhamís photos of alleged abuse were ordered to be destroyed.  Mr Messham says photos captured lots of men raping boys, including a prominent Conservative figure he accuses of abusing him.  He says he could see menís faces clearly, but the police said they could not identify them from the pictures."

Alan:  You understand how it really works in this system, and I said it before and you might laugh because you know that uncle so-and-so is a Mason and heís okay.  These are Masonic institutions and Masons will obey their superiors and forget any oath to the public.  In fact they donít take an oath to the public; they take an oath to the Queen.  So they do what theyíre told and they destroy whatever theyíre told to do as well.

It says:

"Ms Griffiths was asked: ďMessham talked about photos that he had of abuse taking place.  Do you know what happened to them?Ē"

Alan:  And the answer was...

"ďWe were supplied with copies of court documents but there was an order made for the book of photos to be destroyed.Ē"

Then it says:

  "ďSo Messhamís photos of alleged abuseÖwere destroyed?Ē"

And she says:

"ďThey were.  Well thatís whatís in court papers Ė official documents.Ē"

And then it says:

"That could have been vital evidence?"

Alan:  And the answer wasÖ

"ďÖYes.Ē  She added there were people mentioned in the Waterhouse Inquiry in 2000 who probably got away with the abuse.  She said: ďI think probably there were.  On the basis that the allegations were historical and there was nobody to corroborate what the complainants were saying or files or registers to back up what they were saying.Ē  ďI imagine yes there are people who werenít convicted for their offences.Ē  Meanwhile, Labour MP Ann Clwyd today revealed she had read the 1994 report by John Jillings into the abuse before it was pulped and called for it to be published."

Alan:  They pulped it and she read it.  She read it and they ordered it destroyed.  Too many important folk, folks.  The pervs run your world for you.  Iím not kidding about that.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the crazy world, itís crazy as a fox of course because it knows exactly where itís all supposed to go.  And theyíve been training your children for years and years to try everything.  Never mind all the stuff they make sure that they see on television, itís run by big corporations that bypass parents basically, at least generation by generation, until now theyíre showing them how to have orgies and everything else.  This is a plan folks because once youíve destroyed and created chaos, destroyed all that was and then you create chaos, then you can run everything from governmental agencies to handle the chaos and fallout.  And then guide the whole world into a new system you see of being a good little dopey kind of slave.  Itís almost here already.  But here are the techniques that are used as well by the United Nations who promote all this stuff and UNESCO promotes it.  If you havenít tried, you know if you havenít tried it how do you know?  Meaning different kinds of sexual experiences, to children.  Theyíre even using pornography in the classrooms now.  This is an article here and itís about Brazil; it says:

"The Expanded Thematic Group on HIV/AIDS in Brazil (GT/UNAIDS), in joint partnership with national and international groups, sent a letter on October 16 to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and other Brazilian authorities, requesting priority be given to efforts to criminalize ďhomophobia.Ē"

Alan:  Now phobia is a term that they put out because you understand neurolinguistics is meant to put you at a disadvantage if you actually accept the terms they give you; because it means a fear of homosexuals you see.  And of course you donít have a fear of homosexuals; you might be offended and youíre allowed to be offended because all these people are allowed to be offended by you.  So you must use the offended thing. ďIt just offends me, I just donít like it.Ē  But phobia is a different thing, it means a fear, which brings you into a psychiatric problem, oh you need a psychiatric treatment for that you see.  Itís like if you were watching the Soviets come in and destroying and slaughtering people, you would have a Soviet phobia you see.  Thatís what theyíd call it, or a Nazi phobia as they were coming into countries.  Itís ridiculous, why not arachnophobia, like a phobia of spiders, criminalize that as well.  You understand how crazy it is?  You must not use the terms that are given to you to use because theyíre weaponized terms.  And they do put you at a disadvantage.

But it says:

"The letter was signed by GT/UNAIDS and its members: USAID, UNHCR, ILO, UN Women, CDCs, PAHO/WHO [World Health Organization], UNDP, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, and UNODC."

Alan:  And all those other things.  There are all these United Nations particular groups.  Now no one in the general public have ever voted for the United Nations to even have any power over any of us, yet weíre all paying our tax money to them because they were set up by the Royal Institute for International Affairs to bring in this big system for a brave new world you understand.  And the only way out of it is to literally tear up all treaties and start from scratch.  That wonít happen but it would be the only way out of it because they sign up all the, these are the same guys who work for your carbon taxes worldwide, they came up with all these wonderful ideas.  The Club of Rome is one of their big think tanks for the United Nations.  And youíd have to stop funding all these groups.  Just stop funding all NGO groups and demand government stop funding them, because theyíre all, you only get funding if youíre for radical change.  And radical change is never explained to the general public, what radical change theyíre meaning.  And every country is funding radical change agents.

So, that will never happen as I say but at least, you know, now you know, they want to criminalize anyone who has got a fear of this you see, a fear.  As I say, why not arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, or a fear of heights or something, criminalize it; how ridiculous can you get?  How ridiculous can you get?  But they want to make your treatment in a psychiatric hospital.  Now you get the point.  This is the system that they used in the Soviet Union in different ways.  In the Soviet Union, if you criticized the Soviet Unionís techniques or their government you were classified as schizophrenic or theyíd say that you had inflexibility of opinion.  That was a psychiatric disorder over there.  The same guys that ran Russia are running you because theyíre international, if you havenít got it.  Anyway, personally I think itís all too late anyway because it would take an awful lot of work to just rip all these treaties up and stop all the funding and getting back to basics and kick the bankers out and get a proper banking system in as well.  Because it all works together you understand.

And as I say too Iíll put up the article from one of the survivors that went through all these paedophile problems and so on, and tells you how it worked and how they groomed him.  And this article here is to do with... there are so many on child abuse I canít believe it here but I canít read them all.  And I wonder how many folk care as they watch their so-called soft porn on television and comedies and stuff, and it gets younger all the time.

Now, the debt crisis, anti-austerity, again another term they gave us, austerity, itís better; itís like quantitative easing, instead of saying inflation.  With their neurolinguistics and they came out with neologisms for us to all copy.  But austerity, what they mean is poverty.  Theyíre bringing you down to the bare basics of survival.  Thatís what they mean.  I hope you understand that.  And theyíre using the crashes which they engineered themselves with the cooperation with the banks to make it all happen.  The banks lose nothing, they get more power out of it and they get rewarded for it by our tax money.


"Debt crisis: anti-austerity strikes hit Europe"

Alan:  It says live. And:

"Clashes break out in Spain and Italy as angry workers stage a Europe-wide string of rallies and strikes against austerity cuts and tax rises, shutting transport, grounding flights and closing schools."

Alan:  It says.  So Iíll put that up tonight as well. It says:

"Tens of thousands of protesters are now gathering in Madrid to march against austerity.  Police vans are lined up in anticipation in Tarragona in the northeastern region of Catalonia, where a 13-year-old boy was hit over the head with a baton by police during a protest.  Protesters are already complaining about incidents of police brutality claiming officers are too quick to attack during peaceful demonstrations."

Alan:  Well you see I said years ago that a whole generation was being brought up on video games that were meant for the military to desensitize you from using violence, extreme violence.  And I said a whole generation is rising up right now, growing up, been given this stuff on purpose because down the road the governments across the world plan to use these ones when they dress them up in black gear and big batons or rifles.  And I wasnít kidding, youíre here now folks.  And these folk are brutal, utterly brutal, theyíre completely desensitized.  And they will crash your skulls.  Nothing happens by chance including grooming populations of youngsters to grow up to be these very characters Iím talking about.  That was all planned and deliberate.  Thatís how intricate this system is in its planning.  Nothing, nothing is left out for the future.  Just like geopolitics, when they plan how to take down a country or a series of countries twenty, thirty years before they start the main part of it.  Itís the same thing with all of us too and this world order that you keep hearing about but you donít understand.

So anyway it says:

"The Spanish government has raised the number of arrests in Madrid to 110.  Forty people have now been injured, including 18 police officers.  Ireland's credit outlook has been revised to "stable" from "negative" by rating agency Fitch, meaning that it is unlikely that the country faces a downgrade over the next 18 months."

Alan:  Thatís just to keep them quiet.  So theyíve got the different statements by Fitch here and so on.  And what are they anyway?  Itís like a magician that waves a wand and says oh youíre downgraded or youíre upgraded, and just like that we all believe it.  Just like Rothschild when he was in charge of the gold everyday he got out of his bed in his pajamas and stuck his finger in his mouth, stuck it in the wind outside his window and said this is the gold price for today, and everybody jumped into action across the planet believing it.  Itís magic, folks, youíre dealing with the Magi.  Itís conology and you believe it all.  Youíve been trained to believe it all.  You can do all the right things, lots of folk have done all the right things, save and do all the proper things, and what do they do, they can devalue your cash as itís in the bank until itís worth nothing.  You see itís not meant that you win.  In a real system that kind of stuff couldnít happen.  It wouldnít matter what guys lost or gained on the stock market.  It wouldnít matter if you devised the proper system.  Itís meant that you donít win in this system unless youíre a part of it and you canít be a part of it without certain particular qualifications.


"Energy traders threatened with 'full force of the law' if gas prices were fixed when millions are struggling with heating bills"

Alan:  Every year in Canada and elsewhere and in Britain they put up the prices of oil for heating, you see, to make a killing off it.  As folk are getting killed because they canít afford it and they freeze in their homes, and thatís acceptable.  Thousands die every year, itís quite acceptable now because you see weíre paganized if you havenít realized it, youíve been utterly paganized so that the ones can rule over you once again as it was in Ancient times too.  Itís easy to rule over paganized people, who are contaminated, as Bezmenov would say.

Anyway it says:

"* Claim alleged by whistleblower who identified unusual trading patterns

 * All but one of the big energy suppliers has raised prices in last few weeks

 * Proof of price rigging would devastate public trust and could lead to fines"

Alan:  Well it could, yeah, it probably wonít.


"* Comes in context of rocketing UK energy prices and cost of living squeeze

 * Companies deny claims and say they have measures to prevent price fixing"

Alan:  Etcetera.  Anyway they go through the usual stuff every year.  This is just like you read every year, nothing happens.

"Anyone caught rigging energy bills will face the 'full force of the law' the government warned today after a whistleblower claimed power firms regularly fixed Britain's £300 billion wholesale gas market."

Alan:  We get this every year in Canada too, they come out and tell you the middlemen rig it, and itís amazing the characters who are involved, who set the prices for your oil and your gas and so on during the winter and through the whole of the year.  But they always rig it, nothing happens, so Iíll bypass this story since itís basically rubbish.  Whatís the point in talking about it? because nothing is going to happen.

The EU, this new Soviet, the super Soviet that was dreamed up again by the big boys who got together before World War II and even mentioned that they needed a war to make it happen, a world war to get a unified Europe.  Iíve gone through the history of it.  Even Winston Churchill wanted a unified Europe.  His secretary talked about that, his personal secretary in a book.  They all wanted a unified Europe and of course the big Soviet boys wanted it too.  And of course they created it by stealth, by lying to every country, to the populace, as prime ministers every year went for ďcloser tiesĒ.  That was the little term that they used, "signing closer ties".  And it was never explained to the public what these closer ties meant until they had completely unified it all through and then built a European parliament.  And youíre under this super monstrosity of incredible bureaucracy where politicians have no power at all to put laws forth or to change laws.  You have a shadowy bunch at the top, the commission who nobody votes in, and they do it all there.  And people accept this, they accept it.  Theyíre so dumbed down they accept it.  You fight world wars against this kind of thing and then because this happened over a period of years, you know, you accept it.  Fabian style you see.

So anyway now they want to be the superpower with their army.  They float this one every year too.

"Radoslaw Sikorski: We want EU to be a superpower"

"Poland's Foreign Minister says he wants to see a more powerful EU with an expansion of powers, a directly elected European president, an end to the national veto power and even an EU Army."

Alan:  And itís got the full interview on the BBC World News.  Iíll put these links up tonight for those who give a darn.  Whatís the point because itís kind of all beyond us isnít it?  What can you do about it?  Can you vote them out?  No.  Do you have any power over them at all?  No.  Is anybody in your government going to vote them out?  No.  They just appear and we all accept it.  Crazy, isnít it?

And then we have this other one.  I love this Baroness Ashton.  This Baroness Ashton has a fake history for those who donít understand it.  And she is married to a very important guy by the way.  But she was a lifer as a nothingness in sort of left-wing movements and she never got elected to any position through her life.  And suddenly, she was obviously picked for the job through her hubby and friends of the hubby and then they knighted her and gave her, she is called Baroness Ashton now you see.  But sheís never been voted in for anything, just appointed to top positions.

Anyway it says:

"Baroness Ashton is a key ally in a French plot to create a Brussels military headquarters that will build on existing European Union military missions."

"Ashton, the EU foreign minister, has signaled to Paris she will go against British opposition if France can win other allies this winter, a senior French defence ministry source has told the Daily Telegraph.  Her support comes ahead of a meeting of foreign and defence ministers of the so-called "big five" group of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland in Paris next Wednesday to discuss driving "European defence" forward.  The French effectively view the launch of new EU military missions as a Trojan horse for a European military headquarters and France will mount a major offensive in mid-2014 that could see it back treaty change to scrap national vetoes over defence.  Britain last year blocked moves to create an EU military operations HQ, with William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, threatening to veto the plan over concerns that it would rival NATO command.  This sparked the "big five" to seek ways of bypassing a British veto via a little-known legal mechanism.  France eventually backed down so as not to jeopardize the Lancaster House bilateral defence accord between Britain and France Ė to the "chagrin" of its main EU partners."

Alan:  So anyway they want to get a massive army on the go.  And that was always the plan too.  Even before World War I they were talking about uniting Europe and doing all of this but they said they needed wars to do it, world wars.  Well they got them, they created them.

And every year, and Iíve put up the lists before from top people within the IPCC at the United Nations, the bunch of nobodies, including Pachauri himself, what a guy, heís getting off tremendous business with all the grants that he gets to India and so on because heís from India as well.  But he was a train engineer and now heís the head of the world climate report.  And they always fudge and lie about all their stuff; theyíve been caught out so many times I wonít even go into it.  Itís a joke, but itís a real joke.  And itís a very concrete joke because weíre all going to suffer for this nonsense of Climate Change.  This is the big stick to control everyoneís life, every single individual.  I hope you understand it.

Every year they come out and they tell you about shocking scary scenarios.  Iíll put that list up again tonight from top players in the field who actually say that, we give the public scary and shocking scenarios to terrify them, to make sure they get on board with us.  Well hereís one again.

"Former UN official says [new] climate report will shock nations into action"

Alan:  He saysÖ. Ooh.

"ďI'm confident those scientific findings will create new political momentum.Ē - Yvo de Boer"

It says:

"The next United Nations climate report will ďscare the wits out of everyoneĒ and should provide the impetus needed for the world to finally sign an agreement to tackle global warming,"

Alan:  ...that doesnít exist.

"Öthe former head of the UN negotiations said.  Yvo de Boer, the UN climate chief during the 2009 Copenhagen climate change talks, said his conversations with scientists working on the next report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggested the findings would be shocking."

Alan:  It will scare the wits out of you all.  Wow.  Same scenario, same technique.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and I think Mike from Pennsylvania is hanging on the line there.  Are you there Mike?

Mike:  Yeah, thanks for letting me on.  I just wanted to mention that youíre like the doctor whoís given us some tough medicine that sometimes itís hard to put down but you know I mean you are the only one really hammering at these things because once these perversions completely take over, I mean they already have, but the point with that is you know itís interesting that you mentioned Petraeus and the paedophiles right after.  And you mention, I believe what you were talking about a few times I heard on the show where they completely wanted to get rid of the bonding, I thought you meant emotional bonding with the sex act between man and women, is that correct?

Alan:  The emotional bonding that comes with it, yeah.

Mike:  Yeah, to the point where everything is just like a porn movie you know in society.

Alan:  You got to understand the United Nations said theyíd do that at UNESCO.  Julian Huxley who worked, he was the first CEO of UNESCO, he said,  We must remove the emotional attachment and bonding that comes with sex and therefore make sex a separate thing all together with no bonding at all.  They have done it.

Mike:  I mean just in my own experience in late 1994 I could see where everything was heading culturally.  And you know I make mistakes like everybody else I mean and at that point I decided in some part of my mind just to draw a line in the sand and maybe cling to the past or the old ways and the old days and at least try not to get swept into the new mentality, and about by í99, 2000, I really havenít watched hardly any TV at all except maybe a sporting event here and there.  But you have to be very judicious in everything you watch.  But mentioning Petraeus and the paedophiles is that whole act of bonding and really I heard, I hear people make the connection that well thereís really you know, oh he just committed adultery but thatís not like Savile.  And see they donít really get it because monogamy, that is the whole cornerstone.  I mean if you donít have monogamy forget women and children.

Alan:  I know.

Mike:  Itís over, the whole family.

Alan:  Thatís what they want, depopulation, right down to thereís hardly anybody left.  Yeah, absolutely right.

Mike:  Yeah I mean that whole act of not bonding with the emotions and the act, the whole art of monogamy, I mean without that if you say oh extramarital affairs are just their own business.  Well they donít really care about children because look at what Petraeus is doing with the drones in the United States.  He donít give a damn about children.  And I noticed too, a lot of people I talk to, the east coast, west coast, they seem to have a direct correlation between acceptance of perversion and the blue pills and yada, yada, with acceptance of the drones, the police drones and the helicopters for their own protection.  Itís a direct correlation.  In other words, as they become perverted the more they want to accept this stuff.  And it doesnít bother them.

Alan:  Thatís a fact.  You understand there is such a thing as sanity.  And you can define sanity by a whole series of logic.  And when thatís gone and your logicís been completely perverted itself then you cannot be logical anymore.  You will accept things that come along the pike, you will adapt and adapt to the most shocking things, including your own family being taken off and shot or whatever.  And you will have no reaction to it at all.  Theyíre separating natural responses of survival.  Theyíre separating that from the modern man all together.  And they have pretty well succeeded by the way.  Theyíve pretty well succeeded.  People live in a fantasy hypnotic state and reality is gone from them.  TV shows and fiction is more real to them than any personal experiences.  Itís scientifically created that way.  Thanks for calling.

And from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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