Nov. 15, 2012 (#1216)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 15, 2012:

Behaviourists have a Ball
When You Down Your Firewall:

"Doublespeak, Doublethink Rules our Day,
Public Adapt and Parrot the Fabian Way,
Kept in Ignorance, They Work and Scurry,
Zone Out on TV, Interrupts the Worry,
Downloaded with Updates While in a Daze,
Fact and Fiction Meld into a Haze,
Targets of Neurolinguistic Programming,
Modifying Behaviour, Evidence is Damning"
© Alan Watt Nov. 15, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 15, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November the 15th, 2012. For newcomers, make sure you make good use of  You can go back for years and you can start piecing the system together for yourselves, because what you’re living through is an agenda, a very well-planned, all-encompassing agenda that goes across the whole planet, and the planet is going into the next phase of total control, by a small minority really, that’s been at it for hundreds of years, bringing in the new scientific age where they bring up the people from cradle to grave – if they need you that is, otherwise you’re simply extinguished and you won’t be born at all – and you’ll serve the great system which they’re bringing in, to suit themselves. They believe they have the right to do it. And there’s no opposition because all the institutions that you think of, like education, are all on board with the same thing again. So it’s an all-encompassing system that’s infiltrated every part of what you take as your normal existence.  So help yourself to the audios, there’s hundreds to choose from and hopefully you’ll get an understanding of the big picture, where the organizations formed a long time ago to bring in this system, very rich, rich people, rich corporations and international bankers, and they’re still working it out today.


And at the same time too, remember that you are the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at and donating. Because these are austere times, as I say, and we’re going through inflation, and of course people are getting laid off all over the world now and so money drops down. As I say, if you want to keep going, you can help me keep going too by putting a few pennies here or there when required, because things are getting pretty tight.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


We’re going through massive transitions. This is the Age of Transitions, remember, that was planned and chatted about in academia for the last 50 years before this century came along. Because in this century all of the changes that they’ve been talking about since the Enlightenment have to get pushed forth, where intelligent people run the world, scientists run the world and at the very top of the tree of course, you’ve got the very famous group of people who run all the money system across the entire planet. That’s just how it’s going to be. That’s how it is right now. And everybody is on board because they set up the United Nations to make sure that you’d all sign treaties to make it so. And it has been made so. You’re living through the big, big changes.


Remember too, the Club of Rome said that democracy – which they’d always use as an excuse to con the public; they still use it once in a while, the same terms; it doesn’t really mean anything at all.  true democracy would never work, they said at the Club of Rome, on behalf of the United Nations. They said that what they’re doing is training the public to obey authoritarianism; authoritarianism was the only way to get through this transition phase into the next step. So that’s what you’re living through right now. You’re being trained and trained and trained that authoritarianism is the natural order of things. Most folk will adapt into it; they’ll obey any rules that come along. It’s beautiful, under the guise of antiterrorism too, because people don’t stop to think at all, they’re just rushed along, and they adapt very quickly to this system. But it’s all about transitions, the great transitions that you’re being taught about, going into austerity, which means more profit for those at the top actually, as they give you less for more money, and that’s all energy and everything else as well. Plus you get personal taxes to do with the fact that you’re alive, and you’ll get personal carbon taxes because you’re costing the planet, etc, and apparently there are owners of the planet that don’t like that. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Most folk of course listen to the news and they simply… They don’t reason through it, what they’re hearing. They just simply download into their minds the bits and bytes that are given to them.  Jacques Ellul, I’ve mentioned before, went through the whole process of how people really react to news, or really don’t react to it at all. It programs them to an extent, but they’re not really aware of it. They take on opinions; they are rather vague as to where they get the opinions from, and all the data from. But that’s how folk really are. They’re half-conscious when it comes to listening to news, especially since all the newscasters today and all the stations are pretty well owned by the same people. It’s the same stuff you’re getting over and over, repetition.


We take it for granted now and I’ve read articles yesterday to do with we’re in perpetual war, and they accept perpetual war as being the normal. There are youngsters now putting on the uniforms that were really young when 9/11 happened, and they’ve known nothing except this present system of authoritarianism, and uniforms, and machine guns, and antiterrorism, etc. That’s what I was talking about, that the Club of Rome obviously had in the back of their mind when they mentioned this new authoritarian society, back in the 1970s; see, they always plan way ahead of what happens. And now you’re seeing the Middle East, you’re living through it getting blown up all over the place.  And the gunsights keep changing from one country to the next country, just like Orwell talked about...  Who are we fighting today, East Asia, West Asia, who happens...?  And of course you’re not supposed to notice that they keep changing their targets all the time.


That’s the strategy that’s used, because, you understand, experts run your minds. Experts, whole academies of experts run your mind. They employ them.  Even when to give the presidential speeches, even the little ones that he gives, all go through all these PR firms, and then it has to go to all these experts on neuroscience and neurolinguistics before it’s given out to the public. Because they make it in such a way that you simply get downloaded with it without thinking much about it, but it does program you and your opinions. Everything is propaganda, and very good propaganda, mind you. It’s not the old stuff that they used to use, the old techniques, it’s much more advanced than that today. Here’s an example of it too.  I mean, here is, of course, Israel saying that they’re getting bombarded with these old, old rockets, that can’t hit anything. And of course the Western media, as always, is going along with the whole thing. It says here that…


U.S. and Israel finish largest-ever joint military exercise /  November 14, 2012


(Alan:  What a coincidence that is, they just finished yesterday.)

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- The U.S. military and the Israel Defense Forces concluded Austere Challenge 2012 (A:  It costs a lot of cash; it wasn’t that austere.), called the largest joint exercise ever held by the two countries.


The exercise ended Tuesday following a two-day, live-fire exercise that was deemed a success by military observers from the U.S. European Command and the IDF.


The three-week exercise, which began last month and involved more than 2,500 American service personnel and 1,000 Israeli soldiers, was designed to improve interoperability between the U.S. and Israeli militaries and was conducted as part of a long-standing strategic agreement to hold bilateral training exercises on a regular basis.


"We made great strides in improving our tactics and our command and control processes." (A:  And the rest of it is just public relations, PR spin, propaganda. But I mean, no one questions this.  No one questions why you’re having the US military in bed with, really, a foreign government. Why is that? Why have this mess across the whole Middle East? And very few folk will delve into it and find out why for themselves. They just accept things the way they are, even when they’re getting worse all the time. But I’ll put this link up tonight, and all the other articles, of course I always put up at at the end of the show.)


Also there’s an old book that’s been reissued again and it says…



The Banking ‘Transfer Agreement’ Between Hitler and the Zionists / November 13, 2012


(A:  ...that caused a big stir when it first came out, and that was 25 years ago, but it’s now republished in its 25th Anniversary republication.)


Best-selling author Black, who himself is Jewish, outlines an apparently coordinated effort between the Nazis, American and European Jewish Zionists and the British, in a financial operation where millions in profit was generated between two banks set up to handle the transfer of Jewish assets out of Germany – Pal Troy (or Pal Treu) Bank in Germany, and the Anglo-Palestine Bank located in British Palestine. (A: Because Britain ran Palestine at that time.) Question: who owned these two banks? With the help of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich, some 60,000 German Jews emigrated to British Palestine (now Israel) between 1933 and 1941 through the “Transfer Agreement” between Nazis and Zionists, where Jewish property with an estimated valued at $100 million – was transferred out in the form of German industrial goods used to build Israel’s early European-style infrastructure. In the beginning, it was all about money, but when the deals soured and America entered the war, the Transfer Agreement came to a halt, and other monies began pouring into Nazi Germany from the bankers in New York.


That stuff all came out too, by the way, in The Crimes and Punishment of IG Farben, the big corporation that the Western banks set up in Germany that created the finances for the whole Nazi military apparatus. And of course, it’s quite amazing in the book because America flew over planeloads of lawyers to defend the private companies, Ford and all these companies were involved in it, IBM, etc., which comprised IG Farben, the umbrella organization. They tried to get them all off the hook. They got most of them off the hook actually, and I think they put one or two low-level guys in prison as a token, for a very short period of time. So there’s nothing really as it seems to be when it comes to government, because governments never tell the public the truth on anything. I mean, that’s just how they are, they never tell the public the truth on anything, and in any level of government either for that matter. They all have their public relations, which is to spin a truth, or deviate from the truth, or get far, far away from any truth, but they never give you the truth. You’re managed like a herd of children and I hope you understand that, and it’s always been that way. It really has always been that way.


Also, in Australia, because of Agenda 21, also called sustainable development, they did what they did to Canada in the fishery industries, and in Canada they were put out of business basically a long time ago, with the same United Nations officials. But they’re doing the same thing in Australia too. It says…


Network of marine reserves put into law / James Glenday and Lexi Metherell /  Nov 16, 2012


The Federal Government has officially put its enormous network of marine reserves into law today.


The plans for the reserves (A:  These are parks, in the ocean, by the way.), which cover more than 2.3 million square kilometres of ocean, were announced by the Government in June.


Now after several months of consultation, the areas will be officially proclaimed by Environment Minister Tony Burke.


The network is made up of five zones surrounding every state and territory - see where they are.  (A:  And they give you a map to show you where they are.)


Mr Burke says the marine reserves are a world first and will only have a small impact on commercial fishing.  (A: Oh really? Well he’s not a fisherman is he?)


"There's still a further stage of working out the management plan to specify what fishing gear will be permitted in each area," he said.  (A:  It’s laws, laws, regulations, laws, just like the Soviet Union, you know. It’s actually worse because we are a step beyond the Soviet Union now, through the United Nations.)


"The principle is the same as national parks, to have some parts of our ocean that are simply protected for nature.


"There are some areas where you've got fishing still continuing but some activities such as trawling are banned.


"You've got some areas where oil and gas exploration is banned and then you've got a number of areas that are highly protected where all forms of extractive activity are banned."


Business affected by the changes will be able to access $100 million in assistance. 


They’re putting them all, all the fishermen, out of business.  And remember, once they put something on the books and pass it, within a year they’ve expanded it massively to cover more areas and more types of fishing boats and all the rest of it too. That’s how they always work.  Get it on the books, just like your carbon taxes when they come in, and then start expanding it and expanding it, all the time. And most folk accept it because they don’t understand they could have a different system than the one they have; they can’t imagine that. Strange, that, isn’t it?


I used to wonder why the Egyptian slaves never ran away. I mean, Egypt, the only time they had rebellions from slaves is when other countries invaded them, and occasionally, a couple of times people conquered them.  It was the only time that the slaves suddenly got an idea that they could be free. But the rest of the time they didn’t run away because they had all these magic eyes, and priests, and all these symbols, that they felt that they were getting watched wherever they go and the great god Ra could see right into their heads, so they never ran away. They thought that being bred as slaves – because you were bred, just like they did in America – where they’d match you up with someone else for a certain particular height and strength, but they didn’t want you too bright by the way, because they had ways of doing that too – and you would just grow up your life thinking that was your natural order of things; you know, there’s all kinds of animals and then there’s you.


So that’s how people really are in the world, especially with all the massive propaganda of what they think is bringing them freedom, which is lots of news. It never dawns on them all the lots-of-news is all coordinated to brainwash them further into compliance in everything, under authority. And obedience to authority, I’ve done programs on that before on the radio, it works awfully well. People never question why. As I’ve said before, everything is façade and training, you understand. In the old days it was the King’s men. The King’s men would go around every so often to collect taxes, and if you didn’t have the cash they’d take your house, or they’d take your pigs or your chickens or whatever they could get a hold of. And that was accepted. And they had massive charters that were written down with all the inventories of everything that you owned, right down to the chair that you owned in your little mud hut. Then when it got more and more official and you had governments, then you had better-looking uniforms, and more public relations, propaganda, you think it’s your Army and so on, then you have your police.  Your police now stand on the road, like highwaymen, and demand cash off you via tickets and so on; they are given quotas to fulfill. Now, you could see a highwayman standing there with his pistols, and you know this guy is a robber. But when you put a uniform on him you think it’s a different thing. It’s the same. It’s the same thing, a guy’s got a gun on his hip and he’s demanding something from you, and you stop when you’re told or he’ll shoot you. It’s the same with everything. That’s how you’re conditioned into everything, is obedience to authority. It doesn’t matter what the authority is, it can be made normal.  Any kind of authority can be made normal; that’s been proven through history. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Also tonight I’ll put up a video that I’ve put up before; it was done in 2003. It’s by an Israeli filmmaker, Yoav Shamir, who shows you “the everyday interaction between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians at several of the region’s Israel Defence Forces checkpoints” and what they go through, to get through all these checkpoints, just to get back and forth and so on.


Checkpoint - every day life in Israel - Documentary -


But it’s kind of reminiscent of what’s coming to North America and the rest of the world under authoritarianism, if you understand what you’re looking at. And I mean really understand what you’re looking at. This is like an ageless thing.  It doesn’t matter what the uniform is or what country it is, it’s an ageless thing that always ends up, as you have the ones who are superior, financially and militarily, with equipment so on, and the ones who end up losing everything. It’s an old, old story. We’ve had it all across Europe, in Britain and Scotland and so on over the centuries, and nothing really changes. Nothing really changes.


Unfortunately humanity is not a really nice thing altogether. This idea that we’re all the same is nonsense. People are not the same, in any place, even in the same town. You’re not the same. There are nasty people around you, who will do nasty things to the people; and every country and every nationality has got them. But it shows you what’s coming across the whole planet, as I say. You understand, when you watch that, remember, it’s here, in a sense. It’s here. You don’t see the big, big bars at the moment in front of you, but you’re going to see them. Because that is the agenda, folks, under austerity.


This article here too, this other one, is from an Australian. It shows you the attitudes and the mentality of the ones who are up there in politics. I don’t know this particular character but it says…


'Send street thugs to fight wars' / GARETH PARKER / November 16, 2012


A Western Australian Labor Member of Parliament has blamed "nastier" violence on the streets on the fact that those who commit such crimes are not being "culled" by being sent to foreign wars. 


(A:  He sounds like an old old-fashioned Tory that you’d have in Britain, because that’s how they used to do it in Britain. I don’t know that if you realize that up into World War I and World War II, and even afterwards, actually even in Canada it’s happened too, that a lot of people would end up getting the choice if they were in the court, for some petty crime, of joining the military or going to prison. And that’s how a lot of the armies were really created, especially before major wars, before they called people up by law to get into the military, drafting you. So they had to rely on a lot of criminal types. And you find that even in the British Navy, which was famous for it too, where they used to basically shanghai people, and cudgel them, and bag them, bag their heads and they’d wake up on board a ship and that was it until the voyage was over; you belonged to HM King or HM Queen. But here’s this Labor MP in Australia talking about, they’re not culling the people who commit crimes on the streets by being sent to foreign wars.)


During debate in Parliament on legislation to enable uniform R18+ classification for video games, Forrestfield MP Andrew Waddell said violence on the streets was less frequent but nastier.


“I put it that one of the reasons for that is the sorts of people who are committing those violent crimes are the very same types of people who in past times were sent off to fight in wars,” he said.


“The reality is that we are not culling the young any more. We are not sending them off to a foreign battlefield to kill other people any more. And that is why they are on our streets.


“That is the reality. The fact is we have not had a major conflict in a very long time.”


RSL State president Bill Gaynor said Mr Waddell’s comments demeaned professional servicemen and women.  (A:  But do they really? Do they really? You understand, there’s different realities at work, between guys who put uniforms on and the ones who rule over them. Remember what Kissinger said when he was asked about it.  You understand, the ones who are bringing in this world system, through the guise of science and treaties and all the rest of it, they don’t see any of you, really, as human; you’re all down below, you’re part of the big herd, otherwise you would be up there with them. And they really see and really mean a big distinction between you and them.


Kissinger himself said a truth, to an extent it was a truth. He said the American soldiers... They HATE the military, even though they’ll use them, and wipe them all out if need be, but they’ll use them for their geopolitics. Kissinger said, the American soldier, he says, the soldiers are there for... They are dumb stupid animals, he said, who are there for foreign policy. Now, from his point of view he’s telling the truth, the way he sees it. Because at the soldier’s level, he’s given a flag and little bits of tin stars, lots of movies to watch, thinking he’s going to be a hero, and he hasn’t a clue of geopolitics and what the real long-term reasons are for it. He really doesn’t know. Two completely different realities, you understand. And this guy here is talking about putting the crooks back into the military and getting them killed in foreign wars; that way the big businesses can benefit, as these guys get killed off, and conquer at the same time FOR the businesses. That’s an old, old story. That’s what armies are for.


Armies and money go together. Without money you couldn’t get a professional army. You might get little bands of robbers but they wouldn’t hang around for long, they’d drift off one at a time back home and so on, because they would take plunder with them in lieu of cash; they didn’t have money. Once you had money in existence, and those who ruled by money, which still rule today by the way, you could get a complete Army, a regiment formed, train them, keep them there, they wouldn’t wander off, you paid them money, they could use that money to get anything they wanted, and they’d carry on. That’s what wars are about. Wars and money go together. So anyway, there’s different ways of looking at things, as I say, and this guy claims that they should really just be putting them into the military to go off and fight wars. He says…)


“These people choose to enlist,” he said. “They choose to do the training and they become very proficient at the work they are trained to do.”  (A:  This is the guy who is rebuffing it.  Anyway, there’s different ways of seeing the reality. The ones at the bottom never see reality. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  With all the stuff going on over in Britain with pedophilia and so on, and the big boys getting in and trying to divert it into other areas, and even telling the public to shut up, and telling the media too to shut up about it. Because remember, Jimmy Savile is only one guy, who was a procurer for people above him, and very important people, knighted people just like himself, even higher up the Knighthood ranking step ladder. But here’s an article here, because remember too, when it came out that Savile and Prince Charles were great buddies and all the rest of it, and that Savile had that place in Scotland, he went up and bought that place there to do his little hideaway nasty stuff as well, that Charles would visit him. They had to divert the public away from that, so here’s Scotland here, Scotland. It says…


Members of the Scottish Parliament

(A:  ...which is a puppet regime; they didn’t even have the guts to hit back at Van Rompuy of the EU, who said they didn’t want to give Scotland its independence. I know what I would’ve told him, the little prune that he is.)

Give principle backing to 'royal secrecy' information bill

The proposals would cover communications with senior members of the Royal Family 15 November 2012


MSPs have (A: the Scottish Parliament...) backed the general principles of a bill that includes plans to keep communications between ministers (A:  ...that’s government workers and politicians.) and senior Royal Family members a secret.


The Scottish government had been urged to drop the move, under reforms to freedom of information laws.


Ministers (A:  ...politicians...) said the change would bring the situation in Scotland into line with the rest of the UK. (A:  What kind of independence is that?) 


But Information Commissioner Rosemary Agnew said it effectively eroded the rights of the public.  (A:  Well of course it does.)


The secrecy clause was raised during a debate in parliament on the principles of the Freedom of Information (Amendment) (Scotland Bill).


At the moment, information about the Royal Family can be published in Scotland if it passes a public interest test.  (A:  Well who is to decide what a public interest test is?)


Ministers want to remove that test under the proposed reforms, thereby banning any release and bringing the situation in Scotland into line with legislation in other parts of the UK.


The amendment would exempt communications with the monarch, the heir to the throne or a member of the royal household acting on their behalf.


The Scottish Parliament's finance committee, which has been scrutinising the bill, said "substantial" arguments had been made against including the Royal exemption, and urged ministers to think again.


The committee also raised concern that the use of "arms length" bodies to provide public services, which were not covered under FoI laws, meant people's right of access to information was also being reduced. 


(A:  It’s amazing. You know, Scotland’s always been under intense attack. You know, when the big boys came into London and took over England, and based themselves in, you know, The City, with the big banking system, where they brought their pyramid over by the way and stuck it on the Thames – wherever they go they always put an obelisk there, always. Then they hammered at Scotland for centuries and centuries and centuries. Then Scotland, even then it wasn’t defeated; you had a few clans that would fight here and there. But in Scotland, the high ministers in Edinburgh in the 1700s sat together debating about whether they should join England or not, unite the two crowns. It was never ratified, you know; they just adjourned and never went back. We only found that out in the 1990s when somebody at Buckingham Palace came out with the old scroll; it was never signed by anybody. So Scotland has been paying taxes to London for all this time for nothing, never mind guys for their wars and all the rest of it.)


In opening the debate, Ms Sturgeon said there needed to be appropriate measures ensuring the protection of confidential information relating to the monarchy.  (A:  Well you better believe that. You better believe that.  Dangerous thing to start connecting dots, it can be a very dangerous thing to think, even more dangerous if you actually say anything, obviously.)


Then again, as they try to divert it from Savile, they’re going to small fries that were connected with Savile just to give the public, you know, someone to condemn. It’s the old mob mentality, you understand; you always give them someone to throw stones at. So they always give you a little one at the bottom to throw the stones at.


Police make new arrest in Savile case / Nov 15, 2012


(Reuters) - Police have arrested a man in his 60s from the central English county of Bedfordshire as part of an investigation into alleged child abuse centering on former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile.


Police said in a statement the man, who they declined to name, was arrested on Thursday morning on suspicion of sexual offences and taken into custody.


It said that so far 450 victims have come forward and that police had recorded 200 allegations of sexual assault.


Police are dividing their investigation into three strands: offences allegedly committed alone by Savile, who died last year aged 84, offences committed by him with others and offences committed by others alone.


The statement said Thursday's arrest fell into the third category, "others." It was the fourth arrest in an operation police have codenamed "Yewtree".


Anyway, they’ll give you a few little ones at the bottom. They’ve also arrested some other DJ as well; I’ll put that up tonight as well, an old DJ, but they’re not going for the big boys above, because Savile said it himself.  I can get anything I want, he said. He procures things.  And he wasn’t a grass, he wouldn’t snipe out on the ones above him.


Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis held as Jimmy Savile probe widens - / 15 November 2012


And here you are, authoritarianism, as folk accept it and accept it and accept it. But mind you, they accept it under a situation they’ve never had before, incredible entertainment.  I mean, they’re lapping up all the indoctrination through movies and stuff, that’s teaching them to simply obey authority. They’re addicted to it.


Big Brother is watching: Fears over 'homeland security' streetlights that can record your conversations and track your movements / Daniel Miller / 27 October 2011


(A:  I remember reading that ages ago, but they’ve come out with it in the mainstream.)


Like something out of a sinister Orwellian vision of the future, streetlights with the ability to monitor conversations and announce government warnings are being installed on American streets.


As part of a federally-funded project, manufacturers Illuminating Concepts (A:  That’s the name of the company that makes them, Illuminating Concepts…) have begun installing the system, dubbed 'Intellistreets' in the town of Farmington Hills, Michigan.


According to the company’s video presentation the capabilities of the devices include homeland security, public safety, traffic control, advertising and video surveillance features.  (A:  And there’s a video that goes with it. It’s almost like a PR thing. It’s like an ad, this thing, in fact. That’s how they always announce this stuff to you. Rather than tell you, are you going to accept this?  You know.  No.  No.  They tell you how wonderful the science is, oh wow.  Ay-ay-ay.)


Also tonight too I’ll put up a documentary, that I’ve put up before I think, real Cold War Chemical Testing Conducted on the US Neighborhoods; I’ve done that before. There’s another one too, when they were using radiation.  There’s quite a few out there actually. There was even one, it was amazing, where in the 50s and 60s you could see these guys in biochemical suits, radioactive suits actually, anti-radioactive suits.  They had big massive syringes and they conned these people in the States, it was generally black people, they told them they had cancers and they didn’t and they said we’ll give you free treatment. What they were actually doing was injecting this stuff, radioactive material, into their veins and then monitoring all the tumors that would arise from it all. You know, just for the interest of science, you understand.  What a world!  And folk still go and vote, you know. They vote.  For what? For what?


The Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, research on the health effects of radioactive materials, and tests on vulnerable populations without consent in St. Louis, 1945—1970 -- /  Martino-Taylor, Lisa, Ph.D., UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - COLUMBIA, 2011


Also I’ll put up tonight too...


Debt crisis: anti-austerity strikes hit Europe /  14 Nov 2012


Let’s call it what it is, you know, forced-into-poverty strikes – on behalf of the new world order, and the United Nations that came up with all this idea. Austerity is part of Agenda 21, remember, and sustainable development. And you’ve got to live like, you know, happy little rats, basically, and don’t be unhappy. Gross well-being, remember what the chairman of the Federal Reserve says, we should push gross well-being rather than GDP, you see. And of course that’s from the United Nations as well; they’re pushing this all across the world now. Even in Scotland, you know. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got, how happy are you? Aren’t you happy?  Bloomberg and his philanthropic organization in the States, has just set it off in the States as well; the first survey of it was in California. They go to California first, right, where they’re really unhappy, eh?  But anyway, that’s how you’re managed.


As I say, people are rioting in different countries over it, and I hope there’s more riots to come. Because if they don’t riot now they’re going to really be back to wearing rags, as the rich men get richer, obviously. You have no option.  Because the World Bank and the IMF and the European central banks have said that there’s no negotiation here. Up until the year 2020, or beyond, you’re going to be forced to repay, supposedly, all this debt. Now, most of the countries like Britain and that, the debt is from borrowing from these bankers to throw at other countries, to get them out of the hole from the same bankers, this roundabout that they have. So you have to start wearing rags.


You understand, it’s not just about making money. This is an agenda to bring you down into utter poverty, the way you should be living, according to the elite at the top. You’ve had it too good, they say, it’s unsustainable. Remember what the United Nations said years ago? They said, we can keep maybe a few million people living at this standard of living, and at that time they were using America as an example, and the rest would have to live in poverty, or all of them would live in poverty if you shared it out. The elite take that to heart. They don’t want to live in poverty, so they’re going to make sure that you are all poor. And you’ll pay more and more and more and more for the same old things. You’re not even eating food anymore, for goodness sake. You don’t know what real food is anymore. You’re eating chemical refuse that’s dumped into the stuff that you eat. And you think that’s food. That’s not what the elite are eating. 


And then there’s one here too, it’s called…


Ecocide: The Push to Criminalize Humanity

For the Sake of Saving the Planet / Susanne Posel /  November 10, 2012


By the year 2020, the eco-fascists hope to make ecocide the ultimate crime against the planet. With the green economy (A:  Now, what’s a green economy?…) installed, and the mandates of Agenda 21 firmly in place, the only thing left to do is criminalize the entire human race. And ecocide promises to be the definitive “crime against peace”.  (A:  You understand, these are the terms that Orwell talked about. People can’t get their minds around the terminology, so they can’t think beyond it. A crime against peace… if you heat yourself in the winter and you can’t afford carbon taxes.)


Tell me something. Has the God of the world risen up there, and we can see this God of the world that owns the planet here? Is mother earth staggering right above us there and saying hey you’ve got to pay me?  No. No. No. These are people, folks, just like you, who decided that they rule the planet. And they go to the toilet like you do, and they drop their pants and do the same stuff you do – they may be more expensive pants and on a more expensive toilet, but they’re still the same as you. And what they leave is just what you leave too.  Stop!  Stop looking at these people as though they’re some kind of gods!  And stop looking at science as though it’s a factual reality, objective. It’s not.  All sciences are politicized; they are social agendas, just like global warming. Very simple. Very, very simple.


Tonight too I’ll mention about this. It says…


Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis is held in the Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation.


I mean, I don’t know how old this guy is now, but he’s down the totem pole, this guy, way down the totem pole. Then they mention the other ones too like Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter; these guys are 69 and 68 years of age.  I mean, for goodness sake, they’re down the totem pole, that were known, and charged, back then, way back then for what they were up to, mainly with young boys, at least Gary Glitter was.  


And in Australia.  Now, you understand, to get to the top of the tree and get up there and get working for the big boys, you’ve got a put a life in, and you’ve got to go into the United Nations agendas, then you’ve got to parrot all this stuff the United Nations goes along with, and preferably you join an NGO, under socialism.  And when you join any organization under the UN umbrella, you must accept ALL of the UN’s agenda, all of it. You can’t say, I like this stuff but I don’t agree with that. You got to accept all of it. But that’s how you get up the tree there, you know, women’s rights, and pro-abortion, and all the stuff that’s getting pushed at the top. That’s what Julia Gillard did, you see. Then she was involved with the unions through her boyfriend…


The $5000 question – claims Julia Gillard's ex-boyfriend Bruce Wilson put cash into her account / November 14, 2012


(A:  The media there, she even tried to get laws passed so as they couldn’t mention this.)


Julia Gillard's past continued to haunt her last night, with allegations emerging that in June 1996 a union employee told the national head of the Australian Workers Union that he deposited $5000 cash into her account.


The allegation, outlined exclusively in The Australian today, is that the cash had come from the Prime Minister's then boyfriend (A:  That I guess she was living with.), AWU official Bruce Wilson.  (A:  He was the head of the AWU union.)


Ms Gillard has always denied any wrongdoing over the creation of a union slush fund on behalf of Mr Wilson and union official Ralph Blewitt during her time as a lawyer for Slater and Gordon.  (A:  What the guy apparently was doing was buying houses all over the place and she was involved with him.)


The allegation comes as Mr Blewitt indicated he is willing to speak openly about his role in the union scandal but wants the police to guarantee him immunity from prosecution.


Police have asked the lawyer for a key player in the Australian Workers Union scandal whether his client would provide details about an alleged "slush" fund used by Julia Gillard's former boyfriend Bruce Wilson.   (A:  So anyway, money was getting deposited into her account at the same time as she was with this boyfriend, who was in charge of the union with the slush fund and so on and so on. But it goes further, as I say, there’s a whole bunch of homes and different things, they were sinking the money into property apparently. That’s how you get up the ladder, you see. But it won’t matter, because bigger people have put her in place, this Fabian socialist. The Fabian Society.)


You understand, the Fabian Society was set up to bring in the Soviet type system, and even further than the old Soviet type system, using more science, and using the Fabian technique of incrementalism, slow, as the folk adapt and adapt and adapt, until you’re there. The wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It goes way back to biblical times, the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Remember Jesus says I send you out as sheep amongst wolves. Well see, here’s the wolves, pretending that they’re sheep, that’s why they have the logo of the Fabian Society; they pretend they are you, and say all nice things to you, oh they like to help poor people and all that stuff, but they’re actually wolves. And that’s how they would do it. You also see on the stained-glass window of the house where the Fabian Society started up, and you’ll see the founders of it there with the globe, the world, on an anvil, and you’ll see them smashing it into the way it should be, a big hammering the world the way they want it to be. Of course that anvil and the hammer are awfully significant of something too. And these guys literally worked hand-in-glove with the Soviet system all through its period, because the idea was eventually to merge the two together. And the richest people on the planet were all for this, because they funded communism from its very beginning.


But that’s how you get up the ladder, you join all the NGOs, you say all the right things, yes, you know, and abortion, yeah, yeah, and so on and so on. And then you get up there, you’ve proven that you’ve got the right stuff, you got the right stuff, you will not compromise on anything, you’ll stick to your opinions, and force laws down people’s throats, you see, for the good of all, you understand... the greater good. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ll go to Clint from Ontario if he’s still hanging on there.


Clinton:  Yeah, I’m here, Alan. Thanks for taking my call.  I thought I’d call in tonight because you were going on about the UN and stuff and IG Farben. I figured I’d call in and just tie in a man who brought up Codex Alimentarius for us. And his name is Fritz De Meer, the Nazi chemist.  If people want to just think for a minute, why the UN would hire a man to implement a program that absolutely controls the world’s food and agriculture?  From him being a chemist making Zyklon-b and whatever else he did for the Nazis, for IG Farben, to then going to being Bayer Aspirin, the world’s leading pharmaceutical company, one of them, at the time.


Alan:  That’s right.


Clinton:  And, Alan, if you think about it, how many people in the past 50 years, 60 years have taken an aspirin.  You know what I mean.  So what the hell has actually been in that stuff? But anyways, for Fritz to go on to the UN and be appointed to help create this Codex Alimentarius, just five years after being released from prison, from the Nuremberg trials, you know, for good behavior.  And this guy was probably, if not one of the main masterminds, with everybody else eliminating, what, 6 million Jews they said, in these camps, and other people. So how is this man all of a sudden a saint and they want to have him help everybody in the world with the benefit of food for everybody? You know what I mean? It’s sickening.


Alan:  It is sickening. And when you go into the Soviet system, which was also socialist, remember.  The Soviet system gave a lot of prizes from the United Nations for their scientists there that were doing even worse experiments for 40 to 50 years on people. They literally took the tops of their heads off, as they were alive; and there’s even videos of them up there where they did it, actually. You see these guys all lined up in beds, maybe 40 of them in a big long ward, none of them have the tops of their skulls on, and all these guys are probing them and so on and so on. These guys got prizes for that from the United Nations, and all the scientific organizations. Socialism, remember what socialism really means. The guy at the bottom thinks it’s about getting something back for your taxes. It’s not. It’s a complete science of managing the herd from birth to death. Of course that’s why the big right-wing boys are in on it too, because it’s one agenda. It’s two parties – you think it’s two parties, that’s just so you’ll vote. It’s the ONE agenda; they’re both in on the same thing. And it’s disgusting. But tonight too I’ll put up an article, it’s about the Codex Alimentarius, and folk in Canada who have taken a lawsuit against Health Canada as they try to stop it, the bill, going all the way here. They’re banning lots and lots of vitamin pills and stuff that you’ll need these days because the stuff you’re getting called food is rubbish. It’s rubbish.


Clinton:  Do you think that maybe over time, like, because he was a very smart man... There’s no doubt about all of those scientists back then, they were all very smart.  Do you think that maybe they could have perfected something that was put into the food, perhaps that is going to help with the slow kill, of eugenics?


Alan:  Oh, it’s already there. Just go into any supermarket and read all the chemicals, and it’s in all the packaging and the tins. That’s the stuff that’s killing you. And when you go through that and the history... just take one chemical, go through the history of it. They knew back in the late 1800s what killed folk, what made folk infertile, sterilized you and all the rest of it. They know all this stuff. This is not by chance. It’s not by chance that they took a chemical waste, that was highly toxic and lethal, and put it in your toothpaste, and made you buy the stuff. And then put it in your drinking water. They’ve known this for a long time. Bisphenol A, they knew about it in the late 1890s, what it did; it made you infertile as well. There’s no accidents here.


Clinton:  No, none at all. Thanks, Alan, for taking my call.


Alan:  No, none whatsoever. Thanks for calling.






From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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