November 26th, 2012 (#1221)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt November 26th, 2012:

World to Rearrange in Century of Change:

"The World's Been Steamrolled, Roads Prepared
By Corporate Elite and Men Who Dared
To Plan Their Future, Towing World Along,
And They Bought the Nations for a Song,
They Took Those Nations, Which They Hated,
Drafted Treaties, Lobbied, They Consolidated
Every Supra-National Organization They Own,
To Every Ex-Nation They Hold Out the Loan,
Authoritarianism's the Goal Behind Limp Democracy,
Trampling Freedom, Using Marxist Hypocrisy,
While at the Top They have Scientific Fascists,
Biochemical Warfare Turned Men into Pacifists"
© Alan Watt Nov. 26, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Nov. 26, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 26th of November, 2012.  For newcomers, as always, I suggest you make good use of the website,; there’s hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download where I go through the system you’re born into (the one that the media doesn’t tell you about) and it preexisted your parents as well and your grandparents too, because you’re living through a big plan (a big script, you might say) with a timetable with it too.  And you can go back a hundred-odd years or more and you can find lots of details if you go through the website, as I say, because I talk about the books written by lots of the big players down through the years who sat on international boards and they published their own books on psychology, on sociology, and how they’d bring the world into this new global society (vastly different world though); a world where they’d destroy all that was to bring in the new, just like master builders, you see: you destroy what was there before. So they demolished, basically, over time, the normal things that we used to fight against them, this fascist kind of banker system, and that was the family unit and the local natural communities (not the fake ones they’re putting in today).  And everything has been destroyed.  They even created the word ‘teenager’ in fact to separate the generations and taught them not to listen to the older people.  This is all part of the communist strategy (which the big bankers financed as well).  So, you’re living through the end times of this part of it, as they go into the next phase for the great transition, and this is the Century of Change, as they call it.  That’s why Obama ran on “change is good.” He didn’t tell the schmucks what kind of change he meant, and they didn’t bother to ask him either.


So you’re living through big massive changes on the go, where your living standard just goes down, really way down, and you will be part of a really crowded community as they get people off the rural areas, and corporate farms only will be allowed into the outer areas and you will also have to basically live in a communal-style society in austerity —it’s very, very simple.  And they’re bringing out “gross well-being,” “how’s your well-being?” now, to do with ‘happiness.’ If you’re happy it doesn’t matter how poor you are; you should just live on happiness and just cuddle trees and each other and all that kind of stuff.


So remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you.  You can keep me going by buying the books and discs at  And from the U.S. to Canada, remember, you can still use Personal Checks to Canada; you can still use International Postal Money Orders from your Post Office to Canada; you can send cash or you can use PayPal.  And across the world: Western Union and Money Gram and PayPal once again.  And remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome because I don’t get cash from sponsors or advertisers or anything like that and I don’t sell anything else apart from my books at


And as I say too, it’s hard for most folk when you’re born into a system where no one warns you about it at the very beginning.  If anything, your parents indoctrinate you with their indoctrination of what they think is reality.  And your school takes over (television too of course is a big thing to do with it) and you’re indoctrinated for the changes that you’re going to expect to adjust yourself for throughout your own life.  Each generation is minutely controlled; actually, it’s down to every two or three years they adjust it (it’s that much), right from kindergarten onwards for the changes that are all planned out there, you see.  So, there’s nothing new under the sun except the fact that most folk don’t know what’s really happening, but the techniques are very, very old; they’ve worked before.  And with neuroscientists and behaviorists and all kinds of “ists” and “osts” working with the big boys at the top, they really have got a complete grip on the society of the world and they’re standardizing the society across the whole planet (if you notice).  There’s to be no more individual nations, and even cultures eventually all have to end up like the same type: standardized, stupefied, and dysfunctional.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And of course the world goes on regardless of what happens, doesn’t it?  There’s always big things going on, big things that make you feel helpless because massive decisions are made that all affect you (every one of you) and yet you have no say in it at all and it’s always in faraway places where the internationalists meet, like this one here:


2012 UN Climate Talks In Doha, Qatar Face Multiple Challenges


(Alan:  Well, did you get an invitation?  I don’t think anybody I knew got an invitation to go to that one and talk about the weather. And the weather, of course, is the big scam to get this new system in place to redistribute the wealth, they claim, and put it across the world, to the poorer countries where the big international corporations that work with the United Nations will all get grants to start up there, you see —that’s what it’s all about folks.  And remember, the Club of Rome actually came out with that whole idea because they were given the task of uniting the planet under some cause.  And they looked at all wars and stuff and said, well, global warming, famine and drought etcetera would fit the bill.  And that’s what they went with, so that was back in the 70’s after they decided before that that there was going to be a coming ice age and nature didn’t go along with it very well so they changed to global warming.  But it’s to redistribute the wealth of the people, and even one of the old politicians in Canada a few years back mentioned that too.  It doesn’t matter, he said, if all the science is fake, it will help the poorer countries.  Redistribution of wealth: a plank of the Communist Manifesto.  And this one here says that…)


As nearly 200 countries meet in oil-and-gas-rich Qatar for annual talks starting Monday on slowing global warming,


(A:  That’s really on slowing global warming —what a farce, right?)


one of the main challenges will be raising climate aid


(A:  So, it’s all about money, you see...)


for poor countries at a time when budgets are strained by financial turmoil.


Rich countries have delivered nearly $30 billion in grants and loans promised in 2009, but those commitments expire this year. And a Green Climate Fund designed to channel up to $100 billion annually to poor countries has yet to begin operating.


(A:  Well you see, you’re run in a global fascist system.  At the bottom you’re run as a type of communism, a collectivization —a collective society at the bottom.  But the ones at the top are the big fascistic ones that work with governments, and they’re private corporations, you see.  And what they do is they go into these countries that they’ve plundered for years, sweatshops here, sweatshops there; when they get cheaper in one country they move to the next one and just leave it in a mess.  And they’re doing nothing new about it; they’re just getting more money from all of us to put their international corporation branches, little outlets, in these places too, for free, you see (for them it’s going to be for free): that’s what it’s all about folks.  And you wouldn’t believe the thousands of organizations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and working with the United Nations and all these big giant corporations —all working together on this, and all your governments too, without your permission, of course.  But this is the new path to austerity: the corporations have to get stinking rich as you throw your cash around the world and have nothing left for yourselves.  And it says here...)


Borrowing a buzzword from the U.S. budget debate, Tim Gore of the British charity Oxfam said developing countries, including island nations for whom rising sea levels...


(A: Every year they go out and they test them physically and there’s no rising at all; it’s only on computer models that are specially fixed and rigged (just like casino machines) to give them the answers they want.  It says…)


"So what we need for those countries in the next two weeks are firm commitments from rich countries to keep giving money to help them to adapt to climate change,"


(A: Well, just wear less clothing —that’s what you do.  Just peel off the heavy stuff.)


he told The Associated Press on Sunday.


Creating a structure for climate financing has so far been one of the few tangible outcomes of the two-decade-old U.N. climate talks, which have failed in their main purpose: reducing emissions of heat-trapping gases that scientists say


(A:  Some scientists say; I’ll put in that "some" scientists, say...)


are warming the planet, melting ice caps,


(A:  That suddenly get thick again every winter.)


glaciers and permafrost, shifting weather patterns and raising sea levels.


(A:  That no one can actually notice in physical reality.)


The only binding treaty to limit such emissions, the Kyoto Protocol, expires this year, so agreeing on an extension is seen as the most urgent task by environment ministers


(A:  A minister used to be someone who was like a preacher, isn’t it?  But that’s what they call politicians in the British Commonwealth countries.  So really, you’ve got high priests of the environment, you know, gods of the air and powers of the air.  *gasp*  That’s scary stuff; that’s a lot of power, right?  And they’re...)


meeting in the Qatari capital.


However, only the European Union and a few other countries are willing to join a second commitment period with new emissions targets.


(A:  Mind you, the European Union is always sinking; it’s always in a crisis as it bails out one country after another and they’re all bailing each other out.  Then the ones that were ok and didn’t have to borrow money now have to borrow money to pay back all the loans they gave to bail out other countries —what a scam, eh?  What a scam it all is.  But it’s wonderful: it brings in a new, tighter union (ends nations as they say) and they’ll all merge into one big massive conglomerate Soviet Union.  Anyway, it says that...)


The U.S. rejected Kyoto because it didn’t cover rapidly growing economies such as China and India.


(A:  Because they’re allowed to pollute as much as they want.  Mind you, the Royal Institute for International Affairs drafted all that up, you know (CFR: Council on Foreign Relations).  And they actually had that at the World Trade Organization which the CFR also created, and the United Nations (which they also created too).  And it belongs to the big banking boys you see, these organizations.  And they drafted all these treaties out and said they could pollute for 15 years and extend it for another 15 years and go on indefinitely and don’t have to pay any taxes back on these things (as we still fund them, mind you).  It says...)


Some hope for stronger commitments from U.S. delegates in Doha as work begins on drafting a new global treaty that would also apply to developing countries including China, the world’s top carbon emitter. That treaty is supposed to be adopted in 2015 and take effect five years later.


Climate financing is a side issue but a controversial one that often deepens the rich-poor divide that has hampered the U.N. climate talks since their launch in 1992. Critics of the U.N. process see the climate negotiations as a cover for attempts to redistribute wealth.


(A:  Well, they’ve all said that’s what it is. But it’s not to the people, as I say.  It’s to the branches of the big international corporations that are in bed with the United Nations, you see.  It says...)


Runge-Metzger said the EU is prepared to continue supporting poorer nations in converting to cleaner energy sources and in adapting to a shifting climate, despite the debt crisis roiling Europe. But he couldn’t promise that the EU would present any new pledges in Doha and said developing countries must present detailed "bankable programs" before they can expect any money.


Sometimes, developing countries seem to be saying, "OK give us a blank check," he told AP.


(A:  Well actually they do, because there’s enough corrupt people everywhere on the planet, who will do awfully well off it too and sell their own people out in the process.)


Climate aid activists


(A: Because we have all these NGO activists, you see, all paid by the foundations —full-time armies of them— paid by these trillion-dollar foundations (that are the bankers’ fronts, of course), and they’re saying that...)


many developing countries have already indicated what type of programs and projects need funding.


"They need the financial and technical support from the EU and others. Yet they continue to promise ‘jam tomorrow’ whilst millions suffer today," said Meena Raman of the Third World Network, a nonprofit group.


(A:  They’re all nonprofit groups, but actually some of the salaries in these nonprofit groups are up to half a million or a million dollars for the top person.  Not bad for a charity, eh?)


Countries agreed in Copenhagen in 2009 to set up the Green Climate Fund with the aim of raising $100 billion annually by 2020. They also pledged to raise $30 billion in "fast-start" climate financing by 2012.


While that short-term goal has nearly been met by countries including the EU, Japan, Australia and the U.S., Oxfam estimates that only one-third of it was new money; the rest was previously pledged aid money repackaged as climate financing. Oxfam also found that more than half of the financing was in the form of loans rather than grants,


(A:  See, they all want free grants, you see, like presents, to start up the companies.)


and that financing levels are set to fall in 2013 as rich countries rein in aid budgets amid debt problems and financial instability.


A:  Well no kidding, eh? No kidding.  But it’s all a joke, you see, because it’s a big, big alternate agenda going on under all these different covers.  The new corporate world, remember, is a feudal system.  And Quigley himself, from the Council on Foreign Relations, said so.  He was their historian.  They have their own version of history because they’re behind most of the wars and all the changes that are happening right now.  They can’t tell you until it’s all complete and they’ll tell you 50 years afterwards and you won’t really care by then.  But they are behind it, and he said that, the new feudal system, and in it he said, the CEOs of international corporations will be the new feudal overlords. 


And speaking of feudal overlords, here’s another website too, and it’s quite interesting.  Have you heard of this one?  See, all the bigwigs have gone into this and there are even university courses teaching the sharks how to make more cash off every country to do with “global responsibility” and “social responsibility” for corporations.  This one is called…


The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire


(A:  It sounds wonderful, eh: Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire.  And it says...)


Will Myanmar (A: That’s old Burma) repeat the mistakes of global capitalism, or can it chart an approach better balanced with human and environmental needs?


(A:  And it says...)


Myanmar (formerly Burma) is filling my geopolitical CSR radar screen. President Obama just came back from the first-ever trip by a U.S. head of state to that country, where he met with both Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar’s reform-minded president, Thein Sein.


In September, in his debut United Nations speech, President Sein made a media splash talking up democratic reforms that – his exact words – “could never be reversed.” He topped it by praising Aung San Suu Kyi, whom his country held under house arrest for more than a decade.


(A:  But then this author goes into meeting a particular writer who is all for this stuff, who pushes this kind of stuff, and probably is really in the know on who gets what grants and will probably put a word in for you, if you, you know, kick a few bucks back.  It says...)


This time, it was at a meeting where Joe Stiglitz encouraged the opportunity to “get it right” in Myanmar’s emerging policy infrastructure.


(A:  It says he’s got a new book out called "The Price of Inequality."  It sounds like he’s really for all the people, doesn’t it?  He’s got to be for the people.  But then it goes on, where is he meeting?  He’s meeting at the...)


United Nations Millennium Hotel, where Chair John Ruggie and the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) ...


A:  Human Rights and Business development.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the cozy relationship between big corporations and the United Nations and how it’s all camouflaged under “human rights” and “corporate responsibility” and all that kind of stuff, as they put their hands out for your cash for their big corporations to go into third world countries.  It doesn’t cost them a penny at the end of it, and of course they’ll be watching that climate conference too, at the United Nations, very, very carefully because they’ll be waiting to see what grants are going to get dished out for these countries, this very country too, like Burma.  Anyway, this author’s talking about meeting the Human Rights and Business group at the United Nations Millennium Hotel, and they have a little love-in there, you see. And it says who else was there.  It says…


            When I asked Joe to describe the hallmarks of socially responsible companies


(A:  Listen to this...)


he pointed to several of his fellow panelists, who included representatives from GE [General Electric] and Coca-Cola, and what they had just described they are currently doing in Myanmar.


What I surmise they are doing is being very careful.


(A:  Well, what they mean by that, they’re waiting to see what cash grants are going to come out of this meeting in Qatar; that’s what it is.  It doesn’t say that here but that’s what it is.  And they also mention too that...)


            transnationals can influence the ethics and standards of a country even as it gestates and emerges from the cocoon.


A:  There’s an actual link they put it to, from their own site, this Corporations for Social Responsibility —the guys with the hands out.


It’s a great business today.  You can’t lose; it’s like all the money that gets thrown into solar (billions of dollars) and then they just say “oh, we’re bankrupt,” and that’s it and all of that money disappears; they were given all that cash from the U.S. tax purse.  This is the real cons of the world that you’re living in.  This is the greatest thing ever for big corporations, this globalization and global warming.  Why do you think they’re there at all the meetings?


Also, as we go down the hill, basically, into oblivion regarding culture and common sense and even basic ethics and morality and so on, which was all decided a long time ago, to utterly, and I’ve mentioned it before from people like Theo Adorno who talked about creating a culture.  He was brought in actually to America and Britain to create the Western culture. And he actually said we’ll break it right down and destroy the family unit, having massive promiscuity, all that kind of stuff, right down to necrophilia eventually he says, and even beyond that to make sure that nothing of the old exists and then they bring in this new system where it’s really government training you from birth to death (like a robot).  Anyway, it’s all done, again, too through predictive programming.  The greatest predicting programming techniques are comedies; that’s how it all starts off, in comedies.  Things that you think are “oh my god, that’s disgusting” are put out in comedies and you laugh at them; once you laugh at them you’re a goner because eventually you’ll get used to the idea.  And they’ll bring in all the moral arguments about it too and you’ll sit there and you don’t know it, you’re getting guided to the conclusion, their conclusion, you see.  It’s done by experts, especially the BBC; you know, it’s got panelists, they bring panelists for these things in, like teams of psychiatrists, psychologists, and all the rest of it, social workers, they bring them in. Coronation Street had a massive list of them to make sure they get it right because they’ve got to brainwash you, and that’s the Tavistock technique.  That’s where it first started off for the BBC, in Tavistock, all these techniques, how to influence mass audiences.  Anyway, it says…


BBC Three announces assisted-suicide sitcom


(A: It says. It’s called "Way To Go." And...)


The six-part sitcom will feature The Inbetweeners...


(A: And it tells you who these characters are.)


The comedy is based around brothers Scott and Joey and their friend Cozzo.  After Scott is moved by a terminally ill neighbour’s request to die - and at the same time faced with a predatory female employer, a split from his girlfriend, and a desperate life or death need for cash to pay off his brother Joey’s gambling debts - he and his best mate Cozzo stumble towards what they think is their only solution: an assisted-suicide machine.


A:  Which they’ll have to keep very quiet and secretive about, but they’ll rent it out basically, I suppose.  So they give you all the wee dramas, and you laugh along the ways, and you’ll get sucked into it, and you’re getting programmed (and you don’t even know it).  It’s the first thing: comedy is always the way they start it off.  It’s also how they update everything that’s abhorrent to you, and it becomes normalized eventually and you’ll all fall for it because you like it, you see, if you watch it that is (the ones that do) because it’s put together by experts: people who understand your mind better than you’ll ever know —or yourself for that matter.


And, also, in Australia there has been so much hype about the Prime Minister there, Gillard, because she was heavily involved, it seems, in a lot of scams way back to do with a big union and money that was going missing and all that; some of it I mentioned from articles last week was going into her personal accounts and stuff like that it seems.  And anyway, there’s different witnesses trying to come forward; many have been threatened by Gillard and with government agents; others have been bought off.  But it says…


Gillard, as Prime Minister, was hounded by Blewitt


(A: This other guy Blewitt...)


for money he is still owed, about $12,000. Gillard responded with the threat, "Disappear or I will get the AFP on to you!". Blewitt promptly disappeared. But now he is back with hot blood and a thirst for vengeance.


(A: It says.)


One of the many questions The Pickering Post has broached with Gillard is: "Why does Ralph Blewitt consider it is you who should redress the claimed debt?" and, "Why did you react in such a way?"


A:  So this goes through what’s happened and all the cover-ups that have been done by the government to try and make these people all just go away or fade away or get lost, and some really nasty threats, and so on, right down to all the media that tries to report on it.  They’ve even changed the laws on reporting, all because of this. That’s the power of those at the top (or those behind the ones at the top).


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, just looking at the farce of the world, because they really treat us like children, don’t they?—all the articles you see. I even read a story today too.  It says “click here for a fun article”; this is from a major website, mainstream: “a fun article,” on climate change, “fun”.


So anyway, it’s interesting that the central banking system (Carroll Quigley went through it and he said these central banking systems are privately owned, really) come under an umbrella; they’re all connected together but they’re under an umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland.  And eventually, of course, they amalgamate even these central banks down the road as they amalgamate countries into continents, like Europe and North America —and South America too the way it’s going.  But this was planned a hundred years ago, this whole movement towards the three main trading blocs of the world, and it was started off, and written about, by those who were involved in creating it at the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  You can go into the books they put out themselves and they tell you they planned the whole future (for themselves, of course) and the kind of world they’d bring in and how they’d change society on the way.  But in central banking, it’s interesting as they can move guys from one country that are heads of banks into another country to run their banking system.  And it says here that…


Mark Carney


(A: Of Canada...)


has been named as the new governor of the Bank of England by Chancellor George Osborne.


Mr Carney, the governor of the Canadian central bank, will serve for five years and will hold new regulatory powers over banks.


He was a surprise choice for the head of the UK’s central bank and had previously ruled himself out.


(A: Well, they told us six months ago in Canada that pretty well he was at the head of the running for it, in Canada.)


The post is seen as one of the most important positions in the stewardship of the UK economy.


(A:  What really has central banking got to do?  The people are the economy: small business used to be the economy.  But it’s true: these guys at the top are the guys who run and own governments because governments must go to them, cap in hand, every year (and sometimes quite a few times a year) to ask for more cash.  Anyway, the...)


Current governor Sir Mervyn King steps down from the post next June.


Sir Mervyn said Mr Carney represented "a new generation of leadership for the Bank of England...


A:  And that’s true, because he again is Goldman Sachs: Carney was trained by Goldman Sachs – as pretty well everybody across the world is now, if you’re anybody at all; you have to belong to that one group.  This is what you get in democracies.




Climate Ugliness goes nuclear


(A: It says.  And this is from ‘Watts Up With That?’.  It says climate...)


Skeptics equated to pedophiles — Robyn Williams ABC.  Time to protest.


(A:  It says.)


These comments by Williams are far worse than what Alan Jones said in October that created a national storm.


This morning on the “science” show Robyn Williams equates skeptics to pedophiles, people pushing asbestos, and drug pushers.


(A:  See, when they have nothing to fight back with, with facts, they always smear you; this is the old commie tactic, actually.  But it’s the same people who are running the other side for it for the big corporations (for those who haven’t quite clued in on how it really works), same people.)


Williams starts the show by framing republicans (and skeptics) as liars: “New Scientist complained about the “gross distortions” and “barefaced lying” politicians come out with…” He’s goes on to make the most blatant, baseless, and outrageous insults by equating skeptics to people who promote pedophilia, asbestos and drugs.


A: So I’ll put that up tonight as well for those who care to go through it.


But it won’t matter, it won’t matter, as I say, if the great God himself comes down, as I say, and says that it’s all nonsense: they’d have to eliminate him, because this is the plan.  And when these big boys at the top that plan the world and the future of the world get together, they never change their plans: it doesn’t matter how ridiculous a thing will sound at the beginning, like forcing “wellbeing”, the idea of “wellbeing” on to you (as they make your poor), it sounds crazy, but they’re doing it, all over the world; they are doing it, and you’re paying for it all, by the way, through your tax money, as they give it to NGO groups that come round your areas and question you on your wellbeing and show you ways to be happier with the circumstances of poverty you’re living in, and even train you to get ready for the worse situation you’re going to be in when they’re finished plundering you.


And, here’s an article too, again, “democracy,” right.  You see, we’ve gone so far into what people think is the left, actually, because they use the left and the right (it’s all one—it’s all one).  The dialectic can only work through oppositions (that’s what a dialectic is).  You get an opposition to what is stayed and standard and then you get the conflict going and out of it you get the synthesis, and out of that you guide it to the synthesis in fact (which is what you wanted in the first place).  If you didn’t have an antagonist to begin with —an opposition of any kind— nothing would happen.  You’d probably stay pretty healthy and you’d live longer; you’d be happier; you wouldn’t have all these international worries about nonsense and climate change and being plundered by banks to bail out Europe and plundered by your governments to throw money across the planet to third world countries that goes to corporations.  Anyway…


Council defends taking foster children away from UKIP [United Kingdom Independence Party] members


(A: That’s how bad it’s got, you know.  They didn’t even do this in the Soviet Union.  So...)


A council has refused to back down over its decision to remove three children from their foster parents because their membership of the UK Independence Party meant that they supported “racist” policies.


(A: That’s how far it’s gone, eh?)


The husband and wife, who have been fostering for nearly seven years, said they were made to feel like criminals when a social worker told them their views on immigration made them unsuitable carers.


The decision by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has provoked widespread criticism, with campaigners representing foster parents describing the decision as “ridiculous” and warning that it could deter other prospective foster parents from volunteering.


But Joyce Thacker, the council’s Director of Children and Young People’s Services,


(A: Remember what Lenin said: he said they’ll all start up as voluntary agencies, all these things in the West – even police services were police services – and then he said they’ll end up being authorities over the people: just like health service turns into health authorities. It was all planned that way.  He knew.  Anyway...)


But Joyce Thacker, the council’s Director of Children and Young People’s Services, today said the three ethnic minority children had been placed with the couple as an emergency and the arrangement was never going to be long-term.


She told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: "We always try to place children in a sensible cultural placement. These children are not UK children and we were not aware of the foster parents having strong political views.


(A:  What is "strong political views"?  Aren’t they all strong political views, in all parties?)


"There are some strong views in the Ukip party and we have to think of the future of the children."


(A: She said.)


"Also the fact of the matter is I have to look at the children’s cultural and ethnic needs. The children have been in care proceedings before and the judge had previously criticised us for not looking after the children’s cultural and ethnic needs, and we have had to really take that into consideration with the placement that they were in."


Asked what the specific problem was with the couple being Ukip members, Mrs Thacker told the BBC: "We have to think about the clear statements on ending multi-culturalism for example.


"These children are from EU migrant backgrounds and Ukip has very clear statements on ending multiculturalism, not having that going forward, and I have to think about how sensitive I am being to those children."


She added that there was no issue about the quality of care the couple provided and said she would co-operate with any investigation.


A: So, this is what you’ve got today where you’ve got to be awfully careful: they just raid you and that’s it, you know, because you actually vote for a particular party.  Interesting too, I mean, you think of it: all those years that you had a British Communist party, you could vote for them.  The communists vowed to overthrow all existing forms of government (all of them), and they already had the example of the soviet system when the Bolsheviks took over: millions and millions were slaughtered; but they were allowed to vote (that was ok).  And by the way, you’ll never see Hollywood putting out an anti-communist movie; it doesn’t happen.  It’s always anti-Hitler but communism, for some reason… They killed millions and millions… Communism somehow is ok (hmmm). 


End of the doctors surgery? GP [General Practitioner] visits to be replaced by Skype consultations in bid to save NHS £3bn


(A: Remember what I’ve said before, that it was the Rand Corporation that was consulted and paid to do an investigation into what kind of system ObamaCare should have, and they gave the report to Obama (and I have it here from the Rand Corporation).  They said they were copying Britain.  So now you know what your "ObamaPhone" is for. You ain’t going to see a doctor, you can just phone them I guess and you’ll get a little picture.  It will be like [the movie] Idiocracy where you have to point to the knee or something, you know, and it’s all red looking, that means sharp pain, things like that.  It doesn’t matter, see, we’re all at the bottom; we’re just cattle at the bottom. It says...)


Technological revolution: Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (left) believes plans to conduct doctor’s appointments via Skype or over the phone will save the NHS £3bn


(A: And it says...)


Plans to replace face-to-face doctor’s surgery appointments with treatment over the phone or via computer weblink will put lives at risk, ministers and campaigners have warned.


The new system of ‘virtual clinics’ favoured by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt could spell the end of traditional doctor’s surgeries with appointments conducted on iPads and Skype, and test results delivered by text message.


(A:  Well they already have all your medical history now; there is no such thing as privacy.)


The Sunday Express reported that NHS bosses are importing the idea from India


(A:  Oh, so you’re now equated with India.)


and believe the changes would cut £2.9bn almost immediately, a good chunk of the £20bn the NHS must save to fill its funding gap.


(A: The cons that they’ve played with the National Health Service has just been astounding over the years —astounding, the cons.  It says...)


However, critics say the plans would create a two-tier health service, where those who are less technologically able - particularly the elderly - would be left behind, and the trust between doctor and patient eroded.


(A:  Don’t worry: they’ll come round with a van and they’ll give you the euthanasia pill after they’ve watched that comedy I was talking about.)


The ideas were outlined by health minister Dan Poulter last week and are contained in a Department of Health report called ‘Digital First.’


It proposes supplying community nurses with iPads in rural areas and making more use of Skype video calling between GPs and patients. Health assessments would be completed online and ‘augmented’ with video calls.


(A: So they’ve got...)


Mobile phone ‘apps’


A: It’s going to make all these darned machines essential with anybody who has got any medical problems at all; and that’s always been the plan of course too.


Also the U.S. Navy apparently has already got some of this virtual doctors applications working and they’re expanding it apparently.  I’ll put that one up too.


And, this article is quite amazing.  You know, people have nothing left as far as testosterone goes I think (and I really mean that too).  They’ve been going sterile and they’ve definitely had an amazing amount of inoculations that have been rather nasty for their brains.  And after maybe watching so much television that’s a science in itself to brainwash you, it’s been awfully effective.  But they never stand up together and say that’s enough, and kick all the control freaks that are multiplying like cancerous tumors out of office.  It says…


Hard-up father who moved family into caravans


(A: That’s like a little trailer.)


because they couldn’t afford the rent is JAILED after he refused to remove them from picturesque village


(A: So, it says...)


Asa Pryke, 47, and his wife Gwen, 48, moved into tents on their field in the picturesque village of Dedham, Essex, when their business went bust

The couple and their three teenage children turned to the council for help but say they were only offered a flat that was too small


(A: An apartment that was too small.)


So they pitched a campsite in a field that has been in the family for 300 years

But Colchester Borough Council say they cannot stay there without planning permission, which they cannot get


(A: Meaning they’re not going to give it to them.)


Mr Pryke has been jailed for four months after refusing to move


(A: So, it says...)


...despite the fact that the two-acre plot has been in the Prykes’ family for over 300 years, council chiefs told them they would still need planning permission, even to set up camp.


(A: To even put a tent up.)


The couple and their three teenage children turned to the council for help...


A:  And so on, but as I say, they were just offered a tiny little apartment that they couldn’t all fit in.


So that’s the way it goes; that’s Great Britain for you.  It was great for some but for most it’s not so great after all.  And it just shows you that it’s down the tubes.  Where’s all the people getting around them and just storming these control freaks that sit in their offices with their big fat fingers and their fat chins and multiple chins?  It’s worse beyond this.  We are super-soviet now, you understand.  The New World Order is way beyond what the Soviets planned.  We are the next stage, the more perfected form of the soviet system.  The Soviet System was supposed to go into a different system through different stages, and eventually, the dictatorship was only to last for about 70 years (which it did, by the way) and then it would merge with the West; it would be neither quite capitalist nor communist.  It would be a form of socialism.  Socialism is fascism: corporations working with your governments and masses of government agencies monitoring every single one of you (including your children) and all the experts coming in and saying, “well, your child needs special drugs,” or: “your child is suffering from this, that or the other, we have to take care of them”; Or: “you voted for the wrong party, we’re here to take the children away.”  It’s all here folks. And I’m telling you, if you don’t stop it now it just gets worse and worse and worse (and I really mean that).  I really, really mean that.  That’s history: you’re doomed to repeat it if you don’t know it.


And, we’re at the stage now where you get fired if you don’t take the flu shots…


TriHealth fires 150 employees for not getting flu shots


(A: And it says...)


TriHealth offered all of its 10,800 employees free flu shots. Employees had a month to get the flu shot. The deadline was Nov. 16. Employees who did not get the shot were terminated Wednesday, a company spokesperson said.


Employees who were terminated can appeal to be reinstated after receiving the shot.


A:  So you still have to get it and they might take you in then, if you get on your knees.


So, that’s what it’s coming to.  This is the free world that you’re living in today, as corporations like those who create vaccines are lobbying governments all the time; they get 10-year contracts for flu shots.  What kind of business, if you’re a small business —any kind of business— guaranteed an income for ten years off just one sale —just guaranteed.  And most of the cash paid up front.  And the government will make sure that everybody must use your product (oh yeah, we’ll tell them that they’ve all got to get the shot); there’s freedom, eh?  There’s freedom.




Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government have intervened to pressure the Palestinian Authority to drop its bid for upgraded status at the United Nations,


(A:  Can you believe that?  You know, lovely little Canada under pristine snow, you know, always standing up for the little guy (at least in propaganda campaigns it seems like that), and they go forward and intervene to put pressure, to pressure the Palestinian Authority to stop trying to get United Nations status.  And it says...)


further cementing Canada’s transition into one of Israel’s firmest allies.


A:  Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And there’s a caller there, Aaron from Nevada on the line.  Are you still there Aaron?


Aaron:  Yes Alan.  All we need is closer ties, and then it’ll be ok.  I was just wondering if you’ve been following this matter with Stratfor.  Last time I called I mentioned how a certain radio show host started bringing on ex-CIA and present CFR members, and that was ok; they have good things to say.  Now, that same broadcaster, who takes all the money in the alternative media, has hired a former intern that worked at Stratfor for over a year.  And of course, if you look into Stratfor, there’s a federal case going on, in which Stratfor lost, because of a hack on their computers, 50,000 credit card numbers.  How does an intelligence broker like Stratfor amass 50,000 card numbers in the first place?  That’s a good question; I don’t know.  And they also lost 5,000,000 of their emails, which were sent to wikileaks. 


Alan:  That’s right.


Aaron: But that was last year!  And so what, guess who’s hired a former employee?  So, really, as far as I’m concerned, the alternative media has been compromised because the person who gets all the attention and money is now hiring people from Stratfor.  Maybe he’ll just be hiring people straight out of the CFR now and then that will be the alternative media.


Alan:  Well, you know, I’ve said this so many times (and I don’t know how many folk ever remember it at all, if they even do), but I went through the history of Patriot radio for the US.  It was in an article, it was a half-page in the Toronto Star quite a few years back.  And initially, patriot radio was started up with funding from the CIA to fight communist propaganda, and at that time they used Christian front-groups, to use them.  And I’ve often said that everything in the world, all information is controlled.  And anyone who starts up something genuine is infiltrated so fast.  I mean, even Lord Monckton went into Greenpeace, he helped start that thing up and within about two or three weeks the head guy left because it was already infiltrated; it was so, so quick to do.  And it’s the same with all kind of things that could wake up people’s minds, you expect to be infiltrated.  But, I always tell people to think for themselves if possible.  And you know, it doesn’t matter what you’re hearing, what’s coming out there too, you’ve got to really look at things very, very closely.  And of course you’re going to have either attempts at infiltration into your agency, no matter how you start off.  And maybe there are people out there that are started off in the very first place by agencies themselves.  I mean, we’re in a real quagmire of data and organizations.  And even what I get here, sent to me from different organizations, I have to really check a lot of them out and find out exactly who they are and it shocks me sometimes to find out the sources they’re coming from.  So, it’s a propaganda war, for sure.  But I do know that Stratfor has also been in the news for their big system they’re bringing out, you know, nationwide and maybe even worldwide, to do with data collection on everybody: they’re a big, big player in that.  So, I understand your concern, for sure.  Thanks for calling.


Aaron: Thank you.


Alan:  And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God, or your Gods, go with you.



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