November 27, 2012 (#1222)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 27, 2012:

World Enterprise, Built on Lies:

"It's a Mighty Age, Haughty Heads Uncouth
In Their Constant Spinning of the Truth,
Marxian Propaganda All Through Education,
Banks Plundering Nations, No Great Sensation,
Fascist Private-Public Enterprise
Leaves Taxpayers with Debt and Heaps of Lies,
Daily Cunning Crafting and Spinning of News
Leaves Ignorant Public with "The Correct Views",
We're All Run by the Dominant Minority
Who've Centuries in Deceiving the Huge Majority"
© Alan Watt Nov. 27, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Nov. 27, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November the 27th, 2012.

Newcomers, I always suggest at the beginning of the broadcast, that you make good use of the website All the sites listed on the com site are the official ones. They all have audios for download for free and they all have transcripts in English for print up, as well. And if you go into, you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I don’t get paid from any other sources. All I have is the little bit of cash that trickles in once in a while from selling the books and discs at and the occasional donation. So, if you like what you hear here, because I’m not in this for a business, believe you me... I could certainly go commercial with it, big time, but then I think you lose a part of yourself along the way. You’re responsible to agencies and advertisers and all the rest of it, as to what you can say. So, I’d rather do it this way, in the meantime, anyway, until it’s time to just quit it altogether. So, if you like what you’re hearing and so on and you’ve learned an awful lot I’m sure, as I say, there’s over a thousand audios for free download there for the shows from the past. You’ll certainly understand the big system you’re born into and the con games that go on all around you. This is the normal society; it’s not the Disneyland version that you’re taught at school. This is the real reality. It’s very, very corrupt and it’s all conology, as I call it. So, if you want to buy the books and discs at, you can use a personal check from the US or you can use an international postal money order, from the US to Canada, you can also send cash or use PayPal. Across the world: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal. And straight donations, believe you me, are really, really awfully welcome.

We’re going into this time of transition. It’s the age of transition; this is the century of change. You understand, there have been forces in this world that declared war on the planet a long time ago and all of the systems that had emerged and evolved in societies and different countries all over the planet, and they got together (the money boys that is – the big international boys), who raised countries up into empires even, and then when they moved out, they’d collapse them behind them and then moved elsewhere. These boys decided to get together and create an ordered world that would suit them better and, of course, they also wanted to demolish all of those outside themselves, by destroying the cultures and destroying the values and the family unit and then government agencies, which they would control, would run the lives of people, from birth to death. That’s where the whole idea of Brave New World came from, that kind of society that was planned to come out of the times that you’re going through today, by the way. And you’ve also got George Orwell’s 1984, so we’ve got both of them working at the same time at this particular transition phase. All this machinery for this... all the new taxes for the world, to the United Nations, which is owned, lock, stock and barrel by the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, who set it up in the first place... they have all their machinery set up for taking tax money forever; all kinds of new taxes (carbon taxes and energy taxes – all kinds of taxes off you) and stepping them up, of course, once they have them on the books, to finance their big international corporations across the world and keep you in submission (actually, put you down). Eventually they want to abolish all private property, altogether, for the ordinary people and that will come through increasing property taxes and, of course, as Karl Marx says, through increasing income taxes. The big boys at the top don’t get that; they have loopholes for everything and they generally put all their money into different foundations and ways out of it. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Remember, Agenda 21, too, talks about the fact that there’ll be no private property for most people, down the road. They want to abolish that because renting is a form of control by government agencies, councils and so on. And they want... it’s all about control (Agenda 21), of course. And also, you’d have no private automobiles because it’ll be essential vehicles only, in their ideal system. That’s all still to come. And, meanwhile, I read a story yesterday, of a guy and his family. The man lost his job or his business went bust and he moved on to his own land that had been in the family for 300 years and the local council fined him and put him in prison because he didn’t have planning permission to put a little trailer on there to live in. Meanwhile, the country’s in the worst depression they’ve had for many, many a moon and this is what you’ve got. See, you’re living in an age of technocracy; all these technocrats (appointed people) and agencies, all crawling over each other for turf, basically. They’re all competing with each other for turf and rights and power over the general public. And it just gets crazier and crazier. Mind you too, part of it is also training the public to be taxed more and more and more. You understand, that’s what really repetition is about: just teaching you to accept whatever they deem fit that you pay up. But here’s how dumb it’s getting now in Britain:

“‘Bedroom tax’ dilemma for social housing tenants. People living in social housing who have a spare bedroom will find any housing benefit claim reduced by about £40 to £80 a month next April under welfare reforms. But research seen by the BBC suggests almost 95,000 people in England could be forced into arrears because there are no smaller homes for them to move into.”


Alan: So some bureaucrat, you know, a bunch of them just meet at some meeting somewhere over cake and biscuits and tea, and, “all hands up on this” and someone signs it and that’s it. And all these folk are affected; thousands of people are affected.

“Tenants in the north of England will be the hit the hardest by the introduction of the so-called bedroom tax, housing officers say. The government says...”


Alan: It’s called the “under-occupancy”... so, it’s an under-occupied house, right? And they’re getting welfare benefits and there may be an extra room.

“... the ‘under-occupancy’ penalty, to give it its official title, will protect taxpayers from having to pay for a two or three-bedroom house for a single person. But housing officers are preparing their tenants for penalties that many of them do not even know about. Jayne MacDonald from Endeavour Housing in Stockton said: ‘Some of our residents can’t read or write so although there is a lot of literature about it doesn’t make any difference.’”


Alan: A lot of them can’t speak English, now, in Britain.

“Her team is going into people’s houses to show them how to budget for the reforms, which come into effect in April. The change will mean that anyone in social housing - which includes both housing association and council housing - with a spare bedroom will lose 14% of their housing benefit, or 25% if they have two spare rooms. ‘Most tenants around here literally won’t have a spare penny and there is nowhere for that money to come from. So they are going to have to make that difficult decision to move or get into debt,’ ...”


Alan: Well, what decision is there? But this is bureaucracies, you see... this is bureaucracies and, as I say, these multitudes of agencies all stacked above each other are making decisions on the cattle down below; that’s how they see the public. There’s too much of it, you understand, and this is the nightmare that some people saw eighty years ago would come with this type of system. Even Lenin talked about it too. He said eventually there’ll be so many agencies, starting as services in Britain, they’ll become authorities and there’ll be so many authorities, they’ll all be fighting and stepping on each other’s toes, for power, all competing for power. In other words, power over the little guy (the masses) and that’s what you’ve got today. And it’s time, basically, the public... but they won’t... but it’s time the public just got up and says, that’s enough! And disband them all; tear all the contracts up and everything else, just tear it up, start all over again. All you need is the bare minimum and that’s it. That’s basically it. It’s what you have to do. And they all get fat salaries at the top, too, so you’ve got all these thousands of extra people to pay for their happy meals and so on and their trips abroad to compare your council with someone else’s council in another country. That’s what they do; they’ve been doing that for years.

And also, this article came in too. People have been talking so much about pedophilia. And pedophilia, as I say, will be normalized. There’s no doubt about it. It’s being normalized in ads all over the place, as well. And eventually, some bigwigs will have a debate at the United Nations... they want pedophilia at the United Nations, by the way. They’re the guys who want to do away (along with Planned Parenthood), for the consensual age for having sex with a child. So, that’s where they’ll go to make the decision eventually and, of course, we know where it’s going to go. They really set the whole stage up and then they come out with the pre-planned debate, and then leave you with the conclusions. Anyway, the ones at the top (near the top), it’s just amazing they’re all into child abuse. It’s just staggering. It truly is staggering how you can be fixed on children. And it says,

“Royal Security Chief...”


Alan: This is one of the top boys in Britain.

“... charged with making child abuse images”


Alan: It says. He works at the Home Office.

“A government official with responsibility for Buckingham Palace security has been charged with making child abuse images. Home Office civil servant David Tracey, 48, works in a Whitehall unit that spearheads strategy on tackling terrorism. Tracey was arrested by Essex Police and charged with four counts of making indecent images of children. He appeared at Southend Magistrates Court on November 14 and has been bailed to return to Basildon Magistrates Court on January 8. Tracey has now been suspended from duty at the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, where he had access to plans of Buckingham Palace. Sources said Tracey had specific responsibility for advising strategy on the protection of Royal palaces and other important public buildings, including Downing Street,...”


Alan: Where the prime minister lives.

“ well as of nuclear sites. The OSCT unit is part of the Home Office and reports directly to Home Secretary Theresa May and parliamentary under-secretary of state for crime and security James Brokenshire.”


Alan: So, it just shows you, it’s just all over the place. Just all over the damn place. Astonishing. Or is it? I guess they’ve perverted the minds, generation by generation and those who get stuck watching TV. It just fries your brain... fries your brain.

Getting back to Britain, again, and this is nothing new (this sort of article). This comes out every year or two from Britain, just like the ones on the massive immigration that comes into Britain, because that’s the whole agenda (it’s to deculturalize it). I’m surprised the country isn’t sinking with the weight of people that flood in, because out of the whole European Union, that’s where most folk want to go because Britain has the best free benefits. They actually call it welfare shopping. That’s what they call it: welfare shopping. And it’s never stopped, so it’s not intended to stop, obviously. But with the massive cut-backs in the National Health Service, over the years, they’ve just slashed slashed slashed slashed and slashed so many things for Britain, I think all you can get there is an abortion now for free, or a vasectomy, perhaps. And now they’ve got the virtual doctors, like I read yesterday. This is what they’re putting up next: virtual doctors. But,

“NHS is free for all foreigners”


Alan: It says. The government just made an order. Whatever an order is. And it says,

“And you’re paying for it”


Alan: It says.

“ALL foreigners must be treated by GPs [general practitioners] for FREE after an order slipped through by the Government...”


Alan: It says.

“The decision — which could cost taxpayers millions of pounds — was taken amid fears health chiefs could be sued under human rights laws. And it applies to all visitors to Britain — including tourists, businessmen AND illegal immigrants. The directive — quietly issued as MPs went on their summer hols [holidays] — has sparked fears that GPs’ waiting lists will soar, making it even harder to get an appointment. Thousands more “health tourists” may also be encouraged to come here to enjoy free treatment that can be very costly in their home countries. Doctors must now accept as a patient any foreign visitor in Britain for more than 24 HOURS.”


Alan: Boy, that’s not bad, eh?

“Two senior backbench MPs — who uncovered the order — have written to David Cameron to demand he personally intervenes to review it.”


Alan: But, I think too, that the European Union, that supersedes Britain, because Britain’s really just a little province now of the EU, I think they’ve told them they’ve got to accept them regardless, anyway. But this sort of stuff has been going on there my whole life (these kind of articles). And this is the agenda, obviously, so what’s the point of even bitching about it?

And here’s an article too, to do with speech. We’ve never had free speech. Some people have more free speech than others, mind you, depends how important you are or how powerful your group is. But it says,

“Scrap law on ‘insulting words and behaviour’ that censors free speech, MPs urge”


Alan: It says,

“Law has ‘disproportionate impact on freedom of expression’...”


Alan: And it says,

“Controversial legislation that criminalises ‘insulting’ words and behaviour should be scrapped, MPs [members of parliament] and peers urged yesterday.”


Alan: So there’s some bills up to try to make it illegal to say certain things, or to give certain gestures, I guess.

“The law – which has been used to arrest a Christian preacher, a critic of Scientology and a student who made a joke – has a ‘disproportionate impact on freedom of expression’, the Joint Committee on Human Rights said. In a report, it recommended that ministers accept an amendment which would remove the ‘insulting’ offence from the Public Order Act. Section 5 of the 1986 Act says someone is guilty for just using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the sight or earshot of a person ‘likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress’. Critics say the law is a catch-all which censors innocent remarks and leaves it to police and courts to decide what constitutes ‘insulting’ words or behaviour. Home Secretary Theresa May began a consultation on scrapping the offence last year but the Government has not yet responded.”

“The joint committee said: ‘We understand the sensitivities within certain communities on this issue, but we nonetheless support an amendment to the Bill.’ An amendment could be debated during the House of Lords report stage of the Crime and Courts Bill today. In its report, the committee also urged caution for plans to allow cameras in court. It supported the Government’s aim to make justice ‘as transparent and publicly accessible as possible’ ...”


Alan: It’s true. It’s going to be as transparent as frosted glass in your bathroom.

“...but warned that allowing trials to be filmed could deter vulnerable witnesses, including sex abuse victims,...”


Alan: Etc etc. But the fact is, this will get passed, because you’re in a form of Marxist society at the bottom levels and the fascists are all at the top. Very old agenda and it’s Pavlovian behavior conditioning. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And, as I say, we live in utter deception. You can get any country doing nasty things to other countries and turning round with straight faces and just throwing it away and saying, oh, what’s the big deal? Or they’ll tell you they’ve done the right thing... things like that, even though it’s a really nasty thing that you’ve seen happen. And corporations are exactly the same. This is the time for mass corruption, you understand, because, you see, all the old values... even the old religions at least gave you values, even if you didn’t believe in it, you were in a particular type of culture, like Christianity. You had remnants of that, that kept you on the kind of straight and narrow, regarding what is right and wrong. Of course in Kabbala they say there’s no right and wrong, so that’s where you are today. It’s only kind of wrong if you get caught doing it. But here’s an article here, that shows you how this technique works. It says,

“Romania - On Friday, the Stockholm-based European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said that 115 children in Romania have been sickened by a tuberculosis vaccine made in Denmark according to The children had symptoms including swollen lymph nodes and abscesses...”


Alan: Remember too that they get, basically, much like the pox, you know, and they end up getting these abscesses that can be infected.

“... and 50 have been hospitalized since March. In a televised address on November 22, Romanian Health Minister Raed Arafat said that TB vaccinations would stop until the cause of the side effects is determined.”


Alan: Then you go to the makers of it, right, and it wouldn’t matter what maker it was, they’d all have the same public relations thing. And it says here,

“Lymph node swelling is a ‘completely normal’ side effect of the bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine according to Nils Strandberg Pedersen, chief executive officer of Statens Serum Institut, a Copenhagen-based unit of Denmark’s health ministry and maker of the vaccine. Pedersen also said that he could not say whether the number is above the threshold that is normally seen...”


Alan: That’s bad side effects or folk getting ill.

“... and that abscesses are also seen as side effects of the vaccine.”


Alan: So, that’s your standard response from guilty parties, as they cover their assets, you might say. And this is standard everywhere. You know, you can’t get truth out of any place that you look today, in this day and age, from any government or corporation or anything. They all go through public relations and their idea is to spin the truth or omit half the truth or so on. And they can tell you that, if you have pustules, you know, all over your body, with this thing, he’d still tell you that it was a normal reaction to it. That’s just how it goes. We’ve seen this with even the so-called anti-cervical-cancer vaccines that are given, which, by the way, is a misnomer, because even the inventor of it says it wouldn’t do a damn thing. It was a woman and she did talk shows on it, when she left the company. Anyway, when they start dying off in the clinics, it’s just a coincidence they died off at that moment. That’s what they were told to tell the public, after getting the jab.

Now, I’ve mentioned before how degraded we are. We truly are degraded, because, you understand, there’s a campaign to degrade us through entertainment and altering society to destroy all that was, again, to bring in the new. The new, by the way, is where you’re supposed to be hedonistic. You live for yourself. You don’t care what happens to others, as long as you’re not touched personally. And therefore, you can go on in your little circle of life (that little bubble you live in) and hopefully, you’ll get through it, without men in black coming, like storm troopers, through your windows, because you said something nasty on Twitter or something. And therefore, in other words, you’re all totally controlled by the State and you have no freedom of choice, at all, really, outside of the few things they hand to you. Take your pick of this, this and this. This is your freedom of choice. Anyway, this article here, sums that up too, through your television, so on and how you’re brainwashed and degraded by it.

“Actor ‘Cool and Calm’ After ‘Two and a Half Men’ Furor”


Alan: That’s some television series that apparently is really degraded. Anyway, it says,

“Angus T. Jones, the star of ‘Two and a Half Men’ who trashed his own show as ‘filth,’ is ‘cool and calm’ and ‘doing very well,’ according to his interviewer who spoke with Jones after his comments prompted an online outburst.”


Alan: By the media that makes it.

“Christopher Hudson, who hosts the online show ForeRunner Chronicles, also told that he admired Jones for speaking so boldly about his religious convictions. ‘I’m impressed that this young man has the ability to deal with this situation in a responsible way,’ Hudson said today. ‘This young man is a noble young man. Hudson’s 15-minute-long sit down with Jones went viral after he posted it to YouTube Monday. As of this afternoon, it had more than 800,000 views. While most of the video is devoted to Jones’ testimonial about becoming a Seventh-Day Adventist, he goes on a tirade about ‘Two and a Half Men,’ where he’s played happy-go-lucky kid Jake Harper since 2003.”


Alan: And what he basically says... he says,



Alan: This is a fictional character. He says,

“...If you watch ‘Two and a Half Men,’ please stop watching ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I’m on ‘Two and a Half Men’ and I don’t want to be on it.”


Alan: He says. Or in it.

“He goes on,...”


Alan: To say:

“Please stop watching. Please stop filling your head with filth, please. People say it’s entertainment ... the fact that it’s entertainment ... do some research on the effect of television on your brain and you’ll have a decision to make.”


Alan: He said. Well, at least he’s come out with the truth. And lots would never do that because of the kind of money they get paid for it. They’d never give up that, believe you me. Then the story goes on about the critics in Hollywood (who are all pretty filthy themselves because Hollywood’s all about that), kind of attack him on saying things like that and other ones will say, you’ll probably never work or have a hard time working again, etc etc. So, you know, that’s what you get when you come out with truth in this day and age. Most people are utter prostitutes, you understand. I mean most people really are prostitutes, when it comes to cash. They’ll do what they’re told and get along and go along to get along. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And, of course, as I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter how much evidence comes out to the contrary of global warming. It doesn’t matter, because, you see, that was set up years ago (the whole idea of it), many, many years ago, to bring the world under tight control of a few people and tax the blazes out of everyone, and total control, as well, of a lot of your life. And things that you do, you won’t be able to do again. This is the real ultimate control freak one, once they get really, really started into it. Anyway, they’re always on giving you scary stories, often utter lies and frauds. It doesn’t matter though, because you see, they say themselves, even the politicians say, well it doesn’t matter if the science is all bogus, as long as we can redistribute the wealth, it’s going to help people. Well, it will help the international corporations, that are all over the planet, as we throw money at them, wherever they happen to set up shop.

Here’s an article here and it doesn’t even make the mainstream. It says,

“Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record”


Alan: It says.

“Antarctic sea ice set another record this past week, with the most amount of ice ever recorded on day 256 of the calendar year (September 12 of this leap year). Please, nobody tell the mainstream media or they might have to retract some stories and admit they are misrepresenting scientific data. National Public Radio (NPR) published an article on its website last month claiming, ‘Ten years ago, a piece of ice the size of Rhode Island disintegrated and melted in the waters off Antarctica. Two other massive ice shelves along the Antarctic Peninsula had suffered similar fates a few years before. The events became poster children for the effects of global warming. … There’s no question that unusually warm air triggered the final demise of these huge chunks of ice.’”


Alan: It says. Well, the fact is, I’ve got a fridge here, for instance, that doesn’t defrost itself and the ice builds up and eventually when you open the door, a big chunk will fall off. Well, that’s what happens, you see, in the Arctic and the Antarctic. You’ll see these massive ice shelves getting taller on the top, overhanging the ocean and then they all fall off, when they get too heavy. That’s natural, you see. It’s been doing that forever. But it says,

“NPR failed to mention anywhere in its article that Antarctic sea ice has been growing since satellites first began measuring the ice 33 years ago and the sea ice has been above the 33-year average throughout 2012. Indeed, none of the mainstream media are covering this important story. A Google News search of the terms Antarctic, sea ice and record turns up not a single article on the Antarctic sea ice record. Amusingly, page after page of Google News results for Antarctic sea ice record show links to news articles breathlessly spreading fear and warning of calamity because Arctic sea ice recently set a 33-year low.”


Alan: It said. So, there’s pure lies and deception out there and it’s not going to stop. It’s not going to stop. I mean, they’ve got away with so much, already; it’s not going to stop, because so much hangs in the balance. I mean they’ve already set up the bank in Switzerland (the private Rothschild’s family bank), for all the carbon taxes to go through, for the whole planet. And you’ve got Al Gore and all the other companies too trading stocks on carbon; carbon, for goodness sake, one of the tiniest gases there is, in the whole atmosphere. Doesn’t matter. See, anything will do, but it’s going to really be the big stick, the big club, to train you from birth to death to adjust your life and your children will really be robots and governed with so many government agencies dealing with them, from birth right through their entire life, until they’re dead. I’m not kidding about that, too.

Now, Brzezinski said this about Iran. He says,

 “US Should Not Follow Israel on Iran Like a ‘Stupid Mule’”


Alan: He says. So, it says,

“Washington, DC - ‘I don’t think there is an implicit obligation for the United States to follow like a stupid mule whatever the Israelis do,’ said Zbigniew Brzezinski. ‘If they decide to start a war, simply on the assumption that we’ll automatically be drawn into it, I think it is the obligation of friendship to say, ‘you’re not going to be making national decision for us.’ I think that the United States has the right to have its own national security policy.’ Speaking before a conference sponsored jointly by the Arms Control Association and the National Iranian American Council, Brzezinski effectively ruled out a U.S. or Israel attack on Iran as ‘an act of utter irresponsibility’ that would mean ‘the region would literally be set aflame.’ He warned that a policy based on such unrealistic options ultimately undermined U.S. credibility. Panelists at the event argued that the timing is right for a renewed diplomatic initiative with Iran. ‘Right now is the right time, right after the American elections, and right before the Iranian elections,’ observed Professor Ahmad Sadri of Lake Forest College.”


Alan: It says,

“‘Remember back to 2008 when we were in the same point in the cycle, except right now on the ground the situation is much worse. There’s more fissile material, and there’s less optimism.’”


Alan: He says. So, anyway, it won’t matter, it won’t matter because there’s demonstrations all over the US, right now, by pro-Israel or Zionists and you do wonder who’s running the US government at times; the whole world does. The whole world does wonder who’s running the US government.

Now, China... all countries are into this fracking thing; when you stand back and you really look down at the whole planet here and you see fracking going across the whole darn surface of the world and it makes you wonder, where’s it going to all end? Because, as they frack away, you know, it means that whole areas are going to be uninhabitable for years because of all the stuff that they pump into it. It poisons the water and everything. And I guess they do have long-term plans. Maybe that’ll fit in with us all being crowded into the cities, overcrowded cities, in Agenda 21, or moved off to certain crowded areas, while they leave all the country, eventually, to get back to normal after 500 years or however long it takes. But it makes you wonder. Anyway,

“China planning ‘huge fracking industry’”


Alan: It says. And,

“Shale gas in China: natural gas appraisal well of Sinopec in Langzhong county, Sichuan.”


Alan: It says,

“China is ratcheting up its fracking ambitions with virtually no regard for groundwater protection or other environmental safety measures,”


Alan: See, China’s more straightforward with killing off the excess population. I mean they really are. They’ve got a history of this. So, they just go straight to the point. And so many of them are already dying with cadmium poisoning and so on, because, in the polluted rivers, they poor the water on their fields to irrigate the vegetables. Anyway,

“... according to a new investigation by the independent publication Caixin. The report points to an 24 October white paper on energy development released by China’s top cabinet which ‘calls for ramping up the industry and pumping 6.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas from underground shale formations by 2015.’”


Alan: And it says,

“‘The model for China’s anticipated success is the US shale gas sector,’ the article states. ‘Geologists estimate the nation’s recoverable reserves at about 25 trillion cubic meters, on par with the United States.’”


Alan: So, it’s going to be... and again this is all part of the so-called “alternative” to burning coal, you know, because of the global warming nonsense and the carbon stuff, you know. So there you go. It’s just let’s smash the planet up, because of a myth, a purposely laid out and created myth by the Club of Rome. That’s the guys who invented the myth, you see. Corruption is everywhere, like I said at the beginning of the broadcast tonight, because really there are no values now except get rich quick and try to get up above the safety margin, whatever safety margin there is, in every area, before everything collapses and you’re down at the bottom with all the rest of the cattle, getting shoved into the overcrowded cities. Anyway, it says, this man, called Rennie, is,

“...charged in $2-million toy theft”


Alan: And it says,

“Inside two GTA [greater Toronto area] warehouses police were shocked to discover more than 150 skids of porcelain dolls, Axe body spray, fruit cups and items that almost didn’t make it under the tree this Christmas.”

“Stuffed into a washroom at a North York warehouse, police also found two missing CCM bicycles donated by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s ”


Alan: Premier of Ontario.

“... office for children at a Salvation Army camp. These were the spoils of an unprecedented $2-million theft of donated toys and ‘high-end’ goods police allege were rerouted and siphoned off from a Salvation Army toy and food distribution centre to be sold for profit. ‘We found, actually, beyond our imagination . . . the volume of rerouted skids of donations that were meant to reach the warehouse at 150 Railside Rd. in Toronto,’ Det. Robert Strain said Monday.”


Alan: And the guy who ran the Sally Ann there (the Salvation Army)...

“David Rennie, 51, the distribution centre’s executive director who was fired last week following an internal investigation, turned himself in to police Monday morning. He faces 40 charges, including theft over $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime, criminal breach of trust, conspiracy to commit theft and trafficking in stolen goods.”


Alan: So, you see, everybody’s at it, today. It’s all through... the politicians are at it too. Everybody’s at it (with expenses or whatever) but they’re all at it. Because this is the age of corruption. Me me me; that’s it, basically. Mind you, that’s all you see. They give you celebrities to follow that are multi-millionaires or billionaires even. That’s all you’ve had since childbirth. These are the roles models you get shown, you know.

And, wonderful Egypt is now democratic, with a puppet government that we put in, of course. As I said before, the first thing you do, is you get them into massive debt and then you get the IMF in to give them a loan, which they never get out of the debt and then the IMF runs the country. Literally, the IMF does come in with managers and they run your country for you, and you still have your titular puppet government, mind you.

“Egypt agrees to deal for $4.8-billion IMF loan”


Alan: It says here. So, they’ve:

“Egypt reached a preliminary agreement on Tuesday with the International Monetary Fund for a $4.8-billion (U.S.) loan, a step seen as vital to shoring up the nation’s finances.”


Alan: That’ll happen all over the place, where they didn’t have these central banks, or debt, like Libya had no debt, at all, in fact. And this article too I’ll put up tonight; it’s called:

“Gaza: ‘It’s Mostly Punishment…’”


Alan: It says.

“‘There is no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders,’ President Barack Obama said at a press conference last week. He drew on this general observation in order to justify Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel’s most recent military campaign in the Gaza Strip. In describing the situation this way, he assumes, like many others, that Gaza is a political entity external and independent of Israel. This is not so. It is true that Israel officially disengaged from the Gaza Strip in August 2005, withdrawing its ground troops and evacuating the Israeli settlements there. But despite the absence of a permanent ground presence, Israel has maintained a crushing control over Gaza from that moment until today. The testimonies of Israeli army veterans expose the truth of that ‘disengagement.’”


Alan: Of what disengagement means.

“Before Operation Pillar of Defense, after all, Israel launched Operations Summer Rains and Autumn Clouds in 2006, and Hot Winter and Cast Lead in 2008–all involving ground invasions. In one testimony, a veteran speaks of ‘a battalion operation’ in Gaza that lasted for five months, where the soldiers were ordered to shoot ‘to draw out terrorists’ so they ‘could kill a few.’”


Alan: And then, they’ve got

“Israeli naval blockades stop Gazans from fishing, a main source of food in the Strip. Air blockades prevent freedom of movement. Israel does not allow building materials into the area, forbids exports to the West Bank and Israel, and (other than emergency humanitarian cases) prohibits movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It controls the Palestinian economy by periodically withholding import taxes. Its restrictions have impeded the expansion and upgrading of the Strip’s woeful sewage infrastructure, which could render life in Gaza untenable within a decade. The blocking of seawater desalination has turned the water supply into a health hazard.”


Alan: And Israel gave them power shortages and all the rest of it, too. So it goes on and on and on and it gives you some testimonies by some Israeli troops, what they were actually doing in there. They’re even talking about the people looting. These were really poor poor people, he says, but the soldiers were actually going in to their houses and trying to loot things and even cutlery, anything; anything at all. Just loot them because they’re just, well, animals, you see. That’s how they’re taught: they’re animals.


“European Parliament...”


Alan: Strangely enough...

“...warns against United Nations internet control”


Alan: It’d be interesting to see who they want to control it; it’ll be themselves, of course.

“The UN should not be allowed to take over control of the internet, Euro MPs have warned.”

“...Reports in the Russian press have suggested the Kremlin and others wanted control of key internet systems passed to a UN agency. Internet control currently lies largely with US-based groups such as Icann, which regulates the web address system. The European Parliament has said the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) was ‘not the appropriate body’ to have authority.”

“The ITU has said a new treaty was needed to ensure ‘the free flow of information around the world, promoting affordable and equitable access for all and laying the foundation for ongoing innovation and market growth.’ The UN agency is hosting the conference to draw up the treaty between 3 and 14 December in Dubai. Members of the European Parliament backed a resolution which urged member states to reject changes to the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR) which would ‘negatively impact the internet, its architecture, operations, content and security, business relations, internet governance and the free flow of information online.’”


Alan: Then it says,

“‘Equal Rights’”


Alan: Well, that’s something. It’ll be everybody else who uses the Internet, they’ll probably start taxing us all, licensing us all, so we’ll pay for all those who don’t have the Internet in other countries. There’ll be something like that, here. That’s where they’re going with all this stuff. Nothing is ever done for your benefit, folks.

And it says here,

“Jewish, Christian groups clash over U.S. aid to Israel”


Alan: It says.

“Jewish groups have reacted furiously to a letter to Congress by 15 leaders of Christian denominations asking for a review of whether some of the three billion dollars in annual United States aid to Israel is being used in violation of U.S. law and policies.”


Alan: I think they try this every so often to stop the aid and, of course, they retaliate and nothing happens.

Tonight too, I’ll put up an article about one of the mayors in Mexico, who was killed the other day, trying to stop drugs etc. It’s just incredible what’s happening down there. And this woman has been attacked twice before and shot a few times, as well. She was a mayor. She had her own children and she did her best and all the rest of it for the people, to stop the drugs. But it’s not the policy to stop the drugs, because, you see, the big folk who run the world, run the drug trades, as well. And it profits good to them. They don’t care where the profit comes from. But I’ll put this link up tonight and you can read about this woman. It was quite a life she had and she certainly stuck to her convictions. Also:


“Millions of lonely people: The tragic legacy of the Left’s war on families”


Alan: Well, it’s not just the left. The left works with the right at the higher levels. I’m not talking about the people that you know. I’m talking about the ones who really run the world and they run both sides of it and that’s by tradition, by the way. And that was part of their goal: destroy the family and destroy the natural community. The communities that they re-create are all run by “well-being specialists,” that come in and talk to you like a child: how are we today? Are we feeling well today? You know etc etc. Anyway, I’ll put this article up, as well, to show you how folk are just going into depression... mind you, I guess it’ll help speed up the death rate, as they commit suicide and get euthanasia pills offered to them, as well. And,

“Obama wants more military aid to Israel after ceasefire”


Alan: I mean, it’s more than the 3 billion they were talking about, with the Christian-Israeli thing. I mean they get missiles galore and everything else. Anyway, Obama’s just promised he’s going to give them a lot more military and financial aid, after the ceasefire agreement, it says here. So, back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Also, John Pilger does some good stuff. I don’t agree with everything he says, mind you, but he certainly does some good stuff and he has been all over the world and put his own personal body in the front lines, you might say, in different countries that are war torn. But he goes on about the BBC and its propaganda and its historical role of pushing propaganda and he says,

“In Peter Watkins’ remarkable BBC film, The War Game, which foresaw the aftermath of an attack on London with a one-megaton nuclear bomb, the narrator says: ‘On almost the entire subject of thermo-clear weapons, there is now practically total silence in the press, official publications and on TV. Is there hope to be found in this silence?’ The truth of this statement was equal to its irony. ”


Alan: Because then it says,

“On 24 November, 1965, the BBC banned The War Game as ‘too horrifying for the medium of broadcasting.’ This was false. The real reason was spelt out by the chairman of the BBC Board of Governors, Lord Normanbrook, in a secret letter to the Secretary to the Cabinet,...”


Alan: That’s the politician:

“... Sir Burke Trend. ‘[The War Game] is not designed as propaganda,’ he wrote, ‘it is intended as a purely factual statement and is based on careful research into official material... But the showing of the film on television might have a significant effect on public attitudes towards the policy of the nuclear deterrent.’” 

“Following a screening attended by senior Whitehall officials, the film was banned because it told an intolerable truth.”


Alan: You’d all get blown up and that was it.

“Sixteen years later, the then BBC director-general, Sir Ian Trethowan, renewed the ban, saying that he feared for the film’s effect on people of ‘limited mental intelligence.’”


Alan: That’s the average viewer of the BBC. But then he goes on to how they pretend that they’re fostering trust amongst the public and so on and so on. He says,

“This is notably true in the Middle East where the Israeli state has successfully intimidated the BBC into presenting the theft of Palestinian land and the caging, torturing and killing of its people as an intractable ‘conflict’ between equals. ”


Alan: That’s how it’s portrayed to the general person.

“Standing in the rubble from an Israeli attack, one BBC journalist went further and referred to ‘Gaza’s strong culture of martyrdom.’”


Alan: Really? “Strong culture of martyrdom”?

“So great is this distortion that young viewers of BBC News have told Glasgow University researchers they are left with the impression that Palestinians are the illegal colonisers of their own country. The current BBC ‘coverage’ of Gaza’s genocidal misery reinforces this.”


Alan: And then they go into some more history of the BBC and how it was set up as a propaganda outfit, of course. And it’s owned by the government and the establishment at the very top. And how they’ve always used it for propagandic purposes. And they decide what you’re supposed to know and what you’re not supposed to know; how you’re supposed to see things, perceive things. And they always leave you with the opinions you’re supposed to have, that your betters have left you with. It works awfully well, but all television really does. All television does. There’s no such thing as real, unbiased anything out there. There really isn’t. Not in this day and age. There certainly, certainly isn’t. I don’t care what they show you. Doesn’t happen. But, as I say, it’s worth reading this article because he goes on and gives you more and more and more of the history of the BBC and the colonial wars and how the BBC covered all the colonial wars etc etc. And how they even really went overboard to cover up the illegal wars that Blair and Bush had on the invasion of Iraq and the massive slaughtering and so on. It’s well worth a read.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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