November 28, 2012 (#1223)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 28, 2012:

Elastic Democracy Disguises Technocracy:

"Elastic Democracy has Become Fashionable,
Ruling the World by Agencies Supra-National,
By-passing the Governed, They Just Appear,
Manifestos, Big Funding, They Intend to Steer,
They Institutionalize Concepts via Education,
Communistic Tenets Causing No Consternation,
Yet Big Banks, Corporations, Happily Go Along,
Taxpayer-Funded Enterprise Sings a Happy Song,
Greedy Banks Default, Bailed by "Our" Leaders,
Burdening Taxes on the Mass of Bottom Feeders,
Yes a Beautiful Deception, Elastic Democracy,
Scientific Socialism, Science of Technocracy"
© Alan Watt Nov. 28, 2012
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November the 28th, 2012.

For newcomers as always I get this out of the road right away at the beginning of the broadcast, to tell you to make sure that you use website.  You’ll find lots and lots of audios for free download and transcripts too on all the sites listed on the .com site for print up as well.  And you can get transcripts of the talks I’ve given in other languages if you go into  And you can take your choice from there.

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But we do live in this time of an "Age of Transition" they call it, the Age of Transition in this Century of Change.  I keep stressing this because academia talked about this for an awful long time in the 20th century.  This is the time when the planned society for the planned world all has to take shape and come to total complete fruition, be completed in this century.  And you’re seeing the beginnings of it.  What you’re seeing at the moment is disrupting everything, but this is just the beginning of where they want to take the entire world.  And these globalists have been at this for an awful long time, centuries in fact, setting this whole thing up.

Most of it’s done through treaties through the United Nations because the United Nations was set up by the same boys who came up with this whole global idea in the first place, who were really members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, big bankers, international lenders.  And they got a royal charter to exist; they’re a private organization.  They have Council on Foreign Relations members in other countries and they all work together.  It’s all members of the same group really and they are working in every government across the planet to bring in this society.  And they groom their members very young.  And they can even tell them when they’re very young when they’re going to make them a prime minister or a president because they give you your presidents and prime ministers.  That’s how completely organized this incredible system is.

And through the United Nations and their umbrella organizations and their foundations which employ thousands of nongovernmental organizations it’s all coming to pass as we live and people are seeing the fallout from a thousand, maybe thousands of different areas actually hitting them at once and they’re trying to fight it by simply complaining.  All we’re doing is bitching about it.  And they don’t really understand what’s behind it, the big picture as I say behind it, the massive organizational abilities of those at the top.  You already have a global government.  You don’t have to need a base for it even because it’s already there.  It’s already there with its machinery, all set up and working as we speak.  And long ago the boys knew they could bring this off quite easily by taking over and globalizing, standardizing everything across the world, starting of course with your schools and then treaties for all businesses.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, talking about the big system we’re born into and that no one explains to you.  And everyone hears other people complaining about what’s happening to them personally, or ‘oh look at this’ and ‘oh look at that,’ which the media throws out to you everyday to complain about.  But they don’t go into the big things behind things.  "What’s behind all that?" as they call it.  And unless you understand what’s behind it all, you won’t understand even what you’re complaining about; never mind what you’re trying to fight.  And what you’re trying to fight is something so incredibly overwhelming because it’s an entirely new system of controlling the planet, everything on the planet and everybody on the planet, all economies, all resources, all taxations, all energy, everything basically.  By the mixing of international corporations and philanthropies by the way that have got a big deal to do with it, that are generally owned by the same guys who own the corporations, which is the international lenders themselves who set up this stuff under the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And they’ve pretty well pulled it off in a hundred years.  They’ve got exactly what they want through treaties and so on.

But the money system stays the same.  And the same people controlling the money system stay the same because you see as I say the guys who designed this system were money boys themselves.  And they had no intention of ever lowering their own standards of living as they brought so-called democracy across the world.  Democracy is a cover for this totalitarian system, for those who haven’t quite got it.  And they always use democracy to those who are under obvious totalitarian authorities.  But we’re the same ourselves now, we just don’t know it yet.  It’s more evident in some countries like Britain and the U.S. after 9/11.  And it’s really steamrolling ahead but even there they still don’t quite get it that this is for a permanent thing.  It’s not going to change.  It’s going to get worse.

But here is an article here for instance about the venture capitalists that are called "vulture capitalists" and I’ve mentioned vulture capitalists before. And it says:

"The ambassador from Argentina sees “vulture” capitalists circling the shaky economy of his South American nation.  Ambassador Jorge Arguello is outraged by New York investors who are demanding that they be paid the full amount on bonds they bought at fire-sale prices in 2001 after the Argentine economy collapsed."

Alan:  I can remember when that happened because the people chased, they were going after the banking families down there and they were given sanctuary in Canada.  They all ran up to Canada, it was in the newspapers at the time.  And I often wonder if these banking families were working with these guys in New York who stepped in to buy all the stocks up for pennies on the dollar.

Anyway it says:

"He is complaining about speculators such as billionaire Paul Singer, who has refused to be shortchanged on his claim of $1.6 billion and has persuaded the West African nation of Ghana to seize an Argentine naval training ship as collateral.  In an open letter posted on the Argentine Embassy’s website, Mr. Arguello denounced Mr. Singer for buying Argentine government bonds for pennies on the dollar and now demanding full repayment.  He noted that many other creditors settled for a 70 percent loss on their investments in a government bond restructuring about six years ago."

Alan:  But not Mr. Singer you see, pound of flesh and so on, all that stuff.

It says:

"“Today, it is clear to everyone who the vulture funds are, how they operate and what their essence is: speculation,”"

Alan:  I think it’s more than speculation.  I think it’s international gangsterism myself.  And they cause the problems and then they go in and buy up things for a penny on the dollar and they’ve got the full force of the law since they run the law systems as well.

Anyway it says:

"“The entire world is watching ever more closely how this confrontation will evolve: a confrontation between a law-abiding country and government that honors their debts and a group of speculators who insist on flapping their wings like vultures.”  The “vultures” landed last week in a New York courtroom, where U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa ordered the government of President Cristina Fernandez to pay $1.3 billion to Mr. Singer and other investors who refused to renegotiate their investments.  The case ended up in a U.S. federal court because Argentina agreed to abide by U.S. law when it sold the original bonds in the United States.  The judge also barred Argentina from paying the bondholders who accepted the lower bond payments before settling with Mr. Singer and his fellow plaintiffs.  “After 10 years of litigation, this is a just result,” Judge Griesa said."

Alan:  So you can’t win with them you see, it’s international gangsterism.  And they can cause the problems and they can profit from the problems too.  And then I’ll put another article up too on the same thing again to do with the judge basically going ahead with this.  And I think there’s a little video on it too.  I’ll put this up as well, there are two articles on this and it will be forgotten of course.  But this has been going on forever you understand.  There is definitely organized crime in banking and banking families; there’s no doubt about it, always has been.

Now for those who are really into austerity times and you’re freezing in Britain as you cut back on your heating because of the cost of energy and all the rest of it, carbon taxes and goodness knows what else, then I’ll put up an article tonight…

"Queen toasts Emir of Kuwait at state banquet"

Alan:  So she holds a state banquet for him and the reason she is promoting it you see is because she paid tribute to “Kuwait’s promotion of vibrant democracy.”  You know what Britain has itself, democracy, this democracy thing.  So he’s promoting democracy, but vibrantly too.  And I’ll also put up the photograph at the banquet hall and just to let you know, I’m sure they cut all the heating back for the hall that night too and gave them all fur coats and stuff.  But that’s austerity for you.

Now, when you knock a pillar down that’s holding up a massive roof you weaken all the other pillars.  It’s quite easy then to knock the second one down and the third one down and so on.  That’s why nature basically evolves itself into societies that have basic, basic simple rules.  Once you break one of the simple rules for any particular individual or group then it’s fair game for the next one.  It weakens all the rest of the structure and society begins to crumble just like the pillars and down comes the roof.  And when you give more rights to one group, the next group that comes along says ‘oh you gave it to them, you got to give it to us,’ you see.  That’s how it’s working.  And there are bigger things behind all of this too, to destroy society as you know it.  That is a definite movement by the way; it’s funded from the top.

But here’s:

"Animal welfare:"

It says:

"…Germany moves to ban bestiality"

Alan:  Well they already have it banned.  They’re only making it more clear.  They’re clarifying it basically, what the laws are.

It says:

"Germany’s ruling coalition is calling for a ban on bestiality - or the practice of having sex with animals.  The German parliament’s agriculture committee is considering making it an offence not only to hurt an animal but also to force it into unnatural sex."

Alan:  That’s with other species.

"Offenders could face a hefty fine.  A final vote will be held in the Bundestag on the 14 of December.  Germany legalized bestiality (zoophilia)…"

Alan:  They call it.

"…in 1969, except when the animal suffered “significant harm”."

Alan:  I guess the animal must have gone to the court and complained, right?  Do you understand how mad things get when you get off the basic track of common sense and sensibility?

"But animal rights groups have campaigned for a change in the law and Hans-Michael Goldmann, the head of the parliamentary committee investigating the new amendment, told the Tageszeitung newspaper that the new legislation was intended to clarify the current legal position.  "“With this explicit ban, it will be easier to impose penalties and to improve animal protection.” "

So there’s:

"A fine of up to 25,000 euros is proposed if someone forces an animal to commit “actions alien to the species”"

And then it says here:

"But Michael Kiok,"

Alan:  Unfortunate name if you take away the "i".

"…the chairman of the pressure group Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information (Zeta), said he was going to take legal action to fight the proposed changes.  “It is unthinkable that any sexual act with an animal is punished without proof that the animal has come to any harm,” he said, adding that animals are capable of showing what they do, or do not, want to do.  “We see animals as partners…"

Alan:  Oh, they’re partners now.

"… and not as a means of gratification.  We don’t force them to do anything."

Alan:  They just talk them into it of course.

"Animals are much easier to understand than women,” Mr Kiok claimed."

Alan:  So there you go.  There you go.

And it says:

"The law was changed in the UK in 2003, which reduced the maximum sentence from life imprisonment to two years.  The act however, is permissible in Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, though Stockholm is considering a change in the legislation."

Alan:  It says.  So there you go.  Down go the pillars and so on, and out comes the groups that are actually indulging in this strange act.  And they’ll probably get the rights regardless because they’ll go to the United Nations you know.  And the United Nations is meant to destroy all that was to bring in the new, which is them, totalitarian rule worldwide.

Now in Britain too the tax man is going SWAT, you know James Bond SWAT stuff.  It says:

"The TAXMAN seeks permission to break speed limit along with 999 crews…."

Alan:  That’s emergency crews and so on.

And it says:

•  "Bomb disposal units, the blood transfusion service and mountain and mine rescue teams could also be included."

•  "Security Services also seeking permission under new initiative currently under consultation."

So it says:

"HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) wants to join the police, fire, and ambulance and ‘life-saving’ crews who have a special exemption from obeying the speed limit."

"The proposals, now out for consultation, examine the possibility of extending speed limit exemptions to other services apart from police, fire and ambulance."

Alan:  But then they go into other things too.  That all the cases they’re pursuing all the time, it’s just like high, it’s like James Bond stuff chasing all this illegal stuff that’s going on, etcetera, and they have to have all these special powers.  So, there you go, the tax, eh, the voluntary income tax, you know the wartime taxes that they introduced temporarily etcetera.

And this is a good one here because if you’re brought up in a totalitarian system wherever the state and its organs, which are generally all the media of the state, say something you will believe it.  You’ll believe it because you’ve been trained to believe it.  And you wouldn’t imagine that you’ve been conned, or there’s a joke in it, even a joke in there actually.

It says:

"The online version of the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper appears to have fallen for a spoof by the US satirical website, The Onion."

Alan:  And we’ll see about what the onion has peeled in China when we come back after these messages.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I’m reading about this spoof that went into China and they believed it and they printed it in their main newspaper. It says:

"The People’s Daily ran a 55-page photo spread of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after he was declared The Onion’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012.  He is shown riding horses, holding children and greeting his troops.  The spread is accompanied by tongue-in-cheek quotes from The Onion about the "Pyongyang-born heart-throb".  "With his devastatingly handsome, round face, his boyish charm, and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-born heart-throb is every woman’s dream come true," the People’s Daily quoted The Onion as saying.  “Blessed with an air of power that masks an unmistakable cute, cuddly side, Kim made this newspaper’s editorial board swoon with his impeccable fashion sense, chic short hairstyle and, of course, that famous smile.”"

So it says here that:

"One of the freelance journalists, said: “It’s amazing that the People’s Daily doesn’t know that the Onion is a satirical website.  Now they are the laughing stock of the world media.”"

Alan:  So it just shows you again they’re under a totalitarian system that really is so straight-faced about everything.  And mind you too there’s a lot of stuff that they come out with too that they should be laughing at but they don’t because they’re trained that way under totalitarian regimes; it’s kind of dangerous to laugh at the wrong time.  But there you go, they actually published that.  We’ll see the same here too.  I mean when you look at the United Nations declarations too they seem so ludicrous and yet people just, you know, ‘oh well it doesn’t affect me,’ but it actually does affect you.  It affects everyone in the world.

Also tonight, this ties in with what I mentioned last week about technocracy, which is a science supposedly of running the world, where everyone will be based, all monies will be based on energy outputs and consumptions.  An old idea that came forward during FDR’s day.  In fact the guy who invented it wanted to make FDR basically a despot to rule America and become a dictator.  And they never threw it away of course because you see all these organizations are associated.  They all come out of one organization.  Communism, Socialism, all of them come out of the same organization.  And it’s run at the top by Capitalism, for those who haven’t figured that out.

But it says they want a parliament of the world.  An old idea that goes back into the 1800’s too.  And it says here:

"Congress of the State of Jalisco supports appeal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly"

Alan:  It’s a congress; it means a government, folks, for those who haven’t got it.  And it’s from the Campaign for a United Nations Parliament.  And it goes through this Mexican state, one of the latest ones to join.

"…has joined the international appeal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.   At a ceremony that was held last week in the state’s capital, an agreement to that effect was formally signed.  The appeal is addressed to the United Nations and the governments of its member states, including Mexico, and calls on them to implement “democratic participation and representation at the global level.”"

Alan:  And it goes through the different members from that particular country who were there and attended it and so on.  And along with that I’ll put up a few other ones.  Here’s one for instance; it says:

"In this second interview for the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly campaign’s blog I talk to Andreas Gross, a Member of Parliament from Switzerland…"

Alan:  A lot of your parliamentarians are already in it, the same in America too by the way.  Americans don’t know that.  Many of their politicians are members that are pushing, they also call it the World Federalist Society and they’ve got a whole bunch of them all working the same goal of a parliament of the world.  Shelley talked about it too you see.

So anyway it says:

"… Andreas Gross, a Member of Parliament from Switzerland and Chair of the Socialist Group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, who recently participated in the “World Forum for Democracy” in Strasbourg which was organized by the Council of Europe."

Alan:  Now the Council of Europe are the guys that were set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs who also picked the communist side of things to bring all this to be.  We have to all be run in a communistic fashion at the bottom, the masses that is, so as the elite above us can relax and put their feet up you know.

And it says:

"As a step towards global democracy, Andreas Gross advocates “a globalization of the Strasbourg model”."

"After a stint as a professional journalist, Andreas obtained a degree in political science, and co-founded the “Workshop for Direct Democracy” in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1988.  He was elected to the Municipal Council of the city of Zurich in 1986, and then to the National Council in 1991.  He was one of the key persons who fought for Switzerland to join the United Nations and is an internationally recognized expert on direct democracy."

Alan:  An expert on "direct democracy".  But that was like revolution with the red flag and all that.

"In June 2003, he was appointed Special Rapporteur on the political situation in Chechnya for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe...."

Alan:  So they go through his different credentials and all the rest of things.  And they have a chat on here with this guy about the World Forum for Democracy and other things that are happening.  There’s an audio of the interview here plus a written transcript as well; so either the audio or the transcript.

Another one too is this one here.  It’s from the same group, by the way, for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

"The documentary film “World Vote Now”..."

Alan:  It’s called.

"…that premiered three years ago and runs over 77 minutes was now released in full length at"

Alan:  So I’ll put that link up and you can actually hear these feral globalists prattle on about their wonderful society of communism they’re going to run over us because they’ll be the leaders you see.  Communist leaders always live awfully well, really high, you know pretty high on the living standards.

It says:

"The movie that was shot from 2001 to 2009 in 26 countries explores the possibility of a world referendum and features interviews with people from all walks of life."

Alan:  Except the ordinary folks like you.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big campaign that’s been going on for many, many years, the campaign for a United Nations parliament of the world.  It’s a parliamentary assembly they call it.  And to do with their video now is out, so I’ll put this link up tonight; and they go through, it says this:

"“The fundamental and simple idea behind the film is that if democracy is such a beneficial way to improve the governance and development of so many countries and their people, why not try it at the global level as well?  When we made World Vote Now nobody could have predicted that there would be democratic revolutions and mass uprisings from Egypt to Wall Street, from Spain to Russia."

Alan:  Oh yeah they did because you see the same boys at the Royal Institute of International Affairs with MI6, CIA, and all the rest, trained all these revolutionaries and soft powers as they call them, NGOs, to infiltrate these countries and riot from within.  Brzezinski even went through that himself.  So, I’ll put this link up tonight too and you can see that for yourselves.  But this is a very real deal of course; it’s definitely going to go that way.  First they wanted a united Europe, remember, and then a united Americas.  We’re already going, still working on that by the way, we’re still integrating with the U.S. and Latin America; and then the Far-Eastern/Pacific-Rim regions; it all came out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations.  They designed all of this a long time ago.  And you have to go into their own records and you’ll find it.

Now, here’s another article too from another Member of the European Parliament…

"MEP Joe Leinen…"

Alan:  It’s like Lenin, isn’t it?

"…explains why we urgently need a UN Parliamentary Assembly"

And it says:

"In this first interview for the UNPA campaign’s new blog I talk to Jo Leinen from Germany who has been a Member of the European Parliament since 1999 and who acts as Co-Chair of the UNPA campaign’s Parliamentary Advisory Group."

Alan:  Now remember too the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and you got to get Quigley’s book on, "The Anglo American Establishment" because he goes through a lot of the setup for this very, very system and how they’d get three trading blocs and then they’d merge them together under a world parliament.  And they set up the United Nations.  That’s who set up the United Nations.

It says:

"Among other things, Jo Leinen has served as President of the Union of European Federalists and he is now President of the European Movement International."

Alan:  I think Hillary Clinton is a member of the World Federalist Society.  So was, was it Dan Rather and a few other ones as well.

And it says:

" From 2004 to 2009 Jo Leinen was chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs and from 2009 to January 2012 of the Committee on the Environment and Consumer Safety.  I have asked him why a UN Parliamentary Assembly is important, whether there are lessons to be drawn from the European Parliament and how he came to support the idea."

Alan:  And then they go through the talk you know and the guy explains it, why he got into it and all the rest of it.  But actually he’s been told to get into it.  He’s probably been breed to get into it actually.  And I’m not kidding about that too because they’re generally intergenerational these guys.

It says:

"It’s more than 10 years ago that I thought that global problems need global solutions and the decision-making on the global level should be democratically accountable – so we needed a citizens’ chamber, the parliaments, to play a big role on the global level."

Alan:  And he participates in various climate conferences; see, they use all the same techniques, the environment and all that, all the things, the same things that were put out there by the boys at the top for the new world that’s coming in.  All the excuses like climate stuff and so on.  They’re all involved.  They run all these things, these guys, and they’re complete globalists and utter socialists.  But they live like multi-millionaires ruling over you, you understand.  It’s great to be a communist if you’re ruling over millions of people.  And he says:

"… and I could see the stalemate of diplomats that are not able to find a good solution and I’m sure that citizen representatives like parliamentarians could give a new dynamic and a new push to this global concern and even saving this global good, the atmosphere, which belongs to all of us – so I think there would be a new element in global politics if parliamentarians come in better than now."

Alan:  He says, and then he prattles on about his same spiel of you know all the reasons they have to have a global parliament.  Anything will do, but mind you as I say they always give you the reasons and they institutionalize the terminology by the way.  You know Lenin said we shall win by slogans; and you’ve got all the terms already in your brain.  They’ve been institutionalized through every talk that you’ve heard on government, on energy, on climate change, and all this.  I mean they’ve got it embedded everywhere you see.

Also, in this article too,

"Manifesto for Global Democracy and proposal for United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Presented"

Alan:  So, I’ll put up the manifesto for it.  They always have manifestos you understand.  And it’s all funded by the international corporations as well.  They fund the communist side you see because that’s who’s going to govern all of you and make it easier for the CEOs of the corporations to be left alone you see.  They won’t take any heat at all.  And it gives you all the lists of the different people across the world who are parts of it, and people who are Pulitzer Prize winners and all the rest of it, and top scientists, that are all members of this World Parliamentary Association.

"Twenty Nobel laureates so far on record who supported a world parliament"

Alan:  I’ll put that up as well for those who care to have a gander at it.  It’s very, very real because you’ve got to understand that this is affecting all of your lives.  Everything is interconnected today, for those who don’t get it.  Everything to do with economics, your international banking system was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Your central banking system all under the Bank for International Settlements was set up for the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  And the United Nations was set up by them too.  Their branch in America drafted up the amalgamation for the Americas under NAFTA and GATT.  They came out themselves; the Council on Foreign Relations came out on Canadian television and said so.

So, these are all unelected institutions and groups.  They are private organizations.  But they have been running the world for well over a hundred years, under different names but for the last hundred years they’ve been using these particular titles.  But they go through the whole techniques that they’re using, and all the declarations they’ve got out, and they get treaties signed and as I say they get all top scientists on board with it.  They talk about, they even go into the past too, Einstein of course was a globalist.

It says:

"As Einstein, Thomas Mann (literature, 1929), John Boyd Orr (peace, 1949) and Albert Camus (literature, 1957) believed in the necessity of supranational integration…"

Alan:  That’s complete integration.  That’s doing away with the nations, exactly what international communism was built to be you see.

"…and a global parliament. The latter two actively supported the World Federalist Movement."

Alan:  You’d be surprised how many of your reporters belong to the CFR and World Federalist Movement.  Even the one that said, “That’s just the way it is,” the guy, one of the main guys who gave Americans their news all through the Vietnam War and so on.  He was a member of the World Federalist Movement.

"In 2004, the “World Campaign for In-Depth Reform of the System of International Institutions” published its London Declaration…"

Alan:  They’re always giving declarations and manifestos.  London Declaration, they’ve got the links here too.

"…which included a call for “the world’s citizens to be directly represented in the international institutions” and said that “work could move towards creating a parliamentary assembly.”"

Alan:  It’s for the world.

"Among others, this declaration was endorsed by Nobel laureates…"

Alan:  And it gives you the names of them and so on.

"When the Committee for a World Parliament was formed in Paris in the mid-1990s, it was immediately supported by Nobel Peace laureates Nelson Mandela (1993)… "

Alan:  Well naturally.

"…and Shimon Peres (1994).  The Peace Nobel Prize laureate of 1983, Lech Walesa, in interviews and speeches has also repeatedly talked about the need for a global parliament."

Alan:  And there’s many, many more of course.  Also tonight I’ll talk about again the United Nations and it’s amazing, you see they’ve got fingers in every pie.  Every pie, right down to your family by the way, and the schooling of your children and particular indoctrination right down to masturbation of your children.  I’ve gone through that before.  They actually want that to be taught in school, I mean like openly.  I mean like practical practice you know.  And I’ve mentioned all of these things in the past.  Anyway, this is from the United Nations too…

"Global Pulse is an innovation initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General, harnessing today’s new world of digital data and real-time analytics to gain a better understanding of changes in human well-being."

Alan:  As you go into austerity you see and get your new indoctrination just be happy, if you can’t get happy we’ll give you pharma drugs and stuff and make you happy.  Exactly what we know Brave New World was about too, you had your Soma drugs.  They’re actually doing it all, they’re drugging the children for goodness sake.  And you don’t mind, you see you’re all contaminated, you’ve gone down the hill and allowed all this to happen.  You get to a point of contamination where anything goes and then they steamroll it and that’s it.  We’re there now.

"Global pulse hopes to contribute a future in which access to better information sooner makes it possible to keep international development…"

Alan:  You understand there is international development.  All these things that I’m talking about from the United Nations, all these different thousands of NGOs and organizations that are all working on different parts of it, this is called international development.


"…protect the world’s most vulnerable populations, and strengthen resilience to global shocks."

Alan:  It says, and that’s what we’re doing in Europe, we’re bailing out Europe as well and so is America and Canada by the way throwing money at there too.  That’s throwing money across the whole world, global shocks.

"Global Pulse functions as an innovation laboratory, bringing together expertise from UN agencies, governments, academia, and the private sector …"

Alan:  Your international corporations.

"…to research, develop, test and share tools and approaches for harnessing real-time data for more effective and efficient policy action."

Alan:  So here’s a United Nations with its policy actions, its manifestos, who nobody elected.  We don’t elect them.  They are non-democratic but they always use democracy when they want to invade countries using NATO.

And it says:

"Our implementation strategy takes a systems-based approach, with three interdependent areas of activity:"

1.      "Data Research: Global Pulse is discovering new indicators in digital data with the potential to give us a real-time understanding of community well being and real-time feedback on whether our policies and programmes are working."

Alan:  Did you know that they’ve got programs and policies working on you?  Did you know that?  You don’t even know what they are, do you?  They’re right down to your local area, the ICLEI that’s grafted itself onto your councils to do with environment, planning permissions, and all that kind of thing; that’s all part of it; that’s just one of thousands.

2.      "Technology toolkit: Global Pulse is assembling a toolkit of free and open source software tools that will allow development experts to mine real-time data for digital signals, share hypotheses with trusted colleagues, and make evidence-based decisions."

Alan:  All of your data from your cell phones and everything, these guys are into in real time.  And they’ve got the pulse, that’s why they call it, the pulse, the pulse of the public.  I mentioned this years ago.  And they know exactly what people are being sour about one day or happy about the next.  They know exactly what to tweak here and tweak there.  They even know if you’re sour about something they’ll give you a happy story in the media tomorrow, they’ll make it a meme, and it’s bunged out there and you’ll be prattling about it.  You’re managed like animals in a cage.  I’m not kidding you, it’s that detailed.

3.      "Pulse Lab Network: Global Pulse is partnering with Member States…"

 Alan:  That’s all the nations.

"…to establish an integrated network of country-level innovation centers, or Pulse Labs, that will bring together government experts, UN agencies, academia and the private sector to pioneer new applications of real-time data to development challenges."

Alan:  Challenges, and then anything that goes against their changes they’ll have to annul it somehow or overcome it.

"The recent waves of global shocks – food, fuel, and financial – have revealed a wide gap between the onset of a global crisis and the availability of actionable information for decision makers to protect the world's most vulnerable populations. Traditional statistics have been effective in tracking medium- to longer- term development trends, but – given the latency of the data generated – are ineffective in generating the type of real-time information decision makers need in developing timely actions to help vulnerable populations cope with crises.

Alan:  Now they don’t give a damn about, but they use all these weak and all these poor souls and all that, third world countries, as a front.  They have no time for them at all.  They have demolished them in the past.  The bankers run the United Nations, don’t forget it.  And the International Monetary Fund, that gets all these nations in massive debt, don’t forget that.  So they’ve got the real-time pulse on you and as I say then you go into this one here on their labs, and again it goes into what they’re doing,

"...establish key partnerships, pilot real-time monitoring approaches at the country level, and support the adoption of proven approaches globally."

Alan:  And the Pulse Labs operate as hubs where they get all your info coming in.  They have experts that can analyze it, they even have computers that analyze what you’re even yapping about, what your themes are, memes are, and all the rest of it.  What your grouches are or what your happy times are.

"Prototyping countries are self-selected, taking geographic balance into consideration. Host countries must express an explicit interest in hosting a lab and must be willing to share lessons, experiences and findings with labs in other countries."

"...Labs will draw both on the regional expertise of the host countries as well as the international network of United Nations agencies."

Alan:  These are all the NGOs and the agencies that are all working together, all unelected.  Thousands of groups all financed by big corporations and the foundations, the front groups.  The foundations are the money guys; they throw out trillions of dollars to these NGOs.  You’re run by a parallel government, a real government.  The parallel one is the real one, not the one that you vote in.  Quigley himself who was the historian remember of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, he said that.  He said that, he said these guys are responsible for every war in the world but through it all they will bring a united planet together, all together.  So they’re doing it for a good cause you understand.  All this slaughter, etcetera, it’s for a good cause.  And they create mayhem across the planet to say oh my look at the mess, we need a global government which we will happen to run, you know.  Anyway, here they are, right down to as I say grabbing all your data daily in real-time and they know exactly what every little area is talking about, and what you’re talking about.  And you haven’t given permission for any of this to be given to them, never mind what they’ll come out with on how to regulate and work on you personally.  You don’t even know it’s happening to you.

Also, I’ll put up this one too; it ties in with it by the way.  And it’s from CERTS.  And it’s the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions, getting back to technocracy.  The science of Technocracy, energy outputs, energy credits, all that kind of stuff, how you’re all going to get taxed and all this kind of stuff.  And how big corporations will run you using energy as the currency eventually.  And it will actually be the commodity as well, right down to a chocolate bar and how much energy it made to make that chocolate bar.  You’ll pay your carbon taxes on it too and various other things.  This is all technocracy.  And this one is called; it’s from CERTS as I say, the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions.


It says:

"The U.S. electric power system is in the midst of a fundamental transition from a centrally planned and utility-controlled structure to one that will depend on competitive market forces for investment, operations, and reliability management.  Electricity system operators are being challenged to maintain the reliability of the grid and support economic transfers of power as the industry’s structure changes and market rules evolve."

Alan:  What it’s about is your tax money going into these big private corporations that are taking over all of the grid, even the public utilities across the world.  And they’re creating a smart grid worldwide of course.  And if they want electricity in one country to do something special they will simply cut you off in some other country or some other area within a country.  And this CERT goes into it.  And it’s all been done; I mean when are these things even discussed in any government?  They were never discussed in any government.  You understand all the big things that happen don’t even generally get mentioned in your government.  It’s above your government.  Your governments are told what to do.  Quigley mentioned that they put in your politicians.  They have for a hundred years in every country where the CFR is.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and just before I take Rick from New York, I’ll put up again tonight, I’ll put all these links up at, it’s called "Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy".  And I read it last week, at least half of it last week but you got to understand what’s really happening.  You’re living through an old script, an old plan.  Now we’ll see if Rick is still there, are you there Rick?

Rick:  Yes I am.  How are you doing Mr. Watt?

Alan:  Not too bad at all.

Rick:  Yeah, what I wanted to say is basically when you talk about organizations like the Bank for International Settlements, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  That if you look into the history of Freemasonry there is a graphic of a square and compass and in between the two sides of the compass is the hammer and sickle of the Marxist tradition.  And what you find is that Karl Marx was a member of the Grand Orient.

Alan: That was also the symbol of British Freemasonry too.  They used the hammer inside the compass.  See, the revolutionary movements were a front to begin with for the money boys that already existed.  And they set up the revolutionary movements to take over this world, and they created Freemasonry.  It really broke out in the 1700’s.  They tried before with Rosicrucians and so on.

Rick:  It comes out of the Templars and being prosecuted and then going on to Scotland and all that, yep, Rosslyn Chapel.

Alan:  It’s a very, very old thing but even Albert Pike mentions in his own book and he was basically the pope of Freemasonry at one time.  And he said we always say "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity", as we promote revolutions he says.  And then he goes in to tell the truth of the higher members and he says of course there can never be liberty for everyone or equality for everyone and so on.  He goes through the reasons why there can’t be, but that’s what they use to promote it and the chanters of this great revolution today for world government are still quoting the same rubbish to the public.  They have no intentions of giving the public what you think is liberty and equality.  On the contrary, Masonry as Albert Pike said, he said, for those who will not use their own intelligence – and suss things out for themselves, in other words, if you won’t use your own intellect – he says, you are therefore meat on the table and a beast of burden by choice and consent.  And that’s exactly what they....

Rick:  And Albert Pike he had to, what do you call it, flee to Canada because he was indicted by Lincoln as a war criminal.

Alan:  Well after that though, then they put up a big statue of him up near Washington, D.C.

Rick:  Yeah, I’ve seen that.

Alan:  But Pike was a front man, he spoke fluent Hebrew, and various other things, and he was a globalist.  And at that time they had international, you got to understand he taught Mazzini, and Mazzini became an international revolutionary for a while too.

Rick:  And Mazzini worked with Marx on the international workers, IWMA, back in the 1860s in Germany.

Alan:  That’s right and so these guys have been on the go for a long time.  And it’s a front, as I say, it’s already a front for a group that already existed that ran the world’s money and debt and all the rest of it, and wanted to run the world properly, but you have to first create a con for the public to follow.  You need the masses to fight for you to do this.  And then they do that; and then they take over and you end up with what you had in Soviet Russia where literally it was an incredible, it was a class system believe it or not.  Just like, look at China, all the guys who are in at the top of the politburo are multi-billionaires.

Rick:  Oh it’s like in Albania under Enver Hoxha’s time where you had military zones where the elite would do their shopping and send their kids to school and everything.

Alan:  That’s right.

Rick:  And then the rest of the society, people were walking around in rags with no food.

Alan:  Well that’s it, that’s what they’re bringing in for the world.  They call it austerity, mind you, but as long as you feel well, you’ve got well being, you’ll be okay.  Thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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