Nov. 30, 2012 (#1225)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 30, 2012:

Reduced to a Brick by Elect-Trick:

"There's No Manual Teaching You to Train
On How to Use or Safeguard the Brain,
Scientists Obsessed, Trying to Clone It,
And Little Old You, They Want to Control It,
Most Capitulate for Thinking is Boring,
Own-Thought is Heavy, Puts You to Snoring,
Others' Flood In, now That's Entertaining,
Self-Think Causes Headaches and Straining,
The Masters with Knowledge Never Hesitated,
Implemented Techniques, You're Domesticated"
© Alan Watt Nov. 30, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 30, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 30th of November, 2012.  For newcomers, as always, I hope you make good use of the website  There’s lots of free audios for download, there’s also print-ups, or you can print up transcripts as well in English off all the sites. You can go into and get transcripts in other languages of the talks I’ve given. As always, I always remind you that you are the audience that do bring me to you, so you can hopefully keep me going by buying the books and discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome in these hard times.


What I do, as always, I go through the system that we’re living in, that you’re born into. I go through the fact that you’ve been conned your whole life basically, trained, scientifically trained by professional people who’ve studied behaviorism, now they call it neuroscience – that’s coupled with it too – psychologies of all kinds, and they know how to handle the masses, the mass man.  So you’re living through, you are the end product of it, actually, right now. Your parents were too, mind you, and so were your grandparents. This is an old, old art. The art of indoctrination has been well discussed by professional studies and even in some of their own releases. You’re born with the ability to comprehend so much but you’re stunted at birth because your parents give you your primary indoctrination, from their indoctrination, and then school takes over. That’s when it really just cuts off your ability to free flow. Because now you’re in groupthink, you see, and consensus building, political correctness and all of that, is pushed on top of you. And there’s nothing you can really do about it. You think it’s all quite natural because otherwise adults wouldn’t be doing that to you; you’re so trusting, you see. 


Schooling has always been this way. John Taylor Gatto came out with lots of information about that, to do with the indoctrination process in schools; and so did Charlotte Iserbyt and others as well, well documented material of course.  It tells you the history of education, what it’s really for. It’s to serve this big system that’s already preexistent, and to get into a worse system now of complete scientific control; that’s where we are today.  It’s scientific socialism they call it, for the masses. The boys at the top, interestingly enough, I always think back to Bertrand Russell. He said, eventually the managerial classes, the technocratic classes, they’ll see themselves not just as a separate class but almost a separate species. Because their complete reality, that they have above all of us, is incredibly vastly different from what we’re taught down below, with the mainstream media, the standard education, etc. And I think that’s already happened quite some time ago personally. It’s been like that for quite some time.


For the last hundred years they really prepared the big pushes for the Century of Change, which is the 21st century. They set up all the machinery, the United Nations.  They had wars to bring about and they forced wars across the world since World War I and II to make it all come about. And through their own organization, the United Nations, they’d bring in this world system of government. And along with the United Nations they have a duplicate structure of every government; they have every department they can possibly have in a national government. They now dictate to the countries, who are quite happy to sign on with it, because all the politicians at the top are in on the big agenda. They are specially selected, but not by you either. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve mentioned many times about this massive superstructure of systems all combined together as one massive system, supra-national.  We don’t vote it in; it’s all run privately of course. That’s the key to everything. There is such a thing as a parallel government. I’ve mentioned it many times before. Maggie Thatcher and other ex-prime ministers mentioned it, they belong to it. They got more done as technocrats working behind the scenes, and not being responsible to the public, to get big world plans laid and debated and hammered out, without the public even knowing about it. Apart from that they work with all these big foundations and institutions that really are just fronts for the big banking boys, the real big banking boys, not your little local bank, but the guys who own all the strings of banks across the whole planet. They also have private ones for themselves too.  So, you’re living in their system.


It was decided a long time ago that the world would be run properly if they were in charge of running the world, not just the politicians.  So for a little while they gave you a thing called democracy and made the people actually believe they had it. Because they had to get world wars on the go, you see, and it’s not likely that you’d go and fight for world wars if they couldn’t push we were bringing democracy across the world and all that kind of thing, when you actually don’t have it yourself. But now that it’s almost served its purpose, as we force this system of democracy across the Middle East and elsewhere, it’s going out of phase. Because the public back home are being trained, you’re under authoritarianism.  That’s exactly what the Club of Rome, the big premiere think tank for the United Nations said back in the 70s. They said democracy would never work. It was a handy tool to use on the public, but it would never work, because there were too many conflicting parties, and trying to explain things to the public all the time looking for approval wouldn’t work; they couldn’t get their big plans rushed ahead. So they simply train you under authoritarianism now. And that’s how we are trained. You simply obey every new law that’s slammed on the books, and most folk don’t even mumble about it anymore.


So we’re going through massive changes, the Century of Change, the 21st century. It’s something that academia whispered about for about 50 years, amongst themselves, because they all knew what it was about. They also trained selected students at special schools and universities to participate and take over from them as well. So here we are. We have these public/private partnership deals with government – which is a nice way of calling it fascism, because you see, that’s what it is; that’s what fascism truly is. So the fascists at the top run the world properly, you see, and they use a communistic system where you’ve got massive commissars and bureaucrats and agencies literally meddling with the people across the world from birth to death. That’s where they’re going with it. This is the scientific socialism, it’s also called, that HG Wells and Russell and many others talked about. And they helped participate along this route for this particular great plan in their own lifetimes too, in fact, greatly. They put a lot of their life into this big plan. Mind you, they were well rewarded for it too.


But here we are and the average person really simply gets downloaded with the news every day. Part of the technique of downloading you with all this news is to train you that everything is out of your hands. That’s what it’s training you to do and think, that everything that you hear is out of your hands, just accept it.  And you don’t even realize that’s happening to you. Because you’re supposed to have rights, you see. I mean, you can have rights if you really make sure that you want them and demand them and you all stand up and get them. But if you don’t bother doing that, then you’re being trained by the ones who want to master you to sit back and allow them to run everything quietly, you know, without your creating a fuss. So it’s working awfully well for them. But authoritarianism is the way to go for the specialists.


I remember years ago reading an article too, about the United Nations and how the United Nations, this nondemocratic body that’s always spouting democracy when they send NATO in to bomb countries, you know, ‘revolutionary democracy’ they call it, as we force it on them. But they’re not democratic themselves. And no individual in the general population is given a chance to vote, and never has had the chance to vote if they even wanted the United Nations, never mind what goes on inside of these departments; massive structure. They’re into every aspect of your life from health, to children, schooling, education; they’re making sure that the world’s education is standardized through their department called UNESCO. You must have a standardized indoctrination to make sure that everyone’s dumbed down to the right level at the bottom level, you see.


So, what I’m saying is you live in a completely different reality than the one you presume, that’s if you presume at all. A lot of people out there have never heard of what’s really been going on and they just drift along and swallow all their entertainment on television and play their video games and all that, and watch stacks of movies, get downloaded with all the politically correct updates in the movies, and they’re completely oblivious. If you open your mouth and talk about it they think you’re nuts and crazy. But in reality it’s themselves who… They are the perfect end product, they’ve got the quality-approved stamp on them to be dumbed down enough to work in the system for the elite, you see.  And it’s worked awfully well.


Now the biggest thing down through history too, history is full of nothing but conquerors, people always wanting to conquer. You’ll find even with the great historians, they’re always pushing great conquerors. They even have the title sometimes ‘The Great’, you see. So these guys are often bloodthirsty, terrible people, but they bring what they call ‘civilization’ with them. Meaning, this system... This system of money, and in come the same money boys and they start lending out and so on.  Then they teach an elite class, for an aristocracy and so on, to lord it over the people. Then they bring in the rest of the system. This is all down through history, you understand. The thing is, for people who are conquered, they generally have a physical battle and then they know, oh well, that’s it, we’re done for now, you see. And that’s it; you’re basically a subject from then on.


People today have a hard time believing that they are conquered. Yet all the signs, if you put up a checklist, they’re all there. It’s all done. You do what you’re told, or else. You pay tribute to your Masters.  See, your Masters are international too, not just the ones running your country. You’re paying tribute across the world, through redistribution of wealth, to all these ridiculous religions… These are religions they create in all ages, you see.  You’re given a religion of sustainability, and a religion of climate change, and global warming, and all this kind of stuff.  These are all parts of the religion that, not the guys at the top; they don’t believe in it. But it’s necessary for you all to believe in it because you’re the ones who are going to have to suffer it all, happily and quietly, you see. So you’ve been conquered and you don’t know it.


That’s why people today, when they read the news or they hear the news, they say, oh my God look what they’re doing today, oh my God, look at this, this, and this. I always put the analogy across, like the rats in a cage in a laboratory. They’re waiting for the morning staff to come in and they’re sitting, chatting away there and they say, oh what are they going to do to us today? Are they going to put the electrodes in our brain and shock us? Are they going to half our food supply?  or give us strange chemicals? and then dissect us? What are they going to do today?  Well, that’s where the public is.  See, these are reactions to something which they really don’t understand.


They don’t understand, this whole system took hundreds of years to plan. It took the last century to set up all the machinery, step-by-step.  All your bureaucrats and politicians have been involved in amalgamating this world together, in partnership with the private corporations, for the last hundred-odd years. They know where they’re going with it all, because they talked about it in the revolutionary days. And people thought the revolutions were all about freeing people. No, they were not. They were to bring you into this one common system globally, where the wise men would rule the world.


That’s where eugenics comes in too, because that all burst out in the same era, this whole international revolutionary phase with Darwin, and you had Karl Marx there. In fact, Karl Marx knew Darwin; he wanted to dedicate his third edition to him, because he said it validated the theory of Marxism. So you’ve got elitists here, still today, who, by the very fact that they’ve held onto wealth for such a long time, because they’ve had their mates selected for them for offspring, and held on, and their children hold onto the wealth and it doesn’t get lost either and drink it into the ground or drug it into the ground. Then that’s the proof, three generations at least to join the big club. So if they still have held onto that wealth for three generations, that’s the proof that they’re superior eugenically, you see. That’s what they claim.  They go to the best schools, but they also have a completely different education on the side than the average person will ever, ever understand.


So you’re conquered. And you’re run by people who know where they’re going. Corporations are doing more ruling over you now than your governments are. There’s to be more and more and more of this as we rush ahead. Now, IBM is one of the companies… I should say too mind you, you understand, most of the big corporations in the world today, the really big ones, were all started by the same few people... to give you the impression, often, that there’s competition. But there’s not. But these special companies were set up by the same few people. They also got the CIA to put a whole bunch of legitimate companies on the go. MI-6 did the same. Mossad does the same. They all do this. And they all work together towards this common goal, this common purpose, of this world of theirs.


At this stage now, now that we’re trained so far and we’ve accepted the new system of authoritarianism, and you do what you’re told or else, then they bring in the step to do with euthanasia – I’ve mentioned that many times; I mentioned it last night and I’m glad to see other hosts are taking it up today – and to do with the children too, not just the elderly. I said many years ago on the radio, they’ll start first with abortion – you see, that’s a pillar holding the roof up and it’s easier to knock the rest down then – and then they’ll go for the elderly. Now they’re going of course for children, up to three and even over, if they’re sick actually. Horror is coming in. Because you see, this is the new religion, and you scoffed at all the old ones that gave you all your rights. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system, the system you’re born into. Most folk, as I say, don’t even know what’s going on. Most folk don’t know they’re conquered. Most of them never will. In fact, they’ve adjusted to it and they think it’s all quite natural.  And a lot of them actually like it because it’s like Charles Galton Darwin said. He said, the people won’t need their higher instincts, that make you normal, the higher instincts, your suspicions and so on, intuitions, your ability to… your need to question things, in fact. He said, they won’t need these particular faculties because the state will be making all their decisions for them. And we’ve all been trained that there are special people above us, rows of experts on everything that deal with it all. It’s been a massive training to make us believe in experts, you see. Russell said it too. He said, we shall keep repeating and repeating until people believe that they can’t make a decision by themselves; only experts can make the proper decisions. And you’re not qualified as an expert, on anything. It’s been awfully successful.  This is a war, folks. This is total war, actually, to change all of society, to destroy all that was.  And they’ve been awfully successful; look at the mess we’re all in today.


Now getting back to public/private and so on, like IBM was one of the first big corporations they really pushed out there, because it was awfully important to get a company up that could categorize. You see, it’s all about us. It’s all about us, categorizing all of us, computerizing us and getting us all listed and monitoring us and watching us all the time.  So IBM, it says, Start Summit 2012. Start Summit, it’s called, for cities. This was last month in England and it says…


IBM Start Summit 2012


The IBM Start Summit 2012 - Sustainable Infrastructure for Smarter Cities


(Alan:  You understand, see all these corporations now are on board with all these wonderful agendas, to save you. Sustainable… everything is sustainable, you see. Terminology is awfully important because once you’re brainwashed with it, as soon as these characters, these shysters put it in their pieces there, it must be good. It must be good. What’s IBM? IBM worked with prison camps in World War II, categorizing people with Cardex systems. And here they are doing the world. But they’re good guys, you see, and they want us all to be happy, while they help deal with sustainability, for all the dumps that you’re going to live in, as you’re crammed together in the big cities and so on, smart cities. They’re also hooked up with Desert Tech and all these other big corporations that came out of the Club of Rome, that are raking in over a trillion dollars, they got there, and they produce nothing with it except big bank accounts for themselves. Because you see, the public are throwing all our money – we’re not doing it, but your politicians are – at these big special corporations that have all got their hands out. This is the win-win business of today, you see. You don’t have to produce anything, just go in with a sketch and say, I’m going to build this, it’s going to be good for sustainability. They’ll throw the money at you, and you just do little dinky things with cardboard and say, oh well it failed, and that’s okay, they write it off. Then you change the name of the company and open up a brand-new one doing something else. They’re all at it, you know.)


Following the success of our previous two summits in 2010/11, IBM opened its doors to a select group of stakeholders across many disciplines to debate and create an action plan for 4 cities and their challenges.


As part of the Start initiative, inspired by HRH the Prince of Wales (A:  [Alan chuckles.] You know, Savile’s pal…); we have continued to develop the ideas that the previous summit delegates recommended, many of which are already being actioned. But there is one imperative which will require a greater level of collaboration, and that is providing a secure and robust infrastructure that is fit for purpose for all citizens whilst achieving a more sustainable future for us all. (A:  See, they don’t mean them, themselves, when they say ‘us’, you see. For themselves, they’ll be apart from you. They’re going to live in the country in mansions all over the planet, which they do already. Remember, two or three years ago the United Nations said, eventually there will be no people on the rural areas at all, except those corporate farms and a few very rich people. And that’s by about 2018 or so, they said.) Britain will not be able to compete in the modern world unless we improve our infrastructure. Our transport systems are congested. Many of our older and more polluting power stations will come to the end of their lives over the next decade. Increases in population will put more pressure on our water supplies (A:  Because, you see, it’s an open door in Britain; they take all immigrants in.) and advances in technology will increase demand for digital connectivity.


Now, digital connectivity isn’t just digital. They’re also putting in wiring, they wanted to put in wiring across the world, under the sea, Greenland to Britain to elsewhere, massive wiring.  This is the big plan that they’ve got; they’ve got all this cash thrown at them to set it up.  Whether it works or not, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’ll put this article up tonight for those, and it’s got a PDF with it, and it’s got all the suggestions about what we should do for sustainability. And that means literally, get on your bike... get rid of the car and get on your bike, and all that rubbish that they always pull out. Try pedaling through the snow in Canada and see how far you get. But this is the nonsense they come out with as we go sustainable. Of course, it means that literally they’re going to do away with your cars; they said, essential vehicles only under Agenda 21. Therefore, you’ll have to move to the cities, and there you’ll get public transportation, that will be all clapped out and just like the old Soviet Union system was.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system we live in and how it’s run.  It’s public/private, or it’s fascist if you like, at the top. This is the new improved version where experts rule the world, rather than leaving it to individual choices as to what you want to do, what you want to work at, where you want to live, who you want to marry, all that kind of stuff.  It’s all a brand-new system, and they’re training the public, very quickly now, especially through the school system, into the new way that it will be. Simple as that. It’s all set up, all the machinery, all the toolkits as they call it for trainers and all that.  It’s all set up.


And of course...


The Newest Version Of NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act]

Makes It EASIER To Detain Citizens Indefinitely / Michael Kelley / Nov. 29, 2012


I’ll put that up tonight too, to do with how they’ve changed it slightly, but it actually improves it, makes it easier to hold citizens indefinitely, actually, because of the way it’s worded. As always, that’s what lawyers are for; you know, they play with words.


Getting back to eugenics here, it says here…


All school children in Britain should be tested for mental health illnesses, (A:  Says who?...)  say experts  (A:  ... ‘experts,’ say it.  Experts again, you see.) / By Reuters Reporter / 29 November 2012


(A:  Again, you understand, this whole idea of conditioning the public to listen to experts has been going on your whole life, and really rapidly changing and ramping it up through television since about the 1980s.  Even to the weather stations and so on, they always show you an umbrella if it’s going to rain.  I mean, how to dress if it’s going to rain…  huh? and stuff like that. But experts, experts, experts… And eventually they won’t have to tell you what the names of them are, or if they even exist, they just need to say ‘experts say.’  But anyway, this one here does have a name.)


Screening all 11-year-olds could reveal those at greater risk of conditions such as depression, claim researchers. (A:  See, that’s scientific researchers, you see. You know, people who have glasses and that and white coats.)


This could help health authorities treat youngsters early and stop them descending into more hard to treat conditions. 


However, other experts warn that labeling people as 'vulnerable' at such a young age could do more harm than good.  (A:  This is how they always give you articles like that, when they’re introduced… ‘other experts say, or warn’, you see. But this is straightforward eugenics. They wanted this back at the end of World War II. The top guy in charge of the British medical psychiatric institution said, we want to be able to take everyone, adults and children, and test them annually, and we’ll decide what’s to be done with them.  You see, this is eugenics, all to obey the system, the totalitarian system.)


Scientists at Cambridge University said they had devised a computer test that could reliably identify those at high risk as early as 11-years-old. (A:  Oh really? They can’t even get the weather right, eh.)


A study led by Professor Barbara Sahakian suggested the test could be used to alert doctors and psychologists to intervene early.  (A:  So now you get SWAT teams coming in if they find you’ve got the wrong gene. They’re already aborting goodness knows how many children because this child ‘may or may not get this or that disease’. May or may not… they can’t guarantee it, you see.)


Ian Goodyer, a child and adolescent psychiatrist who worked with Prof Sahakian on the study, said screening 11 to 12-year-old children could reveal those who have 'low resilience' - putting them at higher risk of developing mental illnesses such as depression.  (A:  ...low resilience, eh? Oh, that’s very scientific.)


However, other experts have warned that labeling someone as 'high risk' at such a young age could itself have negative consequences.


Mental health problems are common in young people. Some 10 per cent of children aged between five and 16 in Britain are assessed as having a mental disorder of some kind.  (A:  Of course they’ve got them all drugged now.  Mind you, I mean… I think having all those shots they get from baby time onwards, I’m surprised they’re even alive, you know, never mind damaged.)


Adolescence is also a critical period for the development of major depression.


(A:  Now, this is all to do with World Health Organization from, again, the United Nations; they want it worldwide, you see.)


The World Health Organization says more than 350 million people worldwide have depression (A:  Well, no wonder. No wonder. Have you read the news lately? Have you looked at your future?) and predicts that by 2020, the disorder will rival heart disease as the illness with the highest global disease burden.  (A:  We’ve been told that we’re going into austerity, meaning poverty, and high, massive taxes, you know, and there’s no work; it all went to China thanks to our leaders, you know.  Anyway, when you scroll down they go into, again, they touch on the same old thing to do with genetic testing. See, they’ve always been at this… Oh it must be in the genes. This is straightforward eugenics. In eugenics you actually had a ‘poverty gene’, remember; that’s why they used to abort children and then they’d sterilize the mothers, because they came from a poor family, a poverty gene was responsible for that.  See, if you didn’t have a poverty gene you’d be a shark, with a fancy-sounding surname and you’d be up there on Wall Street, you see, ripping folk off and getting government bailouts.)


The researchers found that adolescents who had a variation of a certain gene linked to the brain chemical serotonin and who had also experienced regular family arguments and parental rows for longer than six months before the age of six, had significant difficulty evaluating the emotion in the words. (A: says.  They said that wrong, what do they mean, in the words? They can’t even get that right in the article.)


This, said Goodyer, suggested those children suffered from an inability to process emotional information (A:  So it’s all to do with this gene, to do with serotonin apparently.) - a factor which previous studies have established is linked to a significantly increased risk of depression and anxiety.


'The evidence is that both our genes and our early childhood experiences contribute,' said Goodyer.


You know, I can remember… Actually go through eugenics, go through all the stuff, all their previous theories, before they even found the gene. And you see them measuring people, and children, their noses, the width of their noses, the space between their eyes, their ear lobes, you know, the distance from their eye to their earlobe with big calipers and things. This all started in London, and then Germany took it up after that. And here we are, oh it could be the gene, you see. So they always wanted to put it down to a gene that’s the problem, it’s a gene, so they can predict who should get aborted and who shouldn’t. Otherwise you see, you might get people who can think and say, this system is all garbage and I’m going to speak out about it. You see, they don’t want what we’re doing today, it won’t happen in 20 years’ time; we’ll all be gone. We’ll all be gone. You’ll just get happy DJs on there just churning out music or something, or what they’ll call music by then. And you won’t get anyone complaining about anything, because everyone will be technically happy.  Because the ones who would complain and point out to the rest what’s wrong will be aborted at birth. And that’s eugenics – that’s what it’s all about – so as that the ruling elite and the scientific class that work for them won’t have any more problems. Remember what Aldous Huxley said? He says that, he doesn’t see why a coming, say, scientific authoritarian society, totalitarianism, scientific, he said, couldn’t last forever. Because that’s what he had in mind, they’ll abort all the ones who could be a problem.


They’ve got such incredible knowledge, understanding, especially in real time today with computerization of ALL your data.  I mentioned these links the other day to the United Nations system, who are listening even to this talk right now, and everything else going across the world right now, in real time, and they can head anything off at the pass, no problem at all. They won’t ever have a problem again. That’s why they’re so confident that they’ll have no problems. And actually, they’re right. At this stage, they’re right. So anyway, they claim that your childhood experiences PLUS particular genes will make you mentally ill. And that’s it, folks. That’s it, right there. It’s straightforward eugenics. And if you were to read the study yourself you’d find a completely different thing, or an awful lot of faith and guessing because that’s what they always have.


Also tonight I’ll put up, even though Julian Assange is just kind of a strange fella, I’ll put up an article that was done with him recently about the Internet. Again, there’s no privacy and it was designed that way or was taken over for that purpose. He says they’re now intercepting entire nations’ data at one go, not just the individuals, the collective if you like, this new collective that we all are. It’s already here. And he mentions the different systems.  He says Libya, for instance...


Assange to RT:

Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule / November 30, 2012


JA: . . . even Gaddafi’s Libya was employing the EAGLE system, which is produced by French company AMESYS, pushed there in 2009, advertised in its international documentation as a nationwide interception system. (A:  And they’re way beyond anything… And even this article here, if this stuff is published, believe you me, they’re way beyond all of that at the high levels.  So he goes on to say...)


'it is cheaper to intercept every individual rather that it is to pick particular people to spy upon'  (A:  So you can do the whole lot at once, you see. And that’s what your governments are doing on you too, and God knows how many agencies.)


But he makes some good statements to do, like the Stasi in East Germany and how about one in every 10 people was a spy for the government, generally pressured into it or blackmailed into it by the authorities to snitch on everybody. He says, now they’re using Facebook and so on, and even if you don’t use it somebody else that you know will, and they’ll put all your data and what you were telling them up on their Facebook. So they’re actually, you know, they’re basically contributing to the data collection on YOU, just like the Stasi did, only it’s a better method. So those around you are totally brainwashed, are actually helping put you all in a prison camp in a sense.



Benefit cheats to face lie detector tests

The Telegraph / 29 Nov 2012


Council leaders [in Britain] have introduced lie detector tests in a bid to catch benefit fraudsters who trick them out of thousands of pounds every year.


Well that will be the day, because I mean, the last article I read, remember it was some guys I think from Uganda or somewhere, and they had funneled millions of pounds back. It was a woman who was the head of the gang, it seems, and she was buying holiday resorts over there.  This isn’t the sort of... I mean, the average person in Britain, you understand – it depends who you are – you’re lucky to get 55 pounds a week, lucky, from welfare. But not the guys who flood into the country with the big families, because they’re scared of the cry of racism if they don’t get right in there, and they get all these different leveled grants thrown at them from the local level to the borough level, or county level and upwards, all the way up. 




China's State Grid Corp to buy $500 million stake in ElectraNet / November 29, 2012 Australia. It seems they’re buying up the Australian grid step-by-step, in Australia.  So China’s really on the move.  Mind you too, I’ve mentioned before that Australia and New Zealand were to go under the auspices of China. The CFR designed the whole system, these trading blocs, including a United Europe, and Americas, and a Far Eastern group as well. They said that a long time ago that eventually the dominant party, that they would make to be, is China. That’s what they’re doing right now in Australia, is trying to acclimatize them psychologically to that whole idea that they’re now under the auspices of China. And it’s working actually.


Now, the latest thing of course, is every bomb plot you get in the US – and we had one in Canada too, and stacks in Britain – it’s always the authorities who plan it. They find some silly people that are strung out on something and they guide them along, they supply the materials and then they go in and catch them. It’s a repetitive play. It’s like watching an old movie over and over again; it gets boring.  I keep warning young folk, don’t fall for this stuff. If someone comes along and you’re into whatever it is you’re into, and this guy is saying all the right stuff for your particular group, don’t trust them at all. Because if he’s walking around free, he’s one of their boys. That’s your first clue. It says…


Cleveland anarchist bomb plot aided and abetted by the FBI, 28 November 2012 / Arun Gupta


(A:  This is the standard scenario.)


FBI mugshot of Connor Stevens, one of five men arrested earlier this year for plotting to blow up a bridge near Cleveland, Ohio.  (A:  I mean, that would achieve a lot, right, blowing up a bridge?)


On 20 November, district court Judge David D Dowd Jr sentenced three anarchists with the Occupy Cleveland movement to prison terms ranging from 8 to 11.5 years for attempting to bomb a highway bridge last spring. US Attorney Steven Dettelbach trumpeted the successful prosecution:


"These defendants were found to have engaged in terrorist activities … These sentences should send a message that when individuals decide to endanger the safety of our community, they will be held to account."


Dettelbach, however, was trying to spin the judge's ruling that, in fact, rebuked the government. Dowd handed down far shorter sentences than the prosecutor sought, reportedly saying that the proposed prison terms were "grotesque" and "doesn't make any sense whatsoever". The prosecution had asked for sentences of 30, 25 and 19 years, respectively, for Douglas Wright, 27, Brandon Baxter, 20, and Connor Stevens, 20, in the failed plot to use plastic explosives to topple the Route 82 bridge spanning Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park on 30 April 2012. 


Then it goes into how they set the guys up. This guy, who was a snitch for the FBI, and of course a criminal himself, was paid money and all that to set these guys up. And even when they were losing interest – it’s like young guys with fantasies, they’re living in half fantasy half the time or movie land – he was the guy that kept getting it back together again, keeping them on board for this thing. Then they got all the stuff and in comes the FBI, they arrest them all. Standard stuff. You’ve heard it all before. This is just the standard stuff, you know.


See, if there’s no terrorism they can’t justify all the laws, you understand. So they’ve got to keep creating fake incidences. Eventually they’ll go into some real ones, if necessary, because they ain’t going to change… You understand, you’re up against totalitarianism. What do you think totalitarianism means? The end justifies the means, whatever it takes… to get this massive agenda. You aren’t going to throw off an agenda that’s been hundreds of years in the making because you complain. I hope you understand that. 


Also in the papers too, in Britain it says…


Highest-ever HIV diagnoses in gay men (A:  ...homosexual men, it says.) / 29 November 2012 / James Gallagher


 The number of gay and bisexual men being diagnosed with HIV in the UK reached an "all-time high" in 2011, according to the Health Protection Agency (HPA).


It said there had been a "worrying" trend since 2007, with more and more new cases each year.


Nearly half of the 6,280 people diagnosed last year were men who had sex with other men (MSM).


Overall, one in 20 MSM are infected with HIV.


Of those diagnosed in 2011, nearly two-thirds had not been to a sexual health clinic in the previous three years.  (A:  There’s going to be an awful lot more than that throughout society, I think, because that’s only the ones that probably they’ve found that’ve got it, that would come in for something else perhaps.)


Years ago when all this broke out of course, the UN immediately was trumpeting, and the World Health Organization of the United Nations was trumpeting, oh this is going to spread across the whole planet and eventually everyone’s going to have it. And of course, it was the only infectious killer disease that’s never been quarantined, because it was a political issue. So, a self-fulfilling prophecy, it was going to spread across the world… Well, it has, massively. Of course, I’m sure it was made by science.


The Guardian also has…


Offshore secrets revealed: the shadowy side of a booming industry / 25 Nov 2012


These are how people who leave their own countries and go to some exotic places, certain exotic places, can front for thousands of companies and make millions and millions of bucks doing so. They’re doing a series, apparently, on at least revealing some of the names behind these anonymous companies. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix and I’ll go to Tom from Wisconsin if he’s still there. Are you still there Tom?


Tom:  Hey, I’ve been calling into your show for a few years, and I remind you of that once in a while. You know, what I’ve learned recently, and this is like the key for me in all this patriotism garbage, which is what I’ve come to presume that it is now. Is that the Virginia Company out of England, basically that was divided up into the 13 colonies, which then became the 13 states, or the ‘estate’ of the King of England and the Crown Bank.  You know, a gentleman by the name of Alex Jones, you’ve been on his show, and others have been on his show. He brings up this issue of like the patriot mythology of, you know, I’m the King of Texas or, you know, we have to create a separate government, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. And the truth is, that this whole patriotism about and the worship of the founding fathers, which in itself is a legalism type of language, that itself is the patriot mythology. Because those individuals were trying to protect their own interests when they adopted the original Constitution for the United States of America. I wanted to get your opinion on that. Then I also wanted to say to everybody out there listening now, that we are living in a system of contract, of maritime admiralty contract law, and there will not be a secession allowed of the current system of political entities, that are corporations and what is normally called the United States but is really the country that was called America before it was called the United States, after the creation of the United States Corporation in the late 1700s.  So I just wanted to get your opinion on that, Alan. I think you’re doing a great job in trying to wake up people to the basics of what’s happening right now.


Alan:  What I see is that it’s true that the founding fathers were old families that already had charters for owning quite large chunks of land inside the Americas, as you say. They also belonged to, they all belonged to the world revolutionary force of that time, which was what Freemasonry was founded to do. So there’s no doubt about that; if you look at all the symbology they have from ancient Egypt and all the rest of it, even the Washington Monument and so on, that’s not a Christian symbol obviously. But you’ll find that they had ties with other countries, the same revolutionaries. In fact, Franklin went through it, he says, for 20 years they were stocking up with powder and ball and all the rest of it on islands around the coastline and they were getting it in from different countries across Europe, where they had fellow revolutionaries. So it was a long-term planned agenda. You’re quite right in a sense. Now, Franklin also said too, so did Jefferson, that they hoped that the United States would become not just a Federation of the counties, but a Federation of the world. That’s World Federalist Society, which is world parliamentary society, which is United Nations. So folk have to start to accept that part of it, that this was all said, stated, it’s in their own books, their own writings in fact, of these particular people.  And you’re here, folks. The US is being used to flatten the only few individual sovereign nations left in the world and standardize them under this same system.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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