December 4, 2012 (#1227)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 4, 2012:

Utopia for the Few Ramming Through:

"Reading Books on History, My Recollection
Is Affirming Belief We're Run by Deception,
The Gulf Between Governed and State Enormous,
Public Relations Filters Down News to Con Us,
Government's Listening to People didn't Last,
We're in a Feudal System Resembling the Past,
For the "Experts" Ruling Know We'd Not Agree
To Global Government Ending All Sovereignty,
And the New Superclass have Become So Haughty,
Arrogant, Bombastic, Beyond even Naughty,
As We Rocket through this New World Order
They've Prepared to the Teeth for Disorder"
 © Alan Watt Dec. 4, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Dec. 4, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December the 4th, 2012.

Newcomers, as always, help yourself to the website, Lots of audios for download, for free and transcripts for print up, as well, in English on all the sites you’ll see listed on the com site. And if you go into, you’ll find transcripts in other languages, of the talks I’ve given. And what I do is go through the history of the system you’re now living in, with all of its massive changes, because this is the century of change and the century of change was an academic expression, used for the last fifty years or so, quietly and behind closed doors often, between faculty members at the top of certain agencies and, of course, certain governmental agencies, as well. Because this was the time where the big plan for the global society (the proper society, the society that should be here, run by the proper people – experts at the top and all that) was to come into being. And the public were to be trained incessantly, through all kinds of means, through education, all kinds of propaganda, through all your movies, through all your dramas on television, you’ll get the messages on PC updates (politically correct updates). And it’s working awfully, awfully well, if you look around you, people get the phrases; they catch the phrases and they start using them and they speak them into reality and it changes their behavior accordingly. So, I go through the history of the boys who set it up, a long time ago. And they were all private organizations, mind you, but they do put their own members into your governments. In fact, they run the governments and the bureaucracies too, across the world and have done for a hundred years. But you’re living through the biggest changes to hit the planet for an awful long time, to do with scientific training and indoctrination of the general public, across the world. Standardization.

So, help yourself to all those audios and so on. And remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can keep me going along, by buying the books and discs at and you can donate as well, hopefully, in these austere times. To do so, go into the website, From the US to Canada, remember, personal checks are still good, as are international postal money orders, from the post office in the US. And you can also send cash or use PayPal. Across the world: Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal. And, as I say, that hopefully will keep me ticking on a little bit longer, because times are getting awfully tough, awfully, awfully tough, as we go through the big changes.

And of course austerity is being promoted from the very top, everywhere. And austerity really means bringing you down to poverty. But again too, it’s not just poverty for all; it’s poverty for some. It’s along the Leninist kind of line and Marxist line of, every man according to his means, meaning his needs, so you’re categorized as to your importance to the world State (the system, in other words); just like they do in Britain’s National Health Service. To revive you or not revive you, if you have a cardiac arrest in a hospital, it depends on your importance to the state (how important you are or how unimportant you happen to be). That’s the kind of system they’re bringing you up in. And everyone’s been trained through school for generations now into it and they step up their programming with each generation. And I don’t mean by seventy years at a time; I’m talking like every three or four years they step it up another notch, another notch, another notch, until those who are growing up are already completely conditioned into the global society, the greening programs and so on. The ones who are a bit sharper – sharper, I don’t mean more intelligent, but sharper; that’s a lot of innate cunningness – will catch on very quickly and they’ll go into all these jobs, that are offered to them, high up managing all the rest of the people down below. And that’s where their future lies because that is the future. It’s already here. Thousands of organizations are promoting it. There’s unlimited financing behind all of this, from across the planet and the big foundations. Because, you see, we’re really run by private organizations that work together. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix; talking about the big, big system we’re in and how it’s always pushing the same agenda to, not just globalization, multiculturalism and standardization of a new culture still to come along the old ex-Soviet model. That’s really how it’s going to be: political correctness and obedience from all the people down below and in the middle all these masses of bureaucrats and government agencies running our lives and the fascist elite at the top that run all the corporations. That’s how it was set up to be. And of course most folk will accept their position in life because that’s how they’ve done it in the past. These have all been done in the past, these things, in other countries, other times and they know exactly what to tweak and what works and what doesn’t work. So, it’s definitely on the move now.

Now, part of it too, is to start making you pay and pay, just like a head tax, basically; you pay for existing. Pay taxes for existing, for the privilege of existing, in fact, because eventually it’ll be a privilege because they want to kill you all off, you know, at birth and so if they allow you to exist, it’s a privilege to exist. You’re using up their resources apparently. And if you’re not a really good producer, then they’ll mark it off with little accountants and so on. Then they’ll come up with a sum and put a big zero next to you and that’s it. You’re ticked off. And I’m not kidding about that because eugenics is a big, big thing. They’ve exposed this in the plans put out by the military for NATO and the British military. I’ve given you the 90-odd-page plans that came out a few years ago (90-page reports) about the future. It’s going to boil down to a few city-states, even in America. And there’ll be people just dying off, basically. They don’t say much about the people outside, you know, the primitive savages, like Brave New World would have it, but they’ll die off, supposedly, and these people (the proper people) will be allowed to live on into some glorious utopic future.

So, anyway, in the meantime they want to tax the blazes out of you, to continue with their plans, until they get to that stage. Because we’re building them all kinds of things now across the planet and we’re redistributing the wealth, too (again, the communist line they’re using). It was a plank of the manifesto, redistribution of wealth, remember. And that’s what charities used to be for. That’s why they kicked out a lot of these charities, especially the religious ones. And now the government just takes your money and doesn’t ask you, “do you mind giving this cash away to some other company across the world?” some corporation. And we accept this now because it’s been done gradually, until it’s become the normal. Your governments act like bankers themselves because they are go-betweens, at least, because they borrow from the IMF, the World Bank and so on, to give to other countries, but they put you down as collateral to pay it off, just in case anything happens. And even when they write it off in third world countries, it’s still down on the nation’s debt. It’s added to the nation’s debt, so you all have to pay it off anyway. And then your government happily gives them another loan and another loan. This has been going on my whole life. I’ve watched it my whole life, this nonsense. And it’s been worked out, you see, because when they signed the United Nations charter, that was part of the deal, with every government setting up a branch under the United Nations and a representative in their government to deal with the IMF and to get these loans to hand out across the world. It started off with the Bank for International Settlements and Reconstruction and then it came into the OECD and they’ve got another name for it now too. But it’s still on the go and it’s a nice circle where your government borrows the cash from the big boys, the big private bankers, and then gives it out as loans to other countries. Then they write it off and just simply tack it down to your national debt.

Anyway, the other thing too, is to make you pay-pay-pay-pay-pay and bring you into austerity. And, as I say, all the spending money that you have (extra spending money) is to go, eventually, to bare essentials. Bare essentials. That’s post-consumerism. That came from the United Nations itself of course and the Club of Rome was their main think tank to bring all of this in. And you have to study the Club of Rome. They put lots of articles out and books. They even came up with the idea of scaring the public into unifying the world with a threat from out there somewhere; then they hit on the idea of global warming, drought, famine and so on. That would fit the bill, they said. So, they’ll never let up on that. Once they get a consensus built, it doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds, even if it’s all disproven, they carry on with it because they’re all on board with the consensus.

And here’s an example of consensus, here:

“Extreme weather is the ‘new normal’...”


Alan: They’re all using the term that I put out years ago.

“...the ‘new normal’, UN chief says”


Alan: And it says,

“UN Chief Ban Ki-moon”


Alan: He says,

“Extreme weather is the new normal and poses a threat to the human race, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday as he sought to revive deadlocked global climate change talks.”


Alan: I mean they’re kind of fading. People are losing interest and they’re simply not convinced, you see.

“Ban’s intervention came as efforts to agree a symbolic extension of the U.N. Kyoto Protocol, a treaty that obliges about 35 developed nations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions until the end of 2012, looked to be faltering. “It is an existential challenge for the whole human race.” In a speech to almost 200 nations meeting in Doha to try to get a breakthrough, Ban said a thaw in Arctic sea ice to record lows this year, superstorms and rising sea levels were all signs of a crisis.”


Alan: Now, he didn’t tell you that the other thing is, in other parts of the Arctic, they’ve got record levels. You see, they’re awful con-men and they’ve lied and lied and lied so many times. I’ve got articles on this very topic here in fact, the most recent articles on it. And the sea levels aren’t rising because when they do physical ones (not the computer models that all project things), the physical ones show that there is no rise in sea levels at all. Anyway, as I say, they’re all in consensus; it wouldn’t matter if God himself came down and said it, they’d have to nuke him. It says,

“‘The abnormal is the new normal,’ he told delegates at the November 26 - December 7 talks.”


Alan: This was the last time, you know. This is what he said the last time. Anyway, it says here,

“He said signs of change were apparent everywhere and ‘from the United States to India, from Ukraine to Brazil, drought (has) decimated essential global crops.’”


Alan: Well, drought comes every so often and it’s always been like that and storms come every so often and it’s always been like that. And, of course, they pick the one or two of the century as though it was a brand new occurrence Anyway, it says,

“Robert Stavins, director of Harvard University’s environmental economics programme, said there was some hope that an accord could be struck in 2015 despite past setbacks.”


Alan: Because they’re after a lot of millions and millions of dollars from all the countries that are going to supposedly help it... it’s amazing how money is always the cure to every problem, isn’t it?

“Ban said that Kyoto was a valuable model even though Russia, Japan and Canada are pulling out, leaving a group led by the European Union and Australia that account for only 15 per cent of world greenhouse gas emissions.”


Alan: Now, greenhouse gas, as they’re talking about it, encompasses everything, including water vapor off the sea and everything else remember. The CO2 is a tiny, tiny gas, that everything gives off, you know. But this is the con they came up with. We’ve all to pay for the right to breathe out, I suppose. Maybe you can breathe in but you can’t breathe out. Anyway, it said,

“The defectors say Kyoto is no longer relevant because emerging nations led by China and India will have no targets to curb their soaring emissions from 2013. And the United States, the second biggest emitter behind China, never ratified Kyoto. Ban also said that rich nations should step up aid to help the poor cope with climate change after a $10-billion-a-year funding programme promised for 2010-12 runs out.”


Alan: He says. That’s really the money they’re after. And he wants a hundred... they want more than that. They want... it says,

“World leaders including U.S. President Barack Obama set a separate goal of $100 billion in aid from 2020 at a Copenhagen summit in 2009, but did not set goals for 2013-19.”


Alan: Because of the economic slowdown. But anyway, the fact is money-money-money and it’s nothing to do with what he’s saying. It’s not to help the poor either in countries that are suffering and their back-and-forth seasons that they get in various parts of the world. It’s to get into big corporations, to pay big corporations big, big money for a lot of windmills and stuff that last a few years, fall to pieces and then the guys move on to some other government handout in the greening system. So, I’ll put this up tonight too. And I’m sure lots of folk have seen through it, the whole scam of it all. And some of the top politicians who are all for it, have actually said it’s a scam. It doesn’t matter if all the science is fake; it’ll help equalize and distribute wealth across the world. Ha ha ha.

Now, this is a kind of an interesting little article here, because some artists are quite comical in some ways, what they do and so on. And you always get young people who will try things, it’s always been the history, to protest by street drawings, things like that. But this is an artist in New York, who managed to get into the computer system and put up his posters and you’ll see the posters of a drone going over the people, I guess in the States, and dropping bombs on them, just to stimulate talk about, should the police have drones in the first place, as we become militarized. Anyway,

“Drone Poster Artist Arrested, NYPD Does Not Find Satire Amusing”


Alan: It says. And it says, the guy who put it up has been arrested, it says.

“Essam Attia, 29, was hit with 56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny possession of stolen property and weapons possession after allegedly having an unloaded .22-caliber revolver under his bed at his Manhattan apartment when he was arrested early Wednesday. Authorities said Attia planted dozens of ads in display cases around the city between Sept. 14 and 16. Many of them even used his artist signature, ‘ESSAM.’...”


Alan: He even put that on it, silly guy, eh?

“Despite his efforts to remain anonymous, the [semi-anonymous Animal New York interview he gave after putting up the posters] and other evidence led investigators in the Manhattan District Attorney's office and the NYPD to identify the alleged prankster as a local artist, sources said...”


Alan: So, he’s out on bail for two and a half thousand cash. But they’re not bad posters, actually. I’ll put it up tonight and you can have a look. And hopefully it did... I don’t know if it would do it there, in New York, but it would start the discourses going elsewhere, I think, if you tried the same kind of thing.

Now, tonight starts a NORAD exercise (a big one apparently) and it’s to do with:

“The North American Aerospace Defense Command and its geographical component...”


Alan: Is having an exercise tonight. Back with more on this one after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt; talking about this NORAD exercise that’s on right now. And it says,

“The Department of Defense announced today that the North American Aerospace Defense Command will conduct an air defense exercise called ‘Exercise Falcon Virgo’ on or about midnight and 2 A.M beginning on December 4, 2012 and concluding early Thursday.” 

“It will be held somewhere over the National Capitol Region (NCR). North American Aerospace Defense Command ...”


Alan: It says, it’s:

“... a joint organization of Canada and the United States...”


Alan: It says is taking part in it. It says,

“Headquarters NORAD and the NORAD/USNORTHCOM command center are located at Peterson Air Force Base in El Paso County, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. The nearby Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker has the Alternate Command Center.”

“‘The exercise is comprised of a series of training flights held in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Capital Region Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC), the Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and CONR’s Eastern and Western Air Defense Sectors. Exercise Falcon Virgo is designed to hone NORAD’s intercept and identification operations as well as to operationally test the NCR Visual Warning System and to certify newly assigned Command and Control personnel at JADOC...’”


Alan: I like all their names... JADOC, eh?

“‘...Participating in the exercise will be Civil Air Patrol aircraft, Air Force F-16 fighters and a U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter’... ‘In the event of inclement weather, the exercise will take place the following evening. If bad weather continues, officials will then make a decision to postpone or cancel the exercise’”


Alan: It says right there. So, there’s two sites on that, one’s from the government itself and one’s from the Examiner. I’ll put them both up at

And this article here too, is, again, it’s from CNN... and there’s a lot going on, of course, over in places like Turkey etc, to do with Syria. And we know that they’ve been having world meetings (all the big boys) about how to take down Syria and get it all over and done with. It says,

“NATO OKs Patriots and delivers warning: ‘Don’t even think about attacking Turkey’”


Alan: Now, Syria’s got enough on their plate without thinking of attacking Turkey, as they all well know, of course; and it says that:

“NATO foreign ministers have approved Turkey’s request for Patriot missiles to defend its borders, a statement of ‘solidarity’ with its fellow alliance member. ‘Today NATO agreed to augment Turkey’s air defense by deploying Patriot missiles to Turkey. Turkey has asked for NATO’s support and we stand with Turkey in the spirit of strong solidarity,’ said NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.”


Alan: Rasmussen, eh?

“‘To Turkish people we say, we are determined to defend you and your territory. To anyone who would want to attack Turkey, we say, don’t even think about it.’ The move is in response to the spilling over of the Syrian civil war...”


Alan: It’s not a civil war, it’s an invasion from outside forces.

“... into Turkey, where errant Syrian artillery shells struck the border town of Akcakale and killed five Turkish civilians in October. Turkey asked NATO to deploy Patriot missiles along its border to bolster its air defenses against Syrian threats. The United States, Germany and Netherlands, which all have Patriot capabilities, have signaled they would be willing to contribute missiles. Rasmussen believes the ‘actual deployment will take place within weeks.’”


Alan: And he says,

“‘We welcome the intention of Germany, the Netherlands and the United States to provide Patriot missile batteries, subject to their respective national procedures. These systems will be under the operational command of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe. Any deployment will be defensive only.’”


Alan: Did you know there was a Supreme Allied Commander of Europe?

“It will in no way support a no-fly zone or any offensive operation,’ Rasmussen said.”


Alan: And so on and so on. But anyway, they’re gearing up for it. It actually mentions in this article, too... they’ve got to sneak it into a lot of different articles now to get the public... who are losing interest. The public don’t hold interest in things for very long. And since they want to invade there eventually, if they can’t get this thing moving and get Syria over and done with and standardize (like all the other countries they’ve taken out), then they come out with the chemical weapons ploy, again, you know, weapons of mass destruction. It says,

“The decision was made as news surfaced...”


Alan: It doesn’t tell you where the news comes from or anything else.

“... about fears of Bashar al-Assad’s government using chemical weapons.”


Alan: Fear that he might use it, you see.

“Rasmussen echoed warnings from U.S. President Barack Obama that the Syrian government may be toying with...”


Alan: May be toying with...

“...the idea of using chemical weapons to crush the 21-month rebellion.”


Alan: Which is actually a siege. It says,

“‘The Syrian stockpiles of chemical weapons are a matter of great concern,’...”


Alan: So, he may be thinking of doing this and now the second part says that they’ve obviously got them because:

“...stockpiles of chemical weapons are a matter of great concern...”


Alan: See how they do it, you see? This is how it started, remember, with Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction. Doesn’t matter what they use at the time, because they always get away with it, at last, until they conquer their enemy. It doesn’t matter what comes out afterwards. The public just yawn and go on to the next thing.


“Argentina: Repsol files YPF nationalisation complaint”


Alan: It’s interesting, this little article because it’s to do with another world court that you didn’t know existed. It says,

“The Spanish oil company, Repsol, which had its assets in Argentina seized in April, has taken its case to the World Bank’s arbitration body in Washington.”


Alan: It’s a court. The World Bank has now got a court, for those who didn’t know it.

“The Argentine government nationalised Repsol’s subsidiary, YPF, accusing the company of under-investing in oil production. Repsol rejected the allegations and described the action as ‘expropriation.’ The Spanish company is requesting compensation for its losses. It also wants the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) to rule YPF’s nationalisation illegal. The Spanish company said it has filed the complaint after waiting for more than six months for a solution. Before the Argentine government’s move, Repsol had 57.4% of YPF’s shares.”


Alan: So, anyway, now you’ve got a court to do with the World Bank, for those who didn’t get it. As well as we’ve got a world criminal court, now too, where you go there if you say certain things, you know, thought crimes and speech crimes. Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt, going through the Matrix here. And here’s an article too, about how some countries are dealing with anti-social types that live amongst populated neighborhoods and cause their neighbors problems. And it says,

“Amsterdam residents with a record of harassing their neighbors will be exiled, the city’s mayor announced. After being forced out, they will live under police supervision in special container housing units with only basic amenities.”


Alan: And it shows you these containers that they use on the railroad tracks and on trucks... that’s a big stack together all tall and happy and high and all that. It says,

“Authorities in the Dutch capital have formed a task force to identify the worst offenders behind the 13,000 complaints of antisocial behavior the city receives annually...”


Alan: That’s just one city; Amsterdam. And it says,

“Those charged who defy a compulsory six-month course in the camps will face eviction and homelessness. Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan has allocated an estimated 1.3 million euro to the project, which he argued will protect law-abiding residents from being forced to move by unruly neighbors. The camp dwellers will supposedly be motivated to change their behavior after they return to the city, authorities said.”


Alan: It says,

“‘The aim is not to reward people who behave badly with a new five-room home with a south-facing garden. This is supposed to be a deterrent,’ a mayoral spokesperson said. Some have dubbed the camps ‘tuigdorpen’ – ‘scum villages’ – over their similarity to the rhetoric of right-wing anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom. Last year, Wilders said that ‘repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighborhood and sent to a village for scum.’ The controversial proposal sparked widespread debate, with the term becoming the Netherlands’ ‘word of the year’ in a poll conducted by Van Dale, the leading national dictionary. The new policy will come into effect in January. There are several small-scale trial projects of a similar nature already underway in the Netherlands, including a location near Amsterdam where 10 shipping container homes have been set up for persistent offenders. The world has an extensive record of communities evicting those seen as misfits: Jewish ghettos in Europe, Bantustans for blacks in apartheid South Africa and the Soviet Union’s unofficial ‘rule of 101 km,’ which banned criminals, dissidents and work-dodgers from living closer than 100 kilometers from large cities. The Netherlands is no exception – troublemakers in the 19th century were exiled to live in special villages in Drenthe and Overijssel outside Amsterdam. This controversial... policy will come into effect in January. There are several small-scale trial projects...”


Alan: Going on the way already. And then they just repeat the same thing over and over again, but the fact is, I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in a city where you get these unruly types that party all day and party all night and yell and scream and all the rest of it and you’re supposed to, what, just put up with it? Well of course you don’t and people shouldn’t have to put up with that nonsense anyway. And another article I’ll put up tonight too, is called,

“Powering up Asia’s super-grid”


Alan: And it says,

“The integration of East Asia is a topic of perennial interest - whether it be monetary integration (much discussed in the wake of the 1997 financial crisis), trade integration (promoted via ever-expanding FTA areas) or even political integration. But what is not widely discussed (as yet) is actually the best hope for effective integration - and that is energy integration, via an Asian super grid linking the enhanced electric power systems of China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and perhaps Russia. Just such an Asian super grid has been proposed - by the charismatic Softbank CEO Son Masayoshi, driver of Japan’s post-Fukushima shift to a renewable energy pathway. The first steps towards the Asian super grid (ASG) were taken in October, when SB Renewables, Son’s new subsidiary specializing in renewable energy, announced an agreement with a company in Mongolia, Newcom, to develop a site in the Gobi desert for a giant wind farm”


Alan: So, across the world, they’re getting all into it, the same thing. Massive grants. I mean, you can’t lose with these grants even if you go bankrupt, because obviously all the cash doesn’t go down the drain from the company; it goes into your pocket. And this guy is living, going from one grant to another, just changing their company name. Anyway, this is their big, big ideas, you see. This is the age of big ideas. It’s got to be big; global, you see. So, they want world grids and area grids that’ll all connect together into the world grid. And I’ll put this up tonight, as well. And these things are all on the go. I mean, they’re all starting them all off and whether they really even get finished, who knows. It won’t matter, because they’ll all have made a stinking profit off it.

Also, I’ve mentioned how, you know, even the Federal Reserve chairman talked about gross wellness, you know, rather than GDP he talked about gross wellness, you know, happiness and wellness. And this is a big thing that has taken off, because it was designed to take off, of course, from the top down, as they get us used to austerity. And they keep putting out little blurbs in all the newspapers, mainstream papers, on little countries you’ve never heard of (most folk). And they get a smiling picture, a PR shot with a few people there or natives and they’ve always got signs behind them, in English, strangely enough, with the four points or the six points or whatever it is, of gross well-being, you see. Just for PR. Just to get you used to it... this is how you get used to ideas, you see. You see them and you don’t think much of them, it goes into your subconscious and prepares you for the next one and the next one, and then when your government says, you’ve got to go this way, you go along with it. They’ve already got it going big time in Britain, with agencies that are now getting paid big bucks to go around people’s doors and do these summaries with them and do little visits, how are we today, Mr. So-and-so? And gross well happiness and all that stuff. Anyway,

“Gross national happiness in Bhutan: the big idea from a tiny state that could change the world”


Alan: What rubbish... what rubbish, eh? And it says,

“The principles of Bhutan’s gross national happiness system are spelled out for pupils at a secondary school in Paro, a largely agricultural region. A series of hand-painted signs dot the side of the winding mountain road that runs between the airport and the Bhutanese capital, Thimphu. Instead of commands to cut speed or check mirrors, they offer the traveller a series of life-affirming mantras. ‘Life is a journey! Complete it!’ ”


Alan: It says. And another one says,

“Let nature be your guide.”


Alan: Aww.

“Another, standing on the edge of a perilous curve, simply says: ‘Inconvenience regretted.’”


Alan: But they won’t have, “pay your carbon taxes or else.” I’ll guarantee you that. Anyway, I’ll put that up tonight, too. And just to show you how there’s big money spent across the world just to indoctrinate everyone, including us back home. There’s also this article, too. It was in the Guardian about:

“Bradley Manning: a tale of liberty lost in America”


Alan: And it says,

“Over the past two and a half years, all of which he has spent in a military prison, much has been said about Bradley Manning, but nothing has been heard from him. That changed on Thursday, when the 23-year-old US army private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks testified at his court martial proceeding about the conditions of his detention. The oppressive, borderline-torturous measures to which he was subjected, including prolonged solitary confinement and forced nudity, have been known for some time. A formal UN investigation denounced those conditions as ‘cruel and inhuman.’”


Alan: But mind you, the UN doesn’t mind them using torture, across the world, for terrorism.

“President Obama’s state department spokesman, retired air force colonel PJ Crowley, resigned after publicly condemning Manning’s treatment. A prison psychologist testified this week that Manning’s conditions were more damaging than those found on death row, or at Guantánamo Bay.”


Alan: And that’s a message to everybody else. You see, this is what this is about; even this being published. It’s a message to everyone else: this is going to happen to you, if you blow the whistle, or if you think you’ve got any moral conscience at all.

“Still, hearing the accused whistleblower’s description of this abuse in his own words viscerally conveyed its horror. Reporting from the hearing, the Guardian’s Ed Pilkington quoted Manning: ‘If I needed toilet paper I would stand to attention and shout: ‘Detainee Manning requests toilet paper!’”


Alan: It says.

“And: ‘I was authorised to have 20 minutes sunshine, in chains, every 24 hours.’ Early in his detention, Manning recalled, ‘I had pretty much given up. I thought I was going to die in this eight by eight animal cage.’”


Alan: That’s the size of his cell (eight by eight).

“The repressive treatment of Bradley Manning is one of the disgraces of Obama’s first term, and highlights many of the dynamics shaping his presidency. The president not only defended Manning’s treatment but also, as commander-in-chief of the court martial judges, improperly decreed Manning’s guilt when he asserted in an interview that he ‘broke the law.’”


Alan: See, understand, you’re in Orwell’s ’84 as you go into Brave New World. They’re both working side by side right now. And that’s what it reminds me of, as this guy Manning is getting the full force of the treatment you’d get as Winston did in 1984. You’re getting to find out what the system is really, really all about; that you really don’t have the right to speak up, even as a whistle-blower, because everything will get turned against you regardless. And, in other words, you just can’t win. So, I’ll put this up tonight, as well.

And, as we go into this new system, designed to destroy all that was to bring in the new, remember... that’s what they say at the top. It’s like Theodor Adorno, that was set up in an organization, that came from Germany and moved into the US and Britain, actually, and they were given the task, after World War II, of redesigning the culture of the western world, but especially America, where they said that there could be a resurgence, in America, of a Nazi kind of fascism. And so they were given leeway and orders, actually, by the government (the US government) to design a new culture for America; that went into schooling, through everything, education. They listed all the things that made us a culture great and powerful, like having strong family, strong community, strong people, strong culture and nation, and they decided they had to destroy all of it, to make it safe for certain others. And it’s on the go, still today. He said that they would do all of it... all had to be utterly destroyed, including the culture, right down to not just pedophilia and so on, but down to, literally, having things off with dead bodies, he actually said. Anyway, here, it’s still on the go:

“Brighton Council...”


Alan: In England.

“...may ban ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’”


Alan: Now. You see. It says,

“Brighton Council is thinking of banning the use of ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ in official documents, all in the name of equality.”


Alan: Now, who’s kidding who? This has nothing to do with equality. It says, the

“... proposal has been suggested following a council survey into the lives of transsexual residents. But Tory councillor Dawn Barrett said: ‘It’s completely ludicrous and shows a complete lack of respect.’”


Alan: Well of course it does. But everything they do to you, shows a complete lack of respect, if they’re destroying your culture. It says,

“‘How are they going to address letters properly?’”


Alan: He said. That’s how he thinks about it.

“‘This is just political correctness gone too far.’”


Alan: Anyway,

“The idea is backed by deputy leader of the council, Phelim MacCafferty, who thinks it is ‘useless’ to call people Mr or Mrs.  Cllr MacCafferty said: ‘Trans people aren’t necessarily male or female and sometimes they don’t want to be defined by their gender.’”


Alan: Well, tough for them. I mean, why should everyone have to alter everything that makes you strong, as a culture, to keep a few people, who have other problems, quite happy? And you understand, there’s good reason for it, because the reason is to destroy your culture. It’s quite simple. That’s why they create these organizations and that’s why they fund them and they promote them to the top, otherwise you’d never hear of it. It’s that simple. It’s that simple, folks. Also, tonight, I’ll put up an article. It’s by the Council on Foreign Relations, because they’re always having these little talks at their places with CEOs coming in and it’s called:

“The Case for U.S. Multinationals”


Alan: I don’t think it will touch, mind you, on the fact that a lot of them, even though they’re making massive profits abroad, are also getting handouts from the US taxpayer all the time (corporate welfare). But anyway, they have the Chevron CEO giving a talk and I’ll put that up tonight, as well. And then I’ll go to the callers now. There’s Mike from Pennsylvania on the line. You there, Mike?

Mike: Yeah, yeah, I’m here. I just wanted to say that Alan Watt is not negative, he’s just realistic and I think the show is for people who are grown up, not overgrown boys and girls. And I just wanted to try to build a bridge here. I just wanted to say to the callers, to email to the Infowars and Alex Jones show and ask that Alan be put back on the show because he hasn’t been put on since April and I think he should be on the show. And you can call also the show to try to get him on, I’d appreciate that; because I think his callers would be very interested to know some of the things that you talk about, for example, you were on the Best of Alex Jones tape in 2009. You were on early 2009. This was when I first started to hear about Alan Watt. And you talked about a lot of the same subjects, but you also said, once they finish setting up world government, between 2010 and 2012, right after that (and we’re almost ending 2012 here), you said that the plagues would be coming.

Alan: It’s time for all these things to come out and we’ve got them already, as I say, the birds are all dying off. It’s not just the birds. All the smaller animals are dying off, as well, even with the spray that’s coming down with all the chemtrails that’s dosed overhead every day. The governments know it, because they report it on their own websites and I read an article last night, to do with, not just massive death of birds, but also government involvement... the Department of Agriculture has poisoned millions, every year, of songbirds and various other birds. Last night’s show, partly, was devoted to that, from their own websites. So, they’re killing... by the way, we’ve got plagues up here of deerfly, it never happened before, and that’s been increasing along with all the birds that are dying off that used to kill them, that used to eat them. And now it’s like a plague on the humans now if you go in the forest at all, or even near the forest. Even the fisherman have articles in the government Ontario hunting association’s site, that the fisherman are getting chased out of the forest and even off the lakes with the swarms and swarms of deerfly, that used to come one at a time, not like squadrons. And so we’re seeing the beginnings of all of this happening, too, as of course they release lots of different bugs, which are genetically modified, by the way – I’ve read the articles on the air from their own sites and the government – supposedly to eat the aphids on crops. But they always release them after the crops are in, so why are they releasing them at all? So, we’re living in an age where science is in control and academia at the top, a Brave New World scenario. And they can make everything happen, everything happen that they claimed is in the Book of Revelation, of course. And they can do it all scientifically today. They can cause earthquakes, plagues, famine, war (they’re at war all the time now). And there’s nothing they can’t do by science alone today. So they’re like gods and they’re going ahead just like gods, but the average person doesn’t have a clue. They haven’t a clue that if I just sat 24 hours a day, for five years, daily, going through all the organizations—the multi-thousands, into the millions of organizations that are all working towards this global agenda—I still couldn’t get it all done. That’s what you’re facing. It’s already done.

Mike: Yeah. Because you had mentioned about the model they used for the Middle Ages where monks would do counts of the dead from the plague and I thought you were referring to some more of a bigger event where there’s mass culls, with big plagues, maybe coming next year.

Alan: No. Not a mass kill. I’d never give a prediction about mass kills just coming just like that or next year. I never do these jokes because I see all these people who do that, as jokers. Or they’re selling a book or something. But no, I never do that. You will get them. The boys at the top have every kind of disease under the sun that you can’t even imagine. They’ve modified everything. Canada leads the world in bacterial and viral warfare and has done since World War II. And I’ve even mentioned the different books that have been put out by declassified information on this very topic. And we live in a very scary world with these guys in charge of it. Because they do want to wipe us out. But thanks for calling. Back after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix and I’ll go to this one. It’s Angus, it says. I don’t know if it’s genuine, but it says from America {laughs}. Angus, are you there?

Angus: Well, I am. As disappointed as I am to hear everything you said, from America to Liverpool to Los Angeles to Kentucky, so excuse me. But, we were just looking at JFK and seeing that the 11th month and the 22nd day, which adds up to 33, that’s right in front of our faces, eh? What can you tell me about that?

Alan: About the number 33?

Angus: Well, Dealey Plaza was the first Masonic temple in Dallas.

Alan: Yeah. I know that and there was actually a tri-water way there, in even older times, in fact. And, of course, the thirty-third parallel degree and you also find the courthouse there is right at the bottom of that triune part, too. At the top of the courthouse you still have the little dragons there, there’s little serpents. To the left of the courthouse, you’ve got a pyramid top, when you look at it. So, it’s completely highly symbolic, no doubt about it.

Angus: Let’s just talk about the facts. I mean, secret societies, OK. What is that? Don’t be a sucker. The movie that is out there from World War II, right after 1947, about they don’t want the Jews talking to the Masonics, you know, and how they need to stick together, but I don’t go for that.

Alan: In fact, a high lodge, one of the highest lodges is in Israel and they send their top Masons from Canada and the States over too; they all make journeys to the grand lodge in Israel. And what’s interesting too, if you look at it, in Maryland they’ve got the new IRS office there. They’ve got a pyramid outside the doors, in the little plaza part of it, and they’ve got the two pillars next to it. And also, it’s identical to the one they’ve got in Israel. Identical to it. Why is that? You know? The whole system of brotherhoods is ancient. And in one of my books, in fact, I put through the so-called great temples they had in ancient times, even the one in Judea. And I show you the ones in Greece and elsewhere, which were identical, really, and even older some of them, and it was the same brotherhood back then, in the very high levels of things, I think that you have today, too. And there could be a separate group altogether, who are breeding in with themselves, above all of this actually and running all sides of all of this. But it’s very, very old. There’s no doubt about that.  Thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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