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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 6, 2012:

Paedophilia--No Time if it's No Crime:

"Looks Like Paedophilia will Become All the Rage,
Thanks to New Ruling by England's High Court Sage,
Only for Rape will Pervs Go to Prison,
And May Be Acquitted if the "Right Jury" Listens,
For Adult-Child Sex is Now OK at Thirteen,
"Did Child Consent?" Hear Defense Lawyer Scream,
Sex with Children is Now Left Vague,
Easy for Lawyer to Confuse, Bully-Persuade
Thirteen-Year-Olds, "You Know Your Own Actions!"
Eventually Abolishing the Crime Away by Fractions"
© Alan Watt Dec. 6, 2012


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December the 6th, 2012.  I always start off the broadcast and get it out of the way rather than pester you all the way through the broadcast, to go into the website and you’ll find lots and lots of audios for free download. If you go into the .com site you’ll also see a bunch of other sites listed; these are the official sites that I have. They all carry the audios for download but they also carry transcripts in English for print-up. If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages.


These are the talks I’ve given over the years about the big system you’re born into, the system that’s total actually. It’s supranational; it’s above government. The big real government even puts their guys in for your presidents and prime ministers. I go through the history of it, a very long history of it, and how these guys set up in their private organizations a long, long, long time ago, generations ago, to take over the world system, alter the whole structure of society, demolish the first world countries’ cultures especially and reshape them according to their own. They’ve been awfully successful. That’s why all of your cultural revolutions and sexual revolutions and all that came from one group of people. So I give you the history of it too. And they haven’t finished it yet. You see, they want the whole world.


These boys were the richest guys in the world who financed it all and set up their foundations, as front organizations, to fund thousands of NGO, nongovernmental organization workers, working full-time towards all kinds of revolutions, including now of course the color revolutions too, to change the world and standardize it into this new system. We’re all in a new system, for those who don’t quite understand it. They even use a lot of think tanks and scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists, behaviorists; they’re all on board with them working full-time on us, to change the way we think about things, and what to say, what not to say, and even putting in the default settings in your mind when you actually think something that’s politically incorrect, although it could be very, very true.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you and you can keep me going by the getting the books and discs at In the books too I go through some of the ancient history to the present with this, to show you the conology, as it’s called, because it’s the art of conning the public. That’s what government really is all about. You never get truth from government, and never ever did in the past either. But it’s much more perfected today because people really believe they’re getting told the truth when they hear news. So help yourself.  Remember too, buy the books and discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are really, seriously welcome at this time. Because as I say, things are pretty bad and hyperinflation is coming in; things are far more expensive in Canada.  And the States has to catch up with us yet, and we’ve still to go down quite some ways too, to eventually match Britain. The whole Western world is to go down to match Britain, and that’s still plummeting yet. This is the brave new world, the new world order, planned austerity, and every excuse under the sun has been used and actual events have been made to happen to make it all come to pass.


So we’re living through massive changes now, all designed and talked about as I say well over a hundred years by those who set up this system. The system itself, as I say, has fooled many generations, grandparents, parents, children.  The worst problem today is the fact that the educational system is so socialized and communized that all of the PC agenda that’s being promoted today has been drummed into the children until they won’t have a chance, a chance of ever thinking for themselves or seeing anything in a different way than the way it’s indoctrinated into them at school. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back. This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Many times I’ve talked about the making of stars. There’s a massive machinery involved behind the person that’s put out in front to make them the star, never mind the wads of money too, big investments by those that really own the star. And public relations guys are awfully important in this too, because their job is not just to... When they get any problems to do with the so-called star, they try and cover it up.  They can actually have a lot of pull with the media, because they all know each other you see; it’s like almost family, you might say, in the media when it comes to these characters. Here’s an article here. It ties in with the Jimmy Savile case. It’s interesting too, that across the pond someone took a lot of my stuff and put it up on Savile but it doesn’t mention my name. But anyway, this is about a PR master, you see. It says…


PR to the stars Max Clifford pledges to cooperate with police after his arrest by Jimmy Savile detectives on suspicion of sexual offenses / 6 December 2012


The PR guru was held as part of Operation Yewtree (Alan:  They call it, Yewtree...), the investigation not directly relating to the disgraced former DJ.


He was arrested at 7:40am today, making him the fifth to be arrested out of six to have been questioned, currently being interviewed at central London police station.


(A:  It says that it’s already cost $2 million, this investigation. Whatever the government does it just costs millions of dollars, for 30 detectives to inquire. If they’re getting paid all the time how come you have to put all that extra money out there?)


A Metropolitan police spokesman said, “Officers working on Operation Yewtree have this morning arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation.”  (A:  Now, they’re going after the older ones now you see, because there are a lot of younger ones involved, in the present, and they ain’t going to touch that, because there’s too many people involved in politics right now that will benefit from all the pedophilia rings and so on that are still going on.)


The man from Surry was arrested at 7:40am on suspicion of sexual offenses and has been taken into the central London police station.


Max Clifford’s lawyer Charlotte Harris said he’d assist the police as best he can with their inquiries following his arrest with detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.  (A:  It was well-known that Clifford, of course, he covered up for many people before in the past. Understand too, there’s a lot of payments go out to certain ones who are in the music… well, they actually are the reporters for music.  A lot of cash exchanges hands to keep quiet on things and so on. And these PR guys are the fixers; that’s what they call them.)


(A:  And it says he was questioned after the police inquiry, where it might lead, and...)

...said a lot of old stars were worried about being dragged into the investigation because they had appeared on Top Of The Pops or Jim’ll Fix It and had merely posed for photographs with girls and Savile.


‘It is a situation which could easily turn into a witch-hunt; a lot of big stars are frightened,’ he told ITV’s Daybreak. ‘Where is it going to end? I hope they (the police) concentrate on finding people like Jimmy Savile who were manipulating girls.’  (A:  But he knew all about this stuff, and he admits it in a video which I’ll put up as well, not just Savile but other ones too that he covered up for. You can go into information on the net and find out the different characters, unsavory characters, quite a lot of them that he helped to bring back into the limelight after whitewashing them clean again, you see.)


Max Clifford admits to covering up Child Abuse - / Nov 7, 2012


Jimmy Savile: celebrities frightened of being implicated, says Max Clifford – video -


But you’ll find, as I say, that this is not going to go into big, big people above them, the old establishment, and the new establishment, because there is such a thing as the new establishment that moved into Britain and really took over the whole entertainment industry. But anyway, I’ll put this up tonight.


Now a while back I said, over the Savile case, that what comes out of this legally will be nothing which you would suspect; it will be something completely different. I said that because I remember back in the year 2001 it was, that you understand, your censors organization, that censors stuff on television in your countries, they get together annually, across the world, annually, at a world meeting and they discuss how far they’ve pushed the envelope. Their job is not to protect you from anything. Their job is to see if you’ve been conditioned and degenerated enough by what you’ve watched to see the next push of the envelope and accept it. That’s really what their job is. At the time, after the meeting, it came out by two professors, one in Canada and one in the US, where they said, now that we’ve won the war for homosexuality to be included all over television, he says, we’ll now push for bestiality and intergenerational sex, which is pedophilia; that’s what he was really pushing for.  And I tell you, it had to come from a script because both these professors said exactly the same thing verbatim. Anyway, it’s on the go. So I knew something would come out of this that the public wouldn’t suspect. And here we go, it’s right up what I said.


Paedophiles who trade child porn will not be sent to prison:

New sentencing laws suggest community punishments

(A:  Well, who wants them in your community? And what are they going to do, work at childcare homes and stuff, maybe, you know?) / Steve Doughty / 5 December 2012


The Sentencing Council suggested 'high level community orders' for those convicted of trading or possessing child pornography.


The current benchmark jail sentence for those with a small number of images is three months. 


(A:  This is also to do with a politician, a high politician who was charged recently for it too and he got off with it. Actually, he was a lawyer for a top politician, and he works with different politicians in Britain. And because he’s so way up there and he’s important for getting folk off on things, he got pretty well off light himself, even though he was a number four or five on the list apparently for the most obscene kind of danger to health type of stuff that he was watching, fisting and all of that kind of stuff.  So here we go with this one of Savile, and it says…)


Paedophiles who trade in child pornography will be spared jail under new sentencing rules for courts revealed yesterday.


The Sentencing Council suggested community punishments for those convicted of trading or possessing child pornography in its guidelines on dealing with all types of sex crimes.


People caught selling or distributing internet child pornography may receive ‘high level community orders’, and the council also proposed community orders for people possessing images of non-penetrative sex between adults and children.   (A:  Now, you’d have to understand, does that include oral sex and all the rest of it? Or not?)


The current benchmark jail sentence for those with a small number of images is three months. Only those with pictures of children posing alone or small quantities of images of children engaged in sex acts, but not with adults, are not jailed.


Last night, Canterbury Tory MP Julian Brazier said: ‘It is very worrying that they are not going hard on people who distribute child pornography. You need to take a tough line with the distributors or otherwise you are licensing it.’   (A:  Pornography, in other words, you’re licensing it.)


Criminologist Dr David Green, of the Civitas think-tank, said: ‘The primary question for the courts is what action is most likely to reduce sexual exploitation of children. This is sending the wrong message.’


The council, which instructs judges and magistrates, also said that adults who had sex with 13- to 16-year-olds may receive community penalties and treatment courses instead of prison sentences.  (A:  So there you go. Now you can have sex with a 13 to 16-year-old. That’s exactly what I knew was going to come out of this. I’m telling you, it’s so predictable. Because I understand who’s all behind it. I’ve read their history.   I know what’s behind all this.)


For the first time, it separated cases of adult sex acts with under-13s from under-16s.  (A:  It used to be under 16, so they’ve reduced it. Now you can have sex with children 13 years old.)


In cases of sex with a 13-year-old, it said that where there was no grooming or other aggravating factors, ‘high level community orders’ can be given instead of the benchmark of four years in jail.


The guidelines said such cases should involve ‘no significant disparity in age’, but admitted that there will be ‘very few instances where the disparity in age is not significant’.  (A:  ...which means nothing.)


Wrong message: Criminologist Dr David Green says the courts must action what is 'most likely to reduce sexual exploitation of children' (A:  Well, they’re actually promoting it, as you well know.)


The council also recommended increased use of community sentences for paying for the sexual services of a child. (A:  So they can buy it now too, from them, I guess. I guess they’re going to start prostitution earlier.) said that sex offence sentencing needed to be brought up to date and said its plans gave ‘more focus to the impact on victims and reflect advances in technology’.


In 2011, of the 261 people found guilty of sexual activity with a child under 13, 134 were jailed and 90 were given community sentences.  (A:  So they were already starting it then, you see. You understand, there’s an awful lot of pervs at the top, including the legal system too with these old judges and things.)


The Sentencing Council also suggested sentences for rapists and sex attackers need to be brought up to date, with advances in technology and tactics used by offenders.


Judges should take into account the psychological and long-term effects on victims, as well considering new factors such as filming or photographing a rape, when deciding on punishments.


A tougher maximum sentence of 19 years should be given for ‘one-off’ rapes, a limit currently only available for those who attack the same victim over a course of time or rape multiple victims, the guidelines said.


The changes, which are under a 14-week public consultation, are designed to make sure paedophiles, people-traffickers and rapists who operate alone or in gangs are dealt with better in courts in England and Wales. 


So that’s how they’re dealing with it. If you actually read between the lines you’ve actually got them lowering the age for consent, with children. So even if children now at 13 say they were raped, now the argument will be, well was she precocious for her age? This is all going to go into it, you know it, you can smell it all. It’s so easy to read what’s going on.


And also this one here is to do with technology in itself, of course. We know that you’re going into the whole way of complete surveillance.  You’re already in it, and in so many ways you don’t even know. But they’re training all the children in school to go through what’s now natural surveillance, without thinking about it.


Palm scanners get thumbs up in schools, hospitals / Brian Shane, USA TODAY / November 25, 2012


Palm-scanning technology uses unique vein patterns as a handy ID system.  (A:  They give you a talk on the different schools that are already using it. And oh, it’s like a PR piece this, public relations piece, all rah-rah-rah, how wonderful it is. That’s a paid thing as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll continue with tonight’s stories when I come back after these messages.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we go through and cut through the matrix. And this article here is about the expansion of TSA in the US, out of the airports and onto the roads and so on, which they’ve been doing for quite some time, but it says now they want…


TSA wants to conduct on-site transportation related security assessments / 2012-12-03


TSA is seeking permission from the Office of Management and Budget to conduct security-related assessments during site visits to approximately 750 owners and operators of highway transportation assets (such as long-haul trucks) as well as 140 public transportation agencies.


Under an initiative known as the Highway Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement (BASE) program, TSA will seek information that can help it develop policies and programs. “TSA’s Highway BASE program seeks to establish the current state of security gaps and implemented countermeasures throughout the highway mode of transportation by posing questions to major transportation asset owners and operators,” says a TSA notice published in the Federal Register on Nov. 30. 


Now, you know it’s going to… They’re already into buses, rail transit and everything else. So anything that’s long-distance. But they’re also going in, as you well know, getting them on the highway first, getting you used to seeing them and then it’s you that gets stopped. That’s the whole step-by-step process, the Fabian technique that always puts folk to sleep, until it’s all in their face.  And speaking of the TSA too, this article came in too…


Teen’s breasts exposed in invasive pat-down / November 23, 2012


Airport security officers pulled a teenage girl’s dress down and exposed her breasts during an invasive pat-down, a US Congressman claims.


Ralph Hall, of Texas, says his great-niece was “badly mistreated” during security screening at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, the MailOnline reports.


He has instigated a federal investigation into the Transport Security Administration.


The incident involving his 17-year-old great-niece happened two years ago but has just been made public under the Freedom of Information Act because it was caught on CCTV footage.


She had been travelling to Australia with classmates from Southwest Christian School in Texas.


The Congressman wants the agent who conducted the pat-down fired.


But the TSA has released a statement to MailOnline saying the girl’s breast exposure was “accidental”.


“We regret that the incident of more than two years ago was one that caused embarrassment to the young lady, however, an investigation concluded that the event was accidental.”  (A:  You understand, they are laws unto themselves; there’s no other inquiry that goes on from an outside source. So it’s the same old story, they investigate themselves and nothing gets done.)


The agency says the officer involved apologised and was given more training.  (A:  What, you get more training? What do they mean by that?)


According to wsbtv, TSA documents say the girl’s dress straps slipped off her shoulders and exposed her breasts while her stomach was being patted down by an officer.  (A:  A 17-year-old, you know.)


What you’re getting taught in the US, and elsewhere, is that it’s the end of your culture, folks. You’re being taught to be degraded.  This is how you treated people who were prisoners in the Gulags, you understand, this is an old technique, until you have no self-esteem left whatsoever, under the bully beast, and it’s happening. It’s going to get a lot worse unless you stop it.  Unless you stop it… unless you all rise up and stop it. I’m not kidding you. And you can’t expect other people to do it. Yelling about it on the radio isn’t going to stop it. Talking about it on the radio isn’t going to stop it, talking about it. You’ve got to do it yourselves. Because it’s going to go to more than just this. This is just part of it, to make you feel degraded, degraded and inferior, you understand, and you lose your own self-respect. That’s part; it’s a psychological technique. And you have to stop it, because there’s worse coming if you don’t.


And this article here is about…


Genomics revolution: UK could miss the boat, scientists warn

(A: know, these big scientists, the new priesthood that took over from all religions.) / Sarah Boseley / 4 December 2012


Better data collection and National Health Service backup (A:  There’s hardly anything left of the National Health Service except abortions and vasectomies.) is needed for day when it will be cost-effective to carry out whole genome tests on patients.  (A:  This is eugenics, going right into it now.)


Scientists say the day when it is normal to sequence the genome of every newborn baby is approaching. (A:  And they really want this.  Because you understand, if you read the history of the eugenicists, they said, oh God, 80, 90, 100 years ago, that eventually they would find ways to predict what a child is going to be and they would decide whether to terminate that child for society’s good or not. Meaning, the government’s good. And government, believe you me, has a different version of what they want than you would think.)


The UK has a huge opportunity to lead the world in disease discovery (A:’s always to help you, you know…), treatments and cures. But support from the NHS and better data collection is needed if Britain is not to lose out in the coming genomics revolution, leading scientists believe.


The cost of whole genome sequencing – mapping the DNA code of any human being – is dropping through the floor, from £750m for the first-ever sequence to probably as little as £1,000 soon. Experts (A:  They just say ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ now and we just treat them like they’re some high chutzpah.) say it will soon be as cost‑effective to carry out a whole genome sequence on a patient as to do one or two genetic tests. They see a time in the not too distant future when it could be normal to sequence the genome of every newborn baby.


But, says Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University and chair of the advisory Human Genomics Strategy Group (A: they’ve got a strategy going...), data about a patient's DNA tells you little without standardised information on their disease. (A:  It’s nothing to do with your disease.) At the moment, the NHS does not hold that in a way that allows comparisons. Even the definition of a recurrence of a cancer – the point at which it is considered to have come back – varies from one hospital and specialist to another.  (A:  It also varies too, with what you’ve been eating and what you’ve been injected with as well, more so in fact.)


"I keep saying to people – don't think about today, think about tomorrow. There's no question it's going to be really, really, really cheap. The real question is what are you going to need from the back office?" Bell said.  (A:  So they want to go full out, because it’s to do with who the government wants and who they don’t want to be born. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and going through this crazy system. It’s not crazy; it’s crazy like a fox, because it was all designed this way. Every part of it, in fact, is designed minutely by think tanks, so many, thousands of think tanks and private organizations working along with governments to bring the perfected society in, step by step, generation by generation, long-term plans, 10, 20, 40, 50 year plans, etc.  Population reduction, what kind of citizenry do they want left, all of that kind of stuff ties in with eugenics, etc.


Here’s an article too. It’s interesting too, about all this fiscal cliff nonsense. They always give you a buzz term, you see. It takes something that’s abstract and tries to make it into some concrete form, like a cliff, a fiscal cliff.  They’re very good at that, dreaming up these ideas to make you think it’s all real and so on. But it took me back to the articles that have been going on, to do with Obama and the fiscal cliff, that they’re going to just fall over into, I don’t know where. And all the remedies, which of course is taxation, higher taxation. Because you see, the US is to be brought down into austerity like all the other countries in Europe that’s getting hammered. And that’s the world plan, folks. Because they’ve almost finished with the US. Not quite. The US has been kept this way for a long time, even though they’ve been changing it culturally from within for a long time, through what was thought to be communism, communistic techniques, in every area. It’s been awfully successful, right down to the massive indoctrination in school today. But they also have to furnish the world with its armies, the world policeman, and the Military-Industrial Complex churning out all of its weaponry. Once they have finished with all the Muslim countries, I’ve said this before, they’ll be finished with America, and America has to start finding out what the rest of the world has been forced to pay, overpay for all the things they purchase, including their food, in fact.  And that took me back to this article here from July and it’s from the Examiner.


IRS set to hire and arm agents to enforce compliance with Obamacare

(A:  Now, do you think it’s just to do with Obamacare?  It’s to do with this, what’s happening now.) / July 7, 2012 / BENJAMIN TAYLOR


Millions of Americans continue to struggle in their search for employment, but with the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare thousands of jobs seem to be on their way. However, those jobs are going to be with the Internal Revenue Service:


"In 2010, House Ways and Means Committee Republicans issued a report saying the IRS may need as many as 16,500 additional auditors, agents and other employees ‘to investigate and collect billions in new taxes from Americans.’"   (A:  You see, they’re always way ahead of what they tell you. And they’ll always give you one excuse in preparation for what they want to really use it for.)


Obamacare contains 21 new taxes (A:  ...that’s already decided.), and according to the Treasury inspector general it also contains the largest set of tax law changes in over two decades. When looking at the responsibilities of IRS workers under the new law it is easy to understand why so many more will be needed if enforcement of the law is expected to be carried out effectively:


"Under the law, the IRS will provide tax breaks and incentives to help pay for health insurance and impose penalties on some people who don't buy coverage and on some businesses that don't offer it to employees. The changes will require new regulations, forms and publications, new computer programs and a big new outreach program to explain it all to taxpayers and tax professionals."


The IRS will also obtain powers that it has never had before including:

• IRS agents verify if you have “acceptable” health care coverage

• IRS can confiscate your tax refund


Many advocates of Obamacare continuously deny that the IRS is going to play a large role in this new law, but even Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz let the truth slip out regarding the role of the IRS under this new law. During an interview on CNN she told Wolf Blitzer the following:


"The Internal Revenue Service would be the “easiest enforcer” of penalties against those who refuse to comply with the new health care law."  (A:  But it’s also going to be used, obviously, which they knew it was coming, was the invention of the fiscal cliff. It’s always done way ahead of time.)


And in Britain, Britain of course has got all of these public/private partnerships going on and ATOS is the company that they brought in to basically find ways to override all medical doctors’ opinions, professional advice on people who are classified as disabled. Now this ATOS company, which is meant to make a lot of profit and so on, to please the Masters, are to make sure… Well actually, they’re going to make them, you know, the crippled can walk again, according to them.  They’re just putting a lot of people back into utter poverty, and I mean complete poverty.


Revealed: rule changes that will force the sick to work for free / Peter Geoghegan and Tom Allan / 2 December 2012


Tens of thousands of sick and disabled people in Scotland face being forced on to unpaid work programmes under threat of losing their benefits from tomorrow.


That is when disability claimants will become eligible for controversial mandatory "workfare" placements, according to new plans which have been quietly drawn up by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).


People with a range of physical or mental health conditions could find themselves stacking shelves in high-street stores such as Tesco and Poundland, or cleaning private homes, under the new proposals.   (A:  And this is for free, folks. You work for free.)


Since the Government's Work Programme began in June, tens of thousands of job seekers have been put on unpaid placements. Now some ill or disabled people are to be told that they must take unpaid positions or risk losing up to 70% of their employment support allowance (ESA).


Ironically, the new measures are coming into effect on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. A series of national protests against the Government's workfare programmes will take place this week.   (A:  Now, you read that and then you read what’s happening to the people now that they, you know, the crippled can walk again and all that stuff.)


Tory (A:  Conservative...) hatchet man Iain Duncan Smith's weasel-worded letter to boy who said Atos (A:  ...the company that they hired to redefine what illness is…) test killed dad

(A:  The test killed his father, it says.) / Janice Burns /  24 Nov 2012


The Work and Pensions Secretary's cold reply told 13-year-old Kieran McArdle to visit JobCentre to find out about his dad's disability appeal.


Kieron McCardle wrote to Iain Duncan Smith.


TORY minister Iain Duncan Smith was blasted yesterday for sending an insulting letter to a boy (A:  ...a 13-year-old boy...) who said the strain of a back-to-work test killed his disabled dad.


Kieran McArdle was sickened by the coldness of the reply, which ended by suggesting he contact the Jobcentre about his dead dad Brian’s appeal.


The weasel-worded letter, which addresses Kieran, 13, as Mr McArdle, offers the welfare chief’s condolences but then tries to defend the Government’s record on the disabled.


It ends with a “cut and paste” invitation to make an appointment at a Jobcentre to find out more about “the outcome of your father’s claim”.


Stroke victim Brian, 57, (A:  ...the father...) died a day after his disability benefits were stopped.  (A:  That’s what it’s coming down to.)


You understand, your life now is cheap, folks. Because they’ve got you all classified.  You would not believe, all of you out there are classified, all of you, into a grading system of importance, right down to someone who is basically what they call ‘a taker’ from the State. Remember, the world citizen definition from the United Nations is a good producer AND consumer. Not one or the other. Both. And when you become a consumer then you’re a burden, a burden to the State, even though you’ve worked all your life in it and paid all those taxes, about 70% of your income actually. There’s articles on that I’ll put up tonight too, 70% of your income in Britain generally goes to the State.


Tax eats into 70% of UK families income - / Dec 3, 2012


And with this money they have wars across the world for big private corporations. They also fund communism through the school systems, making sure they’re all indoctrinated. And they throw money across the world also to other countries, claiming it’s to benefit the poor in those countries, while they plunder the people at home. This is the communist system of redistribution of wealth across the world as they bring you down. Actually, they hate you. The people who are in charge of your countries actually hate you, if you haven’t quite got that. They actually hate you. They hate your cultures too. So I’ll put this link up tonight too for those who haven’t quite got it.


And part of it too was to totally destroy the cultures, that some people perceived had persecuted them and so on. They’ve done awfully well in it, until here we are, since the 60s to the present time; in no time at all everything’s gone down the tubes.  Then they pushed single mums for a while, then the whole building societies started making single-parent homes.  And the government paid to babysit their children, all day, and even at night, so they can get out to the pubs and stuff. And here you are, it’s the next step…


The minister who thinks that lessons in porn are acceptable: MP says schools are free to teach children despite impact of images on youngsters / Matt Chorley / 27 November 2012


Liz Truss reveals teachers can give lessons on porn as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic classes.


Schools are free to give lessons in pornography, an education minister has admitted despite concerns about the impact of hardcore images on children.


Campaigners have warned that growing numbers of youngsters are hooked on graphic films found online.  (A:  They’re talking about pornography.)


While lessons on pornography would focus on the impact and dangers of graphic images online, they could backfire by alerting children to what can be easily accessed on the internet. 


Actually, when adults do this in school, they’re giving approval to the children. It’s just like the so-called sex education lessons, which they are now hypersexualizing young children with, because they’re teaching them at prepuberty, by the way, from the ages of four and five in some places. Bertrand Russell who had experimental schools back in the 1920s, he had a charter from the government to do things and experiment on these children that he had, a lot of them were orphans and so on.  The whole idea was to hypersexualize the children before puberty so that when they reached puberty and they started actually being advised to try sex out, very young, they’d never bond with anybody for their life.  Because the end of the family had to be part of this new system. And we’re going through a whole, whole system, folks; it hasn’t changed. It’s well documented, by the way, too, by the big boys who kept talking about it and pushing it. Of course, Marx said it too. And it’s still on the go today.  So here’s the head of education for Britain saying it’s okay. And that ties right in too with what I mentioned about the United Nations and Planned Parenthood together, putting out that PDF recently about the same kind of thing, to get children to engage in sex much, much earlier.


And ha! You got to laugh. You got to really, really laugh. I might even do it tonight again. I’ll put the same links up about the exposures of top people who are on about, oh the climate changes are going to kill us all unless you give up all your rights, and give up your homes too, because they want to destroy private property as you well know; that’s part of the agenda. In Agenda 21 from the United Nations it says there will be no private homes eventually. So, you got all this going. You’ve got to give it all up to save, save the world, you see, save the world from ‘global warming’. Now it’s changed to ‘climate change,’ and they’re kind of dropping that too because we’re not getting it all; nothing is cooperating with them in nature. And so it’s ‘extreme weather’. What’s extreme weather? We get bouts of this and bouts of that every few years.


It doesn’t matter about the cons, you see, it’s the target, it’s the goal that’s important. And some of these famous people have said that, it doesn’t matter if it’s all bogus, all the science on global warming, carbon and all that; this will help bring equality across the world. Meaning, it will take your wealth off you, as they spread it across the world to their international corporations based in third world countries. And one of them even said too, we always give them scary scenarios before these big world meetings, with the IPCC and so on. You see, give them scary scenarios or they won’t listen to us. I’ll put all that up tonight again too.


But here’s the latest one. This is a goodie. This is a good one, you see. We know that National Geographic, you see, is a big, big part of this. All these things that you’ve liked all your lives have been brainwashing you and bringing you along to this path and you didn’t know it. It’s all coordinated, by the way.


Science spin of the worst kind: National Geographic’s

(A:  Here it is, a little video that they’ve made… a scary scenario…),

‘When The Earth Stops Spinning’  (A:  ...Hhhhaaaa, oh my God, eh.  Maybe you won’t get so dizzy then.) / December 2, 2012 /  Anthony Watts


Turned on my TV today, and this popped up, so of course I had to write about it. This is stupidity on steroids, packaged as pseudo-scientific claptrap entertainment for the gullible. Of course they had to work in the obligatory New York City flooding scene. But what’s worse is Nat Geo’s wholesale failure to even consider basic science before making this garbage.


From their website: 

When The Earth Stops Spinning

If the Earth was to suddenly stop our seas and the atmosphere would change so drastically that it would no longer be able to support human life. (A:  ...that’s what scientists are for. You know, experts can tell you that, if it stops spinning it couldn’t support human life.)  Looking to a future where one side of the planet is dark and cold for six months at a time, and the other is bathed in deadly solar radiation, this episode explores how long human and animal life might survive in a cruel new, stationary world.   (A:  Hhhhaaaa, oooohhhh, doesn’t that just terrify you?  Hmm?  Are you ready to throw your money at them now?)


There’s the usual climate porn in this video, roasting temperatures, people fighting for resources, global sea level rise, etc (A:  ...the usual stuff…)…but what makes this NatGeo docu-wailer extra stupid is the simple math that tells us when the Earth will actually stop spinning. They apparently couldn’t be bothered to do that, since it blows the premise of the whole show right out of the water.


OK here’s the basic science and math relevant to the issue.

The Earth’s rotation around its own axis has been observed (thanks to atomic clocks) to be continuously slowing down. The main reason for this slowing is believed to be due to tidal friction. This is primarily caused by the moon’s gravitational actions on the oceans of the world.


According to modern calculation the Earth’s rotation slows down at 1.7 milliseconds every 100 years. At this rate it will take 1.9 trillion years to stop spinning.  (A:  So you can start breathing again, eh. Start breathing again, take a deep breath.)


The Earth will still be spinning in 5 billion years when the Sun will turn into a red giant star and obliterate it. Prior to that, due to solar brightening, 500 million to 2 billion years into the future, the Earth is likely to be uninhabitable anyway.


Evolution of the Sun’s luminosity, radius and effective temperature compared to the present day Sun. (A:  ...and it shows you that too.  So there you go.)


Let me just say whoever produced this garbage science drama for National Geographic could use a good whack upside the head with a solar science book.  You can let them know if you feel as I do...  (A:  ...and you can contact the guy too, and also complain to National Geographic for trying to scare the bejesus out of the tiny little children who are already brainwashed.)


Another article I want to put up tonight too is…


So, How Do We Stop The Spraying? / December 1, 2012 / Dane Wigington


It’s from geoengineering watch. People should go through this too, because we really are being poisoned, daily actually since 1998; that’s when they went into action full-time. They’ve done it over many years, practicing and testing, and testing different populations underneath it in various areas to see what was most toxic and wasn’t and so on. Since 1998 they’ve been doing it full-time. And even now they still use the occasional different mixes. I see it here in the sky when they’re doing it. Some of them are darker than others. Some expand awfully fast and make these hazy-looking, not quite clouds actually. Other ones look almost like looking through cellophane; it’s like looking through vapor barrier that you’d put in your basement, that plastic; it makes it all kind of hazy. And other ones actually create clouds; other ones can drive away storm clouds.  So they can make it dry or they can make it pour.  When they make it pour now after a few days of heavy, heavy spraying they give you monsoons. This is old, old stuff. I’ll even put up a link tonight to do with aerial spraying management; it’s a group that’s formed a long time ago and they’ve been at this for years. Back with more after this break.


Weather Modification Association -


Hi folks, I am back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Of course, we’ve heard all about Tazering. I put it into the vocabulary there that it’s really cattle prods they’re using. And that’s what we should all be saying, and I’m glad to see other people have caught up on it and used it too. It’s just like ‘new normals’, and so on; it’s catching up all over. So I’ll have to put more of these little phrases out for people to catch up on and start using what it really is.  But they’re cattle prods. I don’t care if they’re with wires or what. It doesn’t matter, it’s cattle prods. And that’s what they use on the public now, that’s meant for beasts, you see. But anyway, there’s been so many deaths from cattle-prodding now on humans. Of course, they investigate themselves, as always, and the cops get off with it and so on and so on. Because there’s big, big lobby groups too involved in all of this, plus it’s a necessity to train the people to be fearful of every incident at all to do with police, and not speak up for yourself. And that’s what the cops want too. They’re using it for compliance purposes. They had no problems before. Cops in Britain at one time had just batons and you’d seldom ever see them using that too at one time.  It’s completely changed now, where they’re all armed to the teeth, they’re on steroids as well, and they’ve got these Tasers that they love to fire off, just like in the movies you see. They all want to be in movies; they can’t tell the difference, either, from fact and fiction. But folk are getting Tasered all over the place.  Even people in comas are getting Tasered. But…


Tasered La Porte County Jail inmate miscarries

(A:  Well, when you Taser someone – this is normal with women who are pregnant. If a sudden danger strikes the body, the host, they get spontaneous abortion; that’s the way things go.) /  December 4, 2012


LA PORTE — A La Porte County Jail inmate was Tasered after a fight with a jail deputy and then miscarried.


La Porte County Sheriff Michael Mollenhauer said that on Nov. 29, a female inmate became involved in a physical altercation with another inmate when a jail deputy intervened. That responding deputy was taken to the floor by one of the inmates when other responding deputies arrived.


Verbal commands were given, (A:  ...etc...) . . .


Deploying the Taser de-escalated the incident, causing the inmate to release the jail deputy.  (A:  You generally do that when you’re ELECTROCUTED by a cattle prod.)


Because the inmate was pregnant, she was transported to IU Health La Porte Hospital for a precautionary evaluation.


During this examination, it was determined that her fetus was deceased.


The 23-year-old woman has since been released from the hospital as well as jail custody.  (A:  Of course they’re giving no statements and so on, except to say they did all the right things, etc., etc., etc.)


Everything is a new normal again. You know, killing folk or killing their babies is a new normal. It used to be left to the nasty dark-side surgeons who make a living on that. And it used to be backstreet abortionists, who were all communists at the time too.  Even go into the history of Armand Hammer and his father. His father did that, a backstreet abortionist for the Communist Party, he came over to America and did it and was caught a few times, and then he started selling quack medicines and was caught for that too. But yeah, communism is alive and well. But now you’re allowed to kill people and their children, unborn children. So it’s outside the medical field now.


This is What Collectivism Looks Like:

UK Tax Is Eating 70% of UK Families’ Incomes / December 4, 2012


(A:  I mentioned this before.)

A new study has found that families in Britain pay some of the highest tax rates in the developed world, compared to other nations like Ireland, Canada and Chile. (A:  Ireland is catching up because they owe so much money to this damned IMF.)  The research shows that British households with two adults and two children, with one earner, are paying around 73 percent of their income into tax, which is made up mostly of income tax, national insurance contributions (A:  That’s so they can do all the abortions, and not just in Britain, but worldwide.) and loss of certain benefits.


That’s how it really is, folks. Until you all, all of you start doing something about it. Don’t listen to me or anybody else.  YOU all have to do something about it, everybody does, every individual.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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